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New Arcadians ARCHITECTURE 15

Emerging UK Architects 9


Fashion Futures




Painterly Plants




Type Matters!




The Royal Hospital Chelsea A Year in Pictures 10



More Dream Homes


100 Inspirational Interiors 8


Tokyo Taxi


An Alphabet of London



NEW TITLE FASHION £35.00 UK $59.95 US $65.00 CAN Hardback iSbN 978-1-8589-4563-7 240 pages 28 x 20 cm (73⁄4 x 11 in) 250 colour illustrations March UK and Nor th America Rights available

Fashion Futures bradley Quinn Today fashion is moving forward at a faster pace than ever before, with advancing technologies and new materials reinventing clothing as we know it. Futuristic garment designs are often inspired by surprising sources: biological science, climate change, space suits, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. Fashion Futures offers a fascinating survey of these new directions, charting the transformational products, design processes, maverick materials and groundbreaking practitioners that are revolutionizing fashion. Design expert bradley Quinn also explores radical retail operations, fashion forecasting and the relationship between fashion and other disciplines. Featuring inspirational interviews with international trend forecasters and designers, and packed with illustrations of extreme designs and prototypes, Fashion Futures is a thoughtprovoking overview of how fashion will look, perform and be manufactured and purchased in the twenty-first century. • A wide-ranging sur vey of the visionar y clothing designs, new materials, cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends shaping the future of fashion • Features interviews with leading designers and trend forecasters, among them Hussein Chalayan, iris van Herpen and Anne Marie Commandeur • includes a director y of practitioners and researchers at the forefront of fashion technology and design RELATED TITLES

Design Futures iSbN 978-1-8589-4540-8 (hbk) £35.00 UK $59.95 US $65.95 CAN Future Beauty 30 Years of Japanese Fashion iSbN 978-1-8589-4546-0 (hbk) £35.00 UK $59.95 US $65.95 CAN

bRADley QUiNN is a London-based writer and journalist who regularly contributes to such magazines and newspapers as Wallpaper*, elle Decoration, Metropolis and the evening Standard, as well as to trend-forecasting guides. His books include Techno Fashion (2002), The Fashion of Architecture (2003), Ultra Materials (2007) and Design Futures, published by Merrell in 2011.


NEW TITLE TRAVEL £9.95 UK $16.95 US $18.95 CAN Hardback iSbN 978-1-8589-4569-9 224 pages 17 x 15 cm (53⁄4 x 63⁄4 in) 200 colour illustrations March UK and Nor th America Rights available

Tokyo Taxi Alexander James Tokyo at night is a thrilling place. Neon lights up the buildings, while the pavements and bars are packed with bustling crowds. And, as in many other cities around the world, the streets are full of taxis. What makes Tokyo exceptional, however, are the signs on top of its taxi cabs. Hundreds of taxi firms operate in the city, and each has its own distinctive illuminated sign. Stars, globes, lanterns, cherry blossoms and even frogs and waving cats all feature in an array of vibrant colours. Photographer Alexander James set himself the task of capturing the most eye-catching of these signs – no mean feat, because some of the firms have as few as four cars on the road. in spite of having to work long, unsociable hours, the drivers take great pride in offering the highest standards of service and in keeping their cabs spotlessly clean, allowing the bright lights to reflect off the gleaming surfaces. Sharing some of the anecdotes he has heard from taxi drivers during his late-night travels, James portrays a city that literally dazzles after dark. • A unique, striking collection of taxi signs from one of the world’s most exciting cities • Features more than 200 evocative images by acclaimed photographer Alexander James • The perfect book for graphic design and travel enthusiasts is a critically acclaimed photographer whose work has been exhibited around the world. His recent projects address social, political and environmental issues, and his images have appeared in such publications as Design Week, Monograph and the los Angeles Times Magazine. AlexANDeR JAMeS


