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Our Top Titles for Fall 2012

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Dear colleagues in the book trade, Dear readers, I am pleased to be able to present this year’s fall program in a new light. Our family-run publishing company h.f.ullmann proudly offers you high-quality books by our renowned authors and photographers. The good value for money at an invariably high level of quality largely depends on our international editions and your support, such as a favorable presentation of our books. Of course, the steady flow of awards and positive reviews which our books receive from the print media are a continual source of delight. Following the overwhelming success of ARS SACRA we now offer you a new, monumental series in a large-sized format: THE COLLECTION OF ART EPOCHS. We will launch this major publishing project with two opulent volumes on GOTHIC and BAROQUE art – both will be published simultaneously in October. The spectacular photo­g raphy by Achim Bednorz in combination with the extensive knowledge of the editor, Rolf Toman, as well as the outstanding contributing authors invite you to experience these epochs and their artwork at breathtakingly close hand, in a dazzlingly designed, hand-bound edition. We are also pleased to present A GUY’S GUIDE TO STYLE by Bernhard Roetzel, the author of GENTLEMAN, as a worldwide novelty in book + e-book all-in-one format. The luxurious coffee table book MODERN LIVING ACCESSORIES will add to the beauty of your living environment. Over 500 pages feature everything from Alessi’s water kettle to Nicola Zocca’s blow-up “bill lights” and give a comprehensive review of the last 100 years of design.

More information on these books starts on Page 4.

Of course, all h.f.ullmann books, whether popular longsellers or classy novelties, will continue to be available at unbeatably low prices that offer great value for money – this is our endeavor and our promise to you now and in the future. Indeed, marvellous books that touch people and that people want to touch do have a future. It is our chosen profession to make and market these books.

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Thank you for your commitment – we hope you will enjoy browsing through the fascinating world of our books!

Art and Architecture




Fashion and Design




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Herbert Ullmann



Der Glanz The Splendor derofEpochen the Epochs

After the international success of ARS SACRA the passionate bookmakers Rolf Toman and Achim Bednorz now proudly present their new opulent masterpieces in a deluxe format. Rolf Toman originally wanted to become a teacher, but following his second state exam instead of working in a school, he worked as an editor with a large international publisher. Starting in 1992, he worked as a freelance publisher for different international publishers. Art history epoch volumes are at the heart of his many years of work. A book on Christian monasticism (Monasteries and Monastic Orders, 2007) resulted in Ars Sacra, as yet the most elaborate title in his career. Rolf Toman lives and works in southern France.

Photographer Achim Bednorz has worked for international publications on art history topics for over 20 years. He made a name for himself mainly as a specialist in sacral areas. His interpretation principle is phenomenally simple: as realistic as possible, meaning with depiction of the object in balanced lighting; recognizability in ideal conditions, and no sensationalism. He is the photographer of the overwhelming photos in Ars Sacra. Achim Bednorz lives and works in Cologne.


The Collection of Art Epochs

4 Art and Architecture

Art and Architecture 5

Visual Art of the Middle Ages After the international success of Ars Sacra, Rolf Toman and his team once more embark on a journey into the world of art. The uncontested highlights are without a doubt the famous French cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, and Laon, but there is more to the culture, understanding, and self-perception of the Middle Ages. This volume presents outstanding treasures of medieval imagery both in a religious and civic context, such as religious panel paintings, Madonna statues, illumination, goldsmithing as well as courtly culture and architecture. Photographer Achim Bednorz, known for his passionate and meticulous approach, has succeeded in capturing details with the lens of his camera that cannot even be perceived at the original locations. Author Bruno Klein brings to life the seemingly remote world of the Middle Ages, helping the reader to see and understand the different concepts and conditions of life in the times now known as the Gothic epoch.

• Over 600 photos on 568 pages • Large format: 15 2⁄3 x 111⁄3 inches • Book Block: 2 inches • Weight: 15.4 pounds • With 2 ribbons


• Four-color throughout • 2 altar fold-outs (8 pages each) • Special reinforcement binding © BEDNORZ-IMAGES

Rolf Toman (Editor) Achim Bednorz (Photographer) Bruno Klein (Author) The Collection of Art Epochs

• Clear plastic jacket • Book covered in paper in a white carrier box with edge protection • Making-of Booklet

Visual Art of the Middle Ages 1140 – 1500

$ 150 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0040-1

October 15


Art and Architecture 7

Theatrum Mundi. The World as a Work of Art The Palace of Versailles and St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican—these are the epitomes of Baroque architecture. But there is more to it; there are undreamed-of jewels in Europe and America, then the New World, waiting for discovery. The wealth and variety of works of art that were created in this complex and fascinating epoch spans magnificent libraries and mysterious gardens, skilfully handcrafted porcelain and illusionistic painting, to name just a few less obvious aspects. The photographs by Achim Bednorz, which are exclusively featured in this volume, come to their full effect in the large format at hand. Author Barbara Borngässer invites the reader to join her on a virtual journey into a historical world that was perceived and staged as if it were a theatre—the Theatrum Mundi.

• Over 600 photos on 568 pages • Large format: 15 2⁄3 x 111⁄3 inches • Book Block: 2 inches • Weight: 15.4 pounds • With 2 ribbons


• Four-color throughout • 2 altar fold-outs (8 pages each) • Special reinforcement binding © BEDNORZ-IMAGES

Rolf Toman (Editor) Achim Bednorz (Photographer) Barbara Borngässer (Author) The Collection of Art Epochs

• Clear plastic jacket • Book covered in paper in a white carrier box with edge protection • Making-of Booklet

Theatrum Mundi. The World as a Work of Art

$ 150 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0039-5

October 15


Art and Architecture 9

The history of monasticism from its origins into the present


Richly illustrated with photographs that bring the architecture, sculpture and paintings to life, as well as color graphics, maps and floor plans. Western and Eastern Orthodox monasticism have played a tremendous role in the creation of European art and culture. The meditative calm of old monastic complexes continues to move visitors.

