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Spring 2014

Simply Read Books


r e c e n t awa r d w i n n e r s & no m i n e e s l

How To Written & illustrated by Julie Morstad


2013 Governor General’s Award finalist v

Chosen as a 2013 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book for Kids & Teens (starred)

When I Was Small Written by Sara O’Leary Illustrated by Julie Morstad


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Read 2014 v

2012 Alcuin Society Book Design Awards, Third Prize winner, presented in 2013

I Want to Go to the Moon Written by Tom Saunders Illustrated by Cynthia Nugent


Canadian Toy Testing Council 2014 award winner v

Chocolate Lily Book Awards winner, 2013

Bitsy / Saffy and Ollie Written & Illustrated by Paola Opal


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Reads 2014

Dream Boats Written by Dan Bar-el Illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Read 2014 v

Chosen as a 2013 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book for Kids & Teens (starred)

Lily Loves Written by Kai Lüftner Illustrated by Judith Drews

Front cover illustration © Denise Holmes from If I Wrote a Book About You. Back cover illustration © Jack & Holman Wang from Cozy Classics: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.



2012 Alcuin Society Book Design Awards, Second Prize winner, presented in 2013

l r e c e n t awa r d w i n n e r s & no m i n e e s

Murilla Gorilla, Jungle Detective Written by Jennifer Lloyd Illustrated by Jacqui Lee


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Read 2014 v

Chosen as a 2013 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book for Kids & Teens

Anna May’s Cloak


Written by Christiane Cicioli Illustrated by Susan Pearson

Written & illustrated by Michael Moniz


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Read 2014


Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Read 2014


Chosen as a 2013 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Book for Kids & Teens

our mandate

Everyone Eats! Written and Illustrated by Julia Kuo

Our approach to illustrated children’s books follows the finest publishing tradition and spirit with inspired content, extraordinary artwork, outstanding graphic design form, and quality production. We introduce contemporary books with a modern appeal and fresh outlook, and offer a careful selection of timeless stories that link the past with the present.


2012 Alcuin Society Book Design Awards, First Prize winner, presented in 2013


board books l

new titles

cozy Give a kid a classic! This new board book series presents c l a s s ic s well-loved stories through 12 child-friendly words and 12 by Jack & Holman Wang

needle-felted illustrations.

The Adventures of

b Ages 0 to 3 24 pages

Tom Sawyer

5.5” x 7.5”

board book


ark Twain’s timeless tale of an imaginative boy who’s always getting into trouble. Share this classic with children of any age!

ISBN: 978-1-927018-38-5

Rights: World $9.95 US | $9.95 Can

The Adventures of

b Ages 0 to 3 24 pages

Huckleberry Finn

5.5” x 7.5”

board book ISBN: 978-1-927018-48-4


ark Twain’s American masterpiece about one boy’s struggle of conscience as he ventures down the Mississippi River. Share this classic with children of any age!

Rights: World $9.95 US | $9.95 Can


l board books

recently released

Also Available in the

As seen on page A1 of the New York Times Sunday edition!

b Praise for

the Cozy Classics Series

~ 2013 Bologna illustrator’s Exhibition Pick! ~ Featured in People Magazine! “Remarkable.” Les Misérables

War and Peace

Jane Eyre

ISBN 978-1-927018-21-7

ISBN 978-1-927018-22-4

ISBN 978-1-927018-31-6

— The Telegraph (UK)

“Boy, are they cute.” — Huffington Post

“Quite simply, delightful.” —The Paris Review

“A child-appropriate retelling of the original story, so adorable it makes our hearts hurt.” —

Pride and Prejudice

Moby Dick

Oliver Twist

ISBN 978-1-927018-12-5

ISBN 978-1-927018-11-8

ISBN 978-1-927018-32-3

d Jack and Holman Wang are twin brothers who grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. They first began writing and illustrating books together in the third grade. Jack is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Writing at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. Holman is an artist and the author of Bathroom Stuff (Source Books, 2001). His work has been featured in newspapers and on TV and radio, including NPR and the CBC. They both love reading to their children, and are eager to pass on the classics.

