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PAULA BROWN this is your li fe

a l u a p y hey he Hey Hey Paula we all love you hey hey paula no-one else could ever do we’ve been through your life, from school right through paula, we can’t wait no more for you our friend, our love we tried planning this book for you but your skills were missed the whole way through we hope you love it and see how we all feel hoping your birthday wishes will all come true our friend our love (lyrics adapted from Hey Paula by Paul & Paula 1963)

To My Darling Paula Something to spark the memories of times full of love and adventure... Yours forever Nige xxx

y l i m a f we are

You are Number 1 Mum in the world!! Love Jude

You are the loveliest kindest cuddliest Mummy EVER Love Gabe



where did it all begin?

You were born with the ability to make everyone smile. From sink bathing to wig wearing, from acting like baby Jesus to Fidel Castro - you have always been a master of making people laugh...

Hong Kong 1973

o r t s a c m fro d i a m s e d i to br

from skool days. ..

s w o v g n i d d e w

Paula and Nige’s Big Day....

Paula as Chief Bridesmaid at Terry’s wedding 1980

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister! You have made me laugh since the day you were born - you are the most loving, the most supportive, the most positive and the most creative person I have ever met. Your energy is amazing, (and exhausting!), and you have been a wonderful presence in my life. I love you to bits, my kids adore you and we can’t believe you are 40!!! Have a wonderful birthday year x x x x Terry & Hayley

newcastle times.. Dunstanburgh Castle with friends

Ross, Toby, Helen, Russell, John and Andy

Our beloved Student Residence - Crossley Terrace - with Ross, Tobes, James and Andy

Paula at the end of the night.... (not sure about this one but my husband insisted...)!

Helen and Paula at Crossley Terrace - 1992

Paula and Andy at Crossley Terrace 1992

Helen, Paula and Vanessa at Henderson Halls - 1991

Paula, Ross and Tobes - there was some great significance to the ‘Hadaway’ sign - something to do with Ross being very irritating!

ck Hope these bring ba s some great memorie from 20 years ago! Me and you have aged quite well I u think! Wishing yo a  really lovely ’s birthday and here ext hoping that the n he 40 are as good as t last! Much love, Helen X

Helen and Paula at Tynemouth - Oct 1991 - 4 weeks into University Life..!!

Paula and John in Tynemouth-1991

Preparing for Paula’s hen night with Helen, Lou, Sue and Paula 1998

Paula as ‘the hen’ in the greek restaurant

In the salubrious surroundings of the back yard in Crossley Terrace in 1992 with Ross, Toby and James

Paula and Toby in Tynemouth in 1991

My over-riding memories of Paula: orange beetle, smiling face, inexhaustible enthusiasm and love of life. Welcome to the Old People’s Club. We’re proud to have you as a member. Love Toby XXX


bristol da ys

N A L C N W O E K C M the CARY

Paula, the World is richer because of your: -

Hand-modeled presents from scrapstore materials Love of drinking cava at inappropriate times of the day Countless (and I mean c-o-u-n-t-l-e-s-s...) emails and text messages Magnetism from children - often not your own and especially on hungover mornings Silent passion to embarrass yourself at any given moment Belief that life’s too short for silence Urge to cook elaborate risottos on small camping stoves Ability to confuse the most simple of ideas to the hilarity of others Inability to follow someone in your car at a reasonable pace Belief that your instinct beats using a road map Inappropriate clothing for wet weather walking Inappropriate clothing for muddy weather walking Inappropriate clothing for most walking Public announcements about ‘weak pelvic floors’ whilst trampolining Wilful sharing of your LOVE for life Unboundless energy Unconditional friendship, great sense of humour and very beautiful spirit

Paula, thank you for all of the above (in no particular order) and please never ever change. Well maybe you could tweak a few of the them!

Big love Danny C (with the possible agreement of many many more)

My darling Paula, it’s almost impossible to sum up what your friendship means to me and, being no fandango word-smith, I turn to someone who can do it justice; it is as though Natalie wrote this just for you anyway. Love you long time old girl! Your dear friend Mandie xx

