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By the time you read this we will be well into January - almost are those New Year resolutions going? If its a diet - we have included in this month’s issue, a translation guide for fruits and vegetables. No more excuses for not eating your 5 a day! Also have a look at the Winter Health Tips that will help to ease you into 2009. The car of the year for 2009 is the Opel/ Vauxhall Insignia which is a very stylish addition to the Opel stable. I haven´t seen one on the street yet but am keeping my eyes peeled. Its definetely dvd/movie time at the moment as its cold and raining (as I type). The movie this month is Valkyrie, an historial thriller starring Tom Cruise - his only movie release for 2009. The movie also stars Kenneth Branagh. Until next issue - Happy New Year from all at the Sunshine Magazine.

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Castilla- Le贸n and Cataluyna

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Autonomous Communities of Spain

Spain is divided in 17 parts called autonomous communities. Spain has fifty smaller parts called provinces. We continue our series with a look at 43


Castilla- León is the magical “land of the castles” – a land which gave birth to the Castilian Spanish language, the legendary hero El Cid and Saint Teresa of Avila. It’s a place where ancient history, myth and legend have become so interwoven over the centuries that it’s sometimes hard to separate the facts from the fairytales. It’s a fact that Walt Disney used Segovia’s fairytale Moorish fortress as the inspiration for his famous Sleeping Beauty castle. And it’s also a fact that the region is home to a province which boasts more medieval castles than anywhere else in Europe. Castilla-León is Spain’s central plateau. It’s not only the largest region in Spain but as well the largest region of all the European Union. It has 9 cities, the capital being Valladolid and Avila, Burgos, Leon, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Zamora. The province has 112 historical sites, nearly 400 museums, over 200 castles and 11 cathedrals. Names such as Segovia and Salamanca are enough in themselves to fire the imagination and these extraordinarily beautiful cities generally surpass the expectations of first time visitors. Together with Avila, these cities have earned World Heritage status along with the Santiago Way – the famous pilgrims’ trail which traverses Castilla Leon en route to the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela.

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There are five internationally acknowledged denominations of wine within the the region, Ribera de Duero, Rueda, Toro, Bierzo and Cigales to sample while visiting. The fortified medieval town of Avila, the birthplace of Saint Teresa, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the whole of the region. It’s still encircled by 11th century walls punctuated with nine gates and more than 80 look-out towers. Burgos not only enjoys the honour of being the birthplace of El Cid but has a Gothic cathedral of exceptional quality and beauty that is one of the finest in Spain. Its Old Quarter also preserves beautiful medieval and Renaissance churches and palaces. Leon is the capital city of the province of Leon. The origins of the city of Leon go back to the year 68 AD. Leon was built on the site of a Roman camp. According to the chronicles of pilgrims, Leon was a city that was ‘full of all happiness’ and still to this day brings much pleasure to visitors. Leon itself lies on a fertile plain surrounded by woods, orchards and meadows. Natural resources and pastures of the mountains of Leon produce rich milk and meat, including cheese, butter, Villamanin hams and sausages from Trobajo. Winter sports are particularly well catered for in San Isidro and Pajares passes where all kinds of ski-lifts can be found. The purity of the water in Leon is ideal for catching trout in its famous rivers. Palencia is a city in the northwest of the Tierra de Campos of central Spain, the capital

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The Walls of Avila In The Land of Castles of the province of Palencia. It lived its period of greatest splendour in the Middle Ages. Today the city is watched over by the imposing sculpture of Cristo del Otero which protects its rich medieval heritage which arose in many cases around the Pilgrim’s Road to Santiago de Compostela. The gorgeous “golden city” of Salamanca (socalled because of the yellowy-red sandstone used in the construction of many of its ancient and modern buildings) is home to Spain’s oldest university, founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX. Both the universities of Salamanca and Valladolid (the former capital of the Spanish empire in its 15 th century glory days) attract foreign students keen to study in a region famed for cultivating the purest form of the Spanish language. Segovia has a magnificent Roman aqueduct and this is a symbol of the city. It is the finest example of its epoch and style of those still in existence. It guards the entrance gate to the historic quarter of Segovia. The Aqueduct of Segovia has been described as being one of the most beautiful in the Roman world. Built in order to bring water from the river Acebeda to the city, it is a magnificent work of engineering that is still in excellent condition. It has in excess of 20,000 stone blocks, that are neither cemented nor stuck together by any substance, and they remain as a solid perfect block up until this day. Segovia also has other important treasures from different ages, such as several precious Romanesque churches, a large Gothic cathedral and the splendid Alcazar. Soria town is the capital of Soria province. Soria is the least populous of all of Spain’s provinces- in fact it is one of the lowest populated provinces in the European Union. There are 183 municipalities in Soria, of which nearly half are hamlets of fewer than 100 people and of which only 12 have more than 1000 people. Amazingly the province of Soria includes

8 Sunshine Magazine

perhaps the biggest concentration of medieval castles in Europe, from the biggest castle of the continent to the small Arabic watching towers. Valladolid - The capital of Castilla-Leon has one of the most important sculpture museums of all Spain, and the famous Easter week processions are of great tourist interest. The city itself is monumental, and in its surroundings there are innumerable castles. It is said that in Valladolid the most correct Castilian Spanish is spoken, so it is an ideal place to study this language. Zamora is a beautiful medieval town with a magnificent cathedral and several great Romanesque churches. Nearby there are the 8th century Visigothic church San Pedro de la Nave, and Lago de Sanabria, the largest lake of Spain and the only one of glacial origins.


Cataluyna, in the north eastern corner of Spain, is best known to millions of foreign package holidaymakers as the home of the famous Costa Brava with its bustling beach resorts and ruggedly beautiful coastline. Indeed the much loved resort areas such as Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Roses have so much to offer the two-week vacationer that many overseas visitors never find the time or inclination to discover the many other treasures of this highly individual Spanish province. Like the Basque Country (Pais Vasco) Cataluyna has its own unique character which sets it apart from the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. It’s an autonomous region with its own language, Catalan, and a fierce sense of brotherhood among the local population. A sure fire way to incur the wrath of a Catalan is to suggest that his or her language is nothing more than a dialect of Castilian Spanish. In fact the language is unique although it’s Latin-

Segovia’s Roman Aqueduct based and some of the vocabulary is similar to Spanish and French. Cataluyna was one of the main hot beds of resistance to the Franco regime in the first two decades following the Civil War (1936-39). Book shops and public libraries were scoured for Catalan books which were destroyed and the language was banned from schools, continued on pg 10

