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ANA CRISTINA COSTA SIQUEIRA She is born in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1958. She graduated in Literature/Portuguese by the Federal University of Espírito Santo, where she began her literary publications. Some of her publications: POISÉ Magazine (DEC/UFES, 1983), Brazilian Writers Anthology (1985, Crisális Press) and the publication PRINT Magazine - edition nr. 7, that was edited by Ceciliano Abel de Almeida Foundation (UFES, 1987). Ana Cristina has several texts published in The Tribune newspaper, and also in the Thinking Notebook, by The Gazette newspaper. She is the author of Poem Lied down in her “POEM LIED DOWN IN YOUR CHEST” - a game of hopscotch, that was edited by Scortecci (2012), which includes poems, stories and narrative, pointing even to the epistolary genre. Her imagery language does flows from poetry to prose, often inspired by the island of Victoria and her atypical coexistence with the local writers.

POEMA DEITADO NO SEU PEITO Um jogo de amarelinha

A.C.I.MA. – Edizioni Mandala, pursues the objective of connecting “Minds & Cultures”, it aims to offer a specialized editorial space; promoting and valuing the Lusophone and Brazilian contemporary literature, with special attention to women’s literature and society multiethnic.

The book brings together poem and prose, whose language, imagery, moves itself among the mists of a symbolism as well as the simplicity of everyday life, pointing in the interlines singularities in poetic concept. A lush lyricism impregnated with a loving feeling remains in the weft of time, sometimes biting or bordering the fantastic. The passion for cinema follows the movement of the eye behind his camera, through the words, such as a mirror. It is a continuous source of inspiration, contrasting with the harshness of fatuity not yet transformed into fiction, however, throws us into the abyss, the enchantment of its complexity and conflicting emotions. The subtitle was inspired in the almost namesake romance by Julio Cortázar, “Game of Hopscotch”, basically, and with no obligation, because of its poetic weft, its nostalgic and tender narrative, the blossoming of youth in which the passion is the axis of the world.



Master Professor of English, poet, writer,

My quatrain garden flowered on my mind after a visit to a lovely

singer and artist.

place covered in coloured flowers of all types and forms... It presents Moments of Love, Prayer, Humour and a varied

ABD Comendadora and Grande-Oficial,

section, besides poems and quatrains in Spanish and English.

Artilheiro da Cultura, FALARJ Cultural Director, WCRJ Executive Director is Member of UBE, UBT and Academies

Cover illustrated by the author.

in RJ, BR and Chile, published “Meu jardim de trovas e Vinho e rosas – poemas doces...” and posted quatrains, songs, poems and art on the Internet.

VINHO E ROSAS Poemas doces, com um toque de acidez e alguns espinhos

She was awarded the Montese and other Medals and trophies (Literature and Drawing).

Wine and roses – sweet poems, with a touch of sourness and some thorns was inspired by the song Days of wine and roses... It focuses mostly lyrically on varied themes, such as love, nature, daily life... with the inclusion of some poems in Engish. Cover illustrated by Bianca Nobre, though idealised by the author, who illustrated each poem.



ARLINDA LAMÊGO Pernambucana, she comes from Recife. Arlinda Lamêgo has never lost its roots in the Brazilian Northeast in life and in the books, easily identified by the distinctive regional accent. Its literature is conversational and accessible, reflects and translates into an eclectic way that she lived in several states of Brazil. She studied, collected cultural references that have enriched his style. She currently resides in São Paulo. Author of the books: “VIVER EM UM POEMA”, “A POÉTICA DAS EMOÇÕES” e “RIQUEZA PLENA”. She has participated in several national and international anthologies, with poetry and prose, where she sews some stories from everyday life, where which reader will easily identify himself.


A POÉTICA DAS EMOÇÕES Poetry. Is it just poetry? I poured myself off in verses. I learned the path of humanization. I discovered myself whole, a woman who, with conflicts, had feelings, loved, was an ordinary person. I found out that poetry resists and transcends boundaries; it creates what does not exist, it generates colour, in reality sometimes grey, my life held true for me. I grew up in these sonnets of dawns and restarts.


“Viver em um Poema” somewhat exposes details of daily life, restlessness, intimacy greater than the

It is a non-fiction book.


It’s a true story, inspired by a trip I experienced and

received unexpected riches, a stroll in the History of

The mark of time, life and death, which, in reality,

Brazil and into people’s hearts.

blossomed into a mosaic of emotions.