“Kind & Generous” by Natalie Merchant You’ve been so kind and generous I don’t know how you keep on giving For your kindness I’m in debt to you For your selflessness, my admiration And for everything you’ve done You know I’m bound... I’m bound to thank you for it You’ve been so kind and generous I don’t know how you keep on giving For your kindness I’m in debt to you And I never could have come this far without you So for everything you’ve done You know I’m bound... I’m bound to thank you for it I want to thank you For so many gifts You gave with love and tenderness I want to thank you I want to thank you For your generosity The love and the honesty That you gave me I want to thank you Show my gratitude My love and my respect for you I want to thank you I want to... Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank Thank

you you you you you you

Happy Birthday Paula, ch hi w s he is w ty r fo r fo e m ti A ave I hope will all come true. H ou a wonderful time and thank y . nd ie fr d o o g a h c su ng ei b for Lots of love, Grace

Pretty Paula’s Storytelling Competition by Niamh & Eva Once upon a time there was a lovely women called Paula. She had a daddy called Geoffry and a mummy called Paddi. She had two sisters called Hayley and Terry and two best friends called Mandie and Christina. Everyone lived in Spain. Paula loved storytelling and she was chosen to be in a story telling competition. Everyone in her whole family was pleased except for her sisters who were really jealous. They decided to make a plan to call the competition manager to say that Paula was unwell and couldn’t do the competition. They pretended to be her mum and one night they stole Paula’s phone and called saying “Oh no Paula cannot compete in the competition because she is very ill.” The manager said “Oh no - are you sure? She will have to stop and won’t be able to do it again.” The very next day Paula’s mum herself called the manager of the competition to say that Paula was excited about taking part. But the manager said “What do you mean? She is not competing!”, and she hung up the phone. Her mum passed on the news to Paula and she was shocked. But Paula knew exactly what had happened and that her sisters had had something to do with it. She became very angry - so much that she couldn’t be a story teller anymore and her story telling career was over. A few years later Mandie and Christina found out what had happened and they tried to help Paula by telling the manager that her sisters Terry and Hayley had played a trick. But the manager said “No you are just tricking me so that Paula can be in another competition. But I don’t believe you.” She then said that Paula would never be able to do any competitions ever again. Then Paula’s mum and dad found out and tried to help as well. But they made it even worse because the manager said to them that Paula would not be allowed to even story tell to anyone - every again! This made Paula feel so so frustrated because she loved story telling more than anything in the whole world. So she moved to Australia all on her own as she didn’t want to see her friends or family or the manager anymore. In Australia no-one knew that she was banned from story telling so she began writing the stories in a big book. She wrote stories about Princess Niamh, The100 Kings, and Silly Jack and wrote hundreds and hundreds of stories. When she had finished she sold the book to the biggest store in the world. Everyone bought her book but no one knew who had written it. Paula got very very rich from selling her book; but she didn’t want to get rich. So she used her money to go back to Spain so she could start up her own brilliant story telling competition called Pretty Paula’s Storytelling Competition. People came from around the world to take part and it was the best story telling competition ever. One day the manager of the other competition came to see the story telling. She asked to talk to Paula and said “I know you won’t forgive me. But I know what your sisters did and it wans’t your fault.” Paula replied “I do forgive you and I am sorry that you feel sad. I would like you to stay and help me run this story telling competition as it is too big now for me to do on my own.” The manager agreed and stayed to help out. The next day Paula’s mum and dad, her sisters, and Mandie and Christina all came. Paula told the best story ever about Princess Niamh and everyone clapped so loudly that Paula started to cry with happiness. They all lived happily ever after. THE END

h t i w g n i g han s n a m d i g r e n i a w e h t

Paula, Whilst you may have been on this earth for 40 years your youth and beauty belies you. You bring energy and joy to every event you touch and i am proud that you have allowed our families to go beyond friends of friends... I look forward to watching you finally age. Love The Wainwrights

P is for poetic, powerful and passionate A for adored in ways inconsummate U is unparalleled, undeniable, unique... While L is for lush and not quite ‘luna-tique’ A hhh paula - you are, all of the above... But most of all, you are surrounded by Love Big Up Yourself! All our love always - Ti, Rich, Eva and Carlo xxxxxxxx re a Paula pictu

utter by Carlo bo N

the nutters CARLO’S 1ST BIRTHDAY, ST Andrews PARK 2011



ahhh you are a constant source of amusement!

a l u a P y Prett

By Eva & Niamh

cream pie PICNIC!! Otherwise known as Nige’s 40th Birthday Party... According to Jo it was “The Best Day Time Birthday Party EVER!!”