“Big, visually stunning art book may bolster publishing’s future” Pittsburg Post Gazette

“For anyone whose travels include stops to look at sacred art, Ars Sacra will be a godsend.” Wall Street Journal • 1,100 photos on 800 pages • Large format: 17 1⁄4 × 113⁄8 inches • Book block approx. 2 1⁄2 inches • Weight approx. 24 pounds • 2 ribbons • 2 gate folds inside • Special reinforcement binding with clear plastic jacket

Knowledgeable responses to these and many other questions, in conjunction with the opulent illustrations, make this an impressive volume that is destined to become a standard on the subject.

Rolf Toman (Editor) Achim Bednorz (Photographer)

Rolf Toman (Editor) Achim Bednorz (Photographer)

Monasteries and Monastic Orders

ARS SACRA Christian Art and Architecture of the Western World from the very Beginning up until Today

2000 Years of Christian Art and Culture

$ 199 US ISBN 978-3-8331-5140-8

• Book covered in paper in a brown carton with edge protection

10 Art and Architecture

How did the monks, nuns and hermits live? What rules did they agree to obey? To what extent were they able to uphold those ideals in reality? What was the relationship between the monasteries and worldly authorities? And what was the source of the power that the religious orders were able to exercise in political affairs at various times? Are the remarkable cultural accomplishments of the cloisters simply the fruits of great self-discipline, or did they also result from a privileged way of life? Who were the men and women who entered monasteries?

Please find an interview and videos with this link:


Art historian Kristina Krüger is a specialist in the art and architecture of the Middle Ages. Her research and publications focusing in particular on the relationship between architecture and liturgy make her the ideal author for this book. Rainer Warland is a professor at the Institute for Christian Archaeology and Art History at the University of Freiburg, Germany.


1 432 pages, 14⁄ 8 × 10¼ inches over 700 high quality color illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-4070-9

Art and Architecture 11

An Opulent Collection of Historical Ornaments

The History and Culture of a Legendary City

An Opulent Collection of Patterns – from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance to Classicism, from Japanese to Floral Style

Byzantium – Constantinople – Istanbul: The city that was once founded as a Greek settlement on the Bosporus can look back on a history replete with significant political and cultural developments. This impressive book unveils the inheritance of a fascinating city. Christened “Constantinople” by Constantine the Great, the city successively served as the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and commanded a key position between Occident and Orient for more than sixteen centuries. The wealth of cultural treasures that characterize the face of Istanbul today reflects this rich history. The Hagia Sophia stems from the early Christian era; the Middle Ages bequeathed us churches and monasteries rich in mosaics as well as illuminated manuscripts and icons; and the cultural renaissance following the conquest of the city by Mehmed II in 1453 brought magnificent palaces and mosques, calligraphic treasures, and book and miniature paintings inspired by Persian and Arabic forms. The buildings of the Ottoman baroque period and nineteenth-century architecture complete the exceptional cityscape Istanbul boasts today.

This volume is based on the well-known 1892 collection of ornamental designs, The Practical Decorator and Ornamentist by George A. and Maurice A. Audsley. Originally conceived as a collection of samples for architects and decorative painters, many professionals have found inspiration in this book, including cabinet-makers, ceramicists, and engravers. This way, these ornaments found their way into tapestry designs, carpets and upholstery fabrics. Ornaments is not restricted to a mere reproduction of the original designs, though; it also provides commentary based on the original annotations of the Audsleys, and describes the background of ornament from a perspective of the history of style and cultural studies, from ancient Greece to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance to Classicism, from Japanese style to floral style. The book is completed by detailed instructions on how to copy the ornaments.

Richly illustrated and studded with selected literary documents, this book conveys a living experience of Constantinople in all its various aspects.

Natascha Kubisch Pia Anna Seger


300 pages, 11 x 9½ inches approx. 1,000 illustrations four-color throughout with gold hardcover/jacket ribbon trilingual edition: English/German/French

$ 24.99 US ISBN: 978-3-8480-0045-6

12 Art and Architecture

Stéphane Yerasimos

Patterns for Interior Decoration


Constantinople Istanbul’s Historical Heritage

From the contents: Constantinople | Nova Roma: The New Rome | From the Iconoclast Controversy to the Latin Empire | The End of the Empire | Istanbul | The New Capital of the Ottoman Empire | The Golden Age | The Decline of the Empire | Reforms Before the Fall | Appendices | Maps and Chronology | Glossary, Index, Bibliography


400 pages, 12¼ x 10½ inches over 500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0053-1

Art and Architecture 13

Italy at its Best Florence Art & Architecture 528 pages, 11 x 9½ inches over 500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket ribbon

$ 29.99 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0008-1

The Essence of Culture – University Approved There can be no doubt about it: this is a magnificent achievement. The illustrated volume Florence: Art & Architecture combines interesting and easily-understood texts with an abundance of opulent color illustrations to create a first-class cultural experience.

Now available in hardcover with jacket

Prominent Florentine scholars and museum directors accompany the reader on a journey to the unique artistic treasures of this city on the Arno. The experts introduce superb buildings and sculptures in their historical contexts and, as “insiders”, lead you through world famous art galleries, such as the Accademia and the Palazzo Pitti.

