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(OF HIGH WINTER HEATING BILLS THAT IS) H AV I N G COMPLETED several years of research and development, Spanish manufacturer Newatt have launched a brand new electric radiator which consumes just a fraction of the electricity compared to that of all other heating devices, thus bringing an end to exorbitant winter heating bills forever. Not to be confused with anything else on the market this attractive, slim line radiator, once it has reached the optimum temperature, will run 24 hours a day at a cost of about 1 cent per hour making it cheaper than any other form of heating, with exception to solar which of course, is free. If you have four of these

radiators running continually throughout the winter months, keeping your home at an ambient 21º you would add no more than about €30 to your monthly electricity bill. You would no longer need to make a choice between being cold or paying huge electricity bills to stay warm. Using thermal radiation, the room stays warmer longer as it heats the very core of the room, including the furniture. Comparing this to convection heating, we all know what happens when you open the door - the heat leaves in the same way a feral cat that you want to domesticate would, instantly. Many DIY superstores and well known chains (such as

Leroy Merlin and El Corte Ingles) have placed their orders and lorry loads of these units are also being shipped to several Scandinavian countries where the winters are severe.

How it works The reason for the high energy efficiency is because of the material used within the radiator, a mineral called Graphene which is described as having exceptional properties. What Wikipedia says: Graphene is one of the crystalline forms of carbon, alongside diamond, graphite, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. In this material, carbon atoms are arranged in

a regular hexagonal pattern. Graphene can be described as a one-atom thick layer of the layered mineral graphite. Highquality graphene is very strong, light, nearly transparent, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Its interaction with other materials and with light, and its inherently twodimensional nature, produce unique properties.

USING HIGHLY qualified and Grid Company registered electricians we are now able to offer an upgrade solution at a fixed charge of just €400 plus IVA. The price we quote includes all work carried-out, materials, labour, production of the boletin and implementing the change to your supply with the grid company To enable our clients to upgrade their supply to a higher potencia (contracted capacity) thus avoiding tripping-out issues and conforming to current standards, we are offering a fixed rate for anyone who uses Iberswitch to carry-out the necessary work.

Graphene is the future It is 200 times stronger than steel, thinner than a sheet of paper, and more conductive than copper. And that’s not all...Researchers the world

Many properties go for years and years without any safety checks and there are an abundance of things that

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« THE END, continued over are using it for critical advances in a variety of industries. Graphene makes: • Solar: 50 to 100 tmes more efficient • Semiconductors: 50 to 100 times faster • Aircraft: 70% lighter Using this material we are talking about batteries that charge 10 times faster and store 10 times more power.

Cost Justification When people install solar panels they accept that it will be some years before their investment has paid off and they can really see the benefit of their financial outlay. It takes just one winter to recoup the money spent on these radiators. The saving achieved on the electricity bill quickly accrues and the following winter will result in more money in your pocket. The technology used is revolutionary and will change the face of central heating throughout the world. We are honoured and privileged to be at the forefront of what will undoubtedly be great news for everyone and, Iberswitch customers get a double benefit because when three or more of these radiators are ordered, delivery and installation is free of charge. For more information call Iberswitch: 902 027 517

« UPGRADE YOUR ELECTRICITY, continued could go wrong and which may ultimately cause major issues, including risk of shock and unnecessary waste, resulting in very high bills. One thing in particular which is found in many properties and which most people are actually unaware of is the installation of a much higher main fuse than there should be which is illegal and in the unlikely event that an insurance claim was made, is likely to make the policy void and, could even result in a fine. By upgrading your supply you are protecting yourself from penalisation and, without increasing your standing charges, ensure continuity of service. For more information call: 902 027 517


Take advantage of half price electricity for an amazing 14 hours per day THE AVERAGE, saving that people who are on the dual tariff enjoy is around 25% if the overall bill. Simply put, if you normally spend around €100 a month your annual saving is likely to be in the region of €300 which is not to be sniffed at. Many people make the assumption that the dual tariff would not work for them because they believe the peak rate is very expensive compared to the standard rate. At one time they would have been right, but this is no longer the case.