Carla Gossuin-Azevedo was born in Angola in 1961, where she lived until she was 12 years old. If Portugal was her country of refuge, Switzerland became her country of adoption, and it has been where she has resided for more than 20 years. She had always had a fascination for books. Reading and writing have always had a very important place in her life. At 17, she began to write short texts and poetry. Her arrival in Switzerland placed her literary side inside brackets, since she gave priority to work and to the education of her daughter, who currently is a young independent woman, which allows her mom to have more time to devote herself to her passion: writing. Carla has texts published in several national and international anthologies and has received numerous recognitions for her literary production. She signs her works under the pseudonym of: Carla De Sà Morais.


Carla De Sà Morais’ second book of poems brings in the originality of the title (From Drawer to Drawer) a metaphor through writing poetry itself. Words from the Author: “Life is like old and used drawers or new and modern ones decorating spaces, well evident or hidden in corners or attics. Existential drawers keep memories, hopes, secrets, despairs and even frustrations. They are synonymous with order, tidiness... or disorder, when everything it contains is part of lived moments whose emotions asphyxiated the heart.”

SER DIFERENTE “Ser Diferente” is a collection of 20 poems that moves with ease between the colloquial and formal, the popular and the erudite, sharing intimate and universal feelings. This work is the result of the award from the International Competition “Celebração 10 Anos Poemas À Flor da Pele”.




She is a poet and professor. She has a Master’s Degree, a Doctorate and Post-doctorate in School Psychology, from Institute of Psychology at USP. She has published a few books, several articles in Psychology and has received 5 international distinctions in this area. She has affinity with poetry, and had won several competitions and prizes nationally and internationally, most of them Portuguese. She has published 21 books of poetry, with 5 books translated to Italian, French, English, and 2 in Spanish. She participated in 105 Anthologies; 42 of them launched abroad, 21 in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. She belongs to 4 Academies abroad (NLAL-Lisboa, CIEE-Galiza, ACLAV-Valparaiso, NLABABuenos Aires), and, also, to 15 national academies.

She is a native of Itapecerica MG - Brazil. A multi-talented woman. Lawyer, Businesswoman, Event Organizer, Actress, Journalist and Writer.

Her poetry is a mystical appeal to the innermost human part.



The poems in LA MATTINA DI QUEL GIORNO denote an implicit humanist side and express deep and existential life issues.

It is a crucible of everything, tempered with love and talent.

Some of them are topics such as human frailty, the finitude of life, ephemeral, eternity, love, loss, longing. They are meditative and seek the meaning of life. There are several poems expressed in lyrical ways. They are poems dealing with diverse themes, such as love, loss, meditative, religious, social critic and nature.


“A beautiful visual work of the poetess, troubadour, weaver of thoughts, to the eyes and heart of the readers. The faith, the playfulness, the plasma, the symbiosis, the struggle, the greatness of the human figure are present in this work.



This book shows, page by page, the poetic vigor of the author.

The admirable variety of thematic, shows the

enchanted form of the author to look at the world and the people.


This work was born as a founding partner of the International Academy of Lexicography of Divinópolis.


Composed of 27 poems and an epilogue, you can, through your thoughts, words and sweet empathy, take the reader to the poetry’s world.

It is a Dictionary with complete relation, more historical information of the municipality, with some texts and poems.

Consciousness of strength, inner fecundity, possession and power, imposes itself on a challenge of fidelity to the poetic vocation.





Dyandreia, born in Rio de Janeiro, is a Journalist under register MTB 36.185/RJ. She is the presenter of the TV program Sem Fronteiras, Publisher of the Publishing House Rede Sem Fronteiras and Editor in Chief of the newspaper Sem Fronteiras, all of them from Rede Mídia de Comunicação. She holds a postgraduate degree in Psycopedagogy (UERJ/RJ). Writer and Artist, she has taken part as coauthor in more than 80 books and several national and international Art Exhibitions. She was granted many municipal and state awards. Vice-President of ABD (Associação Brasileira de Desenho e Artes Visuais) and Vice President in Brazil of ACLAL (Academia de Ciências, Letras e Artes Lusófonas), based in Portugal. She is also an Effective, Corresponding and Honorary Member of important Academies in Brazil and other countries as well, and a member of UBE/RJ (União Brasileira de Escritores), AJEB/RJ (Associação de Jornalistas e Escritoras Brasileiras) and REBRA (Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras).

Eliane Tonello (Porto Alegre/Brazil) is a writer, psychologist, graduated in Hospital Psychology. Cultural Director and Volunteer at IMAMA. Book: Tecendo a Sanidade: o Caso Arthur Bispo do Rosário. Co-author of Antologia Poemas à Flor da Pele, Coletânea Internacional - Sem Fronteiras pelo Mundo Vol. 2 and Antologia Melhores Poemas de 2016. Award Juan Sebastian Kern, Trophy Destaque Literário Novo Autor, Honorable Mention, Trophy Imprensa Sem Fronteiras.

