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Mandolin Schreck 513-562-0898 4022 Carrie Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211 United States

Hello, my name is Mandolin.

And the following publication is an introduction of myself and my work.



INC Architecture & Design intern architect NYC 2018 (4 mos) Developed initial design concepts, furthered construction drawing sets, created internal and client presentations, specified products, computer modeled design proposals, drew details, and created design visulation.

Bachelors of Science in Architecture Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning University of Cincinnati 2015-2019 (4 years) Cum Laude

Marmol Radziner Architects intern architect Los Angeles 2017 (4 mos) Created atmospheric sketches and renderings, construction document drawings, conducted site analysis and documenation, progressed digital models, created client presentations, communicated with specifaction companies, and conducted material studies.

Academic Minor in Fine Arts Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning University of Cincinnati 2015-2019 (4 years)

GBBN Architects intern architect Cincinnati 2017 (4 mos) Developed physical and digital models, completed as-built analysis for historical restoration, conducted site analysis, worked on document sets, created client presentations, and completed renderings and drawings. DPMT7 studio assistant 2015-2019 (4 years)

Gallery installation, physical models, full-scale mock ups, sculptures, hand drafted drawings, construction, sketching, site analysis, early design ideation, drawing sets, client presentations, photo documentation of work and shows, and professional website.

University of Cincinnati gallery assistant 2019 (5 mos) Installed gallery shows, de-installed gallery work, facilitated openings and events, monitored the gallery, greeted visitors, answered questions, packaged/shipped artwork, assisted with wall graphics and art labels. University of Cincinnati resident advisor 2014-2017 (3 years) Led a 75 person residence hall, facilitated meetings, cultivated community, assisted in all emergency situations, acted as a liaison between residents and the university, and developed programs to promote education, health, diversity, and growth within the hall. University of Cincinnati Student Research Fellow 2014 (4 mos) Was chosen among 1% of applicants to assist in the prestigious summer program. Assisted research, labratory work, documentation, and presentation of findings in a neuroscience lab studying PTSD and anxiety disorders.

Cooperative Education & Practice Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning University of Cincinnati 2016-2019 (3 years) Honor ; Exellence

LEADERSHIP DAAP Camps camp facilitator 2016, 2017, 2019 (3 years) Facilitated the University of Cincinnati’s Architecture/Interior Design summer camp for high school students. Spent two weeks each summer educating and exposing students to the fields via extensive design exercises, tours, interviews, and presentations. GlobeMed non-profit executive member 2012-2014 (2 years) Helped run the University of Cincinnati chapter. Educated the university community on current global health issues and strategies to make a positive impact. Planned and implemented the annual fundraising banquet for our grassroots health organization we partner with in Mae Sot, Thailand. Created healthcare programs and budgets to help create sustainable change in our partner’s community.

ACHIEVEMENTS Maureen Tansey Tokar Endowed Scholarship recipient 2018 Lewis Franklin Palmer Scholarship recipient 2018

Professional SKILLS

University of Cincinnati resident advisor 2014-2017 (3 years)

Model Making Photoshop Indesign Illustrator Rhinoceros Revit Photography Hand Drafting MS Office

John & Norma H. Richards Scholarship recipient 2017 Cwest Red Rose Leadership Award finalist 2015 Cincinnatus Scholarship recipient 2011-2014 (4 years) University Honors Scholar admittee 2011-2013 (3 years) Undergraduate Research Fellowship recipient 2014

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Trammel Fossil Park

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Film Institute Sophmore Year Studio





Sophmore 2017




Junior Year Studio

Selected Works






de Nest

Central Park

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Landscape Architecture Competition



Table of Contents




Angel Island Sanctuary Angel Island, located in the San Francisco Bay, was home to the West Coast Immigration Station for many years. The nation’s history around the island is both complex and dark. Immigrants were considered unwelcome and were held in inhumane barracks, which would later be converted for WWII JapaneseAmerican internment camps. Today the island is a beauitful California state park visited for its hikes and ocean vistas. The immigration station ruins remain as a reminder to visitors of the island’s historic past. This competition provided the opportunity to design a welcoming place of sanctuary as a new arrival center for new immigrants as well as a place of reflection for past immigrants and the community. With respect to the past, the design provides a delicate labyrinth floating overtop the flooded ruins.