10 × 8½ inches each 500 – 1,000 illustrations four-color throughout

Special Title Offer

$ 19.99 US each

Romanesque 480 pages

Gothic 520 pages

Renaissance 464 pages

ISBN 978-3-8331-6005-9

ISBN 978-3-8331-6007-3

ISBN 978-3-8331-6043-1

Baroque 500 pages

Neoclassicism and Romanticism 520 pages

Art Nouveau 428 pages

Vienna 452 pages

ISBN 978-3-8331-6001-1

ISBN 978-3-8331-6004-2

ISBN 978-3-8331-6003-5

ISBN 978-3-8331-4893-4

Over 500 high quality illustrations, often over more than one page, as well as thematic essays on book illumination, the art of the goldsmith and the treasures of the Medici round out the text. This exceptional book is a bibliophile’s jewel and, at the same time, an enthralling art guide through one of the most gorgeous cities in the world.

Venice The Golden Centuries 408 pages, 11 x 9½ inches over 500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket ribbon

$ 29.99 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0013-5

If you approach Venice by way of the lagoon, the city appears to be a single, homogenous building. However, as soon as you step into its shadowy alleys, you will be captivated by the architectural finesse of the palazzi, churches, and private residential palaces, where the eye is drawn to the dazzling, stylistic variety of Moorish window arches adjacent to balconies in Venetian Gothic and Renaissance facades.


This classic volume offers detailed insight into the broad spectrum of architecture, sculpture, and painting of the »city on the lagoon«. The authors chronologically progress through the stages of Venetian art history from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries. More than 500 illustrations document the eventful artistic development of this exceptional city, whose monuments have been largely preserved until today.

Provence 400 pages

Châteaux of the Loire Valley 360 pages

Egypt 540 pages

Islam 624 pages

ISBN 978-3-8331-5705-9

ISBN 978-3-8331-6234-3

ISBN 978-3-8331-6000-4

ISBN 978-3-8331-3534-7


14 Art and Architecture



Art and Architecture 15

Travel Guide and Art Book – All in One

Paris is one of Europe’s most exciting capitals. It is considered the Mecca for artists, center for scholars and intellectuals, and flâneurs’ scene. This volume accompanies you through the changeful history and the lively presence of the Seine metropolis – from antique Lutetia through the times of the great kings and revolution, all the way to the twenty-first century and its spectacular architectural projects. Numerous excursions highlight the city’s historic turning points, tell the story of its most famous residents, and illuminate the background of the “Legend Paris”. Martina Padberg Paris ISBN 978-3-8331-5288-7

The World’s Most Fascinating Cultures

This art guide offers a quick orientation and well-grounded arthistoric descriptions:

»Doomsday« is in December.

• Sensible structure divided by city quarters • Descriptions of famous locations • Pictures of each discussed work • Numerous essays on cultural and historical topics • Illustrated city maps and floor plans • Illustrated timetable • Information on design • Demonstrative glossary • Artists’ biographies

Our knowledge of Mayan life has increased dramatically in recent decades. As a result, specialists from a wide range of disciplines have contributed to this book in order to represent all of the latest research on the Maya.

3 3 8 × 5⁄ 4 inches 480 – 626 pages, 6 ⁄ over 350 illustrations four-color throughout softcover with flaps

The contributions included in this magnificent volume range from the origins of Mayan culture all the way to modern day, giving insight into everyday life and religion, as well as the artistic accomplishments and intellectual abilities of this important culture.

Nikolai Grube (Editor)

Maya Divine Kings of the Rainforest 1 1 480 pages, 12⁄ 4 x 10⁄ 2 inches over 700 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket ribbon

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0034-0

$ 9.99 US each A. Mueller v. d. Haegen Tuscany ISBN 978-3-8331-5286-3

Rolf C. Wirtz Florence ISBN 978-3-8331-5282-5

B. Hintzen-Bohlen Rome ISBN 978-3-8331-5285-6

E. Abenstein, J. Fiedler Berlin ISBN 978-3-8331-4566-7

M. Kaminski Venice ISBN 978-3-8331-5287-0

• This book follows the historical development of the Islamic dynasties and regions from the beginning until today. Markus Hattstein, Peter Delius (Editors) Islam Art and Architecture 624 pages, 12¼ x 10 ½ inches over 900 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover with belly band

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-6107-0

• The impressive illustrations in this volume present the reader with the unique wealth of art forms from China and Japan. Gabriele Fahr-Becker (Editor) The Art of East Asia 740 pages, 12¼ x 10½ inches over 800 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover with belly band Gabriele Bartz, Eberhard König Louvre ISBN 978-3-8331-5283-2

16 Art and Architecture

Peter J. Gärtner Musée d’Orsay ISBN 978-3-8331-5284-9

Brigitte Hintzen-Bohlen Andalusia ISBN 978-3-8331-5280-1

$ 49.99 US

Matthias Seidel, Regine Schulz Egypt ISBN 978-3-8331-5281-8

ISBN 978-3-8331-6098-1

Art and Architecture 17

Berlin, since 1990 the capital of all of Germany again, is distinguished by an exciting and unusual history that is mirrored in its unique architecture and countless museums with works of art famous throughout the world. The Reichs­tag building, the Brandenburg Gate, the Palace of Charlottenburg, and Potsdamer Platz are only a few of the countless stops the viewer can explore in detail. Berlin exerts a very special fascination, not least because of its former status as a divided city.