“By offering vibrant, needlefelted character photography and scale model illustrations, Cozy Classics makes timeless works such as Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice accessible to even the newest reader in just twelve words.” —Parent’s Choice

“A fun way to share your love of literature with the littlest people in the house.”

Emma ISBN 978-1-927018-37-8

— Kid’s Reading Guide 2012, Australia

Enchanting...Jack and Holman Wang have done a service to literate families everywhere with their Cozy Classics. — The Wallstreet Journal


board books l

new title

simply small by Paola Opal

Bold, bright and adorable, the Simply Small books are ideal for little ones with growing minds. Meet all these cute baby animals that find clever ways to solve their not-so-small problems.


b Ages 0 to 3 24 pages 4.25” x 7.75”


his new book in the Simply Small series features adorable Emma, the baby hedgehog. She and her sisters are on a long walk home with their father and are getting tired and grumpy. Can Emma find a way to make it fun for everyone?

board book ISBN: 978-1-897476-93-2

Rights: World $7.95 US | $8.95 Can

b Praise for the Simply Small Series ~ Bitsy and Saffy and Ollie chosen as Canadian Toy Testing Council Recommended Reads 2014 ~ Pippy chosen as a Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) Best Books Pick 2013 ~ Perry chosen as one of the Canadian Toy Testing Council Top 10 Great Books for Children 2011 ~ Saffy chosen as one of the Canadian Toy Testing Council Top 10 Great Books for Children 2010 ~ Rokko chosen as one of the Top 12 Summer Reads for Kids Under 6 by Urban Mommies ~ Multiple books chosen as Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book News “Just perfect for the youngest readers.” — ABC Best Books for Children

“Opal uses vibrant onomatopoeic language, such as “swoosh,” “thump,” and “splash,” which makes reading aloud to children fun.”

d Paola Opal (her pen name) is illustrator and co-author of the Simply Small board book series. Paola is also a recipient of the Alcuin Society Award for Excellence in Book Design for One Little Bug (under the name Paola van Turennout). She lives in Vancouver, BC.

— CM review


l board books

recently released

Also Available in the Simply Small Series

 over 100,000 copies in print!

Saffy and Ollie















Saffy Looks for Rain







 look for the

Saffy Looks for Rain was an Appys Best Educational/Kids App finalist, 2012!

simply small

app series, in the app store!


Saffy Looks for Rain


card set l

new title b Ages 4 to 8 26 cards 4” x 6”

Box Set

ISBN: 978-1-927018-44-6

Rights: World

$14.95 US | $16.95 Can

b Also available from Julie Morstad:

By a 2013 Governor General’s Award finalist!

How To Trade cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-57-4 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN The Swing

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson

T is for Tumbling

Board Book ISBN 978-1-897476-48-2 Rights: World $8.95 US | $9.95 CAN When I Was Small Written by Sara O’Leary

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-38-3 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN Singing Away the Dark Written by Caroline Woodward

Julie Morstad


his gorgeous card set makes the process of learning the ABCs easy and fun for both parent and child. It features bright colors, funny animals, intriguing characters, and objects both familiar and new. T is for Tumbling makes this first, fundamental step in learning to read an enjoyable one, and proves a unique addition to a diverse collection of art.

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-41-3 Rights: World except Korea $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN

d Julie Morstad is an awardwinning illustrator and fine artist known for her surreal, whimsical work. She lives in Vancouver with her family. 8

l picture books

new title b Ages 4 to 8 32 pages 9” x 9”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-46-0

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 Can

If I Wrote a Book About You

d Denise Holmes is an illustrator and designer who lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter, Hazel. When she is not in her studio drawing images of children, trees and cats, she is reading books, dancing to music, and going on neighborhood walks. You can see her work and read about her latest adventures over at

Written by Stephany Aulenback c Illustrated by Denise Holmes


f I wrote a book about you and how wonderful you are, I would write it everywhere,” says a mother to her child. And so she does—with the branches of the trees, the sand at the beach, and even the rays of the sun. Children will enjoy searching out the words hidden in plain sight in this irresistible picture book that eloquently conveys a mother’s love for her child.

d Stephany Aulenback’s stories and articles have been published in a number of literary journals, magazines, and websites including McSweeney’s, Brain, Child, and The Awl. Her work has been anthologized in It’s a Boy: Women Writers On Raising Sons and Created in Darkness By Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney’s Humor as well as read aloud on NPR. She has been blogging about children, writing, and children’s writing at Crooked House since 2008. She lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two small children.