Sunshine Magazine 9

Tossa de Mar television, the radio and press. Small wonder then that both the language and culture of Catalonia were revived with a vengeance after Franco’s death in 1975. An enduring and very public symbol of this revival can be seen throughout the region in the famous local sardana dance which you can see on summer evenings in almost every Catalonian city, village and beach resort. The dance, depicted in a famous statue on Barcelona’s Montjuic Hill, involves joining hands and dancing in circular movements to the strains of a flute-like instrument. It symbolises the unity of the Catalans – a people so proud of their special identity that they dared to sing the unofficial anthem of Catalonia in front of Franco when he visited the region’s Palau de la Musica in 1960. Besides the obvious allure of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, Catalonia is a fascinating place to visit not least because of its cosmopolitan capital, Barcelona – arguably Spain’s most sophisticated city and without doubt one of the most exciting cities on the planet. Major visitor attractions within easy reach of the capital include the Port Aventura theme park at Tarragona, the Salvadar Dali museum in Figueres (the famous surrealist painter’s birthplace) and the mountain monastery of Montserrat 40 kilometres inland from Barcelona. The1,000 year-old monastery is perched high amid weird and wonderful rock formations which inspired the work of the great architect Catalonian Antoni Gaudi. The northern border of Catalonia consists of awesome Pyrenean Mountain landscapes which offer some of Spain’s best walking and climbing country along with a number of good ski resorts, largely undiscovered by foreign visitors. The Baqueira-Beret ski resort, in the gutwrenchingly gorgeous Vall d’Aran, has facilities to

10 Sunshine Magazine

rival the far better known southern resort of Sierra Nevada. It’s popular with Spanish skiers including King Juan Carlos and his family. Barcelona is quite simply one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world.It’s both medieval and thoroughly modern. It’s one of the trendiest places on the planet whilst steadfastly clinging to its age-old traditions. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful despite being one of Spain’s most important industrial centres. The credit for much of Barcelona’s extraordinary beauty lies with Antoni Gaudi who must surely rank as one of the greatest architects of all time. His influence can be seen all over the city in works of the most awesome architecture which attract visitors from across the globe. The Gaudi magic alone would be enough to make Barcelona one of the great cities of Europe. But there’s so much more to this capital of Cataluyna which offers everything from funfairs and famous fountains to priceless Picasso collections and streets streaming with living theatre. Barcelona is a major cultural centre which boasts more than 50 museums devoted to every conceivable subject - from the history of funeral carriages to the works of Pablo Picasso who spent his formative years in the city studying at La Llotja School of Fine Arts. The Picasso Museum’s permanent exhibition consists of more than 3,500 works including lithographs, prints and ceramics. Montjuic is home to the city’s much loved “Magic Fountain”, originally created for the 1929 Universal Exhibition and restored to world acclaim during the 1992 Olympic Games. The spectacular displays of water, music and light here on summer evenings have become one of the city’s top tourist attractions. A stroll along La Rambla, one of the world’s most famous walkways, is an absolute must for first time visitors to Barcelona.

Gaudi’s Garden It’s actually a network of five streets connecting Placa Catalunya and the Christopher Columbus monument. This largely pedestrianised area buzzes with life by day and night – a colourful concoction of street cafes, flower stalls, live entertainers. The city’s other countless attractions include the Olympic Village and Olympic Harbour and Barcelona Zoo which is home to one of the finest animal collections in Spain. The zoo has a dolphinarium and was the home of the world’s only captive albino gorilla, Snowflake, until he died from skin cancer in 2003. •

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Eco Solutions from Inside-Out:

Money Saving Eco Friendly Hot Water Solution With the high cost of energy ranking as a top concern among consumers, homeowners are turning their attention to renewable energy sources to lower costs and reduce consumption. Inside-Out has anticipated this trend and has introduced cost-effective pressurised and non-pressurised evacuated tube solar water heaters to their existing range of eco products and services. Often, things that make our lives easier are not good for the environment and things that are good for our planet can be less than convenient so it’s rare to find a product that is convenient, eco-friendly and money saving. In fact with a solar water heater from InsideOut you can expect to save up to 80% on the cost of producing your hot water.

Apart from the obvious benefits of installing a solar water heater, Freeman added that, “Our solar water heaters produce copious amounts of hot water – they even work on cloudy days. In fact, they produce so much hot water that in the normal sunny weather we have here in Spain you will struggle to use it all for domestic purposes. Some people now use the excess hot water to top-up their swimming pools.” Payback time is short with all these systems which are professionally installed and guaranteed.

Remarking on the benefits of the nonpressurised solar water systems, Martin Freeman of Inside-Out said, “We believe that they offer all the features of the pressurised systems, for example, great performance, control and reliability. This is partly because there are no mechanical parts to circulate water through the heating system. Added to that, we also deal directly with the manufacturer so our customers benefit from a lower initial investment.” For some installations, it is not feasible to adopt the normal low pressure approach to solar water heating. For example, if it is not possible to site the water heater high enough to give sufficient pressure, or if appliances such as showers are too far from the heater necessitating long horizontal pipe runs it will be preferable to use a pressurised system. These units can be sited at any level (even on the ground) and will still give high pressure hot water. INSIDE-OUT: Provides a one-stop-shop solution to home design, building and landscaping with an emphasis on eco and low maintenance products, attention to detail and unrivalled aftercare. This ensures a pleasurable, stress-free and cost effective customer experience. For more information about the solar water heater systems or other products and services available to you from Inside-Out, visit Alternatively call Martin on 659232507 or Mark on 608716111 e-mail:

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Fruit, Veg & Spices English to Spanish


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Fruits, Vegetables & Spices More translations to help you shop...

