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Ch The Christmas! Written and illustrated by Niamh

Once upon a time there lived a family called The Cruckooks, but that wasn’t there proper names. Their real names were, well the daughter was called Emily, the boy was called Harry, the Mum was called Anna and the Dad was called Mike.

‘Let’s name him Nipper because it is a nippery-type dog indeed! ‘’That’s a lovely name’’ Emily cried ‘’I love it. I love it so much I want it to live with us forever”. Anna had the best feeling of her life.

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anna couldn’t stop thinking about it all night, she didn’t bother telling Mike because she new how much time him and the children spent on her presents and he would be upset if he new she had no presents to for anyone. ‘’Oh I wish I had remembered it was Christmas, they’ll be so annoyed’’ Anna wailed. As morning approached Anna was filled with dread wondering what would happen. Then in came in the children, 9 year old Emily and 11 year old Harry start ran in shouting, ‘’Mummy, Daddy come on. Lets go Santa has come’’ ‘’How do you know he has been?‘’Anna said ‘’Because he always comes doesn’t he?’’. “Does he” Anna murmured under her breath.. 3

‘’Come on ,lets go’’ Mike said. ‘’Fine’’ said Anna as she was being pulled out of her bed by the children. She tried to close her eyes not wanting to see the empty room as she went down stairs, but as she went down there were a bundle of presents sitting under the tree! ‘’See, Santa did come’!’ Emily cried with excitement! ‘’But, but how did that happen?’’ Anna murmured. Then she suddenly remembered the tinkling sounds that she had heard in the night, and there was only one person it could be and that is... Santa ! First Emily opened her presents it was a chocolate chip cookie maker ,just what she wanted! Next was Harry’s go and he got a BMX bike; just what he had wanted to!


After that it was Mikes turn and he got a new computer. ! Then Harry and Emily brought up a big parcel which said To Anna from Santa! Have a VeryMerry Christmas Ho Ho Ho! ’Mummy this is for you from us. Open it we know you’ve been waiting for it for a long time and its finally here!’’ Said Harry and Emily. But the only thing Anna really wanted was a dog, and she knew she wasn’t going to get that. But as she opened it she had the best sight ever,it was a dog after all!!!!!!! “Thankyou, thankyou so so much. I’m really sorry about your presents and I will share the dog with you.‘’


Tonight was Christmas Eve and everyone was exited because the tree was sitting like a statue in the corner of the room, and they knew the presents would be arriving soon. It was dark and the parents decided it was time for bed. Anna said ”Come on children it’s time for bed”. So the Harry and Emily went upstairs, got there pyjamas on, brushed their teeth and hopped into bed. Soon Anna and Mike went to bed too but first they checked all of the doors were locked then all of the windows then finally they checked there shimmering Christmas tree making sure it was sitting were it should be. Then finally they went to bed! But Anna woke up in the middle of the night and heard some tingling sounds, she thought it was her imagination but then she remembered the presents! She had forgotten to buy any; what a disaster! 2

The Christmas  

A Christmas story for my Daddy. By Niamh Cary-McKeown