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4/5/12 4:49 PM

Cover photo by Nigel Foster, author of Encounters from a Kayak


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4/5/12 4:49 PM


Published to coincide with the History Channel’s Hatfields and McCoys mini­ series, a new look at the most infamous family feud from the New York Times bestselling author of Kinflicks A few days later, as Harmon McCoy was drawing water from the well in his yard, a bullet from the woods zinged past him. He ran inside, stuffed supplies into his saddlebags, grabbed his rifle, and limped up the hill to this cave, where he had been hiding out for several days now. Standing at the mouth of the cave, his thirst sated, he started coughing. . . . He was freezing. At least at home he would have a chance of getting well before having to deal with the Wildcats again. He had spent this entire war either sick or injured—first his infected gunshot wounds, then his fractured leg, now pneumonia. What next? He started down the path toward home, dragging his aching leg. Below him he spotted two men among the bare branches of the winter trees, their features indistinct in the forest gloom. As he threw aside his blanket and raised his rifle, gunshots sounded up the hill, and an explosion bloomed inside his chest.

Blood Feud The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance Lisa Alther 978-0-7627-7918-5 ■ May 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 304 pp ■ 12/CTN b&w photos ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

America’s most notorious family feud began in 1865 with the murder of a Union McCoy soldier by a Confederate Hatfield relative. More than a decade later Randolph McCoy accused a Hatfield of stealing his hogs. This accusation triggered years of violence and retribution, including a Romeo-and-Juliet interlude that led to the death of a young McCoy woman and her baby. In a drunken brawl, three of her brothers killed a Hatfield, so the Hatfields tied them up and shot them dead. McCoy posses hijacked some of this firing squad across state lines to stand trial, while those still free burned down Randolph McCoy’s cabin and shot two of his children in a botched attempt to defeat the posses. Legal wrangling ensued, until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Kentucky could try the captured West Virginian Hatfields. Seven went to prison, and one, mentally disabled, yelled, “The Hatfields made me do it!” as he was hanged. But the feud didn’t end there. Its legend continues to have an enormous impact on the popular imagination and the region. Here is a fascinating new look at the infamous H ­ atfield-McCoy feud. Lisa Alther was born in the Appalachian town of Kingsport, Tennessee, and is the author of six New York Times bestselling novels, including Kinflicks, which have appeared in fifteen languages and sold over 6 million copies worldwide. She divides her time among Tennessee, New York City, and Vermont. Her father’s family is related by marriage to the Fighting McCoys. 1

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4/5/12 4:55 PM


“Rick Ackerly’s journey through the travails and triumphs of parenting both as a parent and as a principal/father-confessor to parents is captured exquisitely in this book. . . . A vivid portrayal of how smart parents let their children discover their own genius and path.” —Pat Bassett, President, National Association of Independent Schools

“Drawing on a lifetime of experience with children, Rick Ackerly has written a lively, engaging, practical book that captures the dilemmas and joys of raising and schooling children.” —Robert Evans, EdD, clinical and organizational psychologist and author of Family Matters

“The accounts and learnings in The Genius in Every Child are so deep and layered, you feel in your bones Rick Ackerly’s forty years of teaching kids and parents how to grow their brilliance. This book, and Rick, have so much heart and wisdom, you’ll not only read their words gratefully, you’ll return to them again and again. This just might be the only book on parenting you’ll ever need.” —Rebecca Lawton, author of Reading Water: Lessons from the River

The Genius in Every Child Encouraging Character, Curiosity and Creativity in Children Rick Ackerly 978-0-7627-8083-9 ■ August 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 2

4/5/12 4:55 PM

Genius is not just about intelligence and aptitude, it’s also a word that embodies our inner soul, nature, or character. In this illuminating book, a former principal and father shares heartwarming stories and wise advice that offers a rare insight into children and the process of education. The Genius in Every Child celebrates the moments in the lives of children, their parents, and their teachers. The stories of unique characters in action illustrate some of the principles of education and the disciplines we need to be good stewards of our children’s character and intellect. The vignettes provide both delight and enjoyment in the miracle of it all, and perspective and solace in the difficulty of it all, encouraging parents and teachers to work hand-in-hand. This book urges parents to focus on the long run, entrusting the trials, struggles, and sufferings of the short run to the kids. It proposes a shift in focus from test scores to enthusiasm, from perfect behavior to learning from mistakes, from measuring up to making something of yourself, from independence to interdependence, from goodness to integrity, from fear to love. The value of this experience to hundreds of children, parents, and teachers derives from the depth of Rick Ackerly’s perception and the subtlety of his understanding. He offers perspective and guidance on a wide range of challenges faced by parents of today’s school-aged children, including: self-confidence, discipline, boundary-setting, building character, integrity, taking responsibility, facing challenges, handling disappointment, peer pressure, reading, testing, homework, academic achievement, failure, and success.


A unique and refreshing perspective on bringing out the best in our children and helping them grow —in school and in life—from a longtime educator and father Mr. Rick’s Words of Wisdom ■

 hildren need teachers at school and parents at C home.  ailure is at least as powerful an educator as F success.  ids need consequences and they need K forgiveness.  e put our kids at risk by trying to engineer their W success.  ur children need us to have confidence in O them.  he core of building character is taking T responsibility. If we are open to the surprise, we can let them educate us.

Rick Ackerly is a nationally recognized educator and speaker with forty-five years of experience working in schools. He has served as headmaster of four independent schools, and he speaks to parent and school groups across the country and presents at numerous education conferences. Visit his blog at rickackerly​ .com. He lives in Decatur, Illinois.


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4/5/12 4:55 PM


The national best seller about the most colorful and incorrigible pot smugglers of the Reagan era—a nonviolent party of drug-laden yachts, gorgeous women, and millions of dollars of weed—and the opening volley of the War on Drugs that brought them down “The adventures, the long-gone economy, and the sting that ultimately brought them down and changed US drug policy are meticulously documented and lucidly spun. . . . Part New Yorker feature—part Jimmy Buffet song. . . . The result is adventuresome, lavish, informative fun.” —GQ

“[A] rollicking story, Ryan manages to pack in one amusing tale after another. . . . Jackpot is a rip-roaring good read.”

Jackpot High Times, High Seas, and the Sting That Launched the War on Drugs Jason Ryan 978-0-7627-8030-3 ■ August 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 320 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 04/2011; 978-1-59921-976-9 b&w insert ■ Lyons Press TRUE CRIME

—Charleston City Paper

“High times on the high seas: Investigative reporter Ryan recounts the glory days of dope smuggling and their terrible denouement. . . . A well-told tale of true crime that provides a few good arguments for why it should not be a crime at all.” —Kirkus Reviews

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a cadre of freewheeling, Southern pot smugglers lived at the crossroads of Miami Vice and a Jimmy Buffett song. In less than a decade, these irrepressible adventurers unloaded nearly a billion dollars worth of marijuana and hashish through the eastern seaboard’s marshes. Then came their undoing: Operation Jackpot, one of the largest drug investigations ever launched and an opening volley in Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs. In Jackpot, author Jason Ryan takes us back to the heady days before drug smuggling was synonymous with deadly gunplay. During this golden age of marijuana trafficking, the country’s most prominent kingpins were a group of wayward and fun-loving Southern gentlemen who forsook college educations to sail drug-laden luxury sailboats across the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Caribbean. Les Riley, Barry Foy and their comrades eschewed violence as much as they loved pleasure, and it was greed, lust, and disaster at sea that ultimately caught up with them, along with the law. Based on years of research and interviews with imprisoned and recently released smugglers and the law enforcement agents who tracked them down, Jackpot is sure to become a classic story from America’s controversial Drug Wars. Jason Ryan is a South Carolina journalist and former staff reporter for the State newspaper. He lives with his wife and daughter in Charleston. 4

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4/5/12 4:56 PM


On the eve of Broadway’s 35thanniversary production of Annie, the story of the man who’s been making stars out of strays for three decades “[Bill] can do anything you ask, has enormous love for and control of the animals, is kind to them and to humans. He is the best. The one and only.” —Mike Nichols

“Bill Berloni is a master of his profession. His experience and patience are welcome in any rehearsal room.” —Susan Stroman

“[A] treat for animal lovers and theater fiends.” —

“A canine critique would insist it’s ‘four paws up’ for Broadway Tails.” —Houston Chronicle

Broadway Tails Heartfelt Stories of Rescued Dogs Who Became Showbiz Superstars Bill Berloni and Jim Hanrahan Foreword by Bernadette Peters 978-0-7627-8308-3 ■ September 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World English ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous edition: Paper 06/2008; 978-1-59921-353-8 full-color and b&w photos ■ Lyons Press PETS

The sun always comes out tomorrow for the shelter animals Bill Berloni rescues and then trains to meet the demands of the stage. Berloni was a nineteen-year-old theater apprentice more then three decades ago when he was offered his first big break: find and train a dog to appear in the original production of the Broadway hit Annie. Defying the odds, he rescued a down-on-his-luck dog from a local shelter and, together, they redefined what animal performers could do. Since then Berloni and his trainers have provided animals for hundreds of films, commercials, and television shows as well as live theater all over North America. In this heartwarming book, he tells the true stories of “throw-away” animals who came back to work with some of entertainment’s biggest names, names like Bernadette Peters, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mike Nichols, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, and many more. This updated edition includes an account of Berloni’s search for the newest Sandy to star with everyone’s favorite red-headed orphan. Bill Berloni received the 2011 Tony Honor for Excellence in Theater, the first ever given to an animal trainer. He has trained animals for live performances, film, and television for more than thirty years. He is also behavior consultant to the Humane Society of New York. He lives in Middlesex County, Connecticut. Jim Hanrahan is a writer and Bill Berloni’s brother-in-law. 5

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 5

4/5/12 4:56 PM

september Jane Doe No More My 15-Year Fight to Reclaim My Identity— A True Story of Survival, Hope, and Redemption M. William Phelps with Donna M. Palomba 978-0-7627-7880-5 ■ September 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 320 pp ■ 12/CTN b&w photo inserts ■ Lyons Press BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 6

4/5/12 4:56 PM

In 1993, Donna Palomba was raped by a masked assailant in her own home. Yet, her story is more than a victim’s tale of physical and emotional recovery. It is a story of one woman’s hunt for justice while fending off attacks by institutions designed to defend and protect her—the police department, the local government, and a community clinging to an outrageous claim that Donna had invented the crime to cover up a sexual affair.

From the night of the attack, the botched crime scene investigation, and the abuse as authorities attempted to close the case by discrediting her, Donna was left as a victim with no name and no identity. Meanwhile, there was one courageous detective, later to become chief of police, who broke a cops’ code of silence in the name of justice. As they fought on, a legal battle ensued after the Waterbury Police Department—now with media support—refused to let go of its allegations against her and admit wrongdoing. Finally, after eleven years of struggle, Donna learned the identity of her attacker from the chief of


A woman on a crusade for justice—raped by a masked assailant, Donna Palomba’s long struggle was not only to see her assailant arrested but to defeat authorities bent on discrediting her, to reclaim her identity, to become an advocate for victims of sexual assault, and even to change the laws in her home state police, who explained that the DNA from the rape kit taken a decade ago had turned up a shocking match. In 2007, Donna Palomba was the subject of a special two-hour Dateline episode about her case. Suddenly, she was Jane Doe no more, launching the Jane Doe No More organization and becoming a promoter of the rights of women and victims of sexual assault. With the help of crime investigator and author M. William Phelps, this is her story. M. William Phelps, investigative journalist and star of the hit Investigation Discovery series Dark Minds, is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than twenty nonfiction books. Winner of 2008 New England Book Festival Award for I’ll Be Watching You, Phelps is also the author of The Devil’s Rooming House; The Devil’s Right Hand; and Murder, New England (all from Lyons Press). He lives in a small Connecticut farming community near the Massachusetts border. Donna M. Palomba is the face and founder of Jane Doe No More, a national non-profit established in 2007 to improve the way society responds to victims of sexual assault. She regularly collaborates with law enforcement, and successfully advocated for a Connecticut law removing the statute of limitations on sexual assault cases involving DNA evidence. Donna’s professional experience as co-founder and managing member of a marketing agency helped establish Jane Doe No More as a nationally recognized organization. She lives in Woodbury, Connecticut.


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4/5/12 4:56 PM

september Crash A Mother, a Son, and the Journey from Grief to Gratitude Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, MD 978-0-7627-8045-7 ■ September 2012 $22.95 US/$24.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 51/2 x 71/2 ■ 224 pp ■ 24/CTN skirt! MEMOIR


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 8

4/5/12 4:56 PM

After 25 years of caring for children, first as a nurse, then as a pediatrician, Carolyn Roy-Bornstein finds herself on the other side of the stretcher when her 17-year-old son Neil is hit by a teenage drunk driver while walking his girlfriend Trista home after a study date. Trista did not survive her injuries. Neil carries his with him to this day. Gratitude for her son’s survival ultimately gives way to grief. While initially told Neil’s only injury was a broken leg, Roy-Bornstein quickly finds herself riding in the front seat of an ambulance transporting her son to the ICU at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston; his brain is bleeding. Roy-Bornstein is now not the patient’s doctor or nurse but his mom. The world she so easily navigated in a white uniform or a white coat now must be traversed, understood, and dealt with from the other side of the stretcher. There are many dividing lines in this story. The line that divides this family’s life in two: the events that occurred before the crash and those that came tumbling and faltering in its wake. The line that separates grief from gratitude: gratitude that her son is alive and as whole as he is; grief for his loss of memory and changed personality and for having his whole world shattered in an instant. The line that separates the world Roy-Bornstein knew so well as a nurse and then a doctor from the new one she must now navigate as the parent of a trauma victim. In these pages she explores all of these boundaries: between then and now, grief and gratitude, before and after, us and them. Her many years as a “medical insider” bring her story authenticity and detail while her newcomer status as the parent of a trauma victim add poignancy and warmth in this first memoir.

The doctor’s words drifted back to me. “CAT scan. . . . Just a precaution. . . . Out at the scene.”


Two teenagers. A dark road. A drunk driver. The journey from grief to gratitude to grace by a pediatrician-mother.

I tried to follow the gist. Neil would be okay. He had a broken leg. They were CT’ing his head as a precaution because he had lost consciousness right after the crash. I’ve talked to hundreds of parents in emergency rooms and ICUs. I’ve been the bearer of bad news or at least uncertainty more times than I care to remember. I know people shut down. I know they can only take in so much. I’ve learned to slow my pace, to read the signs in patients’ eyes and faces that this is enough. The well is full and I should stop dumping information into it. And now here I was on the other side of the stretcher, trying to comprehend what was happening. My son recognized me—that was good. But he slept if you let him— that was bad. He was not asking what happened. He was not asking for his father or his girlfriend.

Dr. Carolyn Roy-Bornstein is an award-winning writer who is also a practicing pediatrician. She writes a monthly health column, Pediatric Points, in the national newsletter Pediatrics for Parents. She is also an ambassador with the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts, giving speeches to civic groups, schools and businesses. She lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts.


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4/5/12 4:56 PM

september The Devil’s Causeway The True Story of America’s First Prisoners of War in a Foreign Land, and the Heroic Expedition Sent to Their Rescue Matthew Westfall 978-0-7627-8029-7 ■ September 2012 $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 352 pp ■ 12/CTN photos and maps ■ Lyons Press HISTORY


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 10

4/5/12 4:56 PM


A real American Heart of Darkness—a deadly rebel ambush on the heels of the Spanish-American War in the Philippines, the brutal forced march of America’s first overseas prisoners of war, and one of the greatest rescue missions in U.S. Army history As the United States prosecuted a bloody campaign to pacify its newly-won Philippines territory, a secret mission of mercy went terribly wrong, resulting in our nation’s first overseas prisoners of war. The epic struggle for survival that followed was not only a test of the human will to live, but a crucible for heroes.

recalled today as one of the greatest marches in U.S. Army history, features a tightly-hewn cast of characters—including a frail yet determined teenaged sailor and his hardened seafaring mates; battle-tested veterans of the Civil War and the Indian Wars; and a fiery Filipino commander who gave orders to bury wounded Americans alive. A sweeping military epic drawing on international primary sources, The Devil’s Causeway tells their extraordinary story in its entirety for the first time.

In April 1899, Admiral George Dewey dispatched the USS Yorktown to liberate a detachment of Spanish soldiers under siege by native Filipinos. A crew of fifteen sailors rowed ashore in an armed cutter to reconnoiter enemy defenses. Then, Lieutenant James C. Gillmore Jr. recklessly pushed upriver into heavy jungle—and headlong into an ambush that would kill four of the men. The survivors were dragged across mountains and through dense jungle from one pestilent prison to the next along what Gillmore called “a veritable Devil’s Causeway.” Their captivity and the torturous expedition sent to their rescue,

Matthew Westfall is a writer, urbanist, and award-winning filmmaker whose work has featured celebrity narrators such as Malcolm McDowell, Willem Dafoe, and F. Murray Abraham. Winner of the Paul Davidoff National Award for Advocacy Planning from the American Planning Association and the architectural design competition for the Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Westfall is founder/ president of Amphion Productions. He divides his time between the Philippines; Pacific Palisades, California; and Nantucket, Massachusetts.


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4/5/12 4:56 PM


The extraordinary adventure of five airmen who became among the first Americans to enter the Forbidden City—and the last to see it before the Chinese invasion “A well-rendered story of WWII action and adventure, one with plenty of twists and operational pointers for future warriors.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Authors Starks and Murcutt absorbingly recount the political conquest of Tibet through the story of these five young men’s unwitting embroilment in an international incident and their extraordinary journey home.” —Publishers Weekly

Lost in Tibet, 2nd The Untold Story of Five American Airmen, a Doomed Plane, and the Will to Survive Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt 978-0-7627-8134-8 ■ September 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Editions: Cloth 08/2004; 978-1-59228-572-3; Paper 11/2005; 978-1-59228-785-7 (OP) b&w archival images, maps ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

“This is a fine story of courage and diplomacy that presents invaluable information on a little-known theater of WWII and insight into the Tibet-China political situation.” —Booklist

“This book tells about an incident that has been hidden for too many years. It’s a fascinating adventure that stands out from all the other wartime experiences I have heard about.” —Charles Martin, former “Hump” pilot

Caught in a violent storm and blown far off their intended course, five American airmen—flying the dangerous Himalayan supply route known as “The Hump”—were forced to bail out just seconds before their plane ran out of fuel. To their astonishment, they found they had landed in the heart of Tibet. There they had to confront what, to them, seemed a bizarre—even alien—people. At the same time, they had to extricate themselves from the political turmoil that even then was raging around Tibet’s right to be independent from China. Now back in print, Lost in Tibet is an extraordinary story of high adventure. It also sheds light on the remarkable Tibetan people, just at that moment when they were coming to terms with a hostile outside world. Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt are worldwide travelers, writers, and editors who have authored several books, including A Room with a Pew and Along the River that Flows Uphill. They live in Boulder, Colorado. Visit them at 12

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4/5/12 4:56 PM













An offbeat and entertaining account of a journey through Spain—staying only in ancient monasteries


< < <Madrid






<< < Cordoba











< <<

4 Ávila




<3 < 2 < < Zaragoza < <


t d i M e









a S e




1 Santa María de Vallbona 2 Virgen de Monlora 3 San Salvador de Leyre

4 Santo Tomás

Púrisima Concepción y San Jose 6 Santa María de las Escalonias 7 Santa María Marchena

A Room with a Pew Sleeping Our Way through Spain’s Ancient Monasteries Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt 978-0-7627-8145-4 ■ September 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN pen-and-ink illustrations, overview map ■ Lyons Press TRAVEL

One recent summer, Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt traveled through Spain—from Barcelona in the north to Malaga on the southern Mediterranean coast—staying exclusively in ancient monasteries. As they quickly discovered, these are intriguing places in which to stay. They are ripe with history, art, and culture (living museums); peopled by a dying breed of monks and nuns (last chance to see); rarely visited (so few tourists); and open to anyone who cares to stop by (you don’t have to be religious, although it doesn’t hurt if you are). They are also inexpensive (much of the time); eager for customers (most of the time); and always hospitable (in keeping with the Rule of St. Benedict). This account of the authors’ journey is irreverent at times, often amusing, but always respectful and entertaining. It will show you what it is like to turn your back on tourist Spain, to leave behind the hotels, pensions, and up-market paradors and immerse yourself in the cowled world of Spain’s many and varied ancient monasteries. Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt are writers and editors who have authored several books, including Lost in Tibet and Along the River that Flows Uphill. Worldwide travelers, they rank their journey through Spain’s ancient monasteries as one of their most rewarding experiences. They live in Boulder, Colorado. Visit them at 13

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Now in paperback, the eighth Woods Cop Mystery, in which Grady Service, Detective for Michigan Upper Peninsula’s DNR, investigates a case on the shores of Lake Superior involving “bleeding sand,” a centuries-old mystery surrounding a Native American archaeological site, and a deadly forest fire “Heywood is a master of his form.” —Detroit Free Press

“Top-notch action scenes, engaging characters both major and minor, masterful dialogue, and a passionate sense of place make this a fine series.”

Force of Blood

—Publishers Weekly

A Woods Cop Mystery Joseph Heywood 978-0-7627-8123-2 ■ September 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 384 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 09/2011; 978-0-7627-7284-1 Lyons Press MYSTERY

“Heywood has crafted an entertaining bunch of characters. An absorbing narrative twists and turns in a setting ripe for corruption.” —Dallas Morning News

Late spring, 2007. Michigan in economic freefall, state budgets being slashed, politics reduced to nastiness, state jobs being erased, and personnel furloughed without pay. Grady Service, detective for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the Upper Peninsula, watches as his colleagues leave the department one by one. Upon being asked by an old friend to look into unspecified problems his son is facing on the shores of Lake Superior, Service has no idea how complicated his life is about to become. All he knows is that the situation involves something his friend calls “bleeding sand”—and that his new partner, Conservation Officer Donna “Jingo” Sedge, is the oddest young officer he’s ever met. The story moves at breakneck speed as Service, nearing three decades as a Woods Cop, finds that expectations seem to be changing on all fronts, personal and professional, and he is not certain he can live up to them. Joseph Heywood is the author of The Snowfly (Lyons Press), The Berkut, Taxi Dancer, The Domino Conspiracy—and the eight novels comprising the Woods Cop Mystery series. Featuring Grady Service, a detective in the Upper Peninsula for Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, this series has earned its author a legion of fans. Heywood lives in Portage, Michigan. Visit the author’s web site at 14

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From the author of the Woods Cop mysteries—a new historical mystery set in 1913, featuring Rough Rider turned game warden Lute Bapcat, a violent miners’ strike, deadly sabotage, and the intentional destruction of Michigan wildlife

Red Jacket A Lute Bapcat Mystery Joseph Heywood 978-0-7627-8253-6 ■ September 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 352 pp ■ 12/CTN Lyons Press MYSTERY

Woods Cop mystery author Joseph Heywood takes readers to an era when people had to be as hard as the lives they lived. Meet Lute Bapcat, orphan, loner, former cowboy, Rough Rider, beaver trapper, a man who in 1913, with the enthusiastic recommendation by Theodore Roosevelt, himself, becomes one of Michigan’s first civil service game wardens. His territory: The Keweenaw Peninsula, the state’s industrial center. Featuring a stunning array of characters, fascinating historical detail, and Heywood’s trademark writing about life and work in Michigan’s wild, Red Jacket asks Lute to confront an explosive, bloody labor strike; a siege-like sabotage, including a sudden rash of decapitated, spoiled deer; poisoned trout streams and well water; and unusual deforestation—all apparently designed by mine owners to deny nature’s bounty to the strikers, and thereby to break the union. The strike’s violence culminates in the Italian Hall disaster, during which a man allegedly yells fire in a small building with several hundred people inside. In the panic, 73 people are crushed or die of suffocation, the majority of them the children and wives of striking miners at the hall for a Christmas party. Even with good people dying, the Michigan governor refuses to take sides. Should Lute Bapcat? Joseph Heywood is the author of The Snowfly (Lyons), Covered Waters (Lyons), The Berkut, Taxi Dancer, The Domino Conspiracy—and the eight novels comprising the Woods Cop Mystery Series. Heywood lives in Portage, Michigan. For more on Joseph Heywood and the Woods Cop Mysteries, visit the author’s web site at 15

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The gripping, forgotten story of America’s first military foray into the Middle East

Clash of Eagles America’s Forgotten Expedition to Ottoman Palestine Carol Lea Clark 978-0-7627-7842-3 ■ September 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 272 pp ■ 12/CTN b&w photos and illustrations ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

In the middle of the Mexican-American War, the secretary of the Navy authorized Lt. William Francis Lynch to command an unusual expedition, not south to the war zone, but east to Ottoman Palestine, now Israel and Jordan, to map the Dead Sea. Traversing this backwater of a dying empire, Lynch forged life-saving alliances with a Bedouin sheik and a Hashemite sharif. Horses weren’t strong enough, so he improvised with foul-tempered camels to haul metal boats overland from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee. He navigated the treacherous, uncharted rapids of the Jordan and braved near starvation before reaching Jerusalem, attempting to establish that the Dead Sea lay below sea level. But it didn’t generate enough knowledge to justify the expense or the suffering of the fifteen Americans who joined Lynch’s obsessive quest. Was it a publicity stunt? Or the first step in returning Muslim Palestine to its former glory as a Judeo-Christian land of milk and honey? In vivid, absorbing detail, Clash of Eagles masterfully recounts this seemingly foolhardy mission that the Civil War soon derailed. Another hundred years would pass before America again involved itself in the Middle East. Carol Clark, associate professor of English at the University of Texas at El Paso, has written more than 50 magazine articles and eight textbooks. She held a Fulbright to Jordan in 2008–2009 and discovered William Lynch’s story while at the American Center for Oriental Research in Amman. She lives in El Paso, Texas. 16

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The unusual history of a relatively little-known misfit regiment— marking the 150th anniversary of its founding on September 1, 2012—that was nonetheless at the center of many of the Civil War’s most critical battles

In the Very Thickest of the Fight The Civil War Service of the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment Steve Raymond 978-0-7627-8283-3 ■ September 2012 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 400 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w photos, maps ■ Globe Pequot HISTORY

The regiment known as the 78th Illinois had an inauspicious start. The troops served under an absentee colonel who feuded with his officers and superiors, ended up arrested, and finally retreated to his tent and did nothing. They were issued regiment ancient rifles, including many that did not work. The regiment’s companies were posted separately as guards at railroad bridges, which prevented the regiment from drilling and learning to maneuver as a unit. Devoid of leadership, distrusted by senior officers, the 78th became a regiment that was always left behind when others went to the front. Until they weren’t. In addition to the personal stories this book tells, it offers details of many incidents and battles that have virtually escaped the prior notice of historians because those details are part of the story of this ignominious regiment. It also describes Western campaigns that have traditionally taken a back seat to the Eastern Theater in Civil War literature, and its narrative plays out against a broad landscape of six states—Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas. Steve Raymond is author of nine previous books. He is a long-time member of the Civil War Trust and the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable and for many years has been the Seattle Times’ chief reviewer of Civil War history and a member of the National Book Critics Circle. He lives in Whidbey, Washington. 17

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A parody of the Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat for overtired parents who haven’t lost their sense of humor—or their own affection for Seuss himself Praise for Lex Friedman’s The Snuggie Sutra “I’m recommending it. Passionately. Simply put, this is brilliance on the page. . . . It’s all freakin’ hilarious.” —Publishers Weekly