Strawberries - Fresas







Pear Pera Lemon Limón Lime Lima Grapefruit Pomelo Peach








Banana Plátano Pineapple Piña Raspberries


Redcurrant Grosella Grapes






Honeydew Melon

Melón de Miel

Pomegranate Granada Custard Apple




Herbs And Spices

Hierbas Aromáticas y Especias

Rosemary Romero Bay-leaf Laurel Dill Eneldo Coriander Cilantro Thyme Tomillo Oregano Orégano Basil Albahaca Sage Salvia Mint Hierba Buena Saffron Azafrán Paprika Pimentón Nutmeg Nuez Moscada Cinnamon Canela Aniseed Matalahuga Ginger Jengibre

Date Dátil Olive


Coconut - Coco

Blackberries Moras 16 Sunshine Magazine

Cherry - Cereza



Potato Patata Sweet Potato Boniato Mushroom Champiñón Garlic Ajo Asparagus Espárrago Fennel Hinojo Celery Apio Leek Puerro Aubergine Berenjena White Cabbage Col Repollo Red Cabbage Col Lombarda Green Cabbage Col Verde Brussels Sprouts Coles de Bruselas Cauliflower Coliflor Carrot Zanahoria Broccoli Brécol Artichoke Alcachofa Chicory Endivia Spinach Espinaca Watercress Berro Tomato Tomate Parsnip Chirivía Turnip Nabo Radish Rábano Beetroot Remolacha Sweetcorn Maíz

Parsley - Perejil

Courgette Calabacín Cucumber Pepino Pea Guisante Green Beans Judías Verdes Beansprout Brote Pepper Pimiento Pumpkin Calabaza Chick-pea Garbanzo Lentil Lenteja Soya Bean Alubia de Soja

Lettuce - Lechuga

Onion - Cebolla

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Horoscopes - January Aries



The year begins with plenty of dynamism and activity. You’re especially serious about pursuing your goals, and your ambition runs very high. Love matters take a back seat perhaps as a result of this pouring of energy into professional channels. 2009 brings plenty of activity, development, and opportunity with friends, groups, and business income. This month, you begin to experience some of these themes.

The year begins with a strong instinct for adventure, learning, and risk-taking. Your desire for experiences that reach beyond the usual routine is strong. 2009 brings opportunity and expansion into your professional life. Expanding your professional reach, developing your skills, and advancing your business will be strong themes this year.

The year begins with a strong need for inner change, transformation, and selfmastery. New Year’s resolutions mean more to you than usual, as your conviction to rid yourself of bad habits is stronger than usual. 2009 brings wonderful energy for adventure, learning, and travel into your life. Your desire to expand your horizons and to reach out beyond your usual circles brings opportunity and reward.




The year begins with a strong focus on your social life and a significant relationship. 2009 brings a strong emphasis on intimate relationships, financial expansion, and psychological growth. Partnerships deepen and bring rewards. A romantic surprise or chance meeting occurs around the 23rd.

The year begins with plenty of work activity and energy for health and fitness routines. Getting organized and “back on track” is the focus now. You are willing to pour more time than usual into doing just that. 2009 brings opportunity and development with close personal relationships and partnerships. You will attract or enhance a significant relationship and the beginnings of these new developments are happening this month.

The year begins with a whirlwind of romantic and creative energy. You find it especially easy to pursue what you want, and your propositions are received well. 2009 brings fabulous opportunities in the areas of employment and health routines. You’ll begin to feel this theme brewing towards the end of January, when new beginnings seem inevitable.



The year begins with a strong need for family and attention to domestic matters. This nesting instinct is a chance to rest up for more adventurous experiences to come. 2009 will be an especially opportunistic year for romantic and creative energy. The last week of January offers a flavor of these exciting themes, with events that seem to demand the need for new beginnings on romantic and entertainment fronts.

The year begins with a scuffle of activity, learning and communicating. Tending to errands, handling paper work, and networking are important matters now. 2009 will be a banner year for home and domestic matters. Some of you will be moving into a bigger home and/or welcoming new additions to your family.

You begin the year with strong financial initiatives and the desire to boost your income. As long as you avoid impulse buys, you will come out ahead! 2009 opens up doors for you through new contacts and friendships, opportunities to learn and improve your skills, and sharper communications. You are filled with ideas and willing to take on new projects.




You begin the year with tremendous energy and initiative. You are especially focused, goal-oriented, and willing to go after what you want. 2009 brings new opportunities with money and personal possessions. You’ll be discovering new ways of making money and expanding your resources.

While the New Year won’t necessarily start with a bang for you, get ready for an exciting year ahead. 2009 is a year of discovery, expansion, and new beginnings. The urge to improve and grow is strong. You project confidence, optimism, and enthusiasm, and others receive you especially well this year.

Venus, the goddess of love, is in your sign most of the month and your charm soars. It’s especially easy to attract who and what you want into your life in January. Your social calendar is busy, but you enjoy even the most hectic moments. 2009 brings a cycle of regeneration and an increased desire to contribute to, and invest in, altruistic activities and causes.

20 Sunshine Magazine


Sunshine Magazine 21

Horoscopo - Enero Aries



El año empieza con mucha energía y actividad. Sobre todo, tomas muy en serio lo de conseguir tus objetivos y tu ambición está por las nubes. Pones en espera los asuntos de amor quizás porque estás empleando tu energía en propósitos profesionales. El 2009 te trae mucho movimiento, desarrollo y oportunidades con amigos, grupos e ingresos de negocio. En este mes algunos de estos temas sacarán fruto.

Empezarás el año con un gran instinto para la aventura, el aprendizaje y el tomar riesgos. Tu deseo para las experiencias que van más allá de lo habitual es fuerte. El 2009 te trae oportunidad y expansión para tu vida profesional. El esparcimiento en asuntos de trabajo, el desarrollo de habilidades y el adelanto de tu negocio serán para ti los platos fuertes este año.

El año comienza con una fuerte aspiración al cambio interno, transformación y automaestría. Los propósitos del nuevo año para ti significan algo más que lo normal este año dado que tu convicción para quitarle los vicios es más fuerte que lo habitual. Este año te traerá una maravillosa energía para la aventura, el aprendizaje y el viaje. Tus ganas de ampliar tus campos e ir más lejos de tus círculos habituales se te premiará con oportunidades y recompensas.




Un fuerte enfoque en tu vida social y una relación significativa es lo que destacan para ti al empezar el 2009. El nuevo año se basará fuertemente en relaciones íntimas, cuestiones financieras y crecimiento psicológico. Las reuniones se ahondan y conllevarán premios. Una sorpresa romántica o un tropiezo de casualidad ocurrirán sobre el 23.

Emprenderás el año con mucha actividad laboral y energía para cuestiones de salud y mantenimiento. Organizarse y ponerte en forma son los temas ahora, y estás dispuesto a dedicar más tiempo a tales asuntos. El 2009 traerá oportunidad y desarrollo con relaciones personales y asociaciones. Atraerás o fortalecerás una importante relación cuyas mejoras ocurrirán este mes.

El año empieza con un torbellino romántico y un desenfreno de actividad creativa. Te resultará bastante fácil conseguir lo que te propongas, cosa que se te dará bien. El año nuevo conlleva oportunidades fabulosas en los campos del empleo y asuntos de salud, que verás a finales de enero que será cuando no quedará más remedio que empezar de cero.



