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art & artists

CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE & SCULPTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC SCULPTURE & SCULPTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SCULPTURE TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY IRON ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC IRON ART. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IRONWORK TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY WOOD ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC WOOD ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY GLASS ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GLASS ART & TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NEON ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC GLASS ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY FINE CRAFTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY CERAMIC ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FIBER ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FASHION DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS: REGIONAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS: GENERAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC PAINTING & PAINTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BOTANIC AL ART: CONTEMPORARY & HISTORIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY PRINTMAKING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC PRINTMAKING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ANIMATION ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY POP ART & ARTISTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GRAFFITI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC POSTER ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: GENERAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: DOCUMENTARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: FIGURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC ART PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PIN-UPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BUNNY YEAGER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BURLESQUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CONTEMPORARY BODY ART/TATTOO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HISTORIC BODY ART/TATTOO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BODY ART/TATTOO TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BODY ART/TATTOO FLASH & DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FOLK ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . INTERNATIONAL FOLK ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TRIBAL ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTING & DRAWING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NATIVE AMERICAN ARTS & CRAFTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NATIVE AMERICAN TEXTILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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6 SCULPTURE & SCULPTORS Found Object Art. Dorothy Spencer. Meet the artists who know just what to do with everyone else’s junk. Hundred s of fascinat ing sculp tures, collages, furniture, jewelry, and clothing def y the materials from which they were originally mad e. Recycling of found objects p roves to be a true art form in the hands of these creative artists.

Found Object Art 2. Tina Skinner. From once cast -asid e items, arti sts h ave careful ly crafted fine jewelry to exp eriential gallery installat ions. This boo k takes yo u through the imaginations of The artists make their w ork a p oignant environmental message, some un cover treasure and transcendent beauty, and others set out simply to evo ke a smile.


George Rickey: The Early Works. Maxwell Davidson. G eorge Rickey’s fascinating sculptural oeuvre is incredibly d iverse. This bo ok is concerned exclusively with the early indoor sculptures from the first 25 years of Rickey’s output. With over 380 color and b lack and white photos covering the artist’s early innovations, w e get an intimate and more complete picture of his artistic diversity than ever b efore. Index

The World of Bertoia. Nancy N. Schiffer and Val O. Bertoia. This b ook d ocuments all the types of original sculptures, graphics, and commissions by Harry Bertoia and his son, Val Bertoia, from the 1950s to the present. From furniture to sound sculpture, over 500 photographs show the Bertoias’ evolutio n o f id eas that explo re the relationships of space, color, and sound.

Robert Engman: Structural Sculpture. Nancy Schiffer, editor.


The University of Pennsylvania’s sculpture departments Robert Engman’s distinctive sculptures developed from his training and fellowship with some of the mid-twentieth century’s most renowned art teachers and famous sculptors. As shown here in over 600 color photos, his beautiful curved, minimal surfaces and clean abstract designs evolved as he sought his own voice with bronze, steel, aluminum, and plastics. Engman’s commissions stand in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Jerusalem. They are also found in the Hirshhorn, MOMA, Whitney, and numerous college museums. He was a professor at Yale and Penn, significantly influencing today’s American sculptors. Engman continues to explore the relationships of planes and produces dynamic sculptures in series, with warped surfaces of curvilinear shapes. This book’s insightful text, organized chronologically, exposes the influences, opportunities, experiences, and challenges he met. Major chapters cover his training, teaching, and sculpture, with a timeline, resumé, bibliography, and index. The photos reveal his stages of development and progression of sculpture construction. Robert Engman’s warm character is shared with readers to reflect his teaching style as a popular professor and resident artist. Available in November


Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International Artist s. Danij ela Kracun and Charles McFadden. An eclectic group of 84 international artists guide us on a journey of beauty and art through their in sp irin g sculp tures. E njoy t he variety of scul ptures from b ronze, sand, ice an d even food and fingernails.

256 pp.

Modern British Sculpture. G uy Portell i. A comprehensive study of modern sculpture in Great Britain, showcasin g 95 leading sculptors from the second half of the 20th century. 780 color and black and white photographs display the wide range of materials, themes, st yles, and settings that convey each sculptor’s classical, figurat ive, abst ract, or visionary work. Influential, award-winning, and highly valued works available today. Index 320 pp.

288 pp.

Direct Metal Sculpture. Revised & Expanded. Dona Z. Meilach. This revised edition retains all the techniques and inspiration of the original editio n plu s n ew chapters update the hist ory of direct metal sculpt ure over the past quarter century, including the of impact public art programs and the comp uter, exploring the imp ortance of computer aided d esign , and the Internet for successf ully marketing one’s art. Index

248 pp.

A Century of American Sculpture: The Roman Bronze Works Foundry. Lu cy D. Ro senfeld. Over a century of castings at the Roman Bronze Works represent a vast and fascinating collecti on of scu lptures, from art ists i ncluding French , Sai nt-Gaud ens, Reming ton , Russell, Manship, Von noh, Archipenko, Calder, and many more. Over 700 photographic examples (many in color) and b iographical information on over 120 scul ptors are inclu ded .

Bronzes of the Nineteenth Century: Dictionary of Sculptors. Pierre Kjellberg . An illustrated encyclopedia with 1000 photo s of over 700 nineteenth century French sculpt ors including Rodin, Barye, d’Angers and Carpeaux, with biographies, listin gs of works (w ith siz e and f oundry wh en kno wn), museum pieces in France and elsew here, and recent sales. Also provides an overview o f 19th century bronze sculpture, the foundries that cast the bronz es, and method s used to cast wo rks.

SCULPTURE & SCULPTORS 7 Art Bronzes. Michael Fo rrest. A beau tiful and comp rehensive study of fine, international bronze statuary of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Over 1100 illu st ration s, 200 in col or, an d carefu lly researched text wit h relevant marks, inscriptions, artist sig natures, dates, and foundry stamps. Over 450 artists are represented. Index

493 pp.

Cat alog of the Society des Beaux Arts, Paris. This late-nineteenth century cat alog of the Society des Beaux Art s of Paris displ ays a w ide variety of bronze editions of successful French sculptures of the period. An index lists the prices set for these p ieces by the Society, thereby providing fascinating insight into the nineteenth century art market. Index 94 pp.

Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930. Volume 1. Harold Berman. This four-vol ume set is the classi c reference fo r commercial bron ze scul ptures from 1800 to 1930 sho wing the works of a vast array of international sculptors and dozens of founders, with pictures so clear that even small details on the sculpt ures are visi ble. Vo lume I has 799 photos and essays on specific topics o f identificatio n and caring for bronze.

Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930. Volume 2. Harold Berman. Volume 2 has 1025 photos of b ronzes that span the rise and decline o f commercial indu strial found ries in Europe. Sep arate index available

272 pp.

ISBN: 0-7643-2474-8 soft cover $14.95

Art Deco Sculpture and Metalware. Alfred W. Edward. Over 200 photographs and illustrations of decorative sculp ture and useful metalware at the forefront of the Art Deco movement. Art Deco’s most significant artists, as well as their predecessors and modern count erparts, are discussed, in clu di ng an in troduct io n to th e desi gn s of Hagenauer, WMF, t he Bauhaus, Ferdinand Priess, Chiparus, Brancu si, and Brandt. Price Guide

Making Mobiles. Bruce Cana Fox. A practical and encourag ing st ep-by-step instruction s for makin g horiz ont al ly b alanced mobiles. From assembling the materials and tools through the designing , fabricating , assemb ly, pai nting, and hanging stages, you can create your o wn mobiles, with Bruce at your side the whole time. By follow ing Bruce's steps and positive attitude, hours of fun and challenge will b e rewarded w ith art you are proud of.

144 pp.

John Rogers Statuary. Secon d Edition. Paul & Meta Bleir. The plaster statuary groups by John Rogers were so appealing in late Victorian America that “scarcely a family of reasonable means and taste d id not possess o ne.” He offered an unrivaled transcri pt of the social customs and modes of furnish ing for the period. This boo k chronicles each Rogers group with a photograph, size, patent or design d ate, and pertinent anecdotes.

Making a Copper Weathervane. Bruce Helmreich. Over 290 color images, 25 line d rawings, and a clear, concise text guide readers throug h the st eps needed to buil d a f ully f unction ing, hand -hammered co pper w eat hervane. Classi c American folk art subjects are shown, including animals, birds, occup ations, patriotic themes, and transportation. Create your ow n design o r use the comp lete plans inclu ded to produce a traditional rooster weathervane. -

Cont emporary St one Sculpt ure. Dona Z. Meilach. An expl oration of modern stone sculp ture, w ith hundreds of examples by today’s top scul ptors, illustrat ed and explained w ith hundreds of clearly detailed p hotograph s. Specific, stepby-step inst ructions for creating stone sculpture, w ith d escript ion s o f vario us type s of st one , selecti ng and tran spo rting it, carving t he st one with hand or p ower tools, and the methods of finishing the work. ISBN: 0-88740-089-2 soft cover $24.95

Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930. Volume 3. Harold Berman. Volume 3 has 1315 photographs of works by artists and found ries from throug hout the international community, detailed information on th e Hirsch Foundry o f Paris and Brooklyn, NY, and contains important listing of Canadian scu lptors. Sep arate index available

320 pp.


Bronze Sculpture Cast ing & Pat ination: Mud, Fire, Metal. Steve Hurst. Phot ographs b y Steve Russell. An illuminating text combines w it h 646 color photos and 78 drawings explore in detail the processes involved in forming metal sculpture. Metal finishing processes are explored in detail, including an unprecedented 177 patination recipes and working practices. An important addition to libraries of art schools and sculpt ors. Index

Bronzes: Sculptors & Founders 1800-1930. Volume 4. Harold Berman. Volume 4 includes 1735 photos, including 43 sculptures recently made by the Hirsch Found ry of Paris and Brooklyn, New York from nineteenth century molds.

Direct Stone Sculpture. Mil t Liebson. Revised and expan ded second edition. After a historical overview of ston e scul pture, the reader is lead throug h the hands-o n exp erience of sculp ting in stone. The types of stone used are covered, as are the types and use of basic hand scu lpting tools. For the advanced sculpto r, there is information on the use of power tools, lamination, and repair. Now with additional photos.

368 pp.

Model Building with Brass. Kenneth C. Foran. Finally, a book has b een written that explains all the tools and techniques necessary to successfully build models with brass. Whether the reader wishes to substit ute pl astic model kit parts with brass, create master patterns for casting, or scratch building brass models, instructions are provided for modelers of all skill levels. Brass cutting , forming, fabricating, sold ering, and final finishing met hods are explained.

Introduction to Soapstone Sculpting. Lynn A. Bartlett and Tasha Un niniyar. Photograp hy by Josh Steck. N ew sculptors of any age and skil l level can easily accomplish fu n projects w ith soap stone. Carve a rabbit or a snail. Sculpt a flower, a heart, or a butterfly. With 737 color images, p atterns, and step-b y-step directions, you will be carving away in no time at all!

Antique Vienna Bronzes. Josep h Zobel. Over 650 co lor photos display 19th and 20th centu ry Vienna b ronzes in th e forms of birds, camels, cats, dogs, horses, bears, bulls, reptiles, and rodents, as well as hu man in divi duals fro m aro und t he globe. The text highlights major artists an d firms that produced Vienna bronzes. Val ues are included in the captions.

A Universe of Metal Sculpture. Henry Harvey. Join Harvey as he deconstructs and teach es how he created sculptures including abstract fountains, coffee tables, bench es, and organic abstract s. This co lorful journey through Harvey’s 30-years of sculp ting featu res galleries o f commissi ons fo r preside nts, Fo rtune 500 co mp anies, and private collect ors, as w ell as jewelry and outdoor scul ptures.

Carving a Bear in Soapstone. Tasha Unninayar and Lynn Bartl ett. Artw ork by D awn Hartw ig. Illustrated , step-by-step d irections provide t echniques for carving your own bear in soap stone from designing the bear to adding the final p olish. Chapters include carving the bear’s waist and belly, head and sho ulders, legs and tail, and its ears and snout. A gallery of completed projects will inspire your own creativit y.

1886 Catalog of the French Bronze Foundry of F. Barbedienne of Paris. A reprint of the orig inal 1886 catalog of bronzes from the Ho use of Barb edienne, one of the foremost French foundries, is reproduced with original selling prices in French francs and dimensions, p lus the lin e drawin gs which depict many of these famous w orks.

Passion for Metal: Reflections and Techniques of a Metal Sculptor. Henry Harvey. An account of the world of metal sculpting, from the lighting of a torch, to techniques, patinas, and a candid insight into the genesis of his sculpture. A number of projects are illustrated and explained in exquisite detail, making this an absolute must for everyone contemplating becoming a sculptor. It is richly illustrated.

Carving a Coyot e in Soapst one. Tasha Unni nayar an d Lyn n Bartl ett. Artwo rk by Dawn Hartw ig. The coyo te sculpture is a great beginner's project, especially for children ages 8 and up . An il lust rated , step-by-st ep i nstruct ion al guide with detailed photographs show you how to accomplish each step and how to use each tool along the way.

Sep arate index available

400 pp.

ISBN: 0-7643-1840-3 hard cover $39.95

160 pp.



Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork. Joan Kahr. A premier early 20th century metalsmith in France, Edgar Brand t (1880-1960) desig ned and fabricated some of t he most beautiful architectural and deco rative ironwork of his age. This elegant book recounts his life and work with scholarly text and over 300 photograp hs. Lyrical gates, doors, and t ab les, includ ing his mo st famous screen L’Oasis, appeared at the seminal 1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris.

Art Deco Ironwork & Sculpture. “Jerry” S. F Cook III & Tina Skinner. The wo rk of artisans of the burg eoning Art Deco o r Moderne Art movement in Paris. Selected from folio volumes published in the mid -1920s to insp ire fellow art ists on the cutting edge, the more than 500 exciting p ieces shared in this compendium have p roven themselves timeless in their classic lines and exquisite detailing. This is a must-have vol ume for artisans of t he forge, sculpt ures, and all fans of Art Deco-era decorative art s.

Decorative Ironwork: Wrought Iron Gratings, Gates and Railings. Margarete BaurHeinh old. Artists have made g at es and fences in wrought iron over the centuries in o rnamental designs show n here in hundreds of photos. The restoration of wrou ght iron is discussed and ironw ork examples are org anized according to their uses, such as grating s that protect doors and wind ows, entries and gates from Europe in the Midd le Ages, artistic creations of the 17th and 18th centuries, and works of our o wn day.

Architectural Ironwork. Dona Z. Meilach. Showcases a vast array of ironw ork commissioned for new commercial and residential building projects. Spectacular examp les from mo re than 100 of today’s to p bl acksmi ths, sup pl emente d wit h hi sto rical wo rks fro m 15 co un trie s, including doo rs and hardware, staircases and rai lings, and g ates and f en ces. ISBN : 0-7643-1324-X


Ironwork Today: Inside & Out. Dona Z. Meilach. Over 480 color photos of iron art for indoo r and out door use, including sculpture, fences, railings, g ates, doors, furniture, light ing, candleholders, and more, ranging from the truly mo dern to historical references.

From Fire to Form: Sculpture from the Modern Blacksmith and Metalsmith. Mathew S. Cl arke. 521 color pho tos displ ay metal art p roduced by today’s lead ing blacksmiths and metalsmiths. Private and public sculp tures for individ ual homes, public parks, and other outdoor venues are includ ed .


Ironwork Today 2: Inside & Out. Jeffrey B. Snyder. 100s o f co lor photos display the work of to day’s top artistblacksmith s. Wo rking in a variet y of styles, th ey create inno vative o riginal wo rks of art f or homes, off ices, and public use, including sculpture, gat es, furnit ure, ligh ting fixtures, candleholders, doors, l ocks, and more. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3064-3 hard cover $50.00 Ironwork: Dynamic Details. Dona Z. Meilach. The un ique ironwo rk created b y today’s art istblacksmiths, with details of flow ers, leaves, and amazi ng critt ers make ord inary fences, g at es, and chandeliers extraordinary. Function al joints become beautiful elements for furniture, fireplace accessories, candlestick holders, and other iro n items we use d aily. With heat, hammer, tal ent, and muscle the modern artist-blacksmith is forg ing exciting forms that permeate our surroundings. ISBN: 0-7643-2549-3 hard cover $39.95

hard cover


Ironwork Today 3: Inside and Out. Jeffrey B. Snyder. 100s of co lor photos sho w t he artw ork be ing cre ated by today’s artist-blacksmit hs. Over eighty arti sts’ w orks are displayed, includin g art found in public spaces, offices, and homes. The art work is arrang ed by artist alphabetically, allowing readers to see the full scope o f each artist ’s w ork al l together o n adjoining pages.

Schiffer LTD

Fireplace Accessories. Dona Z. Meilach. Unique custom-made fireplace accessories as works of art by talented modern artist blacksmiths. Over 400 ideas for unusual fireplace designs reflect historical styles from Renaissance to Post-Modern. A wonder wonderful so urcebook for ho meowners and designers seeking original art for their homes.

Decorative Architectural Ironwork. Diana Stuart . Historic ext erior designs of arch ite ctu ral i ro nw ork o n disp lay in t he five bo ro ugh s o f NYC i n 400 co lor pho to graphs, w ith b ackgroun d inf ormat ion and the locat ion of each piece includ ed in captions. Includes iron fences, gates, newel posts, balustrades, and much more. Designers, collectors, and ironworkers will be inspired by the rich select io n of desig ns.

see also Fireplaces, p57 The Contemporary Blacksmith. D ona Z. Meilach. Over 500 wo rks b y nearly 200 artistcraftsmen from 16 cou ntries illustrate the unp recedented activity in modern ironwork that has led to its b lossoming into a serious art form. You’ll learn several techniques using hot and cold forming and see the results: architectural ironwork, sculpture, furnit ure, containers and vessels, lighting fixtures and cand lehol ders, and more.

Art Nouveau Ironw ork of A ustria & Hungary. Federico Santi & John Gacher. 500 vivid photos show many and varied interpretations of Art Nouveau fo rms in the balustrades and balconies, lanterns and gates, d oorways and elevator door facades of Bud apest , Hungary, and Vienna, Austria. Explanations of the settings discuss the details and decorative motifs on the ironwork.

9 Italian Ironwork: Medieval : Renaissance : Baroque : Neo Classical. Giulio Ferrari. Italian iro nwork f rom Ro man times, thro ugh Medieval centuries, and up to Neo Cl assical desig ns of the early nineteenth century comp rise this collectio n of photographs from Ital ian sources. Th ey dep ict trellises, grilles, gates, fencing , household lig hting, fireplace accoutrements, and d oor hardware that will inspire today’s d esigners.

Decorative Ironwork of Italy. Photo graphy by Aug usto Pedrini. Beautiful hand-wrought iron gates, grilles, architectural details, and fireplace equip ment features scrollwork and floral embellishments from many ancient towns in Italy. 487 ful l-pag e, black and white pho tographs clearly show details that will inspire blacksmiths and designers today.

IRONWORK TECHNIQUES Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork: Tools, Techniques & Inspiration. Dona Z. Meilach. The fascinating properties of iron and other met als creatively explored in 52 color plates and 717 techniques are explored in depth. 312 pp.

CONTEMPORARY WOOD Wood Art Today: Furniture, Vessels, Sculpture. Dona Z. Meilach. This idea-p acked compendium presents the work of today’s top wood artists in over 500 photos. Mo re than 130 artists from nine countries are showcased, including furnit ure makers, turners, and sculp tors who borrow id eas and techniques from one another to create their art. Teachers of art history, creative art, craft, industrial design, and woodw ork will discover new material for teaching about woo d as a medium.


ISBN: 0-7643-1912-4 hard cover $59.95 Wood Art Today 2. Jeffrey B. Snyder, editor. Hundred s of color pho tos present a sweeping survey of current artwork of wood artists, including carvers, turners, and sculptors. See free standing and wall mou nted sculptures, installation p ieces, furnit ure, vessels, jars, vases, bow ls, boxes, teap ots, and much more. 256 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Direct Wood Sculpture: Technique- Innovation - Creativity. Milt Liebson. An illustrated history o f d irect woo d sculpture is exp lored, along with a vital resource for t hose seeking to create scul pture in w ood. A complete description of the qualities and types of w ood, tools (both hand and power), techniques, and finishing, complements discussions of the art form and philosophy.

HISTORIC W OOD A RT Wharton Esherick and the Birt h of the A merica n Modern. Pau l Ei sen hau er an d Lyn ne F arringt on, edito rs. This b ook explo res Wharton E sherick’s artistic evolution during the early twentieth century. Over 300 images fill this illustrated catalog f rom the exhibition Wharton Esherick and the Birth of the American Modern held at the Kamin and Kroiz Galleries of the University of Pennsylvania from Sept ember 7, 2010 throug h February 13, 2011. Schiffer LTD

Esherick, Maloof, and Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans. Steven Paul Wh itsitt & Ti na Skinner. An intimat e tour of homes creat ed by three of America’s mo st celeb rated w oodworking artists. D eligh t in Wharton Esherick’s humb le mountainto p home, Sam Maloof ’s sprawling California complex, and George Nakash ima’s harmo niou s Penn sylvania comp ound.

144 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3202-9 hard cover $49.99

Wharton Esherick Studio & Collection. The Wharton Esherick Museum. Editor, Paul Eisenhauer, Ph. D. Artist Wharton Esherick (1887-1970) is celeb rated for his sculptural wood working pieces. This pioneering catalog documents, with beautiful color pho tography, more than 130 paintings, woodbl ock prints, sculpture, and utilitarian objects found at the Wharton Esherick Museum.

10 Creative Glass. D an ijela Kracun & Charles McFadden. E xplore the work of 108 artists whose techniques inclu de blow n, cast, fused, etched, layered, copper fo il, en amel, p ai nt, and flame work along with glass blowing, casting, fu sion, etching, layering, co pper f oil, enamel, p aint, and flamework along with stained glass and mo saic composition. More than 550 art objects are shown, from intricate jewelry p ieces to architectural installations. Text reveals artists' stories, as w ell as a contact information.

Glass Art From UrbanGlass. Richard Wil fred Yel le. Artist s and d esig ners assoc iated w ith Urb anGlass: New York Center for Contemporary Glass, have influenced the Studio Glass Movement in many ways. This volume documents the work of 173 of these artists, and celebrates their achievements in art and desig n. An authoritative text by prominent curators, critics, and writers round out this definitive survey.

see also Glass, p110 ff International Glass A rt. Richard Yel le. The works of over 175 of the top known international artists, such as Dan Dailey, William Morris, Linda MacNeil, Mary Shaffer, Ho ward Ben Tré, D al e Chihuly, and Karen La Monte. Essays b y collectors and contemporary artists worldw ide in troduce the gallery of over 780 stunning color photo graphs. This boo k h onors t he su pport of collectors for the artists, galleries, and museums th at promote glass art.

The En cy clopedia of Modern Marbles, Spheres, and Orbs. Mark P. Block. The vast range of today’s handmade and machine-mad e marb les, edition types, regular stock, open editio n producti on stock, p roto types, limited edition s, experimental works, and studio g lass in over 900 photos, exploring the close relationships among today’s studio art glass and the marbles of childhood that preceded them. Values are p rovided. 272 pp.

Contemporary Marbles & Related Art Glass. Mark P. Block. Marb les pro duced by over 130 artisans are p resented in 600 color photographs. A history o f the contemporary hand made marble movement is p rovided, along with tips fo r t he purchase and care of marbles, a glossary, and a valuation guide. This book w ill be a joy for everyone fascinated with glass. Price Guide

256 pp.

see also Marb les, p136 ff The Artistry of Peggy Karr Glass. Peg gy Karr. Over 500 col or p hotos display the fused g lass product s produced by t he Peggy Karr Glass company o f New Jersey, beginning in 1987 including plates, bow ls, trays, platters, clocks, o rnaments, and roundels decorated w ith flowers, animals, fish, still life imagery, season al motifs, special order patterns, and more. The text includes a company history, rarity scale, and a Pattern Ind ex. 190 pp.


Glass Art From the Kiln. Rene Culler. Over 290 beautiful color phot os and eng agin g text reveal the versatility of g lass and how it can b e inspired by art. Learn about kiln sel ection and instru ction to develop firing sched ules for working in g lass. Methods for cutting, fusing, and cold working glass are provided, with 292 how-to photo s covering two specific glass art projects: reference map s for fusing an d simple shapes.

Art Glass Today. Jeffrey B. Snyder, editor. Unique glass artworks by international artists. Techniques include blown, cast, kiln-formed, lampwork, cold work, fusing, laminating, carving, sand blasting, and more. See installation pieces, tablew are, vases, bo wls, sculp tures, furnit ure, paperwei ghts, beads, and diptychs. The artists explain their inspirations and working methods.

Schiffer LTD

Women Working in Glass. Lucartha Kohler. Works of over 40 talented female artists, including Asa Brandt, Yoko Ono, and Linda MacNeill. Coming from the 1960s to contemporary times, their beautiful sculptures, mosaics, and delicate creations are illustrated in over 350 dazzling color photographs. This book is a must-have for collectors, enthusiasts, historians studying the studio glass movement, and especially aspiring young artists. 192 pp.


G LASS ART & TECHNIQUES Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass. Cindy Ann Cold iron. This “green” book is dedi cat ed exclusively to th e t opic of recycled g lass in artistic and design ap plications. In clud es photos of original and content driven recycl ed glass craft and sculpture, t echnical issues in working wit h glass, and fo ur how-t o projects. This is a great resource for interior designers, LEED professionals, homeow ners, museums, galleries, art co llectors, art educators, and artists. Fused Glass Mosaics: Master Class Techniques with Martin Cheek. Martin Cheek. A practical mental to ol kit to assist you in making your ow n mosaics. Over 300 color images and an eng ag in g t ext w ill in spire i deas of col or, backgroun d, and style. Make a subtle mosaic by using analo gous colors o r a piece inspired by your favorite artist. For the seasoned mosaicist. 176 pp.

and forms creat ed in this ever-growing fi eld. F rom tesserae, small pi eces fou nd object s, and other material s, th ese artist s “p aint ” i ntri cate and

Schiffer LTD

NEON A RT Vintage Neon. Len David son. Neon signs turned North America’s roadside into a luminous w onder onderland in the mid-20th century, w ith exploding bowl ing pins, crashing cars, baton twirling majorettes, superb vintage signs. The rich, informative text and definitive photo archive give architects and sign artisans an invaluable resource. Size: 9” x 12”

HISTORIC G LASS ART The Glass of Frederick Carder. Paul V. Gardner. The def in it ive book on the Steuben Glass Works and co-founder Frederick Carder. The special glass for which he was famed in the 1890-1930s era is present ed, including Aurene, Tyrian, Verre de Soie, Cyprian, Ivrene, Cintra, Cluthra, Intarsia, Diatreta, as well as all colors and patterns. A superlative ref erence work for col lectors, d eal ers, arti st s, designers, and historians.

Frederick Carder’s Steuben Glass: Guide to Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Finis hes, and Values. Revised 2nd Edition. Marshall Ket chum. The t ab ulated fo rmat cross ref erences the l ine drawings of shap es in Paul Gard ner’s The Glass of Frederick Carder, auction records of t he last 11 years, and references to photos in the 8 books cited. The 2nd edition features over 100 new pho tos, over 60 new shapes, exp anded auction results, and a new chapter on Steub en candlesticks.

Fred erick Carder and S teuben Glass : American Classics. Thomas P. Dimitroff, Charles R. Hajdamach, Jan e Shadel Spillman , and Robert F. Rockw ell III. Frederick Carder’s contributions to the Steuben Glass Works and the wo rks he produced are p resented with o ver 760 photographs and 450 lin e drawing s. Reference material and photo graphs never before in p rint are provided. Identification and evaluation, signatures, relative rarity, and dating are discussed.


The “Lost” Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany: Windows, Paintings, Lamps, Vases, and Other Works. Hugh F . McKean. Tiffany’s art in terms of his p erso nal work-including p ieces in stained g lass, mosaics, blown gl ass, p ottery, jewelry, and enamels, Tiffany’s pioneering efforts in i nterior design, his easel paintings, and his dream of creating a permanent resident ial retreat for working artists. An intimate insight into Tiffany’s personality, do mestic life, and philo sophy of art .

Louis C. Tiffany: The Collected Works of Robert Koch. Three classic books on Tiffany’s brilliant work are comb ined in one volume: Lo uis C. Tiffany Rebel in Glass, Louis C. Tiffany’s GlassBronzes-Lamps, and Lo uis C. Tiffany’s Art Glass, with original text and photos and additional p ieces for this ed ition. Window s, lamps, vases, and more are included. Art students, museum professionals, historians, antique dealers, and art collectors will enjoy the variety and exquisite craftsmanship .

Index 320 pp.


288 pp.

12 Tiffany Favrile Art Glass. Moise S. Steeg, Jr. Louis Comfort Tiffany’s blown art glass, mad e from 1891 to 1928, satisfied his dream to intro duce objects of both usefulness an d beauty into t he average household. These lovely glass o bjects, which he named “Favrile,” include the colored, gold and blue iridescent, and opalescent forms. Interesting text and comments about rarity accomp any 240 color pho tos. Value Reference

192 pp.

Tiffany Studios’ Techniques: Inspirat ion for Today’s Artists. Edith Crouch. Explo re the creat ive med ia that master designer Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) and Tiffan y Studios in N ew York pioneered, coupled with related masterp ieces that follow ed by 17 contemp orary artists. Chapters cover Tiffany’s ori ginal painting s and fine arts, stained glass w indows and lampshades, mosaics, favrile g lass object s, metalwo rk, enamels, and jewelry, sh own in 560 color p hotographs.



Ceramics Toda y. Jef frey B. Snyd er, editor. Meet 120 ceramic artists through 495 color photos o f their work around the globe. The ceramic artworks rang e from small objects for use and ornamentation to large-scale sculptures. 256 pp.

Schiffer LTD

FIBER A RT Fiber Art Today. Carol K. Russell. A survey of sculpture and wall art, portrayed in 335 images and text, recognizing the work o f three g enerations o f fine artists who create a boundless range of expressive p ossibilities in textile method s or materials. Weaving , crochet or quilting techniques are employed, using looms, needles, emb roidery hoops, and bare hand s to create unique works of art.

Schiffer LTD

Tiffany By Des ign: An In-depth Look A t Tiffany Lamps. N ina Gray. Tiffany Studios produced tho usands of lamps in hundred s of designs, although many o f the d esigns were closely relat ed. Examine how the forms, patterns, and motifs were chan ged and adapted in authentic Tif fany lamps made bet ween 1900 and 1918. By closely looking at many varied designs of Tiffany shades, a deeper understand ing of their quality and beauty is made possible.

see also Lighting, p84 ff; Metalwares, p121 ff

The Mosaics of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Edit h Crouch. This is the first b ook exclusively about L. C. Tiffany’s mosaic masterpieces, created from 1880 to 1931 at the Tiffany Studios in New York City for clients across the country, in Mexico City, and beyond. The book combines a fascinating and well-researched text and photographs. Tiffany’s magnificent glass mosaic art. New information identifies the mosaic artists who worked with him.

Hooked Rug S tory telling: The A rt of Heather Rit chie. Lesl ey Mary Cl ose. 370 pho tos and insigh tful t ext int roduce readers to renowned ru g-maker, Heather Ritchie, her hooked rug s and unique style. Valuable insights into her techniques are shared, which t ransform a basic handicraft into an art form of great subtlety. Over twenty of her “memory rugs” are disp layed and discussed in detail .

FASHION DESIGN 13 Europe: Rising Fashion Designers. Patrick Gottelier.

In concise text and 490 vibrant color photos, discover the current and emerging trends in European fashion design. Ninety-three students from top schools present their premier work, fashions that are sure to inspire readers and fire their imaginations. Topflight fashion design colleges and universities from the United Kingdom, to Sweden, and the Netherlands, participated in this fascinating project. Discover the sources of inspiration for Europe’s up-and-coming designers and the materials and techniques they have employed in the creation of modern menswear and womenswear alike. The sources of inspiration are disparate and fascinating, ranging from those hidden spots we chose in childhood to spark our budding creativity to industrial photographs and everything in between. Here is an advance view of the fashions of tomorrow that anyone with fashion sense will enjoy. Patrick Gottelier is currently the Head of the Department of Design at University College Falmouth. He and his partner, Jane Gottelier, had written three books prior to the current volume. Available in August

International Steampunk Fashions. Victoriana Lady Lisa. worldwide steampunk fashion movement leather and lace, uniforms, and spinning gears Climb into your steam-powered time machine aircraft for a tour of the fashion world, steampunk style. This fashion backward collection features hundreds of intricate, creative, and visionary steampunk designs from top names in the business and fans from around the world. Presented in high-quality fashion photography, the looks in this compendium include head-to-toe Victorian-era style coupled with futuristic, sci-fi concepts, as well as hats, jewelry, and other accessories. With fashions from as far away as Europe, New Zealand, and the Americas, this volume celebrates the diversity and innovators of this international phenomena and showcases works by contributors such as G.D. Falksen, Everlyn Kriete, Jon Magnificent, Steampunk Couture, Lex Machina, Lee Ann Faruga, Daniel Proulx, The League of S.T.E.A.M., Cris Ortega, Jema Hewitt, Dim Horizon Studio, Starkall, Empire Art, and many more. Complete with a foreword and “Steampunk 101” by G.D. Falksen, this is the book for designers, fans, and collectors. Collecting since age 15, Victoriana Lady Lisa travels the world with her personal antique traveling museum of Victorian and Edwardian fashions and artifacts, c. 1840-1919. Available in January

14 Em erg ing Fa shion Desig ners 3 . Sall y Congdon-Martin. Over 100 recent g raduates from 16 premier fashion design programs in the US have their creations illustrated in over 400 color p hotos. Featu res unique and innovative garments and illustrations f or eveningwear, menswear, children’s wear, spo rtswear, and more. The text includes a brief dossier of each young designer, including inspiration and materials. The designers are listed alphab etically and in dexed by school.


Miami Contemporary Artists. Paul Clemence and Julie Davidow. Takes readers through significant highl ights of Miami’s art history, showcasing the works of over 100 key artists who have helped bring the cultu ral evolution to fruition. This selection of contemp orary artists reveals diversity that breathes creative energ y into the sultry, scintillating city of Miami. 288 pp.

South Beach: Two Decades of Deco Dis trict Paint ings by Mark Rut kowski. Mark Rutkowski. Over 115 original images reveal the Art Deco build ings and decorations in Miami’s South Beach the artist’s eyes. It’s a view like no other! Pace yourself and prepare to enjoy tw o d ecades in t he Deco District! Inclu des a preface by Ben Stein.

Outsider Art of the South. Kathy Moses. An intimate glimp se int o the lives and work of 34 self-taught artists. O ver 400 co lor p hotos show a wide range of artwork that has been called Outsider, Visionary, and Folk. Whatever the labels, the w ork is passionate, relig ious, fantastic, heartrending, crypti c, naive, and compelling. What could be more excit in g?

Designing Fashion Accessories: Master Class in Professional Design.

240 pp.

Accessories are part of the great fashion family of various pieces and adornments that complete a man's, woman's, or child’s outfit. From shoes and hats to purses, each one fulfills a specific function that can be ornamental, protective, or functional in nature, but they are all considered “finishing touches” for the overall look. Through color photos and illustrations, sketches, and text, various designers take you from the research of current trends in that accessory through to its design and manufacture. Tips for shapes and colors are provided, as is a listing of materials and tools needed to make that particular accessory. Also included is the history of how the accessory “trend” came to be and suggestions for developing your own collection. This book is a great resource for designers, students, or anyone who likes making their own fashion accessories.

100 Artists of Washington, D.C. F. Lenno x Camp el lo. Award -winning art ist an d prominent critic an d co mmentat or, F. Lenn ox Camp ello, has comp iled more than 600 w orks b y 100 contemporary established and emerging artists in the Washington, DC, capital reg ion. A primer for both the savvy art collecto r and the beginning collector.

Available in January 100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic. E. Ashley Rooney, with Forewo rd b y Charles Yoder. Wit h oil, glass, multi-med ia, metal, and other materials, 100 contemporary art ist s explo re th e rich imagery created by the culture, society, history, and environ ment of the American Mid-Atl anti c passionate w orks in this region with a long tradition of American artistry.


Emerging Fashion Designers. Sally CongdonMartin. 285 color photos of new clothing designs appear as drawings and finished outfits on models. The b est stud ent work comes from sixteen fashio n design programs. Over 100 talented designers now entering the fashion industry are included. Inspirations for the designs and material s used are listed for each garment displayed .

Em erg ing Fa shion Des ig ners 2. Sall y Congd on-Martin. In cl uding o ver 300 color images, t his second edition p icks up where the f irst left off, spotlighting g arments and ill ustrations for eveningwear, mensw ear, children’s wear, sportswear, and more. Incl uded is a collection o f bright and orig inal designs by 60 recent grad uates from 12 p remier fashion design programs in the United States. The desig ners are listed alphabetically and indexed by school.

100 Artists of the Brandy wine Valley. Catherine Quillman. Explore works an d the lives of 100 contemporary artist from Pennsylvania's Brandywine Valley, inclu ding magic realists, impressionists, modernists, and more. With more than 400 images, the book features nat io nally know n artists, graduat es of the Pen nsylvania Acad emy of the Fine Arts (the nation’s oldest art scho ol), and self-taught artists who have built successful careers with compelling, story-filled paintings.

CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS: REGIONAL 15 100 New York Painters. Cynthia Maris Dantzic. Presents an overview of styles, mediums, subjects, even philosophies of art found in galleries, museums, and artists’ studios of present-day New York. Features well-known artists as well as those less celebrated but no less deserving of attention. Brief biographical sketches accompany each artist’s work. Experience for yourself this visual feast showcasing the unique works of 100 gifted New York painters. 224 pp.

100 Artists of New England. E . Ashley Rooney. Oil paintings, glass and metal scul ptures, and woodw orks survey the work of New Eng land artists. While they offer a fresh lo ok at the region’s mou ntain vistas, fishing villages, and magnificent coastline, they also venture into the mo re contemporary, avant garde realms of art. Features 100 artists and 590 images.

100 Southern Artists. E. Ashley Rooney with Paula Allen.

Take a fresh look at the magical and insightful compositions of artists living in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, 100 living artists delineate their creative expression through their personal stories and inspirations, along with several examples of their works. In oil, pastels, sculpture, and wood, with a diversity of styles and influences, including pop surrealism, realism, and expressionism, these artists capture the rich traditions of the south and our world. With a foreword by Paula Allen, a Southern painter, sculptor, and illustrator, this is essential reading for all who appreciate or practice art today. E. Ashley Rooney has written several art books, including 100 New England Artists (2010), 100 Mid-Atlantic Artists (2011), 100 Midwestern Artists (2012), and Bespoke: Furniture from 101 International Artists (2012). Available in August

224 pp.

100 Bos ton Painters. Chawky Frenn. 100 Boston Painters cel ebrates the w ide-ranging talents, approaches, and personalities o f the vib rant world of Boston arts. A labor of love by George Mason University Art Professor Chawky Frenn, this exciting new book features the work of 100 Boston painters select ed by an extensive review of Boston arts both past and present. Includes works of realism, expressionism, and ab straction from w el l-known and upcoming artists.

Nantucket Portrait: Fun & Games with the Super Rich...The Birth of Hard-Edge Realism. James H . Cromartie as told to J.W. Nostrand . The st ory of artist Jim Cromartie in the first p erson , tracing the trials and joys of the strug gle to find his style and accept an ce in t he world. TIt is heavily illustrated with 73 color reproduct ions of t he artist’s work

10 0 A rtis ts of the Midw es t: I llin ois , Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. E. Ashley Rooney. In oil , pastels, scul pture, and wood, talented , living artists from the American Midwest explore the richness of the homegrown imagery of their region, including its culture, its society, and its environment . These artists’ works are captured in this boo k in over 600 full color images.

100 Artists of the Southwest. Douglas Bul lis. The wo rk of 100 important p aint ers, sculptors, pho tographers, po tters, weavers, and jewel ers living and w orking in New Mexico and Ariz ona today. Their stories an d works of art will amaz e as well as illu minate. This book provides th e most vib rant picture of contemp orary Southwestern art that you can find anywhere.

100 A rtists of t he Wes t Coas t. D oug las Bullis. 100 of the most important artists of our time from the American west coast, San Diego to Vancouver. Each artist shares with you, in their own words, the thinking and feelings that are the essence of their wo rk and t heir world. This fine art compendium is su re to d elig ht your eyes and imagination. Fo r collectors, museum and gallery visitors, or merely curious.

100 Artists of the West Coast II. Tina Skinner. A mix of emerging, mid-career, and established art ist s makes t his a valuabl e tool for galleries and coll ecto rs. Meet each artist as they share, in their own words, t he tho ughts and feelin gs expressed in their work, shown in over 400 full color photographs of vividly hued, conceptually stimulating artworks. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3271-5 hard cover $39.99

Chinese A rtis ts: New Media,1990-2010. Xhingyu Chen. A retrospective of works and brief introduct ions to 19 Chinese artists working i n performance and conceptual art, film and vid eo, installation, sound art, and d igital art. This is a select g roup that has created the landscape of con tempo rary Chinese art and are dictating its future.

16 China! New Art & Artists. Dian Tong. By the mid -1980s an act ive, experiment al art movement appeared in China, which one critic dub bed the “85 New Wave.” Here is an expansive overview of the painting in China over t he past twenty years. Featu red are w orks by over 80 contempo rary Chin ese artists in 250 ful l col or photo graph s, with important informat io n about the evolution o f the fine arts in China. Index

Walter Launt Palmer. Maybelle Mann & Alvin Mann. This definitive biograp hy, 258 photo graphs of his work and catalog raisonné of Walter Launt Palmer, a celebrated 20th century painter, presents his personal and creative life in great detail. The text covers the entire scope of Palmer’s work, tracing his exp eriments with style from acad emicism to imp ressionism.


Today ’s Bota nical Artis ts. Cora Marcus and Libby Kyer. The work of 65 top botanical artists from America. Gor Gorgeous flowers, leaves, plants, roots, and vegetables have b een beautifully drawn and p ainte d an d are disp layed here. Today's gardeners, nature lovers, graphic desig ners, collectors, and d ecorators will find much to absorb and enjoy.

256 pp.


Robert C. Jackson Paintings.

Pers pectives on t he Provincetown Artis t Colony. Debo rah Forman. Provincetown, a microcosm of American art of the last century, explored in two rich volumes. The history begins in 1899, when Ch arles Hawtho rne o pened h is Cape Co d School of Art, and continu es through the t raditionalists, impressionists, and modernists and continuing into the present.

Lilies & Magnolias: Botanical Watercolors of Deborah Passmore Gillingham. Introduction by John Duncan. This lavish volume comes to light for the first time since the hand -pain ted images were created by Deborah Passmore Gillingham in 1820. All who love antique bo tanical art w ill enjoy these 49 exquisite renderings of lilies and 5 lovely magnolias, along with illuminated Lat in titles. E ach is p rinted on perforated paper, siz ed at 9 x 12 inches and read y to fit standard frames to adorn your wall.

volume, 224 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Folk Art Murals of the Rufus Porter School: New England Lands capes: 182 5-1845. Linda Carter Lefko & Jane E. Radcliffe. The book takes readers on a virtual tour of Po rter Schoo l murals in the New England states, dating from the 1820s-1840s. More than 400 color images provide inspiration for historians, researchers, desig ners, and p aint ers alike. It offers evidence regarding the attrib ution of these mostly unsigned works, and encourages readers to app ly t hat evidence in reaching their own conclusions.

Charles McFadd en. Over 500 striking color images

that are new on the w orld scene. The painters are

Schiffer LTD

248 pp.

Schiffer LTD

100 Artists of the Male Figure: A Contemporary Anthology of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture. E. Gibb ons. Introduction b y Grady Harp. With nearly 400 art works that cap ture classi cal masculine beauty in many styles, this resource presents paintings, d rawings, and sculpture of the male figure by artists from around the world . Candid personal statements reflect each artist’s ap proach to the subject.

Texas Wild Flowers. E liza Griffin Johnston. Watercolor p aintings capture the beauty o f Texas wild flowers as pain ted by Eliza Griffin Johnston in the late 1840s and 1850s. She b ound them into a book as a birthd ay g ift to her husband, Gen. Albert Johnston, who w as later killed during the Civil War. The William Barret Travis Chapter, The Daughters of the Repub lic of Texas, w ant to share the beauty of these imag es to reflect a time long gone.

Figurative Paintings: Paris & The Modern Spirit. Martin Wolpert and Jeffrey Winter. The work of 204 newly discovered regional Modernist painters, especially some fro m Belg ium, with carefully researched biographical information about each. Over 350 co lor photographs d isplay their dynamic works. These p aintings helped spread the Parisian inf luence thro ugho ut t he w orl d, an d are often showcased in galleries today. This p io neer w ork documents many of the artists for the first time.


All Aboard: The Life and Work of Marjorie Reed. Gary Fillmore. The first comp rehensive account of the unusual life and fine paintings of Marjorie Reed . Beau tifully il lust rated w ith over 300 color plates of her paintings and scores of never-before-pub lished personal photographs, this tracks her beginnings as a 16 year-old commercial artist in LA until the last p ainting on her easel at the time of her death six d ecades later.

Modern Figurative Paintings: 1890-1950 The Paris Connection. Martin Wolpert & Jeffrey Winter. This book p resents b iographies and 375 paintings by more than 150 artists who descend ed on Paris between 1890 and 1950. They pain ted the po pulace in bars, jazz clubs, and cabarets, portraits, nudes, an d scenes of their studios. The book offers insig ht into their paintings, which can still be acquired at equitable prices. Index 288 pp.

Shad ow s on the Mesa: A rtists of t he

The Art of the Garden: Collecting Antique Botanical Prints. Denise DeLaurentis & H ollie Powers Holt. Magnificent botanical p rints produced by notable artists of the 17th through the turn of the 20th centuries, including Besler, Merian, Cat esby, Ehert, Brookshaw , Thornton, Redout, and many Includes information on values, archiving , framing, and displaying.


Printmakers Today. Jeffrey B. Sn yder, editor. Color photos review works by today’s printmakers, f rom install at ion p ieces to three-dimensional art. Techniq ues include woodcuts, lithographs, screenprints, silkscreens, etching , mezzotint, serigraph print, linocut, and more. The artists describe their works, techniques, and inspirations.

Schiffer LTD

256 pp.

Thai & Southeas t Asian Painting: 18th through 20th Century. James E . Bogle. With 137 color images and explanatory text, this book takes you on a tour o f Southeast Asian religious paintings inspired by Theravada Budd hism. These works of art include: Phra Bo t-hanging cloth paintings for temple use; icons on wood, cloth or p aper; and manuscript paintings on Khoi pap er. Buddha and Jataka and Phra Mal i stories are featured .

Today’s Top Stationery Artists. Tori Higa. This book prof il es over 160 color images of artw ork from contempo rary greeting card and stationery designers. Each artist readers are introduced t o throug h images and text has a uniq ue and modern approach to designing for the age-old concept o f handwritten correspondence. They are all trendsetters in the stationery arena.

A Century of Artist Letters: Notes to Family, Friends, & Dealers Delacroix to Leger. Jacqueline Albert Simon & Lucy D. Rosenfeld. Over 100 letters from famous 19th and 20th century painters in Paris, including Monet, Renoir, Manet, Picasso, and Cassatt. With each letter is a transcription, Eng lish translation, a work of art by each artist, and their portrait. Additionally, each letter has been analyzed by a handwriting expert.

Today’s Top Stationery A rtists 2. Tori Higa. This book contains the w ork of 52 new stationery artists and over 350 vibran t color photos of their imaginative work. Short artist biograp hies and 16 in-depth feature interviews with various stationers provide readers with insight into their inspiratio n and business. Valuable tips are provided for starting your own stationery company. Graphic art designs are small and p ersonal.

Schiffer LTD

Sam Hyde Harris: 1889 – 1977 A Retrospective. Maurine St. Gaudens. An in-depth look at the sometimes outrageous personality of Sam Hyde Harris, an early California plein ai re landscap e painter, and insight into his methods and styles. Over 400 images demonstrate the progression and refinement of his subject and technique. Includes pencil drawings, work-up sketches, maquettes, and the final product. 256 pp.



Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings. 4th Edition-expanded. William R. Holland, Clifford P. Catania, and Nathan D. Isen. O ver 500 d if ferent etchings with particular at tentio n to the early years 1911-1924, when Icart was a relatively unknow n artist and his editio n sizes were smal l. The existing confusion surround ing Icart’s work is clarif ied, explaining the variations in his signature, the use of the “Windmill” and other seals, and t he myriad of copyright not ations found on his etchings.

tion text by Wharton Esherick. This limited editio n of Wharton Esherick’s hand lettered and illustrated Axe” comes with an original 8” x 11” print and special casing to ensure its longevity as a treasured ages capture the artist’s vision and skill. $350.00

Boudoir Art: The Celebration of Life. Cl if ford P. Catania. Illust rated with 280 color examples of charming Boudoir Art, the book chronicles “major” and “minor” artists of the early tw entieth cent ury who captured the beaut y of post-Victorian women through their etchings and lithographs. Information about the art and artists accompanies the photos including size, numb er of copies printed , and exact word ing of copyright d eclarations when know n. Price Guide

144 pp.

Index 248 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Wharton E sherick’s Illu min ated & Illustrated Song of the Broad-Axe: By Walt Whitman. With an i ntroduct ory essay by Paul Eisen hauer. A reproduction o f Whart on Esherick’s hand lettered and illustrated prototype of Walt Whit man’s "Song of the Bro ad-Axe." Smaller than the original, this edition was carefully printed to provide as true a reproduction as possible. It captures the artist’s visio n and skill and, for the first time, makes this book available to the public.

The Et chings of Louis Ica rt. S. Mich ael Schnessel & Mel Karmel . Arti st Louis Icart ’s famous etchings of b eautiful w omen are pictured here in 456 ph otos with critical appraisals of his techniques. A family backg round includes personal photos of Icart’s wife, scenes from his home and studio, and a chronological catalo g of many o f his et ching s.

Maxfield Parrish. Revised Price Guide. Coy Ludwig. The classic reference for this noted artist’s life and works, includ ing book illustrations, magazine covers and landscapes calendars in the early 20t h century w hich have become famous. His unique style o f painting is explained step-by-step and is shown in photographs. A newly revised ind ep endent value guide for the pictures is included.

Index 192 pp.

Schiffer LTD

224 pp.

Harry Bertoia Monoprints. Nancy N. Schiffer. Artist H arry Bertoia (1915-1978) made tho usands of mon oprin ts, man y bec oming th e b asis o f scul ptures during his forty-year career. Over 1500 monoprints are presented with identifying numbers and dimensions.

Icart. S. Michael Schnessel. Artist Louis Icart’s provocative and beautiful etchings are presen ted wi th detai led descript ion s of his techn iqu es; represent at ive o il painti ngs show the development of his st yle, and the text explains the forces influencing h im. A generous select ion from his watercolo rs, illu strat ed boo ks, litho graphs, and erotica is included. Index 178 pp.

The Collectible Maxfield Parrish. William R. Holl an d & Doug las Co ngdo n-Martin. Here the great wealth and beau ty of illustrato r Maxfield Parrish’s work is presented in 700 beautiful color photographs. Focusing o n those imag es that are available and can be co llected b y the averag e person, it has a usef ul Price Guid e. This is an essential reference for collectors of Parrish’s w ork and those interested in th e development of t he illustrator’s art in America. Price Guide

214 pp.

Schiffer LTD

and Battles of the Civil War.

engagements, military encampments, and major events. Th ese imag es w ere created by a corps of w ar artists emp loyed by Frank Leslie for his

Louis Icart Erotica. William A. Holland. Devoted exclusively to the erotic artworks of Louis Icart which every art & an tiques dealer, auctioneer, and collector has seen with no clue about their orig in or value. Here is an explan atory text, accomp anied by 299 color pictures of Icart’s most readily available erotic artwork w ith identifying titles and a price guide. Price Guide

176 pp.

Great Children’s Illustrators: 1880-1930. Darrell Heppner. Some of the best illustrat ors of children’s books from the late 1880s to the 1920s, incl udin g Ann e Anderson, Frances Bru ndage, Clara Burd, Bertha Corbett, Fanny Co ry, Melcema Denny, Bessie Pease Gu tmann, Q ueen Holden, Maud H umphrey, Henrietta Le Mair, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Ida Wau gh, and more. Biographical sketches, along with a listing and price guide o f illustrated baby b ooks. Price Guide

176 pp.

18 Bessie Pease Gutmann: Over Fifty Years of Published Art. 2nd edition, revised. Karen Choppa. A visual masterpiece with more full-color photos of Gutmann’s w ork than all other previous Gutmann p ublications. Some of the works show n are so rare t hat t his bo ok provides t heir on ly publication. Th is is the most complete price g uide to Gutmann’s work and a wonderful reference for illustrators and art libraries. Price Guide

160 pp.

Harrison Fisher: Defining the American Beauty. Tina Skinner. Harrison Fisher ‘s illustration s in nearl y 450 color and black and whi te magazi ne covers and b ook page s do cument his career. Most famous from 1905 to 1920, he achieved celeb rity status and was th e leading judge of beauty. Includes price guide by dealer and collector Bruce Magnot ti. Price Guide

176 pp.

Maud Humphrey: Her Permanent Imprint on American Illustration. Karen Choppa & Paul Humphrey. One of the mo st popular illustrato rs in America at the turn of the cent ury, Maud’s impact on American illustrat ion was lost until recently. This biograp hy is a loo k at a woman grow ing up in Victo rian times and the limitations those times set before her. Many of her images are includ ed to bring her art to life. Price Guide

160 pp.

Lowbrow Tarot: An Artistic Collaborative Effort in Honor of Tarot. Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon.

A Bit of Brundage: The Illustration Art of Frances Brundage. Sarah Steier & Donna Braun. Prolif ic American ill ust rator Frances Brund ag e was atypical of her time—during the late 1800s to mid-1930s sh e was a w ell -known artist. With over 500 color ill ustrations and an extensive price guide, this b ook presents images of children and beautiful ladies in her unique style which is grow ing in popul arity today. 176 pp.


Animation A rt : The Early Years , 19 111954. A Visual Reference for Collectors. Jeff Lotman. The major reference. N earl y 6,800 pieces of mo vie ani mation art are inclu ded in color. Explore t he earl y p eriod of animation, from the founding of the Winsor McKay Stud io in 1911 up to cels fro m 1954 p roductions. The animatio n process is explained along w ith tips for animatio n art collectors. Guide to Auction Prices

Renowned Tarot artist, Aunia Kahn, showcases 23 Lowbrow Tarot artists who used their creative genius and unique styles to produce 314 new works of art in the rugged glow of the Lowbrow Art Movement. These new and original works have been fashioned by accomplished artists: Carrie Ann Baade, Christopher Ulrich, Edith Lebeau, Cate Rangel, Kris Kuksi, Chris Mars, Christopher Umana, Christopher Conn Askew, Brian M. Viveros, Claudia Drake, Heather Watts, Molly Crabapple, David Stoupakis, Laurie Lipton, Patrick “Star 27” Deignan, Chet Zar, Jessica Joslin, Danni Shinya Luo, Jennybird Alcantara, Angie Mason, Scott G. Brooks, Aunia Kahn, and Daniel Martin Diaz. Each artist will offer interpretations for the cards displayed. Edited and organized by author Russell J. Moon. Artist contact information is included. Artist, author, and curator Aunia Kahn reveals her close and sometimes controversial works nationally and internationally. Her style has garnered acclaim the world over. Author Russell J. Moon's pursuits of knowledge through understanding, lends insight to meaning for readers to embrace and explore. Available in October

420 pp.

Animation Art at Auction: Since 1994. Jeff Lotman. Fascinating information about w hat to buy, where to buy it, and what the cost might be. Animation afficionado Jeff Lotman has done it again! With concise textual entries, almost every st udio that produced animation art fo r shorts, f eatures, or commercials has work included. Guide to Auction Prices

208 pp.

Lowbrow Tarot: Major Arcana Cards. Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon.


Newbrow: 50 Contemporary Artists. Shane Pomajamb o. Thi s vivid art book spot light s 50 artists of t he Lowb row art movement , with 188 color ph otos of t heir w ork. Artists from across the US, D en mark, Germany, and Au st ralia are featured. The images themselves are filled with social comment ary, startling imagery, and sharp humo r. The author describes their art as, “…a raw unapologetic form of expression that represents today’s current culture.”

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, each showing some aspect of the human experience. These cards are focused on the material world, the intuitive mind, and change. Renowned Tarot artist, Aunia Kahn and author Russell J. Moon, showcase 23 Lowbrow Tarot artists who used their creative genius and unique styles to produce a 22-card Major Arcana Tarot deck in the rugged glow of the Lowbrow Art movement. Hold the entire exhibition in your hand, owning every piece of the Lowbrow Tarot Project. Available in October


The Worst of While You Were Sleeping. While You Were Sleeping magazine and scantily clad ladies that were WYWS While You Were Sleeping was a graffiti and pop culture magazine started by graffiti supply business owner Roger Gastman when he was 19. Here are some of the greatest stories the magazine ever published—and many that are not so good. From stories on admirable serial killers and interviews with child stars to photos of graffiti and people’s naked sisters, this book takes you into the dirty minds of Gastman and his team of juvenile delinquents. You’ve been warned. Available in August

Greg “Batman” Davis: Original Gangster.

The Crips are the largest and most notorious black gang. Now with an estimated 250 sets nationwide, the Crips started in 1969 with just 10 members in South Central Los Angeles. Gregory “Batman” Davis was one of these founding members. Since its inception, the Crips have been the subject of countless newspaper articles, news specials, and documentaries. Some have interviewed Batman, many have used one of the few images he released to the press-including newspapers like The New York Times, websites like, and documentaries such as O.G.'s Gangsta King and Stacy Peralta’s Crips and Bloods—but none have told his story from start to finish. No ordinary tale from the streets, Batman’s story includes a host of unlikely characters—Field Marshal Cinque and Patty Hearst of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), cult leader Jim Jones, serial killers the Skid Row Stabber and Charles Manson, and ex-football player Jim Brown, to name a few. This is the true story of an Original Gangster. Available in August

20 CONTEMPORARY POP ART & ARTISTS Morris Park Crew: The Official History. John F. Lorne.

No other graffiti crew from New York City’s graffiti heyday conjures up more images of angel dust-smoking, beer-drinking, “crazy white boys,” than the Bronx-born-and-bred writing group Morris Park Crew (MPC). This official history of the crew tells the stories behind the group with never-before-published photos, oral histories from MPC members, and details on the 2009-2010 MPC revival. Starting in 1977, when founding members Slip, Wedge, and Speed started the crew, this account continues with details of how Cap 1 took over and led the crew down its unforgettable path in the 1980s. With a penchant for going to war with rival graffiti crews for train space and territory, which in turn led to the largest city-wide cross-out campaign, the MPC was known as a bunch of thugs who beat, hung, and shot perceived rivals and a group of talent-less “toys.” Wrapped up in this raw tell-all about the bad boys of NYC graffiti, are not just accounts of the crew’s passion for graffiti, but the real-life challenges its young members faced in their urban environment. John F. Lorne is a native of the Bronx and is a founder of the graffiti writing group Morris Park Crew (MPC). He lives in New Mexico, where he works with communities and youth to promote the positive aspects of art.

The Sweet Rot, Book 3: The Purple Meltdown. Joe Simko . Panic envelops Pollilop Drop when Mystic Miz . using her cryst al ball, foresees a p urple ap ocalypse sweep in g through the tow n. As she hurries to warn the other little rotters of this forthcoming purple meltdown, a few of the kid s give their own interpretations of w hat this violent violet vision co uld be. Fear mon gering, finger po inting, and g eneral paranoia ensue. Grades 6 and up.

The Sw eet Rot. Joe Simko. 46 color illustrations explo re the world of Po llilop Drop in this sugar-rush-of-a-q uest tale. Encounter unusual characters, including shy guitarist Pukeboy. A sw eet treat for graphic novel and underground art enthusiasts, and anyone interested in popular culture and the illustrator’s art.

Available in October The Sweet Rot, Book 2: Raiders of the Lost Art. Joe Simko. Join little rot-rocker Pukeb oy and graffiti art ist G umshoe in this second b ook from The Sw eet Ro t series as th ey search f or Gu msho e’s missin g paintings. This lost art quest leads our two heroes through the vividl y lush to wn of Pollilop Drop encountering a fresh new batch of little ro tters.

Surf, Skate & Rock Art of Jim Phillips. Jim Phillips. 1000s of artistic graphic illustrations, from motorcycles to health food and including rock posters, surf, and skateboard art, jump off these pages. Jim Phillips d elig hts in o riginal imagery to convey his unique reflections of the popular world. Since 1962, he has pub lished award-winning graphic designs for carto ons, skateboards, t-shirt s, stickers, rock post ers, and ad art. Index

208 pp.

The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips . Jim Phillips. This retrosp ective of Jim’s skateboard art bombards the reader with colorful decks, logos, ad art, ad layouts, photos, and stickers to illustrate the history of skateboarding , from the u rethane revo lution to the p resent. The story traces the roots of skateboarding with more than half a century of Phillips’ involvement.

Rock Posters of Jim Phillips. Jim Phillips. A retrosp ect ive of 100s of stunning rock posters b y Ji m Phill ips made over 40 years, f rom 1965 to 2005. Ph illips t ells his lif e story and records an evolution of Rock Age music. Iconic imag es adverti se concerts featuring emerging and established mu sicians. His g round-breaking computer p ain ted p osters and old -world styl e are su re to brin g a smil e. A bo nus sect io n presents Phill ips’s so n Jimbo’s rock p osters. ISBN: 0-7643-2531-0 Vicious , Delicious, and Ambitious: 20th Century Women Artists. Sherri Cullison. Over 250 color images present the artw ork of twenty talented con temporary female artists who h ave claimed the outsider art genre Lowb row Art, once dominated by men, for their own. In the text, each artist’s story is presented along with her work and essays from Chris Pfouts and Anthony Ausgang . Index

160 pp.

Put the Needle on the Record: The 1980s at 45 Revolutions Per Minute. Matthew Ch ojnacki. The defi nitive g uid e to 7- an d 12-in ch vinyl artwork fro m t he 1980s, the most musicall y d istinctive and visually provocative era of the last millennium. Includes more than 250 vinyl single covers and commentary from designers and the biggest ‘80s pop artists.

soft cover


The Uncolored Book for You to Color. Matt Fren ch. Th is 80-page coloring boo k w ill both delight and entertain. Drawn in pen and ink, these “uncolored” images for your kids to color will open their imaginat io n and inspire t heir own creativity. Children will l ove it and even adults will get into the action trying to decip her all t he little details in each of the drawings. Grade 6 and up.

21 Positive Creations: The Vis ionary Art of Chris Dyer. Chris Dyer. This narrative compilation presents work b y Peruvian artist Chris Dyer, whose globetro tting, mult i-cultural, sp iritual ad ventures and d iscoveries are ref erenced in hund reds of images of his work includ ing paintings, sculp tures, sket ch es, skatebo ard art, murals, graffiti, and more.

From the Platform: Subway Graffiti, 1983-1989. Paul Cavalieri. In the early ‘80s, graffiti w riter Paul Cavalieri, who w rites “CAVS,” was draw n to the colorful tags on trains and started learning train sched ules so he could snap works b y many writers of the t ime. This is a compilation of more than 300 pho tographs of sub way graffiti fro m 1983 to 1989, w hen the MTA announced that its fleet w as entirely g raffiti-free.

Graphic Horror: Movie Monster Memories.

New York City Hors epower: An Oral

New York Subway s and Stations: 1970-1990. Tod Lange. See 1970s and 1980s New York through the attitude and reputation of its transportation system. Tod Lange, artist and subway archivist, presents more than 150 images of his favorite train lines, graffiti painted cars, stations, subway yards, and work equipment that defined one of New York’s bygo ne eras.

The World’s Rarest Movie Pos ters. Todd Spoor. Over 300 col or images of vintage movie posters, including the extremely rare drive-in theater posters, are featured along wit h the more common one-sheet size. These posters, often very different from the standard p osters, were prin ted in smaller numbers, adding to their interest and value. Auctio n results from 1989-the present, and other pricing information make this a usef ul tool for col lectors of p osters who are trying to make informed purchasing decisions.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyd

208 pp.

The Unofficial Guide to the Art of Jack T. Chick: Chick Tracts, Crusader Comics, and Battle Cry Newspapers. Kurt Kuersteiner. A witty text with over 580 imag es pl unge readers into the fascinat ing wo rld of cartoonist Jack T. Chick. Photos display common and the rare images among Chick’s 170 titles, incl uding cover art and interior pag es. Chick literature displayed is both reviewed and valued.

New York S ubwa y Gra ffit i. To d Lange. An informative, nostalgic lo ok at the graffiti years of the New York sub way system. It inclu des the work from the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s artists BLADE, GHOST, SENT, REAS, VEN , WOLF, and STRIDER, as well as many lesser known “underdogs,” w ith personal accounts of their art and adventures.

Price Guide

160 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3339-2 soft cover $29.99

192 pp.

New Attitude: An Adult Paper Doll Book. To m Ti erney. Meet more than 40 outrageou s, sexy, glamo rous swing ing sing les at a fab ulous Manhattan cocktail p arty hosted by “Aunt Mary.” Th is p arade of g ay an d lesb ian ste reo typ es includes hairdressers, mo vie stars, millionaires, models, d rag q ueens, and ot hers, each n early naked in seductive loungerie, and with mix and match clothing.

Hollywood Movie Posters: 1914-1990. Miles Barton . A colorful visual history of t he movies from the early silent days to the big b lockbusters of recent years, seen through the spectacular graphics studios used to advertise their movies. With over 400 illustrations of rare and collect ible movie posters, it also provides a guide t o the value of this advertising material. 224 pp.

Movie Posters: 75 Years of Academy Award Winners. Diana DiFranco Everett and Morris Everett, Jr. A history of the Academy Awards with over 850 movie posters is a visual feast with an image from almost every win ning picture in every category. Information about every winner makes this a beautiful and valuable resource.

Truck Art: A Decade of Graffiti. Tod Lange & Paul Cavalieri. 294 color photos cap ture graffiti art created over ten years on semi-truck trailers and seen up and down the American East Coast. See also military trailers, service trucks, and mobile homes as massive metal canvases. Many examples recorded from original outline to finished works.

272 pp.

160 pp.

Gartel: The Art of Fetish. Laurence M. Gartel. An artist brings his own creative inp ut and adds his twist to the st oryline, becomin g a participant throug h the creative process of working with the imag ery. This b ook is loaded with provocative imagery, incl uding 103 set p ieces p lus many o f the posters and other graphic art for which Gartel has received much acclaim. It will entertain and confront as all great art will do.

HISTORIC POSTER Great Rock & Roll Street Art. Victor Burleigh. Ro ck posters of t he 1980s had all the vitality and “in -your-face-ness” of the youth culture. Nearly 750 of these original posters, p roduced from 1977 to 1989 of fer a wid e col lectio n of styles and graphic images, as well as a history of the rock scene in the 1980s Index 288 pp.


CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: 10 0 New York Photographers. Cynt hi a Dantzic. An extensive review of the great range o f contemporary New York p hotographers and their widely d iverse, surp risin gly divergent, images. It presents an overview of the work of a great variety of individuals, their subject matter and even philosophies - their very definitions of pho tography, darkroom and digital. Their photograp hs have been seen in publications, galleries, and museums from as early as 1937 up to the present d ay.


ISBN: 978-0-7643-3340-8 hard cover $59.99

G RAFFITI Fresh Paint: NYC. Bill y Schon. This unique book provides a ten-year tour o f New York City g raffiti captured o n walls, trucks, and sub way cars. Works ran ge from tradi tional tags to modern “p ro duction” walls by graffiti crews X-Men, KD, 156, RIS, AOK, TC-5, FAME CITY, COD, XTC, TFP, MCI, IF, D YM, 718, TD4, SMART, TATS CRU, GFR, and AKB. 176 pp.

New York City Graffiti: The Destiny Children. This t rue story and retrospective of The Dest iny Child ren (TDC) graffiti crew d ocuments their works from 1985 to 2000. See more than 500 works including burners on handball courts, tractor trailer pieces, and sub way top to bottoms. Rare action shots and personal accounts complete the journey.

Great Street Art: Reggae, Blues, and World Beat Pos ters , 1977-1989. Victor Bu rleigh. Over 500 reggae, b lues, and world beat music posters that once hung on telephone poles, vacant walls, and sh op windows to advertise clubs and their performers. They represent a wide variety of styles and graphic images, as well as a history of the music scene. This b ook is a must for g raphic designers, rock historians, and collecto rs.

CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: Coney Island: 40 Years. Harvey Stein. Over 200 black and w hite pho tos tell the tale of New Yo rk’s Coney Island amusement p ark over the last 40 years. Coney Islan d provid es a sense of ad venture, escape from daily wo rries, an d much pl easure, whe ther ri din g the jarring Cyc lon e rol ler coast er, w alkin g th e boardwalk, viewing the Mermaid Parad e, or just sunbathing on the beach.

288 pp.

World War I Posters. Gary A. Borkan. Over 450 Worl d War I po sters that were produced in t he Unit ed States, Canada, and Euro pe are i llustrated in color. The text d iscusses the history, d esi gn, and printing p rocess. Th e book al so devotes considerable attentio n to issues relevant to co llec tors: con dit ion , c onservatio n, display, and value. 240 pp.

Blood and Bea uty: Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. Pamela Greene. The Meatpacking D istrict , famous today for g litz and glamour, used to be known for b lood, muscle, an d sweat. Pamela Greene’s photographs are an el egy to a lost w orld of w orking class work, and an ode to artists of fashion, beauty, style-and play-w ho have tried to rep lace it.


22 GRAFFITI 100 UK Graffiti Artists. Frank “Steam156” Malt.

Simply opening these covers commits you to being dazzled by 100 of the UK’s top “writers” and street artists, immersing yourself in the styles, past and present, which make UK street art great. Upon its arrival in the UK from New York in the 1980s, graffiti rapidly spread across the island, infecting the youth like a stylistic virus. Out of the early days came names that would become part of UK writing legend, such as Mode2, Zaki Dee, Choci, Goldie, and Robbo. Alongside works by these pioneers, we sweep across the whole of the UK, taking in Scotland and Wales, running through the nineties, right up to the modern day when more advanced, technical graffiti, wheat pasting, and stenciling are the new media on the street. This collection includes works by Aroe, Skore, Xens and Kem, Mef, and more. Guiding us through this review is Steam 156, who was there at the start and is still as passionate as ever. This is a must-have collection for graffiti writers and fans around the world. Under the alias "Steam156," Frank Malt has been documenting graffiti worldwide since 1983. He runs the website Available in October

Street Talking: International Graffiti Art. Mike Popso.

Street Talking is a massive accumulation of graffiti and street art photographs taken over the last decade by photographer Mike Popso. Exploring a cross-continental swath of urban areas, Popso captures hard-to-reach spots where there is an explosion of bright color and brighter ideas on canvases ranging from abandoned schools in Detroit to the back alleys of Istanbul, Turkey. From illegal tagging under ground to the commissioned productions above ground, Street Talking documents works by an entirely new generation of “writers” and artists under the influence of yesterday’s masters. An artistic platform for today’s global voices in street art, Popso’s compilation features works by The MSK Crew and other cutting edge artists working in Detroit, New York, the West Coast, and Europe-a must have for all street art collectors, practitioners, and enthusiasts. Mike Popso is a freelance photographer from Detroit, Michigan. For the past ten years he has been traveling the world and taking photographs of many subjects. He lives in San Francisco, California, where he studies photography at The Academy of Art University. Available in January

23 Urban A trophy. Dan Haga. 560 color ph otos and compell ing text capture a wide variety of abandoned pow er plants, mental asylums, military bases, prisons, hospital s, schools, and cathed rals in the Mid-At lantic region. Exploring these forgotten locations, according to the author, is like, “being in another world, a surreal dream where people just d isappeared and left every thing behind .”

Bodine’s Ches apeake Bay Count ry. A. Aubrey Bodine. Jennifer Bodine, editor. Aubrey Bodin e’s pho tographs chronicled nearl y every aspect of Maryland life on pages of the Baltimore Sun from 1924 to 1970. 286 digitally restored pictures are divid ed into five d istinct areas: Baltimo re and su rrounds, Chesapeake Bay, Eastern Shore, Southern Maryland and Annap olis, and Western Maryland. Essays and captions convey Bodine’s unique observations in his own words.

184 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-87033-562-4 hard cover $29.95

Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone. John Thomas Grant. The story of life and death in America can only be told in one place – its cemeteries. View 224 beautiful cemetery photo graphs al ong with heartfelt epitaphs that bring the past alive in this oneof-a-kind study of American tradition.

Harvey Caplin’s Real Cowboys: & the Old West. Abb ie Capli n. Phot ograp her Harvey Caplin recorded ranch lif e in the Ameri can We st f rom the 1940s to the 1980s, cap turing magnificent land scapes and p icturesque p eople. See 173 of h is beautiful images and revel at the grandeur of the land and drama of its life.

Birds of Cape Cod & The Islands. Ro ger S. Everet t. A fiel d guide, travelogue, and pho to-essay, t his boo k features nearly 300 varieties of birds, both native and migratory, and some rare visitors from far-off lands, in their Cape and Islands habitats. The imag es reveal beauty, both in the birds themselves and the artistic eye of the photographer.



224 pp.

Geisha & Maiko of Kyoto: Beauty, Art, & Dance. John Foster. This exquisite collect io n of photographs and interviews portrays four of Kyoto’s most beautiful geisha and maiko (app rentice g ei sha). The book focuses on their d ancing, artistic training, and the transformation of one girl from maiko to geisha.

The West that Was. John Eggen. Images taken from t he original g lass neg at ives mad e in th e early 20th cent ury, these photos give an unprecedented look at life on the ranch and trail. Authentic people doi ng th ei r rugg ed jobs an d living free on the range.

Birds of Cape Cod & the Islands in Postcards. Roger S. Everett. Forty of the birds of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard, captured by noted bird photographer, Roger S. Everett, are gathered in this book of beautiful color postcards. Perforated, they can be detached and sent to friends (at 40 cents apiece they are a good bargain), framed and hung on your wall, or kept intact as a souvenir of your summer vacation.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3221-0 hard cover $39.99 $29.95

Just Passing Through. Mick Blackistone. Pho tographs by Marion E. Warren. Photographs by renown photographer, the late Marion Warren, and insightful p oetry by award-winning author Mick Blackist one. Black and w hite imagery of moments in time o f people and p laces of the Chesapeake Bay region come alive in this book, revealing the warmth and spirit of living that is timeless in to day’s world .

Cowboys. John Eg gen. In 1903, Frank Sherman photographed a cattle rou ndup, includ ing a surp rise visit from President Theodo re Roosevelt, to make p ost card s for his souvenir shop in Colorado Spring s. Here are his images preserved on glass ne gati ve s all t hese years lat er. E njo y authentic views of the cowb oys.

New Jersey Birds and Beyond. Susan Pud er. New Je rse y o ff ers ample viewing opportunities fo r b irders, p hotographers, and nature lovers alike. 358 striking colo r imag es and delightful observations of over 180 bird species, al ong with other native flora and fauna.

Birds of Coastal South Carolina. Roger S. Everett. Birds along the South Carolina shore displayed in beautiful, full color images. Organized by habitat, the various species areshown in yards, gardens, woodlands, beaches, and nature reserves. While not a field guide, it will aid dedicated birders and casual visitors to see the aviary that surrounds them. 144 pp.

CONTEMPORARY ART P HOTOGRAPHY: Bare Landscapes. Sigth or Markusso n. Sixty provocative photos grace the pages of this photo graphic journey across the topograph y of Iceland. It is the exp loration of tw o b odies, the land and the female form. Accompanying the imag es are poetry in Eng lish and Icelandic that frames the view and sets the scene. The rough and angu lar Icelandic landscape and the smo oth, curved hu man body creat e surp rising juxtapositions at every turn.


Braziliangels . Joaquim Nabuco. The th emes revealed by this fresh co llection of art nudes tells a story of Braz il’s cul ture and the ang els who grace its natural beauty. Phot ographer Joaquim Nabuco’s collection of art photos creates a lush, whimsical, and sensual landscape that revolves around the feminine, exotic, and vibrant character of these women.

HISTORIC ART P HOTOGRAPHY Bodin e’s Cit y: The Photogra phy of A . Aubrey Bodine. Jennifer B. Bodine. A. Aubrey Bodine was a Baltimore Sund ay Sun f eature pho tograp her for 43 years. These 154 images transcend their geographical bounds in Baltimo re as Bodine’s subject mat ter varie d w ild ly. H e photographed people, animals, buildings, harsh weather cond itions, textures, geometric patterns, and cityscapes. A. Aubrey Bodine devoted his life to elevating phot ography to an art form.

Paw nee Bill’s Historic Wild West: A Photo Documentary of the 19011 90 5 Sh ow Tours . Al le n F arn u m. amateur photo grapher Harry Bock. Off ers Western, hist orical, and tent show bu ffs a visual l ook back in time.

Wading and S hore Birds of the A tlant ic Coast . Ro g er S. E verett . Noted bird photo grapher Roger S. Everett has sel ected his best for this new book of po st cards. Perforated, th ey can be detach ed and sen t t o friends, framed an d hung on your w all , or kep t intact. The perfect gift for the bird en thusiast.

128 pp.

NATURE P HOTOGRAPHY Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird and Nature Photography. Kevin T. Karlson, Lloyd Spitalnik, & Scott Elowitz. A varied collection of more than 450 bird and nature photos from 10 other contrib uting photographers. Set to the elements o f the pl anet (earth, fire, air, and water) and includes an assortment of exciti ng actio n and mo ody nature pho tographs t hat are somehow connected to these elements. Birds of Cape May, New Jersey. Kevin T. Karlson. Cape May, N ew Jersey, is one of the b est bird-watching locations in th e wo rl d. Exqu isite pho tograp hs represent birds common ly seen here, with action and f light themes. Birds are shown in foliag e appro priate to different season s, wi th anecd otes and natural history in concise photo captions. 256 pp.

Favorite Songbirds. Rog er S. Everett. 120 full-colo r photo graphs of exquisite beauty, Favorite Songbirds offers images of the birds we know and love the best: cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, robins, and orioles. These are the birds that inhabit our yards and neighborhoods. They also are favorite subjects of painters and carvers, who will welcome this collection of clear accurate images.

Wading and Shore Birds: A Photogra phic Study . Roger S. Everett. On e o f N ew Eng land ’s foremost bird photographers presents here for the first time a study of wading an d shore birds, with over one hundred full-color pictures. The p ictures delight the eye while providing an important resource for nat uralists, artists, carvers, and t axidermists. Over 38 varieties of shore and wading birds are shown, most in several poses and perspectives.

24 CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY Getting into Face: 52 Mondays Featuring JoJo Baby and Sal-E. Bernard Colbert.

Here is a visual feast in the tradition of 1990s club kids. See performance artists JoJo Baby and Sal-E use their bodies as canvases to become inspired and whimsical conceptual characters executed with expert skill using original, theatrical makeup and costumes. In more than 100 portraits, photographer Bernard Colbert rigorously captures these two performance artists in genius moments as psychedelic Hindi gods, comic book villains, fantastical creatures, astronauts, and much, much more. Colbert’s stunning portraits document these delightful transformations over a five-year period and are the same body of work featured in the Clive Barker documentary titled JoJo Baby. Through Colbert’s collaboration with JoJo and Sal, viewers can experience a front row seat to an ongoing show which has been entertaining club goers in Chicago for two decades. This is a portfolio for the visually adventuress and fans of true creative vision. Bernard Colbert is a commercial photographer whose work encompasses portraits, fashion, advertising, and fine-art photography. Bernard’s work has been featured in numerous periodicals and solo exhibitions. Available in August

No Lumps, Thank You: A Bra Anthologie. Meg Spielman Peldo.

What do fishing reels, oranges, and antlers have in common? How about teacups, maracas, and pears? Find out in No Lumps, Thank You: A Bra Anthologie – an uplifting and entertaining photographic collection of playful brassieres created from a wide and wild variety of common objects. From Nest Enhancement, two bird nests adorned with delicate flowers and string, to Hot Ta-tas, colorful Mexican bowls filled with peppers sporting braided green onion straps, artist Meg Spielman Peldo creates remarkably clever images that appeal to both sexes and virtually all age groups. No matter what your relationship is with breasts and bras, this book will bring a smile to your spirit and a chuckle to your heart, with its quirky interpretations of the silly terms for them. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the fight against breast cancer. Meg Spielman Peldo is a fine art and portrait photographer and ceramic artist who’s work in both media has been featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” artists series. She lives in Fargo, North Dakota. Available in October

CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY 25 True Africa: Photographs by David Sacks. David Sacks.

photographs of Africa True Africa showcases the best and worst of what orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa live with everyday. Is there poverty? Yes. But there is also beauty, dignity, a generosity of hospitality, and joy. Extreme poverty is an assault on human dignity, but at the end of the day it is no match for the human soul. Dignity can be obscured, beaten down, and dressed in tatters, but its essence remains. If you are perceptive, you will see it. Professional photographer David Sacks is a master at drawing out these qualities in his subjects. He shows that people—both children and adults—are not defined by the outer shell of their adversity. So put aside all your preconceived notions about the calamities Africa may or may not be facing and enjoy this photographic journey into the beautiful and joyful people who live there. David Sacks has won numerous national and international awards for his photographs of Africa, including the grand prize of the National Geographic World in Focus International Photography Awards. Available now

Local Heroes: Portraits of American Volunteer Firefighters. Ian Spanier, Marek Fuchs, Florian Bachleda, and Grace Martinez.

Firefighters are the unsung local heroes of every community. They protect our towns and cities, risk their lives, and give up their free time when the alarm sounds. Through beautiful photography and engaging text, take a glimpse into the lives of these men and women, all of them volunteer, including an Emmy-winning songwriter, an arborist, a lawyer, and a topographic mapmaker. Experience a sampling of life at firehouses from around the country: a 100-year-old department in a small New York town, an “Old South” department in one of America’s poorest counties, a Midwest department that battled one of the worst fires in Colorado’s history, and a California coastline department with only nine members--none younger than 54. Their stories will leave you inspired and thankful for the local heroes we call firemen. Ian Spanier, a professional photographer, began taking photographs at six years old when his parents gave him his first point and shoot camera. Marek Fuchs, a journalist, is on the writing faculty at Sarah Lawrence College and is a volunteer firefighter. Florian Bachleda has been the creative director of FB Design since 2006. Grace Martinez, a Senior Associate Art Director at Glamour magazine, resides in Brooklyn, New York. Available in August

26 CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY American Coasters: A Thrilling Photographic Ride. Thomas Crymes.

American Coasters is one coaster enthusiast’s photographic journey across the country in search of the next great thrill. From Massachusetts to Florida, from New Jersey to California, this book contains adrenaline-inducing images of more than 100 different roller coasters from 21 different parks in 12 states. And for the adrenaline junky searching for that perfect ride, this thrilling look at American coasters also covers nearly 40 featured coaster profiles complete with all the vitals and a brief commentary. Whether you like wood or steel, loops or launches, this book showcases a wide variety of different roller coasters built over the last 90 years at parks like Cedar Point, Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thomas Crymes has spent a lifetime riding roller coasters and almost a decade capturing images of them. Available in December

Painted Alive: The Fine Art Bodypainting of Craig Tracy. Craig Tracy.

Painted Alive is the first collection of bodypainted images by New Orleans artist Craig Tracy. With his masterful approach to this ancient and ephemeral art, Tracy has found the perfect way to passionately express his creativity. More than sixty transformative and intimately provocative works reveal Tracy’s vision, which ranges from realistic to conceptual and surreal. In addition to the vibrant finished works captured here, Tracy shares some behind-the-scenes images of his process, which can often be as alluring as the final images. His skillful use of multiple techniques is as varied as the individuals, both male and female, that he paints upon. This monograph challenges the perception of conventional contemporary art and is ideal for anyone who collects, appreciates, Born and raised in New Orleans, Craig Tracy’s artistic career started in his early childhood and never stopped evolving. He runs the world’s first gallery dedicated to the fine art of bodypainting. Available in September

CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY 27 Paradise in Brazil. Joaquim Nabuco. photographer Joaquim Nabuco

Head back to paradise with another tantalizing collection of images from Brazilian photographer Joaquim Nabuco. In more than 150 color and black and white images, the stunning women of Brazil grace equally beautiful tropical landscapes, including locations with mountains, jungles, beaches, and historical sites. There are even photographs that couple models with Brazil’s indigenous wildlife like jaguars and macaws. By eliciting rich and radiant responses from these "Braziliangels," Nabuco is able to introduce the diverse characteristics of women from different regions of Brazil. From the mysterious beauties of the south to the spicy women of the north, this collection makes it very clear why Brazil is known as the home of supermodels. Quotes from Brazilian artists and poets about the beauty of their nation’s fairer sex confirm this. But Nabuco’s models come from all walks of life, some are actresses, TV personalities, journalists, biologists, and fashion designers, and all celebrate the paradise that is Brazil. Joaquim Nabuco is a Brazilian photographer who works with top advertising agencies, fashion brands, and record labels in Brazil and abroad. His key purpose in life is to publicize his country’s beauty, which can also be seen in Braziliangels and The Art of Brazilian Architecture. Available in December

Bodyscapes®. Allan I. Teger. ® photographed over

35 years

Can there be more than one reality at a time, and can we experience them both? These were the questions that led photographer and former psychology professor Allan I. Teger to create this collection of black and white Bodyscapes® . At first glance, Bodyscapes appear to be landscapes; a second look shows that they are in fact nude bodies with small toys and miniatures set on them. Spanning a 35-year period, this collection shows more than 100 black and white images photographed in a single exposure without any post processing or manipulation. The body becomes the setting for golfing, skiing, mountain climbing, surfing, and other sports. Other images feature landscapes ranging from rolling farmlands to beaches and outer space. They are fun, beautiful, and sensual, but always in good taste. This elegant portfolio of Teger’s images is an ideal, reality-bending addition to any art photography library. Allan I. Teger, Ph.D., is a former professor who applies his interest in the psychology of consciousness to the field of art. His award-winning work has been shown in galleries across the country and in publications around the world. Available in September


The Nature of the Meadowlands. Jim Wright, The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.

rejuvenation and exceptional wildlife Celebrate the environmental restoration of the Meadowlands. For decades, New Jersey’s Meadowlands have been known as mostly the home of the NFL’s Giants and Jets, the place where Jimmy Hoffa is purportedly buried, or a wasteland that you passed through on your way somewhere else. Until recently, that reputation was deserved. The land was blighted with unregulated landfills and the Hackensack River so polluted that barnacles couldn’t survive. Today, though, the 30.4-square-mile region has made a remarkable comeback. Located in Bergen and Hudson Counties and just five miles from Manhattan, the Meadowlands is a prime destination for birders, kayakers, and other nature lovers. In words and images, The Nature of the Meadowlands illuminates the region’s natural and unnatural history, from its darkest days of a half-century ago to its amazing environmental revival. This is a great resource and beautiful keepsake for residents and visitors, tourists of New Jersey, nature lovers, and history buffs. Jim Wright writes and photographs the Meadowlands Nature Blog for the N.J. Meadowlands Commission. He is also the birding columnist for The Bergen Record, nature columnist for The South Bergenite, and author of Jungle of the Maya, Hawk Mountain, and In the Presence of Nature. Available in October

Underwater Photography: A Guide to Capturing the Mysteries of the Deep. Trent Burkholder. sitional factors


Explore the underwater world of photography through this informative guide written in simple language, covering the technical, mechanical, and compositional factors that contribute to producing quality images. View 120 beautiful color photographs and 18 instructional images illustrating the successful use of the techniques described. Precise instructions are given for handling and maintaining an underwater camera, as well as how to choose from the many different types of equipment available. Learn about the historical pioneers in the fields of underwater exploration, photography, and oceanography. Included are descriptions of specific diving techniques that can result in improved photographic opportunities. Gain knowledge of animal behavior and ecology with an emphasis on safety and protection of the marine environment. This book is a must have for any scuba enthusiast, aspiring underwater photographer, or ocean lover. Trent Burkholder is a freelance photographer and writer with a focus on culture and travel. He was introduced to scuba diving during trips to Asia. Since that time, underwater photography has become his driving passion, guiding him to remote areas in search of marine adventures. Available in January


Sailing Fascination. Heinrich Hecht. Text by Hans-Harald Schack

Heinrich Hecht ranks among the world’s most renowned sailing photographers. He has maintained his place on the international market for more than twenty years. The America’s Cup and Olympic sailing competitions are his field just as much as classic yachting and picturesque sailing on the Steinhuder Meer, where his classic H-Dinghy lies. It is the broad spectrum of sailing and yachting that fascinates the versatile photographer. This sport welds people together on board, as they cannot be more different. Hecht is friends with stars and have-nots of the sailing world, with globetrotters and weekend sailors. His enthusiasm for sailing and the beauty of ships speaks from the pictures in this book. Hans-Harald Schack works in Berlin and sails on the Baltic Sea. This journalist and author has reported on sailing since the 1980s. Available in September

Puerto Rican Surf Culture: The Photography of Steve Fitzpatrick. Steve Fitzpatrick. lens and bilingual prose well-endowed oceanography Rico has been on the international map of world-class surfing destinations. But it wasn’t until photographer Steve Fitzpatrick relocated to San Juan in 1992 that the island’s outstanding surf conditions and culture had a dedicated documentarian. Steve has spent the last two decades chasing nearly every swell with his camera, and has now distilled the absolute best images into this collection of more than 270 images. Pulled from an archive of more than 50,000 captures, this dramatic group of images presents the best surf Puerto Rico has to offer and the talented, athletic personalities that relentlessly harness its awesome power. Complete with images of the island’s stunning natural beauty and a scientific analysis of Puerto Rico’s well-endowed oceanographic situation, hardcore surfers and non-surfers alike will be impressed by this stunning work. Arguably the most widely published photographer working out of the Caribbean today, Steve Fitzpatrick’s dedication to documenting Puerto Rico’s surf has been unrivaled over the last two decades. Available in September


History of Collegiate Rowing in America. Daniella K. Garran.

The spirit of college athletic competition is captured in this history of collegiate rowing in America. Chart the rise in the popularity of rowing from the first collegiate crew founded at Yale University in 1843 to the development of the over 300 programs nationwide today. Relive the prominent races and regattas that various college crews took part in, including the Head of the Charles, the Eastern Sprints, and the Olympics. Interviews with past and present coaches and rowers, as well as 142 beautiful images illustrate the essence of the sport. This nostalgic celebration of the oldest college sport in the country will be a treasured keepsake for all rowers and their families as well as a wonderful resource for historians and sports enthusiasts. Daniella Garran was a coxswain for the men’s crew team at Connecticut College from 1990 to 1994. She won several national championships with various boat clubs. She lives on Cape Cod where she is a middle school history teacher. Available in December

The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-up.

From the girl next door to sexy switch-blade sisters, the pin-up girls depicted in this collection of works by 15 of today’s best artists boldly display the full spectrum of the genre. Through masterful use of color and media, both traditional and digital, these artists from around the world capture the female form in ways that remain true to their forefathers (Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, etc.) but also to their own contemporary styles. To dig deeper into the process, each artist’s section includes a statement that unveils vast and cover everything from action, horror, and 70s cinema to mythology, comic books, science fiction, and fantasy. So, whether you’re into zombies, angels, latex, burlesque, or pop-culture, there is fresh, modern pin-up art for everyone. Available in September

31 The Traveling Nature Photographer: A Guide for Exploring the Natural World through Photography. Steven Morello. Over 220 color photos present stun ning nat ure pho tograph y and the equipment used to capture it. A detailed reference d esigned to prepare readers for photo adven tures in the w il d.

Alvarado’s Classic Modern Pin-ups. Robert Alvarad o. Th is essential collection of pin-u ps, from up start photographer Robert Alvarado, subtly comb ines color, form, and style and has an allure that captivates onlo okers and co nfounds fellow photographers. A year of trial and error went into achieving the look presented here: luscious images with f lat col or and a shine that accentuates the models’ key features.

Bunny Yeager’s Pin-Up Girls of the 1960s. Bunny Yeager. Famed p hotographer Bunny Yeager presents the lat est retrospective of her own w ork, revisiting the spirited, fun-loving wo men of the flower-power decade. More than 230 color-packed images present 80 beautiful women, captured in the 1960s in a multitude of exciting locations. Each woman exhibits her own style an d intrigu e, along with the aura and fashions of the ’60s era.

Faces of the Susquehanna: A Photographic Study of Natural Reflections. Stephen W. Pidc ock. The Susqueh ann a River takes on a life of its ow n in this photo graphic stud y of rock and water reflect ions. With a “verti-zontal art” ap proach to the images, more than 240 colo r photographs sho w t he beaut ifu l sc enery, d etail s of rocks, plant s, and shapes, and colors of the seasons.

The New American Pin-up: Tattooed & Pierced. Brian E. Johnson & Valerie D. Stanton. The trad it io n of the American pin-up girl, celebrating not only the st unning beauty of the models, but the artistry of the tatto os and p iercing s th at adorn their bodies. The 46 women all wear interest ing and creative body art by some of the most talented tattooers and body piercers in the world. They share some of their thoughts about tattoo s and life.

Bikini Girls of t he 196 0s. Bu nny Yeager. Renow ned photographer Bunny Yeager acted as a magnet for b eautiful models in the 1960s. She adorned them with beautif ul b ikin is and care fully p hotographed them in exo tic and unexpect ed places, in playful poses that are simultaneously sweet and sexy. H ere is a wonderful, reminiscent look at feminine beauty 1960s style, b y one of the key characters who defined it.

The Art of Flower Photography. Luci an N iemeyer. Vivid c olo r ph oto s illustrat e the steps necessary to create artf ul color pho tograp hs of the w orld ’s flora, including t he right choice of setting, lig hting , th e color p al ette, eq uipment, techniques, and th e d ocumentat io n and storage of the resulting images.

Peep-Machine Pin -Ups : 194 0s-1 950 s Mutoscope Art. Don Preziosi & Tina Skinner. Th e In tern at io nal Mut oscope Re el Comp any manufactured vending machines that served up pin-up card s for collectors. This collection of more than 250 highly-collectible images includes w ork by no ted artists Zoe Mozert, Earl Moran, and G il Elvgren, talented port rayors of the f emale form.

Bunny Yeager’s Bouffant Beauties : BigHair Pin-Up Girls of the ‘60s & ‘70s. Bunny Yeager. Celebrity pho tographer and model Bun ny Yeager shares pin-up g irls sporting the glorio us bouffants that were all the rage in the 1960s and ‘70s. Sporting bikinis, lingerie, or nothing at all, these models flout their femininity for your viewing pleasure. In all, 127 w omen are featured in big, full-color, full-page spreads.

160 pp.

176 pp.

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY .Horse Racing: Photography by Arthur. Frank. Essay by Joe Drap e. 168 photos depicting the d evelo pment of thoroughbred race horses from their days as foals, through training sessions, and then to the track. Highlights the unique relationship between the horse and those who bred them, own them, train them, care for them, and bet on them. Introduced with a p erso nal essay b y sportswriter Joe Drape.

B UNNY YEAGER Femmes Fatales of the 1950s. Bunny Yeager. 60 sultry femmes fatales are captured by world famous photographer Bunny Yeager. E ach image was hand-p icked by Yeager from her vast photo archives of seductive women. Photo locations range from the familiar and intimate to the wild and exotic, yet all the while maint aining a certain 1950s style and flair. Here are t he girls you wished had lived next door, inclu ding actress Allison Hayes.

No Mercy: Roller Derby Life on the Track. Jules Doyle. Th is visual record gives a comprehensive view o f modern roller derby, through 353 images capturing all the crushing hits, stifling blocking, and ni mb le jamming . F ans of rol le r derb y and fast-paced, contact sports will enjoy modern roller derby’s history while photography b uffs will appreciate Doyle’s artistic prose with the camera.

Flirts of the Fif ties. Bu nny Yeager. World ren own ed pho tograph er Bunny Yeag er bring s together 144 of the most beautiful and flirtatious gi rls fro m the 1950s. Selected from her vast photographic archives, these imag es w il l awaken the senses and stir the reader to new appreciatio n of their timeless beau ty.

Flying Through t he Clouds : Surf Photography of Jim Russi. Jim Russi. Enter the surf ing world t hrough the lens and prose of Jim Russi. He captures the act io n in over 180 photos in Hawaii, Tahit i, California, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Fij i, Bali, Indonesia, and islands off South Africa, w ith stories from his global travels, including encounters with celebrities in and out of the surfing wo rld.

Bunny Yeagers Pin-Up Girls of the 1950s. Bunny Yeager. This bo ok is a celebration of all the emancip ated you ng w omen wi th b eau tiful faces and figures who posed for Bunny Yeager in the 1950s, just as she emb arked on her career as a p rofessional p hotographer. There are nearly 200 photograp hs, all reproduced as Bunny took them, in clud ing full color and beautiful black and white works. 128 pp.

P IN-UPS Contemporary Pin-Up Photography. Tom Denlick. This book is a visual delight with more than 300 new photo s from 25 modern photographers nationwide. The vint age images from cheesecake pin-up to Hollywood glamour will surely take you back in time, as will classic milit ary no se art and authentic WWII bomber jackets.

Bunny Yeager’s Bikini Girls of the 1950s. Bunny Yeager. Model and commercial photographer Bunny Yeager forged a unique role in 1952, photo graphing bikinis and the b eautiful women who wore them. This collection of Bunny’s w ork from the 1950s features 169 original phot ographs, including famo us (Betty Page) and mo re obscure models of the day. An insightful addition to the literature on this photographic pioneer.

Bunny Yeager’s Beautiful Backsides. Bunny Yeager. Uncovering the posteriors of Bu nny’s top models fro m the 1950s to the 1970s, this playful and sexy collection features 213 images shot on location at exotic beaches, fancy ho tel rooms, on yac hts, and poo lsi de. Bun ny presents models with assets of all sizes, shapes, and co lors in her signature poses and settings.

Bikini Girl Postcards by Bun ny Yeager: Shore Wish You Were Here! Bunny Yeag er. F orty beauti ful women cavort on the beach for the 1950s most famou s fe male p hot ograp her, Bu nny Yeager. Enj oy a bi t of beach, a spark of sunshine, and a no stalgic romp with beauties of bygone days. Tear these cards out and mail them to f riends, or frame them in any standard 5 x 7-inch frame.

BURLESQUE It’s All That Glitters: Portraits of Burles que Performers in Their Homes . Bri an C. Jan es. Th is bo ok fe atu re s 104 po rtrai ts of b u rl esq ue performers in the privacy of their o wn homes. The author traveled over 14,000 miles across the United States to visit with these performers, phot ograp h them in their homes, and ask them what burlesque means to them. The answers are as different as the performers’ stage personas. Striptease Artists of the 1950s. Bunny Yeager. Celeb rity pin-u p g irl and p hoto grap her Bu nny Yeager explores images of top striptease artists from the 1950s, incl uding Dixie Evans, Blaze Starr, Bonnie Bell, Michelle “Toots” L’Amour, and Kitten DeVille, and Lana Loy.

32 Vince Hemingson.

Here are the final results of The Tattoo Project, works by 11 fine art photographers with a variety of styles who shot portraits of 100 heavily tattooed individuals. The brainchild of photographer Vince Hemingson, the event sequestered models and photographers in Vancouver’s Photo Workshop for a multiple-day shoot. Thousands of portraits were produced that aimed to explore who each of the subjects was through their ink and the photographic process. This volume features more than 200 images from the event and truly reflects not only who the subjects are, but who the photographers are as well. From differing approaches to lighting, mood, and color to different methods for engaging the subjects, each of the artists clearly has a unique vision. This is an ideal book for photography and tattoo art students, teachers, and enthusiasts. Vince Hemingson is a world traveler, screenwriter, best-selling author, filmmaker, photographer, and creator of the critically acclaimed tattoo and body art website: Organizer of The Tattoo Project, he was co-creator of The Vanishing Tattoo, a documentary film broadcast on National Geographic International.

tographs from the 1940s and 1950s. Len Ro the. In period p hotographs, the timel ess beauty of those exo tic wo men of burlesque who titillated, teased, and sometimes tortured their audiences is captu red and celebrated. These memorab le images make it clear that, when it comes to a beautiful b ody and a gorgeous face, tastes change very little. Its rich, nostalgic view o f a byg one era in American entertainment will please everyone, men and women alike.

The Bare Truth: Stars of Burlesque from the ’40s and ’50s. Len Roth e. Len Rothe has again pulled from his collection of original phot ographs of ent ertainers this delightful selection of o ver 100 images of Burlesque stars. Together with a revealing text that int roduces burlesque to today’s new audience, these photographs retain the surp rise and teasing elements t hat end eared the dancers o n stage in the heydays of burlesque shows.

Available in August


War Paint: Tattoo Culture & the Armed Forces. Kyle Cassid y. Tho usand s of service men and women have co mmemorated t hei r mili tary service throug h tattoo s, a custom as old as war paint itsel f, that are often as complex and varied as their individual military exp eriences. Veterans from WWII to current day wars share their tattoos -- f resh, faded, sometimes intertwined with w ound s -- and the stories behind them.

Inside the Tattoo Circus: A Journey through the Modern World of Tattoos. Kristian Misser. The b est work of 97 international tatt oo artists in word s and images. Over 560 color images d ep ict trib al t hemes, women, b otanicals, animals, po rtraits, horror, organic, Japanese, and religio n and mythology, and futurism. In addition tatto o-related art, shops, conventions, magazines and the internet are discussed. The contributors represent the U.S., Canada, Euro pe, Japan and Australia.

Un der My Sk in. Jo h n W yat t . Be au t if u l ph oto graph y reveals tat too ed p eople and th e evol utio n of the ir bo dy art . The text t ell s th eir cand id stories.

Ink in the Hood: Tattoos for Darker Skin. Randy D ragon Holder. 380 striking color photos display tattoo colors and desig ns most effective for use on dark skin. The text recounts experiences that led an artist involved in tattooing since the 1960s to discover tech niques and ap plications that produce effective, clear tatto os on dark skin. This book also disp lays hundreds of tattoo patterns that the artist has determined best reflect the culture and community of his clients. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3333-0 soft cover Burlesque: Exotic Dancers of the 50s & 60s. Judson Ro sebush. 125 burlesq ue queens and belly dancing stars from the 1950s and 1960s are portrayed in glossy “booking pho tos.” These attention grabbing publicity shots include Crystal Blue, Bella Dona, Marlo Brando, & Sunny Day “The Butterfly Goddess.” The text provides a brief history of Burlesque, the performers, and the transition from 1950s burleque to 1960s go-g o dan cing . 160 pp.

Fan Letters To A Stripper: The Patti Waggin Tale. Bo b Brill. Read ers come to know Patti Wag gin, a talented strip artist of the 1940s and 1950s, through letters sent b y her fans and over 280 photos of her on stag e an d at home. Paper ephemera associated with her d ynamic career accompany heartfelt letters that al so reveal her marriage in the 1950s to baseball player Don Rudolph. 176 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3329-3 hard cover $49.99


Japanese Style Tattoo Art: Revisiting Traditional Themes. Rodrigo Melo. Exp lore the art of Rodrigo Melo’s Japanese-style tattoos throug h more than 150 lush studio p hotographs of bodysuits, rib pieces, back pieces, and sleeves featuring traditional themes and imag ery. See p eo nies, koi, tig ers, d ragon s, and ch aracters f rom Budd hist mythology p resented in authentic form an d color but w ith some modern techniques and stylings, like the use o f angry black to increase contrast.

33 Ink & Steel: The Body Modification Photography of Efrain John Gonzalez. Efrain Jo hn Gon zal ez & Judson Rosebush. These portrai ts of pierced, tatto oed , an d heavily body-modified people are a celebration b y photo grapher Efrain John Gon zalez. As an artist, Gonz alez capt ures the sp irit of the special individual s in this colorful book, as well as the richness of their fantastic and radical transformations. This collection is quite unlike anything else you will encounter.

Tattoos of Indochina: Magic, Devotion, & Protection. Michael McCabe. Displays the designs, sacred images, and scripts th at are the tattoo art of Indochina. Interviews w ith in divi duals using rituals and symbol s reveal the creat ive process exp ressed.

HISTORIC B ODY A RT/TATTOO Tattoos from Paradise: Traditional Polynes ian Patterns. Mark Blackburn. Trad itional tattoo designs from the exotic Pol ynesian cultures of Easter Island, Hawaii, the Marquesas, New Zealan d, Samoa, Tahiti and Tong a. Actu al 19th century pho tographs as well as early exp loratio n art, paintin gs, d rawi ngs, engraving s, and art ifact s.

Tattooing from Japan to the West: Horitaka Interviews Contemporary Artists. Takahiro Kitamura. Meet 26 top artists, includ ing l iving legends like Don Ed Hardy, Doc Forest, Horiyoshi III, Paul Jeffries, Bob Roberts, and Mike Mal one, Freddy Corbin, Theo Jak, Grime, Scott Sylvia, Chris Garver, and H oritomo.

Russian Prison Tattoos: Codes of Authority, Dominiation, and Struggle. Al ix Lambert . For centu ries, Russian prison inmates forci bly initiated newco mers with tattoo s that est abl ished rank amo ng th e other inmat es and maint ained a clandestine hi erarchy. Colo r photographs expose the d ifferent t att oos an d their meaning s.

Pushing Ink: The Fine Art of Tattooing. Spid er Webb. A classic reborn, here is a b ook that o pened n ew terri tory in 1979, reveal ing th e bodies of tho se who patronized und ergro und artists. This is a celeb ration of tatto o art, the art ist s, and th e b old canvases. I t is t he st ory of t he figh t to legali ze and legit imi ze an art.

Japanese Tattooing Now: Memory and Transition. Mich ael McCabe. Classic Horimono to the new One Po int style. Breat htaking pho tos display a vast range of st yles. Sto ries of Jap anese masters o f the tat too art , i ncl udi ng Sen seis Ho ri hide, H ori yo shi III, H orito sh i I, Ho ri yasu, and Ho rikoi.

Tatt oo Road Trip: Two Weeks in Samoa. Bo b Baxt er & B ernard C la rk. Trave l to th e bi rt hplace of Polynesian tatto oing , where handtap ped trib al t at to os are stil l a normal rit ual.

Tatt ooed Women. Spi der Web b. Thi s b ook exposes a cul ture th at, even i n 1982 w hen it was fi rst released , was to tally sho cki ng. Now it re tu rn s as a tri bu te t o t he p ion eers, th e vision ari es w ho saw thei r b odi es as w orks o f art, an d w ere brave e nou gh t o share th em w it h th e rest o f u s.

I Love Tattoos. Takahiro “Ho ritaka” Kitamura. Here, in more th an 1400 new images, tatto o artist Takahiro “Horitaka” or “Taki” Kitamura presents the tattoo art of nearly 200 of the wo rld’s finest t attoo artists. This visual insider’s reference book presents a wide range of styles, from portraits to classic Americana to traditional Japanese to Polynesian and contemporary.

Tatt oo Road Trip: Calif ornia Cover Girls. Bob Baxter. An amazin g col lecti on of o ver 60 go rg eous cover girl f inali st s f rom th e f irst-ever Cali forni a Cover G irl C ont est.

Heavily Tattooed Men & Women. Spid er Webb. Images of over a hund red heavily tattooed peo ple f rom the early decad es o f th e 20th century sho w proud carn ival and circus p erf ormers, sailors, en tertainers, and mayb e th e girl next do or! An opp ortuni ty for today’s t at too enthusiast s to see how the earlier gen eratio ns did it.

St udying Horiyoshi III: A Westerner’s Journey Into Japanese Tattoo. Jill “Horiyuki” Mandelbaum. Stud y the art of Jap anese tattoo ing with Master Horiyoshi III, through text and over 270 color photographs visiting the studios and home of Horiyoshi as well as the shrines and temples of Japan. With a foreword by Takahiro “Horit aka” Kitamura, this b ook also features n ever before published photos of tattoos by Horiyoshi III.

Tattoo Road Trip: Southern California. Bob Baxt er. Join Skin & Ink Edi tor Bo b Baxter as he d ri ves from sh op t o shop visi ting the stat e’s brig hte st stars and li vi ng leg ends.

The Big Book of Tattoo. Spi der Webb . Hi sto ri c t at too p hot ograp hy f rom the invent ion of th e camera throu gh t he 1970s. In clud es tribal, mili tary, reli gio us, and every o the r i mag inabl e tat too d esign . Show n are c irc us p erformers, N avy b o ys, an d da ri ng you ng wo men w ho de fied con ventio n.

Bus hido: Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo. Takahi ro Ki tamu ra & Kat ie M. Ki tamu ra. Delve int o the el usive w orld of trad ition al Jap anese t at tooi ng. The Samurai spirit, Bushid o, is an i ntegral co mp onent of Jap an ese tattoo ing, traced t hro ugh the imag ery and int erp erson al dynamics of this veiled subcu lture.

Tat too Road Trip: The Pacific Northwest. Bob Baxter. Meet t at too artists fro m the OregonCali forni a line , no rt hw ard t hroug h Washing to n State and over t he b order to Vancou ve r, B.C.