The Kid in the Crib A Doctor Seuss Parody Lex Friedman and Felix Jason Schlater 978-0-7627-8304-5 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 61/2 x 87⁄8 ■ 48 pp ■ 48/CTN full-color illustrations ■ Lyons Press HUMOR

A children’s book for adults in the vein of the mega-bestselling Go the F**k to Sleep, The Kid in the Crib brilliantly reimagines the Dr. Seuss classic, The Cat in the Hat, for beleaguered parents struggling with the anxieties and challenges of parenting in the 21st century. It substitutes the typical worries, frustrations, and challenges of modern parenting for Seuss’s original story about a kindly feline and the children he befriends. It lays out the daily power struggle between parents as they each insist that it’s the other one’s turn to deal with the befouled diaper, and the bleary-headedness that coincides with an infant’s sleeping patterns. Parents will chuckle as they read “The kid spat up white/The kid spat up green/The kid spat up more spit up/ Than we’d ever seen.” This pitch-perfect parody—expertly illustrated by graphic designer Felix Schlater—paints an honest portrait of parenting that will have moms and dads nodding in recognition and howling with laughter. And it is a story that parents will delight in reading, both to each other—and even to their kids someday. Lex Friedman is the co-author of The Snuggie Sutra, which is as ridiculous as it sounds. He writes for Macworld and lives in New Jersey with his family. Felix Jason Schlater is a Virginia-based illustrator and graphic designer. When he’s not drawing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two crazy dogs. 18

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A humorous look at life on a cattle ranch—and a poignant reflection on loss and lessons learned

Its Head Came Off by Accident A Memoir Muffy Mead-Ferro 978-0-7627-8064-8 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 200 pp ■ 24/CTN photo inserts ■ TwoDot BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

Its Head Came Off by Accident is a humorous, yet poignant reflection on gratitude and loss. It describes a childhood that takes place on a vast Wyoming landscape—more than 6,000 acres near Jackson that extended into parts of Grand Teton National Park—where the author grew up with adventure-crazed, raucous brothers and friends, and a colorful collection of Western characters, most particularly her own mother. Mead-Ferro’s desire to move back to her childhood homeland from the city is weighed with how she felt when she did live on the cattle ranch, always unsure if she fit in. When Mead-Ferro’s mother is killed in a freak horse accident while herding cattle, Mead-Ferro faces the loss not only of this profoundly influential person but of the entire ranching operation: a century-old legacy. After she and her brothers sell the family ranch Mead-Ferro attempts to recreate the landscape of her childhood—particularly the privileges and responsibilities of land, animals, and real work—as a bequest to her own children. Muffy Mead-Ferro is the author of the best-selling Confessions of a Slacker Mom and Confessions of a Slacker Wife. She’s been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, and Talk of the Nation, and in publications such as The Atlantic and The London Times. She and her family reside in Salt Lake City and Alta, Wyoming. 19

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Tips from America’s Cowboy Poet on how to carve a living out of thin air and live with yourself while you do it “Probably the nation’s most successful living poet.” —New York Times

Lessons from a Desperado Poet Baxter Black foreword by Wilford Brimley 978-0-7627-8298-7 ■ September 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 232 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 06/2011; 978-0-7627-6997-1 b&w photos and illustrations ■ TwoDot BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

Part memoir, part how-to, all Baxter Black, Lessons from a Desperado Poet is a humorous, witty take on making a living by doing the right thing and trying everything. According to Baxter Black, success “does not require a genius; it just requires the persistence of a glacier. Remember, often it’s not ability that gets you ahead, it’s reliability. The world is run by those who show up.” A mind-tickling romp through the formation, fermentation, and fruition of the author’s career as a poet in a country where publishing poetry is “practically illegal,” Lessons from a Desperado Poet boldly injects a poem now and again when it is relevant, just to prove a point! It’s instructional for the entrepreneur, inspirational for the ambitious, and entertaining for the teeming masses. Lessons from a Desperado Poet leaves a trail of self-improvement and motivational tortilla crumbs that readers will follow with delight—before, that is, squirreling them away in their own cerebral pockets for later use. Baxter Black is known to millions for his insights as America’s Cowboy Poet and as a large-animal veterinarian. He would still be a practicing vet if, in his words, “cowboy poetry had not hijacked my life.” His books include The Back Page: The Best of Baxter Black from Western Horseman, and Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky? He lives in Benson, Arizona. 20

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A hilarious tale of two cowboys headed for the National Finals Rodeo, a run in with diabolical endangeredspecies smugglers, and true love and saddle-bronc riding Praise for Baxter Black’s previous work: “If you like folksy and smart, earthy and sentimental, Black’s your man, and if you like cowboy poetry, no one does it better.” —Booklist

“He could make a dead man sit up and laugh!” —Washington Post Book World

Ride, Cowboy, Ride! 8 Seconds Ain’t That Long Baxter Black 978-0-7627-8046-4 ■ September 2012 $22.95 US/$24.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 51/2 x 81/2 ■ 272 pp ■ 12/CTN TwoDot FICTION

This hilarious new novel by America’s favorite cowboy poet, Baxter Black, offers a funny, fast-paced inside look at the lives of rodeo cowboys and the women they love—or that they want to love. Cooney Bedlam is a saddle bronc rider and bull rider who has just fallen in love with the indefatigable Pica DeTroiT, but every time he tries to win her affections, he makes a fool of himself. When she’s accused of illegal trafficking in endangered species, after being set up by the diabolical Oui Oui Reese, Cooney and his traveling partner, Straight Line, pull out all the stops to try to prove her innocence and to compete at the National Finals Rodeo. Baxter Black is known to millions for his insights as America’s Cowboy Poet and as a large-animal veterinarian. He would still be a practicing vet if, in his words, “cowboy poetry had not hijacked my life.” His books include The Back Page: The Best of Baxter Black from Western Horseman, and Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky? He lives in Benson, Arizona. 21

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From the journey’s beginning in the oasis of the Singing Sands, through the perils of the London Blitz, this is the story of an amazing adventure, and an extraordinary Buddhist text that has touched millions of lives “A high-velocity tale of epic adventure.” —Sydney Morning Herald

“The special talent of Morgan and Walters is their ability to tantalize us with information and thrill us in a way that a work of history can rarely do. . . . Rarely do we read a book that so cleverly and subtly combines the conventions of so many different types of literature. A rare artifact indeed.” —Walter Mason, Good Reading magazine

Journeys on the Silk Road A Desert Explorer, Buddha’s Secret Library, and the Unearthing of the World’s Oldest Printed Book Joyce Morgan and Conrad Walters 978-0-7627-8297-0 ■ September 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 336 pp ■ 12/CTN photo inserts ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

When a Chinese monk broke through a hidden door in 1900, he uncovered one of history’s greatest literary secrets: a 1,000-year-old time capsule of life along the ancient Silk Road. Inside the chamber on the edge of the Gobi Desert, documents were piled from floor to ceiling. The gem among them was the Diamond Sutra of AD 868, now recognized as the world’s oldest printed book. The book’s journey—by camel through treacherous deserts, by boat to London scholars, by train to evade the bombs of World War II—merges an explorer’s adventures and political intrigue. Its path from East to West has coincided with the growing appeal of Buddhism in the contemporary world. As the Gutenberg Age cedes to the Google Age, the discovery of the Silk Road’s greatest treasure is an epic tale of survival, a literary detective story, and an evocation of the travelling power of the book. Joyce Morgan’s work has appeared in The Australian, The Guardian, The Bangkok Post, and The Sydney Morning Herald. Conrad Walters is a feature writer and book reviewer at The Sydney Morning Herald. They live in Sydney, Australia. Visit 22

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A comprehensive, illustrated guide to siege warfare in the ancient and medieval world

Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons A Fully Illustrated Guide to Siege Weapons and Tactics Konstantin Nossov 978-0-7627-8264-2 ■ September 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 344 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 12/2005; 978-1-59228-710-9 b&w photos and illustrations ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

In this richly illustrated guide, author Konstantin Nossov masterfully analyzes and recreates the weaponry, tactics, and stratagems of Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Judea, Persia, Greece, Rome, as well as those of the Gauls and Teutons, the Byzantine Empire, the Muslim world, and Medieval Europe. Discover how battering rams, bores, scaling ladders, siege towers, throwing machines, and other weapons developed over time. Numerous charts, illustrations, photographs, and tables will help you understand how these weapons were constructed, used, and adjusted to serve the needs of the warriors who wielded them. Based on an in-depth analysis of the work of ancient authors, including Apollodorus, Athenaeus, Heron, Vitruvius, and others, Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons not only shows you how to recreate the siege weapons themselves, but it will give you a deeper, better understanding of the history of war. Konstantin Nossov earned his Ph.D. from the Moscow State University in Russia. He is a researcher and advisor on ancient and medieval arms, armor, and warfare as well as the author of numerous books and articles, including Gladiator (Lyons, 2011). His work focuses particularly on the history of weaponry, fortification, and siege warfare. He lives in Moscow. 23

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Now in paperback, engaging and intelligent advice on aging written with verve by a spry nonagenarian— in time for Grandparent’s Day “A longtime war correspondent with a yen for adventure, Roy Rowan has lost some of his wind but none of his zest as he gallops into his tenth decade. He mixes advice with anecdote in a bid to inspire others in a congenial and entertaining read.” —AARP Magazine

“Want to learn how to age gracefully and have a great retirement? Then this is NOT the book for you! Roy Rowan, a great journalist, offers instead delightful tales and lessons about having a feisty and active old age. It’s both a charming memoir and a fountain of insight for anyone who plans to live until at least 100.”

Never Too Late A 90-Year-Old’s Pursuit of a Whirlwind Life Roy Rowan 978-0-7627-8295-6 ■ September 2012 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 04/2011; 978-0-7627-6376-4 Lyons Press BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

—Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen Institute, author of Steve Jobs

“Only Roy Rowan could have written this book: part world tour, part excursion into the human body. From war zones to political conventions, from baseball to anti-inflammatories, from Mao to Mark Twain, this is the stuff of life, and a howto guide to growing older . . . in great fashion!” —Brian Williams, NBC News

Never Too Late is career correspondent and author Roy Rowan’s rousing testament to the fact that if you are still in reasonably good health and have a career or set of interests to pursue, your swan-song years can be among your most productive. People magazine praised his “tips on aging—live with the three Es (enthusiasm, exertion, and energy).” Fortune raves, “Roy Rowan pictures old age not as sedentary geezerdom, but as a journey of discovery, recalling his own wondrous trips abroad. He winds back and forth between primer and memoir, offering lessons for living a fruitful exciting life in the post-retirement years.” And Vanity Fair notes, “nonagenarian Roy Rowan shows that it’s Never Too Late to cut loose.” Roy Rowan is a career correspondent and the author of ten books—including Chasing the Dragon (Lyons Press; forthcoming as a major motion picture). He lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. Visit him at 24

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Just like the hit show on ABC-TV, Suburgatory skewers the ridiculous cast of characters and typical situations one encounters when relinquishing the city for suburbia. “What life might be like if Sarah Silverman moved to the burbs. A sexy, saucy, hilarious romp.” —Bill Diehl, ABC Entertainment Correspondent

“‘Hilarious.’ ‘Insightful.’ ‘Genius.’ People are always saying these words to me. Now, finally, I can say them about someone else: specifically whoever wrote this book. Linda somebody.” —Robert Carlock, Executive Producer of NBC’s 30 Rock

“Linda Keenan is the smartest, sassiest girl you know times ten, after two shots of tequila. Her brazen, ballsy look at life in the suburbs is more than laugh out loud—Subugatory will make you shoot milk out of your nose, then immediately reup the lease on your townhouse in the city.” —Karen Karbo, author of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel and How Georgia Became O’Keeffe

Suburgatory Life Trapped among the Manicured Moms, Barely There Dads, and Nightmare Neighbors Linda Erin Keenan 978-0-7627-8291-8 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous edition: Cloth 10/2011; 978-0-7627-8019-8 skirt! HUMOR

Suburgatory lampoons the absurdities and contradictions that Linda Keenan has witnessed since leaving New York City, where she was a thoroughly urban CNN news producer for seven years, and settling down as a hapless stay-at-home suburban mother. The original proposal for this book was picked up by Warner Brothers, and you can see their imagining of Suburgatory on the ABC show of the same title. Keenan was forced by the man in her life to leave her beloved New York City for a supposed suburban utopia. Instead she found herself trapped in a place where conformity is king, and where she often felt like she had been taken hostage by an adult Girl Scout troop. So Keenan decided to train her twisted reporter’s eye on the strange inhabitants of this new foreign land. Thought of as a local town newspaper or website, Suburgatory excoriates—through satirical local ”news stories”—the mostly upper middle class American pieties and parenting obsessions, targeting the all-around bad behavior raging underneath the surface of those obsessively tended suburban lawns and bikini lines. Linda Erin Keenan spent seven years as a CNN head-writer for anchors, including Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs, before trading it all in for baby and suburbia. She now trains her reporter’s eye on the subversive side of her new, foreign environment. Her essays have appeared in The Boston Globe Magazine and The Huffington Post. She lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 25

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hearth & home 26

A Potted History of Fruit

A Potted History of Vegetables

The Armchair Book of Gardens

978-0-7627-7060-1 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7061-8 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6989-6 $24.95 US

Seasons of Connecticut

On Rare Birds

Forts for Kids

978-0-7627-5907-1 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN

978-0-7627-6987-2 $24.95 US

978-0-7627-6453-2 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Kitchen Medicine

Create the Space You Deserve

Libby Langdonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Small Space Solutions

978-0-7627-7985-7 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN

978-1-59921-290-6 $24.95 US/$28.95 CAN

978-1-59921-424-5 $24.95 US/$29.95 CAN

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4/5/12 4:56 PM

Little House on a Small Planet, 2nd

978-0-7627-7022-9 $19.95 US

978-1-59921-795-6 $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN

Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts

hearth & home

Brevertonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Complete Herbal

978-0-7627-7146-2 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties, 2nd

The Way of the Hen

The Way to Bee

978-1-59921-333-0 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7367-1 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7365-7 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

In Praise of Chickens

Living with Sheep

Barns and Outbuildings, 2nd

978-0-7627-7350-3 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-1-59228-906-6 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-371-2 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

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Published to coincide with the release of the 23rd James Bond film this fall

Bond On Bond Reflections on Fifty Years of James Bond Movies: Connery, Lazenby, Dalton, Brosnan, Craig, and . . . Oh Yes, Me! Sir Roger Moore 978-0-7627-8281-9 ■ October 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 81/2 x 11 ■ 224 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color and b&w photos ■ Lyons Press PERFORMING ARTS


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 28

4/5/12 4:56 PM

left: Nick Nack (Herve Villachez) was the diminutive hired help of Scaramanga, and as this photo indicates, he was quite a ladies’ man.

The Bond movies remain the longest continually running film series in movie history, and 2012 marks its fiftieth anniversary. To celebrate these universally adored films, their cultural history, and wide appeal, Sir Roger Moore, KBE, has written a book that features all the Bond movies, along with a wonderfully witty account of his own below: involvement in them. In The Man With The Golden Gun I faced up to my old friend Christopher Lee.

tain Dr Kananga, (after ill be eaten’). The farm nspired Mankiewicz to

r Big; the first (and to 07 adventure.

taken on the coveted role of James Bond, Moore, the longest starring 007, is certainly one of the most renowned and beloved. Written with all the affection and good humor he brought to the role, his charming wit and charismatic personality come through on every page. This the ultimate Bond book, written by the ultimate insider, and for this reason, Bond on Bond is not to be missed. It will dazzle and delight 007 fans of all ages and without a doubt, leave them feeling both shaken and stirred.


From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, the ultimate book of Bond movies as told by the popular and longest-starring 007, Sir Roger Moore

Ian Fleming’s cousin – Francisco Scaramanga, opher and I had worked ht back in 1949 when I pisode of the TV series

I used to tease him just before the director

BO N D ON vil l ia N s

From the girls to the villains, the cars to the cocktails, and oh so many gadgets, Bond on Bond has it all. This sumptuous book is illustrated with over 400 hundred iconic images from all the films including many previously unseen photos from the Bond archive as well as photos from Moore’s personal collection. And while there have been other actors that have

Sir Roger Moore was born on October 14,1927, in London. As an English actor, he is best known for portraying British secret agent James Bond in seven films from 1973 to 1985. He also portrayed Simon Templar in the longrunning British television series The Saint. Moore divides his time between homes in Monaco and Switzerland. 29

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“With even the smallest tasks, Carter has the same approach to homeowners that I do with cooks in the kitchen. His advice and designs are creative, helpful, attainable, and inspiring, AND he even calls the kitchen the hub of the house. That’s my kind of guy! . . . It is so important to feel at home in your own home. With Carter’s thoughtful tips featured throughout and his Million Dollar Perspective, readers will have the tools to transform their home into their own space. You know you’ll find me in the kitchen!” —From the Foreword by Rachael Ray

Carter’s Way A No-Nonsense Method for Designing Your Own Super Stylish Home Carter Oosterhouse with Chris Peterson Foreword by Rachael Ray 978-0-7627-7898-0 ■ October 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 81/2 x11 ■ 224 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press HOUSE & HOME


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4/5/12 4:57 PM

Carter Oosterhouse knows how real people live and how intimidating home design can be. With his reassuring, “you can do it” attitude, he goes out of his way to show readers how to create realistic design elements that they can implement with basic tools and a little DIY experience. His mission is to bring people’s imaginations to life. The design features he constructs use materials easily found, are budget-conscious, and whenever possible environmentally friendly. In Carter’s Way, he decodes the time-tested principles of design, using specific examples and stunning photos to visually illustrate his points. Each chapter will cover a different area of the house, acknowledging the diversity of layouts in today’s homes. For example, one chapter will focus on spaces for cooking, eating, and socializing to appeal both to people with a formal dining area and those with more open floor plans, with a design that is about comfort, entertaining, and practicality. Other chapters include: intimate bedroom spaces featuring beautiful and efficient storage for a sensual environment that becomes a sanctuary; living/family rooms with the kind of versatility that allows them to convert from game-playing rumpus rooms to elegant cocktail party spaces; luxurious bathrooms that provide a spa-like getaway from stress while also conserving energy and water; home offices/entryways/ laundry rooms; and outdoor spaces that can serve as twoor three-season rooms for entertaining and relaxing.


The popular host of HGTV’s Carter Can, Million Dollar Rooms, and Red, Hot & Green now offers homeowners a book featuring his empowering home-design method.

I’m writing this book because of all the people who come up to me at events, or write me, saying things like, “I wish I could make my kitchen look like the one on your last show,” or, “If only I could have you work on my living room!” You don’t need me in person. You don’t need anybody else. You need my perspective and my method. My method is what I call “Carter’s Way.” It’s a process that has worked for me in dozens of different rooms and homes. Now I want it to work for you!

Carter Oosterhouse is the host of HGTV’s Carter Can, ­ illion Dollar Rooms, and Red, Hot & Green. He has M also been a contributor to the Today Show as “America’s Handyman,” and he regularly appears on The Rachael Ray Show. Visit him at He lives in Hermosa Beach, CA. Chris Peterson has written extensively on the subject of home improvement and home design. A list of his work can be found at 31

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


Celebrating Washington, DC’s best restaurants and eateries with recipes and photographs

Washington, D.C. Chef’s Table Extraordinary Recipes from the Nation’s Capital Beth Kanter Photography by Emily Pearl Goodstein 978-0-7627-8148-5 ■ October 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 208 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

In Washington, DC, political rivals disagree on just about everything, but there is widespread bi-partisan support for the city’s restaurant scene. The nation’s capital and neighboring suburbs boast premier restaurants and inspired chefs who bring even the most hardened adversaries, to the table. Now, everyone, inside and outside the beltway, can savor a taste of the best Washington has to offer. With tantalizing recipes from more than 50 of the capital’s most celebrated chefs and 100 beautiful full-color photographs, is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Beth Kanter’s books and articles help visitors and locals alike experience the tastes, sights, and sounds that make up Washington, DC. Beth reviews hotels for the Fodor’s Washington, D.C. series and has authored the most recent Michelin Green Guide Washington, DC. She is also the author of Food Lovers’ Guide to Washington and Day Trips from Washington, DC (both Globe Pequot Press). Her essays and articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including Wondertime, Parents, Kiwi, American Baby, Shape, and the Chicago Tribune. Beth teaches writing workshops and has an MSJ from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. You can visit her online at 32

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 32

4/5/12 4:57 PM


The powerful and lyrical story of two women whose words and astonishing friendship helped them survive the ultimate loss

Grief blisters like third degree burns, trying to form scabs, struggling to heal, ripped off without warning by the sight of his favorite things: scuffed Adidas, an autographed Tony Hawk skateboard, Rice Krispies treats, macaroni and cheese from a box. I see him in all of these things now, but he quickly evaporates, setting off a silent alarm that plays full volume inside my head. (Armen) This is the month I’ve been wondering about for nearly a year. That marker that reminds me I’m still alive, but frozen—a still life—that I’ve survived the step out of time into the realm of no-time. Where the frost that sweeps the lawns with glistening white has infiltrated my body and soul like a virus, moving through each vein and artery, to the ends of my toes. I am frozen from the inside out. (Nancy)

Griefland An Intimate Portrait of Love, Loss, and Unlikely Friendship Armen Bacon and Nancy Miller 978-0-7627-8084-6 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 51/2 x 71/2 ■ 176 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press SELF-HELP

Griefland. It’s a place no one wants to visit—a place without borders where language is inadequate and pain is constant. It’s a place where every morning, one awakens to the stark reality that a loved one will never be seen, heard—or embraced—again. This is a place that Armen Bacon and Nancy Miller know all too well, for both of them, when they met, had lost a child to drug addiction. Both of them had also enjoyed a comfortable, middle-class life—until it was rocked by the sudden death of a son, Alex, and a daughter, Rachel. Griefland provides an intimate portrait of what tragedy does to the human soul, how it changes one’s life, and most important, how it can be survived. With achingly beautiful language, this book explores the acute moment-to-moment experience of grief. But it also transcends that and speaks to the redemptive power of friendship, trust, intimacy, and love. Together they discover a will and desire to move forward, recognizing that Life is the ultimate prize for those who survive this excruciating journey. Armen Bacon is a regular contributor to The Fresno Bee and has a daily radio feature titled Live, Laugh, Love. For two decades she has served as a media spokeswoman for education. Armen resides in Fresno, California. Nancy Miller has been an English and composition instructor at the university and junior college levels for more than seventeen years. She lives in Olympia, Washington. 33

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


An entertaining look at the serious business of finding a husband or wife by mail in the wide-open days of the Old West

Object: Matrimony The Risky Business of Mail-Order Matchmaking on the Western Frontier Chris Enss 978-0-7627-7399-2 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 176 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w photos ■ TwoDot HISTORY

Desperate to strike it rich during the Western Gold Rushes and eager for the free land afforded them through the Homestead Act, men went west alone. One way for men living on the frontier to meet women was through subscriptions to newspapers with information, and sometimes photographs, about women, with whom they corresponded. Eventually, a man might convince a woman to join him in the West, and in matrimony. Object Matrimony includes stories of courageous mail-order brides and their exploits as well as stories of the marriage brokers, mercenary matchmakers looking to profit as merchants did off of the miners and settlers. Some of these stories end happily ever after; others reveal desperate situations that robbed the brides of their youth and sometimes their lives. Chris Enss is an award-winning screen writer who has written for television, short subject films, live performances, and for the movies, and is the author or co-author of more than twenty books. She lives in Grass Valley, California. 34

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4/5/12 4:57 PM

Those of us who are interested in bird behavior beyond the feeder or the identification guide book find meager pickings when it comes to information. I am fortunate that my house faces a cliff with a river at the base where I can watch raptors, water fowl, and a hundred other species. The nests of a pair of bald eagles and another upriver inhabited by golden eagles are in sight from the breakfast table. I have plenty of books on birds, but the information on why the big eagles do what they do is hard to dig out. Eagle behavior is usually lumped together with the general behavior of the Accipitrids, but a single book focused on the rich lore and sweep of eagledom did not seem to exist. . . . Bodio’s beautifully written and authoritative book, Eagles, is a primary source of information as well as an omnium gatherum from literature, film and mythology concerning these large, striking birds.” —From the Introduction by Annie Proulx


For nature lovers and especially lovers of the eagle, An Eternity of Eagles is a profusely illustrated celebration of all things eagle, by a naturalist who has kept eagles himself and ridden with the eagle tribes of Central Asia.

An Eternity of Eagles The Human History of the Most Beautiful Bird in the World Stephen J. Bodio Introduction by Annie Proulx 978-0-7627-8022-8 ■ October 2012 $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 224 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press NATURE

From one of the foremost author/naturalists in the country, Stephen J. Bodio, comes a compulsively readable natural and social history of the most beautiful bird in the world—the eagle—with a lengthy and admiring introduction by Annie Proulx. An Eternity of Eagles traces our love-hate relationship to these “living dinosaurs,” from Neolithic rock art and Native American religion through the practices of Kazakh falconers who use them to hunt wolves, and to contemporary art and popular culture. Stephen Bodio was born and educated in Boston and has lived in a rural New Mexico village for over thirty years. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, and Asia and has written five books. 35

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 35

4/5/12 4:57 PM


From the creators of U.S. Army Zombie Combat Skills comes the Army’s doctrine on training zombies to work with our soldiers, just as we train canines to work in the military— with illustrations of zombies-intraining and fully trained zombies in combat operations

U.S. Army Zombie Training Manual Department of the Army 978-0-7627-8147-8 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w illustrations ■ Lyons Press HUMOR

When a zombie is taken prisoner by the Army, it need not be uselessly destroyed. In fact, just as our Army has a program to train dogs for combat roles, it has a program to train the captured Undead for combat roles. No zombie that our Army can capture will go unutilized. This is our Army’s “No Zombie Left Behind” policy. The manual in your hands is the Department of Defense’s principle source of information on care, conditioning, training, and operations of our Army’s Working Zombies—such as Blech!, the brave zombie who served in a capacity similar to that of his canine comrade Cairo in the raid that captured Bin Laden. From basics, such as “HEEL” and “STAY” to negotiating obstacle courses, to tracking, searching, attacking, and even Zombies working undercover in the real world, this manual shows readers how our military trains zombies to be soldier zombies. Illustrations depict the Do’s and Don’ts of Zombie care, training, and operations. Contents include: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Zombie-Veterinary Training Priorities Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification Patrol Zombie Training Clear Signals Training Method

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Detector Zombie Training Validation The Military Working Zombie Program (MWZ Program) Facilities and Equipment And more . . .

This book was written by order of the Secretary of the Army and prepared by Cole Louison and David Cole Wheeler, Undead Combat Consultants to the U.S. Army. 36

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 36

4/5/12 4:57 PM


A visual portrait of perseverance, heroism, and survival through stunning photographs and powerful essays “Stacy Pearsall’s account . . . is riveting not only in terms of the visuals, but also in her written accounts of the harrowing, street to street, doorway to doorway patrols that constitute the day-to-day grind of the troops on the ground. She brings to her reporting not only the skilled eye of a photojournalist, but also the emotional immediacy of being a soldier herself.” —Joe McNally, National Geographic photographer, author of Faces of Ground Zero, The Moment It Clicks, and The Hot Shoe Diaries

“Shooter . . . takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour and gives us a true sense of what it is like for our service men and women who are placed in harm’s way. After seeing the photographs, the viewer will feel like they’ve just ridden shotgun with our troops abroad.”