I wo u l d w r ite t h at yo u are c l eve r w it h t h e c r u m b s fro m yo u r c rac k e r s.


picture books l

new title b Ages 4 to 8 24 Pages 8” x 8”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-42-2

Rights: World $12.95 US | $12.95 Can

The Goodnight Book Written & Illustrated by Lori Joy Smith


his sweet book takes us on a fun trip to far off places to see how creatures of many different shapes and kinds say good night to the ones they love. d Lori Joy Smith is an illustrator and fine artist whose work has been exhibited at art galleries across Canada, and has appeared in magazines such as Chirp, American Girl, Teen and Today’s Parent. Lori enjoys goodnight cuddles with her family in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.


l picture books

new title b Ages 3 to 7 40 pages 8.25” x 10.5”

Trade Cloth ISBN:978-1-927018-36-1

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 Can

Circus Girl Written & Illustrated by Clare Pernice


hen a little girl dresses up in her leotard and socks she becomes ‘Circus Girl’, star of the show. Even her toys morph into her dreamscape of circus acts. At each page turn she jumps and tumbles, flies through the air, juggles, spins, balances and contorts.

d Clare Pernice has designed and illustrated in Paris, San Francisco, Japan, Los Angeles, Charleston and New York. She has designed children’s clothing, toys, murals and hand typography, for which she earned an Addy Award, and has also created costumes and props for both stage and film, garnering her a “Best Costumes” Academy Award for her work on Cyrano de Bergerac. She spends her creative time between Manhattan and the woods of Weston, Connecticut, where she lives with her family.

Vibrant and winsome, modern and timeless, the illustrations and words of Circus Girl convey a captured childhood moment with directness and simplicity.

11 11

picture books l

new title b Ages 3 to 7 32 pages 9.8” x 9.8”

Trade Cloth ISBN:978-1-927018-56-9

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 Can

d Brandee Bublé grew up in Burnaby, BC, with her big brother Michael and little sister Crystal. As the daughter of a fisherman, Brandee spent many summers aboard her father’s boat, where she had plenty of time to let her imagination run wild about all the creatures that surrounded her. She taught children with special needs for eight great years and that’s where her stories were born. She lives in Burnaby with her husband and two kids, O’Shae and Jayde.


O’Shae the Octopus Written by Brandee Bublé c Illustrated by Eliska Liska


’Shae is an awesome octopus, who happens to also have two extra arms. With his best friend Shelton the Shark by his side, he discovers that as hard as it can be for others to accept your differences, embracing what sets you a part can truly make you sensational. Dive in to see the amazing things that happen to O’Shae once he starts believing in himself.

l picture books

new title b Ages 4 to 8 32 pages 8” x 10”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-897476-35-2

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN

d Sleepless Kao (Kaori Kasai) has exhibited her artwork at Giant Robot, Little Otsu and SOMARTS (San Francisco), Compound Gallery (Portland), gallery 1 (Japan), and the Helen Pitt Gallery (Vancouver). For more info, visit her website at:

Emily and the Mighty Om Written by Sarah Lolley c Illustrated by Sleepless Kao


mily has a new form of after-school entertainment when Albert moves in next door. Every afternoon he can be found on the front lawn, twisting his body into all kinds of crazy postures, then chanting “om”—something he calls “yoga”. Then one day something serious happens: Albert gets stuck, all twisted up like a pretzel. Albert knows what he needs, and he tries to tell the grownups who race over to help him, but everyone keeps misunderstanding. They bring him a gnome and even write him a poem but nothing works. The only person who hears Albert properly is Emily… but will she have the courage to speak up? d Sarah Lolley is a freelance author whose personal essays, travel stories and feature articles have appeared in Elle Canada, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Living, and more. She is also the author of numerous short stories for adults. Sarah lives in Montreal.


