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This Is What Happens Next Daniel MacIvor




NEXT 9781770912007 pdf: 9781770912014 epub: 9781770912021 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" ¶ 96 pages DRA013000 April $16.95 Also available: Arigato, Tokyo The Best Brothers Bingo! His Greatness I Still Love You

Never Swim Alone & This Is A Play One Voice See Bob Run & Wild Abandon

A dark, modern fairy tale from critically acclaimed author Daniel MacIvor Most people hope for happy endings. For Warren, a gay divorcee, that means getting his stuff back; most importantly, his cherished John Denver CD. And then there’s Warren’s assortment of friends: Susan, a Percocet-fuelled divorce lawyer whose daughters are giving her a hard time; Tarot-reading Aaron, who is dating Susan and who secretly used to be known as Erin; Mike, an alcoholic who sometimes sees his son on Saturdays; and Kevin, Mike’s kid who has an imaginary friend. Observing and directing all of their lives is the human will—or Will, as he prefers to be called—who doesn’t quite believe in those happy endings. This Is What Happens Next is an intensely relatable, multi-character story that explores the anguish of addiction and divorce as it delves into the fundamentals of human desire and asks the philosophical question, “What happens next?” “…filled with false starts and even falser endings that will keep you guessing till the last second.” —Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star “With This Is What Happens Next, MacIvor reminds us why he is a master storyteller.” —Wayne Leung, Mooney on Theatre “Like an expert juggler, [MacIvor] never drops a narrative ball.” —Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

Daniel MacIvor is one of Canada’s most accomplished playwrights and performers. He is the winner of the prestigious Elinore and Lou Siminovitch Prize, the GLAAD Award, the Governor General’s Literary Award, and many others. Daniel’s plays include The Best Brothers, Bingo!, His Greatness, and several other acclaimed works. Also a filmmaker, Daniel has written and directed numerous feature films. Currently, he divides his time between Toronto and Avondale, Nova Scotia. 1

Sequence Arun Lakra Winner of the 2013 Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding New Play, the 2013 Calgary Theatre Critics Award for Best New Script, the 2013 Woodward/Newman Drama Award, and the 2011 Alberta Playwriting Competition

9781770911970 pdf: 9781770911987 epub: 9781770911994 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 112 pages DRA013000 March $16.95

Theo has been named Time Magazine’s Luckiest Man Alive. For twenty consecutive years he has successfully bet double or nothing on the Super Bowl coin toss. And he’s getting ready to risk millions on the twenty-first when he is confronted by Cynthia, a young woman who claims to have figured out his mathematical secret. Stem-cell researcher and professor Dr. Guzman is on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery. She’s also learned that one of her students has defied probability to get all 150 multiple-choice questions wrong on his genetics exam, but it’s not until he shows up to her office in the middle of the night that she’s able to determine if it’s simply bad luck. The two narratives intertwine like a fragment of DNA to examine the interplay between logic and metaphysics, science and faith, luck and probability. Belief systems clash, ideas mutate, and order springs from chaos. With razorsharp wit and playful language, Sequence asks, in our lives, in our universe, and even in our stories, does order matter?

“…dynamic and intriguing…” —Jessica Goldman, CBC Radio “Sequence balances smart and heart.” —Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald Arun Lakra is a writer, doctor, and father. As a writer, Arun has produced a book on laser eye surgery, a supernatural thriller screenplay, a song to protest the demotion of Pluto, a heartfelt ballad about puke, a line of misunderstood T-shirts, and his share of illegible prescriptions. Sequence is his second stage play. His first play received rave reviews for balancing a wobbly table in his basement. Arun lives in Calgary with his wife and kids and divides his work week between his creative endeavours and his ophthalmology practice. 2

Flesh and Other Fragments of Love Evelyne de la Chenelière, translated by Linda Gaboriau When Pierre and Simone planned a vacation to the Irish coast, they were hoping to revive their failing marriage. What they weren’t expecting was to stumble upon the body of Mary, a drowned woman, during a walk along the beach. It’s not long before curiosity and obsession take over, and the couple begin to piece together Mary’s history using both facts and their imaginations. As her story comes alive, Mary’s presence integrates itself into Pierre and Simone’s lives, resurrecting their memories and regrets, fears and obsessions. Now they must struggle more than ever to revisit the past in order to write their own story. Linda Gaboriau’s English translation stays loyal to Evelyne de la Chenelière’s beautiful imagery and poetic language in this stunning adaptation of Marie Cardinal’s celebrated novel, Une vie pour deux. “A beautiful, poetic piece. The writing is in equal parts sophisticated, sensible, and ironic.” —Marie Labrecque, Le Devoir 9781770912038 pdf: 9781770912397 epub: 9781770912403 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" ¶ 112 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA019000 February $16.95