The Great Book of Tattoo. Sp ider Webb. Vintage photographs display hundred s of p eo ple deco rated with thou sand s of t at toos, from t he 1800s throug h the 1980s and includes images of l ove, military, religio us, and tribal markings. Sail or b oys, circus performers, an d lovely daring women.

Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern. Lane Wilcken. Tattooing is a very old and sp iritually respected art form in many cultures around the world. The text presents Filipino practices connected with ancestral and spiritual aspects of tattoo markings, and how they relate to the process and tools used to make the marks. Through the fascinating text and over 200 images, including color phot ographs and design draw in gs, the deep meaning s and imp ortance o f these markings becomes apparent.

Marked for Life: A Ga llery of Tat too Art. St eve Bo ng e. C apt ures t he b est of mo de rn tatt oo art wo rl dwi de. E nhanced with c ommen ts from p romin ent tatt oo artists.

Sailor Jerry’s Tattoo Stencils. Kat e H el len bran d. A sizeabl e p ortio n of Ameri can t attoo master Sailor Jerry Co llin s of H aw aii’s stencil s, spann ing from t he 1940s to th e 1970s.

176 pp.

80 pp.

34 Traditional American Tattoo Design: Where It Came From and Its Evolution. Jerry Swallow. With 265 o riginal t atto o flash sh eets, and text w ritten by a working tattoo artist, this book takes readers through the evo lution of tattoo art in America. Mil itary, reli gious, figural , animal , and nature themes are displayed among the many hundred designs. Individual artists are listed, along with others w ho altered d esigns.

Stoney Knows How : Life as a Sideshow Tattoo Artist. Alan Govenar. Step into the wo rld of carnival freaks, and meet a man w ho lived and loved it. Leonard “Stoney” St . Clair asso ciated himself with various sideshow acts, and bestow ed his talents on any w illing flesh.

Tattooing New York City: Style and Continuity in a Changing Art Form. Michael McCab e. From t he birthplace of the electric tattoo machine, artists have helped to define technical and artistic values intrinsic to the art form. Colorful interviews and images make this a fascinating glimp se into New York’s uniq ue t attoo culture.


Basic Tattooing Techniques. Brian Johnson. The basic techniques of electric tattooing in an easy to follow , step-by-step way. This is the perfect book to accompany the hands-on training the app rentice tattooer receives, and will be a welcomed reference book in every tattooer’s library. It covers sanitation concerns, preparation of the site, outlining, shading, and coloratio n. Ban dag ing and aftercare is also d iscussed.

Permanent Makeup and Reconstructive Tattooing. Eleonora Habnit. Provides detailed information on what permanent makeup can do, who benefits, finding the right professional, practitioner certification, state regulations, and professional associations. A must for practitioners, cosmetic surgeons, tattoo artists, and those who want to improve their self-image, poise, and appearance once and for all. -

B ODY ART /T ATTOO FLA SH & DESIGN Designs for Skin Art. Brian Johnson & Chris Alexander. Learn step-by-step how to create and apply tattoo stencil s. A gallery of contemporary tattoo design of Old School, New School and New Old School styles have driven tattoo d esign to a new level. The authors are professional tattoo artists who live in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Sailor Jerry ’s Ta ttoo Stencils II. Ka te Hel lenb rand . Cel ebrate “Sailor Jerry” C olli ns of Ho nolulu, Hawai i, in a second vol ume wit h hund reds of hi s l ine works.

Schiffer LTD

Flash f rom the Bowery: Classic American Tattoos, 1900-1950. Cl iff White. Imag es of the original acetate rubbings from Charlie Wagner’s turn o f the 20th century tattoo shop, The Black Eye Barbersho p, in the Bow ery at Chatham Sq uare in N ew York. The imag ery o f this cl assic flash preserves th e ori gins of Ameri can tat too s, wh en tat to o art was transf erred to the client from these templates via an acetate stencil.

Classic Flash in Five Bold Colors. Jeromey “Tilt” McCulloch. The extensive heritage of American tattooing reinterpreted by today’s leading artists, using classic colors in retro and new styles. Over 640 full color examp les of tattoo designs (flash) celebrate the rich heritage of tattoo legends Stoney St. Claire, Burchett, Cap Coleman, Percy Water, Paul Rogers, Owen James and others.

35 Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors. Jeromey “Tilt” McCulloch. In more than 100 p ieces o f flash, Tatto o Tilt and his col labo rat ors celeb rat e t he l ineag e of tattoo artists who have paved the way and look forward to t he future of tattoo ing. The flash in this second volu me continues to explore the imp ortance o f t he origin and essential foundation s o f tattooi ng wh ile making its ow n mark on the visual histo ry of this folk art.

Historic Flas h. Spid er Web b. H un dreds o f co lorfu l d esigns are present ed re ad y to po st . In clud es pat ri oti c, no stal gi c, f lo ral , bi rd , an imal, roman tic , re lig ious, and nau ght y.

Spider Webb’s Classic Tattoo Flash 1. Sp ider Web b. 400 colo r an d b lack an d wh it e imag es of Sp id er Web b’s inno vative tattoo flash, in tw o volumes, feature drago ns an d oth er myt hological beasts, skul ls, eagles, beautiful w omen, heart s, daggers, serpents, and ti gers of the nat ural and supernatural worlds. Many tattoos may be seen as social and political commentary as well.

Military Flash. Spider Web b. Historic fl ash b oard s pay tribu te to tho se w ho served their co untries. Anch ors, exo tic dancers, and mo re. Perforated pages fo r easy removal.

Mennonite Arts. Cl arke Hess. The rich and diverse arts practiced by the distinctive Mennonite communities in Europe, Pennsylvania, and Canada over a 300-year period are presented. A host of newly recognized Mennonite artisans of traditional quilts, furniture, wo od carvin gs, and fraktur, are introdu ced, and many are displayed here in the hundreds of color images. Index

Amish Arts of Lancaster County. Patricia T. Herr. Introduction by Dr. Donald B. Kraybill. The Amish d ecorative arts show n in 328 color photographs and informative text. Featu ri ng furnit ure, q uilt s, rug s, samplers, boxes, china, and toys made by the Amish for t hemselves. Dr. Kraybill introdu ces the history and interpretatio n of Lancaster County Pennsylvania Amish culture today.




Spider Webb’s Class ic Tattoo Flash 2. Spider Webb. 400 color and black and whit e images of Sp ider Webb’s innovative tatt oo flash, in two volumes, feature drag ons and o ther mytholo gical beasts, skull s, eag les, beautiful women , heart s, daggers, serp ent s, and tig ers of the natural and supernatural w orlds. Many tatto os may be seen as social and p olitical commentary as well.

160 pp.

Clifford A. Wallach. This

160 pp.

Pennsy lvania German Art s: More Than Hearts, Parrots, & Tulips. Irwin Richman. An intert wining of the arts and artifacts of both the traditional and the evolving w orlds. Folk art and quilts are here, but so is the work of Precisionist painter Charles Demuth and Ab stract E xpressionist painter Franz Kline. Objects rang e from needlework, pottery, furniture, and glass to paper, p aintings, and metals! The ext ensive historical text is illustrated with over 350 color photos. Index

144 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Spider Webb’s Angels: Ink From Above. Spid er Webb . Over 270 images o f angel s are presented here. Angelic women, men, children, and cherub s w ill pro vide readers w ith heavenly inspiration. These images are presented both as 127 b lack and white line drawings and rendered in color, making them both b eautiful and instructive for fellow t attoo artists and admirers. While classical renderings influ ence these images, they all have Spider Webb’s unique flare.

Tramp A rt, Another Notch: Folk Art from the Heart. Clifford Wallach with a foreword by Barbara Goldsmith. Discover the ro mance of tramp art, folk art objects layer by layer, one notch at a time, b y untrained artists. Forms range from picture frames and mirrors to bo xes, bureaus, and fantasy pieces. The d esig ns and colors reflect a naive sensibility and aesthetic that is at once charmin g and beaut if ul.

Nautical A ntiques. W.D. Ball. Hund reds o f antique naut ical treasures related to the lives of seamen in cl ude a variety o f scrimshaw items, sailo r-made ship models, nautical instruments, whaling implements, f urnishings, ship’s figurehead s, sternboards, billet heads, ship’s journals, paintings, and much more. 387 photos present a trove of int eresting artifacts to delight any seafar seafaring enthusiast.

272 pp.

Price Guide

ANRI Woodcarvings. Philly Rains & Donald Bull. Vintage, whimsical w ooden fig urine carvings by ANRI, the worl d-reno wned Italian company. More th an 2,500 are feat ured, including bot tle stoppers, b ottle openers and corkscrews, bar sets, bookends, humidors, lighters, cigarette boxes, pipe rests, salt and pepper sets, brushes, figurines and much more.

Ships’ Figu reheads. H ans Jurgen H an sen & Clas Bro der Hansen. Many different typ es of

240 pp.

160 pp. Dragons. Spid er Webb. Dragon s have in sp ired fantasy, fear, and heroism. Re-kno wn tattoo artist Spid er Webb has been traci ng their imag es in ink an d oil, on skin an d parchment, fo r decades, and here gathers the best o f his i magery fo r an in sp iring lo ok at the myt hical re al ms of thi s fantastic creature.

Price Guide

Flash Dragons: The Art of Spider Webb. Spider Webb . Here are eig hty dragon s you have never seen befo re. Well kn own fo r his t at too imagery, Spider Webb takes the d ragon myths of many cultu res and gives th em a mo dern twist that resonates with twenty-first century viewers. Captured in lead, ink, acrylic, and mixed media.

But terfly Flas h. Spi der Webb. Hun dreds of beau tifu lly re ndered bu tterfl ies parade end less co lor and pat tern variatio ns. Tatto o art ists and graph ic desi gners wil l fin d insp iration in th ese pe rf orat ed page s, each a sig ned wo rk o f art .

256 pp.

with a fascinating historical text that explains their use and the sculptors who made them. Figurehead lions, dragon heads, and human forms are primarily from the nineteenth century. Court sculptors and indep endent figurehead carvers are int roduced whose work appears on royal pleasure craft.

Black Forest Woodcarvings. Peter F . Blackman. The origins, artistic g rowth, and dissemination of “Black Forest” carved wo oden furniture and fine decor is presented in detail. Bears are the best known and prolific examples, but many other animals and human figures also comprise the style that thrived from 1815 to the early 20th century. Noteworthy carvers, school s, companies, and the Great Exhibitions worldwide are featured .

Sailors’ Valentines: Their Journey Through Time. G race L. Madiera, Con st an ce Marshall Miller, Mary S. Page, & Ann T. Schutt . This stun ningly beautiful b ook showcases sailors’ valentines assembl ed b y shell art ists. T hese oct ag onalframed plaques were said to have been made by Victorian sailors as love tokens for their sweethearts at home. Learn their history, lore, and reality, and be introduced to exquisite designs, both an tique and contemporary.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3132-9 hard cover $99.99


see also Black Fo rest Clocks, p 71 Fraktur: Folk Art and Family. C ori nne & Russell E arnest . Fraktur cel eb rate Pennsylvania German family events such as births, baptisms, and of American f raktur int erwo ven wit h hi st ori cal details, information on the making of fraktur, and techniques for preservation and care. The colorful pages will d elig ht and stimulate curiosity among historians, scholars, and all who ap preciate art. Index 192 pp.

192 pp.

Scrimshaw : The Whaler’s Legacy. Martha Lawrence. Scrimshaw , or whale tooth carving, is historical, beautiful and comp lex. Over 400 color photos of American scrimshaw f olk art pieces and a fascinating text relates the hard, d aily life of the whaling ships. The materials, patriotic and romantic themes, and tools used are covered. Also, modern scrimshaw artists are presented . Price Guide

240 pp.

36 Folk Art in America. Adele Earnest. A classic reference to the rise in p opularity of folk artists in America, t his book presents 258 photos of early folk art p ieces, includ ing decoys, w hirligigs and carvings, and tells the history of the folk art move ment from th e early 20th century and t he founding of the Museum of American Folk Art in New York. Anecdo te is blended w it h history as pioneer col lector E arnest shares her experiences and fo lk art treasures with readers.

Mexican Folk Art : From Oaxacan Artist Families. Revised & Expand ed 2n d E dition . Arden & Anya Rot hstein. Contempo rary Mexican folk art, by prominent artists from Oaxaca, is discussed and profusely illustrated. Inclu des ceramics, weaving, woodcarvi ng, embroidery, tin work, to ys, jewelry, candles, dried flo wer craft s, basketry, and Day of th e Dead handicrafts.

Tibetan Artifacts. Mircea Veleanu. Engaging text and 500 color photos pro vide a broad survey of the many forms of Tibetan art and antiques, including thang ka and tantric relig ious art, manuscrip ts, woodb lock prints, document holders, sculptures, furnit ure, tea services, snuff holders and smoking equ ipment , sw ords, dagg ers, armo r, jew elry, textiles, musical instrument s, and writing tools and seals. Values are found in the captions. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3360-6 hard cover $59.99

Butter Prints and Molds. Paul E. Kindig. A most comp rehensive work on w ooden butter shap ers. Detailed chapters on hand made, craftshop-mad e, and f acto ry-made pri nts and mol ds hel p to identify the method s of construction an d patterns associated with each type. A fascinating sectio n on European collections presents many variations from continental Europe and Great Britain, bringing the study around to confront its orig ins.

Mexican A rt s Series: Hammered Copper. Sandy Baum. Intro ducti on b y Roy Skodn ick. See b eauti ful hammered copper vessels made long ago and today at Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, a small town in the southwest state of Michoacan. 393 co lorful p hotographs, an historical perspective, introduct io ns to 540 copper artists, and detailed descriptions, comb ine in this impressive reference.

The A rt of the Weathervane. Steve Miller. From classic folk art st yles to never-before-seen desig ns, weath ervanes fro m many sources il lustrate the dist inctive vitality of this artist ic form. 60 colo r plates bring many weathervanes to life visually, as they serve as bot h p ractical wind direction indicato rs and decorative architectural orn aments. Manu facturers are identified and their backgroun ds are explored .

Mexican Popular A rt: Clothing & Dolls. Wend y Scalzo. This insightful study of traditional Mexican clothing is based on authentic d olls made by fo lk artist s in Mexico. With over 550 color photographs, it relates customs, language, music, and folk arts that are wholly Mexican and now its national culture. Men's and women's regional clothing is explored , includ ing serapes, sombreros, Colonial dress, skirts, and shaw ls, through the d olls, period photographs, and adult clothes.

Country and Folk Antiques. Don and Caro l Raycraft . Gath ere d fro m Main e t o Cali fo rn ia by veteran folk art enthu siasts, th ese anti ques of coun try origin incl ude kit chen f urn ishing s, stoneware, b askets, toys, garden ornaments and even Christmas decorations. So many examples are included that it is easy to co mpare the items through over 500 color p hotos and the Price Guide. The book is informative and fun.

Popular A rt s o f Mexico: 18 50-1 95 0. Revised 2nd E dition. D onna McMen amin. O ne hundred years w orth of quality Mexican popul ar art, including po ttery, clay figures, marionettes, straw mosaics, Talavera, clay banks, co conut banks, laquerware, wood panels and rugs, from 1850-1950, is co vered here. Detailed informatio n about artists, styles and techniques are provid ed along with collecting hints in every chapter.

Price Guide

Index 96 pp.


Saints & Sinners: Mexican Devotional Art. California Heritage Museum. James Caswell & Jenise Amanda Ramos, Editors. Over 350 beautiful color photos depict 18th to mid-20th century Mexican devotional art, includ ing masks, devils and angels, santos, milagritos, retablos, and ex-votos. They include w ood carvings and items of clay, stone, metal and paper. Seven essays cover the history and meaning of th e w orks.

Mexican Masks and Puppets: Master Carv

Price Guide

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3284-5 hard cover $59.99 see also Mexican Silver, p61; Mexican Pottery, p107 Spirits In Sequins: Vodou Flags of Haiti. Nancy Josephso n. Over 350 color photographs present hundreds of unique designs by dozens o f contemporary Haitian artists. But t his is not just a pretty book; it also explores sp iritual beliefs at the core of the designs and a folk lore expressed in this most unique fo rmat. Perso nal sto ries absorb readers into the culture that the flags represent.

288 pp.

TRIBAL ART The Colorful Sogo Bò Puppets of Mali. Mary

A Collector’s Guide to African Sculpture. Theodore Toatley and Do uglas Congdon-Martin. A survey o f the traditional sculpture availab le to collecto rs in t he marketpl ace. The focus is on masks, statu ary, and archi tectural carvi ngs i n wood, bronze, and terracotta, with a sampling of the contemporary wo rk being done in sto ne. Beautiful color photos with a guide to values. Price Guide

176 pp.

R.F.D. Country! Mailboxes and Post Offices of Rural America. Bill and Sarah Thornbook. Over 450 orig inal and colorful letter boxes and post offices comprise a “national gallery” of roadside fo lk art , as seen in colo r pho tos t aken along thousand s of miles o f country byways. Ru ral Free Delivery (R.F.D .) mail routes throu gh 48 states are included in this unique guided to ur.

Jade: 5000 B.C. to 1912 A.D.: A Guide for Collectors. Mircea Veleanu. Jade carvings from primitive utilitarian tools to exquisite and intricate sculpt ures. O ver 900 color ph otos i llustrat e a wide diversity and help collectors identify d ifferent types of jade and their period of carving, ranging fro m neo lithic times throu gh the Qing D ynasty (1644-1912).

160 pp.

African Sculpture. Warren Robbins. Intro duces the vast range of t ribal sculpture from Seneg al to the Cong o regions and Mali to Sierra Leone. Explores the expressive quality and sheer evocative power of African art, and helps one gain a better und erstanding of o ne of t he great heritages o f mankind .

357 color photos 176 pp.

Netsuke. Mircea Veleanu. Netsuke, the carved toggles used to fasten a smal l container to a kimono sash, made from ivory, wood, and porcelain, are disp layed in over 970 photos. Netsuke vividly represent Jap anese life, customs, religion, professions, art, history, and legends. The text introduces, defines, and describ es various t ypes of netsukes, and provides a b ibliography, and market values in the captions.

African Art in American Collections. 2nd Edition. Warre n M. Robb ins & Nancy I ngram Nooter. Nearly 1,600 objects of African art, each accompanied by scholarly information on styl e, usage, meaning, and cultural origin, including the styles o f Western Sudan, the West African Coastal Region , West Central Africa, Central Africa, and Eastern an d Southern Africa. An essential refer reference for sch olars, teach ers, students, curators, collectors, and dealers. Index 616 pp.

see also International Pot tery, p 103 ff Asian Ivory. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 600 photos display carved ivory from China and Japan, including okimono figures in many forms, scholar’s brush hold ers, wrist rests, cricket cages, card cases, match holders, sword hilts, and scabbards. The text explores the history of the East to West ivo ry t rade and p rovides insight into many of the characters and beliefs rep resented in the figures.

Masks of the World. Douglas CongdonMartin with Jim Pieper. Beautiful masks from around the w orld d isplayed in full color. Powerful in their forms, masks from nearly every continent are represented, organized by country and tribal group. The size, materials, and useful information is included in each concise caption and photos of many of the masks in use. 160 pp.



Contemporary Art on the Northwest Coast: Salish, Nuu-Cha h-Nulth, Makah. Karen Norris. Phot ography by Ralph No rris. The work o f over 50 contemp orary Sal ish, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, and Makah tribal artists of the No rthwest Coast is show cased in o ver 400 colo r p hoto grap hs. Chapters highlight new d esigns in canoes, paddles, weaving, b askets, and woven hats; and inspirations fro m the sky (b irds, sun), eart h (an imals), and water (fish), as well as in jew elry and glass items of exquisite detail .

Navajo Artist. Charnell Havens & Vera Marie Badertscher. O ver 260 co lor p hoto s and oral histories from more than 50 people were used to create the first complete biography of the important Navajo painter, Quincy Tahoma (1917-1956). The paintings portrayed disp lay the range of the artist’s talents. Many of the works illustrated have not been seen in p ublic before.


Pueblo Dancing. Nancy H unter Warren & Jill Drayson Sweet. This book explores Pueblo dancing, illustrat ed with photo graphs o f dancers in traditional costumes from Pueb los San Ildefonso, Santa Clara, San Juan, Jemez, Taos, Pecos, Acoma, and Tesuqu e. Nancy Hunter Warren t ook these sensit ive i mages before the Pueblos created a ban on taking photographs of their ceremonies. Among the d ances portrayed are C ommanche, Deer, Buffalo, Ram, Co rn, and Matachine.

The Hopi Approach to the Art of Kachina Doll Carving. Erik Bromberg. The beautiful diver diversity of Hopi Kachina dolls is pictorially presen ted to show p ast, present, and evo lving styles. These carved representations of ceremonial figures taking part in celebrations of the Kachina religion are popular collectibles. This b ook explains, comp ares, and presents th e variety o f doll s t hrough color pictures, line drawings, and text. Index

NATIVE AMERICAN A RTS Northwest Carving Tradition. Karen & Ralph Norris. Here over 400 color p hotographs of old and recent artwo rk inclu de totems, drums, rattles boxes, canoes, and man y masks of traditional d esigns. Master carvers as w ell as younger artists are featu red. The text gives a better und erstand of the comp lex society, its art work, and current values. 240 pp.


192 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Schiffer LTD Neil David’s Hopi World. Ron Pecina & Bob Pecina, w ith art by N eil David, Sr. A series of p en and ink d rawings present a history of Hopi Indian l if e fro m the Pueblo Rebell ion to the c halleng es of copi ng wi th modern so ciet al c hang es. Art ist Neil David, Sr., int erprets these imp ortant events and milestones in an imaginative, often witty way.

Hopi Kachina Dolls and their Carvers. Theda Bassman. Contemp orary Kachina doll s are beauti fully illustrat ed w ith over 150 color photos. The lives o f the carvers who make them are explored in depth. Twenty-five of today’s most important Kachina carvers have been interviewed for a firsthand glimp se at their work.

Contemporary Hopi Kachina Dolls. kachi na do ll s mad e b y c on temp orary Hopi artists and on t he market t oday. They represent spirits and dancers in ceremonies for rain, fert ile crops, and the g oodness of life. The descriptive t ext and over 500 color photographs present Hopi and English names, artist iden tity, and cu rrent market value ranges.

94 pp.

Native American Fet ishes. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Kay Whit tle. From Beast Go ds to Directional Guardian Spirits, this book explores the magic and mystery behind the charismat ic, mostly stone, animal figures or fetishes skillfully carved by artists from the Southw estern Pueblos. Hundreds o f pictures and insightful text highlight the impressive variety of forms, materials, and traditio nal and co ntemporary styles available to collectors. A price guide is included.

208 pp. see also Nat ive American Jewelry, p61

38 NATIVE AMERICAN ARTS & CRAFTS Plains Indians Regalia & Customs. Bad Hand . An original study of Plains Indian cu ltures of the 19th centu ry, using perio d writing s, painting s, research, and photograp hy to relate how lives w ere spent and to bring the past to life. Covers Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Comanche, Crow, Hidatsa, Mandan, and Lakota tribes. Dances, hun ting, horses, weapons, and trade goods featured. Read ers learn basic similarities of all people, ancien t to present, including today’s multi-cultural society.

Miniature Arts of the Southwest. Nancy N . Schiffer. The d elightful arts of American Indian trib es in the Southwest are occasionally made in miniature by especially talented artists. This book presents a w ide array of these miniatures of all the major craft styles of the region, wit h hundreds of color photograp hs. Arranged in sections devo ted to beadwo rk, rattles, sandp ain tings, weaving s, basketry, Kachinas, paintings, and pottery.

Zuni Pottery. Marian E. Rodee & James Ostler. The Zuni Pueblo,150 miles w est of t he Rio G rande Valley o n the Arizona border in New Mexico, is the source of b eautif ul trad itional Zun i pott ery. With many ph otographs, this w ork p resents some of the finest cu rrent pots and the talented young po tters wh ose heritag e has lead them t o t his exciting art form.

256 pp. The New Four Winds Guide to Indian Weaponry, Trade Goods, and Replicas. Preston Miller & Carol yn Corey. Authentic weapons and weapon cases, h orse gear, tools, st one pi pes, and ceremonial items; also trade g oods such as Hudson’s Bay coll ectibles, t rade beads, cloth, and blankets; and co ntemporary replicas of traditional Indian clothing, blankets, pouches and bags, par parfleches, and more. All values reflect actual au ction estimates and result s. Price Guide


Rugs a nd Pos ts : The Story of Navajo Weaving and the Role of the Indian Trader. Revised & Updated 3rd Edition. H.L. James. The classic st udy of the Navajo rug and the trad ing po sts associated with each uniq ue style. N ew information helps explain and display the beauty and craft of the N avajo Indians. Illustrated w ith 49 new color plates and many bl ack-and-white photographs and draw ings.

176 pp.

The New Four Winds Guide to American Indian Artifacts. Preston E. Miller & Carolyn Corey. Authentic Indian-made items of both old and new vin tage are sh owc ased . Nearly 800 color photo s p resent clothing and accessories, basketry, pot tery, musical instruments, toys & games, text iles, and bead work, with d etailed descriptions, current pricing, bead glossary. An essential and comprehensive reference for every collector’s bookshelf. Price Guide

Hallmarks of the Southwest: Who Made It? Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Barton Wright in association with the Indian Arts and Crafts Assoc. A comprehensive source for identifying the marks of the American Southwest Indian artists working in metal, clay, wood, textiles, and paint. Alphabetically arranged, with personal data, tribal affiliations, working dates, materials used, and the artists’ marks. The 2nd edition has 40 new pages.


Margaret Tafoya: A Tewa Potter’s Heritage and Legacy. Mary Ellen an d Lauren ce Blair. Marg aret Tafoya’s p aramount p lace in the evolution of Tewa Pueblo pottery in Santa Clara, N ew Mexico , includes a history of the Pueblo p eople, Marg aret Tafoya’s life, Santa Clara pottery-making techniques, and t he Tafoya f amily and descendants. She has adhered to the trad itions of her pueblo, and demonstrates t he very b est in Tewa Pueblo p ottery.

Weaving of the Southwest. 2nd edition, revised. Marian Rodee. This book presents important information on Pueblo, Navajo, Rio Grande, and Morthern Mexican weaving styles of the Southwestern U. S. region. Trad itio nal and modern styles of blan kets, clothing, and rugs are identified and explained in detail, with brief accounts of some o f the old trading p osts that sold t hem. The evolving weaving styles are exp lained, includ ing a caution for identifying foreign copies.

Pu eblo Pot tery Families . Revised & Expanded 3rd E dition. Lill ian Peaster, & Gu y Berger. More than 554 modern Southwest Pueblo potters are introduced from 102 families with 160 color photographs of them and their meticulous work. Traditional and n ew forms are displayed to demo nstrat e the evolving nature o f their work. A new value reference reflects t he present pottery market.

Navajo Weaving Today. Nan cy N. Schiffer. The trad itional regional styles long associated with Navajo blankets and rugs continue to evolve. Here contemporary weavings are shown in color, with text identifying many of today’s weavers. The new styles of Burntw ater, Wide Ruins, Ganado, Crystal, Chinle, Two G rey Hills, Teec Nos Pos, West ern Reservation and Shipro ck area d esigns show the continuing talent among today’s Navajo weavers.

192 pp.

The Navajo Art of Sandpainting. Revised & Expan ded 2nd E dition. Doug las Congdon-Martin. Sandp ainting has its origin in the religious tradi tion and practice of the Navajo people. Over 400 sand paintings, f rom the most tradit ional to the newest forms, are illustrated h ere in full color. The sandp aintings are organized by artist, making this an important reference fo r collectors.

Navajo Arts and Craf ts. Nancy N. Schiffer. This book investigates the diverse an d lively crafts of today’s Navajo people. This celebration of Navajo art has o ver 250 color photos and explanations o f the crafts, in clu ding weavin g, pot tery, basketry, jewelry, dolls, sandpainting, woo d carving , stone scul pture, and fetishes.

see also Pottery, p97 ff Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery and Directory of Artists. 2nd edition, revised and expande d. Guy Berg er & Nancy Sch iffer. The traditions of Pueblo and Navajo artists from Arizona and New Mexico with new interpretations by the modern generation. Pottery from Acoma, Hopi, Jemez, Navajo, San Felipe, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Santa Ana, Zia, and Zuni families. The Directory of Artists i ncludes kachina carvers, jewelry makers, sculptors, and po tters.

Pict orial Weavings of t he Navajo. Nancy N. Schiffer. In this f olk art, represent at ions o f recognizable object s o ccasionally have been a part of Navajo weavings at least since the mid19th centu ry. Pictorial weavings are shown wit h new as well as older examples. Here are famil iar and imaginary animals, birds, people, religious designs, and multiple weavings of fantastic details, arranged chronologicall y w ithin desig n group s to demonstrate the evolut io n of st yles.

168 pp. Acoma. H.L. James with an introduction by Frank Waters. Acoma, the “sky city” of New Mexico, is presented with an enchanting text and beautifu l color photograp hs in this revised edition of the Southw est classic b ook. Acoma mesa pueblo , located 65 miles w est o f Albuquerque, is said to be the oldest co ntinuously inhabited community on the North American continent.

Storytellers and Other Figura tive Pot tery. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Douglas Congdon-Martin. In 1964, Helen Cordero of Cochiti pueblo created the first st orytel ler, a clay image o f her grandfather with five children cling ing to him. Here the reader will find the most extensive col lection of storytellers ever gathered in print. Over 400 pieces by nearly 150 art ists are shown in ful l color, and org anized b y pueblo.

Hopi Wicker Plaques & Baskets. Robert W. Rhodes. Beautif ul styles and d esigns of woven plaques and basket s made by H opi women artists of Third Mesa in Arizona in 67 categories throug h over 475 color photographs. Historical background of the Ho pi p eople, weaving materials and techniques, uses of the baskets and p laques, and their values today are discussed. A valuab le reference for identifying old and contemporary.

Index 144 pp.

Indian Dolls. Nancy N . Schiffer. Here doll s are group ed according to their geographical origins, including Iroquios, Seminole, Cheyenne, Navajo, and Eskimo Indian dolls shown along with early photographs of the peo ple and places they represent. Also, Skookum do lls, which were made as commercial items, are presented . 112 pp.

see also Dolls, p131 ff

His toric Pottery of the Pueblo Indians: 1600-1880. Larry Frank & Francis H. Harlow. Working without a potter’s wheel, Pueblo Indians in the American Southw est create beautiful ceramic ware for both utilitarian and ceremonial use. This is the f irst comp rehensive account of historic Pueblo pottery, and results from years of study. With nearly 200 examples, the authors appraise the aesthetic value of Pueblo pottery as rivaling that of any ware made by Neolithic so cieties.

Indian Baskets . 3rd edition, re vised. Sarah Peabo dy & William A. Turnbaugh. The diversity of North American Indian and E skimo baskets, includin g basket making techniq ues, materials, forms, and decoration, with inf ormation on native lifestyles. More than 175 regional and tribal styles are d ocumented. Identi fication keys, g lossary, maps, and b ibliographies add to its broad appeal. Includes a price g uide. Price Guide

256 pp.


CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE & SCULPTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 HISTORIC SCULPTURE & SCULPTORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 SCULPTURE TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 CONTEMPORARY IRON ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 HISTORIC IRON ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 IRONWORK TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 CONTEMPORARY WOOD ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 HISTORIC WOOD ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 CONTEMPORARY GLASS ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 GLASS ART & TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 NEON ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 HISTORIC GLASS ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 CONTEMPORARY FINE CRAFTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 CONTEMPORARY CERAMIC ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 FIBER ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 FASHION DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS: REGIONAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS: GENERAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 HISTORIC PAINTING & PAINTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 BOTANICAL ART: CONTEMPORARY & HISTORIC . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 CONTEMPORARY PRINTMAKING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 HISTORIC PRINTMAKING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 ANIMATION ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 CONTEMPORARY POP ART & ARTISTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 GRAFFITI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 HISTORIC POSTER ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: GENERAL . . . . . . . . . . . 23 CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: DOCUMENTARY . . . . . . . . 23 CONTEMPORARY ART PHOTOGRAPHY: FIGURES . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 HISTORIC ART PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 PIN-UPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 BUNNY YEAGER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 BURLESQUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 CONTEMPORARY BODY ART/TATTOO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 HISTORIC BODY ART/TATTOO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 BODY ART/TATTOO TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 BODY ART/TATTOO FLASH & DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 FOLK ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 INTERNATIONAL FOLK ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 TRIBAL ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 NATIVE AMERICAN PAINTING & DRAWING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 NATIVE AMERICAN ARTS & CRAFTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 NATIVE AMERICAN TEXTILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38

architecture, landscape & interior design

40 CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE Contemporary Boston Architects. E. Ashley Rooney with Gary Johnson and Maryann Thompson.

Greater Boston includes a wide variety of award-winning and historic architecture. From early in its history to contemporary times, the city has inspired innovative and challenging building design and construction, as it quickly grew into an internationally recognized economic and cultural hub. Boston’s leading architects have often been at the forefront of current design trends, and the city has produced a number of successful architects. As can be seen in Contemporary Boston Architects, today’s architects, like those from previous generations, continue the tradition of quality and innovative home design. Discover a wealth of ideas and design strategies from over 20 architectural firms that will help you understand design processes, methods, and techniques in new ways. See how Boston’s leading talent integrates classic architecture into modern living spaces by viewing over 400 beautiful images showcasing their works. E. Ashley Rooney has written many architectural books, including Green Homes; Boathouses: Architecture at the Water’s Edge; Barn Again; Asian Influenced Architecture and Design; Shingle Style for the 21st Century; Shore Décor; Today’s Historic Interiors; and others. Available in September

Shingle Style Homes: Past & Present. Ashley Ro oney with co ntributions by John C. McCo nnell AIA & Turner Brooks. Over 50 shingle homes in the cont inen tal United States disp layed in over 500 co lor photograp hs, including multi-milliondol lar residences, smaller mansions, co ttages, and renovated shingles.

Retreats to Retirement: Dream Homes to Reality. E. Ashley Rooney. Looks at planning a second home to eventually inhabit year-round; a home that will age nicely with you and your whole family’s needs. Intelligently designed, the vacation home incorporates flexible, accessible, and userfriendly living space for everyone. ISBN: 0-7643-2339-3 hard cover $39.95

Wat erfront Homes: From Castles to Cottages. E . Ashley Rooney. Th is boo k offers an i nsid er’s tour of more than sixty w at erfro nt ho mes. Twenty no table architects and desig ners descri be their ho mes, i nsid e and out . A vari et y o f designs are featured in 400 magni ficent co lor p hot ograp hs. Their si tes are as varied as their desi gns. 208 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1893-4

hard cover $34.95

Cliffhangers and Hillside Houses: Views from the Treetops. E. Ashley Rooney. Asid e fro m soaring views and dramatic vistas, these hillside home designs offer p ract ical and attractive solutio ns to the increasing demand for and scarcity of level land. Tour over 50 stunning hillside homes located across the United States, fro m Alaska to Cape Cod.

A maz ing Spa ce: Archit ect Des ign ed Houses Under $300,000. Lu cy D. Rosenfeld. Explore 48 o rigin al houses by North American architect s produced w ith an eye for economy. Illustrates possib ilities for starter homes, retiremen t houses, vacati on ret reats, and simplified living. ISBN: 0-7643-0642-1 hard cover $39.95


United by Des ign: Homes of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Loryn Wilson Schiffer. Forew ord by Jo hn R. DaSilva, AIA. Discover a diverse selection of beautiful Cap e Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket area homes from a d ozen of the top architects practicing in this book features homes that range from trad itional shingle style t o very modern in design, and from modest cottages t o grandiose estates.

The Art of Brazilian Architecture. Joaquim Nabuco. Photographer Joaquim Nabuco has found art in the architecture, interiors, and landscapes de signed by his fello w Brazilians. Through more than 160 large, lively images, Nab uco shows more than 15 p ropert ies enriched by stylish simpl icity, local folk art traditions, vibrant colors, and a profound harmo ny with their lush tropical surroundings.

Contemporary Villas. David Strahan, AIA, Kath arine Kaye McMillan, Ph.D., & Patricia Hart McMillan. Explore over 40 contemporary villas by today’s most creative architects. Their brilliant architectural designs integrate t he structure and natural environ men t: de se rt s, mo unt ains an d meadows, waterfront, and urban locations. An informative text and 560 gorgeous color photos and plans.

Shingle Style Architecture: f or the 21s t Century. E . Ashley Rooney. Through nearly 300 photos of 40 North American homes, this study o f shingle style homes of fers historical perspectives and modern interpretations of this unique American architectural mo vement. Be inspired by the creative ways that stone, wo od, and natural lig ht are used to provi de co mfo rtable and sustainabl e living quarters that accompany the natural elements o f these p roperties.

Timeless Architecture: Homes of Distinction by Harrison Design Associat es. El izabeth Mered ith Dow ling. E xplo re tenets of d esign applied to homes that embody Italianate, Colonial , Georg ian , Federal, Arts and Crafts, Beau x-Arts, and ot her classic styles. ISBN: 0-7643-1895-0 hard cover $39.95


Post & Beam Dreams . Lisa Glenno n, Ho lly Ost rande r, an d To ny Hansl in . In nearly 400 color images and 16 sample floor plans, would-be homebuil ders can explo re the many finer points of post and beam construction. From connecting with nature throug h the warmth of wood to combining nostalg ia for historic build ings with modern day construction to adapting to suit a variety o f architectural styles, this is modern day post and beam building at its best.

CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE 41 A rtis an Craf t ed Tim ber Fra me Homes. Tina Skinner. Explore more than 25 fi nely crafted timber frame homes, inside and out. Guided b y floor plans, this photographic journey takes you from an overall look at the exteriors of stately, custom built homes, throug h the interiors. Floor plans 192 pp.

Cedar Style: A Look at Lovely Log Homes. Tina Skinner & Ro ger Wade. Take a tour of high- end lo g homes in this in spi ring comp endium of 25 very fine homes found throughout the United States. More than 200 full-color photograp hs and detailed f loor plans act as a guide in negotiating these exquisitely designed , expansive residences.

Living Barns: How to Find and Restore a Barn of Your Ow n. Ernest Burden. This insp iring guide for adaptive restoration includes a survey of the types of barn s, and advice for salvag ing barn timber and moving structu res. A stunnin g sel ection of resident ial and commercial projects.

A uthen tic Log Hom es: Res tored Timbers for Today’s Homesteads. Ferris Robi nso n. Each go rgeous log home shown w as built w ith reclaimed t imbers. The way log h omes are su pposed to look: dove-tailed corners, w eathered barn wood, antique h eart pi ne, and ancient b eams.

Barn Again: Restored and New Barns for the 21st Century. E . Ashl ey Rooney. Over 240 color pho tos and informati ve t ext explore the po ssibilities for transforming the barn from a storag e space fo r large equipment and hay to living and working space featuring unique sight lines and vaulting open spaces. Barns converted into residen ces, offi ces, retail est ab lishmen ts, nonprofit centers, and much more are all displayed and discussed .


Timber Frame Hybrids. Anthony F. Zaya & Tim Diener. Over 200 photos and 106 line drawings depict the merger of traditional timber frame construction with conventional building materials to create modern hybrid homes. The text provides a history of timber frame construction, details the range of choices available in timber frame hybrid construction, and provides a photo essay of 50 building projects showing many configurations, styles, surfaces, and finishes.

Barn-S ty le Hom es: Design Ide as for Timber Frame Houses . Ti na Ski nner and Ton y Hanslin. Inclu des stunn ing images from 38 custom-built ho mes co mplet e w ith floor plans. Furnishing and decoratin g ideas for great rooms, master bed rooms, d ining ro oms, home o ffices, kitchens and baths, and l ofty hideaways. 192 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1319-3 hard cover $39.95

27 floo r pl ans 176 p p. IS BN: 0-7643-2191-9 $34.95

h ard co ver

Log Home Inspirations. Roger Wade & Tina Skinner. Explore 18 private log homes and getaway cabins with acclaimed architectural photographer Roger Wade. Illustrates the tremendous possibilities of furnishings and decor, as well as the opportunity to study architectural d etails graced by d ifferent log styles, corner systems, and finishes.

Old Barns–New Homes : A Showcase of Architectural Conversions. E. Ashley Ro oney. Presen ts over thirty b arn conversion projects by creative archit ects, developers, and homeowners, pro vidin g fresh design ideas for the conversio n of barn s in to residences and b usiness spaces. ISBN: 0-7643-2132-3 hard cover $34.95

Floor plans 160 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2655-4 soft cover $24.95

CONTEMPORARY A RCHITECTURE: Handmade Houses. Steven P. Whit sitt & Tina Skinner. Twelve exciting homes expressive of individuality as well as artistry. Homes featured include Elip hante near Sed ona, Arizona, a fo ur-acre art installation complete with free-form rammed-earth buildings and handmade stained glass; the sculpted grounds and meditation huts of a recycling artist and guru, and the mystical home and gardens of Gnome Countryside in southern Pennsylvania.

Barn Style Living: Design and Plan Inspiration for Timber Frame Homes. Tina Skinner & Tony Han slin . E xplo re exquisite timb er frame homes. Fl oor plans serve as your to ur guid e to 30 homes created w ith th e aesthetic of t he barn as it s inspiration. En joy gorg eo us g reat rooms, kit chen s, den s, li vi ng roo ms, an d spac iou s master suit es.

Log Home Lif est yles . Revise d & Expand ed 2nd E dit ion. Tin a Skin ner. Ne arly 50 homes are p ict ured in all, co mp let e w ith fl oor plan s as w ell as gorgeous imagery o f both in teriors and exterio rs. St udy daz zli ng spac es and compare ho use prof iles, ro om layou ts, and deco rating and furn ishi ng ideas.

ISBN: 0-7643-2386-5 hard cover $44.95

208 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-2270-2 hard cover $39.95

Room by Room: Designing Your Timber Frame Home. Tina Skinner & Tony Hanslin. Any couple or family p lan ning a custo m design ed home should start here. E xamples of great rooms, kitchens, bed rooms, dini ng areas, lof t spaces, home off ices, and l iving areas. Exterio r sho ts, 20 flo or plans, and ad vice for crafting your ow n living space.

The Best of Today’s Log Homes. Tina Skinner with the Log Homes Council. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to tour 28 beautiful log homes through sumptuous photographs and floor plans. This is a wonderful tool for anyone who dreams of someday building a log home, with hundreds of ideas to sift through. These are real homes, chosen for their outstanding design, tasteful decoration, and real-life, lived-in practicality.

Boathouses: Architect ure at the Water’s Edge. E. Ashley Rooney w ith a foreword by Jeffrey D. Peterson. 260 beaut if ul color ph otographs cap ture the b eauty and charm of both historic and recently designed boathouses belonging to private residences, rowing clubs, and preparatory schools and colleges. Together, they pro vide an historical appreciatio n and arch it ectural inspiratio n of this classic building form.

Log Cabins: Past & Present. Tina Skinner & Tommi Jamiso n. An incred ible coll ect ion of imagery takes you on a tour of old and new log homes, offering restorers and new homebu il ders alike a chance to recreate architectural traditions in a home for today’s family. Examine details from log finishing and chinking, to the staircases, wind ows, doorways, and floors that work together to frame the log home lifestyle.

Houseboats: Aquatic Architecture of Sausalito. Kathy Shaffer, AIA. Visit over 100 houseboats, inside and o ut. A celebratio n of the refreshing , inspiring forms created in the free-thinking spirit of houseboat architecture.

ISBN: 0-7643-2006-8 soft cover $19.95

Log & Timber Frame Homes. Inspiratio n for any home-builder or interior d esig ner who wants to inco rp orat e ancestral fo lk archit ecture in a modern ho me. Tou r mo re than 35 houses, insid e and out, through beauti ful color p hotograph s. Most are shown wit h f loor p lans. A helpful aid for home build ers planning their custom dwelling . 67 floor plans 224 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1754-7 hard cover $44.95

Cedar Homes: Ideas for Log and Timber Frame Designs. Tina Skinner & Roger Wade. An intimate tou r of more than two-d ozen exq uisite top-end log and timber frame homes. Stunn ing overvie ws of p ri vate kitc hen s, great roo ms, master suites, ho me offices and en tertai nment roo ms. E ach ho me is shown with fl oor plans. ISBN: 0-7643-1874-8 hard cover $39.95

CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE: Yesterday’s Structures: Today’s Homes. Lucy D. Rosenfeld. 56 inno vative adaptations of old , ab and oned structu res, w ith mo re than 290 images and p lans. Among th e struct ures restored to use are homes, con dos, church es, schoo ls, factories, b arns, a lig hthouse, a g iant g as tank, and even a missile silo. ISBN: 0-7643-1014-3 hard cover $39.95

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2722-3 hard cover $39.95


Built to Last: A Showcase of Concrete Homes. Tina Skinner. IC F con struct ion co mbines concrete an d steel for a rock-so lid house co nst ru cti on t hat can w it hstan d hu rri canes, drastically cut energy costs, and p rovide air and sound quality. Resource Guide 144 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1617-6 hard cover $29.95


42 Award-winning Green Roof Designs: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. Steven W. Peck. Over 100 photos disp lay the award-winning roof designs for private homes, bu sinesses, and pu blic spaces that integrate natural and artificial systems, resulting in more sustainable b uildings. Details about the plants used, grow ing media, drainage and irrigation systems, and waterproo fing, along with descriptio ns o f challenges overcome, and innovations developed, are all pro vided.

Green Homes : Dwelling s for the 2 1st Century. E. Ashl ey Rooney wit h David Hart ke & John C. McCo nnell . An indispensable guide to commonsense strategies of solar orientation, natural ventilation, and recycling of household water, as well as cutting-edge materials and building technologies such as earth sheltering, thermal mass, super insulation, g eothermal heating and cooling, and photovoltaic electrical generation — all without compromising aesthetic goals. More than 50 green homes in approximately 400 color photos.

Mexican Style, Sustainable. Tina Skinner. Take a visually rich tou r t hroug h a burgeoning communi ty on Mexico’s Baja Pen insul a, and learn how the d ream o f visi onaries is shaping the commun it y of Loreto Bay as a mo del for the future. That pl ace is wonderfully illustrated here, from the colorful adobe architecture and Spanish mission fu rnishings, to the scenes presented by the white sands of the Sea of Cortez and t he fertile desert beyond.

Igloo : Contemporary Vernacular Architecture.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2743-8 soft cover $19.95

Of the vast variety of types of vernacular architecture, the igloo is probably the one which provokes the most curiosity and affection. In addition to offering a detailed analysis of the building tradition and cultural significance of igloos, this book gathers together the work of contemporary architects, designers, and artists from around the world who have turned their attention to this unique compacted dome when planning some of their work. Altogether, 14 modern designs are presented, ranging from an ice hotel to memorials to a forestry conservation center. Each of these works demonstrate a clear understanding of the characteristic traits that define the igloo, the process of its construction, and its relationship with the environment—ideas of great importance in architecture and contemporary design considering the existence of this millennia-old building tradition is threatened by globalization and climate change. This is an excellent reference for architects, designers, and students interested in vernacular design. works in Barcelona as an editor and journalist for numerous architecture and design publications. Available in January


Green Roofs: Ecological Design and Construction. Eart h Pledg e. E xamine po ssibilit ies for city-wid e green roof devel opment using 335 colo r photo grap hs, 40 in -dept h bu ilding case studies, an d 7 municipal case stud ies around the w orld . 160 p p. ISBN : 0-7643-2189-7 hard co ver $39.95

Profitable. Craig Toepfer. Through a combination of wind, solar, and other clean and renewable energy technologies, individuals, businesses, and communities can invest in equipment toproduceelectricity for themselves. This book explains how to reduce reliance on the power companies,restoremarket forces,increase economic security, create jobs, improve efficiency, and reduce waste.

Eco-House Renovations: 45 Green Home Conversions. Lucy D. Rosen fel d. This design book shows 45 aesthetically pleasing and practical renovation projects that address everything from the size of the build ing’s footprint, its energy needs, its use of sustainable or even reused materials, and its pollu tion emissions. Learn abou t t he top ten considerations necessary to t he success o f an eco-renovation.

Natural Building: Creating Communities Through Cooperation. Timot hy Rieth & Bob Ferris, Ed itors. Basics in fou ndations, framing, wall systems, and roofs are explored through the shared experiences of teach ers, stud ents, and seekers who came together one summer to build a low-impact building. Share with them in this primer course on natural building techniques, materials, and ap proaches.

Exploring Sustainable Biodiesel. Amy Townsend, Billy Broas, Chelsea Jenkins, & Kevin Ray. This book intro duces readers t o some of the challenges facing biodiesel alternative fuel production, focusing specifically on small-scale p roducers. The text discusses issues of quality, safety, storage, waste disp osal , reg ulatio n, and cooperati ve p olit ics. A perfect introduc tion to anyon e int erested i n producing alternative fuels.

Offshore Windpower. Christopher Gillis. This comp rehensive survey includes over 140 photos and illustrations that examine the history of the wind turbine and the current movement to place turb ines in coastal wat ers. The p rocess of building an offshore w ind farm is exp lored. An extensive list of resources enab les individu als, businesses, and advocates to tap into wind as a free, natural, and clean source of energy.

Windpower. Ch ristoph er Gi llis wit h Forew ord by R. No lan Clark. Wind energy is to day’s most developed form of “green” power on the planet , with plenty of room to grow. This comprehensive survey examin es the history of wind power, from early peoples technology to harness the w ind for basic mechan ical tasks, such as t urning grain to flour through today’s “Wind Rush.”

The Passive Solar Primer: Sustainable Architecture. D avid Wrig ht, AIA. This comprehensive book provides simple grap hic s and l angu age to i llu mi nate concepts that incl ude greenhouse effect, heat st orag e, surface-to -vo lume rat io, venti lati on, and co oli ng. Tip s, ru lesof-th umb, regio nal characteristics, and many other considerations are presented to help readers, from initial site selection to visionary design.

43 Coal Heat. St anley Sch uler & Cary Hull. Practical id eas and facts on the safe and efficient use o f coal. This hand book discusses the types of coal and th eir use, the equipment, installatio n, maintenance and conversion of furnaces t o coal.

Shaker Architecture. Herbert Schiffer. F or a small religious community the Shakers had a major imp act on American architecture and furniture d esig n. In this study, each of the Shaker co mmunities is represented with very interesting photographs of the buildings that made up their wo rld. A detail ed text completes the study. ISBN : 0-88740-153-8

soft cover

Classic American Diners: Collectible Postcards and Matchcov ers. Do n Preziosi. These aluminum gems, whose metal bodies and neon signs came to characterize modernity in the mid-20th century, were mass produced from the 1920s to the 1950s. Nearly 450 examples are included here, along with a history of the diner.

$24.95 ISBN: 0-7643-2610-4 hard cover $39.95

HISTORIC A RCHITECTURE: Wood in Tradit ional Architect ure. D avid Campbell. See how wood has shaped traditional architecture around t he world in a panorama of more t han 400 color i mages. F rom France to Russia, from No rway to Romania, see landmarks built in traditional arch it ecture of wood, and learn the carpentry techniques of the Old World.


A rch it ect ural Det ails from V ict oria n Homes. Stanley Schu ler. More than 400 p hotographs and illustration s and tips to guid e t he remodeller of Jacobean, Col onial, Georg ian , and Federal homes. 192 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1829-2 hard cover $49.95

Bridges: A Post card History. G eoffrey H. Goldberg , with E. Ashley Rooney, Edito r. Take a tour through time and learn ab out the exciting engineering developments that allowed the primitive bridges of ancient man evolve to the masterworks of today. This unique treatment is illustrated wit h postcards, archival p hotographs, and t ech nical drawings and diagrams. 208 pp.

Stone in Traditional A rchitecture. D avid Campbell. An overview of traditional sto ne archi tecture of many nations, ranging from simple stone homes and practical farm buildings to imposing to wn halls and vaulti ng cat hedrals. Learn t he history, styles, an d techniques of a sto ne cu tters’ and masons’ arts. Includes arches, vaul ts, stone types, ro ugh dressing hard stones, moldings, and wall-building with cut or uncut stones.

Victorian Architecture: Original Plans for Cottages, Small Estates, and Commerce. A rare catalog of resi dential designs w ith over 250 hou se plan s, inc ludi ng bung alow , stic kstyle, Gothic revival , chateau style, Qu een Anne, and Eastlake. ISBN: 0-7643-1969-8 soft cover $29.95

HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE: Old New England Homes. 2nd Edition. Stanley Schuler. Colonial, Georgian, Federal, and Victorian homes p resented w ith an informative text and 245 color p hotos. Various aspects and angles of the buildings are shown, in addition to the beautiful frontal views. Floor plans are given for many of the homes, making this new edition an important book for architects and home owners alike. ISBN: 0-7643-0995-1 hard cover $35.00

Lilian J. Rice: Architect of Rancho Santa Fe, California. Diane Y. Welch. Lilian J. Rice w as given the opportunity of a lifetime in 1922, when she began to desig n and develop Rancho Santa Fe, the master-planned, high class community in Southern California, now reno wned as one of the wealthiest zip codes in the USA. 394 illustrations, floor p lans, architectural rendering s, and stunning photographs included. 224 pp.

Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsw orth Hous e. Paul Clemence wit h Fo rewo rd by Dirk Lohan. A revered icon of modern architectu re, th e Farnsworth House, l ocated near Plano, Illinois, is the only private residence d esigned by famed modernist architect Lud wig Mies van der Rohe. Striking architectural details are captured in over 70 eye-catching color and black-and-white photos and d raw ing s.

Arts & Crafts Houses. Steven Paul Whitsitt and Tina Skinner. Nearly 300 color p hotos d etail the link between nature and human skill and capture the sig nature architect ural elements of sixteen Arts and Crafts bungalows. This book is a must have for Arts and Crafts followers and Ideal for all woodworkers, glass wo rkers, masons, and coll ectors, offering insight and design insp iration through images of buil t-in cabinets, stained glass win dows, b rick fireplaces, and antiques d isplays.

A rc hit ect ural Deta ils from Old New England Homes. 3rd Edition. Stanley Schuler. Over 350 color and black-and-white p hotograp hs show the various architectural styles of ol d New En glan d h omes w ith speci al att ent ion to th e details. A supporting text expl ains the h isto ry and significance of th e style. Archit ect ural drawing s provid e close-up views.

Modern A merican Homes: Prairie & Craftsman Architecture. H . V. von Holst, editor. A faithful reprint o f a 1913 classic featurin g American homes and buildings that embody “the back to nature” movement of the times. Today, this reprint is a treasure of over 130 houses, including work by the venerable Frank Ll oyd Wright and Green & Green.

New England’s Architecture by Wallace Nutting. For the first time, the lavishly illustrated series of “Beautiful” books for the New Eng land states, has been combed for the best examples of historic architecture, sketched and photographed by Wallace Nu tting.

The Smaller American House. Ethel B. Power. This books presents work by some of the early 20th century’s most notable architects, including Dwight James Baum, Wallace Frost, John F. Staub, Wallace Neff, George Washington Smith, Eleanor Raymond and Henry Atherton Frost. The house styles include Classic Colonial, Spanish Revival, Creole, and Storybook Style. Each home includes a floor plan.

The Evolution of the Cape Cod House: An Architectural His tory. Arthur P. Richmo nd. Detailed history of one of America’s mo st popul ar architectural styles-the Cape Cod house-from its beginnings mo re than six centuries ago. This study is complete with more than 600 images detailing the interiors and exteriors of these classic homes. A must for anyone interested in architecture, Cape Cod, and the most admired of American homes.

ISBN: 0-7643-0981-1 soft cover $29.95

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2654-7 soft cover


96 pp. Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House: Postcard Book. Paul Clemenc e. Striking archit ectu ral d etail s of the Farnsw ort h House are captured in 20 eye-cat ch ing B & W postcards. Whether mailin g or framing the stun ning images, thi s boo k is a must-have fo r devotees o f arc hi tec tu re , de sig n, Mo d erni sm, th e Bauhaus, Mi es van der Roh e, and pho tograp hy.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2769-8 soft cover $19.95

Radford Artistic Homes . Tina Skinner, editor. Here are 252 ren dering s of Art s and Crafts p eriod homes, in cluding b ungalows an d larger ho mes in a broad sp ect rum of st yles. Each home has a fro ntal view , as well as floor plans. ISBN: 0-7643-1455-6 soft cover $19.95

Homes in a Box: Modern Homes from Sears Roebuck. A facsimile reproduction of the Sears Modern Homes catalog of the early 1900s, offering simple kits with only the blueprints and bill-of-materials or complete homes with all materials and finishes. Among the architects who contributed designs was Frank Lloyd Wright, and several homes reflect the Arts & Crafts movement. ISBN: 978-0-7643-0432-3 soft cover $19.99

Saltbox and Cape Cod Houses. 2nd Edition. Stanley Schuler. Examples o f old traditio nal styles and newer adaptation s. The sensib le, two-story floo r pl ans of t hese New England t ypes have endeared t hem to home build ers si nce the 1600s. ISBN: 0-7643-0998-6 hard cover $29.95


44 HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE The Ca pe Cod H ouse. Stan le y Sc hu ler. Designed for tho se who may wish to b uild their own Cape Cod h ome, here are many variati ons of the basic floor p lan. Show s the nearly limitless possibiliti es. Includes tiny sing le style C ape Cod house to d ouble, triple, modif ied, and “modern” interpretation s.

Gingerbread Gems: Victorian Architecture of Cape May. Tina Ski nner & Bruce Wat ers. Gorgeous examp les of Carpenter Gothic, Gothi c Revival, Italianate, Secon d Empire, Ed wardian, American Bracketed Villa, and Sti ck Styles are foun d in Cape May, N.J. ISBN: 0-7643-1971-X soft cover $19.95

Baltimore’s Cast-Iron Buildings & Architectural Ironwork. James D . Dilt s & Catharine F. Black, edito rs. This celebratio n of a unique aspect of Baltimore’s architect ural and industrial history, examines cast-iro n building s, showin g how t he material was fabricated and the buildings erected. The heavily illustrated, includes ironwork catalogs from the mid-1800s. ISBN: 978-0-87033-427-6 soft cover


see also Iron Art, p 8 Painted Ladies: Balusters & Columns. Robert and Lynn Gatchell. 605 color images show the wide variety and creative ways balusters and co lumns were used to enhance the homes in historic Oak Bluff s and Martha’s Vineyard , Massachusett s. Restorers of old homes, preservationists, students of architecture, and admirers of Victo rian style will find this a valuable resource and use these photos to restore, preserve, or even recreate the embellishments.

Cape May’s Gingerbread Gems. Tina Skinner & Bruce Waters. Sixty-five color images of summer cottages and guesthouses: a treasured souvenir of New Jersey’s southern cape, and an indispensable reference for Victorian Era architecture and exterior ornamentation. Examples of Carpenter Gothic, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Edwardian, American Bracketed Villa, and Stick Styles are presented, with work by architects Frank Furness, Samuel Sloan, and Stephen Decatur Button.

Savannah Architectural Tours. Jonathan Stalcup & photographer Elizabeth Osterberger. Three self-g uided walking tours take you on a journey throug h Savannah’s past and in troduce you t o the city’s historic architecture. These paths allo w yo u to focus your sightseeing . If you cannot make it to Savannah in p erson, the 131 beautiful color photos give you a deeper understand ing and appreciation of the city and its architecture.

Painted Ladies: Corbels & Gingerbread. Ro bert & Lynn Gatchell. More than 600 color images sh owcases the wide variety of architectural styles and influences that encompasses small “tent like” cottag es kn own as the Painted Ladies in and around Martha’s Vin eyards. The photo s p rovid e an o pp ortuni ty to stud y th e int ri cat e p at terns carpenters used with little material and equipment. Restorers, preservationists, students of architec ture, and admirers of Victorian-style homes will find this a valuab le resource.

Gingerbread Gems of Ocean Grove, NJ. Tina Skinn er. Explores Ocean Grove, N.J., li sted by the National Regi ster of Histori c Places as th e richest co ncentration of Victorian architecture in the nation. Over 200 pictures of seaside cottages and hot els f est oon ed w ith scro llw ork in high Vi ctorian f ashion.

Casas to Castles: Florida’s Historic Mediterranean Revival Architecture. Justin A. Nylander. 40 stunning Mediterranean revival homes in Florida, captured inside and out in over 350 images. Architects featured incl ude Add ison Miz ner, Maurice Fat io , Marion Sims Wyeth, John Vol k, James Gamble Rogers II, Richard Kiehnel, and John Elliot. The homes range from family-scale creations to mammoth oceanfront palaces.

Gingerbread Gems: V ictorian Architecture of Oak Bluffs. Arthur P. Richmond. Stroll Martha’s Vineyard and view cozy Victorian cottages featuring brig ht colors, welcoming p orches, and sumptuous decoration. Delight in architectural details, many designed by the prolific S.F. Prat t.

Colonial Architecture: Early Examples from the First State. George Fletcher Bennett. Details the infl uence of Dut ch, Sw edish, and E ngli sh colonization on examples of colonial architecture bu ilt bet ween 1660-1840. Frame , b ri ck, and stone residences, churches, pu blic buil ding s, and even outho uses are shown along with scores of architectural details.

South Beach Architectural Photographs: Art Deco to Contemporary. Pau l C le me n ce w i th F o re w ord b y Mic hael Hu gh es. Expl ore so me of t he w orld ’s most ext rao rd in ary archi te ctu re. Hi gh li gh ti ng t he el emen ts th at create an d d efi ne t he Art Deco styl e, th is co ll ect ion of 64 b lac k-and -w hi te ph oto graphs is a cross bet ween f ine art p hot ography and a travel bo ok.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2682-0 soft cover $29.95

224 pp.

ISBN: 0-7643-2086-6 hard cover $24.95 Historic Architecture in West Philadelphia, 1789-1930s. Joseph Minardi. A comprehensive look at the rich, classical architectural history of neig hborhoods in and around University City and biographies of t he architects who mad e it possible. In mo re than 500 images, see this area transition from humble beginn ings to a street car sub urb and haven fo r esteemed educat io nal institutions.

Cottages of Oak Bluffs: 20 Postcards. Arthur P. Richmond. Charming and historic gingerb read-style cottages in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. Inviting front porches, ornate trims, and blossoming flowerboxes on these disting uish ed Martha’s Vineyard homes ap pear here in twenty dynamic postcards. Cards can be displayed in a standard frame, detached and mailed to friend s, or kept in this book as a souvenir.

ISBN: 0-7643-2340-7 soft cover $9.95

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2683-7 soft cover $9.95

192 pp.

Ea rly Domest ic Archite cture of Connecticut. J. Fred erick Kelly. Details house plans, framin g, roof s, maso nry, wind ows, entran ces, paneling , mantels, cupboard s, stairs, and more fro m houses buil t d uring th e early 1600s t hroug h the 1800s. Line drawings of moul ding d etail s. -

Early Domestic Architecture of Penns ylvania. Eleanor Raymond , A.I.A. Introduction by R. Brognard Okie. Beautiful examples of meeting houses, homes, barns, mil ls, spring houses, and other outbu il dings in Pennsylvania. H eavy beams, stonework, and detailed paneling are shown. 25 pages of measured drawing s detail cabinetry w ork and mold ing profiles.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2664-6 soft cover $29.95

160 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-2590-6 soft cover

Gingerbread Gems of Willimantic, Connecticut. Michele Palmer, photo graphy by Lori Garris. From tiny cott ag es t o grand mansio ns, th ese examp les of Carpend er Go thi c, Queen Anne, Stick Style, It alianate and Seco nd E mpire architecture have mad e Willi mantic, Connecticut famo us. Over 175 color images display the high Vi ctorian h ouses.

A rt Deco A rchit ect ure: Mia mi Beach Postcards. Paul Cl eme nce. Photo grap her Paul Cl emence cap tures the emblemat ic f orms o f Miami Beach’s Art Deco arc hite cture i n 20 d ramatic black-an d-whi te po stcard s. Mai l th em or frame an d han g as the fine art they are! A great gi ft fo r lovers o f Sout h Beach, Art Deco , arch itecture, and ph otograph y.

Louisville Architectural Tours: 19th Century Gems. Lisa Westmoreland-D ohert y. Visit Lo uisville, Kentu cky’s historic districts, repl et e with ant ebellum and Victorian homes that will take your breath away. Tour Old Louisville to see the Conrad Caldwell House and the Pink Palace. Rest in a Gothic Revival-styled b ed -and-breakfast at th e Inn at Woodhaven. Revel in architectural details and learn about Kentucky’s histo ry!


A Guide to Balt imore Architecture. 3rd Edition. John Dorsey & James D. Dilts. Grouped by neighborhoo d, more than two hund red notable Balt imore b uildings are pictured and described with commentary on their history and style. Photographs, maps, and tours as well as biographies of Bal timore architect s.

Mississippi Valley Architecture: Hous es of the Lower Mississippi Valley. Stanl ey Schu ler. Overview of the magnif icent h omes of th is reg ion betw een 1700 and 1865. Show s adaptation s of French Col onial, G reek Revival, and vernacular st yles with facades, f loor p lan s, and det ails. ISBN: 0-916838-96-X

ISBN: 978-0-87033-477-1 soft cover $24.95

hard cover $30.00

HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE 45 Historic Architecture of Pennsylvania. Scott D. Butcher. illustrated in full color Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties Nestled among the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania, six counties – Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York – are home to more than three centuries of history and architecture. Beginning with early eighteenth century buildings, almost every style of American architecture is featured in the region’s mid-sized cities, charming towns, and quaint villages. Susquehanna Valley buildings showcase excellent examples of Colonial, Early Republic, Victorian, and twentieth-century architectural movements. Featured are educational narratives of three dozen styles as well as special sections on a variety of building types, including farmers’ markets and train stations, all brought to life by more than 180 full-color photos. Join author and photographer Scott D. Butcher on an enlightening tour featuring the best of American architecture as seen through the eyes of the region’s architects and builders. Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, is a writer, photographer, and marketing professional who resides in York, PA. He is author and photographer of eleven books including York’s Historic Architecture, Gettysburg Perspectives, Lancaster Reflections, Delaware Reflections, York: America’s Crossroads, York (Postcard History Series), and Civil War Walking Tour of York, PA. Available in December

Historic Architecture in Northwest Philadelphia: 1690 to 1930s. Joseph Minardi.

Historic Architecture in Northwest Philadelphia is a colorful and comprehensive look at the rich architectural history of the Wissahickon Valley, and the people who made it possible with a locally sourced building stone, the Wissahickon schist. The simple stone structures of Germantown’s origins as a village of German immigrants laid the groundwork for the more elaborate buildings for Philadelphia’s rising mercantile class that followed. From the colonial period to the 1930s, this architectural tour explores 450 structures, many still standing and well preserved, in the area from Wayne Junction in Germantown to Northwest Avenue in Chestnut Hill. A wide variety of architectural styles and influences are captured in nearly 750 modern day and archival images, including the Georgian, Colonial, and Federal styles of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; the Revival of those styles and others; Italianate; Second Empire; and Romantic Eclecticism. This extensive architectural review is ideal for architects, historians, and residents of Northwest Philadelphia. Joseph Minardi is an award-winning photographer and author of Historic Architecture in West Philadelphia. He is a member of the Germantown Historical Society and the Chestnut Hill Historical Society and is on the Board of Trustees of the University City Historical Society. Available in December

46 HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE California Colonial: The Spanish & Rancho Revival Styles. Eliz ab et h McMil lian . A deepl y researched text and stunni ng imag ery expl ores vernacular and religi ous structures built betw een 1769 and 1848, duri ng the Span ish Missio n and Mexican Ranch o eras. ISBN: 0-7643-1460-2 hard cover $49.95

California Colonial Homes: Case Studies with Prominent Architects. S.F. “Jerry” Cook III & Tina Skinner. Work b y over 30 leading architects of the Spanish Revival movement i n California during the 1920s and ’30s is featured, with 44 beau tifu l h omes. Architec ts in clud e: Wall ac e Neff, Gordon Kauf man, Roland Coate, and George Washington Smith.

Palm Springs Mid-century Modern. Dolly Faibyshev. Lavish co lor photos present the mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs, California. The d esert enviro nment and Hollywood stars inspired architects of the d ay to creative heights, including Donald Wexler, E. Stewart Williams, William Krisel, Albert Frey, William F. Cody, and Richard Neutra.

Old Places, New Spaces: Preserving, Remodeling, Decorating San Antonio Style. David Strahan, AIA, Katharine Kaye McMillan, Ph.D., and Patricia Hart McMillan.

In 545 beautiful color images, this fascinating book presents a broad sampling of residences that embody a living and evolving history of the Alamo City (including some repurposed commercial sites). Some of these structures are grand in their own right, others modest. Different in size, style, and locations, these varied living spaces share a similar sensitivity to the past and dynamic engagement in San Antonio’s future. Those who refurbished these structures did not view them as frozen-in-time period pieces to double as museums or simply as Hollywood movie sets. Rather, they chose to breathe new life into these places in a number of remarkable and time-honoring ways. Two of the houses presented, from the historic King William district, are excellent examples of once-grand structures restored for living elegantly in the present, the exquisite Chabot House. This book will be a treasure to all who enjoy architecture or San Antonio. David Strahan, AIA, is a practicing architect and interior designer in the State of Texas. Katharine Kaye McMillan, PhD, is a research psychologist interested in human factors relating to design and decoration. Patricia Hart McMillan has been

Available in October New Orleans and Its Environs: The Domes tic Architecture 1727-1870. Italo William Ricciuti, photo s by Rudolf Hertzberg. More than 260 images exp lore the w ide verandahs, hipped and gabled roofs, and lavish iron lacework that give this region its unique architectural character. Includ es architectural drawings and molding profiles.

Tour of Frank Gehry & Ot her L.A. Architect ure. Laura Massino Smit h. Pro vi des ad dre sses an d detail ed history and d escriptions of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art , Santa Monica i ncludin g Cit y Hall, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, the Venice Renai ssance Build ing, an d wel l-known “Binocul ars Buil ding ,” Gehry, and the homes of Rud olf M. Schindler, Venice Art Loft s, and Dennis Hopper. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2715-5 soft cover


Modern Tract Homes of Los Angeles. John Eng & Adriene Biondo. Modern Tract Ho mes o f Lo s Angeles tou ches o n the history of Modern and explores five housing t racts buil t betw een 1948 and 1964. Throu gh t hese uniqu e tract s, we g ain an underst and ing o f what t he postwar climate was like and learn why Modern housing still remains relevant today as new homeo wners are drawn to the modern aesthetic and original homeow ners co ntinue to enjoy them more than half a century later.

Historic Doorw ays of San Antonio, Texas. Frederick R. Preston, E d.D. Fo reword by Jud ge Nelson W. Wolff. Focusing on doorways, the unique and wel l-preserved histo rical architecture of San Antonio, Texas, recalls events important to bot h Texas and American history. This bo ok reflects San Antonio’s diverse cul tural heritage and many prominent architects who contribut ed to the city’s development.

Architecture Tours L.A. Guidebook: Pasadena. Laura Massino Smith. Over 100 sites on this tour feature elegant hotels including the Wentworth, The Hotel Green, and the Vista Del Arroyo; brightly painted Victorian buildings; Arts & Crafts bungalows by prominent architects Greene & Greene, Alfred and Arthur Heineman, Louis Easton, and others.

Deco & Streamline Architecture in L.A.: A Moderne City Survey. Elizabeth McMillian. Showcases the two main categories of Art Deco styles in L.A.: the zigzag, perpendicular Deco style of the 1920s and the aerodynamic, cubist style of the Streamline 1930s and early `40s. Exterior and interior views of public buildings, office towers, theaters, restaurants, religious structures, apartments, hotels, and individual homes. An essential reference and a stunning tribute to architectural expression in L.A.

Architecture Tours L.A. Guidebook: . Laura Massino Smith. Identify mo re than 100 sites, starting in Koreatow n at the PostModern “Chicken Shack,” journey through th e g ran d neig hb orho ods of Win dsor Square and Hancock Park, to the Miracle Mil e w it h its co ncen trati on o f earlytwentieth century buildings.

see also Iron Art, p 8 Hous es of New Orleans . Alex Caemmerer. Forew ord b y John Michael Vlach. N ew Orl eans delivers beauty and style in it s architecture, even th e simpl e sho tgu n h ouses in poo r, wo rkin g neig hborhoods. Hou ses of the Garden Distri ct and the plantations beyond are simply stunning . Enj oy rich detailing that was lavished on even the most simple structures, and learn how tastes chan ged and homes evolved over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Index 224 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-2008-4 hard cover $49.95

ISBN: 0-7643-2297-4 soft cover $9.95

HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE Architecture Tours L.A. Guidebook: Laura Massino Smith. These cities enjo y a rich tap est ry of diverse and exciti ng archi tecture. Drive d own Santa Monica Blvd., Rodeo D rive, and the Sunset Strip, and see architect ural landmarks including the Argyle Hotel, the Beverly H ills Hotel, and the jet-age Union 76 gas station. ISBN: 0-7643-2122-6 soft cover $9.95

Architecture Tours L.A. Guidebook: Silv er Lake . Laura Massin o Smit h. Students of architecture worldwide make pilgrimages to Silver Lake sp ecifically to see t he work of the Modernist architects Ric hard Neu tra, Rud ol f M. Schi nd ler, Gregory Ain , John Lautner, and Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., among others. ISBN: 0-7643-2085-8 soft cover $9.95

Architecture Tours L.A. Guidebook: Downtown. Laura Massino Smith. The city’s most architecturally diverse area, with Victorian, Renaissance Revival, European Beaux-Arts, Art Deco and Post-modern. Highlight s: Walt Disney Concert Hall, the new cathedral, Little Tokyo, th e Historic Theater District, and L.A.’s first suburb.

California Mission Architecture: A Survey and Sourcebook. Jock M. Sewall, A.I.A..

ISBN: 0-7643-2084-X soft cover $9.95

Architecture Tours L.A. Guidebook: Hollywood! Laura Massino Smith. Home of movies, celebrities, glamour, and over a century of absolutely remarkable architecture. Original Victorian homes, glamorous hotels and theaters, and w ork by famed architects Frank Lloyd Wrig ht, John Lautner, and Frank Gehry, among others.

The California missions are the cathedrals of the New World. They were built under the direction of the adventurous padres who braved the hardships of the New World and organized an existing agrarian culture to produce viable military, commercial, and religious centers. Even though created with primitive means from mud and wood, these structures were elegant and represented the taste and culture of the Spanish empire at its height. With nearly 800 photos and plans, this book visually documents rustic, elegant features, artistic details, and general architectural significance of each of the twenty-one missions. Searching for the roots of mission architecture, this comprehensive study starts by looking at precedents including Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Renaissance, and Native American influences. From there the book delves into how the missions influenced later American architecture, followed by specific characteristics of the style and a mission-by-mission overview. Complete with details on elevations, lighting fixtures, doorways, and more, this is an ideal book for anyone seeking architectural inspiration. Jock M . Sewall, AIA, has been a practicing architect for more than thirty years in California. He began this book during his residency as a Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome.

ISBN: 0-7643-2121-8 soft cover $9.95

Victorian Homes of San Francisco. Terry Way. More than 200 color images showcase details of homes in San F rancisco. Styles include Italianate,

Available in December

HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE: Barns of Cape Cod. Joan Dillon. Over 340 color p hotos d isplay barns in the English and New England styles that dot the landscape of Cape Cod’s fifteen townships, includ ing many detail shots. Barns dating from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries appear, including barns for sheltering animals, grain, cranberries, strawberries, turnips, and asparagus.


Tobacco Sheds: of the Connecticut River Valley. Darcy Purinton & Dale F. Cahill. Over 200 colo r p hotos provid e a detailed look at tobacco sheds in the Connecticut River Valley. Get a unique look at tobacco shed s from a historical, personal, and agricultural perspective. Text exp lores the construction an d un ique f eat ures of tobacco sheds and how so me have been transformed , given new life and new uses.

HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE: INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCES Mediterra nean A rch it ecture: A Sourcebook of Architect ural Element s. Jock Sewall, A.I.A. Mo re than 1,100 imag es expl ore and record element s of Mediterranean arch itecture in det ail.Th is is a comprehensive visual reference for architects, interior designers, real estate developers, and students, and a look b ook ext raord inaire for the homeow ner.

American Barns . Stanl ey Schul er. A handsome, richly illustrated look at 240 b arns from th rou gho ut the Un ited Stat es. H ere are hug e b arn s an d smal l barns, Penn sylvani a D utc h barn s and N ew E ngland barns, horse barns and carriag e h ouses, and count less others presented with gorgeous pict ures and det ailed informatio n and descriptions.

Asian Influenced Archit ecture & Des ign. E . Ashl ey Ro oney. O ver 340 color p hotos reveal many w ays to employ Asian materials, including cypress, silk, and stone, for Western homes. Architect Barney Mai er and d esig ner C harlen e Keogh explain the influence of the Asian aesthetic on Western culture t oday.

ISBN : 0-88740-145-7

144 pp.

176 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-2564-7 hard cover $39.95 Barns of the Berkshires. Stephen G. Donaldson. 123 full-pagecolor photos and a detailed text trace the rich visual tapestry created in the bucolic countryside of the Berkshire hills and its many historicbarns. The history of barn building and subsequent development of barn architecture in the region spans over 250 years. The photos, both detailed and inthe distance,capture the rustic beauty of the barns in every season. 112 pp.

soft cover



48 HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE German Architect ure in America: Folk Hous e, Your House, Bauhaus, and More. Irwin Richman. From lo g houses, corner beer halls and restaurants, and modern theme parks t o the Broo klyn bridge and the Seag ram Build ing in New York, German-insp ired architecture co vers America and defines a cultural herit ag e.

Spanish Revival Architecture. “Jerry” S. F. Cooke III & Tina Skinner. More than 500 period photographs explore the Spanish Revival movement (1915-1940) in architecture. Work by celebrated architects is featured, including George Washing ton Smith, Wallace Neff, Gord on Kauffman, Morgan, Walls and Clements, and many others.

Twilight on t he Lighthouses. Jim G ibb s. Senti nels from Cali fornia t o British Colu mb ia are p ictu red an d discu ssed hist oricall y w ith dramatic photos o f stark coastal landscap es and shipwrecks, al ong wit h portrayal s o f the hero ic lighthouse keepers. Index 152 pp.

ISBN : 0-7643-2309-1

hard co ver


ISBN: 0-7643-1800-4 hard cover $49.95

Half-Timber Architecture. Tina Skinner. Amazing assembly of historic images of half-timb ered buildings fro m across Northern Europe, ranging from humble cottages to turreted estate houses. Offers opp ortunities to study the decorative applications o f original, exposed framewo rk.

Old World Inspiration for American Architecture. New Edition. Richard S. Req ua, A.I.A.. This classic resource for authentic Mediterranean and Sp anish architecture was compiled in 1929 by the pioneer architect of its revival style. Its 144 plates display many country and city dwellings, interiors, exteriors, and architectural, g arden, and ironwork details.

A rchit ectural Det ails: S pain a nd t he Mediterranean. “Jerry” S. F. Coo ke III & Tina Skinn er. Architect Rich ard S. Requa traveled t he Medit erannean, do cumenting auth entic architectu re and pu blished his p ortfol io o f images in 1926, helping to fuel arch itecture’s Spanish Revival movement (1915-1940).

Cape Cod Lighthouses and Lightships. Arthur P. Richmond. St ep back in time and observe the lighthouses and lightships that marked the shores and g uided mariners through the dangerous waters surrounding Cape Cod and the islands. This comp rehensive book has mo re than 500 images and a visitor’s guide.

ISBN: 0-7643-2307-5 hard cover $39.95

256 pp.

Small Italian Villas & Farmhouses. Guy Lowell. Guy Lowell toured Italy in the early 20th century and here his photographs and drawings are revived in a wonderful compilation, with over 500 photos and illustrations that record the Italian countryside for landscape designers, homebuilders, and architects. Herein lies much inspiration for those who appreciate great classic Mediterranean buildings.

Lighthouses of Cape Cod & The Islands. Arthur P. Richmond . Forty views of the lig hthouses of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Active l ights and inactive lights are p resented as beautifu l color postcards. Perforated, they can be detached and sent to friends (at 40 cents apiece they are a go od bargain), framed and hung on your wall, or kept intact as a souvenir of yo ur summer vacation.

314 pp.

Architecture of Old Mexico. Mary Mart in & Ti na Skinner. More th an 300 ant iq ue i mag es take reade rs t hrou gh Mexico’s street s and palaces, churches and co urtyards. Architects, desig ners, and landscape professionals will find endless inspirat ions in images of stucco walls, w ooden do ors, carve d col umns, ti led foun tain s, and mo re.


Lighthouse Views: North America’s Bes t Beacons as Captured on over 400 Postcards. Ti na Ski nner, Mary Martin Postc ards. Images dating back to the turn of the 20th Century documenting lighthouses from California to Alaska, and the Florida Keys to Nova Scotia.

Lighthouses of New York. Rick Tuers. Superb phot ographs and graphics ill ustrate fascinating historical facts ab out heroic rescues, heartwarming stories about keepers and their families, engineering and co nstruction details, lost beaco ns, and travel information. This is a complete g uid e to New York State’s 69 lighthouses.

San Miguel’s Mexican Exteriors. Sand y Bau m. San Migu el ’s elegant b uilding s display Mexican history and architecture. Tour outd oor living at its finest in extraordinary homes u sually closed to visit ors. Facades, gates, patios, gardens, fo untains, colu mns, po ols, c an tera, win dow s, wall s, cup olas, wro ught iron, street graphic s, constructio n. Include Mexican details into your next build ing project.

Keep Your Glow On: A Comprehensive Guide to America’s Lighthouses. wendy brewer. Color images of lighthouses across t he Un ited St at es with det ail ed info rmat ion covering l ightho uses o f all siz es, l ig ht ship s, li gh th ou se len ses, keepers, recycled lighthouses. A resource guide provides links to various lightho use societies and groups. Valuab le information about l ighthouses found t hrougho ut the United States is provid ed in a d etailed.

Cape May Lighthouse. David Bigg y. Cap e May’s favo rite b eacon sh ines brig htly in 90 picturesque scenes. Trace the history o f how the lighthouse came to b e and the danger that mariners faced as they tried to navig ate around the shoals off of Cape May Point. See why the tower has been a popular landmark for more than 150 years.

Traditional Mexican Style Exteriors. Text by Donna McMenamin. Over 300 color phot ographs of beautiful new, o ld, and remodeled traditional style homes and g ardens are presen ted. F rom Span ish Co lon ial facad es in San Mig uel d e Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, to the b est of t he Mission and Spanish Eclectic homes, th is volume is a must for everyo ne i nterest ed in Mexi can architecture.

Lighthouses: Maine to Florida. David Biggy. This photograp hic journey from Maine to Florid a provid es 200 stun ning co lor p hot ograph s of lightho uses and ideas for d riving trips of great pleasure. You will see what makes a lig hthouse such an attractive object of affection for those who care about t hem and put forth effort t o keep them shining. A state-by state list of the organizatio ns that preserve them is included.

Barnegat Lighth ouse Pers pectives . David Biggy. Over 100 color images p rovide views of New Jersey’s Barneg at Lighthouse and surround ing scenery in every seaso n. Lighted for the first time on January 1, 1859, Barneg at Lighthouse has endured fierce sto rms and the threat of erosive co nditions at “Breakers Inlet” over its 150-year history. The t ext provides an engaging history of this important lighthouse.

Index 144 pp.

Doors of Oaxaca. Devon Fekete. Over 700 imag es c re ate a po rtal i nt o th e archit ectural style of Oaxaca, Mexi co’s most colonial city. Explore g reat woo den doo rs, stud ded with han d wrought iro n hardw are set in w alls of d esert-hued sand st one dat ing back to the early 17t h century. Th e rich textures an d colors o f the d iverse d oorw ays will insp ire anyone in search of a Sou thwestern pal ette. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2665-3 soft cover $29.95

Lighthouses of the Pacific. Jim Gibbs. History and good, entertaining read ing are combined in this presentation of all the lighthouses along the coasts of Washing ton, Oreg on, California, Hawaii, Alaska, and British Columbia.

Touring New Jersey’s Lighthouses. Mary Beth Temple an d Pat rici a Wyl upek. Plan your adventure, from th e Sand y Hook lig hthou se i n the north (the nation’s old est b eacon) to p opular tourist destination Cape May Point o n the southern tip of the state. A g en eral history of ligh thouses, and a t horoug hly research ed o verview of th e each light .

49 Lighting the Bay: Tales of Ches apeake Lighthouses. Pat Vo jtech. With mo re than 100 col or p hot ograph s and in formative h istorical narrative, learn the human saga of life in the b ay’s lighthouses. Heroic rescues, untimely deaths, daily tasks, battles w it h ice, cold, injury, and loneliness all comprise the difficult job of guarding the people and keeping the light s burning.

Outdoor Designs for Living. MichaelGlassman. This delightful book provides ideas to createoutdoor rooms for lounging, dining, kitchens, and children’s spaces in front and back yards. “Before” and “After” images help readers visualize the myriad possibilities they can create.

Scott Cohen’s Poolscapes: Ref reshing Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Resort. Scott Co hen, with Eliz abeth Lexau. Over 400 color photos and text with hundred s of backyard design ideas that will introduce readers to the many possibilities for b ackyard pools. Whether you are looking for an hydrotherapy sp a, a place fo r family fun, an exercise pool or a setting for outdoor entertaining, you wi ll discover it in these hig h-performance pools and sp as.

Outdoor Spaces in the Southwes t. Damon Lang. Over 400 beautiful colo r images feature 12 act ual projects, inspired by Tuscan and Mediterranean to Vegas and Asian styles, constructed in the American Southwest that can be installed anyw he re , in any cl imate . Di scover un iq ue ideas for creating a relaxing retreat or a lavish entertaining area.

Picture Perfect Pools. Tina Skinner & Dinah Roseberry. Choose a picture-perfect pool to complement your landscape. Browse through this collection of 200 pools from some of the world’s top builders. You will see gated pools, fountains, spas, bridges and decorative additions, and greenery that flatters pool landscapes. The swimming pool has never been more alluring!

Index 208 pp. ISBN: 978-0-87033-466-5 hard cover $34.95

ARCHITECTURAL 1000 Shutters & Aw nings. Jo Cryder. 100s o f h omes i llu strate an i nspi ri ng variety of shutt ers and aw nings, including tradi tio nal Col onial f orms, de corative, operational, and hurricane styles, along with a bro ad selecti on of aw nings. Thi s bo ok wil l ben efit architect s, desig ners, builders, present and future homeowners, and craftsmen seeking to create their own architectural embellishments.


ISBN: 978-0-7643-2757-5 soft cover $19.95

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2711-7 soft cover $29.95 1000 Dormers. Jo Cryder. Color pictures feature homes and structures ad orned with eve gable, doub le gab le, hipped-roof, arched, ro und, oval, eyebrow , pediment, triangle, flat, turret, deck, inset dormers, and more. A wond erful reference w ork for professionals involved in architecture, design, remo del ing , or construction.

Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces. Tina Skinner. Here is the largest collectio n of images of outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces availab le on the market today, and w it h those go rgeous photos co me hundreds of ideas. Live vicariously as you leaf through these pages, and make the dream come true in your backyard with the inspiration found here.

Garden Pools and Swimming Ponds: Design, Const ru ction, and Land scape. Rich ard Weixler. Instructive text and 275 co lor pho tos guide readers through creating garden po ols and swi mming p ond s. St ep-by-step expl an atio ns for the p ond, p lann ing, installation, filling, and final planting are included. The swimming pond options rang e from natural designs to employing some technology. Additio nally, pond operation, construction, installatio n, planting, and care are explained.

The Al Fresco Life: Pools, Spas, Bars, and Kitchens. Joe Vassallo and Mary Vail. Beautiful and convenient spaces for relaxing and entertaining outside. Landscape id eas, custom pool desig ns, and outd oor structures are shown in 340 gorgeous color photos. Grilling recipes from Master Chef Gustav Mauler and trendy cocktail recipes from Mixologist Sh awn Barker.

International Award-Winning Pools, Spas, & Water Environments III. Virginia Martino, Joseph M. Vassallo, and Mary Vail. Now in its third year, the Global AquaTekture Visionary Awards (GAVA) features 59 exceptio nal installations. View magnif icent visions of artisans wh o garnered a coveted GAVA. Over 190 color p hotos take you on a private tour around the globe to view awe-inspiring, prized design applications.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2710-0 hard cover $39.95

Entryways and Doorways.Jo Cryder. A pictorial survey of the many and varied forms of doorways and en tryways in various locations arou nd th e United States with over 800 color p hotos. Twenty diff erent front d oor st yles, o uter doors ranging from louvered to security, varying entryway styles, stai rways, an d walkways and d riveways appear here. A glossary of usef ul terms is included.

144 pp.

Tow ers, Turrets, Cupolas , & Belvederes. Jo Cryder. With 470 colo r photos and informative text, read ers discover towers, turrets, cupolas, and belvederes found on ho mes, churches, and barns dating from the nineteenth through the early tw entyfirst century. Readers will find the range of shapes and adornment on these architectural features bo th surprising and inspiring. A g rouping of w idow’s walks and parapets complete the book.

Outdoor Rooms: Fresh-Air Kitchens and Living Areas. Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona. Hun dreds of images illustrate creative ideas for turning a simple lawn into a fresh- air roo m. Many topics are covered, incl uding landscaping, commo n out door landscaping materials, ideas for d ecorating permanent structures, and furnishings.

International Award Winning Pools, Spas, & Water Environments II. Mary Vail, Joe Vassallo, & Virgi nia Martin o. Fo rt y-ei ght aw ard-w inning pool, spa, and water environments showcase the visio ns of architects, landscapers, artists, designers, inventors, and contractors from four continents. The latest winners o f the water-inspired desig n GAVA competition that celebrates AquaTekture, the discip line of erectin g w ater enviro nmen ts wit h consideration to fun ctionality, space, and aesthetics.

Historic Slate Roofs: With How -to Info and Specifications. Tina Skinner, Editor. The National Slate Association compiled a comprehensive overview of slate roofs in 1926, co vering everything from characteristics and imp ortant data with regard to slate and t he specifics o f const ruction. This book is updated with contemp orary color images of histo ric slate roofs and a color-section detail in g a contemporary ro of being installed.

Fire Outdoors: Fireplaces, Fire Pit s, & Cook Centers. Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona. Over 200 images of outdo or f ireplace, fire pit, and kitchen designs by pro fessional landscap e archit ects, con tracto rs, custom homebuil ders, kitchen designers, and hearth product manufacturers provid e inspiration in the most comp lete b ook on the subject ever published.

International Award-winning Pools: Spas and Water Environments. Virginia Martino , Joseph M. Vassallo, & Mary Vail. Showcases innovative designs of w ater-inspired app lications from around the globe, winners o f Global AquaTekture Visionary Award. The 39 pro jects shown masterfully blend natural landscapes with native and manmade materials. Includes exceptional commercial and residential environments, and information on the visionaries who created t hem.

OUTDOOR ROOMS New Ideas for Living Outdoors. Damon Lang. Packed with inspirin g ideas to turn any outdoor space into a p ersonal parad ise. Over 330 b eautifu l color images present hardscape design elements to suit almost any personality or purpose. Tour gorg eous outdoor kitchens, fantastic firep lace g athering areas, and to-d ie-fo r pool settings.

P OOLS & W ATER FEATURES Water Gardens and Natural Pools: Design and Construction. Peter Himmelhub er. Over 300 color photos and detailed text p rovid e practical kno wledge fo r planning, building, and care of garden water features. From design to maintenance, all necessary steps are covered, including p lanning, building processes, material uses and techniques, and using rainw ater as th ey apply to fountains, biotopes, broo ks, and swimming p ools.

128 pp.

160 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3367-5 hard cover $34.99

Swimming Pool Innovations. D uan e Forte & Darlene Claire Preussner. With more th an 300 images, this resource guid e provid es the latest in creat ive design ideas, equipment, features to enhance your enjoyment in and around the water, and tips for keep ing your pool or sp a clean. Whether you’re a landscaper, architect , or a homeowner pondering the possibilities, this book will insp ire you to achieve the ultimate backyard paradise. 160 pp.

50 Pools, Patios, and Fabulous Outdoor Living Spaces: Luxury by Master Pool Builders. Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona. This book will show you how to transform your lawn into a personal paradise. Over 400 beautiful color photographs of spectacular backyard enviro nmen ts featu re pools, spas, and fountains. Indulge your senses with exciting ideas in backyard desig n, intended to pamper and please even the pickiest home owners.

The Deck Book: Inspirational Design Ideas. Mel issa C ard on a & Hi ckory D icko ry De cks. Exp lores hundreds of custo m-built decks in over 300 inspiring color photographs. Includes id eas for planters, railings, privacy screens, deck skirting, firepits, gazeb os, pergolas, built-in spas and barbecue areas, large steps, and lighting o ptions.

Swimming Ponds: Natural Pleasure In Your Garden. Frank von Berger. A swimming pond is beautiful all year round, for it lives and changes with the seasons. Plants, animals, and the w ater make it an experience for young and old. A swimming pond has practical advan tages: it is easy to care for and needs no expensive technology or chemicals. The sw imming-pond ecosystem regenerates itself. This book is a source of inspiratio n for all who dream of having a swimming pond.

All Decked Out...Redwood Decks: Ideas and Plans for Contemporary Outdoor Living. Ti na Ski nner. Over 200 color p hotographs of decks from arou nd t he coun try are presented wi th plans an d i deas fo r overco mi ng sl opes, inc orporating t rees, encircling spas, creat ing conversation pits, and enhancing gardens. Planner an d hints to get start ed .

1000 Fences and Gates. Jo Cryder. Packed with fences and gates of every kind and descript ion, from pract ical and fu ncti onal to pu rely ornamental, f rom rusti c t o so ph istic at ed, f ro m unu sual to inspired . A wealth of wrought iron as well as woo d and mixed materials are represented in thi s hu ge portfol io.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2284-6 soft cover $19.99 152 pp.

see also Iron Art, p 8 Fancy Fences & Gat es: Great Ideas for Backyard Carpenters. Tina Skinner. This ri ch re so urce sho ws d oz ens o f b eauti ful ly craft ed fences and gates. A how-to section help s you plan, plo t, and execute your own project . Includ ed are tions, built-i n seating , and arbor gates. ISBN: 0-7643-1417-3 soft cover $19.95

ISBN: 0-7643-0510-7. soft cover $29.95

160 pp. Creating Ponds, Brooks, and Pools: Water in the Garden. Ulrich Timm. A quiet pond, a babbling brook, or a dramatic pool can make a garden unique; to achieve such beauty, however, requires careful planning and design. Using over 150 color photographs, this inspiring book presents the variety of p ossibilities for using w ater in the garden. Advice on waterproofing, the shore format io n, att ractive plantings, and even fish are presented.

Pure Deck-adence: A Guide to Beautiful Decks. Tina Skinner. Here is a fantasy collection of real-life deck photo s from all over the United States. Barb ecu e-centered constructions to hot tub creat ions. More than 240 f ull-colo r ph otograp hs provide a rich resource of ideas.

Natural Swimming Pools: Inspiration for Harmony with Nature. Michael Littl ewood FLI, FSGD. Th is book is a necessary resource for people wh o want a natural sw imming pool. It shows h ow the natural syst em works to provid e environmental, healt h, and safety benefit s. Draw ing s, d iagrams, and ch arts help exp lain t heir planning , design, b iology, mat erials, construc tion, planting , and mai ntenan ce.

Garden Project s for the Backyard Carpenter. Tin a Skinner. Thirty great project ideas! Illustrations and st ep-by-step instructions make it easy to create over 30 projects: decks and shade shelt ers, gazeb os, work and storage areas, d ecorative arbo rs, planter boxes and garden bord ers, benches and a swing, a picnic table, doghouses, and a bluebird nesting box.

Master Built Pools & Pat ios : A n Inspiring Portfolio of Design Ideas. Tin a Skin ner. N early 300 spe ctacu lar swim-able waterscapes by the world ’s top builders range from sweet little oases and brief lap pools to luxurious environments comp lete with w aterfalls, f ountains, spas, and tiki bars. E xplore an endless array of shapes to complement you r l an dscap e and architecture.

Outdoor Wood Works: With Complete Plans for Ten Projects. Tina Skinner. Hundreds of home project ideas in wood presented in full-color photo graphs. Ten comp lete project plans range from the simplest of constructions-a screen around a utility box, a mailb ox stand w ith planter, and a b ench-to more advanced projects in clud ing a chair, a picnic table, and an outd oor sto rage shed. Desig ners and homeowners alike will lo ve this id ea-fill ed comp endium of outdo or plans and projects.

ISBN: 0-7643-0445-3 hard cover $29.95

The Big Book of Gazebos, Pergolas, and Other Backyard Architecture. To m Denlick & Tina Skinner. Over 400 phot os illustrating an inconceivable quantity o f architectural additions for the backyard, from arched gat eways to grand gazebos, pretty pergol as, picture-perfect pagodas, and fascinatin g fo llies. An illustrat ed gl ossary gives yo u the language and historical reference to achieve a more interesting home and garden.

Garden Ornaments: Pots, Pergolas, Pedestals, and More. E . Ash ley Roon ey. Statues, foun tain s, sundials, and obelisks--garden ornamen ts can breathe life i nto a gard en , n o matter its size. Experience an insider’s tour of garden ornaments and learn from five notable artists as they describ e their philosoph ies o f art. ISBN: 0-7643-1956-6

Antique Garden Tools and Access ories. Myra Yellin Outwater, w ith photo graphy by Eric Boe Out water. 200 years o f gard en history are presented in the hundred s of tools and accessories th at gardeners used to dig t he soil, cu t scrub, harrow fiel ds, and trim borders. With over 750 co lor photograp hs, concise captions, and a guide t o prices in today’s an tique marketplace, this is a useful as w ell as b eautiful exploration of garden imp lements. Price Guide

Hot Tubs & Spas: An Inspirational Design Guide. Tina Skinner. This colorful portfolio of nearly 200 custom-made sp as embodies the best in stone, concrete, tile, and brickwork married to the latest technological gadgetry -- remote cont rols, decorative light ing, and outdoor sound systems.


Children’s Play houses : Plans & Ideas. Tina Ski nner. Pictu ri ng hun dreds o f colo rf ul, creat ive ch il d ren ’s p layh ou ses, f rom fan cy Victorians to neo-classical creation s, all b uilt in a chil d’s scale. Plans and bl ueprin ts for six playhouses are provi ded, and a resource guid e to manufacturers. Resource Guide 160 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1416-5 soft cover $29.95

hard cover $34.95

192 pp.

Fences, Gates & Walls. Ashley Rooney. Adding a wall or fence to your property can be a major decision. It req uires good d esign and good thinking to identify the st yle, design, and material that meets your need s. Hundreds of examp les are shown in 316 full color pho tos, offering a comprehensive reference f or homeow ners, architects, landscapers, and builders.

Garden Ornaments and Antiques. Myra Yellin Ou twat er & Eric B. Outwater. Visit hundred s of b eautif ul gardens and enjo y marble and ston e walkways, garden walls, tiered fo untains, statu ary, archi tect ural ruins, bird baths, sundi als, urn s, garden furn ishin gs, and iro n gates.

Beach Boundaries: Fences and Gates of Southern California. Lind a Byrne and Robert Scott. Tour gardens and homes of Los Angeles Cou nty: H ermosa Beac h, Manhattan Beach , and Redon do Be ach . H ere find co mp ellin g photograp hs that act as a guide for homeowners and gardeners wh o are looking to define their outdoor spaces.

The Original Pink Flamingos: Splendor on the Grass. Don Featherstone. Text

Price Guide 224 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1125-5 hard cover $39.95

plastic flamingo es in amaz in g, funny, and strange settings pro vide fun and laughter. “In 1957, Don Feath erstone sculpt ured the first three-dimensional pink plastic flamingo, thereby making affordable bad taste accessible to the American p ublic.” 96 pp.

51 Making Concrete Sculpture. T. J. N eil. Over 370 co lor phot os display concrete sculptures, both co mplete and under construction, p roviding valuable insig hts into the creation of concrete art. The many subjects portrayed provide artists wit h inspiration for projects larg e and small, including fishermen, alligat ors, dolphins, manatees, frogs, grizzl y bears, w hales, horses, panthers, cow s, sharks, elep hants, and dragons.

Sculpting Concrete Garden Ornaments. T.J. Neil. With 177 cl ear color photos and informative text, readers learn to make four concrete garden ornaments: a turtle planter, a g nome p lant er, a tree stump planter, and a w orking dolphin fountain. Disco ver t he t echniq ues fo r mixing con crete, creat in g wire armature frameworks, applying and detailing the concrete, and painting the piece once the concrete mix has set.

Sand Casting Concrete: Five Easy Projects. Tina Skinner, Bo Atkinson, & Jeff Snyder. Starting with a pile of sand, a pile of gravel , some water, cement, and reinforcement, Bo Atkinson demonstrates how simp le it can be to create anything yo u fancy from concrete. Projects shown include a fairy lantern, a birdbath, a toadst ool seat, a bench, and even a smal l footbrid ge.

Basic Topiary: A Living Approach. Dean Myers. The art of topiary is made accessib le to every gardener. With well illustrated, easy-to-understand instructions, three projects are offered: a peacock (with inst ructions f or it s transformat ion into an angel), a Got hic arch, and a duck. The projects shown use small potted plants from the nursery, but the t echniques are readily ad apted to shrubs and bushes in the garden.

CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE The Sustainable Landscape: Recyva tion . D amon Lang. Mo re th an 300 colo r p hotos d et ail 10 diverse projects. Each inco rporates recycled materials and principles of water efficiency. A valuable resource for home-ow ners, land scape designers, co ntract ors, and architects, this will help create a p ersonal and ecological ly responsib le p aradise.


The Rain Garden Planner. Terry Wallace. Teaches methods to conserve water by restoring natural processes for filtering and returning rain to g roundwater reservoirs. In addition to detailing the installation and maintenance of rain gardens, this book provides g ard en pl ans and plant lists for different conditions and styles, including wildlife habitat, a pretty cottag e border rain garden, and a formal garden.

Landscape Design for Architectural Style: European Influenced. Scott Bradstreet. Over 350 color photos and 87 line draw ings illustrate landscape design possibilities that complement archi tecture. In cludes Classical, Go thic, Early American, Georgian, Victorian, Italian, and French styles. Site elements and suggestions for appropriate plant col or palettes for each style.

Kinder Gardens : Aut umn Fun. Lisa E ly & Michael Glassman. With a litt le plann ing and a bunch of fun ideas, you can extend your g ard ening season and exploration into the autumn. KardenÂŽ is there waiting t o make garden glove pupp ets and garden art brushes, go on a scavenger hunt, or play garden tic tac toe. With o ver thirty projects, the possib il ities are endless!

256 pp.

Landscape Design for Architectural Style: United States Original Styles. Scott Bradstreet. Over 320 beaut if ul, color photos and 96 li ne d raw ing s ill ustrate l an dscape desig n f or specif ic architect ural styles: Pueb lo, Spanish Revival, Ranch, Cabin, Craftsman, Prairie, Cap e Cod, and Mediterranean styles. Includes paving, shade covers, fences, and seating with suggestions for app ropriate plant color p alettes.

Kinder Gardens: Games and Adventures. Lisa El y & Michael G lassman. Kind er Garden shows adult s and children how gardening is a great form of exercise that will help kid s learn about good healthy eating and building brain muscles by stimulat ing all the senses. Includes over 25 games for fun-in-the-sun gardening days to play along with KardenÂŽ, th e p uppet pal.

256 pp.

Pets caping: Training and Landscaping with Your Pet in Mind. Sco tt Cohen & Carolyn Doherty. Through 170 images, you'll b e treated to residential landscape desig ns nationwide that featu re "pet friendly" zones, including shade and sun areas, a p et shelter, an ed ible garden, and containment. The designs will inspire your own layout ideas. For landscapers, architects, and anyone who owns a do g, this book is a g reat resource and offers plenty of ideas for co-habitation.

Mexican Gardens & Patios. Sandy Baum. Over 325 full colo r p hotos take you into a little-known world of magic, mystery, and color, behind the walls of some of t he mo st exclusive homes in Mexico. Mexico’s p rivate gard ens and patios illustrate outdoor l iving and dining ro oms, roof top terrace s and sh elters, garden w al ks and scul ptu re, o utd oor fireplaces, and gard ens in all the colors of the rainbow . ISBN: 978-0-7643-3267-8 soft cover $29.99

Kinder Gardens: Growing Inspiration for Children. Michael Glassman & Lisa El y. Join Kind er, a puppet pal who teaches a bucket-load of fun activities that encourag e experimentation in the garden. Fun pro jects include turning umbrellas, rain boots, and old toys into gardens. Learn where vegetab les come from, then grow your own. Nearly 200 color photos bring the book to l ife, and start yo ur child ren on their own horticultural adventure.

52 Creating Curb Appeal. Michelle Valigursky & Lisa Vail w ith Photography by Theresa M. Gran t. Create personality and presence for your home. 300 full-color photograp hs and w ell-researched text exp lore desig n elements from lighting, color, and landscap ing, t o d oors, w indows, p aths, driveways, and accessories. Discover and magnify the design impact of your home’s front sp aces.

Sky Gardens: Rooftops, Balconies, and Terraces. Sig ne Ni elsen . Great desig n id eas are comb ined with p ractical tips on transforming an out door living space in to a personal oasis. Lavishly illustrated w ith hund reds of examp les, th is bo ok gu id es yo u th ro ug h step s t ow ard compo si ng a sky g arden , b eginn ing wit h key principles of desig n.

Vict orian Gardens. Carol ine Holmes. Many restorations and re-creations of Victorian gardens are highlighted, including Osborne House, o n the Isle o f Wig ht (Queen Victoria’s country home), Biddulph Grange in Staffordshire, and Dow n House in Kent (home to Charles Darwin). Authentic Victorian writin gs, d esig n in st ruct ions, and ill ustrati ons guide the modern gardener.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3278-4 soft cover $24.99

ISBN: 0-7643-2004-1 hard cover $39.95

ISBN: 0-7643-1889-6 hard cover $29.95

Des igns for Garden Pat hs. H eid i Howcroft. Using diagrams, layo uts, and brilliant co lor photo graphs, the inn umerable po ssibilit ies f or g arden walkways, terraces, step s, and coz y sitting areas are shown. Incl udes natural sto ne, modern concret e, an d fantasy-filled mosaics, as well as w ooden decks and o ther garden struct ures.

Hydrangeas: Cape Cod and the Islands. Joan H arrison. Over 340 striking color photos introdu ce read ers to the quintessential fl ower of the Cape and the Island s, th e hydrang ea. This book inspires as it captures the beauty of hydrangeas used both outdoors and indoors, including appearances in wedding bouquets. Hyd rang eas grac e gardens t hro ugho ut the region fro m early spring’s climbing hydrangeas to the rich burgundy flowers of late fall.

127 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-0383-X hard cover $29.95 Lands caping f or the Mid-At lantic. Terry Wal lace. Cel ebrated land scape design er Terry Wallace guides you in the creation of the landscape of your dreams in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Create a garden that comp lements and enhances your lifestyl e. This b ook g uides you step-by-st ep thro ugh the process of creating a b eautiful and sustainab le garden, with basic desig n, p lanning, and maintenance advice. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2700-1

Geraniums: The Complete Encyclopedia. Faye Braw ner. This beautiful and comprehensive volume o n easy-to-g row geraniums (pel argo niu ms) p ro vid es a w eal th of new info rmation for hobb y grow ers from all climates, including valuab le tip s on t he c hall enge s each reg io n presents. ISBN: 0-7643-1738-5

California Gardens of the Arts & Crafts Period. E ugene O. Murmann. Historic California garden design as recorded by Eugene O. Murmann (1900-1962). Released in 1914, the book details 50 garden plans with 103 p hotographs o f actual gardens. This book is a wealth of imagery and ideas about Arts & Crafts era sensibilities, Japanese gardens, and Mission-influenced landscape design.

HARDSCAPE Built with St one: Eight Contemporary Artisans. Steven Paul Whitsitt & Jesse Marth. This design b ook show cases the work of eight master stoneworkers in a wide variety of interior and exterior projects. Large, full-color photography cap tures stone constructions includ ing retaining walls, steps, fireplaces, patios, water features, and free standing structures.

soft cover $19.95

soft cover $24.95

Diplomatic Gardens of Washington. Photo grap hy by Ann St evens. Text by Gil es Kelly. An exclu sive l ook behi nd the emb assy walls of Washington, DC, and the gardens found there. Inclu ded are the residences at the embassies of Austral ia, Great Britain, Denmark, the Euro pean Union, France, Germany, the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See, It aly, th e N eth erland s, Sou th Korea, Norway, an d Sw ed en.

The Architect’s Garden: 45 Original Landscapes. Lucy D. Rosenfeld. Take a pictorial tour of 45 landscapes. Ranging from the traditional (Asian, Southwestern or formal French), to contemporary (art madefrom nature or giant steps of running water), to ecologically sophisticated (roof planting and container gardening), to intimate garden “rooms” that expand the living space, these are wonderful, innovative designs.

Anyone f or Orchids? G eorgi ana Web ber. A manual of orchid g rowing , this book covers all you n eed to kn ow in order to g row the queen of flow ering plants, the o rchid.