TECENDO A SANIDADE: O Caso Arthur Bispo do Rosário

SHARP SWEET TALK This is a book of chronicles, tales, essays and articles of this author, Dyandreia Valverde Portugal, a woman with a fascinating and endless creative spirit, who speaks and writes what she thinks, in a powerful, compelling, passionate, smart, funny, sentimental and extremely realistic way. Evading from a silly and banal chat, her sweet talk is, however, unpretentious, because the work shows, from its title, that there will also be a sharp talk, as sharp as the tip of a masterful knife. The writer and journalist knows how to spike the ills of society, such as selfishness, jealousy, sexism, social controversies, prejudices, inverted values, shame, revenge (without worrying about the opinions of others) in a unique style, besides depicting good things in life: sustainable education, significant historical facts, generosity, pride of being Brazilian, Lusophony, success of Literary Fairs in Brazil, love...

The book “Tecendo a Sanidade: o Caso Arthur Bispo do Rosário”, from the psychologist and writer Eliane Tonello, presents a narrative about the life and work of Brazilian artist Arthur Bispo do Rosário, who lived to be 80 years old, between comings and goings in an asylum cell of the 20th century, using the art to improve his health. The writer also provides the rereading of his work from drawings, plus two autobiographical narratives.

A wide scope of topics to the reader’s delight!



HEBE C. BOA-VIAGEM A. COSTA Lawyer, educator and sociologist. Publications: “Elas, as pioneiras do Brasil”; “Enfermeiras do Brasil”; “Elas vieram de longe”; “Elles sont venues de loin”; “Mestres”; Coletânea”; “Cose Che succedono” “Vivências”, Una Donna, Una Rivelazione”, plus 30 anthologies. Awards: Medaille d’Or - Academie Internationale Merite et Devouement Français – Paris 2012; Menzione d’onore - Sezione Oro Concorso Letterario Internazionale Vozes e Voci 2012 – Milan; Cecília Meirelles Trophy – Itabira (Minas Gerais), among others.


COSE CHE SUCCEDONO Some words of the author: Since childhood I was concerned with the roles allocated to women. They were so tight because they did not believe in their abilities. The woman was little more than a thing! So said the men, the church and laws. Of course, that not everyone thought so, but it was what was happening. In the book ”Cose che succedono” / “Things That Happen”, and in my books I always tried to condemn this situation. In the first, I wrote a Brazilian‘s history, from the women’s perspective, in that way I could portray, through the biographies, the Brazilian memorable saga of the conquest of their rights...


The story of Marina… Both author as a witness of change, the life of that woman, formed by four familiar generations, who had crossed the oceans, immigrations, colonization, discriminations, emancipations, revolutions, dictatorships and revelations, it is nothing more than a sincere and authentic portrait of a woman who could face and accept the progress, with all its consequences, positives and negatives. A woman undeniably tenacious, who, despite the struggles, malice, prejudice and sacrifices, has lived a life full of love, work and family.


A memorável Saga dessas Mulheres

Through sixty biographies “ELAS, THE PIONEERS OF BRAZIL”, by Hebe C. Boa-Viagem A. Costa, seeks to show the role of women in the five hundred years of our history, the changes in them, and the struggle that these pioneers had to struggle to achieve space in the various sectors of society.



A ORAÇÃO DO PAI-NOSSO O Mantra da Nossa Libertação

This is result of a comparative study on the characteristics of the Mantras and the Teachings of Christ, based on principles of Theology and Transpersonal Psychology, the author emphasizes the importance of understanding the meanings of this prayer, in a version from Aramaic to Portuguese.

Maria Isis (Brasilia, DF) - Maria Isis is the stage name of Isis Dias Vieira.

She was born in Alegre (ES) and lives in Brasilia

Free of religious and doctrinal interpretations, it is an excellent proposal for a practice of healthy spiritual life, being the reader inserted or not, in a religious system.

(DF) for 21 years.

She’s graduated in Theology, Philosophy and Psychology. Professor at Univ. Federal of Esp. Santo.

She worked at INRETS, as a researcher, in Paris, she did doctoral

studies in Drug Addiction, she is a Master in Civil Security and Societies and specialized in Transpersonal Psychology.

She’s an Academic Member of several Nucleus of Letters and Arts.

A SAGA DE UM SÁBIO Uma História Real A dense, tragic and beautiful story of overcoming, described in prose and verses, lived by a simple man who, overcoming the traumas of a drama, overcome the misery and limitations of a Brazil very different from the present, was able to call the attention of the dictator Getúlio Vargas. This saga can still echo through the ages and serve as inspiration for many in this age of uncertainty and absolute lack of wisdom.




