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Travis & Brooke Rovillo APRIL 7, 2018

WEDDING DAY TIPS -Be sure to have all of your details and ready by 1:00 and make sure our florsit has all of the florals delivered by this time. (veil, shoes, perfume, ALL THREE RINGS, jewelry, invitation suite, etc. -Be sure that you and all of your bridesmaids hair/make-up will be finished by 2:00 for getting you in your dress photos. -Make sure to eat a good breakfast thats high in protein and complex carbs! Its going to be a long but fun day and we want you full of energy! -Last but not least, have the time of your life! Take it in and enjoy EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, this is your day!! :)

Wedding Day Timeline 1:00- Mandee arrive at air bnb/getting ready, detail shots of girls 2:00 - Brooke getting in dress 2:15 - Girls head to the venue 2:30 - Bridal Portraits at venue 2:45 - Bride/Bridesmaid portraits 3:15 -Groom/Groomsmen portraits 3:45 - First Look with Bride/Groom 4:00 - Bride/Groom portraits 4:30 - Full Bridal Party Portraits 5:00 - Family portraits 5:30 - Everyone Tucked Away 6:00 - Ceremony 6:30 - Finish Family Portraits 7:00 - Reception 9:00 - Exit/ Photographers leave

Travis & Brooke,

HAPPY WEDDING DAY!! I cannot beleive it is already here, it doesnt seem so long ago when we first met at that Panera! Enjoy and take in every single moment today, it is YOUR day! I am so happy for you guys and the journey of marriage that you are about to start. I can tell you from experience that marriageis amazing! There is nothing quite like going through this crazy life with your best friend by your side! Thank you again for trusting me with the biggest day of your life!!Lets get yall married!! XO,


Travisbrooke timeline  
Travisbrooke timeline