Petite Patios & Intimate Garden Spaces . Gisela Keil , N ik Barlo Jr., and Christa Brand . E xp lo re in no vati ve i deas fo r d esi gn ing a nd decorat ing private p orches, pat ios, p ag odas, and decks that pro vide the perfect space for outdoo r living and the in timacy of a smal l ro om. Packed with inspiration for spaces that p rovide escape, rel axation, meditati on, and a small refug e fo r gathering. ISBN: 0-7643-2082-3 soft cover $19.95


Olmsted Parks in New Jersey. Jeanne Ko lva. A historic overview of the parks in New Jersey that the Olmsted landscape architects created primarily for three county p ark commissions. Illustrated with more than 200 hist oric and contemp orary photographs, vintage postcards, and Olmsted sketches and plans, this su rvey chronolo gically details the development of each p ark or reservation as it was transformed from former farmland, sw amp, forest, or previous park.

The Patio Portfolio: A n Inspirational Design Guide. Davi d R. Smith and IC PI. Over 200 beautifu l color p hotographs show patios of all shap es and sizes, from quaint and pictu resq ue, to grand and elegant, for any kind of budget. Visually expl ore d ozens of patios, studying their shapes, colors, text ures, and patterns.

All the Garden’s a Stage: Choosing the Best Performing Plants for a Sustainable Garden. Jane C. Gates. The hows and w hys behind grow ing a b eautiful garden throug h 293 color images. Learn how to choose the rig ht plants, w ith tips for lighting, temperature, drainage, and developing a sustainable landscape. This book is great for both the beginner and seasoned gardener, landscap e artists, ho rticult uralists, an d everyo ne who just loves looking at beautiful fl owers and plants.

The Art of Garden Design in Italy . H . Inigo Triggs. Study great gardens in Rome, Floren ce, Milan, an d visit the Vatican, royal palaces, and secluded clo isters at the turn of the cent ury with one o f Britain’s most important architects. Inspiration f or anyone planning an estat e g arden and an indispensable ref erence for historians.

Creative Patios . Tina Skinner. This collection of beau tiful p hotograph s sho wcases the artistry of those who sculpt outdoor living environments with solid rock, impressed and tin ted concrete, and brick in many fo rms. Th is wi ll help you choose a patio style suit ab le f or your h ome, learn t o speak your contract or’s lang uage, and pick a plan that fits your styl e.

Sacred Gardens. Michel & Judy Marcellot. Find the joy expressed within and through gardens. Personal stories show how the simple act of gardening chan ges lives and individual s. Examp les illust rate varied elements of sacred sites and suggest w ays readers mig ht create the sacred in their own gardens and attain their ow n backyard bl iss.

Spanish Gardens & Patios. Mildred Stapley Byne and Arthur Byne. This book offers a multitude of ideas in the forms of architecture, hardscaping, and landscaping. It is also a wonderful tour of historic gardens, including the Alhambra, and gardens of notables including the Duke of Medinaceli, the Duke of Alva, Seville, and the Marques de Viana, Cordova. Regions covered include Granada, Ronda, Las Ermitas, Sierra de Cordova, and Majorca.

ISBN: 0-7643-2050-5 soft cover


160 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-2724-7 soft cover $24.95

ISBN: 0-7643-1278-2 soft cover $29.95


Patios, Driveways, and Plazas: The Pattern La nguage of Concrete Pavers . D avid R. Smith & Interlocking Co ncrete Pavement Instit ute. Concret e pavers are one of t he hot test pavements around ho mes, commercial b uilding s, and urban spaces. 300-p lus col or pho tos d emonstrate how specific patterns, colors, and textures enhance every outdo or enviro nment. ISBN: 0-7643-1561-7 soft cover


53 Pa ver Project s: Des ig ns f or A maz in g Out door Env ironments. Melissa Cardona & PaverModule. Over 300 full color images showcase i nnovative paver shapes, textures, colors, and finishes, as well as a wide variety of classic pavers in a stu nning collection of resid ential and commercial projects by pro fessionals.

Hardscaping with Decorative Concrete. Tina Skinner. More than 200 color images take you on a journey into the ever-evolving world of d ecorative concrete. Explore techniques that recreate favorite paving options for hardscaping projects around the pool, patio, driveway and entryway and walkways. This book is packed with ideas for adding curb appeal to the front of your home.

Small Space Living. C hristin e Brun. O ver 300 colo r photos display small homes and their furnishings. Read the history of small ho mes, the concept of d ual -use sp ace, as w ell as flexib le and b uilt-in furnishing s. Chap ters are devoted to the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Pavers 101: Patios and Other Projects You Can Do. Tina Skinner. Includes a wonderful circul ar patio centered around a f irepit, to a demonstration walkway that illustrates how to lay basket weave, running b rick, and herringbone patterns, along with a special chapter on permeable paving. Clear photos detail every step in the process, and a gallery of more than 100 finished projects will inspire you to get to w ork.

Pav ing w it h Pervious Concrete. G eorge Garber. Learn how pervi ous concrete p reven ts runof f and pon ding on sidewal ks, bike path s, drivew ays, parking lots, roads, and more. This guide covers design and construction including placing metho ds, selection o f aggreg ates, and hydrol ogic design. Over 100 color illu strations display the paving process and resul ts.

Inspired High-End Interior Design. Shane Reil ly. A collection of int eriors by 77 of the co untry’s leading interio r d esigners. Examining the d ifferent sources of inspirat ion fo r desi gn, aut hor Shane Reilly unveils the intricacies of w hat forms the concept behind th e l ook o f a room. Over 300 photographs of beau tiful rooms enrich the reader’s underst and ing of t he interior desi gn creative pro cess.

Walkways & Drives : Design Ideas for Making Grand Entrances. Tin a Skinner. Fo rget the plain old, unadorn ed concret e slab s of the past! To day’s landscape d esig ners add curb ap peal and value t o ho mes using a wid e pallet of co lorfu l and textural p roducts. Sho ws how hard scaping improves the appearance of a h ome.

Decorating with Concrete Outdoors: Driveways, Paths & Patios, Pool Decks, & More. Tina Skinner. The rich look of stone, brickwork, and worn cobble paving can be duplicated in concrete, usually for less initial cost, and with vastly improved conditions for maintenance, safety, and durability. This book takes you on an exploration of amazing patios, walkways, and driveways, and much more.

ISBN: 0-7643-1360-6 soft cover $19.95

ISBN: 0-7643-2199-4 soft cover $19.95

ISBN: 0-7643-2345-8 soft cover $29.95

INTERIOR D ESIGN: SHOWHOUSES Showhouses 1: A Decorators’ Tour. Tina Skinner. Over 370 color photo s capture dynamic roo ms created by today’s interior designers i n historic homes across the nation for D eco rator Showhouse events. Every room that has received the desig ner’s touch, from the foyer to the master suite, is d isplayed. Also pro vided are lists of the participating designers and Sh owhouse events occurring around the nation. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3272-2 hard cover $44.99

Building Dry-stack Stone Walls. Rob Gallagher, Sean Malo ne & Joe Piazza. Provides t horough, step -by-step procedures for three projects using stones of various sizes form the small est all the w ay up to boulders, with a focus on a safe w ork enviro nment. A gallery of wall images w ill insp ire you to start stacking .

Concrete Flatwork: For Homeow ners and Contractors. George Garb er. Learn all you n eed to know to plan and complete small co ncrete pavement jobs around the house, includ in g footpaths, driveways, patio s, sports surfaces, and indoor floor slabs. Covers basics like ordering concrete, adding joints, and curing, with specialized topics including pervious concrete and exposed -aggregate finishes, and probl em sol ving.

Showhouses 2: A Decorators’ Tour. Jeffrey B. Snyder. 330 color p hotos reveal the recent works of talented interior desig ners at twenty Decorator Show house events around th e coun try. These designers transform roo ms in historical houses into works of art. Readers will move through the showhouses ro om by room. Also provided are lists of particip ating designers and Showhouse events around the U.S.

128 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3369-9 soft cover $19.99 Ret aining Walls: A Building Guide and Design Gallery. N CMA & Tina Ski nner. The essential guide to constructin g segmental retaining walls with d etail ed, easy-to-follow diagrams and ch arts fo r d o-it-yo urself homeo wners and lan dscape con tracto rs al ike. Expertl y w ri tten step -b y-step gu ide , an d off ers a pl eth ora of landscaping id eas. ISBN: 978-0-7643-1836-8 soft cover $24.99

Buildin g Out door E nv iron ment s wit h Retaining Walls. Tina Skinner. Step-by-step instructions w ill w alk you throug h the process of creat ing th ese show piec es using co ncret e pro ducts wi dely available o n to day’s land scaping market. Over 250 co lor imag es display out door kitchens, front entry courtyards, water featu res, patio settin gs, flow er bed s, and raised seat ing.

INTERIOR D ESIGN: Shore Décor: Design at the Water’s Edge. E . Ashley Rooney, w ith And reas Ch aralamb ous. Ho mes th at si t o n the water’s edge offer tranq uility and tradition that h ave long been part of the American dream. For those looking to pursue that dream as a vacation h ome, a vacation to reti remen t home, or pri mary residence, thi s imag e-driven d ecor boo k present s more than 50 w aterfro nt homes in the continental USA.


Showhouse Review: An Exposé of Interior Decorating Events. Tina Skinner. Travel coast to coast and witness many of the co untry’s premier decorator events. This book offers admission to over 30 different events and highlights the w ork of over 150 d esigners featured in g lorious color. Enjoy your tour!

Best of Today’s Interior Design. Tina Skinner. Tour the private w ork of interior decorato rs around the United States, visiting roo ms ranging from luxury spa b aths to g rand living rooms and incredible kitchens. Add itionally, there are media roo ms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, d en s, and dining areas to explore. The p ages are packed with ideas for window and floor treatments, furnishings, and color combinations.

Decorator Show Houses: Tour 250 Designer Rooms. Tina Skinner, Melissa Cardona, & Nancy Ottino. For the price of admission to one show house and a modest luncheon, you’ll get to tour 50 different show houses and over 250 spectacular rooms, where designers have pulled out all the stops to showcase their very best.

Backyards and Boulevards: A Portfolio of Concret e Pa ver Project s. D avid R . Smith , Interl ocking Concrete Pavement Institut e. Paver p at terns, col ors, and t ext ures enhan ce th e small est backyard pati o to th e g randest street s, pl az as, an d sho ppin g cent ers. Perf ec t for architects, landscape architects, co ntractors, and ho meowners.

Hollyw ood Bachelor Pads. C arol Kipli ng. When you’re a bachelor rock star, the b ed room can b e a very, um, significant feature. 300 vivid color photographs reveal an insid er’s view of these killer bachelor pads of rock stars, actors, producers, and financiers. Get an inside lo ok at the ro oms where discerning men with demanding careers let loose at ho me.

Designer Showcase: Interior Design at its Best. Melissa Cardona & Nathaniel Wolfgang-Price. Tour over 150 show house rooms, from California to New York, presenting a fascinating array of design styles. Foyers, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, baths, living rooms, outdoor areas, kid spaces, wine cellars, media rooms, and studies are all included.

ISBN: 0-7643-2007-6 soft cover

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3307-1 hard cover $34.99


ISBN: 0-7643-2051-3

hard co ver


54 Showhouses 3: A Decorators’ Tour. Jeffrey B. Snyder. trends in interior design ideas for every room in the house to modern with something for every home and preference In this continuing, successful series, over 200 beautiful and inspiring color photos reveal the recent contributions to the field of interior design by talented designers participating in Decorator Showhouse events across the United States. Interior designers, assisted by a dedicated army of avid volunteers, transform rooms of historical houses into masterful works of art. Created to astound the public and contribute to charitable causes, these designers create masterworks of interior design. Within the pages of this fascinating book, you will tour the showhouses without the crowds, moving from one room to the next, lingering over every detail just as long as you like. Once your head is filled with inspiration, you may turn to the lists of participating designers and additional Showhouse events taking place across the nation. For anyone passionate about interior design, this is one book in a series that will be returned to time and again. Jeffrey B. Snyder has been writing and editing avidly read books on a wide variety of subjects, including art and interior design, for many years. He and his family live in southeastern Pennsylvania. ISBN: 978-0-7643-4174-8

Delicious Christmas Decorations at Historic Houses and Your Home. Patricia Hart McMillan. Using decorations of fruits and greens from historic ho mes across the nation, this book provid es essential details to creat ing col orful deco rati ons f or your entryways, consoles, man tels, bed rooms, dining rooms, and the kitchen. Color photos showcase authentically made and faux botanical decorations, w ith instructions fo r drying your own fruit.

Decora ting f or Christ mas at Hist oric Houses. Patricia Hart McMillan & Katharine Kaye McMillan. The b eaut y of Christ mas di sp layed through d eco rated historic homes from around the country. Tour 27 houses and see how histo ry comes al ive in a festive way during the holiday season. With more than 300 colo r images, both magnificent estates and simple resid ences offer a variety of styles, tastes, and ideas to inspire your own celebrations.

Christmas at Historic Houses. Patricia Hart McMil lan and Katharine Kaye McMill an. Learn history and local customs through this charming bo ok’s lively text and over 400 color p hoto s. Thirty, specially decorated houses are featured from across America. Magnificen t estates and simple residences offer a variety of styles, tastes, and ideas to inspire your o wn cel ebrat ions. 224 pp.

Californ ia Rev iv al: Vint age Decor for Today’s Homes. Carole Coates & Annie D ietz. A new movement, featuring vintag e furnishings, art pottery, tile, paintings and decorative arts from California’s Spanish Revival period o f the 1920s to 1940s, in today’s homes. Go inside ten “real” homes, showing you how to achieve this enlivening and color-saturated style. Over 600 color images with detailed cap tions and an engaging text.

Available in December


San Miguel’s Mexican Int eriors. Sandy Baum. San Mig uel retains o ldw orld c harm as many of it s e leg ant bu ild ings have been p reserved . I n it s extraord inary homes see charming doors, livin g rooms, kit chens, din ing ro oms, bedrooms, stairw ays, lig hting , art, and talavera ceramics.


Victorian Decor. Martin M. May. The best craf tsmanship in ho me f urn ish ings of the late 19th century is documented in this beautiful study. An overview of Victorian architectural antiques, stained glass window s, furniture, art glass, lighting devices, match holders, and poster art ap pear in chapters that explain the develo pment of the forms and show exampl es in over 400 co lor photographs. Period room settings as well as sing le items are featured

Art Decoscapes: The Art of Displaying Yesterday Today. Graham Abraham & Michael Wallace. Art Deco and 20th Century design groupings by manufacturer, material, color, or fun ction are all illustrated with over 120 stunning full color photographs, each with an accompanying d iagram to explain the techniques used in their composition. Over 1000 individ ual pieces inclu ding furniture, lig htin g, pot tery, glass, and a w ide vari ety of decorative accessories. Price Guide 256 pp.

Traditional Mexican Style Interiors. Text b y Donna McMenamin. Over 280 color phot ographs of some o f t he most beaut iful ol d, new, and remodeled Mexican- style h omes are compiled here. Twelve chapters illustrate beautiful entryways, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, ceilings and floo rs, stairways, niches, fireplaces, lighting , and arts.

Today’s Historic Interiors. E. Ashley Roo ney, with Caro line Dunlop Millet. Tour historic homes and other b uild ings t hat have been altered to accommodate 21st cent ury lif estyles. Th rough 388 images, 42 architects and desig ners provide tips for turnin g yesterday’s o ld building into your dream home, including an 1855 Gambrel and a 20th century Geo rgetown house.

Inside Art Deco: A Pictorial Tour of Deco Interiors f rom Their Origins to Today. Lucy D. Rosenfeld . Celebrates an era o f brillian t arch itec ture, st ri ki ng int eri or d esign , el egant fu rn itu re, and supe rb objet s d’art d uring th e 1920s and 1930s. This ampl y ill ustrat ed su rvey traces the orig ins of D eco int eriors i n Europe and fo llo ws i ts American t ran sformation . ISBN: 0-7643-2275-3 hard cover $49.95

Colores: Mexican Interiors. Sandy Baum. The blank exteriors of many Mexican houses conceal interi ors alive with rainbows of color. Over 300 color photo s present fascinating doors, interior rooms, stairways, fireplaces, light ing, cei lings, fl oo rs, an d det ails to in spi re to day’s homeo wners, architects, and decorators who seek to live w ith authentic Mexican character. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3301-9 soft cover $29.99

Passion for Primitives: Folk Décor for Interior Design. Franklin & Esther Schmidt. This book shows the w ide range of design p ossibilities using these one-of-a-kind primit ive furnishings in every style of home, from the rustic country to modern. Throug h lush photo graphy, it covers everything from furniture to architectural elements to d isplaying country collectibles and folk art.

Inspiring Interiors from Armstrong: 1950s. C. Eugene Moore. Over 250 ph otographs of room interiors that ap peared in popular magazines from the ‘50s, inspiring the looks we now associate w it h that d ecade. Each one off ers new deco rating id eas that set the stan dard for the 1950s with furniture, floor covering s, accessories, and home improvemen ts. A crash co urse in imaginative interior design of the 1950s.

55 Interior Solutions from Armstrong: 1960s. C. Eugene Moore. Beautiful, idea-filled room interiors seen in American popular magazines in the 1960s are shown in photos with detailed identification. These rooms reflected the changing culturein America where homes were enlarged to accommodate growing families and rooms were decorated with an emphasis on being beautiful. 1960s room interiors provided solutions from which people today can draw useful ideas.

Creating Your Custom Kitchen. Tina Skinner. Enter more than 50 kitchens, each carefully planned and p erfectly primped to in spire you. These pages are packed with pro fessio nal design ideas to h elp you create a culinary paradise, with an emphasis on fine cabinetry and built-ins.

Old World Kitchens and Bathrooms: A Design Guide. Melissa Cardon a. C apt ures the text ures, design, colo rs, and craft smanship th at evo ke European ideals of a b ygo ne era. Explore kitchens an d baths rich in th e fine details th at ch aract erize Pro ven cal, Tuscan, an d Eng lish count ry designs. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2078-1

soft cover $19.99

ISBN: 0-7643-0700-2 soft cover $29.95

INTERIOR DESIGN: KITCHENS Fine Kitchens & Cabinetry. Tin a Skin ner. Kitchen designers from coast to coast show off what they have accomplished in custom design . This collection of high-end kitchen images will delight and inspire yo u as you plan your new kitchen or the renovation of an older space. A wide variety of styles are explored, from sleek contemporary kitchens to richly ornate classical st yles. Each is sure to impress and awe.

Kitchen Design: A Visual Library. Tina Skinner. Beautiful color images help you choose cabinet door styles, wood finishes, floor textures, and colors to suit your tastes. Special emphasis is placed on the small to mid-size kitchen, with great examples of storage solutions and space enhancing desig ns.

Great Kitchen Designs: A Visual Feast of Ideas and Resources. Tina Skinner. Full-colo r pictures of hundreds of beautiful kitchens help you creat e your own unique enviro nment. All the elements o f beautiful kitchens—f looring, cab inetry, window s, walls, lighting, appliances, surroun ds, backsplashes and more—are pictured.

Contemporary Kitchens: A Style Portfolio. Melissa C ardo na. Hund red s of co ntempo rary kit chens demonstrate sleek space-age designs, minimalist masterpieces, and traditional kitchens wi th a mo dern f lair. Actual pro jects fro m top designers and cabinetry manufacturers will keep homeowners, architects, and desig ners turning the pages enthusiastically.

ISBN: 0-7643-1211-1 soft cover $29.95

Cust om Kitchens: 50 Des igns to Satisfy Your Appetite. Melissa Card ona & Nathaniel Wolf gang -Pri ce. Exp lo re 50 cust om kitch ens throug h g org eous co lor p hoto grap hy. Kitchen design p rofessional s detail the planning process and add ress layout and styl e in relatio n to the lifestyles and n eeds of homeo wners.

European Style Kitchen Design. Tina Skinner. Enjoy rooms replete with details carefully draw n from stately homes in the mediterranean hill towns of Provence and Tuscany, the Moorish influences of Spanish Haciendas, the elegance and extravagances of Parisian apartments, and the time-honored trad itions of panelled estates of Britain.

Dream Kitchens: The Heart of the Home. John Olson & Cassidy Olson. Visit hund reds of kitchens. Each chapter hig hlig hts a particular design theme. Colo r schemes, desig n l ayout, and accessori es are just some of th e areas covered.

Traditional Style Kitchens: Modern Designs Inspired by the Pas t. Melissa Cardon a. Earl y American, Co lonial, Victorian , Shaker, and Art s & C rafts, in add ition to Trad itional Country and Farmh ouse kit chens are show n in over 150 gorgeous color ph otos.

192 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-1757-1 hard cover $34.95

ISBN: 0-7643-2285-0 soft cover $19.95

ISBN: 0-7643-0672-3 soft cover $24.95

Great Kitchens. Jack & Oleta Neith. The dreamiest kitchens are presented in this collection of over 325 exquisite photograp hs. This visual library of ideas incl udes examples of storag e solutio ns, unusual surfaces and colors, and creative ways to utilize space efficiently and eleg antly. Go ahead , let yoursel f be inspired !

Remodeled Kit chens & Baths: Dramatic Makeovers. Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona. Images and interviews with professional designers illustrate th e dramatic results o f chang es, big and small, in over 50 p rojects. Floorplans address co mmo n structural problems and various solu tions.

Country Style Kitchens: An Inspiring Design Guide. Tin a Ski nner. G org eous colo r pho tos of country style kitchens have b een compiled to inspire ho meow ners, desig ners, architect s, and b uilders w ith hun dreds of ideas i n colors, finishes, cab in etry, countertop materials, lighting, and floorin g.

Resource Guide 144 p p. ISBN: 0-7643-1510-2 soft cover


Big Book of Kitchen Design Ideas. Tin a Skinn er. Over 300 color photographs of kitchens includin g award-winning and fancy produ ct ideas from manuf act urers of cabinetry, cou ntertops, wind ows, appliances, and floo rs. Contemporary, count ry, cl assic European, earl y American , and Art Deco kitchens.

ISBN: 0-7643-2138-2 soft cover $24.95

The Kitchen Guide. Lau ra Jensen & photographer Steven P. Whitsitt. The 427 color p hotos display many kitchen styles designed by special ists. Treatments for every aspect of kitchen desig n are explored , inclu ding architectural element s, work space, and d et ail s. This bo ok is both an idea generator and a means of facilitating clear commu nication bet ween d esign pro fessio nals and their consumers.

The Countertop Book. Mary Anne Piccirillo. This book disp lays and discusses today’s most popular countertop surfacing materials, including glass, concrete, ceramics, laminat es, repurposed materials, stones, metals, and w ood. Over 390 color photos present these materials and innovative counterto p feat ures, such as optics embedded in concrete, b acklighting semi-precious gemstones, unusual textures, and colors.

The Ultimate Wood-fired Oven Book. Anna Carpenter. This book equips you w ith informatio n to successfully choose, install, and u se your ow n wood-fired oven. Great tips concerning d ifferent kin ds of insulat ion, too ls, cooking techniques, and recipes. Step -by-step guidelines and plans for building are includ ed. Great photos will inspire you to design the perfect setting for your oven, su it ed to your needs an d budget.

The Best of Today’s Kitchen Design. Tin a Skin ner. Leading designers an d manufacturers share their best w ork in this compend ium of extraordinary designs. Al l styles and sch ools of design are represented, from contemporary to trad itional, from So uthwestern to Old World.

Sp ect acula r Sma ll Kit che ns: Des ign Ideas for Urban Spaces . E. Ash ley Ro oney. Expe rt s o ffer advice on t he ri ght ch oic es o f cab inet ry, co unt ertops, app lianc es, lig hti ng , and sto rag e for c ompact spac es. Learn how professional d esigners tackl e the p roblems of a small kitchen.

INTERIOR D ESIGN : W INE C ELLARS Designing Wine Cellars. Dagmar Kreutzer & Martin Palz. Learn to determine where and how best to sto re wine, which holders make for easiest wine retrieval, coll ecting strategies, proper wine aging, and what is a saf e load cap acity for racks. Further, the text advises on the proper storage temp erature, lighting, humidity, vibration, tilt, and the use of cork and other bo ttle cl osures.

ISBN: 0-7643-2110-2 soft cover $19.95

56 Wine Cellar Design. Tina Skinner. Over 300 images of wine cellars immerse you into the stylish and impressive world of today’s vintage connoisseur. This book is packed with ideas and technical information for d esigning safe, stylish , beautiful wine cellars. E ssays by leading d esigners, and a section detailing the pro per co nstruction of a w ine cellar make this an invaluab le reference.

Kid’s Decor: Int erior Inspirations, Infant s through Teens . Tina Skinn er. Study more t han 200 in spirin g desi gner ro oms th at wil l h elp you and your family create the perfect pl ac e for yo ur child ren, be th ey brand new babies or bud ding t een s. ISBN: 0-7643-1613-3 soft cover $24.95


Stairways. Hans Weidinger. Over 230 color photos and 98 architectural sketches reveal innovative designs architect s are creating for stairways in the home by turning them in to an int eg ral part of striking and visually excit ing d esigns. Going beyond engineering and d esign, it demonstrates spatial quality and d iversity o f staircases today. 160 pp.

Wine Cellars: An Exploration of Stylish Storage. Tina Skinner & Melissa Cardona. Visit more than 100 absolutely stunning, private wine cellars in over 200 beautiful color photographs. Peruse racking systems, tasting tables, and artful touches, created by leading wine cellar designers, including Paul Wyatt, Kathleen Valentini, Gary LaRose, and Doug Smith.


Entertainment Rooms: Home Theat ers, Bars, and Game Rooms . Tina Skinner. Tour homes where o wners have invested in their ow n private Shang ri-Las, from upgraded entertainment rooms to full-out theater exp eriences complete with popcorn machines. See bars ranging from simple corner counters to sports bars complete with multiple view ing screens and b illiard tables, along with wine cellars, tasting rooms, and indoor p ools.

Window Seats & Built-Ins. Tina Skinn er. Whether it ’s your most l ived -in area, kitchen, bath, or even yo ur home office, wind ow seats offer comfo rt and style to the home. This book includ es id eas on ho w to change th e look and feel of a ro om wit h a windo w seat, and offers a resource g uide. ISBN: 0-7643-1933-7 soft cover $19.95

ISBN: 0-7643-1965-5 hard cover $49.95


The Spa Bath. Tina Skinner. Today’s top homes include spa-scale mast er bath suites that serve up f ar more than the traditional 10-minute morn ing rout ine. To day’s l uxury bath suites inclu de whirlp ool tubs, multi-faceted showers and soaking tubs, and, abo ve all, space. A tour through these pages, filled with over 250 imag es, will inspire designers and homeowners setting out to create their ow n in-home spas.

Home Theaters and Electronic Houses. CEDIA & Tina Skinner. Enjoy flat-screen and plasma entertainments in the most unexpected of places -- showers, pool rooms, home sports bars, and more. Includes equipment lists for many of the projects, an essay on the art of wiring complicated entertainment and wholehouse projects, and another essay offering advice on choosing a professional.


Designs for Restaurants & Bars: Ins pira tion f rom Hundreds of Int ernational Hotels. Ti na Ski nner. Tour more t han 200 eating establishments wo rld wide, design ed by David Ro ckwell, Ian Schrager, Robert DiLeo nardo , Adam Tihany, Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Court, Patrick Jouin, Philippe Starck, and more. ISBN: 0-7643-1752-0 hard cover $39.95

ISBN: 0-7643-1957-4 hard cover $44.95

20th Century Bathroom Design by Kohler. Tina Skinner. A chronological tour of bathrooms; watch as they evolve from converted closets to luxury centers. More than 400 images are from advertising and d esigner rooms created for Kohler Co. 176 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-0614-6 soft cover $29.95

Bright Ideas: Sunrooms & Conservatories. Tina Skinner. Interior and exterior phot os p resent ideas for furnishing your ind oor extension into t he great outdoors, from formal d ining areas to comfy famil y gathering spots, plus tub and poo l rooms, patio ro oms an d indoor gardens, even kitchens and fanciful Florida roo ms.

American Theaters. Joan Dillon & David Naylor. Celebrates the history of 40 o f the finest stag e theaters still in operation around the United States. Orig inal photograp hs include stunning examples of early Eastern town hall o pera houses, Midwest venues, and boomtown opera houses. Also , stateby-st ate and chronological listings of o ver 200 more surviving nineteenth-century theaters.

ISBN: 0-7643-1418-1 soft cover $29.95

Beautiful Bathrooms. Tina Ski nner. E xplo re designer rooms thro ugh beautifu l imag es that will help you cho ose your color p alett e and style. A resource guide at the back o f the book wil l help you locate d esign ers and manuf actu rers who can help mesh your style wi th the walls and d imen sions your home o ffers.

Home Office, Library, and Den Des ign. Tina Skinner. Visi t more t han 200 p rivat e o ffices, dens, and libraries. If you are looking fo r d esign inspiration, this book is p acked with ideas for floor layouts, paneling and sh el ving systems, storag e systems, and color schemes.

ISBN: 0-7643-1536-6 soft cover $24.95

ISBN: 0-7643-1842-X soft cover $24.95

Power Rooms : Executive Offices, Corporate Lobbies, and Conference Rooms. Jack Neith. Look into America's most notable corporate atriums, boardrooms, lobbies, seating areas, and executive offices and experience their powerful interior designs. Over 235 color photographs present a crosssection of corporate designs and contemporary rooms on the cutting edge. 160 pp.


Beautiful Bedrooms: Design Inspirations from the World’s Leading Inns and Hotels. Tina Skinner. Enter more than 250 gorgeous rooms and g et inspiration fo r your own sleeping quarters. From loft y hideaways to enormo us, tw o-room master suites, you’ll find ideas for l inens, curtains and upholstery, wallp aper and window seats, beds, and even fireplaces.

Making Tracks: Unique Recording Studios. Jeff Touzeau. Tour of eighteen one-of-a-kind recording studios, from multi-million dollar facilities in converted barns, firehouses, railroad stations, churches, and sawmills; and on an island in a lake and the Navy yard in Brooklyn. Written in interview form, author Jeff Touzeau manages to capture the personalities of the studios and the passions of the people behind them.

Herman Miller Office. Cl assi cs b y su per-desi gn ers Gi lbe rt Rohd e, C harl es and Ray Eames, and George Nelson are sho wn alo ng with more rece nt offi ce fu rn iture d esign s. An essay o n the history of th e office, desig ner b iographies, company chronology, append ix, bi bliography, index, and value guide. ISBN: 0-7643-1650-8. hard cover

Children’s Room s: From Newborns t o Teens. Tin a Skinn er, Mel issa Cardo na, and Nathaniel Wolfg ang -Price. Hundreds of exciting and innovative id eas f or decoratin g your child ’s personal space, presented in go rgeo us co lor imag ery. Visit dozens of designer rooms. Also includ es co ntact s f or manufacturers. ISBN: 0-7643-2147-1 soft cover $24.95

Big Book of Garages. Tina Skinner. More than 200 color photos explore the latest technolo gy in floor, wall, cabinet, and d oor options to upgrad e your garage. Then go beyond , exp loring dozens of beautiful garages that will inspire you to turn yours into a showp lace, and maybe even the neighbo rhood hang-out !


Herman Miller: Interior Views. Leslie George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames, the textile designs of Alexander Girard, and new generations of designers. This visual record captures a fascinating portion of the evolution of modern interior design. 224 pp. ISBN: 0-7643-0503-4 hard cover $49.95


INTERIOR DESIGN: CONCRETE Making Concret e Counte rt ops. Bu dd y Rhodes with Susan Andrews. The art and craft of creating co ncrete coun tertops is detai led, step -by-step, fro m measuring for a template, to building a mold, through casting and installation. Details the processes for creating pressed surface counterto ps, hand-trowelled, and po lished coun tert op surfaces.

INTERIOR D ESIGN : Glass Tile Inspirations for Kitchens and Baths. Patricia Hart McMillan & Katharine Kaye McMill an, PhD. Beaut iful , hig h p erformance gl ass ti les are i ncreasing ly popular for w alls, counterto ps, and floor coverings in kitchens and baths. The 205 beautiful color photos present a wide variety.

Making Concrete Countertops with Buddy Rhodes : Adv anced Techniques . Bud dy Rhodes & Susan An drews. This b ook details the art and craft of creating concrete countertops, stepby-step, for ad vanced u sers of the medium. Artist Bud dy Rhodes shares his skills and exp erience, and most importantly, shows the process he pioneered for creating natural, stone-like pressed surfaces that have become his hal lmark.

Designing & Living with Glass Tiles: Inspiration for Home and Garden. Patricia H art McMillan, Liz Hart McMillan, & Katharine Kaye McMillan, PhD. Glass tiles for any room in the house, the g ard en, t he p ool, or pon d illustrated in over 290 color photos. Colors, from metallic, red, pink, b lue, g reen, go od-earth tone, to co ol neutral tones, with patterns, finishes, textures, sizes, and shapes are reveal ed . Tile f irms include Orsoni Smalti Venezianna, Sicis, Ann Sacks, Mixed-UpMosaics, and Ultrag las Tile, t o name a few.


Building a Fireplace: Step-by-Step instructions for Contemporary to Classic Styles. Bernd Grützmacher. Use this new book as a reference guide to create your dream fireplace, be it contemporary or a classic design. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the process from start to finish, from location and installation to finishing. 20 diagrams

120 pp.

see also Iron Art, p 8 Constructing a Fireplace Mantel: Step-byStep from Plywood and Stock Moldings. Steve Penberthy with Lawrence S. Welsh. A stepby-step guide for building a beautiful mantelpiece with a recessed face plate, panel ed designs on the legs and face plate, and the possibility for an infinite number of variations. Using plywood and stock mold ings, each action is illustrated with a color photo and a cl ear exp lanation.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3266-1 soft cover $24.99 Cast-in-Place Concrete Countertops. Tom Ralston. Author Tom Ralsto n is one o f the nation’s lead ing innovators in concrete countertop installation, known for his cast-in-place techniques. Join this master finisher as he shares his know led ge in planning for, executing, and comp leting a concrete counterto p on the cutting edge of today’s interior design and outdoor kitchen trends.

Ceramic Art Tile f or t he Home. D eBo rah Goletz. Loaded with ideas and resources that will charm and inspire. Installations show the work o f today’s leading contemp orary tile artists. Includes a histo ry of American tile making, designing with art tile, trends in art tile, and ceramic tile in pub lic places, a resource index, and artist directory. Index 160 pp.

Step-by-step to a Classic Fireplace Mantel. Steve Penbert hy with Gary Jones. Build a classic mantel from stock materials and mold ings, and to ols f oun d i n t he most basic of workshop s. From measurement to the finished product, each step is illustrated with color photo s and concise instructions. In the back are ph otographs of many desig n variations that can be made using the same building techniques. Line drawings

Casting Concrete Countertops. Tin a Skinner and Doug Ban nister. Finally th ere is a simple book for do-it-yourselfers w ho want to undert ake a small cou nterto p project. Thi s volume offers quick-set formulas that make it possible to finish in two d ays t ime.

Decorating with Concrete Indoors : Fireplaces, Floors, Countertops, & More. Tina Skinner. Concrete technology is changing daily, with craftsmen, interior designers, and even do-ityourselfers exploring ever-expanding uses f or this wonderful, versatile material. Concrete can imitate any surface, from marble and granite stonework to glass or worn and faded brick.

Tile Style for the Home: Kitchens, Baths, and More. Tina Skinner, with the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association. This book illustrates almost 500 contemporary tile projects, with thousand s of ideas for il luminating a home with the beauty of tile.

INTERIOR D ESIGN: FIREPLA CES The Fireplace Design Sourcebook. Melissa Cardona. An inspiring guide t o today’s vast assortment of hearth products, this book features over 225 gorg eous color photograp hs of dressed-up fireplaces and stoves, and helpful tips to help you design a fireplace environment . ISBN: 0-7643-2283-4 soft cover $24.95

ISBN: 0-7643-2200-1 soft cover $19.95

Creating Concrete Art Furniture. Charles Sthreshley. With 296 vivid colo r ph oto s and precise text, yo u can learn the steps necessary to use concrete to create innovative and imaginative furnit ure, from initial co ncept through the creation of the armature t o the app lication of co ncrete and finishing the artwork. A furniture gallery is p rovided for further inspiration.

64 pp.

RESOURCES FOR DECORATORS & INTERIOR DESIGNERS The Window Treatment Workbook. Krist en Fitch. Over 600 artful wat ercolor renderings of window treatments combined with a CD o f all the images make this the most useful, practical book available. Professional decorators and homeown ers alike will love it.

A Wallpaper and Textiles Playbook for Interior Design: Tropica l & Exot ic. 240 doub le-sided full colo r flip panels allow you to create uniq ue combin atio ns for interior decor. Wallpaper and textil e swatches ill ustrate tropical and exo tic designs from p al m trees to elephants to exotic b irds. ISBN: 0-7643-1996-5 $29.95

Fireplaces: Modern Designs — Traditional Forms. Holg er Reiners. Over 160 color photos display modern fireplace designs in today’s homes, including simple, rustic types, costly antiquities, replicas of h istoric and antique frames, unusual examples, and classic modern forms that demonstrate many possibilities. In ad dition, the text caref ully describes details necessary to create and maintain a fun ction al and legal fireplace.

hard cover

A Wallpaper Playbook for Interior Design: Country. Three-way flip panels allow you to create unique combinations for your h ome decor. Color wallpaper swatches in country patterns including Tuscan, French, British, and Americana inspired patterns. The book features 30 complete room shots for inspiration, 37 borders and 250 w all and trim designs, and thousands of possible combinations. ISBN: 0-7643-2170-6 hard cover $29.95

Art s & Craf ts Era Con crete Project s. Pedro J. Lemos and Reta A. Lemos. Details the authors’ ground breaking work in Art s & Crafts era projects created with concrete. Projects includ e majoli ca and mosai c t iles, bow ls and vases, flower b oxes and garden pottery, and architectural application s. 192 pp.

Fire Spa ces: De sign Insp irat ions for Fireplaces and Stoves. Tina Skinn er. Show s fireplaces and stoves in almost every room, and the yard too! Most are show n in room set tings, helping you to envision a fireplace as part of your overall decor. An eno rmous gal lery focuses on fireplace and sto ve details. The big gest book on the market offering hundreds o f w onderful images of fireplaces and stoves. ISBN: 0-7643-1694-X hard cover $34.95


resources for artists, designers, & architects DESIGN T HEORY

Geometric Ornament in Architecture, Art, and Design. Thomas & Claudia Weil. Long before the recently occurring renaissance of the ornament, the Weil 's Studio developed 1,000 contempo rary ornaments in 14 groups. These are introduced here, together with applications in architecture, art and design, as well as an overview in the history of the modern orn ament.

Principles of Color. F aber Birren . D ealing with traditional principles of harmony as w ell as advanced principles d erived from modern studies of the psychology of human col or perception. A well-organized ap proach to achieving harmony with color.

World Des igns: 1200 Historic Patterns with Royalty-free CD. Decorative designs, from civilizations over 3000 years, are displayed here and on CD. The designs, most show n in beautiful color and exq uisite d et ail, disp lay Ancient, Go thic, Renaissance, and Classic styles. A classic reference and source for designers.

ISBN: 978-0-88740-103-9 soft cover $14.99

With CD-Ro m

Light, Color & Environment. Faber Birren. A classic study of the profound effect of color in the places we inhab it , o ur homes, offices, factories, hospital s and schools. The author shares his findings and the practical applications to ward healthier and more creative environments.

Art Nouveau Era Graphics: Ornamental Figures, Flowers, Emblems, Landscapes, and Animals with DVD. A rich treasury of desig ns to inspire and enrich d ecorative arts projects. Orig inally presented in the 1890s for use in home interiors, ceramics, textiles, stationary, stained glass, and ironwo rk.

42 line drawings 128 pp. ISBN: 0-88740-131-7 soft cover $24.95

Color: Light, Sight, Sense. Moritz Zwimpfer. A classic color theory reference. Arrang ed to follow light from a st imulus out side the human b ody, throug h the reaction of the visual organs of the body, and ultimately to the occurrence of the visual experience in the brain. ISBN : 0-88740-139-2

hard cover


Fabulous Floor Patterns with CD. “Jerry” S. F. Cooke III & Tina Skinner. Explore hun dreds of fl oor patterns, from checkerboards and w ild tile configurations to florals, faux marb le, and fantastic parquetry. The enclo sed CDRo m presents the images in various formats, making it easy to exp eriment with, manip ulate, and apply. 160 pp.

The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors: and Their Applications to the Arts. M.E. Chevreul with new material by Faber Birren. This masterwork b y t he renowned 19th century scientist and authority on color is unq uestionably one of the greatest books ever written on color. The original color is resto red. An introduction and explanat ory notes by Faber Birren.


Color Perception in Art . Faber Birren. Th e relationship of visual percep tion to color expression in art is presented here in clear detail. Photographs of rep resen tati ve p aint ing s, explan atory lin e draw ings, and abstract , geometric co lor plates supplement the text.

Creative Color. F ab er Bi rren. Kno wledg e of perception is the springb oard to more inventive use of colo r in art. Interesting experiments at the end of every chapter, teach you how to consistently produce effects that artists have rarely achieved. Includes a list of Munsell-coded p alettes. ISBN : 0-88740-096-5

soft co ver



Book of American Types: Standard Faces. More than 300 printing t ype fonts, each show n in its entirety, along w ith examples of body fonts in various sizes and lead ings, and a host of initials and mon ograms. A standard reference in any graphic design library. Includes a wonderful assortmen t of Art Deco f aces. 208 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2770-4 soft cover $19.95

Historic Holiday Art. Tina Skinner and Mary L. Martin. Charming clip -art dates from the turn of the century and up through the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1930s. Royalty free images are perfect for today’s messages from those with a nostalgic yearning for an era gone by. Nearly 300 images are available in a format suitable for Mac or PC use.

The Clothing Label Book: A Century of Design. Tina Skinner & Jenna Schuck. A wo nderful g allery fo r artists, textile manuf acturers, and graphic designers. Includes history and technical information as well as a diverse selection of actual labels to look at and be inspired by. A resource guide lists many of today’s leading clo thing-label manufacturers.

Historic Christmas Art. Mary L. Martin and Tina Skinner. Enjoy charming clip-art dating back through the turn of the century and up thro ugh the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1930s. More than 300 royalty free images are ready for application to your professional projects or casual communications, in a format suitable for Mac or PC use.


Foliage Textures: Roy alt y Free Art f or Des igners. C ompil ed by G inny Parfitt . T his beautiful book and it s accompanyin g Mac and PC compatible CD contain over 150 phot ographs of summer, autumn, and everg reen fo liage, as well as grasses, grou ndcovers, and tropical and succulent fol iages. 160 pp. With CD-Rom

Evolution in Color. Frans Gerritsen. An overview of the theories of color from antiquity to the present. An indispensable stu dy for all w ho w ork with color including artists, glazers, architect s, d ecorators, designers, ceramic and text ile artists, and t he student of color theo ry. -

Paper Textures: Royalty Free Art for Designers. With t wo CDs. A treasury of textures, this beautiful book and its accompanying Mac and PC Compatible CDs are filled with 114 colorful images of handmade papers, from soft and sub tle to deeply marb led and highly t extured. Ready-to-use high resolution images.

ISBN : 0-88740-143-0

96 pp. With CD-Rom

soft co ver


Chinese Flower A rt: Line Drawings with CD. Centuries of f lower arrang ement wisdom in exquisite callig raphic representation. Each imag e a perfect arrangement, delicately balanced within an imaginary frame. Perfect fo r ad aptation to art projects in want of Asian flair. Traditional Chinese characters accompany each.

Heraldic Des igns: Royalt y-f ree images. Thousands of wonderful motifs draw n from historic reference works. Includes state seals, royal seals, coatsof-arms, college f raternity emblems, and societal emblems w ith animals, mytho logical creatures, nautical and military motifs, armor, rosettes, crowns, and much more.

59 59 JEWELRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Native American . . . . Silver . . . . . . . . . . Period. . . . . . . . . . Cameos . . . . . . . . . Enameled. . . . . . . . Costume By Company . Rhinestones. . . . . . . Wood . . . . . . . . . . Holiday . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

.. .. .. . . .. . . .. .. . .

. 60 . 61 . 62 . 62 . 62 . 64 . 66 . 66 . 66

Mexican Silver . . . . Fine Vintage . . . . . Victorian Mourning . Charms . . . . . . . . Costume . . . . . . . Plastic & Bakelite . . Beads & Glass . . . . Patriotic . . . . . . .

... . .. .. .. .. ... . .... . ... ... . ....

JEWELRY REFERENCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GEMS & MINERALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FOSSILS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE WATCHES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ANTIQUE CLOCKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ANTIQUE WRITING INSTRUMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE CANES & WALKINGSTICKS . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE FASHIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . c.1840-c.1940 . . . . . Mens Clothing . . . . . Lingerie . . . . . . . . . Other Styles & Themes

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. 72 . 74 . 75 . 75

61 61 62 62 62 65 66 66

66 66 68 68 71 72 72 72

c.1930-c.1980 . . . . . . . . 73 Historical Surveys . . . . . . 74 Hawaiian . . . . . . . . . . . 75

VINTA GE EYEWEAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE FASHION ACCESSORIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE HATS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE SHOES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE HANDBAGS & PURSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE TIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE COMPACTS & ACCESSORIES . . . . . . . . . . . . VINTA GE BUTTONS & BUCKLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SEWING TOOLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FURNITURE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

77 77 77 77 78 78 78 79 79 MEXICAN POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 PINBALL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .130 79 Contemporary . . . . . . . . . 79 Modern . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 INTERNATIONAL ANTIQUE POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . .107 VINTAGE TOYS: DOLLHOUSES & MINIATURES . . . . . . .130 Majolica . . . . . . . . . . . . 107 Flow B lue . . . . . . . . . .108 TEDDY BEARS & FRIENDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131 ANTIQUE FURNITURE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 Willow Ware . . . . . . . . . 108 Ironstone. . . . . . . . . . .108 DOLLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131 17th to 20th Centuries . . . . 82 1900-1940 . . . . . . . . . . 82 Sponge & Spatterware . . . . 108 Cottage Ware . . . . . . . .108 Arts & Crafts . . . . . . . . . . 83 Wicker & Rattan . . . . . . 83 Chintz . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 Specialty Plates . . . . . . .108 MINIATURE VEHICLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .134 Oak & Pine . . . . . . . . . . 83 International . . . . . . . . . 84 Oyster Plates . . . . . . . . . 108 HOLLOW CAST FIGURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136 CONTEMPORARY LIGHTING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 UTILITARIAN POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109 BANKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136 ANTIQUE LIGHTING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 ANTIQUE FIG URAL POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109 MARBLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136 OTHER PERIOD ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 POTTERY REFERENCES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110 OTHER TOYS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .137 ANTIQUE & CONTEMPORARY ORIENTAL RUGS . . . . . . 86 ANTIQUE TILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110 BOARD GAMES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138 ANTIQUE HOOKED RUGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 ANTIQUE GLASS BY ERA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110 MODEL KITS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138 ANTIQUE & CONTEMPORARY HOOKED RUGS . . . . . . . 86 Victorian . . . . . . . . . . . 110 Depr ession & More . . . . .110 ACTION FIGURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138 Mid-Centur y . . . . . . . . . 112 HOOKED RUGS: CONTEMPORARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86 OTHER TOYS BY COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138 ANTIQUE QUILTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 ANTIQUE GLASS BY COLOR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 VINTAGE TOY PREMIUMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .139 CONTEMPORARY QUILTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 ANTIQUE GLASS BY TYPE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .113 TV & MOVIE-INSPIRED TOYS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .140 Cut Glass . . . . . . . . . . . 113 Car nival Glass . . . . . . . .113 ANTIQUE LACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Crackle Glass. . . . . . . . . 113 Jadite & Delphite . . . . . .113 COWBOY & EQUINE ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . .143 ANTIQUE LINEN & TABLECLOTHS . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Milk Glass . . . . . . . . . . 113 Slag Glass . . . . . . . . . .114 FIREFIGHTING COLLECTIBLES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 OTHER ANTIQUE DOMESTIC TEXTILES . . . . . . . . . . . 90 Vaseline Glass . . . . . . . . 114 POSTMORTEM COLLECTIBLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 ANTIQUE & VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES . . . . . 90 ANTIQUE GLASS BY FORM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .114 FRATERNAL MEMORABILIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 Figurines . . . . . . . . . . . 114 Drinking Glasses . . . . . . .114 FABRIC REFERENCES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91 Celery Vases . . . . . . . . . 114 Candle Holders . . . . . . .114 LINCOLN COLLECTIBLES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 ANTIQUE BASKETS & BASKETRY TECHNIQUES . . . . . . . 93 Insulators . . . . . . . . . . . 114 Paperweights. . . . . . . . .114 WORLD'S FAIRS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 ANTIQUE FRAMES & BOXES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 Perfume B ottles . . . . . . . 115 GEISHA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144 BREWERIANA, WINE & SPIRITS ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . 94 ANTIQUE GLASS BY COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 MUSICIAN MEMORABILIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .145 ANTIQUE BELLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 INTERNATIONAL GLASS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .120 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .145 ANTIQUE FLOWER FROGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Italy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120 Scandinavia . . . . . . . . .120 SHEET MUSIC COVERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .145 ANTIQUE KITCHEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 ANTIQUE STAINED GLASS WINDOWS & DOORS. . . . . .120 BLA CK MEMORABILIA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146 ANTIQUE SALTS & PEPPERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 GLASS REFERENCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .121 EROTICA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146 ANTIQUE U.S. POTTERY BY COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . . 97 ANTIQUE SILVER & SILVERPLATE . . . . . . . . . . . . .121 OCCUPIED JAPAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146 OTHER ANTIQUE U.S. POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . .102 ANTIQUE METALWARES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .121 ANIMAL ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146 ANTIQUE U.K. POTTERY BY COMPANY . . . . . . . . . . .103 PLASTICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .123 TOOLS & GADGETS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .147 ANTIQUE U.K. STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY. . . . . . . . .104 WEDDING ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .123 LANTERNS & FLASHLIGHTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .147 OTHER ANTIQUE UK POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .104 HOLIDAY ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .123 LIGHTERS & SMOKING ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . .147 ANTIQUE FRENCH POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .104 HUNTING & FISHING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .125 STORE ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .148 Gear. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 125 Decoys & Lures . . . . . . .125 ANTIQUE SCANDINAVIAN POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . .105 PHONOGRAPHS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .148 ANTIQUE GERMAN, AUSTRIAN, & BOHEMIAN POTTERY .105 FIREARMS & AMMO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .126 RADIOS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .149 FI S HING REELS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .126 ANTIQUE DUTCH POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106 TELEPHONES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .149 ANTIQUE JAPANESE POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106 KNIVES & SWORDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .127 OFFICE ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150 BASEBALL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .127 ANTIQUE CHINESE POTTERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .107 ROLLER DERBY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .127 PHOTOGRAPHICA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150 MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150 SURFING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 SKATEBOARDING. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 MISCELLANEOUS ANTIQUES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .150 ICE SKATING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .151 ANTIQUE ADVERTISING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .151 OTHER SPORTS & GAMES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .128 Gener al . . . . . . . . . . . . 151 By Company . . . . . . . . .152 COIN-OPS & VIDEO GAMES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .129 Petr oleum & Automobile . . 153 MOTORCYCLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .154 TOBACCO ADVERTISING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .154 TRADEMARKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .154 POSTCARDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .155 FLORIDIANA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .159 HAWAIAIANA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .159

antiques & collectibles


Schiffer LTD

Art Jew elry Today 3. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Hun dred s of vibrant co lor pho tographs display these one-of-a-kind works of art, including necklaces, b rooches, b racelets, ring s, and earrings in gold , silver, mixed metals, glass, and enamels, w ith found objects and innovative designs. In a departure from the previou s volumes in this series, the artists are arranged alph abetically so readers may see the sco pe o f their work on the page together.

United in Beauty: The Jewelry and Collectors of Linda MacNeil. Forew ord by Helen W. Dru tt English. Essay by Suzanne Ramljak. Nearly 200 p endant and choker necklaces are show n with matching earrings, in an exq uisite exploration of artist Linda MacNeil’s celebrated works in hand-fashioned glass gems and metalwork. Helen W. Drutt Engl ish , col lector and gallery owner, introdu ces readers to MacNeil’s role in the current craft mo vement.


Masters of Contemporary Indian Jew Jewelry. Nancy N. Schiffer. Over 50 living jewelry masters ofNativeAmerican heritage are featured in this lavish new book. Tufa casting, stone cutting, engraving, metalsmithing are evident in this book. See new jewelry designs as well as sculpture that ranks as wearable art.

$50.00 see also Nat ive American Crafts, p 36 ff Evolving Southwest Indian Jewelry. Nan cy N. Schiffer. A classic stud y of Southwest Native American jewelry docu menting the fascinating story o f evol ving designs and techniq ues from early traders and artists up to the presen t. Over 500 color phot os of silver, turquoise, shell, and gold jewelry, including N avajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Pueblo belts, buckles, bracelets, necklaces, mens jew elry, earrin gs, and pins from th e late 19t h century to the present. 256 pp. Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest: 1868-1930. Larry Frank with Millard J. Holbrook II. This sp len didly illustrated vo lume celebrates the h isto ric silver and turq uoise jewelry of th e Navajo and Pueblo Indians. A classic, it presents over 300 superb objects that are usually hid den from view in mu seum sto rero oms and privat e collections across the U.S. 253 close-up photos of conchas, neckl aces, bracelets, ring s, bridles, and other pieces. Index

224 pp. Hopi Bird a nd Sun Face in Zuni Jewelry. Toshio Sei. Delve into the origins and interpretations of Sun Face and Thu nstudy establishes the identities of 33 Zuni

Hopi Bird designs fro m the 1940s throug h the 1960s. Over 190 color p hotos display the artwork and subtle variation s indicative of each master’s distinctive style. 144 pp.


Art Jewelry Today. Dona Z. Meilach. A beautiful look at art jewelry by today’s top art jewelers, whose work is often shown in art galleries and museums.Contemporary designs in gold, silver, mixed metals, found objects, glass, enamel work, and imaginative jewelry pieces that go beyond tradition. Index

Art Jewelry Today 2. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Wearable artwork produced by today’s top art jewelers, including one-of-a-kind necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings,and earrings in gold, silver, mixed metals, glass, enamel work, found objects,and more.Here is sculpture made small and designed to adorn the body and draw the eye, created by artists from around the world .

256 pp. Index

256 pp.

Knifewing & Rainbow Man in Zuni Jewelry. Toshio Sei. This original boo k delves into the origins and contemporary interpretations of the Knifewing god in Zuni mythology and the sacred being Rainbow Man from ancient Zuni traditions. Twentyeight mid -20th century and current jewelers are featured, w ho made pins, bracelets, bolo ties and other ornaments.

JEWELRY 61 Southwest Silver Jewelry. Paula A. Baxter. The first century of Navajo and Pueblo met al jewel rymaking i n the American Southw est. Beginning in the late 1860s, t he regi on’s native peoples learned metalworking and united it with a tradition of beads and ornaments made from turquo ise and other natural mat erials. The appeal of this jewel ry continued into the mid-1900s, and by the 1950s and 1960s masters created a legacy of fine art jewelry that is prized today.

JEWELRY: M EXICAN Mexican Silver Jewelry Details. Leslie

Turquois e Jewelry. Revise d 4th E dit ion . Nancy Schiffer. This book displays a wide variety of Sout hwest Indian- mad e jew elry wit h many different colors and typ es of turquoise, presen ted according to origin and dating from over a hundred years ago up to the present with innovative designs. Men’s and women’s jewelry is included in belts, bracelets, bolo ties, necklaces, and many other beautiful pieces.

Mexican Jewelry & Metal Art. Leslie


silver jewelry from Mexico, in full color. The focus is on p opular and plentiful jewelry, from lesser-known or ano nymous makers, with strong artistic merit. Includes in- dep th inf ormatio n, valu es, hal lmarks, and an illustrated glossary.

of copp er, brass, alpaca, and silver. The variety in color, texture, and form is wonderful. Detailed captions w ith value ranges jewelry, boxes, tableware, and w all art.

Jensen Silver: The American Designs. Nancy Schiffer and Janet D rucker. Sterling Silver jewel ry and tab lew are that was sold at the Jensen store in New Yo rk City included desig ns by American craftsmen, especially William D e Matteo and Al phonse La Paglia, in the late 1940s. Throug h newly found documentation, original working d rawings, and careful analysis, these vintag e silver items finally can be id entified an d appreciated for their specialty status among the finest luxury goods.

Georg Jensen: 20th Century Designs. Preface by Janet Drucker and William Drucker. Jewelry an d holl owware cat alog pages from Georg Jensen brings eagerly sought information together in one volume. Hard to find, the original catalogs provi de primary inf ormation to enab le identification of thousands of p ieces found on the vintage market today. Price Guide

256 pp.

see also Folk Art, p35-36; Mexican Pottery, p107 Turquoise: Mines, Mineral, & Wearable Art. Mark P. Block. Over 390 colo r photos show turquo ise in its natural state, cut, polished, and set into silver and g old jewelry. Th e turq uoise present ed sp ans mine s from Ne w Mexico to Nevada, China to Iran. Examples shown by native artists helped make turquo ise popular in America. The text discusses the gemstone, it s values, and many mines that p roduced turquoise.

The William Spratling Legacy. Sandy Baum. Foreword by Violan te and Consuelo Ulrich. This boo k co ncentrates on how William Sp ratling ’s talent for creating silver jew elry in Taxco, Mexico, led US Interior Department personnel to invite him, in 1945, to create a similar p rogram for Alaska’s natives. Thirty never-before-seen Alaskan models and with their original desig ns are presented here along with Spratling’s orig inal 1945 Report t o the Arts and Crafts Board.

Good * Better * Best. Nancy N. Schiffer. This book takes the read er through th e desig ns and rel ati onships o f Victorian, Arts and Craft s, Art Nouveau, Art Deco , Mexican, Native American, Mid-century Realistic, and Modern Abstract styles rig ht up to the 1990s. Over 700 beautiful color photographs sh ow the details, makers’ marks, and fine workmanship of each p iece.

160 pp.

Indian Jewelry of the American Southwest. Revised 3rd Edition. William A. Turnbaugh & Sarah Peabo dy Turnbaugh, Foreword by Barry M. Gold water. More than 125 vivid color photos d isplay group s of Indian-made wrought sil ver, turquoise, shell, and coral jew elry b rough t tog ether from historic collections as well as those available today on reservations. Includes products of Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Rio Grande Pu ebl o artisans. 157 photos, illustrations & maps

Silver Jewelry Treasures. 3rd edition, revised. Nancy N. Schiffer. This is a treasury of silver jewelry fro m 20th century Euro pean , American Indian, Mexican, and modern d esigners. The many st yles of jewel ry are chro nologically arrang ed . More than 250 dynamic color photo graphs, text, and updated values in the capt io ns make this a handy and vital reference. 144 pp.

96 pp.

Indian Jewelry on the Market. Peter N. Schiffer. All of the beautiful American Indian jewelry shown in this book was actually for sale when the photograp hs were taken w ith the p rices and ranges noted with each caption. The 336 beaut if ul color pho tographs demonstrate the excellent craft smanship in jew elry which is available in to day’s marketplace and the text presents the variations of style to b e exciting . Price Guide

Margot Van Voorhies: The Art of Mexican Enamelew ork. Penny C. Morrill. In the mid -20th century, the American Margot Van Voorhies went to Taxco, Mexico, and established a jewelry design business best known for exquisite enamelwork. Her designs are distinctive, often based on sp iral motifs inspired by vines and floral imagery. G lorious colored enamels in brilliant hues and original designs distinguish the work of Margo t de Taxco.

Mexica n Silv er: Modern Handw rought Jewelry and Metalwork. Revised & Expanded 4th Edition. Penny Chittim Mo rrill & Carole A. Berk. The silver renaissance in Mexico from the 1920s to the p resent. Over 400 color photos show case jewelry, tablew are and art wo rks in silver. This book is the definitive stud y of Mexican silver jewelry and decorative objects. The newly upd ated price guid e is help ful in today’s market . Great ly expanded marks section.

JEWELRY: FINE VINTAGE Estate Jewelry: 1760-1960. D ian a Sanders Cinamon . A th oroug h reference t o antiq ue and p eri od jew elry, create d o ver a 200-year period, in Canad a, Europe, the U.K., and the U.S. It presents changes in con struction t echn iques and jewelry styles through over 680 color photo graphs, w ith clear descriptions and explanations. Bracelet s, brooch es, and each oth er form are shown together visually, in chronological order.

144 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3300-2 hard cover $49.99

Southwestern Indian Rings. Paula A. Baxter. Photography by Barry Katzen. A fascinating variety of American Indian rings from the so uthwestern Uni ted St at es appear in more than 350 co lor phot os. This book provides a design history o f these rings, beginning with pre-co ntact artifacts and continuing through to contemp orary artistic inn ovation s. A guid e t o valuat ion issues and resources is offered for collecto rs. 160 pp.

Zuni Jewelry. Revised 3rd E dition. Theda and Michael Bassman, wit h ph otograph y by Gen e Balzer. The lovely stone inlay work in Zuni jewelry is world famous and here it is show n in p opular forms for men and women. 90 b rilliant color photographs and a brand new price guide p resent hundred s o f Zuni jewelry f orms to tempt and delight collecto rs throughout Asia, Europe an d America. Modern artists are identified.

Silver Masters of Mexico: Héctor Aguilar and the Taller Borda. Penny C. Morrill. Master designers and silversmiths with particular fo cus on Héctor Aguilar, and the perso nnel at this workshop. Valentin Vidaurreta, Los Castillo, William Sp ratling, Antonio Pineda, Hubert Harmon, E nrique Ledesma, and many more craftsmen are includ ed. Beautifully illustrated with 100s of examples of their artistry, with current values.

Handbook of Fine Jewelry. Nancy N. Schiffer. An imp ortant handbook for lovers of f in e jewelry. Hundred s of specialized terms from t he jewel ry world are explored in this easy-to-use, encyclopedic book. From A to Z, jewelry terms from ancient to modern are defined and lavishly illustrat ed with hundreds of beautiful color photos.

224 pp.

JEWELRY: SILVER Georg Jensen: A Tradit ion of Splendid Silver. Revised & E xpanded 2nd Edition. Janet Drucker. An exp ansive study of the designs o f Georg Jensen (1866-1935) and company, cover covering jewelry, ho llowware, and flatware d esigned and produced from 1904 to t he p resent. Jensen’s life and the company he founded are thoroughly researched and interpretation of the marks used on Jensen silver is provid ed . Lavishly illust rated , with an up to date price guid e and index. 312 pp.

Generations of Jewelry. Gerhart Egger. This be au tif ul hist ory of th e d eveloping t rend s in Euro pean jew elry has examples from the Italian Renaissance, Du tch 17th century, Baroque, the 19th century, Art Nou veau, Art Deco, and t he imp ortant houses of Tiffany, Cartier, and Philipps in the 20th century. Over 450 photographs illustrate this important work.

62 JEWELRY The Power of Jewelry. Nancy N. Schiff er. Color pho tos o f mag nificent jew elry and fascinating legends associated w ith t he different gemstones are combined to form a unique, fresh ap proach to antique and modern jewelry. European and Ameri can jewel ry st yles sp an nin g 300 years proclaim th e social, political, and financial power of their owners. Index

Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Luster. Matthew L. Burkholz & Linda Lichtenberg Kaplan. The premier reference for twentieth century designs in copp er jewelry, this beautiful boo k has been praised by collectors, appraisers, and art dealers alike. Over 300 color photos show hundred s of examples of the jewelry. Original art work, advertising, id entifying marks and anecdotes round out this exhaustive study.

256 pp. Price Guide

Theodor Fahrner Jewelry: Between AvantGarde a nd Tra dition . Ul rike von Hase Schmun dt, C hristiann e Web er, and Ing ebo rg Becker. Stu nning Art No uveau, Art D eco, and modern jewelry by the firm of Theo dor Fahrn er is displayed in this detailed chronological study. 100s of pieces are illustrated along w ith advertisements, original desig n sketches, all know n marks, and pictures of the impo rtant people.

A Century of Jewelry: Classy, Flashy, and Trashy! Deborah Crosby. O ver 1,000 pieces of fine and costume jewelry chronicl e the wid ening accessibility in t he period from 1860 to 1960. Materials i nclu de t rad itio nal pre cious met als and stones, as w ell as vulcanite, hair, pl astics, aluminum, etc. Glossary, bibliography, and current values incl uded . Price Guide

European Designer Jewelry. Gin ger Moro. The dramatic evolution of 20th century European jewelry design, documenting the innovative trends, sources, and makers. Artists’ limited-edition creations, as well as fashion and costume jew elry, are explored through the well-researched text, over 700 wonderful photos and vintage prints. Biographical sketches are provided fo r t he artists and couturiers who w orked closely with the fashion designers. Price Guide

Cameos: A Pocket Guide. Revised & Expanded 3rd E dition w ith Updated Price Guide. Mon ica Lynn Cl ements & Patricia Rosser Clements. 14 new cameos and values. Shell, st one, p lastic, ivory, lava, g lass, plastics, and metal cameos used in jewelry and ornamen tal objects. They are produced in fine detail using old-w orld crafting. An excellent pocket guide reference for collectors or anyone who appreciates the simplicity and beauty of cameo designs.

Cameos: Classical to Costume. Revised & Expan ded 2n d Edition. Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. Over 1400 examples of cameo jewelry, ranging from the 1700s to the present. Included are mythological motifs, religious subject s and the ever-present anonymous woman. A history is provided and chapters cover each of the cameo materials. Over 500 color pho tos capt ure the timeless beauty of the art.

256 pp.

Popular Jewelry 1840-1 940. Revised & Expan ded 4th Edition. Roseann Ettinger. A visual tour of antique jewelry covering t he Victorian era th ro ugh Art No uveau and Art D eco de si gn s. Identifies the makers and styles, with hund reds of color images of cameos, hair ornaments, hat pins, necklaces, bracelet s, pins, and more. A proven reliable source of inf ormation, with updated value references, exp anded text, and new images.


Charms and Charm Bracelets: The Complete Guide. Joanne Schwartz, Pho tograp hy by Ro bert N . Schw artz, Technical Ad visor, Joan Munkacsi. A comprehensive and ente rt ai ning guide to charms and charm bracelets, profu sely illustrated with over 300 color photos. Date charms made from 1880 to 1960 and determine their value. Great for collectors, d ealers, & ap praisers.

304 pp.


Form & Fu nct ion: A merican Modernist Jewelry, 1 940-1970 . Marbeth Scho n. Modernist jewelry from 96 artists, including the work of sculp tors Alexander Calder, Harry Bertoia, Jose de Rivera, Peter an d Dani el Macch iarini, and E arl and Tod Pardon. Plastics, pearls, brass, copper, silver, g old, and enamels are found here in mini-sculptures and jewelry ornaments for men and women alike.

Forties & Fifties Popular Jewelry. 2nd edition, revised and expanded. Roseann Et ting er. The lively and innovative jewelry of this era is p resented in thousan ds o f examples, including co stume and semi-p recious pi eces w ith id en tifying text and current market val ues. Organized b y styles and materials to aid collectors and dealers in identifying their items.

Modernist Jew elry 1930-1960: The Wearable Art Movement. Marbeth Schon. The work of 175 of the most imp ortant American mo dernist artist jew elers appears in over 540 color and 35 black and white pho tos. Their sto ry and jewel ry is arranged chron ological ly and li nked to four pivotal mid -century exh ibitions. They comp rise the modernist movement of wearable art directly, influencing the next generations. 292 pp.

Egyptian Revival Jewelry & Design. Dale Reeves Nicholls, Shelly Foote, & Robin Allison. Jewelry and d ecorative manufactured goods in Egyptian Revival style. Focusing on revival con sumer goods inspired by the ancient culture, it explores E gyp tian designs for insects, hieroglyph ics, sphinx, royal symbols, and geometric patterns. Man ufacturers are in troduced w ith i nformation collectors will reference. Chronolo gy identifies the king doms an d their relevant styles.

Jewelry & Metalwork in the Arts & Craf ts Tradition. 2nd edition, revised. Elyse Zorn Karlin. The best study of Arts & Crafts-style jewelry and metalwork to d ate. Hundreds o f beautiful pieces o f jewelry are illustrated , their history, characteristics, materials, motifs, influences, and makers’ marks are traced . Biographical sketches are provided for metalworkers. 288 pp.


Contemporary Enameling: Art and Technique. Lilyan Bachrach. Techniques for vitreous, or hard, enamels on metal. More than 30 experienced enamelists share their specialized knowledg e for using cloisonne, pliq ue—jo ur, champlev, and basse-taille techniques on silver, gold, foils, and metal clay to make jewelry, vessels, po rtraits, and more. Recent works from an additional 55 artists are disp layed.

160 pp.

Index 256 pp.

Price Guide

176 pp.


Popular Jewelry of the ‘60s, ‘70s & ‘80s. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Roseann E tting er. Today, attitudes about costume jewelry includ e respect and enjoyment fro m the growing number of coll ectors w ho searc h fo r pieces made by imp ortant designers from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Over 600 color photographs and 60 advertising pieces are presented to display the variety in these p opular adornmen ts.

Antique Enameled Jewelry. Dale Nicholls with Robin Allison. Enameled jewelry, an important part of w orld-wide jewelry d esign in the late 1900s and early 20th century, explaining and illustrating techniques and the symbolism found in Victorian, Art Nouveau, and Arts and Crafts jewelry design, Edwardian and Art Deco styles, as well as imp ortant jewelry designers. Over 450 color photos illustrate this important reference.

192 pp.

192 pp.


Fashionable Mourning Jewelry, Clothing, and Customs. Mary Bret t. A f ascinatin g text exp lains the many p opul ar ni neteenth century tradit ions associated with d eath and mou rning. Over 300 co lor p hoto graphs disp lay jew elry, photography, clothing , customs, and symbolism. Over 70 pages of a Victorian hair jewelry catalog are included.


Jewels of Passion: Costume Jewelry Masterpieces. Sherri R. Duncan with Deby A. Roberts. Costume jewelry from 53 of the top designers of the 20th century. 360 luscious color photos display exquisite examples of each desgner’s best work. People are seen enjoying the jewelry in their daily lives and having fun together because of the good feelings this jewelry gives them. Let the passion roll! Index

Mourning Art & Jewelry. Maureen DeLorme. Decorative art created to memorial iz e and commemorate deat h from the 1600s through World War I. Outstand ing examples of mourning jewelry, portrait miniatures, pottery and glassware, painting s an d sculp ture, posthumous p hoto graph s, hair-work memorials, and more. Inclu des b ackground informat io n, current values, glossary, and bibliography. Price Guide

256 pp.

176 pp.

ABCs of Cos tume Jewelry : Adv ice for Buying & Collecting. Dave Sal sb ury & Lee Salsbury. This b ook has basic informati on all coll ectors and d eal ers shou ld know wi th o ver 500 co lor phot ograp hs of co st ume jewelry by nearly 100 designers. After reading this book, if you make just one knowl ed geable p urchase, or avoid a b ad one, you will more t han cover the cost of your investment. 160 pp.

JEWELRY 63 American Costume Jewelry: Art & Industry, 1935-1950, A-M . Roberto & Carla Ginelli Brunialti. An encyclopedic stud y of most significant American costume jewelry dating from the years 1930-1950. A meticulous, reliable instrument to kno wing and understanding these true and proper little works of art. This volume, A-M, includes Accessocraft to Mosell and includes Boucher, Coro, Eisen berg, Miriam Haskell, Hobe and others. Value guide

256 pp.

American Costume Jewelry: Art & Industry, 1935-1950, N-Z. Roberto & Carla Ginelli Brunialti. This volume, N-Z, continues with Norma Jew elry Corp., throug h Rebajes, Réja, Trifari, to Uncas Manufacturing, w ith the chapter on Patriotic and Jelly Bel ly jewelry. Value guide

256 pp.

200 Years of American Manufactured Jewelry & Accessories. Suzanne Marshall. Jewelry and accessories manufactured in the United States have made their way around the world and are found in collections everywhere. Here are the buttons and jewelry, match safes, cufflinks, mesh purses, and compacts, from the early 1800s through the 1960s. Over 300 color photographs illustrate the beauty and the quality of the jew ell ers art.

The Best of Costume Jew elry. Revised 4th Edition. Nancy Schiffer. Some of the most beautiful pieces of costume jew elry mad e since the 1940s are presented in f ull color p hoto grap hs. Th e visual creations are enriched by an introduction by Lawrence Feldman of Fior in London. A value guide is inclu ded along with an ind ex to make this book a useful, b eautiful guide fo r collectors.

All That Glitt ers. Revised 3rd Edition. J.L. Lynnlee. A richly ill ustrated review of the trends and infl uences in costu me jewelry from the 1920s through the 1960s. Hundred of pieces are shown in color, along with a short history of jewelry, the evolution of costume jewelry, import ant companies, a glimp se at the industry, hints on testing real versus costume jewelry, and a current price guide make this a g reat collector’s reference. Price Guide

128 pp.

Costume Jewelry: The Fun of Collecting. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Nancy Schiffer. Colorful, large-stone jewelry is a delight to own and wear. This fun of co llecting is imaginatively cap tured in app ealing photographs of 1593 p ieces of jewelry. A factual text and current p rice g uide comp lete the collector’s experien ce. Price Guide

Costume Jewelry.

Make your own attractive, contemporary pieces of costume jewelry with some of the most versatile of materials. It was conceived as imitation jewelry with non-precious materials. Costume jewelry has since evolved in such a way that the division between it and fine jewelry is becoming less evident. Today costume jewelry is quite fashionable and owes its success to the great range of pieces, the vibrant finishes, and the affordable prices. With illustrated, step-by-step instructions, learn how to make various pieces – rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings – with enameled copper wire, felt, polymer clay, cloth, and paper. Chapters include a history of costume jewelry, techniques for using each material, tools and materials needed, glossary, and an artist's gallery to inspire your own creative ideas. This book is a great resource for jewelry makers of all levels, costume designers, and anyone who loves and appreciates the art form of jewelry. costume jewelry. Available in January

176 pp.

Costume Jewelry: The Great Pretenders. 4t h Edition- revised. Lyng erda Kell ey & Nancy Schiffer. Now in its fou rth edition, this book offers over 1000 examples of highly popular styles of costume jewelry by impo rtant desig ners in 382 color photos. Chanel, Schiaparelli, Boucher, Ho bé, Miriam H askell, Schreiner, Monet, Trifari, Nap ier, Sarah Coventry, Hattie Carnegie, Nettie Rosenstein, and Kenneth Jay Lane are included. 168 pp.

Fun Jewelry. Revised 3rd Edition. Nancy N. Schiffer. Whimsical and playful, this jewelry p ortrays animal s, people, flowers, b irds, fish, insects, ingenious tremblers and duets, an d totally imaginary beasts in a style that all can only be describ ed as “fun.” Over 400 color photos illustrate over 1000 pieces drawn from many styles and times. Each is carefully described with revised market values, and marked pieces are identified.

Jewelry of the Stars. Joanne Dubbs Ball. Jo seff of Hollywood p rovided the extraordinary designs for the 90% of the jewelry that appeared in the movies of Hollywood’s golden years. In w onderful color photos, his jew eled masterpieces are revisited and given the recognition they deserve. These new photos appear with b lack-and-white stills showing the stars, men and women alike, wearing the jewelry. A value guide is included for the co llector.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

208 pp.

64 JEWELRY Baubles, Buttons and Beads: The Heritage of Bohemia. Sibyl le Jargstorf. With hundreds of illustrat ed examp les, this groundbreaking b ook explores the jewels, craftsmanship, technological development, and history o f Bohemia. Gorgeous color p hotos show the area’s art istry, its most sign ificant de si gners and man ufactu rers, and their contrib utions to the art of jew elry, button, and bead making. Price Guide

176 pp.


Identifying Avon Jewelry. Sandra Sturdivant. 3200 g littering jewelry items distributed by Avon Products, Inc. from 1965 to 2006. An authoritative guide to identifying each design b y its official name and date of release, based on the o riginal company brochures, alo ng w ith current market values. Also explores Avon packaging and all the variations that are so d esirable among collectors to day.

Avon® Collectible Fashion Jew elry and Aw ards. Mo ni ca Lynn C lement s & Patri cia Rosser Clements. Avon has been a major suppli er o f costume jewel ry since th e 1970s and much is found in collectib les markets today. This guide has 450 color photos and current values for more than a tho usand pieces in clud ing popular holiday creations, replicas of historic masterpieces, men’s w atches, children’s charms, novelt y wear, perfumed pins and more. Price Guide

Hatt ie Carnegie® Jewelry: Her Life and Legacy. Georgiana McCall. This ground breaking book showcases the fabulous Carn egie jewelry– fro m glamorous rhinestone b racelets to exoti c Oriental pins. Showcased are earrings, necklaces, sets, pins, and bracelets produced fro m t he 1920s to the 1970s. Historical b ackground, jewelry marks and signatures, current values, and collector tips are all includ ed .

Identifying Sarah Coventry Jewelry, 1949-2009. Sandra Sturdivant & Shirley Crabtree.

Sarah Coventry became a household word by selling beautiful, inexpensive, costume jewelry direct to the consumer and remained in fashion for more than 60 years. This in-depth look at the history of their designs contains more than 1,000 color images and engaging text. It begins with the unsigned years of 1949-1963, covers the cardex years of 1954-1965, includes the catalog years of 1966-1984, and has a smattering of beauties from the years after Lifestyle Brands acquired the rights to the trademark for other concerns. All of it has been carefully researched and documented, and presented here in full color form. Complete with a thorough genealogy of founder C. H. Stuart and his family, this is a great resource for jewelry collectors, historians, and fashion designers. Sandra Sturdivant is an award-winning non-fiction writer specializing in biography and western lore. Shirley Crabtree has master’s degrees in counseling and geriatric healthcare administration. Available in December Costume Jew elers : The Golden Age of Design. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Joanne Dubbs Ball. The art of costume jewelry is explored in 100s o f co lor photos and personal glimpses of the elite core of artists responsible for them includ ing such masters as Chanel, Dior, Jo seff, Haskell, Boucher, Lane, Trifari, and many more. This revised edition features new photos and pricing information for today’s market. Price Guide

208 pp.

Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry. Joanne Dubbs Ball & Dorothy Hehl Torem. This important reference takes an in-d ep th journey in the phe nomenal ascent of costume jewelry throug h the 20th century. The costume jewel ry designers are discussed individually and their work is d isplayed in hundreds of magnificent photographs, along with significant unsigned masterpieces. Price Guide

Fabulous Cost ume Jew elry: His tory of Fantasy and Fashion in Jewels. Vivien ne Becker. A lavish retrospect ive of commerci al costume jewelry from the 18th to the 20th century. In add ition to hundreds of color illustrated pieces, it discusses the roots of jewelry movements, the cultural trends that influenced jew elry desig ners, and the women’s movement-and the effects jewelry has had on w omen’s fashions. A p rice guide is included for collect ors. Price Guide

160 pp.

Price Guide

Jewelry From Sarah Coventry® and Emmons®. Kay O sh el. Show cases the popular and fashionable jewelry by Sarah Co ventry® and Emmons® from 1949 - the early 1980s. Show n are sets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Captio ns p rovide item names, production dates, original pricing, and current values. Also includes co mpany overview, information o n marks, collector hints, catal og imag es, glossary, and index.

Sarah Coventry® Jewelry. Kay Oshel. Sarah Coventry jewelry, made from 1949 to 1984, is very popular with today’s collectors. This beautiful book provides d etailed information about dates of manufacture and co mpany n ames for Sarah Covent ry bro oches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and sets. Includes current market val ues, original catalog material, interviews with former employees, collector tip s, glo ssary, index. 160 pp.

232 pp.

Amber: Jewelry, Art, & Science. Nancy P. S. Hopp. Discover amber and the products made from it, esp ecially jewelry. The easy-to-read format and over 320 colo r photograp hs and drawings make it both informative and appeal ing. The fascinating history of this ancien t and unusual stone is explained, and identification method s, origins, amber product s, carving techniques, and care tips . -

160 pp.

Fine Fashion Jewelry from Sarah Coventry®. Jennifer A. Lindbeck. Over 400 stunning color pho tos, with company history, original catalog pages and advertisements, retail and current values, and an index will help yo u rediscover the fine fashion jewelry and accesso ry lines from Sarah Coventry. Included are bracelets, pierced and clip earrings, pins, pendants, necklaces, rings, belts, orig inal p ackaging and much more.

208 pp. Price Gude

176 pp.

JEWELRY Sarah Coventry® Jewelry: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors. Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. From the 1950s through the 1980s, wo men p urchased this un ique lin e of costume jewelry exclu sively at home-jew elry parties. Nearly 400 photo graphs of the fashionab le designs al ong wit h their cu rrent market values. Rediscover the timeless app eal of this increasingly popular line o f collectib le jew elry. Price Guide

Monet: The Master Jewelers . Alice Veg a, with Photography by Terry Niefield. An in-depth look at the Chernow brothers’ inno vative and style setting co mpany, Monet. This visual celebratio n delves beyo nd basic gold necklaces and earrings to show chokers, charms, cuff brac elets, and many o ther pioneeri ng lo oks. A must-have for collect ors, d ealers, designers, stylists, jewelry comp anies, an d an yone with an appreciation of costume jewelry.

Bakelite Jewelry: The Art of t he Carver. Lyn To rto ri ell o and D ebo rah Lyo ns. Vin tag e carved Bakelit e jewelry, fro m the 1930s and 1940s, includ es ever-popular bangles an d hing ed bracelets, pins, dress clips, b uckles, p endants, and earrings as little works of art. These great carved pieces demonstrate the art and painstaking craft of carving Bakelite and are hard to find, valuab le, and much covet ed.

Lea St ein® Jewelry. Ju di th Just . Recognized as the most notab le and innovative designer of plastic jewelry of t he 20th century, here are laminated celluloid bracelets, pins, necklaces, combs, p icture frames, boxes, buttons, and accessories in many shapes fro m Lea Stein Paris. Foxes and running children are some of her best kno wn designs.

Bakelite Pins. Karima Parry. Bakel ite plastic co st ume jewel ry con tin ues t o be one of th e hottest collectibles around. An exp ert covers the history of Bakelite pins including t he evolution o f their desig n, and sections on testing, co mmo n decorative t echniques, other vintage plastic pins, and how to avoid fakes and reproductions. It is lavishly illustrated with over 600 color photos and has a clear price guide wit h every pin.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Emmons & Sarah Coventry: Jewelry Fas hion Show. Deb orah A. Robinso n. Jewelry sol d at in- home p arty fash ion shows from 1949-1984, Sarah Coventry International dep artment store jewelry from the l ate 1980s-1990s, and pieces sold on the Home Shop ping Network in 2002. Described with production d ates, identificat io n names, and numb ers p rovided b y both companies.

160 pp.

192 pp.

160 pp. Emmons® Fashion Magic Jewelry. Cathryn Dipp o & Janet Dip po. Emmons Fashion Mag ic jewelry was the first to be sold at h ome parties, between 1949 and 1981. 580 stunning, full-color phot ographs show over 1,700 jew elry items in groups arranged by thei r materials and colors for easy id entification. Marking s, dating clues, design names, constructio n details, and values included. Price Guide, Index

P LASTIC & BAKELITE 20t h Cent ury Plast ic Jewelry . Roseann Ettinger. Lavish popular jewelry in many typ es o f plastics – from Bakelite, cel luloid, and Lucite to Plexiglas, natural plastics, and resins. Brooches, necklaces, bead s, and earrings appear in 365 color photos and period catalog pag es. Popular makers such as Trifari, Lisner, Coro, Kramer, KJL, and Les Bernard, and more are well rep resented. 160 pp.

Shultz Bakelite Jewelry. Karima Parry. Covering the entire artistic career of Ron and Ester Shultz, modern artists who rework vintage Bakelite into startlingly beautiful co ntemporary jewelry, this ful l color boo k shows hundreds o f pieces, including many rare earlier pieces, along with notes on the Shultzs’ techniques and designs, and pricing on almost every piece. Price Guide

160 pp.

176 pp.

Miriam Haskell Jewelry. 2nd Editio n. Cathy Go rdo n & Sh eil a Pamfi lo ff. Mi riam H askell costume jew elry is highly sought af ter and t he prices keep spiraling up. This g ives collectors key information to make intelligent buying d ecisions. Over 600 color photos. Essential information and breathtaking pictures.

Mid-century Plastic Jewelry. Susan Maxine Klein. The interest ing, evolving history of pl astics used in jew elry. Over 400 beautiful co lor p hotos demo nstrate fabulous and innovative jewelry designs from the 1920s to the ’60s. Meet fashion jewelry’s visionary major players and learn the truth abo ut a once-o verlooked arena of jewelry collecting.

The Best of Bakelite and Ot her Plastic Jewelry. Dee Battle & Alayne Lesser. A treasu re chest of sup erb jewelry in Bakelite, Celluloid and Lucite. Draw n from several of to day’s leading Bakelite col lecto rs, some of the fin est p ieces every produced include layered, carved, mol ded , translucent, painted and imbed ded jewelry styl es.

Price Guide, Index 176 pp.

Value Guide

Plas tic Jew elry. Revised & E xpand ed 4t h Edition. Lyngerda Kelley & Nancy Schiffer. 950 exciting examples of plastic jewelry accompany the story of plastic jew elry from the 1920s to the present, including nat ural tortoiseshell and horn as well as synt het ic celluloid, Bakelite, Lucite, and more in a variety of styles. Original designs o f bracelets, pins, necklaces, buttons, and buckles are included, as is a price guide.

Art Deco Bakelite Jewelry & Boxes: Cubism for Everyone. Deborah & Peter Keresztury and Nancy N. Schiffer. The Art Deco style of the early 1930s in Bakelite jewelry an d boxes, with 100s of items shown in color and described with their current values. This b ook d emonstrates how Art Deco style f it s into the Depression era, p roviding color, simplicity, and economy.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3331-6 hard cover $59.99

The Art of Juliana Jewelry. Katerina Musetti. Ent er a jewelry Magical Kin gdom of theatrical beauty, showcasing dazzling Juliana crystal jewelry made by Will iam DeLizza and H arold Elster from 1947 to th e 1990s. Over 375 color photo graphs display striking designs revealing many rare p ieces that display great quality. Info rmation is p rovided on the makers, design el ements, and construction techniques, w ith details to assist in identification.

Price Guide

159 pp.

Price Guide Kenneth Jay Lane FABULOUS: Jewelry & Accessories. Nancy N. Schiffer. Kenneth Jay Lane has created high-fashion styles for over forty years for royalty, first ladies, celebrities, socialites, movie stars, and ordinary smart-dressing women. See his famous jewelry and accessories in over 700 beautiful col or p hotographs. Vintage and current styles are presented , including those sold continuously for over 15 years on television network QVC.

Shamelessly: Jewelry from Kenneth Jay Lane. Nancy N. Schiffer. Over 670 color photos presen t Kenneth Jay Lane’s w ide-rangi ng and inn ovati ve co st ume jewel ry, f eatu rin g d esig ns inspired by world cultures, ranging from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to China, India, Byzan tium, and Arabia, to Pre-Col umbian and Native Southwest America, and Tribal Africa. Explore the natural motifs and materials, inclu ding metals, plastics, and costu me gemstones. Index

256 pp.

160 pp.

144 pp.

Collect ing Plastic Jew elry: A Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lindenberg er. With over 440 color pho tos, this easy-to-use handbook and price guide is designed to be taken into the field. It will be an invaluable aid at flea markets, yard sales, co-ops, and antique stores, helping the collector evaluate p lastic jewelry, and p roviding prices to discover the b est deals.

The Bakelite Collection. Matthew L. Burkholz. Over 750 stunning color photos illustrate Bakelite col lecto rs’ stories, exp eri ences, an d l oving ly assembled co llections in a book to delight every collector of this colorful jewelry. Fantastic jewel ry arrays are showcased in luscious detail, in a design that intensifies their beauty. A price gu id e makes it a truly valuable book.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Plastic Bangles. Lyn Tortoriello & Debo rah Lyo ns. An alluring dreamb ook and in formative handbook for collectors o f plastic bangles, illustrated with b oth rare and more common pieces in a prof usion of colors and styles. Gorg eous spreads arranged by designs and tech niques introduce the reader to the unexpected riches of this co llecting field . 415 co lor phot os illustrat e thousands of bangles. Values are incl uded. Price Guide

192 pp.

256 pp.


66 Bakelite Jewelry: Good * Better * Best. tions ab out Bakelite answered in a colorful, richly illustrated b ook. Designed to inform as well as delight, this b ook sho ws how to rate quality-good, better, best-and explores the basics of Bakelite, from dealers’ secrets to historical facts. All this, and a current price guide, will make this a favorite of collectors. Price Guide

176 pp.


Rainbow of Rhinestone Jewelry. Sandy Fichtner & Lynn An n Russell. Tho usands of beautiful rhinestone creations illustrated in over 450 color photos. Sig ned and unsig ned jewelry pieces are arranged b y col or and d esign and p resented wit h imp ortant facts and practical advice on the jo y of owning beautiful rhinestone jewelry, including sug gestions for care, cl eaning, repair and storage. Price Guide

160 pp.

Rhinestones! A Collector’s Handbook and Price Guide. 4t h edition, revised. Nancy N . Schiffer. Rhinestones comprise the most popul ar form of jew elry. Today, great d esigns are avidly collected, bo ldly worn , and thoro ughly enjoyed by p eo ple arou nd th e world. Nearly 300 color photographs d isplay jewel ry with rhinestones of many colors, shapes, and optical styles in a variety of visual effects. Up dated values in the cap tions.


Wooden Jewelry and Novelties. Mary Jo Izard. Popular wooden jewelry & novelphotos. Items includ e bracelets, necklaces, figural pins designed as water creatures, co wbo ys, I ndi ans, animals, and more. Advertising an d kitch en items, b utto ns, masks, and more are included.

Price Guide


WWII Bakelite Jewelry: Lov e and Victory. Bamb i Devi lle Eng eran. N early 200 imag es of p ins, necklaces, bracelets, and more capture these true signs of the times; n ot only craft ed to express solid arity, loss, patriotism, and love, but to make use of a new material that w as not restricted by rationing and conservation ord ers. The range of colorful jewelry cap tured in this book is p erfect for anyone passionate about Bakel it e jew elry.

Star Spangled Jewelry. Sandra J. Whitson & Nancy N. Sch if fer. Vintage American patrio tic jewelry including flag s, eagles, Victory t hemes, political mascots, and Uncl e Sam parade across these pages proclaiming allegiance to the United States. Over 600 color photos display diverse jewelry designs, including popular versions of military insignia, t hat have become icons of history.

160 pp.


Beads of the World. Revised 2nd Edition. Peter Francis, Jr. The best and broadest reference on the orig in s and uses of beads available to date, it explores the imp ortance of bead s in their native setting s in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Beads of organic, stone, and glass materials are individually discussed, and newly revised values are provided to help the collector. Price Guide

128 pp.

Glass Beads From Europe. Sibylle Jargstorf. In nearly 400 color p hotos the beauty and widespread use of beads is explored. Ranging from antiquity to th e modern time, Phoenician, Celtic, Viking, Veneti an , African, Bavarian, Boh emian, Dutch, French, and Russian styles are presented along with the fascinating evolution of the beadmaking industry. Their varied uses as symbols, in fashion, and more controversial matters are explored. A price guid e is included.

American Jewelry Manufacturers. Dorothy T. Rainwater. America’s leading authority on silver presents a comprehensive reference of jewelry trademarks and manufacturers, w ith a history of jewelry making in the United States. It includes 1000s of marks and hundreds of company histories, making it an invaluable reference w ork for serious col lectors o f vintage jewelry an d silver.

160 pp.

Index 160 pp. Price Guide



Gems & Minerals. D r. Andreas Lan dman n. More th an 150 photos with descriptions provide an o verview o f minerals from all parts of the world and relate ho w minerals originate, how they are found, and w hat significance they had in ancient times. Learn to id entif y the st ones, inclu ding quartz, feld sp ar, b eryl, tourmalin e, corund um, diamond, garnet, spinel, fluorite, precious metals, and more.

Collector’s Guide to the Beryl Group. Robert J. Lauf. This book explains how beryl is f ormed and the uniq ue conditions that create fine aquamarines and emeralds. It covers the chemistry, structure, and taxonomy of the minerals of the b eryl group. Detailed entries for each min eral provide locality information and ful l-color photos that show what good specimens look like and which min erals are found w ith them. 96 pp.

Antique Sweetheart Jewelry. N icholas D. Snid er. Military sweetheart jew elry and collectibles were imp ortant ways that those on the home front remembered a soldier’s love during World Wars I and II. Here are thousands of items of colorful jewelry, b anners, pillow covers, pap er items and compacts, in o ver 200 beautiful color photos. Also included are special sections on the Seabee and WASP items. A value guid e is included. Value Guide

160 pp.

Sweetheart Jewelry and Collectibles. Nick Snider. Nearly 200 beautiful color photo graphs of over 1,000 pieces o f military sweetheart jew el ry with exp lanatory text show these lockets, bracelets, wings of love, in-service pins, “Remember Pearl Harbor” items, Victory p ins, card s, pillows, banners, necklaces and compacts. Price Guide

A Collector's Guide to the Garnet Group. Robert J. Lauf. T his book explains how garn et min eral s are fo rmed and the unique con ditions that create the rarer garnet sp ecies. It covers the chemistry, structure, and taxonomy of the minerals of the garnet group. Detailed entries for each mineral pro vide locality information and full-color photos that show what good sp ecimens lo ok like and which minerals are found with them.

160 pp.

Collect or’s Guide to Fluorite. Arvid Eric Pasto. Over 140 full-color photos present fluorite in a fascinating array of colors. The extensive text pro vides references to fluorit e’s habits, asso ciated minerals, availability, and locations w here spectacularl y larg e specimen s are fou nd. Learn information f or the hobby collector or rock hound , as well as technical information for those who want to understand fluorite in greater depth. 96 pp.

Price Guide

176 pp.

Glass in Jewelry. Revised 2nd Edition. Sibylle Jarg storf. A great variety of beaut iful glass jew elry and glass beads id entified and illustrated in over 400 color photos. Created from the 16th to the 20th centuries, the origins of filigree and alabaster glass, the lovely variety of b ead types, artificial gems, glass cameos and incrustations, millefiori, mosaic and aventurine jewelry, and applications in modern jewelry designs are discussed. Value Guide

200 pp.

Ethnic Jewelry: from Africa, Europe, & Asia. Sibylle Jargsto rf. This new study presents striking parallels in both ethnic (no n-European) and folk (European) traditio nal costumes and ornaments made w ith silver and glass. From Sudan, Guinea Coast , East an d South Africa, Alp s, Baltic Sea, Russia, Afghanistan, and H imalaya, these examples display a common sense of beauty among many distant peo ples. 160 pp.


Christmas Tree Pins. Nancy Yunker Trowbridge. Over 1100 different Christmas t ree pins, from the mid -20th century to the present, mad e b y mo re than 200 designers and manufactu rers. More than 1,200 colo r photo graphs are presented and the pins are d escribed, id entified, and valued. The rhinestones, en amels, and metalwork are of the finest quality. Collect ors enjoy finding Christmas tree pins all year long.

Collector’s Guide to the Tourmaline Group. Robert J. Lau f. Over 120 p ho tos show eac h tourmaline mineral in its geological context. The text explains the chemistry an d taxo nomy of the group , t he en vironment in whi ch t ourmali nes form, provides a detailed entry fo r each mineral including locality information and full-color photos showing good specimens and which minerals one are asso ciated with them.

Price Guide

96 pp.

192 pp.

Christmas Jewelry. Revised 3rd Editio n. Mary Morrison . Phot ography b y James Morrison . Over 340 dazzl ing phot os of over 900 costume jewelry Ch rist mas trees, wreaths, snowmen, Santas and ornaments. Th is jew elry is grow ing i n po pu larit y because it delights all. Company histories and revised Price Guide. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3365-1 soft cover $19.99

Collector’s Guide t o the Axinite Group. Robert J. Lauf. Over 90 col or ph otos pro vid e examp les o f goo d specimens of axinite minerals. This co ncise monograph provides a t imely review, including an exp lanation of the chemistry and taxono my of the group and an illustration of the crystal stru cture and the morphologies of real cryst als. Detailed entries for each mineral provide information on not ab le localities an d full -color photos wherever possible.

GEMS & MINERALS 67 Collector's Guide to the Three Phases of Titania: Rutile, Anatase, and Brookite. Robert J. Lauf. Over 100 color photo s display three of the common titanium dioxid e minerals: rutile, anatase, and bro okite, along with a variety of interesting mi neralogical pheno mena. The inf ormative text lists the classic localities for these popular minerals and describes both their fascinating d iversity of forms and such p heno mena as oriented growth, twinning, and p seudomorphism. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3268-5 soft cover $19.99 Collector’s Guide to the Pyroxene Group. Robert J. Lauf. Over 115 color photos display pyroxene group minerals in all their forms and colors. The informative text provides an introduction to their chemistry and taxonomy, formation and geochemistry. A detailed entry for each mineral includes color reference photos. This book is essential for every mineral collector. 96 pp.

Collector’s Guide to the Vesuvianite Group. Ro bert J. Lauf. O ver 90 full-color photos of vesuvianite show w hat g ood specimens look like and what minerals one might expect to find associated with vesuvianites. Detailed text explains the chemist ry and taxonomy, discusses on going research into problems such as color, structure, and optically anomalous crystals, and important localities.

Collector’s Guide to the Epidot e Group. Robert J. Lauf. Over 90 co lor p hot os di sp lay epidote g roup minerals, well known to collecto rs for their rich colors. The text provides a review o f all presently known species, along with detailed entries for each of the eig hteen minerals, and extensive l ocality inf ormation. This boo k will be of interest to those interested in developing a better understanding of silicate mineral s.

Collector’s Guide to the Mica Group. Robert J. Lauf. A thoro ugh revi ew of the mica g roup , includes examples recen tly describ ed. 115 color pho tos and electron micro graphs il lustrate t he informative text, which provides a detailed ent ry for each mineral, including information on where each is found.

The Collector’s Guide to Silicate Crystal Structures. Robert J. Lauf. Over 140 color photos, diagrams, and incisive text reveal crystal structures, habits, names, and changing family relationships of silicate crystals. Provides an introduction to crystallography, cu rrent classification of silicate structures, and reviews orthosilicates, disilicates, chain silicates, sheet si licates, an d f ramwork silicates.

A Collector’s Guide to Granite Pegmatites. Vandall T. King. 209 color p hotos and authoritative text provide a thorough discussion of g ranite pegmatites. The chapters cover pegmatit e forms and di st ri but ion s, in terior st ru ctures, crystal , mineral, and g em pockets, and referen ces for further study. E xamples are from North America as well as world wide.

Robert J. Lauf.

Quartz is prized by both mineral collectors and lapidary artists. Over 130 vivid photographs of these beautiful minerals are presented to show each mineral in its geological context. Superb examples are found in diverse geological settings from pegmatites to Alpine clefts and hydrothermal veins. The silica minerals are chemically simple, yet structurally complicated. Several high temperature and high pressure polymorphs are known. In addition to the polymorphs of silica, this book treats related minerals, including: lechatelierite, opal, and two natural clathrates, chibaite and melanophlogite. After a brief introduction, the general treatment explains the chemistry and taxonomy of the group. A section on their formation and geochemistry describes the kinds of environments where these minerals are formed. Then, entries for each mineral provide locality information and full-color photos so that collectors can see what good specimens look like and which minerals one might expect to find in association with them. An extensive bibliography is also provided. The author holds a Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering, and has conducted scientific research in fields ranging from nuclear fuel to microwave processing and biomineralization. He has been granted over 40 U.S. Patents, and has written 10 books on mineralogy for collectors. Available in November

Introduction to Radioactive Minerals. Robert J. Lauf. A systematic overview of the mineralogy of uranium and thorium, g enerously illustrated w ith nearly 200 color photos and electron micrographs of representative specimens. It covers the history of the discovery of radioactive elements, the geochemical cond itions that pro duce significan t deposits of minerals and their major occurrences arranged geographically. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2912-8 soft cover


Collecting Fluorescent Minerals. Revised and Expan ded 2nd Edition. Stuart Schneider. Over 850 beautiful color photos illustrat e h ow fluorescent minerals look under UV and day light. Minerals include Aragonite, Celestine, Feldspar, Microcline, Picro pharmaco lite, Q uartz , Spinel, Smithsoni te plus many more from the US, Canada, Mexico , Greenland, Italy, Sweden, and other places. In cludes a resources section, an d advice on caring for, collecting, and displaying minerals.

68 The World of Fluorescent Minerals. St uart Schneider. A sweeping survey of the fluorescent minerals of the world sho wn both in daylight and under the ultravio let light. Written for the collector and the merely curious, this pictorial reference will capture your attention with its 825 color photos and informative t ext. It is an essential source for enjoying and identifying fluorescent minerals.

Mesozoic Fossils II: The Cretaceous Period. Bruce L. Stinchcomb. Over 500 photos show the fossils of the Cretaceous Period, the last period of the Meso zoic Era, dating from 120 to 67 millio n years ago, including ammonites, belemnites and other fossil mol lusks, a variety of plants, wellpreserved arthro pods such as crabs and insects, turtles, crocodiles, and dinosaurs. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3259-3 soft cover


Meteorites . Bruce L. St inchcomb. Over 500 color images and engag ing text p rovide insight into these interesting and informative collectibles from “out of this world.” Meteorites link back to the early stages of the Milky Way galaxy. Readers can explore metallic, stony-iron, and stony meteo rites, meteorite falls, No rthwest Africa meteorites, and rare meteorites.


Cenozoic Fossils 1 : Paleogene. Bruce L Stinchcomb. Over 370 color pho tos detail t he fossil record of the early Cenozoic Era–the Ag e of Mammal s–from smal l sea creat ures t o t he lumbering rhino ceros and rare fossil ized b at s. Included are fossils from famous sites including Florissant, Colo rado; Gru be Messel, Germany; the Green River Formation; and th e Olig ocene White River Group .

Wrist wat ches: A Ha ndbook and Price Guide. Revised 6th Edition. Gisbert L. Brunn er & Christian Pfeiffer-Belli. This classic reference book includes an historical survey, description of how mechanical wristw atches wo rk, and thorough glossary. Up dated price ranges for various wrist watches are includ ed, along with a chap ter o n fakes, knock-offs, and hybrids, and information on the preservation, care, and repair of watches. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3313-2 soft cover


Breitling: The History of a Great Brand of Watches 1884 to the Present. Revised 3rd Edition. Benno Richter. Th e whole spectrum of the Breitling’s product s, from 1884 to the present, amply illust rated with 322 photos. The firm’s history accompanies the photo s, old catalogs, and advertising material. Reference numbers document the productio n histo ry and help the collector locate individual watches chronologically. An up-to-date price guid e is also includ ed . 176 pp.


Jewels of the Early Earth: Minerals and Fossils of the Precambrian. Bruce L. Stinchcomb . The fossils and minerals associated with the first two billion years of earth’s history. The geology of shield areas and their associated rocks and minerals, along with p eg matite and p eg matite minerals, those attractive minerals and crystals like emeral d and aquamarine, are explored . Perfect for anyone who is passionate ab out geology and paleontology.

World’s Oldest Fossils. Bruce L. Stinchcomb. Covers the earl iest fossil record of life fro m st rata called Precambri an and Cambrian b y geolo gists. Illustrated and discussed are structures formed by very primitive photosynthetic life forms, Camb rian trilobites, p roblemati c fossil-like objects, and fasci nati ng paleont ological “puz zles.” In cludes collecto r inf ormat ion, g lossary, value ranges. Price Guide

160 pp.

Cenozoic Fossils II: The Neogene. Bruce L. Stinchco mb. 560 color photos and engaging text reveal t he Miocene, Pliocene, Pleist ocene, and Holocene Epochs and the fossils asso ciated with them, ranging from p lants, mollusks, and sh arks to insects, mammoths, and mastodons. This is the age when familiar plants and animals arise. Early human tools are included. Current value ranges of the fossils are included.


The Alarm Wristwatch: The History of an Undervalued Feature. Michael Philip Horlbeck. The co mpl ete history of the alarm w ristwatch , presented in depth and illustrated with clear and accurate color p hotographs. Nearly every mo del ever produced is chronicled, in words and pictures. Clear photo s of the case and dials are presented, along with detailed photo s of th e movemen ts, often at multiple level s. The technical d ata for each watch is recorded.

Omega Designs: Feast for the Eyes. Revised 2nd Edition. Ant on Kreuzer. An illustrated descrip tion of all the watch movements manufactu red by the Omega Watch Co. since the reg istration of its trademark in 1894. O ver 400 watches are shown in 414 pho tograp hs. The co mpany h as made precision pocket- and wristwatches including the Constellation, the Seamaster, and the Speedmaster Professional . Collectors will value t he informatio n and the current price guide.

Rolex Wristw atches : An Unaut horized History. Revised & Expand ed 3rd Edition. James M. Do wling & Jef frey P. Hess. Over 400 color photographs celebrate the w atches p roduced by Ro lex over the last 90 years. Lavishly illustrated with color photographs that capture their beauty and t echnological inno vation, this is t he most thorough and extensive histo ry of the company ever written. Information for collectors is p rovided, including a current p rice guide. ISBN: 0-7643-2437-3

Bruce L. Stinchcomb .

The Illinois Watch: The Life and Times of a Great Watch Company. Frederic J. Friedberg. A rich history of the Illinois Watch Company, and record of nearly every w ristwatch design they ever creat ed, and their variations, in beautiful full color photographs. Each is accomp anied by complete information ab out the watch and its pro duction.

hard cover


Rolex: 3,621 Wristwatches. Kesaharu Imai. A virtual catalog o f Rolex w ristwat ches, with 3,621 wristwatches in over 14 d ifferent mo del l ines, including Oyster, Bubb leb ack, Chrono graph, Sub mariner, Explorer and more. Each watch is shown in full colo r, with the mo st important technical d etails as well as reference numbers, year o f manufact ure, and current value p rovided. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3380-4 hard cover $69.99

Paleozoic Fossils. Bruce L. Stinchcomb. The rich fossil record of the Paleozoic Era (545 to 300 millio n years ago) illustrated with 650 high qual ity color photos and detailed w ith a very readable text. The photos show the fossil remains of the earth’s early animals and plan ts. A great book for fossil h unters o f all il ks int erest ed in early remnants of life. Value Guide

American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design. Revised 2nd Edition . Edw ard Faber & Stewart Unger, with Ettagale Blauer. The development of the w ristwat ch styles in America, from t he early 20th century to the ag e of quartz. the original research brings life to some of the persons who influenced its development. Current prices make this a valuab le collector’s ref erence.

160 pp. Price Guide

Mesozoic Fossils I: Triassic and Jurassic Periods. Bruce L. Stinchcomb. Over 400 color photos present the fossilized plant, animal, and avian life from the Mesozoic era. Presented along with dinosaur fossils large and small, are collectible Triassic and Jurassic period ammonites, belemnites, crustaceans, insects, Araucarian conifers, cycads, and crinoids. Dinosaurs tracks, “stomach stones,” and coprolites are shown, to o.

Vintage Rolex® Sports Models: A Complete Visual Reference & Unauthorized History. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Martin Skeet & Nick Urul. A comprehensivereference guide to Rolex’s sports model watches, including the Submariner, Explorer, GMT-Master, Turn-O-Graph, Milgauss, and Cosmograph watches, from 1952 to 1990. More than 140 vintage models are described in detail, with the watches shown inchronological order. Color photos illustrateevery watch model. Includes a current price guide.

272 pp.

Wrist wa tches: His tory of a Centu ry ’s Development . Revised 5t h e ditio n. Hel mu t Kahlert, Richard Muhe, and Gisbert L. Brunner. This respected reference includes hundreds of wristwatches in nearly 2000 photos, celebrating bot h the style and mechanics of the d esigns. Watches from around the world, their makers, technological chan ges, construction, and automatic features all are discussed. A current price guide by noted authority Gordon Converse is includ ed. 400 pp.

The Movado History. Fritz von Osterhausen. A l avishl y ill ustrat ed history o f Movado from its roots in the Jura Mountains in 1881 through more than a century of tradition and technological advancement. Over the years, Movado earned a reputation for pioneering the art of wristw atches, hig h-p recision movement s, and watch es wit h comp lications, as w ell as water-resistant w atches, and their accomplishments are celebrated here in 250 color p hotos and informative text. Index 234 pp.

VINTAGE WATCHES 69 Swiss Wristwatches: Chronology of Worldwide Success. Gisbert L. Brunner & Christian Pf eiffer-Belli. Swiss wristw atch designs in the 20th century with nearly 650 photo s. The many forms and styles of casings, dials, and hand s are covered, along with manufacturers’ literature, advertising, and catalogs. Omega, Longines, Tavannes-Cyma, Breitling, Doxa, Un iversal, Movado, and Zenith are represented , and a price guid e makes it a valuable reference for collectors of w ristwatches.

Time in Gold: Wristwatches. Gerald Viola & Gisbert L. Brunner. The history of the 18 leading lu xu ry wrist wat ch comp an ies of Sw itz erland richly illustrated with beaut if ul pho tos. The most important and elegant watches of Audemars Piguet, Bau me & Mercier, Bl ancp ain, Breguet, Cartier, Cho pad, Co rum, Eb el, Geral d G enta, GerardPerregaux, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philipp e, Piag et, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin, and Technisches Kapitel . An indispensable reference for collectors and historians.

