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Long out of print, we printed Vegetables in 1975 on our ancient ATF Chief and then affixed real seed pockets. With poems by Ken Norris and drawings by Jill Smith, it received an Honourable Mention from Design Canada. twitter: @vehiculepress facebook: Vehicule Press

Cover art and design by J.W. Stewart. Véhicule Press acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canada Book Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec (sodec).

printed in canada

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The inner workings of the jazz “business.”

Off the Books A Jazz Life PETER LEITCH

“Off the books” refers to a life lived outside of conventional 9 to 5 society. Jazz music itself is “off the books” as far as much of pop culture is concerned. Many jazz lives have unfolded as marginal existences, as jazz guitarist Peter Leitch attests in this honest memoir. Off the Books: A Jazz Life is the story of a life lived in search of excellence in music and art, but also a life lived battling depression and alienation, and overcoming narcotics addiction. Leitch vividly relates a life lived trying to eke out a living in jazz clubs, nightclubs and studios in Montreal, Toronto and New York. He tells of growing up as an Anglophone in Montreal’s working class and predominantly French-speaking East End refinery district, discovering jazz on CBC radio and learning to play it—outside of the academy.

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Praise for Peter Leitch:


His warm, singing lines...have both a melodic grace and a rhythmic strength. –John S. Wilson, New York Times

peter leitch has played with many musicians in his long career including Oscar Peterson, Jaki Byard, Renee Rosnes, Jeri Brown, and Sadik Hakim. He lived and played in Montreal during his early years, Toronto in the 1970s and in New York since 1982, which comprises the largest section of the book, chronicling the inner workings of the jazz “business.”

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biography april 2013 isbn: z $20.00 | trade paper 5½ × 8½ | 188 pp

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Photo credit Chris Drukker

Pumping out a steady flow of top-flight jazz albums...his works has been remarkably unpredictable and always fresh. –The Penguin Guide to Jazz

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One of the first Canadian noir novels.

Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street A L PA L M E R Introduction by W I L L S T R AW

One of the earliest Canadian noir novels, Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street tells the story of Gisele Lepine, beautiful farmer’s daughter who leaves her sleepy farming community for the neon lights of Montreal. In the fast-paced city, dreams quickly turn to nightmares as the young ‘farmette’ finds herself surrounded by drug-dealers, newspapermen, nightclub owners, chorus girls and a fatherly boxer who is well past his prime. It’s all a bit too much for innocent Gisele, who hasn’t yet had to deal with the violence that is to come. All becomes a whirlwind set in the post-war ‘open city’ where burlesque houses were plentiful, Dorchester Street was lined with nightclubs and Decarie Boulevard served as Canada’s Sunset Strip.

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Newspaperman Al Palmer covered Montreal’s nightlife and criminal world—so very often intertwined—beginning in the 1940s. Published in 1949, Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street, Palmer’s only novel, appeared the year before Montreal Confidential, his infamous ‘low down on the big town’.

They’re cheap, gritty, good reads, and they feel like home. –Katia Grubisic

al palmer (1913-1971), started his journalistic career as a sports writer. He covered the police beat for the Montreal Herald before becoming one of its featured columnists with “Man About Town.” He moved to the Montreal Gazette where he wrote the widely-read column, “Our Town.”

mystery april 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-349-6 $13.95 | trade paper 4¼ × 7 | 212 pp

will straw is Professor of Communications at McGill University and Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. He is the author of Cyanide and Sin: Visualizing Crime in 1950s America and over a hundred articles on media and urban life.

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The Body on Mount-Royal DAVID MONTROSE

isbn: 978-1-55065-290-1 $13.95 | trade paper | 4¼× 7 | 240 pp

Murder Over Dorval DAVID MONTROSE

isbn: 978-1-55065-291-8 $12.00 | trade paper | 4¼× 7 | 160 pp

The Crime on Cote des Neiges DAVID MONTROSE

isbn: 978-1-55065-284-0 $12.00 | trade paper | 4¼× 7 | 160 pp

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Provocative essays on editing, the rare book trade and literature.