Toilets of the World iSbN 978-1-8589-4499-9 (pbk) £6.95 UK $9.95 US $12.50 CAN


NEW TITLE GARDENING £25.00 UK $39.95 US $43.95 CAN Hardback iSbN 978-1-8589-4555-2 160 pages 23 x 19 cm (71⁄2 x 9 in) 245 colour illustrations March UK and Nor th America Rights available

Painterly Plants Clare Foster Photography by Sabina Rüber Flowers have long been a favourite subject among artists, and the development of many well-known horticultural varieties may be traced through their depiction on paper or canvas over the centuries. Painterly Plants explores this fascinating relationship between horticulture and art through 14 of the most exquisitely beautiful flowers that nature and hybridization can produce. Some are the subjects of history’s most famous botanical masterpieces, while others look as if they themselves have been daubed with paint. each chapter focuses on an enduringly popular plant and its most spectacular varieties, providing a history – including its artistic history – with plenty of lively anecdotal information and a key botanical illustration that is discussed in the text. in addition, gardens expert Clare Foster offers succinct practical information on cultivation and recommended varieties. The jewel-like colours and sculptural shapes of the flowers are captured in a series of superb close-up photographs by Sabina Rüber. • brings together stunning flower photography and botanical illustration with a concise histor y of each featured plant • Showcases exquisite varieties of 14 of the most popular flowers in breathtaking detail, from peonies and narcissi to auriculas and irises • Gardens exper t Clare Foster char ts the intriguing botanical and ar t history of each flower RELATED TITLES

Garden Wisdom iSbN 978-1-8589-4462-3 (hbk) £17.95 UK $29.95 US $37.50 CAN Angie Lewin: Plants and Places iSbN 978-1-8589-4536-1 (hbk) £25.00 UK $45.00 US $49.95 CAN

is Garden Editor at House & Garden magazine, and was previously Editor of Gardens illustrated. She has contributed to the Sunday Times and The Guardian newspapers, and is the author of Compost (2005) and your Allotment (2007). SAbiNA RübeR is an acclaimed gardens photographer. Her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Gardens illustrated, House & Garden, The Times and The observer. ClARe FoSTeR




£19.95 UK $32.95 US $34.95 CAN

£29.95 UK $49.95 US $54.95 CAN

Paperback iSbN 978-1-8589-4575-0

Hardback iSbN 978-1-8589-4548-4

352 pages 25 x 25 cm (93⁄4 x 93⁄4 in) 800 colour illustrations

256 pages 23 x 23 cm (9 x 9 in) 250 colour illustrations

February UK and Nor th America

April UK and Nor th America

Rights sold: French, Spanish

Rights available

Something for everyone … a book full of inspiration HOUSE


New Arcadians

More Dream Homes

Emerging UK Architects

100 Inspirational Interiors

lucy bullivant

Andreas von einsiedel and Johanna Thornycroft


young architects in the UK are making a name for themselves, not just because of the buildings they design, but also because of the ethos they share – one that embraces concern for the environment and makes a virtue of limited budgets. in New Arcadians, lucy bullivant profiles 18 cutting-edge UK-based practices, presenting recent key projects as well as interviews with the architects. The architects’ ecological awareness is evident in a wide range of schemes, from Nord’s Shingle House in Dungeness, Kent, which makes use of sustainable and recyclable materials, to Groundlab’s Flowing Gardens for the 2011 World Horticultural expo at xi’an, China, an inspiring example of urban regeneration. other projects employ ecologically intelligent building materials or demonstrate a commitment to protecting and increasing biodiversity. Complete with an introduction exploring key trends in contemporary british architecture and full biographies of all the featured practices, New Arcadians is an exciting overview of the work and attitudes of a rising generation of UK architects who are reinvigorating the profession.