Berlin Art & Architecture 432 pages, 12¼ x 10½ inches over 600 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket bilingual: English/Spanish

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-5448-5

Christiane Stukenbrock Barbara Töpper 1000 Masterpieces of European Painting 1 3 inches 1,008 pages, 7 x 6⁄ over 1,000 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 19.99 US

F. N. Martinet Histoire des Oiseaux. A History of Birds 1 7 8 × 12 ⁄ 8 inches 432 pages, 9⁄ over 200 lithographs, four-color throughout hardcover, clothbound with gold embossing, belly band ribbon quadrilingual edition: French/German/English/Spanish

$ 69.99 US

Stefan Schütz (Photographer) Views of Africa 320 pages, 12 × 12 inches over 250 photographs four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 39.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-5351-8

ISBN 978-3-8331-6110-0 ISBN 978-3-8331-6178-0 Nominated for the 2010 German Photography Book Award

Wolf Lieser The World of Digital Art 1 2 inches 276 pages, 12¼ × 10⁄ over 300 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket includes a DVD with animations and software projects

This richly-illustrated volume offers a comprehensive insight into this metropolis’ boundless diversity. In competently written texts the author presents a journey through the most significant stages of Berlin’s artistic and architectural history, from its beginnings to the present day.

The Prado is without doubt for Madrid what the Louvre is for Paris and the Uffizi for Florence. A guidebook through this museum with a know­ ledgeable commentary is therefore essential for really getting to know Madrid. However, this richly illustrated book not only portrays the city and its art in a dynamic relationship, it also relates a long and checkered history – from its beginnings and its charms as a residence, to the Civil War and modern times – expressed in countless churches, buildings, and squares.

Madrid and the Prado Art & Architecture 384 pages, 12¼ x 10½ inches over 500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket bilingual: Spanish/English

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-5406-5

With this competent and visually discerning book, simply browsing through its pages becomes a culturally pleasant stroll through Madrid’s streets.

$ 59.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-5345-7

18 Art and Architecture

Street Art 3 3 8 × 5⁄ 4 inches 288 pages each, 6⁄ over 200 illustrations four-color throughout paper over board

Kunibert Wachten Hendrik Neubauer Urban Design & Architecture The 20th Century 1 8 × 10⁄ 1 2 inches 432 pages, 14⁄ 50 city plans and maps four-color and b/w throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 16.99 US

$ 59.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-4944-3

ISBN 978-3-8331-5318-1

Historic Maps and Views of Berlin and Vienna 56 pages each, 11 × 14 inches 24 maps four-color throughout paper weight 260 gsm stable cardboard trilingual: English/German/French

$ 14.99 US each ISBN 978-3-8331-5774-5

ISBN 978-3-8331-5967-1

Art and Architecture 19

© h.f.ullmann publishing GmbH/erill.fritz.fotografien

Cyclic Designer: Karim Rashid Company: Bitossi 2009 © Bitossi

The Good Taste Guides

Stöpsel Designer: Vincenz Warnke Company: Pension für Produkte 2002 © Julia Wellner

Love Tank Designer: Andrea Visconti Company: Superego 2007 © Eman

Juicy Salif Designer: Philippe Starck Company: Alessi 1990 © Julia Wellner



Designed Objects for Living • Comprehensive overview over the past more than 100 years • Clearly-structured index of contents • In-depth essays on selected themes • Concise information on every piece of accessories • Discerning excurses on design history written by experts • High-quality illustrations Modern Living Accessories presents on 512 pages a retrospective of the most important developments and highlights in the design of the past 100 years, beginning with the latest trends for 2011. From the masterpiece of Italian design, Pietro Chiesa’s vase Cartoccio (1932) back to one of Spain’s most successful designer of our time, Jaime Hayon, and his Crystal Candy series (2009) for Baccarat, a venerable French establishment, to outstanding creations of the Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkalas that date back to the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Excurses: Minimal Design from Japan – Inconspicuous Conspicuous Design in 3,5 seconds – The decor series by Ritzenhoff The short life of the CD-rack Out of the drawer – The Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker The lava lamp George Nelsons Wallclocks – Icons of mid-century design Being there – The Savoy Vase by Alvar Aalto Candlestick by Henry van de Velde

Concise texts accompanying the individually featured designs, as well as excurses on selected themes and styles written by experts, round off this benchmark illustrated book.

Fremdkörper (Editors)

Modern Living Accessories 100 Years of Design 5 1 8 inches 512 pages, 11⁄ 8 x 9⁄ approx. 650 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket ribbon trilingual: English/French/German

$ 59.99 US

Martin Wellner and Andrea Mehlhose, alias Fremdkörper, established the design studio 1996 in Cologne. Fremdkörper is active internationally as a design consultancy and designer in the fields of interior design, exhibition design, and graphic design, as well as the corporate identity and corporate design sectors. Following the success of their book Modern Furniture, also published by h.f.ullmann in 2009, the authors now reveal their expertise and penchant for design with Modern Living Accessories.

22 Fashion and Design

ISBN 978-3-8480-0041-8

September 15


Fashion and Design 23

“The book that celebrates a century and a half of style.”

“Roetzel knows his readers well. ... He sticks to how to optimally make use of the varied wear.” American Public Media

“WOW! This is the bible for every fashion enthusiast ...” Weekly Magazine

• book + color e-book in one! The book includes a number code for a one-time download.

The Guy’s Guide to Style illustrates the basic, generally appropriate and long-term fundamentals of good fashion style for every man, and gives practical tips for all situations, from business meetings and festive occasions to recreational activities. Outfit examples assist with the right combinations of clothing. Therefore A Guy’s Guide to Style is actually a style advisor and should be in every man’s pocket.