“Evelyne de la Chenelière’s play is magnificently wellwritten, sparking the emergence of deeply-felt emotions. A superb piece… as troubling as it is moving.” —Louise Bourbonnais, Journal de Montréal Also available: Strawberries In January Feet of the Angels

Playwright and actor Evelyne de la Chenelière studied drama at École Michel-Granvale in Paris. She was the recipient of the 2006 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama for her play Désordre public. Evelyne lives in Montreal. Linda Gaboriau is a Montreal-based dramaturge and literary translator. She has worked as a freelance journalist for the CBC and the Montreal Gazette, and has worked extensively in Canadian and Québécois theatre. Linda has won several awards for her translations of over 100 plays and novels by Quebec writers, including many of the Quebec plays best known to English Canadian audiences. She is the founding director of the Banff International Literary Translation Centre. 3

That Elusive Spark Janet Munsil

9781770912045 pdf: 9781770912052 epub: 9781770912069 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 96 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA019000 March $16.95

Neuropsychologist Helen Harlow is an expert at understanding the functions of the human brain, and yet her own remains a mystery. Turning her back on a once-brilliant future filled with scientific promise, Helen attempts to escape the mess of her life by diving headfirst into a new one: living in a frat-house basement, teaching Psych 101 to clueless freshmen, and confronting both her depression and the puzzling attentions of her slacker housemate Finlay. Pushed to the brink and increasingly desperate for some semblance of normalcy, Helen finds herself in a doctor’s office looking for a change. But not everyone chooses to change. Certainly not Phineas Gage, a construction foreman in 1848 who miraculously survives an explosion that shoots an iron rod though his head. While Phineas makes an extraordinary physical recovery, he has a dramatic change in personality. Attended to and observed by the young doctor James Harlow, Helen’s ancestor, the legacy of Phineas’s dramatic story shows how far we have come scientifically, and yet how little we can comprehend of the mystery of our own hearts and minds. “…a colourfully instructive and insightful romantic comedy about change and new beginnings.” —Bob Clark, Calgary Herald “…a wild theatrical romp.” —Louis B. Hobson, JAM!

Janet Munsil is a Victoria-based playwright, and a graduate of the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre program. She has been the artistic director and festival producer of Intrepid Theatre since 1992, where she produces the annual Victoria Fringe Festival, Uno Fest, and Winterlab. Her plays have been produced internationally and include The Ugly Duchess, Emphysema (a love story), and Circus Fire, among others. Recently, Janet was commissioned by Theatre Calgary and Canada’s National Arts Centre to adapt Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which won the Calgary Theatre Critics Award for Best Play of 2013. 4

An Almost Perfect Thing Nicole Moeller Winner of the Sterling Award for Outstanding New Play, the Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama, and an official selection for Germany’s Neue Theaterstücke aus Kanada National Competition.

9781770912076 pdf: 9781770912083 epub: 9781770912090 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 112 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA019000 February $16.95

Greg is a once-respected journalist searching for a high-profile story that will help revive his career. Chloe is the missing girl he wrote about six years earlier who has just returned home to a world she no longer recognizes. Instead of leading police to her captor, Chloe turns to Greg to share her story. Unfortunately for him, Chloe won’t provide names or locations, and instead dictates exactly how the story should be told. But Chloe has become an international celebrity—both respected and scrutinized by the public—and they all want to know, who is her kidnapper? Why is she protecting him? When Greg begins to question whether truth and fiction have collided, he takes matters into his own hands, in spite of the drastic consequences. Even if that means coming face to face with Chloe’s abductor. Inspired by the story of Natascha Kampusch, An Almost Perfect Thing is a multi-perspective thriller about possession and desire, the need to own our stories, and our “right” to the truth.