Teacher, lawyer, essayist, short story writer and poet. A scholar devoted to Karl Marx and Literature. Author of the books: Sobre o Programa de Gotha, Karl Marx (2005); Dignidade na Morte (2009); Um Caminho para Marx (2011); Para Compreender o Método Dialético (2013); No Redemoinho da Vida a Luz Aflora em Mim (2015) (Portuguese/French); Between Silence and Solitude (2016) (Portuguese/English) No Cotidiano da Vida a Poesia vai Construindo o Humano (2016) (Portuguese/French). Coauthor of several national and international Collections.

PARA COMPREENDER O MÉTODO DIALÉTICO: Uma Aplicação Prática no Pensamento Marxiano

It aims to socialize the results from studies of Marx’s work, notably in relation to the dialectical method as a way to seize the Marxist conception and make it accessible to all who are interested in the design of the great German philosopher. This book was drawn from the lessons of Political Philosophy taught by Professor José Chasin, at UFMG, mainly the introductory phrase and the lessons about Method in Marx, taught by Professor José Paulo Netto, during the author’s PhD in Social Sciences at PUC/SP.


DIGNIDADE NA MORTE: Direito do ser social idoso

It proposes to indicate a path for better understanding Karl Marx’s work, which has always been not only intellectually, but, above all, a positioning guide before the world.

It deals with the Aging Process, offering a contribution for society to reflect on the situation of those who have the right to decide the moment of their death.

The book historically contextualizes the Marxist studies and shows how they are needed in the current historical moment, since this conception of the world is the only one which can handle the contradictions of contemporary capitalist society.


The reflection emerges from social conditions, when the collapse of the body happens, linked to the social condition of senior citizens, in a society where everything becomes a merchandise. The poetic texts bring a lyrical character approach and a feminine look on life/death, analysing freedom, equality and human dignity as determinants for the discussion of finitude/infinity of Man.




IZABEL PAVESI is the author of “O último Gerente” novel, published in 2004. In 2005 set up your site with IZABELLA PAVESI’ literary nome. Member of Poetas del Mundo, W.P.S. – World Poets Society, SEB - Sociedade E. Blumenau - SC, ALIFLORSociedade E.Florianópolis- SC, LITERARTE - RJ, DIVINE Académie Française des Arts Lettres et Culture; ACLAV – Academia de Ciências, Letras e Artes de Vitória/ ES; A.C.I.MA. – Associazione Culturale Internazionale Mandala and ALB/Swisse - Academia de Letras do Brasil/Seccional Suíça. She’s also publishing in INSIEME Magazine.

This book, proclaim that literature is done with ideas but, mainly, with words put into art or with poetic structures. This poetic quality can be present in the sonority of syllables, expressions, verses and in the use of sentence structures that escape common usage to assume the metaphor, in this case, change of meaning to denote other identities. Is silence the color? Can the skin be made of stone? In literature the answer is positive. The poet captures realities that, day by day, almost nobody realizes. Izabella Pavesi tempers the nectar of life with the taste of Poetry.


BUSCANDO VESTIGIOS O ÚLTIMO GERENTE “The last manager” of IZABEL PAVESI tell us the manager ambitious unexpected events, in the 2000 year, his frustrations and disappointment, when several changes occurred in the routine work brazilian banks. The financial establishment daily is described with her great knowledge taking the attention of the plot of intrigue, mixing a bit of sensuality and mysticism. Nice book with an excellent final.

In the middle of a cocktail of letters, the participation in numerous Anthologies, this compendium of short stories and chronicles selected to please the eyes and minds of those who appreciate the sensitive art of writing. Compilation of beautiful texts, some of them on Italian immigration published in an Italian-Brazilian magazine, and short stories and chronicles awarded.



JACILENE BRATAAS She’s born in Itabora - Rio de Janeiro, Jacilene gratuaded at Literature by the University Gama Filho and has lived in Europe for the last 23 years. She was the idealizer and one of the coordinators of the I Congress of Brazilian Writers in New York (2009), organized by BEA (Brazilian Endowment for The Arts), and was awarded in the field of Literature - Brazilian International Press Awards, at Focus Brazil London 2012, and in 2014, by the A.C.I.MA. Associazione Culturale Internazionale Mandala - Italy. Her book: “Destino Mundo”, autobiographical, has been edited in 2013 in England and in the UK, being distributed internationally through The english version will be available soon.


O MISTÉRIO DO PÁSSARO AZUL Uma aventura na Floresta Amazônica

The book tells the love story between two young Indians, in a faraway tribe. During the preparations for the ceremony of their marriage, one last proof of bravery and courage was necessary for the young Raoni could ask his beloved in marriage: he would have to go to the Rainforest in search of the feather of the rarest bird that someone has ever heard about - the mysterious blue bird. But something tragic happens that day, and from then on, the relationship between the two young becomes an adventure linked to a mystery that even the shaman of the tribe is able to unveil.


