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A shocking case of horrific animal cruelty - can you help?

Fiat 500 For Barbie BBQ Recipes SUDOKU CROSSWORD Town and Country Magazine is distributed from Fuente Ă lamo, Roldan, Balsicas, Torre Pacheco, Los Alcazares, San Javier, Los Belones, Los Nietos, El Carmoli, Los Urruitas, La Manga strip and golf club, and we issue 5,000 copies every month.


ISSUE 11 JULY 2009

Publisher Sunshine Mediahouse S.L. CIF: B-54428156 Camino Cementerio 3 03312 Desamparados Orihuela Alicante. E-mail Sunny Numbers E-mail Sales, Per Jensen, 699 501 508 Sales, Pamela Robson, 671 948 475, English Editor Wendy Darby Translated by: I.K.G Language Services Layout: Deadline for all advert changes is 25th of the month Town and Country Magazine Apartado de Correos 1039 30850 El Paretón, Totana, Murcia No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher All rights reserved. ©2008 Sunshine Mediahouse S.L.

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Dear Readers, Schools have broken up, the thermometer is reaching the mid 30´s and the tourists have arrived - Summer is definately here. Have a look at our leisure article on page 4 to see how you can keep the kids/grandkids entertained and also try something new yourself. I make no appologies for the dog camp article on page 12. Sometimes to get the message across you need to use shock tactics! We have included 2 very easy bbq recipes for you to try using everyday ingredients with delicious results. Enjoy the summer sun but do take care with children, dogs and the elderly. The intensity can sometimes take people by surprise with dangerous consequences.

Wendy Darby Editor If you would like your business to be included in the next issue of the new Town and Country Magazine, please contact the office on 968 429 113 or Per Jensen 699 501 508 and if you have any ideas for future topics or contents, please do let us know as we value your opinions.


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Want to try a new leisure activity but don’t know what to do? Golf. There are many wonderful golf courses around offering membership, pay and play days, driving ranges and local competitions. It is amazing how fit you can get by taking up this past-time covering such a lot of ground at a leisurely pace (as an average 18 holes usually involves walking between six and seven kilometers) - you will certainly feel the benefits in the long term. Golf is a stimulating challenge combined with getting out in the fresh air in pleasant surroundings. Golf is a unique all round sport which can be: Played by people of all ages, adaptable to fit your availability, played alone or in groups and is played at different levels – social or competitive. You can meet new friends and even join a local golf group. The club houses are well provisioned for drinks and meals and are a great gathering place. Hiking. Why not take a HIKE into the mountains. Spain is certainly very mountainous and has lots of hiking trails and paths. You can hike over various mountain regions and historic sites. You can go alone, with friends or join a hiking group. Many groups allow you to take your dogs along, so good for all the family, including the four legged kind.

Paint Ball. Paintballing is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to try a new pursuit, whether it be for celebrations, companies or an amusing day you’re your family and friends. Players need to be aged 14 years or older and are fully covered by insurance. Most places include lunch in their prices. Each game usually lasts between 10-20minutes and you can play as many games as you like! You need to wear comfortable appropriate clothing with shoes having some sort of ankle support. You will usually be given head protection to wear and appropriate outer garments. Great fun for everyone so try it now! Fishing. This is one of the most popular activities in the world, and there are hundreds of thousands of anglers enjoying the sport every day. Fishing is lots of fun, a chance to spend quality time with family and friends, and an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and fascinating sights and sounds of the great outdoors. Fishing combines a nature experience with the thrill of a bobber disappearing beneath the water’s

Quad Biking. What fun. If you have not tried it before, it is a great adrenaline rush. See Murcia’s beautiful scenery from a different view. Pine forests and mountains, to rural towns and villages. Why not take a tour? Most tours are guided, giving you the opportunity to get to know the area and see places of local interest. Unscheduled stops for photos, etc. are no problem. Tours are a combination of both on & off road riding. All ages are welcome, although youngsters usually have to be over the age of 7 in order to be on the back of the bike on public highways.

