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Spring–Summer 2011






Spring — Summer 2011


Dress Your Cupcake

Cupcake kit

Joanna Farrow

Includes 12 silicone cupcake moulds Joanna Farrow

Cupcakes with a twist! The ultimate kit for making delicious cupcakes time and time again.

Cupcakes are delicious irresistible treats that are easy to make and yummy to eat. Following on from the successful Dress Your Gingerbread, Dress Your Cupcake is another fun and colorful title that provides a new “dress up” twist on the continuing cupcake craze.

Irresistible, bite-sized, delicious and fun — the cupcake trend is here to stay. They make the ideal gift, the ultimate mid-day treat and are always a special surprise. If you want to get creative in the kitchen and bake the sweetest treats over and over again, then this is the kit for you!

Dress Your Cupcake provides the ultimate fun in the kitchen as you learn how to create cupcakes with a little personality and a lot of style. Choose from a whole host of fun, friendly faces and designs — human, animal and recognizable objects — to create a collection of memorable and truly individual cupcakes. The book contains 50 fun designs for deliciously decorated cupcakes and includes the perfect party pieces for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and more. With ideas for both kids and grown-ups, playing with your food has never been so much fun! Containing a comprehensive introduction, easy-to-follow instructions on how to ice and decorate your cakes and information on all the techniques, recipes and templates you will need, Dress Your Cupcake is sure to inspire even the most novice of bakers to get creative with their cupcakes.

Joanna Farrow is an expert in cookie and cake baking, with more than 30 years experience and over 40 books to her name. A successful home economist and food writer, her other baking and decorating titles for Octopus include Dress Your Gingerbread and Kinky Cupcakes.

Cupcakes is packed full of mouthwatering recipes, fun decorating ideas and family favorites for every possible celebration. From Chocolate Toffee Cupcakes and Strawberry Cream Cupcakes, to Mini Christmas Cupcakes and perfect Wedding Cupcakes, there is something here for all ages and occasions. With step-by-step instructions for over 40 recipes, plus 12 reusable silicone cases, Cupcakes is the only kit you’ll ever need to make original, delicious, and hassle-free cupcakes for all your family and friends.


9781846013850 $14.99/$17.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9¼ • 128 pages 80 color photographs Spruce April 2011 2

Also Available: DRESS YOUR GINGERBREAD 9781846013690 (PB) $12.99/$15.99 in Canada

9780600621454 $17.99/$21.99 in Canada Paperback with silicone cases 7 ½ x 7 ½ • 64 pages 300 color photographs Hamlyn April 2011

12 cases – all completely dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe (up to 300ºC)

Each case is made from silicone – allowing quick and easy removal of cupcakes after baking

Stackable and reusable: you’ll never run out of cupcake cases again!




Grow Your Own for Kids

Bérengère Abraham Photographer: Marie-José Jarry

Chris Collins

The first tailor-made gardening book for young gardeners.

A sumptuous collection of the most elegant of indulgences — the macaron.

Following on from the enormous success of Grow Your Own Vegetables, RHS Grow Your Own for Kids shows budding gardeners how to grow the tastiest and best fruit and vegetables alongside some of their favorite flowers. As the desire for outdoor living, fresh food, and healthy activity continues to boom, Grow Your Own for Kids is a fun and inspiring title that can be enjoyed by children alongside their parents, grandparents and friends of all ages.

Macarons are all the rage and this beautiful collection of tried-and-tested recipes ensures even first-time macaron makers can try their hand at these delicacies. This stunning collection of recipes adds a touch of magic to the macaron. From the subtle flavours of the perfect raspberry or lemon macaron to more adventurous combinations of violet and white chocolate or rhubarb and redcurrant, this book includes 28 recipes for these dainty and delicious treats. Bérengère Abraham is a graduate of l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse and has worked as a home economist for numerous French magazines. The author of several books on local cuisine, he has also written Mes Petits Plats pour Bébés Allergiques and Intense Chocolat.

With a set of foolproof step-by-step instructions, and accompanied by gorgeous refined photography, this wonderful collection will ensure that even the novice chef can master the perfect macaron for any occasion. Kew-trained Chris Collins has been the BBC’s Blue Peter gardener since 2004. He has fronted and run the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Campaign for School Gardening that gives over 1 million UK kids access to school gardens. For adults Chris presented the six-part series ‘The Plantsman’ on BBC Two in 2003 and has just finished a new series of ‘Garden Invaders’ for BBC One. He has presented strands of the RHS Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower show coverage on BBC since 2008.

9781846013836 $12.99/$15.99 in Canada Hardcover 8 x 8 • 64 pages 40 color photographs Spruce April 2011 4

Written by Chris Collins, the book covers everything little green thumbs would need to know to get the gardening bug, including how to sow and grow 10 easy-peasy vegetables that they’ll love to eat. Simple step-by-step instructions guide and inspire, presenting fun challenges such as growing the tallest sunflower and the largest pumpkin. The book also contains a ‘letter to the guardians’ explaining how parents and adults can provide a garden for kids in even the smallest of spaces. A great add-on to the book is the Sow your-own-Salad page with lettuce-seed embedded paper. This cut-out page will come to life when placed in a seed pot with compost and water. The miracle of growing your own, springing from the pages of your first gardening book is sure to inspire and delight all young green thumbs!