This book tells us a story of love

Based on a true story, the book tells the story of Carlos, a student who by the dynamic and

and courage, based on real facts.

creative way his teacher addresses the theme of preservation of the environment, and how this influenced his career choice for the future.



JACKMICHEL JackMichel is the artistic name of two writers: Jaqueline and Micheline Ramos. They are sisters and were born respectively on February 20th and November 30th in the city of Belém, State of Pará (Brazil). Their work is extensive and includes novels, short stories and poetry. JackMichel’s writing style was influenced by classic world authors from several literary genres, such as Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allan Poe, Eça de Queiròs, Machado de Assis, among others. JackMichel professes the motto “To write is to live”.


Jô Mendonça Alcoforado - Psychologist and writer. Project Coordinator Cultural Exchange between Paraíba, Brazil and other countries - UFPB. Develops important social, cultural, and scientific research projects to help poor community and mental health of those people.

ARCO-JESUS-ÍRIS During the colorful time of the Flower Power, Satan decides to visit Jesus Christ’s psychedelic rainbow. Once there, the blond and young hippie Jesus, dressed in jeans, tells Satan how to make good defeat evil; Jesus takes Lucifer to get to know the 7 circles of his rainbow, which are 7 circles of different colors. In the Violet Circle, they find Sharon Tate and Charles Manson, as well as the other people involved in the Tate case. In the Indigo Circle, they meet Mao Tsé-Tung and the Chinese massacred during the Cultural Revolution. In the Blue Circle, they find Heinrich Himmler and the dead prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. In the Green Circle, they find Thalidomide and some children born with deformities caused by this medicine. In the Yellow Circle, they meet Jim Morrison and indigenous entities that led him to death. In the Orange Circle, they meet Oscar Wilde and those responsible for his own tragedy. In the Red Circle, they find Thomas Blanton and the victims of the bombing of a Baptist Church, on September, 15th 1963. After noting that evil really doesn’t exist in that heaven, Satan goes away and tells the world that it is time for Peace and Love.



Anthology Organized by Jô Mendonça for dissemination and circulation through the Cultural Exchange between Paraíba, Brazil and other countries - UFPB, in fairs, halls, culture points, associations, embassies, schools and universities.


II MUSICAL DE POESIAS SAMBA This project of poetic musical Literature, give us another opportunity of visibility of written poetry to be listened like a music. In this project we will pay special homage to SAMBA. The objective is disseminate contemporary Brazilian Literature, art and culture, generating cultural exchange between Paraíba, Brazil and other countries as a way of human and cultural growth of the states and countries in connections, breaking cultural barriers, creating knowledge links and cultural dissemination.

UMA PROSA DO ABC This child book deals with the discovery of the child with the alphabet, joining the letters spelling and forming words through the learning of reading and literacy in a children’s story that is presented in prose and verse encouraging the reader’s learning, especially when counted.

III MUSICAL DE POESIAS EM SAMBA The work continues to transpose obstacles towards meaningful learning, promoting the formation of young people and adults who are more aware of the reality in which they live and who are able to apply literary and artistic knowledge in their daily lives.


The project has been developed for six years, circulating with books in several languages in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and CDs of poetry of some poetic texts transformed into music.


Texts by several writers for the dissemination of the Brazilian culture among the countries.



Ligia Braz is a restless, creative, intense person. As you can read from the jacket of her book: “A FILA ANDA” (NEXT, PLEASE!), she’s a woman exercising her biography between millennia and continents. As a journalist, working nowadays mainly in broadcasting, she came to Germany in 1989, coming from São Paulo, Brazil, just in time to see the walls crumble and countries reunite. Since 1992, living in Stuttgart, she has designed a bilingual international magazine called “Circulando”. She used to work at DCTV, the former TV station owned by the Daimler Chrisler fusion, and she has also worked as a businesswoman, a translator, an interpreter and a voice actress. Nowadays she is a committed social worker, in the educational and mediatic sector. Her son, now 15 years old, is her great companion in this literary adventure that began with the publishing of her “A FILA ANDA, milênios de observação fêmea” in 2010. Both, with her books under their arms, have visited nearby towns as well as Munich, Frankfurt, Geneva, Brussels, Zurich, London, New York, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, among others. They’re always accompanied by performers, who present readings which excel in bringing together many different artistic manifestations like music, paintings, dance or mode. She’s the mastermind behind the “Multicultural Manifest”, which she reckons as a development of these performances since they bring embedded in them social and political aspects, behind the work of those involved. As she hopes to encourage people to think and at the same time make a difference in their world around.