Gently floating over flooded ruins, a diaphanous glass system gently screens an intimate series of internal sanctuaries. These sanctuaries provide diverse and rich spaces for individual or communal contemplation, education, and reflection.

Angel Island Sanctuary






The traditional approach to the site. The original arrival view (4).

Inplace of the old welcoming center, a looming brick wall, a light glazed building holds the same footprint. This time reflecting the ocean and sky back to the new visitor. The warm internal spaces are gently hinted at beneath the undefined layered facade.

Angel Island Sanctuary


Gently floating over flooded ruins, a diaphanous glass system gently screens an intimate series of internal sanctuaries. These sanctuaries provide diverse and rich spaces for contemplation, education, and reflection. Angel Island Sanctuary


Internal Sanctuary of perforated corten steel panels. Internal Sanctuary of marble slabs Internal Heart of Sanctuary of stacked timber walls veiled by bamboo screens. An array of slender, reflective steel columns` support the floating roof.

Modular stone pavers create a circulation pathway floating over the flooded ruins. Original ruins visible beneath waterline.

Reflective Pool over flooded ruins as sanctuary base. Floating roof with reflective ceiling.

Stone ampitheater carved into the existing hillside.

Floating stage platform. Internal Sanctuary of Rammed Earth. Internal Sanctuary of site-cast Concrete. Overlapping, laminated glass panels veiling the internal sanctuaries, anchored at the bottom of the reflective pool to create a diaphanous, freestanding screen.

Reflective Pool over flooded ruins as sanctuary base.

Angel Island Sanctuary




5 6


1. Internal Sanctuary of Corten Steel 2. Internal Sanctuary of Marble 3. I Internal Sanctuary of Concrete 4. Internal Sanctuary of Rammed Earth 5. Internal Sanctuary of Wood & Bamboo 6. Floating Platform Stage 7. Stone Ampitheater carved into hillside



Angel Island Sanctuary


Internal Sanctuary of Corten Steel Internal Sanctuary of Corten Steel

Internal Sanctuary of Woo

Internal Sanctuary of Timb

Internal Sanctuary of Concrete Internal Sanctuary of Concrete

Internal Sanctuary of Marble Internal Sanctuary of Marble

od and Bamboo

ber and Bamboo

Internal Sanctuary of Rammed Earth Internal Sanctuary of Rammed Earth

Angel Island Sanctuary


Angel Island Sanctuary



Film Institute An empty plot of land sits in the heart of the historic district of Over the Rhine (OTR), Cincinnati, Ohio. As one of the largest, most intact urban historic districts in the United States, space for new architectural opportunities are rare. Known for its 19th century architecture, brick textures, immigrant history, breweries. and a developing art scene. This project provided the opportunity to design a contemporary building in an overwhlemingly historial streetscape. A film institute that would have the opportunity to fill one of the few empty plots and further the artistic growth within the community.

Utilizing a historic structure on site, the institute blends into and stands out from the existing context. The form of the building and the experience of moving within the space, is an extension of the use of frame and moment in both film and architecture.

Film Institute

22 4









The site, located at 1405 Walnut Street, is at the heart of the Over the Rhine district. Within the site an abandoned 19th century row house stands in the South East street corner. The streetscape facing the site (4) , depicts a series of historic brick facades that share strong similarities in their design but vary greatly in their elevation heights.