Una gran necesidad para asuntos de familia y atención a temas domésticos serán tu enfoque para principios de año. Este instinto de anidar es una oportunidad de descanso para las experiencias más aventureras que vendrán. El 2009 te presentará bastantes oportunidades para el romance y energía creativa, sobre todo la última semana de enero, donde se requerirá la necesidad para nuevos comienzos en cuanto al amor y el entretenimiento.

Los comienzos de año se presentarán con una refriega de actividad, de aprendizaje y de comunicación. Lo importante ahora son los recados, el papeleo y el ‘networking’. El 2009 será importante en cuestiones de asuntos domésticos y de hogar. Algunos de vosotros mudareis a una vivienda más grande y/o daréis la bienvenida a nuevos miembros de la familia.

Comienzas el año con grandes iniciativas financieras y el deseo de aumentar tus ingresos. ¡Con tal de evitar los despilfarros impulsivos saldrás ganando! El 2009 te abrirá puertas por medio de nuevos contactos y amistades. También se presentarán oportunidades para aprender y ampliar habilidades y agudizar tus destrezas comunicativas. Tienes muchísimas ideas y unas ganas de emprender proyectos nuevos.




Mucha energía e iniciativas te invaden nada más comenzar el año. Estás particularmente concentrado, orientado a tus metas y dispuesto a perseguir lo que quieres. El año nuevo te trae nuevas oportunidades de dinero y material personal. Encontrarás nuevas formas de ganar dinero y ampliar tus recursos.

Mientras que para ti el Nuevo año no comenzará con tan buen pie, prepárate para un 2009 emocionante. Será un año de descubrimiento, expansión y nuevos comienzos. Es fuerte en ti el impulso de mejorar y crecer. Proyectas confianza, optimismo y entusiasmo y los demás recibirán favorablemente este año.

Venus, la Diosa del amor está en tu signo por la mayor parte del mes y tu encanto se eleva. Es particularmente fácil atraer a lo que y a quien quieras en tu vida durante el mes de enero. Tu agenda social está llena y gozas incluso de los momentos más atareados. Este año te traerá un ciclo de regeneración y un deseo elevado para contribuir o invertir en actividades y causas altruísticas.

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Sunshine Magazine 23

And the winner is....

answers on pg 52

General Knowledge Quiz Test yourself against your friends to see who wins




Henry Ford’s popular model T’s were famous types of which vehicle? Helicopter Motorbike Hovercraft Car


What nationality was the artist Diego Velazquez who was famed for his portraits? American Spanish Portugese Mexican


Which country makes up Canada’s southern border? Chile Usa Mexico Brazil


How old was American golfer Tiger Woods when he won the US Masters in 1997? 21 19 22 20


Who was the first man to step on the moon in July 1969? Chuck Yaeger Michael Collins Neil Armstrong John Glenn


What tool shares it’s name with a type of puzzle? Jigsaw Spirit Level Hammer Screwdriver


What number system is used in base 16? Octal Decimal Binary Hexadecimal



With which sport do you associate spares and strikes? Ten Pin Bowling Basketball Cricket Rugby Union

Which 1970’s rock group had Marc Bolan as it’s lead singer? T-Rex Triceratops Velocaraptur Brontosaurus


What is the worlds largest ocean? Indian Atlantic Arctic Pacific


What carry on film was set in North West India and Afghanistan? Up the Kyber Cleo Columbus Loving


What is the highest score that can be achieved with 3 darts on a standard dart board? 180 99 100 150


What volcano overlooks the ancient city of Pompeii? Napoli Etna St Helens Vesuvius



What title is given to the fastest ship to sail the Atlantic Ocean? Blue Riband Silver Sail White Star Green Flag

According to the fairy tale, which of these was not a material used to build houses by the 3 Little Pigs? Paper Straw Bricks Sticks


What does a prestidgitator excel at? Magic tricks Plumbing Cooking Gardening


In Monopoly what completes the set containing Coventry Street and Leicester Square? Regent St Trafalgar Square Piccadilly Oxford Street


Of which country was Shakespeare’s Hamlet a Prince? Norway Denmark Netherlands England


In mathematics 5! means 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120 but what does the ! stand for? Modulus Variance Logarithm Factorial





What decade of the 20th Century was the Spanish Civil War? 60’s 20’s 30’s 50’s



Who was the Prime Minister at the very start of the 20th Century? Marquess of Salisbury W.E. Gladstone H.H. Asquith Earl of Rosebury

What city did Frank Sinatra call my kind of town? New York Las Vegas Chicago Naples



Which famous book has the subtitle “to say nothing of the dog”? Wonderful Wizard of Oz Kim Three Men in a Boat Prisoner of Zender

How often were the original Olympic Games held? Every 4 years Every 6 years Every 2 years Every year


In which year was Monty Pythons Flying Circus first broadcast on BBC Television? 1967 1968 1969 1970

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Sunshine Magazine 25

Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 thru 9. There’s no math involved. The grid has numbers but nothing to add up to anything else. You solve the puzzle with logic and reasoning. Solving time is typically 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and experience. Solutions in the next issue of Sunshine Magazine. 26 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 27

28 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 29


Winter Health Tips Consejos de salud para el invierno


1. Take Some D3

This is especially needed in the winter months as the main source of this vitamin is through sun exposure, it is present in very few foods (oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout or fresh tuna). Low levels of this vitamin have been linked to depression, colds and flu, so stock up on your fish or buy a supplement such as Solgar D3.

Tomar D3

Esta vitamina se necesita sobre todo en los meses de invierno dado que es la época que menos sol hay. Está presente en muy pocos alimentos (pescado graso o azul como el verdel, salmón, trucha o atún fresco). Cantidades pequeñas de esta vitamina se han asociado con la depresión, catarros y gripes o sea tomar más de este tipo de pescado o consigue un suplemento como el Solgar D3.

2. Share Your Worries

As the saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved, not only that but it reduces stress talking about your worries and puts things into perspective. Talking makes otherwise mountains, become molehills that are easier to deal with.

Comparte tus preocupaciones

Como dice el refrán, ‘Un problema compartido es un problema dividido’. Además de esto, hablar de lo que te esté comiendo el coco te ayudará a poner las cosas en perspectiva. La conversación disminuye las preocupaciones para que no aparezcan tan grandes.


3. 3. Drink Nettle Tea

It does sound terrible but it tastes great (you can add a dash of honey to sweeten it) it has anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties and as an important source of beta-carotene, vitamin A, C and E, iron, calcium, phosphates and minerals.