A companion and successor to Merrell’s hugely successful Dream Homes (more than 50,000 copies in print) and now available in paperback for the first time, this book presents 100 exceptional interiors of all styles from around the globe. From sumptuous, state-of-the-art city apartments created by professional designers to quirky holiday retreats transformed by their dedicated owners, More Dream Homes is an exciting kaleidoscope of locations and decoration ideas. each project is fully illustrated with beautiful photographs by celebrated interiors photographer Andreas von einsiedel, while Johanna Thornycroft describes concisely the key characteristics of each home and how these have been achieved, providing insights into the work of leading designers. More Dream Homes contains a wealth of inspiration for lovers of interior design or anyone seeking to make their dream home a reality.

Beautifully produced REAL HOMES MAGAZINE

An extraordinar y wealth of ideas IN DESIGN

• Features 100 inspirational homes to suit every taste, from a tree house in Provence to a clapboard house in Connecticut • Comprehensively illustrated with 800 photographs by worldrenowned interiors photographer Andreas von einsiedel

• Profiles the most dynamic and innovative new architectural practices in britain today

• The ultimate reference for interior design professionals, architects and anyone wanting to create their own dream home

• Showcases a wide variety of recent projects, big and small, public and private, both in the UK and abroad

has specialized in interiors photography for 20 years, and is a regular contributor to World of interiors and House & Garden. JoHANNA THoRNyCRoFT regularly contributes design features to newspapers and interiors magazines worldwide.

• over 250 illustrations, including plans, sketches and images by leading architectural photographers


Dream Rooms: Inspirational Interiors from 100 Homes iSbN 978-1-8589-4512-5 (hbk) £24.95 UK $39.95 US $49.95 CAN 100 Houses: Modern Designs for Contemporary Living iSbN 978-1-8589-4469-2 (hbk) £29.95 UK $49.95 US $54.95 CAN



21st-Century London The New Architecture iSbN 978-1-8589-4537-8 (pbk with flaps) £19.95 UK $34.95 US $38.95 CAN Architecture 11 RIBA Buildings of the Year iSbN 978-1-8589-4561-3 (hbk) £19.95 UK $34.95 US $38.95 CAN

lUCy bUllivANT is an architecture critic and curator. She is the author of Anglo Files: UK Architecture’s Rising Generation (2005) and Responsive environments: Architecture, Ar t and Design (2006), among other books. In 2011 she was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects.




£40.00 UK $70.00 US $77.00 CAN

£12.95 UK $22.95 US $24.95 CAN

Hardback iSbN 978-1-8589-4572-9

Hardback iSbN 978-1-8589-4573-6

224 pages 29 x 25 cm (93⁄4 x 111⁄2 in) 250 colour illustrations

96 pages 19.6 x 17.6 cm (67⁄8 x 73⁄4 in) 130 illustrations

April UK and Nor th America

March UK and Nor th America

Rights available

Rights available

The Royal Hospital Chelsea

An Alphabet of London

A Year in Pictures

Christopher brown

Patricia Rodwell london is the only city in the world where you could ever find Gilbert and George sharing space with the Gherkin and the Globe while the Great Fire burns and a gin drinker glugs her favourite tipple, and where a burlesque dancer hails a black cab while barrage balloons hover over broadcasting House during the blitz. in An Alphabet of London, Christopher brown presents a series of wonderfully whimsical linocuts illustrating every aspect of london past and present, including personalities, buildings, monuments, legends, historic events and other metropolitan icons. From Dickens, Dr Johnson, Tower bridge and the Shard to the Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon, pigeons and jellied eels, all london life is here. A born-and-bred londoner, brown recounts his own memories of growing up in the capital, and also describes how he creates his distinctive prints. His unique, often humorous take on london will delight anyone who lives in or visits the city.

Founded by Charles ii ‘for the succour and relief of veterans broken by age and war’, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and opened in 1692, the Royal Hospital Chelsea, london, still serves its original purpose as lodgings for former soldiers. Today this historic site, with its elegant buildings and verdant grounds, is home to more than 300 ‘in-Pensioners’, men and, since 2009, women. Photographer Patricia Rodwell was granted rare, behindthe-scenes access to the Hospital and all its activities over the course of a year, and her evocative images reveal for the first time the daily lives of the in-Pensioners and the staff at this world-renowned establishment, from the moving Founder’s Day ceremony to scenes of light-hearted recreation, and from intimate moments in the in-Pensioners’ accommodation to fittings for their famous scarlet uniforms. The book also features an engaging introduction and informative captions, providing an absorbing insight into the history of this remarkable institution and the lives of its residents today.