9781845336066 $16.99/$19.99 in Canada Hardback 7 ½ x 9 ¾ • 112 pages 200 color photographs Mitchell Beazley April 2011 5


Grow Your Own Fruit

Grow Your Own Flowers

Carol Klein

Helen Yemm

Eating fruit is good for you and an essential part of your ‘five a day.’ Growing your own is even better.

The essential guide for anyone with an interest in growing flowers. The next book in the Grow Your Own series (publishing alongside Grow Your own Fruits), Grow Your Own Flowers is an essential guide to growing hundreds of recommended annual and perennial flowers.

The perfect companion book to Grow Your Own Vegetables, (which sold 6,500 copies in its first two months of publication), Grow Your own Fruit is the second offering from Carol Klein, who once again offers impeccable advice on growing the freshest, most nutritious and organic fruit.

A truly inspirational book , it encourages gardeners new and old to embrace the multitude of beautiful flowers that can be planted in any garden to make a dramatic difference. From understanding how to grow flowers to buying, planting and choosing the best varieties from 100 different genera, Grow Your Own Flowers takes the reader on a journey through all things floral. All the techniques such as staking, propagating, overwintering, and seed-collecting are also fully explained and illustrated in step-by-step instructions.

In Grow Your Own Fruit, expert gardener Carol Klein reveals the skills you need to nurture 40 different fruits from plot to plate. With her usual energy and enthusiasm, Klein offers green-thumbed advice for growing all your appetizing favorites plus less familiar fruits such as lemons, figs, blueberries and cranberries. Her approach is environmentally friendly and easy, giving all the help you need to succeed.

Carol Klein has exhibited for many years at major flower shows, winning six Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show. Her regular writing, radio and TV work has made her a world-renowned gardener.

9781845336004 $19.95/$23.99 in Canada Paperback 7 ½ x 9 ¾ • 224 pages 400 color photographs Mitchell Beazley April 2011 6

The book is beautifully photographed throughout and printed on wood-free matte paper. It includes information on growing fruits in all environments — whether planting in a garden, communal plot, raised bed, container, or in a window box. An ideal gift for beginners and experienced gardeners alike — this inspirational book is packed full of wisdom, making it an indispensable fruit reference for every gardener’s bookshelf.

Also Available: GROWN YOUR OWN VEGETABLES 9781845335519 (PB) $19.99/$24.99 in Canada

Helen Yemm is known as the UK’s gardening agony aunt and has been answering real-life gardening problems in the Daily Telegraph’s Saturday gardening supplement for nine years. She now owns and tends, single handedly a medium-sized garden full of too many flower varieties to count. She has hosted three television series for the BBC and written a book for enthusiastic beginners, Gardening In Your Nightie.

Lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs, this book is the perfect guide to show you how to choose and grow the very best flower varieties in your garden. It is also printed on wood-free matt paper, making it an attractive gift for any keen gardener.

9781845335991 $19.95/$23.99 in Canada Paperback 7 ½ x 9 ¾ • 224 pages 300 color photographs Mitchell Beazley April 2011 7


Fifty Bags that Changed the World

Fifty Hats that Changed the World

The Design Museum

The Design Museum

The perfect gift for fashionistas.

The perfect gift for fashionistas.

Fifty Bags that Changed the World focuses on one of the essential accessories that power the fashion world today — the handbag. From the original 1860 attaché case to Matthew Williamson’s 2010 Pucci Bean clutch, the book explores the top 50 handbags and backpacks, examining each ones iconic status in design history.

Fifty Hats That Changed the World lists the top 50 hats and headwear that have made a substantial impact in the world of fashion and design today. From Monomakh’s Cap, an early fifteenth century Russian crown to Franc Fernandez’s modern-day 2010 Helmet Headpiece, the book explores the designs that have turned heads over the years and the impact they’ve had on the fashion and design world.

London’s Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form from furniture to graphics, and architecture to industrial design.

9781840915709 $20.00/$26.00 in Canada Hardcover 8 x 6 • 112 pages 90 color photographs Conran Octopus April 2011

Also Available: THE FIFTY SERIES All titles: $20.00/$26.00 in Canada Hardcover FIFTY SHOES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD 9781840915396

London’s Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form from furniture to graphics, and architecture to industrial design.

9781840915693 $20.00/$26.00 in Canada Hardcover 8 x 6 • 112 pages 90 color photographs Conran Octopus April 2011





Cars (Mini) Stephen Bayley

The mini-version of the ultimate car book. This gorgeously photographed love letter to the most beautiful 86 cars ever manufactured is now available in a smaller, more accessible format and at a great price, making it the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Stephen Bayley is one of the world’s best-known authorities on modern culture, and cars are one of his many passions. He has written extensively on automobiles and automobile design for 25 years for both car companies and numerous publications including Car Magazine. He was awarded PPA Columnist of the Year for his car column in (British) GQ. Former Chief Executive of the Design Museum, the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design, he is an outspoken commenter on art and design, writing for numerous publications, appearing frequently on radio and television, and lecturing all over the world.