Beber té de Urtica

Suena terrible pero la verdad es que sabe de maravilla, sobre todo si le pones miel para endulzarlo. Tiene efectos anti-inflamatorios, propiedades diuréticos y son una importante fuente de beta-caroteno, vitamina A, C y E, hierro, calcio, fosfatos y minerales.

4. Weigh Your Handbag

If your handbag weighs over 3lbs then it is putting too much pressure on your back, lightening your load decreases your risk of long term injury and back pain.

Pésate el bolso

Si tu bolso pesa más de 1400 gramos ya estás poniendo demasiada presión sobre tu espalda. Aligerar la carga disminuirá el riesgo de dolor y lesión de espalda de largo plazo.

30 Sunshine Magazine

5. Stock up on Pumpkin Seeds

They are a natural source of beneficial constituents such as carbohydrates, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. They contain most of the B vitamins, along with C, D, E, and K. They also have the minerals calcium, potassium, niacin, and phosphorous. Pumpkin seeds have mainly been used to treat prostate and bladder problems, but they have also been known to help with depression and learning disabilities.

Almacenar semillas de calabaza

Son una fuente natural de componentes beneficiosos como los hidratos de carbón, aminoácidos y ácidos de grasa no saturada. Contienen la mayoría de vitamina B, junto con la C, la D, la E y la K. También contienen calcio, potasio, niacina (vitamina B3) y fósforo. Las pepitas de calabaza se han usado principalmente para tratar problemas de próstata y vejiga, aunque también se asocian a la ayuda de la depresión y las dificultades de aprendizaje.


6. Banish germs


Change your chopping board regularly as well as your shower curtain, kitchen sponges and dish cloths as all harbour bacteria that can lead to illnesses.

Desterrar bacterias

Cambia la tabla de cortar con frecuencia además de las cortinas de ducha, y las esponjas y trapos de cocina dado que todos almacenan microbios que pueden causar enfermedades.

7. Cross Training

Exercising like a triathlete is better for your body as it reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury and is better for fat burning. Cross-training provides more training opportunities and more variety, helping to combat boredom or burnout.

Hacer cross-training o entrenamiento completo

8. Meditate

Or just sit in silence for a few minutes. It’s a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional, and mental state and its countless values have been known and practiced for thousands of years. More and more doctors promote the benefits of meditation to cure many stress related illnesses.


O simplemente estate en silencio durante unos minutos. Es una forma sencilla y segura de equilibrar tu estado mental, físico y emocional. Sus innumerables valores han sido conocidos y practicados durante miles de años. Cada vez son más los médicos que promocionan los beneficios para curar muchas enfermedades vinculadas al estrés.

Hacer ejercicio como un triatleta es mejor para tu cuerpo dado que reduce el riesgo de lesiones por esfuerzos repetitivos y es mejor para quemar grasa. El cross-training proporciona mas oportunidades de entrenamiento y variedad, al ayudar combatir el aburrimiento y quemadura (tanto la física como la psicológica).

9. Darken your Bedroom

Too much light interferes with the production of melatonin, which has been linked to not only poor sleep but also to cancer cell growth.

Oscurece tu dormitorio

Demasiada luz se entromete con la producción de melatonina, que se asocia no solamente con dormir mal sino también con el desarrollo de células cancerígenas.

10. Stretching

A regular stretching program can help lengthen your muscles and make daily living activities easier. Benefits can include reduced muscle tension, increased range of movement in the joints, enhanced muscular coordination, increased circulation of the blood to various parts of the body and increased energy levels (resulting from increased circulation).



Un plan regular de estiramientos puede ayudar a alargar tus músculos y hacer que las actividades diarias sean más fáciles. Otras ventajas pueden incluir una reducida tensión muscular, mayor variedad de movimiento de las articulaciones, un aumento en la coordinación muscular, un aumento en la circulación sanguínea y por consiguiente más energía

Sunshine Magazine 31

32 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 33

The Tools:

“Felipe” - is a Phillips Screwdriver who always considers himself a very important tool. Sometimes, his ideas could make a problem worse. He provides a lot of the Spanish language content in the show, translating for the other tools. “Turner” - is a Flat Screwdriver who can be grumpy and

34 Sunshine Magazine

cynical. He and Felipe are rivals but in the episode “ Supremoguy “ he helped save Felipe from falling off a scaffold. “Stretch” - is a Tape measure who loves to measure things. Her ideas seems to work during a problem, and she is able to count well too. “Squeeze” - is a pair of Pliers who is sometimes impatient to fix something (usually with bolts) Her ideas

could be wrong at times. “Pat” - is a Hammer who is talkative, funny, and not very intelligent. He also had amnesia in the episode “ Pat the Screwdriver “. His catchphrase is “I’m a hammer” “Dusty” - is a Saw who gives good advice. Her ideas usually seem to work. She loves to cut things like wood. “Rusty” - is a Monkey wrench (though drawn as a Pipe

Wrench) who is not very brave and a worrywart. He sometimes needs Manny’s assistance to get courage. “Flicker” - is a flashlight who is still learning English. Handy Manny games for pre-schoolers can be found at: handymanny/petroundup/index.html

Sunshine Magazine 35

36 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 37

38 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 39

Valkyrie Valkiria In a country in the grips of evil, in a police state where every move is being watched, in a world where justice and honour have been subverted, a grip of men hidden inside the highest reaches of power decide to take action.

En un país en las manos del mal, en un estado policial donde se vigila todo movimiento, en un mundo donde el honor y la justicia han sido desafiados, una banda de hombres entre los poderes más altos decide actuar.

Tom Cruise stars in the suspense film, Valkyrie, based on the true story of Colonel Claus Von Stauffenburg (Cruise) and the daring and ingenious plot to eliminate one of the MOST EVIL TYRANTS THE WORD HAS EVER KNOWN. Director Brian Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, Superman Returns) returns with Acadamy Award Winning Usual Suspects screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie to bring to life the story of the men who led the operation to assassinate Hitler. The film also stars an acclaimed cast including Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Carice Van Houten, Thomas Kretschmann, Eddie Izzard, Christian Berkel and Terence Stamp. A proud military man, Colonel Claus Von Stauffenburg is a loyal officer who serves his country all the while hoping that someone will find a way to stop Hitler before Europe and Germany are destroyed. Realising that time is running out, he decides that he must take action himself and joins the German resistance. Armed with a cunning strategy to use Hitler’s own emergency plan – known as Operation Valkyrie – these men plot to assassinate the dictator and overthrow his Nazi government from the inside. With everything in place, with the future of the world, the fate of millions and the lives of his wife and children hanging in the balance, Von Stauffenburg is thrust from being one of many who oppose Hitler to the one who must kill Hitler himself.