Clock Watching Until the clock changes, the off-peak hours are from 11pm to 1pm the following day giving 14 hours a day of half price power. During these hours, using the big consuming items, things like washing machines, dishwashers, pool pumps and water heaters can drastically reduce your bill. Only use the washing machine twice a week? That’s over 100 times a year multiplied by one or two hours of heavy consumption. Does your pool pump run for a couple of hours every day? That’s over 700 hours a year. Switching to the dual tariff will half the bill. Fridges and freezers run all day every day and the overall saving

to these is in the region of 30%. Not forgetting that they work harder during the day when the door is being opened and closed frequently.

Double Whammy Over and above the obvious savings, there is one relatively overlooked issue which switching tariffs will help eradicate. People with the old style meter, the one with the disk that spins round, are likely to be paying much more than they should be because many of these meters are faulty. Consumer organisation Facua have issued many statements saying that up to 80% of analogue meters are spinning quicker than they should be, costing consumers a great deal of unnecessary expense. Switching tariff means changing to the new style digital meter which, if your existing meter is faulty, will fix this issue immediately.

Alternative Choice If you are currently with the grid company for your supply (Iberdrola or Endesa), you can gain additional benefits by switching to a free market

provider as they will offer discounted rates, fixed periods and transparent billing. There are more than 100 companies operating in Spain which offer an alternative to the monopoly companies which up until recently have enjoyed being able to dictate the rate you pay. When changing companies, you need to consider the small print to ensure you don’t move from the frying pan to the fire. Using a Utility Switching Company (USC) to move your account is by far the best idea because more often than not, there are additional benefits of being under the umbrella of a company which controls the accounts of large numbers of consumers.

stranger to deregulated market places, having been one of the first to deal with telephone deregulation they are used to dealing with large organisations that have controlled the market unabated. Not only will they switch you to another provider, they will monitor the market and make subsequent changes to your account if they will benefit you financially to do so. To enable everyone to use their service and not excluding people for reasons of hardship, the people who need it the most, they charge a small monthly fee of just €3.50 plus IVA to control your account rather than charging on a per “switch” basis.

Bridging the Gap

Looking Forward

One such company is Iberswitch S. L. They offer free and impartial advice on all areas of electricity supply whether it is billing, ICP regulations, earth leakage, potencia upgrades or faults likely to increase your bills. Even better, they do this in your own language. Having operated in Spain for many years, they are no

The one thing we know for certain is electricity prices will continue to rise and at a rate which is completely out of proportion to the cost of living. Act now before the next huge price increase. Call Iberswitch on 902 027 517 or visit their website: to see how their services can help you.


And is it really worth all the trouble? THE ANSWER to this question, if

someone else does it for you is yes – most definitely. Most of us tend to scrutinise individual services that we have after we receive a large bill or when a friend tells us what they are paying for the same service but with a different supplier. As individuals, this normally prompts us to change that particular service however, to maximise on our savings we really need to take a look at our overall outgoings to see if there are any other services that we can do the same with. Taking a look at the average household, the services which spring to mind are: Internet, telephone, mobile phone, electricity, television and insurance. Most of which are historically more expensive in Spain than other parts of Europe. Here are a few alternatives which over time should give you substantial savings:

Electricity There has never been a better time to change to a “free market” provider. With over 150 companies now competing in the electricity market there are some very good deals around. That said, many of these deals have fine print which

believe it or not, can make your bills higher rather than reducing them. Not surprisingly, the grid companies like Iberdrola and Endesa are said to be the biggest culprits of this. When you join the Iberswitch service, they will monitor the market and switch you from one provider to the other as and when the best opportunity comes along. This usually happens on an annual basis although as competition gets hotter, it may be more frequently. Either way, once you join, there is nothing for you to do, it all happens behind the scenes and is controlled by staff who will act in your best interests at all times. Using their vast customer database, they are able to negotiate deals with the electricity companies which no individual could ever achieve. Iberswitch connect you to a company which gives mid to long term benefits and if anything changes, are able to step in and modify or change your account, taking advantage of any benefits.

