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Mandel Yap 1995 93281964 Singaporean Male Diploma In Space & Interior Design

EAT . SLEEP . DESIGN . PLAY . Final Year Project . Furniture Design . Office Design . Studio Project . CAD Skills . Cube 2014 . Internship Works . Stage Design

Final Year Project

Bridging Worlds

Bridging Worlds Site location : kowloon city [hong kong] Bridging worlds allows people in the site to interact freely in the space created for them and connect with the existing site. Key elements that make this project is that it uses elements from the sites. Using “past” “present” “future” to allow current users to be in three different time zones in the space created. Section View Top On the top layer, programmes are created to enhance the lifestyles of the local residents while keeping in mind about the visitors visiting. This programs are created from what users/ residents have in mind for what Kowloon city lack which is the ability to keep people entertain in it. Programs : Mini kiosk, Resting areas,Reflexology foot path,Community gardens,Indoor futsal court, Indoor swimming pool, “Terrariums” garden, Central mall


Indoor Futsal Court / Swimming Pool

Reflexology Foot Path

Resting Areas

Exterior Of Existing Library

Top Layer Of “Terrariums” Garden

Section View Bottom

On the bottom layer, programmes are created to enhance the night lifestyles of the local residents while keeping in mind about the visitors visiting. Users/ residents of the past which are the traids have an interesting nightlife. Using the past characteristic of it will allow Kowloon city to keep people entertain even during the night which it tends to get dull presently. Programs : Privacy resting spots, Light shows, Light projections, “Terrariums” garden, Night market

Site Plan Of Design Proposal

Before Light Projections

Bottom Layer Of “Terrariums” Garden

Light Projections

Back Alleys


Plan View

Isometric View


Furniture Design

RDel la série The origins of RDel design thrives from the modernism movement in the highly rated art nouveau period. Both furniture is inspired by Koloman Moser and architect Josef Hoffmann’s, Koloman armchair. The clever use of its geometrical shape/symmetry and rigidity form inspired the designers to recreate a new design concept in this modern design. Série de lampe une Using the rigidity found in the Koloman armchair, RDel transform it into blocks for de lampe une. the uneven height of the light gives a unique way of lighting the place while also serving the function of a normal standing light. Café série de tables une Having the geometric shape as the base principle of the design. RDel introduces a trapezium wooden frame base with stainless steel column lines added in it to allow the base to stand out in the Morden concept while following the basic principle of clear cut lines.

RDel La Série

Group Project

Onde sonore onde sonore, founded by Leonardo davinci. Sound waves was inspired from the Italian artist. The design concept for onde sonore is to fuse together a natural element of relaxation, calmness and peacefulness like how one will feel at the beach into a “relaxation� chair which is also known as a deck chair. The exploration of sound waves allows the extraction of its form and its fluidity state. Using this, the shape of the form of this deck chair and the transparent polycarbonate materiel use is to allow the shadow to cast on the floor to show its fluidity state and having a multiple wave like motion in the shadow. This chair has an artistic touch to its design as not only can it serve its function of siting, it also allows the shadows casted on the floor to be a wave painting using the floor as its canvas.

Onde Sonore

Office Design

Design of Nanyang Polytechnic NYP BLK R level 6, basic concept is to allow students to feel at home and relax even though their rushing for their submissions. For the guest would be a warm welcome to NYP School of Design, not leting them feel out of place when visiting for the first time.


Studio Project

A time slipped into the past, An 0val Experience The oval at sap, is a project which we work together with JTC to rejuvenate seletar air base. We were given three zones to work on, i’m in the group that is suppose to work on the visitors centre. My proposal of this experience centre would be to EVOKE visitors dormant memories of seletar airport through the history. It will be done through 6 design rooms to draw out the emotion felt in the time line.

The Oval @ SAP

ZONE 1 Extention into the center This acts as a guilding tower to reach out to the other areas not wanting the visitors to forget about the present. Black out line Black outline area to show the other parts of the oval which includes the runway view and the lawn.

