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Once upon a time in a place called Wonderland, a queen by the name of Lucy ruled with grace and splendor. She had been the queen for nearly 10 years, and had never had any problems among her kingdom. Her origins were unknown, although many thought she was a god descended from heaven.

However, one townsperson thought she was not as royal as all of the others thought. He, a knight by the name of White Rabbit, was slightly crazy. He thought Alice was an alien who had came 15 years ago and had lied to the people of Wonderland. And he had proof. He had met a woman by the name of Alice about 15 years ago, and they had quickly become friends. Rabbit always thought there was something a little off about his dear friend. For instance, she could not dance. Dancing was a wonderful past time for the people of Wonderland, all knew how to dance. Anyone who did not had to be an outsider. Lucy also had a large birthmark on her right cheek. The citizens of Wonderland were not born with birthmarks, they were all perfect.

The White Rabbit had written books and published many studies on his beliefs, although no one paid attention and he had been arrested for prejudice against the Queen several times. He was determined to prove his theories right for once. Others would believe that he was not crazy, that he was the hero that Wonderland had been in need of. He set off on a journey to the castle to find the Queen and request a meeting to discuss her heritage.

As soon as Rabbit left his house he met the mad hatter, who happened to be his neighbor. The mad hatter had always been supportive of Rabbits theories, although he never believed any of them. The Mad Hatter was having another tea party, as he did every Thursday. Rabbit asked the hatter to join his quest, but he politely declined, choosing to continue his tea party. Rabbit said his goodbyes and left the house.

He traveled for a long time in the forest before coming along another, this time it was a striped cat. The wise cheshire cat. He was an advisor to the Queen and someone he would need on his side to convince the people of Wonderland. Rabbit said ‘O, wise cat, have you time to accompany me on my journey?’ The cat looked contemplative as it said ’.Depends on the destination‘ The Castle.’ ‘Again? Haven’t you‘ been embarrassed enough with all of your crazy theories and arrests?’ ‘Please, this time I shall be proven correct. If you would just hear me out I….’ Rabbit was interrupted by the cat, ‘I will accompany you, but only to ’.watch your failure once again

The duo quickly arrived at the castle and were allowed in the gate when the guards saw the strange cat. The cat requested a meeting with the queen in front of all of the Palace. After many hours of waiting, The Queen finally graced Rabbit and the cat with her presence.

The royal sat before the knight and with a sweet smile said ‘Now, White Rabbit, what is your complaint?’ The Knight took a deep breath and said ‘You are a grand queen, but you’ve lied to your people for far too long. You are a woman from another place named Alice. You were once my dear friend, but the times have changed and you have cheated all of us. You have not told us of your true origins. Now, my dear queen, please, will you tell the true story.’ ‘I am indeed all of the things you have said. I am and alien, as are you. Now, the time has come for me to tell the truth. I am Alice and you are my friend, the white rabbit. People o Wonderland, you deserve a better Queen. I will return to my land with the rabbit and let you live in peace.’

‘Eliza, Eliza wake up! Wake up Eliza.’ I opened my eyes. It had all been a dream! I straightened my red and black dress and adjusted my headdress. I am Eliza, The Red Queen, and I have very crazy dreams.

The End

Lucy in Wonderland  
Lucy in Wonderland  

Alice in Wonderland Parody