• A superbly enter taining A–Z of london, with delightful illustrations by ar tist Christopher brown

• A unique celebration of one of london’s best-known landmarks, its in-Pensioners and the people who work there

• includes reminiscences of a london childhood by the artist, and also insights into the creation of his charming linocuts

• Features some 250 poignant photographs recording both official events and the in-Pensioners’ daily lives

• An irresistible gift book for all lovers of one of the greatest cities in the world

• includes an introduction on the histor y of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and its enduring relevance today RELATED TITLE

Remembered The History of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission iSbN 978-1-8589-4374-9 (hbk) £29.95 UK $59.95 US $69.95 CAN


PATRiCiA RoDWell is a London-based photographer specializing in portraiture. Her work has appeared in such publications as Geographical magazine and the Daily Telegraph, and her previous projects have ranged from photographing the British Paralympic dressage team to accompanying the British Army’s 29 Commando Regiment on exercise at Cape Wrath, Scotland.


A Pack of Dogs An Anthology iSbN 978-1-8589-4531-6 (hbk) £17.95 UK $29.95 US $32.95 CAN

CHRiSToPHeR bRoWN studied at the Royal College of Art and later assisted the artist Edward Bawden. He has exhibited his prints around the United Kingdom, including at the Royal Academy and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and at St Jude’s Gallery in Norfolk. He is the illustrator of A Pack of Dogs: An Anthology, published by Merrell in 2010.



Published Titles

£17.95 UK $29.95 US $32.95 CAN Soft flexi binding iSbN 978-1-8589-4567-5 160 pages 22 x 17 cm (63⁄4 x 83⁄4 in) April UK and Nor th America Rights available

Type Matters! Jim Williams Foreword by ben Casey once upon a time, only typesetters needed to know about kerning, leading, ligatures and hanging punctuation. Today, however, most of us work on computers, with access to hundreds of fonts, and we’d all like our letters, reports and other documents to look as good – and be as readable – as possible. but what does all the confusing terminology about ink traps, letter spacing and visual centring mean, and what are the rules for good typography? Type Matters! is a book of tips for everyday use, for all users of typography, from students and professionals to anyone who does any layout design on a computer. The book is arranged into three chapters: an introduction to the basics of typography; headline and display type; and setting text. Within each chapter there are sections devoted to particular principles or problems, such as selecting the right typeface, leading and the treatment of numbers. examples show precisely what makes good typography – and, crucially, what doesn’t. Authoritatively written and designed by a practitioner and teacher of typography, Type Matters! has a beautifully clear layout that reinforces the principles discussed throughout. • The ultimate book of typography tips for anyone interested in improving the look of their type • Clear subject-by-subject structure helps the reader quickly identify the relevant topic

RELATED TITLE The Ten Commandments of Typography/Type Heresy Breaking the Ten Commandments of Typography iSbN 978-1-8589-4355-8 (hbk) £14.95 UK $22.95 US $29.95 CAN


• elegantly designed, with soft flexi binding, ribbon placeholders and an elastic enclosure, ideal for handy desktop reference JiM WilliAMS began his career as a typographer in advertising, and is now an award-winning graphic designer and a senior lecturer in graphics at Staffordshire University. beN C ASey is Creative Director of The Chase design consultancy and Professor of Visual Communication at the University of Central Lancashire.


Merrell Publishers Limited 81 Southwark Street London SE1 0HX T. +44 (0)20 7928 8880 F. +44 (0)20 7928 1199

I SB N 978-1-8589- 4576-7


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Merrell Spring 2012

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