ZONE 3 SHOCK [1928 - 1941] A feeling of losing the homeland to others, using different walls to trigger the emotion felt then. Curved wall acts as the sudden arival of the british.

ZONE 2 Before take off A preparation room for the vistors. An overview of what the visitor's would be experiencing. May include a map for the two floors.

ZONE 4 SHOCK [1928 - 1941] Block shaped oversize walls with text printed below eye level to allow the visitors to bend to be sought of ruled over by the wall. This is what the people felt then.

ZONE 1. 2. 3. 4







ZONE 5/6


ZONE5 NEGATIVITY [1921 - 1945] Losing the sense of hope, using different methods to emote a negative like space. Confined areas to emote the lack of rights people has during the japanese rule.

ZONE 7 LOST [1945 - 1971] The mess up feeling of being thrown around by the japanese and british can be felt in the programe created. Vistors are to match certain sentences to certain picture to have the full information.

ZONE 6 NEGATIVITY [1921 - 1945] The use of lights in the dark room allows the visitors to subconsiously be drawn to the source of light. Like how we are being controled during that period.

ZONE 8 REBUILDING [1945 - 1971] Irregular steps to portray the rebuilding of the nation.

ZONE 5. 6. 7. 8



ZONE 9 CURIOSITY [1971 - present] Allows users to anticipate what the futures goanna be. This zones draw out the sense of curiosity. Curved wall will allow visitors to try anticipate what will the end be.






ZONE 5/6


ZONE 10 CURIOSITY [1971 - present] Information will be shown and mirrored to the visitors.

ZONE 10 CURIOSITY [1971 - present] In this room vistors are encourage into acting out the curiosity action by poping their heads into the holes.

ZONE 9. 10



Group Project

Learning from the community spirit demonstrated by the filipinos, where they dance and sing around in-between lucky plaza and wisma atria, we decided to introduce this project into this area to allow the visitors to experience and join in this community fun.

CAELIFERA is a floating high-tech installation located in-between three trees. the mixture of

yin(tree) and yang(caelifera) components create a landscape of opposites in the city. this installation produces a futuristic atmosphere making it enaging to this urban area. CALIFERA purpose is to bring people in all different people to have a peace of mind there thus being able to interact happily among themselves.. This project started with the mimicry of a leaping grasshopper. We pulled out 20 frames from the video to construct lines and geometries to represent its movements. From there we created a model to represent this 20 movements to reference and transform into our final installation. Hence our project is named after the scientific name of the grasshopper, For CAELIFERA it has four key systems. First would be the POD a single capsule function which allows the user to go in and take a power nap in the mist of the trees. Second would be the BLOB a 3-4 people capsule function that allows a group of people to go in and have their private conversations and gatherings. Third is the PULPIT a multi-purpose platform where users can choose to either have a picnic or dance there, this platform allows the users to come out with imaginative ways to use it. Lastly the main catalyst that brings the other three together would be the sound system which can be found in the platforms. The sound will be produce through a rocking motion where each platform will produce only two notes this thus enable the users to interact with each other to produce a melody hence bringing them together. This will also acts like a lullaby for those user having troubles in taking a nap in the pod function.


POD The idea of lying in a Mother’s womb, users can rest in a floating-like situation amongst the leaves yet in a busy street. It communicate lifestyle, emotion and comfort. Simple metal framework with an Eco-flex covering, one will have an unspoken communication with their surroundings.

PULPIT A platform for people to connect through music. With a Xylophone-like system, sound will be produced when the Pulpit is stepped on. Different Pulpits are arranged with different music notes, thus making people to synchronize together to make some beautiful melody. Hence the idea of bringing different people of different race, culture and religion through communication using music, dancing, and singing.