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surface or the jolt of a fat trout hitting a trolled lure. It’s an activity you can do alone, but an experience that’s best shared with others. While catching fish is a big part of the fun, anglers can have a great time even when the fish aren’t biting. For some anglers, seeing what’s around the next bend in the stream, visiting a lake for the first time or exploring a new stretch of shoreline by boat is a big part of the fishing adventure. Others simply enjoy the chance to cast a line into the water, lean against a tree or drift with the breeze in a small boat, and read a good book, laugh and talk with a fishing buddy, or just relax, not really caring whether the fish bite or not. A great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

centre’s encourage people to learn about the day to day and long term care of horses/ponies so that they have a better understanding of these gentle and loving animals. Riding is also a great way of keeping fit without you really knowing it! Some riding establishments also offer Riding for the Disabled, which is invaluable, as well as residential riding holidays. The object of the Riding for the Disabled is to provide disabled people, with the opportunity to ride at the level of their ability, choice and ambition to benefit their health and well-being. Most RDA center’s are run by volunteers whose effort and commitment is greatly valued by all. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed!

Sailing. Join one of the local sailing clubs or hire a boat by the hour or day. Some local companies offer you tours around the coastline in a speedboat or catamaran. You can dive, fish, snorkel, sunbathe or just relax for a few hours or the day! A great way to have fun and see the wonderful coastlines of Spain. A great social activity for family and friends. You can even celebrate a special occasion on board. Give a birthday or anniversary gift with a difference! Some sailing companies offer 3 hour sailing trips around the bay from the Nuevo Puerto Deportivo in Mazarron, with qualified RYA Instructors at a very reasonable price, including refreshments. You can get involved in sailing the yacht or sit back and enjoy the experience! Horse-Riding. One of the oldest pastimes which is enjoyed by millions of people. This ¨sport¨ can and is enjoyed by individuals, friends and family. Riding lessons are given from beginners to advanced levels plus you can take the hands on approach to horse care and management. Most centers offer Jumping lessons, dressage, cross-country etc… including hourly, half day and full day hacks. At different times throughout the year you can partake in various activities and competitions, which are thoroughly enjoyable. Horse-riding is also a great way to meet new like minded friends. Owners of the

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hough he predicted that any major acting success he might enjoy would come later in life, Jim Broadbent can’t possibly have expected that his fifties would bring triumph at the BAFTAs and Golden Globes and even an Oscar. Yet somehow this stalwart of British TV - perhaps previously best known as Del Boy Trotter’s arch enemy, Ray “The Slag” Slater, in Only Fools And Horses - has reached the pinnacle of Hollywood success. Born 24th May, 1949, in Lincoln, England, Jim Broadbent’s parents, a woodworker and sculptress, were amateur actors who co-founded a theater group in Lincolnshire. Their love of performing was passed on to their son, who was often in trouble for making smart alec remarks to teachers. He was expelled from high school for drinking beer, and later dropped out of college after deciding that an ordinary career would be too dull. Instead he entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and upon graduation, unable to find steady work on stage, he worked as a theater’s assistant stage manager. In desperation, he signed up with the Ugly Model Agency, a “character agency” that specializes in securing odd-looking people for advertising work. Broadbent says the Ugly Agency never found him work, but his luck at theater auditions soon improved, and eventually acting paid Broadbent’s bills. Broadbent had accumulated a respectable résumé as a stage actor before making his first film (1978’s The Shout). British television viewers remember him as the star of The Peter Principal, a BBC sit-com about a bank manager promoted beyond his ability. He first came to American attention as the plastic surgeon stretching Katherine Helmond’s face in Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece, Brazil. Broadbent was also in Superman IV, and Neil Jordan’s hit The Crying Game. He was Renée Zellweger’s father in the Bridget Jones movies, “Boss Twead” in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York, and he was the lyrical half of Gilbert & Sullivan in Mike Leigh’s Topsy-Turvy. He won his Oscar for Iris, playing Judi Dench’s doting husband as her character faded away with Alzheimer’s Disease, (the disease his mother dies from). He has starred twice in excellent films with Jane Horrocks. In 1990’s Life Is Sweet, Broadbent plays her father, and Horrocks an intensely alienated girl with an eating disorder. In 1998’s Little Voice, she was again intensely alienated but this time with an enormous musical talent, and he was the cabaret owner and master of ceremonies. Broadbent will soon be winning some new and much younger fans as he is starring in the new Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, in which he plays Potions Professor Horace Slughorn. Broadbent married Anastastia Lewis in 1987 and has 2 stepsons. please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement


Harry Potter & the Half Bood Prince (15-Jul-2009) Inkheart (11-Dec-2008) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (18-May-2008) When Did You Last See Your Father? (12-Jul-2007) Hot Fuzz (14-Feb-2007) Longford (26-Oct-2006) Free Jimmy (21-Apr-2006) [VOICE] Art School Confidential (23-Jan-2006) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (8-Dec-2005) Valiant (20-Mar-2005) [VOICE] Robots (10-Mar-2005) [VOICE] Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (8-Nov-2004) Vera Drake (6-Sep-2004) Vanity Fair (1-Sep-2004) Pride (21-Jun-2004) [VOICE] Around the World in 80 Days (13-Jun-2004) Tooth (13-Feb-2004) The Young Visitors (26-Dec-2003) And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (7-Sep-2003) Bright Young Things (16-May-2003) Nicholas Nickleby (27-Dec-2002) Gangs of New York (9-Dec-2002) The Gathering Storm (27-Apr-2002) Iris (14-Dec-2001) Moulin Rouge! (9-May-2001) Bridget Jones's Diary (4-Apr-2001) Topsy-Turvy (3-Sep-1999) Little Voice (18-Sep-1998) The Avengers (13-Aug-1998) The Borrowers (5-Dec-1997) Smilla's Sense of Snow (13-Feb-1997) The Secret Agent (7-Sep-1996) Rough Magic (7-Sep-1995) Richard III (20-Aug-1995) Bullets Over Broadway (16-Sep-1994) Princess Caraboo (16-Sep-1994) Widows' Peak (13-May-1994) The Crying Game (18-Sep-1992) Enchanted April (5-Apr-1992) Life Is Sweet (1990) Erik the Viking (01-Sep-1989) Blackadder's Christmas Carol (1988) Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (24-Jul-1987) The Good Father (Nov-1985) Brazil (20-Feb-1985) The Hit (12-Sep-1984) Walter and June (1983) Time Bandits (13-Jul-1981) The Dogs of War (28-Jan-1981) Breaking Glass (1980) The Shout (4-May-1979)

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Horoscopes - July Aries



Changes on both professional and

relationship figure strongly.

A flurry of activity can leave your head spinning at times and there are errands to run, calls and emails to make, and paperwork to sort out. Do your best to tend to these matters in an orderly fashion, making lists and following them, or you could put yourself through unnecessary stress. You have the ability to find extra sources of income this month

The need to sort out your finances becomes apparent. Events, such as the need to fulfill financial obligations, occur now that push you in that direction. Some drama regarding shared finances with a partner, loans, or taxes is likely this month. Others are following your lead, and this is especially true of love interests and friends, and your charm knows no bounds. Take advantage of this exciting energy!




This month brings many surprises and personal revelations to your life. Tests, illuminations, and dramas with a partner occur which set the stage for a strong need to revamp your approach to life. Issues surrounding personal appearance, the body, and your image become especially important now.

A friendly, sociable, and spiritual month is in your forecast and it’s a strong time for recreating yourself and your goals. Circumstances insist you rid yourself of guilt about under-performing, and to develop faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan. Do what you can to get yourself involved with others, through club and other social events, because these are the settings in which your personal magnetism is the strongest now.

Finding a better position for yourself professionally speaking will be easier than usual this month. Others are recognizing your charm and determination, and your ability to communicate with ease only sweetens the pot. Your social agenda is busy as well, as you find that you’re not only in demand on the job, you’re also generating great interest amongst friends.




Your career is a big focus this month and the chance for a new start professionally speaking occurs. While it means a change of position for some, for many of you it’s about new commitments. There are urgent demands from home and family. These events serve as a reminder of personal responsibilities on the home front, as you’ve been paying a lot of attention to your public and professional life.

Events bring up the issues of freedom and mobility for you. You are feeling restless and restrained, and the need to put some spice and adventure into your life is strong. Intimate matters are heating up this month, keeping a romance interesting, but avoid reading between the lines too much.