dual tariff which many will know as the “white meter” tariff which has peak and off-peak billing and the peak rate is almost exactly the same as the standard 24/7 rate. This means consumers can have 14 hours a day of less than half price electricity with no financial penalty for the remaining 10 hours. Historically, consumers have been nervous of changing to this form of billing because the peak rate was always much higher than the standard rate, they were worried that any benefits they gained from the cheap times would be swallowed up by the much higher peak rate, leaving them worse off. There is little or no chance of that happening with the Iberswitch tariff. Most consumers taking advantage of this opportunity are saving between 20 and 40% of their entire electricity bill. If you contact them and ask for a dual tariff saving calculation, within minutes they will give you an estimate of the possible saving based on your own bill.

Dual Tariff

Digital Meter

Having recently secured an extremely good rate with one of the more serious companies in Spain, Iberswitch can offer the

to go onto the dual tariff you will need a digital meter. Although there is a small charge, most people make this back

within the first one or two bills, after that, it’s all profit. Although all old analogue meters are to be replaced with digital by 2018, the grid companies are not too keen to do this because, according to FACUA the Spanish consumer association, up to 80% of old meters are spinning too quickly. Naturally, this means you may be paying for electricity you are not even using. Changing to the dual tariff will fix this and your usage may decrease simply due to the meter change.

Internet, Telephone line & calls Even on the best advertised deals, most companies offer internet from €20 although many charge a lot more. Internet in Spain has always been expensive compared to other countries, but not any longer. The Iberswitch “Sweet Deal” gives you broadband for just €4.95 making it the cheapest deal around. If like most people, you use the internet for emails, banking, flights and surfing then 1MB is likely to be enough. This should be your starting point and if you find you want a greater speed, you can add to it later, easily,

quickly and cheaply – just €5 for an additional 2MB. Reduce your telephone line rental to just €10 per month. Adding this service to your internet charge with Iberswitch gives you the best combined price for both internet and telephone. As an additional option you can add 10 hours of telephone calls to Spain, UK, Europe, USA and Australia for just €5 per month. To benefit from this you need to be within the Iberswitch Wi-Fi network which covers an area from just south of Alicante down to La Manga.

Satellite Television There are a plethora of satellite providers and there is not much to choose between their charges. On that basis, there is not that much to be saved but there is however, the question of value for money.  If you cannot improve on price, you can at least get the best value viewing experience. Iberswitch TV offer HD viewing which, if you don’t currently have it, is actually worth paying extra for – but you don’t have to. At only €19 plus IVA monthly you have all the Freeview channels. Technical support should you need it, is in English.

Mobile Phone Most people keep their mobile phone calls to less than three minutes, it’s a fact. If you change your provider to MasMovil you get eight minutes free between other MasMovil subscribers. These offers are here to entice us so we use the other, more profitable services such as SMS messaging and international calls. If you are contentious with your mobile phone and install whatsapp rather than sending text messages, if you make sure your partner and friends use the same provider and keep your calls to a minimum, you can beat the mobile phone providers at their own game.

SHINE A LIGHT! Harness the sun, its free...well nearly HAVE YOU ever wondered what difference solar panels would make to your electricity bill? Solar has long been considered as a serious investment often taking years to recoup the outlay which is why all houses in sunny

energy the sun grants us 320 days a year. Everyone should consider this method to combat the rising electricity prices and most people who do are pleasantly surprised when they learn just

how solar would affect your own bills rather than a general vague idea that most solar installers give. After all, everyone’s use is different and, not everyone uses an equal amount of electricity month on month.

you will be legible for substantial discounts and if you don’t have one don’t worry, by joining Iberswitch and allowing them to connect you to lower cost electricity you will be issued with a customer number which you

Spain do not have panels on their roofs and terraces. In recent years, things have changed, technology has improved in leaps and bounds and the price of solar panels has come down - by up to 80% in some cases. Now is the time to consider harnessing the free

how much their bills will reduce when a simple solar solution is installed. For anyone wishing to know what difference a basic 6 solar panel system would make, we recommend a visit to: www. (click on “offers”) there you can find out exactly