picture books l

new title b Ages 4 to 8 32 pages 6� x 8.25�

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-41-5

Rights: World $15.95 US | $17.95 Can

d Sandra Van Doorn was born in France, where she studied business and marketing before going on to explore the world and doing further studies in photography and art. She lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband Edward, her blue bicycle and her invisible dog. Paper Hearts is her first picture book.


Paper Hearts Written & Illustrated by Sandra Van Doorn


hen a little puppet wishes he had a heart, he decides to make one out of paper. But can a paper heart be like a real one? Surprisingly, he realizes there are many similarities between the two. This beautiful ode to love reminds us all that though hearts can be given and stolen, swept away and even stepped on, life is wonderful when you have a heart.



l picture books

new title b Ages 3 to 7 32 pages 9.5” x 12.75”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-33-0

Rights: World $17.95 US | $19.95 Can

Bluebird Written & Illustrated by Lindsey Yankey


She found a man selling near the square. No sign of the


trying on the pretty fabrics.

The scarves hung motionless on the rack. Not even their fringes swayed in a breeze.


he wind is missing! A little bluebird has never flown without her friend the wind before and is afraid to try. So she sets off on an adventure to find it. Is it making wishes with the dandelions? Playing with the kites? Tickling the grass? Dancing with the balloons? She searches everywhere. In the end, she finds more than her favorite friend—she finds confidence too! d Lindsey Yankey grew up in rural Kansas drawing and playing outside. She was studying illustration at the University of Kansas when a bird flew through She landed by a group of her open bedroom window. The bird perched on the bookshelf, around the room a bit,blowing flew in their seeds away, making wishes. tolooked see if the wasfor there, a circle, and back out the open window. That was the the dandelions beginning of Bluebird. Lindsey But is currently living in were still, and each had all its Lawrence, Kansas, with her fiancé, cat, and lemon tree. Bluebird is her first picture book.

dandelions seeds



picture books l

new title b Ages 4 to 8 32 pages 6.5” x 9”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-897476-83-3

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN

d Paola Opal (her pen name) is illustrator and co-author of the Simply Small board book series. Paola is also a recipient of the Alcuin Society Award for Excellence in Book Design for One Little Bug (under the name Paola van Turennout). She lives in Vancouver, BC. b See pages 6 & 7 for other titles available from Paola Opal!

Stinky Skunk Mel Written by Kari-Lynn Winters c Illustrated by Paola Opal


oor Mel is stinky—no wonder, he’s a skunk. None of the other forest animals want to have anything to do with him, and Mel is sent to live at the outskirts of the forest. But then, when a big forest fire comes, Mel’s spray is just what’s needed...proving that a little stink is very important after all.

b Also available from Kari-Lynn Winters: Runaway Alphabet Illustrated by Ben Frey

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-24-6 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN 16

d Kari-Lynn Winters is the author of Runaway Alphabet (Simply Read Books), On My Walk (Tradewind Books). Jeffrey and Sloth (Orca Book Publishers) and aRHYTHMetic: A Book and a Half of Poetry about Math, written with Tiffany Stone, Lori Sherritt, and Scot Ritchie (Gumboot Books). Besides being an award-winning children’s author, Kari-Lynn is also an experienced playwright and theatre performer, a certified teacher, and an academic scholar. She lives in St. Catharines, with her husband, two children, and two cats.

l picture books

new title b Ages 6 to 9 40 pages 9” x 12”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-34-7

Rights: World $17.95 US | $19.95 CAN

d Kelly Vivanco recieved her BFA with honors from LCAD. Her work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries, including the California Center for the Arts Museum, The Portsmouth Museum of Art, Thinkspace and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts. She lives and works at her home in Escondido, California.