Focus is on a partner and relationships in general. There are plenty of negotiations and compromises to make. Love is spicy, stimulating, and challenging, but ultimately satisfying. Your personal plans might be on hold for now as you tend to others’ needs. An important money matter comes to a head prompting you to take more control over your finances.




This promises to be an eye-opening month for you with partnerships a big theme. New beginnings in relationships are in the works and your emotions are heightened and a personal revelation occurs that might surprise you. Work is especially stimulating and offers you a wonderful social life.

Heightened romantic feelings and playful impulses are themes for you. It’s a strong period for taking a small vacation that allows you to rest, relax, recoup, and enjoy yourself. A vacation that is too ambitious or exotic might only serve to stress you out. It is a time to adapt and attract rather than initiate new projects or endeavors.

Big changes in your love life, with friends, and in your job are in the works for you in the next few months. Events will give you a sense of what needs to be done. Tests in these areas of your life are likely now, and pave the way for new beginnings to come. You´re more playful, creative, and romantic impulses are stimulated now, making it a good time for a vacation.

personal fronts are in store for you in the next few months. The cosmos are nudging your attention in the direction of home and family, and getting everything in order in this department. Others are hanging on your words this month, and stimulating conversations about love and

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Coffee Break C ro s s Word Across

1 Decrease 5 Shopping binge 10 Notion 14 Strong as __ 15 Requires 16 Make airtight 17 Staircase part 18 Regions 19 Lab-maze runners 20 TV-series prototype 22 Playground retort 23 Spiritual selves 24 Limerick, for one 25 Talk-show hosts 28 Utter chaos 30 Carpentry raw material 31 No longer fresh 33 Sales agent, for short 35 Air-quality org. 36 Natural abilities 38 Paving material 39 Part of a minute: Abbr. 40 Courted romantically 41 Religious ceremony 42 Holy place 44 Itsy-bitsy 46 Fire-hydrant attachment

47 Sounded like a crow 49 Skedaddle 51 House builder’s showcase 55 Debtor’s notes 56 Backless sofa 57 ‘’Good gracious!’’ 58 Be durable 59 Clumsy 60 Desertlike 61 Bullring cheers 62 __-eyed (close to tears) 63 Declare untrue


1 Stinging insect 2 Prefix for freeze 3 Christmas season 4 Revealed, as a secret 5 Major mix-ups 6 Danger 7 Fishing-line holders 8 Dutch cheese 9 Curvy letter 10 Jerusalem’s land 11 ‘50s partner of Jerry Lewis 12 Has dinner 13 Besides 21 Tip of a sock 22 Secret writings

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24 Strike, as with hailstones 25 Rams’ mates 26 Wears a long face 27 Estate outbuilding 28 Musical group 29 Butcher-shop buys 31 Dark-skinned fruit 32 Driving-range prop 34 Hunter’s quarry 36 Unexpected ending 37 Top-notch 41 Lucille Ball, notably 43 Parrot perches 44 One-fifth of 100 45 Snakelike fish 47 Sheltered inlets 48 Cope with change 49 Grain-storage building 50 Old-time furnace fuel 51 Skimpy skirt 52 Fairy-tale monster 53 Most important 54 Whirling water 56 Lower, as headlights

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Dog Death Camp You may find the following distressing!


We are desperately looking for donations to pay for a lawyer (MMB Solicitors in the Puerto de Mazarr贸n) to act in the case of shocking animal cruelty.

This cruelty has gone on now since 2007. The woman in question, approximately 1 year ago, had 40 dogs removed from her property by the police and was ordered to keep no more than 4 in the future (we cannot understand how she can be allowed to keep any animal)

Today there are 10+ and without doubt more will arrive any day. They have now started building pens for what we think will be horses. There is 1 dog in particular that is causing us great distress; we only hope that he can stay alive until the case comes to court in Totana in the near future. If you require more information, the web site is where you can make a donation by Paypal or call 968 431 265 or 968 431 590

The 40 dogs in question were eating each other to stay alive and lived in horrific conditions, many dogs died at this place, were then buried only to be dug up again and eaten. The cruelty goes on and on. The woman started collecting dogs again shortly after being told by the court she could only keep 4 dogs.