Tom Cruise protagoniza en la película de suspense Valkiria, basado en hechos reales. Es la historia del coronel Claus Von Stauffenburg (Cruise) y el atrevido e ingenioso complot de eliminar uno de LOS TIRANOS MAS MALÉFICOS QUE EL MUNDO JAMÁS HA CONOCIDO. El director Brian Singer (Sospechosos Habituales, X-Men, Superman Regresa) vuelve con el premiado guíonista de Oscar de Sospechosos Habituales, Christopher McQuarrie para traer a la gran pantalla la historia de los hombres que dirigieron la operación para asesinar a Hitler. En la película también protagonizan aclamados actores, entre ellos; Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Carice Van Houten, Thomas Kretschmann, Eddie Izzard, Christian Berkel y Terence Stamp. Un hombre orgulloso de su estatus militar, Coronel Claus Von Stauffenburg es un leal oficial que sirve su país mientras espera que alguien encuentre la manera de parar a Hitler antes de que se destruya a Europa y Alemania. Al darse cuenta de que se acaba el tiempo, decide que él mismo tiene que hacer algo y se une a la resistencia alemana. Armado con una ingeniosa estrategia de usar el plan de emergencia de Hitler – conocido como Operación Valkiria – estos hombres planifican el asesinato del dictador y derrocar su gobierno Nazi desde dentro. Con todo en su sitio, el futuro del mundo, el destino de millones, de su mujer y sus hijos en juego, Von Stauffenburg pasa a ser de

40 Sunshine Magazine

The film was shot in Germany at various locations where many of the actual events occurred, including the historic Bendlerblock.


The Bendlerblock is a building in Berlin, located in the Stauffenbergstraße (originally named Bendlerstrasse), south of the Tiergarten. It was erected between 1911 and 1914 for the Reich Navy Office. During the Weimar Republic it additionally served as the seat of the Reichswehr Command. Today, the building complex serves as secondary office of the German Federal Ministry of Defence, and is a major memorial place for the July 20 plot against Adolf Hitler. Under the leadership of the Infantry General Friedrich Olbricht, the center of the military resistance was formed in the Bendlerblock. It was here that Olbricht developed the “Valkyrie” operation plan into a plan for a coup d’état against Hitler. In October 1943 Colonel Stauffenberg was transferred to the General Army Office as Chief of Staff. His position gave him direct access to situation briefings in Hitler’s headquarters, the “Wolf’s Lair.” On July 20, 1944 he set the fuse of a bomb there and returned to Berlin. The bomb went off, but Hitler survived. When news of Hitler’s survival spread, the conspirators were unable to take control of Germany. Following the arrest of the conspirators in the Bendlerblock, General Olbricht, Graf von Stauffenberg, Werner von Haeften and Albrecht Ritter Mertz von Quirnheim, all members of the uprising, were executed that same night in the courtyard of the building, by firing squad. A fifth plotter, Generaloberst Ludwig Beck, was offered the option of shooting himself. After

los que oponían a Hitler a uno que tiene que matarle él mismo. La película se rodó en Alemania en varios lugares donde realmente ocurrieron dichos eventos, que incluye el histórico Bendlerblock.


El Bendlerblock es un edificio en Berlín, al sur del Tiergarten. Fue erigido entre 1911 y 1914 para la Oficina de la Marina de Guerra del Reich. Durante la República de Weimar sirvió además como base del Comando del Reichswehr. Hoy, el complejo del edificio, sirve como oficina secundaria del Ministerio Federal de Defensa de Alemania. Además, alberga el Centro Conmemorativo de la Resistencia Alemana (“Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand”) y es un lugar conmemorativo del atentado del 20 de julio contra Hitler. Bajo el mando del General de Infantería Friedrich Olbricht, el centro de la resistencia militar fue establecido en el Bendlerblock. Fue aquí donde Olbricht desarrolló el plan de la Operación Walkiria, el cual consistía en dar un golpe de estado contra Hitler. En octubre de 1943 el Coronel Stauffenberg fue transferido a la Oficina General de la Armada como Jefe de Personal. Su posición le dio acceso directo a los informes de situación de los cuarteles generales de Hitler, la famosa Guarida del Lobo. El 20 de julio de 1944 Stauffenberg puso una bomba allí y volvió a Berlín. La bomba explotó, pero Hitler sobrevivió. Cuando las noticias de la supervivencia de Hitler se extendieron, los conspiradores no pudieron tomar el control de Alemania. Después de la detención de los conspiradores en el Bendlerblock, el general Olbricht, Graf von Stauffenberg, Werner von Haeften y Albrecht Ritter Mertz Von Quernheim, fueron

Sunshine Magazine 41

failing two times, he was shot by a sergeant. During the Battle of Berlin in late April early May 1945, General Helmuth Weidling, commander of the Berlin Defense Area, used the Bendlerblock as his headquarters before he surrendered to the Soviets at 06:00 hours on May 2. The section of the Bendlerblock around the courtyard where Stauffenberg and the other conspirators were executed now houses the Memorial to the German Resistance. It is also used as one of the ceremonial sites where new members of the Bundeswehr (German military) take their oaths. The Ministry tends to restrict access to the Bendlerblock due to its historical significance and lingering sensitivities about Germany’s role in World War II. Filming permission was granted to a movie studio in 2003, but the Ministry of Defence was displeased with the result. The Ministry hesitated to grant permission for scenes of the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie, about the July 20 Plot, to be filmed there. However, the permission was eventually granted, and filming for the movie (entirely photographed in and around Berlin) was allowed. Cruise led the film crew in a minute of silence before filming began in honour of those who were executed on the site in 1944.

