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Typographic Specimen Book by Amanda Zoschke

This project, like many others, started off with ideation. I came up with three preliminary designs. One, a traditional squared off book with a polished, modern look. Two, a long book with an experimental text layout. Three, a rounded book meant to emulate the airport the typeface, Frutiger, was designed for. After much experimentation, I decided to go with the rounded cornered design layout.

Compared to the rounded design, the long and square ones seemed to lack a cohesive link between the typeface and the structure. The rounded one also gave me leave to experiment with margins, and how certain designs fit within the total structure of the booklet. In the initial planning phases, I planned to put printed or painted transparency film with the airport’s symbols on it for texture and a tie to its usage and purpose.

Transitioning between the rapid prototype and the InDesign format proved to be a struggle, so for the sake of the workflow it was designed in Illustrator and pieced back together InDesign for layout after the initial mock up. The mock up was printed out on regular paper and included the planned transparency films as they would appear on the actual material. Unfortunately they were unable to appear in the finalized product.

Finally, for the end product, having decided that the rounded edges did not actually fit the final version; I moved on to printing, color correcting and working out the logistics of double sided pages and combining pages in a spread format. Colors had to be changed from the original, tested and printed various times. When the printer would not line up for double sided printing, each page had to be spray-mounted and fitted to its corresponding one. The binding did not take, so it had to be re-printed and rebound in the least conspicuous way possible. If I were to redo or improve upon this, I may have gone back to the original idea and added the transparency film which would have lent itself to the rounded form better.