Shooter Combat from Behind the Camera Stacy Pearsall 978-0-7627-8018-1 ■ October 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 11 x 81/2 ■ 208 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press PHOTOGRAPHY

—Jim Colton, Photography Editor, Sports Illustrated, Former Director of Photography, Newsweek magazine

A soldier’s job is to enage the enemy; Stacy Pearsall’s job is to document the action. As a female combat photographer, she carries a gun, but her real weapon is her camera. Shooter is Pearsall’s honest and unflinching account of her life behind enemy lines as told through photographs that reveal the realities of war. Pearsall was situated just north of Baghdad, in a place known as the Deadly Diyala Province, where the Battle for Baqubah ensued. She endured hardships that most readers could not fathom—from close quarters combat with the enemy to recovering the body of a mortally wounded soldier. She has captured soldiers’ last moments alive. In this photographic book, Pearsall sheds light on what life during war is really like—both out in the field in the middle of the action and at rest. Detailed intimate essays about her relationships with soldiers, death, and combat accompany her striking photographs. She shares her poignant memories of the most dramatic and compelling moments in battle with brutal honesty through colorful stories and images. Stacy Pearsall was in the Combat Camera Squadron. Her work has been published in Time, Newsweek, New York Times, USA Today, and PBS’ “Operation Home Coming.” A collection of her combat photographs went on a nationwide tour in 2009. She is now the Owner/Director of the Charleston Center for Photography ( She lives in Charleston, South Carolina. 37

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 37

4/5/12 4:57 PM


Learn from one of the country’s top clean-energy advocates how renewable energy is good for your wallet

Green Is Good Save Money, Make Money, and Help Your Community Profit from Clean Energy Brian F. Keane 978-0-7627-8068-6 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

Here is a no-nonsense guide to how you, the average American, can easily make clean energy and energy efficiency part of your daily life, saving money, making money, and weaning your community off fossil fuels in the process. Energy guru Brian F. Keane walks you through the cost-benefit trade-offs of exciting new technologies and introduces you to revolutionary cleanenergy products on the horizon, making the ins and outs of renewable energy easily accessible. Featuring compelling, real-life stories that bring clean-energy problems and solutions from 30,000 feet to street level, Green Is Good walks you that last mile from awareness to adoption. It demonstrates how all of us can seize the opportunity and profit from it. Keane also discusses the challenges that clean energy faces, laying out time-tested strategies to overcome them. A renewable energy future isn’t just good for the environment; it’s good for the economy, and Green Is Good will show you how— before it’s too late. Brian F. Keane is president of SmartPower. He appears on White House Chronicle and contributes regularly to the Huffington Post. Twice named Connecticut’s Environmental Hero by the People’s Action for Clean Energy, Keane speaks extensively with local and national media about clean energy and energy efficiency. He lives with his wife and their four children in Arlington, Virginia. 38

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


A highly readable account of the most momentous presidential speeches and the stories behind them, illustrated with facsimiles of the documents, notes, and drafts that together formed the final speech

The President’s Speech The Stories behind the Most Memorable Presidential Addresses C. Edwin Vilade 978-0-7627-7981-9 ■ October 2012 $30.00 US/$33.00 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 81/2 x 10 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color and b&w photos ■ Lyons Press

With vivid insight and rousing examples, The President’s Speech rises to the heights of presidential eloquence. Prying apart America’s most important presidential speeches phrase by phrase, the book examines the pivotal, often familiar, and always potent language of these speeches and gives each its framework, both within the context of its era but also as a point on a timeline of our country’s long history. From Washington’s Farewell Address to George W. Bush’s Axis of Evil State of the Union Address, author Charles Edwin Vilade reveals the varied and often conflicting points of view that shaped the final famous words. In color facsimiles, we see the actual edits, deletions, additions, and notes, showing how remarkable and forceful language was crafted, sometimes last minute, into the enduring words made famous by their timing, context, delivery, and power. The President’s Speech stitches together two centuries of political and social progress, from the 1823 Monroe Doctrine, to Lincoln’s “with malice towards none” second inaugural speech, FDR’s “nothing to fear but fear itself” inaugural address, to Reagan’s “tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev” speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, revealing political and social currents that frame these words for modern times. Charles Edwin Vilade is an author, speechwriter and communications consultant who has written for two U.S. Presidents, two Vice Presidents, numerous Cabinet officials, heads of multinational corporations and other public figures. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife. 39

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


The tragic yet triumphant life of Elizabeth Winthrop, one of America’s founding mothers who persevered in following her heart

An Insubordinate Spirit A True Story of Life and Loss in Earliest America 1610–1665 Missy Wolfe 978-0-7627-8040-2 ■ October 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 272 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w photos ■ Globe Pequot HISTORY

Insubordinate Spirit is a unique exploration into the life of Elizabeth Winthrop and other seventeenth-century English Puritans who emigrated to the rough, virtually untouched wilderness of present-day New England. Excerpts from newly discovered personal diaries and correspondence provide readers with not only fascinating insights into the hardships, dangers, and losses inherent to English and Dutch settlers in the 1600s, but also first-hand descriptions of the local Native Americans’ family life, allegiances, and society. Caught between the unendurable expectations of her Puritan relatives and land disputes with the neighboring Dutch, Elizabeth Winthrop demonstrated a tremendous strength of resolve to protect her own family and remain true to her heart. Missy Wolfe is a historian who has been conducting primary research into Connecticut history for many years. She has degrees from Indiana University and Columbia University and has gained a following as a lecturer on local history. A former advertising strategist and copy writer in New York, she lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. 40

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 40

4/5/12 4:57 PM


The stunning memoir and secret love letters of a young woman in WWII Berlin and the Russian Gulag “A beautifully written, deeply human story of two courageous women on a terrifying journey . . . a page-turner [that] helps complete a blank page in the history of the German people.” —Thomas E. Kennedy, author of In the Company of Angels

Letters from Berlin A Story of War, Survival, and the Redeeming Power of Love and Friendship Margarete Dos and Kerstin Lieff 978-0-7627-7798-3 ■ October 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 400 pp ■ 12/CTN b&w photos, maps ■ Lyons Press BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

When Margarete Dos moved with her family to Berlin on the eve of World War II, she and her younger brother were blindly ushered into a generation of Hitler Youth. Like countless citizens under Hitler’s regime, Margarete struggled to understand what was happening to her country. Later, as a nurse for the German Red Cross, she treated countless young soldiers­—mere boys recruited in the eleventh hour to fight a losing battle—they would die before her eyes as Allied bombs racked her beloved city. Yet, her deep humanity, intelligence, and passion for life—which sparkles in every sentence of her memoir—carried Margarete through to war’s end. But just when she thought the worst was over, and she and her mother were on a train headed to Sweden, they were suddenly rerouted deep into Russia . . . This powerful account draws back the curtain on a piece of history that has been largely overlooked—the nightmare that millions of German civilians suffered, simply because they were German. That Margarete survived to tell her tale so vividly and courageously is a gift to us all. Kerstin Lieff was born to Margarete Dos and Jurgen Moller in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1952, just after her parents fled their German homeland. Ten months later, the family immigrated to St. Paul, Minnesota, where Kerstin grew up speaking German and hearing stories about her parents’ past. Her mother died in 2005 at the age of eighty-one, not long after reciting her life’s story. She now lives in Boulder, Colorado. 41

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


SAS and Elite Forces Guide Sniper Sniping Skills from the World’s Elite Forces Martin J. Dougherty 978-0-7627-8284-0 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ US and Canada ■ Paper 5 x 7 ■ 320 pp ■ 24/CTN illustrations ■ Lyons Press REFERENCE

How special forces units train elite soldiers Martin J. Dougherty is a freelance writer specializing in military and defense topics. He is the author of Medieval Warrior, SAS Elite Forces Guide Extreme Unarmed Combat (both Lyons Press), Small Arms: From the Civil War to the Present Day, and books on personal self defense. He lives in England.

SAS and Elite Forces Guide Preparing to Survive Being Ready for When Disaster Strikes Chris McNab 978-0-7627-8282-6 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ US and Canada ■ Paper 5 x7 ■ 320 pp ■ 24/CTN photos and illustrations ■ Lyons Press REFERENCE

Survival skills from the world’s elite forces Chris McNab is an experienced specialist in survival techniques. He has published over 20 books including SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Wilderness Survival (Lyons Press); How to Survive Anything, Anywhere; Special Forces Endurance Techniques; and First Aid Survival Manual. In his home country of Wales, McNab teaches wilderness hunting techniques.

y analyst of many years’ experience. He is author of hniques, The Elite Forces Manual of Mental & Physical egularly contributes to the International Defence Review. es near London, England.











extraction of US ment of Defense

Elite Forces Operations, 1991–2011 Alexander Stilwell 978-0-7627-8285-7 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ US and Canada ■ Paper 5 x 7 ■ 320 pp ■ 24/CTN photos and illustrations ■ Lyons Press REFERENCE

Clandestine and complex details of the world’s elite warriors

$19.95/Canadian $21.95

M16A4s undergo blems (from top): achute regiment),

SAS and Elite Forces Guide Special Forces in Action

Featuring missions in Afghanistan, Africa, the Balkans, Iraq, Pakistan, and South America


Alexander Stilwell is a military analyst of many years’ experience and the author of The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques and SAS and Elite Forces Guide Ropes and Knots (both Lyons Press). A regular contributor to the International Defence Review, he lives near London.


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4/5/12 4:57 PM


A beautifully written story of one man’s lifelong passion for hunting “The Fragrance of Grass is an exquisite, big-hearted celebration of a life grandly spent outdoors. Any novelist who’d try to invent a character like Guy de la Valdène would be doomed to fall short. He is a unique philosopherscoundrel with a wise, gentle heart, and he writes like a dream.” —Carl Hiaasen

“Guy de la Valdène’s portraiture of French farmers, landowners, and sportsmen is flawless, his appreciation of dogs profound. He writes with a lyric toughness that gives his work the tonal richness of literature. The Fragrance of Grass feels as though it was descanted rather than written, one eloquent sentence flowing into another. His view of hunting is, at its deepest level, a joyous, melancholy meditation on life and death.” —Christopher Camuto, Gray’s Sporting Journal

The Fragrance of Grass Guy De La Valdène

Also Available

978-0-7627-7977-2 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ US and Canada ■ Paper 5 x 8 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 03/2011; 978-0-7627-6414-3 Lyons Press SPORTS & RECREATION

Red Stag 978-1-59228-627-0

The Fragrance of Grass stands as a testament to Guy de la Valdène’s deep affection for and abiding respect of the natural world and its inhabitants. Set in places as far afield as France and Montana, Saskatchewan and Florida, this beautifully written memoir is a treatise on dogs, birds, and wildlife; food, wine, and women. It is suffused with La Valdene’s appreciation for and understanding of natural history along with his vast knowledge of centuries-old hunting traditions. It is a walk through the decades of memories of fields and birds, friends and dogs that will be treasured by all sportsmen. Guy de la Valdène was born and raised in France. His books include For a Handful of Feathers and Making Game: An Essay on Woodcock. He is also the author of a novel, Red Stag. His articles have appeared in Sports Afield and Field & Stream, among other publications. He lives on an 800-acre farm outside of Tallahassee, Florida. 43

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cooking 44


Simple Honest Food

Stephane Reynaudâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Barbecue & Grill

978-0-7627-8009-9 $27.50 US/$29.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7975-8 $35.00 US

978-0-7627-7895-9 $27.95 US

Around a Greek Table


What Chefs Feed Their Kids

978-0-7627-7836-2 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7897-3 $24.95 US

978-0-7627-6095-4 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN



The Starter Cook

978-0-7627-7865-2 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7378-7 $27.50 US

978-0-7627-7448-7 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


Celebrate Vegan

My Vietnam

In At The Deep End

978-0-7627-7067-0 $17.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7394-7 $40.00 US

978-0-7627-7380-0 $24.95 US

Caseus Fromagerie Bistro Cookbook

Welcome to Claire’s

978-0-7627-6118-0 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN

978-0-7627-7446-3 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN

Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Classic Home Cooking

Ginger Pig

The Student’s Cookbook

The Lexicon of Real American Food

978-0-7627-7982-6 $35.00 US/$39.00 CAN

978-0-7627-7896-6 $16.95 US

978-0-7627-6094-7 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 45

978-0-7627-7983-3 $30.00 US/$33.00 CAN


4/5/12 4:57 PM


“Kevin Pollak is a mastermind of smart and funny. He attacks my funny bone the way a pit bull attacks my anklebone.” —Steve Martin

“Kevin Pollak is one of those guys who shows up in every corner of the Business of Show—hit TV programs, award winning movies, radio shows of every kind, and benefit dinners for worthy charities. I once saw him in the parking lot at Cirque du Soleil and hollered, ‘Hey! Kevin!’ but he didn’t hear me. Like you, I wonder how he’s made it to the Big Time. This book brings that mystery to a close.” —Tom Hanks

“If he writes as well as he imitates me, you’re in for a good time.” —Albert Brooks With rebuttals, insults, and inappropriate asides from: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

How I Slept My Way to the Middle Secrets and Stories from Stage, Screen, and Interwebs Kevin Pollak INTRODUCTIONS BY PENN JILLETTE AND BILLY BOB THORNTON

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

978-0-7627-8055-6 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 272 pp ■ 12/CTN b&w photos ■ Lyons Press HUMOR

■■ ■■ ■■

Steve Martin Tom Hanks Billy Bob Thornton Penn Jillette Henry Winkler Albert Brooks Jason Alexander Christopher Guest Christopher McQuarrie Jim Gaffigan Bryan Cranston Damon Lindelof Eli Roth James L. Brooks and more


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 46

4/5/12 4:57 PM

One of Comedy Central’s Top 100 Stand-Up Comedians of All Time, award-winning dramatic actor, and an Internet pioneer, Kevin Pollak has done it all for thirty years and is ready to spill the beans. Best known for performances in A Few Good Men and The Usual Suspects, he shares never-before-heard stories of film legends like De Niro, Hanks, Howard, Lemon, Loren, Lucas, Martin, Mathau, Reiner, Scorcese, Singer, Willis, and more. He turned down his first invitation to do stand-up on The Tonight Show because he knew that he’d have a bigger impact if he sat next to Johnny instead of performing onstage. When he gambled for a spot on the most coveted couch in showbiz, he had no agent, no auditions, no

Johnny did his monologue, kibitzed with Ed, then spoke with his first guest. After a commercial break, it was time. Doc Severinsen cut off his orchestra at the perfect moment, and Johnny said, in that unmistakable Iowa/Nebraska accent, “Ladies and gentlemen, making his first appearance on the show, a young comedian who’s in a new movie directed by Ron Howard called Willow. Please welcome, Kevin Pollak.”


Kevin Pollak’s hilarious, often raw and revealing tales of climbing and surviving the showbiz ladder

The audience let out a collective cry of, Who the hell is Kevin Pollak?—or at least that’s what I imagined—then applauded. I walked out from behind the curtain (which I’d rehearsed 5,000 times in my bedroom mirror, no exaggeration), waved to the audience (also rehearsed), and unbuttoned my jacket (rehearsed). Oddly, I wasn’t nervous, but rather excited, as excited as a kid making his first trip to Disneyworld, or a kid trying to fall sleep on Christmas Eve, or just about any guy who’s about to lose his virginity.

prospects. But his gut was right: A year later, his first sitdown with the king of late night led to three visits a year, every year, until Carson retired. Now a new media entrepreneur, Pollak is laughing proof that you can do anything you want—except have a rational conversation with Rip Torn, who’s an evil, paranoid $#!%. Kevin Pollak has appeared in over 65 films, including A Few Good Men, The Usual Suspects, Casino and the Grumpy Old Men franchise, in addition to numerous TV shows. Named one of Comedy Central’s Top 100 Comedians of All Time. He lives near the beach in Los Angeles with his fiancée, Jaime, and their cat, Edie.


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4/5/12 4:57 PM


“The fusion of health and culinary art is what makes The Fresh Energy Cookbook so incredible . . . innovative, practical, easy, and delicious.” —Chef Matthew Kenney

The Fresh Energy Cookbook Detox Recipes to Supercharge Your Life Natalia Rose and Doris Choi 978-0-7627-8086-0 ■ November 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color throughout ■ skirt! COOKING


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4/5/12 4:57 PM

With the publication of The Raw Food Detox Diet, Natalia Rose popularized the concept of “detox dieting.” Her principles for cleansing and revitalizing the body by emphasizing living foods and proper food combinations caught the attention of Doris Choi, personal chef and caterer to New York’s cognoscenti—and inspired a whole new culinary approach. Rose and Choi teamed up to create The Rose Program Culinary Institute and Detox Delivers, an innovative cooking school and food delivery service for clients nationwide. Now, with The Fresh Energy Cookbook, they unveil more than 150 of Chef Doris’s most coveted dishes, ideal for dieters and home cooks of all stripes. Lovingly compiled and gorgeously photographed, it covers essential kitchenware, prep skills, pantry items—and recipes for everything from juices and smoothies to warm savory salads, satisfying entrees, and guiltless desserts—all delicious and stunningly simple to prepare. Contrary to popular opinion, true detoxing is not about drinking lemon water and starving oneself for weeks at a time; it’s about eating whole, fresh, high-vibration foods as nature intended us to, every day. While this cookbook features many vegan and raw dishes, it offers a range of amazingly healthy recipes, some of which include goat cheese, fish, and gently cooked starches and vegetables. Among the mouthwatering salads, soups, appetizers, entrees, and desserts are: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■


The essential kitchen companion for today’s detox dieters and enlightened home cooks, from a leading light in the alternative health community

Natalia Rose, CN, is the founder of and the author of The Raw Food Detox Diet, Raw Food Life Force Energy, and Detox 4 Women. In her private Manhattan practice, Rose works with some of the world’s most body-conscious men and women, including models, actors, and media personalities. She lives in New York City with her husband and children. Doris Choi is a private chef and caterer with more than fifteen years of experience in the restaurant and service industry. She has owned, managed, and operated highly successful bars, nightclubs, cafés, restaurants, and catering companies throughout New York City.

Daikon Summer Rolls with Tomato Yuzu Dip Amalfi Salad Cauliflower Pizza with Matbucha Sauce Quick Ratatouille Fennel-Stuffed Salmon Butternut Squash Fries Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Lemon and Yuzu Granita


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4/5/12 4:57 PM

november The Rarest Blue The Remarkable Story of an Ancient Color Lost to History and Rediscovered Baruch Sterman with Judy Taubes Sterman 978-0-7627-8222-2 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market ■ Cloth 51/2 x 71⁄5 ■ 304 pp ■ 12/CTN color inserts, illustrations ■ Lyons Press HISTORY


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 50

4/5/12 4:57 PM

For centuries, dyed fabrics ranked among the most desirable objects of the ancient world, fetching up to 20 times their weight in gold. Few people knew their complex secrets, carefully guarding the valuable knowledge. The Rarest Blue tells the incredible story of tekhelet, or hyacinth blue, the elusive sky-blue dye mentioned throughout the Hebrew Bible. Minoans discovered it; Phoenicians stole it; Roman emperors revered it; Cleopatra adored it; and Jews—obeying a Biblical commandment to affix a single thread of the radiant color to the corner of their garments—risked their lives for it. But with the fall of the Roman Empire, the technique vanished. Then in the nineteenth century, a marine biologist saw a fisherman’s shirt smeared with snail guts, marveling as the yellow stains turned sky blue. What was the secret? At the same time, a Hasidic master obsessed with the ancient technique posited that the source wasn’t a snail but a squid. Bitter fighting ensued until the chief rabbi of Ireland discovered that one of them was wrong. But had an unscrupulous chemist deliberately deceived him? Baruch Sterman is cofounder of the Ptil Tekhelet Association and was instrumental in developing the modern techniques for dyeing tekhelet used today. He has written numerous articles on the subject in several languages and is considered a world expert on snail dyeing. He divides his time between Israel and New Jersey with his wife, Judy Taubes Sterman, and their seven children.

As Lacaze-Duthiers would discover, three snail species were used for dyeing in ancient times, and all three belonged to the same family of mollusk. They were known as Murex trunculus, Murex brandaris, and Thais haemastoma. Found along the Mediterranean coast, these small creatures have a small gland, part of the snail’s digestive system, a secretion from which is the source of the dye. From these three mollusks it is possible to produce a broad spectrum of colors ranging from sky blue to reddish purple, depending on the specific snail, the amount of dye used, and the varying conditions under which the dye is prepared. On the purple side of the spectrum is Tyrian purple, known in the ancient world as argamman, while on the blue side is the color that has been described as Biblical blue, or tekhelet.


Discover how a sea snail and the ancient dye that it produced colored the course of history.

Each murex provides only a few drops of the precious secretion; it takes more than 20,000 snails to produce just one kilogram of dyed wool. The procedure for extracting the glands is time ­consuming, and the methods of dyeing are exceedingly complicated and somewhat unpredictable. It is therefore no surprise that in the ancient world the price these dazzling purple and blue dyes could command was equally dazzling. Records show that at one time, wool dyed with the shellfish dye was worth more than twenty times its weight in gold. Naturally it soon became a status symbol, a sign of wealth and prestige, and it embellished the robes of emperors and kings.


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Relive the most important Civil War battles through the words of their most famous commanders.

Commanding the Storm Civil War Battles in the Words of the Generals Who Fought Them John Richard Stephens 978-0-7627-8223-9 ■ November 2012 $27.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 304 pp ■ 12/CTN photos and maps throughout ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

From Beauregard and Custer to Lee and Sherman, twelve commanders from each side vividly describe what they and their men experienced at twelve of the war’s most legendary battles from Fort Sumter to Appomattox Court House in accounts gathered from letters, memoirs, reports, and testimonies. They relate noted incidents and personal triumphs and tragedies while covering strategies and explaining battlefield decisions. Trench warfare at Petersburg and Sherman’s scorched earth policy in Georgia foreshadowed the world wars to come, and technological advancements—such as armored steamships, landmines, and machine guns—literally changed the landscape of war. Submarines and a time bomb even came into play. Informative biographies and headnotes for each battle give parallel statistics at a glance and establish context; sidebars cover notable tactics and technologies, including espionage, aerial reconnaissance, and guerilla warfare; and a concise roll-call outlines each commander’s life in full after the war. Here, from the men who conducted and controlled it, is an invaluable sourcebook of what happened in the War Between the States and why. John Richard Stephens trained as an intelligence officer and held numerous positions in the U.S. Air Force, including grouplevel executive officer and squadron commander. The author of sixteen books, including Weird History 101; The Wild, Wild West; and Wyatt Earp Speaks!, he lives on Maui, Hawaii. 52

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


Discovering the hidden gems in America’s little-known fine art museums along with behind-thescenes stories about the collectors and collections

A Love for the Beautiful Discovering America’s Hidden Art Museums Susan Jaques 978-0-7627-7950-5 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Globe Pequot TRAVEL

Some of the country’s best art is hidden in plain sight, in museums largely unknown outside their regions. How works by masters like Rembrandt, Rodin, Ansel Adams, Picasso, van Gogh, Monet, Hokusai, and O’Keeffe wound up where they did is a colorful tale of American art collecting and history. It’s the story of patrician families who acquired masterworks, selfmade millionaires who used their business savvy to outbid rivals, and prescient collectors who championed new artists and neglected genres. A visit to each of the fifty museums in this book offers an art-viewing experience 360 degrees different from most museum visits––one that is personal, intimate, and blissfully uncrowded. The museums in A Love for the Beautiful deliver for today’s travelers, transforming routine business trips and forming the basis for memorable destination weekends and getaways. Susan Jaques is a journalist specializing in art and travel. She has written for numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites. Travel writing sparked Jaques’s love for art. An assignment in Italy led to Padua and the Scrovegni Chapel, Giotto’s medieval treasure. Another assignment led her to Holland for Rembrandt’s 400th birthday. Articles about museums in London and Amsterdam soon followed. Jaques is graduate of Stanford University with a B.A. in history and UCLA’s Graduate School of Management, where she earned her master’s degree. Among her favorite places are the Getty and Frick libraries. She lives in Southern California. 53

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


The extraordinary and lyrical love story of the bond between a young mother and a much older Holocaust survivor that celebrates the unique and powerful ties of friendship Praise for Susan Kushner Resnick’s Goodbye Wifes and Daughters “Those who enjoy reading history and about the perseverance of the human spirit will not soon forget this story.” —Foreword Magazine

“Resnick does an admirable job of breathing life into the story of a small town’s demise and its questioning of whether the disaster could have been avoided.”

You Saved Me, Too What a Holocaust Survivor Taught Me about Living, Dying, Loving, Fighting, and Swearing in Yiddish Susan Kushner Resnick 978-0-7627-8038-9 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 51/2 x 81/2 ■ 240 pp ■ 12/CTN skirt! BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

—The Washington Post

“Few accounts have ever done justice to the women, families, and communities of coal towns, or depicted their character with such clarity as this book does.” —Charleston (WV) Gazette

Aron Lieb approached Sue Resnick at a Jewish Community Center fifteen years ago and found a companion and soul mate who was steadfastly by his side for the rest of his life. You Saved Me, Too is the incredible story of how two people shared the hidden parts of themselves and created a bond that was complicated, challenging, but ultimately invaluable. Sue was first attracted to Aron’s warmth and wit, such a contrast to his tragic past and her recent battle with postpartum depression. Soon she would be dealing with his mental illness, fighting the mainstream Jewish community for help with his care, and questioning her faith. The dramatic tension builds when Sue promises not to let Aron die alone. This book chronicles their remarkable friendship, which began with weekly coffee dates and flourished into much more. With beautiful prose, it alternates between his history, their developing friendship, and a current health crisis that may force them to part. Susan Kushner Resnick teaches creative nonfiction at Brown University. She is the author of Sleepless Days and Goodbye Wifes and Daughters, which won a gold medal for nonfiction from the Independent Publisher’s Book Awards. She has been published in The New York Times magazine and The Boston Globe. She lives in Massachusetts. 54

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


Published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of Casablanca, here is the remarkable story of how one woman turned Hollywood fantasy into reality.