42 Sunshine Magazine

ejecutados aquella misma noche en el patio del edificio. Un quinto conspirador, el General Ludwig Beck, eligió suicidarse. Durante la Batalla de Berlín, a finales de abril y principios de mayo de 1945, el General Helmuth Weidling, comandante del Área de Defensa de Berlín, utilizó el Bendlerblock como cuartel general antes de rendirse a los soviéticos a las 06:00 horas del 2 de mayo. La parte del Bendlerblock alrededor del patio donde ejecutaron a Stauffenberg y a los otros conspiradores ahora contiene el Monumento a la Resistencia Alemana. También es usado como uno de los lugares de ceremonias donde los nuevos miembros del Bundeswehr (Ejército Alemán) toman juramento. El ministerio tiende a restringir el acceso al Bendlerblock debido a su significado histórico y a la sensibilidad persistente sobre el papel de Alemania en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Fue concedido un permiso para rodar en este edificio en 2003, pero el Ministerio de Defensa quedó descontento con el resultado. Sin embargo, en septiembre de 2007, después de que varios oficiales se reunieran con Bryan Singer y su equipo, se dudó en conceder el permiso para rodar algunas escenas de la película Valkyria de Tom Cruise sobre el atentado del 20 de julio, debido a la pertenencia de Tom Cruise a la Iglesia de la Cienciología. No obstante, le dieron permiso a rodar la película y empezaron inmediatamente. La película está rodada totalmente en Berlín. La estrella de cine y los demás actores guardaron un minuto de silencio en memoria a los que asesinaron en aquel lugar en 1944.

Stowy Here we sit in a world of confusion Is this reality or just an illusion? News from afar comes at you, oi! Please, don´t let it be the news of our boy British Army, he went in so young, From a small child, he dreamt of firing a bullet from a gun. No, not my son, but my brother, stowy biy, my parent´s Son Operation - war number three, six months, no peace When, please will this cease? Boy, so kind, placid, gentle, father, son and brother of Mine. This is the thought of every soldier´s Mum; It´s not my boy This time?

Wind it up, go fast Iraqui tour opertion, Come back to your family, a whole and fine conversation. Our prayers always flowing from sub-conscious minds, Please our Lord, protect him this time. Natalie Stow

Dedicated to Corporal Lloyd Stow, a brother I´m so proud of and love so much, who is serving in Iraq. I love you

Sunshine Magazine 43

44 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 45

REF: 0366

REF: 0390

In El Pareton, a country house renovated to a high standard, with a separate self contained apartment. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and the apartment has 2 beds and one bathroom. There is a large rear courtyard and 2 spacious outbuildings. Price 204,750€ plus VAT

In Puerto de Mazarron, an attic apartment with a terrace of 45m2. It has 2 beds and 1 bath with a spiral stairway leading to the large sun terrace. There is a communal pool and terrace area, garage parking and a store. Superb sea views from the terrace. Price 204,750€ plus VAT

REF: 242

REF: 259

In the centre of Totana, an attic apartment with a spacious terrace of 50m2. The apartment has 2 beds, 1 bathroom and one shower room. There is a parking space and store. Price 126,000€ plus VAT

REF: 0363


In the centre of El Pareton, a lovely attached bungalow with spacious habitable underbuild. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and many extras such as telephone, satellite TV, flyscreens, H/C airconditioning etc. There is a small front patio and a large rear courtyard. Price 199,000 plus VAT

46 Sunshine Magazine

In the countryside, 5 minutes drive to the centre of Totana, a very nice detached property on a fully fenced plot of 5000m2. It has 3 beds, 2 baths a conservatory and a large underbuild. The property has full central heating, TV, flyscreens etc. Price 315,000 plus VAT

REF: 0399

In the centre of Totana a 3 bed, 2 bath apartment which is being sold fully furnished. There is central heating throughout, telephone and internet etc. In addition there is a store and parking space. Price 156,000€ plus VAT

REF: 257

An attractive detached bungalow with garage, within walking distance to the shops in Las Palas. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, a lovely open plan kitchen with high quality furnishings and a wood burner. One of the best features of this property is the beautiful garden. Price 219,000€ plus VAT


A detached bungalow in Los Paganes with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath. The property has a lovely open plan fitted kitchen/diner/lounge and is built on a plot of 650m2. Price 159,000€ plus VAT

A large village property of 140m2 in Zarzadilla de Totana, a lovely village between Lorca and Totana with a mixed Spanish and English community. The property has water and electricity and is in need of some renovation. Beamed ceilings. Price Price 66,000€ plus VAT

Ideal situation for nature lovers, set at the foot of the Sierra Espuña Natural Park. The bustling market town of Totana is only 15 minutes drive and the beaches of Puerto de Mazarrón only 30 minutes drive. The airports of Murcia and Alicante are approximately 45 minutes and 60 minutes respectively. These beautiful detached villas are furnished to a high standard and consist of: Ref A5

Ref A6

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

4 double bedrooms (to sleep 8) 3 bathrooms lounge/diner with TV and DVD Fully equipped kitchen Off road parking Swimming pool with Jacuzzi Sunbathing terraces BBQ and garden furniture Air conditioning & central heating

3 double bedrooms (to sleep 6) 2 bathrooms lounge/diner with TV and DVD Fully equipped kitchen Off road parking Swimming pool Sunbathing areas BBQ and garden furniture Air conditioning & central heating

“ For 3 days and 2 nights, prices from 222€”

Sunshine Magazine 47

Opel/Vauxhall Insignia becomes Opel/Vauxhall Insignia: El coche del año 2009 Car of the Year 2009 The Opel/Vauxhall Insignia was named Car of the Year 2009 (COTY) by a panel of car journalists from 23 countries, recognizing the mid-sized car as truly revolutionary for the brand.

El Opel Insignia (Vauxhall Insignia en el Reino Unido) ha sido nombrado Car of the Year (COTY) o Coche del Año 2009 por un panel de periodistas de automoción de veintitrés países, que han reconocido el coche de tamaño mediano como verdaderamente revolucionario para la marca.

“Many jury members appreciated the looks and visual quality of this model but the new C/D (mid-sized) car from Rüsselsheim is much more than style,” the non-profit COTY organization said.

“A muchos miembros del jurado les gustaron la apariencia y calidad visual de este modelo, y el coche de medio tamaño de Rüsselsheim va más allá del estilo” dijo la organización no lucrativa COTY

“Active and passive safety, comfort and a wide array of efficient engines characterize this model. The richness of equipment can be increased with sophisticated options such as the ‘Opel Eye’, that reads road signals, FlexRide suspension and nine-mode Adaptive Forward Lighting.”

“Lo que caracteriza a este modelo es; la seguridad active y pasiva, la comodidad y una gran variedad en los motores. La riqueza del equipamiento se puede aumentar con opciones sofisticadas como el ‘Ojo de Opel’ que lee las señales de carretera. También está la suspensión Flexride y nueve modalidades adaptivas de luz delantera”.