Informative chapters that introduce each era coupled with extensive portraits of the groundbreaking fashion icons and countless expressive photographs work together to form a comprehensive portrayal of the rapid development that took fashion from the liberation of women from the corset all the way to the creations of modern designers.

Charlotte Seeling

Fashion 150 Years – Couturiers, Designers, Labels

Charlotte Seeling spent many years working as a freelance journalist before she became editor in chief of glossy magazines such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Vogue”, and “Marie Claire”. She attended the major fashion shows in Milan and Paris where she met the most important designers in the fashion world. Today Charlotte Seeling lives in Mieming, Austria where she works as an author and fashion and lifestyle consultant.

7 512 pages, 12¾ × 9 ⁄ 8 inches approx. 1,000 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 59.99 US

© h.f.ullmann publishing GmbH/erill.fritz.fotografien

Fashion – that means glamour, creativity and always the expression of a certain attitude toward life. This book is devoted to the legendary world of fashion from its origins in the nineteenth century until our own time. Which social, historical and cultural developments coalesced to allow fashion to become what it is today? Which designers had especially significant impact on their fashion eras, and what did their creations look like?

Contents: Business Fashion | Formal Wear | Casual, Not Sloppy: Casual Fashion | What we need: The Basic Layout | Fit and Color | Shoes | Buying Competently: The Art of Material | Accessories and Jewelry | Cleaning and Care

Following his studies in design, Bernhard Roetzel was first a copywriter and creative for advertising agencies in Frankfurt and Hamburg, as well as script editor for a television production company. He has been involved in the world of classic menswear for more than 15 years. In addition to his work as an author and editor, he holds talks and seminars on questions of style. Bernhard Roetzel is also the editor of Gentleman. A Timeless Guide to Fashion.

Bernhard Roetzel

A Guy’s Guide to Style 240 pages, 7 x 4¾ inches over 350 photos four-color throughout hardcover with stamp, ribbon book + color e-book in one!

previous edition: ISBN 978-3-8331-5588-8

$ 19.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8480-0121-7

ISBN 978-3-8480-0028-9

24 Fashion and Design



Fashion and Design 25

The Ladies’ Library

Christine Anna Bierhals City Fashion Berlin, City Fashion Paris 216 pages, 9 x 7 inches over 300 photos and illustrations four-color throughout flexibound with flaps, maps inside bilingual edition: City Fashion Berlin: German/English City Fashion Paris: English/French

City Fashion Berlin ISBN 978-3-8331-6062-2

Julio Fajardo Designer Apartments 480 pages, 11¾ × 9 inches approx. 500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

Antonio Corcuera Contemporary Houses 480 pages, 11¾ × 9 inches approx. 500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

Jeannine Fiedler, Peter Feierabend (Editors) Bauhaus 3 5 640 pages, 11⁄ 8 × 9⁄ 8 inches over 800 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 29.99 US

$ 29.99 US

$ 59.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-6010-3

ISBN 978-3-8331-6008-0

ISBN 978-3-8331-5436-2

City Fashion Paris ISBN 978-3-8331-6155-1

$ 19.99 US each

Silvia Barbero, Brunella Cozzo, Paolo Tamborrini Ecodesign Ecofriendly Objects for Everyday Use 352 pages, 9½ × 7¼ inches over 500 photographs, four-color throughout flexibound with flaps trilingual edition: English/German/French

The Gentleman’s Library

$ 19.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-6308-1

26 Fashion and Design

Bernhard Roetzel Gentleman 360 pages, 10 × 8½ inches over 700 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

Lázló Vass & Magda Monár Handmade Shoes for Men 216 pages, 10 × 8½ inches approx. 450 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

Fremdkörper (Andrea Mehlhose & Martin Wellner) Modern Furniture 150 Years of Design 1 3 inches 720 pages, 9½ × 7⁄ over 900 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket trilingual edition: English/French/German

$ 29.99 US

$ 24.99 US

$ 29.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-5270-2

ISBN 978-3-8331-6045-5

ISBN 978-3-8480-0030-2

Fashion and Design 27

The Cars that Stand Apart Special Title offer $ 19.99 US each Photographs by Rainer W. Schlegelmilch 10 × 8½ inches four-color throughout, flexibound

400 pages over 500 illustrations

280 pages over 500 illustrations

384 pages over 500 illustrations

408 pages approx. 500 illustrations

384 pages approx. 500 illustrations

ISBN: 978-3-8331-5476-8

ISBN 978-3-8331-5137-8

ISBN: 978-3-8331-5291-7

ISBN 978-3-8331-5863-6

ISBN 978-3-8331-5292-4

Carla Diamanti, Fabrizio Esposito Street Food Authentic Snacks from all over the World 192 pages, 7 × 9 inches approx. 250 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover

Gisbert L. Brunner, Christian Pfeiffer-Belli Wristwatches 400 pages, 11¾ × 9 inches approx. 2,000 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket trilingual edition: English/French/German

Barbro Garenfeld The Ultimate Book of Pens 496 pages, 11¾ × 9 inches over 800 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket trilingual edition: English/German/French

$ 14.99 US

$ 29.99 US

$ 29.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-5615-1

ISBN 978-3-8331-6093-6

ISBN 978-3-8331-5099-9

Ralf Bähren Tokyo Clash 192 pages, 7 × 9 inches approx. 300 illustrations four-color throughout paper over board trilingual edition: English/German/Japanese

$ 19.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-5699-1

28 Fashion and Design

Fashion and Design 29

© Günther Beer,

The Sensual Art of Food & Drink

Culinaria Series

“The Culinaria volumes are a treat for both the mind and the palate” monsters & critics

The Culinaria books offer a unique panorama of cultural and culinary traditions, inviting their readers on a journey through the cuisines of other countries. Each country’s culinary wealth, its customs, and regional specialties, are presented in highly detailed, illustrated articles. Entertaining texts and a wide range of impressive color photographs show how scenery, climate, and various cultures have shaped their countries. A careful selection of recipes that best characterize each individual country’s cuisine ensures that this inspiring reading pleasure also turns into a feast for the palate.