Have a recent electricity bill to hand and within a short while, your personalised solar savings converter will tell you how much you could save. Should you decide to install solar panels through Cosy Casa, by simply mentioning your Iberswitch customer number

can use to obtain your discounts. Visit their website or call direct: 968 584 562 or 654 593 372

company profile

IBERSWITCH SL Spain’s Largest USC (Utility Switching Company)

IBERSWITCH ARE dedicated to offering cost saving alternatives to the ex-pat community whilst providing a solution to any language issues our clients may experience. Acting as a bridge between customer and supplier, they remove the stress involved with dealing with large and impersonal organisations. As a company, they became involved in the deregulation of the telephone market here in Spain, more than ten years ago. They connected many thousands of expats to alternative providers

in order to reduce their telephone bills. Iberswitch SL was formed as the electricity market was deregulated specifically and solely to help foreigners living or owning Spanish properties to save money. They were all too aware of the process that they and their clients would have to endure while the likes of Iberdrola got used to the idea of sharing. Having held the monopoly for so long the grid companies were not going to release their grip easily and it would be some time before they finally accepted the inevitable and allowed other electricity companies to trade freely without holding consumers to ransom. Thankfully, the switch from the grid company to one of the other 100+ free market companies operating in Spain is now a swift and seamless process. Iberswitch uses their huge database of clients to negotiate better rates and terms and

conditions with the companies that are now competing with the likes of Iberdrola and Endesa. By using Spain’s largest USC (Utility Switching Company) you will always get a better rate than going it alone. Also, their customers have added protection by being under one umbrella. All too often you will see offers advertised which on the face of things look very good. Iberswitch look at the finest of small print often unearthing the hidden terms and conditions which when overlooked can often turn a good deal into something quite different. They also look at the tariff you are on to see if changing to an alternative will give you greater benefits. By discussing your normal usage patterns, their

OPEN INVITATION SPECIFICALLY TO demonstrate the benefits of solar panels and low consumption central heating, we have now opened a showroom at our offices in Los Alcázares and we welcome visitors who wish to know more about the benefits of these products and see them in action, something which is usually not possible until after installation has taken place. Anyone wishing to visit us will be welcomed but we would ideally like a call the day before simply to ensure we have sufficient staff on hand to deal with our visitors. You will see the new Newatt radiator, hailed as the “1 cent an hour radiator” in action. Also, you can get up close and personal with the most efficient German solar panels which many people are turning to as a means of dramatically reducing their electricity bills.

customer services department can often suggest a better billing method, thus saving you more money. The company ethos is to save their customers money wherever and whenever they can. They achieve this by always putting their customer’s best interests first.

Iberswitch - working together to save money for our customers


Dual tariff electricity offers massive savings HISTORICALLY, the peaktime usage of the dual tariff is considered to be a great deal more than the standard 24/7 rate. By taking advantage of Iberswitch negotiated rates, this is no longer the case. The Iberswitch peak-rate compared with the standard all day every day rate, at the time of going to print, is exactly the same. This means, when you use electricity during the 10 hours of peak-time, there is no increase in your usage costs whatsoever. However, at less than half the cost of the standard rate, the 14 hours a day of off-peak electricity will reflect in your bills as a substantial decrease. There has never been a better time to switch tariff. Iberswitch have thousands of people on the dual tariff system and are able to calculate

the saving that each and all of their clients enjoy. Although the savings vary, anything from 5 to 65 percent, the interesting thing is, everyone on this tariff makes a saving, without exception. The average saving for the majority is around 25 percent and over the year, this has a huge impact on your outgoings. If you would like to know about the possible savings you can make by switching, simply give Iberswitch a call, tell them how many kilowatts you used in your previous electricity bill and they will tell you within a few moments what the bill would have been had just half of your power was consumed during the 14 hours of half price billing. Give them a call today on: 902 027 517

mineral with exceptional properties, the radiators will run 24 hours a day but at a fraction of the cost of all

alternative heating methods putting an end to cold, damp winters.