Field Notes Prose Pieces 1969 - 2012 MICHAEL HARRIS

The wit, playfulness and crackle that informs Michael Harris’s acclaimed poetry surfaces in this eclectic range of essays, articles, fiction, travel pieces, and criticism. Included in Field Notes are appreciations of Irving Layton, Stephen Leacock, Jorge Luis Borges, Ted Hughes and artist Marion Wagschal. The book also contains a provocative assessment of the rare book trade, as well as a fascinating reflection on Harris’s two decades editing Véhicule Press’s Signal Editions, the poetry imprint he founded in 1980. Capping the selection is a rarely seen, youthful interview with the then-young Leonard Cohen. Field Notes provides an illuminating glimpse into the workshop and creative process of a distinguished Canadian poet.

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Praise for Michael Harris:


Isolated quotation cannot convey the power of these poems. –The Globe & Mail Harris’ poems are characterized by a technically dazzling blend of sound and dense imagery. –The Fiddlehead

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non-fiction september 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-350-2 $18.00 | trade paper 5½ × 8½ | 160 pp

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We hear not so much a poem being made as a voice speaking and its speeches hold our attention. –The Dalhousie Review

michael harris’ most recent book of poems, Circus (2010) was nominated for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry. He is a two-time winner of the CBC Literary Competition, and has translated the complete poetry of MarieClaire Blais (Veiled Countries\ Lives). He lives in Montreal, Quebec, where runs Montreal Books, a rare and used Internet bookshop. During his tenure as editor of Signal Editions, Michael Harris saw through to publication some 60 titles. The present volume is Signal’s 100th book.

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Dalton’s craftsmanship is impeccable. –Books in Canada

Hooking M A R Y D A LT O N

Mary Dalton’s fifth collection, Hooking, is a series of centos that, on one level, draw inspiration from a traditional Newfoundland craft. Like a hooked rug made up of strips of fabric cut from old clothes, the cento is stitched together from lines scissored out of other poems. Dalton’s cento variants, however, range across continents and epochs, rummaging among poems contemporary and canonical in celebration of the recombinatory energies of language. As Dalton’s lines hook together syntactically and emotionally, they create a striking music, by turns subtle, startling and dazzling.

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author tour Quebec City Montreal Ottawa Toronto

Praise for Mary Dalton’s Merrybegot:

Make no mistake, these poems are beautifully made. –The Globe & Mail

mary dalton has published four volumes of poetry, the most recent of which are Merrybegot (2003) and Red Ledger (2006). Her work has also been widely anthologized in Canada and abroad. Dalton has won numerous awards, including the E.J. Pratt award and the Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award, and has been shortlisted for the Winterset, Pat Lowther, and Atlantic Poetry awards. She lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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poetry may 2013 isbn: $18.00 | trade paper 5½ × 8½ | 72 pp

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Red Ledger isbn: 978-1-55065-216-1 $16.95 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 80 pp

Merrybegot Winner of the

2005 E.J. Pratt Poetry Award

isbn: 978-1-55065-179-9 $14.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 72 pp

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Elegies on the death of the author’s parents.


The Grey Tote, Deena Kara Shaffer’s debut, is a collection of elegies on the death, in quick succession, of her father and mother. Scorning easy consolations, Shaffer’s poems are witty, epigrammatic, rhythmic, spiked with grief but ultimately dry-eyed “lessons in goodbye,” she calls them, “Sentences / cut.” In coming to grips with what to do “now that now/ has no them in it,” she has arrived at a book of poetry fiercer and truer than most written today.

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An excerpt from The Grey Tote Deathtraps A big woods loop of solitude and freshness. Killarney’s ambled roaming and balsam-smell— the sought. Days one through three, settled in and dirtied. The fourth and fifth, sopping, famished. Six, distrust in nature.

Montreal Ottawa Toronto Winnipeg Calgary Vancouver

Seven through ten, worst-case imaginings: better to hike the rescue, or wait, hurt? Play-acting at self-sufficiency: yes, can pump water, but no, couldn’t tourniquet. Ultra-liters, and three black bears— the only passersby. Miles of wild blueberries: what I’d been after. After me: moss’ treachery underfoot. Asked before departure: the near north’s forested quiet. The reassessed goal: re-reaching others. Fewer all-nighters of star-canopied joints— more early-to-beds and held urine.

poetry may 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-352-6 $16.00 | trade paper 5½ × 8½ | 72 pp

Less like ferns and boulders, more like deathtraps— forecasting the fallout, should head and rock meet.