Russian Wristwatches: Pocket Watches, Stop Watches , Onboard Clocks & Chronometers. Juri Levenberg . Over 500 watches manuf actu red i n Ru ssia an d the USSR from 1950-2000, with explanatio ns of their st yl es, workings, and manufacturers. Poljot, Wostok, and Slava wristwatches are covered , w ith a sampling of pocket w at ches, deck w at ches, and mari ne chronomet ers. Watch faces commemorate all the great moments of Russian and Soviet history. Price Guide

96 pp.

Automatic Wristwatches from Switzerland: Watches that Wind Themselves. Heinz Hampel. The automatic mechanism became the hallmark of the skilled Swiss watchmaker as the technology developed in the years from 1926 to 1978. 200 watches from all the Swiss manufacturers are illustrated with three photos, the dial, the complete and the partly disassembled movement. Information on their mechanism and construction is offered along with a current price guide. Price Guide

Patek Philippe: Cult Object and Investment. J. Michael Mehltretter.

352 pp.

Automatic Wristwat ches from Germany, England, France, Japan, Russia and the USA. Heinz H ampel. While often associated w ith Switzerland, manufacturers in many other nations have p roduced wonderful au tomatic wristw atches. Rich ly illustrated w it h over 400 pho tos the work o f German, English, French, Japanese, Russian and the US wat chmakers is exp lored. A total of 123 watches are il lustrated in three different views and are describ ed in detail. A price guide is p rovided.

Through over 200 vivid color photos, detailed descriptions, and in-depth reporting about valuations, this book is a guide for both watch lovers and investors. It opens up new investment possibilities for the selection and purchase of rare watches by Patek Philippe using an unerringly promising approach! These valuable watches from Geneva represent real property. In an era of bank failures and immense losses, when investors are looking for investments in properties of certain value, classic Patek Philippe wristwatches can be nearly crisis-proof additions to an investment portfolio. This reference gives readers all the necessary details about vintage watches, from dials to hallmarks, allowing readers to invest with confidence. And, of course, this magnificent book contains plenty of information and beautiful photography for those who want only to appreciate the art, aesthetics, and technical excellence of these fine watches.

Value Guide\Index 216 pp. Chronograph Wristwatches: To Stop Time. Gerd-R. Lang & Rein hard Meis. Hun dred s of pho tographs ill ust rate th is outstandin g lo ok at the history, d evelo pment , and identifi cati on of wrist chron ograph s-mechanic al w ri st watc hes that, in add ition to their normal clockwork, have a mechanism that allows them to time short-term events. Both the techno lo gical and design achievements are explored and celebrated. A price g uide is incl uded for collectors. Price Guide

Available in October

256 pp.

Wristwat ch Chronomet ers: Mechanical Precision Watches and Their Testing. F ritz vo n Osterhausen. A richly illust rated account o f wristw atch chronometers and the rigo rous test ing they und ergo to become certified. Over 400 photos document this crowning achievement of the watchmakers art. A list of makers based on Swiss Testing Agencies’ yearly rep orts from 1925 and the Swiss Observatories’ reports is includ ed as is a guide to current values.

Comic Charact er Timepie ces: Sev en Decades of Memories. Hy Brown with Nancy Thomas. Comic character timep ieces from the earliest clocks to the p resent day quartz wristw atches have delig hted children and adults ali ke, with some of the more creative or popular ones b eing avidly soug ht after b y collectors. With hundreds of beautiful color ph otos, this is a celeb ration of American imagination and artistry. A price g uide comp letes the work.

Price Guide

Value Guide

214 pp.

280 pp.

Comic Character Wristwatches. Deb ra S. Braun. The f irst Mickey Mouse™ wristw atch in 1933 inspired thousands of other comic character watches. Collectors are eager to find them because of their connection with pop culture. Here o ver 375 color photos, descriptions, and pricing , present advertising, movie pro motion, and contemporary co mi c charact ers on w atc hes man uf ac tu red between 1970-2000. Price Guide

160 pp.

70 VINTAGE WATCHES Omega Highlights. Henning Mützlitz.

This beautiful and exciting book presents the most stunning and important Omega watches. A range of over 100 marvelous photographs, informative text, and technical details document more than 60 years of fascinating wristwatch design of one of the world’s best known and most popular Swiss wristwatch manufacturers. Among the memorable wristwatches included here are the Speedmaster model that went to the moon and the James Bond edition that served on Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The rest of the models covered include, first, the historical models, and the Legend Collection, Seamaster, Chronographs, Olympic Collection, and Elegant Watches. Technical information provided for each watch includes the reference number, movement, functions, case, remarks, and the estimated value in the year the model was produced. This book will be a joy for all who appreciate fine craftsmanship. Available in September

Breitling Highlights. Henning Mützlitz.

American astronaut Scott Carpenter Breitling is especially known for its characteristically masculine wristwatches. This distinctive design is the main reason for its great popularity since the 1930s. The book presents the most beautiful and most important models of the Breitling history. The fascinating text provides a history of the brand and historical examples. The models explored include the Navitimer, Avenger, Chronographs, Superocean, Breitling for Bentley, and Cockpit. Also included are brief histories of each wristwatch presented. Excellent photography in over 120 images and all relevant technical details are included. Technical data provided includes the reference number, movement, functions, case, and the price of the watch at the time of sale. This is a reliable guide anyone passionate for quality wristwatches will treasure. Available in October

71 Marine and Pocket Chronometers. H ans vo n Bertele. The development of the chronometer was an imp ortant step in the development of the navigational arts. Nearly 350 of these hand some, comp licated timepieces are illustrated here with a special emphasis on their movements. The book follows the history of the chronometer, with short biograp hies of the mo st important manufactu rers and an exten sive appendix.

Vienna Regulator Clocks. Rick Ortenburger. Since their in tro ducti on around 1780, Vien na Regulator clocks became a familiar style in homes and pub lic sp aces around the world. Produced in Vienna, Au stria, the forms have moved from their early and transition al designs to serpentine, altdeutsch, Baroque, and factory-mad e types. In continuous production until the 1930s, they continue to be popular with collectors and d ecorato rs today. A value guide is included.

216 pp.

Continental and American Skeleton Clocks. Derek Roberts. Skeleton clocks celebrated their mechanical workings, leaving them visible for all to marvel at. The style attracted the attention o f some of the finest clockmakers, particularly those working in France from circa 1760-1860. H ere is a beautif ully illustrated exploration of these fascinat ing clocks from European and American makers. Index

288 pp.

180 pp.


Clock & Wat ch Compan ies 17 00s 2000s. Steven R. Mallory. Two volume refer reference work dedicated to clock comp anies from the late 1600s through the early 2000s. The comp rehensive text exp lores mechanical and electric clock companies; clock retail and part supplier firms; clock related foundry comp anies; clock label printers; and trademarks, trade names, and brand names. Over 400 trademarks illustrate the text.

for Accurate Timekeeping. Derek Roberts. The incredible story of th e st rugg le to achieve accurate timekeeping for over 300 years. A th or orough yet concise text is accompanied by over 275 photographs of clocks wh ich demonstrate each fascinating development . G eorgian, Regency, and Victorian advances are shown to have contrib uted to the eventual success of accurately measuring time, that is so crucial to the success of today's highly integrated society.

A Life With Antique Clocks. Derek Roberts. This book reflects the period from 1960 to t he present , from when cl ocks and other antiq ues were plentifu l and modestly priced and dealing was fun to the p resent time, w hen g ood examples are d if ficult to find and higher priced. Clear advice is given on buying and selling clocks. Man y of the rare clocks that have p assed through the author’s hands and been carefully restored are illustrated.

Volume 1, 400 pp.; Volume 2, 480 pp. American Shelf and Wall Clocks: A Pictorial History for Collectors. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Robert W.D. Bal l. Over 1250 American shelf and wall clocks in a variety of forms and designs are each b eautifully ill ustrated and ac comp anied by an informat ive text. This hist orical overview covers the centuries and is an important guide. The up-to -dat e p rice guide is useful.

English Precision Pendulum Clocks. Derek Ro berts. A fascinating look at precision t ime keeping in England, with over 700 photos of historically significant reg ulators by Shelton, Ellicott, Arnold, Cumming, Earn shaw, the Vulliamys, Reid , Hardy, and ot hers. Exp lores the d evelopment of the cases from the early Georgian to Victorian styles. Concise, thorough text informs and eng ages the reader in the history of accurately measuring time.

Electrifying Time: Telechron & GE Clocks 1925-55. Jim Lin z. O ver 700 Telechron and General Elect ric clocks p roduced between 1925 and 1955 are chro nicled. Repair an d restoration tips are g iven, including an astonishing method for breathing new life into dead ro tors. Designers are included, and celebrities are pictured in early advertisements.

European Pendulum Clocks. Klaus Maurice & Peter Heuer. Nearl y 450 beautiful p hotos il lustrate pen dulum clocks from France, Eng land, Holland, Scandinavia, and the German-sp eaking countries. Wall, cab in et, and free-standing styles are includ ed, accompanied by ful l exp lanations o f each clock in this authoritative stud y.

Precision Pendulum Clocks: France, Germany, America, and Recent Advancements. Derek Ro berts. Th e horolo gical work carried out in France, Germany, and North America, comp leting the history of precision timekeeping in recent time.

Westclox®: “Wind-up”. Jim Linz. Over 790 images o f 100s of West clox® spring w ound clocks and watches produced fro m 1885 t o 1970, including Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern styles including “Big Ben,” “Baby Ben,” and “Pocket Ben” alarm clo cks, and “Sleep-Meters,” “Waralarms,” and the “Clock o f Tomorrow .” Values are in the captions.

Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks.

Mystery, Novelty, & Fantasy Clocks. Derek Roberts. Over 300 clocks, for buildings or tabletops, are presented with concise historical exp lanations, detailed drawings, and clear color ph otography. 700 years of clocks are studied, clocks that display magical acts, appear to require no p ower to drive them, or have no apparent connection between the movement and the hands. These mystery clocks are fascinating mechanisms.

Price Guide

272 pp.

historical contributions of renowned clockmakers, chro nicling precision t imekeep ing, along with recent ad vancements.

Westclox®: Electric. Jim Linz. 100s of Westclox electric clocks, cord ed and co rdless, aftermarket automobile clocks, and weather instruments in over 720 imag es, with over 200 st ore displays including Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Mid -Cent ury Modern desig ns. Among the clocks featured are the “Big Ben Electric,” “Hustler E lectric,” “Silent Knight,” “Sphinx,” “Oracle,” “Mo onbeam,” and the “Wee Winkie” nursery clock series. Values are provided in the captions.

288 pp. 256 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Black Forest Clocks. Rick Ortenburger. O ver 600 Black Forest clocks are il lustrated in t his impo rt an t h oro logical st udy. Man y wo nderful cuckoo and singing bird clocks, early glass b ell, trumpeter, Jockele, animation , and picture frame clocks all have been made in this region of Ger Germany for 300 years. This book, w ith its guide to current prices, has been welcomed by collecto rs around the world. Price Guide

300 pp.

see also Black Fo rest carvings, p35 French Bronze Clocks: 1700-1 830. E lke Niehüser. Beautiful gold an d bronze pend ulum clocks no t only tell time but also depict sculptures of Greek and Roman mythology, American Indians, and African figures. Over 200 color and many black and white photos d isplay these fabulous clocks. An imp ortant additional feature is a visual d irecto ry of 1365 bronze clo cks with b ibliographic refer references that w ill make researching the field much more efficient. 272 pp.

British Longcase Clocks. D erek Roberts. The longcase clock has a special place in horological history. Here, illustrated with over 300 photos, is valuabl e information detailing its British o rigin and evolution, and t he range of longcase clocks produced since the sixteenth century. Included are clocks of th e Victorian, Ed wardian, and modern times. A glossary of terms and index of makers comp lete this imp ortant reference. Index 400 pp.

Carriage and Other Traveling Clocks. Derek Roberts. Nearly seven hu ndred traveling clocks illustrated with beautiful photo s are accompanied by exp lanations of all the major d esigners’ work in this form, beginning from the 17th century. Special chap ters present the work of noted clockmakers. The b ook displays these fantastically stunning works of art and more common po pular styles available to day.

Westclox®: A n Identification and Price Guide. Gary Biolchini. Over 400 color photograp hs illu strate hun dreds o f Westcl ox cl ocks, pocket watches, and wristwatches. Big Ben, Baby Ben, Key Wound Alarm clocks, Bull’s Eye Pocket Watches, early w ristwatches and more all dating from 1885 to 1980 are inclu ded. A mu st-have collectors guid e for novice as w ell as veteran collectors. A price guide for al l models sho wn is includ ed in the captions. Price Guide

192 pp.

Legged Alarm Clocks. Dennis Sagvold. Alarm clocks with l eg s, produced betw een 1880 and pag es. Cl ocks f ro m American cl ock makers Ansonia, Attleboro, Gilbert, Ingersoll, Ingraham, Lux, New Haven, Parker, Scot t, Sessions, Seth Thomas, Waterbury, Welch, & Westclox, as well as international alarms and privat e label dials. Values are found in the captions. Price Guide

192 pp.



The Chronicle of the Fountain Pen: Stories within a Story. João P. Martins, Luiz Leite, & researched presentation of the evolution of fountain pens, the trends in their evolution process, and comp etitio n, fights, and merg ers among manu facturers. With more than 3000 fountain p ens, in 606 full color photographs, competing models are shown side-b y-side, revealing t heir simil arities and differences.

Pens & Pencils. Revised 3rd Edition. Regina Martini, Photograp hy by Harald Grotowsky. A con cise col lector’s guid e to limited and standard production pens of the w orld’s most prominent makers from 1884-1994, with nearly 1300 illustrations. Mo ntblanc, Parker, Pel ikan, Sheaffer, and Waterman are presented along with the products of many smaller companies. Clear drawings, patent application s, many period advertisements, and a guide to current prices complete the book. Price Guide

148 pp.


Victorian Costume for Ladies 1860-1900. Revised and expanded 2nd edition. Linda Setnik. With nearly 30 new images, this lavishly illust rated book provides do cumentation of ladies’ fashions worn in America from 1860 t o 1900. Extensively researched using 19th-century literature, the book explores th e styles including casual wear, sports clothes, common dress, evening attire, hairstyles, jewelry, and more. Includes updated prices. 176 pp.

Fountain Pens and Pencils: The Golden Age of Writing Instruments. Revised & Expan ded 3rd E dition. George Fischler & Stuart Schneider. The premier study of fountain pens and p encils, with over 1000 fountain pens il lust rated in full color photos. Extensively researched, it chronicles the histo ry of fountain pens, the companies that made them, and the many innovations that made them practical in everyday use. Current p rices are included for the collecto r.

Collect ing Writ ing Instrument s. D ietmar Geyer. From the flint tool to the st ylus, fro m quill pen to fountain pen to felt-tip marker, this book invites readers to devel op or deepen their love for b eaut iful o ld w rit ing i nst ruments. Co ntains hundreds of cont emporary engravings, illustrations, adverti sement s, photos, and catalog and brochure excerpts.

V ictorian & Ed wa rdia n Fa sh ions for Women: 18 40-191 0. 2nd Edit ion- revised. Krist ina H arris. Over 450 color photos illust rate dresses, waists, undergarments, and accessories of the 19th and early 20th century, including daywear, sportswear, and formalw ear, will help collecto rs accurately identify and date their collections by silhouette, co nstruction, style, and details.

Price Guide

Price Guide

The Book of Fountain Pens and Pencils. Stuart Schneider & George Fischler. Over 700 pens and pencils, pictured in full color, with valuable information from two of the wo rld’s leading authori ties. They also deal with p en company advertising, pen repair, d ecoration, and valuation. Hundreds of manufacturers are rep resented.

The Collector’s World of Inkwells. Jean &

Price Guide

276 pp.

176 pp.

inkstands from circa 1750 to 1920, made in the United States, Europe, and Asia, in vaseline g lass, majolica, art pottery, faience, milk glass, sterling silver, p ew ter, cast iron, brass, wood an d other natural materials, and some wit h preciou s and semi-precio us stones. U p-to -date pric e guid e and index included.

208 pp.

Naughty Victorians and Edwardians: Early Images of Bathing Beauties. Mary L. Marti n and Tina Skinner. Most are modest, some strike suggestive po ses. E njoy over 100 hand-tinted postcards taken duri ng an era when w omen may have been clot hed from head to toe, but they were women non et heless.

288 pp.

The Illustrated Guide to Antique Writing Instruments. Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition. Stuart Schneider & George Fisch ler. A q uick and easy reference for pen and p encil co llectors. Over 500 p en s and pencils in beautiful, nearly full-size color photos. Short histories o f the 19 main compan ies are pro vided. Co ncise, helpful information w ith each photo includes a g uide to the current p rice of each. Price Guide


Canes & Walking Sticks: A Stroll Through Time and Place. Jeff rey B. Snyd er. Over 760 color phot os of 100s of canes & walking sticks, including formal canes, system sticks with objects hidden in shafts & handles, relic canes, exotic canes, and folk art sticks. The text weaves historical tales throug h the narrat ive, bring in g these objects to life. A bibliography, in dex, and values in cap tions are includ ed .

160 pp.

Parker Pen Repair Manual No. 5115. 8th edition. Repairing a fountain pen is not as simple as it seems. After learning the parts and mechanical characteristics of a pen through the directions in this service manual, one can quit e easily remedy most of the ordinary complaints. Clear d rawings and simple instructions are p rovided. 38 pp.

288 pp.

Canes: From the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century. Jeffrey B. Snyder. A magnificent tour of canes and staff s, from fol k art to formal designs, in 900 color p hotos. Here are rare and common canes, canes with handles bearing hu man and animal forms, scrimshaw, glass, gadg et, weapon, political, an d presentation canes. Cane terminology, dating techniq ues, and formal cane etiquette are also discu ssed . Availability Guide

Victorian Pencils: Tools to Jew els. D eb Crosby. A ground breaking stud y of the development of mechanical and met al cased pencils in the nineteenth century. Illustrated with over 700 photographs, the book provides examp les of the extraordinary variety of propelling pencils that were creat ed between 1800 an d 1920. Readers will be struck b y the ingenuity of the inventors and creators of this (until now) forg otten form of decorative art. Includes val ue rang es. 224 pp. The Incredible Ball Point Pen: A Comprehensiv e History & Price Guide. Henry Gostony & St uart Schneider. A celebration of the revo lutionary ball point pen, illustrated with more than 450 color photos. Collectors and historians will be fascinated with its painful d evelopment and its roll-coaster ride to the public and technological success that follow ed . A price guide completes this wonderful book. 160 pp.

Roaring ’20s Fashions: Jazz. Susan Langley. Vintage images display clothing and accessories for men, wo men, and children w orn from 1920 to 1924. Clothing for all o ccasions is featured, including evening wear, day wear, sports fashions, lin geri e, and even wedd ing at tire. Fascinating timelines describe the latest tren ds and how they influenced clothing styles. A delight fo r fashion and histo ry connoisseurs alike!

Roaring ’20s Fashions: Deco. Susan Langley. Vintage images and p hotos of existing g arments display clo thing and accessories for men, women, and children worn from 1925 to 1929. Includes even ing w ear, day we ar, co ats and jackets, lo ung ew ear, li ngerie , an d mo re . F ascinat ing timelines describe the latest tren ds and how they influenced clothing styles. A visual treat for fashion enthusiasts and history buffs!

288 pp.

Canes Through the Ages. Francis H. Monek. A chronicle of the devel opment of canes and the stagg ering variety of materials employed in their con st ru ctio n il lustrated wi th over 1200 col or photos. The dazzling array of hidden gadgetry and weaponry is revealed, along with useful information for coll ectors. Illustrated au ctioneer’s cat alo gs with prices help determine canes’ values in the marketplace.

Fashions of the Roaring ’20s. El lie Laubner. Exp erience the excitement, style, and drama of the 1920s fashion revolution! Every aspect of women’s fashion is presented in 568 color photos and its orig ins, effect, and particular details discussed. Changing st yles during the decade are follow ed so that clothing can be d ated to within a year or two. A thorough and comprehensive insigh t into the compl ete fashio n scene.

Guide to Auction Sales

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320 pp.

Walkingsticks. Ulrich Klever. A comprehensive look at decorative walking sticks, including their use, h ist ory, and craf tsmanship. A chapter o n materials famili arizes the read er w ith t he wid e range of canes avail able. This cultural and commercial history will become a useful reference for historians as well as dealers and collectors. A price guide is included. Price Guide

244 pp.

176 pp.

Flapper Era Fashions from the Roaring ‘20s. Tina Skinner & Lind y McCord. A resource for costume designers seeking to recreate an era, collectors loo king for vintag e clothing , and fashion d esig ners looking for insp iration. Fashion perspectives f rom the mid-1920s in more than 380 beautiful images featuring hundreds of cloth ing st yles from th e catalogs o f Bel las Hess & Company, and the Charles William St ores, Inc.

VINTAGE FASHIONS Bathing Beauties of the Roaring ’20s. Mary L. Martin and Tina Ski nner. The surf isn’t the o nly thing turb ulent in these shoreline imag es of o ver 100 n ubile b eaut ies. Take a dip back in time, to an era when w omen were joyf ully expressing an emerging sense of eq uali ty and freedom.

Art Nouveau & Art Deco Fashion Postcards. Edith Weber. Fabulous and diversified w omen’s fash ion postcard sets designed b y famous European artists. Alphonse Mucha, Henri Meunier, Umberto Brunelleschi, and Xavier Sager are among the 20 distinguished artists whose work is featured. Superb unsigned images, informat io n on postcard history, and a section on evaluating the fashion illustrations make this a useful reference.

Victorian Fashions for Women and Children: Society's Impact on Dress. Linda Setnik.

The Victorian era was a time of high morals, cultured manners, and ultra feminine, luxurious apparel. While beautiful to gaze upon, elaborate ensembles were hot, heavy, restrictive, and constricting to the point of discomfort or even injury and disease. Revealed here are the children’s and women’s clothing, including undergarments, leisurewear, and street apparel from 1860 to 1900. Over 270 photographs provide detailed images of Victorian garments, along with irrefutable evidence of our stalwart ancestors’ burdensome apparel. Nineteenth century photographs are supplemented by surviving examples of period clothing, many picturing both the outside and inner construction. This well-researched book not only describes the styles and the differences between these women’s and children’s fashions, but also explores the reasons women were willing to become such devoted slaves to dress and the health hazards associated with their apparel. The text is based on Victorian fashion, medical, etiquette, and advice literature. Linda Setnik graduated from Cal State University Northridge with honors in history. Having a lifelong love for women’s social history and clothing, she’s delved through thousands of period photographs and works at the Folsom History Museum as consultant for their extensive Victorian clothing collection.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3270-8 hard cover $29.99 French Art Deco Fashions in Pochoir Prints from the 1920s. Col or fash ion i llustrat ions including Ch arles Worth, Jean Patou, Paul Poiret, Lucien Lelong, Joseph Paquin and many others.

Available in November

French Fashions of Good Taste: 1920-1922 from Pochoir Illustrations. Original pochoir print illustratio ns made for the F rench fashion periodical Gazette du Bon Ton magazine between 1920 and 1922, with work by Charles Worth, Paul Poiret, and Madeleine Vion ette.

Collectible Fashions of the Turbulen t 1930s. El lie Laubner. A sw eep ing overview of the fashions of the 1930s, chronicl ing g arments of all kinds for women, men and children. Ac cessories includ ing jewelry, hats, and handbags are also featured . More than 600 full color photos spread the 1930s fashion world out before you. An historical overview of the 1930s, values, glossary, bibliography, and index round out this thorough presentation. 244 pp. V int age Fashions for Women: 1 920 s1940s. Kristina Harris. Over 400 photo graphs of fun, sophisticated, frivolous, and glamorous fashions on live models. Evening g owns, bead ed dresses, cl assic suits, kn ickered and skirted bath ing suits, distinctive cloche hats, beaded bags, elab orate shoes, and a ho st of accessory items are included with anecdotes and historical details. A great book for collectors and designers alike. Value Guide

192 pp.

VINTAGE FASHIONS: C.1930-C.1980 California Couture. Maureen Reil ly. Clothing designers from California produced trend-setting styles in t he mi d-20th cen tury. Ad rian, Irene, Helen Rose, Jean Louis, William Travilla, James Galanos, Rud i Gernreich, and Lilli Ann fashions are shown in hund red s of color photos that display the orig inality and diversity of these American styles that sp read around the world. 208 pp.

California Casual: Fashions, 1930s-1970s. illustrate the development o f the casual clothing industry in California f rom the 1930s through the 1970s. Swimw ear from Catal in a, Cole, and Rose Marie Reid; sportswear from Koret and Alice of California; and that most w estern of fabrics, blue denim. Al so incl udes profiles of California artisans and their influence on fab ric technolo gy, values, and a glossary. 176 pp.

Swing Style: Fashions of the 1930s-1950s. Maureen Reilly. Dozens of original color p hotos make this book a fun and exciting way to explore the vintage clothing scene. Sunny cotton prints, jewel-tone satins, and groovy garments for dancing to sw ing tunes are all included, plus a valuation guide, a resource directory, a glossary of music and fashion terms, and even tips o n creating your own vintag e swing-era l ook. 160 pp.


74 VINTAGE FASHIONS Vintage Style: 1920-1960. Desire Smith. Four decad es of style from th e mid-twentieth century beautifully illustrated with nearly 400 colo r photos that demonstrate t he qu al ity fab rics, dynami c designs, and careful w orkman ship that made the clothin g last, bot h in con dition and popul arity. The text places the cl othing in its cultural context, showing how t he styles evo lved with the times. Price Guide

Fifties Forever! Popular Fashions for Men, Women, Boy s, and Girls . Roseann Ettinger. 1950s cl othing for the entire famil y, i ncluding formal and casual styles, is shown in over 450 color photographs with descriptions and current values. An excell ent reference for the “Fifties Look”.

Tomorrow’s Heirlooms: Women’s Fashions of the ’60s & ’70s. Trina Robb ins. The interesting, sometimes chaotic decad es of the 60s and 70s were reflected in the verve and variety of their fashions. Hundreds of cheerful dresses, jumpsuits, bellbottoms, hotpants, and disco clothes are illustrated with full co lor phot os. Set in the context of the social issues of the era, the app reciation of both is enhan ced.

160 pp.

256 pp. 160 pp.

Fashion Plates: 1 950 -1 970 . Con st ance

Vintage Fashions for Women: The 1950s & 60s. Kristina Harris. Beb op back to post -war America, to crinoline, snug-bodiced, full-skirted dresses, sheath gow ns, c lear plastic evening shoes, and much mo re. Th is colorful book illustrates hundreds of examp les of this exciting era of d esign. Over 500 photos will make it useful to collectors and d esigners alike. Plus, to help wit h the hunt, there’s an up-to-date value guide.

clo thin g o f mid-centu ry from recognized and anonymous designers alike are displayed in nearly 500 pho tographs. Close-ups of fab rics and labels, detailed captio ns, a fash io n timeline with historic context, and a value guide make this boo k an excit ing addition to any library, private or publ ic. 224 pp.

Price Guide


Field Grey Uniforms of the Imperial German Michael Baldwin & Malcolm

make this an absolute must for any collector of

176 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Clothing & Accessories from the ’40s, ’50s, & ’60s: A Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lindenberger. Vintage fashions that can be worn and enjoyed every day. Rang ing from the formal to the whimsical, the chic t ailored suits of the 1940s to t he free-style fashions of the late-1960s, there is something for every taste. With concise descrip tions, color p hotos and a current p rice guide, this will be a welcome gu id e for collectors.

192 pp.

A Dandy Guide to Dating Vintage Menswear: WWI through the 1960s. Sue Nightingale. An easy-to-use compilation of information for dating menswear garments that is id eal fo r collectors o f vintag e men’s and w omen’s clot hing. Lib erally illustrated with labels, images from catalogs and magazines, and actual g arments, this resource is equally helpf ul for fashion d esign ers, costume designers, and curat ors.

A Century of Fashion: Dress Pattern I llus trat ion s, 18 98-1 99 7. Alice I. Duff. An essential fashion industry resource, here is a century of f ashion illustrations from d ress pattern covers ranging from the 1890s to the 1990s. References the popular shapes, silhouettes, and fashions chronicled through nearly 350 patterns for evening wear, lingerie, sportswear, and more.

Fashions in the Groove, 1960s. Joe Poltorak, with an Introduction by Patricia McLaughlin. Fashions from elephant bells to tube tops, t his book is a visually unforgettable, cross-country tour of styles that faded , an d colors that will never dull. Printed polyester shirts, the sock o f psyched elic paisleys, and a parade of pop T-shirt icons in 450 p hotos creat e a reference for collectors.

Men’s Clothing & Fabrics in the 1890s. Ro seann Etting er. Here are color lithograp hs and line drawings of men dressed for work in the 1890s and hundreds of heavy w oolen and cotton cloth swatches from their clothes o f a century ago. Now they have become antiques themselves. Vintage clothing collectors and designers will marvel at their variety.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Blueprints of Fas hion: Hom e Sew ing Patterns of the 19 40s. 2n d Editio n. Wade Labo issonniere. The most p opular 1940s stylesfrom couture to everyd ay wo rkclothes, ensembles, sportsw ear, lingerie, and evening d resses, plus toys, needlework, and gifts-p resented from companies like Advance, McCall, Simplicity, and Vogue. Pattern-related items, publications and ad vertising, display doll s, tools, and packaging.

Psychedelic Chic: Artistic Fashions of the Late 1960s & Early 1970s. Ro seann Ettinger. More than 425 beautiful color photos showcase the luxurious assortment of cl othes and accessories worn by psychedelic era men and women. The designs of Emilio Pucci are joined by fashions influenced by Op Art, “flower power,” the East, and native-inspired p rints. Valu es, a b ib liography, and an index al l are provided.

Price Guide

Hollywood Costume Design by Travilla. Maureen Reilly. Bill Travilla’s leg end ary costume designs lit up the silver screen for Marilyn Monroe, Tom Mix, Ann Sheridan, Errol Flynn, Joan Crawford, Jane Russell, Paul Newman, and Joanne Woodward, among others. Original sketches and photos chronicle his work.

160 pp.

160 pp.

176 pp.

Blueprints of Fashion: Home Sewing Patterns of the 1950s. Wade Laboissonniere. In the 1950s, high fashion designers’ styles became readily available in pattern catalogs. This b ook illustrat es and interprets the many home-sewn fashions th at everyday women req uired for a complete wardrobe. Accessories, needlework, gifts, toys, and ephemera are included in th is invaluab le guide for designers and fashion histo rians.

Signature Prints: Jet-set Glamour of the ‘60s & ‘70s. Ro seann Ettinger. Non-wrinkling, silk jersey clothing , with bold and colorful prints signed by the most distinguished fashion designers of the mid-1950s, including Italy’s Emilio Pucci, Mr. Dino, Paganne, Eduardo, and more. Over 350 gorgeous col or photo graphs d isp lay party and casual styles of signature prints that remain classic today. Inclu des p eriod shoes, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories. 192 pp.

50s Popular Fashions: For Men, Women, Boys & Girls. Roseann Ettinger. Those sw in ging Fifties are fondly remembered in this bright, eye-catching bo ok of everyday fashions for men, women, b oys and g irls. Co lor photos ill ustrate hundreds of examples, most of them never worn and retaining their original colors and freshness. A g lossary, index and price guide make t his a very useful book fo r collectors. Price Guide

Women for V ictory: American Servicewomen in World War II History and Uniforms Series - Volume 1. Katy Endruschat Goebel. The Women for Victory series provid es a thoroug h and authoritative reference for American servicew omen’s history an d unifo rms o f WWII. Vol.1 examines the Army Nurse Corp s, and Navy Nurse Co rps, as well as t he lesser known the Army Hospital Dietitians an d Army Physical Therapists.

160 pp.

112 pp.


The Well-Dressed Child: Children’s Clothing 1820s-1950s . Anna MacPhail. Baby and children’s wear from the Victorian E ra to early 20t h century display diverse styles from popular and rug ged tartans and plaids of the 1880s to exquisite christening go wns of cotton and silk. Over 300 stunning, color photographs of dresses, suits, hats, and knitted goods, along with detailed d escriptions and pricing, give this book vitality. Price Guide

160 pp.

Wee Warriors and Play time Pat riots : Children’s Military Regalia, Civil War Era through the Vietnam Period. Nancy Griffith. A fascinating history of children’s military-inspired fashions d ating from 1860-1976, illustrated wit h vintage p hotograph s of chi ldren in u niform. A unique and co mprehensive visual reference book. For collectors, a bu ying guide to the unifo rms and photographs is included. Price Guide

224 pp.

The Child in Fashion: 1750-1920. Kristina Harris with photography by Mare Yaroscak. Over 440 photographs of authentic children’s fashions from the 18th century through the 1920s. Here are answers to the questions: Why did boys wear dresses? Why did girls wear corset s? and more. The boo k b rings together a wealth of informatio n about bo ys’ and g irls’ clothing and the history of childhood itself, with values. 176 pp.

Schiffer LTD

VINTAGE FASHIONS 75 Beads In Fashion 1900-2000. Lo rita Winfield & Co nstance Ko rosec. Beautiful fashio ns co vered w ith beads in this lavishly illustrated book. Includes the h istory, techniques, and preservation of vintage and modern clothing with beads through 534 b eautiful colo r ph otos, a detailed text, captions, value guide, index, and bi bli ograph y. Cl othi ng by desig ners such as Fortuny and Mackie to unknowns will delight all who enjoy fashion.

VINTAGE FASHIONS: HAWAIIAN Hawaiian Shirts: Dress Right for Paradise. Nancy N. Schiffer. Over 1000 glorious color photos of Haw aiian -inspired textile d esig ns on shi rts. Fantastic florals, heavenly Hawaiian designs, g or orgeous geometrics, beautiful birds, special surfing scenes, jump in g Japanese print s, fabulous fish, luscio us landscapes, favorite f oods, compulso ry cocktails, and plenty of styling details will motivate your journey.

192 pp.

208 pp.

Wearable Art 1900-2000. Shirley Friedland

Hawaiian Shirt Designs. N an cy N.

acce sso ries to co mmercial ly-mad e ap parel, wearable art has become important for vintage and contemporary fashion. Showcasing over 500 color photo graphs, an extensive illustrated glossary, bibliography, and value guide, this is the first book to cover both vintage and new wearable art creat io ns. It wil l delight all with interests in fashion and art, the unusual and the beautiful.

photos, with history, women’s clothing, 20 different b utton styles, and 229 researched manufacturer’s and retail labels to help d ate and identify t he shirts. The success story of aloha shirts is woven with the words of the people w ho t hemselves creat ed and w itnessed the devel opment of this Hawaiian classic.

Price Guide

Index 192 pp.

208 pp.

Wearable A rt A ccess ories & Jew elry 1900-2000. Stunning vintage and contemporary wearable art accessories presented in 575 color phot ographs including close-up sho ts d etailing the intricacy of handwork involved . An exquisite assemblag e of h ats, handbags, scarves, shoes, and jewelry present this compelling topic at its best. A glossary, bibliography, and value guide are included.

Tropical Shirts & Clothing. Nancy N. Schiffer. Over 300 tropical shirts, dresses, and bathing suits from the South Pacific, Hawaii, California, Florida, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Virgin Island s, th e West Indies. A source o f g reat design ideas & collectors w ill want them all. Show n also are 163 different clothing labels to help identify the retail and d esign origins.

Price Guide

497 color p hotos

184 pp.

Denim: An American Story. David Little. Jou rrney t hrough the history of jeans, from their inven tion during the Gold Rush through the turbulent eras that preceded the 21st Century. Artful ph otography of denim as seen on b odies, in retail stores, and in the flea markets of America, ad d to the thoughtful essays, making this a iconic book certain to be treasured in fashion circles fo r decad es.

Jeans of the Old West. MIchael Harris. An extensive loo k at the wh ole era of Ol d West denim, including Levi Strauss and lesser know n manufacturers. Over 300 color photos and illustrations chronicle never before seen examples, patent drawings, and the histories of t he manufacturers. This is invaluable information for fashion historians and collectors alike. 192 pp.

Bowling Shirts. Joe Tonelli & Marc Luers. With varied patterns and colors, b owling shirts reflect a time when Americans loved big cars, drive-ins, bo wling alleys, of shirts are displayed alphabetically by man ufacturer. Embroidery and desig n det ail, man ufact urers’ label s, spec ial featu res plus a co mplete description an d value guide.

128 pp. Price Guide

Fashions & Accessories 1840-1980. Geoffrey Warren. 140 years of fashion history divided into major fashion movements. Full-color drawings show basic clothing designs, and accessories from hats an d shoes to gl oves and jewelry. An invaluable bo ok for coll ectors, fashion historians, designers, and theatrical costumers.

Aloha Attire: Hawaiian Dress in the Twentieth Century. Lind a B. Arthur. Filled with over 460 beautiful photo s, this book gives a hist orical account of Hawaii’s fashion industry. Unique island designs, exotic fabrics, an d traditional g arments are all included within this spectacular display of Hawaiian paradise. Price Guide

Price Guide

Silv er Wing s & Lea th er Jack ets . Jon Mag uire. A def init ive series on th e un ifo rms and in sign ia of U.S. Army aviation from World War I through World War II. Items include: AVG, Eagle Sq uadron , Aces, A-2 jackets, at trib ut ed g ene ral ’s it ems, OSS material , First Air Commandos, World War I wing badges, CNAC, paper items, and many ot her int eresting and uni que arti facts.

192 pp.

160 pp.

The Costume Book: The Non-Professional’s Guide to Professional Results. Mary Burke Morris. Guides intermediate to advanced sewers in the creation of costumes for performances, re-en actments, and interactive fiction. Design principles, practical information, and how-to instructions.

V INTAGE FASHIONS: OTHER S TYLES Kimono, Vanishing Tradit ion: Japanese Textiles of the 20th Century. Cheryl Imperatore & Paul MacLardy. An overview of traditional kimonos, design s found in twentieth century kimono that are still availab le, and wearable art kimonos from contemporary artists. Over 525 color p hotos display textile designs and demonst rate beauty in men’s, women’s, and children’s garments and accessories. 256 pp.

VINTAGE FASHIONS: LINGERIE Lingerie: Two Centuries of Luscious Design. Norma Shep hard . Lingerie is a daring peek into the mo st perso nal clot hing in a w oman's boud oir the undergarments designed to sh ape, conceal, enhance, and reveal the bo dy and create a silhouette for outerwear fashions fro m 1770 to 1970. Over 500 color photograp hs reflect everchan ging social factors, which influenced day and nighttime occasions.

Polyes ter, The Indestructible Fashion. Matthew Boyd Smith. Over 330 creative photographs of men’s and women’s clot hing from the 1970s were taken in high-energy, urban settings to present this dynamic clothing that projects energy of its own. Not o nly are today’s fashion designers clamoring to redesign the styles from the p ast, but the market is grow ing, too , for the exciting, one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces.

160 pp.


Motorcycle Jackets: A Century of Leather Design. Revised 2nd E dition. Rin Tanaka. The leather moto rcycle jacket is more than a coat; it’s a mental it y. This beautiful book traces the evolution of the mot orcycle jacket over the past century. 100s of jackets fro m d ozens of l eather comp anies are featured in o ver 1000 rich color p hotos—wi th careful at tention to details, original catalog pag es, full pricing information, and fascinating historical p hotos.

Mot orcycle Jack ets : Ult ima te Bikers Fa shions. Rin Tan aka. T he jackets are exp lored in det ai led color and historical photos. Includ ed are the earliest jackets, racing uniforms, fashions of t he Rockers in the United Kingdom, Harley Davidso n jackets, and moto rcycle jacket art. A guide for valuing jackets is also included.

160 pp.

Irresis tible: The Art of Lingerie, 1920s1980s. Desire Smith. In this eleg ant display of vintage, collectible lingerie in satin, lace, sil k, and chiffon, experience the changing designs of modern lingerie from 1920 to 1980. Photos, sketches, and vintage ads, tell the story behind the designs for bodices, neg ligees, pajamas, nig htgowns, b ed jackets, girdles, garters, and more. 176 pp.

T-Shirt s. Susan Mill er. Over 1200 collectib le T-shirts presented for casual wearers and serious collectors o f these icons of international culture. Group ed by popular categories, such as colleges, sports, and surfing. Includes price guid e. Price Guide

176 pp.

Hathaway Shirts: Their History, Design, & Advertising. Dou glas Cong don-Martin. Rarely has a symbol become so identified w ith a product than “The man in the Hathaway shirt.” This histo ry of the Hathaw ay shirt begins in 1837 but concentrates on t he last half of the 20th century. 450 color photos and detailed text in this chro nology of men’s shirt fashions. Price Guide

160 pp.

76 VINTAGE FASHIONS Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs Drawn straight from Sears catalogs, these fashionable clothing books feature 300-500 images each, displaying hundreds of outfits. What better way to see what everyday people were wearing? Detailed images of hats, shoes, and everything in between and underneath! Provides inspiration for designers, accuracy for historians, and fun for everyone else! Soft cover 160 pages,

Sears Early 1930s ISBN: 978-0-7643-2615-8

Sears Mid 1930s ISBN: 978-0-7643-2734-6

Sears Early 1940s ISBN: 0-7643-1755-5

Sears Late 1930s ISBN: 0-7643-2485-3

Sears Mid 1940s ISBN: 0-7643-1858-6

Sears Early 1950s ISBN: 0-7643-0519-0

Sears Late 1940s ISBN: 0-7643-1955-8

Sears Mid 1950s ISBN: 0-7643-1620-6

Sears Early 1960s ISBN: 0-7643-1471-8

Sears Late 1950s ISBN: 0-7643-0339-2

Sears Mid 1960s ISBN: 0-7643-0340-6

Sears Early 1970s ISBN: 978-0-7643-0520-7

Sears Late 1960s ISBN: 0-7643-0615-4

Sears Mid 1970s ISBN: 0-7643-0730-4

Sears Early 1980s ISBN: 0-7643-0876-9

Sears Late 1970s ISBN: 0-7643-0600-6

Sears Mid 1980s ISBN: 978-0-7643-2960-9


V INTAGE EYEWEAR Ey eglas s Ret rospe ctive : Where Fashion Meets Science. N ancy N. Schiffer. Examples of eyewear from the 17th century to the present are shown in Bifocals, mono cles, pin ce-nez, fanciful and safety styles appear, along with some price estimates.

Children’s Handkerchiefs. J.J. Murphy. With their colorful designs, children’s handkerchiefs served social an d education al roles. D esign s evolved t o depict chil dhoo d, sp orts and games, nursery rhymes, and fairy t ales. Later, storybook and comic strip charac ters app eared, such as Mickey Mouse, Raggedy Ann, and Davy Crockett.

240 pp. 160 pp.

192 pp.

Specs Appeal: Extravagant 1950s & 1960s Eyewear. Bri an Johnson. A col orful select ion of eyeglass stylings from the fabulous 1950s and h ip 1960s presented in 450 colo r photos and vintag e ads. The text includ es identifying informatio n, historical notes, and current p rices.

Printed & Lace Handkerchiefs: Interpreting A Popular 20th Century Collectible. Betty Wilson. O ver 400 color p hotos and a lively and factual text present hankies from both historical and design points of view. The examples are arrang ed by decades and by their geometric shapes. A p rice guide and helpful information about displaying your collection are provid ed . Price Guide

VINTAGE FASHION A CCESSORIES The Art of Fashion Access ories. Joann e Dubbs Ball & Doro thy Hehl Torem. 100 years of fashion accessories. H undreds of h at s, sh oes, glo ves, scarves, jewelry, handb ag s, and more in a decad e-by-decade p rogression of fashio n styles. 478 color photos, original drawings, and an extensive text. Price Guide

1,000 Hats. Norma Shephard. Over 1,240 images of museum quality hats sho w millinery history from the 1790s to th e 1970s and includ e ascots, bourrelets, b igonnets, chapeaux rouges, nurses’ hats, Pamelas, pillboxes, toreodors, turbans, and wedding hats. Materials including felts, furs (real and imitation), and feathers are adorned with b eads, flowers, and sequins.

240 pp.

160 pp.

Aprons of the Mid-Twentieth Century: To Serv e & Protect. Jud y Flo rence. Over 200 aprons are featured, accomp anied b y d etail shots that high light desig n elements, st itching , and embellishments. Included are devoted to ging ham aprons, flo ral desig ns, rickrack, hand kerchief aprons, p laids and stripes, and polka dots. Ap rons with embroidery, croch et, tatting, lace, and cross stitching are examined in detail, and a collectio n of vintage apron patterns is included.

Stetson Hats & The John B. Stetson Compan y: 18 65-1 970 . Je ffrey B. Snyder. With beautiful full color photos, this history of the Stetson Hat Company is richly il lustrated with hats, hat boxes, miniature b oxes, and a large number o f col lecti ble items associat ed w ith th is most famous hat company. A value g uide is incl uded. Value Guide

Baker’s Encyclopedia of Hatpins and Hatpin Holders. Lillian Baker. This upd ated and expanded ed ition o f the classic hatpin reference is enhanced with hundreds o f new color pho tographs depict ing a wid e array of collectors’ treasu res. Victo rian hatpins and the holders used to sto re them are shown in close-up views with extensive text to interpret their use and place them among popular historical fash io n accessories. Index

The Fashionable Fan. Bella Veksler. The history of fans and their relationship to the major fashion trends. Over 255 d ramatic orig inal p hotos and historical illustrations showcase fans made of paper, silk, lace, woo d, cellu loid, feat hers and more. An outstanding resource for fashion historians, students, d esigners, and collectors. Price Guide

208 pp.

Victorian Paisley Shawls. Chet G adsby. Over 300 elegantly d esigned paisley shaw ls from 1830 throug h the early 20th cent ury including various sizes and fabric typ es from India and Europe, an overview of shawl types, tips for selecting, clean ing, and storing shawls, and price guide. A must for vintage textile buyers, sellers, and collectors. Price Guide

208 pp.

Gingham Aprons of the ’40s & ’50s : A Checkered Past. Judy Fl orence. Over 300 full color photographs is devoted to g ingham ap rons, beautiful, meticulously hand craft ed garments featuring a myriad of designs, styles, and techniques. Informative captions with values are includ ed in this imp ortant b ook for textile designers and collecto rs of vintage household linens. Price Guide

Vera Textiles: Add Color to Every day Fashion. Jeanette Michalets & Katherine Michalets. Vera Neumann, better kn own by her first name and d ist inctive si gnature, creat ed clot hing and textiles that are as fashionable today as they were in the 1960s and ’70s w hen she was at the heigh t of her career. With over 500 colo r pho tos, this book document s Vera’s vibrant scarves, blouses, dresses, sleepw ear, kitchen textiles, bed linens, and dishes. Price Guide

176 pp.

Women’s Hats of the 20th Century: For Designers and Collectors. Maureen Reilly & Mary Beth Detrich. 100s o f beautiful American & Eu ropean hats illu strated in over 550 co lor photo s. Pro files o f the creators and lists of the most desirable lab els. Sp ecial sections with tips on d ating , storing and decoration, as well as a useful value guide. Value Guide

240 pp.

192 pp.

Collecting Handkerchiefs. Revised 2nd Edition. Roseanna Mihalick. 100s of hand kerchiefs are featured in over 300 co lor photos. Examples from the 1940s to the 1960s include handkerchiefs by designers Billie Kompa, Faith Austin, Tammis Keefe, Frederique, and others. Includes floral prints, holid ay motifs, hand-rolled or neatly machin estitc hed scall oped edg es, f ine l ace trim, and orig inal labels or tags. Up-to-d ate pricing.

204 pp.

VINTAGE S HOES In Step w ith Fashion: 200 Years of Shoe Styles. Norma Shephard. Take an intimate loo k at shoe desig n over two centuries. More than 550 full color photographs reveal foot fashion favorites and their correlation to ever-changing social factors. Savor past designs and glimpse the future of shoe styles through the work of avante garde designers John Fluevog and Danny Sullivan.

144 pp.

VINTAGE H ATS High Fashion Hats, 1950-1980. Rose Jamieson and Joanne D eardorff. Expert styling and flatteri ng designs characteriz e the high fashion hats of the 1950s to 1980s. This comprehensive book comb ines over 700 color photographs wit h caref ully researched facts ab out historical events, hairstyles, and hat designers in each decade. An extensive millinery glo ssary is very useful. Hats are becoming again an important fashion accesso ry. Price guide

192 pp.

Pla tf orm S hoes: A Big Step in Fashion. Ray Ellsworth. Over 300 eyepopping platform shoe styles, in full color, spanning the world and the decades. They incl ude sp orty, d ayt ime, and evening styles. Some are practical, others simply outrageous, and al l simply d el ig htful. Price Guide

112 pp.


Fas hion Footw ear: 1 80 0-19 70. Desire Smith. Footwear can most certainly be magical. Over 500 co lor p hotographs d ispl aying fant astic f oo tw ear ap pear with an interview of contemporary shoe designer Howard Davis. Details of construction are highlight ed, styles are shown and explain ed w it h a thoroug h F ootwear Glossary, and value ranges are offered for beginning collectors. 256 pp.

Hat s. Desire Smit h. Fashio n hats from the early 19t h cen tury to the p resent in over 350 col or photos. They are present ed chrono logicall y by primary material s; straw, felt, horsehair, feathers, silk, velvet and flowers. Trends in hat designs, styles, and t ips on co llecting, along with cu rrent prices.

Hot Shoes: One Hundred Years. Maureen Reilly. E xplore w omen’s shoes as a powerful talisman of fashion, culture, and sexual energy. With 500 o rig inal color photographs and two do zen vintage il lustrati ons, th is b ook tell s th e real history of shoes real women wore. Each photo caption includes a value range. 224 pp.


78 3000 Shoes from 1896. Roseann Et tinger. E ngravings of 3000 styles of shoes and boots for men, women, and child ren dating from 1896, th at are again seen as stylish and enjoy renewed popularity among young and old alike. Price Guide

72 pp.


High Fashion Handbags: Class ic Vintage Designs. Adrienne Astrologo & Nancy Schiffer. Over 300 exquisite color photos o f handbags from the w orld’s to p fashion designers will catch the attention of collectors, d esigners, and fashion g urus. See detai ls o f c onstruc tio n, desig ner logos, i mpeccab le stitch ing, luxuri ous leat hers and fabricated material s as components of luxury handbags. 192 pp.

The Sneaker Book: 50 Years of Sports Shoe Des ign. Melissa Cardona. Sneakers are fashion statements, status symbols, and cultural icons. This book traces the progression of sneaker desig n from the early canvas-topped rub ber so les to the hi-tech inno vations of the late 1980s. Included are designs by Converse, Keds, Adid as, Nike, Puma, Reebok, and New Balance.


Exotic Skin: Alligator and Crocodile Handbags. Victoria Stowe. This book illustrates the best vintage exotic skin handbags by renowned d esigners of the past century and a half. It outlines the history, how to d istinguish allig ator and crocodile from turtle, ostrich, lizard and snake skins, and includes tips o n finding and evaluating condition, as well as t he p roper care and w earability of these special fashion accessories.

A Pas sion for Purs es : 1600 -2005 . Paula Higgins & Lori Blaser. The passionate history, art, and design of over 500 antique, vintage, and contemporary purses that were chosen from private collections and from Cora Ginsburg LLC, the premier dealer of antique textiles and costume in the United States. Many have never been published before, providing a fresh resource for collectors. 256 pp.

Handbag Chic: 20 0 Years of Des igner Fashion. Desire Smith. Handbags are sculptu ral and fascinating , glamorous and p ractical, colorful and exquisite; yet they all are d esigned f or carrying things. This comprehensive b ook celebrates over 550 best quality handbags by leading and unknown designers the world o ver, dating f rom 1759 t o 2004, with detailed information to describe their outstand ing qualities. 272 pp.

Artistic Leather of the Arts and Crafts Era. Daniel Lees. The rich beauty and craftsmanship of hand tooled Arts & Crafts style leather objects of th e early 20t h ce ntury i s captu red in 540 col or ph oto s. H istorical info rmatio n in clud es preservation tips, profiles of individual artists and commercial firms -- including Roycroft, Newcomb College, and Elizabeth Eaton Burton -- and details of a German design influence that became known as “Buf falo No uveau. ”

A Century of Handbags. Kate Doon er. The han dbag is the basi c accesso ry in women’s fashion, and this richly illustrated volume explores the styles decade by d ecade. Examples of th e main trend s are shown in over 500 co lor p hotos, along w it h samples of the eras’ most remarkable and un usual hi gh- qual ity piec es. Si gni fican t manufacturers and designers also discussed, and a price guide is provided. Price Guide

160 pp.

Trunks, Traveling Bags, and Satchels. Roseann Etti nger. The variety of packing trunks and carrying bags from the 1890s for salesmen, t radesmen, b ankers, doctors, and travelers sho wn here w ill astoun d you. Taken from sales cat alo gs, these illust rations w ere advertising pieces to th e new mail-ord er business. Price Guide

160 pp.


The Ties that Blind: Neckties,1945-1975. Michael Jay Goldberg . From fashion to fancy, the tie offers a to uch of col or and bright ness to the otherwise understated world of men’s clothing . Here are hu ndreds of ties show n in full color photographs, d ocu menting the wid e range of style in the last half of the twentieth century. A discussio n of fabrics, knots, and tie care is included along with a price guide to this manly fashion. Price Guide

160 pp.

Fun Handbags. Desire Smith. E xamine 140 sp ecial , 20th cen tury hand bag s that are among t he most f un designs in the fashion world. They rang e fro m Past Pleasures to Future Collectibles, in 177 color photos, including details and makers labels. Ful l id ent if ication, special comments t hat indi vidu ali ze their best features, and a value range ap pear fo r each handbag.

20th Century Neckties: Pre-1955. Roseann Et ting er. Over 400 color p hot os il lustrate t he devel opment of the necktie from 1900 throug h the Roari ng Twenties, the Depression, th e War years, and into the Modern Ag e. Neckties record textile and men’s fashion t rends. A price g uide is incl uded.

Plas tic Handbags: Sculpture to Wea r. Revised 2nd Edition. Kate E. Do oner. Tw entieth century plastic handbags are a w earable art . Over 300 colo r pho tos reveal thei r beauty and th e creativity of their desig ners that att ract s to day’s collectors. The most productive manufacturers o f plastic handb ags are featured in sep arate sections. A price guide is included.

Popular and Collectible Neckties: 1955 to the Present. Roseann Ettinger. Men’s neckw ear in the second half of the 20th century in nearly 400 color photographs. From slim ties of the late 1950s and early 1960s to w ide and w ild Kipper ties of the mid -60s w as a dramatic shift. By the lat e 1970s designer labels entered the f ashion scene and by the early 1990s retro styles became apparen t and new collectible ties flooded the market. A tie is wearable art!

drawings Price Guide

160 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3371-2 hard cover $69.99 Vintage Purses: At Their Best. 2nd edition, revised. Lyn ell K. Sc hwartz . 100s o f p urses, primarily from t he 19th and 20t h centuries, in full color photos. Catal ogs, ad vertising, trade cards and origin al d rawi ngs alo ng wit h hi st ories of the leading manufact urers such as Bliss, Nap ier, Whitin g & D avis and Mand ali an are in cluded. Updated values.

Price Guide

112 pp.

160 pp. Whiting & Davis Purses: The Perfect Mesh. color p hotos, vintage ads, catalog pag es, and archi val material, the info rmal, informative text explores the colorful Whiting & Davis history. A current price guide compl etes this look at the purses called the loveliest of all feminine accessories.

Handbags. 4th Edition. Roseann E tting er. An invaluable reference for both collectors and designers, this book emphasizes the importance of the handbag in the feminine attire over the l ast 200 years. 100s of handbags, from pouches wo rn in the dark ages to contempo rary clutches, all illustrated and discussed by shape, st yle, and material. Price Guide

192 pp.

Popular Purses: It’s in the Bag!

Beads on Bags: 1880s to 2000. Lorita Win-

From fun and funky to excitingly exotic, the popular p urses of the mid-20th century are enticingly d isplayed in over 400 colo r photos and vintag e ads. An informative text pays tribute to fashion , w hile the cur current price g uide will aid collectors.

color p hotos of mostly European beaded handbags, including Miser, American Indian, embroidered, draw string, framed, scenic, Bo hemian, and cut steel , wit h info rmat ion on care, hist ory, and design technique, and close-up s of the intricate beadwork.

Price Guide

168 pp.

216 pp.

Ties of Distinction. Christopher Sells. A detailed look at men’s neckwear, with 472 British regimental stripe, college, university, and club ties pictured in color. Easy-to -follow guid e also highlights ties from military corps, clubs, and medical schools. Introduction is by Christopher Sells of P.L. Sells & Co., Britain’s last remaining manufacturer of a comp lete line of t oday’s regimental st ripe ties.


A ntiqu e Dress er Set s: 189 0s -19 50 s. Ro seann Ettinger. Explore vintage d ressing table accessories. Hundred s of perfume bottles, pow der jars, trinket b oxes, hairbrushes, mirrors, and matching trays in metals, plastics, enamel s, and glass comprise boxed, travel, and manicure sets. Over 340 co lor photographs, incl uding over 100 authentic catalog pages, p ortray the creative skills and use of fine material s for each item.

79 Compa cts and Smoking A cces sories. Revise d & Expand ed 2nd Editio n . Ro seann Et tinger. Two f ascin ati ng 20t h centu ry fashio n accessories, the cigaret te case and the compact, in hund reds of color photograp hs make this an info rmati ve, b eaut iful stud y of modern design. Arranged ch ronol ogically w ith a new ly revised current p rice guide.

Collecting Men’s Belt Buckles. Joseph V. Sai tta. Men’s belt b uckles from the nineteenth and t wen tieth centuries are presented in 455 color photographs and engaging text. Military, police, fire service, western, youth gro up, and multi-f unctio n bu ckles ( so me co ntain ing ci garette li ght ers, kn ives, an d guns) are included. Current market values are provided.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Compact s: Powder and Paint . France s Johnson. Popularized in th e 1920s the compact became a beautiful, yet p ract ical woman’s fashio n accessory. In 380 color photo s hundreds of compacts in various materials and styles are shown, accompanied by a delightful history and stories of the girls who did or did not paint themselves up to attract boys. A price guide is included for collectors. Price Guide

Mind & Han d: Co nt empora ry S tu dio Furniture. The Furniture Society. Beautiful contemporary furniture, designed and mad e by 55 U.S. woodw orkers who are members of The Furniture Society of Asheville, North Carolina. Seating, case furnit ure and accessories demonstrate the healthy state of handmade furniture today. 160 pp.

160 pp.

Fashion Buckles: Common to Classic. Gerald McGrath & Janet Meana. A complete look at women’s fashion buckles with over a thousand color photo s. Belt buckles and clasps, shoe buckles, and rare and unusual pieces are displayed in glass, metal , plastic, and natural materials. Each has a complete descriptio n, including size and current value.

Craf t Furniture: The Legacy of the Human Hand. Dennis Blankemeyer. Expl ore the lives and work of 29 of the most distinguished American furnit ure makers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Beg inning with Wharto n Esherick, James Krenov, Sam Maloof, an d George Nakashima, it continues with 25 contemp orary furniture makers who carry on the tradition today. A biography of each is given along with examp les of their work.

160 pp.

Vintage Compacts & Beauty Accessories. Lyn ell Sch wartz. Over 500 c olor p hoto grap hs illustrate t his l ook at co mpacts and beauty accessories. It explores the art ist ic contributi ons of manufactu rers and design ers and Euro pean influences, and features early ad vertisements and celebrity endorsemen ts. Revised & current price guide.

SEWING TOOLS Spinning Wheels & Accessories. Michael B. Taylor & David A. Pennington. O ver 350 color photos illustrate the American sp inning wheel from 1775-1900, w ith substantial secti ons on fancy European wheels and accessories. Shaker wheels, patent wheels, famous makers, ch air w heels, Irish castle w heels, d ouble flyer w heels, and an appendix o f 1000 makers and their marks.

Furniture 2000. presenting a sampling of the best furniture available in the 21st century, is both a history of modern design and an international shopping catalog. Indexes of 250 designers and manufacturers and a list of sources enable readers to locate each item for purchase and additional information.

Price Guide

Price guide with captions

214 pp.

176 pp.

VINTAGE B UTTONS & BUCKLES The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Buttons. Revised 6th E dition. Sally C. Luscomb . This is the best introductio n to the world of buttons that has ever been written. Over 3,000 buttons, covering al l periods, materials, and manufacturers, and current market values, all o rganized in an easy-t o-use encyclopedic format.

208 pp.

The Story of Antique Needlework Tools. Bridg et McCo nnel. The history and diversit y o f needlework tools from ancient Egypt through the 20th century are identified. Nearly 500 photographs beautifully illustrate needles, bodkins, pin cushions, thimbles, bobbins, clamps, hooks, shuttles, measuring tapes, waxers, winders, and more. A special section features representative tools from private collections. Three app end ices, values, and an index are included.

FURNITURE: Knoll Home & Of fice Furniture. Nancy N. Schiffer. Visually exciting, comprehensive documentation of furn iture produced b y Knoll from 1938 to 2005, from its ro ots at th e Bau haus thro ugh Kn oll International. Over 560 photos of dynamic and pract ical seating , tables, beds, desks, cabinets, and accessories by leading designers.,


250 pp. About Buttons: A Collector’s Guide, 150 A.D. t o t he Present . Peggy Ann O sborne. Presents over 10,000 buttons of all imaginable materials from 150 AD to the present in full color and relates their history and development around the w orld. It is certain to become the “bible” for the button enthusiast or dealer. Value Guide

320 pp.

The Story of t he Thimble: An Illustrated Guide for Collectors. Bridg et McConnel. Over 2000 th imb les ill ustrated in full colo r, with a detailed their history. Thimbles offer a glimpse into the private, domestic world that history books often overlook. A value guide plus help ful, p ract ical tips on cataloging, maintenance, and display, and a list of thimble collectors’ organizations throughout the world make this a wonderful col lector’s guide. Price Guide

Butt on Butt on: Identification and Price Guide. Seco nd Edition. Peggy Ann Osborn e. A concise, colorful, easy-to-use guide to the wonderful world o f bu ttons, it provides collectors with the information they need to id entif y the age, material, and desirability of nearly every button, and provides a price guide to help determine it value. Buttons of every imaginable type are included with full color photos to help in t he id entification. Price Guide

128 pp.

160 pp.

Fun Buttons. Peggy Ann Osborne. A delightful, informative collection of buttons from all over the world and covering three centuries. Organized by materials and themes, these fun buttons include children’s subjects, animals, fairies, fruit, vehicles and sports desig ns. They will amuse and fascinate collectors, deal ers, and those who sew . A price gui de and a list of butt on col lector clubs and organizations make this a wo nderful reference. Price Guide

160 pp.

Collecting Figural Tape Measures. Elizab eth & Douglas Arbittier and Janet & John Morphy. Over 700 sewing tape measures in b rass, wood, celluloid and po rcelain figural shapes, dating from the 1820s to the present. Photos show tape measures in hundreds of variations from animals and b irds to people and their houses. The captions describe their p articular winding mechanisms. Price Guide

144 pp.

Knoll Furniture: 1938 -1960. Revised 2nd Edition . Steven an d L inda Ro uland . Furnit ure produced by the daring Knoll Furniture Company between 1938 and 1960, identified, cataloged, and shown in over 270 illustrat ions. Includ es original furnit ure designs by such important artists as Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Isamu Noguchi, G eorge Nakashima, Je ns Riso m, and Ralp h Rap son, among others, w it h a useful identification chart, index, and price guide.

Laverne: Furniture, Textiles, & Wallcoverings. Michael Krzyzanowski. Erwine and Ed wina Laverne started a mo dest printed textiles and wall paper business in New York City in t he 1940s, invented Marbelia wallcoverings, and developed textile designs and clear plastic furniture that made them famous. Their clear plastic Lily and Lotus chair desig ns are now consid ered classics. 400 color photos, o riginal catalog pages, and advertising pictures tell the story of their success. 240 pp.


Studio Furnit ure: from Today’s Leading Woodw orkers. Tina Skinner. Meet more than 50 master wood craftsmen who h elp define the emerging studio furnit ure movement. Their wo rk ranges from footstoo ls to elaborate entert ainment and office centers. The vast range of imagination and craftsmanship will delight an d enthrall. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3287-6 hard cover $39.99

The Herman Miller Collection: The 100s of photos wit h an introduction by sup er-designer Georg e Nelson, this reprint man Miller Collection provid es information on constru ct ion, mat erials, colors, finishes, d esig ner b iographies, and an extensive o riginal p rice list. Price Guide for the co llectors.

80 FURNITURE: CONTEMPORARY & MODERN Bespoke: Furniture from 101 International Artists. E. Ashley Rooney. With contributions by Gary Inman, Thomas Throop, and Lewis Wexler.

A reaction to the disposable, mass-produced furniture born of the Industrial Revolution, custom designed studio and bespoke furniture has been around for many decades. Those who appreciate handcrafted excellence find this furniture adds richness and texture to interior design. This is substantial furniture that provides a satisfying visual and tactile impact. The experienced artisans who produce these useful works of art add handcrafted beauty to every piece. One hundred one artisans’ works are presented here from throughout the United States and around the world. Over 640 brilliant color photos reveal to the readers the unique and useful art objects each artisan creates. The engrossing text introduces readers to each of the artisans and their intentions. Readers will also find contact information for the artisans, their studios, and galleries. Three experts, Gary Inman, Thomas Throop, and Lewis Wexler, also contributed to the text. E. Ashley Rooney has written widely in the field of architecture and design. Gary Inman is director of the Hotel and Home Design Studio at Glavé & Holmes Architecture in Richmond. Thomas Throop has been designing and making one-off furniture for nearly 20 years. Lewis Wexler is the owner of Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia. Available in November

The Great Book of Cardboard Furniture: Step-by-Step Techniques and Designs. Kiki Carton.

Strong, durable, economical, easy to work with, and lightweight, cardboard boxes have all the qualities needed to create functional, and environmentally friendly, furniture for provides detailed step-by-step techniques for building nine furniture designs, including chic chairs, a giraffe-shaped chest of drawers for a child’s room, and an ultra-modern coffee table. Everything from lists of materials and tools to laying out, assembling, and finishing the furniture with a variety of paints and materials is included here. And after acquring the basic techniques, use the gallery section to develop your own furniture designs. This is an ideal home decor how-to book for anyone looking to repurpose cardboard and easily build functional and stylish furniture. A former event and trade show planner with experience creating displays, Kiki Carton has been “cardboarding” for 6 years, pushing the limits of this reusable material. She lives in France where she teaches cardboard workshops and creates furniture on commission. Available in October

FURNITURE: MODERN 81 Classic Herman Miller. Herman Miller is synonymous with the best modern residential and contract furniture. Classics b y the Eameses, Nelson, Noguchi and others can still be purch ased. Their designs, p lus ot hers, are described here in detail and sho wn in color and black and white p hotos. A current p rice guide is incl uded. 216 pp.

Graphic Herman Miller. He rman Mil ler, th e l eade r in modern twentieth-century furniture, also produced outstand ing graphic design. Mid-century and later advertisements, drawings, brochures, catalogs, posters, and wall panels are show n in this visually exci ting new book. A must for anyone with an interest in modern f urniture, graphic arts, or twentieth century desig n in general. Index

Paul Evans: Designer & Sculptor. Jeffrey Head.

Raised as a Quaker in Eastern Pennsylvania, designer and sculptor Paul Evans is known for his highly unusual and yet completely functional furniture designs. Evans produced more than a dozen lines of furniture and countless design variations during his thirty-year career as a mid- to late 20th century artist and designer. Regardless of his materials, whether metal, wood, or even cardboard, his work continues to defy easy categorization. It is modern and yet independent of recognizable influences. Other designers and manufacturers openly copied his work, though these copies lacked the presence Evans easily achieved. At the height of his popularity in the mid-1970s, Evans employed nearly ninety people. Several museums and galleries exhibited his work, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today, his work is sought by collectors, who value its style and quality. His unusual furniture and sculpture stand the test of time and are displayed here in over 220 vivid photos. It appears classic and contemporary at the same time. This book will be treasured by all who have a passion for design. Jeffrey Head writes about art, architecture, and design. He is based in Los Angeles, California. His subjects are often based on historical research with a contemporary perspective. He has written frequently about Harry Bertoia and Herbert Matter.

160 pp.

Herman Miller 1939 Catalog: Gilbert Rohde Modern Design. exact reprint of the 1939 pro duct catalog from the Herman Miller Archives is an historic document showing hundreds of Art Deco and other classic modern f urniture, all designed by Gilbert Rohd e. With the added p rice guid e, this b ook is an invalu able tool in the interior desig n field.

Available in December

Herman Miller 1940 Catalog & Supplement: Gilbert Rohde Modern Furnit ure Design. product catalo g and supplement from t he Herman Miller Archives shows 100s o f designs by Gilbert Rohde. Featuring inno vative and revolu tionary modular seating and cabinet s and his use of exotic veneers, tubular steel, bent wood, and p lastics. An invaluable tool for the researcher, coll ector, dealer, and museum curator. Price Guide

136 pp.

Alexa nder Girard Designs f or Herman Miller. 2nd Editio n- revised & expanded. Leslie work as an interior designer and architect and his remarkable textiles for Herman Miller make Girard one of the legendary designers of the 20th century. With over 400 mostly color photographs of textile and wallpaper designs, plus detailed text, a timeline, and an updated value guide, this book is a comprehensive view of Girard’s work at Herman Miller. 192 pp. Dunbar: Fine Furniture of the 1950s. Preface Dunbar catalog brings together 356 p ieces that reflect the fine workmanship of Edward Wormley’s contemporary f urniture desig ns. This book is a historical landmark in the best in modern furnit ure design for mid-twentieth century America. With a price guide to aid the collector and dealer, it is a welcome addition to all modern d esign libraries. Price Guide

232 pp.

Fifties Furniture by Paul McCobb: Directional Designs. Paul McCobb w ith Preface b y Jennifer A. Lindbeck. McCobb’s designed lowcost, functional and versatile furniture components, storage units, and interiors that earned him the title ing room settings, information on McCobb and his design principles, a price guide, and index. 112 pp.

Esherick, Maloof, and Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans. Steven P. Wh itsi tt & Tin a Skinn er. An intimate tour of homes created b y three of America’s most celebrated woodworking artist s. D elig ht in Whart on Esheric k’s humb le mountaintop home, Sam Maloof ’s sprawling California complex, and George Nakash ima’s harmoni ous Pen nsyl vani a comp ound.

Heywood-Wakefield Blond: Depression to ’50s. Donna S. Baker, Ed itor. The development of Heywood-Wakefield’s wheat and champagne finish lines from their early streamlined look of the 1930s to the classic “Modern” look of the 1950s, w it h living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, including designs by Rohde, Wright, Herrmann, and Jiranek. Orig inal catalog descriptions, mo del numbers, measuremen ts, current price g uide, and index.

82 Heyw ood-Wakefield. Harris Gertz. A full-color book on the most vibrant and fun furnit ure ever made in America. Over 350 photos take the appreciation of HeywoodWakefield furniture to its z enith. F ocusing exclusively on their sparkling, blond furniture produced from 1936-1966, this b ook explores the subtleties of the company’s superb design, utility, and construction. Current values are included. 160 pp. Modern Design: The Fabulous 50s. Tobi Smit h, ed itor, in cooperation with the California H eritag e Museum. 50s desig ns, from furniture and lighting to glass and pot tery, including international and American designers: Alb ini, Eames, Frankl, Girard, Jaco bsen, Mollino, Nelso n, Ponti, Prouv, Saarinen, and Sottsass. a valuable resource for those who app reciate 50s design.


pendale Periods, 1725-1788. A Winterthur Book. Joseph Downs. 400 outstanding examples of American furniture from the Queen Anne and Chippendale p eriods in the Winterthur Museum,. Each illustration is accompanied by information about the piece’s place of origin, date of construction, dimensions, sp ecial features and qualities, and the maker and original owner when known.

The Encyclopedia of Shaker Furniture. Timothy D. Rieman & Jean M. Burks. This book documents Shaker furniture from communities in New Eng land, Ohio, and Kent ucky throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. Free-standing tables, chairs, d esks, boxes, and case clocks and built-in cupboards and cases of drawers are included. A detailed accoun t of Shaker history, culture, and religion, and Shaker design and tools, rep orting new research on t he Shaker colo r palette.

Index 500 pp.


American Furniture: The Federal Period, 1788-1825. A Winterthur Book. Charles F. Montgomery. The incomp arab le Wint erthur Museum collection of beautiful and distinct Federal period American furniture is described and illustrated in this book. 491 pieces are illustrated with text that explores the maker, p lace of orig in, size, materials, dimensions, details of design and, most important, an evaluation o f the merits of each piece.

The Shaker Chair. Charles R. Muller & Timothy D. Rieman. The styles and p roduction techniques of chairs made by ten Shaker communities during the 19th and early 20th centuries. H istorical and con temporary pho tograp hs, extensive jou rnal and account book references, diaries, postcards, catalog advertisements, and d etailed line drawings. An essential resource for collectors, h istorians, designers, and devotees of antique furniture.

256 pp.


Modern Furniture Designs: 1950-1980s. Kl aus-Jurgen Sembach. 500 photos and text o f the most outstanding modern furniture from around the w orl d, incl uding simple chairs to complex masterpieces and installations representing t he work of the fo remost designers of the 20th century. Including mat erials from wood to plastic, and steel to Lucite. Price Guid e includ ed. Price Guide

312 pp.

Scandinavian Modern Furnishings 19 30-1 970 : Des igned for Lif e. and househo ld objects especially those of w ood and metal featuring more than 60 designers fro m D enmark, Sw eden, Norway, and Finl and , f rom the 1930s through the 1970s, show n in 100s of phot os. Desig ners, manu facturers, and distributors are documented

248 pp.

Fine Points of Furniture: Early American. Revised Edition. Albert Sack. This classic bib le o f American furniture presents a thorough analysis of the various elements of d esig n, d eco ration, craftsmanship, construction, and fin ish of early American furniture, showing with each type discussed three examples—good, better, best— and comparing the relative merits and consequent value different ials of each. The u ltimate reference, as imp ortant today as when first written.

Victorian Decor. Martin M. May. The best craf tsmanship in ho me f urn ish ings of the late 19th century is documented in this beautiful study. An overview of Victorian architectural antiques, stained glass window s, furniture, art glass, lighting devices, match holders, and poster art ap pear in chapters that explain the develo pment of the forms and show exampl es in over 400 co lor photographs. Period room settings as well as sing le items are featured

The Mirror Book: English, American, and European. Herb ert F. Schiffer. Detailed phot os of over 650 mirrors d atin g from Egyptian New King dom, circa 1300 B.C., throug h Art N ouveau at the b eg inning o f the 20th centu ry. Arranged chronologically to show the development of styles, this comprehensive and informative book also provides information ab out many of the mirror makers. The classic study of the reflective art.

American Furniture of the 19th Century: 1840-1880. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition . Eileen and Richard D ubrow. A h eavily illust rated study of th e fine handcrafted furnitu re made in America from 1840 to 1880, n ow even b etter in its second edition. Most pieces are identified by cabinetmaker, an d bio graphies of the l ead ing cab inetmakers fro m all over America are presented . Special sections on Wooto n and Joh n Henry Belter.

240 pp. Danish Modern and Beyond: Scandinavian Inspired Furniture from Heywood-Wakefield. Donna S. Baker, Editor. Danish Modern furniture took the design world by storm in the mid-20th cen tury. O ri gin al H eywoo d-Wakefie ld cat alog images of Danish -inspired furniture, including original catalog descriptions, model numbers, measurements, and current values.

576 pp.

Index The Pennsylvania-German Decorated Chest. 2nd Edition. Monroe Fabian. A classic, with more than 250 illustrations, this book is a visual feast of decorated chests. It is the preeminent encyclopedia of Pennsylvania German blanket chests. New color photography has been added for some of the original chests, and recent scholarship has produced some new information, attributions and other information. 248 pp.

248 pp.

Lat e 19t h Cent ury Furniture by Berkey & Gay. Brian L. Witherell. The Berkey and Gay furniture C ompany of Grand Rapids, Michigan, became o ne of the leading nineteenth cen tury fur furniture manufacturers of Gothic Revival and E astlake styles. Over 300 photographs of Berkey and Gay furniture f rom comp any catalogs are presented with value ranges for today’s market in this useful reference b ook for furnit ure historians, d ealers, and collectors. Price Guide

A tom ic Dinet tes : Mid -Cent ury Kit chen Elegan ce. Do nn a Ba ke r, E di to r. O ve r 200 cat alo g imag es of vintag e dinette sets fro m th e 1950s to the 1970s. Includ es 1950s “t rimline” set s, 1960s pedestal base sets, 1970s Mediterranean style sets, and much more. Catalog descript ions, model numbers, measurements, curren t price gu id e, and index included. 160 pp. Fifties Furniture. Revised 3rd E dition. look at the furnit ure of the 1950s, created b y renowned designers, including Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson, Harry Berto ia, Isamu Noguchi, and Eero Saari nen , an d pro du ced by co mpa nies such as Herman Miller, Knoll, and Heywood-Wakefield.

Shaker Furniture: A Craf tsman’s Journal. Timo thy D. Ri eman. F ro m t he 18th c ent ury onw ard , the Shakers have b een dedicated t o a simp le, communal lifestyl e outside o f society. Their furniture was beautiful in its simp licity and functionality. 300 historical and modern photos provide a visual tour of the masterpieces of Shaker furnit ure and an introduction to the faithful artisans who p roduced them.

320 pp.

Miniature Antique Furniture. H erbert and Peter Schiffer. Over 300 color and black and white pho tos g ive a uniqu e look at genuin e antiqu e hand -crafted fu rn iture f or chi ldren an d d oll s. Org an ized to show the evolutio n of styles, t he quality and historical significance are discussed. A comprehensive study, it covers the aspects which determine the q uality of an antique miniature, as well as those particular facets which contrib ute to its beauty and grace.

128 pp.

The Shaker Furniture Handbook. Timo thy D. Rieman & Jean M. Burks. A survey of Shaker furnit ure mad e during the 19th and 10th centuries in New England, Kentucky, and Ohio , with over 130 color photos. Freestanding tables, chairs, b oxes, desks, built-in cupboards, and cases of drawers are included. The text introduces nearly twenty Shaker communities, known cab inetmakers, identifiab le furniture traits, and designs uniqu e to specific Shaker communities.


Furniture Made in America: 1875-1905. Revised 4th Edition. Richard & Eileen Dub row. An exhaustive compilation of all original catalog material from major American furniture manufacturers of the 1880s and 1890s, it is an impo rtant resource for identif ying makers and understanding the range of their work. Includes furniture for dining rooms, parlors, library, bedrooms and o ffices, with 2000 illustrations and a price g uide. Price Guide

128 pp.

320 pp.

83 Styles of American Furniture: 1860-1960. Richard and Eileen Dubrow. Furniture manufactured from the C ivil War to modern revolutio n of th e mid -20th century. The desig n elements that make this furniture d istinctive and attractive to a wid e audience today are discussed and illustrated. From Rennaissance Revival to Art Nouveau and Modern forms, t his furniture has mad e an impact on the history of interior desig n worldw ide.

ANTIQUE FURNITURE: ARTS The Gustav Stickley Photo Archives. Do ug las Congdon-Martin. A photo archive of Gustav Stickley’s glass negatives, now in t he coll ection o f the Winterthur Museum. Many never before published images and those that were now b enefit from hig h quality modern p rinting . Many di mensions and cat alog references are given. Includes a foreword by Leslie Greene Bowman, Director and C.E.O. of Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library.


ANTIQUE FURNITURE: WICKER & Fine Wicker Furniture: 1870-1930. Tim Scott. Wicker enjoyed an unprecedented period of artistry and popularity from 1870 to 1930. The evolution of wicker furniture styles of preeminent manufacturers of the period are explored with pertinent examples of their work illustrated in over 300 full color photos. A wide variety of wicker furniture styles are highlighted, and current values assessed. Price Guide

Am erican Wooden Cha irs: 189 51910. A facsimile of the detailed catalogue of the Phoen ix Chair Company with 100s of illu st ration s of American w ooden chairs. From g old en oak to th e Vien nese-styl e ben twoo d, they sho w t he variati ons and diversity of American chair manufacturing. A new preface and a cu rrent price guid e make this a valuab le boo k for collectors and furnit ure historians.

Mission Furniture: From the American Arts & Craf ts Movement . 2n d edition, revised. Paul Ro yka. An essen tial t ool for d eal ers and coll ectors trying to ident ify makers, this b ook includes histories of t he major mission furnit ure comp anies including Stickley, Limbert, Roycroft, Young, Harden, Leavens, and others. This excellent reference source is a must for dealers, co llectors, interior designers, and anyon e interested in the American Arts and Crafts Movemen t.

Price Guide

Price Guide

367 pp.

Indiana Cabinets. Stand-alone kitchen cabinets made of woo d were manufactured in the United States about 1900-1940 b y companies in t he country’s mid-west area, including Boon, Hoosier, Kit chen Maid, McDougall, Napamee, Sellers and Wilson. Thi s b ook includes catalog p ag es and colo r phot os of existing models w ith detailed descriptions, dates, model numbers and values at today’s market.


160 pp.

Antique Wicker: From the HeywoodWakefield Catalog. Thi s facsimi le cat alog is the largest they pro duced and dates to the peak of w icker’s popularity in the 1920s. 925 p ieces show n include chairs, sofas, b ed s, tabl es, d esks, ward robes, suites and children’s furniture. This is a wonderful resource for coll ectors and historians. Price Guide

60 pp.

256 pp.

Arts & Crafts: The California Home. Douglas Congd on-Martin, In Cooperation with t he California Heritage Mu seum. A survey of the influence of the Arts & Crafts Movement in the home, particularly furnishings of the early 20th century Mission Style, including furniture, pottery, lighting, books, and more. Each item is illustrated in color. Includes a g roup of chairs that illustrates the evolution of the mission style.

Rattan Furniture: Tropical Comfort Throughout The House. Harvey Schwartz. Over 400 col or photographs of rattan f urniture, period upholstery fabrics, and related art wo rks are describ ed in detail to present an insp iring variety of furnishings for every room in the house. 160 pp. $39.95

American Manufactured Furniture. Revised 3rd Edition . Don Fredgant. A mammoth representation of products o f American furniture manufacturers. Hundreds of illustrations show the styles of furnit ure available at height of the 1920s, a pivotal period between Art Nouveau, Art Deco , and the Depression eras. A price guide and four indices make it an easy to use guide for collectors. 464 pp.

Wallace Nutting General Catalog: Supreme Edition. Wallace N utting. Wal lace Nutting , whose Furnit ure Treasury and oth er works b roke new ground when p ublished, also ran a successful bu sin ess maki ng reproduct ions w ith old-style techniques. This is the larg est of his reprodu ction furniture catalogs dating from 1930, a reference for today’s collecto rs of Nutting furniture. The original 1930 price list is included.

Arts & Crafts Designs for the Home. Douglas Cong don-Mart in. The Arts & Craft s Movement found expression in art, metalwork, pottery, textiles, and furniture. This new boo k explores the Arts & Crafts Movement on bo th sides of th e At lan tic focusing on furniture w ith a large representatio n of all the decorative arts. The pieces are illust rated in over 500 full color photograp hs, with complete descriptions and estimates of their current value. Price Guide

ANTIQUE FURNITURE: OAK The Best of Golden Oak Furniture: With Details and Prices . Nancy N. Sch iffer. Fin e details of carving and construction are highligh ted to demonstrate the best golden oak furniture from American makers at the end o f the 19th century. China cabinets, bookcases, chairs, tables and accent forms all are shown in vario us styles. 160 pp.

256 pp.

Furniture of the Arts & Craft s Period: Stickley, Limbert, Mission Oak, Roycroft, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others with prices. Early 20th century Arts & Crafts style furniture by L. & J. G. Stickley, Limbert, Roycroft and o thers, manufactured b old oak styles that featured simplicity of design and d ecoration. Descriptions incl ude the p roduct n umber, dimensions, and suggested values at today’s markets.

Golden Oak Furnit ure. Revised 4th Edition . Velma Susanne Warren. The most comprehensive collection turn-of-the-cent ury, glowing oak furni ture ever published. Pictured are many styles of tables, chairs, sof as, sideboards, clocks, bedroom suites, chests, and cupboards. An invaluable reference work for all antique collectors and dealers, and a terrifi c gui de fo r interior desig ners and furnit ure designers alike. Price Guide

Fine Furniture Reproductions: 18th Century Revivals of the 1930s & 1940s from Baker Furniture. In 1940, the Baker Furniture Company published a catalog of their hand -finished 18th century reproductions, filled with examples and information about their craft. This facsimile has illustrations of over 600 reproductions, with dimen sio ns, materials, and the provenance of the design. A current price g uide is provided. Price Guide

show the variety of its hand-painted finishes and forms. Pott ery, fine art, t extiles, and accessories are also included.

226 pp.

America’s Oak Furniture. Revised 2nd E dition. N ancy Schiffer, Photography by Christopher Biondi. Over 300 photos o f oak furniture illustrat ed in colo r and arranged by typ es, from armoires to tables. Hund reds of chairs are shown to d isplay the great variety of styles. Famous makers such as Larkin, Stickley, an d more are well represented. A current price guide makes it even more useful to collectors.

176 pp.

184 pp.

Popular Furniture of the 1920s and 1930s. A facsimile edition of the Elgin A. Simonds Company’s furniture catalo g is an extensive resource of the f urniture styles of the 1920s and 1930s. Ran ging from trad itional t o Art Deco, capt ions includ e important information about size, materials, and the period of the reproductio n. Current values of the furniture have been add ed . Price Guide

Monterey: Furnishings of California’s Spanis h Revival. D ougl as Cong donMartin . Monterey furn iture ori ginated in 1929, in response to California’s Spanish

192 pp.

Price Guide

Cabin Style: Decorating with Rustic, Adirondack, and Western Collectibles. Dian Zillner & Suzanne Silverthorn. collectibles. Furniture from Old Hickory Chair Co., Rustic Hickory Furniture Co., and Indiana Willow Products Co. as well as rustic, arts & crafts and Western pieces.

128 pp.

More Golden Oak. Velma Susanne Warren. Using over 700 color photos, the author leads us throug h rooms full of f abulous ant ique go lden oak furniture as she describes and instructs the readers. All w il l value the price guide and detailed d escrip tions as usef ul tools for years to come. Price Guide

192 pp.


84 Pine Furniture: The Country Look. Nancy N. Schiffer, with photography by Bruce M. Waters. The p in e furniture and tools gathered here are from distant places in E uro pe, t he Unit ed King do m, and Scandinavia. Painted with cheerful colors, they served every practical function. Over 280 beaut if ul color pho tos. Price Guide

Antique Chinese Accessories: Vernacular Items , c. 1850-19 30. Margie L. Yat es. The beaut y of t radi tional Chinese design foun d in baskets, bu ckets, and bo xes, smal l i tems of furniture and cabi netry, and items of p lay and relaxat ion like mah jong sets, pup pets, and bird cag es, illustrated with more than 275 col or photos along with detailed d escriptio ns and a guide to retail values.

144 pp. Price Guide


French Provincial Furniture. Robin Rudd y. Over 200 color and black and whi te phot os and text int erpret French country antique furniture in fourteen separate regions of France. E xplains diff erences in construction and decoration, and describes 21 different woods u sed. Price Guid e and gl ossary o f relevan t Fren ch word s and phrases also included.

Value Guide

128 pp.

Country Furniture and Accessories from Warren I. Johansson. Because of the long border and common heritage, the country furniture of Quebec has much in common with that in the northern United States, while adding a bit of its own character. Much of it has found its way south, and this is a guide to the Quebec country antiques currently in the United States. Amply illustrated with both black-and-white and color photos, line drawings, and maps. A price guide is included. Price Guide

An tique Biedermeier Furnit ure. Rudo lf Pressler, Stefan Döb ner, and Wolfgang Eller. More than 600 pieces of nineteenth century Biedermeier furnit ure, incl uding cabinets, bureaus, w ard robes, secretaries, sofas, chairs, and tables. Provides exten sive i nf ormat io n on shap es, material s, orn amental features, evaluation and pricing, care and resto ration tips, and market trends. Illustrat ed glossary and current values included.

160 pp.

Louis C. Tiffany: The Collected Works of Robert Koch. Robert Koch. Three classic books, Louis C. Tiffany Rebel in Glass, Louis C. Tiffany’s Glass- Bronzes-Lamps, and Louis C. Tiffany’s Art Glass are presented with original text and photographs and ad ditional pieces for this edition. Wind ows, lamps, vases, and more are included. E very art stud ent, museum professional, historian, antique dealer, and art collector will be dazzled by the variety and exquisite craftsmanship displayed here. Index

288 pp.

Tiffany By Des ign: An In-depth Look A t Tiffany Lamps. N ina Gray. Tiffany Studios produced tho usands of lamps in hundred s of designs, although many o f the d esigns were closely relat ed. Examine how the forms, patterns, and motifs were chan ged and adapted in authentic Tif fany lamps made bet ween 1900 and 1918. By closely looking at many varied designs of Tiffany shades, a deeper understand ing of their quality and beauty is made possible.

160 pp.

Furniture by Harrods. Harrods Ltd. of London. The 1905 furniture collection of Harrods Ltd. in color photos and lit hographs display furniture and accessories ranging from antique to mo dern . Harrods pro duced furniture for each room in the house, plus lighting devices, metal w ares, cut lery, linens, porcelain, and glassware. Price Guide included.

Pairpoint Lamps. E dward and Sheila Malakoff. Fancy glass glo bes and cast metal stands at their best. The comp lete range and beauty of famous Pairpoint lamps from 1907 to 1929 are shown in more than 200 color photos, excerpts from company catalogs, and advertisements. Designs, shade styles and sizes, and serial numbers of Pairpoint lamps are identified throughout. Rarity Guid e

Price Guide

Biedermeier Furniture. Rudolf Pressler & Robin Straub. Beaut if ul laminated Germanic furniture o f the nineteent h century is documented w ith over 500 i llustrated examp les from seating to case piece styles. Developed fro m French and Austrian Empire styles, it is inlaid and sculptural. Important reference to furniture collectors with Price Guid e, restoration tips and a tho rough glossary of t erms.


Lighting 2000: A Guide to the Bes t in Contemporary Lighting Design. Mo re t han 60 of today’s top lighting d esigners show cased in over 350 color photos. Included are chandelier and ceiling fixtures, w all sconces, and tab le and floor lamps. The ultimat e shoppers’ guide for anyone hunting for the unique and sp ecial.

Pairpoint Lamp Cat alog: Shade Shapes Ambero through Panel. More than 570 Pairp oint lamps with their d istinctive colored g lass shades are show n in this and the companion volume that comp rise the catalog. A broad sample of Pairpoint lamps mad e from 1900 to the early 1930s are shown in hand-colored watercolors b y the original factory decorators.

ISBN: 0-7643-1156-5 soft cover $19.95 Index

ANTIQUE LIGHTING and Accessories, c. 1780-1930. Andrea & Lynde McCormick. Newly fashionable Chinese furnish ings and accessories fro m the 18th and 19th centuries are presented in nearly 600 full color photographs. E ach piece is clearly described and set in its historical context. Plus pieces are show n both in their orig in al Chinese settings and as part of contempo rary household interiors. Values are also included.

19th Century Elegant Light ing: Argand, Sinumbra, and Solar Lamps. Gerald T. Gowit t. 19th century lamp s showcased in color photos, old etchings, and p eriod l ighting catalogues. Provides brief histories of the better known manufact urers and valuab le info rmation on heights, shade ring fitter diameters, and value ranges. Includes types of lighting fuel, terminology, manufacturer’s marks, and how to id entif y reproductions. 256 pp.

Price Guide

288 pp.

Pairpoint Lamp Cat alog: Shade Shapes Papillon t hrough Win dsor & Relat ed Material. More than 570 Pairpoint lamp s w ith their distinctive colored glass shades are show n in th is and the comp anion volume that comprise the catalog. A broad sample of Pairpoint lamps made fro m 1900 t o the early 1930s are shown in hand-colored watercolors by the original facto ry decorators. Index

288 pp.

256 pp.

Chinese Country Ant iques: Vernacular Furniture and Accessories, c.1780-1920. Revised 3rd Editio n. Andrea & Lynde McCormick. Beaut iful fu rnitu re, man ufact ured in China du ring the last days of t he last emp erors (18th and 19th centuries) is explored, expressing creative freedom, vigo r, and visual eleg an ce. Thi s 3rd edition offers information about authen tic designs fro m the co nsumer’s p oint of view. A guide to prices is in clud ed . ISBN: 978-0-7643-3314-9 hard cover $39.99 Chinese Prov incial Furniture: Selections Kimberly R. Hessler. A d etailed loo k at chairs, tables, sto rage pieces, beds, and screens of the early 1800s to early 1900s from eight Chinese provinces. Covers types of wood used, construction techniques, lacquer, orig inal usage, tip s for determining authenticity, and current market values. Restoration and care of antique furniture is also discussed. Price Guide

160 pp.

256 pp.

240 pp.

Great Art Glass Lamps: Tiffany, Duffner & Kimberly, Pairpoint, and Handel. Martin M. May. Over 200 of the f inest Victorian glass-shaded lamps made by Tiffany, Duffn er & Kimberly, Pairpoint, and Handel. Each lamp is shown in large color photo graphs to display their exquisite detail. A never-b efore-published 1906 Duffner & Kimberly lamps catalog supplements the photographs. Index 240 pp.

see also Tiffany Glass Art, pp11-12; desk sets, p121 The “Lost” Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany: Windows, Paintings, Lamps, Vases, and Other Works. Hugh F . McKean. Tiffany’s personal w ork-including stained glass, mosaics, blown glass, pottery, jewelry, and enamel s, provid ing intimate insight into Tiffany’s personality, his d omestic life, his financial dealings, and his unusual p hilosoph y of art. Index 320 pp.

Antique Lamp Buyer’s Guide: Identifying Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Lighting. Revised & Expanded 3rd Editio n. Nad ja Maril. Learn the approximate age, value, and history of ol d lamps. Dealers and appraisers carry this paperback with them to q uickly id entify antique and collectible late 19th century and early 20th century lighting. This third edition with updated p rices and additional p hotography, is a must-have fo r any antique or decorative arts reference library.

American Lighting: 1840-1940. Nadja Maril. Using over 200 color photograp hs and rare catalog material from the American light ing industry, this is a welco me and valuable add ition to int erior design literature for historians, decorators, col lectors. The century covered witnessed enormous change in lig hting practices, and the examples are found here. Value Guide

160 pp.

85 Lithop hanes . Marg aret Carn ey. O ve r 370 p hot os and sc ho larly text p rese nt Vict ori an po rc elain t hre e-d imensio nal pi ctu res, w hich can be seen onl y wh en backlit . L itho ph an es were used in tea warmers, night light s, lamp shade s, w ind ow pan els, and cand le sh ield s. The text incl udes in formatio n on lit hoph an e’s manufacturing techniques and history, forms, a detailed bibliography, appendices, and an index.

Early Twentieth Century Lighting: Sherwoods Ltd. of Birmingham. Sherwoods was one of the largest manufacturers of lighting devices in the early 20th century. Here are all fo rms of illuminatio n devices then available for sale. O il burning and electrically p owered table and floor lamp s, chandeliers, sconces, and lantern s are shown in vast numbers. Price Guide

Miniature Victorian Lamps. Marjorie Hulsebus. Miniature oil lamps are beautiful reminders of Victorian days, in glass, china, porcelain, brass, and silver. Styles range from the delicacy of the Victorian parlor through Art Nouveau elegance. This reference features almost 450 lamps never b efore seen in any book, with colo r p hotos and detailed information including a useful Price Guide.

200 pp.

192 pp.

208 pp.

Nineteenth Century Lighting: Candle-Powered Devices, 1783-1883. H. Parrott Baco t. A comp rehensive study of candle-p owered lighting devices from a period of just over 100 years that was witness to more inventions, developments, and improvements in lighting than during the entire previous histo ry of man. Unusual and common types make the stud y informative and the photos show orig inality in designs. Index

1930s Lighting: Deco and Traditional by Chase. Donald Brian Joh nson modern industrial design pioneers, including Lurelle Guild, Walter Von N essen, the Gert hs, and Harry Laylon. Over 600 current, catalog, and historic p hotos, vintage advertising, a complete cross-reference listing, price guid e, and ind ex.

240 pp.

Fairy Lamps, Elegance in Candle Lighting. Bob & Pat Ruf. Over 800 lamps made from 1880 throu gh the 1930s are shown in full color. The lamps range from the simplest examples given out with boxes of candles to the most extravagant chandelier assemblages made for lords, rajahs, and royalty. This work draws upon many primary sources to t race the devel opment of fairy lamps. Price Guide

240 pp.

Moss Lamps: Lighting the ’50s. Donald-Brian lamps, combining plexiglas bodies, spun g lass shad es, an d sp inn ing f igu ri nes, transfo rmed humd rum home decor into something extraordinary. Exclusive int erviews with family memb ers and emp loyees, 750 current and vintage product photos, and never-before-seen materials from the Moss archives are included, with a product index and price guide.

Miniature Lamps. Frank R. and Ruth E. Smith. Miniature glass oil and kerosene burning lamps were made in many vari atio ns in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The full-size lamp s have been made continuously since 1825, when the originals were produced in Sandwich, Massachusetts, and the miniatures corresp ond in every det ail with them. All of the compo nent parts are explained thoroug hly, and an extensive range of th e variations is shown.

OTHER PERIOD ANTIQUES Victorian Decor. Martin M. May. The best craf tsmanship in ho me f urn ish ings of the late 19th century is documented in this beautiful study. An overview of Victorian architectural antiques, stained glass window s, furniture, art glass, light ing devices, match holders, and poster art ap pear in chapters that explain the develo pment of the forms and show exampl es in over 400 co lor pho tographs. Period room settings as well as sing le items are featured

192 pp. Popular Art Deco Lighting: Shades of the Past. H erb Mi llman & Jo hn D wyer. Art D eco lighting from homes and pu blic spaces present ed in over 590 color photos, including accen t and figural radio lamps, boudo ir l amps, table and desk lamps, overhead and wall lighting, and floor light ing produced by Consolid ated Glass, Lighto lier, Lincoln, Moe Bridges, Williamson, Frankart, Nuart, and Chase. The text pro vides values in the captions for the lighting displayed. Price Guide

50s TV Lamps. Calvin Sh ep herd. Nearl y 400 color pho tos explore the many forms of TV lamps. In the early d ays of television, people attemp ted to pro tect themselves f rom the n ew mach ines with creative lamps that provided back light that was believed to protect the eyes. These lamps took on fantast ic forms and sometimes doub led as vases or planters. Price Guide

The Glasgow Style: Artists in the Decorative Arts, Circa 1900. Laura Eul er. The Glasgow style of decorative arts evolved in the 1890s and included the juxtaposition of elongated verticals and sensuous bright designs, such as the rose, butterfly, peacock, crescents, and teardrop shapes. Biographies of 20 influential artists with over 530 beautiful color photos of walls, furniture, metalwork, jewelry, textiles, dress, pottery, stained glass, and b ook illustration.

128 pp.

176 pp.

Art Deco Lighting. Herb Millman and John Dwyer. Electrical lighting fixtures from the 1920s through 1940s reflect the popular taste for Art Deco styling in public, commercial, and home interiors. Beautiful color photography of lights with glass shades fill this stunning book, including radio and accent lamps, boudoir lamps, wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, bridge lamps, torchieres, and smoking stands. A reference for architects, designers, lighting collectors, dealers, and theater historians.

Lamps of the 50s & 60s. 2nd edition, revised and expande d. Jan L ind enbe rg er. New l amp styl es rep resent one of the offbeat f ruits of the distinct American postwar culture. Revisit lamps we lo ved to hate, like amoeba, starburst, atomic, the indomitable lava lamp s, figural TV lamps, and a generous sampling of floor and tab le designs. Each lamp is illustrated in full color with newly updat ed market values to aid collectors. Price Guide

The Best of British Arts & Crafts. Brian Coleman, Editor. This new bo ok celebrates t he British Arts & Crafts designs of Morris, De Morgan, Dresser, Tinworth, Marshall, Barlow , Pearson, Bell, and many more. With over 250 color phot ographs of the very ceramics, furniture, metalwares, and fine arts that made this a pinnacle of d esign hist ory. Insig htful and informative essays by the leading experts in the field o f British Arts & Crafts.

144 pp.

160 pp. Electric Lighting of the 20s & 30s Vol. 1. James Ed ward Black, Edito r. Hanging, w all and standing lamps fo r domestic, store and outdoor use, from the 1920s and 1930s are featured. Long descrip tions from period catalogs h ave pattern numb ers and dimensions. Classic and Art Deco styles are includ ed.

Price Guide for Miniature Lamps. Revised 2nd Edition. Marjo rie Hul sebus. Three well-kno wn books on miniature lamps are the progenitors o f this inf ormat ive b ook, which is a curren t price guide for th e lamps sho wn in Min iature Lamps by Frank R. and Ruth E. Smith, Miniature Lamps II by Ruth Smith, and Miniature Victorian Lamps by Marjorie Hulsebus. Upd ated second edition includes tips fo r assessing condition and rarity of miniature lamps.

Californ ia Rev iv al: Vint age Decor for Today’s Homes. Carole Coates & Annie D ietz. A new movement, featuring vintag e furnishings, art pottery, tile, paintings and decorative arts from California’s Spanish Revival period o f the 1920s to 1940s, in today’s homes. Go inside ten “real” homes, showing you how to achieve this enlivening and color-saturated style. Over 600 color images with detailed cap tions and an engaging text.

Early 20th Century Lighting: Electric and Gas. An in valuable gu ide to identification and pricing of antique gas and electric lighting fixtures. Early twentieth century chandeliers and other hang ing lamp s, t able lamp s, d esk lamps, shades, and accessories are shown, all w ith original w holesale prices plus current values.

Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era. Marjorie Hulsebus. A b eautiful reference boo k exploring the wonderful world of miniature Victorian era glass oil lamps. Nearly 600 photographs of lamps not show n p reviou sl y. Incl uded are fing er lamp s, student lamp s, miniature b anquet lamps, miners lamps, skat ers lamp s, and much more. Est imated current values have also b een provided.

Deco Decor: Porcelain, Glass, & Metal Accessories for the Home. D onald-Brian Johnson & Leslie Pina. Hundreds of porcelain, glass, and metal decorative objects of the period h ave been pho tographed, and p laced in their appropriat e setting s. Current price estimates are given for the pieces show n in n early 700 g orgeo us phot os. Also shown are Deco-contemporary images from vintage magazines and catal ogs.

Price Guide

208 pp. Price Guide

256 pp.

240 pp.

86 Collecting Art Deco. Kevin McConnell. Art Deco desig n is vividly reflected in over 300 co lor photos of decorative accessories mad e du ring the 1920s and 1930s. Here are beautiful Art Deco art g lass, metal an d pottery in the forms of bar accessories, clo cks, b oo ken ds, fi gurin es, jewe lry, l amp s, purses, smoking accessories and more. Prominent manufacturers are identified and information ap pears about the reproductions that comp rise this colorf ul, stylish, and vibrant material culture.

The Illust rat ed Buy er’s Guide t o Oriental Carpets.Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition.J.R. Azizollahoff. A practical introduction to Oriental carpets for laymen, designers, and collectors. A concise text, over 400 beautiful color photographs, and detailed line drawings unveil the complexities. The wonderful energy and creativity found in modern rugs are also shown.


The Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked Rugs: Unrolling the Secrets. Jessie A. Tur Turbayne. Sought after by collectors, antiq ue dealers, rug hookers, textile enthusiasts, folk art lovers, and interior decorators, the hooked rugs documented in this book, comp lete with over 400 color p hotos, make it a must-h ave for all who ad mire these versatile floor and w all coverings. Price Guide

Postw ar Pop: Memorabilia of the Mid-20th Century. Donald-Brian Johnson and Leslie Pina. Relive t he d ays o f t he no vel ty “must-haves,” including Hallmark paper dolls, holiday ephemera, Vo gue picture records, and vaud eville. G et no st algic wh ile vi ewin g early T V Guid es and movie magazines. Covering collectibles from the 1920s-1960s, t his reference book is a must-have for l overs of American popular culture, historians, and collectors.

Flat -woven Ru gs & Text iles from the Caucasus. Ro bert H. N ooter. Explore Caucasian flat-woven carp ets and textiles. 436 beautiful color photographs, including kilims, zilis, khorjins, and mafrash bedding bags. Weaving styles include a rich mixt ure of g eometric and figurat ive forms. Descriptions o f t he author’s field visits and investigation into the origins o f these pieces.

Fabulous Fifties: Designs for Modern Living. Revised 2nd Edition. Sheila Steinberg & Kate Dooner. Modern design in the 1950s, including clothing, furniture, lamps, clocks, textiles, jewelry, & glassware, show n in over 770 color phot os displ aying this lively period in all its fantast ic glo ry. H ere are H aw aii an sh irt s, poo dle skirt s, vinyl handbags, gabardine jackets, rayon dresses and more, nearly every aspect of mo dern living in the 1950s that is avidly collected today.

Kilim Rugs: Tribal Tales in Wool. Susan Gomersall. Packed w it h 235 big, striking color p hotos, and simply presented as a guide for b oth would-be buyers and for rug owners seeking the story behind their precio us finds. Bot h antique and modern rugs can be found along with some indication of what these g enerally cost in a retail situatio n.

Fun Collectibles of the 1950s , ’60s & ’70s: A Handbook & Price Guide. Revised and Expand ed 2nd Edition. Jan Lindenberger with Dana Cain. A g eneration of clothing , toys, games, teen magazines, and furniture document everyday life in the 1950s to ’70s. Styl es that have been eclipsed by time are frozen here in colo r p hotos. They make many laugh no w, but they were just a part o f life then. Price Guide

160 pp.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Hooked Rug Treasury. Jessie A. Tu rbayne. This treasury holds more than 500 of t he choicest hooked rug s. The chap ters present the b est w ork fou nd from N ova Scotia to H awaii o ver many years. Some of the finest p rivate and museum collections are rep resented and noteworthy pu blic exhibits, auctions, dealers, and clubs for hooked rug s are listed .

112 pp.

Rug Hooking In Maine: 1838-1940. Mildred Col e Peladeau. Maine’s rug hooking trad ition, including Waldobo ro rugs, is explored, the myth of Acadian rugs is exp lained, and E dward Sands Frost’s well-know n preprint ed burlap rug patterns of the mid-19th century are discussed at length. Covers rugs created throughout Maine and eastern Canada. This book highlig hts this homeg rown and much lo ved art form.


The Creat ive Hooker. Jessie A. Turb ayne. Over 525 color images highli ght w hat’s being hooked in North America today. Incl udes designs of Americana an d Canad iana, ad vertisin g art, angels, and abstract motifs, as well as hooked works of art motivated by exotic cultures, Korean cranes, and ancient Persian textiles. Visit Niagara Falls, tour Soho, and p review the latest in hookand-wear fashions.

192 pp.

Collecting the 50s and 60s: A Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Lindenberger. Over 400 color phot os of common household and gift o bjects popular in the 1950s and ’60s are presented with concise d escriptions and a current value for each piece. In addition, there are helpful tip s on building a collection o f these items today, when they reflect a different time. Price Guide

The Hooker’s A rt : Evolv ing Designs in Hooked Rugs. Jessie A. Turbayne. Over 300 color photos of old and modern hooked rugs, some from the nation’s most elegant homes, are presen ted wit h fasci nat ing hi sto ries. E xploring the craf t’s backgroun d, Jessie Turbayne weaves together its technical details, the materials used through the years, biograp hies of great “hookers,” and photos of many striking pieces.

256 pp.


160 pp.

Rags to Rugs: Hooked & Handsewn Rugs of Pennsylvania. Patricia T. Herr. Frugal sewers saved and shared their textilescraps to create useful, pretty rugs, especially in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, in southeast Pennsylvania. This book shows step and techniques to design, make, sell, and use hooked rugs.

Hooked on Rugs: Outstanding Contemporary Designs. Jessie A. Turbayne. Over 570 color photos chronicle what is being hooked today, putting to rest any notion that no on e hooks rugs anymore. Includ ed are hooked abstracts, animals, commemorat ive pieces, land scapes, portrait s, nautical themes, trad itional p atterns, and p rimitive styles. Of interest to collecto rs, textile artists, and dealers. Be inspired t o join this gro wing creat ive outlet!

The Big Book of Hooked Rugs: 195 01980s. Jessie A. Turbayn e. Over 450 vi ntage color p hotographs ch ronicle the pivotal years of rug hooking-the 1950s through the mid-1980s. These meticulously crafted rugs, available at auctions, estate sales, flea markets and on-line, are much in demand today. Includes lush floral motifs, Oriental-inspired patterns, intricate geometric d esigns, childhoo d themes, animal portraits, scenic landscapes, and much more.

Hooked Rug S tory telling: The A rt of Heather Rit chie. Lesl ey Mary Cl ose. 370 pho tos and insigh tful t ext int roduce readers to renowned ru g-maker, Heather Ritchie, her hooked rug s and unique style. Valuable insights into her techniques are shared, which t ransform a basic handicraft into an art form of great subtlety. Over twenty of her “memory rugs” are disp layed and discussed in detail .