“Moeller is a big talent: theatrically smart, surprising in her insights, and elliptical in her writing.” —Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal “… [a] dark and haunting new work.” —Paul Blinov, Vue Weekly

Nicole Moeller is an Edmonton-based playwright and a graduate of Grant MacEwan University’s Journalism and Theatre Arts programs. She was the first-place winner in the Alberta Playwrights’ Network 24-hour playwriting competitions in 2008 and 2009, and has received various awards for her work. Nicole was a member of Citadel Theatre’s playwrights’ forum from 2011–2013. 5

Between the Sheets Jordi Mand


S heets


Marion, a working mother with a special-needs child, has discovered a devastating secret: her husband Curtis has been engaging in a torrid love affair with none other than their son’s young teacher, Teresa. Armed with love notes between Curtis and Teresa, Marion shows up to a parent-teacher interview to confront the woman who may be the thread that unravels her life. What ensues is a gripping and raw confrontation between two women, one fighting to protect her family, the other fighting for the family she always wanted. An intense power struggle between two women who may have more in common than they thought, Between the Sheets questions the definitions of right versus wrong, and what it means to be a mother, wife, and the other woman.

by jordi mand

9781770912106 pdf: 9781770912113 epub: 9781770912120 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 96 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA019000 February $16.95

“…a stunning new play from a gifted playwright.” —Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter “…maybe the year’s best new script” —Robert Cushman, National Post

Jordi Mand is a Toronto-based playwright and a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada. She is a member of  Tarragon Theatre’s Playwrights Unit and a resident artist of Theatre Passe Muraille. Jordi is also the program director for the SummerWorks Leadership Intensive Program. Her first fulllength play, Between the Sheets, premiered at Nightwood Theatre in fall 2012 and was met with rave reviews. 6

The Grandkid John Lazarus Julius Rothstein and his granddaughter Abby have loved each other from opposite ends of Canada since Abby was born. But now, accepted as a freshman student at the university where Julius teaches, Abby is moving in with him to be close to school and to keep her newly widowed grandfather company. The two must negotiate a new relationship as housemates and friends, which means dealing with issues of youth and age, work and play, activism and apathy, homework and heart attacks, and those three tricky topics: sex, politics, and religion.

9781770912137 pdf: 9781770912144 epub: 9781770912151 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 112 pages DRA013000 April $16.95

“The Grandkid bridges the generation gap with wisdom, wit, and warmth.” —Mark Leiren-Young, winner of the Leacock Medal for Humour “The Grandkid is undeniably charming in a Mordecai Richler sort of way. But John Lazarus is also witty and thoughtful and intelligent and he looks at the unique relationship between grandfather and granddaughter with tremendous honesty, generosity, and wry humour.” —Jo Ledingham

“The Grandkid is a superb play; it should be an annual Christmas classic in every Jewish theatre in the country. (Feel free to substitute Hanukkah for Christmas if you wish.)” —Wayne Grady, author of Emancipation Day John Lazarus is an award-winning playwright who has been writing since 1970. Some of his many plays include Dreaming and Duelling, The Late Blumer, The Nightingale, Trouble on Dibble Street, and Village of Idiots. John taught writing for over a decade at Studio 58, and briefly at the Vancouver Film School and the National Theatre School. He lives with his wife in Kingston, Ontario, where he has been a professor in the Drama Department at Queen’s University since 2000. 7

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays, Vol. II Denyse Lynde, editor

9781550814668 6" x 9" ¶ 320 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA002000 April $19.95

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays, Vol. II explores the rich and varied works that have emerged from the artistically abundant island of Newfoundland. Edited and contextualized by Denyse Lynde, this second volume presents a collection of vibrant dramatic works by established and emerging Newfoundland playwrights, each story offering a glimpse into the vibrant landscape of the island. Included in the volume are Frank Barry’s 3 Dogs Barking, a chilling story about a petty thief with a troubled past; Lois Brown’s Sex, The Rules of, a haunting tale of a family torn apart by the past; Megan Gail Coles’s Our Eliza, a dark comedy about the complexities of family; Ruth Lawrence’s Sweet Pickle, a comedic musical about the inconveniences of living on an island; Kevin Major’s Lead Me Home, an action-packed story set on the ferry the SS Caribou in 1942; and Ben Pittman’s The Fights, a tale of ambition and prizefighting as two brothers struggle together to reach their dreams.

In co-publication with Breakwater Books. Also available: The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays, Vol. I

Dr. Denyse Lynde began her university career at Queen’s, where she completed a B.A. with honours in English and Drama before moving on to pursue both an M.A. and a Ph.D. at the University of Toronto’s Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama. Denyse is the editor of the first volume of The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Plays and Voices from the Landwash. She lives in Newfoundland where she is a professor at Memorial University. 8

The Arts Club Anthology: 50 Years of Canadian Theatre in Vancouver Rachel Ditor, editor


As the largest theatre in Western Canada, the Arts Club Theatre Company has attracted millions of people to celebrate artistic talent during its impressive fifty-year history. An integral part of Vancouver’s theatre scene and Canadian theatre history, the company helped launch the careers of many Canadian talents and introduced the city to tremendous playwrights such as Carol Bolt and Michel Tremblay. Now in time for the Arts Club Theatre Company’s fiftieth anniversary, this anthology collects six of the most cherished and popular plays that have captivated audiences for the past five decades.