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The Grey Tote is impressive for its attitude and language–its direct expression of fear, its realization of mortality in the technological labyrinth. The style is direct, spare, hard, clear, but with elegance and significant whimsy. –A.F. Moritz

deena kara shaffer’s poetry has appeared in many magazines including The Dalhousie Review, FreeFall, Canadian Voices: Volume 2. The Grey Tote was short-listed for the Marina Nemat Award. Currently a Learning Specialist at Ryerson University, Shaffer lives in Toronto.

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Montreal’s Underground City ALAN HUSTAK

city guide april 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-353-3 $12.00 | trade paper w/ b&w photographs & maps 4¼× 7 | 88 pp

Montreal’s fabled underground city opened fifty years ago. What began as a subterranean pedestrian network beneath Place Ville Marie is now an integral part of the city. Over the past five decades La Ville Souterraine has developed into a parallel metropolis, an amazing labyrinth of passageways, alleys, atriums, and hallways that snake their way along 32 km, connecting 80 downtown skyscrapers, eight hotels, 2,000 stores, apartment blocks and 68 Métro stations. Montreal author Alan Hustak looks at its history, takes you on a personal tour of the multi-level environment, and along the way reveals its many hidden surprises. Like the city above ground the underground city has its own mix of sun and shade, public squares, fountains, green spaces, and even an indoor skating rink. It is not so much an underground city— that’s a misnomer—as it is an enclosed, weather-proof city: a climate-controlled environment, above and below ground that is air-conditioned in summer and warm against the blast of winter. For Montrealers and visitors alike, Montreal’s Underground City is an indispensable guide with tours, maps, and indexes.

alan hustak is the author of Exploring Old Montreal and Titanic: The Canadian Story. He lives in Montreal.

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Montreal’s Other Museums Off the Beaten Track RACHELLE ALKALLAY

city guide may 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-354-0 $12.00 | trade paper w/ b&w photographs 4¼× 7 | 92 pp

The Montreal Police Association Museum. the Bank of Montreal Museum. The Printing Museum of Quebec. Just for Laughs Museum. Never heard of them? Neither have most Montrealers or visitors to Montreal. The city has dozens of “little” museums—unique and sometimes eccentric gems to discover. Montreal’s Other Museums is an illustrated user-friendly pocket guide to an intriguing group of institutions specializing in textiles, medicine, humour, religion, the military, rare books, banking, ecology, recording and broadcasting, local history, printing, and other diverse subjects. Boutiques, as well as the availability of food, is also indicated. Includes listings by subject and neighbourhood.

rachelle alkallay is a Montreal-based free-lance writer.

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After It Rains Short Stories

BILL HAUGLAND fiction may 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-355-7 $18.00| trade paper 5½ × 8½ | 224 pp

Praise for The Bidding:

Haugland weaves a tale of international intrigue. –Lloyd Robertson

After it Rains, Bill Haugland’s first short story collection, gently probes the human psyche and deftly reveals our foibles. What happens to a man who faces the loss of home and property after the worst economic downturn in decades? Is a novelist’s coma, in fact, a hidden doorway? Can a photograph found in an antique store be the key to a turbulent past? What drives a young man to leap from a bridge in a failed suicide attempt? Should a wife and mother decide to abandon her family in a desperate moment of introspection? Does a blind boy possess a talent that borders on the supernatural?

Praise for Mobile 9:

It’s a page-turner that transports the reader back in time, to the seedier side of a big city. –Mutsumi Takahashi bill haugland is the author of the mystery novels Mobile 9 and The Bidding. For twenty-six years he was the news anchor at Montreal’s largest English-language television station.