BLOB Like the shape of the grasshopper’s abdomen, this random bouncy area is designed for communication and gathering to happen in a fun manner. The use of Eco-flex technology will make it waterproof and stretchable. Thus the idea of a silent and untouchable interaction with the nature, the rain, and the light.

SOUND SYSTEM Perspective

Section View

CADed Grasshopper Perspective View


Plan View

CAD Skills

Learn the basic skills on cadding. Able to draft section plans, layout plans, desgin fixtures etc. Drafted plans for tender during my Internship period with Resorts World Sentosa.

Plan / Section Drawings

Cube 2014

The site for this year’s workshop, Pearl’s Hill, is located in the central region of Singapore. Built as a park around a reservoir, it is flanked by a rich variety of differing adjacent sites such as the Outram Medical Centre, York HIll Estate, Chinatown and People’s Park Centre. This hill will be opened up to the students to study, for them to plan for their creative ways to optimise this beautiful greenary within the city. So what we did for that site would be a retail belt for the youngsters linking to the existing belt of shops up the second floor, so the third floor is a open air walkway to serve as a cyclist path or a jogging path for the residence. Our objective of this is to free up the centre, to allow the nature to grow and be our icon for this place, we also strategizes that no buidings will be blocking the sunset pavilion near york’s hill. The idea of having this to be the heart of the nature parks near it, cable cars are implemented to connect york hill and mount faber, allowing the nature lovers to flock in to this mini greenary.

Pearl's Hill

Group Project

Internship Works Resorts World Sentosa Arts & Design Department Design Proposals

Was task to design a Suite for RWS in the 2015 f1 paddock. I was incharge of one of the options that was suppose to be given. I came out with a design that offers to variation of colours. I use contours of red, black, and white to protray the speed in each f1 race cars, and to show RWS unqiue blend of colour in the bar. The colour black was use majority in this design. Reception desk design to have the futuristic look and to fit with the design of the contour lines Photo wall is design to have the finishing line flag imprinted with the logos. The central wall also allow RWS to showcase its attractions to the dinners.

F1 Paddock Design

This took place in the sting alley, the idea behind is allowing the people living inside this quarantined zone to be fighting for survival. This is one of the scare zone in HHN5.


Egypt zone in HHN5 initially would be a collabration between NYP and RWS. However due to various reason, the idea was adapted from our initial idea of having a beast god rulling the area into a beast like bar.

Beast Bar

Was tasked to have the dance dance revolution theme party for the RWS staff. Was helping the designer in the placement and the structure of the stage decorations/ lights.

Staff New Year Party

Stage Design

Brochure / Thumb Drive Design

Poster / Ticket Design

Pouch Design

NYP SPECTRUM Site location : NYP atrium The overall theme of the 2015 NYP arts fetival was to be a youthful, and colourful spectrum for not only the teenages but also the coming generation. The stage and the design of the pedestials, are done in a way to centralise the stage while alowing people to still room freely to enjoy the display at the side. The stage acts as a pivot to attact attention to people rooming around in the atrium. Stage Desgin

Includes the doorgifts such as the thumdrive, and the small pouch. I was also incharge of the brochure of the arts festival while doing the pamphlet, ticket, and poster for the dance musical AS ONE 2015.


Group Project

STEPS Design concept of the NYP graduating class of 2015, is to overcome any obstacle that is heading their way. Treating each challenges face as steps to a bigger and better indiviual.


Photo Booth


SUNdial This stage is design to test the spacial quality of the depth of light, how it will affect the mood and the shape of it’s on stage people. This is suited for a fashion runway as each fashion collection has its own depth and meaning behind it, hence allowing the lights to be place at an angle to better portray their meaning in each piece. While it could also be an interesting stage for performing arts to explore into the play of lights in their routine. The motion of the light from the centre can also represent the starting of a certain event and it slowly move untill the top to show th closing of the event. The shadow found in this stage allow a sense of being timeless on stage when performing an act.


Exploration Work


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