9781770912182 6" x 9" ¶ 400 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA002000 March $24.95

Rachel Ditor is a director, dramaturge, and the current literary manager of the Arts Club Theatre Company. Rachel attended McGill University for her undergraduate degree and the University of British Columbia for her M.F.A., where she specialized in directing. She managed the performing arts school at the Jewish Community Centre and has stayed on at UBC as an adjunct professor, where she teaches a dramaturgy class. Rachel was awarded the 2012 Bra D’Or Award for her work in promoting women playwrights in Canada. She makes her home in Vancouver. 9

Theatres of Affect: New Essays on Canadian Theatre Vol. 4 Erin Hurley, editor What is it to think feeling, to put the affective dimensions of theatrical experience and its production centre stage? As theatre people, we are well equipped for the challenges of this task, for we labour expressly, consistently, and consciously with emotion, feeling, mood, and affect. In essays by seasoned and emerging scholars, Theatres of Affect takes the emotional temperature of Canadian performances, ranging from a verbatim theatre piece on the emotional labours and costs of kin care, to the Canadian military’s “theatre of war,” to disability arts performances of sexuality, to the affecting role of intercultural music theatre in reconciliation proceedings. Contributors assess the deployments of various emotional registers in theatrical performance and explore how and where the “affective turn” in contemporary humanities scholarship affects theatre studies in Canada.

9781770912168 6" x 9" ¶ 296 pages DRA017000 ¶ DRA002000 May $25.00 Also available: NECT Vol. 1: Asian Canadian Theatre NECT Vol. 2: New Canadian Realisms NECT Vol. 3: Latina/o Canadian Theatre

New Essays in Canadian Theatre (NECT) consists entirely of newly commissioned essays that are designed to represent marginalized perspectives on topics that have never received book-length coverage. NECT volume topics strive to fill gaps in the critical record by leading and instantiating new and emerging developments in the field. Volume editors and contributors are scholars and artists who are doing some of the most innovative work in Canadian theatre and Canadian theatre studies. 10

Once More, With Feeling: Six Affecting Plays Erin Hurley, editor

9781770912175 6" x 9" ¶ 496 pages DRA017000 ¶ DRA002000 May $29.95

Once More, With Feeling brings together new plays that highlight different types of affective experience—thematically in their content, dramaturgically in their structure, or technically in their production. These plays, five of which are previously unpublished in English, highlight how theatre uses a range of feeling-technologies, including plot, characterization, special effects, and verbatim dialogue to produce moving moments in performance and to elicit affective responses in audiences. Bliss skewers the emotionally hyped and emotionally toxic realm of contemporary celebrity culture, while Rage stages the heightened emotionality and emotional turmoil of adolescence to an audience of the same. The Glass Box and Nanay both arise, in part, out of the lived experience of their producers, performers, and writers, dramatizing “real” experience. The Salon Automaton is an experiment in feeling-response in robots, while Spine stages an experiment in distributing sensation among people. As a companion collection to Theatres of Affect, Once More, With Feeling celebrates and interrogates the variable experiences of affecting theatre in Canada.

Erin Hurley is a director of undergraduate studies and an associate professor in the Department of English at McGill University. Her teaching and research areas focus on Québécois theatre and cultural performance, national performatives, theatre historiography, performance studies, dramatic theory, twentieth-century theatre, and feminist and LGBTQ theatre. Erin has won several awards for her work, including the Pierre Savard Award and the Ann Saddlemyer Award. 11

Performing Back: Post-Colonial Theatre Dalbir Singh, editor

9781770912199 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 192 pages DRA013000 ¶ DRA002000 May $19.95

The area of post-colonial studies is primarily concerned with how societies and cultures have been affected through the processes of colonization, and Canada is considered by many literary and cultural critics to be such a nation not only due to its historical lineage as a settler colony but also by playing host to many multicultural immigrant communities that bring with them their own histories embedded in colonialism. Performing Back aims to generate discussion about the different kinds of theatrical and political output this country is generating, and fills a glaring void in current theatre scholarship in Canada. This collection of plays examines topics such as race, ethnicity, imperialism, and notions of “otherness” insofar as they intersect with the broader theme of postcolonial theatre. This first volume of the Contextualizing Canadian Theatre series includes Yvette Nolan’s The Birds, a Native retelling of the Aristophanes play; Camyar Chai, Guillermo Verdecchia, and Marcus Youssef ’s The Adventures of Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil, a satirical play on Western neo-colonial forays into Iraq; and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard’s Salome’s Clothes, a harrowing domestic tragedy set in Côte d’Ivoire.