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Canada’s Forgotten Slaves Two Centuries of Bondage MARCEL TRUDEL translated from the French by GEORGE TOMBS

history may 2013 isbn: 978-1-55065-327-4 $27.95 | trade paper | 6 × 9 | 398 pp

Canada’s Forgotten Slaves is a ground-breaking work by one of French Canada’s leading historians, available for the first time in English. This book reveals that slavery was not just something that happened in the United States. Quite the contrary. Slavery was very much a part of everyday life in colonial Canada under the French regime starting in 1629, and then under the British regime right up to its official abolition throughout the British empire in 1834.

marcel trudel was an eminent Canadian historian and a respected authority on the history of New France. A fervent advocate of the secular society, he was blacklisted by the Catholic Church from teaching at Laval University in the early 1960s, then taught for several decades at the University of Ottawa. He was an award-winning author of more than 40 books, many of them translated into other languages. Trudel died in 2011. george tombs is a Montreal-based author, film-maker, award-winning journalist and translator.

“This book provides the only available outline of the contours of the slave system … in seventeenth and eighteenth-century New France.” –Canadian Historical Review

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Latest hilarious collection from Leacock prize-winner! He Who Laughs, Lasts JOSH FREED humour isbn: 978-1-55065-346-5 $20.00 | trade paper 5½ × 8½ | 156 pp

Freed is blessed in his ability to find something funny in just about anything. –Globe & Mail

There’s only one antidote to our speed-crazed, tech-obsessed, gluten-sensitive, password-plagued, financially-jittery, fitness-phobic, fatness-fearing world—and that’s laughter. He Who Laughs, Lasts takes the hassles and headaches of everyday life and converts them by alchemy into humour This is the latest hilarious collection from Josh Freed, winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour—and twice named Canada’s best newspaper columnist. Studies show laughter adds several years to your life, Freed recommends that readers take two pages of this book each morning—and live longer. Recommended by pharmacists!

josh freed’s Saturday column in the Montreal Gazette is an institution in Montreal and is often syndicated to other Canadian cities, including The Victoria Times-Colonist, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald. He is the author of three previous humorous collections: Sign Language and Other Tales of Montreal Wildlife, Fear of Frying and Other Fax of Life, and Press One and Pray and Other Letters from Voice Jail.

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The Heart Accepts It All Selected Letters of John Glassco Edited by


biography isbn: 978-1-55065-340-3 $22.00 | trade paper w/ b&w archival photographs 5½ × 8½ | 192 pp

Life on the Home Front Montreal 1939-1945 PATRICIA BURNS isbn: 978-1-55065-341-0 $20.00 | trade paper w/ b&w archival photographs 5½ × 8½ | 240 pp

Rue Fabre

Centre of the Universe JEAN-CLAUDE GERMAIN Tr a n s l a t e d f r o m t h e F r e n c h b y


isbn: 978-1-55065-328-1 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 160 pp

An inner city kid discovers a fascinating world.

Spring 2013.indd 20

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A Fiery Soul The Life and Theatrical Times of John Hirsch FR AIDIE M ARTZ & ANDREW WILSON biography isbn: 978-1-55065-319-9 $22.00 | trade paper | 382 pp | 25 b&w illustrations

In life and on stage, John Hirsch knew how to corrupt his audience with pleasure. –The New Yorker

With a Closed Fist

Growing up in Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood KATHY DOBSON isbn: 978-1-55065-323-6 $19.95 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 224 pp

A wicked, incisive, brutal memoir.

–The Globe & Mail

Island of Trees

50 Trees, 50 Tales of Montreal BRONWYN CHESTER isbn: 978-1-55065-329-8 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 160 pp | 50 b&w illustrations

Spring 2013.indd 21

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A Message for the Emperor A Novel

MARK FRUTKIN isbn: 978-1-55065-336-6 $19.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 224 pp

Mark Frutkin’s best book since Fabrizio’s Return. –The Ottawa Citizen

The Love Monster A Novel M IS SY M A RS TO N isbn: 978-1-55065-326-7 $19.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 224 pp

As the story gets weirder, it becomes both funnier and unexpectedly moving. –The Globe & Mail

Stopping for Strangers Stories

DANIEL GRIFFIN isbn: 978-1-55065-320-5 $18.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 172 pp