Hooked Rugs. Jessie A. Turb ayne. The h istorical background and 300 color photos of many whimsical and geomet ric designs of hooked rugs ap pear here along with instructions for starting a rug o f your ow n. H undred s of d ifferen t rugs in lively geometric, ab stract, floral , animal, Oriental, and orig inal designs, and factual discussio ns of the int eresting people wh o motivated the d esig ns will delight all.

Hooked Rugs of The Deep South. Jessie A. Turbayne. The trad ition of rug hooking is alive and kicking in the Heart of D ixie. Thro ugh 844 images, see lush floral motifs, intricate geometrics, Oriental and Persian styles, impressionistic portraits, scenic landscapes, and glimpses of the Old Sou th. This is a great reference b ook for rug hooking enthusiasts, fiber artists, folk art lovers, collectors, history buffs, and lovers of anything Deep South.

160 pp. $29.99


Oriental Rugs: The Secrets Revealed. Mark Blackburn. Answers the most freq uent questions and offers a great introdu ction to t his ancient and cont inuin g w eavin g t radi tion . N early 900 contemporary rugs are sho wn, from Tibet, India, China, Turkey, Afgh anistan, Pakistan, and Iran. With this informat io n a buyer can approach t he rug market confid entl y. Index 256 pp.

Oriental Rugs from A to Z. J. R. Azizollahoff. With this book, novices and connoisseurs w ill be able to correctly identif y the most distinctive styles and purchase con temporary Oriental rugs. Over 270 color photos, including close-up s, disp lay many fascinat ing carpets. The text provides valuable information on rug pedigree and discernible workshop style, knot count, dyes, unusual rugs, the Lotus design, and specific rug-weaving areas. Values are in the captions. Price Guide

Index 160 pp.

224 pp.

Schiffer LTD

87 Modern Hooked Rugs. Linda Rae Coughlin. Featu res stunning images of 540 rugs focusing on specific themes or series and created b y 292 of today’s contemp orary rug hooking artists. Enjoy rug s depicting American icons, animal designs, circus themes, self-portraits, family celebrations, and more. Showcases some of today’s most no ted artists, along with artists making their debut. An in sp iring and be au tif ul boo k for al l l evels o f fiber artists. 176 pp. Contemporary Hooked Rugs: Themes and Memories. Linda Rae Coughlin. An exciting, diverse selection of over 475 contemporary rugs, illustrating family memories, honoring children’s births, celebrating friendship, and depicting portraiture, ancient legends, scenic locations, and more. Showcased are some of today’s most noted artists, along with new artists making their debuts. Index 160 pp.

Hooked Rugs Today. Amy Oxf ord. Photo graphy by Cynthia McAdoo. Over 625 outstand ing hooked ru gs port raying a multitud e of subjects: family, country, home, children, pets, flo wers, history, wildlife, h obbies, and more, from classic forms to abstracts, traditional to contemporary, rugs for the floor and rugs for the wall. A celebration of the love o f rug hoo king. Index

192 pp.

Hooked Rugs Today : S trong Wom en, Flow ers, A nimals, Children, Chris tmas, Miniatures, and More - 2006. Amy Oxford, photography by Cynthia McAdoo. Over 450 wonderful hooked rugs by talented members of Vermont’s Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild. Included are over 100 pieces depicting the theme “Strong Women,” plus rugs with Oriental motifs, florals, abstracts, animals, architectural designs, delicate miniature rugs smaller than a credit card, and many more.

Hooked Rugs Today: Holidays, Geometrics, People, Animals, Landscapes, Accessories, and More — 2006. Amy O xford, photography by Cynthia McAd oo. O ver 475 hoo ked rugs created b y tal en ted members of Vermont’s Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild. Included are rugs depicting people, landscapes, fruit, cab bage roses, flower basket s, holidays, geometric designs, and animals. This book captures the beauty of hooked rug s and celebrates t he w idespread love of this age-old craft.

Hooked Rugs Today IV: Ex pect the Unexpected. Amy Oxford . Rae H arrell & Diane Kelly display their personal styles, along with other members of the Green Mountain Ru g Hoo king Guild. Works range from lifesize, three-dimensional sheep to extraordinary miniature punch-needl e works, plus animals, florals, landscapes, penny rug s, and even a small section dedicated to the smallest members of the gro up: the children. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3283-8 soft cover $29.99

ANTIQUE QUILTS Pam Weeks & Don Beld. With over 170 photos, 47 quilt patterns, and eng aging text, this book tells the stories of fourteen ext raor raordinary Civil War quilt s and the w omen who made them. Also included is informatio n on reproductio n fabrics and how to particip ate in modern soldierrelated community service quilting . This book is a must read for any serious quilter, historian, or Civil War enthusiast.

Sue Reich. Many American women applied th eir skills in making quilts for the b enefit of U.S. sol diers d uring the p eriod 1940-1945, eith er as gifts out right or as raf fle items to raise money f or go od causes. 335 color photos and descriptive text identify many colorful, patriotic quilts with military symbols and insignia. When possible, the original patterns and designs that insp ired the quilts are included.

192 pp.

192 pp.

America Through the Eye of a Needle. Virginia Consortium of Quilters’ Documentation Project. Over 270 beautiful historic quilts and ephemera in over 430 color and vintage photos. From quilted armor of the 17th century to crazy quilts of the 19th century, they include homespun work of slaves and fancy work of freed women and First Ladies. An important contribution to quilting history and Virginia heritage. 160 pp

88 the Past. Patricia T. Herr. Quilts made by Amish, Mennonite, and other Pennsylvania G erman groups, with contributions from the Scot s-Irish Presbyterians and the Eng lish Q uakers, in 225 gorgeou s color photographs, enhanced by close-up details, tools, accessories, and the people surround ing their creation. Index 160 pp.

Patricia T. Herr. E njoy the bold design and glowing colors o f Amish quilts, specifically the 82 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Amish quilts formerly known as the Esprit collection. This volume gives new insight into their beaut y, using over 350 detailed color photo graphs an d discussions of Amish culture, quilting p atterns, materials, and const ruction. Index 176 pp.

Doroth y Osler. Mo re than 90 imag es show colorful comb in ations and design repertoire of q uilts that provide a possib le cross-cultural link between the Amish and the Welsh. Learn about t he history of Amish quiltmaking and Welsh immigration and the threads that tie these two g roups of settlers together.

The York County Quilt Do cumentation Project & The York County H eritage Trust. 200 exquisite q uilts-p lus many family stories and local history behi nd t hem-pro vi de a fascinating look at quilt ing t radit ions in York County, PA, from 1790 to 1950. Included are app liqué, pieced, and signature quilts, fads and novelt ies, and crib and doll quilt s. 160 pp. John Rice Irwin. Interviews wi th hu ndred s of old-time quil ters, some over one hundred years old, p resent a fresh oral history of the subject . Emphasis is placed on quilts and quilt ers in the Southern Appalachian regio n, but quilts from throug hout America are included.

the so ciety of women g athering together for the purpose of quiltmaking has been referred to as quil tings, f rolicks, and b ees. This boo k b ring s together newspaper articles about their need lework act ivities with quilts inscribed w ith hundreds of

necticut. The Connecticut Quilt Search Project. Over 145 ou tstanding and diverse q uilts f rom Connecticut , dating from the p re-Revolutio nary War era to the mid-20th century. Includes stories of t he quiltmakers, historical background, and an extensive bibliograp hy. A must for students of q uilt history, women’s studies, textile enthusiasts, and lovers o f American h istory. Index

176 pp.

Mary Bywater Cross. Presents q uilts as do cuments of h istory that help us l earn about the lives and experiences of the many women w ho traveled the Oregon Trail from 1840-1870. Features 56 quilts made b efore, during, and after the journey, shown in full color along with vintage photo s o f the makers and historical b ackg round. Includ es multiple appendices, glossary, and extensive bibliography. 184 pp.

Sue Reich. From t he early 1880s through the second quarter of the twentieth century, American women made p atchwork “crazy” quilts in colossal numb ers. N ew spapers picked up o n the accomp lish ments of these talented women and shared them with their communities. Here are over 200 newspap er articles dating from 1880 to 1945, illustrated w ith q uilts that are contempo rary to the articles. All of the pictures are close-ups, showing their intricate hand work.

89 and Counting. Sue Reich. This b ook gat hers newspaper accounts of quiltmaking in the 19t h century into a chronicle of th e work. Arrang ed chrono logi cal ly, th e re ports are accompanied by detailed photographs of q uilts made d uring the same time period. This visual record of the antique quilts makes it clear how painstaking and beautiful was the quiltmaker’s work, and w hy it attracted attention.

Tradition. Quilt National. A comprehensive and stimulating look at the best in contemporary quilting through quilts selected fo r the Quilt National 1983 comp etitio n. The state of this lively art form is captu red t hroug h c omme nts mad e b y th e show’s artists and jurors, and by Michael James and Nancy Crow .

Schnup pe vo n G win ner. Th e orig ins of patch work in clo thing and quilts are expl ored from multinational examples over the past 500 years. Photos showcase b eautif ul appliqu e and Amish quil ts, crazy quilts, bridal and friend ship quilts and more. Examp les represent historical and contemporary prize-winning designs.

Fiber Expressions : The Con temporary Quilt National. More than 90 quilts juried in t he most prestigious int ernational exhibition of contemporary quilts are featured here. These exciting examp les demonstrate the varied field of the quilt as a modern form of art.


196 pp.

ANTIQUE LINEN & TABLE CLOTHS Linen: From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth. Linda Heinrich. Fol low the sag a of this remarkab le fiber from seed to woven fabric. Learn about flax cultivation, processing and spinning, natural and synthetic dyeing, an d weaving and finishing linen cloth. 233 color and 156 bl ack-and-w hite photos and drawings reveal the characteristics of linen and emphasize it s practical use throughout history.

Antique Linens: From the Kitchen to the Boudoir. Marsha L. Manchester. Over 300 color photos easily guide you t hrough the identificatio n and pricing of antique linens from the 19th and 20th centu ries, incl udin g t ab leclo ths, towel s, napkins, p ot hol ders, doilies, runners, bed covers, boudoir cases, bureau scarves, and more. Enjoy the intricate wo rkmanship of fine app liqué w ork, embroidery, and laces. Price Guide

CONTEMPORARY QUILTS Courthou se. Deb bi e Pierce. Learn h ow t o comb ine two traditional patterns, Autumn Leaf and Courthouse St eps, with non-traditional methods. Sel f-t aught quilter, Deb bie Pierce, offers her own twist on the art form with step-by-step instructions, insider secrets, and shortcuts for simplifying the construction of her p opular quilt pattern, Autumn at the Courtho use.

Nancy Rae. 82 q uilts juried into Quilt National ’89 comp etition with text and comments by jurors to support and exp lain the selections. The book also has a retro spective of Quilt N ational’s first decad e, demonstrating the variety of desig ns and an ind ex of all artists and w orks for 10 years. 96 pp.

96 pp.

Block Travelogue. Holly Anderson and Anita Zal eski Weinraub. Over 200 color photos display the 12" q uilt b locks of over 150 q uiltmakers. Each block represents a nation and an original design researched b y t he artists involved to articu lat e some aspect of their cho sen co untries. Artist 's statements accompany the images. The Georgia Qu ilt Pro ject amassed th ese gl obe-spann ing blocks of q uilt art.

Mary Kerr Foreword by Pepper Cory. What would happen if sets of vintage quilt blocks were divid ed among a group o f art ists and each was left to creat e new quilts from them in her own style? In answer, this book presents 117 q uilts made from six set s o f vintage blocks by 19 talented q uilters. Be inspired to create your own quilt block challenge using the tips and guidelines provided.

Vintage White Linens: A to Z. Marsha L. Manchester. From common domestic doilies to custom European tableclot hs exq uisitely adorned with hand embroidery and lace, w hite linens are shown in great variety here. Organized alp hab etically, beginners, collecto rs, and discerning d ecorato rs all can easily find information and identify variations from handmade knit lace to machine-made eyelet emb roidery. Price Guide

ANTIQUE LACE Antique Lace: Identifying Types & Techniques. Heather Toomer, p hotography b y Cynthia Voysey. Fascinating information about needlepoint laces, embroideries, lace knitt ing and tatting , and bobbin laces made in Europe from the 16th century forward , including 19th century revivals. Each type is d escribed and illustrat ed w it h 100s of photos and drawings.

192 pp.

240 pp.

Silk Art Embroidery: A Woman’s History of Ornament & Empowerment. Donna Cardwell. Learn the fascinating history of a distinct style of needlework fashionab le in Victorian America from about 1877 t o 1912, with history, techniques, and identification, and Candace Wheeler’s ingenuity to create an innovative opportunity for w omen to earn their own living. An extraordinary collection o f embroidered linens shown in 383 images.

224 pp.

Graced by Lace: A Guide for Collectors of Antique Linen & Lace. Deb ra Bonito. Centuries of lacemaki ng and emb ro idery are presented in vivid pho tograp hs. A broad range of lace is covered: lace trim, b ridal hankies, fashion, society embro idery, Ap penzell -work, bed linen s, table linens, and more. Detailed descriptions and photographs, including close-ups, will prove to be excellent references. A valu e range is given for each piece.

Collecting Household Linens. Frances John son. The origins of handmade household linens, includ ing af ghans, later al tar clot hs, curtains, shade p ulls, and bedspreads. Centerpieces and doilies are the best known of these. Decorator pil lows, nap kins and napkin rings also appear, along with helpful information on caring for old linens and creat ive ideas for saving damaged linens. Value Guide

160 pp.

128 pp. Price Guide

for Reusing V inta ge Textiles . Mary Kerr. Award-winning quilter Mary Kerr shares tips and ideas on h ow family memories can live on by creat in g contemporary q uilts from vintage textiles. Repurpose rather than purchase is the focus here and, through more than 100 images, qu il ters are encouraged to breathe new life into objects that would have o therwise stayed in the trunk or the dresser drawer.

208 pp.

Lace: The Poetry of Fashion. Bella Veksler. The most ingeniou s and ephemeral of textiles, lace is presented as the poetry of fashion. Here over 225 pictures, including dramatic photographs and historical illustrations, portray various types of lace and garme nts f ro m dif feren t p eriods. An outstanding resource fo r fashion hi storians, designers, collectors, students, and aficionados, this unique study is for all who appreciate beautiful clothing and fabrics

Collecting More Household Linens. Frances Johnson. This illustrated survey presents common linens and fabrics ranging from d et ailed samplers to simpl e but elegant hand towels and spl ashers, pi llo w case s, q uilt s, c overl ets, rugs, sheet s, blankets and tablecloths. Over 500 color photos and the Price Guide make it usefu l. Price Guide

160 pp.

168 pp. Lorie Martin & Jim Burnley. Over 210 color images display, and text describes, traditional quilt designs and their cont emporary counterparts, all produced o n modern heirloom quilts from Pennsylvania’s Amish country, including traditional patterns such as Log Cabin, Basket, Nine Patch; and pieced pat terns, such as Irish Chain, Railroad Crossing , Mariner’s Comp ass, Pin Wheel, and Sho efly. Contempo rary patterns include Bargello, Color Wash Trip, Stained Glass Windows, and Amish Lone Star variations.

20th Century Linens and Lace: A Guide to Identification, Care and Prices of Household Linens. E lizabeth Scofield & Peggy Zalamea. 20th century European and North American linens and lace, including App enzell, Battenberg, need le, bobbin, chemical and machine laces, crochet, cutwork, embroidery, damask, net darning, tatting and drawnw ork. Beautiful color pho tographs, from ful l room setting s to minute details of the stitches. Price Guide

208 pp.

Colorful Tablecloths 1930s-1960s: Threads of the Past. Yvonn e Barineau & Erin Hen derso n. This ultimate guide to tableclo ths fro m the 1930s to early 1960s in countl ess styles, colors, fab rics, and themes will help identifying the manufacturers, dates, and val ues of these wildly popular collect ibles. A must-have resource fo r interior desig ners, antique dealers, and textile collector.

90 Elegant Table Linens: from Weil & Durrsé including Wilendur™. Michelle Hayes. Linen product s of the Weil & Durrsé Comp any of N ew York City, from the 1920s to 1984, are of the highest quality, includ ing Wilend ur™ an d other b rands. Over 250 tablecloths in 120 printed desig ns are featu red. 425 colo r photos disp lay exquisite floral tablecloths, napkins, p lacemats, curtains, towels, aprons, and handcrafted it ems.

Fun & Collectible Kitchen Towels: 1930s to 1960s. Michelle Hayes. This informative reference contains o ver 350 beautiful photographs of printed kitchen towels an d bathroom sets from the 1930s to the 1960s. The d esig ns rel at e to food, t he outdoors, p eople, and childhood as captured by towel manuf acturers Martex, West Point-Stevens, Vera, Cannon, and more.

Beacon Blankets: Make Warm Friends. Jerry & Kathy Brownstein. Beacon cotton and wool blankets in Indian and geometric designs and color cat alog pages from 1917 to 1957, together wit h orig inal blanket designs, history of the company, advertisements, and label s. Special sections o n crib b lankets, b at hrobes using Beaco n fab ric, related blankets, and Skookum Indian d olls.

160 pp.

176 pp.

Gay & Gifty Pot Holders. Barbara E. Mauzy. 100s of examp les o f pot holders from the 1940s and 1950s, explained, dated, and priced. Collectors and dealers alike will appreciate the comprehensive look at an art form few know how to create, but so many enjoy collecting . 260 color phot os illustrate a wide variety of pot holders, and concise captions provide informatio n and current values.

Sweetheart & Mother Pillows, 1917-1945. Patricia Cummings. These collector items provide a unique insight into World War I and World II and the years of Civilian Conservation Camps. Sections include the fib er u sed in making them, the manufacturers, and distinguishing factors between World War I and World War II pillow covers.

176 pp.

Fun Linens of the 20th Century. Eliz abeth Scofield and Peggy Zalamea. Whimsical household linens of the mid-tw entieth century, most fro m the “fun linen” period after World War II through the 1960s. Items inclu de eye-catching tabl eclo ths, nap kin s, p lacemat s, runn ers, to wels, do ilies, pot holders, bed sp reads, pil lowcases, curtains, laundry b ag s, and ap rons. Collecting tips, new information on textile desig ners, and value g uide are provided.

Price Guide

160 pp.

144 pp. Collectors ’ Guide to Vinta ge S ouv enir Tableclot hs and Linens. Pame la G lasell . Over 300 color photograp hs show case state and souvenir tablecloths, to wel s, aprons, and scarves, all featuring wonderful graphics of state-related themes, popular tourist attractions, and historic events. Inf ormat ion on dat ing , an up -to -d at e price guide, craft suggestions, and resource list. An invaluable resource for vin tage kitchen textile collectors and interior designers. Price Guide

160 pp.

Collector’s Guide to Vintage Tablecloths. Pamela Glasell. A pictorial reference guide covering the history o f the p rinted tablecloth from the 1700s to the 1950s. Over 500 striking photographs o f vintage t ablecloths, period advertising and packaging, up-to-date values, and det ailed captions. Includes sections on dating your tablecloths, spot ting reproductions, and information about major manufacturers. A must-have resource f or lin en, tablecloth, and vintage textile collectors. Price Guide


Threads of Gold: Chinese Textiles: Ming to Ching. Paul Haig & Marla Shelton. A comprehen sive g uide to collectible Chinese textiles with an understand able grading system to aid in establish ing value. This b ook is d esigned for all historians, Asian stu dy scholars, and textile collectors. It is a real-worl d representation of court ro bes, badges and decorative textiles. 304 pp.

Price Guide 160 pp.

Vintage Feed Sacks: Fabric From the Farm. Susan Miller. Over 500 color photographs present colorfully-printed cloth feed and food sacks. Treasured for their fabu lous patterns, and for the memories of a simpler t ime which they evoke, printed cloth sacks have become a hot co llectible. Especially appealing to quilters and crafters. Includes p rice guide. Price Guide 160 pp.

Southeast A sia n Text iles. C laire & Steve Wilbur. Southeast Asian textiles have lo ng been recognized as superb examples of textile art. This book explores their artistic significance, p roviding an overview o f the various styles, desig ns, and deco rative techn iques th roug h over 260 co lor photographs. It gives practical suggestio ns for collectors on ho w to care for, value, and use specimen textiles in the home. A price guid e is included. Price Guide

176 pp.

176 pp.

Terrific Tablecloths: from the ’40s & ’50s. 2nd edition, revised. Lo retta Smith Fehling. These tablecl oths in clude colorful prints inspi red b y wartime vict ory gardens, mo untain do gwo od, and springtime bouquets as well as fruits, veg etab les, berries, florals and rich border pat terns. dated values make this an invaluable resource for collectors, designers, and antique dealers. Price Guide

Christma s Household Textiles: 1920 s1970s. Jeanette and Donald Michalets. Illustrated with over 440 color photos, this book captures the beauty, charm, and whimsy of a wid e-range of Ch ristmas textiles, bo th mass-produced and handmade, from the 1920s to the 1970s. In clud ed are handkerchiefs, tablecloths, tree skirts, tea towels, table runners, and aprons. Some packaging is shown and values are provided for each item.

Vintage Victorian Textiles. Brian D. Coleman Photography by Linda Svendsen. A sumptuous look at rich and varied Victorian textiles on everything from Victorian footstools to portieres are captured in elegant color photo graphs. Advice on the care and co nservatio n of vintag e textiles and a g uide to establishing values helps desig ners and collect ors alike to use authentic fabrics. Value Guide

Traditional Kimono Silks. Anita Yasuda. This swatch book is an inspiring visual tour of desig n using kimono remnants from Jap an’s Show a Period (1926–1989). Mo re than 400 photographs and cap tions provide information on motif identification, Jap anese history and cultural trad itions.

176 pp.

160 pp.

More Terrific Tablecloths. Loretta Smith Fehling. Tab lecloths fro m the 1940s and ’50s display brightly colored fruit and flower designs, Mexican mo tifs, ivy an d foliage prints, and Pennsylvania Dutch-influenced patterns sure to whisk you b ack to Mom’s or Grandma’s kitchen. Also included is a section on specialty cloths. This book captures a ri ch part of our textile hist ory wit h over 300 delightful p hotographs.

Coverlets and the Spirit of America. Joseph D. Shein & Mel inda Zongo r. A comprehensive tour of figured coverlets made between 1817 and 1869. These antiqu e woven bedcovers, with their grap hic and colorful images of trains, an imals, buildings, heroes and patriotic symbols, provide a wo nderful and perhaps un iq ue snapshot of the bright optimism that was the 19t h-century spirit of America. Over 100 coverlets in f ull colo r and on both sides.

Japanese Anime Linens: 1970s to Present. Anita Yasuda. Over 325 dazzling color phot os of vintage and contemporary anime fabrics, handkerchiefs, yukatas, and appliqués are id ent if ied and assig ned val ues. Informative sections on design, color trends, and fabric resources, with labels to help date and identify pieces.

Index 192 pp.


Colorf ul V in tage K itchen Towels. Erin Henderson & Yvonne Barineau. Vintage t owels are small art canvases, af fordable, easily cleaned, and easily displayed. These irresistible charmers are showcased here in over 490 color phot os. Manufacturers include Wilendur, Startex, Martex, Bro derie, Bu cilla, and JS&S, and more. Al so includes manufacturer and designer information, cleaning and storage tips, measurements, values, and helpful glossary.

Chenille: A Collector’s Guide. Judit h Ann Greason & Tina Skinner. A rich visual tour of vintage chenille, d ispl aying h undreds of beauti ful bedspread s and a few novelty items along w it h details that highlight manufacturing techniq ues and styles. A price guide is included in the captions. Price Guide

160 pp.

Japan ese Children ’s Fabrics: 1 950 s19 70s . Anit a Yasud a. Over 300 be auti fu lly phot ographed images will p ique the interest o f fabric collectors an d historian s, sewi ng enthusiasts, d esigners, and those w ho love all things Japanese, with sections about design history, lists of manufacturers, and photographs of their labels. A glossary of terms, care guide, and fabric resources round out this book. Price Guide

160 pp.

208 pp. p p.

91 Nomadic Emb roideries : India’s Tribal Textile Art. Tin a Skin ner wit h t he Sam Hil u Collection. More than 500 images explore the freeform emb roidered creations of the trib al p eo ple of India’s renown Gujarat Provin ce. D ating back 30 to 100 years, they include original g arments, temple offerin gs, and second-generation quilt ed wo rks. The el ab orate, mica and bead-st udded creat io ns include abstract, g eo metric, floral, and religious imagery.

Antique French Textiles for Designers. June K. Laval. A basic history of French textiles, from the Midd le Ages t o Art Deco, and 416 beautifu l colo r p hotographs d emonstrate trad itional and contemporary uses for tapestries, cottons, linens, laces, embroidery, needlepoint, and trims. Sug gestions are g iven for their use in contemporary interior and home decor.

Textile Art of the Bakuba: Velvet Embroideries in Raffia. Sam Hilu & Irwin Hersey. Striking velvety embroidered raffia cloths and ceremonial appliqué skirts created d eep in the heart of t he Congo by the Kub a people. The intricate abstract desig ns, execu ted in an ap pealin g p alett e of veg et al d yes, have inspired innumerab le artists and designers including Klee, Mat isse, Chill id a, Braque, and Tzara. Value Guide

192 pp.

FABRIC REFERENCES Pais ley: A Visual Survey of Pattern and Color Variat ion s. Ti na Skin ner. O rg aniz ed into a sweeping visual survey includ ing orderly foulard patterns, elaborate borders, experimental media, and ornate florals of print ed and woven fabrics alike.

192 pp.

Toile: The Storied Fabrics of Europe and America. Michele Palmer. Toil e–sc enic fab ric origi nall y p ri nted from copperplates–has been a decorat ing sensatio n for o ver 250 years. This comp rehensive guide p resents the history of toile from its beginnings in 18th century Britain and France. 100s of scenic designs in 225 beautiful color ph otos. Price Guide

Fo ula rds : A Pict u re Bo ok of Prints for Men’s Wear. Ti na Skin n er. Mo re t h an 350 ph o t ogra p hs o f hi sto ri c fab ric sw atc hes exp lo re desig n variations in fo ulards, t he small mot if s p rint ed o n sil ks an d re lat ed fab ri cs that were in tend ed for men’s ti es and dressing go wn s. 112 pp.

Af rican Prints : A Design Book. abst ract , flo ral, pi cto ri al , animal and fig ural th emes. The fabric is cont empo rary, mo st mad e of cotto n in Afri ca co mmercially, and many d esign s are adaptat ions of t radit ional African wo ven textiles. 112 pp.

Dots: A Pictorial Essay on Pointed, Printed Patterns. Tina Skinn er. Dot s o f great variety, in all t heir minuscul e gl ory, are d epicted on historic fabric. An inval uable encyclopedia of dotty design ideas.

Af rican Fabric Des ign. Inc lud es co ntempo rary bo ld tw o- and t hree -c ol or d esi gn s, s tri pe s, g rid s, and g eometric s arran ged w it h a f ocu s on de si gn, co lor, an d p attern. Sho wn are commerci al ly-made ad aptat ion s of tradi tio nal Af ri can d esign s. 112 pp.

176 pp.

The Mola: Traditional Kuna Textile Art. Edith Crouch. Over 890 colo r photos display the mola, a mult ilayered textile art and metaphor for the Kuna, indigenous people of Panama. This book pro vides insights into d esign sources and influ ences for mol as, perspective on the aesthetic practices o f women creating this art, and hints for co llecting and preserving them.

Stripes: A Survey of Fabric Designs. Tina Skinner. A zig zag tour t hrough seventy years of stripes. Historic fabric swatches from all over the world. Woven -in and imit ation weaves, w avy lines to prim and proper p in stripes. The largest photo album of striped textiles ever.

Abstract Textile Designs. Tina Skinner. Historic prints of the abst ract genre — fro m up holstery fabrics and curt ains to the wearable art we don daily — explored thro ugh photo s o f fabric swatches from couture houses in Italy, France, and the United St ates. A must-have for designers ready to take a lesson from t heir predecessors in the everyday gallery of art . 112 pp.

Bogolanfini Mud Cloth: Textile Art with CD. Sam Hilu & Irwin Hersey. Color pho tographs detail the mud-cloth art of the Bogolan peopl e in Mali, Afri ca. Geometri c, abstract , and semi-abstract patterns are hand p ainted with mud dyes on hand woven cl oth. The CD contains over 200 patterns.

Plaids: A Visual Survey of Pattern Variations. Tina Skinner. More than five decades of twentieth cent ury plaids. Photograp hs of actual printed and woven textiles. A sweeping survey of plaids, from the standard checks and ginghams to the farthest reaches of designers’ imaginations.

Metallic Textile Designs. Tina Skinner. They’re hot, they’re shiny, and they’re ohso-glamorous. This book revisit s metallic’s past, wi th historic fabric swatches from Europe and Jap an d ating b ack to the 1950s, and takes us t o t oday’s to p European couture houses in a visual explorat io n of metallics’ allure. 112 pp.

Art Deco Era Textile Designs. Tina Ski nner. More than 300 h istoric f ab ric samples from the mid -1920s and 1930s provide a visual textbook of the everyday fabrics used for housedresses an d curtains, ado rned wit h the era’s predominate geometric creations and spiced with th e exo tic inspiration s that spurred on e of the most popular art istic movements of all times.

Pakistan and India. Patricia Ormsby Stoddard. These quilts, from Pakistan and Ind ia, have stunning designs, brilliant colors, and an intriguing history. More than 130 ralli quilts from the mid to late twentieth century are shown, along with background information on where they were made, pattern characteristics, type of fabric, and dimensions. For textile historians, designers, and quilt lovers.

Eastern European Folk Designs. John Gabrian Marinescu. More than 288 full color, allo ver pat tern s, borders and corners of decorative textil e mot ifs from Romania. Inspiration for decorations of fabrics, wall coveri ngs, carpet s, cerami cs, historical ornamentation, and jewelry.

Tartans: Three by William H . Johnsto n & Philip D. Smith, Jr. Centuries old, tartan is the very fab ric of Scotland. These three volumes p rovide over 400 co lorful and vividly strip ed tartans each , pl us brief historical b ackgro und, definitions of related terms, and thread counts for the tartan weaver. An invaluable resource. color images and index. $24.95 each. Tartans: Abbotsford to Fraser. ISBN: 0-7643-0961-7 Tartans: Frederickton to MacNeil. ISBN: 0-7643-0962-5 Tartans: MacNichol to Yukon. ISBN: 0-7643-1029-1

Forties Fabrics. Joy Shih. F ab rics of the 1940s jump off the pages with vibrant col ors in fl orals, st ripes, chec ks, and plaids. Patriotic themes predominate the war years, while the p eace years give b irth to bold florals and geometric graphics th at would co ntinue w el l into the ’50s. 112 pp.

92 FABRIC REFERENCES Couture Fabrics of the ’50s . Jo y Shih. Beautiful textiles from high-fashion Parisian houses of the 1950s. Featuring exotic and exq uisite designs in silk, rayon, and cotton used to create elegant w omen’s couture fashions. O f sp ecial i nterest are fabric swatches reflecting seasonal styles, “special eff ects” ph oto -eng raving and lavish imitation weaves. 112 pp.

Funky Fabrics of the ’60s. Joy Shih. The wide rang e of sixties fabric desig ns reflected the t ransition from the comforting tranquility of the early years to the bolder, more “hip” end of the decad e. A nost algic tour of pastel and splashy florals, patchwork cal icos, denims and strip es, wild ab stract geometrics, and neon paisleys. 112 pp.

Designer Fabrics of the Early ‘60s. Tina Skinne r. From t op cou ture f abric design h ouses o f Paris d uring the early 1960s, this visual feast explores a multitude of styles, ran ging from playful geometrics to novelty prints and from abstract experimentation to the increasing ly far-out flo rals. A special section explores uphol stery and household fabrics of the era. 112 pp.

Cool Hot Colors: Fabrics of the Late 1960s. Joy Shih. H ot pinks and purples, chartreuse, orange, and yellow : so metimes called neon col ors, these cool hot colors were often combined into wild and psychedelic floral and geometric designs. Hundred s o f sp lashy colors and designs from the 1960s European and American textile manufacturers are p resented. 112 pp.

Vintage Textured Barkcloth. Margaret Meier. Barkcloth was the textile of choice for window treatments and other household textiles of the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. This bo ok explores its scintillating comb ination of p attern, texture, and color in nearly 300 full-color photos and in-depth text.

Fabulous Barkclot h: Home Decorating Textiles from the ’30s, ’40s, & ’50s. Loret ta Smith Fehling. Barkcloth is a dense, textured cotton weave and was often used in draperies and slipcovers. Patterns, colors, and floral motifs are illustrated as used on authentic barkcloth.

Fun Fabrics of the ’50s . Joy Sh ih. This boo k will transport you back to the d ays o f shirt p lai ds, c ow bo y h eroes’ f lan nel p ajamas, earl y A me rican rec roo m drap ery, s pl ash y l o un ge c hai r t ro pi cal b lo oms, ho usew ive s’ du ste r flo rals, and festive sout h-of-the-border kitchen curtains. 112 pp.

Conv ersational Prints : Decorativ e Fabrics of the 1950 s. Jo y Shi h. A promin ent featu re in the ho mes of the 1950s, these large, sp lashy print desig ns were used f or drap ery, up holstery, sl ipcover, and tablecl oth fabrics, establishing a decorative th eme or bringing a spl ash of color and humor.

Vintage Children’s Fabrics. Kay Hanauer. Relive childhood memories through this collection o f vintage children’s fabric. Chapters hig hlight similar themes with displays of letters and numb er block and progress through various childhood p oints of interest. Collectors, designers, and fabric buffs will find this an invaluab le resource.

93 Cowboy Textiles. Tom Kiley. Cow girls, cowboys, horses and Western heroes cover t hese great vintage textiles. See the best chinille bedspreads from the 1940s, rugs, blankets, tablecloths, aprons, hankies, scarves and no velt y prints u p t o t he 1970s. This comprehensive presentation of vintage household textiles will inspire today’s designers and encourage collecto rs to keep digg ing.

Flower Power: Prints from the 1960s. Tina Skinner. All the orange, hot pink, and sky blue the era’s most fertile imaginat io ns cou ld conju re. Featured are more than 300 striki ng swatches from top co uture hou ses in Paris and Milan, bold flow er prints on silk, cotton, and the acetates and polyesters that helped shap e fashion’s most eye-p opping era. 112 pp.

Fashion Fabrics: 1960s. stance Korosec. Fabric colors, p atterns, textures, and fibers reveal a culture. In the 1960s, traditional plaids became popular at the same time as bold prints and geometrics, notably Op Art and “psyched elic” patterns. Close-up color with informative cap tions and index.

The Synthetic ’70s: Fabric of the Decade. era through bold p rints, geometric patterns, and “psyched elic” colors on polyester and stretch knits. Vivid close-up color pho tographs, informative captions, a glossary, and an index.

Rib Baskets. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Jean Turner Finley.

112 pp.

Step-by-step directions for making fourteen different rib baskets are accompanied by suggestions for variations to challenge the imagination of both novice and experienced basketmakers. With 231 images and 107 diagrams, this how-to guide offers general techniques and tips for successful weaving. Chapters on basketry tools, materials, and the components of a rib basket are included, as are answers to frequently asked questions. Directions for decorative weaving and composites of both contemporary and antique baskets provide further ideas for designing rib baskets that are uniquely one’s own. (Former ISBN: 0-88740-087-6)

Naturally ’70s Fabric. Constance Koro sec & color pattern s d ominated th e 1970s, displayed on t wo general groups of textile: the naturals and the synthetics. This book presen ts a samp ling of silks, cotton, flax, and wool with solid, stripe, plaid, geometric, floral, and paisley prints. 112 pp.

Available in August

ANTIQUE BASKETS & B ASKETRY Baskets. Revised 3rd Edition. N ancy Schiffer. Baskets as functional and art objects, includes over 300 pictures of baskets from al l over t he United States and abroad. This pictorial survey o f splint, wicker, an d coil baskets show s them used fo r st orage, deco rati ng, carrying , winn owi ng, gathering and trap ping. They will inspire basket makers, and the up-to-date price guide will b e a help to collectors.


176 pp.

Baskets and Basketmakers in Southern Appalachia. John Rice Irwin. American baskets made by p eople in Appalachia are lovingly shared with readers. Ind ian basket s, esp ecially Cherokee, also are included. Numerous photos detail every step in th e basket making p rocess: from th e time the tree is cu t until the time the basket is comp leted. Index

192 pp.

Wicker Basketry. Flo Hoppe. Illustrated step-bystep instructions off er a range of techn iq ues and tips for making both round and oval b ases, making handles, preparing to weave, and addin g color. Projects includ e a simp le plan t basket, a bread basket with b eads, a lidded sewing basket, and a large double-handled shopping b asket.

International Basketry. Christoph Will. This beautifu lly illu strated volume present s baskets woven from natural fibers over man y years and from diverse American, European and international cultures. Detailed drawings of many weaves will enab le craftsmen to duplicate and experiment with a variety of materials and patterns.

94 The Nature of Basketry. Ed Ro ssbach. Hun dreds of photos and text show Asian, American, and European ceremonial baskets, humble w ork baskets and those made q uickly to satisfy a moment’s need. Many trad itional methods of using p lant materials for baskets are d escribed with pictures and discussions of their unique qualities.

Phot ographic Cas es: Victorian Design Sources 1840-1870. Adele Kenny. This new and beautifu l bo ok traces t he development of pio neer photo graph s, daguerreotyp es, an d th e miniature art cases that were manufactured to protect and display them. E mph asis is pl aced on Victo rian-era design an d its i mpact on th e American case art industry. Included are over 460 illustrations, informative captions with valu es, and a comprehensive index. 192 pp.

see also Indian b askets p38 Lightship Baskets of Nantucket . Rev. and Expan ded 2nd Edition. Martha Lawrence. The history and makers of highly prized, distinctive, old Nantucket Lightship Baskets chronicled with many color pho tos that detail construction and show beautiful examples. Includes what to consider when evaluating antique and contemporary b askets, plus step-by-step, illust rated instructions for making your own Nantucket basket. Price Guide

120 pp.

Basket Inspiration: For Makers & Collectors. Billie Ruth Sudd uth. Get thoughtful, stepby-step, b asket-making instruction from a master teacher, and be insp ired to collect art baskets from beautifully made examples by 95 top artists. Learn fundamentals and comp let e projects for plait ed ribbed, twined , and braided construction, twill weaving, and surface embellishment. 144 pp.

Earth Basketry. Osma Gallinger Tod. Use natural materials, including leaves, roots, reeds, grasses, vines, shoots, willow, bark and splints to create baskets. A wide variety of weaving techniques are clearly illustrated with many examples and instructions for borders, lids, handles and miniatures. Seventy-five pictures and drawings show details, progressive instructions, and finished examples.

Let ’s Weav e Colo r into Bas ket s . Pat Laugh rid ge. Int roduces t he reader to creative possib il ities of adding color t o baskets. Chemical dyes are d iscussed with step -by-step inst ructions for their use. Many finished examples with color woven into them are p resented to stimulat e the craftsperso n’s creat ivity. Three sets of weaving instructions are included: a field basket, a house basket, and a market basket.

19th Century Wooden Boxes. Arene Burgess. 439 colo r pho tos o f o ld boxes fo r domestic, farm and industry use including those esp ecially made for alms, apples, ballot s, cand les, cutlery, humid ors, jew elry, letters, pencils, pipes, sewing, Shaker, spice, sugar, tea, toys, writing, and so many others, along with great stories and text about them. A price guide is included with the captions. Price Guide

Beer Signs for the Collector. Scott Faragher. Fro m Alp enbrau to Zi ma, th is ultimate collec tor’s book on beer signs features more than 450 color photos of early woo d and cardb oard signs, animated , h angin g, and wall -moun ted sign s, electric lanterns, and clocks—all in alphabetical order according to b rand of beer. Includes information on d ates, siz es, values, manufactu rers, and manufacturing techniques. A treat for aficionados of brew eriana and advertising alike! Price Guide

Beer Advertising: Knives, Letter Openers, Ice Picks, Cigar Cutters, and More. Donald A. Bull. Info rmative, and truly entertaining, this book illu strates the finer points o f beer advertising in over 500 colo r photographs of many sharp or pointed objects associated with beer advertising. Informatio n about the breweries and brands ad vertised, the makers, a price guide, and a detail ed index make it a sharp beer reference.

160 pp.

176 pp.

Antique Boxes: 1760-1880. Antigone Clarke & Josep h O’Kel ly. Covers antiq ue boxes and tea caddies, along with the people who inspired, made, and used them. Featured are wooden, tortoiseshell, ivory, pap ier mâché, lacq uer, Penw ork, Straw wo rk, Tunbridg e ware boxes, and many more. Captions include comp let e descriptions, values, and circa dates. An indispensable companion for box col lectors.

Vintage Beer Tap Markers: Ball K nobs, 1930s-1950s. George Baley. More than 2000 highly coll ectible “b all” style tap markers, used to identify the names of beers being dispensed from tap s or faucets. The knobs represent 1000 brands of beer manufactured by over 675 breweries. Includes a special section on impo rted beers, the history of ball knobs, dates, grading, pricing, manufact urers, and a detailed index of breweries.

304 pp.

176 pp.

Antique Enamels for Collectors . Joachim F. Rich ter. Beau tif ul enameled art pre sen ted

Back Bar Beer Figurines. G eorge Bal ey. Showcases back bar advertising figurines and shelf sig ns used by American breweries, including some of the rarest it ems known. Descriptions provide height, material, d ates of use, and current value. Inclu des inf ormation on majo r manufactu rers, grading, p ricing, repairing, and reproductions. A valuable reference for beer statu e collectors and breweriana buffs.

All enameling techniques are explained t o allow collectors and dealers to organize their treasures correctl y. A history covers ori gins, art history variation s, styles, notable works, and means of recognition. A glo ssary exp lains technical and historical termin ology, n otes great artists, and makes relationships clear.

Lacquered Boxes. Detl ev Richter. History o f the styles and over 350 illust rations o f antiq ue, exq uisitely painted papi er-mâché and l acq uer bo xes, man y mad e t o h old snuf f i n th e 18t h and 19th centuries. Informative text exp lains the Euro pean manufacturing and artistic p rocesses, important makers and t heir sign atu res, various uses, leading collections, and evolving traditions of the boxes.

Price Guide


Vintage Anheuser-Busch®: An Unauthorized Collector’s Guide. Donna Baker. The early years of Anheuser-Busch, today’s lead er in the brewing ind ustry. Over 400 col or photos trace the company’s colorful advertising from the late 1800s through the mid-20t h century on litho graph ed prints, signs, trays, calendars, corkscrews, jewelry, and much more. Features Budweiser, Faust, MaltNutrine, Bevo , and other brands.

100 pp.

176 pp.

New England Breweriana. G. Cush man, R. Hammer, D. Lang, H. & H. R. McMurtery, K. Ostrow, D. Purvis, and E . & G. Theberge. Advertising legacy from o ver 200 N ew Eng land breweries. Featured are a multitude of exquisite lithographs, trays, signs of all types, cans and bottles, foam scrapers, tap knobs, and more. Includes background information on comp anies, values, and a foreword by no ted breweriana aut hor Will Anderson. Price Guide

Old New England Splint Baskets and How to Make Them. John E. McGuire. The master basketmaker shares techniques develo ped over many years. Beautiful color photographs of antique N ew England basket s insp ire readers to adapt the stepby-step instructions to create three new baskets: a round , rectangular, and square-to-round basket with traditional techniq ues. A unique chapter on the old too ls and molds is fascinating reading.

160 pp.

176 pp.

Jim Beam Figural Bottles: An Unauthorized Collector’s Guide. Revised 2nd Edition. Molly Higgins. The reference guide Beamers have been waiting for! 100s of d ecanters organized by series, including Famous People, Sport s, Wheel, Op era, Regal China, and many others, all sho wn in color with current market valu es and helpful informatio n for the collector. Both ceramic and glass decanters, along with convention giveaways.

160 pp.


Collecting Picture and Photo Frames. Stuart Schneider. The h isto ry of p icture frames and a sampling of styles from 1800s to 1940s. Over 400 color photographs show wall and table-top frames. Different frame materials are described with information on id entif ying and dating your pieces. 176 pp.

Collectible Beer Trays. Gary Straub. With o ver 600 color p hotographs of different b eer companies’ advertising trays and an engag ing text, the reader follows the rise and f all of the lithographed tin beer tray from its 1890s introduction, through its g olden years, and even tual post-World War II decline. Manufacturers of the trays, their artw ork, and their marks are described in detail.

Figural Whiskey Bottles by Hoff man, Lionstone, McCormick, Ski Country, and others. Melissa Cardona & Ginny Parfit t. Over 1600 fig ural whiskey bottles in full color, including comp lete collections of Ski Country, Ezra Brooks, and McCormick bo ttles. Also Wild Turkey, Dugs, Lionstone, Potters, Kontinental, Daviess County, aid in identifying and pricing.

Price Guide

160 pp.

Price Guide

160 pp.


ANTIQUE BELLS Glass Bells. A.A. Trinidad, Jr. More than 850 glass b ells p roduced primarily during the 19th and 20th centuries in America, England, and Europe. Included are cut glass bells, engraved bells, blow n and pressed glass bells, and a special chapter o n wedding bells. E ach bell is identified by type, date made, co untry of origin, producer if known, size, color, decoration o r pattern, and current value.

Champagne Collect ibles. Don ald A. Bu ll & Jo sep h C . Paradi . Well -kno wn co rksc rew collectors, Don Bull and Joe Parad i, uncork the excitement flowing fro m an array of Champagne memorab ilia. This d etai led bo ok for collectors has more than 1250 photographs depicting over 1800 items, many from co llections around the world, and offers a thorough review of Champagne memories and t ools.

A NTIQUE KITCHEN Vintage Cookbooks and Advertising Leaflets. Sandra J. Norman & Karrie K. Andes. Pictorial review and price guide w ith over 850 color photos of cookery pamphlets from the 1860s to the 1950s. Through these materials, food companies achieved brand name exp osure w hile p rovid ing consumers wit h new ways to use their products. Feat ures brand-n ame foods, wartime-era cookb ooks, d iecut books, child ren’s boo ks, and more.

176 pp.

175 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Figural Corkscrew s. D onal d Bull. A wid e range of figural corkscrews in over 900 splendid photographs, ranging from an airplane to zebras with details and value ranges. The “museum” alone offers the reader a fascinating visit to the wo rld of corkscrew b arrels, jug s, bells, bot tles, faucets, insects, keys, pipes, and more. Corkscrew designs by Al essi, Colombo, Gemelli. 288 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3315-6 hard cover $79.99

Collectible Glass Bells of the World. A. A. Trinidad, Jr.. Over 750 bells from 29 countries, including cut, blown and pressed, engraved, and the hig hly desirable wedding bells from Dorflinger, Hawkes, Pairpoint, Seneca, Sinclaire, Fenton, Fostoria, Val St. Lambert, Goebel, Moser, Hofbauer, Wedgwood and many more. Captions provide bell type, country of origin, maker and date (if known), size, pattern or decoration, and current value. 176 pp.

Kitchen Treasures. Barbara E. Mauzy. 1000s of vint ag e ki tchen co llectib les in 120 color-filled sett ings, in cluding fabrics, g lassware, Bakelit e, wo odenhandled tools, tinw are, and more. They insp ire c reative d isplays and present unusual variations. Fire-King , PYRE X®, and Lustro-Ware are some of the brands feat ured. D etail ed ide nti ficat ion and values are provided for each p iece. 256 pp.

Corkscrews : 1 000 Pa tent ed Way s to Open a Bottle. Fred O’Leary. Over 500 photos of corkscrews, w ith 1000 U.S. patent draw ings dating from 1851 to 1994. The book shows the evo lution of designs, from common to uniqu e, from metals to p lastics, and f rom inexpensive to priceless. A uniq ue blend of thorough research and visual excitement. Price Guide

Glass Bells from Around The World. A.A. Trinidad, Jr. World t ravelers find g lass bells in many countries, making the search for them fun and adventurous. Over 400 bells shown. Read carefully researched history, pattern id entification, and text about glass manufacturers. Determine the date o f your bells with this guide.

340 pp.

Mauz y’s Kit chen Collect ibles. Barbara & Jim Mauzy. Over 380 all-new, full co lor photos of hundreds of kitchen collectib les from the 1920s-1950s. Each item is id entifi ed wi th manufacturer’s inf ormat ion, dat ing, values, accurate measu rements an d more, al ong wit h vintage ads and catalog pages. When you want t o know, “What is it and what is it worth?” this book is indispensable! Price Guide

The Ultimate Corkscrew Book. Donald A. Bull. An guide to corkscrews from around the world with over 700 co lor photos and 3600 illustrated and do cument ed examples. It show cases d iversity and creat ivity in corkscrews over several hundred years. Author Donald A. Bull displays categ orical examples o f eclectic and figural corkscrews and knives along with current market values and amusing text enticing all to exp lore this twisted ho bby. Price Guide

Am erican Glas s Bells . A.A. Tri nid ad, Jr. Over 500 prett y, American-made glass b ells are identified by the type of bell, pro ducer, and period with descripti ons that includ e their siz e, color, decoration or p attern, and rang e of values. Each bell is shown in b eautiful color photo graphs. The chap ters focus on American art glass, cut g lass, blown, pressed, and lampwork g lass b ells.

320 pp.

The Complete Book of Kitchen Collecting. 2n d e dition, revised. Barbara E. Mauzy. N onelectrical kitch en col lectib les fro m the 1920s throug h the 1950s. Over 1100 photos depict the ingenuity and creativity of the makers of kitchen ware. Updated values, guides to the more popul ar designs and colors, manufacturing inf ormation, and general tip s on collecting make this the complete guide to the colorful and inventive gadgets, and tools of the era. Price Guide

Bull’s Pocket Guide to Corkscrews. Donald A. Bull. Explore hund reds of remarkable corkscrews from figural s and eclectics to knives: rare and novelty varieties are well represented . For easy refer reference, all corkscrews are classified by category w ith current values. A handy companion to The Ultimate Corkscew Book, this is an up-to-date reference that corkscrew addicts can not do without. Price Guide

192 pp.

Collectible Bells: Treasures of Sight and Sound. Donna S. Baker. A wonderf ul assortment of b ells from around the world identified and shown in over 590 color p hotographs incl udes bells o f many sizes, shap es, styles, colors, and textures, from school bells, cowb ells, and bicycle b ells to souvenir bells, commemoratives, figurines, crotals, gongs, mechanical bells, and ch imes. Bells for every taste and inclination!

160 pp.

208 pp.

Kitchen Antiques. Frances Johnson. A wide variety of antique kitchen tools ap pear in over 590 beautiful color photo graphs wit h text including cooking utensils, cof fee and t ea pots, g raters, grind ers and roasters. Serving w ares in clud e granit ew are, chaf ing dishes, egg cup s, and tea sets. Price Guide included for collecto rs. Price Guide

160 pp.

192 pp.

Boxes Full of Corkscrews. Do nald A. Bull. In 836 colo r p hotograp hs, this boo k provid es t he reader with a survey o f hundreds of corkscrews, both old and new, all accompanied by their original packaging. Information about the manufacturers, their trademarks, and copyrights, in many cases gleaned from the co ntainers, i s also p rovided. Current values are included. Price Guide

256 pp.

More Collectible Bells: Classic to Contemporary. D onna S. Baker. Over 620 color ph oto s sho wcase the diversity of col lect ibl e bells, fro m animal bells, call bells, and rattl es to commemoratives, figurals, miniatures, and holiday bells. Both antique and modern, each is sure to grab your fancy! Includ es values, an index, and a bibliography.

Groovy K itchen Designs for Collectors 1935-1965. Michael J. Goldberg. The range of appliances, from toast ers to irons, manufactured by Sunb eam, O ster, Kit chen Aid and Gen eral Electric, and others are explored. Tips to identify, care for, use, and rep air vintage ap pliances and vintage non-electric kitchenwares from canisters and bread boxes to cookie presses and d ustpans are also presented.

192 pp. 160 pp.

Just for Openers: A Price Guide to Beer, Soda & Ot her Openers. D onald A. Bul l & John R. Stanley. Advertising bottle openers and corkscrew s mad e exclusively f or brew ing, malt, and soda companies in the U. S. are stud ied and shown. Grouped by category and alphabet ically, over 850 remarkab le advertising openers ap pear with descriptions, history and current values. 160 pp.

ANTIQUE FLOWER FROGS Flower Frogs for Collectors. Bonnie Bull with photography by Don Bull. The first comprehensive guide to flower frogs. 900 are shown in over 600 col or pho tographs with det ai led d escrip tion s. In clud es Be agle , Bru sh-McC oy, Cambrid ge, Cowan, Fenton, Fost oria, Fulper, Heisey, Haeg er, Rookwood, Roseville, L.E. Smith, Van Briggle, Weller, Westmoreland, and many more. 192 pp.

Depression Era Dime Store: Kitchen, Home, and Garden. Revised 2nd Edition. C.L. Miller. Dime store merchandi se for homemakers and gardeners the Depression era is depicted in over 200 imag es. Colorful dinnerware, cookware, salt and p ep per shakers, cookie jars, linens, home decor, stationery, furniture, needlework, sewing notions, holiday decorations, g ard ening products, even supplies for the family pet. Revised values are included. 144 pp.

96 Plastic Cup Collectibles. Bryan Meccariello. Lo ok in your kitchen cab inets and you’ll find plastic cup s you didn’t realize you were co llecting. Plastic cup collecting is no lo nger just a hobby, it’s a quest. With over 150 color photographs and text, Bryan Meccareillo p rovides a complete guide to these new collectibles. Price Guide

Enameled Kitchen Ware: American and European. E llen M. Plante and David T. Pikul. Dishes, pans, canister sets, and more—with flowers, birds, scenic designs, playful stripes and checks, bold patterns and colors—are all pictured in over 500 color p hotographs with value ranges provided in the cap tions. Here is a visual reference to learn about enameled tableware, and a must -have source for all interior deco rators.

128 pp. Price Guide

Fun Kitchen Collectibles: A Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Lind enberg er. H undreds of once-common kitchen objects dating from 1890 to the 1970s all are illustrated in color with vital information and current market val ues. This is a convenient and useful field guid e that will fit nicely in pocket or purse. Price Guide

The Book of Wagner & Griswold: Martin, Lodge, Vollrath, Excelsior. D avid G. Smith & Chuck Wafford. This book continues where The Book of Griswold & Wagner ended-illustrating 100s of items not included in the previous b ook. Over 845 photos o f cast iron from the Wagner, Griswold, Lodge, Vo llrath, E xcelsior, and Martin. Complete with p attern numbers, catalo g list numbers, price guide, index, and much more.

160 pp.

French Enameled Ware for the Collector. Yves Mou reau & Elyan Reb oul. Sho wcases a treasure trove of colorful and charming French enameled ware fro m the mid 1800s to the late 1950s. Shown are coffee pots, teapots, pitchers, creamers, spice and canister sets, utensil racks, salt boxes, match boxes, b uckets, and more , including many rare p ieces. Provides information on style and design, d etermining age, collector tips, price guid e. Price Guide

‘50s, ‘60s, & ‘70s Kitchen Collectibles. Doug las Congdo n-Martin & Tina Skinner. This wonderful collector’s guide helps date and value items manufactured for the kitchen in the mid 20th Cen tury, rang ing from t he ever p opu lar cocktail accessories, to serving ware, pitchers and glassware, canisters, spice racks, trivets, ashtrays, rotary wall p hones, chalkware ornaments, and salt and pepper shakers.

The Book of Grisw old & Wagner: Favorite * Wapak * Sidney Hollow Ware. Revised & Expan ded 5th Edition. David G. Smith & Chuck Wafford. The definitive reference guide for cast-iron antiques, includ ing grid dles, D utch ovens, coffee grinders, trivets, mold s, broilers, teapots and much more. Over 1,000 images document variations o f shape, size, dates, moldings, finishes, hardware types, catalog numb ers, and marking s. Histories of manufacturers and patent lists.

Griswold Muffin Pans. Jon B. Haussler. 463 photos of Grisw old muf fin pan designs and computer graphics depicting 226 pan variations are among the pertinent detail s necessary to identify Griswold pans. The names, numb ers, pattern numbers, dates o f production and comparative rarity of each p an are provided. Value Guide

160 pp.

192 pp.

collectors and dealers.

Mauzy’s Cake Plates: A Photographic Reference with Prices. Barbara & Jim Mauzy. 100s of Depression G lass and Elegant Glass cake plates from all the major glass manufacturers - Duncan & Mill er, Haz el-Atlas, Imperial Glass, Jeannet te Glass, Libert y Works, Macbeth-E vans Glass, N ew Martinsville, Paden City, and more - dating from the 1920s through the 1960s. Dozens of chrome, copper, tin, and plast ic cake carriers are also includ ed as are vintage recipes and serving pieces.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

256 pp.

160 pp.

Bakelite in the Kitchen. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Barb ara Mauzy. More than 40 categ ories of collectible Bakelite kitchenware covering gad get s, fl atware, napkin ring s, & child ren ’s utensils. A fascinating new chap ter on Bakeli te restoration will make your p ieces look brand new! This is the indispensable source of information on datin g, manuf act urers and design s for th e dec orat or, co llect or and even the occasion al kitchen user. Price Guide

The 50s & 60s Kitchen. 4th edition, revised and expand ed. Jan Lindenberger. Kitsch for the kitchen is cool and this book covers a gol den era for culinary d esign. Enj oy g adg ets and glasses, table accessories and textiles, furniture and fru it bo wl s, c ookbo oks, canist ers, cl ocks, coo ki e jars...just about anything you can imagine and collect. Newly up dat ed values for each of the

176 pp.

Griswold Volume 2: Cast Iron, Porcelain, Aluminum. Old Grisw old cast iron , aluminu m and porcelain cookware is highly collected today because it still does its primary job well and is prolific at antiques markets. This g uide presents the forms in many of their variations with approximate values to reflect today’s markets. Lists of the pattern numbers and the duplicate numbers help to identify items you may find .

160 pp. $19.95

The Comprehensive Guide t o Chocolate Molds: Objects of Art & Artis ts’ Tools. Wend y Mullen. Charming and highl y collectib le, metal chocolate molds are also extremely desirable to artists and chocolatiers. Here are more than 1300 phot os of antique chocolate mo lds in the shapes of animals, storybo ok characters, clowns, Santas, snow men, and man y more . In clu des many rare catalogue pag es, current values, and tips for coll ectors.

Depression Era Kitchen Shakers. BarBar bara E. Mauzy. Prominent among Depression Era glassware are milk glass spice shakers. They are lithographed with apples, birds, butterflies, cherries, cattails, dogs, Dutch motifs, flowers, fruit baskets, hats, figures, leaves, Mexican motifs, musketeers, Niagara Falls, sailboats, and more. 100s of shakers are presented, with prices and check-off boxes to record additions to your collection.

Price Guide

Price Guide

The Collector’s Book of Novelty Pans. Jeanne Gib bs. Document s over 700 fo rmedaluminum novelty cake pans from Wilton Industries, Nordic Ware, Amscan, Wear-Ever, and other comp anies. Current estimated values are provid ed for all pans. Indexes help the collector look up pans by stock number, name, key word, mold typ e, or age. A colorful and unique b ook for collectors and cake-lovers alike! 144 pp.

272 pp.

An tique Ena meled Ware: A merican & European. David T. Pikul. Enameled metal w are was mad e for almost every household purpose: brewing, storing, food preparation, cooking, and washing . Many of the most desirab le patterns and designs, i ncluding End of t he Day, Chrysolite, and the coveted cobalt blue pieces are featured and values. Price Guide

160 pp.

96 pp.

Mauzy’s Kit chen Glass : A Photographic Reference with Prices. Barbara & Jim Mauzy. Over 400 color photos of reamers, mixing b owls, refrig erato r dishes, shakers, drippings jars, canisters, provisio ns jars, measuring cups, cruets, and sco res of other items from the 1920s through the 1950s, with clear explanations, values, measurements, manu facturing inf ormati on, and muc h more. Vint age glass that is lovely to see, easy to use, and int eresting to collect.

Toasters: 1909-1960. E. Townsend Artman. Bread to ast ers are p resent ed histo rical ly and visually through an informative and amusing text and 400 artistic pho tos. H undreds o f toasters that pinch, w hirl, slide, tip, flop, d rop, and p op sliced bread throug h their mechanisms are presented here. Toaster manufacturers and their markings are identified along with current prices for collectors. Price Guide

176 pp.

160 pp. Collectible Enameled Ware: American & European. David T. Pikul & El len M. Plante. O ver 375 color photo graphs of handsome enameled kitchen and house wares p roduced in Europe and America from the late 1800s to 1940. Decorative patterns, f loral & grap hic designs, and one-ofa-kind items are some of the attributes that lead many collectors to think of antique enameled ware as relics of a lost art. Price Guide

160 pp.

Collectible Plastic Kitchenware and Dinnerware, 1935-1965. Michael J. Gold berg. Plastics wares made for the kitchen and dining room spanning the d ecades of plastics’ first d evelopment and transition from military to popul ar home markets. Items are organized by use (serving pieces, cooking, fl atware, household) and by manufacturer with current prices for collectors. Price Guide

192 pp.


The Open Salt Compendium. Sandra Jzyk and Nina Robertson. Over 3500 open salt cellars, with in-depth coverage of examples made with art glass, cameo glass, figural French fai en ce, Russian enamels, porcelain , fig ural silver, and more, from manufacturers such as Steuben, Tiffany, Pairpoint, Moser, Royal Bayreuth, Daum Nancy, and Wedgw ood. Dimensions, production dates, marks, values, and rarity information. 304 pp.

97 Goebel® Salt & Pepper Shakers. H ubert and Clara McH ugh. Di sp lays the w ide variety of charming salt and pepper shakers produ ced by G oebel Porzell anfabrik® of Germany from th e 1920s throu gh t he 1980s. Sh akers and cond iment sets in the fo rm of animals, bird s, fish, people, flow ers, fruits an d vegetables, and more are shown. Includes id entification numb ers, trademark informat io n, artist names, collector tips, and current values. Price Guide

160 pp.

1001 Salt & Pepper Shakers. Larry Carey & Syl via Tompkin s. Shakers wi th th emes o f Black Americana, cat characters, mermaids and Niagara Falls, wi th col or photo s of o ver 1500 items. In clud es color, size and d esign variations of many pieces. Price Guide

112 pp.

Salt & Pepper Shakers: Made in the USA. Sylvia Tompkins & Irene Thornburg. H ere are 100s of collectible salt and pepper sets, by Arcadia, California Originals, William H. Hirsch Manufacturing Co., Metl ox Potteries, Treasure Craft, Pottery Craft, Twin Winto n, F & F Mold an d Die Works, McCoy Pottery, Rossware, Trevewood, and Rick Wisecarver. Set s with a “w ood finish” are includ ed , so you can comp are them. Price guide

American Bisque: A Collector’s Guide w ith Prices. Mary Jane Giacomini. The American Bisque Pottery, operating in Williamstow n, West Virginia, from 1919 to 1982, and the American Pottery Company produced popular cookie jars, ashtrays, doo rst ops, sp ri nkle b ot tles, b an ks, planters, lamps and much more. This b ook will enable you to identify little-known pieces includ ing airbrushed planters of yarn dolls as well as the most sought-after cookie jars.

128 pp.

Price Guide

America’s Salt & Pepper Shakers. Sylvia Tompkins and Irene Thornburg . More than 800 American-made salt and pepper shaker sets are presented , along with background inf ormation o n the comp anies and artists that produced them. 655 color photos illustrate sh aker sets mad e from the 1930s to the 1960s. Also includes information o n marks, labels, heights, and values. A must for every salt and pepp er shaker enthusiasts’ library! Price Guide

160 pp.

Beautiful Bauer: A Pictorial Study with Prices. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 450 color photo s of the p ottery from the 1920s through the 1950s by th e J.A. Bauer Pottery Company. Wares range from bright d innerwares and decorative garden pots to massive oil jars and hand-thrown vases, with a company history, display of manufacturer’s marks, bibliography and index, along w it h values.

160 pp.

192 pp. 1002 Salt & Pepper Shakers. Larry Carey & Syl via To mpkins. Focusing on no dder salt and pepp er shakers w ith over 300 nodders as w el l sets and Parkcraft sets, many n ever before having appeared in a book. All shown in clear color photos with id entification, color, size and design variations for each set. Price Guide

All-American Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sylvia Tompkins and Irene Thornb urg. More than 750 salt and p ep per shaker sets, all made in the “good old USA.” Makers in clude Regal C hina Company, Elbee Art, Sascha Brastoff, Matthew Adams, Catalina, Ro selane, Shirley, and ot hers. Backg round information, marks, labels, and values included. A great reference for all shaker lovers and collectors!

112 pp.

Value Guide Price Guide

1003 Salt & Pepper Shakers. Larry Carey & Sylvia Tomp kin s. Character sal t and p epper shakers, featuring popular television, movie, and cartoon characters, with a large section of Walt Disney. Also well-known mascots or symbols. Including each set’s color, size, manufacturer, design variations, and value range. Licensing information and histo ry for over 700 character shakers. Value Guide

Blue Ridge China Today. Frances & John Ruffin. Sout hern Pott eries in Erwin, Ten nessee, from 1938 through 1957, was the largest producer o f hand-deco rated pottery in America, includ ing Blue Ridge China. Here thousands of pieces are illustrated in over 1400 color photos with informative cap tions, historical facts, newly identified patterns, and old favorites.

176 pp.

Collecting Salt & Pepper Shaker Series. Irene Thornb urg. This is the most comprehensive guide to salt and pepper shaker series ever published . Never b efore have so many sh aker series been pictured in one bo ok. Shown in full co lor are more than 850 sets, making up mo re than 125 series. Included are well-known names such as Rosemeade, Ceramic Art s, Lefton, Enesco, and mo re. Measurements, manufacturers, coun tries, and current values are provided . Price Guide

1004 Salt & Pepper Shakers. Larry Carey & Sylvia Tompkins. Nursery rhymes and literary characters, includ ing children’s stories and fables, comprise this book of salt & pepper shakers. From Dickens, fairy tales, and Aesop’s fables, to modern day characters t he Cat in the Hat and Curious George, this book details each set’s color, size, manufacturer, design variations, and value ranges along with licensing information as marked. 160 pp.

Blue Ridge China Traditions. Frances & John Ruffin. Blue Ridge China wares made fro m 1938 to 1957 by Southern Potteries of Erwin, Tennessee, are shown in over 1400 color photo graphs, includ ing items never before seen in any text ! Personal remin iscences and photo graph s from the comp any’s workers are includ ed alo ng with advertising wares and granny b owls from Clinch field China, hand p ainted patterns, an d modern spin-off lines. Valu es included.

144 pp.

240 pp.

The Big Book of Salt & Pepper Shaker Series. Irene Thornburg . Over 1000 salt and pepper shaker sets comprising mo re than 225 series in nearly 700 col or photo s. Chapters highlight the World of Natu re, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, People, an d more. Included are many well-known manufacturers and importers such as Holt Howard, Napco, N orcrest, Lefton, Enesco, Vandor, and Clay Art. Measurements and current values are given. Price Guide

216 pp.

160 pp.

Blue Rid ge Chin a Treas ures . Fran ces & Jo hn Ruffi n. A co mp reh ensive l ook at th e hig hly col lectibl e Blue Rid ge Ch ina produced by Southern Pot teries of Erw in, Tennessee from 1938 to 1957. Contains an extensive assortment of dinnerware and china p ieces, plus special focus on ch ildren’s pieces made at the pott ery. Also inclu des newly i dentified patterns and pieces, comp any history, b ackstamps, pattern numb ers, price guid e, index.

160 pp. 224 pp.

1005 Salt & Pepper Shakers. Larry Carey & Sylvia Tompkin s. A l arge assortment o f darling miniatures, which make up a field of collecting all their own, famous personalities from Marilyn Monroe t o Ghandi, and company-developed characters like Holly Hobb ie an d Precious Moments. This guide includes 675 color photos, descrip tions, and estimated values in a book that’s actually fu n to look through.

The Complete Salt & Pepper Shaker Book. Mike Schneider. This comprehensive and colorful guide to salt and pepper shakers shows more than 1600 sets of figu ral shakers, some never having appeared in a bo ok b ef ore. Company histories, measurements of shakers, and pictures of marks and paper lab el s are among the book’s innovative featu res. Price Guide

Price Guide

252 pp.

160 pp.

1006 Salt & Pepper Shakers: Advertising. Larry Carey & Sylvia Tomp kins. Over 1000 advertising sets d ivided by subject, with chapters covering hotels and casinos, restaurants, entertainment, household p roducts, food, beverages, foreign ad vert ising, and transportat io n, including a fantastic selectio n of ai rlin e and g as station shakers. Full pricing information has been included for each set. Price Guide

Catalina Island Pottery and Tile: 1927-1937. Revised & Expanded 2nd Editi on. Carole Coates. Photograp hy b y Jeffrey B. Snyder. Vintage Catalina Islandmade wares, with up dated pricing, new ly discovered historic inf ormation, and o ver 40 new p hotos. The breathtaking ceramic artwares, tablewares, and tiles produced by Catalina from 1927-1937.

176 pp.

ANTIQUE U.S. P OTTERY BY Abingdon Pottery Artware 1934-195 0: Stepchild of the Great Depression. Joe Paradis. Abingdo n made artware using “industrial strength” materials and processes developed for their sanitaryware. Illustrated with over 700 photos of their art produ cts of 1934-50, the boo k reveals historical facts and presents a value guide according to mold number and mo ld typ e. Price Guide

198 pp.


Ceramic Arts Studio: The Legacy of Betty Harrington. Donald-Brian Johnson, Timothy J. Holthaus, and James E. Petzol d. Ceramic Arts Studio fig urines of t he 1940s and ’50s desig ned by Betty Harrington. Over 1200 color photos show figurines of theatrical adults, children, and animals, vintage catalo gs, advertisements, an d o rig inal designs, w ith a complete inventory. Collectors will find this an indispensable guide. 264 pp.

98 Ceramic Arts Studio: Identification and Price Guide. Mike Schn eider. Mike Schneider cap tures the beauty and charm of these fig urines, providing a reference that has lo ng b een need ed by collectors. The p hotos are accompanied by a wealth of useful information including the history of the company and hints on care, repair, preservation, valuing, fakes and reproductions. Price Guide

112 pp.

Franciscan, Catalina, and Other Gladding, McBean Wares : Ceramic Table and Art Wares 1873 -1942. James F. Elli ot-Bishop. The early terra cotta, garden wares, tiles, Franciscan l ine, an d Catalin a artwares produced by the prolific Gladding, McBean and Company from the late 1800s to 1942 are d isplayed. Gladding, McBean’s most popular patterns are included: El Patio, Coronado, Metropo litan, Apple, and Desert Ro se. Values in clud ed .

Hagen-Renaker Through the Years. Nancy Kelly. The Hagen-Renaker has produced appealing, yet affordable figurines and other pottery since the 1940s. Their unique styles and p opular p roducts are i llustrat ed in 446 c olor ph otos. A chapter identifying and dating t hem, and a current price guide are invaluable to collectors. Price Guide

160 pp.

240 pp. Cowan Pottery and the Cleveland School. Mark Bassett & Victo ria Naumann. Co wan p ottery and ceramic sculptural art from Ohio is presented with over 850 color photos, glaze and shape guides, a study o f the marks and t heir d ating, a 1929 price list, and current prices for collecto rs. Price Guide

372 pp.

Frankoma and Other Oklahoma Potteries. Revised and Expanded 3rd Editio n. Phyllis and Tom Bess. Beginning with the Frankoma Pottery, the authors present the histories of many Oklahoma potteries, including Tamac, Seq uoyah, Cherokee, and Winart, the cl ays, glazes an d t rademarks by which each firm may be id en tified, and the variety of items ranging from sculptures, masks and limited edition series to vases, planters and dinnerw are. Price Guide

Enesco® Then and Now: An Unauthorized Collector’s Guide. Kathleen Deel. Enesco is one of the oldest imp orting companies in the United States, with a history dating back to the late 1800s. This book features a huge array of Enesco’s gift, collectible, and decorative items. Included are early lines like Beaver Dam®, Dearie is Weary®, and Golden Girls®, plus contemp orary favorites like Country Cousins®, Human Beans®, and Precious Moments®. Over 1,500 items illustrated. Price Guide

176 pp.

144 pp.

Gonder Ceramic Arts : A Comprehensive Guide. James R. Boshears & Carol Sumilas Boshears. Over 540 color photograp hs and 37 catalog pages d isplay many of the artwares, rang ing from baskets to vases, produced by Gond er Ceramic Arts of Zanesville, Ohio. Experimental pieces are show n. A company history and detailed d escript io ns of the wares manufactured are provided. Values are provided in the captions.

Horse, Bird, and Wildlife Figures of Maureen Love: Hagen-Renaker and Beyond. Nancy Kelly. Maureen Love is best know n as one of the w ildlife designers for the Hagen-Renaker Pottery. Featured here are hundreds of horses and other animal fig urines created by Love throug h bo th her ow n ind ependen t companies and for Hagen-Renaker. A d etailed personal history, index, and price guide are also includ ed in this wonderful trib ute to a multi-talented artist.

160 pp.

184 pp.

The Complete Book of Florence Ceramics. Barbara S. Kline, Margaret C. Wehrspaun and Jerry Kline. Historical and literary fig urines, b irds, animals, fig ural p airs, and an ext en sive line of artware all identified in this wonderfu lly illustrated book, complete wi th names, sizes, colors, and current values. Also features co mpany history, information on h ow costumes were researched, patent descriptio ns, an d interview s with f amily members and former employees.

Hagen-Renaker Pottery: Horses and Other Figurines. N ancy Kelly. This bo ok features over 480 beautiful color p hotos of pottery created at Hagen-Renaker. Realistic and whimsical clay ani mal figurines are displayed, making this boo k t ruly enjoyable to read. Also included is a price gu id e, information on other po tteries of the time, and a look at some H agen-Renaker imitations.

144 pp. Grindley Pottery: A Menagerie. Mike Schneider. The Grindley Artware Manufacturing Company made fig ural pottery in Sebring, Ohio, from 1933 until 1952. Mike Schneider guides the reader along t he exciting paths of the Grindley menagerie of d ogs, cats, horses and many other animals. Even a few o f t he rare Grindley people figurines appear, as do banks, p itchers, and salt and pep per shakers. Marks and measurements are given. Price Guide

128 pp.

Hall China Tea and Coffee Pots: The First 100 Years. Gary & Paula Barnebey. H all China Comp any has made tea and coffee pots in many forms and decorations since 1903. Here they are in 845 color p hotos, in cluding early g old and platinum decorations; various series; early d ecals; Gold Label; 1960s deco rations; and d esigns by renowned artist E va Zeisel. The text includes vessel shapes, sizes, colors, and historical information. Values are in the captions.

160 pp. The Florence Collectibles: A n Era of Elegance. WIth Revised Prices. Dou g Foland. The lovely Florence figurines, made by Florence Ward and Fl orence Ceramics Company are featured in this first b ook on the sub ject. The history of the Flo rence c ollecti on in cludes co mp lete d etails about the early factory, the step-by-step process used in the creation of figu rines, and 400 color photos of the figurines. A new price guide reflects today’s market.

240 pp. Haeger Potteries: Through The Years. David D. Dilley. Organized in 1871, in Dud ee, Illinois, the Haeger p ottery continues to produce many lines of decorative ceramic wares today. The company history, over 200 catalog pages, and over 700 select items are fully described w it h their color names, dimensions, marking s, price guide, and index. With this, an int erested reader can learn to identify and evaluate H aeger p ottery on the market today.

Hall China. Jeffrey B. Snyder. An introduction to th e ceramics p ro duc ed b y t he H all Chin a Comp any of East Liverpo ol, Ohio. Over 600 color photographs d isplay these pot tery wares, ranging from coffee pots and mixing bowls to refrigerator wares an d t eap ots, i n b oth so lid color g lazes and deco rations including Autumn Leaf, Crocus, Silhouette, and more. Curren t market values are included in the captions. Price Guide

Price Guide

Franciscan Hand-Decorated Embos sed Dinnerware. James F. Ellio t-Bishop . A comprehensive guide to Fransciscan hand-decorated embossed dinnerware manufactured by Gladding, McBean & Co. from 1940 to 1984. Patterns include App le, Desert Rose, Wild Flowers, Ivy, Fruit, California Poppy, October, Forget-Me-Not, Strawberry Fair, Strawberry Time, Fresh Fruit, Bountiful, Rosette, and Bouq uet. Also includes company history, values, sizes, and extensive shape listings. Price Guide

208 pp.

144 pp.

176 pp.

Franciscan Dining Services . 2n d E ditionrevised. Jeffrey B. Snyd er. A wide range of the Franciscan line of ceramic d innerware p att erns and fo rms is portrayed, al ong w ith five-piece tab le setting s and a variety of serving dishes, museum pi eces and adverti si ng signs. Thi s Ame ric an tablew are is highly reg arded by many and this book is their best reference. 160 pp.

The House of Haeger 191 4-1944: The Revitalization of American Art Pottery. Joe Paradis & Joyce Paradis. Haeger pottery’s early artware product io n is explained with profiles of its lead designers. Exclusive material makes connections w ith Ful per and Stan gl p otteries. Over 850 stunning images, thorough research, price guid e, and exclusive material make this an imp ortant book for many audiences.

Harker Pottery: A Collector’s Compendium From Rockingham and Yellowware to Modern. William & Do nna Gray. Over 800 colo r pho tos d isplay Harker Pottery’s tabl ew ares from the 1840s to the 1970s, in cludi ng early Rockingh am, Yello wware, Ironsto ne, an d Pat e Sur Pate. Din nerw are, kitchen ware, rollin g pin s, shaving sets, tea an d p unch sets, and ABC plates are sh own. D ecorati ons i nclud e Flo w Bl ue and decals. Values are fou nd i n the captio ns.

239 pp.

The House of Haeger 194 4-1969: The Post-War Era. Joe & Joyce Paradis. Collectible ceramic artware fro m the post WW II period, with over 370 pho tos document ing the shapes and glazes of this period, with figurines, planters, vases, TV lamps, ashtrays, candlehol ders, and more. Examp les of Stu dio Haeg er and Haeger Flowerware designs are includ ed , as are profiles of key figures in Haeger’s history. Current market values are in the captions. 192 pp.

224 pp. Fiesta: Homer Laughlin China Compan y’s Colorf ul Din nerware. 4th Edition- revised & expande d. Jef frey B. Snyder. A survey of Fiesta Ware, the Homer Laughl in’s most popu lar dinnerware. Over 300 co lor p hot os sh ow Fiest a’s many fo rms, accompan ied by a writ ten history of the Homer Laughlin Company. This revised edition features new phot os and updated values. Value Guide

144 pp.

99 Fiest a, Harlequin & Kitchen Kraf t Dinnerwares: The Hom er Laughlin China Collectors Association Guide. The Homer Lau ghlin China Col lectors Assoc. Three of the most collectible lines of vintage d innerware are thoroughl y explo red in this major work w ritt en by exp ert collecto rs. 592 color photograp hs and detailed measured draw ings appear alo ng wit h extensive analysis of the shapes, marks, production method s, and decorations. 288 pp. Modern Fiesta™: 1986-Present. Terri Polick. Over 480 co lor photographs and text p resent the Fiesta™ ceramics made by the Homer Laughl in Ch ina Compan y™ sin ce 1986. Incl uded are table and kitchenware items, lamps, vases, decal deco rated Fiesta, child ren’s wares, the F iesta 2000™ line, prototypes, test pieces, sample items, and the rare Raspberry Bow l. Values are found in cap tions and tables. 176 pp.

An Overview of Homer Laughlin Dinnerware. Mark Gonzalez. Fo r over 140 years, th e Homer Laughlin Company of East Liverpo ol, Ohio, made p opular ceramic plate shapes, each with d if ferent d ecorative treatments that are identified by numb ers and date codes. With 805 color photos, 43 din nerw are shap es as w ell as kitchenware, specialty items, and backmarks are shown. With this information, you can learn t o identify each shape and treatment.

Homer Laughlin China: Guide to Shapes and Patterns. Jo Cunningham & Darlene Nossaman. This handy and comprehensive gu ide q uickly identifies the shap es, decoratio ns, and pat terns of dinnerw are made by the Homer Laughlin China Comp any of East Liverpool, Ohio, from 1874 to the present. Their ever-popular Fiesta, Harlequin, and Histo rical American Subjects are just three of more than 160 different entries covered here in the A to Z list ing. Price Guide

Freeman-McFarlin Pottery: 1951-1980. Nancy Kelly.

240 pp.

Homer Laughlin China: 1940s & 1950s. Jo Cun nin gh am. Th e H omer Laug hl in Chi na Co mp any produ ced more t han 100 di ffe ren t shapes of dinnerw are since 1873 and more than 10,000 d ecorations. How is one to identify all the variations? This b ook fully exp lains the 1940s and 1950s pro ducts. This was a very p rolific time for the company, and the era of dishes that people are collecting today. 176 pp.

Homer Laughlin: A Giant Among Dishes, 1873-1939. Jo Cunningham. The proud history of one of America’s most prolific and best known dinnerw are manufact urers is presented with over 500 co lor photograp hs and new research from the company arch ives. This b ook gives th e fact ual history of all t he shapes, decoratio ns, an d variations that have been foun d. Current market value ranges are g iven.

This is the first book devoted entirely to the vast array of wonderful animal sculptures and decorative items produced by Freeman-McFarlin Pottery, located in California from 1951 through 1980. This book contains over 480 vivid photos and vintage catalog pages, interviews with former employees, and a price guide. Learn the story of the overlapping histories of other California Potteries owned by Gerald McFarlin prior to his partnership with Maynard Anthony Freeman, including Tudor Pottery, Rio Hondo, and McFarlin Potteries. The early years are defined by cute miniature animals and plain-looking pottery. Once the partnership flourished, the animals and tableware became larger, bolder, and much more innovative. The history includes two factories, numerous artists, a devastating fire, the sale of the company to International Multifoods of Minnesota, and ultimately, the sale to Hagen-Renaker, a well-known California Pottery, in 1980. Nancy Kelly has been a California Pottery collector for many years, and has enjoyed meeting the wonderful people responsible for creating these amazing items. To have the privilege of researching and writing about them has been a dream come true. Available in December

202 pp.

Hull Pottery: Decades of Design. 2nd edition, revised. Jeffrey B. Snyder. 100s of color photos survey Hull pottery over many decades. N ovelty items, flower pot s, cookie jars and cont ainers, vases, and serving wares are all included. A brief history of the company and an examination of its maker’s marks are included. Revised values are provided in the cap tions. Every collector of 20t h century ceramics and fans of Ohio pottery w ill find this engaging reading . 160 pp.

Josef Origin als: Cha rming Figurin es. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Jim and Kaye Whitaker, and Dee H arris. This all-colo r illustrat ed book follow s the art of California ceramicist Muriel Josef George from 1945 through the 1980s. Packed with hundreds of cheerful images, this book will be an invaluab le aid in the dating and identification of her popular ceramic figurines of romantic young women in hundred s o f different poses and costumes.

Josef Originals: A Second Look. Jim & Kaye Whitaker. Most of t hese popular ceramic figurines were designed by Muriel Josef to express her love of children, family, animals, and all things bright and beautiful. This volume co ntains fullcolor photos of almo st 700 Josef Originals never before published , including many that collecto rs ne ver kn ew existed . Thi s valu abl e referenc e ident ifies mo del and series names, sizes, and color variations. Index

160 pp.

100 Josef Originals: Figurines of Muriel Joseph George. Jim & Kaye Whitaker. The original designer of Jo sef Originals, Muriel Joseph G eorge, is introduced for the first t ime. Over 600 color photos of 850 figurines made from the 1940s to the 1980s, an informative text , descriptions, and current value ranges provide the reference no figurines collector can be without.

Tw entiet h Cent ury Lef ton China a nd Collectibles : A Numbered Price Guide for Collectors. Karen Barton. O ver 360 color photo s il lustrat e a w ide variety of pieces mad e by the Lefton . Company identificat ion numbers, descrip tions, and current p rices for more than 7,600 differen t Left on items. A sp ecial sectio n highlig hts Lefton Collections. Company history, marks, and id entification tips included.

Pacific Pottery: Tablew are from the 192 0s, ’30s, and ’40s...and more! Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 500 color photos of the ceramic table, kitchen, and artwares pro duced by California’s Pacif ic Clay Products Company from the 1920s t hrou g h th e 1940s. T he co mp any’s famous Hostessware serving pieces are prominently featured . Values acco mpany the photo captions.

160 pp. Price Guide

Kay Finch: Ceramics. Mike Nickel & Cind y Horvath. The art pottery figurines, vases, banks, and planters made by Kay Finch in Corona del Mar, California, between 1939 and 1963, are adorable! Dogs and cats, f arm and wild animals, fish, cute children and styliz ed adult s and birds o ccupy her creat ive world . Nearly 400 color and 36 vintage photographs d isplay her very coll ectible p ottery and Kay Finch making them. Price Guide

Price Guide

Twentieth Cent ury Lef ton China Dinnerware & Accessories. Karen Barto n. Popular Lefton ceramic d innerware has been made from 1946 to t he present, in 120 different collectible patterns. Over 340 b eautiful color pictures document their variety t o make this book the best and most comprehensive resource for Lefton identification. Lefton and Occupied Japan collectors will find much to learn in this val uable reference.

176 pp.

Knowles, Taylor & Knowles: American Bone China. Timothy J. Kearns. Duri ng th e 1880s, Kn owles, Taylor & Knowles pro duced American bone china to rival the Eng lish and French chinas. Their Belleek Ware, Lotus Ware, and China Whiskey Jugs are presented with manufacturer’s marks, decorative techniques, 245 color photos, identity of the artists, and current prices for collectors. Each phase of t he company’s productio n is illustrated. Price Guide

168 pp.

160 pp.

Pennsbury Pottery. Lucile Henzke. Pen nsbury Pot tery, i n Pennsylvan ia, has mad e disti nctive dishes and fig ures. Th is referen ce shows 500 co lo r ph ot os of th e p ot tery pi eces wit h th e makers’ marks, complete listing of the pat terns, rep roduction of the 1959 catalog, and history of the co mpany. An excellent reference. Pri ce guide included. Price guide

160 pp.

Liberty Blue Dinnerware. Revised & Expanded 2nd Editio n. Deb bie Coe & Randy Coe. Blue and white ironstone dinnerware has been collected for many years, and the introduction of the Liberty Blue pattern in 1975, with its fifteen different historic scenes of co lonial America, bro ught forth keen interest. Color photographs beautifully illustrate all the pieces in a complete set, and interesting facts are given about each historic scene.

128 pp.

Pillin Pottery. Jerry Kline & Mike Nickel. With hundreds of Polia Pillin’s pieces captured in mo re than 700 color photo s, this is a comprehensive catalog of h er art p ottery from t he late 1940s until the late 1980s. Featured pieces, with values, incl ude d ecorated and non- decorat ed p ottery. Complet e wit h a hi sto ry o f Pil lin’s career and a look at the techniques she used, this book is required reading for art pottery collectors, dealers, and st uden ts.

160 pp.

Schiffer LTD

The World of Kreiss Ceramics. Pat & Larry Aikins. These distinctive ceramic fig urines, kitchen ware, an d bathroom ware w ere made in Jap an fro m 1946 until about 1971. They are b rig htly painted and known for hu morous expressions and appearance. This g uide shows a wid e selection of the known items, in color and with descriptions, dimensions, and estimated values.

McCoy Pot tery. 4th e dit ion , revise d an d expanded. Jeffrey B. Snyder. McCoy Pottery displayed in over 750 color photograp hs of utilitarian stonewares, cookie jars, b eautiful artwares, vases, and mo re. Includes discussions of company history, manufacturing techniq ues, manufacturer’s marks, w ith an app en dix chroniclin g the many cookie jars. Updated valu es make this a useful guidebook. Price Guide

Purinton Pottery. Jamie Bero-Johnson & Jamie Johnson. Over 1000 color p hotos and historical facts chronicle the Purinton Pottery o f Well sville, Ohio, from its early Peasan t Ware stag es of t he late 1930s to the ever-popular Apple and Penn sylvania Dutch patterns of the 1940s and ’50s. All kn own pattern s and molds are illustrated in chronological ord er. 224 pp.

208 pp.

Left on China. Ruth Mc Carth y. More than 900 pho tos document Lefton China company’s fi gurine s, t eapot s, asht rays, plan ters, an imal and figurine creat io ns, banks, bells, co okie jars, hands, salt and pepper shakers, spiritual items, and vases. Complete descriptions, bo ttom marks, and up-to-date p rices are included for t he variety of styles, patterns, series, and themes that make Lefton China sought-after today.

McCoy Pot tery: A Field Guide. Jeffrey B. Snyd er. A quick reference guide to the popul ar McCo y po ttery produced b y the N elson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Company, the Nelson McCoy Pot tery C omp an y, an d McCoy Lt d. f rom 1910 to 2000. Over 500 color p hotos display McCoy pottery ranging from bulb bow ls, cookie jars, and jardini res to plant ers, vases, and wall p ockets. Current market valu es are included.

Rookwood Pottery. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 800 color pho tos display the ceramic art pottery made by Ro okwood Pottery fro m 1880 t hrough 1967. Hand-painted decoration by Albert R. and Anna Marie Valentien, Matt Daly, William H entschel, Kate C. Mat chet te, Mary Nou rse, and Kataro Shirayamadani, among others, is shown on vases, urns, cand lesticks, and plates. Includes a history of the company, bibliography, and an in dex.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Index 336 pp.

180 pp.

208 pp.

More Lef ton China. Rut h McCart hy. Lef ton China has fast become one of the mo st desirable, sought -af ter ceramics collectibles on t he second ary market today. This new volume spans the history of the Lefton company. Here are over 740 more photos, includ ing figurines, plan ters, vases, and other decorative items. Descriptions, marks, current pricing, and a large l ist of Lefton patterns makes th is an invaluabl e guid e no col lector should b e w ithout.

Newcomb Pottery & Crafts: An Educational Enterprise for Women, 1895-1940. Jessie Poesch with Sally Main. This illustrated sourcebook chronicles the history o f the Newcomb Pot tery at Tulane University. It explores the development of the art form, presenting a sensitive picture of the artists themselves. A section on marks and dating by Walter Bob is included. Over 800 color photos of pottery and crafts and 40 hist orical black and white images. A b eautiful and imp ortant book.

Price Guide

Index 320 pp.

176 pp.

Lefton China: Old and New. Ruth McCarthy. This authoritative volume includes new information on the history of the George Zoltan Lefton Company. Includes d escriptions, identifying markings, and current pricing, along w ith an exp an ded list o f patterns not f ound in any other p ublish ed book on Lefto n China. Price Guide

176 pp.

Newcomb Pottery: An Enterprise for Southern Women, 1895-1940. Jessie Poesch, wit h exhib ition cat alo g by Sally Main Spanola. The illustrated history of the Newcomb Pottery at Tulane University in Louisiana from its founding in 1895. Women art students made and decorat ed beautiful vases, d ishes, and fo rms that are prized today. Identifying marks and dating by Walter Bob. Index

160 pp.

A Price Guide to Rookwood. Rookwo od art pottery was made in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1880 until 1967. In this guide 251color and 166 b lack and white pho tographs show hundreds of vases, plaques, bow ls, bookends, lamps, tea tile, and more, with estimated price ranges t o reflect the art market.

Rookwood Pottery: The Glaze Lines. Anita J. Ellis. Rookw ood Po ttery products and its glaze lines presented with the Ohio, pottery’s history from 1880 until 1967. Ellis, curator of the Cincinnati Art Museum, conclusively explains and illustrates in color both the Deco rated Wares and Commercial Wares, which are categorized and defined for the first time. The most complete record of Ro okwood pottery, marks, g lossary of t erms and all the glaze lines id ent if ied. Value Reference

240 pp.

101 Introducing Roseville Pottery. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Mark Bassett. Roseville pottery was made from 1890 to 1954. Here over 840 color photograp hs present numerous product lines, a discussio n of experimental and trial glaze pieces, a glaze and shape identification guide, a timeline of Roseville pro ducts, and the comp any’s facto ry marks and artist signatures. Newly revised values are provided with a bibliography and an index. 288 pp.

Unders tanding Rosev ille Pott ery. Mark Bassett. Over 800 color phot os displ ay Roseville Pottery artware, particularly the Artcraft, Cherub Cameo, D onatello, Pine Cone Modern, and Win craft lines and Della Robbia and Olympic it ems. The text provides a comp any histo ry from 1890 through 1954, reveals the key roles of famous staff memb ers, and shows previously unpublished manufacturer’s marks. 288 pp.

Russel Wright Dinnerware, Pottery & More: An Identification and Price Guide. Joe Keller and David Ross. Over 500 color photos chronicle Russel Wrig ht’s orig inal dinnerware, g lassware, and pottery. Featured are Wright’s Casual China and American Modern lines, which are among the most popular and influential dinnerw are lines in hist ory. Other rarer forms and designs are al so featured. A current d etailed pricing guide is also provided. Price Guide

Taylor, Smith and Taylor China Company: Guide to Shapes and Values. Mark Gonzalez. Over 650 color photos disp lay dinnerware shapes by Taylor, Smith and Taylor from 1899 to 1981, Avona, Belva, Capitol, Ever Yours, Garland, Holly & Spruce, Io na, Lu-Ray Pastels, Marvel, Octagon, Paramount, Shado ws, Timb ercraft, Verona, and Vogu e patterns. Values are in t he capt ions and in tables.

160 pp.

Santa Barbara Ceramic Design: Art Pottery from America’s Riviera. Terry Gerratana. This is the story of Santa Barbara Ceramic Design (SBCD) and how a studio pottery def in ed by one p erson producing hand throw n, hand decorated po ttery evolved into a full-b lown p roduction pottery wit h distinct colorways, shapes, and designs. This profile captures the voices of the creative forces behind SBCD, its company culture, and works that in many ways invo ke the Arts and Crafts movement.

Treasure Craft Pottery & Pottery Craf t Stoneware. George A. Higby, ISA. Over 650 color photos do cument Treasure Craft and Pottery Craft cookie jars, Haw aiiana, figurines, and dinn erware lines, and including w orks b y Ray Murray, Do n Wint on, an d Robert Maxw ell. Inf ormatio n on manufacturers’ marks, look-alike produ ct s, and values in the captions are included. Price Guide

176 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Bas set t’s Ros eville Prices. Re vi sed & Expanded 3rd Edition . Mark Bassett. Over 130 Ro seville Pottery Company ceramic lines are listed and valued in this guid e. Arranged in alphabetical order, each line and common variations are listed and p riced (by gl aze color when appro priat e). Everyon e in terested in art po ttery, Americ an artware, o r Ohio pottery will find this an essential reference work.

Saturday Evening Girls Paul Revere Pottery. Meg Chalmers & Jud y Young. The Saturday Evening Girls p ottery hold s a special place among the Arts & Craft s Movement of early 20th century. This is the first expansive study of the SEG, with in-depth history and 675 color and histo rical illustrations, the largest archive of SEG mat erial gathered in one place. The marks and artists’ signatures are illustrated. Pots are described and evaluated.

Collector’s Guide to Trenton Potteries. Thomas L. Rago with Photograph y by T. M. Rago. A survey of pottery of the Tren ton Potteries Comp an y of Trenton, New Jersey, (1892-1950). Over 290 color pho tographs d isplay candlest icks, centerpieces, jard in ieres, lamps, vases, wall pockets, and more. Current market values are included in the captions. Price Guide

Exclusively Roseville: Price and Inventory John, Malinda and Nancy Bomm. Roseville Pottery pattern names, dates first mad e, and descript ions with val ue ranges, covering thousands of different shapes of vario us sizes and glaze colors. The alphabetical org aniz atio n and wo rkbook format make record keeping easy for collecto rs and dealers.

Viktor Schreckengos t: Designs in Dinnerware. Jo Cunningham. Viktor Schreckengost’s designs for dinnerware include 24 major shapes decorated with over 180 different patterns. Among the most popular of the mid-20th century, his most successful dinnerware lines w ere Americana and Diana (1934), Manhattan (1935), Triumph and Jif fy Kitchenw are (1937). Special commissions, commemorative plates, and even children's dishes are included.

160 pp.

Universal Dinnerware and its Predecessors. Timothy J. Smith. Over 725 color phot os illustrate the dinnerware produced over 60 years by Universal Potteries, Inc. The text o utlines the “family tree” of potteries leading up to Universal: Guernsey Earth enware Co., Oxford Pottery Co., and Atlas-Glo be China Co. Plates, platters, bowls, teapots, pitchers, jugs, cups, casseroles, and more are shown. Values for all items included in the captions. 176 pp.

Roseville In All Its Splendor. Jack and Nancy Bomm. Roseville pottery has become a popular antique ware to collect, and with t his guid e the patterns can be id entified, variations seen, and values estimated. The alphabetical org aniz ation is easy to use.

Tableware Designs of Ben Seibel: 1940s1980s. Richard G. Racheter. The many-faceted works of American ceramic desig ner Ben Seib el, a pioneer in mid -20th century modern designs. Shown are majo r works for Iroquois, Steubenville, Rosevi lle, an d U niversal p ott eries, as well as relatively unknown designs for Mikasa and Fostoria glassworks. Includes co mprehensive coverage o f decorative treatments. Price Guide

Shawnee Pottery: The Full Encyclopedia. Pam Curran. 1300 co lor pho tos of the p ottery and di nnerware mad e by this twent iet h century comp any along with marks, labels, catalogs, and even new items and reproduction s, plus black and white historical photos of the personnel, plant, and manufacturing process make this book the most comp rehensive study of Shawnee pottery.

Roy al Copley: Identificat ion and Price Guide. Mike Schneider. In clud es 875 p ieces of Royal Copley ceramics, includin g many p revi ously unkno wn examp les. E stimat ed values are included in the captions, along with measurements and in formation about marks. Also included is a brief history of the Spaulding China Company, the Sebring , Ohio, pottery t hat manufactured Royal Copley items.

Stangl and Pennsbury Birds: Identification and Price Guide. Mike Schneider. The entire Stangl Birds of America series, 60 examples of Pennsbury bird s, and the l it tle know n but desirable Stangl animal figures in beautiful color photos. This user-friendly b ook lists the Stangl bird s by mo del numb er and includes an alphabetical name index for co mp lete and easy cross ref erencing pl us close-up photos of marks.

Price Guide

144 pp.

Price Guide

96 pp.

192 pp.

Roza ne Ware: The Ros ev ille Pot t ery Company. A beautifu l and p opular art p ottery by Roseville, the Rozane lin e was conceived in 1904 to reproduce in art pottery fine oil paintings of so ft and natu ral tints of nature. This bo ok is a comp any brochure fro m 1905 that explains the making process and disp lays 70 color images of Ro zane decoration with their identifying numbers. Includ ed are t he decoration vari atio ns: Rozane Royal, Rozane Mongol, Roz ane E gyp to, Rozane Mara, and Rozan e Woodland.

Price Guide

Vallona St arr Ceramics. Bernice Stamper. Vallona Starr Ceramics operated in so uthern California from the 1930s until 1953. Known for their whimsical designs, Vallona Starr pieces includ ed sal t and pepp er shakers, sugar and creamers, vases, cookie jars, ornaments, and more. This book is t he first devoted to the creative work of Vallona Starr Ceramics.

304 pp.

Warwick China. John R. Rader, Sr. Over 300 beautiful color p hotos o f vases, tankard sets, din nerware and more, this book gives insight into the operations and achievements of the Warw ick China Compan y in Wh eeling , West Virginia. H ilarious stories and experiences of former emp loyees are retold by the author, making this an enjoyable and unique reference work. The complete price g uide is easy to use and aids the reader and collector in accurately pricing their own special find s. Price Guide

160 pp.

144 pp.

Watt Pot tery : A Collect or’s Reference with Price Guide. 2nd edition, revised. D ennis Thomp son & W. Bryce Watt. Tells the histo ry of the Ohio pottery f irm, tracing its produ ct and p attern develo pmen t. Includ es origin al researc h, 800 beautiful color images, and ful l sections on marks, patterns, and all know n mold shapes and numbers. Current market values make it an imp ortant in vest ment for dealers and collectors alike. Price Guide

240 pp.

102 Weller Pottery. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 520 colo r images of the art pottery and artwares produced by the Weller Pottery Co mpany, f rom 1895 to 1948, incl udin g Art N ouveau, Aurelian, Coppertone, Dickens Ware, Eocean, Forest, Hudson, Louwelsa, Sicard, and Woo dcraft. This sweeping survey has a sampling of hand decorations by company artists and t he glaze treatments employed over the years. Values are included in the captions.

Mid-Century Modern Dinnerw are: A Pictorial Guide: Redw ing to Winfield. Michael Pratt. Over 500 co lor photos and informative text expl ore modern tableware d esign s of the midtwentieth century. Amo ng the p ottery firms whose wares are presented are Red Wing, Roseville, Royal China, Salem China, Stangl, Steubenville, Universal, Vernon Kilns, Winart Pottery, and Winf ield China. N ew information is provided, along with an extensive bibliograp hy.

240 pp.

Weller, Roseville, and Related Zanesville Art Pottery and Tiles. Betty Ward and Nancy Schiffer. Art pot tery and tiles from the Weller, Roseville, J.B. Owens, and related companies were made variousl y from 1872 to 1967 in Zanesville, Ohio. This reference provides in one volume a full account of the companies, shapes, glaze lines, and values on today’s market. Price Guide

American Stonewares: The Art and Craf t of Utilitarian Potters. Revised 4th Edition . Georgeanna H. Greer. The history of stoneware vessel production in America and Canada told with outstand ing photos of over 300 important pieces. Chapters describe the hand-worked method of turning clay into pots, common and uncommon forms, marks and varieties of decoration, the glazes employed, and the firing process. This classic study is welcome in this new edition with current prices.

224 pp. Solid-Colored Dinnerware: Depression to Mid-Century. Mark Gonzalez. The po pular collectible dinnerware lines of o ur time, including Fiesta and Lu-Ray, and other lines t hat are often conf used w ith one another. Accompan ied by a price g uide and over 500 color photos. This book featu res a wide array of shapes in dozens of colors.

Yellow Ware: The Transitional Ceramic. 3rd Edition-revised. Joan Leibowitz. Yellow ware is the transitional ware b etw een redw are in the primitive period and wh it e ware in the art pottery movement. The utilitarian purp oses for which it was used in the 19th century made it a very common ceramic. With beautiful photos and up dated values, this revised edition shows yell ow ware to b e an attractive and imp ortant ceramic type.

176 pp.


Collecting American Belleek. Loman & Petula Eng. Over 390 col or phot os d isplay the porcelain object s made by Ceramic Art Company® and Lenox, Inc.®, Ott and Brewer®, and the Willets Man ufacturing Company® fro m the 1880s to 1930. Hand-p ainted and signed deco ratio ns by famou s artist s, including H. J. Nosek, Walter Marsh, and George and William Morley are included.

119 pp.

160 pp.

Collecting Fiest a, Lu-Ray & Other Colorware. Mark Gon zal ez. O ve r 150 l in es o f solid-col ored d innerware w ere pro duced in t he Uni ted States f rom 1930 to 2000. Th is bo ok focuses on the most popular lines from Homer Laughl in , Taylor, Smith and Taylor, Know les, and Mr. Clemens lines, as well as Zephyr, Georgette, Sevilla, Romany and Rancho, and Camwood Ivo ry lines. Each is fully discussed, with their marks, colors, and items identified.

Redware: Am erica’s Folk Art Pott ery. Revised 4th Edition. Kevin McConnell. From its basic clay ton es to hand -painted adornment s, the hu ndreds of tab leware, vessels, vases, and miniatures shown will del ight, and the accurate market values for the items make this invaluable for collectors and dealers. The p ieces are p resented in chronological sequence, spanning the 18th and 19th centuries.

Bluebird China. Kenna Rosen. Over 750 beautiful color photos of bluebird china decorated wit h the bluebird motif, pro duced by o ver 50 of America’s top potteries including Anchor Pott ery Company, Homer Laughlin China Company and Steubenville Pottery Company to n ame just a few. Whether you are a novice or an advanced collector, this book will help you identif y the many subtle d ifferences in pieces. Values are includ ed in the captions.

The Best of Collectible Dinnerware. Revised 2nd Edition. Jo Cunningham. An excellent survey of the best companies and their most po pular lines of dinnerware and t he contributio ns of famous designers. Over 300 color pho tos, extracts from catalogs and advertisements, historical photos, and a well-documented text help to identify dinnerware, trace changing technological and design trends, and sho wcase an ind ustry in its heyday.

Potters and Potteries of Chester County Pennsylvania. Dr. Arthur E. James. The distinctive p otteries in Chester County, Pen nsylvania produced ut ilitarian goo ds for the farmers wh o settl ed here and influenced their descendents who moved West and South. In the 19th century, they made redware, majolica, and semi-p orcel ains o f note. This work records histories, shows examples, and documents early settlers.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Depres sion Pottery. 2nd E ditio nrevised & expanded. Jeffrey B. Snyder. A survey of the varied and beautiful ceramic wares f rom America’s Great Dep ression years. Over 450 color photographs display streamlined table, kitchen, and artware from large and small manufacturers in the late 1920s to early 1940s. Brief histories of the potteries, updated values, bibliography, and index are provided. Price Guide

192 pp.

American Art Pottery Wall Pockets. Mark Basset t. C eramic w all p ockets, made to hold flowers, primarily, b y o ver sixty American p ottery firms, are d isp layed in over 570 color phot os. Examp les made by Fulp er, G rueby, Marblehead, Owens, Teco, Roseville Brush-McCoy, Camark, Franko ma, Hull, Nelson McCoy, Peters & Reed, Rookwood, and Weller are included. Also presented are typical manufact urers’ marks, a b ib liography, and values in the captions.

Pottery, Modern Wares 1920-1960. Leslie hand-decorated wares of the mid-20th century, including Homer Laughlin’s Fiesta, Russel Wright, Glidden, Cowan, Sascha Brastoff and more. Color photos of t he wares, details and maker’s marks together with essays on the companies and designers, plus a bibliography and price guide. Price Guide

240 pp.

192 pp.

Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware. Michael Pratt. The bold shapes and startl in g pat terns o n dinnerware of the late 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s are displayed in over 480 dazzling color photographs. Much of the best w ork of si x l eading p ottery manufacturers is sho wn and described in detail. Bantu, Casual, Futura, Ho liday, Impromptu, and Scandia dinn erware shapes are well represented. Values are included. 224 pp.

160 pp. Designed & Signed: ’50s & ’60s Glass, Ceramics & Enamel Wares by Georges Briard, Sascha Brastoff, Marc Bellaire, Higgins...

Alternat iv e A merican Ceramics , 18 701955: The Other American Art Pottery. Ken studio po ttery, dinnerw are, and other functional wares, as well as china painting and other ceramic decoration and design produced without a primary profit-making motivation. This invaluab le resource details w orks fro m n on-commercial pro grams, including the Saturday Evening Girls, the Works Progress Administration, and many others.

designed and sig ned by name art ists o f the 1950s and 1960s, including gift and tableware, g lass, ceramics and enamel items. E xtensive coverage of desig ner Georges Briard, alo ng w ith much w ork by the other prominent featured artists. Price Guide

192 pp.

320 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Mid-Century Modern Dinnerw are: A Pictorial Guide: Ak-Sar-Ben to Paden City Pottery. Michael Pratt. Over 500 color photos illustrate this overview of modern tableware designs from the 1940s through the 1960s, surveying forty-seven pottery companies from A to P, including American Limoges, Buffalo, Century House, Frankoma, Hall, Mayer, Pacific, and Pfaltzgraff. The text presents new information, grading guidelines, a bibliography, an index, and current market values.

California Potteries: The Complete Book. Mike Schneider. Some of the finest figural p ottery ever made in America, illustrated in over 800 color pho tographs covering mo re th an 75 California comp anies such as Brayton Laguna, Kay Finch, Hedi Scoo p, DeLee Art, Robert Simmons, WalkerRenaker, and others. Provides information about the potteries, tips for co llectors, and Price Guide. Price Guide

Biographies in American Ceramic Art: 1870-1970. Ken Forster. Researched for more than six years, this comprehensive d irectory of ceramic art in the United States contains more than 2,000 b iograp hical entries f or individuals invo lved in the production and desig n of d ecorative pott ery fro m 1870 to 1970. It serves as a comp anion ind ex to the author’s book Alternative American Ceramics.

256 pp.

224 pp.

Schiffer LTD

103 Art Pottery of America. Revised 4th Edition . Lucile Henzke. A comprehensive study of American art pottery, arranged al phabetically by the p otter otteries. The text includ es important histo rical data, photographs of each pottery’s representative forms, and a complete series of the identifying marks from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Recently updated price gu id e. 368 pp.

Fireworks: New England Art Pottery of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Paul A. Royka. Arts and Craf ts style New England art pottery mad e from 1872 to 1928 disp layed in over 400 color photos. Text examines the origins of the Arts and Crafts Movemen t an d influences manufacturing companies had on it. Beautiful and highly collected utilitarian forms w ith Price Guid e for reference. Price Guide

192 pp.