We have chosen not to publish the horrendous photos of the dogs in question as this might prove too distrubing. Should you wish to see for yourself please visit the website. This georgous puppy is fortunately, not one of the dogs in this story.

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A Fiat 500 Show Car Birthday Gift For Barbie

The new Fiat 500 C will go on sale July 2, but have you met the recent, original Fiat 500 show car dedicated to the most famous fashion doll ever: Barbie®? This exceptional vehicle, created by a partnership between the Fiat Centro Stile and Mattel, was given officially to Barbie® at her fiftieth birthday celebrations in Milan earlier this year. It’s a fashionista car but quite tongue-in-cheek and with lots of charm: just like Barbie® herself. The gleaming paintwork resembles varnish and definitely makes for a shock effect, achieved with deep lacquered colour using ultra fine aluminium plunged in deep, up-to-the-minute pink. The seating is upholstered in strikingly soft fabrics: silver laminated Alcantara® is not only trendy but plush to the touch and its glimmer bounces as far as the roof panel. Then there are mats enhanced with natural silk yarn and sleek viscose, not to mention lip glosses in brilliant colours stored in the glove compartment, plus a LED-decked vanity mirror to ensure perfect application. And there’s more. The car has more features than a crown has jewels! Crystals sparkle on interior bezels, hubcaps, outer window mouldings and antenna and even

14 Town & Country

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outline the doll’s famed silhouette on the pillars. Lastly, this Fiat 500 show car also has its own glossy cover, featuring the distinctive Sixties version of the Fiat 500 and a Barbie® autograph. The latest Fiat 500 show appeared in public for the first time on Monday 9 March, when it raced through the quintessential streets of Milan’s fashion district. Barbie® was aboard and she had her own special driver: Ken, of course. On arriving at the entrance to La Rinascente department store, in Piazza Duomo, Barbie® left the car and walked the unique pink carpet created just for her. The band Nena was playing live in the background, reviving some of the most famous pop songs from the fifty years of the legendary fashion doll’s existence. Roberto Giolito, creator of the Fiat 500, had this to say about the Mattel-Fiat partnership scheme: “All-American Ms Barbie® already has a number of ‘transport solutions’ available, like thundering GTs and motor homes with endless accessories. So if she’s spotted a 500 and wants one as a gift for this landmark birthday, it’s a signal typical of modern times that there’s a renewed please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement

need for dreaming the simple things in life, which give so much, allow us to lighten up, thrill who’s born beautiful or just feels beautiful, but doesn’t have to prove anything. After all, Barbie® already has everything. Sleek Barbie® is a looker, smart enough to listen to everyone, a universal ambassador opting for a car that never divides but frees everyone from having to declare their social status. The new 2009 version celebrates her birthday with a model that offers a better view of the sun and the stars, all the better for continuing to dream, especially daydreams.”

For more Fiat 500 Barbie photos and a review of the new Fiat 500 C please visit: www.

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Horoscopo - Julio Aries



Habrá cambios profesionales y personales

figurarán fuertemente.

Un frenesí de actividad te dejará mareado a veces. Hay que hacer gestiones, llamadas, mandar correos y organizar el papeleo. Intenta atender a estos asuntos ordenadamente cuanto mejor puedas, haciendo listas y siguiéndolas o el estrés será mayor. Este mes tienes la habilidad de encontrar fuentes añadidas de ingresos.

Será evidente el hecho de tener que organizar tus finanzas. Acontecimientos como cumplir obligaciones económicas surgirán y te llevarán en esta dirección. Este mes seguramente habrá un drama en cuanto a finanzas compartidas con una pareja, un préstamo o asuntos de impuestos. Los demás siguen tu ritmo, sobre todo en cuanto a los temas de asuntos amorosos y de amistad. Tu encanto está por las nubes. ¡Aprovéchate de esta emocionante energía!




Este mes te trae muchas sorpresas y revelaciones personales: pruebas, iluminaciones y dramas con una pareja causarán que seriamente modifiques tu forma de ver las cosas en la vida. Temas relacionados con tu apariencia personal, el cuerpo y tu imagen son especialmente importantes ahora.