The story of the car is the story of how objects of industry became a medium of artistic expression. Memorials of our tastes, yearnings, and capabilities, these machines have layers of meaning and can be read like a book, if only you know how. Stephen Bayley, car columnist, design and cultural commentator knows how. This opinionated volume presents a spectacular study of achievements in car design. Bayley’s 86 favorite designs range from the 1908 Ford Model T, to the 1961 Jaguar E-Type, to the 2003 BMW 5. All presented in chronological order, each automobile also makes a statement about the national character of its country of manufacture. The 86-featured cars have been specially photographed and reproduced in 4-color black-and-white specifically to highlight their form and shape. The hundreds of ravishing photographs (including full-body, interior, and detail shots) make this mini version of Cars the perfect gift book for all car enthusiasts and design aficionados.

PRAISE FOR CARS ‘A very cool book. I can’t think of a man who wouldn’t want it.’ The Today Show

‘It’s a gift worth owning for any man who loves all things beautiful.’ 9781840915358 $19.99/$23.99 in Canada Hardcover 5 ½ x 6 • 384 pages 350 black and white photographs Conran Octopus May 2011 10

Los Angeles Times

‘Car lovers will sit with wide-eyed gaze turning each page gently to reveal the splendid beauty of the next image.’ The Louisville Courier-Journal 11


CONRAN ESSENTIALS The Back to Basics Guides to Home Design, and Furnishing by Terence Conran

Essential Children’s Rooms

Essential Color Terence Conran

Terence Conran Embrace color in your home. Essential Colo r is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to introduce color into their home, but unsure of where to begin. Following on from the success of the four previous Essentials titles, the book harnesses Terence Conran’s wealth of design expertise to guide you through the first steps of working with color. Including sections on understanding how color works, using accents and focal points to create a color scheme, and practical color effects with materials, textures and finishes, this book is all you need to create a harmonious interior in your home.

9781840915730 $20.00/$24.00 in Canada Hardcover 6 x 8 • 112 pages 100 color photographs Conran Octopus May 2011

ABOUT THE ESSENTIALS SERIES In this series of practical handbooks, renowned design authority Terence Conran applies his knowledge and experience to every space in your home. Each book takes you through all the steps — from planning and assessment, through selecting fixtures and fittings, to choosing materials and finishes. The books’ hundreds of stunning color photographs provide visual proof that good design is always both beautiful and functional.


Create stylish rooms for children of any age. Terence Conran’s name is synonymous with stylish home design. In this book, he presents a wide range of options for designing and decorating rooms and spaces in the modern home for babies and toddlers, to school age children and teenagers. From planning and design to furniture, fittings, décor and details, practical information and inspiring visual examples demonstrate that however big your space, children’s rooms can be stylish too.

9781840915686 $20.00/$24.00 in Canada Hardcover 6 x 8 • 112 pages 100 color photographs Conran Octopus May 2011

Also Available: The Essential Series All titles: $20.00/$24.00 in Canada • Hardcover ESSENTIAL BATHROOMS • 9781840915518 ESSENTIAL KITCHENS • 9781840915495 ESSENTIAL SMALL SPACES • 9781840915525 ESSENTIAL STORAGE • 9781840915501



Everyday Wisdom

Everyday Confident

Susannah Marriott

Jane Garton

365 ways to unlock your inner wisdom.

365 ways to a better, more confident you.

In all the noise of day-to-day living, it can be hard to know where to turn for those pearls of wisdom. Designed for people with little time to make the big changes needed to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle, Everyday Wisdom helps you to unlock your own potential, with a fresh inspirational thought, idea or exercise each day.

In a world where stresses and pressures mount all too easily, it can be hard to find the strength to assert yourself. Whether at work, at home or with your friends, feeling confident and comfortable within yourself is the key to success. Everyday Confident helps to lay the foundations for a bolder, brighter you with practical tips on exercise and relaxation, and choice words from respected confidence gurus.

Each one of these 365 beautifully designed pages offers a way to build knowledge about yourself and the world around you, as well as practical tips on exercise, diet, sleep and relaxation, and choice words from respected gurus. A pocketbook personal trainer that focuses your mind and challenges your perceptions Everyday Wisdom offers bite-sized step-by-step solutions to finding and using your inner wisdom.

Susannah Marriott is a freelance writer who specializes in complementary healthcare. She is the author of 12 illustrated co-edition books on yoga, spa and prayer, pregnancy and motherhood and have been published in the UK and US, France, Spain, and Japan. They include Beads of Faith, Total Meditation, Basic Yoga, Spice Spa, The Art of Motherhood and Your Non-Toxic Pregnancy. Susannah recently returned from India where she was working with BKS Lyengar on his new book.


9781846013331 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada Flexi 5.2 x 4.1 • 384 pages 100 illustrations Spruce May 2011

With daily prompts and motivations for creating new mindsets and building self-belief, each tip encourages you to focus on your strengths and be mindful of self-doubt. So give your ego a boost and your inner strength a workout. Everyday Confident is your step-by-step guide to radiating confidence.

Jane Garton is an accomplished author, having written and co-edited a wide range of publications over the past 20 years. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and her previous titles for Spruce include Happy — 100 tips to Feel Great, A Thousand Paths to Hope and Things to Do Now That You’re Retired.

9781846013348 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada Flexi 5.2 x 4.1 • 384 pages 100 illustrations Spruce May 2011

Also Available:

Also Available:

EVERYDAY CALM 9781846013164 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

EVERYDAY HAPPY 9781846013324 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada



World Atlas of Golf Mark Rowlinson, Tom Doak, et al.