His characters are memorable ones, their dilemmas familiar, their judgments and actions not always for the best. –The Globe & Mail

Spring 2013.indd 22

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A Novel DIMITRI NASRALLAH Longlisted for the

2013 IMPAC Dublin Award

isbn: 978-1-55065-311-3 $19.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 288 pp

Writing Personals A Novel

LOLETTE KUBY isbn: 978-1-55065-293-2 $18.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 208 pp

Sundre A Novel


isbn: 978-1-55065-253-6 $16.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 130 pp

Anna’s Shadow A Novel


isbn: 978-1-55065-247-5 $21.00 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 270 pp

Spring 2013.indd 23

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Pardon Our Monsters Stories

ANDREW HOOD Winner of the 2008 Danuta Gleed Literary Award Finalist for the 2008 QWF Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction

isbn: 978-1-55065-232-1 $17.95 | us $15.95 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 180 pp


A Novel HANS-JURGEN GREIF Tr a n s l a t e d f ro m t h e Fr e n c h b y

Finalist for the


2008 GG Award for Translation

isbn: 978-1-55065-231-4 $19.95 | us $16.95 | trade paper w/ French flaps | 5½ × 8½ | 200 pp

Seventeen Tomatoes Tales from Kashmir JASPREET SINGH Winner of the

2004 QWF McAuslan First Book Award

isbn: 978-1-55065-188-1 $16.95| trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 160 pp

Optique Stories

CLAYTON BAILEY isbn: 978-1-55065-214-7 $18.95 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 160 pp

Spring 2013.indd 24

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The Golden Book of Bovinities ROBERT MOORE wit h Illust rations by C H R I S L LOY D

isbn: 978-1-55065-337-3 $18.95 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 88 pp

Major Verbs PIERRE NEPVEU Tr a n s l a t e d f ro m t h e Fr e n c h b y


isbn: 978-1-55065-339-7 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 72 pp

All Souls’ RHEA TREGEBOV isbn: 978-1-55065-338-0 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 78 pp

Sumptuary Laws NYLA MATUK

isbn: 978-1-55065-331-1 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 72 pp

Spring 2013.indd 25

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The Smooth Yarrow SUSAN GLICKMAN

isbn: 978-1-55065-330-4 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 78 pp

A poet of astonishing versatility and skill.

–Books in Canada

Spinning Side Kick ANITA LAHEY

isbn: 978-1-55065-321-2 $16.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 78 pp

Rapid, it renders you dizzy. Solid, it knocks you off balance. Swift and sudden, its surprises leave you winded.

–The Telegraph

Gift Horse MARK CALLANAN isbn: 978-1-55065-322-9 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 72 pp

One of the most finely crafted books of the last couple of years. –The National Post


Finalist for the 2010 GG Award for Poetry Finalist for the 2010 A.M. Klein Award for Poetry isbn: 978-1-55065-286-4 $16.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 66 pp

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isbn: 978-1-55065-313-7 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 64 pp

Linda Besner’s poems are seriously playful.

–The Montreal Review of Books

Skullduggery ASA BOXER Finalist for the 2011 A.M. Klein Award for Poetry isbn: 978-1-55065-312-0 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 76 pp

Asa Boxer is a true master of language–and he knows it.

–2011 QWF Jury

Where We Might Have Been DON COLES isbn: 978-1-55065-294-9 $18.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 60 pp

It is difficult to think of another poet whose style is so unmannered, whose tone is so engagingly true.

–The Globe & Mail

Meridian Line PAUL BELANGER Tr a n s l a t e d f ro m t h e Fr e n c h b y


Finalist for the 2011 GG Award for Translation Finalist for the 2011 QWF Award for Translation isbn: 978-1-55065-295-6 $16.00 | trade paper | 5½ × 8½ | 88 pp

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Véhicule Press began early in 1973 on the premises of Véhicule Art Inc.—one of Canada’s first artistrun galleries located in what was once the legendary night club Café Montmartre. Guy Lavoie, Annie Nayer, Marshalore, Vivian Jemelka-White started the press with an ancient printing press that had been abandoned by a member-artist of the gallery. Another printing press and additional equipment was inherited from Kenny Hertz’s small press, Ingluvin Publications. Simon Dardick joined the press in late summer 1973.In 1975 the press became Québec’s only cooperatively-owned printing and publishing company. Nancy Marrelli and Simon Dardick continued the press when the co-op was dissolved in 1981.

