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The AdSense video ad concept is relatively new, but it's already creating a big buzz with both advertisers and hosting sites. Offering something a little more eye-appealing than the regular text ad, these AdSense video ads are working out very well for those who rely on ad traffic to make their money. Let's take a look at the AdSense video ad concept and what it can do for a web site. The AdSense video ads are more eye-catching versions of regular AdSense type ads. Using the same technology, these AdSense video ads are placed on sites that have content relevant to the ads. For example, an AdSense video ad that discusses toy cars might show up on a site that offers information about children's toys, making it relevant to the content. Unlike regular text ads, the AdSense video ads are more interesting, since they tend to be mini commercials. Plus, they can really ad a sense of eye appeal to a site that doesn't normally have video on it. These can combine to really help a site generate more money, especially if the ads placed are really relevant to the content. Here are some major questions site owners tend to have about AdSense video ads: Will AdSense video ads bog down a site and interfere with viewers' enjoyment like pop-up ads? No. AdSense video ends are hosted by Google, so they don't bog down a site's loading. They appear as static ads until a person clicks on them, so the AdSense video ads don't get in the way unless the viewer wants them to. How does the payment work for AdSense video ads? Generally, AdSense video ads work like regular AdSense ads. This means some involve a need to click through and others will pay by the 1,000 or so views. What is the benefit of AdSense video ads? The fact is these may or may not pay out more than text ads, but they do add a sense of interest to a web site. Those who don't have a lot of graphics or videos on their sites often find the AdSense video ads create a new sense of depth and higher tech appeal. Are AdSense video ads targeted to a site? Yes, generally, the AdSense video ads work like the text ones. The AdSense video ads that are most relevant to content will generally be the ones displayed on a web site.

AdSense video ads are still fairly new, but many web sites are converting over to this type of ad placement simply to add a level of depth to their sites. It's hard for visitors not to click on these AdSense video ads, which means the conversion rates can work in a site owner's favor.

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==== ==== Double Your Adsense Revenue Fast Using This Weird White-Hat Adsense Trick: ==== ====

AdSense Video Ads Are Creating A Buzz | Boost Your Adsense Earnings