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CHANGES IN CANADIAN FAMILY STRUCTURE Write a personal response in the form of a letter to the editor in which you state your views about whether you feel these changes in the family structure are “for better or for worst�. Your response should be between 150 and 250 words in length.

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Remember to state your view for or against the topic clearly Identify to separate arguments supporting your stance Provide evidence and examples for each Unpack the evidence and examples by clearly stating how and why it helps support your argument

Dear editor, I am writing to explain my views about how I feel the recent changes in the Canadian family structure are for worst. Greater number of people lives alone, in common law, or in a homosexual relationship; the statistic gives only 67% of married family are heterosexual couples, which is shocking to believe. The worst consequence of the changes is that the rate of divorce is constantly rising. Unlike the old days, people feel more liberal to say they want the divorce; it is no longer perceived as a bad thing but it is generally accepted by the society. I believe it should not be accepted because divorce is bad as it leaves too many bad consequences such as children not receiving deserved education and many children being left out and sent to orphanages. I don't see in any good conscience how abandoning the children is justified; the parents have no responsibility! Also, because the number of lone-parent and stepfamilies is increasing, such trend affects the education of children. Traditionally, children receive love and attention from both parents; usually, the mother has a role of heartfully caring, and the father as a rather strict person who advices the children to live through the right direction. However, due to such change in the family structure, the children are not gaining enough supervision nor support. These children should be educated in the right way about the traditional family structure and the parents should not leave them to think that homosexual marriage, lone-parent, and stepfamilies are justified. As a person from the culture where homosexual relationship is totally looked down and not accepted, I believe it is urgent to take an action to prevent the rapid change revert to traditional family structure. Many people say the change is good since more people are gaining more confidence of being minorities and freedom to speak up. However, the detrimental consequences of the change explained above overweigh the benefits, and the children should be educated in the right way that homosexual couples are not justified so it does not lead to a greater consequence. Regards, Min Joo KANG

Changes in canadian family structure  
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