Film Institute

24 4

The design responds to the surrounding context, taking the major characteristic of vertical stepping within the neighboring buildings, and translating into plan. Visible from the exterior and sequentially experienced within, the rhythmic stepping, mimics film’s use of slightly altered single moment photos to create an experience of series or extended frame. The 19th century row house is adapted as part of the design. It distinguishes private spaces from the shared educational spaces and allows for a fluidity between the old and new. Film Institute

26 4


Artist Residence Library Archives Lounge


Floor Plan 3



Floor Plan 2



Floor Plan1




Classroom Classroom


Editing + Tech

Auditorium Vestibule


Offices wc

The main circulation path utilizes a suspended stairwell allowing for visual connection between floors as one moves through the building. This design emphasizes the use of frame by rotating it into a plan view, that the user can experience when looking up or down the path of vertical circulation.

Film Institute

28 4

The facade of the building meets the sidewalk with attention to privacy and way-finding. The exterior stepped framing creates a clear way-finding experience and a sense of entry through compression before entering into the interior space. This allows for the facade to meet the sidewalk in the same style as the surrounding buildings, but also pull the interior of the building back from the street for privacy. The new building seamlessly blends into the historic as the roof line of the exterior frames becomes the interior flooring of the adjacent mass.

Film Institute

30 4

Film Institute

32 4


Trammel Fossil Park Trammel Fossil Park, located in Sharonville Ohio, boasts over ten acres of the richest and largest deposits of ancient fosssils in the United States. Guests travel from around the country for learning and fun- spending hours searching through the fossils for treasures to take home. Nothing but a small sign marks this park as a special space off the side of the highway. The park, a rocky, rugged, and steep terrain, is highly exposed to the elements. Its strengths in its natural experience, are also its weaknesses. Visitors, many being children, spend hours in the sun, knees in sharp rocks digging. This project provided the opportunity to create a distinct and unique space that would become a landmark for the park, drawing visitors in, and enhancing the comfort, fun, and learning opportunities of the fossil park.

A playful extension of the existing canopy distinguishes the rocky hillside. Interplay between semi-transparent and thin bright metallic installations create a macro and micro sense of interior spaces to an otherwise exterior and raw environment. Light filtrated spaces, and projected playful shadows create moments to rest, dig, talk, collect, and reflect.

Trammel Fossil Park 34

The site, just off the highway, is bordered by dense vegetation

n along the northern edge, and hardscape on the southern. 4 Trammel Fossil Park 36

Shading Study

Slate vs. Limestone Study

Sun Exposure Study

Sound Study

Site analysis focused on sun exposure, shading, vegetation, and desirable vs,. non-desirable sounds. The combined results and study of popular areas for visitors, yielded a site diagram of areas to respond to with varying degrees of need.

4 Trammel Fossil Park 38

Minimal Surface Tensile Structure

Folded Metal structure

Purpose: shading device, diffusion of sunlight, low impact on site, intimate spaces for relaxation and education

Purpose: reverberates pleasant sounds of forest, shading device, diffusion of sunlight, low impact on site, intimate spaces for relaxation and education

With the intent of keeping the experience as natural as possible, and considering the fragility of the site, low impact solutions were explored. A light tensile structure shading device began to develop-an extension of the natural canopy that would filter the harsh sunlight, project shadows, and create both a macro and micro sense of interior spaces to the site. A sense of playfulness in form that would further the theme of the park was desired.

4 Trammel Fossil Park 40

Distribution on site maximizes the use of present vegetation to facilitate a suggestive circulation path, provide shade on majority of the fossalized region, enhance natural sounds, and create nodes of interior space at multiple scales.

4 Trammel Fossil Park 42

4 Trammel Fossil Park 44


Greenhills Study During the 1930s, as a response to the Great Depression, Greenhills Village was designed and built by the USA goverment, president Franklin Roosevelt. Greenhills Village was one of three communities actualized as a response to recover from the Great Depression. Located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, the goverment program helped to relocate struggling urban and rural families to the village, a community closely planned by the federal government. Today, though most of the village is a National Historic Landmark for its significant role in American history, the village lacks a sense of community, and is struggling to hold on to what originally defined it. This project provided the opportunity to study a past idealistic planned community, and imagine a way to redfine what the ideal american dream could be in present American society.