Snow White and Rose Red A Brothers Grimm story, retold by Kallie George c

Illustrated by Kelly Vivanco


now White and Rose Red are loving, happy sisters, although they are different as day and night. Together they live with their mother in cozy, peaceful cottage in the woods. Then, one snowy day, their peace is disturbed by a giant black bear looking for a warm place to rest. At first scared, the girls and their mother soon realize the bear is kind—in fact, there is more to him than meets the eye. Will the girls’ giving spirits rescue the bear from his troublesome and secretive fate? This age-old Brothers Grimm tale is here deftly retold and stunningly re-illustrated with modern, magical paintings by Kelly Vivanco. d The Brothers Grimm, Jacob (1785-1863) and Whilhelm Grimm (1786-1859), were German academics, linguists, cultural researchers, and authors who collected folklore. They are among the most wellknown storytellers of European folk tales.


picture books l

new title b Ages 9+ 64 pages 8.75” x 11”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-40-8

Rights: World $19.95 US | $19.95 Can

R e b e c c a c h a p e R o n ’ s fine art paintings capture the mis-adventures of various heroines from literary

works while portraying the tale of a female protagonist within a slightly surreal landscape. Her

d Rebecca Chaperon, born in England, began to call the rainy shore of Vancouver home after graduating from Emily Carr University in 2002. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and has been awarded a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, Rebecca Chaperon’s paintings and illustrations often follow the thread of a heroine’s misadventure through an enchanted landscape. Her work can be found at

Eerie Dearies

images entertain the mind with possible narratives, while haunting us with underlying emotions. Rebecca resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a handsome fella named Ben and an aloof orange cat named Dweezil. Please visit


Written & Illustrated by Rebecca Chaperon


stral projection, gremlin-attacks, and teleportation are just a few of the reasons for academic absence creatively illustrated in this book. Eerie Dearies is the perfect peculiar ABC, with twentysix beautifully illustrated excuses for being absent from school. Faded and well-used book covers serve as compelling backgrounds to each of these delicately rendered acrylic paintings, creating an atmosphere akin to an old and dusty collection of darkly humorous myths.

l picture books

new title b Ages 9+ 72 pages 8” x 13”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-897476-99-4

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 Can

The Raven Written by Edgar Allen Poe c Illustrated byYanai Pery


dgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” delves into the hidden horrors of the human psyche. Originally published in 1845, the poem is narrated by a melancholy scholar lamenting Lenore, a woman he loved and lost. One bleak December midnight a raven shows up at his door—with only one thing to say, “Nevermore!” The raven’s repetitious “Nevermore” slowly drives the narrator to madness. In The Raven, Yanai Pery brings to life one of the best-known poems from American literature in a new and intriguing way.

And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting

On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;

— 52 —

d Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) was an American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor. His tales of mystery and horror initiated the modern detective story, and the atmosphere he created in his writing is unrivaled in American fiction. d Yanai Pery lives in Tel Aviv. He creates comics, children’s books and an animated film. His previous book, The Red Asteroid, was published in Israel in 2010. The Raven is his favorite poem and he knows it by heart.

Presently my soul grew stronger;

hesitating then no longer, ‘Sir,’ said I, ‘or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;


picture books l

new edition b Ages 3 to 7 48 pages 9” x 10.25”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-45-3

Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 Can

b Praise for the first edition of Penguin and the Cupcake “Laugh-out-loud charm.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A humorous story.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“Fresh, contemporary and appealing.” — CM Magazine

Penguin and the Cupcake

b Also available from Ashley Spires: Ella’s Umbrellas Written by Jennifer Lloyd

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-23-9 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN

Written & Illustrated by Ashley Spires


ost penguins are happy to eat fish everyday, but not Penguin. He yearns for something sweet, something tasty, something covered in pink icing. So Penguin journeys to the Northern Hemisphere in search of a cupcake. Along the way he encounters Walrus and Polar Bear, who don’t know anything about cupcakes, but sure have a thing or two to say about Penguin’s storytelling skills. d Ashley Spires was born and raised in British Columbia, where she resides still with her cats Gracie and Charlotte. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and a Graduate Diploma in Illustration from Sheridan College. Her multiple award-winning books include Binky the Space Cat, Larf and Small Saul. In addition to her illustration, she founded Chicken Tika Creations (which she named after her dog, not the food) and is selling her hand felted items across Canada.


l fiction

new title b Ages 10+ 360 pages 5.5” x 8.25”

Paperback ISBN 978-1-897476-78-9

Rights: World $9.95 US | $11.95 CAN

b Praise for Smudge’s Mark

Chosen Best Book of 2009: Children’s Books, January Magazine “This is a great and richly detailed story that pulls you in from the first sentence until you’re on the edge of your seat biting your nails as you reach the epic conclusion” — Bibliophilic Book Blog

Smudge’s Mark by Claudia Osmond


imon is an O.W.N.O. (Orphan With No Options). He lives with his eccentric grandfather and a horrible housekeeper, Griselda, who punishes him by making him trim her toenails with his teeth. Unable to remember anything about his mother or father, Simon is haunted by a dream of an eagle, a serpent and an angel that smells like bubblegum. Then one night, his dreams change. The angel gives him a special object that is still with him when he wakes up. It is an object desired by many, but destined only for him, and it changes his life forever. d Claudia Osmond lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her husband, their three children, their dog, a hamster, and her son’s bearded dragon. Claudia wrote this, her first novel, in a closet. For more about Claudia and Smudge visit

“If you’re looking for adventure, battles and excitement, give this book a chance.” — The Magazine

“Younger readers may enjoy this exciting fantasy adventure and Osmond makes it easy to imagine the world of Emogen.” — CM Review

“Fantastic story, I highly recommend it!” — The Novel Emporium

“a perfectly crafted fantasy tale for ages nine and up” — Word of Mouse Book Reviews

 Now in Paperback!


l early readers Tiny Tails by Kallie George & Geneviève Côté

new title

The Tiny Tails early reader series for grades K to 3 features magical animals and their challenges growing up.

b Ages 5 to 8 44 pages 6” x 9”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-50-7

Rights: World $12.95 US | $12.95 Can

d Geneviève Côté has illustrated books by a number of talented authors, such as Jean Little, Cary Fagan, Gilles Tibo and several others. She also sometimes writes stories of her own (Me and You, Without You and What Elephant?). Her work has earned her the Governor General’s Award and the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award. She lives in Montreal. b Also available from Kallie George:

The Melancholic Mermaid Illustrated by Abigail Halpin

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-53-6 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN




lare is a tough little phoenix. He never cries. But everyone needs to cry sometimes. Will his guardians, Sun, Wind and Cloud, find a way to show him how? This second book in the Tiny Tails series provides comforting reassurance that it’s okay to express our emotions. d Kallie George is a children’s book author and editor living in Vancouver, BC. She completed her Masters of Children’s Literature at the University of British Columbia in 2007. When she is not writing or editing, she’s teaching creative writing workshops through Capilano University and CWC (Creative Writing for Children).

stn etnoC 1

emalF siH steG krapS


swollamhsraM tsaoT

:1 n o s s e L

k a lli e g e o rg e

l early readers

:2 n o s s e L



sehsiD eht y rD


peelS uoY elihW y rT


seldnaC yadhtriB ehT

recently released :3 n o s s e L

Also Available in the Tiny Tails Series I llus t r at e d by

Ge ne v ie v e Cote si m p ly r e a d b o ok s

b Ages 5 to 8 44 pages 6” x 9”

Chosen as a 2013 Junior Library Guild Selection!