10 × 8½ inches | four-color throughout | flexibound with flaps

12¼ × 10½ inches | 1,000 – 1,500 illustrations | four-color throughout | hardcover/jacket

$ 39.99 US each Updated: 468 pages over 1,400 illustrations ISBN 978-3-8331-4887-3

Culinaria Germany 468 pages ISBN 978-3-8331-5128-6

$ 24.99 US each Culinaria France 456 pages ISBN 978-3-8331-5113-2

Culinaria Italy 488 pages ISBN 978-3-8331-5118-7

496 pages, over 1,400 illustrations previous edition: ISBN 978-3-8331-4889-7 ISBN 978-3-8480-0220-7

488 pages over 1,200 illustrations

460 pages over 1,300 illustrations

ISBN 978-3-8331-4729-6

ISBN 978-3-8331-4888-0

Culinaria Spain 480 pages ISBN 978-3-8331-5123-1

New: Culinaria China 488 pages ISBN 978-3-8331-4995-5

320 pages over 500 illustrations

372 pages over 900 illustrations

320 pages over 1,000 illustrations

ISBN 978-3-8331-4996-2

ISBN 978-3-8331-4081-5

ISBN 978-3-8331-4894-1

32 Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks 33

“... contains everything anyone might ever want to know about the subject of spirits” • Gourmand World Cookbook Award, Best Drinks Book in Germany, 2008

A look into the world’s most famous bars is, of course, essential. After this, the most important types of spirits are individually presented – from whisk(e)y & bourbon to rum, cachaça & tequila, and liqueurs. The historical background of each drink is explained, as is the production process and the correct method of tasting. Includes useful tips on buying spirits and recipes of several hundred mixed drinks.

André Dominé (Editor)

The World of Spirits and Cocktails The Ultimate Bar Book 3 3 8 × 7⁄ 8 inches 816 pages, 10 ⁄ over 1,500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 49.99 US previous edition: ISBN 978-3-8331-5017-3 ISBN 978-3-8331-4803-3

34 Food and Drinks

Savoir-Vivre – Magazine for Gourmets • Prix Edmond de Rothschild, Best Wine Book in France • James Beard Foundation Award, 2002 • Gourmand World Cookbook Award, Best Wine Photography Book in Germany, 2008 • Gastronomic Academy of Germany (GAD), Silver Medal, 2009

• Gastronomic Academy of Germany (GAD), Silver Medal, 2009

This book is not simply a reference book and collection of recipes, but also a travel guide through the international world of spirits and drinks. In an initial overview, the reader learns the history of the various types of alcoholic drinks and more about the bar itself. How long have bars existed, how are they equipped and what is the art of mixing cocktails?

“A reference book that wine gourmets consider to be an authority”


No other book combines everything you need to know about wine, wine growing, and wine production in every part of the world in such a singular way, vividly accompanied by more than 1,200 striking photographs and 150 detailed maps. This book is a wine atlas, reference work, and guide. Readers are first introduced to the history of wine, wine production, wine cellars, and the enjoyment of wine. This is followed by descriptions of the yearly cycle of the vine and modern cellar techniques, rounded off with a journey through the wine-growing countries and regions of the world.

The publisher and author André Dominé, born and bred in Hamburg, has been living and enjoying life in a winegrower’s village in southern France since 1981. He works as an independent journalist and writer. André Dominé has made a name for himself far beyond the borders of France and Germany as a wine connoisseur and is regularly published in the most prestigious trade publications. André Dominé has set new international standards with his books Wine and The Ultimate Bar Book.


André Dominé

Wine 5 928 pages, 11⁄ 8 × 8¼ inches approx. 1,200 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 49.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-4614-5

Food and Drinks 35

Family Cooking Made Easy Culina Mundi 768 pages, 9½ × 7¼ inches approx. 3,000 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 19.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-6119-3

Culina Mediterranea 800 pages, 9½× 7¼ inches approx. 3,000 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

$ 19.99 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0004-3

If you’re looking for the entire world of cookery – this book has it. On 768 pages, 60 renowned chefs from 40 countries present their favorite recipes. Page for page, true gourmets will be delighted to discover the wide spectrum of soups and appetizers, fish and meat dishes, sweets and desserts presented in words and pictures, along with practical hints on ingredients, methods and cooking times.

What should I cook today? Those who refuse to put convenience food on the table for themselves and loved ones are familiar with this question. Quite often one simply resorts to the tried-and-true recipes. Variations offers a real alternative to the daily kitchen routine, because in addition to the reliable basic recipes, it provides tasty variations. Each basic recipe is explained and illustrated step-by-step so that less expert cooks can also quickly master the preparations. For those who want to try something new, there are four to six additional variations, also appetizingly illustrated and replete with many sauce and side dish tips. Depending on the ingredients on hand, the time available and preferences, these cook books can be a source of hundreds of different recipes.

Over 200 basic recipes and variations 1 7 160 pages, 11⁄ 8 × 7⁄ 8 inches over 600 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover

$ 14.99 US each

Mediterranean cooking is exceptionally popular the world over, more so than almost any other regional style. In this comprehensive volume, readers will find more than 350 classic and innovative recipes drawn from the entire Mediterranean region, from Spain, France and Italy to Greece and Turkey, all the way to Malta, Tunisia and Morocco. For each and every dish, experienced chefs divulge their best tips for preparing it, along with fascinating background information about the culinary tradition particular to their home country.