The greatest courses and how they are played — now in paperback. When The World Atlas of Golf first published in 2006, it set the standard by taking a uniquely global view of the game and the architects of course design. Now, the paperback of the revised edition is finally available -—with all the text, spectacular illustrations, and dazzling photographs that have made it one of the game’s most popular books. Put together by leading experts, this is a tribute to golf that every lover of the game will want to own…and every dad will want to receive on Father’s Day.

Mark Rowlinson has been associated with The World Atlas of Golf since 1990, both editorially and as a contributor. He has also written A Place to Golf and The Times Guide to the Golf Courses of Great Britain and Ireland.

From revered links, like St Andrews, to hidden gems, like Casa De Campo in the Dominican Republic, this beautifully designed and illustrated guide covers the seminal and most architecturally brilliant courses. Stunningly designed feature pages provide a thorough understanding of the golfing scene throughout the world. There are also maps showing locations of key clubs, plus sumptuous computer-generated artworks of each course, filled with impressive detail, and ‘cutaways’ of signature holes. Written by the world’s leading authorities on golf course architecture, The World Atlas of Golf paperback edition continues the tradition of this well-respected and best-selling title and is the only guide that any lover of the game will need. The greatest courses of the world are waiting to be explored!

PRAISE FOR THE WORLD ATLAS OF GOLF 9780600621904 $24.95/$29.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 9 x 11 • 320 pages 150 photographs and 130 illustrations Hamlyn May 2011 16

‘A book you would love to give to your oldest and dearest friend and one which you yourself would like to receive as a present.’ Golf Illustrated



Homegrown Remedies

Play Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons

Anne McIntyre

Jon Buck An expert reference for anyone wishing to create their own natural, homegrown remedies

A simple, structured approach to learning how to play the guitar. If you’ve ever wanted to play guitar this is the quick and easy way to learn. By the end of the 10 lessons you will be able to play chords and scales, improvise your own solos, and strum chords in every key. This clearly illustrated guide shows you all you need to start playing the guitar, from getting to know the instrument, posture and tablature, to playing advance chord extensions, scales, and arpeggios.

Jon Buck has been teaching guitar for over 15 years. He studied the instrument under the tuition of legendary session player Colin Pincott from the age of 9 and has been playing publicly since he was 13. Jon’s extraordinary musical knowledge and virtuosity have enabled him to play and record extensively while continuing to teach students of all ages.

9780600622383 $14.95/$17.95 in Canada Paperback 5.1 x 7.4 • 160 pages 140 illustrations Hamlyn May 2011 18

There are tips for perfect technique and innovative illustrations to show you how to play even the most complicated sounding chords. Easy-to-follow text helps you understand the relationship between notes and there is even a directory of over 250 chords for you to experiment with.

cover to change

Anne McIntyre is a Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and has been practicing herbal medicine for over 25 years. She also teaches Ayurvedic medicine, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics and lectures extensively on herbal medicine and Ayurveda in the USA, UK, and Europe.

Have you ever wanted to grow your own remedies, but wondered how you would go about it, or what equipment you would need? Now with Homegrown Remedies, you can learn how to grow herbs in pots and use your plants to create natural remedies to treat a variety of health complaints and common ailments. Home healing doesn’t have to be about expensive ingredients or large gardening spaces. Make the most of your windowsill, balcony or patio and grow all the herbs you need to make natural, inexpensive remedies. Each of the 40 recipes contain step-by-step instructions showing how even the most novice of herbalists can make a variety of cures, including tinctures, poultices, juices, teas and more. In addition, the book also features a thorough guide to the healing properties of every plant used and expert advice on planning, planting and maintaining your herb garden, ensuring you have everything you need to keep your natural pharmacy well-stocked all year round.

9781846013867 $16.99/$19.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ¾ x 9 ¼ • 144 pages 100 illustrations Gaia May 2011 19



The Ultimate Cocktail Book Bill Reavell & Neil Mersh

The must-have book for any cocktail party! Staying in is the new going out! Cocktail parties are glamorous, sophisticated and make for a fun-packed evening with your family and friends. The Ultimate Cocktail Book is the perfect accompaniment for any such party and the only reference you’ll ever need to make all your favorite cocktails. Whether you are planning a fun and special event or are just in the mood for an exotic drink, this book is a foolproof guide to cocktail making. With over 200 recipes from classics such as the Dry Martini and Tequila Sunrise to the more exotic Mai Tai and Singapore Sling, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Hamlyn All Color Rice A collection of 200 new and inventive ways to prepare this healthy and tasty grain. Learn just how versatile rice can be, with recipes for salads, wok dishes, paellas and risottos, as well as unusual desserts and sweets.

9780600622390 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada Paperback 5 ½ x 6 ½ • 208 pages 110 color photographs Hamlyn July 2011

9780600622376 $17.95/$21.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 10.7 x 6.3 • 208 pages 120 illustrations Hamlyn June 2011 20

Hamlyn All Color Gluten Free Having a gluten intolerance needn’t mean missing out on your favorite foods. Hamlyn All Color Gluten Free provides over 200 nutritionally-analyzed recipes and easy-to-make alternatives to problem foods such as pasta, bread, pastry, and cake. The book also contains expert advice on maintaining a balanced diet. 9780600622406 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada Paperback 5 ½ x 6 ½ • 208 pages 110 color photographs Hamlyn July 2011

Create your own 12-copy Hamlyn All Color counter display! Empty Display: ISBN: 9780600620617 Please contact your Hachette Rep to place an order.



Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2012

Hugh Johnson’s Wine Journal

Hugh Johnson

Hugh Johnson

The original — and the best — pocket guide to wine

The first wine journal from the world’s favorite writer on wine, Hugh Johnson

Now in its 35th edition and with over 11 million copies sold worldwide, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2012 is still the number one pocket wine guide that appeals to both wine lovers and professionals.

Keep a record of your favorite (and least favorite) wines in this elegant hardcover journal from Hugh Johnson, renowned worldwide for his incisive and accessible writing on wine. Packed with Hugh’s expertise and “tricks of the trade” throughout, this is the perfect traveling companion to help you get the most out of the wines you drink.

No other guide so successfully distills the world of wine into such a handy, eloquent gem of a package, and Hugh’s winning formula of personal insight and critical appraisal has ensured this guide is the only reference trusted by wine enthusiasts, investors and collectors alike.

In this beautiful and refined journal, you will be able to compile your own tasting notes and record those wines that you have particularly enjoyed, or otherwise. Easy to complete charts and boxes for writing tasting notes are combined with Hugh’s guidelines on such subjects as choosing wine for particular occasions (such as which wine is best for your Christmas table), the best vintages for particular wines, and what other wines to try if you are especially fond of those made from a certain grape, such as, for example, Merlot or Silvaner.

As always the pocket wine book is packed with invaluable features and for 2012 it has been completely revised and updated, with fresh introductions and new sidebar features for every country. This year’s edition boasts up-to-date news on more than 6,000 wines, growers and regions plus invaluable vintage information from expert contributors around the world.

Hugh Johnson is the world’s pre-eminent writer on wine. First published in 1977, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book sells hundreds of thousands of copies a year. During the past four decades he has written books that have become landmarks on the subject, including his classic The World Atlas of Wine, published in its sixth edition with Jancis Robinson in 2007, his Wine Companion, published in 2009 and now in its sixth edition, and The Story of Wine.

Also containing quick-reference vintage charts and sections on grape varieties and wine & food, Hugh Johnson’s Wine Journal is the perfect gift or self-purchase for every lover of wine or those who want to know more.

Whether you’re purchasing a bottle at a shop, ordering wine in a restaurant, stocking a cellar, or investing in a vintage, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2012 is the one resource you cannot do without. 9781845336028 $14.99/$19.99 in Canada Hardcover 3 ½ x 7 ½ • 320 pages 200 color photographs Mitchell Beazley August 2011

Also Available: THE WORLD ATLAS OF WINE (6TH EDITION) 9781845333010 (HC) $50.00/$59.00 in Canada HUGH JOHNSON’S WINE COMPANION (6TH EDITION) 9781845334574 (HC) $60.00/$75.00 in Canada 22

9781845336035 $14.99/$17.99 in Canada Hardcover 6 x 8 • 192 pages 70 color photographs Conran Octopus August 2011



waiting for higher-res eHarmonY® Guide to Dating Second Time Around General Editor: Dr. Gian Gonzaga

What is the background of eHarmony?

The ultimate dating resource for today’s Baby Boomers! The average age of an on-line dater in the US in now 48 years old and the 40–55 age group is the fastest growing sector in on-line dating. As the Baby Boomers flock to the internet to look for new relationships, the eHarmony Guide to Dating Second Time Around unlocks the secrets to successful on-line dating, to help even the most novice of internet daters start looking for love.

online dating to help singles find great long-term relationships. •

Dr. Gian Gonzaga Ph.D is the senior director of research and development at eHarmony Labs. He has taught, presented and published extensively on topics relating to relationships, love and health, and has received numerous honors and awards for his work, including the prestigious National Science Foundation Minority Predoctoral Fellowship and Psi Chi National Undergraduate Research Competition. He is a member of several associations including the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, and many more.

9780600622277 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada Paperback 8 x x 5 ¼ • 224 pages Hamlyn 24

Before eHarmony launched in 2000, the company’s founding research team spent several years studying the marital satisfaction of thousands of married couples. They wanted to understand why some couples remain highly satisfied with their

Published in conjunction with eHarmony, (the US’s largest dating site, with over 20 million registered users), this book guides newcomers through the uncharted waters and offers sound tips and advice to the already initiated, addressing an array of issues unique to second-round daters. From identifying what you are really looking for in a partner — rather than what you might imagine you want — to not sending out any of the 7 signs of a desperate dater, this is the essential guide to getting it right. The dating game has changed for Boomers, but that doesn’t mean it has to be daunting! Packed with hints and tips throughout, this book is a practical and helpful guide that helps daters maximize their efforts and chances of finding love again.

eHarmony pioneered the application of relationship science to

relationships over time and what unique qualities distinguish the most-satisfied couples from all others. •

Their research found that couples whose values, beliefs, attitudes and personalities are similar are likeliest to remain happy in their relationships. These traits are good predictors of relationship satisfaction because they remain relatively stable throughout a person’s

waiting for higher-res

adult life. Using these insights, eHarmony developed its patented Compatibility Matching System® to predict which pairings of single people are most likely to result in highly satisfying long-term relationships.