A FILA ANDA “Milênios de observação fêmea”

A FILA ANDA – “Milênios de observação fêmea” are short stories about the relationship between men and women of the generations between the XX and the XI centuries. It’s emotional, funny and not always politically correct. By using some confessional and autobiographical content, it leaves questions about the quantity of veracity and fiction in its pages. There is a not published English translation, named NEXT, PLEASE!

DE MULHER PARA MULHER Helena and Sophia. Two friends - bold and courageous women who question life, human relationships, sexuality, men, the other one, the future of the planet, the evolution of mankind and themselves in a visceral way. Above all, they question the mysteries of the most sublime of feelings, Love, in all its expressions. They could be of any nationality, have completely different physical biotypes, have alternative sexual tastes and preferences, be sportsmen or sedentary, be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 years old. They could be submissive or brave. Anyway, that doesn’t matter, because Helena and Sophia can be everything. In this work, the authors, Ligia Braz and Mariana Brasil, created them like this: both Brazilians, residing abroad, curious, dreamy and determined, in the middle of “she-Wolf”’s age. A book that was born against the grain of everything that sounds traditional. Diverse voices interact and complement each other, voices of memory, of dreams and fantasies. Voices, sometimes intermingled with disarming humour; at others, with genuine passages and landscapes, voices that expand composing a mosaic of emotions among pain, delights and uncertainty of female maturing. What doesn’t change is the depth and the seriousness with which each topic is treated, until you reach the deeper and conceptual breakthrough of this human three-dimensional trip, because it is physical, spiritual and psychic. DE MULHER PARA MULHER (From Wo




He was born in 1983.

She is born in Apucarana, a city located in the north of the state of Paraná, Brazil. She has been living in Italy since 1990.

Of Angolan nationality, he is a native of Luanda, municipality of Maianga. Graduated in Management and Marketing at Universidade Independente de Angola.

Currently the Representative in Italy of Rebra (Brazilian Writers Network), she is also the Executive Director of Edizioni Mandala, an Italian editor.

Writer. Reader Poet, since 2012. Member of Brigada Jovem de Literatura de Angola (Young Brigade of Angolan Literature). Co-author of several national and international anthologies.

A VIDA INSPIRA-NOS The book “A Vida Inspira-nos” is a perfect junction between moments experienced in society, and moments of the poet’s inspiration. Márcio Batalha, through his verses, more than satisfy readers, aims to involve them in a deep reflection among romantic, erotic, professional relationships, forbidden romances, and much more.


President of ALB – Academy of Brazilian Literature – Italy Sectional, she cumulates the function of Correspondent Partner in Italy for Camarajibense Brazilian Academy of Literature. Biographer and Cultural Producer, she works with projects related to Brazilian immigration, as well as the condition of Brazilian women in Europe. Mariana’s books has been translated for Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Portugal and Brazil. Her efficient work to disseminate and encourage the appreciation of art and Brazilian literature abroad has been recognized by literary entities in Europe – she was indicated twice to Literary Press Award (2012/2013) in London, England. Sharing her time between family, literature, projects involving writers from many countries of simply writing and painting, her motto is “Light, more light always”.


DE MULHER PARA MULHER O MANUSCRITO DE SÔNIA The book “Manuscript of Sonia” is world widely known for being quoted in “Eleven Minutes” by Paulo Coelho. Based on true events, the story was used as a base by Paulo Coelho and inspired his book “Eleven Minutes”. The Manuscript of Sonia reveals the challenges, expectations and sensations experienced by many young Brazilian people who lives in Europe looking for fast economic growth. The main character, Mariana, experiences that in the stretch Italy-Switzerland. Narrated in an elegant way, it tells the adventure of a woman who was never afraid to follow her heart, even in the most adverse circumstances. Applying a style that combines romance to a reality show, the author has the courage to expose her choices, putting together ordinary feelings and deep emotional experiences - love, hatred, prejudice and solidarity. The Manuscript Sonia was published in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Holland.

BORBOLETAS DE AÇO This book is the continuation of the story of Mariana, with important and curious revelations about the human journey, professional and international, experienced by the protagonist/ author, is presented in “Borboletas de aço”, which, like a “movie/ fable” tells the story originally written on her skin, that after having inspired a bestseller, comes to conquer the world. The novels, “The Manuscript of Sonia” and “Steel Butterfly” are works/documents that tell a particular face of society, through the genuine look of a woman who managed to transcend their reality, and makes us reflect on the true needs of people. The original form which are treated as the personages of history demystifies universal taboo and embraces the interests of a diverse range of international audiences. Above all, the goal of this proposal is to launch a literary social warning, highlighting the strength of the most sublime feelings, love.