36 Food and Drinks

Variations Cookbooks

Loukie Werle, Jill Cox Ingredients 384 pages, 11 × 8¼ inches approx. 2,000 illustrations four-color throughout paperback/jacket New: with meat chart

Brigitte Engelmann Peter Holler Gourmet’s Guide Cheese 7 8 × 5¼ inches 600 pages, 7⁄ approx. 600 illustrations four-color throughout flexibound

$ 19.99 US

$ 9.99 US

previous edition: ISBN 978-3-8331-5971-8 ISBN 978-3-8480-0018-0

ISBN 978-3-8331-6124-7

Vegetables ISBN 978-3-8480-0012-8

Fish & Seafood ISBN 978-3-8480-0010-4

Meat & Poultry ISBN 978-3-8480-0011-1

Quick Recipes ISBN 978-3-8480-0009-8

Food and Drinks 37

Š Astrium

To Know or Not to Know ...

Photography Representing Almost Two Centuries of Photo Journalism!

Transport: A Journey through Time

Beverley Cole Trains ISBN 978-3-8331-6183-4

Peter Almond Aviation ISBN 978-3-8331-6185-8

Brian Laban Cars ISBN 978-3-8331-6184-1

Robert Fox Liners ISBN 978-3-8331-6186-5

$ 19.99 US each

7 3 8 × 8⁄ 4 inches | approx. 350 illustrations duotone throughout | approx. 350 pages | 9 ⁄ trilingual edition: English/German/French | hardcover

Thinkers of the Jungle 5 7 8 x 12 ⁄ 8 inches 320 pages, 8 ⁄ over 350 photographs four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

“… is the first time an ape has been seen using a tool to hunt.”

$ 19.99 US

The Daily Telegraph

ISBN 978-3-8331-4623-7

Botanica 1,024 pages, 11¾ x 9 inches hardcover/jacket over 10,000 illustrations four-color throughout

Mara K. Fuhrmann Nature Art and Structure 3 3 224 pages, 11⁄ 8 × 11⁄ 8 inches approx. 200 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

Dirk H. Lorenzen Mission Earth 1 1 224 pages, 12 ⁄ 4 × 11 ⁄ 4 inches approx. 250 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket quadrilingual edition: German/ English/French/Spanish

$ 29.99 US

$ 29.99 US

$ 29.99 US

$ 39.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-5480-5

ISBN 978-3-8331-5018-0

ISBN 978-3-8331-5242-9

ISBN 978-3-8331-6087-5

Christoph Engels 1000 Sacred Places 960 pages, 3 7 7⁄ 8 × 5⁄ 4 inches approx. 550 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover

40 Reference

Getty Images has one of the most important photo collections in the world. The fascinating black-and-white and color photographs in this volume lead observers through almost two centuries of the history of photo journalism. Including both, mundane daily life and the grandest events, the ideals and concerns of the decades are conveyed through an exciting perspective. The book chapters illuminate the chronology of political events and topical issues that go beyond them, such as economical, cultural, environmental and scientific aspects. The documentation includes the latest developments of our millennium, such as the nuclear power disaster in Fukushima and the upheavals resulting from the Arab Spring. A must-read for anyone interested in photography and current affairs.

Nick Yapp, Amanda Hopkinson

Photo Journalism 3 5 816 pages, 10⁄ 8 x 7⁄ 8 inches approx. 1,000 illustrations b/w- and four-color throughout hardcover/jacket ribbon trilingual English/German/French

$ 39.99 US ISBN 978-3-8480-0062-3


Reference 41

“Malakhov’s mix of dynamics and ease, complete physical control and enchanting grace have been captured by the photographer Dieter Blum in his impressively expressive pictures.” Wirtschaftswoche

“If you want to solidly get into drawing, you could not encounter anybody better than András Szunyoghy.”

$ 29.99 US

By the editorial team of the Sobotta Atlas Atlas of Anatomy The human body described in 13 systems, 1 2 448 pages, 8⁄ 3 × 10⁄ 3 inches over 600 detailed illustrations, four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

Yu-Lin Lian, Dr. Chun-Yan Chen, Michael Hammes and Dr. Bernard C. Kolster Pictorial Atlas of Acupuncture 352 pages, 9½ × 7½ inches approx. 1,300 illustrations four-color throughout, hardcover/jacket

ISBN 978-3-8331-6256-5

$ 29.99 US

$ 19.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-6160-5

ISBN 978-3-8331-6106-3

András Szunyoghy, György Fehér Human Anatomy for Artists 496 pages, 9 x 11¾ inches approx. 1,300 illustrations two-color throughout paperback with flaps

Nominated for the 2010 German Photography Book Award Dieter Blum Vladimir Malakhov Trade Edition | 264 pages, 14 × 11 inches approx. 150 photos | hardcover/jacket

Malakhov – Collector’s Edition Limited print run of 1,500 copies worldwide Each copy numbered and signed Hardcover with Frankonia linen | Large size: 330 x 420 mm 200 gsm GardaMatt paper | Japanese Binding Clamshell box covered with Frankonia linen Numbered and signed Skia-Photo-Print (300 x 400)

$ 39.99 US

$ 500 US

ISBN 978-3-8331-5417-1

ISBN 978-3-8331-5419-5

$ 69.99 US

Bozhidar Abrashev, Vladimir Gadjev The World Atlas of Musical Instruments 320 pages, 11 × 8¼ inches with over 1,000 handcolorized illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