Te espera un mes amistoso, sociable y espiritual y es una buena hora para renovar tus objetivos y a ti mismo. Las circunstancias insisten que te quites de encima esos sentimientos de culpabilidad de no estar rindiendo al máximo y de desarrollar una fe que te lleve a fiarte en algo más grande y espiritual. Haz lo que puedas para involucrarte con los demás a través de asociaciones y otros acontecimientos sociales puesto que estos son las escenas donde ahora mismo tu atracción personal destaca más.

Este mes se te facilitará encontrar una mejor posición profesional. Los demás están reconociendo tu encanto y determinación y tu habilidad para comunicar fácilmente hace que la tarea sea aun más fácil. Tu agenda social también se llena. Te das cuenta de que no solo te solicitan en el trabajo si no que también estás generando mucho interés entre amigos.



Tu carrera es el gran enfoque de este mes. Profesionalmente surgirá la oportunidad de empezar de cero. Mientras que esto supondrá un cambio de puesto para algunos Libras, para otros se trata se nuevas obligaciones. Hay urgentes exigencias domesticas y familiares. Estos acontecimientos nos sirven para recordarnos de responsabilidades personales en cuanto a la casa dado que has prestado mucha atención a tu vida pública y profesionales.

Los acontecimientos te harán tratar

evita leer demasiado entre líneas.

El enfoque está en una pareja y las relaciones en general. Hay muchísimas negociaciones y compromisos que hacer. El amor es picante, estimulador y desafiante pero al fin y al cabo es satisfactorio. Tus planes personales puede que tengan que esperar en este momento, ya que atiendes a los demás. Un asunto financiero importante sale a luz y hace que tomes más las riendas de tu situación económica.




Este mes promete ser uno de revelación para ti en cuanto a asociaciones. Nuevos comienzos en las relaciones se están preparando, tus emociones se aumentan y surge una revelación personal que te sorprenderá. El trabajo es especialmente estimulador y te trae una vida social maravillosa.

Sensaciones elevadas de amor e impulsos juguetones son tus temas este mes. Es una buena época para tomarte unas pequeñas vacaciones para descansar, relajar, renovarte y pasarlo bien. Pero unas vacaciones demasiadas ambiciosas o exóticas solo servirán para estresarte. Es tiempo de adaptar y atraer nuevos proyectos en vez de empezar unos de nuevo.

Hay grandes cambios en tu vida amorosa, social y en tu trabajo en los próximos meses. Los acontecimientos te indicarán lo que se ha de hacer. Es probable que te prueben en estos campos de tu vida y preparen el terreno para nuevos comienzos. Estás más juguetón y creativo. Ahora se estimulan los impulsos románticos y esto hace que sea buen tiempo para unas vacaciones. Sin embargo, hay mucha actividad estimulante en tu casa y con tu familia en el mes de julio.

para ti en los próximos meses. El cosmos le está dando un codazo a tu atención para que te centres en lo doméstico y tu familia

poniendo estos temas en

orden. Las personas están escuchándote atentamente este mes y conversaciones estimuladoras sobre el amor y relaciones

18 Town & Country


temas de libertad y movilidad. Te sientes inquieto y reservado y figura la necesidad de poner algo de emoción y aventura en tu vida. Asuntos íntimos se calientan este mes, mantén interesado un romance pero

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Town & Country 19

Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 thru 9. There’s no math involved. The grid has numbers but nothing to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle with logic and reasoning. Solving time is typically 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and experience. Solutions in the next issue of Town & Country Magazine. Good luck! 20 Town & Country

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22 Town & Country

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Town & Country 23

24 Town & Country

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Rune Hov and Raquel Fernandez of Olympieza Professional Cleaning Costa Blanca have been cleaning/maintaining holiday property rentals for almost 5 years in Torrevieja and the surrounding areas. We have more than 450 rental properties on our books which are well taken care of on the coast. On the 1st of May 2008 we extended our area into Altea, Alfaz og Albir/Benidorm, and in 2009 into Mil Palmeras to Murcia/ Polaris World. Olympieza offer all their clients a professional and reliable cleaning/maintenance service ensuring customer satisfaction. Tenants feel ¨at home and well taken care of¨. Olympieza will also take care of any customer complaints which will be handled professionally and diplomatically, giving you and your tenant’s peace of mind. All staff employed by Olympieza are professional, reliable, honest and hardworking, with customer satisfaction as their goal. Relax and enjoy peace of mind by letting Olympieza take the stress out of running your holiday home. ¨No job too big or small¨ says Rune. We offer our clients a complete cleaning/maintenance package. Customer satisfaction guaranteed! For further information, please call 966 704 241 / 675 021 669 or email us at