A Century of Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs. Stephen M. Mullins & David C. Fastenau, with Louise Irvin e. The mo st co mprehensive book available on Royal Doul ton character and toby jugs, l avishly illustrated w ith 1,760 larg e photo s o f more than all 800 sep arate jugs and derivatives,. Every production piece from the last century and tho se of more than 100 prototype jugs are included. The scope, details and pictorial abundance set this b ook apart from any other reference on the sub ject

The World of Wade Figurines and Miniatures. Ian Warner & Mike Posg ay. Wade ceramic figurines and miniatures from the 1930s through to the present. With over 2,500 items show n in color and organized in 17 chapters, this comprehensive guide has current values b oth in U.S. dollars and British pounds. There is a comp let e illustrated list identifying the many Wade backstamps. This is a beautiful and valuable bo ok for the thousands o f Wade collectors around the wo rld.

Royal Doulton: A Legacy of Excellence. Gregg Whittecar and Arron Rimpley. The finest ceramic art wares produced by Royal Doulton at their Lambeth and Burslem Stud ios, dating from the 1870s to 1945. Over 600 photos bring these treasures d irectly to life. The book features many of Doulton’s premier artists an d their hand paint ed vases, vellum figures, and flambé, titanium, and experimental g lazes.

The World of Wade: Figurines & Miniatures II. Ian Warner and Mike Posgay. Building on the success and scope of The World of Wade Figurines and Miniatures, t his revised an d expanded collector’s guide features hundreds of new and old figurines. Entries include current values, dimensions, markings, documentation, and, when know n, designer. New chapters include C&S Collectables, Wad e Fai r special issues, and the G oodie Box figurines and Christmas figurines.

Value Reference

ANTIQUE U.K. POTTERY BY COMPANY Adams Ceramics: Staff ordshire Potters and Pots, 1779-1998. David A. Fu rniss, J. Rich ard Wagner, and Judith Wag ner. Th is is the most authentic an d read able record of the prolific Adams ceramic wares from England, including earth enw are, b one chi na, jasp er, sto new are, basalt, and Parian made over a 200-year period. Over 1250 color photographs illustrate the comprehensive text.

288 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Shelley™ Tea Ware Patterns. Sheryl Burdess. Over 760 color p hotos display tea ware patterns produced by Shelley Pottery™ and its predecessors, Wileman & Company™ and Foley China™ of Stafford shire, England, from the 1860s to 1966. Arranged by p attern number, the encyclopedic listings include thousands of patterns, color variations, backstamps, and b ody shap es. Current market values are included in the captions.

336 pp.

288 pp.

Chameleon Ware Art Pottery: A Collector’s Guide to George Clews . Hil ary C alvert. The history of George Clews’ pottery during its fifty-five year exist ence, as well as g iving a cl ear guide to collecting Chameleon Ware. Illustrated with over 250 colo r photographs, a list of all known patterns with identifying numbers, and a current price guide, this is the indispensab le handb ook b oth for the Clews collector and for t he l over of art pottery.

Shelley China. Tina Skinner & Jeffrey B. Snyder. An expansive guide to the fine bone china made by this popular British manufact urer. 100s of pieces are shown in shapes and patterns widely p rized by today’s collectors. A brief history of the company, spanning the years 1860-1966, is included, along with a g uide to b ack stamps; a buyer’s g uide to fakes, reproductions, and damaged items, a pattern index, and current market values.

144 pp.

176 pp.

The World of Wade Whimsies. Ian Warner & Mike Po sgay. Over 980 photos detail the sets of Whimsies, miniature ceramic figurines issued by Britain’s Wade potteries, along with many original presentation boxes. Advertising literature from bo th journals and original Wade flyers is also included. Miniature village sets, premiums, and promotional figures are d ep icted and discussed. Sug gested values in both US dollars and UK po unds.

The World of Wade Ireland. Ian Warner & Mike Posgay. Highly collectib le ceramic products of the Irish Wad e pottery, from the early 1950s throug h 1990. Over 540 color p hotos depict g iftware lines, including tankards, tableware, decanters, ashtrays, and th e ever popular leprechauns, fairy fo lk, and Irish Song Figures. Includes a history of the pottery, backstamps, mold marks, and suggest ed values. A must fo r all serious and novice collectors of Irish Wade. 160 pp.

Clarice Cliff and Her Contemporaries: Susie Cooper, Keit h Murray, Charlotte Rhead, and the Carlton Ware Designers. Helen C. Cunningham. The artistic heritage of 20th cent ury British ceramics designers is disp layed in over 420 color photographs. Vital historical in formation o n the factories and f orgeries and a price g uide make this a val uable resource. These artists, their works, and so urces of inspiration are fully explored. -

George Jones Ceramics 1861-1951. Robert E. Cluett. Popular majolica wares and “Abbey” blue and white transfer p rinted ceramics pro duced by George Jones. Over 700 color photos display table, tea, toilet, and ornamental wares. A detailed history, pattern registration dates, shapes, & manufacturer’s marks are provided . Geoff rey Godden has cal led this “...the u ltimate work on this Stoke firm.” 288 pp.

More Shelley™ China. Nicholas Russ & Lee Jones. Over 580 photograp hs display hundreds of Shel ley China™ tab lew are pieces, tea and coffee sets, vases, and more, in shapes and patterns not seen in previous p ublications. A detailed review of the manufactu ring process for Shelley Potter Potteries’™ Eng lish b one ch in a is provided, along with a brief history of the company, a g uide to detecting damage, a p attern and shap e index, and a listing of current market values in the cap tions.

Wedgwood Ceramics: Over 200 Years of Innovation and Creativity. Daniel J. Keefe III. Over 500 stunning color photos display Wedgwood ceramics made in Engl and since the mid-1700s, includ ing early green glazed earthenw ares, Queen’s Ware, b lack basalt , jasp er ware, dry-b odied stonewares, majolica, b one china, and lustre ware ranging from teapots and t ableware to stat uary and Art Deco sculptures. Includes a detailed history and values are in the captions.

176 pp.

256 pp.

Spode and Copeland: Over Two Hundred Years of Fine China and Porcelain. Steven Smith. Over 440 images display the ceramics made by Spode. From blue and white transfer printed wares of the early 1800s to dinnerware patterns of the 1900s, they include sprig wares, bone china table and tea sets, figurines, and stoneware candlesticks and loving cups. Famous patterns represented include Willow, Rosebud Chintz, Patricia, and Tower. Values are found in the captions.

Wedgwood Jasper: Classics , Rarities & Oddities from Four Centuries. Michael H er erman. Jasper is the one most immed iately recognizable of all the ceramics produced b y Wedgwood. This second book on this fascinating subject by the author traces, through over 750 photographs, Jasper’s long history and almo st infinite variety. It covers the entire range of Wedgwood Jasper pieces from items of museum quality to those that can be found in modest collections.

192 pp. Mason’s V ista Ironstone. Steve & Fran Yasgar. The highly collectible Vista pattern has designs and scenes that are easy to recognize b y their English castles. Over 300 beautiful color images show the shapes, colors, and design variations in the pattern, with the ad ded treat of rare pages from a retai l cat alog. Detail ed informat ion about Mason Vista, precise captions and current values. Price Guide

160 pp.

Wade Miniatures: An Unauthorized Guide to Whimsies®, Premiums, Villages, and Characters. Revised 4th Edition. Donna S. Baker. Over 380 color p hotographs showcase these end earing figurines, including Red Rose Tea and Tom Smith premiums, Whop pas and Whimsie-Land , Nursery Favourites, Hap py Fami lies, Di sn ey’s Hat Box series, Minikins, and many more. Includes Wade’s min iature villages, original boxes and d ispl ays, variations, marks, and newly updated values.

Price Guide 256 pp. Wedgwood Jasper Ware: A Shape Book and Collect ors Guide. Michael Herman. An introdu ction t o Jasp er Ware, including Jasper Dip history, col ors, and marks. Over 500 color photos illustrate these shap es, with detailed informatio n and current values. This is an important book about a time period in Wedgwoo d Jasper histo ry that has not been researched before. 192 pp.



Robert E. Cluett. Over 1150 images of ceramics pro duced at the Cauld on Pott ery Works b y Brown-Westhead, Moore & Company, includ in g table and t ea sets, flow blue, and transfer prints; majolica, jardinieres, and garden seats; fine b one china vases, utilitarian ewers, and basins, and decorative tiles. Current market values are found in the captions.

Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875, Book One: Portra its , Naval & Military, Theatrical & Literary Characters. A. & N. Harding. This is the definitive work, in two books, on portrait figures, details and illustrates over 2,900 figures made by British po tters. Many have never before been recorded. A history of the figures, with sources and bibliograp hical details, are includ ed with a guide to current prices.

British Ceramic Art: 1870-1940. John A. Bartlett. British art potteries f rom Arts and Crafts naturalism through pre-atomic Modernism includ ing histories, artists, designers, craftsmen and personalities. All the potteries are arranged alphabetically, with detailed text, rep resentative ceramics in over 300 photos, cap tions, glossary, registries of marks and numbers, & bibliograp hy. 240 pp.

416 pp.

Historical Staffordshire: American Patriots & Views. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Stafforshire transf er printed ceramic dishes specif ically made for the American Market from 1820-1860, decorated with American patri ots, historical events and b reathtaking landscap e. The makers, marks, and information ab out th e scenes is w oven into th is boo k to identif y each example, along with some beautiful new photos and an up-to-date price guide. Price Guide

320 pp.

British Royalty Commemoratives. Revised & Expand ed 2nd Edition. Douglas H. Flynn & Alan H. Bolton. Dishes and keepsakes p roduced for royal coronations, jubil ees, marriages, weddi ng anniversaries, births and visits. Fascinating tidbits on the events and royal p eople, and tips on collecting. Over 350 colo r and 2,500 black and white photos and descriptions of these commemoratives. Price Guide

192 pp.

160 pp.

Romantic Staffordshire Ceramics. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Ceramic dinner services, housewares and tea sets d ecorated with finely detailed transfer prints in “Romantic Stafford shire” designs of the Victorian era. O ver 500 color pho tos sho wn with a d iscussion of prints produced by Eng lish pot teri es, t he manufacturers’ marks, values guid e, bibliography and index. Value Guide

Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875, Book Two: Religious, Hunters, Pastoral, Occupations, Children & Animals, Dogs, Animals, Cottages & Ca stles, Sport & Miscellaneous. A. & N. Harding. English ceramic figures, many never before reco rded. A history o f the fig ures with sources are included, al ong with a guide to current prices.

160 pp.

Victorian Staff ordshire Figures , 18 35187 5: Book Three: Portra it s, Milit ary, Theatrical, Religious, Hunters, Pastoral, Occupations, Children, Animals, Cottages, Sports & Miscellaneous. A. & N. Harding. This adds over 1100 nineteenth century British figures to the original work with 861 color photographs organized and numbered to coincide with the set. Also includes collecting advice, histories of the people represented, sources, and guide to current prices. 320 pp.

St af fords hire An imals : A Collect or’s Guide to History, Styles, and Values. Adele Kenny. The variety of animal figures p roduced in Staffordshire, England, d uring t he eig hteenth and nineteenth centuries are beautifully illustrated with over 400 color photographs. Chap ters on animals in art, British ceramics, Stafford shire potteries, and production techniques and styles. Informative cap tions pro vide d escriptions, dates of manufacture, and current values.

Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875: Second Addendum, Book Four. A. & N. Harding. Over 1400 Staffordshire ceramics figures are displayed in 1090 color p hotos. The text pro vides new information about f igures in many themes, incl uding po rtraits, n aval and military figures, theatrical and literary characters, religiou s and temperance f igures, hunters, shepherds, g ard eners, harvesters, pastoral scenes, child ren , sporting figures, animals, cottages, houses, and castles.

English Transferware: Popular 20th Century Patterns . Joe Keller & Mark Gib bs. The colorf ul patterns of 20th century English transfer transferware from manufacturers like Crown Ducal, E noch Wood, Royal Staffordshire, Royal Crownford, Alfred Meakin, Spode, Johnson Bro s., Mason’s and oth ers. Nearly 600 beautiful color p hotos and 2000 pieces of the most popul ar patterns. Includes prices an d commentary of po pular trends. Price Guide

176 pp.

Extraordinary British Transferware: 1780-

storage. E ach piece is accompanied b y multip le context of these wares, as well as details on t he

192 pp. Staffordshire Spaniels. Adele Kenny. Popular Vict orian spaniel figures mad e in Staffordshire, Eng land from c. 1840-1900 p resented with a detailed look at all of the Spaniel variations, history, and recent reproductions beautifully illustrated with color phot ographs. Spaniel types and siz es, tips for collectors, and a help ful g lossary are included. Captions offer descrip tions, sizes, dates of manu facture, and current values. Value Guide

Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1875-1962: Portraits, Decorative & Other Figures, Dogs & Other Animals, Lat er Reproduct ions. Adrian & Nicholas Harding. Over 350 images of Staffordshire figures produced from 1875 onward, both original pieces and later reproductions. Figures from the Parr-Kent Factory; James Sadler & Sons, Ltd.; and Arthur J. Wilkinson, Ltd., among others, are included. Value codes are in the captions.

144 pp.

Staffordshire Figures: History in Earthenware 1740-1900. Adele Kenny & Veronica Moriarty. The cultural and technological conditions affectin g t he subjec ts of St af ford sh ire f igures, with the pot teries, the po tters, and various figures including spaniels, the monarchy, religious figures, children, heroes, architectural figures and much


Haviland China: The Age of Elegance. 3rd edition, revised. Nora Travis. Over 400 color photo s display the elegant Haviland po rcelain tab le wares of th e Victorian period. The hist ory of H aviland product io n, its decoration patterns cataloged with Schleig er numb ers, and a list of back stamps are also included. Price Guide

172 pp.


Scottish Ceramics. Henry E. Kelly. More than 630 st riking col or ph otograph s sh owcase t he multi-hued and widely exported d innerware, vases, plaques, figurines, and other ceramics produced by the many Scottish potteries. Features brief histories of the p otteries and w ares produced, listing s of forms an d p at tern s, relevant reading s, valu es, glossary, and index. An invaluable resource.

240 pp.

208 pp.

Evolution of Haviland China Design. Nora Travis. The evolution of Haviland china from the early multif loral and botanical designs, through the Japanese inf luence, the Impressionist, Art Nou veau and Art Deco st yles, to p at terns and shapes o f th e mid-20th cent ury. Many o f t he patterns are catal oged by Schlei ger numbers. Ro unding out the presentatio n are a listing of b ack marks and current market prices that are includ ed with the captions. Price Guide

Victorian Staffordshire Dogs. A. & N. Harding. Over 700 co lor photos display the ceramic dogs produced by potters of Eng land’s famo us Stafford shire district during the Victorian era. They include Kin g Charles Sp aniels, Whippets, Bull Mastiffs, Poodles, St. Bernards, and many others. Among the figures are dogs alone, and with men, women, and children engaged in a variety of p ursuits. Histories of potteries kno wn to produce Staffordshire dogs and value codes are provided.

192 pp.

British Art Deco Ceramics. Colin Mawston. Art D eco ceramics by prominent British pot ters and potteries displayed in over 400 color p hotos. Desig ns are by famous makers such as Clarice Cliff, Susie Cooper, Besw ick, Cro wn Devo n, Myott, Royal Doul ton, an d Shell ey. The text provi des brief histories of the makers, an explanation of the orig ins and development of the Art Deco style, and valuable tips for today’s collectors. Values reflect the current antiques market. Price Guide

208 pp.

192 pp.

Old Limoges: Haviland Porcelain Des ign and Décor, 1845-1865. Robert Doares & Bar Barbara Wood. This study of first-p roduction Haviland desig n and d écor combines a carefully researched text with 450 il lustratio ns, includ ing full-co lor pho tos of previously unid entifiabl e porcel ain s, and many unpub lished documents from archives in France and America. This beautiful volume is an indispensable reference.

105 The Decorative Art of Limoges Porcelain and Boxes. Keith and Thomas Waterbrook-Clyde. The porcelain industry in Limoges, France, involves potters, kings, an emperor, and a revolu tion. This beautiful book is a valuable reference w ith over 1,100 p hotographs of Limoges porcelain objects and boxes, a section on the makers and identifying marks from 1860 t o the p resent, an index, and price guide.

Barb ara Walker & Dave Williamson. Join the journey from the flea markets of Paris to the city of Quimper to find hundreds of examples of beautiful Quimper pottery, some of it qu it e unique and rare. Learn the history, art, and spirit of the Breton peopl e. More than 800 pho tographs cover the region and the pott ery. Alphabetically-ordered p ieces are presented i n photos and text, with price ranges listed.

Royal Copenhagen Porcelain: Animals and Figurines. 2nd Edition- revised. Robert J. Heritage. The comprehensive reference to porcelain animals and fig urines made in Denmark by Royal Copenhagen in the 20th century. Frequently light blue coloring and subtle shading characterize these animals, here arranged by th eir original sculptors. Hundreds of different p opular styl es w it h variations by over forty modelers are recognized.

224 pp.

272 pp.

204 pp.

Distinctive Limoges Porcelain: Objets d’Art, Box es , and Dinnerware. Keit h & T homas Waterbrook-Clyde. Distinctive and extraordinary porcelains from the po tteries of Limoges, France, are examined and illustrat ed in over 1000 beauti ful co lor photographs. These items rang e from nineteenth century cake plates and tea cup s to contemporary boxes. A bibl io graphy, ind ex, and values are included.

and Values. Ad ela Meadows. This boo k teaches how to assess the age, authenticity, and value of the colorf ul and charming French Quimper pottery. Over 550 color phot os show examples from ord inaire to extraordinaire wit h sect ions on t he artists and how to care for and enjoy a collectio n of art pottery.

A Collector’s Guide to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. Nick & Caroline Pope. This b ook id entifies and describes over 2,400 pieces and displays 800 figurines o f po rcelain pro duced by Royal Copenhagen of Denmark from c. 1910 through 2000. Included among the 976 color ph otos are associated shop signs, dishes, bow ls, and vases. Values are found in the captions.

224 pp.

224 pp.

Atelier Le Tallec™ Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain: For Connoisseurs, Royalty, and Tiffany & Co.™ Keith & Thomas WaterbrookClyde. The hand painted tabletop artw ork o f the Atelier Le Tall ec™ decorating stud io o f Paris, France in co lor photos. Hand painted chinoiseries, figurals, florals, foliage, f auna of land, sea, and air, insects, geometric forms, and abstracts on boxes, cand lesticks, vases, d in nerware, ging er jars, and tea sets. Values are included. 240 pp. Art Deco Limoges: Camille Tharaud and Other Ceramists. Keith and Thomas WaterbrookClyde. In 475 color photos, the Art Deco decorated Limoges porcelains from Camille Tharaud, Robj, Édouard Marcel Sandoz, Suzanne Lalique, and Royal Limoges are displayed, with vases, tea sets, figurines, covered boxes and bowls, plates, and night lights. Art Deco patterns and company names from the pattern books of Gérard, Dufraisseix, Abbot, are provided. Value ranges are in the captions.

Ant ique Limoges at Home. D ebb y DuBay with Foreword by Mary Frank Gaston. The history of Limoges porcelain, Limoges blanks, the dif ference betw een Limoges and American Limoges, Limoges jewelry, marks, and how to recognize rep roductions. Also d emo nstrat es how to use el egant Limo ges piec es in th e h ome. Current values provid ed .

Price Guide

2nd Editio n. Anne Marie O’Neill. Quimper faience pottery has been produced by three primary f actories in the French town of Quimper, and this book explains, compares and co ntrasts the factories and th eir p rodu ct s. Collected in N orth America and England today, old Q uimper w are is presented in 290 clear color photographs w ith makers’ marks and a newly updated price guide. Price Guide

256 pp.

Scandinavian Art Pottery : Denmark and Sw eden. Revised 2n d Edit ion. Robi n H echt Minard i. Nearly 500 dramatic color phot os illustrate works from the major factories, workshops, and stud io s p roduci ng ce rami c mo de rn ism in Scan dinavia, i nclud ing Ro yal Copenhagen, Saxb o, Kahler Keramiks, Ipsen, Gustavsberg, and Tobo . Well researched, up -to-date information on factories, ceramicists, marks, d ating, and values. An essential reference for collectors.

160 pp.

Price Guide

192 pp.

Ann Marie O’N eill. A handy, pocket-sized guide, with over 320 color p hotos, to Quimper from the Grande Maison HB, Elo uryPorquier, Henriot, Keraluc, and Fouillen faïenceries. Includes platters, plates, pitchers, bo wls, bottles, tea and coffee pots, and much more, with histories, information on regional traditions, identification of maker’s marks, and up-to-date pricing.

Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass: 1940s to 1980s. George Fischler & Barrett Gould. Works by the leading Scandinavian designers of the mid20th century, Friberg, Lindberg, Nylund, Kåge, Hald, Palmquist, Wirkkala, Sarpaneva, and Lindstrand, and the manufacturers, Rörstrand, Gustavsberg, Arabia, Saxbo, Palshus, Orrefors, Kosta, and Iittala. Over 500 color photos and a price guide.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

ANTIQUE S CANDINAVIAN Bing & Grondahl™ Figurines. Caroline and Nick Po pe. Bing & G rondahl Porcelain figurines made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. More than 700 animal and human figurines are show n, wit h d at e marks, shop sign s, pl at es, dishes, bowls, and vases. Ap proximately 1,000 Bing & Grond ahl figurines have been id ent ified and described. Price Guide

240 pp.


160 pp.

ANTIQUE G ERMAN , A USTRIAN , & BOHEMIAN Rosent hal. Diet er St russ. A h isto ry of t he Rosent hal Company of Germany, wi th pict ures and descriptions of the entire porcelain produ ction throug h the t wen tieth century, artists’ biographies and t ips for t oday’s collecto rs. 382 color and the collector. Price guide

160 pp.

256 pp.

Living w ith Limoges. D ebby Du Bay. Porcelain connoisseurs from the n ovice to the ad vanced w ill learn ho w to identify, affordably collect, and d ecorate with Limoges porcel ain. Shown are vases, jardinieres, dinnerw are, tea accoutrements, coffee and chocolate p ots, cake plates, punch bowls, and jewelry. Descrip tions, measurements, values, histo ry, and alph ab etic al mark guide included. 256 pp. Collecting Hand Paint ed Limoges Porcelain: Boxes t o Vas es . D ebby DuBay. Over 400 beautiful, full color photos of hand-painted jardinières, punch bow ls, spittoons, dinnerware, cups and saucers, cake plates, and more including a special secti on on hig hly coll ecti ble Limoges bo xes. A comprehensive marks section and values for every item are includ ed in the cap tions. 208 pp.

Dahl-Jensen™ Porcelain Figurines: 18971985. Carol ine and Ni ck Pope. Lovely Danish porcelain figurines by the Dahl-Jensen company are showcased in this first and superb reference for collectors. All the known figurines made by the company are included, arranged in both numerical and su bject matter ord er, for easy reference. Over 350 co lor photograp hs display the natural wil dlife and charming people that occupy this high quality line of sculpture. Price Guide

240 pp.

Christmas Plates: from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl. Lars Christ offersen. Collectible porcelain Christmas plates by Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl and o ther popular commemorative series, including Mothers’ Day, Jubilee, and Childrens’ Day plates. Over 1000 color pho tographs sho wcase every series w ith their English and Danish title, dat e, designer, reference code numb er, and current value range. Price Guide

Rosenthal, Excellence for All Times: Dinnerware, Accessories, Cutlery, Glass. Ann Kerr. This detailed study of Rosenthal porcelain, silverware, and glassw are has over 450 photo graphs, many from company archives, demonstrate exampl es of Rosent hal p orc elain din nerware, silver cut lery, g lassware, accessories, figurines, and limited edition art , and b iographies introduce artists who desig n for Rosenthal.

256 pp.

Goebel Figurines & Prints by Charlot Byj. Rocky Rockholt. The Charlot Byj fi guri nes and prints, produ ced by Goebel, are much sought after collecti bles. Her Red head s, the b londe series, and other Byj creations are presented here, making this a comprehensive volume for co llectors. Nearly every figure is sh own in a beaut iful ful l color p hotograph with current values and a wealt h of other informat ion, to make this a t ruly valuable book for collectors. 144 pp.


106 R.S. Prussia: The Early Years. Leland and Carol Marple. R.S. Prussia German p orcelain pictu re frames, manic ure set s, clo cks, and t ableware made from 1893-1900 are d iscussed in detai l with over 550 color p hotos. Po pular today among collecto rs, “R.S. Prussia” marked pi eces have been hard to document. Present-day values are provided in the captions. Value Guide

192 pp.

R.S. Prussia: The Art Nouveau Years. Leland & Carol Marpl e. Over 770 images of Art N ouveau tabl e, tea, and decorative wares made by t he Prussian Reinhold Schl egelmilch Po rcelain Factory. They are arranged chronologically by mold patterns w ith much original catalog copy. Decorations includ e cobalt, gold, and scenic and portrait transfers. The Hidden Image pattern is explored and products marketed under the Royal Vienna Germany trade name are included.

Bohemian Decorated Porcelain. Dr. James D. H end erson . Porcelain made in Bohemia in the late 1800s to earl y 1900s includes decorative, table, and household w ares. Descriptions o f the production, expo rt, an d decoration methods of Karl ovy Vary factories make this book unique. Over 400 color photos, factory marks, and a value g uid e make this book useful and beautiful. 224 pp.

Meissen ’s Blu e and White Porcelain. Nicho las Zu mbu lyadis. Over 360 color phot os display the Meissen blue and whit e decorat ed porcelai ns, rangi ng from rare, early eighteenth century museu m pieces to nineteenth century plates and platters, feat uring decorat io ns in royal blue, underglaze and overgl aze co lors, and t he ever-popular Blue Onion pattern. The t ext details the decorative techniques and art ists who created them. Values are found in the cap tions.


Roy al Delft : A Guide t o De Porceleyne Fles. Rick Erickson. Document ing th e world’s most famous and old est surviving Dutch Delftware factory, De Porceleyne Fles (Royal Delft), includ ing beautiful plates, vases, covered pots, candlesticks, cl ocks, tab lew are , til es, and w aterin g cans. Includes original and current prices, rarit y, facto ry marks, year codes, and painter’s signatures.


Art Deco Noritake & More: A Photographic and Historical Record. Davi d Spai n. Nearly 1000 Art Deco porcelain fancyware items by Nori take, o rg an ized for rapid referen ce. O ver 100 backstamps are in full color. An essential book for anyone interested in Art Deco, 20th century porcelains, and collectible Noritake fancyware.

176 pp. R.S. Prussia: The Wreath and Star. Leland and Carol Marple. With 877 il lustrati ons, t his book presents the china p roduced by Reinhold Schleg elmi lch aft er 1905. Incl uded are many items never before illustrated and new research. Unusual transfer patterns on R.S. Prussia tableware, decorative items, and toy china add to this exciting text. Values app ear in the captions. Price Guide

Meissen Figures 1730-1775: The Kaendler Period. Yvonne Adams. Meissen porcelain figures made during the Kaendler Period are consid ered the best era in the factory’s history. Here are Street Traders, Court Life, Military and Hunting scenes, Italian Comedy, Children, Mythology, Artisans, and various nationalities presented in exquisite detail to delight today’s designers and collectors.

Noritake Collect ibles A to Z: A Pictorial Record & Guide to Values. David Sp ain. Japanese No ritake porcelain dishes and figurines are represented here by more than 1000 p ieces in cl assical, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco styles with bot h luster and no n-luster finishes. A w ide variety of post-war bone china figurines and recent collector-series items appear with current prices for co llectors.

192 pp. Index

R.S. Prussia: The Formative Years. Leland & Carol Marple. Over 760 colo r images display the mol ded and decorated po rcelain plates, platters, tea sets, pitchers, clocks, children’s wares, and decorative objects made from 1888 to 1900 that are marked R. S. Prussia. The newly d iscovered mol d patterns and trade catalog pages help col lectors recognize these early pieces.

The Book of Meissen. Newly Revised and Updated. Robert E. Röntgen. The standard reference of the Meissen porcelain manufactory in Germany and the p roducts it produced. Years of meticulous research in the Meissen archives, with special attention given to the 19th and 20th century products of the manufacto ry, w hich have been neglected in most boo ks on Meissen.

catalog pages Price Guide 176 pp.

304 pp.

Collecting Noritake, A t o Z: Art Deco & More. David Spain. More than 750 color photos display non- dinnerware porcelains mad e by the Noritake Company from about 1908 to the 1970s. Emp hasis is o n 1920s w orks wi th Art Deco characteristics. The backstamp s are present ed and a t hought-provoking essay on the historical and cultural roots of Art Deco, with features of Art Deco Noritake fancy l in e p orcel ains of the 1920s, make this an essential reference. 205 pp.

Popular Royal Bayreut h f or Collectors. Douglas Congdon-Martin with Robert S. Bernstein. The wide range of Royal Bayreut h lines, w ith over 500 beautiful and detailed color photographs the strawberry, tomato, lobster, and other figural pottery lines. Also well-rep resented are the Tapestry lines and scenics in tab lew are and boudoir pieces. Each piece has a concise cap tion and a current value. Price Guide

160 pp.

Regimental Steins of the Kaiser’s Cavalry. Paul Sanders. From the late-1800s u p t o t he beginning of World War I some o f the most elegant and colorful reg imental steins were produced for Kaiser Wilhelm II’s cavalry regiments. Each stein portrayed the unique uniform colors, owner, service dates, and fellow servicemen of th e regi ment. These st eins represent a t ime o f military fashio n that disappeared during Wo rld War I. Each is w ell illustrated in large color p hotos.

Noritake Fancyware A to Z: A Pictorial Record and Guide to Values. David Spain. Ceramic fancywares produced by Noritake, including bowls, boxes, figurines, lamps, plaques, teasets, vases and o ther delicate porcelain s, are d isplayed in over 1,000 stunning color images. While concentrating on the wares produced between 1921 and 1941, fancywares from as early as 1908 and as recently as the 1980s are also p ortrayed. Values are included in the cap tions. 320 pp.

Zsolnay Ceramics: Collecting a Culture. Federico Santi & John Gacher. Zsolnay ceramic art f rom H ungaryin over 400 color p hotos from 1868 t o the p resent w ith their marks. As well as the charming miniature, green-glazed, multi-figural series that Zsolnay is most identified with today, there is a great wealth of earlier p ieces. Price Guide

192 pp.

Allach Porcelain: 1936-1945 . D ennis R. Porell. For the first time, the brief nine-year history of SS Allach Porcelain, the infamous N azi-run p orcelain factory, is presented in this new tw o-volume reference. Explored in d etail is the fascinating array of sculptures made by Allach and also the historical significance o f the establishment of each catego ry of porcelain.

Noritake Dinnerware: Identification Made Easy. Robi n Brewer. No ritake dinn erware now can be identified easily with the aut hor’s u nique approach in finding a matching pattern or a simil ar shape that corresponds on his carefully comp iled time line. Indexed by both name and numb er, the vast variety of Noritake dinnerware is displayed in over 1,200 color phot os and described wit h price guid e.

Vo l.1: Po litica l Fig ures , Moris kens , Plaques, Presentation Plates, Candleholders, Specialty Pieces, Germanic Ceramics, Ceramics. Royal Austria Porcelain. James D. H enderson, Jr. Porcelain p roduction in the Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) region of west ern Bohemia. Over 1000 color photographs demonstrate items produced b y the Gutherz broth ers’ Royal Austria factory between 1889 and 1918. Plate blanks are identified, catego rized, and illustrated in over 100 plate patterns that show shapes of dinnerware, cups and saucers, and holloww are handles. A list of the numb ered molds used to create 100s of shapes is un iq ue.

Vol.2: Historical Military Figures, Peasants, Figurines, Animals, Vases, Dinnerware, Miscellaneous.

192 pp.

Noritake for Europe. Pat Murphy. The first book dedicated to Japanese Noritake ceramics exported to Europe from 1891 to 1939. Over 580 color photos d isplay these porcelains, from t ablewares to vases. Decorative motifs range from Arts & Crafts to Art Deco. The text includes a complete guide to collecting. Values are included in the captions. Price Guide

192 pp.

107 Japanese Porcelain 1800-1950. Revised & Expand ed 2nd E dition. Nancy Schiffer. Po pular Japanese p orcelain of the 19th and 20th centuries, includin g Kakiemon, Nab eshima, Arita, Hirad o, Fukagawa, Imari, Kutani, Satsuma, and in dividual craftsmen’s works. The European-influenced styles of the 20th century, such as Nippon, Noritake, and Occupied Japan, are also presented. Over 500 color photos and well researched text pro vide the basic reference in this field.

ANTIQUE CHINESE POTTERY The Ceramics of China: 5000 B.C. to 1900 A.D. Gloria & Robert Mascarelli. Over 7000 years of Chinese pottery an d p orcelain, from Neolithic times through the f all of the Qing dynasty in 1911. Over 400 color photos follow the evolution from the earliest pott ery tomb figures to the fine porcelains creat ed b y edicts of 19th century Chinese Emperors. Features a Time Line of selected historical events and values in t oday’s marketp lace. Price guide

Shape & Decoration in Japanese Export Ceramics. Nancy N. Schiffer. Famous Satsuma, Imari, Hirado, Kutani, and other ceramic styles are explored in this new study. Important d ecorato rs are identified and their unusually fine craftsman ship is displayed in d et ail. From tea vessels to flower vases and t able ornaments, these ceramic masterpieces provide b eau tiful interior design accents and hist orical connections between Asian and Western cultures.

INTERNATIONAL ANTIQUE POTTERY: Majolica. Revised 4th Edition . Mike Schneid er. Co lor pho tographs disp lay p opular Majoli ca ceramic pitch ers, p latters, p lates, leaf plates, syrups, cigarette holders, ashtrays, humidors, and other forms. Characteristic glazes are presented in their historic context .

256 pp.

Chinese Export Porcelain, Standard Patterns and Forms, 1780-1880. Herbert, Peter, and N ancy Schiff er. Chin ese export po rcelains of t he late 18th to late 19th centuries are fully discussed in th is book. Lists and p hotography profusely il lust rate all of the stan dard patterns: over 1000 items illustrated in b lack and white and more than 100 in color. Covers Canton, Fitzhugh, Ro se Medal lion, Bird and Butt erfly, and the other associated p attern s.

Majolica Figures. Helen Cunning ham. This colorf ul text sheds new light on majolica fig ures. Over 475 color photograp hs illustrate majo lica animals, toby jugs, to bacco jars, strikers, and advertising memorabilia. H istori es of all manufacturers of majolica figures are p rovided along with detailed ceramic and toby jug hist ories. Trademark qualities are contrasted between authentic figures and their more recent rep roductions.

China for America, Export Porcelain of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Herbert, Peter, and Nancy Schiffer. Porcelain d ishes made in China for 18th- and 19th- century American families from Maine t o South Carolina and west to Mississipp i and Californ ia are p resented with family crests, initials, names, and original decorations.

Victorian Majolica. Lesl ie Bockol . Majolica ceramic ware’s roots are presented with lists of the man ufacturers an d t heir marks. O ver 300 color pho tos illustrate the high craftsmanship of majolica’s n ineteent h cent ury pott ers. Arti st ic influ en ces o f the evolving majolica markets in Europe, England, America and Canada are reviewed and specialt y tab le wares, decorative pieces, tiles, and greenwares are included.

Value Guide

176 pp.

240 pp. Japanese Export Ceramics: 1860-1920. Nancy N. Schiffer. Th e world now applauds the exq uisite ornament al ceramics made i n Jap an in the late 19th century for exp ort to Europe and America. Here the breathtaking beauty of intricate decoration on Satsuma, Imari, Kut ani, Hirad o and other ceramics is displayed in over 500 co lor photographs with a carefully researched text, d escripti ve captio ns, an d in format ion abou t th e current w orld market.

Index 224 pp.

Price Guide

224 pp.

192 pp.

Figural Japanese Export Ceramics. Nancy N. Schiffer. Figures of courtesans, g ods, d emons, special characters, and animals in Japanese export ceramics o f the late 19th and early 20th centuries are highly decorative and appealing to many. This study presents an engaging text and over 265 color photographs of beautiful and amusing figures in Hirado, Imari, Kutani, Satsuma, Studio works, and Sumida wares.

Chinese Snuff Bottles : A Guide to Addictive Miniatures. Trevor Cornforth and Nathan Cheung. The history of snuff and its specialized bottles from the 17th century to the present in America, Euro pe, and China. Descriptive text and over 650 diverse snuff bottles of glass, stone, porcelain, enamel, wo od, i vo ry, amb er and ot her materials w it h distinctive interior and exterior decorations. Each bottle fully described with a value range.

Europea n Majolica. D. Mi chae l Murray. Majolica produced in the German states, Austria, Czechoslo vakia, H ungary, and Poland are featured with expl anations of initials and numb ers w hich have baffled co llectors for years, enabl in g readers to pro perly id en tify the maker of p articular majolica pieces. The detailed text provid es useful information on the makers, location, preservation, and collecting of Euro pean majolica.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Value Guide

208 pp.

Imari, Satsuma and Other Japanese Export Ceramics. Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition. Nancy N. Schiffer. Imari, Satsuma, Banko and Sumida w ares, th e best kn own of the old Japanese export ceramics, are shown here in 600 photos o f variations by skilled decorators. Makers’ and deco rators’ marks, unusual shapes, design variations, and hard-to-find examples appear with identifying cap tions and concise text. 204 pp.

The Wonderful World of Nippon Porcelain, 1891-1921. Kathy Wojciechow ski. Thousand s of Nippon Japanese p orcelain items well known by t heir d ifferen t styles of decorat ion—Moriag e, Coralene, Cobalt , molded-in-relief, and tapestry. Included are plaques, dishes, lamps, dolls, vases, smoking accessories, and other forms. Over 830 phot os with id en tifying captions, t ext, and 130 different manufacturers’ marks.

224 pp.

The Handbook of Chinese Snuff Bottles. Trevo r Cornforth and Nathan Cheun g. Exp lore the history, types, and value ranges of Chinese snuff bottles from the 17th century to the presen t conc entrat ing mostl y on af ford able examp les. Here 340 diverse bottles of stone, g lass, enamels, porcel ain, and other materials are describ ed & shown in beautiful color pho tographs. You’ll want to own some. Price Guide

176 pp.

Antique Majolica Around the House. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 450 photos o f majo lica cake stands, comports, game pie dishes, oyster plates, platters, strawberry servers, tea set s, hu midors, match holders, gard en seats, umbrella stan ds, vases, an d an eleg ant chandelier. Major manufacturers from Britain, E urope, and the Un it ed States include Minton , Georg e Jones, Sarregu emines, Wedg wood, and Griff en, Smith & Hill. Values are found in t he captions.

160 pp.

MEXICAN POTTERY Cerámica: Mexican Pottery of the 20th Century. Amanda Thompson, with the California Heritage Museum. Mexican ceramics of the 20th century organized by geographic area, style, family, and artisan. Over 1,200 pieces, each accompanied by a detailed description, including the artist, style, origin, date of production, and size.

Majolica: British, American, and European Wares. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Jeffrey B. Snyder & Leslie J.Bockol. Majo lica ceramics discussed ag ain st its E uropean and Ameri can cultural background as 100s of forms in dozens of pat terns are displayed in over 550 color p hotos. Examp les are identified by style, pattern, maker, size and date. Short histories of the manufacturers are presented as they relate to Majolica wares.

208 pp. Value Guide

280 pp.

“MADE IN JAPAN” Ceramics: 1921-1941. Barbara Ifert. Here is an excellent reference for the multitude of ceramics items marked “MADE IN JAPAN ” that were exp orted b etw een 1921 and 1941. Colo r photos show hund reds o f household ceramics arrang ed in an easy-to-find alphabetical order from ash trays to wall pockets. Here are many humo rous and novelty designs for everything from planters to sugar bowls. Price Guide

160 pp.

Price Guide

Mata Ortiz Pottery Today. Guy Berger. This distinctive pottery was made at the village of Mata Ortiz, Mexico. It evolved fro m Juan Quezada’s first efforts in 1955 into a business that involves the vill age and now employs around 350 pott ers. Six distinct styles are presented : bl ack, polychrome, sgraffito (et ched), colored, miniature, and special shap es. It includ es a f ascinating d iscussion o f the b ird motif in this and Acoma Pueblo (New Mexico ) p ottery.

160 pp.

Marvelous Majolica: An Easy Reference & Price Guide. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Over 550 color photos illustrat e this fascinating survey of the majolica ceramics made in Victorian England, Europe, and America. Includes an explanation of majolica, its manufacture, potters, and wares organized by function such as jardinieres, p lates, and platters. Values are pro vided in the captions. 160 pp.


108 Mediterranean Maiolica. Robert Attard & Romina Azzopardi. With 227 color phot os, this book features hundreds of p hotos o f top-quality antique Maiolica and catal ogs rep roductions. The text describes the histo ry of the product ion and use of Maiolica as well as t he history of co llecting Maiolica. The book includes a price guide and a list of places to visit.


Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware. manufacturers’ marks, and an expansive text, make this the most comprehensive catalog of the Willow factories, including William Adams & Sons, Copeland & Garrett, S. Fielding & Company, Minton, and Wedgwood. Current market values.


Cottage Ware: Ceramic Tableware Shaped As Buildings, 1920s -1 990s. E ileen Rose Busb y. Ch arming building -shaped jugs, cookie jars, mu gs, co ndiment sets, breakfast d ishes and different cottage ware items. They are alp habetically group ed by their makers. 96 pp.


Flow Blue: A Collector’s Guide to Patterns, History, and Values. 5th edition, revised. Jeffrey B. Snyder. A classic and tho rough study of highly prized ceramics wit h Flow Blue decoration. Color photographs display changes in Flow Blue patterns of the Victorian Age. Includ es common and unusual manufacturers marks, history, vessel forms and use, dating techniq ues. 168 pp.

A Collector’s Guide to Willow Ware. Jennifer Lin dbeck. Over 550 ph otographs presen t Will ow plate s, cup s, saucers, t eapot s, pi tchers, platters, kit chenware, jewelry, co ndiments pieces, and mo re. Information on manufacturers’ marks, historical background, helpful hints, and a price guide are also included. Enjo y remarkable examples of traditional , variant, and po lychrome pieces. All will welcome t his fabulo us collection of willo w ware. Price Guide

Historic Flow Blue. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Flow Blue in its historical co ntext of t he Victo rian age. The British, American and European manufacturers who produced Flow Blue, the exhibitions t hat promoted it, the people who owned it and what moved them to buy it are explored . Over 500 color phot ographs present the variet y o f forms and patterns in these popular w ares from the 1840s t o t he turn of the twentieth century. Price Guide

Chintz Ceramics. Revised and E xpand ed 3rd E dition. Jo Anne Peterso n full -color ph otos, incl uding those fro m En gl ish man uf ac turers Royal Wi nto n, James Kent, Lord Nelson, Shelley, Crown Ducal, Emp ire, and more, pl us American and Japanese makers. 160 pp.

160 pp.

Willow Ware. Leslie Bockol. Willo w Ware, the blue transfer printed pattern that is p ossibly the most po pular single pattern of ceramic dishes, is presented with makers, dates, marks and ran ge o f values. Hundred s of clear color photograp hs show the many styles and rang e of quality. Price Guide


160 pp.


The ABC’s of ABC Ware. D avid a & Irvin g Shipkowit z. Twenty-six al phabetically arranged chap ters examine the g raphics found on children’s alphab et ware, along with fascinating h istories of the nineteent h century firms that produced it. Ceramic plates, metal table and flatware, glass dishes, and mugs all reflect Victorian era styles. Includes detailed text, measurements, manufacturers and marks, circa dates, current val ues, exte nsive bibliography, and index.

160 pp. Price Guide & Ind ex

Fascinating Flow Blue. Jeff rey B. Snyder. The focus is on Flow Blue ceramics products of English potteries, with b eautiful exampl es from America and elsewhere included. There are lovely teapots, children’s tea and dinner services, potp ourri jars, pitchers, platters, and pl ates illustrated in color and identified. Value Guide

160 pp.


White Ironstone China: Plate Identification Guide 1840-1890. E rnie & Bev Dieringer. The identification of E nglish w hite ironstone pl at es organized by shapes made from 1840 to 1890. The 327 color p hotos and 252 d rawings of plates, rims, potters’ marks and reg istry marks are easy to comp are. Copper Lustre and Tea Leaf decorations are included. 252 drawings

Flow Blue: A Closer Look. Jeffrey B. Snyder. An in-depth pictorial survey of Flow Blue ceramic wares w ith 684 beautiful colo r photos. Includes dinner wares, tea sets, an d dessert services from four popular patterns: Cashmere, Chapoo, La Belle, and Touraine, and nu merous sp ectacular teapots, syrup pitchers, and children’s wares in a wi de variety of patterns. Further, a Bibliograp hy, Index, and an Ind ex to Patterns app earing in all of Mr. Snyder’s Flo w Bl ue b ooks are includ ed .

Price Guide

Hand -Paint ed Porcelain Pla tes : 19t h Century to the Present. Richard Rendall & portraits, roman tic land scapes and city scenes, still-life painting s, and floral arrangements o n 19t h and 20th century hand-painted porcelain plates by Davenport, Doulton, Camille Le Tall ec, Meissen, Minton, Sèvres, and Wedgwood. Includ es histories of the makers, marks, values, and an ind ex.

160 pp.

White Ironstone, A Survey of its Many Forms: Undecorated, Flow Blue, Mulberry, Copper Lustre. Dawn Stoltzfus & Jeffrey B. Snyder. In this alphabetic listing of all known shapes in p lain, Flow Blue, Mulberry, and Copp er Lust re decorations, the makers are featured with more than 700 color photos to easily identif y pieces and show details never seen in print before.

288 pp.

240 pp.

A Collector’s Guide to Souvenir Plates. Arene Burg ess. Color pho tos illustrate this survey of souvenir plates dating b ac k to the 1880s. Prominent p otters such as Adams & Company, Wed gwood, and Wood and Sons are included . Short histories are given for each manufacturer or imp orter to which specific views are attributed. 224 pp.

176 pp.

192 pp. A Pocket Guide to Flow Blue. Revised & Expan ded 2nd Edition . Jeffrey B. Snyd er. A hand y, po rt ab le ref erence f or quick id entifi cat ion and dating o f Flow Blue. Photos are group ed in three product io n periods, recognizable by their artistic styles. A brief synopsis of each English, American and E uropean manufacturer whose ceramics ap pear in the text is g iven with their marks. The price guide has b een up dated.


Spongeware and Spat terware. Revised & Expan ded 3rd Edition. Kevin McConnell. Sp ongeware and spatterware is colorful count ry p ottery o f the 18th- 20th centuries that remains popular with today’s collectors. Here is clear insight int o the histo ry and development of the wares and over 200 examples of spongeware and spatterware illustrated in color photos with comp lete information. Price Guide

Values Reference

Popular Souvenir Plates. Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. Souvenir p lates from the 1880s through the present shown in over 530 color photographs of souvenir plates depicting all fifty states, Canada, and Europe b y American, English and European firms. Price Guide

176 pp.

128 pp.

160 pp.

Late Victorian Flow Blue and Other Ceramic Wares: A Selected History of Potteries and Shapes. William H. Van Buskirk. Flow Bl ue and other transfer printed wares produced from 1880 to 1925 in the Staffordshire p ottery district illust rated in over 740 images, w it h the pottery body shapes and manufacturers’ marks. The text defines ware types, forms, and provides histories of several famous potteries. Current market values. 256 pp.

Spongeware, 1835-1935: Makers, Marks & Patterns. Henry E. Kelly and Arnold & Dorothy


tablewares, serving p ieces, t ea sets, child ren’s sets, and vases pro duced in Scotland, Eng land, Europe, and North America. Includes id entifications of patterns and potters, their marks, and a bibliography. Current market values are p rovided.

Collecting Oyster Plates. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Oyster p lates produced in porcelain, majol ica, faience, E nglish ironstone, and French stoneware are displayed in o ver 475 color p hotographs, along with oyster platters and servers. Plates dating from the mi d-n ineteent h th rou gh the l at e-tw entiet h century are d isplayed . Co mpany h ist ori es and current values are included.

Price Guide

Price Guide

244 pp.

160 pp.

109 Oyster Plates. Vivian and Jim Karsnitz. A rarity guide and color photographs disp lay nearly 500 different oyster plates and oyster serving utensils from fashionable homes and restaurant s. The text includ es a hist ory of oyst er fi shin g and o yster eating , and cont ai ns inf ormation about oyster plate manufacturers f rom Limoges and Meissen to Wedgwood.

The Shaving Mug and Barber Bottle Book. Keith E. Estep. 682 colo r photos of personal ized shaving mugs, barber bottles and cabinetry that made t he historical b arbershop a cent er of the community. Many items from importan t private col lectio ns, some seen as American folk art. Imp ortant tips an d current prices fo r coll ecto rs are included.

The Encyclopedia of Head Vases. 2nd edition, revised and expand ed. Kathleen Cole. More than 300 charming ceramic vases are illust rated in color, along with dimen sio ns, manu fact urer information, and current market values. Collecting tips will aid those new t o the field; the beautiful pictures will d el ight anyone wit h an interest in the art form.

Rarity Guid e

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

UTILITARIAN POTTERY China Toothpick Holders. Judy Knauer and po rcelain t oothpick h old ers f rom around t he world. Many manufacturer’s marks are also shown. Informatio n on co ntemp orary and reproductio n toothpick ho lders is includ ed , as well as tips on collecting, displaying, and insuring your collection. The most comp lete reference available.

240 pp.

The Best of S ha vin g Mugs. Keit h E step. Hand -paint ed and pho tographi c occu pation al , frat ernal, and decorat ive shaving mugs w ere a common feature in barber shops in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Now they are val ued antiques, often bringing several thousands of dollars. Here are over 1000 o f th e best shaving mugs in the world. E ach is fully described with a current estimate of its market value. Price Guide

240 pp.

Lady Head Vas es: A Collector’s Guide with Prices. 2nd edition, revised. Mary Zavada. These glamo rous, ceramic, cutesy f ig ural vases got their start in florist shops during the 1950s and again in the mid dle 1960s. The 300 vases, illustrated in co lor, include dimensions and current values i n th e cap tion s. Manuf act ure rs include Napco, Royal Copl ey, Royal Sealy, Shawnee, and many others. Price Guide

Animal Pitchers. D ebbie an d Randy Co e. 100s of animal-sh aped ceramic measurements, colors, manufacturer, date made, and current market value. Over 30 different animal t ypes are included, from alligators to yaks, representing international ceramics manu fact urers from the Americas, E urope, and Asia. Price Guide

224 pp.

The Complete Cookie Jar Book. Revised 5th Edition. Mike Schneider. The most comp let e book on the subject ever p ublished: cont ains extensive research, organized b y both sub ject and by art ists and dozens of comp anies, including McCoy, American Bisque, Hull, and many others. Plus, in formation on distrib utors, importers, and retailers, along with g uidel in es to condition , counterfeits, and production techniques. Price Guide

Mustache Cups: Timeless Victorian Treasures . Pau line C. Peck & Gl enn Erardi. Thi s bo ok brush es aw ay the myt hs and mystery o f on ce-common mu st ac he cu ps. Wh ether t hey are daint y miniat ures or hef ty farmers’ cup s; European or American ceramics, silver, pott ery or various metals, mustache cups are presented here in over 600 color photos with descriptions and price guide.

300 pp.

208 pp.

160 pp. Figural Planters. Kathleen Deel. Planter styles from lovely ladies in brightly colored Christmas and Valentine dresses to little boys playing baseball are presented in this book. A large section is devoted to baby vases, and there are nursery rhyme characters and loveabl e Raggedy Ann and Andy planters, too. Separated into specific categories, w ith many examp les of each type of vase il lust rated, this boo k d isp lays the amaz ing variety of imp ort ed figural pl anters. Price Guide

Antique Toot hbrush Holders. John, Nan cy, & Brooke Smith. The whole rang e of the hold ers, with hund reds o f the most sought after designs portrayed in o ver 400 full color photos. Includes examples in ironstone, porcelain, bisque, g lass, chalkware, cel luloid, p lastic, and l ithog raphed tin. Concise captions include size, material, maker (when known), and an estimate of the value on the current coll ectors market. Price Guide

Animal Figures. Mike Schneider. Popular animal collectible figures organized by firm and species, including carnival ch alkware, characters such as Mickey Mou se, useful an imal f igures su ch as bottle o pen ers and banks, and ornamentals. Over 1000 color photo s, descript ions and Price Guide to help collectors. Price Guide

256 pp.

112 pp.

The Collector’s Guide to Lady Figurine Planters. Pat and Keith Armes. Enchanting lady figurine planters were a g ift-giver’s favorite during the 1950s an d ’60s. This comp rehensive g uide featu res over 350 co lor photographs of more than 700 planters. Individual captions describe each planter’s height, marking, and estimates its current market value. A hand y cross-reference pro vides an easy way for specialty collectors to find their favorite impo rter such as Lefton, Relpo, or Enesco.

176 pp.

A NTIQUE FIGURAL POTTERY Baw dy Bisques and Naughty Novelties: German Bathing Beauties and Their Risqué Kin. Sharon Hope Weintraub. Manufactured mostly in Germany from the late 1800s to the 1930s, here are over 400 color photos d epict bathing b eauties, mermaid s, harem ladies, nud ies, flip pers, and squirters. Mad e by Galluba & Hoffman, G oeb el, Hertwig, Schafer & Vater, and more, decorative details, size, and current values are provided .

208 pp.

160 pp.

Spaghetti Art Ware: Poodles and Other Collectible Ceramics. Wand a G essner. More than 400 ph otos explore the use of spaghetti ceramic techniq ue from the 1930s thro ugh the 1960s, primarily as used on po odles, but with special sections on other animals, ho liday figurines, and more. Market values are p rovided for these increasingly rare and fragile collectibles. Price Guide

128 pp.

160 pp.

Teapots by Design: A Collector’s Catalogue. Un jeri a C . Jac kson. O ver 445 col or ph ot os display a wide range of teapots from antique to contemporary, including porcelain, semiporcelain, stoneware, silver, copper, brass, iro n, pewter, tin, wood, and glass. Teapot forms include children’s and full-sized tea sets, miniatures, musical, figural, whimsical, seasonal, advertising, commemorative, and so uvenir teapots. Values are included.

Angel Collectibles. Deb ra S. Brau n. Angels have in spired great art and co unt less pi eces of memorabilia. This book con tain s ant ique to modern angel coll ectibles (i.e., statues, perfume bo ttles, C hristmas decorations, etc.) Some of the manufacturers included are: Dreamsicles™, Hallmark™, H ummel™, Lladro™, Kewpie™, and Preciou s Moments™. Nearly 400 color p hotos, descriptions, and price guide.

Ceramic Fish, Merma ids & Seahorses: Bathroom Decorations of the 1940s & 1950 s. Arleen Smit h. Colo rf ul c eramic f ish, bubbles, mermaids and seahorses from the 1950s and 1960s. The work of Kay Finch, Freeman-McFarlin, Hedi Shoop, Josef Originals, DeForest, and Ceramicraft are chronicled in 222 beaut iful color photographs, with current values, manufacturer’s marks, and company histories.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Teapots: Makers & Collectors. Dona Z. Meilach. Dona Z. Meilach tackles the bu rg eon ing act ivity of te apot making and coll ecting wi th o ver 450 dazz ling colo r images of t eap ots from fou rt een countries and over 200 artists. Some of the ceramic, silver, mixed metals, g lass, wood, and paper teapots are not functional, but they are fun.

160 pp.

Head Vases Etc.: The Artistry of Betty Lou Nichols. Madd y Gordon. Highly regarded for her finely decorated head vases, California artist Betty Lou Nichols also created a wide variety of figurines, Christ mas accessories, p ortraits, still-l ifes and landscape paintin gs, show cased in t his bo ok, with many rare and never-before-seen examples. Values and w onderful historical emp hemera are also p rovided. Price Guide

160 pp.

128 pp.

Children Figurines of Bisque and Chinawares, 1850-1950. E lyse Zorn Karlin. Bisque ceramic fig urines of child ren look out from color photographs to charm the hearts of readers. Beg uiling expressions and naughty poses join information about the companies that p roduced the figures. Price Guide

176 pp.

110 Porcelain and Pottery Shoes. Anne E verest Wojtkowski. O ver 1,200 sho es, fro m the 19th and early 20th centuries. Manufact urers include Royal Wo rcest er, Co alpo rt, Spo de, Meissen, Goss, Heubach, Conta & Boehme, von Schierholz, Hampshire, Morimura (Nippon), Schafer & Vat er, Ro yal Bayreuth, Henriot, Porquier, and Verling ue. Includes marks, scale sketches, and values.


The Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles. Norman Karlson. Over 4500 images in four volumes illustrate art tiles pro duced across the Unit ed States from the l ate nineteent h t hrough the twentieth centuries. Tile installations, panels, ind ividual tiles, and insert s in d istinctive art styles of six regions are displayed. Among the many companies represented are Grueby, Marblehead, Saturday Evening Girls, A. E. H ull, American Encaustic, Rookwood, Weller, Flint Faience, George Ohr, Niloak, Newcomb, California Art Tile, Brayton Lag una, Catalina Pottery, Gladding McBean, and Pacific Clay Products. The text includes identificat io n as well as valuable advice on co llecting art tiles, a glossary, an ind ex, and bibliograp hy. This set is an essential reference for all w ho are f ascinated with the ceramic arts.

20th Century Decorative British Tiles: Commercial Manufacturers. Chris Blanchett. Traces the fascinating history and diverse design of d ecorative ceramic tiles in Britain during the 20th century. Two volumes illustrate the work of over 110 comp anies, large and small. The third volu me covers the work of craft and studio t il e makers. All three books h ave an entry fo r each maker with a sho rt history of the firm, a gallery of tile images and their values, p lus information on identification and dating. An essential reference fo r all who are fascinated w ith the art of tile.

Marks on German, Bohemian, and Austrian Porcelain 1710 to the Present. Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition. Robert E. Röntgen. The marks used by porcelain manufacturers, facto ries, and decorators in Germany, Bohemia and Austria. More than 3,300 marks identify over 1,300 porcelain products, producers, and decorators, including marks which American importers had ap plied. A special chapter shows more than 650 marks of Continental and American origin. English and German text.

The Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles: Region 1 New England States; Region 2 Mid-A tlantic States. No rman Karlso n. Over 1100 p hotos display art tiles made in New England and the Middle Atl antic states du ring the late 19th and 20th centuries by many companies, including: Harris Strong, U.S. Pottery, Ded ham, Grueby, J. & J. G. Low, Paul Revere, Tiffany, Fulper, Pittsburgh Encaustic, Star Encaustic, and Wheeling Tile.

20th Century Decorative British Tiles: Commercial Manufacturers, A-H. Chris Blanchett. Includes Carter & Co., Kenneth Clark Ceramics, Henry Doulton & Co., Florian Studios, and more.

Encyclopedia of Marks on American, English, and European Earthenware, Ironstone, and Stoneware: 1780-1980. Arnold A. & Dorothy E. Kowalsky. 1000s of marks from American, English and European potters p resented in alphabetical and chronological order. American and Canadian importers and the potters for whom they imported are identified. Ware types, printed patterns, registry dates, glossary and bibliography are included.

The Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles: Region 3 Midwestern States. Norman Karlson. Over 1300 images disp lay art til es made in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North & South Dakot a, Iowa, and Missou ri by many companies, including: A. E. H ull, American Encaustic, Biloxi Art Pottery, Cowan, Flint Faience, National Tile, Pewabic, Ro okwood, Rushmore, U.S. Encaustic, and Wel ler.

20th Century Decorative British Tiles: Commercial Manufacturers, J-W. Chris Blanchett. Includes Maw & Co., Packard & Ord, H. & R. Johnson, Pilkington’s and more.

1100 Marks on Foreign Pottery & Porcelain. The guide to the most common marks found on antique ceramics, 1600s to 1900s, w it h identificatio ns and dates used. Includes makers in America b efore 1890, Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, China, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hun gary, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Short entries give factory histories with names of relevant people and exp lanations o f date markings.

The Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles: Region 4 South and Southwestern States; Region 5 Northwest and Northern California. Norman Karlson. Over 700 images display art tiles made in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisi an a, Texas, Colo rad o, Wash ingt on, and Northern California by such companies as: Abington, Arequipa, California Faience, Cathedral Oaks, Newcomb , N iloak, Pigeon Fo rge, San Jose, Solo n & Schemmel, Van Briggle, and Waco.

20th Century Decorative British Tiles: Craft and Studio Tile Makers. Chris Blanchett. Over 850 color photos illustrate the work of well-known designers such as Bernard Leach, recent tile makers such as Maggie Berkowitz and Eleanor Greeves, and innovative craft companies such as Smoke and Fire and Royce Wood.

Index 256 pp. 1800 Marks on American Pottery & Porcelain. The mo st common marks that ap pear on antique American ceramics in today’s market s are presented in alphabetical order. Pottery factories from the 1840s to 1930s are incl uded . E ach hand-drawn mark shown w ith the factory name, address and date range.


Art Nouveau Tiles, c. 1890-1914. Sandie Fowler & Wendy Harvey. Examples of over 600 dazzling full color Art Nouveau tiles. A very usefu l and beautiful collectors’ guide, it p rovides inf ormation about many major tile manufacturers. It is arranged by company and design and contains a guide to market prices, as well as suggest ions and tips for t il e collectors. Price Guide

192 pp.

The Encyclopedia of American Art Tiles: Region 6 Sout hern California. Norman Karlson. Distinctive Southern California art tiles are revealed in over 1300 photos f rom comp anies including: Alhamb ra Kilns, American Encaust ic, Brayton Lag una, California Clay Products, D. & M. Tile, Frederick Hurten Rhead, Gladding McBean, Malibu, Pacific Clay Products, Pomona, Ro bertson, Sascha Brastoff, Tropico, and Western Art Til e.

California Tile: The Golden Era, 1910 -1 940: Acme to Handcraft. Cal ifo rnia Heri tage Muse um, Josep h A. Taylo r, Editor. During the first half of the 20th centu ry, Californ ia t ile makers produced richly patterned tiles. Over 800 col or images th is volu me cap ture th e beauty of 100s of tiles from comp anies named Acme to Handcraft. Rare archival photos.


Victorian Decorative Glass: British Designs, 185 0-1 914. Mervyn Gu lliver. Tho usands o f b eauti fu l h and -f ormed dec orative g lassware designs f rom Brit ish manuf act urers, for exp ort and domestic use, from 1850 to 1914. Detailed analysis and more than 850 color photographs and hund reds of carefully hand-draw n illustrations provide a visual feast to stud y and enjoy. Price Guide

320 pp.

Victorian Glass Novelties. Jo & Bob Sanford. Over 590 color photos and 80 vintag e ads d isplay Victorian novelties in clear and colored glass. Novelty candy containers, decanters, perfume bottles, toothpick and mat ch ho lders, shakers, condiment jars, and tableware in fanciful forms ranging from animal s and humans to f rui t, veget ab les, and personal apparel are in this fascinat in g book. A bibliography and values are provid ed . 192 pp.

Flint Faience Tiles A - Z. Margaret Carney, Ph.D. & Ken Galvas. Wonderful Flint Faience tiles made from 1921-33, arranged alphabetically by subject, the book covers company history, major designers, and tile designs, including Art Deco and Arts & Crafts style, animal and nursery rhyme designs, geometric motifs, dramatic murals, and more. Installations in homes, schools, churches, and swimming pools are also shown. Present day tile values are provided in the captions. 288 pp.

California Tile: The Golden Era, 1910-1940: Hispano-Moresque to Woolenius. California Heritage Museum, Joseph A. Taylor, Ed itor. Over 850 color images cap ture the beauty of tiles from comp anies named Hispano-Moresque to Woo lenius, and tile furnishings and crafts fro m Cell ini-Craft , Hil lsid e Pottery, an d Monterey Furniture.


Mauzy’s Depression Glass: A Photographic Referen ce and Price Gu ide. Revised & Expan ded 7t h Edition . Barbara & Jim Mauzy. The 7th edition of the w orl d’s most used and authoritative book o n Depression Gl ass pro vides more than 350 new p hotos. 220 ad ditional p ieces have been added to the patterns, along with accurate measurements, current values, up -to-date reproduct ion information, and two more patterns. (Former ISBN: 978-0-7643-3275-3)

111 Mauzy’s Rare, Unusual, & Unique Depression Glass. Barbara & Jim Mauzy. 150 photos of more than 220 noteworthy vintage glassware items, many tho ught to be u nique. These are rarest and most sp ecial Depressio n Glass pieces seen by these preeminent authors of the premier Depression G lass references. Some are scarce or have an unusual co lor or decoration. These pieces will fascinate and delight DG collectors.

Mauzy’s Depress ion Era Kit chen Glass. Barbara & Jim Mauzy. More than 45 manufacturers are represented including : Westmoreland , Sneath, Paden City, Cambridge, McKee, Jeannette, Hocking, Hazel-Atlas, and Federal. Almost 100 different kind s of kitchen glassware are featured including: canisters, dispensers, cruet s, refrigerator dishes, and rolling pins. Over 500 clear photo s, arrang ed by colo r, manufacturing informatio n, measure ments, values, and more. 160 pp.

Mauzy’s Comprehensive Handbook of Depression Glass Prices. Revised & Expanded 10th Edition. Barbara & Jim Mauzy.

Designed for hands-free shopping, this revised and expanded 10th edition is complete with 2012 pricing and reproduction information for 169 patterns of Depression glass, Fire-King, and 1940s and 1950s patterns, including three added patterns, Diamond Cut, Fire-King Fish Scale, and Shell Pink. No other book on glassware of the 1920s-1950s provides more comprehensive and beneficial information in such a compact, user-friendly format. You'll find complete listings of thousands of pieces in all colors, measurements, and even a ruler on the back cover! Don’t leave home without this handy reference in your pocket. (Former ISBN: 0-7643-2496-9) Barbara and Jim Mauzy are dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts of kitchen collectibles from the 1920s-1950s. For over ten years they have been selling these items (and more) every Sunday at Renninger’s Antiques Market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. Available in October

Mauzy’s Kit chen Glass : A Photographic Reference with Prices. Barbara & Jim Mauzy. Colorful kitchenw are from the 1920s through the 1950s. Over 400 beautiful full color photos show reamers, mixing bowls, refrigerator dishes, shakers, drippings jars, canisters, provisions jars, measuring cups, cruets, and scores of additional items with clear explanations, valu es, measurements, manufacturing information, and much more. 160 pp.

Depression Glass Postcards. Barbara & Jim Mauz y. Forty colorful images on perforated postcards explore the b eautiful range of Depression Glass in a variety of colors and patterns by leading companies, as widely soug ht after by collectors. This is the perfect g ift for any Depression Glass enthusiast.

A Pocket Guide to Pink Depres sion Era Glass. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Patricia Clements and Monica Clements. Over 200 p ieces of pink Depression Era glass from such firms as Bartl ett-Co llins, Cambridge, Federal, F ost ori a, Hazel-Atl as, Imperial, Westmoreland, and o thers, with examples of 45 different patterns. This revised and expanded second edition features some new photographs and newly revised prices. Price Guide

160 pp.

The Pocket Guide to Green Depression Era Glass. Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. Forty-six patterns and b rief hist ories o f the glass companies, alo ng with a chap ter of in ci dental p ieces from such firms as Anchor Hocking, Bartlett-Collins, Federal, Hazel-Atlas, Imperial, L. E. Smith, U. S. Glass and others. An indispensab le guide for all who co llect Depression Era glass and enjoy the beauty of green glassware. Price Guide

160 pp.

Depres sion Glas s: A Collector’s Guide. Revised & Expan ded 7th Edition. Doris Yeske. This is the perfect starter book for any would -be col lector - a gentle and humo rous introduction to the hobby starting with the origins of the glass, leading them through garage sales and auctions, and on to a more extensive knowledge of specific colors, patterns, pieces, and pro minent companies. Price Guide

160 pp.

Depress ion Glass Dinnerw are A ccessories. Doris Yeske. Co ordinated glass dinnerware sets p roduced in the Depression era co ntain ed a wo nderful variety of pieces. Showcased are centerpieces, candleholders, center-handled trays and bowl s, t id bit servers, serva snack sets, relish dishes, candy dishes, cake plates, punch sets, and more. Captions provide d escriptions, manufacturers, dates, measurements, and current values. Price Guide

Depression Glass, Collections and Reflections: A Guide with Values. 2nd Edition-revised & expanded. Doris Yeske. Over 300 color p hotos, a history of the Depression glass, comprehensive descript ions of specific p ieces, i nformation on how to collect and display it, and updated values. Chapters highlight premium giveaways, popu lar children’s sets, unique pitchers and pitcher sets, bu tte r dish es, serving p ieces, th e d ecorated Swanky Swig s, reproductions, and much more.

160 pp. Price Guide

176 pp.

112 Elegant Glass: Early, Depression and Beyond. Revised & Expanded Third Edition. Debbie and Randy Coe. Over 1000 color photos d isplay popular Elegant Glass patterns from major companies, including Cambridge, Fento n, Fostoria, Heisey, Imperial, Morgantown, New Mart insville, and Pad en Cit y. Cap tio ns in clu de a de tailed description of each piece pictured. A glossary of terms will assist the collector in identifying their particular p iece.

Depression Era Dime Store Glass. C.L. Miller. Once a stap le item along “Main Street, U.S.A.,” dime stores such as Ben Franklin, G.C. Murphy, and F.W. Wo olwo rth so ld at tract ive, p racti cal glassware at affo rdable prices during the Depression years. Over 240 images, many d rawn from orig inal catalo gs and advertisements, document this colorful and highly co llectibl e merchandise. Values and index in clud ed . 144 pp.

Glass Barware: Deco & Beyond. Wal ter T. Lemiski. Barware cocktail shakers, d ecanters, pitchers, beverage dispensers, p unch bow ls, ice buckets, stemware, tumblers, beer mugs, coasters, swizzle sticks, bitters bot tles, juice reamers, and more are displayed in 600 photos. Glass companies include Cambrid ge, Duncan Miller, Fenton, Fostoria, H azel-Atlas, Heisey, Imp erial, Indiana, Morgantow n, Paden City, and Tiffin. Values are included in the captions. 160 pp. Depression Era Art Deco Glass. & Paul a Ockner. Art Deco glass mad e during the Depression era b y Cambridg e, Consolidated, Duncan, Fostoria, Heisey, Libbey, Morgantown , Tiffin , and many others. More than 350 co lor photos of p opular and rare examples, values, patent drawings, & company information. diagrams 160 pp.

West Virginia Glass Betw een the World Wars. Dean Six. Over twenty West Virginia glass co mp anie s, i ncl ud ing Al ley™, Beaumo nt™, Fen ton ™, F ostoria™, Mono ngah™, Morgan town™, Seneca Glass™, and West Virginia Glass Special ty™, are featured. More th an 500 color pho tographs d isp lay items pro duced from th e 1920s t hrou gh t he 1940s. Advert ise me nts, in divid ual essays ab out eac h c ompan y, and current values. Price Guide

160 pp.

Morgantown Glass: From Depression Glass Through t he 1960 s. Jef frey B. Snyd er. A fascinating compendium of the hand-mad e, moldblown glassware p roduced in Morgantown, West Virginia, displayed in over 860 color photographs. The st riking co lors, etchings, cu ttings, and cased filament stems make Morgantown glass distinctive and appealing. Descrip tions of specific techniques are given by emplo yees. 224 pp.

Depression Glass and Beyond: A Guide to Pattern Identification. Doris Yeske. Classificat io n and identification of Depression Glass by the prominent design in the pat tern. Patterns are group ed into 21 overall design categories, includ ing animals, circles or rings, d iamonds, floral, and more. Within each category, the associated p atterns are then listed and illustrated in alphabetical order. Each pattern is identified b y name, manufacturer, years of production, and colors used. 160 pp.

Depression Glass for Collectors. Robert Brenner. Originally given as a premium for p urchasing cert ain products d uring the Depression years, this p opular colo red t ab le glassware of green, yello w, pink, blue, and other hues is now avidly collected. Pattern names from Adam to Windsor are identified , with a price guide and 360 color photos. This is an important part of g lass history and modern culture. Price Guide

176 pp.


circa Fifties Glass from Europe & America. glass known as “Fifties glass,” plus popular modern factory-made glassware from the United States and Italy. This colorful and highly collectible glass is presented with detailed information on 88 designers and makers, design lists for Barovier & Toso and for Venini, glossary, bibliography, and index. 216 pp.

113 Popular ’50s and ’60s Glass: Color Along the River. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Leslie River Valley in the 1950s and 1960s by companies such as Blenko, Pilgrim, Rainbow, Viking, Kanawaha, Bischiff, Morgantown and others that made free- and mo ld-blow n product ion glass. This revised and expanded 2nd edition includes 530 color photos of the beautiful glass, its labels, catalog pages, and company histories, and an updated price guide. Price Guide

ANTIQUE G LASS B Y TYPE: CRACKLE G LA SS Collecting Crackle Glass. Judy Alford. Detailed information describes the styles, shapes, colors, and crackling pro cedures that id entif y crackle glass and its makers, ap proximate dates of creation, and fair market value. The “Manufacturer’s Identification” and “Most Collectible” guidelines found here make it easy to collect the most desirable pieces.

The Encyclopedia of American Cut and Engraved Glass. Revised and Expanded 9th Edition. Albert Christian Revi. In this classic work, the aut hor traces th e American phases of this fascinating history by describing the products of major and minor manufact urers. This boo k has been estab lished as the “bib le” in this field, and the addition of 150 new photos and fully updated text and pri cing i nformation make thi s edition the best yet.

176 pp.

Value Guide

320 pp.

Fifties Glass. Revised and E xpanded 2nd Edition.

Collecting American Brilliant Cut Glass, 1876-1916. Bill and Louise Boggess. American cut glass of the 1876 to 1916 period with vital information collectors need to identify, select, and evaluate cut g lass. Patterns are id entified, signatures are sho wn, and major American comp anies are described. Thousand s of cut glass p ieces are shown, each p iece graded for its rarity.

(Murano) and Scandinavian glass, with artist and desig ner biographies, co mpany histories, an illustrated glossary, index, and a price guide. Ranging from common collectibles to museum quality art, these glass objects from the 1950s are all w it hin that range o f style, col or, quality, and fun t hat we now identif y as “fifties glass.”

Value Guide

208 pp.

160 pp.

Crackle Glass in Color: Depres sion to ’70s. was hand b lown by West Virginian companies Blenko , Pilg rim, and Rainbow , and D ep ressio n Era companies, Tiffin, Morgantown, and Duncan. Over 400 color pho tos of crackle glass, company cat alog pag es, information on the manufacturers, detailed captions, prices, and an index make this b ook a must for student s, collecto rs, and dealers of glass.

320 pp.

176 pp.


The Black Glass Encyclopedia. The West Virginia Museum of American Glass. Over 860 color photos of unusual black glass animals, baskets, candlesticks, compotes, flow er bowls, stemware, tableware, and vases from Akro Ag ate, Blenko, Cambridge, Duncan & Miller, Fenton, Fostoria, H.C. Fry, Hazel-Atlas, Heisey, Imperial, Lenox, Libb ey, Morgantow n, Paden City, Seneca, Steuben, U.S. Glass, and Westmoreland. Values are provided.

Handbook for American Brilliant Cut Glass. Bill & Louise Bogg ess. This practical book provides guidance in identifying and evaluating American brilliant cut glass. It is organized b y patterns and illustrat ed wit h 396 col or and black and whit e pho tograp hs. Standard, Choice, Premium, and Rare quality pieces are id ent if ied throughout, and sep arat e value ranges for each quality of every piece are p rovided.

Crackle Glass Too: 1950s-2000. Crackle g lass has beco me o ne of the p opular fields of 20th century glass collecting . This volume shows thousands of crackle gl ass items group ed in more than 300 colo r p hotos, w ith company histories, detailed captions, current price guid e, bibliography, and index. It will serve as a reference for students, collectors, and dealers of this colorf ul glassware.

160 pp.

160 pp.

ANTIQUE G LASS B Y TYPE: CARNIVAL Pocket Guide to Carnival Glass . Moni ca Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. This attractive p ocket gu id e presents the story of Carnival Glass. Included are brief histories of Dugan, Fent on, Imp erial, Millersb urg and Northw ood. Learn to identify classic Carnival Glass pat terns as w ell as contempo rary Carnival Glass pieces, along w ith the prices you can expect to see in today’s marketplace.

Purple Glass: 20th Century American & European. Hemminger. Wo nderful pu rple glassware ranging from American Depression Era glass an d midcentury b lown gl ass from Blen ko to Ital ian and Scandinavian mid-century glass. More than 400 pages for identification) and inf ormation on the 60 comp anies represented make this book essential for all g lass collectors.

Price Guide

128 pp.


ANTIQUE G LASS B Y TYPE: JADITE Delphite & Jadite: A Pocket Guide. Joe Keller & David Ross. This handy pocket g uide to over 1000 Jadite and Delphite pieces, inclu ding many rarities. Kitchenware, dinn erware, and household accessories are illustrated in color, with current prices for the extremely popular Jadite, D elp hite, Chaline, and Fire-King’s opaque blue dinnerware lines are included. Price Guide


160 pp.

160 pp. Cobalt Blue Glass. Revised & Expand ed 2nd Edition. Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. The w ide range of cobalt blue g lass available to the collector shown in nearly 400 color photos, with updated market values, from Depression Era p atterns to reproduct io n pieces and new glass, jewelry, condiment pieces, cand lesticks, vases, lamps, bells, perf ume bott les, bottles and jars, an imals, iridescent glass pieces, and more.

Carnival Glass: The Magic and the Mystery. Revised and Expand ed 2nd Editio n. Glen an d Stephen Thi stlew ood. Comp rehensive inf ormation on early 20th cent ury, iridescent C arnival Glass, co lors, shapes, and manufacturers, plus descriptions of over 500 indiv. patterns. This edition is expanded and updat ed, an entire sectio n with international makers from the United States, Europe, Au st ralia, Sout h and Central America, India, and the Far East.

144 pp.

A NTIQUE G LASS B Y TYPE: Identifying American Brilliant Cut Glass. Revised 6th Edition . Bill and Louise Bogg ess. A basic reference, this revised 6th edition includes an updated value guide, the catalo g names for various shapes in cut glass, and the id en tity o f 280 patterns of American and Canadian g lass by catalog name. It also presents 130 cut glass pieces known by their company signatures, patent records, or magazine ads. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3318-7 soft cover $19.99 Reflections on American Brilliant Cut Glass. Bill and Louise Boggess. Valuable new information on American Brilliant Cut Glass is presented here. Colo red patterns and their variations, common and unusual sh apes, changing terminology, and signature marks are al l d iscussed in detail. Rare pieces, such as those ap pearing in exhib itions, are also addressed. Value Guide

256 pp.

Jadite: An Identification & Price Guide. 3rd edition, revised and expanded. Jo e Keller & David Ro ss. More than 1,000 pieces are illustrated in color, representing the work of three majo r glass companies - McKee, Jeannette, and Anchor Hocking. Items rep resented include kitchen ware such as canisters, shakers, mixing bowls, and ovenware, plus househol d items including lamps, bathroom items, and ashtrays, with values in the captions. Price Guide


The Art of Carnival Glass. Glen & Stephen Thist lew ood. Encyclopedic coverage of Carnival Glass shapes: bowl s, p lates, vases, drinking vessels, tableware, lig hting, tobaccian a and more, all adorned wi th peacocks, f lowers, butterflies, fruits, dragons, and other fanciful treatments. Each photograph is captioned with complete information including color, pattern, manuf acturer and current values. An essential reference tool for all Carnival collectors.

160 pp.

ANTIQUE G LA SS BY T YPE: MILK Milk Glas s: & Ot her Opaque Novelties. Douglas Congdon-Martin. Explore the world of milk glass in over 575 beautiful color photos, including pieces from the major manufacturers, ranging from hens on nests to miniature bank buildings and from plates to p ig s, with examples of most o f the colo rs and forms. 19th century to the late 20th cent ury pieces offer something for every collecto r.

256 pp. A Century of Carnival Glass. Glen & Stephen Thistlewood. Carnival in the Americas, Europe, and India, including items from Sowerby, Brockwitz, Eda, Rindskopf, Jain, and other makers. Contemporary glass from Fenton, Imperial, Boyd, Mosser, St. Clair, Summit, Westmoreland, and the Northwood Art Glass Company is included . Over 500 Carnival patterns, plus shapes, colors, values, & more. 256 pp.

The Milk Glass Book. Frank Chiarenza & James Slater. “Milk gl ass” today is considered neither white nor entirely opaque, as illustrated by more than 450 photos in t his b ook. American, English, French and other foreign manufacturers are represented. Twenty-four pages from early catalogs o f the French glasshouses Vallerysth al and Portieux are reprinted in color illustrating exquisite pieces. A checklist of major manufacturers, selected readings, index, and value guide are also p rovided. 228 pp.


114 Milk Glass: Imperial Glass Corporation. Myrna & Bob Garrison. Milk glass produced from the 1930s through 1984 by the Imperial Glass Corporation of Bellaire, Ohio. Includes a brief historical per perspective, a wide variety of decorations and treatments, and the patterns and categories used by Imperial. Opaque and slag glass production is covered as well. Mold numbers, descriptions, values, and production dates are provided for all pieces.

Glass Elephants. Myra Co e-Hixson . For collectors o f ornamental glass f igurines and elephant fanatics alike. Highlig hted makers include Boyd, Fento n, Fo sto ria, H eisey, Imperial, L.E. Smith, Mosser, New Martinsville, Summit, and Tiara from the late 19th century until the present . Over 375 clear photographs, interesting background text, and current market values inform and inspire the search for even more appealing examples. Price Guide


Slag & Marble Gla ss : The Prominent Years 1959-1985. Nathan Taves & Don Jenning s. Slag and marbl e glass from fou r major producers—Imperial, Westmoreland, L. G. Wright, and Fenton—and others, displayed in over 570 color pho tos with over 900 pieces. Information o n production years, mold names and numb ers, sizes, factory marks, colors made, and values.


Celery Vases: Art Glass, Pattern Glass, and Cut Glass. Do rothy Dougherty in cooperation with The W. Virginia Museum of American Glass. Over 350 images of vintage cut, pattern, and art glass celery vases, stands, g lasses, uprigh ts, and jars arranged b y form, including those w ith and without stems and by stem and bowl shapes. A wide variety of decorative techniques are featured.

112 pp.


Peanut Butter Glasses: 3rd Edition Revised and Expanded. Barbara E . Mauzy. This revised and expand ed third edition of the one authoritative book, designed to assist lovers of these colorfu l tumb lers, has more than 150 ad ditional glasses. Updated values have been assigned throughout. This is the bo ok yo u must own and carry if you are buying or selling peanut butter glasses.

176 pp.


Elega nt Glass Candleholders: Brillia nt Cut Era, Roaring ’2 0s, Depres sion Era, Modern. Paula Pendergrass and Sherry Riggs. Glass candl eh olders w ith exqu isite en gravi ngs, rich colors and silver and gol d o verlays, elab orate etching s, and modern styles from the United States and Europe. Learn to identify pieces fro m Haw kes, Hoare, Libb ey, Pairpo in t, Sinclair, Steuben, and more. Price g uid e includ ed . Price Guide


The Big Book of Vaseline Glass. Barrie Skelcher, M.Sc., C.Chem.. Over 400 vaseline pieces from British, American, and E uropean glasshouses of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries are shown. The manufacturers are identified along w ith their uranium b earing produ cts. Intense greens, yellow s, and pink hues predominate the useful and collectible tablewares, from condiment containers and cand lesticks to bow ls and flower vases. Price Guide

S w an ky s w ig s . M ark & S he i l a M o o re. Swankyswig's hi st ory off erin g o ver 230 co lor illustrat ions of nearly every style p rodu ced , as well as some look-al ikes that are on the market. Descriptions, variation lists, and captions with vital information and the current value make this a much needed ad dition to the glass collector’s library. Price Guide

96 pp.

208 pp.

cent Beauty. Barrie Skelcher. The fascinating and attract ive g lassware col ored w ith uranium, po pularly called Vaseline glass, was made in Great Britain, America, and Europe. Here are wellresearched, up-to-date discussions and values, 35 comp arative charts, and over 400 color photos in 49 chapters covering known makers, their marks, and specif ic design groups of homewares, tab lewares, and jew elry.

20 th Cent ury Gla ss Can dle Hold ers : Roaring ’20s, Depression Era, & Modern Collectible Candle Holders. Sherry Riggs & Paula Pendergrass. Over 600 antique and modern glass candle holders are shown in full color. From Roaring ’20s, Depression era, and modern sources, these candle holders are listed alphabetically, with up-to-date pricing and color information based on published sources and personal experience. Price Guide

Shot Glasses. Mark Pickvet. Over 2300 illustrations display 19th and 20th century shot glasses, Many st yles and material s are in clud ed that advertised whiskies and drinking establishments fro m eleg ant to co mmon taste. They rep resent many d iverse pl aces, periods, and social prefer preferences. Ad ditio nal tables l ist tho usand s, each described, dated, and valued. Values are found in cap tions and tables. 256 pp.

Sour Cream Glasses. Barbara E. Mauzy. Among today’s favo rite glass collectib les are th e decorat ive co ntainers t hat once contained so ur cream, a remarkable array of g lassw are that is durable, colorful, and highl y col lect ible. Here is t he historical in format ion , al ong wi th a value gui de presented in an easy-to-use format with check-off b oxes for your records.

160 pp.

Glass Candleholders: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Depression Era, Modern. Paula Pendergrass & Sherry Rigg s. A comprehensive survey of glass can dle h olders by major manufacturers such as Beaumont, Cambridge, Fenton, Duncan & Mi ller, Jean nett e G lass, Mo rg anto wn, and New Martinsville, with over 500 photos, all listed alphab et ically by manufact urer, this is the ideal guid e to identif ication, dating, and valuation of your prized pieces. Price Guide

Pictorial Guide to Vaseline Glass. Sue C. Davis. Sho wcases mo re than 600 fl uorescen t Vaseline glass items made f rom the mid-1800s to the present day. Featured are eye-catching vases, pitchers, salts, bow ls, lamps, go blets, baskets, eperg nes, perfumes, and many more. In cl udes pattern names, circa dates, manufact urers, dimen sio ns, current values, background information, and glossary. A beautiful reference that will b e enjoyed for many years to come!

176 pp.

160 pp.

Glass Candle Holders of the Depression Era and Beyond. Sherry Riggs & Paul a Pend ergrass. Over 520 colo r ph otos of glass candle ho lders arranged alp habetically by manufacturer, include rep resen tat ives from Cambridg e, Fostoria, Fry, Imperial, Lan caster, McKee, Tiffi n, and others, plus cand le holders from newer, smaller U.S. comp anies and numerous impo rts. Price gu ide and extensive bibliography included. Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp. The Picture Book of Vaseline Glass. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Sue C. Davis. With ap proximately 460 color photos, showing over 675 different pieces of glass, covering over 60 patterns, this popular boo k for the devotee of Vaseline is now in it s revised and expanded second edition! Updated prices are incl uded in the captio ns. 160 pp.


Collector’s Guide to Cartoon & Promotional Drinking Glasses. John Hervey. Cartoo n and pro motional characters are featured on drinking glasses deco rated . Made since the mid-1930s, they reflect p opular cult ure and entertainment as they derive from movie and television characters. Identification is by abbreviations of series names and a number for each desig n. These are popular among collectors of pop culture w ho will find this guide fun and accurate.

Glass Animals & Figurines. Deb bie and Ran dy Coe. Over 950 beauti ful co lor ph otographs o f American glass animals, fish, birds, mammals, and people figurines dating from 1876 to the present. Major manufacturers shown include Cambridg e, Fenton, Heisey, Imperial, Paden City, New Martinsvill e, Westmoreland , and others. A wid e spectrum of colors and shapes are displayed, their beauty enhanced b y exhaustive research.

Collectible Girlie Glasses. Tigre McMu llan. Over 430 images display the pin- up girl g lass sets created from the 1920s to today by companies such as Meyercord ®, Duro-Decal®, and AmusU™. Included among these sets are Mystic, Magic, Di sap pearin g C lot hes, Keyh ole , I nternat ion al Ladies, and Homefron t glasses. Shot, signature, specialty, theme, and hand-painted glasses are all presented . Values are included in the captions.

Price Guide

Price Guide

192 pp.

128 pp.


The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators. Michael Bruner. 100s of beautiful elect rical insulators. Over 700 color phot ographs, each wit h a descriptive caption, guide t he col lector through a huge asso rtment of designs and manufacturers. Each photograph carries a current value for the item shown. N o other book captures the b eauty found within this colorful and historical hob by. 208 pp.


Paperweights: Historicism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco. Peter von Brackel. Paperweights from Bohemia, Silesia, Thu ring ia, Belgiu m, France, Scandinavia, America, and many mo re. The 630 color illustrations of paperweights and their production proced ures, and d etailed glossary, index, and value guide truly make this book a useful and attractive reference. 320 pp.

115 World Paperweights: Millefiori and Lampwork. Robert G. Hall. Becau se of the challenges thei r intricate designs pose, lamp worked and millifiori paperweights have become recognized as little works of art. Here are nearly 500 paperweights produced over the last 150 years from around the world, with company histories and d etailed de scriptions. Full pricing information and a detailed glossary are also included. Price Guide

Commercia l Perfume Bot tles. Re vi sed. Jacqu elyne Jones-No rt h. Over 800 b eauti ful color photos of perfume bottles ranging from the exquisite flacons of Lalique, Baccarat, Viard, Brosse, Jollivet, Cristal Nancy, Wheaton, C.K. Brenda, and Lucien Guillard to figural bottles and dimest ore novelties. Bottles wit h the original p ackaging are included, as are catalogs and advertising photographs. An important book for collectors.

160 pp.

256 pp.

Paperweights. Sibylle Jargstorf. Hundred s o f beautiful old and new paperweights are d isplayed in over 450 co lor photo graphs. This meticulously researched bo ok p resen ts an historical view o f international examples and their talented makers. Value Guide

Diamond 1 Perfume Bottles Price Guide: and other Drugstore Ware. 222 glass perfume bottles, 81 peg stopp ers, and 91 various jars made 1910 to 1925 by Diamo nd Glass show n in clear drawings. Includes glass moul d numbers, sizes available, weight per gross, an d estimated prices without lables. Orig inal label s on bottles will bring considerab ly more.

Commercial Fragrance Bott les . Jo anne Dubbs Ball & Dorothy Hehl Torem. Over 1000 examples of commercial fragrance b ottles in beautiful full color photos. With examples spanning every decad e of the 20th century, collectors w ill find a representative asso rtment of the most b eautifu l creat io ns to satisf y the most avid aficionado.

224 pp.

More Miniat ure Perfume Bott les. G linda Bowman. An extravagant array of miniature perfume bottles in over 550 full-col or photos. With bottles from the Victorian era, the beginning of the 20th century, the World Wars, and through the 1990s, this book has it all! E ach bo ttle is id ent ified by fragrance, parfumer, size, and era. Sig nificant glassmakers are discussed, and th eir works are identified. Price Guide

Old English Paperweights. Robert Hall. English glass paperweights from early times to the present

Fragrance Bottle Mast erpieces. Jo an ne Dubbs Ball & D orothy Hehl Torem. A magnificent exploration of the history of the perfume bottle, illustrated with o ver 400 co lor photos. From dusty fragments found in Mesopotamian ruins to the most resplend ent examples of modern glassmaking, the art of the perfume bottle is celebrated . Major bo ttle designers and manufacturers are discussed along with parfumers who were instrumental in the grow th of the industry in the 20th century.

famous Bacchus pap erwei ghts. By c omp aring canes, colors, and styles with these examples, col lectors now can identify unkno wn weights, the fake “1848” dated paperweights, and inkw ells. and drawings 160 pp.

Value Guide Pa perw eights of t he World. Revised & Expan ded 4th Editio n. Monika Flemming & Peter Pommerencke. Over 1,000 pap erwei ghts from the 1840s to the 1980s display the development, product io n t echniques, and informative histories of makers, glass st udios, and ind ep end ent artists, with hints fo r collecto rs and an up -to-date price guide. Museum information, a helpful bibliography, and tips for the care of paperweights ro und out this enjoyable bo ok. ISBN: 0-7643-2520-5

hard cover


A Collector’s Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles: Minis, Mates and More. Jeri Lyn Ring blum. A convenient hand book with hundred s of clear color p hotographs and fasci nating sto ries about each fragran ce. Fragrance names, their creators, launch dates, bottle and package designs and dimensions are all here, as well as a price guide reflecting today’s fragrance bottle market. 264 pp.

256 pp.

Perfume Bottles for Purse & Dresser: from Czechoslovakia, 1920s -1930s . Verna J. Kocken. Combines over 500 full color photographs with period catalog images to provide a comprehensive study of purse and dresser perfume bottles. Includes “d angle” b ottles, filigree caged bottles, hinged bottles, micro bottles, intaglio designs, figurals, multiple sets, and more. Also features a review of cap styles, info rmation regarding copies and reproductions, and current values.

176 pp.

A NTIQUE G LASS BY COMPANY Royal Ruby. Philip H opper. 250 color photographs, 12 factory bulletins, and numerous catalog references document Anchor Hocking’s Royal Ruby red glassware fro m the late 1930s to the 1980s. piec es never mass produced , w hile the more uncommon p att erns include High Point, Whirly Twirly, Fairfield, Cl assic, Berwick, Beverly, Sh ell, Fortune, and Rainflower. 128 pp.

240 pp.

Paperweights from Great Britain. John Simmon ds. Since the 1930s, more than 1.5 mill io n glass p aperweights have b een made in Britain. Here is the first comprehensive reference to identify them. Over 2000 paperweights by Paul Ysart and his family, Strathearn, Whitefriars, Caithness, John Deacons, William Manson, Selkirk, and many stu dio artists are listed and well co vered in histories, descriptions, and 360 co lor illustrations.

Perfume, Cologne, and Scent Bottles. Revised 4th E dit ion . Jacq uel yne No rth. T he enchantment of p erfume bott les is capt ured in 1028 breathtaki ng colo r p hotos and heretofore unattainable information in a new ly revised edition reflecting t oday’s market. Most of the bottles illustrated are available t o collectors. Over 270 patent ill ustrations are included as is a d irecto ry of p erfume makers and scent s, and a guide to current p rices.

More Royal Ruby. Philip Hopp er, with pho tography by Bruce Waters. Ruby red glassware made by Anchor Hocking is a popular collectible today. Over 300 color p hoto s, incl udin g u ncommo n patterns such as Chateau, Newport, Inspiration, and Avon, display th e many varieties availabl e. Detailed information ab out each piece and a price guide are included. 128 pp.

192 pp. Price Guide

243 pp.

Scottish Paperweights. Robert G. H all. With nearly 400 colo r photos of Scottish pap erweights fro m 1835 to th e present, along with a history of w eig ht-making and import ant weight-makers and glass houses of Scotland , this st udy offers a detailed gu id e to a b eautiful art f orm that has enthusiasts throughout the world. A substantial glossary and price guid e are included.

The Perfume Atomizer: An Object with Atmosphere. Tirza Tru e Latimer. Hundred s of perfume at omi zers in over 400 co lor p hoto s, demonstrate the diverse and b eautiful variety of bottles and dispensers that make up the atomizer world. These popular collectib les are disp layed and identified, with w ell-documented text, descriptive cap tions and current market values.

Price Guide

Value Guide

176 pp.

168 pp.

Forest Green Glass. Philip L. Hopper. The history of Anchor Hocking’s Forest Green glassware, covering 17 established patterns and a myriad of accessory pieces such as relish set s, ashtrays, lamps, vases, pi tchers, and tumb lers. Th ese are beautifully presented in over 300 gorgeous color ph otograp hs. Many historical documents are included to make this the most comprehensive reference g uid e to Anchor Hocking ’s Forest Green glassware. 112 pp.

A NTIQUE G LASS BY FORM: P ERFUME Classic Perfume Advertising: 1920-1970. Jacqueline Jo hnson. Magazine ads representing the great p erfume houses at the height of their marketing prowess. Guerlain, Schiaparell i, Caron, Lentheric, Hattie Carnegie, Lanvin, Houbigant, and more are included For the perfume bottle collector, advertising hist orian, and those active in g raphic arts, this beautiful boo k has over 370 magnificent images that have sold millions of dollars w orth o f fragrance throug h the years.


Miniature Perfume Bottles. Glinda Bowman. Mini at ure pe rfu me bo ttl es, i nclu din g an tiqu e bottles of the last century, Art Deco b ottles, graceful bottles of the World War II era, and today’s variety, all illustrated with full color p hotos. The top makers are well-represen ted , including Laliqu e, G uerlain, Coty and Lentheric, with a special section of the popular bottles pro duced by Avon. A price g uide makes this a valuable book for co llectors. Price Guide

160 pp.

Anchor Hocking Commemorative Bottles: and Other Collectibles. Philip L. Hopper. Filled with over 150 color photos, thi s b ook d isp lays unique Ancho r Hocking bottles commemorating retirements, high school graduations, h istorical events, centennials, plant expansions, performance award s, and conventions. Fabulous insig ht into the history of Anchor Hocking. Price Guide

144 pp.

116 Anchor Hocking Decorated Pit chers and Glasses: The Fire King Years. Philip L. Hopper. Over 350 color phot ographs disp lay the Fire King pitchers and glasses produced from 1950 to 1970 by the Anchor Hocking glass company, ranging from Tilt Ball and juice pitchers to fro sted glasses and cocktail sets. A brief history of the company, catalog pages, an index, and prices in the captions round out the presentation. Price Guide

Blenko: Cool ’50s & ’60s Glass. Revised 2nd Edition the few glass factories in the United States still making modern hand blown production glass. Over 675 color photograph s of Blenko glass (courtesy of Blenko Visitors’ Center Museum, the Huntington Museum of Art, and private collections), detailed cap tions, information on the d esigners, the 1960 cat alog (not p reviously published), bib liography, and index make t his boo k a valuab le reference.

128 pp.

Blenko Glass: 1962-1971 Catalogs. Lesl ie

Price Guide

Price Guide

An Unauthorized Guide to Fire-King Glasswares. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition . Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. Colorful Fire-King Depression era glassware is stud ied through a b rief hist ory, over 200 phot ograp hs, updated market values, and an index. Dinnerware, mugs, mixing bowls (from splash-p roof to Swedish Modern), kitchenware, and ovenw are in copper lustre, jade-ite, sapphire b lue, and t urquoise b lue glasswares all are well represented.

1950s and 1960s have cau ght collect ors’ eyes. This book presents an exact, ful l-color reprinting of the yearly Blenko company catalogs from 1962 through 1971, thus offering a complete, well-illustrated record of Bl enko glass products, including orig inal retail prices and up-to-d ate prices.


Corning Pyroceram® Cookware. Rand y & Debbie Coe. A detailed account of Corning’s Pyroceram® cookware. 60 plus patterns are listed and shown in over 400 color photo s. Reprints o f cat alogs, brochures, and histo rical material, and a d etailed bibliograp hy pro vide much additional information. An index gives easy access to the contents. Current values included.

160 pp.

Blenko 1972-1983 Catalogs. Introduction by Blenko Gl ass Company catalogs explo res the early and middle years, an area o f g rowing interest to collectors. Some items from the 1970s are already commanding high prices in the secondary markets both on-line and “in person. ” The catalogs are reproduced in their entirety, and a guid e to current values for the glass is included. Price Guide

The Artistic Glassware of Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton. Bob Sanford & Barbara Payne. Beautiful tableware, tumblers, condiments, and more in popular patterns includ ing Eyewinker, Reverse torp edo, Alexis, Klond ike, Onyx, and Floradine. Sw eetheart, Crown, Two Post, Delaware, and Oklahoma lamps and Snowball Wine Set, Mrs. Snow ball, Clown Decanter, Parrot Decanter novel ties are displayed. Values are pro vided in the captions.

160 pp.

Fire-King™: An Informa tion and Price Guide. Joe Keller & David Ross. Over 2000 pieces of t he Anchor Hocking Glass Company’s popul ar Fire-King dinnerware and cookw are illustrated in color with current prices. Included are the popul ar Jadite and o paque blue lines, as well as the eagerly collected ivo ry, fired-on colors, and transp arent lines. This book contains numerous rarities, never before shown, as well as common F ire-King that has been part of everyday life for over 50 years.

Blenko Catalogs Then & Now : 1959-1961, 19 84-200 1. original Blenko catalog pages and photo s, this book completes the Blenko st ory, covering the early designs and the later desig ns read ily available to collectors. The first three color catalogs show some of the b est o f Blenko’s early g lass production, and these are featured in t his latest Blenko book. The year 1983 marked the beginning of the late period.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

color p hotos o f thousands of pieces of the ever popu lar PYRE X® glassw are, alon g with catalog pages and advertisement s, is now brought up-todate w ith current prices and a section on pat terns. Ovenware, FLAMEWARE, colo rful later ad ditions, laboratory glass, and more are p resented in an organized format. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2840-4 soft cover

Anchor Hocking Decorated Pit chers and Glasses: The Depression Years . Phili p L. Hopp er. Over 310 color images display the pit ch ers and glasses p roduced from circa 1905 throug h America's Great Depression. This b ook presents the different p itcher and glass shap es and their decorative treatments, ranging from hand -pain ted designs to etched p atterns. 128 pp.

Guide. Revised & Expanded 4th Edition . Barbara

Depression Era Glass by Duncan. pany pro ducts from the 1920s -1940s. Inc lud es essays abo ut th eir Vict orian wares and contrib ution to the Tif fin Glass Co. Over 500 color photos, catalog pages, advertisements, patent drawings, chronology of company history, detailed captions, bibliography, index, and value guide.

160 pp.

The Fire King™ Years & Beyond : Anchor Hocking™ Decorated Pitchers and Glass. Phili p L. Ho pper. Over 360 colo r pho tos and catalo g pages display d ecorated glass p itchers and drinking glasses p roduced by Anchor Hocking Glass, from the 1950s Fire King years to today. Three pitcher styles - the 86 oz. upright, Finlandia, and Chateau - decorated in many patterns, includ ing An nap olis, Breezes, Flair, Ju bilee, Pago da, Shel l™, Wexford, and more.

Central Glass Works: The Depression Era. Tim Schmidt . The g lassware l ine produced by Central Glass Works of Wheeling, West Virginia, from the 1910s through 1939, are presented in 470 images. St emw are, tumbl ers, compot es, marmalades, covered candy dishes, dresser & vanity trays, p it chers, tankard s, jugs, candlesticks, & barware appear in many colors, etched decorations, & forms. Val ues are found b oth in the captions and in tables.

The Big Book of Fenton Glass: 1940-1970. Revised 5th Editio n. John Wal k, ph otograp hy by Joseph Gates. More than 1,000 Fenton Art Glass Company po pular products are shown, plus rare, unli sted , and experiment al items. A brief history of th e co mpany, l istings of factory ware and mold numbers, a ch ronicle of th e various colors produced in the many product lines, a bibliography, and values round out the eye-catching presentation.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Price Guide

128 pp.

Anchor Hocking Catalogs, 1940-Present. Philip L. Hopper. Over half a century of glassware product io n in the catal og pag es and ads from An chor Hocking , ranging from d in nerware and p unch sets, giftware, and salt & pepp er shakers to b owls, glasses, established patterns, and etched g lassware. Store disp lays and original catalog pricelists are also featured. Values for t he wares displayed in the catalog p ages and ads are provided.

192 pp.

208 pp.

Central Glass Company: The First Thirty Years, 1863-1893. Marilyn R. Hallock. Heavily illustrated with color images, historical documents, and catalog pag es, it w ill satisfy both the collector and the g lass historian. Each pattern is illustrated, most w ith beaut iful col or pho tos, and al l are caref ully described. A g uide to current values is included. An easy identification g uide co mpiles every known pattern.

The Big Book of Fenton Milk Glass: 19401985. 2nd edition, revised and expanded. John Walk. The most complete listing o f Fento n Milk Glass available today. Superb examples of Hobnail and Silver Crest patterns abound . Forms ranging from ashtrays and candy boxes to tidbits and vases are featured with a company history, glossary, and bibliography. Newly updated market values are in the cap tions.

The Charleton Line: Decoration on Glass and Porcelain from Fenton, Cambridge, Consolidat ed , Wes tmorelan d, Dun can & Miller, Heisey, Imperial, Limoges, and others. Michael and Lori Palmer. Charleton line hand-painted decoration w as prolific during the 1940s and 1950s on blanks from American and European glass and p orcelain manufacturers. Over 600 stunning images, a comp any history, extensive bibliography, and current values are provided.

Fenton A-Z. Jo hn Wal k. A comprehen si ve , easy-to-use g uid e provid ing qu ick access to information on Fenton art glass types and values. Lengt hy tab les and over 390 images in clud e Fenton’s Burmese, Carnival, Crests, Hobnail, Milk Glass, Op alescent, Opaque, O verlay, Satin, and Transparent styles, as well as Christmas items, Ro bert Barber wares, and Anniversary Issues. A special reference co de refers to the author’s other 8 references to Fenton glass.

160 pp.

Av on’s 187 6 Cape Cod Collection: Glass Dinnerware. Revised & expanded 2n d Edition. Debbie & Randy Coe. Avon’s 1875 Cape Cod pattern glass dinnerw are is one of th e most beautiful deep ruby p atterns. O ver 130 ph otos show the shapes and the original mold drawings, and the captions relate the d ate each design w as approved, the designers’ names, and n umber of molds used .

Price Guide

192 pp.

117 Fenton Glass Compendium: 1940-1970. John Walk. Over 900 color photographs captu re the art glass, ranging from candleholders to vases, pro duced by the Fento n Art Glass Comp any of Williamstow n, West Virginia, from 1940 to 1970. Many items appear in print for the first time. The text includes detailed listings and current values. Price Guide

224 pp.

Fenton Glass Compendium: 1970-1985. John Walk. Over 1,160 colo r ph oto s di sp lay Fenton art glass wares, ranging from baskets and bells t o special order items and vases, made from 1970 through 1985. Every colo r, form, and glass decorating motif is detailed. The t ext incl udes the production history of the beau tiful art wares produced d uring this period. Values are in t he cap tions and in tables. Price Guide

240 pp.

Fenton Glass Compendium: 198 5-Present. John Walk. Over 1000 color images disp lay the glassware produced b y the Fenton Art Glass Comp any from 1985 onward. Incl uded are wares from the Fenton General, Connoisseur, and Special Series l ines, alon g w ith Ch ristmas an d Easter items. H ere are an imals, bells, candy d ish es, lamp s, trinket b oxes, and vases in a variety of treatments and decorations. Values are includ ed in the captions. Price Guide

Fenton Art Glass: A Centennial of Glass Making 1907-2007 and Beyond. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Debbie & Randy Coe.

This greatly expanded and revised edition includes beautiful glassware from every decade of Fenton production, making this the only book highlighting Fenton’s glassmaking diversity for over 105 years. Over 4,000 pieces of glass are included, adding 1,000 pieces in this edition. With over 700 color photos, this book emphasizes the creativity of Fenton’s artists. Different glass types featured include Art Glass, Burmese, Carnival, Chocolate, Favrene, Hobnail, Opalescent, Rosalene, Stretch, along with animals, holiday-related items, and more. Also providing the human touch, additional photos of family, employees, and artists are included. There is something for everyone. This book will delight all Fenton collectors, whether seeking old glass or new. The text divides into twelve decades, depicting different glass types made over time. A brief history is given, along with information on the Fenton family, decorators, and glass workers. Detailed captions include pattern number, pattern name, size, color, dates made and up to date values. Also provided are a detailed collector list, bibliography, and index. (Former ISBN: 978-0-7643-2794-0) Debbie and Randy Coe began dealing in antiques in 1980. They have been researching and writing books and articles on glassware for almost as long. They reside in Hillsboro, Oregon. Available in August

256 pp.

Fenton Special Orders: 1940-1980. L.G. Wright; A bels, Was serberg & Company; DeV ilbiss; Sears, Roebuck & Company; Macy’s; and Levay. Jo hn Walk. Over 840 color photos display the Fenton Art Glass produced by their Special Orders Division for many well know n companies. The text includes histories of the companies for w hom Fenton produced special order items and t ip s on identifying Fenton them. Values are found in the captions and in tables. Price Guide

224 pp.

Mary Walrath; Martha Stewart; Cracker Barrel; JC Penney; National Fenton Glass Society ; and Fenton Art Glass Club of America. John Walk. Fenton special o rder items produced from 1980 to today in 900 color images. These items were produced for many companies, collectors’ clubs, and individual customers. Brief histories of the ag encies and values. Price Guide

240 pp.

Early Fenton Rarities: 1907-1938. Thomas K. Smith. Over 870 color images of the rarest tableware and giftware from the Fenton Art Glass Company’s early production (early 1900s-1930s), including Carnival Glass, American Iridescent Stretch Glass, Freehand Hanging Hearts, Karnak Red and Mosaic, Art Deco Dancing Ladies vases and urns in unusual colors, Two-Tone stretch and opaque candlesticks, September Morn Nymphs, #1639 Elizabeth, Lincoln Inn, and Satin Etchings. Price Guide

192 pp.

Fent on Rarities, 19 40-1985. Joh n Walk. Handmade g lass rarities from the Fenton Art Glass Comp any, Williamsto wn, West Virginia, are show n in nearly 800 color photos. These coveted items, including experimental pieces, sales samples, and items made rare by brief pro duction spans range from baskets and cake plates to tankard s and vases. Values are included in the captions. Price Guide

208 pp.