András Szunyoghy The Big Book of Drawing With tools: Dürer-grid and a grey scale 408 pages, 9 x 11¾ inches over 1000 drawings black and white throughout hardcover/jacket

András Szunyoghy, György Fehér Anatomy Drawing School Human Anatomy 204 pages, 9 × 7 inches over 500 illustrations two-color throughout flexibound

András Szunyoghy, György Fehér Anatomy Drawing School Animal Anatomy 204 pages, 9 × 7 inches over 500 illustrations two-color throughout flexibound

ISBN 978-3-8331-5092-0

$ 24.99 US

$ 29.99 US

$ 14.99 US

$ 14.99 US

ISBN 978-3-8480-0051-7

ISBN: 978-3-8331-5655-7

ISBN 978-3-8331-5731-8

ISBN 978-3-8331-5736-3

András Batta Opera Composers ∙ Works ∙ Performers 1 8 inches 920 pages, 11¾ × 9⁄ approx. 1,500 illustrations four-color throughout hardcover/jacket

42 Reference

The graphic artist and painter András Szunyoghy (b. 1946) is a professor at the Institute for Anatomical Drawing at the Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest. He completed his artistic education at the Budapest Academy of Arts, as a student of Jenö Barcsay, the grand master of anatomical drawing.

Reference 43

Chain Quilt, ca.1920, from the collection of Willa and Joseph Rosenberg / American Quilts

Your Creative Side

Giftwraps by Artists

1 1 8 × 7⁄ 4 inches) each 12 pages of text (10⁄ 1 5 2 × 19⁄ 8 inches) | each text 10 detachable sheets (approx. 27⁄ pages in b/w | detachable sheets in full color | paperback | trilingual edition: English/German/French

Unique, Nostalgic, and Mechanical

$ 9.99 US each free wooden display (minimum order 50 cps)

French Provincial ISBN 978-3-8331-6322-7

French Flowers ISBN 978-3-8331-6325-8

William Morris ISBN 978-3-8331-5763-9

Art Nouveau ISBN 978-3-8331-6318-0

Fauve Birds ISBN 978-3-8331-6320-3

English Floral Patterns ISBN 978-3-8331-6319-7

This extraordinary construction kit contains eight different models to build yourself – from a delightful car with driver to a plane with propeller. There are perforated construction sheets for each figure and additional material, including wooden sticks, a rubber band and beads, and an extensive manual with detailed step-by-step illustrations. Even non-experts will be able to build these models. The colorful results will delight not only children. The models have been lovingly created and include ingenious mechanisms: when you push the car, the driver and his luggage sway amusingly from side to side, caused by clever positioning of the rear axle. The clown’s facial expression changes when you turn the wooden sticks. Kimono ISBN 978-3-8331-6323-4

46 Papercraft

American Quilts ISBN 978-3-8331-6321-0

Paisley ISBN 978-3-8331-6326-5

Roses ISBN 978-3-8331-6327-2

Presented in a beautifully designed metal box, this is the perfect gift for all ages!


François Chetcuti

Paper Toys 7 Book: 128 pages, 8¼ x 5⁄ 8 inches four-color throughout, paperback Materials: 35 colored perforated 3 8 inches construction sheets, 8½ × 12⁄ 6 wooden sticks 10 inches long, 1 rubber band, 16 ft string, 14½ inches wire, 6 plastic beads Packaging: high-quality metal box, 3 8 inches approx. 13¾ × 8¾ × 1⁄ printed in four-color, lid with embossed relief

$ 19.99 US ISBN 978-3-8331-4932-0

Papercraft 47


h.f.ullmann publishing

Acupuncture, Pictorial Atlas of Africa, Views of Anatomy, Atlas of Anatomy Drawing School Animal Anatomy Human Anatomy Ars Sacra Art & Architecture Andalusia Berlin Egypt Florence Louvre Musée d’Orsay Paris Rome Tuscany Venice Art Nouveau Art of East Asia, The Aston Martin Aviation Baroque Bauhaus Berlin BMW Botanica


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27 15

Fashion Ferrari Florence

24 28 14

Gentleman 26 Gothic 4–7, 15 Guy’s Guide to Style, A 25

Historic Maps and Views 19 Berlin Vienna History of Birds, A 18 Human Anatomy 43 Ingredients Islam Liners

36 15, 17 40

Madrid and the Prado 19 Malakhov, Vladimir 42 Collector’s Edition Popular Edition Maya 17 Mercedes 29 Mission Earth 40 Modern Furniture 27 Modern Living Accessories 22–23 Monasteries and Monastic Orders 11 Musical Instruments, The World Atlas of 42 Nature Neoclassicism and Romanticism


Opera Ornaments

42 12


Paper Toys 47 Pens, The Ultimate Book of 29 Photo Journalism 41 Porsche 29 Provence 15

Renaissance Romanesque

Shoes for Men, Handmade 26 Spirits and Cocktails, The World of 34 Street Art 18 Street Food 28 Urban Design & Architecture

Birkenstraße 10 14469 Potsdam Germany

15 15


Variations Cookbooks Fish & Seafood Meat & Poultry Quick Recipes Vegetables Venice Vienna


Thinkers of the Jungle Tokyo Clash Trains

40 28 40

Wine Wrapping Paper American Quilts Art Nouveau English Floral Patterns Fauve Birds French Flowers French Provincial Kimono Paisley Roses William Morris Wristwatches

35 46

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1000 Masterpieces of Painting 1000 Sacred Places

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hf Ullman Fall 2012 Catalog  

hf Ullman Fall 2012 Catalog

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