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Town & Country 25

Baked Bananas with orange flavoured cream 4 bananas 2 passion fruit 4 tbsp orange juice 4 tbsp orange-flavoured liqueur Orange flavoured cream 150ml double cream 3 tbsp icing sugar 2 tbsp orange-flavoured liqueur plus extra to serve

Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking Time: 10 minutes

1.Preheat the bbq. To make the orange-flavoured cream, pour the double cream into a mixing bowl and sprinkle over the icing sugar. Whisk the mixture until it´s standing in soft peaks. Carefully fold in the orange-flavoured liqueu and chill in the refrigerator until required. 2. Peel the bananas and place each one on a sheet of kitchen foil. 3. Cut the passion fruit in half and squeeze the juice of each half over each banana. Spoon over the orange juice and liqueur. 4. Fold the kitchen foil over the top of the bananas so that they are completely enclosed. 5. Place the parcels on a grilling rack and bbq the bananas over medium hot coals for about 10 mins or until they are just tender (test by inserting a cocktail stick) 6. Transfer the foil parcels to warm, individual serving plates. Open out the foil parcels at the table and then serve immediately with the chilled orange-flavoured cream.

The orange-flavoured cream can be prepared in advance but do not make up the banana parcels until just before you need to cook them.

26 Town & Country

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Potato Fans 6 large potatoes, scrubbed but not peeled. 2 tbsp garlic-flavoured olive oil

To serve, open the foil parcels and gently pinch the potatoes to open up the fans.

1. Preheat the bbq. Using a sharp knife, make a series of cuts across the potatoes almost all the way through. Cut out 6 squares of foil, each large enough to enclose a potato. 2. Place a potato on each square of foil and brush generously with the garlic- flavoured oil. Fold up the side of the foil to enclose the potatoes completely. 3. Cook over hot coals, turning occasionally, for 1 hour.

Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 1 hour Serves 6

These garlic-flavoured potatoes are baked in foil on the barbecue. They need plenty of time to cook.

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Town & Country 27

Texting slang How well do you know your texting slang? 1. What does ‘LOL’ mean? A. Lots of love B. Laugh out loud C. Land of laughs 2. What about ‘BRB’? A. Been riding bike B. Best recipe book C. Be right back 3. ‘OMG’ stands for which of the following? A. Oh my god/Oh my gosh B. On my guard C. Omega 4. In conversation ‘BTW’ is short for A. By the way B. Between the wire C. Burn the witch In slang ‘ATM’ stands for the following A. Auto-teller machine B. At the moment C. All the money

6. If you are ‘ROFL’ what are you doing? A. Rolling on the floor laughing B. Reaching out for love C. Recording on first listen

1b, 2c, 3a, 4a, 5b, 6a, 7a


7. ‘IMHO’ is slang for which phrase? A. In my humble opinion B. I might have one C. In my house

28 Town & Country

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Crossword Answers

Sudoku Answers

Give A Dog A Home

La La (above) is a small breed Spanish cross, approx’ 9 months old. When she was found she was in a shocking state but is now well on the road to recovery. La La would suit an older couple or someone who would prefer a lap dog. Daisy (left) is a small spanish cross approx’ 7 months old,she is a real character,a real ball of fun. she walks well on the lead and mixes well with other dogs. Lucy (right) is a 6 year old pointer bitch,she is a very gentle dog and would make a lovely family pet,she mixes well with other dogs and just enjoys life.