Helena and Sophia. Two friends - bold and courageous women who question life, human relationships, sexuality, men, the other one, the future of the planet, the evolution of mankind and themselves in a visceral way. Above all, they question the mysteries of the most sublime of feelings, Love, in all its expressions. They could be of any nationality, have completely different physical biotypes, have alternative sexual tastes and preferences, be sportsmen or sedentary, be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90 years old. They could be submissive or brave. Anyway, that doesn’t matter, because Helena and Sophia can be everything. In this work, the authors, Ligia Braz and Mariana Brasil, created them like this: both Brazilians, residing abroad, curious, dreamy and determined, in the middle of “sheWolf”’s age. A book that was born against the grain of everything that sounds traditional. Diverse voices interact and complement each other, voices of memory, of dreams and fantasies. Voices, sometimes intermingled with disarming humour; at others, with genuine passages and landscapes, voices that expand composing a mosaic of emotions among pain, delights and uncertainty of female maturing. What doesn’t change is the depth and the seriousness with which each topic is treated, until you reach the deeper and conceptual breakthrough of this human three-dimensional trip, because it is physical, spiritual and psychic.


A collection of short stories become the pretext for a confidence artistic with the reader who is overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope of images and emotions represented.



PLANETA CHOCOLATE This book is a tale that inspire imagination and creativity of young readers. It also reinforces the concept of perseverance and the importance to believe in our dreams and to go on trying even though the others say it’s not possible. Together with Bruno and his colorful dreams, a boy that never gave up and went on believing in the impossible, Michele Viana take us to an enchanting journey. Her creative and intelligent writing style embraces and make us a part of a new and fantastic universe of forms, colors and shades in a planet all made of chocolate.

Michele Viana was born in Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brasil in 1971. She lived there and went to medical school. In 1996, right after her graduation she moved to São Paulo to start her medical career and do her residency in pediatrics. Norway is where she, her husband and daughter live. The author has her own private practice and works also at Østfoldsykehus in Halden. She loves to read, paint and is a huge cinema fan. In her adolescent year she started to write children stories. Her stories have been published in many anthologies both national and international and her solo debut will happen in the XXVIII international Book Fair 2015 in Torino, with her “Chocolate World”. In 2016 pubblish the book “Asas... para que te quero..”


ASAS... para que te quero...

This book shows us that loving without prejudice is a virtue! With the adventures of Ludovico we learn that seeing with the heart is much beyond appearances or what we can see with our eyes.


NELSI EMILIA TORRES STOCKER Brazilian, born in Engenheiro Beltrão, Paraná, and Suisse by naturalization. Lives in Switzerland. Lawyer by profession with 20 years on the legal advice field in Latin America. Writes verses from the heart. Her book “Silver Treasure” was recently published by Edizioni Mandala - Italia in Milan. Member of the Academy of Letter of Fortaleza (ALAF), LITERARTE and A.C.I.M.A. Award by the Group Mago de Oz of Luso Brazilian. Received several literary Awards in Brazil and abroad for her contribution to diffusion of Brazilian literature abroad. With her poetic tenderness, she invites people to step into their world of poetry and share feelings.


Is a work composed of stories that

describe the face of a society that

expatriates searching the dream of a

better life, a legion of humans who often

get lost along the way, can’t find the

way back and end up becoming invisible

in the current society.


TESOURO PRATEADO Is a poetic journey into Mother Nature showing us two scenarios of rare beauty: The Swiss Alps and Patagonia.

TIUTIU O CACHORRO SOLIDÁRIO Relates the genuineness of friendship between Emy, a tremendously sensitive girl who learned the language of animals, and Tiutiu, her dog, who helps people and animals in need, sharing with them his most prized possessions. The beauty of the relationship between two very different beings and the discovery of a fantastic world, where a gallery of unexpected characters come to life and unimaginable powers surprise a family, a street, a neighborhood and, finally, a town, and becomes an urban legend. A contemporary fable written from the perspective of positivity that addresses, in a subtle, playful and fun way, the importance of solidarity and gratitude in the life of all creatures. Suitable for children, adolescents and adults, to read with equal pleasure.




She is Brazilian of Italian descent, born in the city of Valença - RJ, on January 16, 1944.

She was born in Terra Boa (Paraná) Brazil. Great observer of life, her greatest source of inspiration to create her verses and prose.

Mother of 4 children and grandmother of 6 grandchildren. Writing has always been her passion! Throughout her life she participated in several literary contests, being the winner of some of them. In 1979, won the Radio Globo Contest in Rio de Janeiro. Recently, she was a bi-champion of the 1st and 2nd Poetry Festival of Conservatória - RJ (2012-2013). In 2013, published: “Folhas ao Vento”.