Dalbir Singh is the associate editor of magazine and has published work in such journals and anthologies as Canadian Theatre Review, Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre, Red Light, and She Speaks. His plays have been performed at the Harbourfront Centre, Factory Theatre, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and on CBC Radio. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in theatre at the University of Toronto. 12

Mary’s Wedding Stephen Massicotte

mary’s wedding Stephen Massicotte

9781770911680 pdf: 9781770911697 epub: 9781770911703 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" ¶ 112 pages DRA013000 April $16.95 Previously announced. Also available: The Clockmaker The Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion

Presented in a brand-new edition with a new introduction and updated script, revisit the play that is being produced over and over again. It is the eve of Mary’s wedding, a night filled with dreams: dreams of love, dreams of war, and dreams of what might be. When Mary and Charlie, filled with the passion, vulnerability, and impulsiveness of youth, unexpectedly find one another sheltering in a barn during a thunderstorm, a tentative love is born. But the year is 1914, and Mary and Charlie must surrender their love and fate to the uncertainties of their tumultuous times. A play with a heart as big as the land that serves as its backdrop, Mary’s Wedding is a wonderfully tender, poignant story of innocent first love and the vicissitudes of fate. “With an impressive economy of means—only one set, two actors, and no intermission—Massicotte has combined a fictional romance with the true story of a heroic World War I exploit.” —New York Times “Puts you in mind of the grand passion of Catherine and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, the vastness of their love mirroring the wild tangle of nature.” —Washington Times “A delicate exploration of the excitement, beauty, and purity of the first flush of romance… Massicotte is a gifted storyteller with an ear for detail and imagery.” —Calgary Herald

Stephen Massicotte’s award-winning plays Looking After Eden, Pervert, and The Boy’s Own Jedi Handbook series originated at Calgary’s Ground Zero Theatre. In 2002 Mary’s Wedding premiered at Alberta Theatre Projects’s playRites Festival and won the 2000 Alberta Playwriting Competition, the 2002 Betty Mitchell Award for Best New Play, and the 2003 Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama at the Alberta Literary Awards. He has a B.F.A. in drama from the University of Calgary. 13

Recently Released Blood: A Scientific Romance by Meg Braem 9781770911710 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 128 pages ¶ $16.95 Finalist for the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama Twin sisters Poubelle and Angelique are bonded in both biology and tragedy after a car accident leaves them orphaned along a prairie highway. Following a remarkable recovery, the young girls are brought home with Dr. Glass, a man who subjects them to endless experiments in a quest to study their undeniable bond. Glass’s questionable practices are soon scrutinized by a young doctor who might just be the twins’ only hope for a normal life. Shakespeare’s Nigga by Joseph Jomo Pierre 9781770911413 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 88 pages ¶ $16.95 Finalist for the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama On a plantation, Shakespeare holds the fate of several black slaves in his hands. Among them are the rebellious Aaron and the obedient Othello, both of whom share an interest in Shakespeare’s unwed daughter. But a vital secret remains hidden that could untangle complex familial ties and change the course of their history. This Is War by Hannah Moscovitch 9781770911659 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 168 pages ¶ $16.95 Winner of the 2013 Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award for Best Canadian Play Master Corporal Tanya Young, Sergeant Stephen Hughes, Private Jonny Henderson, and Sergeant Chris Anders have lived through an atrocity while holding one of the most volatile regions in Afghanistan. As each of them is interviewed by an unseen broadcasting organization, they recount their version of events leading up to the horrific incident. What begins to form is a picture of the effects of guilt and the psychological toll of violence in war. A History of Breathing by Daniel Macdonald 9781770911741 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 128 pages ¶ $16.95 In a post-apocalyptic world, a great flood has claimed the land and many of its people. Two boats float aimlessly on an ocean that conceals the remains of civilization and history. One boat carries a father and daughter, the last survivors of an unspeakable catastrophe; the other carries the only hope for a new beginning. Daniel Macdonald crafts a stunning tale of myth and reality at the end of the world and at its creation. 14