Willy Wood (often accompanied by his dog) operated the temperamental ATF Chief 20. Véhicule printed its own books between 1973 and 1981 except for Earle Birney’s Spreading Time and Sherrill Grace’s Violent Duality, a study of Margaret Atwood.

Irving Layton, F.R. Scott and Louis Dudek. To celebrate the publication of CIV/n: A Literary Magazine of the 50s edited by Aileen Collins in 1983, the press decided to hold a party that, as much as possible, included the writers and artists who appeared in CIV/n between 1953 and 1955. [Photo: Tim Clark]

Spring 2013.indd 28

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For Montreal’s November municipal elections in 1974,Véhicule Press and the Véhicule Art gallery sponsored a city-wide competition for a poster that best represented Mayor Jean Drapeau’s long regime. The poster exhibition made the national television news. This Daily Express photo shows a hirsute Simon Dardick displaying the winning poster.

The cutting of the 15th Anniversary cake at Galerie Articule, 1988. (Left to right) Peter O’Brien, Simon Dardick, Rosemary Dardick (standing), Anne Dardick, Nancy Marrelli, Michael Harris, and Robert Allen.

The front and back cover of our pocket-sized 24-page 1976 catalogue.

Spring 2013.indd 29

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A Fiery Soul 19 After It Rains 14 All Souls’ 23 Anna’s Shadow 22 Alkallay, Rachelle 13


Bailey, Clayton 21 Bélanger, Paul 25 Besner, Linda 25 Body on Mount Royal, The 5 Boxer, Asa 25 Burns, Patricia 18 Busby, Brian 18


Callannan, Mark 24 Canada’s Forgotten Slaves 15 Chester, Bronwyn 19 Circus 24 Coles, Don 25 Crime on Cote des Neiges, The 5


Dalton, Mary 8-9 Dobson, Kathy 19


Leitch, Peter 2-3 Life on the Home Front 18 Love Monster, The 20


Major Verbs, The 23 Manicom, David 21 Marston, Missy 20 Martz, Fraidie 19 Matuk, Nyla 23 Meridian Line 25 Merrybegot 9 Message for the Emperor, A 20 Montreal’s Other Museums 13 Montreal’s Underground City 12 Montrose, David 20 Moore, Robert 23 Murder Over Dorval 5


Nepveu, Pierre 23 Niko 21 Nasrallah, Dimitri 21


Off the Books 2-3 Optique 22 Orfeo 22

Field Notes 6-7 Freed, Josh 17 Frutkin, Mark 2-3




Germain, Jean-Claude 18 Gift Horse 24 Glickman, Susan 24 Golden Book of Bovinities, The 23 Greif, Hans-Jurgen 22 Grey Tote, The 10-11 Griffin, Daniel 20


Harris, Michael 6-7, 24 Haugland, Bill 14 He Who Laughs, Lasts 17 Heart Accepts It All, The 18 Hood, Andrew 22 Hooking 8-9


Id Kid, The 25 Island of Trees 19


Kuby, Lolette 21


Lahey, Anita 24

Spring 2013.indd 30

Palmer, Al 4-5 Pardon Our Monsters 22 Red Ledger 9 Rue Fabre 17


Seventeen Tomatoes 22 Shaffer, Deena Kara 10-11 Singh, Jaspreet 22 Skullduggery 25 Smooth Yarrow, The 24 Spinning Side Kick 24 Stopping for Strangers 20 Sumptuary Laws 23 Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street 4-5 Sundre 21


Tregebov, Rhea 23 Trudel, Marcel 15


Where We Might Have Been 25 With a Closed Fist 19 Willard, Christopher 21 Wilson, Andrew 19 Writing Personals 21

11/7/2012 1:51:37 PM

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Vehicule Press Spring 2013