Through the use of interstitial space, a central datum becomes a shared extension of the front porch amongst community members. Four varieties on a live-work unit, re-energize the village along this communal front porch.

4 Greenhills Village 46

The site, lies within the heart of the village on the degraeded golf course which has become a large patch of unused interstitial space between neighboring streets. The topography slopes down towards the center of the green creating a central shallow ravine.

Early analogue mapping studies of the site and its surrounding context revealed patterns of design potential in a central spine or datum.

4 Greenhills Village 48

In exploring architectural units, opportunity for individuallity within each unit became evident. Studies of possible distributions and patterns to facilitate a unified and extended communal datum began to develop an interstitial front porch. Extending these two-dimensionsal studies to three-dimensional models brought clarity to placement on site and their spatial interactions with one another and their shared datum.

Greenhills Village 50

Four unit styles were chosen to occupy this community datum including creative studios (ex. sculptor), service spaces (ex. bike repair shop), physical studios (ex. yoga studio), and entertainment studios (ex. puppeteer studio). Each unit is individualized based off of the unit styles needs and the extent of interaction with the social datum desired. Greenhills Village 52

Greenhills Village 54


Fine Art Selected Work With a minor in Fine Arts, I have experience in many medias including ceramics, screen-printing, sculpture, film and digital photography, painting, graphite, ink, and many others. The following is a collection of selected work as a small sample to a larger collection.

Selected works include screen prints, ceramics, and film photography.

Fine Art Selected Work

56 4

This screen print series is a collection of abstracted landscapes inspired by National Parks in the United States. From left to right the parks represented are Rocky Mountain, Arches, and Zion. Each piece evokes a sense of the place through minimal forms and selected colors.

4 Screen Prints 58

Each screen print study is a discussion around sociopolitical issues at the time of it’s creation. The first is a large wallpaper print made up of over twenty small tiled screen prints. The piece was installed at the University of Cincinnati to evoke a discussion around the Native American voting rights being revoked last year. The second piece, is a play off the iconic American Rock’Em-Sock’Em game and the current political climate between the two major parties.

Screen Prints 60

A series of moments within my neighborhood captured on black and white 35 mm film. All film photography is hand developed and printed.

35mm Film Photography


A small tile collection of ceramic wall art. Each piece was designed by hand, built in the computer utilizing 3d modeling software, CNC milled, cast in plaster, and finally hand pressed. Raku firing and glazes were explored for part of this collection.

Ceramic Wall Series


A ceramic coaster collection that can be utilized individually or displayed on a table as an assembly. Each piece was designed by hand, built in the computer utilizing 3d modeling software, laser etched into wood, and hand pressed.

Ceramic Coasters


An exploration in exterior ceramic wall art. The collection was designed to be highly textured, detail oriented, and adaptable. Each piece was designed by hand, built in the computer utilizing 3d modeling software, 3d printed, cast in plaster, and hand pressed..

Ceramic Wall Art

68 4

This series of ceramic vases, was designed to be an elegant piece with distinctive hard corners in contrast to soft curves. This piece was built in the computer utilizing 3d modeling software, 3d printed, cast in plaster, and slip cast.

Ceramic Vase

70 4

Mandolin Schreck 513-562-0898 4022 Carrie Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211 United States

Thank you.

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Architecture Portfolio_Mandolin Schreck_2020  

architecture portfolio , interior design portfolio, art portfolio, student portfolio, design portfolio, creative publication, mandolin schre...

Architecture Portfolio_Mandolin Schreck_2020  

architecture portfolio , interior design portfolio, art portfolio, student portfolio, design portfolio, creative publication, mandolin schre...