Recently Released Opium_37 by Catherine Léger, translated by Leanna Brodie 9781770911772 ¶ 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" ¶ 112 pages ¶ $16.95 On the eve of World War II, in a Parisian café, Anaïs Nin and June Miller meet again after spending years an ocean apart. There, they share the stage with some of Paris’s notorious and eccentric artists who act as an orchestra of contrasting voices, reflecting on art and misery, creativity and identity, female sexuality and power. They battle with words and wills, humour and wit, as violence hangs in the air. Inspired by the lives of Nin, Miller, and Antonin Artaud, Catherine Léger explores the language of power and the role of art. Maggie and Pierre & The Duchess by Linda Griffiths 9781770911789 ¶ 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" ¶ 248 pages ¶ $18.95 Part fairy tale, part historical treatise, these two modern epics from one of Canada’s most highly acclaimed playwrights examine the landscape of changing nations and opposing ideals. Maggie and Pierre presents an idealized society with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as the philosopher king of Canada, Margaret as his flower-child wife, and journalist Henry as the disillusioned reporter. The Duchess enters the world of Wallis Simpson, shedding light on the infamous woman for whom King Edward VIII would eventually abdicate his throne. Willow Quartet by Joan Burrows 9781770911819 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 112 pages ¶ $16.95 In the aftermath of a tragedy that ends Kim and Ben’s marriage, Kim finds herself back in her childhood home, a quiet farm away from the city. Here, she invites Jim, a visiting musician, to stay with her in a bed-and-breakfast arrangement, much to the chagrin of Ben and Marjorie, Kim’s mother. It’s not long before Kim becomes infatuated with Jim’s sophistication and charm, and with his ability to make her forget her anguish temporarily—until it inevitably boils to the surface. Two-Spirit Acts: Queer Indigenous Performances edited by Jean O’Hara 9781770911840 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 160 pages ¶ $22.95 In this collection of short but powerful two-spirit plays, characters dispel conventional notions of gender and sexuality while celebrating Indigenous understandings. From a female trickster story centred on erotic lesbian tales to the farcical story about a new nation of Indigenous people called the Nation of Mischief, this collection creates a space to explore what it means to be queer and Indigenous. 15

Recently Released Arigato, Tokyo by Daniel MacIvor 9781770911871 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 96 pages ¶ $16.95 On a publicity tour in Japan, Carl, a Canadian author, finds himself falling in love amidst the sacred stages of Noh theatre and the seedy dance clubs in Tokyo, wired on cocaine and sake. Showing him around the city is his translator, Nushi, a young woman who’s hoping to gain his affection. But when she introduces him to her brother, a seductive actor, Carl is quickly absorbed by an affair with him instead. The Secret Mask by Rick Chafe 9781770911901 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 168 pages ¶ $16.95 George was a toddler when Ernie walked out on his family. Forty years later, George gets a call from a hospital in another city to come get his father, whose speech and memory have been scrambled by a stroke. To make sense of a missing past, father and son must battle their way through mutual distrust, fractured memories, and a broken looking glass of language.

Age of Minority: 3 Solo Plays by Jordan Tannahill 9781770911949 ¶ 5 3/8" x 8 3/8" ¶ 136 pages ¶ $19.95 Together these solo plays explore the lives of three queer youths and their resilience in the face of violence and intolerance. Get Yourself Home Skyler James follows the journey of a young lesbian who defects from the army when she is outed by fellow soldiers. Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes chronicles the last hour in the life of a teenager shot while attempting to cross the Berlin Wall in 1962. Finally, rihannaboi95 centres on a Toronto teen whose world comes crashing down when YouTube videos of him dancing to songs by his favourite pop heroine go viral. Heavens by Wajdi Mouawad, translated by Linda Gaboriau 9781770911536 ¶ 5 1/8" x 7 5/8" ¶ 160 pages ¶ $18.95


Isolated in a secret location, an international team of intelligence personnel are given the task of intercepting and decoding cryptic messages from terrorists. The sudden and unexplained suicide of one of the case’s key agents forces the team to probe into their colleague’s life with the hope of discovering what he knew and of stopping an attack before it’s too late. In Heavens, the fourth and final instalment of his critically lauded the Blood of Promises cycle, Wajdi Mouawad crafts a play that penetrates the intersection where violence, terror, beauty, and art converge.

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Cover art, Drawn To Light, by Sarah Burwash,

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