Hans Demant, Managing Director of Opel and Vice President of Engineering for General Motors Europe, says: “We are extremely proud the Insignia has been named Car of the Year. This is confirmation

Hans Demant, director general de Opel y vicepresidente de ingeniería de General Motors Europe dice, “Estamos muy orgullosos de que hayan nombrado el Insignia como coche del año. Esto avala el duro trabajo de nuestros diseñadores, ingenieros y trabajadores; y su

48 Sunshine Magazine

of the hard work of our designers, engineers compromiso a la calidad que hace que el modelo Insignia sea fiel a su nombre como un símbolo and workers; and their commitment to para la casa”. quality that makes the Insignia a true flagship for our brand.” La designación del Car of the Year o Coche del Año es otorgada por 59 corresponsales The Car of the Year is a designation given by de mucha experiencia entre veintitrés países. 59 senior motoring correspondents from 23 Escogieron el Insignia de una lista dura de treinta European countries. They chose the Insignia y siete competidores en la competición de este from a tough field of 37 contenders in this año. Veinte periodistas lo eligieron como el numero uno. year’s competition. Twenty journalists

placed the Insignia as number one.

To be named the best car of 2009, the journalists must take into consideration criteria such as design, safety, handling and performance. “Technical innovation and value-for-money are particularly important factors,” COTY said. With its breathtaking design and leading technology, the new Opel Insignia, available on the market in notch, hatchback and station wagon variants, truly surpasses these criteria.

Para que se otorgue el premio de Coche del Año, el jurado tiene que tener en cuenta elementos como la seguridad, diseño, la conducción y el rendimiento. “La innovación técnica y la relación calidad-precio son también factores bastante importantes”, dijo la organización. Con su imponente diseño y tecnología vanguardista el nuevo Opel Insignia verdaderamente supera estos criterios. Está disponible con carrocerías sedán de cuatro puertas y liftback de cinco puertas, y una variante familiar de cinco puertas se estrenó en 2008 y se añadirá a la gama en el segundo trimestre de 2009. Sunshine Magazine 49

The Insignia’s elegant styling can be summed up as sculptural artistry meets German precision. The car also proves to be particularly efficient aerodynamically with a spectacular Cd of 0.27 which positively influences the economic, dynamic and acoustic qualities of the car. Moreover, innovations, like the Opel Eye, which can read road signs and warn drivers when they veer out of the lane, are also segmentleading technologies. The new car will hit dealerships in Europe this year and early 2009 with a line-up of seven engines. All meet Euro 5 emissions standards and come with six-speed transmissions, either manual or automatic. The four gasoline engines range from a fourcylinder 115 hp unit to a V6 with 260 hp. The three new direct-injection turbo-diesels exclusively developed for the Insignia 50 Sunshine Magazine

El estilo elegante del Insignia se puede resumir como una escultura artística con precisión alemana. El coche también muestra ser bastante eficiente en cuanto a la aerodinámica con un espectacular Cd de 0,27 que influye las cualidades económicas, dinámicas y acústicas del coche. Por otra parte, innovaciones como el Opel Eye (Ojo Opel) que puede interpretar señales de carretera y avisar al conductor cuando se salen de su carril, también son elementos de primera tecnología. El modelo estará en los concesionarios europeos a finales del 2008 y principios del 2009 con un gama de hasta siete motores diferentes. Todos de ellos conforman a la normativa europea de emisión Euro 5 y vendrán con versión manual de seis marchas o automático. La gama de motores de gasolina del Insignia se compone de un 1.6 litros atmosférico de 115 CV, un 1.8 litros atmosférico de 140 CV, un 2.0 litros con turbocompresor de 220 CV, y un 2.8 litros turboalimentado de 260 CV. El más potente

feature displacement of 2.0 liters. They offer outputs spanning from 110 to 190 hp and excellent torque values ranging from 260 to 400 Nm. All combinations compare competitively in CO 2 emissions. An ecoFLEX variant with remarkably low fuel consumption and CO 2 emission levels will be added in the near future. With this designation, the Insignia is the third Opel/Vauxhall model to win this prestigious award. The Kadett won the top spot in 1985; the Omega two years after that. Moreover, it is the first mid-sized sedan to win the award since 1998. See the new Opel in action at:

tiene seis cilindros en V, y el resto cuatro cilindros en línea. Mientras tanto, la única motorización Diesel es un cuatro cilindros en línea de 2.0 litros, equipado con turbocompresor e inyección directa de combustible con alimentación por commonrail de 110, 130 ó 160 CV. Todos ellos conforman con las emisiones de CO2. Un variante Ecoflex con consumo considerablemente bajo se añadirá a la gama próximamente. Con esta designación, el Insignia es el tercer modelo Opel/Vauxhall en ganar el Coche del Año, ya que lo hicieron el Kadett en 1985 y el Omega dos años después. El Insignia es el primer coche de la categoría sedan de tamaño mediano en ganar el premio desde que lo hizo el Alfa Romeo 156 en 1998 Ver el vídeo Opel:

Sunshine Magazine 51


How did you do? Answers 1. Car 2. USA, 3. Neil Armstrong 4. Hexadecimal 5. Ten Pin Bowling 6 Up the Kyber 7. Vesuvius 8. Blue Riband 9. Piccadilly 10. 30’s 11. Marquess of Salisbury 12. Three Men in a Boat 13. Spanish 52 Sunshine Magazine

14. 21 15. Jigsaw 16. T-Rex 17. Pacific 18. 180 19. Paper 20. Magic Tricks 21. Denmark 22. Factorial 23. Chicago 24. Every 4 years 25. 1969

Sunshine Magazine 53

SAMURAI SUDOKU Samurai sudoku puzzles consist of five overlapping sudoku grids. The standard sudoku rules apply to each 9 x 9 grid. Place digits from 1 to 9 in each empty cell. Every row, every column, and every 3 x 3 box should contain one of each digit. Samurai Sudoku puzzles have one unique solution which can be found with pure logic, no guessing required.

Good Luck Answers in next month’s issue of the Sunshine Magazine.

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56 Sunshine Magazine

Your Business Card Here Call 699 508 501

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Sunshine Magazine 59


Earn extra cash. Free under 500€. Over 500€ - 10€ Sell anything under 500€ for free!! All property for sale 10€ to advertise Do you have something you want to advertise? A car... A job... Free for situations vacant, and personal items. Call us today or fill out the form below to get into the next issue of the Sunshine Magazine. Tel: 968 429 113, or mail to: Sunshine Magazine, Apartado de Correos 1039, 30850 El Paretón, Totana, Murcia, or you can email to Name: Address: Phone: E-mail: Item to advertise:

60 Sunshine Magazine

Sunshine Magazine 61


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