FOLHAS AO VENTO “Folhas ao Vento” - is a collection of tales and poetry that vibrate with a singular and intimate sweetness, where words, permeated by optimism, faith and hope, are intertwined, writing on paper a magical mosaic of genuine feelings.


In September 2015, she was honored during the III Encontro Mundial de Escritores (III Global Writers Conference) at the University of New York. She has texts published in several national and international anthologies.

SENTE-SE NO MEU BANCO! A shrine of emotions! This is the bench of life! Everybody sits on it and talks to each other: white people, black people, mixed races, blonde-haired people, redheads... Here, innocence reigns! We are all equal! (...) Guided by the magic writing of the language and my elementary instincts, I decided to share with you fragments of my perception, during this human pilgrimage, divided by the natural force of the sacred elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. However, I also wish to speak about the fifth element, LOVE, the one that connects all and the whole... LOVE... Our origin and our final destination... Poems that will delight everybody...


SILVIA BRUNO SECURATO Master in Religion Science PUC-SP; Oficina do Livro Editora, Editorial Coordinator. Associated Writer to REBRA - Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras, A.C.I.MA. - Associazione Culturale Internazionale Mandala and to the IWWG - International Women Writer Guild. Among other honors, she was granted an award by the Académie des Arts, Sciences et Lettres, in May 2009. She also received a prize from EAWW-Euro-American Women Writers in September 2010. Honorable Mention A.C.I.MA. 2013 and 2014. She is the organizer of 28 anthologies, author of 10 books, among them 5 children books.

NOI, DONNE Organization: Silvia Bruno Securato By Various Authors

AS AVENTURAS DE DUAS IRMÃS Sisters Ana Carolina and Isabella were in New York, celebrating Christmas, when suddenly Santa came to them in their sleigh with five reindeer. They accept his invitation to start a great adventure in enchanted ways, where they come across some of their favorite characters. The sisters end up getting to know Snow White and her great friend Cinderella. The princesses prepare for them a great party and they elect the Queens of all the Princesses, with the title of Princess Sisters.


Heranças que deixaram marcas

This book is composed of 26 coauthors narrating in a simple way the daily life of their ancestors.

One of the best-known works of Oficina do Livro Editora is the collection “Nós, Mulheres - Desafios e Conquista dos Novos Tempos” (We, Women - New Times Challenges and Conquests). Each of the 10 volumes brought together a different group of women, with different ages, professions and cultures, who discussed matters pertaining to the historic moment we are living.

In addition to the ten already published books, the collection includes two extra volumes, one in French and one in English: Nous, les Femmes du Brésil, released in Paris (2009) and “We, Women of the 21st Century”, released in New York (2010). Received several literary awards and recognitions.


“The purpose of the book is to honor our ancestors and to perpetuate their legacy, we recorded in this work some traits inherited from the culture of different peoples who left their marks here: habits and customs, gastronomic varieties, songs and dances among other peculiarities”




He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from University of Fortaleza. Public Prosecutor at the 9th National Treasury Public Prosecutor’s Office. He acted as jury in the capital, having coordinated CAOCRIM – Centro de Controle da Atividade Policial do Estado (State Police Officers Control Center). He was one of the creators of PROCON Fortaleza. Former-Coordinator of DECON from Public Federal Ministry of the State of Ceará. Columnist of the newspaper O Povo. Author of the book “Cinema – A Lâmina que Corta”.

IL CASO CESARE BATTISTI La parola della Corte

“O Caso Cesare Battisti” (The Cesare Battisti Case), from Walter Filho, revisited and expanded in this Edition, published in Italy by A.C.I.MA. Edizioni Mandala, is not a matter of prosecution or conviction, but describes in detail the four murders for which the foreigner has been convicted; he has been the author of two of the shots. A very thorough analysis of the lawsuits in which Cesare Battisti was sentenced for crimes of murder, shows the illegality made in Brazil and that the non-extradition to Italy was a violence and disrespect to the bereaved families and to the Italian people.


AMOR & AMORE By A.C.I.MA. The 5th bilingual anthology Italian & Portugese was designed and conducted under the editorial coordination of A.C.I.MA., an organization based in Italy, which has worked, since 2011, for the dissemination, valorization and promotion of Brazilian and Portuguese literature in Italy, and vice versa. “Amor & Amore” is like a kaleidoscope, which captures and multiplies deep emotions and feelings of love and respect for our common and unique sentiment, the Love.




This work, dedicated to the

Portuguese-speaking countries,

is promoted by the Rede Mídia

de Comunicação and Editora Sem Fronteiras, in Prose e Verse, was developed for the promotion and dissemination of Brazilian Culture throughout the Brazilian national territory and for Portuguese-speaking readers in 27 countries around the world on five continents - and with the support of the Academia de Letras e Artes Lusófonas (ACLAL).




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