Fenton Bas ket Patt erns : Acan thus to Hummingbird. Debbie & Rand y Coe. In these two volumes, over 880 known varieties of Fento n baskets are each carefully described, with their individual ware numbers, colo r, size, d ecoration, dat e, an d curren t valu e, an d are i ndi vi dual ly shown in beautiful co lor p hotos. The patterns are present ed alph ab etically. This volu me h as t he patterns from Acanthus t o Hummingbird;. Price Guide

176 pages p p.

Fenton Basket Pat terns: Innovation to Wisteria & Numbers. Debb ie & Randy Coe. In these two volumes, over 880 known varieties of Fenton baskets are each carefully described, with their in divid ual ware numb ers, color, si ze, de coratio n, dat e, an d curre nt val ue, and are individually shown in beautiful color pho tos. The patterns are p resented alphabetically. This volume has the patterns Innovation to Wisteri a and the numb ered patt erns. Price Guide

176 pp.

118 Fent on Gla ss Cat s & Dogs . Tara Co eMcRitchie. O ver 325 different cats and dogs made by the Fenton Art Glass Company in Williamstown, West Virg inia, from 1933 to the present. The book includes many different st yles that w ere made in the regular line, sold through the gift shop, made for other companies, made on special orders, and sold for special occasions. Special techniques used in their production includ e hand painting, iridiz ed finish, satin finish, an d other treatments. Price Guide

The Colors of Heisey Glass. Debbie Coe and Randy Coe. The fine quality of Heisey glass prompted many decorating companies to buy Heisey blanks on which to apply their own decorations. This new and carefully constructed book fully explores Heisey’s 16 beautiful regular production colors, from Alexandrite to Zircon, along with several experimental colors, in 541 clear color photographs. The captions include the color, pattern name, pattern number, measurements, and value of each piece shown.

TGIS Vol. 1: Cup plates, free-blown and blown molded tableware, pressed tableware, salts. GSG, Vol. 1, Pt. 1: Blown Tableware, Pressed Cup Plates, and Salts GSG, Vol. 1, Pt. 2: Pressed Tableware. Includes the Lacy glass.

192 pp.

Fostoria Glass: The Elegant and MasterEtchings. Juanita L. Williams. A comprehensive assortment of the mo st popular Fostoria et ching patterns from 1918 through 1982, includes etching numb ers, dates of production, original colors, and the dinnerw are, tableware, and stemware blan ks used for each pattern, plus factory history, steps in glassmaking and etching , and current values. For every Fostoria collector and glass dealer.

A Collector’s Guide to Heisey Orchid Etch. Donald R. Oksa. The beauty of Heisey’s Orchid Etch (507) patt ern has attracted many collecto rs since its inception in 1940. With over 260 p ieces illustrated, most with w ond erful color photographs, th e broad ran ge of Orch id etched d esigns is covered. For each p iece a complete d escriptio n is given including the shape, the d imensions, and the current value.

256 pp.

Fostoria Glass: Scarce, Unique, and Whimsies. Juanita L. Williams. Handmad e Fostoria tableware, fruits, figurines, giftware, limited ed it ion items, sample colors, sample etchings, and special order items. Also covers Whimsies, fanciful o neof-a-kin d art objects made during t he facto ry’s off-hours. The text includes a history of the Fostoria factory and its g lass desig ners. Captions contain current market values.

objects created b y Michael and Frances Higgins have been a favorite w ith co llectors since th e 1950s. This book chro nicles the Higgins’ careers and accompl ishments in the studio, at Dearborn Glass Comp any, and at Haeger Potteries. It features 645 color photos, company catalog, pattern identification, vintage advertising and interviews with the artists. An essential modern desig n reference!

Higgins: Poetry in Glass. Donald-Brian John-

192 pp.

240 pp.

Fost oria A merican Line 2 056 . Revised 3rd Edition. Leslie Pina. Fostoria gl ass pattern “American No. 2056” has been a favorite of glass col lectors. Mo re t han 400 co lor ph otograp hs and many b lack and wh it e illustrations, detailed cap tions, a revised, up-to-date value guide, quick reference section, and an index will fascinate and inform dealers and collectors alike.

Elegant Glass with Corn Flower: Imperial Candlewick, Heisey, Tiffin & More. Walter Lemiski. A full color identification and p rice g uide for W.J. Hug hes’s popular Corn Flo wer pattern. More th an 500 images w ith accurate values, descriptions, historical information, and id entifications from the major co mpanies: Cambridg e, Duncan Miller, Fo storia, Heisey, Imperial , Indiana, Jeannette, Lancaster, New Martinsville, Paden City, Tiffin and more.

hard cover


Fostoria Designer George Sakier. For over fifty years George Sakier sent classic and mo dern d esigns to Moun dsville, West Virg inia, where millions of delightful glass objects were pro duced. The book includes a thoroughly researched text about the man and his art (pain tings, industrial designs and glass), color p hotos of thousand s o f Fostoria g lass items of many patterns and Sakier’s fascinating oil painting landscapes. 176 pp.

GSG, Vol. 2, Pt. 1. Whale Oil Lamps and Accessories GSG, Vol. 2, Pt 2: Kerosene Lamps and Accessories.

TGIS. Vol. 3. Accounts of the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company between 1858 and 1882, the Cape Cod Glass Works 1858-1864, and the Cape Cod Glass Company 1864-1869. Vases, colognes, witch balls, toys, and specialized containers. GSG, Vol. 3, Pt. 1: Vas es, Colognes and Stoppers.

264 pp.

Fostoria: Serving the American Table 18871986. 2nd Edition-revised & expand ed. Leslie toria glass, including rarely seen Victorian p attern glass from the early years through the introductio n of color, the p opular American and Coin patterns, and scarce and unusual, even unique, items. The bo ok contains label s, colo r catalog pages, an illustrated styles chart w ith over 1000 entries, a chronology, index, and up dated values.

ISBN: 0-7643-2469-1

TGIS: Vol. 2: Electric lighting, gas lighting, lamp shades & globes, overlay lamps, suspension lamps and lanterns, & whale oil lamps.

Higgins: Adventures in Glass. Donald-Brian

Value Guide

Price Guide

The Glass Industry in Sandwich. Raymond E. Barlow & Joan E. Kaiser. The Glass Industry in Sandwich (TGIS) is a series of 4 hard cover books. Each main volume has one or two soft cover Guides to Sandwich Glass (GSG), which are partial editions which include prices, and there is a separate Price Guide. Together they present complete histories of the glass companies that were located in Sandwich, Massachusetts, between 1825 and 1922, with over color photos of Sandw ich Glass.

112 pp.

Fenton Burmese Glass. Debbie and Randy Coe. Burmese glass, d eveloped by the Mt. Washingto n glass company in 1885, w as named by Queen Victoria because the shaded colors reminded her of a sunset in Burma. Fent on introduced Burmese in 1970 and con tinues to produce it. This beautiful book includes 719 col or photographs of fine examples. Each caption has a ware number, size, year of p roduction, and price. Background history and the people who p roduce Burmese are included. Price Guide

Fostoria Fine Crystal and Colored Glassware: Cut, Etched and Plain 1925-1930. Pattern names, sizes and factory invento ry numbers for hund reds of Fostoria tableware shapes, as w ell as their recent values at the marketplaces. This catal og from 1925-30 demonstrates the fine etching work th at d istinguishes Fostoria’s glassware.

in over 750 color and vintage photos, featuring 100s of pieces not shown in the first book and acco mpanied by newl y d iscovered promoti onal photos, original designs, and advertising materials. Ext en sive commentary by Frances Higg ins and other Studio perso nnel highlights the text, offering a personal view of the creation of Higgins g lass. Current price estimates are also included.

GSG, Vol. 3, Pt. 2: Witch Balls, Containers and Toys

TGIS, Vol. 4. Late phases, including Nehemiah Packwoods and J.B. Vodon glass cutters. Candlesticks, epergnes, insulators, late blown ware, threaded glass, tableware, vasa murrhna. (no dustjacket)

TGIS, Vol. 5. Fine cut, etched and engraved ware; househol d, commercial, and scient ific, b ottles marketed in the 1800s. Also objects not available when the other 4 volumes in this series were written. A roster of 1500 employees and their occupations. GSG, Vol. 5: Cutware, A General Assortment.

160 pp. Rare Imperial Glass Patterns. Myrna Garrison. Over 540 color photos of Imperial Glass Company, 1901-1984, gl ass patterns, art g lass pie ces, unique items, private mould objects, wares made for customers to alter or decorate, and pieces made in non-product ion colors. The text provid es a brief company history, the firm’s patterns, wares, and the companies that contracted with Imperial for sp ecial items. Prices in captions.

The Glass Industry In Sandwich: Price Guide. Joan E. Kaiser & Raymond E. Barlow .

119 Candlewick: Colored and Decorated Lines. Myrna and Bob Garrison. This book showcases all documented colors and d ecorative treatments for Candlewick, such as slag, black, milk g lass, cut, etched, hand-painted, cranberry stained , and more. Provides new information on wood and glass combinati ons, experi ment al “Mot her of Pearl” decoratio n, and new ly documented decorators. Includes values, comp any history, and measurements. A must-have collector’s guide. 160 pp. Imperial Cape Cod Glass. Myrna and Bob Garrison. The Cap e Cod pattern by Imperial Glass Corporation began life as a Mother’s Oats premium in 1932 and was man ufactured u ntil Imperial closed in 1984. Here are place set tings, serving pieces, accessories, items made for private mold customers, and more, with mold numbers, descrip tions, significant information, and current values. A sep arate price g uide lists all the crystal items. 160 pp.

Imperial Glass: Lace Edge. Laura J. Marsh. Over 325 beautif ul c olor p hoto grap hs artful ly display every documented size and shape and makes it easy for the read er to understand d ifferent edges, cuts, intaglio b ases, and the subtle variations of more than 40 colors used. Wit h current values in the captions, this bo ok co ntains all the information collectors need to identif y Imperial’s Lace Edge g lassw are. Price Guide

160 pp.

A Century of Indiana Glass: Pattern Identification and Value Guide. Craig Schenning . Over 440 color images d isplay over 100 patterns in p ressed Depressio n, po st-Worl d War II, and contemporary era glass from Indiana Glass. Patterns include Artura, Bethlehem Star, Constellation, Diamo nd Po int, G arland, In diana Feat her, Leaf, Moderne Classic, Old English, Park Lane, Vernon, and Willow. Restaurant, hotel , and soda fountain glassware is also included. Values are provided.

Candlewick: The Crystal Line. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Myrna Garrison.

160 pp. L.G. Wright Glass. The West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd.. Over 190 ill ustrations from L.G. Wright catalogs display the vast array of glassware items sold by this company from c. 1937 to 1999, including Early American Pattern Glass goblets, animal covered dishes, Opalescent, Carnival, Cased, Custard, Moon & Star, and Art glass, pressed patterns, and novelties. The captions for the catalog pages include original pattern names, line or piece numbers, and current market values. 176 pp. Lot us: Depres sion Gla ss and Far Beyond. Dean Six. Lotus Glass Company decorated blanks from Bryce, Cambridge, Central, D uncan & Miller, Fosto ria, Heisey, Imp erial, Lancaster, Morgantown, Paden City, Tif fin, Vi king , West Virg inia G lass Specialty, Westmoreland, and Weston. Over 200 imag es, most from original catal og pages and ads, d isplay these d ecorative patterns.

McKee Kitchen Glass of t he Depress ion Years. Barbara E . Mauzy. Popu lar kitchen glass from the Depressio n E ra including b owls, reamers, measurin g cup s, shakers, an d more. This new bo ok offers historical insight into the McKee Glass Comp any and vivid photography to present its diverse, multi-colored products. 1000s of items are shown and identif ied, each with measurements and values g iven in the cap tions.

Updated values and text revisions have been made to this popular and thorough guide to Candlewick crystal, one of the most popular lines of glass produced by the Imperial Glass Corporation of Bellaire, Ohio, which was introduced in 1936 and manufactured until the company's closing in 1984. Today this pattern, made in crystal and many lovely colors, attracts avid collectors of fine glassware. In this beautifully photographed and updated book, nearly every item in the crystal line is shown and discussed. The author and her late husband, Bob, carefully researched Imperial's factory records, catalogs, and price lists to assemble extensive background information on these exclusively crystal Candlewick items. Organized in easy-to-use categories, the book covers place settings, serving pieces, sets, and miscellaneous items such as ashtrays, candleholders, compotes, and vases. To further help with identification, some undocumented pieces, reproductions, and similarities are shown as well. Measurements for all of Candlewick's stem and tumbler lines are included. In this new third edition, the primary focus is on updated values that are included in the captions and in an overall price guide organized by mold number. This book is an essential reference for Candlewick collectors and all who enjoy beautiful glass. According to collectors, the photographs are an outstanding feature of the book. A separate companion volume by the authors presents the colored and decorated lines of Candlewick. (Former ISBN: 978-0-7643-2136-6) Myrna and Bob Garrison began researching glass in the late 1970s.They began writing about the glass that fascinated them in the early 1980s. Myrna continues the research and writing today. Available in November

Paden City Glassware. Paul & Debora Torsiello and Tom & Arlen e Stillman . Paden City Gl ass Manufacturing Company, of Pad en Ci ty, West Virg inia, manufactured po pular etched tablew are in many colors between 1916 and 1951. Distinctive Paden City glass colors are shown and 40 d ifferent patterns an d etched decoration s are described and illustrated . Price Guides 160 pp.

The Essence of Pairpoint: Fine Glassware 1918-1938. Marion & San dra F rost. E legant glassw are was hand -pro duced by ski lled glass blowers and engravers at the Pairpoint Corporation in New Bedf ord, Massachusetts, between 1918 and 1938. With this new book, glass enthusiasts can identif y the shapes and patterns of Pairpoint’s artistic treasures. Value guide included. 240 pp.

120 The Comprehens iv e Guide to Pairpoint Glass Shapes and Patterns. Marion & Sandra Frost. Over 770 p hotos and catalog images provide identification of Pairpoint glass shapes and patterns made from 1918-1938. Over 300 newly identified blank shap es and al most 50 new ly disco vered engraving patterns. D imensional info rmatio n is provid ed wh en ever possible. Never befo re has so much information about Pairpoint shapes and patterns been assembled in one place.

Tiffin Modern Mid-Century Art Glass. Ruth information including color and optics identification guid es will make this book a hit among Tiff in glass collectors and help introduce many to the modern desig ns of this impo rtant American glass comp any. Price Guide

216 pp.

Murano Magic: Complete Guide to Venetian Glass, Its History and Artists. Carl I. Gable. The islands of Murano, in the lagoon of Venice, have been a shel tered community o f glass artists for at least 700 years. With 250 stunning color photographs of Murano glass art and a detailed text that includes historical informat io n and family trees, this book is o riginal in its comprehensive presentation o f the artists, bot h past and present. 272 pp.

Phoenix Art Glass: An Identification and Value Guide. Lelan d Marple. This beautifull y phot ographed and extensively researched book identifies hundreds of Phoenix Art Glass tableware, lighting products, and novelties Organized by mold and optic patterns, the objects are presented in an easy-to-follow format. With values in the cap tions, this beaut iful book will b ecome an indisp ensable reference.

Tiffin Glass 1940-1980: Figurals, Paperweights, Pressed Ware. Ruth Hemminger, Ed Tiffin’s p ressed ware joins a color identificat io n guide, nearly 500 archival and color phot os, and catalog pag es, detail ed capt ions, and a price guide. Vases, b owls, candlesticks, and ashtrays are shown in many colors and styles in addition to the popul ar figurals and paperweights produced by Tiffin Glass. Price Guide

Elegant Seneca Glass: Victorian— Depression—Modern. Jennifer A. Lindbeck. This b ook showcases an amazing assortment o f Seneca’s han d-bl ow n an d hand -c ut crystal g lassware patterns produced b etw een 1891 and 1983. Over 750 color photos display stem, bar, and tab le ware; rare, early, unusually large, and colored pieces; unbelievable place settings, and much more. 192 pp.

Seneca Glass: A Guide to Cat alogs and Prices. Preface by Jennifer A. Lindbeck. This authoritative, numbered reference guide identifies and documents hundreds of patterns, cuts, stems, and etchings from the Seneca Glass Company during its 92 years of production. It includes a comprehensive reprinting of a broad range of Seneca catalogs from 1891 to 1983, original company advertisements, a brief company history, a table listing all the identifiable patterns, and price guide.


Scandinavian Glass: Creativ e Energies. William L. Geary. A sw eeping survey of the Scandinavian glass produced in 20th century Finnish and Swedish communities, in clud ing Orrefors, Iittala, Johansfors, Kosta, and Nuut ajarvi. Over 330 color photos illustrate the h istories of the fact ories and artisans. A bibliograp hy, index, and current market values in the captions are provided. 192 pp.

160 pp.

U.S. Glass Company: Decorated Satin Glass and Lamps of the 1920s. Tiffin Glass Collectors Club. Color photos and hand-colored catalog pages il lustrate shapes and patterns pro duced by Factories D, G, and K o f U. S. Glass Co mpany during the 1920s. The various techniques used to decorate the satin ware include painted and gold, bright with satin finish, etched and cut, lines, patterns, as well as their classic embossed designs. Current market valu es.

Scandinavian Glass 1930 -2000 : Fire & Sea. dinavian companies like Orrefors, Kosta, iittala, Nuutajarvi Notsjo, H olmegaard, Riihimaen Lasi, and many less famous firms, have b een on the creat ive ed ge o f g lass design for over 75 years. Here is the chronicle of their work with more than 700 photos, comprehensive designer biographies, comp any histories, close-ups of labels and signatures, bibliograp hy, index, and p rice guide.

160 pp.

256 pp.

Viking Glass: 1944-1970. Dean Six. Over 520 color photos of handmade Viking modern g lassware, including animals, b askets, cand elab ras, novelties, smoking items, tabl ew ares, and vases. Patterns, cuttings, and etchings include Banford, Crackle, Encore, Th ree Fo il s, and Viking Star. The text pro vides l istings of the Viking product lines from Ancestral to Tund ra. Current market values.

Scandinavian Glass 1930-2000: Smoke & Ice. surveys the en tire rang e of Scandinavian gl ass companies and designers, focusing on their use of dark tones and the clear crystal. 100s of color photographs chro nicle the creations that arose out o f Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. It includes detailed captions, signatures and labels, company histories, designer biographies, a comprehensive bibliography, index, and price guide.

160 pp.

256 pp. Tiffin Glass, 1914-1940. Gallagh er. Tiffin was one of the giants of American glassmaking . This is the first book to p resent all colo r phot os of hund reds o f Tiff in’s produ cts. Vases, bowls, and cand lesticks in a wide variety of colors and styles, from common to rare, are all in this boo k, with large sections devoted t o Tiffin’s pressed satin glass, lamps, and baskets. 160 pp.

Depression Era Stems & Tableware: Tiffin. Ed Goshe, Ruth Hemminger, and sented in this volume is from the 1920s and 1930s. More than 450 illustratio ns— color photo graphs, catalog pages, advertisements, and drawings—plus a current price guid e make this p erf ect f or the collector, researcher, or dealer. 176 pp.

’40s, ’5 0s, & ’6 0s Stemware by Tiffin. E d Goshe, Rut h Hemming er & produced p opular hand -made stemw are including advertisements and patent drawings, showcase Tiffin’s stemware shapes, cuttings, etchings, and decorations. Here is a useful history of the company, detailed captions, price guide, and index.

224 pp.


Fratelli Toso: Italian Glas s 1854-1980. and early 20th century murrine glass, 20th century factory production, and unique art glass; histo ry of t he company, chronol ogy, detail ed cap tions, bib liograp hy, index, and value g uide th is book make this book indispensable. 224 pp.

see also Art Glass, p10 ff Archimede Seguso: mid-mod glass from murano: lace & stone. array of the extraordinary glass works of Archimed e Seguso (1909-1999), in almost 500 full color photos from collections around the w orld. With focus on the 1950s and the Venice Biennales, his designs for d ecanters, vases, b owls, and animal scul pture are shown w ith detailed cap tions and a price guide. Also includes a hist ory, bib liography, index, and illustrated glossary of terms. 244 pp. Italian Glas s: Century 20. valuable resou rce on modern Italian glass wit h approximat ely 700 fu ll col or photo s of almost 1000 examp les o f glass fro m 1900 to 2000, and an emphasis on the highly collectible mid-cent ury period. Nearly every comp any and technique is represented. Comp any histories, desig ner biographies, g lossary, bibliography, index, and value guide make this an ideal referen ce bo ok. 240 pp.

Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass: 1940s to 1980s . Geo rge Fischler & Barret t Go uld . Scandi navian glass and ceramics from Friberg, Lindberg, Nylund, Kåge, Hald, Palmquist, Wirkkala, Sarpaneva, and Lindst rand, made b y Rörstrand, Gustavsberg, Arab ia, Saxbo, Palsh us, Orrefors, Kosta, and Iittala. Over 500 color photos illustrate this beautiful volume. Price Guide

160 pp.


Old Stained Glass for the Home: A Guide for Collectors and Designers. Revised 2nd Edition. Douglas Congdon-Martin. Over 350 examp les of architectural stained glass spanning several countries and many years. Styles range f rom Victorian intricacy to the g eo metry o f the Prairie School and include etched glass, beveled constructions, and lead ed windows. Updated Price Guide. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3316-3 soft cover $29.99

Stained Glass Windows and Doors: Antique Gems for Today’s Homes. Doug las CongdonMartin. The wide ranging glass that is available in the antique market with current values. With hundreds of w indows and doors pho tographed in full color, this is an invaluab le resource. Dimensions and information about the historical context and the artists who produ ced the g lass are provided.

121 Antique Stained Glass for the Home. Revised 2n d Edition . Mol ly Higg ins. 100s of gorgeous wi ndo ws o f many sh apes, sizes, col ors, and comp lexities, including etched, beveled, painted, and mosaic windows. Learn about the influences of some of the more prominent names in d ecorative window s, in clud ing Lou is Comfort Tiffany, John LaFarge, and Frank Llo yd Wright. Original catalog material, values, and other information.

Yesterday’s Silver for Today’s Table: A Silver Collector’s Guide to Elegant Dining. Richard Osterberg. A colorful and useful tour of fine antique silver, covering patterns, forms, and functions. It explores the sterling flatware serving pieces and place settings, giving essential information to the collector, and couples the silver flatware with linen, china, and crystal to make beautiful place settings that will inspire the modern host and hostess. Value ranges are g iven. Price Guide

G LASS REFERENCE The Encyclopedia of Glass. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Mark Pickvet. The essential glass reso urce, no w co ntaining over 4,200 alphabetized definitions of glassware, colors, processes, materials, forms, d ecorative styles, pattern motifs, noted artisans, companies, and designers, from antiquity to the present. This clear, concise, and easily readable guid e includes both highly techni cal jargon and commo n terminolo gy.

240 pp.

The Elegance of Old Silverplate. Ed mund P. Hogan. Silverplating b y electricity spawned a new industry in America in 1847. By the 1880s over forty firms around Meriden, Con necticut, produced ornate silverplate objects. The forms are identified, illustrated and group ed together: ice pitchers, card receivers, tea sets, baskets, butter dishes, napkin rings, toilet st ands, flatware, and specially made pieces.

Spoons from Around the World. Dorot hy T. Rainwater & Donna H. Felger. 1000s of practical and specializ ed spoons from aro und the world d escribed by tw o of the foremost authorities on silver. Hundreds of photos with captions, extensive text, and old manufacturers’ catalog pages document the makers, dates, names and styles of special spoons so that identification is possible. Also has extensive bibliograp hy and index. Price Guide

288 pp.

American Spoons: Souvenir and Historical. Doroth y T. Rainwater & Do nna H. Felg er. The b asic reference of American spoons. Fro m exp ensive sterlin g si lver sets t o f ifteen -cen t mail-order spoons, the variety of design, quality, and interests reflected is truly impressive. Index

368 pp.

Index 192 pp.

A NTIQUE SILVER & SILVERPLATE Georg Jensen: A Tradit ion of Splendid Silver. Revised & E xpanded 2nd Edition. Janet Drucker. An exp ansive study of the designs o f Danish silversmith G eo rg Jensen (1866-1935) and company, covering jewelry, holloww are, and flatw are designed an d produced fro m 1904 to the p resent. Lavishly illustrated, with price g uide and index. 312 pp.

Georg Jensen: 20th Century Designs. Preface by Janet Drucker and Wil liam Dru cker. Jewelry and hollowware catalog pages from Georg Jensen brings information t ogether in one volume. Hard to find, the original cat al ogs have been wid ely di sp ersed and costly, yet they p rovid e primary information to enable identification of thousand s of pieces found on the vintag e market today. Price Guide

Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers. 4th Edition. Dorothy T. Rainwater & Judy Redfield. The most-respected text on manufactured American silver has now gone one step furth er. Dorothy Rainw ater and Judy Redfield have updated the text and added photos to now include over 2400 marks illu strated wit h brief histories and cross references of more than 1600 manufacturers. The result is the most comprehensive reference so urce on the subject.

Sterling Flatware: An Identif ication and Value Guide. Tere Hag an. This comprehensive ref eren ce makes t he i dent ificat ion of sterling flatware patterns easy. Clearly drawn images and cross-ref erenced indexes to p atterns, manufacturers and marks enable knives, forks and sp oons to be matched-up quickl y. Customers, dealers, and repairers can answer basic qu estions of identity with this guide.

Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers . 5th editio n, revised an d expanded. Doroth y T. Rainwater & Martin and Colette Ful ler. The most respected text on manufactured American silver has now gone one step further. The autho rs have updated the text and added pho tos to now inclu de over 2300 marks illu st rated with brief histories and cross references of more than 1500 manufacturers.

256 pp.

The Victorian Dining Room. Brian D. Coleman . Victorian sideb oards “groaned” wi th t he weight of opulent silver serving pieces, set o ff by the jewel-like tones of colored art glass vases and bowls. This richly colorful book is a visual journey through the 19th century dining room, through over 200 photo graphs. Also includ ed is a facsimile of “How to Set the Tab le,” a rare booklet from 1901. A Value Guide co mpletes t he w ork. Value Guide

Sterling S ilver, Silverplate, & Souvenir Spoons. Antiq ue household items made fro m silver, bo th sterling and plated, fill these pages in o ver 1300 engravings from period cat alogs. Detailed descriptions includ e pattern names and numb ers, special features, and values lists. Many col lecti ble so uvenir spo ons are sho wn along with table items from ash trays to wine co olers. The decorative tastes of a hundred years ago are represented in these images.

176 pp.

Sterling Silver Flatware For Dining Elegance. Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition. Richard Osterberg. Over 230 photos and text p rovi de a thoroug h look at the sterling sil ver utensils. From delicate berry sp oons to poultry shears, bouillon ladles, and carving sets, individual place settings and serving p ieces are o rgan iz ed in chapters to make matching your pieces an easy task. A newly updated price guide and helpful research charts are included.

American Silverplate. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition. Dorothy T. Rainwater with Donna Felger, photography by H. Ivan Rainwater. Long considered the “bib le” by silverplat e collectors, this new edition contains a history of silverplating materials, refining p rocesses, and tableware d esign changes. Over 1500 illust rations, line cuts, b lack-and-white and color photo s. The chapt er on t he care and restoration of silverp late is very helpful.

ANTIQUE M ETALWARES The Chase Catalogs: 1934 & 1935. Leslie L. Van Hook. The Ch ase Brass & Copper Company in the 1930s was synon ymous wi th Art Deco. Reprinted here are t he 1934 and 1935 catalogs with designs by Lurelle Guild, Walter Von Nessen, Russel Wright and Harry Laylon. All are pictured with full descriptions, invent ory information, and a current price g uide.

480 pp.

112 pp.

Silver Curios in the Home. Dorothy Rainwater & Beryl F rank. Small silver items made over the last 150 years for many practical uses oft en are saved in curio cabinets f or their beauty, b ut are littl e understood. Leading silver experts explain their uses and show hundreds of silver curios. Here are silver sew ing devices, tableware, dresser and desk sets, cigar cutters, etc. Easily found in antiques shops, these curios reflect a more ornate culture.

Tiffany Desk Sets with the Master List of Tiffany Studios Items. William R. Holland. Over 600 color photos show bronze and gilded desk set items Tiffany Studios mad e in 24 patterns, including inkwells, blotters, boxes, photo frames, etc. Carefully researched in cludes Tiffany item numbers, marking s, sizes, rel at ed pieces, and rarity. Includes Master List of Tiffany Studios Items, including lamp s, planters, match holders, etc.

160 pp.

Silver Hollow ware for Dining Elegance. Richard Osterberg. Spectacular silver centerpieces, tea services, and candelabras are among the tablewares covered. Al l of the top manufacturers of the 19th and 20th centuries are rep resented: Gorham, Kirk, Steiff, Shreve, and more. Eras of silver desig n are in cluded: Empire, Goth ic Revival, Rococo , Neoclassicism, C olonial Revival, Art N ouveau, Arts and Crafts, and Art Mo dern. Price Guide

256 pp.

Silver Novelties in The Gilded Age: 18701910. Deborah Crosb y. Delightful silver figural items produced during the Gilded Age, shown in nearly 600 color photo s. There are accouterments for the dining room, the writing desk, th e sewing room, the nursery, and much more. Includes items such as spoons, tea balls, inkw ells, match safes, thimb les, belt b uckles, and b aby rattles. Hist orical background, values, and an extensive b ibliography are also pro vided. 244 pp.

Art Deco Chrome. James R. Linz. More than 700 streamlined , Art Deco chro me wares i n 600 ph oto s and i llu stratio ns, including table decorations, d rinking and buffet items, smoking articles, and lamps, from Chase, Manning-Bowman, Kensington, Revere and others. Histories of the firms and their industrial designers appear with patent and desig n information.

122 Roycroft A rt Metal. Revised & E xpanded 4th Edition. Kevin McConnell. Fro m its factories near Buffalo, N ew York, in the early 20th century, the Ro ycroft Art Metal Company mad e bowls, vases, jewelry, desk items, bookend s, candlesticks and other items that are of great interest to historians today. This history, identification, and price g uide offers collecto rs87.47 and dealers MMan in- depth look at the many Roycroft art metal objects.

More Roycrof t Art Met al. Kevin McC onnell. Color photo s and text present Roycroft Art Metal’s copper vases, bookend s, trays and more— including many rarely-seen items. The evolution of its art metal is discussed, along with criteria for evaluating the quality of individual pieces. The marks and patinas used by the company are do cumented. The Tookay Shop and Avon Coppersmith, both spin-offs f rom the Roycroft community, are also p resented here. Price Guide

128 pp.

Heintz Art Metal. Kevin McConnell. The H eintz Art Metal Shop and its su ccessor, the Smith Metal Arts Company (Silver Crest), produced decorative bronz e wares of the highest quality as part of the American Arts and Crafts Movement during the early 20th century. Here are H eintz and Silver Crest bowls, jew elry, trophies, vases, and desk pieces, as w ell as essential d ata regarding val ue, rarity, makers’ marks and company histories. Price Guide

128 pp.

see also Mexican copper, p36 Ronson’s Art Metal Works. Stuart Schneid er. Ronson’s fine d ecorat ive metal w ares including cig aret te lig hters, for whi ch Ro nson is mo st readily known, and, as Art Metal Works, a diverse selection of metal b ookend s, hood orn aments, statuary, aquarium & plant stands, clocks, p ipe holders, desk sets & accessories, figurines, novelty items, lamps, b oxes, toys, incense b urners, and much more.

Bookends: Objects of Art and Fashion. Robert and Donna Seecof.

Price Guide

Over 350 vivid color photos and engaging text reveal that bookends have been a medium of art from the turn of the twentieth century to today. The photos illustrate 350 pairs of bookends from principal art styles, and the research places them in historical context. Accompanying the photos are identification of the production date, the foundry, sculptor, art style, commentary, and values. The bookends presented have documented American art fashions for the past one hundred years. This novel guide also organizes bookends by art style and historical period, rather than subject matter, which gives the reader new insight into the evolution of bookends in a dynamic culture. Readers will come to regard bookends as works of art and will be knowledgeable about their rightful place in the art world. This book is a must-have reference for art lovers everywhere. Robert and Donna Seecof purchased a first pair of bookends in 1993. Their research led to extensive information about bookends and then to a collecting addiction. They proceeded to write Bookend Revue, the first book on bookends, and several articles on bookends.

144 pp.

Art Deco Aluminum: Kensington. Paula Ockner elegant design s and practical use. Here the story of the company and its b eautiful products is told with 375 color and vintage black-and-white photos. Kensington tableware, b ar pieces, and gifts with streamlined shapes of Art Deco style are attracting collectors. This is their best reference.

Aluminum Giftware. Frances Johnson. Aluminum serving dishes, children’s playthings, napkin rings, p itchers, smoking accesso ries, salt and pepper shakers, vases, trays and more in popular as well as unusual patterns, all presented in clear colo r p hotographs w ith to day’s market val ues. Aluminu m gif tware embo dies twentieth century design of enduring usefulness and beauty.

Available in November

Value Guide

Chase Complete: Deco Specialties of the Chase Brass & Copper Company. Donald-Briproduced b y Chase from 1930 to 1942 presen ted with prof il es of the ind ustrial designers w ho made them. An essential reference for Deco co llectors, thi s boo k features 650 full -col or catalog and historical photos, vintage advertising, a complete cross-ref erence listing, and a price guide.

The Chase™ Era: 1933 & 1942 Catalogs of the Chase Brass & Copper Co. Donald-Brian wares of chrome, brass, and copper brig htened many h omes during the 1930 thanks to designers like Lurel le Gu ild, Walt er Von Nessen, Russel Wright, and Harry Laylon. H ere is the comp any’s first (1933) and final (1942) Specialties catalogs, plus newly discovered pre-1933 Chase flyers.

232 pp.

128 pp.

160 pp.

Bookend Rev ue. Robert Seecof, D onna Lee Seecof, and Louis Kuritzky. Boo kends from their beginnings in 19th-century Europe through their development in 20th- century America, including Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Int ernational, fol k art and traditional styles, id ent ifying the sculptors and foundries t hat produced them. Pro moti onal b oo ken ds mad e for adverti sing purposes are shown, as are handicraft and folk art pieces. Price Guide

164 pp.

123 A Collector’s Guide to Cast Metal Bookends. G erald McBrid e. This big book presents a wide range of cast metal bookend designs show n in over 500 color pho tos. Each is identified and there are h ist ori es of t he man ufacturers, b ook racks, catalogs and a usefu l ident ification and buyers’ guide. Index

192 pp.

Antique Iron, English and American: 15th Century Through 1850. Herbert, Peter, and Nancy Schiffer. Included are architectural hardware, lighting devices, andirons and fireplace equipment, to ols, to ys, w eathervanes, firemarks, ki tchen utensil s, fences, and gates. Concise descriptions of each item indicate regional p roducts fro m the South , Midw est , and Northeast U nited States, England, and Europe. Index

Figurative Cast Iron: A Collector’s Guide. Doug las Con gdon-Marti n. The creativity of designers of cast iron allo wed mundane objects o f life to become interesting works of art and fancy. From doo rstops to doorknockers, still banks to lawn sp rinklers, b ottle openers to bookend s, their functionality was hid den in th e forms of animals, flowers, buil dings, people, and more.

Vint age Wedding Cake Toppers . Penny Henderson. An expansive survey of w ed ding cake toppers from the late 19th century to the 1990s. Traditional, military, and “cutie” bride and groom figurines are identified by material, dat e, size, and current value. Includes a history of wedding cakes, bride and groom attire through the decad es, and tips for d etermining the age and value.

Price Guide

Price Guide

176 pp.

P LASTICS Plastic Passion. Steve N ankervis. This delig htful guide t o collecting pl astic antiques for fu n and profit is chock-full of over 200 fabulous photographs and plenty of very useful information abou t natural, semi-synthet ic, and synthetic plast ics. It includes a concise history of plastics, items for the home, smoking, and drinking; jewelry and accessories; toys and more, as w ell as a g lossary of plastics terms.

320 pp.

128 pp.

176 pp.

HOLIDAY ANTIQUES Holidays and Other Weird Events. Irwi n Richman. Exp lore America’s best-loved “no work” days th rough 380 beautiful, fun post card images from the early 20th century. They portray specific animals, children, fl owers, and symbols that have come to identify each holiday, and some pretty “weird” events as well. Fascinating histories of each hol iday are includ ed. Artists, decorators, and postcard collectors will enjoy this book for the graphic styl es it contains. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3362-0 soft cover

see also Iron Work, p 8 The Brass Book, American, English, and European: 15 th Century to 1 850. Pet er, Nancy, an d Herbert Schiffer. Early d omest ic brass objects co vering andirons, can dlesticks, fireplace accessories, kett les, tobacco b oxes and more. Variation s in st yles are full y i llust rated and t he 18th-century method of casting brass, construction variations, and the identificatio n of old copies and fakes are discussed. An 18th-century b rassmaker’s cat alog is repro duced . Index

447 pp.

Collecting Plastics: A Handbook and Price Guide. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition . Jan Lindenberger. A field guid e for the collector of vintage plastic household objects: kitchen items, jewelry, radios, flooring, car p arts, toys, and furniture. Over 500 items ill ustrated in color with descriptions and values. The prices are reasonable today and the objects t hemselves bring color and a to uch of nostalg ia to the homes of their owners. Price Guide


Holidays: Toys and Decorations. Margaret Schiffer. More than 1250 holiday keepsakes show n in color. Beg ins w ith New Year’s Day, p rogresses to Valentine’s D ay, Washington’s Birt hday, St. Pat rick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Hal loween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Much to in terest the decorators in every ho me.

160 pp.

Metal Candlesticks: History, Styles and Techniques. Veronika Baur. A progression of metal candlesticks and chandeliers from Roman times thro ugh the centuries to t he present. The beginnings of candles and the variety of metals used t o make their holders are among the discussions that accompany hund reds of ill ustrations which display a surp rising variety o f specializ ed cand lest ick t ypes from E uro pean so urc es of many cultures.

More Plastics For Collectors: A Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Li ndenberger wit h Jean Rosent hal . Explores li berating designs that t he age of plastics has b rought to kitch en items, toys, furnitu re, ap pliances, jewelry, and more. O ver 350 items are illustrated in full color with concise descriptions.

Holiday Plastic Novelties: The Styrene Toys. Charlene Pinkerton. Styrene plastic novelties flo urished in the 1930s and 1940s. Cheap and cheerful, styrene toys, d ecorations, and party favors broug ht bright color to holiday cel ebrations. This book is packed w ith more than 600 color photos, a price guide, and interesting informatio n.

Price Guide

Price Guide

The Art of the Tinsmith: English and American. Shirley Sp alding DeVoe. A rich history o f the manufacturing p rocess and methods of decoration for antique, utilit arian tinwares on b oth sides of the Atlantic. The examp les demonstrate the variety of wares and details which help identify English and American products.

1950s Plastics Design: Everyday Elegance. Revised & Expanded 2nd Editio n. Holly Wah lberg. Colorful plastic chairs, tables, dishes, cups, radios, lampshades, draperies, cooking cont ainers, car interiors, floors and more from the 1950s. The book includes a very useful Collectors’ Guide, p roviding info rmation ab out all the major man ufacturers and trad e names, org anized by pro duct types for easy reference. Price Guide

Pewter of the Western World, 1600-1850. R.G. Hornsby. This authoritative study of antique pewter tablewares was w ritten by one of the world’s leading exp erts. It chronicles the history of the pewter industry in Europe, Britain, and America, from 1600 to 1850, an d d ispl ays over 1200 antique examples in photographs with identifying text and index.

The Doorstop Book: An Encyclopedia of Doors top Collecting. Joh n C. & Nancy M. Smit h. Over 1,000 d oorsto ps in fu ll colo r and organized by categories: flo wers, birds, animals, wago ns, Nati ve Americans, people, h ouses & windmills, and nautical . Includ es an informative history of doorstops, information f or collectors, histories and marks of the foun dries and more. This bo ok represents some o f the finest do orstops ever produced. Values are included. Price Guide

256 pp.

160 pp.

160 pp.

Halloween in A merica. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Stuart Schneid er. Halloween symbols are popular—g hosts, Jack O’lanterns, w itches, bats, skeletons, and b lack cats— but few know about Hallow een’s past. Learn about former Halloween celebrations and take a look at Halloween today. For collectors, this is one of t he largest collections of Halloween memorabilia. Includes newly revised prices!

112 pp.

Celluloid: Collectibles From the Dawn of Plastics. Robert Brenner. A sweeping survey of the early wo rld of plastics presents celluloid toys, ornament s, jewelry, greeting cards, d olls, and more in over 500 co lor photographs. Early 20t h century catalog copy furth er chro nicles celluloid artifacts and tells a concise and colorful histo ry of celluloid’s development.

Time for Halloween Decorations. Claire M. Lavin. Delig htful Hallo ween d ecorati ons mad e between 1950 and 1970, from four lead ing manu facturers and shown in 395 color photograp hs. Detailed descriptions and litt le-known-facts, release and production dates, materials, makers’ marks, and values. Party games, hats and masks ap pear as well as lanterns, shades, and die-cuts.

Price Guide

Price guide

208 pp.

WEDDING A NTIQUES Accessorizing the Bride: Vintage Wedding Finery through the Decades. Norma Shephard. The changing image of brides, with an emphasis on the supporting garments and accesso ries set in h isto rical context, w ith not atio ns on design, fab ri catio n, embell ishment , p ro ve nance, and estimated current value.

160 pp.

Timeless Halloween Collectibles: 1920 to 1949, A Halloween Reference Book from the Beistle Company Archive with Price Guide. Claire M. Lavin. The best in H allow een graphics. 100s of pieces from the “Golden Years” of Halloween production, 1920 through 1949, with stock numb ers, initial release year, and object’s pro per name, in over 350 p hotograp hs in cl ude some never-befo re-seen it ems. A value guid e accompanies each entry. Price Guide

160 pp.

124 Collectible Halloween. Pamela E. Ap karianRussell, wit h p hoto grap hy by Todd Joh nston. Halloween decorations, collectib les, artifacts, and related items f rom a major collection of d iverse examples. Many uniq ue and inspiring designs of the pumpkins, witches, and other scary images associated w ith this ancient holiday. Price Guide

192 pp.

More Halloween Collectibles : Anthropomorphic Veget ables and Fruit s of Halloween. Pamela E. Apkarian-Ru ssel l. Over 580 color pho tos illustrate H all oween figu ral candy containers, lanterns, po stcards, noisemakers, wall decorations, hats, masks, and part y decorations. These collectibles range from very old to modern and are presented w ith advice on collecting and prices for all the items displayed. Price Guide

160 pp.

Hallow een: Collectible Decorations and Games. Pamela E. Apkarian- Russell. Over 600 exciting co lor p hotos highligh t a wonderful assortment of items used for H alloween d ecoratio n and entertainment. Separate chapters feature noise makers, Winsch Publishing postcard s, arcade machines and mechanical figures, table decorations for that perfect Halloween party, folk art, fortune telling games, and much mo re. In clud es values plus collecting an d researching tips. Price Guide

America’s Patriotic Holidays: An Illustrated History. John Wesley Thomas and Sandra Lynn Thomas.

America’s patriotism comes alive in this beautifully illustrated, in-depth look at the history of six federal holidays plus Flag Day. From the songs patriotism inspired to commemorating each year the birthdays of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, this look back into the history of the United States is bound to be filled with nostalgic memories of yesteryear. Relive Columbus’ voyage that led to the discovery of America. Learn the story behind great American icons, including Lady Liberty, Uncle Sam, and Betsy Ross. Honor the soldiers who lost their lives in war, as well as the first is a keepsake that everyone can enjoy and is also a great resource for historians and academics. John and Sandra Thomas are consummate holiday collectors, with large collections of many important holidays. In their spare time, they enjoy traveling to different places and are avid hikers. They live in Orange County, California. This is their fourth book with Schiffer Publishing

St. Patrick's Day & Irish Collectibles: An Illu strated History. Joh n Wesle y Tho mas and Sandra Lynn Tho mas. Accompan ied by 900 imag es, informative text and d etai led captio ns provide yo u with an illustrated history of the Irish, St. Patrick, and the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, with the wonderful collector items it has produced. From whimsical ceramics to vintage postcard s and magazine covers, a wide range of memorabilia will have you wish in g it was March 17th everyd ay.

Thanksgiv ing and Turkey Collectibles: Then and Now. John Wesley Thomas & Sandra Lynn Thomas. Th anksgivin g, th e quintessential American holiday, is comprehensively surveyed with over 3,400 individual items are shown, ranging from platters and postcards to candy containers and turkey calls. The turkey itself is exhaustively p ortrayed in ceramic, glass, pottery, p aper, and wood . An ultimat e reference for all who treasure the deep traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday. Price Guide

192 pp.

Thanksgiving: An Illustrated History. John Wesley & Sandra Lynn T homas. Foreword by Daniel Zimmer. The oldest American holiday is Thanksgiving, with nostalgic memories of family gatherings set around the d ining room table. See how illustrators have portrayed this day of thanks th rou gh the years. More th an 700 il lustrated newspap ers, magazine covers, p ost cards, and prints trace this holiday’s history.

Available in August

Halloween: Costumes and Other Treats. Stuart Schneider& Bruce Zalkin. This book chronicles the history of Halloween in the 20th century through the evolution of related costumes, Jack O’lanterns, decorations, candy containers and other treats. The costumes reflect fads, televisio n, space exploration, movies, comics, and personalities that shaped popular culture of t he past hundred years. Current values are assessed for each item. Price Guide

176 pp.

160 pp.

Hallow een Favorites in Plastic. Ch arlene Pin kert on. Hall oween dec orat ions mad e from plastics in the 1940s and ’50s are surveyed with text explaining their historical persp ective and how to judge q uality and age. 372 color phot ographs from many col lecti ons p resent much- needed information on Halloween collectib les. Price Guide

Christmas at Historic Houses. Patricia Hart McMil lan and Katharine Kaye McMill an. Learn history and local customs through this charming bo ok’s lively text and over 400 color p hoto s. Thirty, specially decorated houses are featured from across America. Magnificen t estates and simple residences offer a variety of styles, tastes, and ideas to inspire your o wn cel ebrat ions.

111 pp. 224 pp.

125 Kitschmas land! Christ mas Decor from the 1950s to the 1970s. Revised 2nd Editio n. Travis Smith. A fun, nostalgic look at an infatuation with Christmas holiday deco r f rom the 1950s and th roug h th e 1970s, wi th “Ki tschmas!” ornaments, trees, ceramics, and more. A delig ht for Kitschmas fans, decorat ors, and fans of mid-century design.

Chris tmas Throu gh the Decades . With Revised Prices. Robert Brenner. A chro nological illustrated history of how people d ecorat ed and celebrated for Christmas. Many antique ornaments fro m German origins project vari ous customs. Includes newly revised price guide! 256 pp.

Valentines for the Eclectic Collector. Katherine Kreider. Valentine novelties, postcard s, and other ephemeral artifacts are presented with hints on coll ecting for love and for value. Valentines as party favors, paper d olls, and b rand -name advertising are featured. 398 color photos with descrip tive capt ions and valu es ill ustrat e th e interest ing text. 128 pp.

Christmas Past. Revised. Robert Brenner. The historical importance, makers, materials, and rarity of Christmas trees, decorations, and ornaments of all kind s are discussed in detail and displayed in color photo s, including glass ornaments, all types of lighting from candles to electricity, cotton and paper ornaments, and Dresdens. Price Guide

192 pp.

Nativity: Crèches of the World. & Lorita Winfield. Artisans from more th an forty countries on five continents are represented, each with beautiful expressi ons of th e nat ivity, of ten accompanied by photos from the country of orig in . Wheth er scu lpted in clay, carved from wo od, painted, woven, or cast, these Crèches from around the world are sure t o enhance holiday celebrations and illustrate the universal Christmas message.

HUNTING & FISHING: Top of the Line Hunting Collectibles. Donn a Tonelli. A treasury of the fi nest hunting collectibles around, this is a valuable reference gu ide fo r everyo ne f ro m the beg inn er to th e seasoned collect or. Includes d ecoys, bird calls, early arms and ammunition company premiums, and hundreds of other it ems, all in full colo r with a helpful price guid e. 278 pp.

144 pp.

Chris tma s, 1 940 -195 9: A Collect or’s Guide to Decorations and Customs. Revised & Expanded 3rd Edition . Robert Brenner. A nostalg ic look at Christmas decorating customs, electric lighting innovation s, and tree decorations in t he USA, featurin g machin e-produced gl ass orn aments, bub ble lights, Ital ian miniature lights, Matchless Stars, and many more. Includes histori cal ph otos, color photos of decorations from each decad e, updated prices, and d etailed text..

Chris tmas Ornaments : A Festive St udy. Revised. Margaret Schi ffer. The joy and magic of Christmas are celeb rate d i n th is no stalgi c pictorial exploration of old-fash ioned Christmas decorations. Nearly 1200 enchan ting Christmas orn aments, cand y containers, Santa figures, and collectibles are displayed in color photos. Value Guide

168 pp.


Top of the Line Fishing Collectibles. Donna Tonelli . Here are some of the best high quality fishing coll ect ibles ill ustrated with nearly 400 color photos, plus vintage photographs from an era when sport fishing w as yo ung. Included are fish decoys, lures, ice fishing equipment, reels, advertising, and related folk art. Full descriptions and a value guide make this bo ok a great resource of information for antique deal ers, and tackle and folk art collectors. 176 pp.

Christmas 1960 to the Present: A Collector’s Guide to Decorations and Customs. Revised 2nd Edition . Robert Brenner. Innovat io ns and customs in Christmas tree o rnaments, light ing, and d isplay of the past 40 years. Interior and exterior lights, artificial trees of the 1960s, candy containers, cards, t insel g arlands, and cheerful holiday figurines used in Christmas celebrations are explained, show n, and valued. Price Guide

160 pp.

Snow Babies, Santas, and Elves: Collecting Christmas Bis que Figures. Mary Morriso n. Snow Babi es in clude all-white frothy ch ildren, smaller actio n sn ow babies, and rare blue and pink snow pieces. Included are chapters on related bisque Santas, elves, dw arves, snowmen, buildings, animals, and other pieces that are collected and displayed with snow babies. Price Guide

160 pp.

Firearms and Tackle Memorabilia. John Delph. The advertising art used to promote firearms and fishing tackle is among the most b eautiful and highly cherished of all. Exq uisitely executed and highly collectible, so me of the finest examples are presented here in full color photos. Included are signs and posters, calendars, trad e card s, boxes, envelopes, and other highly sought-after memo rabilia. Accurate and concise information is given, along with a guide to current prices. Value Guide

Chris tmas Lon g Ago. Mari an I . Doyl e. A Victorian- in spired journey through the ho liday as it was celebrated a century and more ago, exploring games, gifts, decorations, superstitions, beliefs, fashions, foods, and fun. Richly illustrated with vintage trade card s, greeting cards, photographs, and artwork from period magazines for a scrapbook-like kaleidoscope of colors and impressions.

Valentine Treasury: A Century of Valentine Cards. Robert Brenner. From the first reference to a valentine card in 1625 to modern times, this book celebrates sent imental charm, wit, and romance over the decades in antiq ue valentines. E uropean orig ins and American traditio ns, celebration and card sending customs, card d esigns and themes, artists and manufacturers from Howland, Whitney, Prang, to Gib son, Hallmark, and American G reetings are in clud ed . Value Guide

Christmas Postcards: A Collector’s Guide. Ro bert M. Reed. Postcards, trade cards, and rural carrier cards from the 1880s through the 1920s are displayed in 742 color photos, showing how Christmas sentiments, card design, and Santa chan ged with the times. The text provides a brief postcard history, key po stcard artists an d p ublish ers, and values w ith the captions.

Sporting Collectibles. Jim and Vivian Karsnitz. The popular realm of hunting-related collectibles is presented with over 440 col or photos and an infor informative text. The carefully cho sen antiqu es include old shel ls, shell bo xes, decoys, advertising signs, books, prints, traps, licenses, and more. Each is comp letely described and a rarity guide helps the collector to determine its relat ive value. Rarity Guid e

160 pp.

208 pp.

Valentines With Values. Katherin e Kreider. Historic valentines and those with comic characters, paper items, intern ational themes, nursery rhymes and to pi cal th emes are sh ow n and explained. H andmad e and manufactured, fancy, cute, romantic and funny valentines in a wide range of styles and values. 192 pp.

HUNTING & FISHING: D ECOYS Fish & Fowl Decoys of the Great Lakes. Donna Tonelli. Fine decoys and calls from the Great Lakes region, in over 1100 colo r ph otograp hs, with original vintage black and white photos, and a price guide. Includes pieces ranging from the finest museum-quality artifacts to collectibles that are more likely to turn up at a local auction, garage sale, flea market, or antique mall. A bibliography and appendix provide valuable sources for information, organizations, periodicals, and auction companies. Price Guide

Christmas Revisited. 3rd revised edition. Robert Brenner. Christmas d ecorations, advertising, trade cards, post cards, toys, games, and puz zles, are among the areas of collecting interest explored. With over 350 colo r photographs as well as 50 bl ac k an d w hit e il lustration s, th is b ook is an authoritative guid e to the ent ire field of Christmas coll ect ing. Over 1000 Christmas it ems shown in color photos with histo rical descriptions and updated values.

124 pp.

One Hundred Years of Valentines. Katherine Kreider. Over 450 val ent ine card s f rom the late 1800s to 1998 include Depressio n, dimensional, Art Deco, transportation, artist signed, ho ney comb paper puff, novelty, and other subjects. Valuable information helps collectors and dealers identify and evaluate their card s. 128 pp.

288 pp.

Contemporary Bird Carvings: Two Generations of Bird Carvers. Kenneth Basile. Bird carving, a distinctly American art form, focusing o n the two generations of carvers from the past quarter century. Some of the very b est examples of bird carving produced in both the United States and Canada.


126 Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Henry A. Fleckenstein, Jr. Bird decoys of the American MidAtlantic reg ion shown in clear photo graphs and historical facts that help date hand-made decoys of antique and modern origin. There is an explanation of how weights are used, how condition affects value, sugg estions on repairing decoys, a complete list of makers, and recommended reading. Index

Decoys of Maritime Canada. Dale and Gary Guyet te. Decoys and their makers of the Canadian Maritime reg ion can n ow b e studied through the extensive research contained in this book. Few of the many fine decoy carvers from these areas have been identified before. Many of their works are among the finest decoys made in North America. Index 204 pp.

256 pp.

Connecticut Decoys. Henry C. Ch it wood, with Thomas C. Marshall and Doug Knight. One of the most comprehensive st udies ever written o n Con necticut working decoys w ith over 400 ph otos. A tab le o f carvers is followed by a detailed text covering t he decoys produ ced by over 82 carvers, discussions on factory decoys, shore birds, and descriptive decoy features.


The Drilling. Norbert Klups. Th is triple barreled, “combination gun”, giving the flexibility of shooting both shotgun and rifle cartridges is designed for the hunter or survivalist. These guns g ive the option of quickly choosing a specific caliber enabling the hunter to b e read y for whatever comes out of the woods. Primarily made by small manufacturers, many are highly deco rated . This is an essential reference for both older and contemporary d rillings and gives instruction on using them.

Upper Chesapeake Bay Decoys and Their Makers. David and Joan Hagan. The art of over 80 decoy makers in eastern Maryland is illust rated with beautiful photos of their work. Many d ecoys are accomp anied by the po rtraits of the artists and recollections and reflections on their art and experiences.

Double Barrel. N orbert Klu ps. Th e do uble barreled g un is an important too l for the passionate big game hunter. The perf ection of handiwork in these clean-shooting guns is as compelling as the spirit that emanates from the w eapons. This book examin es t he firearms and g ives instruction in their use and care. Many exampl es show detailed engraving , beautiful grain, checkered sto cks, and hig h fi nishes that make dou ble-b arrel ed g uns fascinating.

Factory Decoys of Mason, Stevens, Dodge and Peterson. John and Shirley Delph. The finest examples of American factory-made b ird d ecoys are covered extensively, featuring only the finest examples by each maker, with sh ort histories. Color photographs of over two hundred d ecoys, plus many b lack and white photographs and line drawings, make this an invaluable guide in identifying and authenticating factory bird s.

Shorebirds: The Birds, the Hunters, the Decoys. Somers G. Headley. Details of the rise and f al l of sh orebi rd h unting and t he kinds of decoys used. Many shorebird decoys are quite rare and coll ectible today. Beautiful color phot ographs of more than 200 decoys highlight this carefully documented book. Includ es factory-produced d ecoys, tip s on collecting and avoiding fakes, the use of X-ray, xerography, to authenticate decoys.

Webley Solid-Frame Revolvers: Nos. 1, Joel Black, Ho mer Fi cke n, & F ran k Michael s. Over 800 photos and thorough text present British Webley solid-frame, short-barreled revolvers, including many previously unknown models. The Webley


Index 160 pp. ISBN: 978-0-87033-424-5 hard cover $49.95


192 pp.

168 pp.

The A rt of t he Decoy: A merican Bird Carvings. Adele Earnest. Adele Ernest was one of th e first to recognize the pl ace of the decoy in the p anorama of American fol k art . The best examples from pub lic and private collections are presented in this classic volume in 232 p hotos. They d emonstrate th e creativity, vigo r, and variety of the American decoy.

Decoys of Lake Champlain. Loy S. Harrell. Individual decoy carvers, f rom past to present, located around Lake Champlain are listed alphabetically. E ach carver is b riefly d iscu ssed and examples of their wo rk are shown.

Shore Bird Decoys. Henry A. Fleckenstein, Jr. An amply illu strated study of antiq ue shore bird decoys, t his is one of the central reference works for serious co llectors and st udent American folk art. A beautifully rendered artistic appro ach, it lifts up the aesthetic values of the decoy.

The St ory of Lem Ward . Gle nn Lawso n, Photographs by Tricia Veasy. American wildfowl art owes its foundat ion to Lem Ward. Growing up in the marshes of the Chesapeake Bay, this wood carver and painter (1896-1984) overcame severe illness to pro duce so me of the best-loved wildfow l art extant t oday. Here Lem’s life story is t old by his daughter Ida who was with him for almost the entire span o f his artistic career.


144 pp.

Index 136 pp.

with the Tower Bull Dog , the Scott, Tranter Bulldog, and the Greener No. 5. Cartridges, cartridge boxes, and loading tools are incl uded.

Webley Solid Frame Revolvers: Models RIC, MP, and No. 5. Joel Black, Joseph L. D avis, and Roger G. Michaud. With over 1400 images and comprehensive t ext, t his book p rovides new research on the Webley RIC, MP, and No. 5 revolvers, revealing examples never before seen in print. Includes new information on Web leys purchased by police agencies prior to the RIC models. Displays Webley loading tools, cartridges, cartrid ge boxes, the 1903 catalog, and previo usly unknow n cal ib er offerings.

100 Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956. Ray T. Giles & Daniel L. Shuey. 100 years of cartridge boxes from Winchester and its predecessor companies, Volcanic Rep eating Arms Co., and New Haven Arms Co ., including all the cal ib ers cataloged for every rifle model from 1856 to 1956. Over 1,400 pictures, all in full color, plus a Pricing Guide and a Rarity Guide. Price and Rarity Guides

352 pp.

Index 128 pp.

Sout hern Decoys of V irgin ia and t he Carolinas. Henry A. Fleckenstein . The d ecoy and waterfowling history of this import ant region along the south Atlantic coast is thoroughly presented in this comprehensive study. The b ook fully covers all o f the major makers of decoys in the eastern shore of Virginia and th e coast of North Carolina as well as makers from other areas whose d ecoys were used there.

Folk Art Fish Decoys. D onald J. Petersen. Decoys made earlier in the century as well as examples of contemporary design, and the b ackground of their Minnesota makers. The construction and special attributes of fishing decoys are discussed in detail and information is also provided on spear makers and the varying designs of their spears, jigging sticks, and decoy bo xes. A price guide completes the work.


Price Guide

232 pp.

New Jersey Decoys. Henry A. Fleckenstein, Jr. Covers more than 700 different New Jersey d ucks, geese, and shorebird decoys. The b ook covers the New Jersey coast on the east from Point Pleasant to Cape May and incl udes the makers and d ecoys from the Delaware River as the western boundary. Index

272 pp.

240 pp.

Vintage Folk Art Fishing Lures and Tackle. Jeff Kieny. Over 700 color photos and fascinating text focused on vint age and contempo rary folk art lures, largely f rom the first half of the 20th century. See lures by folk artists, fisherman modified factory lures, folk art tackle, and contemporary artists. The text assesses an individual lure’s q uality, condition, authenticity, and value.


Vintage Fishing Reels of Sweden. Daniel Skupien. Comprehensive guide to forty years of collectible Swedish-made reels with background inf ormati on on every manuf act ure r an d e very product io n model made b etw een 1940 and 1980. It in cl udes baitcasters, spinning , and fl y reels. Includes over 675 colo r pho tos, vint age adver advertisements, and patent drawings, plus a guid e to current values. Price Guide

208 pp.

Collectible Fishing Reels . Carl Caiati. This book surveys basic fly, casting, bait casting, spinning, and spin casting reels produced in America and Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Over 180 photos and drawing s d isplay reels produced by J. C. Conroy & Company™, William Mills™, Julius Von Hofe™, and the Kentucky reel smiths B.F. Meek & Sons™ and B.C. Milam™. Current market valu es are provided in tab les. Price Guide

160 pp.


KNIVES & SWORDS The Herit age of Eng lish Knives . David Hayden -Wright . T he p reeminent referen ce on anti que Engl ish knives. Covers the history of Sheffield, directory of 19th century cutlers’ names, many types of knives fro m humble p enknife to magnificent exhibition pieces. H istory of the Ameri can Bowie knife exp lained and amply illustrated. Sportsmen’s pocket knives, farrier’s, smoker’s and quill knives, and cu riosities are included.

Antique Swords & Daggers. Mircea Veleanu. Edged weapons from Europe, America, t he Mid dle East, Asia, Jap an, and Africa, from ancient times t o the early 20th century. Learn to identify the char charact eristics, historical uses, and current values of these highly d iverse antiques. Includes information on terminology, evalu ating age and authenticity, and current values.

Schiffer LTD

The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife: Collecting Britain's Most Iconic Dagger. Wolfgang Peter-Michel. An insight into the development of 20th cent ury’s most infl uential milit ary fighting knife and its histo rical background , including the backgroun ds of its inventors, William Ewart Fair Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes, unburdened of all the myths and legends that have b een woven around these two innovative men. It covers not only the basic variations of t he F-S knife but also numerous other examples the collector may encounter. 112 pp. Modern Knives in Combat. Dietmar Po hl with Carl Schulze. With the aid of authentic pho tos, this book documents for the first time which knives, bayonets and too ls are actually carried in action by the soldiers – U.S. Marines and other troops from different coun tries. The unique phot ographs that illustrate the book were taken in Afg hanistan, Iraq, and the Balkans. Dietmar Pohl provides a detailed d escription of each of the eighty knives that appear in the b ook, along with techn ical specs and background information. 192 pp. Price Guide to Pocket Knives: 1890 - 1970. Jacob N. Jarrett. Descrip tions for 1850 pocket knives include d imensions, model names, numbers and values on today’s markets. Manufacturer’s organized by makers for ease in finding them.

BASEBALL Baseball Collectibles. Peter Capano. The vast array of baseball collectibles is presented in a convenient full color format. Here are cards, games, Hartland statues, nodders, toys, dolls, pennants, and many more items. All have current values to aid the co llector. Price Guide

128 pp.

Baseball Treasures: Memorabilia from the National Pastime. Douglas Cong don-Martin & John Kashmanian. Over a thousand of the finest baseball antiques f rom the 19th and 20th cent ury presented in full color. They include ephemera, uni forms, auto graphs, advertising , so uven irs, equip ment, and much more. All are concisely described and set within the historical context of the game. A current value gu id e is provided. Value Guide

Keen Kutter Pocket Knives. Alvin Sellens. A comp lete list ing for every Keen Kutter pocket knife shown in Simmo ns Hardware Company catalogs since 1905. Over 1100 original Keen Kutter Catalog images including Outing, Scout ing and Cigar Cut ter pocket knives; New Eng land Whalers, California Budding knives, Kattle, Electrician, and Karpenter knives plus many more. Catal og nu mber, siz e, materials, & years of production.

Collectibles 101: Baseball. Don Raycraft, RC Raycraft, & Michael Raycraft. Insig hts on co llecting baseball uniforms, equi pment, autograp hs, Hart land st atues, Eth an Allen All-Star Baseb all , and much more. Featured are contribut ions from many collect ors who share th eir love of the game not only thro ugh their diverse collections, bu t also with memo ries, anecd otes, and humor that appeal to any baseball lover.

Price Guide

Price Guide

224 pp.

160 pp.

256 pp.

ROLLER D ERBY No Mercy: Roller Derby Life on the Track. Jules Doyle. This visual record gives a comprehensive view of modern roller derby, through 353 images captur capturing all the crushing hits, stifling blocking, and n imbl e jammin g. Fan s of rol ler derb y an d fast-paced, contact sports w ill enjoy modern roller derby’s history while photography b uffs will appreciate Doyle’s artistic prose with the camera.

128 Roller Derby Art: Wom en, Wheels, & Wicked Fun. Sherrie Cullison Pfout s. Today’s roller derby is a wildly popular w oman’s contact sport, international in scope. This grass roots sport is built on fun. Fliers, handbills, logo s, and posters promoting bouts for more than 50 l eagues around the world convey the thrill of roller derby’s glamour, grit, and glory. Collect the artw ork and be inspired to join t he f un, on either side of the railing.

Surfboard Wax: A History. Jefferso n “Zuma Jay” Wagn er. The story of surfboard wax, from the early use of household candle wax through the advent of a whole industry d evoted to achieving the best traction. Meet t he colorful individuals b ehind wax companies Surf Research, Mr. Zog’s, and Mrs. Palmers and read about their earl y manufacturing and marketing ventures. This unique b ook is fill ed with amusing stories and over 300 pictures of the wax and its packaging .

Skateboard Retrospective: A Collector’s Guide. Rhyn Noll. Skateboarding histo ry in 693 co lor ph otos of decks, wh eel s, trucks, and other g ear th at illustrate the sports’s dramatic changes in design and graphics. Famous rid ers in action, a huge list of skatep arks in the USA, and a glossary of skateboard lingo. Ful l pricing information is provided. Price Guide

160 pp.


Flying Through the Clouds: Surf Photo gra phy of Jim Russ i. Jim Russi. Enter the surfing world through th e lens and prose of Jim Russi. He captures the action in over 180 p hotos in Hawaii, Tahiti , Califo rnia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Fiji, Bali, Indonesia, and islands off South Africa, with stories from his global travels, including enco unters with celebrities in and out of the surfing world.

Pu erto Rican Surf Culture: The Photography of Steve Fitzpatrick. Steve Fitzpatrick.

Available in September New Book for Fall 2012. See page 29 for detailed description

Surfing. Nancy N. Schiffer in cooperation wit h San Francisco Airpo rt Museu ms. Pho t ograph y b y Do ug la s C on gd on Martin. Over 400 color photos and a text rich in facts show important developments in surfing. From its Polynesian and Hawaiian h eritage, surf ing’s p opul arity g rew in California during th e 1960s and the wetsuit was an adaptation to cold water conditions. Index


Antique Ice Skates for the Collector. Russel Herner. A concise history of ice skates from the first b one skates to the early 1900s. Identifies skate types, styles, designs, app roximate ages, countries of orig in, and rarity. More than 250 photos, artw ork, an d orig in al pat ent d esig ns presen t skat es fro m Holl and , E ngl and , Germany, and America.

The Ultimate Collectors Guide to Surfing Postcards. Mary L. Martinwith Tina Skinner. In total, 438 vintag e postcards recap the last 100 years. The world’s leading postcard d ealer and expert shares her expertise on dating and val uin g these wonderful examples of ephemera, and the images include The Duke, Jan & Dean, and big wave action from Waikiki to the shores of New Jersey! 160 pp.

Price Guide

see also Sp orts Photography, p28 ff Graphic Surf: Decals, Patches, Stickers. Ben Marcus. Surfing has insp ired fantasti c and colorf ul grap hic designs to ad vert ise surfboards, surf shops, wax, wetsuits, magazines..., even skateboards and snowboards. Here are more than 1250 from many collections. This exhibit-in-a-book is the most comprehensive surf show ever attemp ted. Stickers, patches, and decals do cument the history of surfing world wide, b ig -name surfbo ard makers, surf shops, organizat io ns, and beaches.


FDR Skatepark: A Visual History. A visual history o f the world's larg est DIY

192 pp.

160 pp.

Figure Skating and the Arts: Eight Centuries of Sport and Inspiration. Frances Dafoe. Introduction by Dick Button. The work of painters and sculptors, grap hic artist s and phot ograp hers, fil m makers, and choreographers inspired by the grace, speed, and beauty of ice skating. Includes skates and cost umes, med als, programs, and posters, advertising, dolls, and decorative objects.


Antique S ports Uniforms & Equipment: 1840-1940, Baseball - Football - Basketball. Dan Hau ser, Ed Turner, & Jo hn Gennantonio. The earliest college and p rofessional sports gear presented in an easy-to-find, chronological format and 600 beautiful color phot os. This comp rehen sive reference includ es many balls, gloves, shoes, safety equipment, penn ants, trophies, and other equipment, and w ill fascinat e sports fans.

176 pp.

Surf’s Up: Collecting the Longboard Era. Mark Blackburn. The first bo ok to combine a history of surfing , a grading g uide for surfboards, and surfing items with an accurat e price guide. It gives a complete o verview of sp ort surfing from its ancient beginnings in Polynesia and H awaii unt il 1969, the end of the longboard era. The great icons of the sport all p ut in appearances making this the book all surf fans will covet.

Skateboard Parks: Design & Development. Sco tt Brad street. Provi des a w el l-o rgani zed recoun ting of the history o f skateboard ing and its regu lations, facili ty types and all possibl e compon ents. The process fo r devel opin g and operatin g a skatebo ard p ark is i nclud ed, with discussion about preliminary p lanning, environmental review, design, const ruction, management and operations.

Black College Football, 1892-1992: One Hundred Years of History, Education, & Pride. Michael Hurd. A celeb rat ion of Black Colleg e Footb all throu gh over 175 phot os and illustrations, along with a fascinating text.

272 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3274-6 hard cover $34.99 Today’s Top Surfboards. Rod Sumpter. Hand-crafted custom surfboards from all over the world, many featuring amazing artwork. Manufacturers and artists in clud e Ro bb Havassy, Todd Proctor, Chuck Bassett, H obie, Kimo G reene, and St ew art (U.S.), Josh Dow ling, Len Dib ben, and Steve Friedman (Australia), Rod Su mpter (U.K.), plus many more. Measurements and current values included.

Skateboards That Rock. Rhyn Nol l. Amazing graphic design an d artistic imagery o n skateboards made over the last forty years. Over 500 dazz ling color photos with 100s of skateboards chro nologically arrang ed , includ ing construction d etails th at make so me coll ectors it ems, and related stickers, memorabilia, and racing team clothing.

Rob Newbrou gh. This first comprehensive attempt at sp ort and the Third Reich contains over 2,200

Summer Olympics, 1938 Breslau Games, the sport unifo rm, and mo re. Vol.2 co vers the

192 pp.

Schiffer LTD

Surf Art! Graphics and Memorabilia. Ro d Sumpter. Fantastic, visu ally exciting surf movie posters, striking magazine covers, decals, patches, vintage p hotograp hs, advertising, trophies, record albums, and more, fro m aroun d t he wo rl d. Current values included in the captions. Surfing enth usi asts everyw here w ill crave this nostalg ic l ook at one of the wo rld’s most exhilarating sports.

Skateboarding: Past -Present-Future. Rhyn Noll . Meet the out standing , courageous men an d w omen of skatebo arding fro m t he birth of the sport to the present. The daring people who live the fu n and pu sh the bound s of speed, vertical takeoffs, and stunts are featured here, th rough 100s of color photos and first-hand acco unts.

Hard Boys and Bad Girls: Lives of Aspiring Wrestlers. Thomas McGovern. With photographs and interviews of wrestlers at the School of H ard Knocks and the affiliated Empire Wrestling Federation at various stages of their careers, this book provides an insig htful portrait of w hat it takes to become a p rofessional wrestler. Each w restler reveals what motivates him or her to pursue this dangerous profession.

129 Gambling Collect ibles: A Sure Winner. Leonard Schneir. A myriad of gambling items are illu st rated in over 400 ful l-colo r photo graph s, including cards, poker chip s, pharo tables, dice, cheating d evices, and much more. In add ition there is substantial text , hel ping the collector to p ut the items in a historical context while provid ing very practical information about building a co llection. A value guide is includ ed . Price Guide

160 pp.

The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide. 4th Edition, Revised & Expanded. James Campiglia & Steve Wells. Completely revised 4th edition with over 2,100 chips illustrated , many never published before, with updated listings for hundred s more. Includes updated values, variat ions, and recently released casino chips from top collections, some available onl y for this publication.

Pool & Billiard Collectibles: A Billiard Accessories and Collectibles Price Guide. Mark & Connie Stellinga. Over 700 color photos d isplay pool and billiard collectibles from the 18th - 20t h centuries. Includes balls and boxes, cues, racks, triangles, scorekeep ers, chairs and lights, chalks, medals, historic p hotos, matchbox holders, match saf es, pocket mirrors, adverti sements, catalog pages, and 90 pool and billiard tables. Price Guide

256 pp.

Mode rn Sp orts Helm et s: Their History, Science and Art. James A. New man, Ph. D., P. E ng.. The evolu tion of the modern spo rts helmet from early military and aviation uses, throug h early mo torcycle and auto racing, and to the modern hel mets u sed in sp orts today. With nearly 600 color images, the d esign innovations, b oth for safety and ap pear pearance, the colors, and the fascinating history will engage the reader.

The Motorcycle Helmet: The 1930s1990s. Rin Tanaka. Motorcycle helmet history from the w arrior’s helmet to the jet ag e molded plastic desig ns. All of the world’s major manufacturers are covered, wi th hel met s i llu st rat ed in fu ll col or phot os with vintage advertising, racing photos, and promotional materials. Price Guide

206 pp.

Racket Sports Collectibles. Robert T. Everitt. A wo nderful asso rtment of vintage items related to lawn tennis, squash, badminton, and table tennis, dating from the 1890s forw ard . Features books, mag azines, tournamen t p rograms and t ickets, playing cards, rackets and other equ ip ment, pho tograp hs, artwork, po stcards, ceramic fig urines, trophies, jewelry, and more. Historical background, glossary, and price guide p rovided. 288 pp.

Collectible Golfing Novelties. Beverly Robb. Over 500 years of golf memorabilia illustrated w ith over 550 full color photos. Complete and organized for easy use, the collectib les include old clubs, golf balls, and equipment, as well as magazines, b ooks, smoking and bar accessories, jewelry, fig urines, games, pottery, and more with the golfing theme! A price guid e completes this special boo k. Price Guide

160 pp.

The Unauthorized Guide to Olympic® Pins & Memorabilia. Jonathan Becker & Greg Gallacher. The exciting world of Olympic memorabilia includes pins, badges, medals, torches, posters, tickets, programs, books, souvenir items, and so much more. With over 500 color photog raphs and an up-to-date price g uide, this is the most complete Olympic memorabilia book available anywhere in the world. Price Guide

Airstreams: Custom Interiors. David Winick. Detai ls of David Wini ck’s re-creation s of cust om-buil t Airstream ho me trailers t hat date from 1948 to 2007, incl udi ng his 75t h Ann iversary Bambi Airstream. The challenge of creating functional and b eautiful small spaces in which to live help ed drive the restoration work, making living spaces that reflect the Airstream design.

160 pp.

Pictorial Guide to RVing. John Brunkow ski and Michael Cl osen. RV history from the early 1900s through the 1970s told With 350 p hotos of p ost card s and an engagin g text. To pics illustrat ed include earl y car and cycle camping, RV campgroun ds, travel trailers, Airstreams, mobile ho mes, motoriz ed RVs, roadside RV scenes, amateur radio and RVin g, and RVing humor.

COIN -OPS & VIDEO G AMES Collecting Classic Video Games. Billy Galaxy. In over 1000 col or pho tos, video g ames made in the 1970s and 1980s for the Atari, Co lecovision, and Intellivision systems are disp layed, ranging from Asteroids to Zaxxon, in clud ing Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Games from less familiar systems such as Bally’s Astrocade and Magnavox’s Odyssey are f eatured as well. Examples of each game system & current market values included. Price Guide

144 pp.

130 Pac-Man® Collectibles. Deborah Palicia. From its introduction in 1980, Pac-Man h as been the favorite of millions of video gamesters. In the w ake of its popularity h as co me a stream of Pac-Man product s that were g obbled up by it s fans. Here are many of the products shown in 415 color photo graphs with complete d escriptions and p rices, and covering everything from the g ames themselves to p lush Pac-Man figu res, from magazines and puzzles to video s and animation cels. Price Guide

Price Guide

The Complete Pinball Book: Collecting the Game & Its History. Revised and E xpand ed 3rd Edition. Marco Rossig noli. Detail ed history of machines from the 1930s through and including con temporary p inbal l games. A listing of over 3,000 g ames and 916 colo r pho tos along with revised and updated statist ics and pricing information . Close-up s, flyers, rare prot otyp es, and games shown.

Bally® Bingo Pinball Machines. Jeff rey Lawt on. From th ose f abul ous 1950s & ’60s, Bally® Bingo pinball machines provided hours of

Pinba ll Memories: Forty Years of Fun 1958-1998. Marco Rossignoli. Fifty fascinating pinball games are p resented in 800 color p hotos, showcasing each game’s special features, cultu ral influences, design and artistic trends, historical conn ect ions, co llectib ility, values, and uniqu e game rules. An essential referen ce for the libraries of pinb all collectors and aficionados everywhere.

The Bingo Pinball War: United v s Bally, 1951-1957. Jeffrey Lawton. In the 1950s, United and Bally fought an all out battle to cap ture the market. Lynd on Durant’s United games and the simultaneous, and sometimes retaliatory, creative efforts employed by Bally’s Don Hooker from 1951 to 1957 are introduced with more than 200 photos and illustrations detailing 60 games. Complete w ith photos of rare games and pl ayfields and d escrip tions of comp lex bingo pinball circuitry.

272 pp.

176 pp.

The Pinball Compendium: 1930s-1960s. Michael Shalhoub . The development of pin ball machines fro m the 1930s thro ugh the late 1960s, with exclusive interviews with some of the greatest designers in the industry. 100s of pinball machines from G ottlieb, Bally, Genco, Williams, United, and others, along with descriptions of the g ames, features, historical significance, release dates, names of designers and artist s, and current values. Price Guide

The Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games. Bill Kurtz . Over 600 photos of the machines that filled arcades during the 1970s and ’80s. Includes information about the manufacturers who p roduced these classic games, a section about vid eo game collectibles, and in formation on how to start your own collection. Beginning co llect ors and longtime game enthusiasts alike are sure to enj oy this nostalgic and informative look at t he w orld o f arcade video games. Price Guide

history of the evolution of machines that surrounds a compelling h obby. Relive the fun through these pages; if you buy only one pinball book, this is the one to have.

196 pp.


Int ernat ion al Dollhouses an d Acce ssories: 1880s to 1980s. Dian Zillner. Over 100 dollhou ses from Europe and America, w ith furnit ure and accessories. Comp anies include C. Hacker, Converse, Tynietoy, Go ttschalk, G. & J. Lines, Tri-ang, Renwal, Marx, Rich Toys, Keystone, Stirn & Lyon, Pit -a-Pat , Meccan o, Bu ilt -Rite, Brumberger, Mason & Parker, Menasha, Rock & Graner, and mo re.

256 pp.

256 pp.

The Pinball Compendium: 1970 -1981. Michael Shalhoub. The history of pinball games from 1970 through 1981, one of pinball’s most prol ific eras. 100s of pi nbal l machin es from Go ttl ieb, Wil liams, Bal ly, C hicag o C oin, and other manuf acturers, wit h descript ions, special features, histori cal si gnificance, release dates, designers, and current values. A w onderful reference and a tribute to all who were part of pinball’s fascinating history.

Antique and Collectible Dollhous es and Their Furnishings. Dian Zill ner & Patty Cooper. 200 dollho uses from Europe & America from the mi d-1800s t hrough the 1970s. 2,000 different furnit ure items, dolls, and accessories. Company product s illustrated include Bliss, Silber & Fleming , Amersham, Tudo r To y, Christi an Hacker, nfield, Wisconsin Toy Comp any, Kage Company, and Menasha Woodenware Corporation.

240 pp.

272 pp.

The Pinball Compendium: Electro-mechanical Era. Michael Shalhoub. O ver 1,000 color photos, arranged in decades from the 1930s to the 1990s, disp lay some of the most desirab le, po pular p inball s ever buil t. Al so , rare phot os show some o f the most sought -after and popul ar Gottlieb and Parker games. This book documents this classic era and rounds out the most up-to-date research in the field.

American Dollhouses and Furniture From the 20th Century. Dian Zillner. Over 650 color photos of individual houses, several hundred pieces of furniture made of metal, wood, paper and plastic, and delightful full sets. Dollhouses, dating from 1900 to 1990, include miniature models up to the large Mego Walton Farmhouse. The biggest names in dollhouse manufacture are well represented, and a list of sources for securing dollhouses and furniture, and addresses of publications.

240 pp.

Guide to V int age Trade Stimulators & Counter Games. Dick Bu eschel. You’ll get t o kno w all the makers and their machines by name, date, and appearance in this colorful co llector’s gui de. Phot os, det ail ed mach ine descriptio ns, manufacturer productio n d ata, an interchangeable machine name list and price guide. Price Guide

168 pp.

272 pp.

192 pp.

Arcade Treasures. Bil l Kurtz . T he g reatest games ever t o hit the penny arcade scene-th e earliest strength testers and fortune tellers, wild pin ball g ames from mid -centu ry, and mo dern electronic vid eo games. Also discusses no velty product s, game trends, and a history o f significant manufacturers and designers. Price Guide

Pinball Machines. Revised 3rd Edition. Heribert Eiden & Jürgen Lukas. A pinball gal lery of t he op art genre, this is a chronology, from simp le early mechanical pinball machines to their modern fully-electro nic equivalents. The book provides an overview of the variety, artistry, and manufacturing ingenuity that have mad e pinball machines such a popular entertainment over the years.

160 pp.

Collector’s Guide to Vintage Coin Machines. Revised 2nd Edition. Richard M. Bueschel. Slot machines, jukeboxes, arcade, counter and pin ball games, trade stimulators, vending machines, and coin operated scales all are described in detail and abundantly photographed in color. The text presents methods for identifying different types of machines, their history an d devel opment, and advice on where to l ook for them. Price Guide

pho tos. A must fo r p inball collecto rs, g raphi c artists, historians, and devotees of coin o perated amusement games.

160 pp.

Pocket Guide to Coin-Op Vending Machines. John Carini. Features photos, descriptions, and prices for over 300 coin-op vending machines dat ing from the late 1890s to t he 1960s. Common t o rare machines in clude those t hat dispensed cand y, gum, peanuts, tobacco, aspirin, breath pellets, match es, stamps, and cigars. Also includes hints for finding machines, restoration, servicing, common terminology, price guid e. Price Guide

Marco Rossig no li & Graham McGuiness. Fifty vintag e and contemporary pinballs, each with its own chapter outlining special features, historical information, game tri via, g ame rules, col lectibili ty, graph ic

Price Guide

P INBALL Pinball Perspectives: Ace High to World’s Series. Marco Rossignoli & Graham McGuiness. Fifty pinball games — both vintage and contempo rary — are showcased in this book, each w ith its own chap ter o utlining special features, hist orical backgroun d, game rules, collectibility and current value. Over 400 full color pho tos give a complete visual of each game, including wonderful details of the playfield action. 272 pp.

The Pinball Compendium: 1982 to Present. 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded with Updated Price Guide. Michael Shalhoub. Over 900 color pho tos displ ay p inball machines of the recen t period, from 1982 throug h 2011. Each chap ter is devoted to a specific year and features descriptions, release dates, and historical background o n the games from Gottlieb, Williams, Bally, Data East, Stern, Sega, and others. Current values are listed for each machine show n in the book. 320 pp.

256 pp.

Furnished Dollhouses: 1880s to 1980s. Dian Zillner with Patty Cooper. N early 150 dollho uses plus several hundred pieces of furniture, all dating from the 1880s to the 1980s. Most of th e ho uses are pictured fully furnished, complete with accessories. Backg round information on over sixty-five compani es is also pro vi ded. Val ues incl uded with captions. 256 pp.

131 Dollh ouse a nd Furniture A dvertis ing: 1880s-1980s. Dian Zillner. Over 400 catalog, magazine, and t rade ads for d ollhouses, furniture, and accessories, 1880s-1980s. Compan ies represented includ e Arcade, Meccano, Lines Broth ers, Schoenhut, Stromb ecker, Wisconsin Toy, Rich Toys, Keystone, Converse, Tynietoy, Renwal, Marx, Plasco, Id eal, Playsteel, Built-Rite, Nancy Forbes, & Tootsietoy. A wonderful reso urce for dollhouse collectors seeking to identify and dat e items.

Toy Buildings, 1880-1980. Patty Cooper and Dian Zillner. A history of architecture in miniatu re seen th rou gh a ce ntury of chil dren’s toys— vill ages, dollh ouses, barns, stables, schools, fire stations, stores, theaters, airports, railroad depots, garages, service stations, castles, forts, and other structures. This indispensab le tool for toy collectors p rovides information on various manufacturers such as Marx, Bliss, and Keyston e, as well as estimated values and resources.

Cas t Iron Toy Cook Stoves and Ranges: from A to Z. Dick & Joan Ford . Cast iro n toy cook st oves an d ranges in an A to Z alphabetical listing, with over 400 f ull co lor illustrations, gives the reader quick and easy id ent if ication o f stoves and ranges. Co mplete descriptions fo r all items shown includ ing current market values and is su re to delight toy collectors wo rldwide. Price Guide

Collecting Golliwoggs: Teddy Bear’s Best Friends. Dee Hockenberry. The first book about the ad orable black-face do lls, a favorit e of con temp orary d oll-makers, and Robertson’s Jams’ mascot . O ver 425 colo r p hot os of Goli wogg s manufact ured b y Steif f, D ean’s, Chad Vall ey, Canterbury, Pedigree, Merrythought, and Wendy Boston, and tho se mad e by countless modern dol l artists. Current values are in the captions.

160 pp.

T EDDY BEARS & FRIENDS The Historical Teddy Bear. Dee Hockenb erry. Over 600 imag es present teddy bear to ys, from the earliest made in 1902 t o today. Among the makers are Ideal, Steiff, Bing, Col umbia Manufacturing, Gund, North American Bears, Merrythought, and Bruin Manufacturing. The text provides a history of the bears, their manufacturers and artists, and collectors who have pursued them. A bibliography, index, and values in the cap tions are included.

Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals: Hermann Teddy Originals®, 19131998. Milton R. Friedb erg. O ver 1500 color photo s il lustrate Teddy Bears and stuffed animals by “Hermann .” Includes the company’s history, co mprehensive list with model numbers, names, descriptions, values, information on determining ag e, index, and bibliography. A great reference for all Tedd y Bear lovers.

222 pp. Playtime Pottery and Porcelain from The United Kingdom and The United States. Lorraine Punchard . Doll size dishes made in the U.K. and U.S.A from 1770 to present shown in over 400 photos, showing 1000s of pieces, trademarks. Organized by country of origin and chronologically, descriptions include the number of pieces in a set, size, color and d ecoration techniques, facts about manufacturers, characters and designs. Price Guide

192 pp. 100 Years of Teddy Bears. Dee Hockenberry. Celebrate the origins of the delightful toy bears that have charmed adults and children around the world for more than a century. Here are stories and over 350 color photographs of some of the most important people, events, and bears that have contributed to Teddy’s enormous popularity. Theodore Roosevelt, Seymour Eaton, Margarete Steiff, Peter Bull, and many others are featured with historical information about their importance to the bears

Steiff® Bears and Other Playthings Pas t and Present. Dee Hockenberry.0ver 1000 t oys

160 pp.

272 pp.

Enchant ing Friends: Collectible Poohs, Raggedies, Golliwoggs, & Roosevelt Bears. De e H ockenb erry. Th ese l oveab le toys have inspired related books, art works, beloved stuf fed toys, li cen sed pro ducts and interpretation s for several g enerations-highlighted in this delightful collecto rs’ gui de. Colo r p hotographs show th e tremendo us variety of material that can be found relating to these characters.

Bing™ Bears and Toys. Ken Yenke. 372 color photos display the teddy bears and toys by the Geb rü der Bing co mp an y, incl udi ng min iature sewing machines and pho nograp hs, train sets and b uildings, and other stuffed and mechanical animals. The hist ory of the famous Gebrüd er Bing comp any and designers, the tale of Bing ’s current revival , and modern- day toys are also included. Values are included in the captions.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Playt ime Pot tery and Porcela in from Europe and Asia. Lorraine Punchard. Dol l size dishes from Europe & Asia in over 800 color photos with trademarks, comp any marking s, descriptions of tea sets, dinner sets, and other play dishes from 24 countries made from 1770 to the present. You will be ab le to identify, date, and p rice children’s play d ishes. 192 pp.

200 Years of Playtime Pottery and Porcelain. Lorraine Punchard. Over 650 color photos of children’s pl aytime dishes from all o ver the world. Org aniz ed by coun try of orig in, they d ate from the late 18th to the late 20t h century, including character and new sets. Captions provide d escrip tions, measurement s, marks, dat es, styles, and current values. A must for collectors of early and contemporary child ren’s dishes.

160 pp.

More Encha nting Frien ds: Story book Characters, Toys, and Keepsakes. Dee H ockenberry. Favorite storyboo k characters, including Ragg ed y Ann and Andy, Beatrix Po tter’s creatures, Golliwog, Alice in Wonderl and characters, Winniethe-Po oh and h is pal s, Teddy Roosevelt bears, Punkinhead, Pad dington , The Three Bears, and The Busy Bears, are pictured and described. A collecto rs guid e with memo rabilia about these lovable characters.

year history in over 882 color photos. Includes teddy bears, cat s, dogs, elephants, lions, t ig ers, and more. Also, puppets, dolls, and w heeled toys are included, as well as large studio figures and mechanical villages filled with busy figures. Accomp anying the toys is rare catalog mat erial and the Steiff identifying marks. Values are included.

176 pp.

D OLLS Dolls & A ccess ories 1910 -1 930s. Di an Zillner. Over 520 photos of do lls mad e o f bisq ue, celluloid, cloth, composition, metal, and wood by Kestner, Armand Marseilles, Geubrüder Heubach, Käthe Kruse, Lenci, Horsman, Ideal, Effanbee, Louis Amberg & Son, Schoenhut and others. Includes World War I related, comic and celebrit y, boudoir, and pincushio n dolls, with vintage advertisements, and current values.

224 pp. Miniature Antique Furniture. H erbert and Peter Schiffer. Over 300 color and black and white pho tos g ive a uniqu e look at genuin e antiqu e hand -crafted fu rn iture f or chi ldren an d d oll s. Org an ized to show the evolutio n of styles, t he quality and historical significance are discussed. A comprehensive study, it covers the aspects which determine the q uality of an antique miniature, as well as those particular facets which contrib ute to its beauty and grace.

Bear S igh tings: In Everyda y Lif e. Dee Hockenberry. Over 475 color p hotographs show images of toy and real bears on everyd ay objects, and each is dated and identified with historical facts and a current value range. Old and new images of bears app ear as useful and decorative it ems; in metals, wood, glass, ceramics, p aper, and textiles; from advertising and postage stamps to clothing and tablewares. Price Guide

Doll Kitchens, 1800-1980. Eva Stille. D oll kitchens in Germany, originally for adults, evolved by the end of the 18th century into toys for children. Learn the influence real kitchens had o n doll kit ch ens. Doll kitchen manufacturers are listed as well as a wide variety of miniature furnishings, ap pliances, and st oves shown in over 250 pho tos.

160 pp.

The Big Bear Book. Dee H ockenberry. Over 400 sup er ap pealing toy bears by makers t he world over, including manufacturers Steiff, Bing, Schuco, Hermann, Gabrielle, Id eal, Knickerbocker, Farnell, Chad Valley...and talented individual makers. Hockenberry points you to the l eading pub lic collections in England, Europe, and the U. S. Price Guide

176 pp.

Dolls & Accessories of the 1930 s and 1940s. Dian Zillner. 100s of dolls and accessories made during the 1930s and 1940s by Alexander, American Character, Arranbee, Dewees Cochran, Effanbee, Eugenia, Georgene Novelties, Horsman, Mary Hoyer, Ideal, Monica, Nancy Ann Storybook, Vogue, and many others, in composition, cloth, rubber, and painted bisque, all with full descriptions and current market values. Special sectio ns o n personality, comic, character, and military dolls. Price Guide

192 pp.

Dolls and Accessories of the 1950s. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition . Dian Zillner. Over 590 color photos and text present dol ls made of hard plastic and vinyl, and their accessories. Alexand er, American Character, Artisan, Co smopolitan, Ef fanbee, Horsman, Id eal, Mary Hoyer, Nancy Ann, Rich wood, Terri Lee, Vogue, and other comp anies are featured w ith personality, comic, cartoo n, and advertising dolls, baby d olls, little girl dolls, teen dolls, and fashion d olls. Price Guide

176 pp.

132 VINTAGE TOYS: DOLLS Cloth Dolls, from Ancient to Modern: A Collector’s Guide. Linda E dward. Cloth dolls fro m their ancient ancestors to p resent day examples. Over 500 illustrations and explanatory text provide the most comp rehen sive study guide for this area in doll coll ecting available today. Value Guide

176 pp.

Cher™ Doll & Her Celebrity Friends: With Fashions by Bob Mackie. Sand ra “Johnsie” Bryan. Bob Mackie desig ned for Cher’s TV show as well as for galas an d other public appearances. There are over fifty designs for the Cher™ doll by Mackie and many more for the other Mego® fashion dolls. including baring tops and billowy bell bottoms, slinky metallic gow ns, and of course, stretch polyester. Price Guide

The Raggedy Ann & Andy Family Album: A Guide for Collectors. 4th edition, revised. Susan Ann Garrison. A color p ictorial history o f over 500 Raggedy Ann & Andy do lls, including history of the dolls, co mpanies that manufactured them, and many collectibles, coloring and sto ry books, g ames, puzz les, and mo re.

items, includ ing Living Dead Doll ies™, Living Dead Ragdolls™, Fashion Victims™, lunch boxes, mini dolls, Head Kno ckers™, barware, drinking glasses, party lights, T-shirts, portfolios, handmade and prototype dolls. Includes collectors’ tips, current values, and an itemized checklist.

160 pp.

Collectible Doll Fashions: 1970s. Carmen Varricchio. Enj oy more than 400 Barbie®, Chrissy, and Dawn-size do lls haut e co uture outf its from “mod” to “new wave”. Shown in pristine cond ition, in unopened original packaging with current market values. A g em for coll ectors and designers al ike. Price Guide

Price Guide

Unauthorized Guide to Collecting Liv ing Dead Dolls™. Robin Moore. Learn the value of you r Living Dead Dolls™ collection with over

192 pp.

144 pp.

Collect ing Ros e O’Neill’s Kewpies. David O’Neill & Jan et O’Neill Sullivan. Rose O’Neill’s charming and highly collect ible Kewpie image o n doll s, tab leware, lamp s, cand lesticks, inkw el ls, clocks, jewelry an d trinket boxes, hatp ins, sal t and pep per shakers, picture frames, and many other items. Includes early Kew pies in b isqu e, chinaw are, and met al, and much more. Captions provide measurements and values. Price Guide

Wonderful Raggedy A nns. Joyce Rinehart . Color photographs depict previously unpublished dolls and related items. For the first t ime, creative “co ncep t Ragg ed ys” are covered in depth, and Ragg ed ys dressed for the holidays also make their appearance. Vol lan d, Georgene, Knickerbocker, and Applause collectors will welcome the sections provided to help them date t heir dolls. Price Guide

200 pp.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Collect ibles: A Handbook and Price Guide. 2nd Edition. Jan Lindenberger. This newly revised gu id e to Rag gedy Ann and Andy collectibles documents the dolls themselves, as well as the bo oks and other product s that Johnny Gruelle’s lovable creatures have inspired. Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp.

Whims ical Elegance: The Costumed Cat Dolls of Helen Cohen. Helen Cohen. A selftaught doll-artist enamored of historical fashion, Helen Cohen presents a true cat fancy! For over forty years H elen mad e and sold numerous d olls, many during her twenty-two year ow nership of The Doll Lady, a now-closed shop in Pennsylvania. Artfully photograp hed by David Gehosky, Whimsical Elegance features 31 fashion dolls with Cat faces, magnificently attired in historical costuming spanning 400 years.

Trolls. Jan Lindenberg er with Joel Martone. Troll toys bring impish smil es, good luck, and wild hairdos into our homes and their vario us shapes and sizes make them p opular to collect. Curren t prices and color photo graphy in this book give th e col lector a real edge during troll -hu nting adventures because it covers a wide assortment of troll s, several companies, and some surprising examples from overseas.

Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids®: The 1980s. Jan Lindenberg er wit h Judy Morris. The many varieties in 60 sp ecialty lines mad e by three major U.S. toy companies (Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel) and many foreign co mpanies (includ ing Jesmar, Tsukuda, Tri-Ang Pedigree, Lili Ledy) in the 1980s. Over 750 color pho tos with descriptions and pricing information make this the most u seful book for identifying Cabbag e Patch Kids d olls.

The Patt i Playpal™ Family : A Guide to Companion Dolls of the 1960s. Carl a Marie Cross. Patti and the Playpal Family of life-size dolls with their original outfits and play sets, along with the other “life sized” companion dolls of the 1960s. Finer points like orig in al hair colors, hair styles, and outf it variations are finally d ocumented in over 250 color pho tos, original catalog and television advertisements, and valuab le collector information, including the prices they command to day.

Price Guide

176 pp.

Price Guide

Price Guide

136 pp.

160 pp.

The Complete & Unauthorized Guide to Vintage Barbie® Dolls With Barbie® & Skipper® Fashions and the Whole Family of Barbie® Dolls. Hill ary Shilkitus James. A required resource for all Barbie® collectors, the revised and expanded second edition of this ideal reference book features more than 150 new images and updated prices. Now over 400 b eautiful color photos illustrate this complete listing of Barb ie, her friends, and their many outfit s and accessories, throug h her vintage years fro m 1959 to 1972.

Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids®: The 1990s. Jan Lindenberger w ith Judy D. Morris. Follow the Cabbag e Patch Kids license through the 1990s with the full line of Kids produced by Hasbro from 1990-1994, and all t he Mattel Kids produced from 1995-1998. Included is an excellent 85-photo reference for head mo lds used throughout the ’80s and ’90s. There’s also lots o f valuable informatio n about Koosas, fakes and alt ered Kids.

Chatty Cathy™ and Her Talking Friends: An Unaut horized Guide for Collect ors. Sean Kettelkamp. History of Mattel talking dolls, documenting the famous dolls that were the rage of the 1960s-Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby, Beany Boy, Matty, and Barbie, to name just a few. Color photographs illustrat e the ad orable d olls, their clothing, accessories, even the talking mechanisms. This comp rehensive bo ok includes a value g uide.

Price Guide

Price Guide

It’s A ll A bout the Access ories for the World’s Most Fashionable Dolls, 19591972. Hillary Shilkitus James. More than 1,700 color images of accessories for Barbie®, Skip per ® , Francie®, Ken® , an d o ther fashionable d olls that were availab le f rom 1959 t o 1972, comp lete wit h values and a cross-referenced description of the outfits each accessory came with, this identification guide is an authority fo r collectors.

Cabbage Patch K ids® Collectibles. Jan Lindenberger. In 1983, Cab bage Patch Kids dolls inspired a n ation wide craze inviting children t o “adopt” their very own Kid. Of course, parenthood is a real respo nsibility—a new baby needs toys, clo thin g, diapers, an d co untl ess oth er items! Here is a full-color p rice guide for the vast array of merchandise surround ing the Cabbage Pat ch Kid s, which are becoming as collectible as the dolls themselves.

Shirley Temple Dolls and Fashions: A Collector’s Guide to The World’s Darling. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Edward R. Pardella. The Shirley Templ e Doll (still being manufactured today) continues to be the champion of the dol l ind ustry. In thi s boo k, b eau tifu l co lor p hot os present a nostalgic gallery along with original doll advertising and publicity shots from the movies. The chronology of Shirley Temple’s motion pictures is an important reference.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Coffee with Barbie® Doll. Sandra “Johnsie” Bryan. Join Barbie® in amazing adventures, from her world travels to her many d az zling careers to her fab ulous homes. Scenes fro m the life of everyone’s favorite glamor d oll and her friend s are sure to app eal to young and old collectors alike. Barbie® & © 1998 Mattel, used under license, but not otherw ise affiliated with Mat tel. Price Guide

160 pp.

176 pp.

160 pp.

Dollhouse and Miniature Dolls: 1840-1990. Marcie and Bob Tubbs with Dian Zillner. More than 525 co lor photo s of over 1500 d olls illu strate this history o f commercially made min iature and dollhouse-size dolls. Dolls made of w ood, cloth, china, parian, all-bisque, paper, plastic, rubber, celluloid, and other materials are pictured. The wide range of dolls, manufacturers, and d ollmakers make this an indisp ensable guide.

148 pp.

144 pp.

Jumeau. C onstance Eil een Kin g. Traces th e chronology of Ju meau production from the 1840s throug h the late 19th century. Color pictures show the beauty and d ifferent moods o f the faces, are accompanied by text that pro vides coll ectors wit h impo rtant and interesting information. Price g uide, Jumeau marks, and historical list of international prices an d sizes included. 119 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3264-7 hard cover $49.99 see also Indian D olls, p 35


Collecting Matchbox®: Regular Wheels 1953-1969. Revised 2nd Edition with Updated Price Guide. Charlie Mack.

Matchbox® vehicles, from cars and trucks to tractors and trailers, produced in series 1 through 75 from 1953 to 1969, are presented here in both detailed text listings and over 370 color images. Variations of each vehicle manufactured are detailed, including the many different kinds of box styles used throughout this period. This revised 2nd Edition includes an updated price guide for the Matchbox vehicles presented and their variations listed throughout the text. A great resource for collectors. (Former ISBN: 0-7643-1198-0) Charlie Mack lives in Connecticut and is the editor of a national Matchbox collector club magazine. Available in August

Lesney’s Matchbox® Toys: Regular Wheel Years, 1947-1969. Revised 3rd Edition with Updated Price Guide. Charlie Mack.

and how to distinguish between the real toys and copies This revised 3rd Edition for Matchbox® collectors by one of America’s foremost authorities includes an updated price guide. The public’s enthusiasm and the long-term interest of children as they grow into adulthood have provided the necessary ingredients for Matchbox toys to become ideal collectibles. The old toys become scarce and variations of newer toys have given collectors a challenge to own each one. They collect not only the toys, but also the catalogs, collector buttons, and boxes. All of these and more are included here. The toys pictured and listed represent the major variations of the most popular series made by Lesney Products from 1947 to mid-1969. Included is a list of organized clubs for collectors. This is a great resource for all collectors and lovers of the regular wheel Matchbox Toys. (Former ISBN: 0-7643-1193-X) Available in September

134 All-Bisque and Half-Bisque Dolls. Genevieve Angione. Bisque and hal f-b isque doll s of all peri ods. It includes originals and reproductions, and describes the types - fro m miniature immobiles to “Kewpies,” “candystore dolls,” “infants,” and “old stiff necks.” Learn valuable information about the manufacture of these d olls, the companies who marketed them, and keys to building and maintain ing an excellent collectio n. Index

360 pp.

Price Guide


The Encyclopedia of Matchbox® Toys. 3rd Edition, Revised & Expanded. Charlie Mack. Die cast Matchbox toys from 1947 to mid -2001 pictured in 2447 photos and listed, including their popular playsets, dolls, plastic kits, robots, and ephemera, all in one massive volume. The international scope of Matchbox toys is illustrated through catalogs, boxes, and labels on toys printed in a dozen languages. Price Guide

Matchbox® Toys: The Tyco Years 1993-1994. Ch arlie Mack. Matchb ox die-cast toys produced under Tyco ownership. Detailed, incisive text explaining the variations, the number code of all the toys, and clear color p hotos. Includes the Matchbox vehicles and toy lines of Harley Davidson motorcycles, Thunderbirds action fig ures, Live N Learn preschool toys, and Crash Dummies. 144 pp.

Hot Wheels® 1968-1972: Includes t he Gran Toros ™ History and Pictures . Bob Parker. Hot Wheels® produced between 1968 and 1972 represent the vintage years for this line of toy vehicles. Th e 221 wonderful color photo s pro vide a complete visual guide for collectors. The 118 unique castings are exp lained in d etail and a complete variation and price g uid e is provided . Also included is coverage of the Gran Toros™cars. Price Guide

Matchbox® and Lledo™ Toys. Ed ward Force. Miniature vehicle Matchbox t oys and Lledo toys mad e from 1983 t o 1987 are illustrated in co lor with comp rehensive text identifying all variations, helpful background information and price guide.

Hot Wheels ®: The Recent Years. Bob Parker.

Price Guide

Hot Wheels™, and convention cars from The Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels™. Values are fo und in the

185 pp.

from 1995 to 2001 are displayed in 560 color phot ographs, including vehicles from t he Seg ment™, elusive Treasure Hunt™, First Edit io ns™, and Final Run Series™, t he Virtual Collection™,

352 pp. Price Guide

The Big Book of Matchbox Superfast Toys: 1969-2004: Volume 1: Basic Models & Variation Lists. Charlie Mack. The largest book on Matchbox Toys ever produced - so big it is two books with over 7000 color photos and over 10,000 listed variations! The detailed, beau tiful ph otos are a great aid to collectors for identification and color reference. Variation Listings arranged alphanumerically by product numbers, and photos of the Basic Models appear in Volume1.

Lledo Toys. Dr. Edward Force. Matchbo x toys co-founder Jack Odell later founded Lledo (his name spelled backwards) toys and pro duced the first models in 1983. Since then, the f leet of Lledo miniature antiq ue vehicles h as g row n t o incl ude thousand s of models. Over 2000 shown in color photos with an informative history, ext ensive list of variation s, and a price guid e.

Price & Variation Gu id e

Price Guide

368 pp.

The Big Book of Matchbox Superfast Toys: 1969-2004: Volume 2: Product Lines & Indexes. C harl ie Mack. Th e ph oto s are arranged by major pro duct lines, with everything from Adventure Pack to White Rose Collectibles arranged al phabetically i n Vol ume 2, plus th e latest Superfast models from late 2004 and early 2005. Hel pful indexes, MAN number, and mo del names (actual base names), as well as a general alphab etical index are in Volume 2. Indexes

272 pp.

Matchbox ®Toys. Revised 6th Editio n. Nancy Schiffer. All the Matchbox die-cast from 1947 and 1982 in co lor ph otos with a histo ry of the manufacturers and descriptions of each toy and their variations. Includes the 1-75 Series, Models of Yesteryear, Major Packs, King Size, Skyb usters, Batt le Kin gs, Two -Packs, Sea Ki ngs, Walt D isney and Po peye characters, Gl o-Racers, and Convoy lines. Price Guide

176 pp.

The Complete Book of Hot Wheels®. Revised and Expanded 4th Editio n. Bob Parker. Wonderful col or pho tograph s cover nearly every casti ng fro m th e first H ot Wheels toy cars th rough the 1999 model year. A co mplete visual guide with a listing of the many variations to hel p collectors sort t hrough the vast and rapidly gro wing world of Hot Wheels. Price Guide

394 pp.

160 pp.

Dinky Toy s. Revised 7th E dition. Dr. Edward Force. Prices Updated by Jeff Bray. Dinky Toys, produced fro m 1933 to 1980, with a concise history, detailed list of major variati ons, chronol ogical list, and n ew ly revised price guide. Included are toys made in Britain, France, Spain and other p arts of the world, from the earliest model railroad accessories to t he first miniature cars. 224 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3319-4 soft cover $19.99 Corgi Toys. Revised 4th E dition. Edward Force, with revised prices by Jeff Bray. Every model o f Co rg i t oy is sh own in 128 color group photos with the history supplemented by d etailed descriptions of all the models and their known variations. Includes up -to-date price guide. Price Guide

224 pp.

Hot Wheels®: A Collector’s Guide. Revise d & Expand ed 4th Edition. Bob Parker. Over 100 color pict ures display nearly all the H ot Wh eels mad e up to 1968, an d a complet e variati on g uid e and checklist covers all the cars through 1995. This bo ok will be an essential reference for collectors of all types of die cast toy vehicles. Price Guide

160 pp.

Solido Toys. Dr. Ed ward Fo rce. 1200 miniature Solido vehicle models, nearly all illustrated here in full color. With the comp any history and a detailed accounting of models and variations listed in an easy-to-use format, this b ook is a necessary reference for collectors of Solido and other d ie cast toy vehicles. Price Guide

256 pp.

236 pp.

Lesney’s Matchbox® Toys: The Superfast Years, 1969-1982. Revised 3rd Edition . Charli e Mack. Mat chb ox die-cast met al vehicles took on a new look in 1969 with the introduction of the Superfast line. In this newly-revised edition, Charlie Mack has compiled accurate text with clear color illustrations of the toys to identify all the variations.