Rick’s Café Bringing the Legend to Life in Casablanca Kathy Kriger 978-0-7627-7289-6 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 51/2 x 71⁄5 ■ 288 pp ■ 12/CTN color inserts ■ Lyons Press COOKING

For more than 60 years, tourists visiting Casablanca tried to visit Rick’s Café Americain only to discover that Warner Brothers had built the entire set on a studio back lot. It was a Hollywood fantasy—until Kathy Kriger came along, that is, and decided after 9/11 to bring the imaginary gin joint to life. In Rick’s Café, she takes us through souk back alleys, the Marché Central’s overflowing food stalls, and the shadowy Moroccan business world, all while producing, directing, casting, and playing lead actress in her own story. Instead of letters of transit, she begged for letters of credit; the governor of Casablanca watched her back instead of Captain Renault; and at the piano, playing “As Time Goes By,” sits not Sam but Issam. She encountered paper pushers, absent architects, dedicated craftsmen, mad chefs, and surprising allies. It took over two years, but Rick’s Café opened in 2004 to rave reviews. Now, as Captain Renault says to Major Strasser, “Everybody comes to Rick’s.” Here is how she brought to life the screen legend that has captured the imagination of generations. Kathy Kriger was born and raised near Portland, Oregon, where she founded her own travel agency before traveling the world. After four years in the US and Foreign Commercial Service in Morocco, she created Rick’s Café, which opened in 2004 to rave reviews. She has been interviewed by CNN, AP, PBS, Travel Channel, and More magazine among others. She lives in Morocco. 55

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


A charming collection of nostalgic projects that hearken back to a simpler time

Also Available

Home Sweet Home Rediscovering the Joys of Domesticity with Classic Household Recipes Sarah Tomczak 978-0-7627-8128-7 ■ November 2012 $18.95 US ■ US only ■ Paper Over Board 6 x 81/2 ■ 112 pp ■ 24/CTN full-color throughout ■ Lyons Press HOUSE & HOME

How to Live Like a Lady 978-1-59221-352-1

In our modern age of rampant consumerism, we are losing touch with the traditional domestic activities that previous generations took for granted. We buy everything we need—and much that we don’t—rather than making new or making do. We no longer know how to sew a button, darn a hole, or iron properly. However, while vacuum cleaners and washing machines might be a godsend, can we favorably compare a mass-produced holiday decoration from a superstore with a gorgeous home-made winter wreath? Home Sweet Home brings you 100 simple, traditional projects and advice that will reintroduce you to the joy of making things by hand and the pleasure of a home filled with individuality and charm. From making all-natural surface cleaner and removing stains to cooking the perfect Sunday roast, to laying a table and hosting a party, this sweet little book will not only help you create a cozy home but will also save you money. Today, a whole new generation is discovering the value, and pleasure, of making things for themselves, their homes, and their families. Sarah Tomczak has written for publications in both New York and London, including Us Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Sugar, and The Mail on Sunday. With four books under her belt, including the successful How to Live Like a Lady, she is currently the Entertainment Editor at Glamour, in London. Visit her blog at jackie​ 56

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


A big-hearted memoir about a highly intuitive but troubled dog whose love saved the author’s life

A Dog Named Leaf The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life Allen Anderson with Linda Anderson 978-0-7627-8165-2 ■ November 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 272 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w throughout ■ Lyons Press PETS

Allen and Linda Anderson adopted a traumatized one-year-old cocker spaniel who had been abandoned. Soon, the troubled dog they named “Leaf” turned their home into a war zone. Although Leaf and Allen were forging a friendship with visits to dog parks and bonding time, Leaf’s emotional issues overwhelmed the couple. Shortly after Leaf’s arrival, Allen, who had spent eight years as a big city police officer and survived so many close calls that Linda called him “Miracle Man,” received a diagnosis from his doctor that made him think his luck had finally run out. Allen had an unruptured brain aneurysm that could be fatal, and the surgery to repair it might leave him debilitated. Having seen his father live for years with the effects of a massive stroke, he dreaded that the worst fate might not be death. What Allen didn’t know is that he and Leaf, like comrades facing the ultimate battle, would be there for each other with the miracle of this man and this dog coming together at exactly the right time. Allen Anderson and his wife Linda founded the Angel Animals Network, which helps people discover the benefits of human-animal companionship. Allen’s books on the subject have been featured on, the Today Show, ABC’s Nightly News,’s Hot 100, and B&N’s Top 10. They live in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. 57

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How to experience wine with sensory secrets from one of Hollywood’s wellknown sommeliers

Wineocology Uncork the Power of Your Palate with Sensory Secrets from Hollywood’s Sommelier Caitlin Stansbury with Heidi Shink photographs by Viktor Budnik 978-0-7627-7901-7 ■ November 2012 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 5 x 81/2 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN full-color photos ■ skirt! COOKING

When it comes to experiencing wine, everyone seems to be an expert with an opinion—too dry, too sweet, too robust, too tangy. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you have to enjoy an expensive bottle of wine because some expert tells you it’s good. But Wineocology is here to tell you it is not about what the experts have to say about wine. Rather Wineocology teaches you, the reader, how to taste, about how to differentiate the good from the bad from the downright awful for your own palate and enjoyment, and about how to become an expert wine-know. Wineocology touches briefly on the three Vs of wine (viticulture, vinification, varieties) before getting to the meat of the book—the Simple Sommelier System, a comprehensive strengthening system for the senses. Through sight, smell, touch, and taste, you will learn how to observe wine, what factors to observe for each sense, and how to tie all of this information together to understand what wines work best for your palate, regardless of the price tag or outside reviews. Caitlin Stansbury has over twenty years of sommelier experience and is the owner of Wineocology (, a beverage consulting firm. Her clients include Tasca Wine Bar (2007 Best Wine Bar by the LA Times) and celebrities 50 Cent, Jessica Alba, and Axl Rose. Caitlin lives in Hollywood, California. Heidi Shink is the author of 3 Minutes to a Pain-free Life and writes for MTV News and the E! Entertainment Television Network. She lives in West Hollywood, California. 58

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4/5/12 4:57 PM


From the man who brought us NPR’s Uncorked!, a charming introduction to the distillers and spirits that have changed history and become legendary

Iconic Spirits An Intoxicating History Mark Spivak 978-0-7627-7926-0 ■ November 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 51/4 x 71⁄8 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN color inserts ■ Lyons Press COOKING

Over the past decade, the cocktail culture has exploded across America. Bars and lounges have become the Broadway ­theater of mixology, with bartenders resurrecting classic pre-Prohibition cocktails and dazzling customers with their creations. Consumers, in turn, are recreating these cocktails at home and spending unprecedented amounts on upscale bar gear. With more and more emphasis on quality ingredients, the number of small-batch spirits is increasing all the time, and craft distilling has become popular as an offshoot of the locavore movement. In Iconic Spirits, Mark Spivak, wine and spirits guru and former host of the NPR show Uncorked!, explores the history and cultural significance of twelve iconic spirits and reveals how moonshine invented NASCAR; how gin almost toppled the British Empire; how a drink that tastes like castor oil flavored with tree bark became one of the sexiest things on earth; how cognac became the “it” drink of hip-hop culture, and much more. To top it all off, Spivak then offers the most tantalizing cocktail recipes from the era in which each spirit was invented. Mark Spivak is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Robb Report, Art & Antiques, and Newsmax. From 1999–2011 he hosted Uncorked! Radio, a highly successful wine talk show on the Palm Beach affiliate of National Public Radio. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida. 59

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4/5/12 4:58 PM


Celebrating Houston’s best restaurants and eateries with recipes and photographs

Houston Chef’s Table Extraordinary Recipes from Deep in the Heart of Texas Arthur L. Meyer photographs by Terry Vine 978-0-7627-7830-0 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 208 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

Houston is the dining out capital of Texas, with a food scene that reflects the city itself—talented, entrepreneurial, diverse, and quite modern. Barbeque and Tex-Mex are certainly present, but do not define the dining experience. Modern American cuisine brought into focus by Mark Cox of Mark’s American Cuisine and fine-dining Italian style served by award-winning Tony’s both set the stage for a dining experience independent of Texas’ reputation for big steaks and enchiladas. And numerous establishments court the palate for Thai, Indian, Caribbean, Brazilian, and Turkish foods. Houston Chef’s Table is the first cookbook to gather Houston’s best chefs and restaurants under one cover. Including a signature “at home” recipe from seventy iconic dining establishments, the book is a celebration of the city’s diverse cultural influences. Full-color photos throughout highlight fabulous dishes, famous chefs, and Houston landmarks. Arthur L. Meyer is a restaurant and bakery consultant who has cooked professionally since 1963. Considered an expert on world cuisines, he is the author of six cookbooks, including Texas Tortes, Baking Across America, and Corsican Cuisine, and co-authored the Appetizer Atlas, which won Best in the World from Gourmand Cookbook Awards in 2003. He lives in Austin, Texas. 60

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4/5/12 4:58 PM


Celebrating Napa and Sonoma’s best restaurants and eateries with recipes and photographs

Wine Country Chef’s Table Extraordinary Recipes from Napa and Sonoma Roy Breiman and Laura Smith Borrman Photographs by Rina Jordan 978-0-7627-7928-4 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 208 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

Centered on the world’s premier winemaking region and renowned culinary destination, Wine Country Chef’s Table offers an intimate look at a region that thousands of travelers often just “taste.” It is a regional cookbook and travelogue, offering gems of recipes along with restaurant, winery, and farm stories to both locals and visitors alike. The book features great chefs, farmers, and food artisans from the distinct parts of the California wine country—spanning both the Napa and Sonoma valleys. Named one of thirteen “Top Hotel Chefs in America” by Bon Appétit magazine, author and chef Roy Breiman is the owner of The West Coast Kitchen, LLC, where he provides counsel on sustainable food concepts. He lives in North Bend, Washington. Food writer Laura Smith Borrman has interviewed the likes of screen legend Julie Andrews, William Shatner, and celebrity chef Charlie Trotter. She lives in Oakland, California. 61

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4/5/12 4:58 PM


Bring the old and new flavors of New England into your home with The New Boston Globe Cookbook, now in paperback!

The New Boston Globe Cookbook More than 200 Classic New England Recipes, from Clam Chowder to Pumpkin Pie Sheryl Julian 978-0-7627-8296-3 ■ November 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 336 pp ■ 12/CTN Also Available: Cloth 09/2009; 978-0-7627-4988-1 full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

Bring Home the Flavors of the Florida Keys

The beloved Boston Globe Cookbook, first published in 1948, has come back to life, reflecting the flavors of the twenty-first-century city. Revised and updated by Boston Globe food editor Sheryl Julian to include ethnic recipes and new twists on old New England favorites, this beautiful, illustrated book is now available in paperback. Included are recipes from the Boston Globe food pages as well as staples from earlier editions, all reviewed with an eye for reducing fat, leavening agents, and flour while introducing more veggie options. You’ll find dishes you can serve at large gatherings, bring to potlucks, or leave to simmer for guests to help themselves. In addition to the well-loved Boston dishes, there are fresh recipes in recognition of the many new immigrant groups that have settled here, such as Vietnamese pot-fried rice and Greek spanakopita. As Julian writes, “Every time you pick up this book, we hope you’ll find recipes that make you want to head for the kitchen and start cooking.” Sheryl Julian is the food editor of the Boston Globe where she was an award-winning food reporter. The author of The Way We Cook, she writes and stylizes a food column in the Boston Globe Magazine and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Florida Keys Cookbook is a fascinating combination of food history, local lore, and over 175 mouth-watering recipes showcasing the Florida Keys’ bounty from Keys restaurant chefs and home cooks. Archival photographs and informative sidebars round out the newly designed full-color second edition of this beautiful and treasured book that is a celebration of the paradise that is the Florida Keys. Victoria Shearer is a longtime travel and food journalist and a frequent contributor to national magazines and newspapers. She splits her time between Islamorada in the Florida Keys and Chocowinity, North Carolina.

The Florida Keys Cookbook, 2nd Recipes and Foodways of Pardise Victoria Shearer 978-0-7627-8108-9 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 288 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous Edition: Paper 12/2005; 978-0-7627-3546-4 full-color photos and illustrations ■ Globe Pequot COOKING


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4/5/12 4:58 PM


With more than 250,000 copies sold, this cookbook classic brings together all the beloved recipes with even more delicious family recipes, all in an expanded gift edition “The Best Cook in Boston’s North End.” —The Boston Herald

“Marguerite’s ravioli is so well known in this historically Italian neighborhood of Boston that the recipe itself has become something of a culinary celebrity.” —Yankee magazine

“Buonopane has a number of secrets that make her recipes unique.” —The Boston Globe

The Complete North End Italian Cookbook Authentic Family Recipes Marguerite DiMino Buonopane 978-0-7627-8190-4 ■ November 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 400 pp ■ 12/CTN Also Available: Paper 09/2004; 978-0-7627-3043-8 archival b&w and full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

Think of Boston’s North End and you think of great food. Italian markets filled with strings of thick sausage, great wheels of cheese, bushels of seafood, slabs of dark chocolate, and mounds of fresh fruits and vegetables line the streets. For generations, the cooks of this Italian-American neighborhood have transformed these wonderful ingredients into memorable meals. For more than 30 years, Marguerite DiMino Buonopane, one of the North End’s most celebrated cooks, has shared her secrets to creating this culinary magic in your own kitchen. Now she gathers together more than 250 of her own mouthwatering recipes peppered with evocative photos. The result is a full-color, deluxe edition of a treasured cookbook classic. Marguerite DiMino Buonopane is a former restaurant chef-owner and host of the legendary luncheons at the old North End Union, a nonprofit community settlement house. For thirty years she also taught cooking classes in Boston’s North End, where she has lived most of her life. 63

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4/5/12 4:58 PM


A harrowing true tale of fraud, mutiny, shipwreck, and cannibalism on the desolate rock known as Boon Island

Boon Island A True Story of Mutiny, Shipwreck, and Cannibalism Andrew Vietze and Stephen Erickson 978-0-7627-7752-5 ■ November 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 224 pp ■ 24/CTN map ■ Globe Pequot HISTORY

The wreck of the Nottingham Galley on Boon Island and the resultant rumors of insurance fraud, mutiny, treason, and cannibalism was one of the most sensational stories of the early 18th century. Shortly after departing England with Captain John Deane at the helm, his brother Jasper and another investor aboard, and a skeleton crew, the ship encountered French privateers on her way to Ireland where she then lingered for weeks picking up cargo—finally heading into the North Atlantic much later in the season than was reasonably safe. Captain Deane offered one version of the events that led them to the barren rock off the coast of Maine; his crew proposed another. The story contains mysteries that endure to this day, yet no contemporary non-fiction account of the story exists. In the hands of skilled storytellers Andrew Vietze and Stephen Erickson, this becomes a historical adventure-mystery that will appeal to readers of South and The Perfect Storm. Andrew Vietze is the former Managing Editor of Down East: The Magazine of Maine, the author of six previous books, and has written for a wide array of print and online publications. He lives in Appleton, Maine. Stephen Erickson holds an MA in American History from UMASS/Amherst and is currently the president of Americans United to Rebuild Democracy. He lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 64

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4/5/12 4:58 PM


The best, worst, most triumphant, and most humorous moments in the history of golf told in delightful, bite-sized stories. A treasure for every golf fan.

From the Links Golf’s Most Memorable Moments Joshua Shifrin 978-0-7627-8293-2 ■ November 2012 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 51/2 x 71/2 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press SPORTS & RECREATION

It’s a golf hall of fame, shame, and arcane. Collected in this handsome volume are more than one hundred of golf’s greatest moments—from the famous to the long forgotten—from the links of Scotland in the 1800s to the 1938 U.S. Open, the 1954 US Women’s Open to the 2010 Masters, and even to the little known Martini Invitational in 1971 . . . and starring the giants of the game down to the struggling pros and amateurs. Told in a whimsical fashion, these are stories of triumph, amazing holesin-one and other feats, hilarious gaffes, classic matchups, heart-racing final rounds, trailblazing careers, monumental breakdowns, and other incredible events no reader will ever forget. There’s the story of Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus and Gary “The Black Knight” Player being attacked by killer bees on a course in South Africa in 1966; the 1954 US Women’s Open Championship won by the pioneering Babe Zaharias just one month after cancer surgery; four holes-in-one, on the same hole, in the 1989 US Open at Oak Hill Country Club, in under two hours; and much, much more If he had been able to master his short game, Dr. Joshua Shifrin might have made a living at golf rather than earning a PhD in psychology. Nevertheless, he loves the game and is still thrilled when he manages to make a knee-knocker putt in his weekend game. Josh and his family live in New Jersey. 65

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4/5/12 4:58 PM


From the Lyons Press Library of WWII, a rare, firsthand account of the rescue mission to aid the biggest air-supply of World War II A Military History Book Club selection “Diebold clearly possessed a gift for storytelling, and he’s got some good stories to tell. Through it all, Diebold is a man of optimism and good cheer, always eager to find the humor in situations that would defeat the less resilient. . . . The story he tells gives testament to the fact that quite ordinary people are capable of doing the most extraordinary things.” —Portland Press Herald

“An exciting tale.” —Daily Bulldog (Maine)

Hell Is So Green Search and Rescue over the Hump in World War II Lt. William Diebold edited with a foreword and afterword by Richard Matthews

“Bill had more guts than any man I’ve ever met. . . . Aside from my parachute, I felt he was the best life insurance I had when I flew.” —Don Downie, author of Flying the Hump

978-0-7627-7275-9 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 272 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 10/2011; 978-0-7627-7273-5 Lyons Press HISTORY

Lt. William Diebold served in the Army’s Air Transport Command in the China-Burma-India theater of World War II. Like many men who flew the eastern Himalayas, he never saw on-the-ground combat, but he fought bravely by saving lives. Flyers who crossed the Hump to keep the allied armies in China supplied with food, fuel, and weapons against Japan often flew in zerovisibility, sometimes crashing into mountains or falling prey to Japanese Zero attacks. Those pilots who survived, Bill Diebold rescued. In Hell Is So Green, he vividly describes the heat and stink of the jungle; the vermin, lice, and leeches; the towering mountains and roaring rivers. Rich with war slang, wisecracks, and old-fashioned phrases, his story reverberates with authenticity and represents the stories of so many men that have never been told. After the author’s early death, this story of courage under fire and heroism in the wilderness lay untouched in an attic for decades—until now. Lt. William Diebold wrote Hell Is So Green shortly after returning to America. He died in 1965. Richard Matthews is a feature writer whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and many other publications. He lives in Phillips, Maine. 66

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 66

4/5/12 4:58 PM


Heartwarming stories about one woman’s special mission to reunite hundreds of US service members with the dogs and cats they came to love during deployment

No Buddy Left Behind Bringing U.S. Troops’ Dogs and Cats Safely Home from the Combat Zone Terri Crisp with Cynthia Hurn 978-0-7627-8278-9 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 264 pp ■ 24/CTN ■ Previous Edition: Cloth 10/2011; 978-0-76277-386-2 ■ b&w photos Lyons Press PETS

No Buddy Left Behind unveils the life-altering relationships American troops serving in the Middle East have shared with the stray dogs and cats they’ve rescued from the brutalities of war. Overcoming monumental obstacles, Operation Baghdad Pups’ program manager Terri Crisp makes it her mission to save these wartime “buddies,” get them out of danger, and bring them home to the soldiers who love them. How exactly does someone get animals out of a country at war when normal resources are lacking and every step of a plan to transport animals could get you arrested, kidnapped, or blown apart? As Crisp soon learns, each rescue mission from first to last is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience, and no animal is truly safe until its paws touch U.S. soil. Terri and her team have saved the lives of 223 dogs and forty-two cats befriended by military personnel since February 2008—and No Buddy Left Behind finally tells this story. Terri Crisp is the author of Out of Harm’s Way and Emergency Animal Rescue Stories and the Program Manager for SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups. She has been featured on the Oprah show, national news programs, and morning talk shows, and numerous national publications. She lives in Somerset, California. 67

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 67

4/5/12 4:58 PM

holiday books 68

How Georgia Became O’Keeffe

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

A Connecticut Christmas

978-0-7627-7131-8 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-1-59921-523-5 $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN ■ Cloth 978-0-7627-6415-0 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN ■ Paper

978-0-7627-2669-1 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Haunted Christmas

50 Cars to Drive

The Jane Austen Guide to Life

978-0-7627-5275-1 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-230-2 $45.00 US/$55.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7381-7 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

All Told

The Cigar Lover’s Compendium

Finding Happiness in Simplicity

978-0-7627-7837-9 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN

978-1-59921-937-0 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7923-9 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 68

4/5/12 4:58 PM

holiday books

Mountain Heroes

Whale Song

Lights of Mankind

978-0-7627-7991-8 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7971-0 $27.50 US/$29.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7755-6 $32.50 US/$39.95 CAN

The People’s War

Zelda, The Queen of Paris

How To Live Like A Lady

978-0-7627-7070-0 $30.00 US/$33.00 CAN

978-0-7627-7147-9 $22.95 US/$24.95 CAN

978-1-59921-352-1 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

1001 Smartest Things Teachers Ever Said

The Bridal Bible

An Elephant’s Life

978-0-7627-7251-3 $30.00 US/$34.00 CAN

978-0-7627-6374-0 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN

978-1-59921-882-3 $12.95 US/$16.95 US/$16.95 CAN CAN

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 69


4/5/12 4:58 PM


A heartwarming, inspirational tale of survival and trust

Trusting Calvin How a Dog Helped Heal a Holocaust Survivor’s Heart Sharon Peters 978-0-7627-8061-7 ■ December 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market Cloth 51/2 x 71/2 ■ 192 pp ■ 12/CTN Lyons Press PETS

Max Edelman was just 17 when the Nazis took him to the first of five work camps, where his only hope of survival was to keep quiet and raise an emotional shield. After witnessing a German Shepherd kill a fellow prisoner, he developed a lifelong fear of dogs. Beaten into blindness by two bored guards, Max survived, buried the past, and moved on. But when he retired, he needed help. After a month of training, he received Calvin, a devoted chocolate Labrador retriever. Calvin guided Max safely through life, but he sensed Max’s distance and reserve. Calvin grew listless and lost weight. Trainers intervened—but to no avail. A few days before Calvin’s inevitable reassignment, Max went for a walk. A car cut into the crosswalk, and Calvin leapt forward, saving Max’s life. Max’s emotional shield dissolved. Calvin sensed the change and immediately improved, guiding Max to greater openness, trust, and engagement with the world. Here is the remarkable, touching story of a man who survived history and the dog that unlocked his heart. Sharon Peters is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter, editor, or consultant for several newspapers and launched the popular weekly “Pet Talk” column in USA Today. She turned her attention to writing about animals after volunteering in Mississippi for several weeks after Hurricane Katrina. She lives in Colorado. 70

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 70

4/5/12 4:58 PM


The ultimate resource for brides looking to save thousands of dollars on their wedding . . . without selling out

The Bride’s Guide to Freebies Enhancing Your Wedding without Selling Out Sharon Naylor 978-0-7627-8001-3 ■ December 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 71/2 ■ 304 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press REFERENCE

With the average cost of weddings today at over $20,000, it’s no wonder that today’s savvy, budget-conscious brides are looking for deals to get the wedding of their dreams at a fraction of the cost. But in today’s world where extreme couponing and the number of wedding sweepstakes competitions is on the rise, for the modern bride, discounts and bargains are simply not enough. For these brides, only free will do. Enter The Bride’s Guide to Freebies, the book that shares insider secrets on how to potentially get thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and products for your wedding for free. No, this is not a book of suggested bargains and discounts. Rather, this book provides freebie-finding strategies on everything from the dress to the food to the entertainment, information on what to say (and not say) to score lots of swag, and how to foster positive relationships with vendors that result in spectacular add-ins. And each and every tip and strategy featured in the book is designed to give the budget-conscious bride the ultimate payoff: lots of wedding goods and extras . . . for absolutely zero money. Sharon Naylor has authored over thirty-five wedding-related books, including Knack Wedding Flowers, and articles found regularly in, iVillage Wedding, Brides, Glamour, Redbook, InStyle Weddings, and more. She is the wedding spokesperson for Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kodak, Caneel Bay resort, and Envirosax; runs bridal campaigns for Nokia, Microsoft, and other top companies; and lives in Morristown, New Jersey. Visit her at 71

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 71

4/5/12 4:58 PM


The military working dog conditioning and training manual developed by the United States military—from simple commands to border security to complex actions, such as those performed by the dog Cairo in the capture of Bin Laden

U.S. Military Working Dog Training Handbook Department of Defense 978-0-7627-8032-7 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press REFERENCE

Learn how to train your dog exactly as the U.S. military trains its canine soldiers. This manual is the Department of Defense’s principal source of information on care, conditioning, and training of our nation’s Military Working Dogs—such as “Cairo,” the canine who served in the raid that captured Bin Laden. From basics, such as “HEEL” and “STAY” to negotiating obstacle courses, to tracking, searching, and even attacking . . . this manual shows readers how our military trains their dogs to be the best trained canines in the world. Contents include: ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Veterinary Training Priorities Principles of Conditioning and Behavior Modification Patrol Dog Training Clear Signals Training Method

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Deferred Final Response Detector Dog Training Validation The Military Working Dog (WMD Program) Facilities and Equipment

The U.S. Air Force is the executive agency for the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Program. The 341st Training Squadron, Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, operates this program. They provide trained Military Working Dogs, handlers, trainers and kennel masters for the Department of Defense, and other government agencies. 72

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 72

4/5/12 4:58 PM

Linda Beaulieu is an award-winning food and travel writer. She is the author of Divine Providence: An Insider’s Guide to the City’s Best Restaurants and The Grapevine Guide to Rhode Island’s Best Restaurants. She received the prestigious James Beard Award for magazine writing for an article on Native American food, which appeared in the National Culinary Review.


Celebrate the State’s Biggest Flavors

Some attribute Rhode Islanders’ fascination with food to the state’s ethnic mix: Italians who have an inherent love of food; French and Portuguese descendents, whose ancestral recipes are a part of the fabric of Rhode Island’s cuisine; and the Native Americans who were the first to use the bounty of the sea and land. In the second edition of The Providence & Rhode Island Cookbook, author Linda Beaulieu shares more recipes from talented chefs, family, and friends. With more than 200 recipes and engaging sidebars this book celebrates the dishes and culinary terms unique to Rhode Island.

The Providence & Rhode Island Cookbook, 2nd Big Recipes from the Smallest State Linda Beaulieu 978-0-7627-8142-3 ■ December 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 272 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous Edition: Paper 11/2005; 978-0-7627-3137-4 full-color photos and illustrations ■ Globe Pequot COOKING

More than seven million people visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina every year and fall in love with its coastal Southern cuisine. The Outer Banks Cookbook is a true celebration of the many flavors of North Carolina’s coastal communities, with an emphasis on local food and products. The second edition features color photographs highlighting the foods and sights of the scenic barrier islands and more than 100 easyto-follow recipes for appetizers, chowders, entrees, desserts, cocktails, and more. Included are family recipes, traditional dishes from locals, and specialties from the many restaurants dotting the Outer Banks. Elizabeth Wiegand is a North Carolina native and author of The New Blue Ridge Cookbook. Her articles on food, travel, and design have appeared in the Washington Post, Southern Living, Our State, and Edible Piedmont. A member of the Southern Foodways Alliance, she maintains a blog at ​ and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Outer Banks Cookbook, 2nd Recipes and Traditions from North Carolina’s Barrier Islands Elizabeth Wiegand 978-0-7627-8141-6 ■ December 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 320 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous Edition: Paper 05/2008; 978-0-7627-4601-9 full-color photos and illustrations ■ Globe Pequot COOKING


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 73

4/5/12 4:58 PM


Selected as an Indie Next List “Great Read” “Where had the legendary Maya jade come from? Stone of Kings is a rare creature in the world of adventure literature: equal parts fascinating travelogue, rich history, and good old-fashioned detective story.” —Mark Adams, author of Turn Right at Machu Picchu

“A compelling tale. . . . This well-focused and well-told account brings America’s most mythologized gemstone into sharp relief.” —Wall Street Journal

Stone of Kings In Search of the Lost Jade of the Maya Gerard Helferich 978-0-7627-8254-3 ■ December 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 304 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 12/2011; 978-0-7627-6351-1 b&w photos, maps ■ Lyons Press HISTORY

“[T]he story of the search for the long-vanished mines of the Mayas . . . [with] engaging digressions into plate tectonics, the technology of jade carving and the brutal history of the regimes of a succession of Guatemalan generals. . . . [Prospectors] Ridinger and Johnson endured earthquakes, coups, kidnapping, even civil war. But eventually they stumbled upon huge blocks of the alluring, elusive stone.” —New York Times Book Review

“The search for the sources of this mysterious rock reads like detective fiction, and involves geologists, archaeologists, entrepreneurs, poachers, and a host of other characters, but it’s all true. A wonderful read!” —Michael D. Coe, author of Breaking the Maya Code

A book perfectly timed for the re-setting of the Maya calendar in 2012. . . . Part history, popular science, armchair travel, and real-life treasure hunt, this is the story of pre-Columbian jade—the precious stone revered by ancient Aztecs, Incans, and Maya—and the scientists, collectors, explorers and entrepreneurs who have been searching for the mythical jade mines for more than a century. Gerard Helferich is the author of the widely praised Humboldt’s Cosmos, which was a Discover magazine Science Bestseller; and High Cotton, which received the 2008 Authors Award for nonfiction from the Mississippi Library Association. He and his wife divide their time between Yazoo City, Mississippi, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 74

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 74

4/5/12 4:58 PM

Clint Black, the Grammy Award–winning country music artist, is set to star in a new Broadway musical based on the lives of the singing country duo Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. The popular biography and pictorial books The Cowboy and The Senorita and Happy Trails, written by the Emmy Award–winning producer and author Howard Kazanjian and western author Chris Enss, serve as the basis for the musical. Thomas Meehan, who has won the Tony award for writing Annie, The Producers, and Hairspray, will collaborate with Joseph Meehan on the script. Original music and lyrics will be written by Clint Black.