eHarmony is the biggest US dating site, with over 20 million registered users in the US

eHarmony’s fastest-growing segment is the 40—55 age group

eHarmony is responsible for 2% of new marriages in the US 25



stoners’ delight Space Cakes, Pot Brownies, and Other Tasty Cannabis Creations Alice B. Toklas could have learned a thing of two from this cannabis cookbook of delicious marijuana munchies! From a breakfast of Space Muffins to Cannabis Cupcakes with lunch to after-dinner Hash Brownies, you’ll fill your day with stoner snacks, plus teas, hot chocolate, and cocktails that are easy to make and fun to share. Cooking with cannabis is a hassle-free way to enjoy weed for anyone who wants to avoid the health issues and stigma of smoking (calling all medical marijuana users!) or just plain can’t roll a joint. A special section covers the different forms of cannabis, and explains how to adapt each recipe to your particular stash of pot.

9781846013744 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada Hardcover 7 ½ x 5 ½ • 96 pages 12 photographs and 20 line artworks Spruce March 2011

And for days when you want to stay straight, these recipes are so downright yummy you will still feel happy, even without the buzz.

CARIBBEAN FOOD MADE EASY WITH LEVI ROOTS The companion book to the TV show The man who famously whipped the UK into a Caribbean frenzy with his spicy sauces is bringing his ‘fabulocious’ take on Island cuisine Stateside with Caribbean Food Made Easy with Levi Roots, the companion book to his TV show of the same name, airing on the Cooking Channel.

As shown on the cooking channel 26

Levi serves up a culinary whirlwind of vibrant colors, mouthwatering flavors and even a bit of reggae music. Following Levi as he travels the UK and Jamaica, he shows just how easy it is to bring a little bit of Caribbean sunshine into your home. The 100 inspiring and easy–to-make recipes, including those featured in the TV series, reveal the full range of Levi’s extraordinary fusion food; from traditional Jamaican cuisine to modern Caribbean, to one pot meals and exceptional barbeque, Levi conjures up the magic of Caribbean cooking and will leave no doubt as to how unique, exciting, and delicious the food can be.

9781845335250 $24.99/$29.99 in Canada Hardcover 9 ¾ x 7 ½ • 192 pages 150 colour photographs Mitchell Beazley




U S A 27




May 8, 2011

JUNE 19, 2011

Bulb 9781845335328 $39.99 (HC) $50.00 in Canada

Country 9781840915181 $60.00 (HC) $66.00 in Canada

The Joy of Home 9781840915433 $39.99 (HC) $47.99 in Canada

Jane Packer Color 9781840915600 $19.99 (PB) $23.99 in Canada

Pattern 9781840915532 $34.99 (HC) $41.99 in Canada

Barbecue box 9780600619659 $24.99 (PB Wiro) $27.99 in Canada

The Concise World Atlas of Wine 9781845335007 $29.99 (PB) $32.99 in Canada

Hugh Johnson’s Wine Companion 6th Edition 9781845334574 $60.00 (HC) $75.00 in Canada

Guinness 9780600620372 $12.99 (HC) $16.99 in Canada

World Atlas of Whiskey 9781845335779 $34.99 (HC) $41.99 in Canada

Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide 2010–2011 9781845334406 $45.00 (HC) $55.00 in Canada

Costume Jewelry 9781845335632 $34.99 (HC) $41.99 in Canada

Color Me Younger 9780600619611 $17.99 (PB) $19.99 in Canada

Hats, Gloves and Scarves 9780600612551 $17.95 (PB) $25.95 in Canada

Italian Mama’s Kitchen 9781846013201 $12.99 (HC) $14.50 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re a Dad 9781846012631 $9.95 (PB) $11.95 in Canada

Grow Your Own Vegetables 9781845335519 $19.99 (PB) $24.99 in Canada

Origins 9781845334741 $34.99 (HC) $41.99 in Canada

Top 10 for Men 9780600620709 $14.99 (HC) $17.99 in Canada

Top 10 of Ireland 9780600621843 $14.99 (HC) $17.99 in Canada

Jewish Mama’s Kitchen 9781846013416 $12.99 (HC) $16.99 in Canada

Dress Your Gingerbread 9781846013690 $12.99 (PB) $15.99 in Canada

Dear Daughter 9781846013577 $12.99 (HC) $15.99 in Canada

Dear Son 9781846013584 $12.99 (HC) $15.99 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re a MOm 9781846012884 $9.95 (PB) $11.95 in Canada

Learn to Play Golf in 10 Easy Lessons 9780600621676 $12.99 (PB) $15.99 in Canada

The Story of Science 9781845335809 $29.99 (HC) $35.99 in Canada

the Little book of Beards 9781846013607 $9.99 (HC) $11.99 in Canada

Fender 9781844036660 $29.99 (HC) $35.99 in Canada

Fifty Cars that Changed the World 9781840915365 $20.00 (HC) $26.00 in Canada


hamlyn all color

Value. Lifestyle. Hamlyn All Color. No other series offers so much in such a compact package. Select from the following list of titles, plus new titles on page 21.