The Unauthorized Encyclopedia of Corgi Toys. Bill Manzke. The rise, fall and rebirth of Corgi Toys is expl ained and illustrated with hund reds o f color photos of toy models and memorabilia never before seen in print. The smaller Husky and Corg i Juniors lines are al so co vered. Most imp ortantly, this encycloped ia presents the most co mpl et e variation listing and values guide for Corgi toys published to date. Price Guide

256 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3321-7 soft cover $19.99 Matchbox® Toys: The Univers al Years, 1982-1992. Revised 2nd Edition. Charlie Mack. Toys produced under Un iversal ’s o wne rshi p. Co lor pho tos show all the vehicles, their variations, and the other toys p roduced by Universal including infants’ educational toys, dolls, and p uzzles. Ad ditional materials include lists of places of interest for the collect or to visit and mail order sources. Price Guide

224 pp.

256 pp.

Classic Miniature Vehicles: Northern Europe. Edward Force. Miniature vehicles produced in northern Europe from the early to mid-20th century. Included are the Tekno, Vilmer, Bapro, Lemeco, and Lego brands from Scandinavia, Gusquy-Septoy and Sablon toys from Belgium, Lion Toys and Best BoxEfsi-Oto-Holland toys from Holland, and the Siku line from Germany. In all, hundreds of examples are shown in full color, plus full information including variations and values. Price Guide

Corgi Juniors and Husky Models: A Complete Identification and Price Guide. Bill Manzke. Thi s wid ely coll ected line o f d iecast toy cars and trucks are examined in over 500 ful l color photos and well-researched text. Here are Corgi Juniors, Corg i Rockets, Husky Toys, Whizzwheels Co nversions plus many more variations. Info rmation on p rot otype, pre-productio n, and promo tional models, pl us an exten sive crossreference section. 192 pp.

144 pp.

Classic Miniature Vehicles: Made in Germany. E dw ard Fo rce. Ge rman manufacturers produ ced interesting and superb miniatu re d ie cast toy vehicl es which are described here. Color pho tos of over 2000 German toy vehicles make this a most useful book fo r die cast collectors and fanciers of miniatu res. Price Guide

256 pp.

VINTAGE TOYS: MINIATURE VEHICLES 135 Classic Miniature Vehicles: Made in Italy. Dr. Edward Force. America’s foremost autho rity on miniature vehicles turns to Italy, where die cast miniature vehicles began to be manufactured after the end of World War II. Cars fro m Mercury, Lima, Nigam, PM, Ra-Ro, Rivarossi, Safar, SVP and other Italian companies are p resented in col or with informative vital facts about the cars in an easy-to-use format.

Promotional Cars & Trucks, 1934-1983: Dealership Vehicles in Miniature. Seco nd Edition. Steve Butler. Promotional cars and t rucks were each produced for one year, then discontinued when the new models came out. This book presents a complete listing of p romotional cars and trucks, including manufacturer and current value. Charts are illustrated with over 500 beautiful color photos, showing the full range of vehicles. Price Guide

Classic Miniature Vehicles: Made In France. Dr. Ed ward Force. Miniature vehicle production in France by 39 manufacturers is represent ed here by nearly 2000 vehicles described and show n in col or ph oto s. In format ion provided in encyclopedic entries in cludes vehi cles by C.I.J., Cle, France Jouets, J.R.D., Minialuxe, Norev, Quiralu, Rami, and Safir. Price Guide

The Big Book of Tin Toy Cars: Passenger, Sports, and Concept Vehicles. Ron Smith & William C. Gallagher. 100s of tin toy p assenger cars, sports cars, concept or dream vehicles, and boxed car and trail er sets, from toy makers around the world. The toys are 1900s to the 1970s. Captions include the make, model, year, body style, size, grap hic markings, operation descrip tion , producing company, country of origin, trademarks, scarcity ratings, and current values.

280 pp. Price Guide

Aurora Slot Cars. Thomas Graham. Hundred s of Aurora Slo t C ars pro duc ed betw een 1960 and 1977 are presented here in full color. Here are Thunderjet s, AFX Flamethrowers, Dragst ers, provides readers w ith the Au rora company history, and d etailed information on colo rs, model variations, and prices. An ext ensive price list and photo cross-ref erence index is included. 160 pp. Barclay Toys : Transports & Cars 19321971. Howard W. Melton & Robert E. Wagner. A comprehensive catalog listing with p rices for every kno wn variation and color of all car transp orts and cars made b y Barclay Manufacturing Company color images display th ese cars and transports, allowing easy identification. Includ es a company history, ident ification and price gu ide, and 14 identificatio n charts. Price Guide

160 pp.

264 pp.

Collectors Encyclopedia of Toys - Banks: Cast Iron, Tin Wind-up, A utos & More with prices. Antique toys and ban ks cont in ue to fascinate people wo rldwid e. Here are cherished old toys shown, d escribed, d ated and evaluated for to day’s market. Made of ti n, cast iron and compo sition, they include wind-ups, boats, trains, trucks, horse-drawn styles and bell toys. 100 catal og p ages have draw ings, full descript ions and original prices.

A ntiq ue Mot orc ycle Toys . Ric h Bertoia. Clockwo rk to y motorcycles from Europe, Japan and America, i ncluding p oli ce ch ase s, stu nt rid ers, ele gan t cruisers, and spacemen, throug h over 150 color photographs and interesting text and values, making t his a truly sp ecial editio n for co llectors of all levels. Price Guide

160 pp.

240 pp.

A World of Bus Toys and Models. Kurt M. Resch with p hotography by Richard Romagnoli. Toy and model buses are closely examined in this book. Bus transpo rtation fro m the 1920s to the present app ears in over 500 gorgeous color photos of over 1100 toy buses. This is the missing link in the transportatio n toy library, the book that bus lovers have b een w aiting for. Price Guide

Price Guide

240 pp.

The Big Book of Tin Toy Cars: Commercial and Racing Vehicles. Ron Smith & William C. Gallagher. 100s of tin toy delivery and public service vehicles, hot rods, jalopies, dragsters, single seat racers, and rally and stock cars, from toy makers around the world. The toys represent cars of the 1900s to the 1970s. Make, model, year, body style, size, graphic markings, operation description, producing company, country of origin, trademarks, scarcity ratings, and current values provided. Price Guide

Cast Iron Automotive Toys. Myra Yellin Outwater & Eric B. Outwater with Stevie & Bill Weart. Rare and exquisite cast iron toys from leading American cast iron toy manufacturers, including Kenton, Dent, Hubley, Arcade, Kilgore, Vindex, and A. C. Williams. Orig inal catalog advertisements, marks, and over 850 magnificent toys are displayed in over 880 color photos, including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, farm and construction equipment, and aeronautics.

160 pp.

Pedal Cars: Chasing the Kidillac. Jane Dwyre G arton. Learn how and where child ren’s pedal-powered cars were made in this charming and in-depth history of the mo st popular wheeled toys in to day’s co llector market. Loaded with past and present perspectives o n p edal cars, including comments from designers, anecdotes from factory workers, hund reds of p hotographs, and up-to-date pricing info rmation. It will fascinate old collecto rs and at tract many new on es!

144 pp.

208 pp.

Toy Cars of Japan & Hong Kong. Andrew G. Ralston. The most rare and co llect ible toy cars made in Japan and Hon g Kong in th e 1950s and 1960s, includ ing large-scale tinplate cars made for the American market; the early Japanese diecasts by Model Pet, Micro Pet and Cherryca Phenix; and plastic friction-drive cars. Many fascinating new insig hts into the history of the companies are presented, using long-forgotten trade journals, rare cat alogs, and interviews.

The Collect or’s Guide t o Bus Toys and Models. Kurt M. Resch. Over 1,500 toy buses are shown in full color, including early buses, transit and trolley buses, school buses, and modern luxury coaches. A continuation of Resch’s first b ook, this features d ifferent buses fro m 30 countries and over 250 toy makers, dating from 1905 to 2001, w it h bus memorabilia and current values for all models shown. Hop aboard to experi en ce a wond erfu l showcase of worldwide bus toys!

Collector’s Guide to Children’s Automobiles. G. G. Weiner. 100s of smallscale Jaguars, Bu gattis, Ferraris, Jeep s, MGs, and others made from 1900 to the present, powered by pedals, electricity, or gasoline. Explains the model, its unique qualities, current value, and in teresting restoration information. Catalog material, presents chil dren’s vehicles produced by the Tri-Ang company.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

VW® Beetle Toys. Matt Meyer. Vol kswagen Beetle t oys and models from the late 1930s to today are all displayed in over 350 color images. Tin, die cast, sheet metal, and plastic Beetles by major manufacturers, including Corg i®, Match b ox®, H o tw he el s®, L led o ®, Ton ka® are included, along with glass and ceramic Beetles, and a Beetle Transformer™. Current market values are provided. Price Guide

160 pp.

176 pp.

Firefighting Toys: 1940s-1990s. James G. Piatti and Sandra Frost Piatti. The best and most highly collected firefighting t oys from the second half of the 20th century. Organized alphabetically by manufacturer, the line-up includes toys from Buddy L, Corgi, Fisher-Price, Hub ley, Keystone, Marx, Mattel, Nylint, Remco, Structo, Tonka, Too tsietoy, and more. Features tips on what to collect, p laces to find firefighting toys, detailed descriptions, and up-to-date pricing. Price Guide

Evolution of the Pedal Car -Vol .1: and other riding toys 1884-1970s. Neil S. Wood. Child size vehicl es have been made as toys since the advent of a horseless carriag e. Filled with images, descriptions, dimensions, and original values of toy vehicles, this boo k w ill delight adults who remember and children w ho dream. Original catalog p ages from 1884 throug h 1974 give specific informatio n today’s enthusiasts want. 114 col or p hotos show great old styles and recent styles.

160 pp.

Hubley Toy Vehicles: 1946-196 5. St eve Butler. Hubley produced a wonderful array of toys in the mid-20th century. The vehicles made from 1946 to 1965 are chronicled here. Information from a complete set of Hubley catalo gs and over 500 beautiful color p hotographs make this is a comprehensive g uide. Charts record every vehicle of fered with its variations, and a current p rice guide makes this a val uable resource for the coll ector.

Flying Models Collectibles & Accessories. James C. Johnson. Hundred s of fantast ic items related to model aviation. More than 600 color photos illustrate engines, kits, radio contro l accessories, propellers, books, magazines, and other impo rtant model aviation memorabilia. The hist ory of model aviation is documented in an eng aging text. Cap tions include detailed info rmation about size, vintage, and current market values.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

176 pp.

192 pp.

Evolution of the Pedal Car - Vol. 2. Volume 2. Neil S. Wood. Filled with images, descript io ns, dimensions, and original values of child-siz e toy vehicles, O rig inal catalo g p ag es give specif ic information today’s enthusiasts want. 300 color photos show great ol d styles and recent st yles. A wonderful reference and w ish list.

136 Ford Farm Toys. David Reed. Toy enthusiast, farm collectors, and modelers are sure to find happy memories of their childhoods in this comp rehen sive volume dedicated exclusively to Ford farm toys. This colorful book contains detailed information on Ford toys from t he early 1900s thou gh the present. Illustrated w ith over 300 full colo r photos, accurate captions, and a guide t o current values, this book is a valuable resource for you.

Penny Banks Around the World. Don Duer. Over 1600 antique and modern penny banks made of d iverse material s, from collections scattered world-wide, are carefully id entified and d isplayed here in individual, clear col or photos. The banks are organized into eight grou ps by their t ypes and by their materials. This is an important reference in the banking w orld. Value Reference

Price Guide

200 pp.

144 pp.

Evolution of the Bicycle. Neil S. Wood. Since 1790, bicycle d esigns have been improved and become popular. This comp rehensive bo ok intro duces bicycle history, design changes, new sletters and dealers f or to day’s ent husiast. Hun dre ds of bicycles are show n in advertising, cat alo gs, postcards and collectibles.

Price Guide

A Penny S aved: St ill and Mechanical Banks. D on Duer. The interesting history of saving mon ey in penny banks is illustrated w ith popul ar examples made of cast iro n, tin, pottery, wood, and pot metal in forms that include fo lk art and commemorate political events, prominent peo ple and special places. Color photos and ful l exp lanations present intrig uing American banks arranged from the 18th century through the present. Price Guide


Britains New Toy Soldiers, 1973 to the Present: Traditional GlossPainted Metal Models. Norman Joplin & John T. Waterworth, p hotos by Philip Dean. Britains New Toy Soldier line of tradi tional, 54mm, glo ss-painted metal figures from 1973 to the present, with nearly th e complet e rang e, o ver 3,200 f igures, in nearly 1,100 colo r pho tos. Military items, Home Farm and Circus, special issues.

Antique Glass End of Day Marbles. Stanley A. Block. Nearly 900 photographs display End of Day an tique glass marbles handmade from th e mid-1880s th rou gh c. 1918. E nd of Day Onio nskin, Cloud , Joseph’s Coat, and Engl ish style marbles appear in abundance. Among them are Paneled, Rib bon, Lobed, Shrunken Core, Mist, Submarine, and End of Cane examples. Values are included in tables.

Sulphide Marbles. Stanley A. Block and M. Edwin Payne. Over 600 beautiful color photographs display molded sulphide figures found within glass marb les. Encased in clear or colored glass, these molded sulphides include animals, birds, humans, mythological creatures, religious figures, and more. A det ailed text, bibliography, appendices, index, and tables with values are included. 176 pp.

176 pp.

Coin Banks by Banthrico™. Jim Redw ine. Banthrico coin banks, made in Chicag o fro m 1931 until 1985, resembl e famous p eople, animals, trophies, veh icles, arch itecture and mo re. For today’s collector, there is information about the comp an y, materials, 900 styles, adverti sing, sizes, and rarit y. 256 pp.

Marble Collectors Handbook. Robert S. Block. Over 580 color photos d isplay handmade, machine-made, an d contemporary marbles by many artists. Swirl, Clambroth, Banded Opaque, Indian, Lutz, E nd of Day, and Singl e-gather handmad e marbl e design s and machine-made examp les by M.F. Christensen & Son, Christensen Agate, Akro Agate, Peltier, Master Marble, Marble King, Ravenswood, and Vitro Agate are found . Values are provided in the captions and tables. Price Guide

Toy Soldiers and Figures: American Dimestore. Don Pielin, Norman Joplin, & Verne Johnson. The toy soldiers and figures that were sold in the “Five-and-Dime” figures, arranged in thematic style covering mili tary and no n-mi litary toys. Over cat ego ry chapters. 240 pp.

Hollow-Cast Civilian Toy Figures. No rman Jo pli n & Ph ilip Dean , ABIPP, ARPS. The hollow-cast civilian figures of over 75 toy companies (other than Britains) between 1900 and 1966. Org anized by themes ranging from Art Work t o Zoo figures, with Christmas, farm, g arden, and many more. Over 1500 ful l color pho tos and examp les from Argent ina, France, Germany, Japan, the U.S.A., and the UK.


B ANKS The Penny Bank Book. Revised & Expanded 4th Edition. An dy and Susan Moore. The classic reference in a p opular field. 1,705 still banks are beautifully presented in color and black-and-white illustrations. Focuses on American and E nglish banks, but with examples from o ther countries. In clu des hi st orie s, det ails abo ut t he ban ks, information about clubs and publications, and an up-to-date price guide.

160 pp.

Marbles Identification and Price Guide. Revised & Expanded 5th Edition. Robert Block. Over 500 co lor ph otos d isplay marbles of all types in this revised, completely rewritten guide. Most of these phot os, over 400, are new to this edition. Covered are hand made and machine-made marb les of all t ypes, including Ind ians, Aggies, Steelies, transitionals, M.F. Christensen & Son, Akro Agate, and more. E very major category of marb le is presented.

American Machine-made Marbles. Dean Six, Susie Metzler, and Michael John son. Over 590 color photos d isplay machine-made marbles from the twentieth century, including the most extensive collection of marble packaging ever assembled. Marble factories whose products and packaging are displayed include Akro Agate, Christiansen Agate, Davis Marble, Heato n Agate, Kokomo Op alescent, Libbey-Owens-Ford, Marble King , Peltier, Raven swood, and Vit ro. Values are included.

Marble Mania. Revised & E xpanded 2nd Edition. Stanley Block, E ditor. This is t he def in it ive guide to marble collecting, w ith over 1,400 color photographs identifying marbles and explanations. It features the main areas of interest on makers and manufacturers of marbles made of stone, minerals, and early hand- and machine-made glass. It covers many games, toys, and other uses for marbles; and includes a useful glossary, lists of clubs, societies, marb le shows, and museums.

Collecting Early Machine Made Marbles from the M.F. Christensen & Son Company and Christens en Agate Company. Robert Block. Over 700 color photos of marbles produced from the early 1900s t hrough t he early 1930s by M. F. Christensen & Son Co mpany and the Christensen Agate Comp any. Includes bricks, cobras, guineas, opaques, slags, single pontil slags, swirls, and hand-gathered swirl s. Values for the marbles displayed are found in the captions.

384 pp. Britains Civilian Toy Figures. N orman Joplin, Arnold Rolak, Philip Dean, and Joe Kunzelmann. Non-military and civilian to y figures by Britains, from the 1880s through 1966. 970 co lor p hoto grap hs o f to ys including Miniature Garden, Civilian Vehicles, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Salvation Army and Cowboys and Indians, British Ro yalty and more. Current values.

192 pp.

Price Guide Popular American Marbles. Dean Six,, Susie Metzler & Michael Johnson. Over 360 phot os di sp lay machin e-made marbles produ ced by American manufacturers, including All ey Agate, Champion, Jackson Marble, Master Glass, Playrite, and Vacor, including Cat ’s Eyes, Glassies, Moss Agates, Opals, Patches, Swirls, and more. Values are found in the captions. 184 pp.

Antique Glass Sw irl Marbles. St an ley A. Block. Swirl marbles comprise one of the largest categories of antiqu e marb les. With 851 color pho tograp hs, this b ook displays sw irl marbles from banded and clambroth swirls to latt icinio core and ribbon core sw irls. The text explains each swirl marb le type and pro vides tables of prices. Price Guide

176 pp.

Marbles Illus trated: Prices at Auction. Ro bert Block. This comprehensive g uide presents over 1500 marbles and their actual selling prices at auction. Utilizing a d atabase of prices realized from over 6,000 marb les at auction, the author provides cat alogue d escriptions, pictures and values. Listings are categ orized b y marble type, allowing for easy reference for the collector. Price Guide

160 pp.

Marbles Beyond Glass. St anley A. Block. Over 930 colo r p hotos display marbles of mat erials other than g lass: mineral, stone, clay, crockery, pottery, china, porcelain, clo isonne, gutta-percha, scrimshaw , wood, and metal, banded ag ates, and hand -paint ed chi nas. Valu ab le in formatio n on marb le t ypes, clubs, and meets, as well as online sites, val ues tables, glossary, bib liography, and appendices. Price Guide

see also Art Glass, p10 ff

160 pp.

160 pp.


OTHER TOYS White Knob Wind Up Collectible Toys. Robert E. Birkenes. White Knob Wind Up Toys (WKWs) are small, ingenious, mechanical toys from t he 1970s that are again popular today. Here are over 275 fullcolor p hotographs, a price guide, and informatio n you need to start or expand your collection of these irresistible toys. Price Guide

80 pp.

Japanese Toys: Amusing Playthings from the Past. William C. G allagher. Over 270 toys by top notch Japanese toy manu facturer Toplay Ltd. (T.P.S.). Included are mot orized, wind-up, batteryoperated, tin, plastic, an d p lat form-b ase toys; toys for importers including LIN EMAR, Cragstan, Franko nia, Rosko, an d Mego; as well as authoriz ed edit ions b ased on Popeye an d Walt Disney® characters. Comp lete information including a p rice guide, and Japanese trad emarks. Price Guide

Toy Robots from Japan: Techno Fantasies. Alan Bunkum. Toy rob ot design of the 20th century with over 200 photographs and original conceptual drawings illustrating this fascinating history. Includes robot manufacturers Tomy, Horikawa, Waco, Sony, and other Japanese comp anies. Captions include date, siz e, manufacturer, and current values. An important book for historians, collectors, designers, and students of Japanese studies and popular culture in the golden age of toy production.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Plastic Novelties and Toys of the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. Jean Rossi. Novelties and toys made of colorful, durable p olystyrene plastic are eagerly sought by collectors today. Show cased are holiday related and other items mad e by the major man ufacturers, in cludin g E . Rosen, Irwi n, and Kn ickerbocker. Features chubby Santas, bunnies, roosters, Valentine hearts and figures, Halloween pumpkins, witches, and many more. Collector tips and current values included. Price Guide

Price Guide

176 pp.

144 pp.

Lit hogra phed Paper Toys , Books , and Games: 1880-1915. Judith Anderson Drawe & Kathleen Brid ge Greenstein. Over 500 full color photos p rovide a fascinating glimpse into Victorian lithographed paper toys. Useful facts about history, manufacturing, and typical illustrations fo und on the t oys, b ooks, and games, plus a listing of the prominent makers of the time. Values, measurements, dates, and game p ieces provided . 192 pp.

Squeaky Toys: A Collector’s Handbook and Price Guide. L.H. MacKenzie. During the 1940s, rub ber toys that squeak b ecame the most popular crib toy. Later, reed devices were d eveloped to generate different soun ds and soft, p liant vinyl pl ast ic replaced rubb er. Today, people avid ly search for rubber and vinyl squeaky toys. Here, over 300 color photographs and a delightful text exp lore the field with a current price guide.

Collect ible Coloring Books. D ian Z illn er. 500 co lor photo s of child ren’s colo ring books published during the last 100 years accompany this h isto ry wh ich inclu des information on t he subjects of each bo ok. Especially covers coloring books w it h television, movie, personalities, dolls, paper dolls, advertising, comics, cartoon, Disney, and history themes. Many hunt for these and this is their reference.

Price Guide

Price Guide

128 pp.

Cap Guns. James Du ndas. To y gu n collect ors rely on this reference, with over 600 color photos of cap guns and gun accessories. Cap guns have been mass-produced since the post-Civil War era, made of wood, lead and iron. In the 20th cent ury toy cap guns b ecame realistic models, of cast iron, woo d, co mpositio n, and plast ics. Since 1950, most continu e to be mad e of plastics o r die-cast metals. Learn about them all. Price Guide

124 pp.

501 Collectible Horses: A Handbook & Price Guide. Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition. Jan Lindenberger with Dana Cain. Major toy horse figu re man ufacturers Breyer, Hartland Plast ics, Hagen Renaker, Marx, and more have produced this wide and p opular range of horse collectibles. This book corrals examples from around the world. Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp.

176 pp.

Battery Toys: The Modern Automata. Revised 2nd Edition . Brian Moran. In this newly revised edition, battery-o perated toy robots, animals, p eople, characters, b anks, monsters, and cars are shown, comp ared, and analyzed. Those dating from the mid -1950s and 1960s are the major po rtion o f this book, w ith some cho ice examples from the late 1940s and 1970s. A det ai led d esi rabil ity chart is included.

Toys That Shoot: and Other Neat Stuff. James L. Dundas. Shooting toys from the twentieth century, especially 1920s to 1960s, in over 420 col or pho tographs of BB g uns, cap shoo ters, marb le shooters, squirt guns, and more. Also a brief history of the Daisy BB Gun—complete wit h chrono logy, instruction s f or d et ermini ng if it is functional or broken, and advice f or dating wit h patent numbers, area codes, and zip codes. Price Guide

Baby Boomer Toys and Collectibles. Revised 2nd Edition . Carol Turpen. Color photos of o ver 780 popular toys from the 1950s and ’60s w it h identificatio n and price guide make this a useful reference for t oy collectors and d ealers. Covers favorites from robo ts and space to ys to race cars, Hanna-Barbera toys, and Beatles col lectibl es. Recall the past through its toys. Price Guide

Price Guide

288 pp.

Comic Character Metal Sand Toys. Doug & Pat Wengel. Beach and sand box toys in metal includi ng p ail s, watering cans, sieves, shovels, and rakes, decorated with a w ide variety of characters including Bett y Boo p, Fel ix the Cat, Po pey, the Katzenjammer Kids and Barney Google, as well as Disney characters and others that bring the toys through the decad es to the present day. Price Guide

Pu ppet s & Marionettes : A Collector’s Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Lindenberger. From Pinocchio to Kermit the Fro g and Ind ian stick figures to Jerry Mahoney pup pets, these entertain ers have ed ucated generations. They bring back memories of childhood, early days of televisio n and hours of delight that these animated characters have broug ht into our lives.

160 pp.

Plast ic Toys: Dimestore Dreams of the ’40s and ’50s. Bill Hanlon, with photography by David Belda. Colorful plast ic toys fro m t he 1940s an d ’50s including cars, trucks, airplanes, dolls and do llhouse fu rniture are displayed and ident ified in detail here. Useful in formation o n how to evaluate, repair, and care for your collection and id entif y toys whose orig ins until no w w ere a comp lete mystery. Th e plastic toy manufactu rers are thoroughly discussed.

128 pp.

128 pp.

Toys From Occupied Japan. Anthony Marsella. Clever toys created in Japan after WWII from celluloid, tin, and glass were exported around the world. Here many are examined in 370 color p hotographs that include most of the boxes that held the objects, a boon to collectors who high ly value authentic packaging. A price guide is included. Price Guide

Price Guide

224 pp.

Beatrix Potter Collectibles: the Peter Rabbit Story Characters . Debb y DuBay & Kara Sewall. Pho tograp hy by Lind a LaBont e-Britt & Kind ra Clineff. This engaging boo k presents col lectible ceramics, ornaments, toys, puppets, music boxes, fine art s, and fig urines of the characters made famous in the Peter Rab bit tales, Peter Rabb it, Jemima Puddle-duck, Tom Kitten, and Benj amin Bunny. Gri mwades & Beswi ck coll ecti bles and Wedg wood nursery ware are included. 160 pp.

Collecting Whist les. James D und as. Th is cheerful bo ok illustrates and catalogs the d iverse variety of whistles from the past century. They range from a simple wooden penny w histle to novelties with built-in compasses, 15-jewel watches, and min k fur decoratio n. Discussions include w hen and how they were mad e and instructions for taking care of them.

204 pp.

Steam Toys: A Symphony In Motion. Mo rton Hirschberg. Hooked to a steam engine or operated by hand, these pieces move- mill s g rind , blacksmiths hammer, Ferris wheels and carou sels revolve, w oodsmen chop, and minstrels dance. Almost 600 color photos do cument the work of 25 major manufacturers, with illustrations of the marks they used. Dimensions and years of production are discussed for each piece.

112 pp.

256 pp.

Collecting Yo-Yos. James L. Dundas. O ver 275 full-colo r pho tographs cap ture yo-yo s of many companies, decad es, and desig ns, along with yo-yos that shriek, w histle, and spark. Yo-yo ch ampionship patches, tricks bo oks, and troph ies are al so d ispl aye d. Brief histories of the yo-yo co mpanies are provided. Values for every yo-yo are found in the captions.

Metal Toys from Nuremberg, 1910-1979. Gerhard Walter. Toy manufacturing in Nuremberg, Germany, was big business in the 20th century. Here are wonderfully detailed co lor and blackand-w hite phot ograph s o f hund reds of p opular metal toys and an exact reco rd of manufacturing dates, details of con struction materials, cat alog specifications, p atent and reg istration papers, and market values.

Price Guide

Price Guide

129 pp.

144 pp.



Board Games . 2nd e dit ion , re vised. D esi Scarpone. Po pular board g ames from the 1940s through the 1980s wit h text, memorabilia and period ad vert ising fo r them. Chap ters present the game of Monopoly and its interesting history, board games with Western and military themes, games of strategy, sports, and many more. Games for adults and children galore. Price Guide

Beast Wars Transformers™ : The Unofficial Guide. J. E. Alvarez. Both the American and Japanese Beast Wars Transformers p roduced from 1995 onward are discussed and d isplayed in o ver 870 color imag es. A history of the development and distribution of Beast Wars Transformers is provid ed along with price listings for the fig ures both loose, mint, and complete and mint in the package. Price Guide

176 pp.


Action Figures of the 1960s. John Marshall. Soldiers, sailors, cowboys, Indians, space men and spies that populated the action figure w orld from highly sought heroic “dolls for boys” including GI Joe, Captain Actio n, Johnny West, Major Mat t Mason, Johnny Hero, and James Bond, including all the major manufacturers of the day from Hasbro and Mattel to Marx and Ideal . Price Guide

160 pp.

The Unofficial Guide to Transformers™: 1980s Through 1990s. Revised & Expanded 2n d E dition . Jo se E. Alvarez. Transformers™, the incredible changing figures of t he 1980s and ’90s in over 500 colo r photos with descriptions and an up-to-d ate price g uide. The history is presented , from the early Diaclone™, Diacrone™, and Micronauts™of Japan throug h the emergence of Hasb ro’s™ Transformers™ creations to th e Transmetals™ and Fuzors™ of the late nineties. Price Guide

Cribbage Boards: 1863-1998. Bette L. Bemis. Crib bage boards are illustrated in over 350 color photos with text explaining variations in form, scoring, and materials of construction. Also history o f the game and American compan ies that pro duced cribb age boards. Methods for determining the age of a board, values and an extensive bibl io graphy comp lete the presentation. Price Guide

160 pp.

GI Joe™ and Other Ba cky ard Heroes 1970-1979: An Unauthorized Guide. John Marshall. Starring well-know n figures and rarities alike, from Hasbro’s GI Joe and Mego’s Star Trek figures to Tomland’s Star Raiders and Marx’s Safari Adventure Series, this lively text and mo re than 400 color illustrations present the figures, their outfits, vehicles, and accessories. Rounding out the book are up -to-date values for the figures and their accessories. Price Guide

Bas eball Games: Home Versions of the Nationa l Past ime, 186 0s-1 960 s. Mark Coo per with Dou glas Con gdon -Martin . Nearly every baseb all-relat ed bo ard o r t abl e g ame produced f rom the 1860s to the 1960s illust rated with accurate captions. The relationship between the bo ard games and the professional game of baseball is described with tips to help date each and rate their condition. Price Guide

176 pp.

160 pp.

More Board Games . D esi Sc arpon e. Board games continue to fascinate players and collectors alike, and their app eal is rapidly growing. This comp letely new b ook presents over 1000 color pho tograp hs of b oard g ames ranging fro m t he 1920s to the 1990s, an informative t ext, vintage advertisements, and current prices. It is sure to satisfy t he game playing appetites of co llectors, dealers, and enthusiasts everywhere. Price Guide

Box Top A ir Power: The Aviation Art of Model Airplane Boxes. Thomas Graham. Over 170 p hotos o f original model airp lane box art from the 1950s to the 1990s are displayed in ful l color. Among the many artists whose w orks of art are p ortrayed are Tom Morgan, John St eel, Jack Leyn nwoo d, Lo renzo Gh iglieri, Jim Cox, Joh n Amendola, Ray Gaedke, Jo Kotula, and Dick Locher. These artists tell p ersonal stories behind their art in their o wn words.

160 pp.

160 pp.

Action Figures of the 1980s. John Marshall. Over 430 color photographs and descriptions of the pocket-sized G.I. Joes™, mo vie and TV characters, fantasy figures, He-Man™, the Thunder Cats™, sup er heroes, Transf orme rs™, and w restl ing figures abound here. Price l istings are provid ed for every figure sho wn and produced within particul ar product lines. Price Guide

160 pp.

MODEL KITS Aurora Model Kits. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Thomas Graham. Auro ra created plastic mo del kits of all varieties, including mo nsters, historic sailing ships, sports cars, moon rockets, military and commercial aircraft, TV stars, comic book heroes, wildlife scenes, knights, and much mo re al l included in this book. Over 450 color photographs enhance this comprehensive histo ry and guide to Aurora models. Every model kit Aurora made is d escribed in detail, along w ith information on reissues and current collectors market values.

Comic Book Hero Toys. John Marshall. POW! ZAP! eeEEYOW! This is the action toy book that fans will d rool over. Banks, board games, dress-up costumes, cups, an d model kits imp rinted w ith images of vil lain s and heroes such as Cap tain Action ™, the Incred ible H ulk™, Superman ™, Batman™, and more. Over 700 color p hoto s, descriptions and a co mplete price guide provide thoroug h identification.

Monogram Models. Thomas Graham. Monogram’s model cars, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft have captured bo th history and the imaginations of hobbyists everywhere. Over 300 b eautiful color photos display these desirable models. The text pro vides a compan y h isto ry and interviews executives, artists, and salesmen. Every Monogram model from 1945 to 1986 is described and valued. Values are found b oth in cap tions and tables.

Collecting Monster Toys. Jo hn Marshall. Monster t oys o f all shapes and sizes stal k t he pages of this entertaining and informative book. Over 600 photos capture the ghouls, mutants, and vamp ires that send chills up your spine as they appear on monstrous banks, board games, costumes, fiendish fig ures, model kits, and wind-ups. Prices for each item, both loose and mint-in-packag e, are included.

Price Guide

Price Guide

172 pp.

Remembering Revell Model Kits. Revised & Expand ed 3rd Edition . Thomas Graham. Over 545 color p hotos d isplay the plastic model kits produced by Revell, Inc.® from the 1950s throug h the 1970s. These highly collectible kits rang e from automobiles and ships to aircraft and spaceship s in detailed model kit index, complete with kit variations and updated values, round out the boo k.

Price Guide

176 pp.

160 pp.

Transformers™ Collectibles: Unofficial Guide. J.E. Alvarez. An engaging text and over 1,000 co lor imag es display the Transformers™ collectibles beyond the action figures, including PVC figures and cold cast porcelain busts, arts & craf ts, batt ery operated toys, b irt hday party decorations and favors, clothing, comics, DVDs, puzz les, radios, videos, and walkie-t alkies. The caption s provide cu rren t market values fo r t he items displayed. Price Guide

192 pp.

160 pp.

The Un off icial Guide to Ja pan ese & International Transformers™. J. E . Alvarez. Thro ugh 100s of g orgeou s co lor phot ograp hs, this in- depth guide delves into such Japanese toy lines as the Headmasters, Masterforce, Zone, and Return of Co nvoy, European figures including the Turbomast ers, Predators, and the Obliterators, and the early Pre-Transfo rmers like the Diaclones and Kronoforms. Current market values. Price Guide

160 pp.

Mego Action Figure Toys. Revised & E xpanded 3rd Edition. John Bonavita. Mego action figures from comic strips, television an d movie stories wi th interchang eab le clot hes, eq uip men t and vehicles, and original packaging. Batman, Superman, Spid erman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, and the characters from Star Trek, )The Wizard of Oz, Planet of the Apes, Buck Ro gers, Flash Gordon, and many more, accompanied by current prices. Price Guide

192 pp.


Hubley Catalogs: 1946-1965. Steve Butler. The catalogs of the H ubley Manufacturing Company from 1946 to 1965. E ach pag e is repro duced in full color, making it an invaluable reference for identifying and dating Hubley toys. The catalogs represent the p roduction from 1946 to 1965, when the company was p urchased by Gabriel. Over 450 color images document every toy Hubley produced in this period. A value guid e is also includ ed . Price Guide

160 pp.

Tinplat e Toys : From Schuco, Bing, & Other Companies. Revised 2nd Edition. Jürgen Franzke. The popular, high q uality tinplate toys of the mid -20th century from Nuremberg, Germany, are examined with 300 colo r p hotos, informatio n about the manufacturers (especially Schuco and Bing) and their markings, and essays on the past, present and future of t his sp ecial toy indu stry. An updated price guide pro vides help ful insight to collectors. Price Guide

136 pp.

Ohio Art: The World of Toys. Lisa Kerr in coll aboration with Jim Gilcher. Photos b y Adam Grif fit h. Oh io Art Co mp any produced “E tch A Sketch” and some of America’s most beautifully lithog raphed toys. Over 400 color ph otos of to ys from the 1920s thro ugh the 1980s, c at alo g pages, informat ion for determining dates of p roduction, and a guide to current values make this a must for toy collectors. Price Guide

160 pp.

139 Great Sleds & Wagons. Joan Palicia. A totally new book with updated and new information about 19th and 20th century sl eds and the first major study of child ren’s wag ons, often man ufactured by the same companies that made sleds. Examples are offered with detailed col or pho tographs that will aid in identification. Catalogs, advertisements, patent drawings, and other ephemera provid e the historical context an d aid in dating .

Marx Toys: Robots, Space, Comic, Disney & TV Characters. Maxine A. Pinsky. Wonderful toy robots, space ships, astronauts, and comic characters produced by the Lo uis Marx Company from the 1950s to the 1970s. The toys were produced in t in or plastic and include wind-ups, battery pow ered toys, hoppers, and ramp walkers. Interviews with artists emplo yed b y the company add detail to this valuab le text.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Flexible Flyer and Other Great Sleds for Collectors. Joan Palicia. Hap py hours spent o n your snow sleds are recalled with this comp endium of F lexible Flyers and many other brands. This is the first comprehensive guid e to identifying, dat ing, and pricing sleds and items depicting them, including trad e cards, illustrations, memb ership pins, buttons, etc. E xtensive research and color photo s are presented to identify and appreciate sled s as icons of your misspent youth.

Cracker Jack® Toys. Larry White. Prize toys found in th e Cracker Jack candy box fro m the late 19th century to the 1990s are show n and identified. Over 290 color photo s depict the front and back o f many prizes and aid in id entif ying individual toys and sets of prizes. The catego ries of priz es assist in easy cataloging. Price Guide

262 pp.

176 pp.

Modern Toys From Japan: 1940s-1980s. William C. Gallagher. Known as the “Modern Toy” comp any from their trademark, the Masudaya Toy Company is Japan’s oldest operating toy comp any. Over 1800 colorful toys including aircraft, boats, cars, trucks, military vehicles, people, space toys, and much more, including useful information ab out years of production, toy description, type of action, and current values

Cracker Jack®: The Unauthorized Guide to Adv ertising Collect ibles. Larry Whit e. Over 1000 color ph otographs of Cracker Jack comp any items from advertising co py t o sales stimulators-everything except boxed prizes, w hich are covered in th e auth or’s first volu me. These items span the 20th century from 1910 forw ard, includ ing p roduct lines by Rueckh em and The Cracker Jack Company. 176 pp.

Price Guide

160 pp.

Kenton Cast Iron Toys. Charl es M. Jacobs. Kenton toys include, children’s savings banks, toy stoves, trains, circus caravans, cars, fire trucks, and more. This boo k shows hundreds of Kenton toys in color photos and traces t he Ohio company from its days as a boomtown hard ware manufacturer in the 19th century throug h two w orld wars. The growt h of th e American toy industry is reflected in the chronicle of this impo rtant company.

VINTAGE T OY P REMIUMS Collecting Toy Premiums: Bread-CerealRadio. James L. Dund as. Over 850 color p hotos cover a wide ran ge of items, incl uding airplanes, bad ges, boo kl ets, d ecoders, pin s, ring s, and whistles, offered to children as premiums in the 20th century by bread and cereal companies and over the radio. Also included are methods for dating premiums using patent numbers and area codes and values f or the toys d isplayed .

Price Guide

Price Guide

184 pp.

Hartland® Hors es: New Model Hors es Since 2000. Gail Fitch. In 2000, H artland horses returned in style, with gleaming coat s and expressive eyes, in lengths from 11" to pocket-sized. Thi s bo ok c elebrates Hartl an d's new -cen tury American Saddleb reds, Ap paloosas, Arabi ans, Mustangs, Paints, Polo Ponies, Q uarter H orses, Tennessee Walkers, rid ers, saddles, and more, with detailed descript ions, values, and p lastichorse hobby lore.

160 pp.

Children’s Paper Premiums in American A dv ertis ing: 1890-1990s. Loretta Rieger and Lagretta Bajorek. Since t he 1890s b eau ti fu l, o f ten e lab orat e chi ldren’s pape r premi ums have b een used by advertisers for products like Lion Coffee, Libb y’s Apple Butter, Hood’s Sarsaparilla, and Pan Handle Scrap. The book guides collectors o f this significant part of American culture.

Advertising Dolls. Myra Yellin Outwater. Advertising got p ersonal when dolls were created to carry the messag es home. This comprehen sive book traces the emergence of hundreds of advertising dolls like stuffed Aunt Jemima and Betty Crocker, and chronicles the extraordinary rise in p opularity recently of those like Ronal d McDonald o r t he Califo rnia Raisins. Current values are listed p roviding the perfect reference tool for an advertising or doll collector. Price Guide

160 pp.

The Bear Made Me Buy It: Product Advertising Bears. Joyce Gerardi Ri nehart. For toy bear lo vers and advertising buf fs alike, this book is d estined to become “the” d efinitive reference for bears that ad vertise products. Over 850 trademarked products are promoted here by toy bears and ap pear with them on sig ns, packaging, and “bearly” edible foods. Current values and easy reference groups make the boo k usef ul. Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp. Hartland Horsemen. G ail Fitch. Sadd le up for adven ture w ith th e mass-produced, p lastic toy horse-and-rider set s by Hartland Plastics. This guide is loaded with over 550 col or phot os of six dozen riders, 10 standing gu nfighters, and over 100 different horses, each describ ed with current prices, data tab les, and advice o n the care and repair of your models. Price Guide

160 pp.

Candy Containers for Collectors. Debra S. Braun. Candy novelty containers were cherished long after the candy was gone. From fancy lithographed cardboard boxes to glass figural containers, and inclu ding containers in plast ic, celluloid, paper mache, tin, and fabric, nearly 400 are shown, with color photos, d escriptions, and pricing. It covers the whole range of the co llecting field, from the earliest to the highly coll ectible. Price Guide

Hartland™ Horses & Dogs. Gail Fitch. Capturing grace, power, spirit, and refinement in plastic, Hartland horses and d ogs portray the majesty of the equine and canine wo rlds w it h detailed con formation and breathtaking colors. Comp lete with 757 pho tos, this guide includ es current p rices and advice on care and repair of your models. Price Guide

200 pp.

Value Guide

176 pp.

160 pp.

144 pp.

America’s Early A dvertising Paper Dolls. Lagrett a Met zger Bajorek w ith p hotograph y by Benjamin T. Bajorek. Co lorful p aper dolls helped to sell g oods from coffee to corsets. Toys t o generations of children from the 1890s to the First World War, these paper doll s depicted the era’s culture through advertising by featuring folk and fairy tales, people at work and p lay, and cost umes of many nations. Here, over 500 color photos display clever advertising in del ightful diversity. 160 pp.

J. Chein & Co.: A Collector’s Guide to an American Toymaker. Alan Jaffe. Over 450 colo r p hotos o f their J. Chein toys, including prototype models and rare cat alog pages, are featured w ith trad emarks and current values. This is an indispensable reference for ant iq ue toy collectors of comic characters, banks, sand pails, carnival, and transportation to ys.

Bears with an At titu de: Promot ion al Advocate Toys. Joyce Gerardi Rinehart. Bear toy with a messag e. Tree Bear plant s new trees, police bears fight drug use and pro mote safety, storybook bears educate child ren about life, and sports bears represent hero athletes. Over 425 color pho tos, a very informative text, captio ns, and a price guide.

Cracker Jack® Collectibles. Nearly 200 color g roup phot os show man y of the toys sealed inside Cracker Jack caramel popcorn boxes. Since 1912, more than 16 billion toys have been d istributed. Also included are a history of the Rueckhem company that produced Cracker Jack and a discussion of the many changing trend s in Cracker Jack toy history. Collect them yourself.

PEZ® Collectibles. Revised & Expa nde d 4th Edition. Richard Geary. There were over 250 different PEZ character heads, including licensed cartoon characters, movie and T.V. personalities, and original d esigns. They’re all here in this revised and expanded editio n, d ivid ed chronolo gically into five series, usually indicated by patent dates on the d ispensers. Most of the variations of PE Z dispensers are shown, plus premiums and store displays, and a p rice guide. Price Guide

112 pp.

More Pez®. Revised and Expanded 3rd Edition . Rich ard Geary. The popularity of PEZ d ispensers and collectibles has never been higher. Here newly discovered character heads and a variety of PEZ products are ill ust rated w ith hun dreds of color photographs. This book is an interesting source for tracking a collection. An accurate, up-to-date price guid e is also includ ed . Price Guide

80 pp.

140 Spin Pop® Interactive Candy Toys. Marc Zak. A fun, tasty, new collectible is on the horizon; Spin Pop cand y toys are growing in p opularity. The licensed characters and motorized handles include Flintstones, Mighty Morphin Power Rang ers, Bat Man, Disney figures, and many others. Over 200 color photographs an d text id entify all the toys and st ore disp lays. Price Guide

160 pp.

McDonald’s ® Pre-Happ y Mea l® Toys from the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies. Joyce & Terry Losonsky. The toys di st rib uted by the McDonald’s Corp oration from its start in 1955 through the creation of the H ap py Meal concept in 1979 are described here with over 850 photographs and stories about the McDonal dland characters, slo gans, signs, and themes. Check-off boxes and index are provided to help in organizing your own co llection.

The S tar Wars Super Collect or’s Wish Book. Geo ffrey T. Carlto n. Over 24,000 items with checklist style listings and accurate values make this title a must-have edition. Collectibles from o ver 50 countries are compiled to get her in this impressive tome, the longest running Star Wars® id ent ification guide series in p rint. The items available in this guide, with the except ion of toys, range alphabetically from advertising through water bottl es.

212 pp. Collectibles 101: Fast Food Toys. Joyce & Terry Lo sonsky. This pocket-size beginner’s g uide can help in your fast food collecting adventures. It disp lays a multitude of promotional toys distributed by 24 fast food restaurants (other than McDonald’s) in nearly 300 color p hotos, with current market valu es, check-of f boxes, an d a comprehensive index. From Arby’s, Burger King , Wendy’s, White Castle, and mo re, these toys can be fun to find and identify.

McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toys f rom the Eighties. Joyce & Terry Losonsky. Provid es a co mplete listing and price g uide of toys, promot ional items, and o ther collectibles offered by McDonald’s fro m June 1979 until the end of 1989. Highlights include check-off boxes to organize and document your own collection and brief historical comments that trace the incredib le grow th of the McD onald’s Corporation throug h the 1980s. 192 pp.

160 pp. The Encyclopedia of Fast Food Toys: Arby’s to IHOP. Jo yce Losonsky & Terry Losonsky. Kid’s meal premiums from ten restaurants (other than McD onald’s) from 1990 th rough 1998 comprise this definitive book. Pictures, descriptions, and list prices for 530 kid’s meal toys fro m Arby’s, Big Boy, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Ch ick-fil-A, Church’s Chicken, Dairy Queen, Denny’s, Hardees, and IHOP, with complete numbering syst em, and index.

McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toys from the Nineties. Jo yce & Terry Losonsky. McD onald’s toys d istributed in the United States from January 1990 through mid -1998. 900 color p hotos o f Happy Meal p romotions, including boxes, bags, premiums, and advertising material s. Brief historical comments chro nicle the wo rld-renow ned McD onald’s Corporation. 240 pp.

160 pp.

The Encyclopedia of Fast Food Toys: Jack in the Box to White Castle. Joyce Losonsky & Terry Losonsky. Kid ’s meal premiums fro m 1990 throug h 1998. Over 570 kid’s meal promotional toys from Jack in the Box, KFC, K-Mart, Long John Silver’s, Pizza Hut, Roy Rogers, Sonic, Subway, Taco Bell, Target, Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, Whatab urger, and White Castle with check-off boxes, complete numb ering system, and index.

Price Guide

McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toys Around the World: 1975-1995. Revised 2nd Edition. Terry and Jo yce Losonsky. Price gu ide fo r t he thousand s of toys and collectibles distributed by McD onald’s restaurants with Happy Meal® boxes and bags, given out in all countries around the world except the U.S. (they are in the companion volume). Thousand s of al l-co lor ph otograp hs show the to ys, boxes, b ags, ad vertising materials, buttons, pins, value range and variations.

Star Trek Collectibles: Classic Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager. Ursula August in. More than 1,000 collectib les o f ing t he classic movies & TV show s and highly topical Voyag er collectibles from the newest St ar Trek series. Price Guide

McDonald’s® Happy Meal Toys® Around the World: 1 995-Present. Jo yc e & Terry Losonsky. MacDonald’s fast food restaurant Happy Meal toys given o ut during the late 1990s in 114 countries are listed and shown, plus the disp lays, pins, button s, register topp ers, b ann ers, po gs, and o ther memorabilia distributed. Descriptions, check-off boxes and values are included. All aboard for world-cl ass fun!

McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toys: In the USA. Terry and Joyce Losonsky. Thousands of toys and items distributed by McDon ald’s restaurants with Happy Meal® boxes and bags in the U.S.A. ( the International toys are in the companion volume) are here in the most complete and accurat e list and price guide. To ys, bags, boxes, advertising pieces, buttons, pins, and variations for the U.S. pub lic. Price Guide

224 pp.

144 pp.

160 pp.

Batman®: The Unauthorized Collector’s Guide. Alan J. Po rt er. Wi th o ver 6000 i tems listed, this comp rehensive guid e to Batman® collectibles is outstanding. Here are nearly 300 col or p hot os, text , price guid e, listed co mi c books in which Batman has appeared from 1939 to the end of 1997, and all Batman action figures listed . From Artwo rk to Videos, at prices from 15¢ to $150,000, this book is essential for all fans o f popular cult ure.

126 pp.

Collect ibles 101 : McDonald’s® Happy Meal® Toy s. Joyce & Terry Losonsky. To ys distributed in Happ y Meals boxes in over 250 color photos organized chronol ogically, and along with current values, check-off boxes, a section o n international McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, and a comp rehensive index.

192 pp.

The Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide to Star Trek ™ Toys by Playmates™. Kelly Hoffman. Playmates Toys‘ Star Trek action figures, accessories, and starships in 510 color photos with detailed descriptions. Also includ ed are exclusives, limited edition statues, and collect ibles d ioramas. Cu rrent market values are presented . Fans of the Star Trek television series and movies, toy, and action fig ure collectors will want this book. Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

270 pp.

192 pp.

Fast Food Figures. El iz abeth Beech. Fast food restaurants around th e wo rld have d istri buted hundreds of pro motional to ys based on Disney characters and this book contains a thorough listing and price guide for them. Color photo graphs and listings for t oys dating back to 1987, organized by year, cou ntry, and rest aurant, help you pinpoint a missing or unknown toy and assemb le your want list.

208 pp.

A Trekker’s Guide to Collectibles with Prices. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Jeffrey B. Sn yder. With loyal fans of three spin-off televi sion series and seven movies, Star Trek has left a mountain of collectibles in its w ake. Here are newly revised text, lists of items and nearly 600 color phot os with caption s chronicling the souvenirs & promotionals. Brief synopses of the series and films put t he collectibles in perspective. Price Guide

Price Guide Fast Food Toys. Revised 3rd E dition, w ith Price Guide. Gail Pope & Kei th H ammond . Po pul ar toys that have been offered as premiums by “fast food” rest aurants, including vehicles and sports items, are present ed in this new ad ditio n with current values. Ph otographs show t he g roups in alp habetical ord er by restaurant names from Arby’s, Burger King , and Hardee’s to McDonald’s, Wendy’s and many more.

Collecting Star Wars Toys 1977-Present: An Unauthorized Practical Guide. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Jeffrey B. Snyder. Action figures, accessories, playsets, and spacecraft of the Rebellion, the Empire, in a colorful and easily referenced format. The gaming equipment, model kits, playthings, promotional items, puzzles, and weapons produced are examined. Over 650 color photographs with values make this book very useful.

160 pp.


The Unofficial Guide to Harry Potter® Collectibles . Kat hy J. Wells. Rare and coll ectible H arry Potter action fi g ures, min i-b ust s, stat ue tt es, an d dolls made from 2001-2010. The action figures, made first by Matt el® and later by NECA™, are displayed mint in the box. Easy identificat ion of 174 collectibles by Mattel®, NECA™, Gentle Giant, Ltd.®, and Tonner® Dolls are covered.

The Unauthorized Guide to Snoopy Collectibles. Revised 2nd Edition. Jan Lindenberger. Snoopy came int o the world in October, 1950, in a comic strip n amed “Peanuts,” created by Charles Monro e Schultz . This end earing character has found his way onto literall y thousands of objects from greeting cards to stuffed animals and pajamas to tableware. This book begins the process of docu menting these objects, with colo r p ho tographs and concise descriptions. Price Guide

160 pp.


Star Wars Toys™: A Super Collector’s Wish Book. Geoffrey T. Carlton.

Assembled for the first time are all the Star Wars toys from that galaxy far, far away. This edition focuses solely on the toys, with the thorough text and exhaustive listings dedicated to the documentation and appraisal of generations of favorites from around the globe. Over 8,600 color photos, many not seen in any other publication, help to decipher finds from the common to the rare and exotic at local shops, online, and abroad. Covered here are toys ranging from action figures and their vehicles to weapon toys and yo-yos. Designed as an independent authority on Star Wars toys from 1977 to 2012, this book is a complimentary companion to the Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book. For anyone with a passion for toys past and present or the epic Star Wars films, this book is a rare gem. Geoffrey Carlton has been collecting Star Wars since 1978 and documenting merchandise since 1988. His family hunts collectibles at retailers, antique malls, and fandom conventions nationally. His website at has rallied likeminded collectors who assist with master database detailing. Available in August

More Snoopy® Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide with Values. Revised and Expand ed 2nd Edition. Jan Lindenberger with Cher Porges. Snoopy’s image has appeared o n thousand s of items in the half-century since he was created by Charles M. Schulz in 1950. Here is Snoopy on household items, school supplies, b ooks, clothing, sports, games, electronics, and more, illust rated in 710 color photos.

More Peanuts Gang Collectibles. Jan Lindenberger & Cher Porges. Attention Peanuts Gang lovers! Here is a huge volume of treasures from our favorite cro wd of kids. Over 600 color photos of “Peanut-phernalia” appear, most not seen in any other b ook! This series provides the p hotography, informat io n, and up -to-date prices needed to keep your collection up-to -dat e. Price Guide

Price Guide

Peanuts Gang Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lind en berger with Cher Porges. Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip characters have spawned hund reds of products and mementoes that are chronicled here in 590 colo r pho tograph s, descrip tion s, and a guide to values. This volume focuses on the h uman memb ers of the tro op, the Peanuts gang, w it h toys, comics, books, fig ures, banks, and collectibles. Price Guide

160 pp.

176 pp.

176 pp.

Looney Tunes® Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide. Deb ra S. Braun. Loo ney Tunes™ characters remain American classics and h ave inspired thousands of quality products which bear humo r and fine craftsmanship . A Bugs Bunny™ waffle iron, a Tweety Bird ™ l awn sprinkler, and a Pep é Le Pew ™ p erfume bott le are among the hu ndreds of Lo oney items p resen ted in over 450 colo r phot ographs w ith descripti ons and current values. Price Guide

Cartoon Figural Toys. Jameson Scott & Jim Rash. This splendid book of cartoon figural toys shows your favorite characters, tells a bit of history, and offers over 200 colo r phot ographs. They’re all here: Bugs Bu nny™, t he Peanu ts Gang ™, Casper™, The Cat in the H at™, Popeye™, and Underdog™.This is a volume for cartoon b uffs and toy collectors—an d there’s a price g uide. Price Guide

112 pp.

160 pp.

The Flintstones™ Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide. Deb ra S. Braun. In 1960, The Flintstones™ debuted as the first animated comedy on primetime television. Soon it would become one of the lo ngest-running series ever. This American classic has inspired a mammoth amount of memorabilia— including jewelry, mugs, puzzles, toys, dolls, b ooks, tapes, and much more. Over 375 color ph otos along with descrip tions and pricing comprise this guide. Price Guide

144 pp.

142 TV & MOVIE-INSPIRED TOYS Hello K it ty ® : Cut e, Creativ e & Collectible. Anita Yasud a. An insiders glimpse into the amazing worl d of Hello Kitty ® . 600 go rgeous p hoto s illustrat e the variety of fun, rare, and one-o f-a-kind creations that her image has inspired. This book is packed full of relevant information, fun f illed fact s, travel info and even Kitty quotes and trivia.

Collecting Pokémon: An Una uthorized Handbook and Price Guide. Jeffrey B. Snyder. The hottest Pokémon collectib les pro duced for th e American market are here in gorg eous color, incl uding the immensel y po pular Trading Card Game, co mics, figures, toys, and electronic games sure to excite every collector. Also includ ed are b rief histories of Po kémon’s development. Valu es are given f or the items di sp layed and listed in the text. Price Guide

Garfield™ Collectibles. D ebra Braun. Garfield™ cat memorabilia identified and shown in 397 color photos which capture this famo us comic cat ’s humor. Created by artist Jim Davis in 1978, the G arfield ™ comic strip has been t ranslated into 12 languages and has inspired popular licensed toys and items shown here. 152 pp.

Price Guide

160 pp.

Strawberry Shortcake™ Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lind enb erg er. Th e St raw berry Sho rtcake charact er w as ori ginally created in 1979 as a greeting card desig n and now appears on items sought-after around the world . Here, Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends ap pear in 325 color photographs alon g with her history and articles bearing her image. Each item is d escribed and a current market value is given. Price Guide

The Unauthorized Collector’s Guide to Garfield® and the Gang. Ro bert Gipson, with Foreword by Jim Davis. With 472 color pho tos and a Foreword b y Garfield’s creat or Jim Davis, this guide to Garfield collectibles includes a wonderfu l assortment o f figurines, plushes, mug s, toys, music boxes, displays and much more, all celebrating Garfield and his pal s Od ie, Pooky, Arl ene, Jon, and Nermal. Cap tions have accurate descriptions, dimensions, manufacturers, and values. Price Guide

Price Guide

144 pp.

The Unauthorized Guide to The Simpsons™ Collectibles: A Handbook and Price Guide. Robert W. Getz. Since their first app earance in 1987, the Simpson s have emerged from t he TV carto on-si tcom t o l end thei r now-familiar faces to literally hundreds of dolls, act io n figures, clocks, cookie jars... Over 500 color pictures o f “Simpsonabilia” ranging from the everyday to the obscure, the history of the show, and a guide to current p rices are found here. Price Guide

160 pp.

An Unauthorized Guide to Rugrats® Collectibles . Jan Lind enberger. Since 1991, th e Rugrats® gang has pursued hilarious ad ventures on television and their movie debut launched them into stardom. H ere the toys and merchand ise featuring Rugrats are stud ied , including dolls, actio n figures, school sup plies, and promotional items. This handb ook and price g uide is useful and fun. Price Guide

them an d hundred s of related items sold under the MLP logo. Adul t Ponies, Baby Ponies, Adult and Baby Sets, Petite Pon ies, An imal Families, Pony Places and Accessories, Pony Clothes, and Pony Items are covered,.

160 pp.

144 pp.

More Strawberry Shortcake™: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lin den berger & Jenn ifer Bo wl es. St raw berry Shortcake and her many-flavored friend s became pl aymat es of ch ildren everywh ere th roug h th e 1980s. Today, Strawberry and her friends are in high demand o n the co llectors’ market. H ere are over 400 color pho tos of dolls, miniatures, toy sets, foods, p remiums, and even some “fabulous fakes” to beware of! Price Guide

160 pp.

My Little Pony® Around the World. Debra Birge. Hund reds of My Little Ponies, mad e by Hasbro and released domestically and intern ationally in o ver 200 full-color pho tos that clearly identify them and the many accessories that came wit h them. Adult and baby ponies, p ony play sets, and animal families are included and will give hou rs of enjoyment t o po ny lovers everywhere. Has an expanded pricing index.

The Cream of Strawberry Shortcake™ Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Li ndenberger & Jenni fer Bowl es. 100s o f St rawb erry Sho rt cake d oll i tems are treasured by col lect ors. Th is memorabilia celebrates friendship and kindness. Strawberry Short cake pro ducts are featured in this conveniently-sized guide w ith up-to-date pricing information.

Price Guide

Price Guide

144 pp.

Smurf® Collectibles: A Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Lindenberger w ith Jo el Marto ne. The Smurf character co llectibles shown here include books, movies, fig urines, toys, games, puzzles, clothing, paper products and many other items bearing the Smurf images. They are fun to own. Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp.

Further Adventures in The Simpsons™ Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide. Robert W. Getz. Fans and collectors are still trying to keep up with the incredible variety of toys and collectibles The Simpsons have inspired . Here are over 460 fullcolor photo s of d olls, figurines, glasses, games, toys, videos, music, comics, buttons, promos, and more. Includes background information for collectors and values fo r all items. Price Guide

The World of My Little Pony® : An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors. Revised & Expan ded 2nd Edition. Debra L. Birge. Over 600 My Little Ponies, made by H asbro from 1981 to 1991, are illustrated, so me of w hich are extremely

160 pp.

Collecting Garfield™: An Unaut horized Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lindenberger. This g uide is a “must have” fo r all Garfiel d™ fans and avid collectors. The book is filled wit h hundreds of colorful pictures of Garfield collectible items, fun facts, and more!

192 pp.

128 pp.

Unauthorized Guide to Ziggy® Collectibles. Andrea Campbell. First introduced in 1971, Ziggy® has become a favorite comic character and here he is found, along with his animal pals, on mugs, glasses, figurines, plates, linens, books, stickers, and much more. Wit h over 330 color photos, this delig htful book illustrat es and describes Zig gy collectibles from t he 1970s to th e mid-1990s. Values are pro vided for all items. Price Guide

Care Bears® Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Lindenberg er. A wonderful collection of Care Bears and th eir Care Bear Cou sins® has been gathered and illust rated with col or pho tos showing the variety and their current market values. This provides a convenient guide as these creations show up in the collectibles marketplace.

192 pp.

The Shirley Temple Collector’s Guide: An Unauthorized Reference and Price Guide. Edward R. Pardella. In the 1930s Shirley Temple was the “No. 1 Box Office Star” and department stores had an endless variety of items baring her name or image, from clothing to postcards to “genuine” dolls. 600 color photos introduce all areas of the Shirley Temple merchandising and collectibles. Includes movie and tv chronology, comprehensive VHS and DVD catalog, and current price guide. Price Guide

176 pp.

More S murf® Collect ibles : An Un authorized Handbook & Price Guide. Jan Lindenb erger. Smurf collectibl es are cataloged with color photos, useful inf ormation, and current market values. Jewelry, books, fig urin es, toys, games, puzzles, clothing, and paper products are among these Smurf items illustrated in color wit h helpful descriptions and current market values. This boo k is required reading for all serio us Smurf collectors.

Shirley Temple Dolls and Fashions: A Collector’s Guide to The World’s Darling. Revised & Expanded 2nd Editio n. Edward R. Pardella. The Shirley Temple Doll (still being manufactured today) continues to be the champ ion of the d oll industry. In this book, hundreds of beautiful color photos present a nostalgic gallery of dolls along with original doll advertising and publicity shots from the movies. The chronology of Shirley Temple’s motion pictures is an important reference.

Price Guide

Price Guide

144 pp.

The Unauthorized Guide to Smurfs® Around the World. Jo yce & Terry Lo sonsky. Smurf collectibles from all over the world in over 450 color phot os with more than 3,500 Smurf toys and coll ect ibles, including PVC fig ures, mu gs, glasses, villages, pins, animation cells, books, posters, games, and much more. Text includes a comp lete listing of all items illustrated, values, and a help ful index. 176 pp.

144 pp.

Hopalong Cassidy: King Of The Cowboy Merchandiser. H arry L. Rinker. By the earl y 1950s, over a hundred manufacturers were pro du cing Ho palon g Cassid y lic ensed pro duct s. This comp rehensive book will introduce you to the vario us collecting categories within the wonderfu l world of “Hoppy” collectibles. Price Guide

160 pp.

143 Guide to Tarzan Collectibles. Glenn E rardi. Tarzan memorabilia comes from books, movies, radio, comics, toys, television, cartoons, and even luggage and vitamins. Tarzan collect ibles can be found at the p riciest auction or yo ur neighbor’s yard sale; a movie poster from the 1928 production Tarzan The Mighty sold at auction fo r over $30,000. Tarzan images provide artwork by g reat illustrators, past and p resent. Price Guide

160 pp.

Collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs. G lenn Erardi. Ed gar Rice Burroughs, science fiction author and creator o f Tarzan®, wrote many imag inative novels, including the Mars, Venus, and Pell ucid ar series, w estern and historical tales, and more. With over 255 col or p hotos, this essential reference gui de to Bu rro ughs’ w orks features co llectibl e pulp mag azines, books, comics, fo reign editions, fanzines, trading cards, even toys and movie posters. Values included f or all items. Price Guide

Collectible Television Memorabilia. Dian Zillner. Memorabilia from over 260 television programs dating from the 1950s to 1990. Nearly 900 items are shown including feature dolls, paper dolls, games, coloring b ooks, comic books, toys, puppets, action figures, and more. Program information is provided, listing the main cast members, time on the air, and netw orks carrying each series. Manufacturers and marks are meticulously listed, as are sources for securing television collectibles. Price Guide

California’s Best: Old West Art & Antiques. Brad & Brian Witherel l. C al ifornia’s o ld w est furnit ure, gold and silver o bjects, gol d q uart z jewelry, gambling to ols, firearms, Bowie knives, and hu ndreds of beer ad vertising it ems dating from 1850 to 1920 in o ver 700 colo r phot os with extensive descriptions and hist ory. An d irectory of Califo rnia makers and manufacturers is esp ecially useful. Price Guide

176 pp.

Hollywood Collectibles. Dian Zillner. Biographical information and hundred s of collectibles for 20 of Hollywood’s most famous stars are comp iled here as a nostalgic and useful reference. Dolls, paper dolls, coloring books, puzzles, comics, stills, magazines, books, toys, and advertising materials are pictured and identified. Price Guide

256 pp.

Cowboy Collectibles and Western Memorabilia. Revised 2nd Edition. Bob Ball & Edward Vebell. The exciting area of the cowb oy and wild west collectib les includes rifles, pistols, saddles, clothing, boots, hats, blankets, gun rigs, and even barbed w ire. Price Guide

160 pp.

256 pp.

144 pp.

Planet of the Apes Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide with Trivia & Values. Christopher Sausville. A detailed list in g of collectibles from the o rig inal Planet of the Apes film, t he seq uels, television series, and animat ed cartoon are all presented. Values provided fo r every item and a test of every fan’s memory with the trivia chal leng e. Black and white stills f rom the original mo vie are found throughout the q uiz, adding to the enjoyment.

Holly wo od Collect ibles : Th e Seq uel. Dian Zillner. This book feat ures colo r phot os o f memorabilia from 29 of the greatest Hollywood stars. It pays special attention to the most famous child stars f rom 1920 through the 1940s, wit h a large secti on on Shirley Temple. Informative passages acco mp any each sec tion , o utli ning lives and careers.

West ern Memorabilia and Collectibles. Bob Ball. Here are tools, barbershop implements, gambling devices, post ers, and a myriad of other infinitely interesting co llectibles. “Cowboy” items, including revolvers, pistols, maps, boots, chaps, and horse gear, such as bits, saddl es, and sp urs are featured. A fascinating section covers modern items, such as cowboy-movie posters.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp.

129 pp. The Judy Garland Collect or’s Guide: An Unauthorized Reference and Price Guide. Edward Pardella. Judy Garland’s popu larity instigated a merchandising phenomenon. Here are over 500 illu strati ons of products made b earing her image, and a well-researched concise biograp hy of her earl y child hood and rise to stardom. It provides a complete price gui de fo r co llectors of Ju dy Garland movie posters, memorabilia, Wizard of Oz collectibles, d olls, reco rds, and sheet music.

COWBOY & EQUINE ANTIQUES West ern Movie Photographs and Autogra phs. Ken Ow ens. In thi s co mp reh ensive guide, readers will find over 2000 Western movie stars’ photos and signatu res from the 1920s t o the 1970s. Also included are values for all those signed images and every star presented is id entified. One o f the chief purposes of this guid e is to help readers and coll ectors identify the stars and their signatures.

Stetson Hats & the John B. Stetson Compa ny: 1 86 5-19 70. Jeff rey B. Snyder. The Stetson hat was the epitome of old west head wear...and much more. With b eautiful full co lor photos, this history o f the Stetson Hat Company is richly illustrated with hats, hat boxes, miniat ure boxes, and a large number of collectible items. A value guide is inclu ded . Value Guide

192 pp.

155 pp. The Wizard of Oz Collector’s Treasury. Jay Scarfone & William Stillman. Wonderful Wizard of Oz memorabilia on every page of this full-color tribute to the collectibles and merchandise inspired by America’s foremost fairy tale. Over 1000 “Ozzy” artifacts are documented and categorized for convenient reference in 16 different sections. Supplemented by a timely value guide, this comprehensive volume is an absolute must for collectors of movie memorabilia, dolls, toys, and Judy Garland. Value Guide

Cowboy Cu lt ure: The Last Frontier of America n Ant iques . Revised 2n d Edition . Michael Friedman. The American cowboy’s unique lifestyle presented here in the newly revised classic reference with phot os and d escriptions of spurs, saddl es, gambling to ols, pho tography, g uns, holsters, b its, chaps, gl oves, b oots, hats, and knives, plus objects related to Wild West shows.

112 pp.

304 pp.

244 pp.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Metal Lunch Boxes. 2n d E dition. Al len Woodal l & Sean Brickell. Metal lunch boxes are cataloged and beautifully photographed to display popular images on the fronts, backs, and bands. Includes a section on care and cl eaning, a list of manufact urers, and color photos of over 500 metal lunch boxes w it h their current values. Price Guide

Cowgirls: Early Images and Collectibles. Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition. Judy Crand all. The saga of the American cowgirl, unlike that of the cowboy, is not well-chronicled, but her history is as appealing as it is colorful. Three dimensional collectibles, rodeo lore, and biographical accomplishments of t hese extraordinary w omen is presented for the first time in a cohesive format.

176 pp.

Pict orial Price Guide to Vinyl & Plast ic Lunch Boxes & Thermoses. Larry Aikins. The common lunch box evolved in the 1960s-1980s wit h changes to styles, materials, upkeep and safety. Here 659 colorful plastic and vinyl lunch boxes and many matching thermos bot tles are shown. Each is dated, priced , and manu facturer identified for reference. A clever Collector’s Chart in the bo ok makes it easy to check off your col lection for inventory.

Bridle Rosettes: Two Centuries of Equine Adornment. E . Helene Sage. Over 800 color imag es and t horou gh t ext are used t o explore bridle rosettes, functional objects that stab il iz ed the bridle headstall, beautifully decorated and often imb ued with family meaning. Over 10,000 differ different varieties were produced bet ween c. 1850 and 1930. Chapt ers explore glass and metal rosettes and related hardw are, composition rosettes, and rosettes rep resenting various organizations, businesses, and th e military.

Cowboy Bits and Spurs. 2nd Edition. Joice I. Overton. This book combines “working cowboy” know led ge with “cowboy collectibles,” describing the actual usage, background, and value of cowboy bits and spurs. It con tains photos, d iagrams, and detailed text describing the various bits, spurs, leather bridles, an d ot her related accessories, dating back to the mid-1800s. A g reat reso urce for both the collector and the modern day cowboy.

The Ring Bit: History, Form, & Function. Donald Minz enmayer. A definitive reference on the ring bit, co nsidered by some as one of the kind est bits you can put on a horse’s bridle. From as far b ack as the fourt eenth century cavalry units of European, Midd le Eastern, and Asian empires throug h the Spanish Colo nial Period t o today, this book offers insights into the history, function, and uses of the ring bit.

Whips of the West: A n Illustrated History of American Whipmaking. David W. Morgan. Fro m ho memade horsewhip s to fancy carriag e wh ips, brai ded leather straps h ave w orked to move livestock f orward . Il lustrated inventio ns that have revolutionized the whip making industry are covered an d analyz es important poi nts in American histo ry.

Price Guide

208 pp.

160 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-87033-589-1 soft cover $12.95

Schiffer LTD



Firefighting Antiques & Memorabilia. Sand ra Frost Piatti & James G. Piatti. This is the most comprehensive g uide on collecting fire-related antiques available today. Covering colonial times to the present and including a brief historical introduction, this book is the premier reference even for the most serious collector of firematics. It includes over 500 color photograph s w ith detail ed descriptions and up-to-date pricing informat ion. Price Guide

192 pp.

Hot Stuff: Firefighting Collectibles. Andrew G. Gurka. A wide range of old firefighting equip ment is ill ustrated from old supply catalogs and current photos of collections, with d etailed descriptions and values in today’s market. Alphabetically arranged for easy use, firefighting tools, collectibles and toys shown here number over a thousand.


Postmortem Collectibles. C. L. Miller. A remarkable array of collectible items includes embalming products and instruments, photos of funeral homes and funeral processions, promotional materials, postcards, and original postmortem photographs. Text covers caskets, floral arrangements, burial garments, mourning


No Greater Calling: A Chronological Record of Sacrifice and Heroism During the Western Indian Wars, 1865-1898. Compiled by Eric S. Johnson

Fraternally Yours: Identify Fraternal Groups and Their Emblems. Peter Swift Seibert. The rich heritag e of American fraternal societies from the late 1800s to t he present. Focusing on larger organ izations, h ere are th e basic symbols and emblems of group s such as the Freemaso ns, Odd Fellows, Redmen, K of C, Elks, Knights of Pythias, and even the Ku Klux Klan. Find images of actual medals and regalia along with period photographs and imagery from trade catalogs.


In May of 1865, the United States celebrated the end of the American Civil War, but even as this nation celebrated the end of war, violence continued in the West, as it would for much of the rest of the century. Indians, pushed ever westward by the encroachment of civilization, fought back. They made war upon the settlers, the infrastructure, and the economy of the West, while men of bad character attempted to gain their own advantage. Indeed between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the century it was upon the Western frontier that the men of the U.S. Army were called to service. Over 1,200 men would answer their nation’s greatest calling, giving their lives in service to their country. These men, their service, sacrifice and heroism have finally been recognized in this comprehensive work.

Collecting Lin coln. St uart Sch neide r. 950 photos present a multi-faceted loo k at Abrah am Lincoln and how society still reveres him more than 100 years after his death. Includes artifacts, pictures, coins, and much more. 288 pp.


NY World’s Fair Collectibles 1964-1965. Joyce Grant. The New York World ’s Fair gave a glimpse into the coming high-tech age. During this Fair’s run , 1964 and ’65, thousands of souvenirs were sold and free brochures and p ins were given out. Today, these Fair items are often hard to find. Over 600 color p hotos illustrate the hug e array of items found at the New York World’s Fair, and the price guid e inf ormation is fascinating.

Available in October

Price Guide

Cowboy Equipment. Joice Overton. An invaluable source for historic referen ce as w ell as a present day guide for collectors, antique dealers, trad ers, and modern-day cowbo ys, t his book’s colorful photographs and information bring the Old West back to life. Containing over 500 photographs with help ful text and captions which describ e the items and their usage, it also has recommendations for proper care of items and a full values guide. 160 pp.

160 pp.

Cowboy Americana. Joice Overton. This book portrays items used by cow boy ancestors and presents a glimpse of what lif e was l ike in t he heyd ay o f riding the range and trailing big cattle drives. Co ntai ning over 500 phot os of cow boy bits, spurs, saddles, boots, and weapons, it also di sp lays beaut iful N at ive Ame rican bead work and desig n.

G EISHA Geis ha: Women of Japan’s Flower & Willow World. Tina Skin ner & Mary L. Mart in. The mo st comprehensive assembly of geisha images ever comp iled in a b ook, t his rich assemb ly of nearly 600 exq uisit e postcard phot ographs - produced pri marily b et ween 1900 and 1940 -- off ers a wind ow int o the rarified world of Japan’s nowextin ct licensed pleasure districts.

Price Guide

ISBN: 0-7643-2153-6 hard cover $49.95

160 pp.

145 Geis ha Fa n Book. Tina Skinne r. En joy an inc redi ble collec tion of 128 imag es show ing the fl eeting, effervescent beauty of young geisha apprentices captured over a century ag o. T his keepsake, fan-shaped b ook is illuminated with historic haiku verse. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2746-9 hard cover $24.95

Electric Guitars. Robert Goudy. E lectric guitars, from th eir early years to the present day, pro duced by companies both large and small, including Fender, Gibso n, Guild, Ampeg, and Iban ez , are fo und h ere. Hi stories of th e el ectric gui tar’s develo pment and the companies that produced them, along wit h over 450 color photos of guitars and lists of serial numb ers to assist in dating. Values for the in struments p resented are includ ed in the captions. Price Guide

SHEET M USIC COV ERS Collecting Rock ‘n’ Roll Sheet Music of the 1960s. Valerie Carallo . Over 630 color p hotos of lively 1960s sheet music present popular st yles of the decade, such as Motown, R&B, surf, pop, and garag e rock, all from memo rabl e g roup s like The Rolling Stones, Monkees, Beach Boys, Supremes, Doors, and o f course, The Beatles. Includes coll ect or h ints, mu sical trivi a, current values, and index.

176 pp.

Geisha & Maiko of Kyoto: Beauty, Art, & Dance. John Foster. This exquisite collect io n of photographs and interviews portrays four of Kyoto’s most beautiful geisha and maiko (app rentice g ei sha). The book focuses on their d ancing, artistic training, and the transformation of one girl from maiko to geisha.

Musical Instruments of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. John Rice Irwin. Bring s to life the distinctive “b luegrass” music mad e for hundreds of years with dulcimers, violins, jew harps, mo uth bo ws, an d su ch f rom t he Ap palachi an mou ntain areas.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-3221-0 hard cover $39.99

Index 108 pp.

160 pp. Sheet Music Art of Irving Berlin: 19071971 . Th omas Ingli s. A co mp lete collec tion of sheet music covers for Irving Berlin’s songs spanning the years 1907 to 1971, includ ing “Marie From Sunny Italy,” “Alexand er’s Rag time Band,” “Always,” “Remember,” “Anything You Can Do,” and “White Christmas.” Current market values in tables for all of Irving Berlin’s sheet music. Price Guide

MUSICIAN MEMORABILIA Elvis Presley Memorabilia: An Unauthorized Collector’s Guide. Sean O’N eal. More th an 600 co lor p hot ograp hs of memorab ili a, novelties, magazines, promo tional pi eces, and movie paraphernalia chronicle the life and career of Elvis. In cludes t ips on avoi ding count erfeit memorabilia and forged autographs plus a histo ry of Elvis Presley Enterprises, the original creator of Elvis merchandise. A definitive guid e that will be referred to for years t o come. Price Guide

160 pp.

The Beatles: Yesterday and Tomorrow: A Collector’s Guide to Beatles Memorabilia. Revised 2nd Edition. Courtney McWilliams. Beatles memorabi lia from their early days in Liverpoo l and Hamburg, thro ugh the Ed Sullivan show, right up to “Anthol ogy I.” A wide range of collectibles with values are show n in over 730 color photos, including records, po sters, movie memorabilia, jewelry, books, and fan club mementos. Price Guide

209 pp.

Antique Brass Wind Instruments: Identification and Value Guide. Peter H. Adams. Desig ned for collectors o f antique brass musical instruments made before 1920, th is book features more than 100 original line d rawings from instrument catalogs as well as interesting new information. Also includ es a helpful value guide, a glossary of t erms, b ibliograph y and several ap pendices, along with a current p rice guide. Price Guide

Antique Woodwind Instruments: An Identification and Price Guide. Pet er H. Adams. Covers woodwind inst ruments made d uring the 18th and 19th centuries, with a hist ory of European woodw ind instruments; biographies of important makers; glossary; list of key systems; and information and imag es from catal ogs printed between 1880 and 1930 in Europe and the United States. An outstanding reso urce for musical instrument collectors and museum curators. Price Guide

Beatlemania: A Collector’s Guide. Courtney McWilliams. The history of the Beatles musi c group is tol d wit h over 575 co lor photographs of collectibl e Beatles it ems, inclu ding orig inal memorabilia, jewelry, butt ons, cl othing, dishes, glassware, Yellow Submarine items, wall hangings, and music. There is something h ere to fire the passions of every Beatles collect or and fan, w it h price listings for each item.

160 pp.

160 pp.

The Gold in Your Piano Bench: Collectible Sheet Music—Tearjerkers, Black Songs, Rags, & Blues . Marion Short. The musical golden age of Tin Pan Alley comes alive with this series of b ooks about sheet music as collect ible treasures. Here the f ocu s is on Ragtime, Blues, Black songs and Tearjerkers. Beautifully illustrated by orig inal sheet music covers with artistic designs from the p eriod, the book provides a wealth o f historical reference material. Value Guide

176 pp.

More Gold in Your Piano Bench: Collectible Sheet Mus ic—Inventions, Wars, & Disasters. Marion Short. The second volume in this series of boo ks abou t sheet mu sic deals wit h the songs that provided background to America’s grow th in communications, transpo rtation, world wars, and popular new s event s. 560 color photo graphs of historical sheet music, each capt io ned and priced. 176 pp.

176 pp.

Automatic Organs: A Guide to the Mechanical Organ, Orchestrion, Barrel Organ, Fairground, Dancehall & Street Organ, Musical Clock, and Organette. Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume. A comprehensive, yet easy-to -read, reference unlocks the mysteries of the mechanical organ and its smaller co unterparts. Over 600 photos display examples o f a variety of organs and the text explains how t hey w ork. This informatio n has never been available before.

Covers of Gold: Collectible Sheet Music— Sports , Fashion, Illustration, & Dance. Marion Short, Phot ograp hy by Roy Short. The th ird vo lu me d ocu men tin g col lec tib le sheet mu sic focuses o n 1900-1940 baseball music, the evo lution of fashion, th e Big Band era, and elusive illustrators of the covers. 550 colo r photos with descriptions. 160 pp.

176 pp. 480 pp.

M USICAL INSTRUMENTS Gretsch 6120: The History of a Legendary Guitar. E dward Ball. 334 bold color images reveal the evolution of the Gretsch 6120 into a highly col lectible instrument produced in limited numb ers. Fresh insig hts, compelling images, and significant new info rmation explain what contributed to its development. Get the most accurate account to date of event s in the Gretsch production environ ment of the 1950s and ‘60s.

Automatic Pianos: A Collector’s Guide to the Pianola, Barrel Piano, & Aeolian Orchestrelle. Arthur W. J. G. Ord -Hume. E verything about player, barrel, mechanical, and reprodu cing pianos, their invention, development, and wo rkings. Includes makers, brand names, music-roll, and a guide to prices. Add it ional chap ters devot ed to the maintenance and operation of the roll-p laying Aeo lian Orchestrelle reed-organ.

From Footlights to “The Flickers,” Collectible Sheet Music: Broadway Shows and Silent Movies. Marion Short. Two popular collecting categories for sheet music are presented-music of the Broadway st age and silent screen movies. Over 560 f ull co lor photographs of sheet music covers accomp any the inf ormative text. Arrang ed alphab etically by cover personality, each sectio n becomes a compendium of the major stars b efo re and af ter the so und revolutio n in 1929. 188 pp.

Vintage Electric Guitars: In Praise of Fretted Americana. William G. Moseley, Jr. Phot ography by Bill Ingall s, Jr.; Fo reword by Jeff Carlisi. 100s of American-made guitars and basses from the ’40s to the ’80s, including many rare brands and models of Fender, Gibson, Harmony, Kay, Valco, Peavey, Guild, Danelectro, and many oth ers. An authoritative and entertaining text, helpful lexicon, a price guide, and g orgeous photos. Price Guide

160 pp.

The Musical Box: A Guide for Collectors. Dr. Arthur W.J.G. Ord-H ume. Diag rams of the various typ es of mechanical movements used over the centuries, manufacturers, box styles, and tune sheets, patent lists, and tips on maintaining, repairing, and purchasing boxes. Many of the loveliest musical boxes are illustrated in color, with hund reds mo re Price Guide

336 pp.

Collectible Sheet Music: Hollywood Movie Songs. Marion Short. Movie music after sound too k over–from Busby Berkeley movies of t he covers fro m f amous mo vies, featuring beloved film stars through each decade of development, including biographical sketches and representative photos of stars on sheet movie covers. 160 pp.



Images in Black: 150 Years of Black Collectibles . Revised & E xpanded 2nd Editio n. Do ugl as Con gd on-Mart in. From t he years o f slavery through the years of civil rights, images of black p eople have taken many forms from formal studio photos and advertising imag es to folk art and household items. Hundreds of items are gat hered here illustrated in color p hotos. Price Guide

160 pp.

Af rican-A mericana. Barb ara E. Mau zy. A comp rehensive and in-depth presentatio n which offers an extensively researched hist orical p erspective on everything from “Little Black Sambo” and “Aunt Jemima”, pho tography, figurines, and dolls. Social, economic, and hist orical infl uences are examined and w ill be welcomed by collect ors personal libraries of every American home. Price Guide

Price Guide

128 pp.

Toys From Occupied Japan. Anthony Marsella. Clever toys created in Japan after WWII from celluloid, tin, and glass were exported around the world. Here many are examined in 370 color p hotographs that include most of the boxes that held the objects, a boon to collectors who high ly value authentic packaging. A price guide is included. Price Guide

144 pp.

160 pp.

Black Memorabilia Around the House: A Handbook and Price Guide. Jan Lindenberger. Exp lores the use of Black images in advertising, home d ecorati on, office decor, and restaurant themes. Everyday o bjects in 700 color pho tos with value gu id e. Price Guide

Black Collectibles : Ma mmy an d Her Friends. Jackie Young . Over 250 color photos of items depicting black people, including spice shakers, tea sets, toys, match safes, bo oks, ashtrays, advertising cards, wall plaques, vases, depict the diversity of items one can find.

192 pp.

EROTICA Forbidden Art: The World of Erotica. Miss Naomi. Enter the fantasy w orld of a “forbidd en art,” erotica, and explore its many wonders. Over 500 color photographs of erotic artworks and artifacts are shown, an d mo st have not been pub lish ed or exhibited previously. Images of love, p assion, and sensuality unfo ld through many centuries, count ries, cu ltures, artists, and med iums. T he imaginations of the artists may exp and, ignite, and incite your thoughts and senses.

Visions of Erotica. Miss N aomi. Featured here, in b eautiful color, are o ver 500 works of ero tic art, including draw in gs, painting s, and sculpture. Th ese visio ns o f ero tic a span co unt ri es and cultures, cent uries and lif estyles. Whether i t is controversial, humorous, lovely, deviant, mythical , or even in struct io nal, each piece was created within t he boundaries of its own so cial context, and provides a candid, thought-provoking glimpse into another time and place.


Everything Elephants: A Collectors Pictorial Encyclopedia. Michael Don Knapik. Elephant include Aronson, Bayre, Bratsof f, Goebel, Lladro, Loetz, Meissen, Nast, Neiman, Passman, Ronson, Royal Doulton, Royal Haeger, Shawnee, Sw arovski, Vanderveen, Wedgwood, and more. Price Guide

144 pp.

Horse Antiques and Collectibles. Deborah Rashkin. Show cases a broad array of horse-related items from the nin eteenth and twentieth centuries, inclu ding many striking art deco pieces. H ere are fig urines, planters, lamps, plates, books and bookends, ashtrays, advert ising p ieces, glassware, tapestries, vintage pamphl ets, illustrations, magazine covers, artwork, show rib bons and trophies, jewelry, belt buckles, and more. Includes tips o n collecting, values, index, biblio graphy. 160 pp.

Collecting Black Memorabilia: A Picture Price Guide. J. P. Thompso n. Many people enjoy collecting antique figures, dolls, toys, containers, sheet music... etc. t hat show black p eople in al l styl es of dress and function. They often dep ict famous people, musicians, and advertising figures, and the variations are many. This book displays 425 color imag es from several private collections, each item described with measu rements and an estimated value range.


Occupied Japan for Collectors: 1945-1952. Florence Archambault. 1000s of items in ceramic, paper, glass, celluloid, w ood, and papier-mâché marked “Made in Occupied Japan” w ere shipp ed to the U.S. and the U. K. Today, these items have increased in value and are avidly collected. The book presents over 400 color p hotos of the items and sho ws 133 different man ufacturers’ marks. Value Guide

208 pp.

Boston Terrier Collectibles. Donna S. Baker & Paul Hiller. Items featuring Bost on Terrier d ogs, including antique do orstops, figu rines, bookends, inkw ells, ashtrays, cigaret te cases, toys, artw ork, jewelry, advertising, paperweight s, clo cks, sou venir spoons, bo oks and comics, sheet music, and more. Among the manufacturers represented are Bing & Grondahl, Goebel, Bradley & Hubbard, Meissen, Rosenth al, Royal Copenhagen, Mortens Studios, Hag en- Renaker, and St eiff. 160 pp.

Black Memorabilia for the Kitchen. Revised & Expan ded 4th Edition. Jan Lind enberger. A cu linary t ou r of po pu lar kitc hen col lect ib les featuring b lack ch aracteriz atio ns. The capt ions and text co ntain information about the siz es and app roximate d ating o f t he h undreds of items il lust rate d, inc lud ing co okie jars, decant ers, linens, salts and peppers, spoon rests, plat ters, string holders, wall pockets, note holders, teapots, pitchers, cookb ooks, and more. Price Guide

Occupied Japan f or t he Home. F loren ce Archambaul t. This new bo ok presents hundreds o f items never p ub lished before and over 200 different manufacturers’ markings on Occupied Japan collectibles. Ceramic figurines and dinnerware, b ooks, toys, dolls, and more app ear in 533 color photos with value rang es in the captions.

Dog A ntiques and Collectibles. Patricia Robak. Accessible and af ford able d og-related items, dating from the early 19th to the mid-20t h centuries. From portraits to postcards, Staffordshire to celluloid, everything in this compend ium of over 430 color p hotos relates to dogs and the p eo ple who loved them. Includes values for all items, bibliography, and detailed index.

160 pp.

160 pp.

144 pp.

More Black Memorabilia: A Handbook and Price Guide. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition. Jan Lind enb erger. Black memorabilia is stil l one o f the hottest areas of collecting today. Hundred s of kitchen items, wall pockets, mammy memos, sal t and pepp ers, cookie jars, ad vertising, household goods, and ephemera depicting black people are shown in hu ndred s of col or phot os with price guide included.

Collecting Occupied Japan. Lynette Parmer. Ceramic figurines copying European styles-plastic, paper, and wooden household ornaments; dolls; lamps; vases and planters-all can be found wit h the import marks “Made in Occupied Japan” or the abbreviations “MIOJ” or just “OJ”. These items were produced in Japan d uring the o ccupation o f Japan by United States forces from 1945 to 1952. Today they are collected with enthusiasm.

Turtle Collectibles. Alan J. Brainard, PhD. A dazzl ing cross-section of t urt le fig ures from a diverse group of cultures— incl uding Waterford cryst al, Native American p ueb lo p ottery and fetish carvings, Jap anese net suke carvings, an d many others. F ascinating details and anecdotes of mythology, anthropology, biology, and environmental concerns that will give even turtle lovers a new appreciation for the venerable turtle.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

112 pp.

144 pp.

Collectible Aunt Jemima: Handbook & Value Guide. Jean Williams Turner. Aunt Jemima’s long histo ry, including doll families, recipe books, kitchen utensils, menus, coloring books, and cooking sets for children can give glimpses into over a century of America’s cultural history. The complete story of Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Mix, the myth of Aunt Jemima herself, and the stories of the real women who portrayed h er are told.

Pocket Guide to Occupied Japan. Monica Lynn Clements & Patricia Rosser Clements. The wide array of p roducts made in Japan d uring the American Occupation (1945-1952) once sold in department stores or dime stores. Over 250 color photographs of figurines, planters, vases, salt and pep per shakers, animals, to ys, dishes, mug s, wall plaq ues, metal objects, and more show the diversity of items made in Occupied Jap an.

Purrrfection: The Cat. J.L. Lynnlee. Cat owners everywhere will enjoy this collection of cat images from the pharaoh s to Felix. Purrrfection takes the reader on the cat’s journey from the status o f god to devil and its climb b ack up to its present ro le as man’s b est friend . Purrrfectio n show s coll ectibles such as woodblocks, jad e, coi ns, porcelain, ephemera, folk art, and toys, all in the images of cats.

Price Guide

Price Guide

Price Guide

128 pp.

160 pp.

96 pp.

147 Collectible Rabbits. Herbert N. Sch if fer. This fun b ook offers a wid e variety of toy rabbits of man y styles and mat eri al s, in cludi ng an tiq ue papier-mâché candy containers, stuffed plush toys, wooden fig ures, glass, metal and paper rabbits and a group of books featuring the bunny friends. Easter decorations ab ound. Rab bits from the 1800s to the present app ear in beautiful color photos. Price Guide

96 pp.


Compass Chronicles. Kornelia Takacs. After the invention of the magnetic compass and its first use in Italy for travel in the 16th century, a ship’s course could be constantly monitored, leading to exploration and world t rade. This is an intriguing , general guide to compass types, their history, special uses, and paten ted improvements. 176 pp.

Keen Kutter Planes: The Simmons Hardware Company. Alvin Sellen. Long sought information about Keen Kutter tools and their manufacturer, the Simmons Hardware Company, amply illustrated with over 200 catalog images, lists of plane, scraper, router, and spoke shave with complete information, including size, material, years of production, and current values. Also included is the information available on woodworking planes, routers, scrapers and spoke shaves offered by Simmons.

Antique Coffee Grinders: American, English, and European. Michael Whiteand Judith A. Si vo nda. To prepare coff ee bean s for u se, human ing enuity has creat ed 100s of versions of coffee grinders. 600 color photographs illustrate a marvelous t our of the best and most sought after examples from around the w orld. Accurate information ab out the makers and the time and place o f manufacture, make th is a val uab le reso urce for collectors. A value guide is inclu ded .

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Hand Planes in the Modern Shop. Kerry Pierce. Plane users and collectors will find a wealth of straight forward how-to in formation, backed up by more than 500 images in this definitive guide to hand planes. Using hand planes results in a quieter, cleaner wood shop, but they can also match the efficiencies of power tools for many of the processes invo lved in making wood furniture. -

Coffee Antiques. Edward C. Kvetko and Doug las Cong don-Martin. The world o f coffee anti ques with over 500 color photos illust rating mo re than a tho usand items. From grind ers to coffee cans, posters to coffee makers, this is a varied collection from around the world, covering over 100 years and ranging from the most mundane to the most exotic. The items in each p hoto are carefully described, and a current market value is given for each. Price Guide

Everyday Artifacts: America 1750-1850. Anthony L. Tafel. Over 280 color photos reveal artifacts of early American everyday life that were useful fo r surveying l and , buil ding l og homes, farming t he land, traveling, blacksmithing, and cab inetmaking. From light paper ephemera such as land surveys and playing cards to heavy garden stones and Conestoga wagon components, they are pictured and explained. 112 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-3361-3 soft cover $19.99

Collectible Blow torches . Dick Sarp ol us. Blow torches h ave become high ly co llecti ble, their enduring brass and bronze construction allowing even the ol dest blow torches to be cleaned and buffed to look like new . Here is information collectors want reg arding b lowtorches: w ho made them, how old they are, w hat they were used for, which are the rare and valuabl e ones, ho w to find and restore them, and how much they are worth. Illustrated with 296 beaut iful color pho tos. Price Guide

160 pp.

LANTERNS & FLASHLIGHTS Classic Lanterns. Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition . Denn is A. Pearso n. Kerosene lantern history, companies, people, p laces, uses, and prices with over 200 photos and illustrations and 30 color photos. Detailed restoration informatio n for railroad and barn lanterns, collect in g tips, and quick reference prices.

160 pp.

Collectors Encyclopedia of 19th Century Hardware. Th is hardw are catalog from 1884 presents cutlery, kitchen tools, small farm equip ment and useful items that have become curious antiques today. From adzes to paint b rushes to wrought iron screw hoo ks, th is book ident ifies hundred s o f items with a cl ear drawing, model numb er, size(s), and description. With it, a family could set up a household and maintain a home and farm.

Scales: A Collector’s Guide. 2n d edit io n, revised and expanded. Bill & Jan Berning . H undreds of old weighi ng scales are stud ied, each for specific purp oses: diamo nds, eggs, martinis, toys, g olf clubs, etc., including co in -operated, all with current values. From large iron scales in a general sto re to beautiful silver scales, the field is enormous and fascinating.

Town-Country Old Tools: Locks, Keys & Closures with prices. Jack P Woo d. All sorts of old hand tools includ ed for farming, machine shops, woodwo rking and blacksmithing. Extensive groups of locks, keys, and closures. Many catalog pages with descriptions, sizes and original p rices.

Yesterday’s Farm Tools & Equipment. Irwin Richman and Michael Emery. 100s of old farm t ools and equipment from America’s past. Major chap ters cover haying, g rains, tobacco, orchard s, poultry, dairy, ho rses and mules in farm practices. Over 600 vintag e and modern images. These o bject s are p reserved at the Landis Valley Museum in PA, where tell of American farm history.

Price Guide

256 pp.

Collectible Dietz Lanterns. Neil S. Wood. The R. E. Dietz Company was a leader in l antern development and manufacturer in 1917 when this sales cat alog was new. Each lantern sho wn is describ ed with its detailed specifications and special features. Lantern parts, includ ing burners, brackets, globes, hol ders, and reflect ors, are id entifi ed by their names, co lors and available sizes.

160 pp.

Collectible Lanterns: A Price Guide. Lanterns designed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to light primarily homes, barns, railro ad sidings, and maritime locations. Th e images shown were comp iled fro m patent d rawings fro m 1871 and 1872 as well as sales catalogs d ating from 1894 to 1922. Today, many p eople collect and own lanterns without knowing their history. This book shed s lig ht on their styles, manufacturers, variations, and value ranges on today’s market.

208 pp. Dictionary of A merican Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis. Alvin Sellens. A fascinat ing chronicle o f nearly every tool ever used in North America, incl uding ancient tools used by Native Americans; trade too ls u sed to create coaches, pianos, ships, and saddles; tools for harvesting farm g oods, t urp en tine, and ice; and tools for fine trades such as bookbinding and watch repair. More than 4500 t ools organi zed acco rdin g to profession .

The Antique Tool Collector’s Guide to Value. Ro nald S. Barlow . Old t ools to build a civilizatio n are presented in 1485 line drawings in alphabetical order, with detailed descriptions and act ual auc tion p rices. Adzes, anvils, augers, ... vices and wrenches app ear cl early f or goo d recogn ition throug hout this book. The p opularity of old tools has made them competitive items and t here is always something new to learn in the field.

Antique Mining Equipment & Collectibles. David W. Pearso n & Ro n Bommarito. Minin g’s fascinat ing and dangerous nature is reflected in the text and over 450 color photo graphs of specialized tools and artifacts. Thirty categories, from advertising and assay equipment to surveying equipment and tokens, chronicle old mining methods. This is an imp ortant and valuable reference fo r al l concerned.

Collecting Flashlight s. St uart Schnei der. With flashlig hts rangin g f rom p urely pract ical to elegantly styli sh and p laythings for children , the vari ed beauty o f design and in venti veness is re markab le. O ve r 450 c ol or p ho to grap hs are accompanied by i nformative capt ions and the value in today’s market. H isto ries of many comp anies and important id ent if ying informatio n is also included.

Price Guide

Price Guide

160 pp.

Early Logging Tools. Kevin Johnson. Over 330 photos display collectible logg ing equipment, including axes, saws, filing tools, springb oard s, oil bott les, undercutters, wedg es, marlin spikes, drag saws, and chainsaws. Historical photos show loggers at work. Price Guide 160 pp. ISBN: 978-0-7643-2740-7 soft cover $29.95

160 pp.

LIGHTERS & SMOKING ANTIQUES Handbook of Vintage Cigarette Lighters. Stuart Schneider & Ira Pil ossof. This convenient, hand-held g uide presents the history of cigarette lighters through an alp habetical presentation of styles, org an ized according to co mpany name and dating, from the late 1800s through the 1980s. Makers such as Dunh il l, Ronson, Evans, Scripto, Zippo, and lesser-known makes included. Over 800 lighters are illustrated with current values. Price Guide

176 pp.

148 The Golden Age of Cigarette Lighters. Ira Pilossof & Stuart Schneider. The largest collec tion of vintage cigarette lighters ever assembled, including products of Dunhill, Ronson (Aronson Art Metal Works Company), Evans, Scripto, and Zippo, and many smaller manuf acturers. Conveniently organized by country of origin w ith essays by exp erts in the field. Over 1000 color photos. Price Guide

192 pp.

The Eva ns Book: Light ers, Compact s, Perfumers and Handbags. Larry Clayton . The Evans Case Co mpany was an early leader and the last major Ameri can manufact urer o f cigaret te lig hters. Over 750 colo r p hoto s, images, and ad vertisements display the li ghters, comp acts, perfumers, and handbags. A history o f the company, newspaper articles, catal og pages, advertisement s, and patent drawing s comp lete the presentation. Price Guide

Cigarette Lighters. Stuart Schneider & George Fischl er. Over 500 lig hters are illustrated in full color. Shown in alp habetical order of their makers and by date w ithin each company. The available historical data is presented. Lighters include examples from well-kno wn comp anies like Dunhill, Ro nson, and Zipp o as well as companies whose names are lost in smoke. Price Guide

196 pp.

176 pp.

Pocket Matchsafes: Reflections of Life & Art, 1840-1920. W. Eug ene Sand ers, Jr & Christi ne C. Sanders. Safe places to store and carry w ooden matches, pocket siz e matchsafes are presented as a microcosm of lif e and art from their heydays fro m 1840 to 1920. Each is d escribed w ith details of its pertinent artist, patentee, manufacturer, materials, constructio n, and value, all comp lementing th e brief and conversational general text.

Country Store Antiques: From Cradles to Caskets . D ougl as C ongd on-Martin with Bob Biondi . Hun dreds of ord inary hou seho ld items orig inally found for sale at the country store are presented here in beaut if ul color. Ant iq ues includ e kitchen, b ath, and table wares, advertising, candy containers, to bacco products, and much more. Also h as p erio d p hotos of actu al count ry and general stores. Price Guide

160 pp.

Country Store Collectibles. Douglas CongdonMartin w ith Robert Biondi. Nearly 600 fixt ures, product s and advertising from old time American cou ntry st ores are ill ustrated, p lus histo ri cal pho tographs of the stores themselves and t he people who worked in them. Many d ate from turn of the 20th century so provide historic references to actual, everyday life. Price Guide

160 pp.

176 pp. Antique Cigar Cutters and Lighters. Jerry Terranova & Douglas Cong don-Mart in. Fo r t he pleasure and convenience of cig ar smokers, a wide variety of smoking accessories were manufactured, including cigar cutters and lighters. This text places cigars in their historical context, show s hund red s of cutters and lighters, and contains helpful information to id entif y and evaluate them. Value Guide

176 pp.

Collectible Match Holders: For Tabletops and Walls. Jean & Franklin Hunt ing. 541 color photographs with descriptions, info rmation on the history of match es and match hold ers, tables of information on United States invention and desig n patents, and an up -to-date value guide make this an in valuable reference. The pl easurable h obby of match holder collecting is fascinating, (illuminating), and expanding.

Great Country Store Antiques. Rich Berto ia. A visual tour of importan t country store antiques with hundreds of color photograp hs and detailed captio ns, inclu ding prices. The b ook incl udes counters, fixtures, and lighting, as well as hundreds of products, advertisements, and packaging. Some of the finest treasures of the genre. Price Guide

160 pp.

160 pp.

Great Cigar Stuf f for Collectors. Jerry Te rrano va & Do ug las C on gd on-Marti n. Th is comp en dium o f cigar related “stuff” sho ws the breadth of advertising , ashtrays, matchsafes, cig ar boxes, dispensers, and holders that have adorned homes and shops for 100 years and mo re. Today they are enj oyed b y man y w ho will find this book delightful reading. Price Guide

160 pp.

Match Holders: 100 Years of Ingenuit y. Denis B. Alsford. Match holders, including table and pocket models, are explored in detail. The historical influences, p atents, marks and photos shed light on the developments of match hol ders from the 1850s onward. A w ide variety of match ho lders are depicted including p ocket, “cand le-in-a-b ox,” stand-alone and wall hanging models. Discussions of major manufact urers and values included. Price Guide

160 pp.

Country Store A dvertising, Medicines, and More. Ri ch Berto ia. A compen diu m of the varied drugstore and advertising ephemera. Almost 500 beautiful color photo s include signs and packaging, and product s, from food stuffs to medicine b ottles. Particular emp hasis is given to drugs, potions, and med ical devices. In additio n the display counters and furnishings o f the country store are includ ed. Each item is described and its value is given. Price Guide

ZIPPO®: The Great A merican Light er. Revised 2nd Edition . David Poore. A sequential histo ry of Zipp o l ighter series, cases, inserts, flu id cans, f lint packages, and sundries richly illustrated in colo r w ith the most hig hly priz ed Zippo lighters and information b ased o n original Zippo salesman’s catalo gs, advertising brochures and a study of thousands of Zippo lighters. Prices provided with each picture and a complete price guide at the back.

Collecting Antique Meerschaum Pipes: Miniature to Majestic Sculpture, 18501925. Ben Rapaport. Antiq ue meerschaum pipes and tobacciana are presented in text and nearly 300 color p hotos, from diminutive cigaret te hold ers to massive sculptured pipes, many made over 150 years ago. No wonder pipe collect ors are p assionate about these exceptional works of art! 176 pp.

160 pp.

Country Store Counter Jars and Tins. St eve Batson. Color pho tos show st ore counter glass jars and p rinted tins, and text gives histories of over 75 comp anies which advertised with them over a 100 year period. Fro m Adams Gum and Dixie Biscuit to Planter’s Peanuts and Wise Potato Chips, each has d etailed listings of the variations among their distribution jars and lid s over the decades. These have become collectible. Value Guide

160 pp.

196 pp. The Viet Nam Zippo®: Cigarette Lighters 1933-1975. Jim Fiorella. More than 700 striking photos and a detailed text about Zippo cigarette lighters, their h istory and current values, as well as the Viet Nam War. It provides p hotos of authentic and counterfeit Zippos and the facto ry’s own art work, and a concise outline of the War, with lists of U.S. and Vietnamese ship and boat names so that old Zipp o lighters can b e int erpreted today. 272 pp.

Zippo® Advert ising Light ers: Cars and Trucks. Philip K. Taggart. With 673 illustrations, thi s book d isplays Zipp o li ghters emb lazoned with auto mobile logos and imag es, both f amiliar and lesser know n, of decades past. Also includ ed are company histo ries and tips for ligh ter care and restoration. Current market values for the l ig hters shown are in the captions. Price Guide

192 pp.

The Complete Guide to Collecting Antique Pipes. Second Edition, now w it h value guide. Ben Rap aport. The history and development of the tobacco pipe as an art form and an illustrated guide for pipe collect ors. A chronological collection of pipes in many styles, values, and materials including bri ars, corn cobs, meerschaum, porcelain, ivo ry, amber, silver, gold, semi-precious stones, and rare woods. Price Guide

256 pp.


Drugs tore & Soda Foun tain Ant iques. Douglas Congd on-Martin. The bygone tools and product s of America’s drug stores are illustrated in color and described , from apothecary jars t o patent medicines an d mortars and pestles t o leech jars. Soda fo untain dispensers, dishes, and furniture of many styles are pro minently presented. One will happily remember the o ld stores and the amazing variety contained in them. Price Guide

Barbershop: History and Antiques. Christian R. Jon es. Explore ol d-ti me b arbershop items: poles, chairs, mugs, bottles, razors, sig ns, and much more. It do cuments the occupational histo ry of traditional barbershops, w hich are f ading today. More than 900 items appear in over 650 color photographs w ith current market prices.

160 pp.


The Fabulous Victrola “45”. Phil Vourtsis. Relive th e hist ory of 45 rp m reco rds an d t he fabulous machines that played them — now highly collectible. Sho wcases models produced by RCA Victor Corporation and other licensed manufacturers, including descrip tions, model numbers and names, original selling prices, and current values. Also features magazine ads and dealer sheets, RCA memorabilia, repair an d restoration tips. Price Guide

176 pp.

149 Phonographs with Flair: A Century of Style in Sound Reproduction. Timot hy C. Fabrizio & George F . Paul . Throug h 340 color illustrations follow phonograp h design from the early 1900s thro ugh the disco days o f the 1970s, with all its g leaming metal, gl istening woo d, pastel plastic, glowing dials and fashionable fabrics.

Discovering Antique Phonographs. Timothy C. Fabrizio & George F. Paul. The acoustic talking machine from its crude beginnings in the 1870s to its most splendid and sophisticated heights in the early 20th century. An unparalleled archive of rare, fascinating, and previously undocumented objects. The story behind the beautiful, bright machinery is told through clear and insightful descriptions, and many previously unpublished facts are revealed.

The Zenith® TRANS-OCEANIC: The Royalty of Radios. Revised & Expanded 2nd E dition . John H . Bryant, FAIA & Harold N. Cones, Ph.D.. With access to t he Zenith corporate archives, the authors p resent eng rossing stories of th e development and use of Trans-Oceanic radios throughou t its fo rty-year life. They present a wealth o f p hotos, documents and information concerning the radios, their collection, p reservation and restoration.

192 pp. 244 pp.

The Talking Machine: An Illustrated Compendium 1877-1929. Revised & E xpanded 2nd Edition. Timothy C. Fabrizio & George F. Paul. An incredible variety of antique record players is do cu mented, including those with external-horns as well as internal-horn devices. The authoritative text and up-to-date value gu id e complement hund reds o f photos to provid