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Technology to Drive Instruction Engaging Teachers and Students on collaborative effort

“A por tfolio is a purposeful collection of student work that exhibits the student's ef for ts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas. The collection must include student par ticipation in selecting content, the criteria for selection, the criteria for judging merit, and evidence of student self-reflection .”

Helen Barrette Assistant professor and educational technology coordinator School of Education at the University of Alaska

DIT Video 1 Transcription Ms. Nedwick: OK, so on this page of the. …What I want you guys to notice here, ..Vivian, stop playing because the video camera is on, thanks. OK, so we’re going to turn to the right page, we’re on this side. OK. So I want us to notice here, uh we have the map , we have the map of Afghanistan, we can see Pakistan, and right here, the little dot, we see, is where the refugee camp is. OK, and so that is where Gurana’s family is living right now. Yes. Student 2: There’s some people that don’t have that much food. Ms. Nedwick: Ok. Excellent. So Natalie went ahead and looked at this picture and what she saw in this picture that’s right here is she’s saying is that it looks like a water fountain. Can you repeat what you just said…. Student 2: It’s a water fountain a lot of poor people go there….. Ms. Nedwick: can I keep her…. I’ll send her as soon as we’re done. OK. Thank you. Sorr y. Student 2: A lot of people go here…. Ms. Nedwick: Has anyone ever seen one of these before? Student 1: I did!

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CFN10 Digital Portfolio Presentation 11 18 2009  

CFN10 Digital Portfolio Presentation 11 18 2009