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I have been receiving emails or private messages on many small business forums about where and how to start a small business or home based business. They often asked me how to find their business name and register a domain name for their small business. Does domain name matter to their business? What a domain name can do to help them gain more business or drive their business forward? The answer is simple. Domain name does matter. A good domain name will attract visitor and help the web site to be indexed and searched easier that just some weird domain name. I registered all my domains at GoDaddy. They are the largest domain and web hosting company in the world. Now, what domain name should a small business owner get? Here is some guide lines.

First of all, don't try to get a domain with a big brand name in it. For example, or, which has Google in the domain name. You might get sued by those big shops when your site is getting some traffic. Try to find a name close to your business name. Get dot com (.com), if you can. Most search engines will look for your domain to find if there is such a matched domain. The search engine will list it in the order,.net etc. And most of people who only remember the domain name will type something like example after that while he/she meant to type Not many people remember to,.org,.info or anything else. So get a dot com domain! Find a good domain registration company to stick with. It's easy to get a domain, but not so easy to get your domain transferred. If you can't find a good domain name close to your business name, think about something sharp and easy to remember. Yahoo and Google are both very easy to remember. Try not to make your domain more than 12 characters long. Most people will not remember long domain or just forget,.net part of the domain. A long domain will also make your email address hard to remember as side effect. A long domain name might not fit your newly design business card of advertisement materials. Can you remember this email address? You get the point.

Does domain matter to your business? Domain is just like your company name, it's part of your business plan and success. Without a good domain name, you won't represent your business in a good and wealthy way.

Terence Chang is an Internet Entrepreneur for many start up companies. He has been in the Internet business for years. He starts web programming since 1992. He worked for many internet based companies and gain reputation in his IT consulting career. Terence Chang is also well known for his knowledge and mentor other and help other companies grow from few employees to international corporation. He has helped many company succeeded in their industry with his internet business strategies. Terence Chang is also a professional photographer. He loves to travel around the world, while still make living online to support his travel dream. Personal Blog: Terence Chang

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Domain Name Matters to Your Small Business  

Tips for domain name registration and picking the right domain. Web hosting basics. Godaddy Website Builder & Domains Promo Codes: Save mon...

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