Bonfire Night 2007


Morgan’s 4th Birthday in Morley Square - 2008


the S



s e i l i o s e h t sandra and

�The answer to the ultimate , question of life d the universe an ... everything is 42 joy almost there, en the ride!�x love sandra

words fr o m the wood house Happy birthday Paula Can it be true you’re forty? I guess that makes you old and wise But don’t stop being naughty Happy birthday Paula Don’t let forty be a drag Drink a bottle of tequila and have a sneaky fag Happy Birthday Paula In all your wondrous glory The Woodhouse clan says thanks a lot For all the smiles and stories

Woody’s 7th Birthday Party

once upon a time there was a bright-eyed young girl named Paula. Wherever she went, she carried with her a bundle of excitement, a spirit of adventure and at least a fistful or two of good ideas. One day, she invited two young friends along on a special adventure. Their names were Gabe and Alamay. They packed a bag with apples, scarves and other necessaries and set off through the icy wastes looking for polar bears. The higher they climbed, the colder it got, and the wilder the wind blew, but they pulled their jackets around them, held tight to each other and kept on climbing anyway. Right at the top, they saw the bears. They crept quietly as close as they could to see the mother and her cubs. Then they ran back down the mountain and home for tea. And that was the beginning of that story.

From babes in arms (and I mean constantly) to brothers in arms.

Somew he their y re in outh o r childh ood...

...we m us someth t have done ing go od!

Happy Birthday Paula All our Love Eleanor, Fish, Alamay & Admas

hitting the target Retold by Martin Maudsley Once there was a young man with a natural skill in archery. He didn’t squander his talent and spent long days practising in the forest. He shot arrows at trees: firstly large oaks then slender hawthorns, until eventually he could snap a leaf from a silver birch with a single arrow. After many years honing his skills he reckoned he was just about the finest archer in the land. One day as he was walking through the forest he saw a little wooden hut. Painted on all four walls of the hut were dozens of coloured circular targets; and in the centre, the bull’s eye, of each target was an arrow. The archer was amazed and looked around to see who it was that had accomplished such an exceptional display of skill and consistency. Then he saw a girl with brown hair and sparkling eyes swinging from the branch of a nearby tree; singing cheerfully to herself. The man asked how she had achieved such feats. “It was easy!” She replied: “I shoot the arrows first, and then paint the targets afterwards...”

my friend paula by Dee Riding The first time I met you was at Grace’s school. You held over 300 children captive as you took them on a wild journey of storytelling. I was full of admiration as you skilfully kept their attention for over an hour with just the aid of your voice, your story, a few props, and the timely use of a chanting bowl. You were an absolute triumph, and everyone from 4 yrs to 50 years old was transfixed. It is a wonderful gift you have Paula. At the end, as the children reverted to type, racing around the room, I approached you to say thanks. Two weeks later I met you again at a party, and you made me roar with laughter. Some years on and now you are a good friend, such a kind and gorgeous person – you still make me laugh, and you still amaze my girls with your stories and your fantastic sense of fun. I found this poem, it’s called Songbird, by Ken Chawkin – it’s what you do:


Telling a story is speaking out anew what you always knew you knew but didn’t know you knew it until you heard yourself saying it and in the telling of it, you, the teller, become the listener too. The teller and the listener together both discover the process of finding out what the story is all about as one draws the story out of the other and the story tells itself from cover to cover.

la is ous Pau l u b a f how t and e to say e hones s k i n l e s d n as l o u n I wo as well he’s no , S w . o d n n k e i e all 4th as a fr w y at Marlene’s y l e v o 3 and l just full of illiantl r m b o g o r n i over perform eeping a rbed for well k , y t r a y p in abso birthda pletely resulted rt m s o a c h s s i d l h t (apa 4 year o o mean feat! T ve adul a f n ’s , a r n u Le an ho probably usly!). g t n i e b a n me bu bvio a o Paul h t e e r D e t and bet from me ee could say it ...... D ention.. m I’m sure a s d e it ne I think Lol

from theo, lewis, mark & vicci


s i w e l

Dearest Paula, Oh lady of stories and woodland fun, lady of wine and song. We salute you on this of your 40th year and say HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY LOVELY YOU!! Ses, Jem, Amy and Miri


Paula & Nige’s 10th Anniversary Love Fest at Halo - Paula spent the entire night with her eyes shut...

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things, does the heart find its morning and is refreshed. Kahlil Gibran

Paula Brown: This is Your Life.....  

Hey, hey Paula, we all love you Hey, hey Paula, no one else could ever do We have been through your life, from school right through Paula, w...

Paula Brown: This is Your Life.....  

Hey, hey Paula, we all love you Hey, hey Paula, no one else could ever do We have been through your life, from school right through Paula, w...