200 BARBECUE RECIPES 9780600619444 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 BREAD RECIPES 9780600620143 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 BUDGET MEALS 9780600619499 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 CAKES AND BAKES 9780600618713 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 CHICKEN DISHES 9780600619451 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 RECIPES FOR KIDS 9780600620891 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 SUPER SALADS 9780600619468 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 SUPER SOUPS 9780600620181 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 THIRTY MINUTE MEALS 9780600621638 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 VEGGIE FEASTS 9780600618720 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

CAT CARE ESSENTIALS 9780600620921 $9.99/$12.99 in Canada

DOG CARE ESSENTIALS 9780600620938 $9.99/$12.99 in Canada

THE DOG DIRECTORY 9780600620037 $9.99/$10.99 in Canada

DOG TRICKS 9780600620013 $9.99/$10.99 in Canada

200 GREAT PERENNIALS 9780600620341 $7.99 /$9.99 in Canada

200 NO-WORK GARDEN IDEAS 9780600620358 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 VEGETABLE-GROWING BASICS 9780600620365 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada


200 CHRISTMAS RECIPES 9780600621652 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 COCKTAILS 9780600618744 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 CUPCAKES 9780600620983 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 CURRIES 9780600618690 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 DELICIOUS DESSERTS 9780600620150 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

CAT BREEDS 9780600620945 $9.99/$12.99 in Canada


200 EASY DINNERS 9780600618706 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 FAB FISH DISHES 9780600620167 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 ITALIAN FAVORITES 9780600620907 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 JUICES & SMOOTHIES 9780600620914 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 LOW FAT DISHES 9780600618737 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada GAMES TO PLAY WITH YOUR DOG 9780600620020 $9.99/$10.99 in Canada

200 GREAT CONTAINERS 9780600620334 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

Create your own 12-copy Hamlyn All Color counter display! 200 MAKE AHEAD DISHES 9780600619475 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada


200 MEALS FOR TWO 9780600620174 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 ONE POT MEALS 9780600619482 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

200 PASTA DISHES 9780600618683 $7.99/$8.99 in Canada

200 REALLY EASY RECIPES 9780600620136 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

Empty Display: ISBN: 9780600620617 Please contact your Hachette Rep to place an order. 31


30-MINUTE ITALIAN 9780600619574 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

30-MINUTE VEGETARIAN 9780600619581 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

BARBECUE 9780600620327 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

BIKINI FIT 9780600617556 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

Authoritative, concise, and beautifully illustrated, each Pyramid title focuses on a single topic, offering great advice on health, cooking, sports and more for only $9.95. Over 5 million copies of the Pyramid series sold worldwide.

BONSAI BASICS 9780600619109 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

MASSAGE BASICS 9780600617532 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

MIRACLE JUICES 9780600620297 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

ORCHID BASICS 9780600617570 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

ORGANIC GARDEN BASICS 9780600620877 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

PASTA 9780600619598 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada



COCKTAILS 9780600620129 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

COOKING FOR A HEALTHY HEART 9780600620310 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

DETOX 9780600620273 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

FAT-BURNER FOODS 9780600620280 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

GLUTEN-FREE COOKING 9780600620860 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

QUICK COOKING FOR DIABETES 9780600620303 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

REFLEXOLOGY AND ACUPRESSURE 9780600617587 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

SLOW COOKER 9780600619567 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

GOLF BASICS 9780600619604 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

JUICES AND SMOOTHIES 9780600619543 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

LOWER YOUR GOLF HANDICAP 9780600620884 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

LOW FAT 9780600620853 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

MAKE YOUR OWN CARDS 9780600618102 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

SOUPS 9780600619550 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

YOGA BASICS 9780600617525 $9.95 (PB) $10.95 in Canada

YOGA FOR PREGNANCY 9780600617549 $9.95 (PB) $12.99 in Canada

Display holds 10 copies each of up to 8 different New Pyramid titles. $796.00 • Price varies in Canada Empty display: ISBN-13: 978060061849 Please contact your Hachette Rep to place your custom order. 33



Whether sweet or savory, these fabulous cookbooks each offer 120 delicious recipes, 60 color photographs and a glamorous package. It all adds up to a series that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide.

CAKES GALORE 9781846011221 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

CHOCOLATE GALORE 978184601498 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

COCKTAILS GALORE 9781846011467 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

PASTA GALORE 9781846013300 $16.95/$21.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

SOUP GALORE 9781846013294 $16.95/$21.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

JUICES & SMOOTHIES GALORE 9781846012822 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

COOKIES GALORE 9781840729979 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

ICE CREAM GALORE 97818460113232 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

CUPCAKES GALORE 9781840729962 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

MUFFINS GALORE 9781846011238 $16.95/$16.95 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

BROWNIES, BARS & BAKES GALORE 9781846013737 $16.95/$19.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages

BRUNCH GALORE 9781846013713 $16.95/19.99 in Canada Paperback with flaps 7 ½ x 9 • 192 pages




GLAMOUR CAKES 9780600617143 $19.95/$23.95 in Canada

tana’s kitchen secrets 9781845335502 $26.99/$32.99 in Canada

EVERYDAY HARUMI 9781840915440 $29.99/$35.99 in Canada

200 bread recipes 9780600620143 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