Happy Trails

The Cowboy and the Senorita

A Pictorial Celebration of the Life and Times of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Howard Kazanjian AND Chris Enss

A Biography of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans HOWARD KAZANJIAN AND CHRIS ENSS

978-0-7627-3089-6 ■ Available Now $24.95 US/$36.95 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 12 x 9 ■ 176 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color and b&w photos, spot color art ■ TwoDot BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ruled the West from the silver screen as the King of Cowboys and Queen of the West. Off screen, this husband and wife duo raised a family and lived the “Code of the West.” In this book the Rogers family shares their memories of Roy, Dale, and Trigger, along with their other sidekicks and more than a hundred never before seen, behind-the-scenes photos.

available now

Soon to become a Broadway musical starring Clint Black!

978-0-7627-3830-4 ■ Available Now $12.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous edition: Cloth 05/2004; 978-0-7627-3053-7 (OP) historic photos and posters ■ TwoDot BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

In 1944 Roy Rogers and Dale Evans starred in The Cowboy and the Senorita, the start of a fifty-six-year partnership that included thirty motion pictures, a hit TV series, and a family of nine children. This inside story details their personal struggles and rise to stardom, the lives of their children, the tragedies that befell the family, and their memories off and on the silver screen. Included are fifty previously unpublished photos.

Chris Enss is an author and scriptwriter who has written for television and film. She is the author of several books, including None Wounded, None Missing, All Dead: The Story of Elizabeth Bacon Custer, and The Many Loves of Buffalo Bill: The True of Story of Life on the Wild West Show (both TwoDot). She lives in Grass Valley, California. Howard ­Kazanjian is an awardwinning producer and entertainment executive who has produced feature films and television programs for more than twentyfive years, including Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back. He lives in San Marino, California. 75

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4/5/12 4:58 PM

new year, new you

Crazy Sexy Diet

The Urban Vegan

The Half-Lived Life

978-0-7627-7793-8 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5281-2 $16.95 US/$21.50 CAN

978-0-7627-7252-0 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

Fat Kid Got Fit

The Complete Allergy-Free Comfort Foods Cookbook

What I Wish For You

978-0-7627-7047-2 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN


978-0-7627-7751-8 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN

978-0-7627-7062-5 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Four-Word Self-Help

Life Is a Verb

Creative Is a Verb

978-1-59921-980-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-1-59921-295-1 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-1-59921-883-0 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

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4/5/12 4:58 PM

new year, new you


Designated Fat Girl

Tina Vindum’s Outdoor Fitness

978-0-7627-7987-1 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN

978-0-7627-5962-0 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5129-7 $19.95 US/$23.95 CAN

The Cycling Bible

The Art of Stand Up Paddling

The Advanced Cyclist’s Training Manual

978-0-7627-6999-5 $34.95 US/$38.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7329-9 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7051-9 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

The Mountain Bike Skills Manual

Mastering the Marathon

978-0-7627-7003-8 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-1-59921-945-5 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Duathlon Training and Racing for Ordinary Mortals®

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 77

978-0-7627-7824-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN


4/5/12 4:58 PM

january The Quick and Clean Diet Lose the Weight, Feel Great, and Stay Lean for Life Dari Alexander Foreword by Dr. Mehmet Oz 978-0-7627-8172-0 ■ January 2013 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World English ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 224 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color throughout ■ skirt! HEALTH & FITNESS


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 78

4/5/12 4:58 PM

By applying the principles of clean eating to a realistic lifestyle, top journalist and working mom Dari Alexander shows how you can achieve your best body and keep that promise to yourself: to finally look like that gorgeous person you know exists. By changing your mindset and consuming foods closest to their natural state you will feel so much better—this back-to-basics, no-nonsense, weight loss and maintenance program will not only make you skinny, it will also increase your energy. Most importantly, it promotes life-long good health. The Quick and Clean Diet is all about whole grains, lean proteins, and good fats. It shuns pre-packaged, heavily processed, refined, or fast foods. It’s not about lowcarb, nor about going fat free. It’s about good fats. Expect to eat plenty of chicken, turkey, and fish — even lobster or tofu if you choose. You will also get an endless choice of vegetables and a plethora of spices. Your food will never taste boring, nor will you feel deprived; in fact, expect to eat a lot. Three levels form the basis of the diet—and the book provides delicious recipes and exercise suggestions for each level. The High Motivation segment is the rapid weight loss phase, a time designed to whip you into

shape, kill your cravings, and shrink your stomach. Within about three days you will feel unstoppable. The Grounding segment is where you continue to lose weight while reintroducing a wider variety of foods. And finally you reach the Stability segment, which becomes your roadmap for eating well for the rest of your life.


Top television anchor Dari Alexander shows how the principles of clean eating can be incorporated into your busy life, with great results

Dari ­Alexander is an award-winning journalist who has worked in many markets as a local television anchor and reporter. She is currently the main anchor for Fox 5 News in New York City, with an average of three million viewers each night. A reporter for Fox News for ten years, she has also anchored Fox & Friends and Fox News Live hours. Alexander is also a trained chef from what is now called The Institute of Culinary Education, where she learned how to create recipes that are both delicious and healthy. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 79

4/5/12 4:59 PM


“Ramani and her book are about listening to yourself; this isn’t just a book about health and eating, it’s a really important tale about how to live a real life.” —Vanessa Williams, Actress

You Are WHY You Eat Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life Dr. Ramani Durvasula Foreword by Vanessa Williams 978-0-7627-8245-1 ■ January 2013 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 6 x 9 ■ 240 pp ■ 12/CTN skirt! HEALTH & FITNESS


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 80

4/5/12 4:59 PM

In You Are WHY You Eat, food becomes a digestible metaphor. If you are gorging and numbing yourself with food, are you doing the same thing in life? Instead of trying to please others all the time, what would happen if you listened to your inner voice? What if you could find a way to stop eating, stop working at a bad job, stop a bad relationship before you walk down the aisle—stop anything when you are full? Understanding WHY you eat can lead to real and lasting change—both in your weight loss and all other areas of your life. You Are WHY You Eat teaches readers to take back control in their lives. Dr. Ramani takes an iconoclastic, brave, edgy, and witty approach to self-help. She teaches you to unearth that inner voice, and let it be heard. She turns all of your childhood teachings upside down and forces you to take responsibility for your choices in life. Through real-life anecdotes and exercises, she gives you the tools you need to live on your terms, not those of the stakeholders that surround you. It will help you trust yourself and act from the gut, while making that gut smaller at the same time. And in so doing, it will help people live lives that are braver, more authentic, and less riddled with regret. You can change your food attitude and change your life!


A groundbreaking book that shows how to change your food attitudes, listen to yourself, stop living for others, and take back your body and life “Start by asking yourself one simple, but significant question: Does your life look the way you want it to look? Sadly, most of us are living in a script written by other people, and as a result, many of us learned long ago to stop trusting our own instincts. If we can’t listen to our bodies and do something as simple as push away a plate of food when we are full, how can we listen to ourselves when it comes to the rest of our lives?”

Dr. Ramani Durvasula was featured on Bravo’s THINtervention and will be seen in Fall, 2012, on a new series on Oxygen. Her talk and news show appearances include Dr. Oz, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, and Anderson Cooper. She is a Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, and a licensed clinical psychologist. She lives in Los Angeles, California. Visit her at


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4/5/12 4:59 PM


From an internationally known and recognized dating coach comes a book full of strategic answers to all of your difficult dating questions

Was It Something I Said? The Answer to All Your Dating Dilemmas Jess McCann 978-0-7627-8209-3 ■ January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ Other ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN skirt! FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS

It’s not unusual for Jess McCann to receive a frantic late night call from one of her clients, asking for advice while out on a date. And every single girl knows the frustration of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and wishing she could take it back and say something better. Well, now you can get it right the first time around with McCann’s indispensable dating survival guide. Was It Something I Said? tackles some of the most tricky and troublesome scenarios in today’s complicated dating world. McCann uses real life situational questions that frequently come up in her date coaching practice and gives play-byplay instructions for how best to handle and respond to them. So if you’re not sure how to get him to stop texting and start calling, whether or not to “friend” him on Facebook, or if you should tell him you’re dating other guys, this book has the answers. It will empower you to handle love’s little challenges the right way—it’s like having your own personal dating coach! Jess McCann is an internationally known dating coach and author of the book You Lost Him at Hello. She is a regular guest on ABC’s “Let’s Talk Live” and she has appeared on Good Morning America, and Extra. She lives in Washington, D.C. Visit her blog at 82

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4/5/12 4:59 PM


Time-efficient strength and core training plus general nutrition programs for all endurance athletes

IronFit® Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes Time Efficient Training Secrets for Breakthrough Fitness Don Fink and Melanie Fink 978-0-7627-8294-9 ■ January 2013 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w photos and illustrations ■ Lyons Press HEALTH & FITNESS

This fully illustrated book contains strength training programs based on sport (e.g., triathlon, running, cycling, swimming) and levels, from beginner to advanced, that will complement any other training regimen. IronFit®’s approaches to strength training and nutrition complement sport-specific training in the most time-efficient and enjoyable way possible. Multi-sport and multileveled, this book provides 27 specific program schedules—9 sports and 3 levels each—to give readers: 1) A progressive strength and core training program for their specific sport and level, 2) A mind and body preparation program, 3) A traveling strength and core program with little or no equipment, 4) A fueling and hydration routine to maximize performance, and 5) A healthy eating and lifestyle plan. Don and Melanie Fink of IronFit® ( have trained athletes on four continents to personal records and breakthrough performances. The author of Be IronFit and Mastering the Marathon: Time Efficient Training Secrets for the 40-plus Athlete (both Lyons Press), Don has raced more than thirty Iron-distance triathlons, Ultraman, and other endurance sport challenges and has recorded age-group victories and course records. Melanie has raced 12 Iron-distance races, Ultraman, and has age group and overall victories in triathlon, running and open water swimming competitions. They live in Morris County, New Jersey. 83

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4/5/12 4:59 PM


Celebrating New Orleans’ best restaurants and eateries with recipes and photographs

New Orleans Chef’s Table Extraordinary Recipes from this Storied Louisiana City Lorin Gaudin 978-0-7627-8140-9 ■ January 2013 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 208 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

New Orleans is a restaurant city and it’s long been that way. Food, cooking, and restaurants reflect the spirit of New Orleans, her people, and their many cultures and cuisines. Restaurants are our spiritual salve, our meeting place to connect, converse, consume, and, of course, plan the next meal. Culinary traditions here are firm, though there is a dynamic food/dining evolution taking place in what we have come to call the new New Orleans. Today’s restaurant recipe includes a lot of love, a taste of tradition, and the flavor of something new. New Orleans continues to be a most delicious city, from its finest white-tablecloth restaurants to homey mom-and-pop cafes and chic new eateries––and there’s a place at the table waiting for you. With recipes for the home cook from over fifty of the city’s most celebrated restaurants and showcasing one hundred beautiful fullcolor photos, New Orleans Chef’s Table is the ultimate gift and keepsake cookbook. Lorin Gaudin has passion for all things food and drink. With a culinary diploma from the Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, she is a contributing editor/writer for the New York Post, Where New Orleans,, and Where Y’at magazine. She is the creator-founder of FiveOhFork, specializing in culinary social media/web content. Lorin can be found on and her alter-ego “New Orleans Food Goddess” can be followed on Twitter and “liked” on Facebook where she posts delicious raves and the occasional rant. 84

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 84

4/5/12 4:59 PM


Celebrating Savannah’s best restaurants and eateries with recipes and photographs

Savannah Chef’s Table Extraordinary Recipes from this Historic Southern City Damon Lee Fowler photographs by Christopher Shane 978-0-7627-7387-9 ■ January 2013 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Cloth 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 208 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press COOKING

Savannah’s unique location in the heart of the Lowcountry is reflected in its growing food scene, with restaurants rich with cultural influences and plenty of Southern charm. Meals are best savored slowly—from Zunzi’s South African–inspired curry stew to famed chef Paula Deen’s The Lady & Son’s peach barbeque grouper to Sapphire Grill’s veal schnitzel and more. Savannah Chef’s Table is the first cookbook to gather Savannah’s best chefs and restaurants under one cover. Including a signature “at home” recipe from seventy iconic dining establishments, the book is a celebration of the growing farm-to-table way of life. Full-color photos throughout capture Savannah’s legendary beauty and highlight fabulous dishes and famous chefs. Damon Lee Fowler is a culinary historian, food writer, and the author of six cookbooks, including Classical Southern Cooking, Fried Chicken: The World’s Best Recipes, Damon Lee Fowler’s New Southern Kitchen, New Southern Baking, and The Savannah Cookbook. His work has appeared in a number of national publications, including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Relish. He lives, eats, and writes in Savannah, Georgia, where he is the featured food writer for The Savannah Morning News. 85

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 85

4/5/12 4:59 PM


A provocative new take on the perfect economic storm—with a foreword by P. J. O’Rourke “Michael Farr is one of the smartest people I know, and in The Arrogance Cycle he’s put forward a terrifying thesis: Markets aren’t always as rational as we assume. What can you do to protect yourself? Read it. This is a genuinely deep book.” —Tucker Carlson

Avoiding the Arrogance Cycle What Every Investor Needs to Know to Protect Their Assets From the Next Big Bubble Michael K. Farr Foreword by P. J. O’Rourke 978-0-7627-6412-9 ■ January 2013 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 240 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: The Arrogance Cycle; Cloth 09/2011; 978-0-7627-6435-8 ■ Lyons Press BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

How do the average investors protect their assets? How do they keep their financial goals in sight and their arrogance in check? Investment guru Michael Farr has counseled thousands of his clients on just that. In Avoiding the Arrogance Cycle, Farr examines the psychology of investing and sets it against the historical and cultural forces at work on individuals and markets and explains in clear, concise layman terms how we just lived through the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression. He focuses on the individual factors such as rampant consumerism, a sense of entitlement, and narcissism that combined to create the perfect economic storm. Farr provides first-hand accounts of real client situations to create a profile and case study of the arrogant investor. He sifts through the wreckage of previous crashes and downturns and finds evidence to support his contention that collectively we are the ones responsible. Through the lens of arrogance, this book sheds light on our recent financial past and offers a means to detect these insidious attitudes so that in the future we can contain the damage before it spreads. Michael Farr is President and majority owner of Farr, Miller & Washington, LLC. In addition, Mr. Farr is a regular commentator and guest host for CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, Reuters, and the Nightly Business Report. He is heard on Associated Press Radio, ABC Radio News, and National Public Radio. Mr. Farr is quoted regularly in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Washington Post, USA Today, and many other publications. He lives in Washington, D.C., Delaware, and Florida. 86

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 86

4/5/12 4:59 PM


The U.S. Army’s operational bible—the most up-todate doctrinal guide for all leaders about how to run the greatest army in the world

The U.S. Army believes our nation’s future is one of “persistent conflict”—protracted confrontation among state, nonstate, and individual actors willing to use violence to achieve their political and ideological ends. U.S. Army Operations Field Manual, required reading for Army leadership, provides the intellectual core of how our Army will organize, train, equip, and conduct operations in this environment. In other words, this manual explains how to run the best army in the world.

U.S. Army Operations Field Manual Department of the Army 978-0-7627-8197-3 ■ January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/2 x 8 ■ 320 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w illustrations ■ Lyons Press REFERENCE

The U.S. Army playbook—the field manual that describes and illustrates offensive and defensive maneuvers the Army uses to win battles

Filled with diagrams of attack plans, defensive strategies, and troop movements, U.S. Army Tactics Field Manual is the playbook the U.S. Army uses to employ available means to win in combat. Filled with combat-tested concepts modified to exploit emerging Army and joint capabilities, the book focuses on the organization of forces; minimum essential control measures; and general planning, preparation, and execution considerations for each type of combat operation. It is the common reference for all students of the tactical art, both in the field and the Army school system.

U.S. Army Tactics Field Manual Department of the Army 978-0-7627-8198-0 ■ January 2013 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 432 pp ■ 24/CTN b&w illustration ■ Lyons Press REFERENCE


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 87

4/5/12 4:59 PM

valentine’s day 88

Life Is a Verb

How To Live Like A Lady


978-1-59921-295-1 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-1-59921-352-1 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-454-2 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

Creative Is a Verb

Four-Word Self-Help

978-1-59921-523-5 $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN ■ Cloth 978-0-7627-6415-0 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN ■ Paper

978-1-59921-883-0 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-1-59921-980-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Shoestring Chic

Marriage & Love

The Keepsake Cookbook

978-1-59921-988-2 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6390-0 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN

978-0-7627-7007-6 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 88

4/5/12 4:59 PM

How Georgia Became O’Keeffe

The Bridal Bible

978-0-7627-7062-5 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7131-8 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7251-3 $30.00 US/$34.00 CAN

The Jane Austen Guide to Life

Finding Happiness in Simplicity


978-0-7627-7381-7 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7923-9 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7987-1 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN

The Stocking Book

Rendez-vous with France

Wandering Paris

978-0-7627-7994-9 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN

978-0-7627-2211-2 $14.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-3804-5 $14.95 US/$20.95 CAN

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valentine’s day

What I Wish For You


4/5/12 4:59 PM

available now

Cooking Channel star chefcomedienne Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook is a guide for the next generation of lifestyle aficionados.

Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook Rock Your Kitchen— And Let the Boys Clean Up the Mess Nadia G 978-1-59921-441-2 ■ Available Now $19.95 US/$19.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 224 pp ■ 24/CTN full-color photos ■ skirt! COOKING

Screw stuffing the turkey! Nadia G offers recipes for real-life scenarios: What do you make for breakfast after a one-night stand? What do you serve up to say you’re sorry for the PMS rampage? Need to impress the in-laws? Well, Lord knows you may never be good enough, but at least the meal will be! Divided into themes such as “Halloween Hootenanny,” “Bag ’em, Tag ’em Meals,” and “Deflate Your Mate,” the Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook boasts more than 60 delicious, easy-to-follow recipes such as “Save-Your-Sex-Life Souffles,” “Sedate the In-Laws Bison Tartar,” and “Lock-Down French Toast”—along with comedic correspondent reports from the likes of the Spice Agent, Hans, and Panos the Fish Guy. Sassy “Nadvice” sidebars sprinkled throughout deliver practical food, equipment, and serving tips with a hearty dose of humor. Viciously funny with an epicurean edge, the Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook sends pastel lifestyle hostesses packin’ and blazes a path straight to the hearts and stomachs of hungry wo/men everywhere. Nadia G is a Cooking Channel host and the creator of www.BitchinKitchen.TV, the hit web and mobile cooking show that won the first annual WAVE Award for Favorite Mobile Comedy Series, beating out Conan O’Brien’s mobile series. So there. 90

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4/5/12 4:59 PM

available now

The inspiration for and subject of the award-winning documentary Buck “Buck Brannaman is no ordinary horseman. He is demonstrating his way of turning frightened horses into friends, a way that has more to do with respect and trust than mastery or manhandling.” —Smithsonian magazine

I’ve started horses since I was 12 years old and have been bit, kicked, bucked off and run over. I’ve tried every physical means to contain my horse in an effort to keep from getting myself killed. I started to realize that things would come much easier for me once I learned why a horse does what he does. This method works well for me because of the kinship that develops between horse and rider. —Buck Brannaman

The Faraway Horses The Adventures and Wisdom of One of America’s Most Renowned Horsemen Buck Brannaman with William Reynolds 978-1-58574-863-1 ■ Available Now $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ US, Canada, and open market Paper 6 x 9 ■ 288 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Cloth 12/2001; 978-1-58574-352-0 color inserts, b&w photos ■ Lyons Press SPORTS & RECREATION

In The Faraway Horses, Brannaman shares his methods for training horses and provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Robert Redford’s movie The Horse Whisperer, for which he was the technical advisor. Buck Brannaman is a horse gentler—not a horse “breaker”—who has started more than 10,000 young horses in his clinics. He lives with his family in Sheridan, Wyoming. William Reynolds is the associate publisher of Cowboys & Indians magazine. He lives with his family in Santa Ynez, California. 91

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 91

4/5/12 4:59 PM

available now

The inspiration for the PBS Nature documentary My Life as a Turkey— an unforgettable story about the fascinating behavior of the most elusive of wild game birds “Spellbinding! Beautifully written and observed, Illumination in the Flatwoods is an amazing story of natural history and grace in the world.” —Rick Bass

“This book is all about turkeys, and yet you will come away from it thinking not about poults and jakes but about the overlap of art and science, the difference between love and sentiment, and what fine creatures humans can be when they are at their best.” —Bailey White

Illumination in the Flatwoods A Season with the Wild Turkey Joe Hutto 978-1-59921-197-8 ■ Available Now $16.95 US/$21.75 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN Lyons Press NATURE

When Joe Hutto began his experiment in imprinting two dozen wild turkey—in the tradition of the great animal behaviorist, Konrad Lorenz—he had no idea that it would change his life. Told with skill and humor, and vibrating with the natural wonders of the Florida flatwoods, Illumination in the Flatwoods will amaze and enrich all who share this season with the wild turkey. Joe Hutto is a nationally recognized naturalist and wildlife artist. He lives in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming and is currently studying the largest wild-sheep herd in North America: the bighorn sheep of the Whiskey Mountain herd. 92

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 92

4/5/12 4:59 PM

Do you have any idea what it’s like to feel blissfully whole and comfortable in your skin? You will. The Crazy Sexy Diet and lifestyle will give you the tools to navigate through life with clarity, balance, and flow. Health is more than just the absence of disease; it is the presence of vitality. Health is freedom from obstruction; it’s living in a harmonious way that creates both inner and outer peace. . . . The Crazy Sexy Diet is loaded with wisdom, tips and advice from personal experience. If I feel great living and eating this way then you can feel fantastic! What I present to you is what works for me and countless other wellness warriors. This information just might save your life, or at the very least reduce the pesky cellulite. It’s an awakening without the disease, knowledge without the price. Changing your mind is the biggest obstacle you face. But once you do, you’ll realize that you are the one you’ve been waiting for. . . . From the Introduction

available now

The New York Times bestseller, now in paperback! Kris Carr, author of the best-selling Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor, takes on the crazy sexy subject of what and how we eat, drink, and think.

Crazy Sexy Diet Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It! Kris Carr Foreword by Dean Ornish Preface by Rory Freedman 978-0-7627-7793-8 ■ Available Now $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 240 pp ■ 12/CTN Also Available: Cloth 01/2011; 978-1-59921-801-4 full-color throughout ■ skirt! HEALTH & FITNESS

Infused with Carr’s signature sass, wit, and advice-from-the-trenches style, Crazy Sexy Diet is a beautifully illustrated resource that puts you on the fast track to vibrant health, happiness and a great ass! Along with help from her posse of experts, she lays out the fundamentals of her Crazy Sexy Diet: an anti-inflammatory, vegetarian program that emphasizes balancing the pH of the body with lush whole and raw foods, nourishing organic green drinks, and scrumptious smoothies. Plus, she shares the steps of her own twenty-one-day cleanse, and simple but delectable sample recipes. Carr empowers readers to move from a state of constant bodily damage control to one of renewal and repair, making this a must-have for anyone who seeks to be a confident and sexy wellness warrior. Including contributions by Dean Ornish, M.D.; Neal Barnard, M.D.; Kathy Freston; Alejandro Junger, M.D.; Rory Freedman; Mark Hyman, M.D.; Emily Deschanel; Sharon Gannon; Wayne Pacelle, and others. Kris Carr—author, motivational speaker, and wellness warrior—has written two previous skirt! books: the best-selling Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor. She leads workshops and gives lectures at wellness centers, universities, and corporations across America and lives in ­Woodstock, New York. Visit her at her award-winning online magazine, 93

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 93

4/5/12 4:59 PM


how to start a home-based business Full Backlist How to Open and Operate a Bed & Breakfast Business, 9th

How to Start a Home-Based Jewelry Making Business

978-0-7627-7200-1 ■ $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5012-2 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Antiques Business, 5th

How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business, 6th

978-0-7627-6361-0 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5268-3 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Bakery Business

How to Start a Home-based Mail Order Business, 4th

978-0-7627-6082-4 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6364-1 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Bookkeeping Business

How to Start a Home-based Makeup Artist Business

978-0-7627-6126-5 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7863-8 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Business

How to Start a Home-based Online Retail Business, 2nd

978-0-7627-5946-0 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6365-8 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Business to Become a Work-At-Home Mom

How to Start a Home-based Personal Chef Business, 2nd

978-0-7627-6362-7 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing Business 978-0-7627-7876-8 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Catering Business, 6th 978-0-7627-5267-6 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Children’s Birthday Party Business

978-0-7627-6366-5 ■ $18.95 US/$20.50 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Personal Trainer Business 978-0-7627-5266-9 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Pet Care Business, 2nd 978-0-7627-3879-3 ■ $18.95 US/$26.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Pet Grooming Business, 3rd 978-0-7627-6367-2 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4938-6 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Pet-Sitting and Dog-Walking Business

How to Start a Home-Based Consulting Business

978-0-7627-6083-1 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5265-2 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Craft Business, 6th 978-0-7627-6363-4 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Photography Business, 6th 978-0-7627-5953-8 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Day-Care Business, 6th

How to Start a Home-based Professional Organizing Business, 2nd

978-0-7627-6085-5 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6368-9 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based DJ Business

How to Start a Home-based Public Relations Business

978-0-7627-7318-3 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7343-5 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business, 3rd

How to Start a Home-Based Recording Studio Business

978-0-7627-5429-8 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6124-1 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based Food Truck Business

How to Start a Home-Based Senior Care Business

978-0-7627-7878-2 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5013-9 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 5th

How to Start a Home-Based Tutoring Business

978-0-7627-5954-5 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5432-8 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Handyman Business

How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business, 4th

978-0-7627-5277-5 ■ $18.95 US/$23.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5955-2 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-based House Painting Business

How to Start a Home-based Wedding Photography Business

978-0-7627-7203-2 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Housecleaning Business, 3rd 978-0-7627-5014-6 ■ $18.95 US/$22.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Interior Design Business, 5th 978-0-7627-5015-3 ■ $18.95 US/$22.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7341-1 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Wedding Planning Business 978-0-7627-4939-3 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

How to Start a Home-Based Writing Business, 5th 978-0-7627-4401-5 ■ $18.95 US/$24.95 CAN


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how to start a home-based business


How to Start a Home-based Blogging Business

How to Start a Home-based Dog Training Business

Brett Snyder

Peggy O. Swager

978-0-7627-7875-1 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 192 pp

978-0-7627-8004-4 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 192 pp

How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business

How to Start a Home-based Massage Therapy Business

Angela Wolf

Shirley L. Philbrick, LMT

978-0-7627-7877-5 ■ December 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 192 pp

978-0-7627-7204-9 ■ December 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 192 pp

With more than a half million copies sold, Globe Pequot Press is offering four original editions to its ever popular How to Start a Home-based Business series. Each volume includes worksheets, business and marketing forms, and everything you need to know about business start-up costs and strategies. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 24/CTN ■ checklists, appendices ■ Globe Pequot ■ BUSINESS & ECONOMICS 95

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 95

4/5/12 4:59 PM


The ultimate reference—now revised and updated, with more than 800 illustrations

The Complete Book of Rod Building and Tackle Making C. Boyd Pfeiffer 978-0-7627-7347-3 ■ October 2012 $22.95 US/$24.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 81/2 x11 ■ 592 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous Edition: The Complete Book of Tackle Making; Paper 03/1999; 978-1-55821-721-8 b&w photos and illustrations ■ Lyons Press SPORTS & RECREATION

In its first edition, published in 1993, The Complete Book of Tackle Making became the reference of choice for builders of fine tackle and casual craftsmen alike. It saved countless anglers thousands of dollars, and now, with this new edition—revised, updated, and expanded to accommodate the many developments in tackle-making methods, equipment, and materials made since then—it can continue to do so for years to come. Twenty-seven chapters and helpful appendixes include everything readers need to know about tools, spinners, bucktails, jigs, sinkers, plastic lures and plugs, wire leaders, painting and finishing methods, basic and advanced rod building, basic and decorative wraps, necessary knots and splices, tackle care and repair, suppliers and manufacturers, and much more. With more than eight hundred photographs and clear, step-by-step instruction throughout, this book is the ultimate reference for the tackle tinkerer. C. Boyd Pfeiffer is an award-winning outdoor journalist known for his expertise in fresh and salt water fishing, tackle, fly tying, fly fishing, and outdoor photography. He has authored twenty-three books, served as outdoor editor of the Washington Post, and served as a consultant to the fishing tackle industry. He lives in Phoenix, Maryland. 96

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 96

4/5/12 4:59 PM


Take the mystery out of sharing the joys of fly fishing with your loved ones.

The Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fly Fishing Tom Rosenbauer 978-0-7627-7908-6 ■ October 2012 $17.95 US/$19.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 304 pp ■ 24/CTN full-color photos ■ Lyons Press SPORTS & RECREATION

Like all sports, the fun of fly-fishing lies in sharing the experience and in spending time with those closest to you. And yet for a father unsure how to connect with his bored PlayStation-dazed kids, for a beginning fisherman who doesn’t want to learn casting techniques by himself, and for a mother who would love to show her children the outdoors but isn’t quite sure how to begin, it can be a frustrating and intimidating business. From one of the most trusted brands in the industry, and from one of the sport’s most esteemed authors, The Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fly-Fishing by Tom Rosenbauer will take the mystery out of sharing the experience. Rosenbauer provides instructional guidance, discusses the nuts and bolts of casting, fly choice, and technique, and opens the lens to discuss family friendly destinations, gear, schools, safety, and more. Rosenbauer brings his expertise to bear on perhaps the most essential skill set of all—introducing the people closest to you to your beloved sport. Tom Rosenbauer, host of the Orvis Fly Fishing Podcasts, has been with the Orvis Company over thirty years. Named Fly Rod & Reel magazine’s 2011 Angler of the Year, he is the author of The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, one of the best-selling fly-fishing books ever. He lives in southern Vermont on the banks of his favorite trout stream. 97

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 97

4/5/12 4:59 PM


stoecklein publishing

Seasons of the Steelhead Will Godfrey Photography by Drew Stoecklein 978-1-935269-41-0 ■ Now Available $50.00 US/$55.00 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 121/4 x 101/4 ■ 188 pp ■ 10/CTN full-color photos throughout PHOTOGRAPHY

Stoecklein Publishing celebrates the sport and tradition of fly fishing for steelhead in the pristine rivers of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Often a solitary, cold, and damp pursuit, steelhead fishing attracts individuals who embrace the mystery and challenge of searching for these elusive fish throughout the year, patiently waiting for that surge of adrenaline when a steelhead grabs the line. David Stoecklein’s son, Drew, conveys a passion for these majestic, beautiful fish with eye-catching photographs of gorgeous waters, sparkling fish, and the colorful flies and tireless fishermen who hunt for them. Stoecklein’s photographs are accompanied by riveting essays and journal entries written by legendary fly fisherman and guide, Will Godfrey, whose enthusiasm for the quest is captivating and contagious. Will Godfrey learned the finer points of fly fishing from his father at an early age. In 1967 he established Will Godfrey Fly ­Fishing Centers at Last Chance, Idaho, on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River and in Boise, Idaho. He has been an out­ fitter and guide for more than 20 years. Will is an accomplished writer, speaker, fly fisherman, and has been honored with the ­Federation of Flyfishers Man of the Year Award, the FFF Presidential Award, and the Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Heritage Award. Drew Stoecklein’s early years in Sun Valley, Idaho, fueled his passion for the outdoors and photography. He honed his skills at Brooks Institute of Photography and Montana State University in Bozeman. Today he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he continues his career as a professional photographer and big mountain skier. 98

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 98

4/5/12 4:59 PM


Fishing Bamboo

Good Flies

Hemingway on Fishing

978-1-59921-217-3 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-215-9 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-108-4 $29.95 US/$37.50 CAN

L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook, 2nd

LaFontaine’s Legacy

Lefty Kreh’s Presenting the Fly

978-1-59228-293-7 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-1-59921-275-3 $27.95 US/$29.95 CAN

978-1-59228-974-5 $24.95 US/$31.95 CAN

The Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, Completely Revised and Updated with Over 400 New Color Photos and Illustrations

Pro Tactics™: Bass

Joan Wulff’s New Fly-Casting Techniques

978-1-59228-818-2 $24.95 US/$31.95 CAN

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 99

978-1-59921-297-5 $19.95 US/$22.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7834-8 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN 99

4/5/12 4:59 PM

western horseman


The history, equipment, and drills necessary to understand the hackamore and improve its use

The Art of Hackamore Training A Time-Honored Step in the Bridle-Horse Tradition Al Dunning and Benny Guitron 978-0-7627-8056-3 ■ October 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 81/2 x 107⁄8 ■ 136 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos ■ Western Horseman SPORTS & RECREATION

Old-time California vaqueros left a fine tradition as a legacy to horsemen today—the bridle horse, the ultimate in finesse and control. Time-tested practices passed from generation to generation go into making a bridle horse, and hackamore training is an important step in the process. The Art of Hackamore Training addresses the origin of this unusual skill and its place in the bridlehorse tradition, as well as the unique gear specific to the art, such as the bosal, fiador, and mecate. Hackamore theory, benefits, and principles are followed by practical applications—how to use groundwork to introduce the hackamore, key points for success under saddle, and drills, exercises and maneuvers to refine the hackamore horse’s response. From groundwork to key points under saddle, the authors provide drills to improve such skills as “connecting the horse’s face to his feet,” turnarounds, stops and fencing, as well as how to use these skills in handling cattle. A final chapter addresses the quarto riendas, or four-rein, which uses both snaffle and hackamore, and dos riendas, or two-rein, the finishing touch from hackamore to full bridle horse. Benny Guitron was born in California in 1948 and inspired by the great horsemen of his day. He set out to be like those horsemen and to train horses in ways honorable to tradition. Soaking up all available knowledge made the young man into the renowned horsemen he is today. Al Dunning currently trains out of his Almosta Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he has lived for more than fifty years. There, the combination of inspiration, good mentors, and hard work paved the way to Dunning’s success in the horse industry. 100

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 100

4/5/12 4:59 PM

beer lover’s

regional interest

Beer Lover’s Colorado

Beer Lover’s Oregon

Lee Williams

978-0-7627-8373-1 ■ January 2013 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos, maps ■ Globe Pequot TRAVEL

978-0-7627-8098-3 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 71/2 x 91/4 ■ 256 pp ■ 12/CTN full-color photos, maps ■ Globe Pequot TRAVEL

The complete regional guides to craft beer The Beer Lover’s series features regional breweries, brewpubs and beer bars for those looking to seek out and celebrate the best brews—from bitter seasonal IPAs to rich, dark stouts—their cities have to offer. With quality beer producers popping up all over the nation, you don’t have to travel very far to taste great beer; some of the best stuff is brewing right in your home state. These comprehensive guides cover the entire beer experience for the proud, local enthusiast and the traveling visitor alike, including information on: brewery and beer profiles with tasting notes brewpubs and beer bars ■■ events and festivals ■■ food and brew-your-own beer recipes ■■ city trip itineraries with bar crawl maps ■■ regional food and beer pairings ■■ ■■

Also Available Beer Lover’s New England 978-0-7627-7996-3 ■ $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN 101

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regional interest

food lovers

Food Lovers’ Guide to Baltimore

Food Lovers’ Guide to Charlotte

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Kathy Wielech Patterson and Neal Patterson

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Sarah Crosland

978-0-7627-8109-6 ■ February 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

978-0-7627-8110-2 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

Food Lovers’ Guide to Dallas

Food Lovers’ Guide to the Hudson Valley

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings 978-0-7627-8111-9 ■ January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 320 pp ■ map

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings 978-0-7627-8153-9 ■ February 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 320 pp ■ map

The ultimate guides to the food scene in their respective states or regions, these books provide the inside scoop on the best places to find and enjoy local culinary offerings. Engagingly written by local authorities, they are a one-stop for residents and visitors alike to find producers and purveyors of tasty local specialties and indispensable food-related information. Favorite restaurants and landmark eateries Farmers’ markets and farm stands ■■ Specialty food shops, markets and products ■■ Food festivals and culinary events

Places to pick your own produce Recipes from top local chefs ■■ The best cafes, taverns, wineries, and brewpubs





SERIES SPECS: World ■ Paper ■ 57⁄8 x 67⁄8 ■ 24/CTN ■ two-color illustrations ■ Globe Pequot ■ Cooking 102

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food lovers

Food Lovers’ Guide to Memphis

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Pamela Denney

978-0-7627-8112-6 January 2013 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 416 pp ■ map ■

regional interest

Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeles

978-0-7627-8261-1 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

Food Lovers’ Guide to Nashville

Food Lovers’ Guide to Oklahoma

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Jennifer Justus

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Katie Johnstonbaugh

978-0-7627-8154-6 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

978-0-7627-8115-7 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 320 pp ■ map

Full Backlist (continued on next two pages) Food Lovers’ Europe

Food Lovers’ Guide to Charleston & Savannah

978-0-7627-7374-9 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6012-1 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Atlanta

Food Lovers’ Guide to Chicago

978-0-7627-7311-4 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7015-1 ■ $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Austin

Food Lovers’ Guide to Connecticut, 3rd

978-0-7627-7027-4 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5280-5 ■ $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Brooklyn

Food Lovers’ Guide to Houston

978-0-7627-5943-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7313-8 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN 103

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regional interest

food lovers

Food Lovers’ Guide to Orlando

Food Lovers’ Guide to Pittsburgh

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Ricky Ly

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Sarah Sudar, Julia Gongaware, Amanda McFadden and Laura Zorch

978-0-7627-8116-4 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 320 pp ■ map

978-0-7627-8117-1 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens

Food Lovers’ Guide to Rhode Island

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Meg Cotner

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Patricia Harris and David Lyon

978-0-7627-8118-8 ■ December 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ maps

978-0-7627-8361-8 ■ February 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

Food Lovers’ Guide to Kansas City

Food Lovers’ Guide to Montana

978-0-7627-7028-1 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5428-1 ■ $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Maine

Food Lovers’ Guide to Montreal

978-0-7627-7016-8 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7121-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Massachusetts, 2nd

Food Lovers’ Guide to Napa Valley

978-0-7627-5308-6 ■ $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7315-2 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Food Lovers’ Guide to New Jersey, 2nd

978-0-7627-7312-1 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4775-7 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN


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food lovers

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Maria Desiderata Montana 978-0-7627-8119-5 ■ December 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 352 pp ■ map

Food Lovers’ Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Taos

regional interest

Food Lovers’ Guide to San Diego

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Andrea Feucht 978-0-7627-8155-3 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ maps

Food Lovers’ Guide to Tampa Bay

Food Lovers’ Guide to Tucson

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Todd Sturtz

The Best Restaurants, Markets & Local Culinary Offerings Mary Paganelli Votto

978-0-7627-8120-1 ■ December 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

978-0-7627-8121-8 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 288 pp ■ map

Food Lovers’ Guide to New Orleans

Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle

978-0-7627-7354-1 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7017-5 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to Phoenix & Scottsdale

Food Lovers’ Guide to Washington, D.C.

978-0-7627-7314-5 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7317-6 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Food Lovers’ Guide to San Francisco 978-0-7627-7316-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN


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regional interest

Photos and essays celebrate the Treasure State’s unique identity

Montana Icons Fifty Classic Symbols of the Treasure State Bert Gildart 978-0-7627-7967-3 ■ October 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Through beautiful color photographs and evocative essays, learn how fifty of the best-known views in each state reflect the personalities of these special places. SERIES SPECS: World ■ Cloth ■ 7 x 7 ■ 112 pp ■ 24/CTN ■ full-color photos ■ Globe Pequot ■ Travel

Full Backlist Charleston Icons

Philadelphia Icons

978-0-7627-4799-3 ■ $16.95 US/$21.50 CAN

978-0-7627-6031-2 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Boston Icons

Georgia Icons

978-0-7627-4817-4 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6072-5 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Washington Icons

Glacier Icons

978-0-7627-4968-3 ■ $16.95 US/$21.50 CAN

978-0-7627-7000-7 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Colorado Icons

Florida Icons

978-0-7627-4976-8 ■ $16.95 US/$21.50 CAN

978-0-7627-7155-4 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Santa Fe Icons

Geek Silicon Valley

978-0-7627-5661-2 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4239-4 ■ $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

Maine Icons

New York City Icons

978-0-7627-5998-9 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4745-0 ■ $16.95 US/$19.95 CAN


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more than petticoats

regional interest

Celebrating the women who shaped the Sooner State and made history

More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Oklahoma Women Deborah Bouziden 978-0-7627-6028-2 ■ February 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 160 pp

More than Petticoats offers compelling biographies of famous and lesser-known women who served as teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, and artists, and who changed our world. SERIES SPECS: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 24/CTN ■ b&w photos ■ Globe Pequot ■ Biography & Autobiography

More Than Petticoats Select Backlist Remarkable Arizona Women, 2nd

Remarkable Montana Women, 2nd

978-0-7627-7832-4 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6073-2 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Remarkable Colorado Women, 2nd

Remarkable New Mexico Women, 2nd

978-0-7627-6444-0 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7840-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Remarkable Florida Women, 2nd

Remarkable North Carolina Women, 2nd

978-0-7627-5865-4 ■ $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6445-7 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Remarkable Kansas Women

Remarkable Oregon Women, 2nd

978-0-7627-6027-5 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5866-1 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Remarkable Kentucky Women

Remarkable Utah Women

978-0-7627-6148-7 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4901-0 ■ $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Remarkable Missouri Women

Remarkable Washington Women, 2nd

978-0-7627-6397-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6074-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN 107

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regional interest

it happened in

It Happened in New Hampshire, 2nd Stillman Rogers 978-0-7627-6972-8 January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN Previous Edition: Paper 06/2004; 978-0-7627-2600-4 ■

It Happened in Nebraska Remarkable Events That Shaped History Tammy Partsch 978-0-7627-6971-1 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 144 pp

It Happened in Rhode Island Seth Brown 978-0-7627-6974-2 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

More than 500,000 copies sold! The It Happened In series offers lively glimpses into both little-known and extensively chronicled events that have shaped American history. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 176 pp ■ 24/CTN ■ map ■ Globe Pequot ■ HISTORY

Select Backlist It Happened in Atlanta

It Happened In Nevada, 2nd

It Happened in Tennessee, 2nd

978-0-7627-6439-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5871-5 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6442-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

It Happened in Idaho, 2nd

It Happened in Oklahoma, 2nd

It Happened in the Civil War, 2nd

978-0-7627-6022-0 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6441-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5872-2 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

It Happened in Illinois

It Happened in South Carolina, 2nd

It Happened in Yosemite National Park

978-0-7627-6128-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6025-1 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5060-3 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

It Happened in Kentucky, 2nd 978-0-7627-6105-0 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN


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myths and mysteries

Myths and Mysteries of Florida

Myths and Mysteries of Pennsylvania

True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained Cherry Lyon Jones

True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained E. Lynne Wright

True Stories of the Unsolved and Unexplained Kara Hughes

978-0-7627-7222-3 ■ January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 176 pp

978-0-7627-6967-4 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 176 pp

978-0-7627-7229-2 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 176 pp

regional interest

Myths and Mysteries of Alaska

The series that answers the question, “What REALLY happened here?” This engaging, myth-busting series seeks new explanations for the ghost stories, outlaw tales, haunted places, and unsolved mysteries that shaped a state’s identity. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 24/CTN ■ b&w photos ■ Globe Pequot ■ HISTORY

Select Backlist Myths and Mysteries of California 978-0-7627-6369-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Myths and Mysteries of Kansas 978-0-7627-6446-4 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Myths and Mysteries of New Mexico 978-0-7627-5873-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Myths and Mysteries of North Carolina 978-0-7627-5983-5 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Myths and Mysteries of South Carolina 978-0-7627-5994-1 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Myths and Mysteries of the Civil War 978-0-7627-6115-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Myths and Mysteries of the Old West 978-0-7627-2792-6 $12.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Mysteries and Legends of Texas 978-0-7627-5874-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Mysteries and Legends of Oregon 978-0-7627-5016-0 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Mysteries and Legends of Virginia 978-0-7627-5875-3 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Mysteries and Legends of New England 978-0-7627-5059-7 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN


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regional interest

outlaw tales

Outlaw Tales of Colorado, 2nd

Outlaw Tales of Oregon, 2nd

True Stories of the Centennial State’s Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, and Cutthroats Jan Elizabeth Murphy

True Stories of the Beaver State’s Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, and Cutthroats Jim Yuskavitch

978-0-7627-7235-3 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 128 pp Previous Edition: Paper 10/2005; 978-0-7627-3789-5

978-0-7627-7263-6 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 6 x 9 ■ 128 pp Previous Edition: Paper 10/2006; 978-0-7627-4128-1

Outlaw Tales are filled with action-packed tales of history’s bad boys and girls, rare photographs, and a map that shows the scenes of the crimes. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 24/CTN ■ b&w historic photos ■ TwoDot ■ HISTORY

Select Backlist Outlaw Tales of Alaska

Outlaw Tales of Nebraska

978-0-7627-5326-0 ■ $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5878-4 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Outlaw Tales of Arizona, 2nd

Outlaw Tales of Nevada, 2nd

978-0-7627-7233-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7216-2 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Outlaw Tales of California

Outlaw Tales of New Mexico, 2nd

978-0-7627-3852-6 ■ $12.95 US/$14.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7261-2 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Outlaw Tales of Idaho

Outlaw Tales of Oregon

978-0-7627-4374-2 ■ $12.95 US/$14.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4128-1 ■ $10.95 US/$13.95 CAN

Outlaw Tales of Kansas

Outlaw Tales of Texas, 2nd

978-0-7627-5877-7 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7217-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Outlaw Tales of Missouri

Outlaw Tales of Utah, 2nd

978-0-7627-4902-7 ■ $14.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5985-9 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Outlaw Tales of Montana, 3rd

Outlaw Tales of Washington, 2nd

978-0-7627-7218-6*$14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6030-5 ■ $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN


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speaking ill of the dead

regional interest

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Connecticut History

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Chicago History

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Georgia History

Adam Selzer

John McKay

Ray Bendici

978-0-7627-7291-9 November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 256 pp

978-0-7627-7215-5 ■ September 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 232 pp

978-0-7627-7881-2 ■ November 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 256 pp

Illuminating the lives of the bad guys and wicked women who shaped American history Notorious jerks, bad guys, evil doers, perpetrators of mischief, and other colorful antiheroes from history all get their due in these enlightening yet informative books. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 24/CTN ■ b&w photos ■ Globe Pequot ■ BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY

Select Backlist Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Arizona History

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Montana History, 2nd

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Texas History

978-0-7627-2815-2 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7249-0 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-2706-3 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in California History

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in New Mexico History

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Washington, D.C., History

978-0-7627-7240-7 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7352-7 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6033-6 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Colorado History

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in New York History

978-0-7627-2705-6 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6032-9 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN


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regional interest

curiosities Select Backlist Alabama Curiosities, 2nd

Maryland Curiosities

Pennsylvania Curiosities, 3rd

978-0-7627-4931-7 $15.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4130-4 $15.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4588-3 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Arizona Curiosities, 2nd

Massachusetts Curiosities, 2nd

Rhode Island Curiosities

978-0-7627-4114-4 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4680-4 $15.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4338-4 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Arkansas Curiosities

Missouri Curiosities, 3rd

San Francisco Curiosities

978-0-7627-4894-5 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5864-7 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5867-8 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Boston Curiosities

Montana Curiosities

Seattle Curiosities

978-0-7627-4841-9 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4302-5 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4840-2 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

Chicago Curiosities

Nebraska Curiosities

South Carolina Curiosities

978-0-7627-5984-2 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4683-5 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5996-5 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Colorado Curiosities, 2nd

Nevada Curiosities

South Dakota Curiosities, 2nd

978-0-7627-5415-1 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4682-8 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5868-5 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Connecticut Curiosities, 3rd

New Hampshire Curiosities, 2nd

Southern California Curiosities

978-0-7627-5988-0 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6448-8 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-2724-7 $13.95 US/$19.95 CAN

Delaware Curiosities

New Jersey Curiosities, 3rd

Tennessee Curiosities

978-0-7627-4335-3 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6449-5 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5997-2 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Florida Curiosities, 3rd

New Mexico Curiosities

Texas Curiosities, 4th

978-0-7627-5989-7 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4670-5 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6070-1 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Georgia Curiosities, 3rd

New York City Curiosities

Utah Curiosities

978-0-7627-5992-7 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6055-8 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4386-5 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Illinois Curiosities

North Carolina Curiosities, 4th

Vermont Curiosities

978-0-7627-5861-6 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5995-8 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4669-9 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Indiana Curiosities, 3rd

Northern California Curiosities

Washington Curiosities, 3rd

978-0-7627-5418-2 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-2899-2 $13.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6119-7 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Iowa Curiosities, 2nd

Ohio Curiosities, 2nd

West Virginia Curiosities

978-0-7627-5419-9 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6408-2 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4381-0 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

Kansas Curiosities, 3rd

Oklahoma Curiosities

Wisconsin Curiosities, 3rd

978-0-7627-5863-0 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4126-7 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4818-1 $15.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Maine Curiosities, 3rd

Oregon Curiosities, 2nd

Wyoming Curiosities

978-0-7627-6114-2 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4971-3 $15.95 US/$19.95 CAN

978-0-7627-4365-0 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN


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Louisiana Curiosities

Michigan Curiosities, 3rd

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff Vince Staten

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff Bonnye Stuart

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff Colleen Burcar

978-0-7627-6976-6 ■ January 2013 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 256 pp Previous Edition: Paper 11/2006; 978-0-7627-4105-2

978-0-7627-6977-3 ■ November 2012 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 242 pp

978-0-7627-6978-0 ■ October 2012 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 288 pp Previous Edition: Paper 01/2007; 978-0-7627-4111-3

Minnesota Curiosities, 3rd

New York Curiosities, 2nd

Virginia Curiosities, 3rd

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff Russ Ringsak and Denise Remick

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff Cindy Perman

978-0-7627-6979-7 January 2013 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 304 pp Previous Edition: Paper 01/2007; 978-0-7627-4107-6

978-0-7627-6984-1 January 2013 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 352 pp Previous Edition: Paper 08/2008; 978-0-7627-4339-1

regional interest

Kentucky Curiosities, 3rd

Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff Sharon Cavileer 978-0-7627-6966-7 ■ January 2013 $15.95 US/$17.95 CAN ■ 328 pp Previous Edition: Paper 10/2006; 978-0-7627-4140-3

More than 500,000 copies sold! The quirkiest places, personalities, events, and phenomena found within a state, region, or city, and in its history. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 24/CTN ■ b&w photos ■ Globe Pequot ■ HISTORY 113

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montana historical society press

regional interest

“Mining Childhood showcases fascinating research. The voices from the oral histories are engaging and powerful. It’s a great piece of work and a wonderful read.” —Mary Murphy, Montana State University professor of history and author of Mining Cultures: Men, Women, and Leisure in Butte, 1914–41

Mining Childhood Growing Up in Butte, 1900–1960 Janet L. Finn 978-0-9801292-5-0 ■ December 2012 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 7 x 10 ■ 256 pp 75+ b&w historic photographs Montana Historical Society Press HISTORY

Also Available in Cloth 978-0-9801292-4-3 ■ December 2012 $34.95 US/$38.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 7 x 10 ■ 256 pp 75+ b&w historic photographs

Mining Childhood offers a fresh perspective on Montana history. Drawing from a broad range of archival materials and oral histories, the book offers a child’s-eye view of Butte’s history and considers how social, political, and economic forces left their marks on its children. With its rich stories, the book captures the experiences of school, play, and work by exploring children’s joys and miseries, their keen impressions of life in Butte, and the varied lessons learned. These stories illuminate the meaning and purpose of mining life in Butte: people lived with the hardships and dangers of mining life so that their children might have a life beyond mining. Children were, quite simply, Butte’s reason to be. Janet L. Finn is professor of social work at the University of Montana and faculty member in the international development studies and gender studies departments. She has written extensively about Butte and childhood. 114

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montana historical society press

The History of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana, 1600–2012, 2nd

regional interest

The History of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana, 1600–2012 is an authoritative scholarly exploration of the struggles and triumphs of the Native Americans who were relegated by the federal government to a small portion of northeast Montana in the late 1880s. Written by five scholars of Native American studies, most of whom are native themselves, the narrative tracks the tribes through the brutal early reservation period, two world wars, the turbulent 1960s, and into the twentyfirst century. With research drawn from primary sources, including federal archives and private materials, this book is a benchmark in the publication of tribal histories with a native point of view.

David Miller, Dennis Smith, Joe McGeschick, Jim Shanley, and Caleb Shields 978-0-9801292-7-4 ■ December 2012 $39.95 US/$43.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 91/2 x 11 ■ 564 pp ■ Previous Edition: 05/2008; 978-0-9759196-5-1 ■ 100+ b&w historic photographs Montana Historical Society Press HISTORY

Forget dreary dates and boring facts. More Montana Moments distills the most funny, bizarre, and interesting stories from Montana’s history into pure entertainment. Meet the colorful cast of the famous and infamous desperadoes, vigilantes, madams, and darned good men and women (and a few critters) who made the state’s history. You’ll laugh when you read about the Jesuit priests’ discovery of a new use for cat hair. You just might find a redeeming quality in General Custer’s affection for his dogs. So have fun exploring Montana—and enjoy a little history as you go. Ellen Baumler is the interpretive historian for the Montana Historical Society and host of the radio show “History on the Go.”

