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Dedicated IP hosting is also referred to as static web hosting. With this type of hosting, the user gets a unique IP address, which is exclusive to the domain or the individual server space. These types of web hosting accounts can sometimes differ depending on whether the IP address is unique or shared. Unique IP addresses are easily available with almost any web-hosting provider at a fixed price. The user has the flexibility to upload content and files to their very own website. The dedicated IP web hosting accounts are ideal for e-commerce enabled websites or for larger online business websites. The user needs to ensure that the provider offers high-end security measures and tools with the package. Users who would prefer their own unique IP address can also buy this service at a premium cost. This type of hosting also eliminates the hassles of shared hosting that includes spamming. The user gets access to more advanced hosting features and flexibility required for complex hosting. The hosting comes equipped with a private SSL certificate and an anonymous FTP. The SSL certificate ensures safe and secure transactions for online customers and is imperative for online business websites. The anonymous FTP facilitates sharing of information over the Internet. A unique IP address and a dedicated IP web hosting account, gives the user ample flexibility and control over various aspects of their website. Most business websites look for higher search engine rankings and subsequent enhanced visibility. Securing a dedicated IP address will help the user achieve this goal with great ease and thereby proves to be beneficial for their online business. A dedicated IP address can be considered as prime Internet real estate as it has generated proven results for the users. The service hover comes with a higher price and it advisable to perform a price comparison between different web hosting providers before you settle for this type of service. There are companies out there that are offering this type of web hosting accounts at affordable pricing structures as well. Also look out for any hidden costs and deals and read their service agreements in its entirety before you buy the service. It is also important to weigh the needs of your website as well as its future prospects before selecting the type of web hosting package. A web hosting that would best suit your budget and requirements should be considered. Check with the service provider if the account can be easily upgraded if the need arises. If the online business would seemingly generate more traffic and has potential for ample growth, then a dedicated IP web hosting would be an ideal option. This type of hosting account comes equipped with a plethora of powerful features like extra bandwidth, visitor tracking and a highly secure online environment. This results in reduced complications and is ideal for professional companies. It also eliminates the otherwise illegal situations common with shared

hosting. One size does not necessarily fit all when it comes to web hosting. Carefully evaluate your needs and budget and make a well-informed decision when it comes to selecting a web hosting package. lists webhosting deals, discounts, savings and coupons from top web hosts. You will find the best of web hosting companies listed there including the top recommended hosts hostgator and bluehost

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==== ==== Bluehost Hosting Coupon - Get unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, and unlimited domains hosted on one account. Only $6.95/mo. Instant setup. Sign up now and get a free domain name: ==== ====

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