Trade Cloth

ISBN: 978-1-927018-24-8

Rights: World

$12.95 US | $12.95 Can

b Praise for the Tiny Tails series “Children will instantly empathise with Spark.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“A lovely little book.”

a tup eH .nwod tas eH — Betsy Bird, Fuse #8 .kcits a no wollamhsram “This speaks volumes about the .ni dehtaerb eH difficulties of being patient, and .tuo dehtaerb eH that’s something every kid will

.niaga deirt krapS .e l k ca r C .e l k ca r C


.niaga dna niaga deirt krapS

elip eguh a saw ereht nooS .swopark llamishaslittle ramdragon tnrubwith fo a big problem. He can’t


control his fiery breath. Even practicing doesn’t .tuoWill kcaSpark b emever ac abe mable aM to tame his flame? help.

.potS“ .daeh reh koohs ehS eThe W .first gnikbook rowin tothe n sTiny i sihTails T series, Spark is a gentle that perfect ”.eslereminder gnihtem osthere y rt oist aev ah time for everything.

understand.” ! H S O O H W —Booklist

.em“Spark afl giisbirresistible...This a emac tuO gentle, amusing story will have wollamhsram ehT children wanting to read it again .erfi thguac and again.

.—National e l k c aReading r C Campaign .e l k ca r C .psi rc a ot denrub tI



early readers l

new title

Murilla Gorilla

Murilla Gorilla stars in this early reader series as a comical jungle detective who solves mysteries for her friends in the African Rainforest.

by Jennifer Lloyd & Jacqui Lee b Ages 5 to 8 48 pages 6” x 9”

Trade Cloth ISBN:978-1-927018-47-7

Rights: World $9.95 US | $11.95 Can

d Jacqui Lee graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design, and currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Murilla gorilla and the Hammock Problem


n this third mystery in the Murilla Gorilla detective series, Okapi discovers that one of his hammocks has a hole in it. What could have happened? It is up to Murilla to find out by following a set of strange-looking prints leading away from the hammock.

b Also available from Jennifer Lloyd: Ella’s Umbrellas Illustrated by Ashley Spires

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-897476-23-9 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN Looking for Loons

d Jennifer Lloyd is the award-winning author of One Winter Night, Looking for Loons, Ella’s Umbrellas, and The Best Thing About Kindergarten. When she is not at her writing desk, she works as a kindergarten teacher in Blainville, Quebec.

Illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin

Trade Cloth ISBN 978-1-894965-54-5 Rights: World $16.95 US | $18.95 CAN 24

l early readers

recently released

Also Available in the Murilla Gorilla Series

Murilla Gorilla and the lost Parasol

b Ages 5 to 8 48 pages 6” x 9”

Trade Cloth ISBN: 978-1-927018-23-1


rainstorm has passed through Mango Market. Parrot is upset by a missing parasol at his parasol stand. It is up to Murilla, the disorganized, messy and seemingly hopeless detective to solve the case.

Rights: World

Murilla drove down the mountain.

“Watch out!” Murilla. Too late! $9.95 UScried | $11.95 Can Lizard got soaked.

At last, she pulled into Mango market.

Murilla Gorilla, Jungle Detective

b Ages 5 to 8


40 pages 6” x 9”

Trade Cloth


ISBN: 978-1-927018-15-6

urilla Gorilla the jungle detective is woken up by a new case: Ms. Chimpanzee’s muffins were stolen. But who did it? It’s up to Murilla to find out... as long as she can find her badge first!

“ “

Rights: World $9.95 US | $11.95 CAN

“Readers will be hungry for more.” — New York Times

” ”

Will delight emerging readers. — School Library Journal

b more Praise for the Murilla Gorilla Series “A charming debut.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“All the fun of a mystery carried on the rhythm of the tropics.” —Kirkus Reviews


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chapter books l

Kendra Peek in between the cracks of here and there to discover Een, Kandlestar an ancient land born when magic still danced on the wind. The Eens are mostly small, mostly friendly, and—mostly of all— by Lee Edward afraid of the outside world. Except for Kendra Kandlestar. Födi

240 pages 6” x 9”

Kendra Kandlestar and the Shard from Greeve

Paperback BOOK ISBN: 978-1-927018-27-9 3 Rights: World Written and Illustrated by



hen young Kendra Kandlestar is granted a wand by the ancient tree of Een, she yearns to become a great sorceress. But magic doesn’t come easily to Kendra, and she soon turns to the shard from Greeve— and its dark power—to help her rescue her brother. By the end the greatest battle just might be the one brewing inside her own heart.