More Montana Moments Ellen Baumler 978-0-9801292-6-7 ■ August 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 220 pp 15+ b&w historic photographs Montana Historical Society Press HISTORY 115

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halloween 116

Breverton’s Phantasmagoria

Spooky Campfire Tales

Haunted Hotels

978-0-7627-7023-6 $19.95 US

978-0-7627-4476-3 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN

978-0-7627-5659-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Haunted Theaters

101 People You Won’t Meet in Heaven

Dead Pet

978-0-7627-4949-2 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-105-3 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-1-59921-570-9 $14.95 US/$17.95 CAN

Death in Salem

The Devil’s Rooming House

Field of Screams

978-0-7627-5909-5 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7025-0 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-1-59921-856-4 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

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The complete kids’ travel companion

The Kid’s Guide to Orlando Eileen Ogintz 978-0-7627-8131-7 ■ December 2012 $10.95 US/$11.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 51/4 x 71⁄8 ■ 128 pp ■ 48/CTN full-color illustrations ■ GPP Travel TRAVEL

The Kid’s Guide to Orlando is a guidebook FOR the kids! With the guide, you get kid-tested tips on where to go, where to eat, what to see, and where to get the best souvenirs. Along the way, your kids will be engaged by reading and sharing fun facts and cool tips about Orlando’s parks and attractions. Plus, awesome games and quizzes will keep the family entertained! Eileen Ogintz is an award-winning author and a leading national family travel expert whose syndicated column Taking the Kids is the most widely distributed column in the country on family travel. She created and is the author of seven family travel books, including Kid’s Guide to New York City. She is often quoted in major publications, such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and parenting and women’s magazines on family travel. She has appeared on such television programs as The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah, as well as dozens of local radio and television news programs. She lives in Westport, Connecticut

Also Available The Kid’s Guide to Cruising Alaska 978-0-7627-3077-3 ■ $8.95 US/$13.95 CAN

The Kid’s Guide to New York City, 2nd 978-0-7627-7995-6 ■ $10.95 US/$11.95 CAN 117

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insiders’ guide

Insiders’ Guide® to Houston, 2nd Laura Nathan-Garner 978-0-7627-8130-0 ■ October 2012 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN ■ 336 pp Previous Edition: Paper 11/2009; 978-0-7627-5314-7 color inserts, maps ■ Insiders’ Guide

Insiders’ Guide® to Florida Keys & Key West, 16th Juliet Gray 978-0-7627-7320-6 ■ November 2012 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN ■ 424 pp Previous Edition: Paper 11/2010; 978-0-7627-6015-2 color inserts, maps ■ Insiders’ Guide

Discover Your Travel Destination. Your Home. Your Home-To-Be. For more than twenty years, the Insiders’ Guide series has remained the essential source for in-depth travel and relocation information. Written by locals and true insiders, each guide is packed with useful tips on places to stay, restaurants, events, attractions, fun things to do with the kids, nightlife, recreation, shopping, local history, and much more—as well as a comprehensive appendix called “Living Here” that offers information on real estate, education, health care, and more. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 51/2 x 8 ■ 24/CTN ■ TRAVEL

Select Backlist Insiders’ Guide® to Chicago

Insiders’ Guide® to Phoenix & Scottsdale, 7th

978-0-7627-6013-8 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7321-3 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

Insiders’ Guide® to Connecticut

Insiders’ Guide® to San Antonio, 5th

978-0-7627-7319-0 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7322-0 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Insiders’ Guide to New York City

Insiders’ Guide® to Santa Barbara, 5th

978-0-7627-6018-3 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7323-7 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Insiders’ Guide® to North Carolina’s Outer Banks, 31st

Insiders’ Guide® to Southwest Florida

978-0-7627-6473-0 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6021-3 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN

Insiders’ Guide to Philadelphia & Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Insiders’ Guide® to Tucson, 7th



978-0-7627-7324-4 ■ $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5699-5 ■ $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN 118

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off the beaten path


Georgia Off the Beaten Path®, 10th

Colorado Off the Beaten Path®, 11th

South Carolina Off the Beaten Path®, 8th

A Guide to Unique Places Janice McDonald

A Guide to Unique Places Eric Lindberg

A Guide to Unique Places William Price Fox

978-0-7627-8124-9 ■ October 2012 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 224 pp Previous Edition: Paper 01/2009; 978-0-7627-4861-7 ■ maps

978-0-7627-8103-4 ■ January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 192 pp Previous Edition: Paper 08/2009; 978-0-7627-5024-5 ■ maps

978-0-7627-7327-5 ■ January 2013 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN ■ 192 pp Previous Edition: Paper 03/2009; 978-0-7627-4878-5 ■ maps

The Essential Guide to Extraordinary Travel The essential source of information about the sights and sites travelers and locals want to see and experience—if only they knew about them! From the best in local dining to quirky cultural tidbits to hidden attractions, unique finds, and unusual locales, these guides take the reader down the road less traveled. Series Specs: World ■ Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 24/CTN ■ GPP Travel ■ TRAVEL

Select Backlist Arizona Off the Beaten Path®, 7th

Maine Off the Beaten Path®, 9th

978-0-7627-5021-4 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

978-0-7627-6479-2 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Florida Off the Beaten Path®, 11th

New Mexico Off the Beaten Path®, 9th

978-0-7627-7310-7 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-5049-8 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Indiana Off the Beaten Path®, 10th

North Carolina Off the Beaten Path®, 10th

978-0-7627-5026-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Louisiana Off the Beaten Path®, 9th 978-0-7627-5044-3 $14.95 US/$18.95 CAN

Pennsylvania Off the Beaten Path®, 11th 978-0-7627-7953-6 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Texas Off the Beaten Path®, 9th 978-0-7627-7328-2 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Virginia Off the Beaten Path®, 11th

978-0-7627-7326-8 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7330-5 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

Oregon Off the Beaten Path®, 10th

Wisconsin Off the Beaten Path®, 10th

978-0-7627-7952-9 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN

978-0-7627-7959-8 $14.95 US/$16.95 CAN 119

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The Best-Selling and Most Reliable Guide to European Train Travel

Europe by Eurail 2013 Touring Europe by Train LaVerne Ferguson-Kosinski Revised and Updated by Darren Price 978-0-7627-8107-2 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 560 pp ■ 12/CTN Previous Edition: Paper 01/2012; 978-0-7627-7309-1 maps ■ GPP Travel TRAVEL

Europe by Eurail has been the train traveler’s one-stop source for visiting Europe’s cities and countries by rail for more than thirty years. This comprehensive guide, newly revised and updated, provides the latest information on fares, schedules, and pass options, as well as detailed information on more than one hundred specific rail excursions. Trips start from one of twenty-eight base cities on the Continent––including Vienna, Nice, and Milan––and contain all the details necessary to visit historic cities, romantic villages, and scenic hamlets. Three sample rail-tour itineraries combine several base cities and day excursions into fifteen-day rail-tour packages, complete with hotel recommendations and sightseeing options. Packed with practical information, step-by-step directions, and advice on where to go and what to see and do, this book takes the puzzle out of European rail travel. Europe by Eurail is your best source for: ■■


The latest information on fares, schedules, and pass options Personally researched European trips


Sightseeing, attractions, and special tour information for each base city

LaVerne Ferguson-Kosinski and her late husband, George Ferguson, first coauthored this unique and comprehensive howto guide in 1980. They also coauthored Britain by BritRail (GPP Travel). A resident of Fort Myers Beach, Florida, she has more than thirty years of experience traveling the rails in Europe. 120

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John Howells has written and coauthored several books about retirement locations. Among them are the retirement guides: Where to Retire and Choose Mexico. He writes about retirement and travel for several national publications, currently writing for Where to Retire magazine. He was one of the original members of the board of directors of the American Association of Retirement Communities. John and his wife, Sherry, divide their time between Monterey, California, and Playas de Nosara in Costa Rica.


Are you investigating retirement locales, looking to explore a new culture, or researching new business opportunities? This book is packed with practical and useful information as you start the next stage of life, with solid documentation on managing investments, real estate, the cost of living, medical care, and safety, whether you are relocating, traveling, or investing in Costa Rica. Six maps help you situate yourself. And as you tour or get settled, this resource offers tips on where to dine as well as guidance in exploring the beautiful coastal areas and activities special to Costa Rica.

Choose Costa Rica for Retirement, 10th Retirement, Travel, and Business Opportunities for a New Beginning John Howells 978-0-7627-8102-7 ■ January 2013 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 320 pp ■ 24/CTN ■ Previous Edition: Paper 11/2008; 978-0-7627-4884-6 ■ map ■ Globe Pequot BUSINESS & ECONOMICS

Discover Treasures Along the Pacific Coast’s Highways

The best way to enjoy California’s spectacular coastline is to drive it! Packed with information about charming seaside communities and featuring all new photographs, this beautiful four-color guide takes you along the 1,100-mile stretch of Highway 1. Whether you’re looking for a short, one-day jaunt or an extended tour of the entire coastline, Scenic Routes & Byways California’s Pacific Coast shows you the best places in the area to eat, stay, shop, and play. Stewart M. Green is a freelance photographer and writer who is the author and photographer of many books for Globe Pequot Press and FalconGuides, including five Scenic Driving Guides. His photographs have appeared in many publications including Climbing, Rock and Ice, Outside, National Motorist, On The Edge, Alp, Sierra, and others.

Scenic Routes & Byways California’s Pacific Coast, 7th Stewart M. Green 978-0-7627-8105-8 ■ November 2012 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ World ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 256 pp ■ 24/CTN Previous Edition: Paper 03/2006; 978-0-7627-3869-4 full-color photos and maps ■ GPP Travel TRAVEL 121

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footprint handbooks Written for independent travelers seeking to get off the beaten track and learn about other cultures through sensitive encounters, Footprint Handbooks are packed with up-to-date information and facts—allowing people to make their own informed choices. Durable covers, a compact format, and lightweight paper make these books both portable and sturdy; and the inclusion of color maps, as well as planning and essentials sections, ensures that these guides are perfect travel companions. SERIES SPECS: North America ■ Paper Over Board ■ 41/2 x 71/4 ■ TRAVEL

The dramatic peaks of Torres del Paine tower over shimmering lakes of ultramarine, turquoise and pistachio

Brazil’s Pantanal, a vast wetland of 21,000 square kilometres, is a mecca for wildlife tourism

Where to go in South America South America is a magnificently varied part of the world and tremendously hospitable. It is a tantalizing mixture of enticing images and ambiguous press reports, inspiring an air of mystery and a certain amount of trepidation. In common with many other places, South America suffers from meteorological, geological and social uncertainties. Within that context you will find some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth, biological diversity in a range of habitats, historical monuments of strength and elegance and a deep cultural resilience.

The Andes

the world, strode the Inca dynasty, founding Down the length of South America runs Cuzco, which has metamorphosed into the the Andean mountain chain, which starts gringo capital of South America. Further in the north overlooking the Caribbean and south, beautiful lakes in Chile and Argentina ends in the south in the fabulous towers and shelter beneath snowcapped peaks. On their spires of the Chaitén Massif and the Torres shores are resorts for summer watersports, del Paine National Park. Condors patrol its fishing and winter skiing. Unlike its treeless deep canyons and strata of rocks display Argentine counterpart, Chilean Patagonia is colours you never knew existed in stone. Out a wet and windy confusion of fjords, chanof Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in nels and ancient woodlands. The shores of Lake Titicaca are home to ancient cultures, unchanged for centuries


Forests and wetlands In the heart of the continent, the Amazon Basin contains 20% of the world’s plant and bird species, 10% of the mammals and an inestimable number of insects. In the waters live some 2000 species of fish, plus shy giant otters, caiman and two species of freshwater dolphin. There are trees that strangle their neighbours, palms with a million thorns, plants that heal and vines that will blow your mind. Stalking in the undergrowth is the mythical jaguar, whose influence has spread through almost every religion that has come into contact with the rainforest. On its perimeter, cattle and cowboys share the land with wild birds and animals in the llanos of the Orinoco and the wetlands of the Brazilian/Bolivian

Pantanal, while mysterious ecosystems hide on table top mountains on the Venezuela/Brazil border and in Bolivia.

Islands and beaches On the Pacific, at islands such as the Ballestas (Peru) and Isla de la Plata (Ecuador) you can see much marine life, but the destination par excellence is the Galápagos. On the peaks of massive volcanoes, which jut into the ocean, albatross, boobies, giant tortoises and iguanas have evolved with little instinctive fear of man, a paradise for naturalists. Meanwhile, the Atlantic coast of Brazil, all 7408 km of it, is an endless succession of beaches, in wooded coves, dotted with islands in the south, palm tree- and dune-fringed in the north.

The Galápagos Islands are world-renowned for their fearless wildlife


South American Handbook, 89th Ben Box 978-1-907263-62-0 ■ December 2012 $34.95 US/$38.95 CAN ■ 1792 pp Previous Edition: 12/2011; 978-1-907263-43-9 32pp color photographs and maps

From Inca ruins and swinging cities to tropical jungles and the open plains of Patagonia, Footprint’s legendary South American Handbook will enable traveler’s to escape the “Gringo trail” and discover this vast continent for themselves. ■■



The Traveller’s Bible has been fully revised and updated for its 89th edition The ONLY guidebook to cover South America so comprehensively offering nearly 1800 pages of essential travel information in a durable and easily portable format Written by Latin America expert Ben Box who has worked on the handbook for over 30 years and travels extensively throughout the region





Updated annually ensuring it’s the most up-to-date guidebook available Brand new color section offering travelers a greater insight into this fascinating destination 24-page color map section helping travelers get the best out of their trip Extensive coverage of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, the Guianas, and the Falkland Islands


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New! A brand new addition to the Footprint Handbook range packed with information to ensure travelers enjoy the best this unique and diverse country has to offer. Whether it’s enjoying some world class diving opportunities or exploring the Mayan ruins, this brand new title has detailed coverage of it all, plus thorough accommodation listings, where to eat and drink and all the best sights.

Belize Handbook Alex Robinson 978-1-907263-61-3 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ 256 pp 8pp color photographs and maps

From mountainous, tropical rainforests with abundant wildlife to fertile subtropical foothills and bird-filled coastal wetlands and beautiful beaches, Belize is an extraordinary and fascinating country to explore. Whether travelers are looking to enjoy world-class diving, ancient Mayan ruins, or endless bird-watching opportunities, this brand new Footprint Handbook provides comprehensive coverage of this diverse and unique country. ■■



Brand new title and welcome addition to the Footprint Handbook range Extensive coverage of Belize’s exceptional sights and sites Recommended itineraries to help travelers plan their trip whether for one week or four



Detailed street maps for key towns and cities as well as overview maps for each region 8-page color section highlighting the best things to see and do as well as a color overview map to help travelers get their bearings


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New! Packed with information on all the main attractions as well as detailed information on the dozens of activities and adventures that will help travelers get off the beaten track, Footprint’s Panama Handbook is the perfect companion for any intrepid traveler.

Panama Handbook Richard Arghiris 978-1-907263-50-7 ■ November 2012 $21.95 US/$23.95 CAN ■ 288 pp 8pp color photographs and maps

Idyllic deserted islands, gorgeous colonial towns, incredible waterfalls, and volcanoes all await the intrepid traveller to this emerging Latin American destination. Footprint’s brand new handbook for this awe-inspiring destination provides travelers with all the information they need to get the best out of their trip. ■■



Brand new title and welcome addition to the Footprint Handbook range Detailed listings of where to eat, sleep, and play are provided for every region enabling visitors to enjoy an even better travel experience Includes carefully selected itineraries to help travelers plan their trip



8-page color section highlighting the best things to see and do as well as a color overview map to help travelers get their bearings Written by Central America specialist, Richard Arghiris, who has traveled extensively throughout the region


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Thailand Handbook, 8th Andrew Spooner 978-1-907263-53-8 ■ November 2012 $25.95 US/$28.95 CAN ■ 656 pp Previous Edition: 09/2009; 978-1-906098-66-7 20pp color photographs and maps

Packed with information on Thailand’s rich culture, Footprint’s 8th edition Handbook will help traveler’s make the most of this awe-inspiring destination. ■■



Fully revised and updated including a newly revised color section offering travelers a greater insight into the destination Includes carefully selected itineraries to help travelers have the best possible experience whether they’re traveling for a week or a month Includes key Thai words and phrases as well as a food glossary and an introductory list of Thai dishes helping travelers get the most out of their trip



Full-color, indexed mini atlas to help travelers get their bearings with a distance chart to help journey-planning Written by Thailand expert, Andrew Spooner who has traveled extensively throughout the country and divides his time between Bangkok and London


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footprint focus Footprint’s Focus series covers an extensive range of adventurous and off the beaten track destinations with detailed information for travelers, at an affordable price and in a compact paperback format. The guides draw from the comprehensive information contained in the Handbook series, focusing the spotlight on tighter geographical regions than are usually covered by travel guides. The series gives travelers detailed, yet concise information for their trips at a great price, whilst continuing Footprint’s tradition of providing expert support for travelers, built since the publication of our first guide in 1924. SERIES SPECS: North America ■ Paper ■ 41/4 x 7 ■ TRAVEL

Andaman Coast


Andrew Spooner

Andrew Spooner

978-1-908206-78-7 ■ December 2012 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN ■ 172 pp

978-1-908206-77-0 ■ December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 112 pp

Bariloche & Argentine Lake District


Lucy E. Cousins

Andrew Spooner

978-1-908206-80-0 December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 128 pp

978-1-908206-87-9 ■ February 2013 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 112 pp


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footprint ■■

Eilat and the Negev


Vanessa Betts

Paul Dixon

978-1-908206-89-3 ■ February 2013 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 128 pp

978-1-908206-90-9 ■ December 2012 $13.95 US/$15.95 CAN ■ 256 pp


Kuala Lumpur & Malaysian Peninsula

David Stott


Exciting and original range of destinations geared toward tighter geographical regions Highly competitive prices and a compact format ■■ Written by experts who know their destination inside out ■■ Quality and depth of content drawn from Footprint’s Handbook range ■■ Perfect for inspiration and planning as well as on-the-ground guidance ■■

Paul Dixon

978-1-908206-82-4 December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 112 pp ■

978-1-908206-79-4 ■ December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 112 pp 127

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 127

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Melbourne & Southeast Australia

Claire Boobbyer

Darroch Donald

978-1-908206-88-6 ■ February 2013 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN ■ 152 pp

978-1-908206-76-3 ■ December 2012 $8.95 US/$9.95 CAN ■ 80 pp

New Zealand North Island

New Zealand South Island

Darroch Donald

Darroch Donald

978-1-908206-83-1 December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 120 pp

978-1-908206-84-8 ■ December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 120 pp


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 128

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Lucy E. Cousins

Paul Dixon

978-1-908206-81-7 ■ December 2012 $11.95 US/$12.95 CAN ■ 128 pp

978-1-908206-85-5 ■ December 2012 $8.95 US/$9.95 CAN ■ 88 pp

Sydney & New South Wales

Sydney to Cairns

Darroch Donald

Darroch Donald

978-1-908206-75-6 December 2012 $12.95 US/$14.50 CAN ■ 152 pp

978-1-908206-74-9 ■ December 2012 $13.95 US/$15.95 CAN ■ 256 pp


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alastair sawday


With over 750 carefully chosen B&Bs this well-loved guide is bigger than ever. Stay in a quirky castle or a stunning college, a beamy farmhouse or a handsome townhouse, a little terraced cottage or a sleek modern apartment, and enjoy the lavish or the simple—over 300 places have double rooms for £70 or less. We look for character and authenticity in architecture and interiors, and generosity of spirit in our owners. Breakfast will also be special: eggs and bacon perhaps from owners’ own livestock, often homemade breads and jams. Stay for supper and there’ll be fruits and vegetables from the garden or allotment. Honest write-ups take the hard work out of finding the right place for you: somewhere remote to walk your dog, a child-friendly city bolt hole, a delicious hideaway for two.

Special Places to Stay: British Bed & Breakfast, 17th Alastair Sawday Publishing 978-1-906136-58-1 ■ November 2012 $23.95 US/$26.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 5 x 87⁄10 ■ 432 pp Previous Edition: 11/2011; 978-1-906136-53-6 21 pp maps, over 750 color photos TRAVEL

Special Places to Stay: British Hotels & Inns, 14th

From sleepy inns with rooms to manor-house hotels for fabulous occasions, each of our places combines character with comfort and a big welcome. A weekend break in a historic city, a night away on business, a family holiday by the sea—there’s something for everyone here. You’ll eat well, too: Michelin stars sprinkle themselves throughout this 14th edition, and there are plenty of chefs who put provenance and seasonality at the top of their list. We are committed to the small hotels of Britain, run by enterprising people who do what they do best. We look for what we like, and we celebrate the beautiful and the unusual. It is the combination of fresh, honest write-ups, color photographs, clear symbols, excellent maps, clear directions and quick reference indices that makes our guides so popular with readers—and helps put British Hotels & Inns at the top of the best-seller list.

Alastair Sawday Publishing 978-1-906136-59-8 ■ December 2012 $23.95 US/$26.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 5 x 87⁄10 ■ 400 pp Previous Edition: 11/2011; 978-1-906136-54-3 13 pp maps, over 700 color photos TRAVEL 130

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 130

4/5/12 5:00 PM

bradt Mikey Leung and Belinda Meggit 978-1-84162-409-9 ■ December 2012 $27.99 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 400 pp Previous Edition: 12/2009; 978-1-84162-293-4 ■ 16 color pages & 34 maps TRAVEL


Bangladesh, 2nd

This updated guidebook, with a focus on responsible tourism, offers greater coverage than any other to the Chittagong Hill Tracts, and to the world’s largest mangrove forest at the Sundarbans. Personal insights guide travelers to aspects of the country almost unknown to visitors—dolphin and whale watching, winter bird-watching, and golden Bengal’s silk and archaeological highlights.

Chile Highlights Tim Burford 978-1-84162-408-2 ■ December 2012 $24.99 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 272 pp 208 color pages & 10 maps TRAVEL

Chile has some of the most dramatic scenery in the world and trying to decide where to go is a challenge. Attractions range from the Atacama, the world driest desert, the snowcapped Andes mountain range, coastal rainforest, glaciers and world-class vineyards. This compact Highlights guide summarizes the country’s top spots and helps travelers select the optimum route for an organized tour or when planning a self-drive trip.

Congo, 2nd Democratic Republic ■ Republic Sean Rorison 978-1-84162-391-7 ■ October 2012 $28.99 US/$31.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 352 pp Previous Edition: 05/2008; 978-1-84162-233-0 ■ 16pp color photos & 36 maps TRAVEL

Known as the heart of Africa, the Congos are one of the last bastions in Africa for the seriously adventurous traveler. This revised guide tells you how to travel both adventurously and safely with the practical information and unique maps needed to explore this jungle territory. The Congos encompass Africa’s largest area of intact rainforest and much of the book is devoted to the spectacular wildlife including the mountain gorilla and the critically endangered eastern lowland gorilla. This is the only comprehensive guide to both Congos in English. 131

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 131

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bradt Ethiopia Highlights Philip Briggs 978-1-84162-434-1 ■ September 2012 $24.99 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 272 pp 272 color pages & 15 maps TRAVEL

The only stand-alone guide to Ethiopia’s top visitor attractions, Ethiopia Highlights condenses Philip Briggs’ extensive knowledge into a concise handbook for short stay visitors. Top sites include the world’s tallest monolithic stelae at Axum, the 2,500-yearold ruined temple at Yeha, the mystical and medieval rock-carved churches of Lalibela, the decorously painted monasteries of Lake Tana, and the Camelot-like castles of Gondar. Featuring full-color photos throughout, this book serves equally as a holiday planner and a travel companion.

Ethiopia, 6th Philip Briggs 978-1-84162-414-3 ■ January 2013 $26.99 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 624 pp Previous Edition: 07/2009; 978-1-84162-284-2 ■ 16 color pages & 71 maps TRAVEL

Bradt’s Ethiopia provides the most comprehensive coverage of any English-language guidebook on the market, with in-depth coverage of hotels and tourist facilities and more detailed information on wildlife, national parks, and trekking routes than any other book. This fully updated guide reveals an ancient country that continues to surpass all expectations: from the ancient Judaic cultures of the fertile highlands to the colorful animist people of the South Omo Valley. Tourism has grown rapidly in recent years.

Grenada, 2nd Paul Crask 978-1-84162-401-3 ■ November 2012 $25.99 US/$28.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 240 pp Previous Edition: 03/2009; 978-1-84162-274-3 ■ 16 color pages & 23 maps TRAVEL

Known as the Spice Island, Grenada offers mountains, rainforest, waterfalls, white beaches, Big Drum dancing, rum distilleries, and world-famous sailing regattas. Updated throughout, this remains the only dedicated guide to Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Paul Crask showcases the islands’ music festivals and cultural heritage, pinpoints ways to support local producers and craftsmen, and goes off the beaten track to reveal some of the country’s little-known sights.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 132

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bradt Paul Clammer 978-1-84162-415-0 ■ February 2013 $24.99 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 256 pp 16 color pages TRAVEL



This is the only stand-alone guidebook on Haiti on the market and is packed with practical information covering accommodation, eateries, travel routes, wildlife and voodoo. A comprehensive section on birdwatching and insightful information on Haiti’s rich artistic and musical heritage ensure the guide appeals to both birdwatchers and cultural enthusiasts. Paul Clammer discusses the medicinal merits of Haitian rum, how to catch a Port-au-Prince taptap (bus), and how to check into the Graham Greene suite of the Hotel Oloffson.

Mauritius, 8th Alex Richards 978-1-84162-410-5 ■ February 2013 $25.99 US/$28.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 368 pp Previous Edition: 09/2009; 978-1-84162-290-3 ■ 16 color pages TRAVEL

This new edition contains all the background and practical information you’ll need to make the most of your visit to the Mascarenes. Mauritius, in particular, has become a “dream holiday” destination, especially popular with honeymooners and couples wishing to tie the knot on a classic white sand beach. It is easy to see why: luxurious hotels, a tropical climate, a glorious coastline, excellent diving, and fascinating flora and fauna combine to make this island idyllic.

Nigeria, 3rd Lizzie Williams 978-1-84162-397-9 ■ January 2013 $29.99 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 352 pp Previous Edition: 06/2008; 978-1-84162-239-2 ■ 16 color pages & 26 maps TRAVEL

For the adventurous traveler, Nigeria offers the opportunity to see the country in its raw and naked state. The chaos of Lagos often overshadows the rich offerings found elsewhere in Nigeria. Explore further and travelers can bathe in the Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari National Park; trek through Oshogbo Sacred Forest or visit one of the Emir’s elaborately decorated palaces. The only dedicated English-language travel guide to Nigeria on the market, this edition is thoroughly updated with an expanded section on Lagos. 133

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 133

4/5/12 5:00 PM


bradt Seychelles, 4th Lyn Mair and Lynnath Beckley 978-1-84162-406-8 ■ December 2012 $23.99 US/$26.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 192 pp Previous Edition: 11/2008; 978-1-84162-259-0 ■ 16 color pages & 31 maps TRAVEL

Palm-fringed silvery sands, turquoise seas, misty mountains and coral reefs coupled with tropical sun and starry skies make the Seychelles an idyllic escape for discerning travelers. The authors provide fascinating coverage of the islands’ biodiversity, from mangroves, turtles and birds to nature reserves. They reveal the islands’ many secrets from coco de mer palm forests and bird sanctuaries to local markets and Creole cuisine. This edition updates facts on hotels and on getting around as well as news on the conservation front.

Sierra Leone, 2nd Katrina Manson and James Knight 978-1-84162-412-9 ■ February 2013 $26.99 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 336 pp Previous Edition: 07/2009; 978-1-84162-222-4 ■ 16 color pages TRAVEL

Sierra Leone is about the size of South Carolina and manages to squeeze beaches, rainforests, mountains, savanna grasslands, marshes, mangrove swamps, and rivers into its relatively small size. This new edition of Sierra Leone invites you to explore the hidden beaches on the country’s Atlantic coast, climb to the top of Mount Bintumani, west Africa’s highest peak, learn about magical customs, and experience world-class bird-watching.