If you think you can offer me a home - please call us on 968431265 or 968431590 please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement

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Earn extra cash. Free under 500€. Over 500€ - 10€ FOR SALE Mobility scooter Mercury M46 in dark green. Just over 1 year old. Bought for €2295 accept €1250 Tel: 968 163 758 (Cartagena area). Gents Racing style bicycle. 10 gears. Drop handle bars. €35 Tel: 699 161 957 Cycle rack for 4 x 4 vehicle. Used once €50 Tel: 968 158 301 or 697556524 Weltstar 21” TV with matching silver/grey TV stand. Surplus to requirements cost €175 will accept €75. Can deliver in the Camposol area. Round charcoal barbecue 42cm,height 66cm €10 Tel 691 883 714 Double axle braked Warwick Trailer with hydraulic tipper. Year 2000 Two tonne capacity. 2.45m x 1.5m with drop sides, drop tail, ladder rack and spare wheel. €1750 ono 968 163 769 - 600 244 345 Strato 32” flat screen LCD tv silver with stand. €200 Mazarròn area. Custom built computer (pc) Intel Core2 Quad processor, Gforce 8800GT high end graphics card, 22” flat screen tft monitor, 4GB RAM, 300GB hard drive, LG DVD/CD drive, built in wireless, keyboard,

mouse etc, original English windows vista home premium, 1 year old. Includes Epson DX9400F printerscanner-copier-fax. Phillips speaker system. €600 no offers. Mazarrón area. 649 353 490 FOR RENT Large storage unit. Ideal as a garage or furniture storage. Good price Tel: 669 420 101 2 bed villa (Fiesta) with communal swimming pool available for HOLIDAY RENTALS. Located on Sector A, Camposol. Fully furnished with gas central heating, air-con and UK tv, dvd & video. Rooftop solarium with sun-loungers and patio furniture. Small garden. Close to shops and bars. 1 bed villa also available. Tel: 646 475 367 Detached villa on Camposol D. Fully furnished with UK tv and aircon. €350pm Tel: 659 159 948 AVAILABLE D.I.Y horse livery in Mazarrón with very reasonable prices. Tel: 660 073 663(Español) 608 602 794 (English) Handy Man for all the jobs you don´t want to do. No job too small

or too big. 7 yrs established in Spain. References available. Tel: 661 012 814 WANTED Football players over 16yrs old, of all nationalities, wanted to join the Kennelly´s Team. Call Sean for more info Tel: 686 341 749 We need donations of unwanted electrical and household items to sell, with the proceeds going to local animal charities. Can arrange local collections. Tel: 968 431 265 or 968 431 590 50cc Trial bike for teenager. Must be road legal, plated, ITV’d and in good condition. Tel: 676 113 636 (Mazarrón) CAR FOR SALE Landrover Discovery Series 2. 2.5 TDI SE. LHD Year 2000, 212,000km. Full service history. 2 Sunroofs. ITV to Oct´09. Leather/fabric seats. VGC €7,500 ono Tel: 968 163 769 or 600 244 345

Sell anything under 500€ for free!! All property for sale 10€ to advertise Do you have something you want to advertise? A car... A job... Free for situations vacant, and personal items. Call us today or fill out the form below to get into the next issue of the Town and Country magazine. Tel: 968 429 113, or mail to: Sunshine Magazine, Apartado de Correos 1039, 30850 El Paretón, Totana, Murcia, or you can email to Name: Address: Phone: E-mail: Item to advertise:

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TRADERS - JULY 2009 Dentista / Dentist pg6

Clinica Dental

San Agustin

968 568 481

pg21 Clinica Dental Teresa

M. Liberatore

968 589 691

Inmobiliaria / Estate Agents pg16 Costa Calida Property


966 763 672

pg32 Sunseeker

648 827 754

Restaurantes y Bars pg23 L.A. Lounge

608 911 971

Servicios / Services pg6 AXA Insurance

968 171 005


649 353 478

pg21 David Mason

Insurance Services

968 137 719

pg22 Euphony

659 359 031

pg25 Eurospas

650 722 905


671 902 929

Flight Fantastic

pg24 Imperial Pools

966 772 079


968 171 542

pg19 Jeniifer Cunningham

966 461 690


968 631 008

La Mariposa

pg28 MC Consulting

968 137 407


636 172 198


pg25 Olympieza

675 021 669


968 596 189


pg13 NovoCarthago

968 134 777

pg22 R & C Builders

968 151 385

pg22 Reliable Air Conditioning 622 359 278 pg7 please tell our customers where you saw their advertisement

Toldos La Marina

902 202 210

Town & Country 31

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Town and Country July 2009  

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