$8.95 US | $8.95 Can Lee Edward Födi


Kendra Kandlestar and the Crack in Kazah

b Ages 8 to 11


272 pages 6” x 9”

BOOK Paperback

4 ISBN: 978-1-927018-28-6


According to Een legend, a Kazah stone grants a wizard the power to catch an echo of the past—and a glimpse of the future. But when Kendra Kandlestar is given her own cracked and broken Kazah stone, she soon discovers that it’s capable of so much more. With her faithful friend Oki by her side, Kendra is sent on an unimaginable journey across the cosmos.

Rights: World by Written and Illustrated

Lee Edward FödiCan $8.95 US | $8.95


d Lee Edward Födi has illustrated several picture books, including I’ll Follow the Moon and The Chocolatier’s Apprentice, a Canadian national bestseller. When he is not writing and illustrating, Födi spends his time teaching kids how to daydream through his fun-filled creative writing workshops. He enjoys travelling, and especially exploring castles, mazes, tombs, and temples— not to mention tiny places hidden between the cracks of here and there. 26

l chapter books

recently released

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Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers


or over a thousand years, the Box of Whispers has guarded the most precious treasure in the Land of Een. When the box is suddenly stolen, Kendra is swept away on a magical adventure where doors speak in riddles, plants cast dangerous spells, and strange creatures lurk in every shadow. Will she be able to find the fabled chest?


b Ages 8 to 11 240 pages 6” x 9”



Written and Illustrated by

Lee Edward Födi

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-927018-25-5

Rights: World $8.95 US | $8.95 Can


Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger

b Ages 8 to 11 272 pages 6” x 9”

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-927018-26-2


veryone knows that the creatures of the outside world are forbidden to enter the land of Een. That’s why Kendra is so surprised when a giant Unger arrives in the middle of the night to deliver a cryptic message: If she can find the Door to Unger, she will be able to unlock the truth about her long-lost family. But is he telling the truth, or is it a dangerous trap?

Rights: World $8.95 US | $8.95 Can


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Dream Boats

How To

Wild Berries

Pakwa Che Menisu

Written by Dan Bar-el Written & Illustrated by Written & Illustrated by Written & Illustrated by Illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin Julie Morstad Julie Flett Julie Flett ISBN 978-1-897476-87-1 ISBN 978-1-897476-57-4 ISBN 978-1-897476-89-5 ISBN 978-1-897476-91-8 $17.95 US | $19.95 Can $16.95 US | $18.95 Can $16.95 US | $18.95 Can $15.95 US | $16.95 Can

Circles of Round

The Best Thing About Kindergarten

Anna May’s Cloak

The New Arrival

Written by Signe Sturup Written & Illustrated by Illustrated by Winnie Ma Vanya Nastanlieva Written by Jennifer Lloyd Written by Christiane Cicioli ISBN 978-1-927018-18-7 ISBN 978-1-927018-13-2 Illustrated by Qin Leng Illustrated by Susan Pearson $16.95 US | $18.95 Can ISBN 978-1-897476-82-6 ISBN 978-1-897476-81-9 $16.95 US | $18.95 Can $16.95 US | $18.95 Can $16.95 US | $18.95 Can

recent board books

My Blankie

The Swing

Bedtime for Tad

Monkey World

Written & Illustrated by Written by Robert Louis Stevenson Written & Illustrated by ABC Alice Beauvisage Illustrated by Julie Morstad Adam Nicely Written & Illustrated by ISBN 978-1-927018-08-8 ISBN 978-1897476-48-2 ISBN 978-1-894965-84-2 Matthew Porter $6.95 US | $7.95 Can $8.95 US | $8.95 Can $7.95 US | $8.95 Can ISBN 978-1-927018-07-1 $8.95 US | $9.95 Can 28

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