GLUTEN-FREE COOKING 9780600620860 $9.95/$12.99 in Canada

CRYSTAL POWER, CRYSTAL HEALING 9780713726770 $21.99/$26.99 in Canada

THE CRYSTAL EXPERIENCE 9781841813929 $14.99/$17.99 in Canada

THE Angel Experience 9781841813936 $14.99/$17.99 in Canada

THE MEDITATION Experience 9781841813943 $14.99/$17.99 in Canada

WORLD MANDALAS 9781841812571 $17.95/$21.95 in Canada

Cocktails 9780600620129 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

the world atlas of wine 6th edition 9781845333010 $50.00/$59.00 in Canada

200 JUICES & SMOOTHIES 9780600620914 $7.99/$9.99 in Canada

DOG CARE ESSENTIALS 9780600620938 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

CAT CARE ESSENTIALS 9780600620921 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS 9781840725711 $9.95/$11.99 in Canada

ask gardening 9781846012785 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

ask home 9781846012921 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

ask beauty 9781846012914 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

ask love 9781846012938 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

ORCHID BASICS 9780600617570 $9.95/$10.95 in Canada

INDOOR BONSAI FOR BEGINNERS 9781844033508 $14.95/$17.95 in Canada

NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GARDENING TECHNIQUES 9781845334840 $45.00/$53.99 in Canada

The little book of beards 9781846013607 $9.99/$11.99 in Canada

Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide 2010–2011 9781845334406 $45.00/$55.00 in Canada

MY PREGNANCY JOURNAL 9781846013379 $19.99/$23.99 in Canada

BABY’S RECORD BOOK 9781846012815 $19.99/$23.99 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re a Dad 9781846012631 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re a MOm 9781846012884 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re a grandparent 9781846013249 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

MILLER’S COLLECTIBLES HANDBOOK 9781845335175 $27.99/$33.99 in Canada

WEDDING BOUQUETS 9780600613862 $12.95/$15.99 in Canada

COLOR ME CONFIDENT 9780600614999 $17.99/$21.99 in Canada

THE KNITTER’S HANDBOOK 9780600619413 $12.99/$15.99 in Canada

NATURAL LIVING 9781856753203 $29.99/$35.99 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re retired 9781846012433 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re single again 9781846012426 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re 40 9781840727975 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re 50 9781840727982 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada

Things to Do Now You’re 60 9781840728101 $9.95/$11.95 in Canada


INDEX 200 Bread Recipes (Hamlyn All Colour) 200 Gluten-Free Recipes (Hamlyn All Color) 200 Juices & Smoothies (Hamlyn All Color)

21 30, 36

Dear Daughter


Dear Son


Dog Care Essentials (Hamlyn All Color)

31, 36

Dress Your Cupcake

2 2, 28

200 Rice Dishes (Hamlyn All Color)


Dress Your Gingerbread


Angel Experience, The


E-Harmony’s Guide to Dating Second Time Around

Ask Beauty


Essential Bathrooms


Ask Gardening


Essential Color


Ask Home


Essential Children’s Rooms


Ask Love


Essential Kitchens


Baby’s Record Book


Essential Small Spaces


Barbecue Box


Essential Storage




Everyday Calm


Caribbean Food Made Easy with Levi Roots


Everyday Confident


Cars (Mini)

Everyday Happy 10

Cat Care Essentials (Hamlyn All Color)

31, 36

Cocktails (A Pyramid Paperback)

32, 36

Color Me Confident Color Me Younger Concise World Atlas of Wine, The Costume Jewelry

Everyday Harumi Everyday Wisdom Fender Fifty Bags that Changed the World

36 28 29 28

Fifty Cars that Changed the World Fifty Chairs that Changed the World Fifty Dresses that Changed the World Fifty Hats that Changed the World



Fifty Shoes that Changed the World

Crystal Experience, The


Galore Cookbooks (Backlist)

Crystal Power, Crystal Healing


Glamour Cakes

Cupcake Kit 38

30, 36


15 36 14 29 8 9, 29 9 8 9 8 34—35 36

Gluten-Free Cooking (A Pyramid Paperback)

32, 36

Grow Your Own for Kids


Grow Your Own Flowers


Grow Your Own Fruit


Grow Your Own Vegetables Guinness Hamlyn All Color (Backlist)

6, 29 29 30—31

Hash Cakes


Hats, Gloves and Scarves


Homegrown Remedies


Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2012


Hugh Johnson’s Wine Companion

22, 29

Hugh Johnson’s Wine Journal


Indoor Bonsai for Beginners


Italian Mama’s Kitchen


Jane Packer Color


Jewish Mama’s Kitchen


Joy of Home, The


Knitter’s Handbook, The


Learn to Play Golf in 10 Easy Lessons


Little Book of Beards, The Macarons Meditation Experience, The Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide 2010—2011

29, 36 4 37 28, 36

Miller’s Collectibles Handbook


Mothers & Daughters


My Pregnancy Journal


Natural Living


New Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques


Orchid Basics (A Pyramid Paperback)

33, 36





Play Guitar in 10 Easy Lessons


Pyramid Series (Backlist)


Story of Science, The


Tana’s Kitchen Secrets


Things to do Now You’re a Dad Things to do Now You’re a Grandparent Things to do Now You’re a Mom

29, 37 37 28, 37

Things to do Now You’re a Retired


Things to do Now You’re Single Again


Things to do Now You’re 40


Things to do Now You’re 50


Things to do Now You’re 60


Top 10 for Men


Top Ten of Ireland


Ultimate Cocktail Book, The


Wedding Bouquets


World Atlas of Golf


World Atlas of Whiskey


World Atlas of Wine, The World Mandalas

22, 36 37



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