Central heating for less than 2 cents per hour YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept it, is to heat your home 24 hours a day for less than â‚Ź30 per month. Using brand new technology, it is now possible to install electric heaters in your home that will keep temperature at an ambient 21 degrees, 24 hours per day for around 1 cente per hour for each heater you have. Only just launched after exhaustive research and

development, this new heater is taking Spain and the rest of Europe by storm. Slim line and stylish, these new radiators are being snapped up by the likes of El Corte Ingles and Leroy Merlin and are also heading to Sweden and Denmark by the truck load. Carrying a 10 year guarantee for the technology and a 2 year guarantee for the electronics, the radiators use a fraction of the energy used

by conventional heaters which means you can say goodbye to high winter heating bills. Using Graphene, a natural Model i300 i400 i500

Size cm 50 x 60 40 x 110 110 x 60

Weight KG 9 12 19

Max Power 300w 400w 500w

Price â‚Ź 449 529 599

The radiators come in three sizes and are available in black or white:

If you would like to see the radiators in action, please visit our showroom at Avenida 13 de Octubre 89, Los Alcazares, Cartagena, Murcia


What’s next - taxing fresh air? AS MANY people are aware, the Spanish Government recently issued a drecree which if passed would enable them to charge people to receive electricity via solar panels, something which has always been free. Many people know this but few people actually know what this means. When a decree is issued it has to go to the EU to be passed. The EU has already stated that they would never pass such a decree but nonetheless, they

are obligated to go through the motion and hear the proposal. If such a decree was ever passed it would mean taxing the sun would be effective throughout Europe and this simply would not be accepted.

Also, it would be absolutely impossible to police such a ruling. The government would need to request that solar

We all know the country is in a financial mess and we all realise there will need to be price hikes and new taxes if we are to get

In-house Sales

driven and expect a reasonable level of targeting. All possible assistance will be given to ensure success to the right person. As with all sales positions, remuneration will be determined by achievement however, we would anticipate minimum gross earnings to be IRO €24,000 per annum. In the first instance, please forward an email to The Manager at outlining your personal details and giving your reasons why you would like to be considered for this position.

THIS POSITION would suit an individual to work on their own or even a couple working as a team, one supporting the other, scheduling appointments and sending communications. We have a network of agents throughout Spain and need to increase our presence in order to provide a service to the large number of expats living in Spain. Experience is not required but it may be an advantage if you have previously held a management position or even ran your own business. Primarily, you will visit householders to explain how switching from the grid company for their electricity supply will save them money. Once connected to this service, you will be able to offer several other services that we provide again, saving them money and reducing their outgoings. If you would like further information regarding this opportunity, please forward your contact details by email to The Manager at info@iberswitch. com giving a brief description of your background, stating where you live and what kind of work you are currently doing. The appropriate person will then contact you to discuss the matter further.

Idle Threat

JOB SEARCH Experienced & Enthusiastic Salesperson Urgently Needed WE REQUIRE a person with an outgoing personality to work from our newly opened Los Alcazares office. Mainly responsible for keeping our existing customers up to date with money savings services and also generating new business through a customer referral programme. This is a newly created position and therefore there is a real opportunity for further advancement as the role develops. The successful candidate will enjoy a challenge, be results

Field Agents Required to cover all areas

installers submit details of the systems they install. Considering many solar companies would go out of business overnight, cooperation is hardly likely to happen. Unless every single solar panel, on every single rooftop is inspected, taxing the sun would remain an ugly threat, but only a threat.

ourselves out of the hole we are in. That said, taxing the sun is an idea which was simply not thought through properly.

Idle Threat The government are not completely stupid, they know that when they increase prices like electricity, that many people will do something about it. They also know that many people won’t. That said, more

and more are moving to solar because it’s not just the cost of the power which is increasing, the standing charges are going through the roof. So, as you cannot do anything about the standing charge unless you go off-grid altogether, reducing the amount of electricity you buy is the natural deterrent which is why this a concern to the government - smaller electricity bills means less tax being paid.

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Messenger october 2013