Swaziland Mike Unwin 978-1-84162-400-6 ■ February 2013 $26.99 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 280 pp ■ 16 color pages TRAVEL

This is the only dedicated, in-depth guide to Swaziland. Author Mike Unwin explores the excellent wildlife reserves and wild hiking trails offering waterfalls, rock art, and prolific flora and birdlife. He introduces travelers to the country’s rich and varied landscapes encompassing both the mountainous western ‘highveld’ and the dusty eastern ‘lowveld’. His personal insights, together with colorful anecdotes, drawn both from Swazi residents and travelers throughout the kingdom, provide entertaining insights, affording an insider’s perspective lacking in other guidebooks.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 134

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Encounters with wildlife are more accessible than ever, with a bewildering array of adventures on offer. With 20 years’ experience traveling the globe, Ian Wood selects his favorite animal hot spots, from tracking mountain gorillas to kayaking with alligators in the Everglades; from being up close with elephants on a walking safari to snorkeling with whale sharks and climbing in search of condors. With stunning imagery throughout, this is the perfect present for anyone with an interest in seeing wildlife and planning that journey of a lifetime. Ian Wood is a writer and photographer specializing in wildlife, travel and nature.

Swimming with Dolphins, Tracking Gorillas How to have the world’s best wildlife encounters Ian Wood 978-1-84162-404-4 ■ December 2012 $24.99 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 91/2 x 73/4 ■ 192 pp Full color throughout & 52 maps TRAVEL

The Northwest Passage is an ice-choked waterway with spectacular landscapes and a powerful history of naval endeavor. It is also an unfolding opportunity for adventurous travel, with incomparable scenery and a wealth of wildlife. Over the last decade global warming has opened this fabled passage in late summer for freight and for bold tourists. This is the first book to draw together the rich history with a guide to the region—home for the majority of the world’s seabirds, enormous numbers of seals, plenty of polar bears and narwhals, and more than enough mosquitoes. Tony Soper draws on his own five transits of the Passage to describe this unique and relatively unexplored territory.

The Northwest Passage Atlantic to Pacific: A Portrait and Guide Tony Soper 978-1-84162-438-9 ■ September 2012 $23.99 US/$26.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth 51/4 x 81/2 ■ 192 pp 16 color pages TRAVEL


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bradt travel narratives Bradt is well known for publishing guides that are as good to read as they are practical. This new series of travel narratives appeals to those who lap up the wider travel experience, whether or not they want to leave the comfort of their armchair. Full of life, adventure, color, and personality, it includes books from first-time writers, re-issues from 25 years ago, and titles by renowned specialists like Brian Jackman, Jonathan Scott, and Bradt founder, Hilary Bradt.

Connemara Mollie An Irish Journey on Horseback Hilary Bradt 978-1-84162-386-3 ■ September 2012 $16.99 US/$18.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 51/4 x 73/4 ■ 208 pp 16 color pages TRAVEL

An account of a journey through western Ireland made in 1984 that centers on the growing bond between the author and her Connemara pony and the many challenges they face before the tragic conclusion in the mountains of Kerry. It is a portrait of rural Ireland, built up from conversations with local people. The journey takes them through Counties Galway, Mayo, Clare and Kerry, the obstacles to their progress ranging from bogs, stone walls, and the River Shannon. “I’ve never tried hitchhiking with a horse before” comments the author. “It’s not easy.” She traveled with no set route. Hilary Bradt is well known as a writer of articles and guidebooks and the founder of Bradt Travel Guides. This is her first narrative travel book.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 136

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E. T. Laing’s career in ports and shipping has taken him around the world for over forty years. He lives with his family in London.


A unique collection of brief encounters and adventures from working in seventy countries—a kaleidoscope of landscapes, sounds, smells, politics, humor, dialogue, and, above all, people. This is a warts-and-all account of the author’s travels, with disasters and miseries alongside the high points. He takes you to danger zones, to wars of startling savagery in Sierra Leone, Pakistan, and Angola, to coups and dubious elections. He narrowly avoids death in India, Mexico, and Nigeria. In other episodes he simply savors the pleasures of traveling alone. As the author says, “Nothing sharpens the understanding more than seeing things done ten different ways in ten different countries.”

Fakirs, Feluccas and Femmes Fatales Tales from an Incidental Traveller E. T. Laing 978-1-84162-439-6 ■ September 2012 $16.99 US/$18.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 51/4 x 73/4 ■ 256 pp TRAVEL

“This is the proverbial ‘life-changing’ book.” —The Daily Telegraph

The story of an English doctor who, a month after the birth of her second child returns to Nepal. The setting is dramatic Himalayan scenery with its rich sub-tropical wildlife and exotic smells and sounds. She describes what drives her to ignore doctors’ gloomy prognostications about her son. In Nepal, life is no longer dominated by hospitals and they learn from the attitudes of the locals. Jane offers unique insights into caste and slavery as well as the dilemmas of wildlife conservation. A Nepali-speaking doctor and zoologist, Jane WilsonHowarth now lives in Cambridge, England, where she works as a GP and in a travel clinic.

A Glimpse of Eternal Snows A Journey of Love and Loss in the Himalayas Jane Wilson-Howarth 978-1-84162-435-8 ■ February 2013 $19.99 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 51/4 x 73/4 ■ 432 pp ■ 1 map TRAVEL


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jonglez publishing Private Islands for Rent Jonglez Publishing 978-2-36195-028-6 ■ October 2012 $49.95 US/$55.0 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth ■ 83⁄10 x 117⁄10 ■ 256 pp TRAVEL

Around the world, the owners of private islands have chosen to rent out their properties, delightfully fulfilling many childhood fantasies in the process. After seven years of research we have compiled a list of fifty exceptional islands, each of which is well worth the trip for just a few days, a week or even longer. Whether a tropical island in the Pacific, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, or the Indian Ocean, a lighthouse on the coast of Croatia, Norway or France, or an island in a lake in Canada or the United States, these places are not just the incarnation of a multimillionaire’s dream. They are open to the public—they are open for you.

Unusual Hotels – Spain and Portugal David Revelles and Oscar Elias 978-2-36195-010-1 ■ October 2012 $23.95 US/$26.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 61⁄8 x 81/4 ■ 224 pp Full color throughout TRAVEL

Sleep in a tree house, an old mill, a lighthouse, an igloo, a teepee or a Mongolian yurt. Stay in a Cistercian abbey, an arena, a former cinema, a grotto, a train wagon, or even in a bed right in the heart of the pastures of the Extremadura. Travel through Spain in an early 20th-century circus wagon, sleep among wild bulls, in a fortress on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, on a heavenly private island near Ibiza, or on a hospital ship moored in an old harbor of Viana do Castelo.

Hoteles Insolitos – Europa Jonglez Publishing 978-2-36195-011-8 ■ October 2012 $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth ■ 61⁄8 x 81/4 ■ 352 pp Full color throughout TRAVEL

Spend the night in the cabin of a dockside crane that you can rotate, in a tent hanging from a tree, in the depths of a salt mine, an igloo, a round house that turns with the sun, a survival pod from an oil rig platform, a giant hamster cage, a coffin, at the top of a lighthouse, in a cider cask, a glass pyramid, aboard a plane, on a private island, in a house anchored to the top of a factory smokestack, in a red cube in the countryside, in a train, a chapel or a prison . . . Our selection of hotels, B&Bs, self-catering cottages, and other unconventional lodgings, will let you spend a night unlike any other, which you will never forget. 138

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jonglez publishing


Secret Paris, 2nd Jacques Garance and Maud Ratton 978-2-36195-037-8 ■ August 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 41⁄8 x 71⁄2 ■ 384 pp Previous Edition: 09/2007; 978-2-915807-17-2 ■ full color photos throughout TRAVEL

For those who thought they knew Paris well, the city is still teeming with unusual and secret places that are easily accessible. A priest who blesses animals, winemaking firefighters, a tree in a church, an inverted phallus at a well-known entrance, an atomic bomb shelter under Gare de l’Est, a real Breton lighthouse near Montparnasse, unsuspected traces of former brothels, a patron saint of motorists, royal monograms hidden in the Louvre courtyard, the presentation of Christ’s crown of thorns, a prehistoric merry-go-round, a sundial designed by Dalí, war-wounded palm trees, bullet holes at the ministry, religious plants in a priest’s garden . . .

Secret Rome, 3rd Jonglez Publishing 978-2-36195-042-2 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 41⁄8 x 71⁄2 ■ 320 pp Previous Edition: 04/2010; 978-2-915807-61-5 ■ full color photos throughout TRAVEL

Visit palaces closed to the public, admire exceptional works of art away from the tourist circuit, listen to a concert in a magnificent hidden oratory, have your dog or car blessed, observe the miraculous liquefaction of the blood of Saint Pantaleon, puzzle over a rare catoptric meridian or a wonderful anamorphic fresco, discover the remarkable motorized Rubens, enter into the secrets of the Vatican . . . Far from the crowds and the usual clichés, Rome is still a reserve of wellconcealed treasures that only reveal themselves to those who know how to wander off the beaten track, whether residents or visitors.

Chernobyl’s Atomic Legacy 25 Years After Disaster Jonglez Publishing



978-2-36195-043-9 ■ October 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Cloth ■ 11 x 71⁄2 ■ 96 pp Color and b&w photos throughout PHOTOGRAPHY

Chernobyl’s Atomic Legacy: 25 Years After Disaster features 74 poignant photos, documenting the current state of Chernobyl and neighboring worker’s town Pripyat, which is the site of what is considered to be the worst nuclear accident in the history of mankind. The book illustrates what has been left behind, the objects, rooms, schools, hospitals, and homes. It conveys both a sense of the tragedy that remains, while still being objective and documenting the changes the area has undergone since its near total abandonment. 139

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thomas cook pocket guides Compact and practical pocket guides for sun seekers and city breakers This vibrant series covers over 170 destinations worldwide, from cosmopolitan urban delights to sun-kissed beach idylls. Bursting with insightful and easily accessible information, these guides are full of practical information on how to make the most of a city break or longer holiday. Practical listings to suit varied budgets and tastes Imaginative suggestions reveal each destination’s hidden gems ■■ Compact format quickly locates the top must see and do attractions ■■ Organized by recognizable areas, making orientation easy ■■ ■■

SERIES SPECS: $9.95 US/$10.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 41⁄8 x 61/2 ■ 30-35 color photographs, 3–7 color maps ■ TRAVEL

pocket guides Bologna, 4th Thomas Cook Publishing 978-1-84848-555-6 ■ November 2012 160 pp Previous Edition: 02/2011; 978-1-84848-349-1


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thomas cook pocket guides


pocket guides Bordeaux, 3rd

pocket guides Cologne, 4th

pocket guides Glasgow, 4th

Thomas Cook Publishing

Thomas Cook Publishing

Thomas Cook Publishing

978-1-84848-563-1 February 2013 144 pp

978-1-84848-565-5 February 2013 160 pp

978-1-84848-566-2 ■ February 2013 160 pp ■ Previous Edition: 11/2010; 978-1-84848-311-8

pocket guides Liverpool, 3rd

pocket guides Rome, 3rd

pocket guides Zurich, 4th

Thomas Cook Publishing

Thomas Cook Publishing

Thomas Cook Publishing

978-1-84848-557-0 November 2012 144 pp ■ Previous Edition: 04/2011; 978-1-84848-372-9

978-1-84848-559-4 November 2012 160 pp ■ Previous Edition: 02/2011; 978-1-84848-353-8

978-1-84848-562-4 ■ November 2012 144 pp ■ Previous Edition: 04/2011; 978-1-84848-376-7


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thomas cook traveller guides Popular, compact traveller guides for discovering the very best of country, regional, and city destinations The traveller guides series are informative and concise, and are aimed at mainstream travelers wanting to discover something a little different on their trip. These indispensable guides offer the perfect blend of culture, history, practical information, mapping, photography, and listings. All the major places of interest are covered—plus some hidden ones too. Feature spreads illuminate additional themes of specific interest. ■■  Walks and tours allow the reader to get off the beaten track and discover the destination from a different perspective. ■■ Full-color mapping for regions and cities helps you make the most of your trip. ■■ ■■

SERIES SPECS: $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 5 x 71/2 ■ 140 color photos, 15 color maps ■ TRAVEL

traveller guides Florence & Tuscany, 5th Thomas Cook Publishing 978-1-84848-572-3 ■ February 2013 192 pp Previous Edition: 07/2011; 978-1-84848-416-0


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thomas cook traveller guides


traveller guides Puglia, 4th

traveller guides Scottish Highlands, 3rd

Thomas Cook Publishing

Thomas Cook Publishing

978-1-84848-573-0 February 2013 160 pp ■ Previous Edition: 04/2011; 978-1-84848-368-2

978-1-84848-574-7 ■ February 2013 176 pp ■ Previous Edition: 04/2011; 978-1-84848-369-9

traveller guides The Gambia, 4th

traveller guides Warsaw, 4th

Thomas Cook Publishing

Thomas Cook Publishing

978-1-84848-575-4 ■ February 2013 160 pp ■ Previous Edition: 08/2011; 978-1-84848-428-3

978-1-84848-576-1 ■ February 2013 192 pp ■ Previous Edition: 02/2011; 978-1-84848-345-3


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thomas cook


Published twice a year, these special summer and winter editions are based on the June and December issues of the monthly European Rail Timetable. As well as extensive rail and ferry timings for the whole of Europe, they include a guide to European rail passes and a special section containing invaluable country-by-country travel information. ■■

Schedules for over 50,000 rail connections


Guide to European rail passes


Expanded tables for Turkey, Russia, and the Ukraine


72-page ‘Beyond Europe’ section, including principal rail services for six worldwide areas

European Rail Timetable Winter 2012/13 Thomas Cook Publishing 978-1-84848-577-8 ■ December 2012 $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 6 x 91/2 ■ 672 pp Previous Edition: 06/2012; 978-1-84848-551-8 23 b&w maps, 34 station location plans TRAVEL

Now in its 23rd edition, this annual, with its distinctive style, honest commentary, and comprehensive coverage, is perfect for island veterans and novice hoppers alike. Fully updated to provide the most complete guide to the Greek Islands ever! Candid boat write-ups and typical timetables are complemented by itinerary maps for each ferry, route maps for ferries to the major islands and ports, ticket price tables, town and port street maps, and masses of background information. ■■


Greek Island Hopping 2013


Frewin Poffley 978-1-84848-569-3 ■ February 2013 $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 5 x 71/4 ■ 720 pp Previous Edition: 03/2012; 978-1-84848-552-5 100 color photos, color and b&w maps TRAVEL



Covers every Greek island plus Athens, mainland ports, and the Turkish Coast The ONLY guide to describe all known ferries, hydrofoils, and tour boats, with over 230 route maps Includes typical summer timetables for all ports Descriptive island ratings and color 3D-view sightseeing maps Has its own website:


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thomas cook





The long-established passenger railway map covering Great Britain and Ireland is complemented by a separate map of the whole of Europe. Both are compiled and updated by the famous Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable team. Fully color-coded for ease of use and with principal ferry routes and scenic rail routes highlighted, these maps make the perfect companion to the European Rail Timetable. Shows all passenger railways of Britain & Ireland, color coded by operating company Includes tourist information guide, heritage and tourist railways Features London Underground map along with area enlargements of Birmingham, Glasgow, London, & Manchester

Rail Map of Britain & Ireland, 8th Thomas Cook Publishing 978-1-84848-570-9 ■ February 2013 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Folded 51/4 x 91/2 Previous Edition: 02/2011; 978-1-84848-355-2 TRAVEL

The long-established passenger railway map covering the whole of Europe is complemented by a separate map of Great Britain and Ireland. Both are compiled and updated by the famous Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable team. Fully color-coded for ease of use and with principal ferry routes and scenic rail routes highlighted, these maps make the perfect companion to the European Rail Timetable. ■■



Shows passenger railways covering all of Europe from the Atlantic to Moscow Scenic rail routes highlighted Features high-speed lines, selected heritage railways, tourist areas, holiday beaches, and international airports

Rail Map of Europe, 19th Thomas Cook Publishing 978-1-84848-571-6 ■ February 2013 $16.95 US/$18.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Folded 51/4 x 91/2 Previous Edition: 02/2011; 978-1-84848-356-9 TRAVEL


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“A polished guide to the Cotswold Way National Trail, with detailed maps, GPS waypoints and masses of practical information including a section on ‘minimum impact walking’” —Walk Magazine, The Ramblers’ Association

Fully revised and rewalked 2nd edition. The Cotswold Way is a 102-mile National Trail that runs from Chipping Campden to Bath, following the beautiful Cotswold escarpment for most of its course. The trail leads through quintessentially English countryside with little villages of honey-colored stone to the well-known town of Bath. ■■



Cotswold Way, 2nd British Walking Guide with 44 large-scale walking maps, places to stay, places to eat Tricia and Bob Hayne 978-1-905864-48-5 ■ October 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 43/4 x 71⁄10 208 pp ■ Previous Edition: 05/2009; 978-1-905864-16-4 2 color maps, 44 b&w trail maps and 5 town plans, 40 color photos, 10 b&w photos, 10 illus TRAVEL

Trek with the Bedouin and their camels and discover one of the most exciting new trekking destinations in the world.

Sinai the Trekking Guide 74 large-scale maps and route guides to the best of Egypt’s mountain and desert treks Ben Hofler 978-1-905864-41-6 ■ February 2013 $24.95 US/$27.50 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper ■ 43/4 x 71⁄10 288 pp ■ 2 color maps, 74 b&w trail maps and 8 town plans, 40 color photos, 10 b&w photos, 10 illustrations TRAVEL



■■ ■■

5 town plans and 44 large-scale walking maps—at just under 1:20,000—showing route times, places to stay, points of interest, and much more Itineraries for all walkers—whether walking the route in its entirety over seven to eight days or sampling the highlights on day walks and short breaks Practical information for all budgets—camping, bunkhouses, hostels, B&Bs, pubs and hotels; Chipping Campden to Bath—where to stay, where to eat, what to see, plus detailed street plans Comprehensive public transport information—for all access points on the Cotswold Way. Flora and fauna—four page full-color flower guide, plus an illustrated section on local wildlife Bath city guide Includes downloadable gps waypoints

Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is the small tooth of land between Africa and Asia, and the fabled Biblical setting of The Exodus. It’s a region of high mountains and sweeping deserts, crumbling Egyptian temples, Byzantine monasteries, and more. The millions that visit Sinai each year come mostly for its beaches and reefs but for a true adventure, the best way to see Sinai is to trek with the Bedouin. Walking with their camels gives access to the most remote and waterless parts of the peninsula and no other mode of travel immerses you so fully in your surroundings nor gives such a close feel for the desert—its freedoms and hardships. Sinai can be trekked all year and it’s on the doorstep of Europe. Budget airlines fly direct and the trekking is affordable if you organize everything independently. Once you finish on trail it’s easy to stay occupied off it: there are coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks off shore and the tombs and temples of Egypt’s Nile Valley are just a short hop over the Gulf. ■■

74 detailed trekking maps—tricky junctions, places of interest. Comprehensive trail descriptions and GPS co-ordinates for classic treks and lesser-known routes. The best in the High Mountain Region (St. Katherine), Wadi Feiran and the Muzeina deserts.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 146

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978-1-84587-909-9 ■ April 2012 $6.95 ■ Double New edition

978-1-84587-913-6 ■ June 2012 $6.95 ■ Double New edition

978-1-84587-895-5 ■ April 2012 $6.95 ■ Double New edition



978-1-84587-765-1 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-836-8 ■ $6.95 ■ Double



978-0-76274-956-0 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-791-0 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

San Antonio

Hong Kong

978-1-84587-571-8 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-768-2 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

San Diego


978-1-84587-763-7 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-820-7 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

San Francisco


978-1-84587-772-9 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-775-0 ■ $6.95 ■ Double



978-1-84587-755-2 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-787-3 ■ $6.95 ■ Double



978-1-84587-767-5 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-777-4 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Washington DC


978-1-84587-764-4 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-812-2 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

SELECT BACKLIST US / CANADA Atlanta 978-1-84587-754-5 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Boston 978-184587-843-6 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Cape Cod 978-1-84587-760-6 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Denver 978-0-76274-952-2 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Las Vegas 978-1-84587-770-5 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Los Angeles 978-1-84587-769-9 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Miami & Miami Beach 978-0-76274-987-4 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

Minneapolis/St. Paul 978-0-76274-953-9 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

New Orleans 978-1-84587-762-0 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

New York 978-1-84587-776-7 ■ $6.95 ■ Double


International Amsterdam

Rome 978-1-84587-778-1 ■ $6.95 ■ Double


978-1-84587-817-7 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-788-0 ■ $6.95 ■ Double



978-1-84587-623-4 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-824-5 ■ $6.95 ■ Double

978-1-84587-790-3 ■ $6.95 ■ Double 147

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 147

4/5/12 5:06 PM


good sam North American Edition $25.95 us 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


firsT ediTion!


firsT ediTion!

rV TraVel Guide &


& directories


rV TraVel Guide &

448,352 updaTes for 2013 u rV dealers & service Centers

u full-Color state & provincial Maps u 12,000 rV parks and Campgrounds



RV Parks & Campgrounds

The MosT CoMpreHensiVe resourCe eVer

FEATURING u Coupons and speCial offers u State By State Points of Interest u Good Sam Cook Book u Staying Fit and Healthy on the Road u Who’s Who for your RV Lifestyle u Self Guided Tours and Travel u 10 - Minute Tech u RV Maintenance Handbook

COMBINED into 1 complete and easy to understand directory with all of the campground information you need!

u Emergency Contacts u Most Frequently asked Questions with Answers u RV 101 - What You Need to Know u Games, Puzzles, Trivia u How to Buy, Sell or Consign your RV u Protecting and Storing your RV u Market Place u RV Tow Guide and Buyers Guide

2013 Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory 978-0-7627-8444-8 ■ January 2013 $25.95 US/$28.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 81/2 x 103/4 ■ 1,918 pp TRAVEL

Woodall’s Campground Directory & Trailer Life RV Parks Directory have merged to form the 1st Edition of the Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory! With over 16,000 locations listed across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the new Travel Guide is the only North American Edition Print Campground Directory and RV Parks Guide Available! New for 2013 Travel Guide! ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

NEW! Business Yellow Pages NEW! One Tank Trip Articles NEW! Meal Planner for on the Road NEW! RV Tech Tips NEW! Trip Checklist NEW! Travel Games and Trivia NEW! Photos, Park information, and more!

Consumer demand will be unprecedented for this first-ever edition that merges the two most well-known campground and RV park experts in North America. Just like its predecessors, the new Travel Guide will feature an exclusive, expert rating system, with all evaluations completed in person by consultants in the field during the past 12 months, for privately owned parks. Plus, RVers will enjoy detailed park listings including amenities, services, restrictions, camping rates, contact information, and much more. Also included in this brand new 2013 edition is a bonus yellow page section! This section helps RVers find RV-friendly businesses across the country—from pet ERs to RV car washes. Every serious RVer in North America has traveled with either Woodall’s or Trailer Life. Now they don’t have to choose! We’ve taken the best of both Directories and met every consumer demand with this single edition for 2013. And as if that isn’t enough, we’ve stuffed the 2013 edition full of other helpful RVing information, such as our Guide to One-Tank Camping Trips, RV checklists, recipes and meal planning tips from our years of camp cookbook publishing, tech tips by RV experts like Bob Livingston, and RV etiquette. Never before has there been so much value in a single edition of the Directory. Note: Woodall’s Eastern, Western, and seven regional editions will no longer be printed. The new 2013 Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory merges the Woodall’s North American Campground Directory and the Trailer Life Directory into one, single, complete edition for 2013. 148

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 148

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good sam ■■ ■■ ■■

■■ ■■



Routes for Over-sized Vehicles Lists all Good Sam Club discount locations 11,800 plus locations for campgrounds, RV Parks and Travel Services right on the map Detailed road map for all North America Spiral Bound for easy use

Good Sam/Trailer Life RV Road Atlas 978-0-9824894-0-6 ■ January 2013 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Spiral Bound 11 x 15 ■ 176 pp TRAVEL

The Trailer Life Directory RV Road Atlas was created by travel experts especially for the RVer! This is the only road atlas that shows all of the campground listings found in the Trailer Life RV Parks & Campgrounds Directory, including all of the Good Sam Discount locations, right on the map! Plus, find routes for oversized vehicles—perfect for driving an RV.


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sports & recreation

appalachian mountain club books

Mountain Voices Stories of Life and Adventure in the White Mountains and Beyond Doug Mayer and Rebecca Oreskes 978-1-934028-80-3 ■ October 2012 $18.95 US/$20.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 240 pp ■ 52/CTN 32 b&w photographs SPORTS & RECREATION

This collection of fifteen profiles captures the stories and spirit of the people who choose to live in New Hampshire’s craggy, remote North Country. Over nearly two decades, authors Doug Mayer and Rebecca Oreskes interviewed extraordinary people whose lives are intricately linked to the history of the White Mountains. With humor, wit, and unforgettable personal style, these trailblazing pioneers describe in their own words the foundation they laid for today’s outdoor adventurers. Profiles include Brad and Barbara Washburn, Guy and Laura Waterman, and other notable figures in the history of the region. Doug Mayer is a producer for the National Public Radio program Car Talk and contributes to the journal Appalachia. He lives in Randolph, New Hampshire. Rebecca Oreskes writes for the journal Appalachia and other publications. She worked for many years for the White Mountain National Forest and lives in Milan, New Hampshire.


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4/5/12 5:06 PM

golden company


Tango 50 Keys Laura Falcoff 978-987-1820-00-9 ■ August 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 55⁄8 x 77⁄8 ■ 192 pp ■ 36/CTN Full color throughout PERFORMING ARTS

The essence of tango dancing is addressed in this intriguing book: milongas, the head nod, dance styles, dress code, improvisation styles, different rhythms . . . But, in addition to dance, this book covers many other aspects of the genre, such as, for example, those relating to music: from the indisputable characters—such as Astor Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel—to the bandoneon, the typical orchestra and the so-called 2 x 4 rhythm, which erroneously describes tango. Moreover, tango keys, that is, those “keys” that open a huge and varied universe include those places where the genre was or is alive and present, such as bars, neighborhoods, the carnival, or the city of Buenos Aires itself. The tango lyrics and the poets who wrote them have their own keys because it must be remembered that a large part of those lyrics is genuine popular poetry that covers all imaginable topics: finding and losing love, suffering, loneliness, disappointment. Also, the neighborhood, horses races (great tango theme!), cafés, friendship, soccer, courage, work, social claim, carnival, the port, the sea, alcohol, landscapes, smoking and—believe it or not—overweight issues, as in “Gorda” (in Spanish “fat”), 1928.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 151

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games/health & fitness

d&b publishing Reviews for Body, Breath and Being: “It’s a terrific book on the Technique; clear, intelligent and accesible” —Tom Vasilliades, The Julliard School, New York

The Posture Workbook Free Yourself from Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain Carolyn Nicholls 978-1-904468-79-0 ■ November 2012 $19.95 US/$21.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 7 x 9 ■ 176 pp Full color throughout PLUS: Password protected access to exclusive online videos HEALTH & FITNESS

Poor posture can interfere with mobility, breathing, circulation, and digestion. It can contribute to overuse injuries to hands, arms, and shoulders, and it can affect our sense of well-being. Drawing on her 30 years of experience as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, Carolyn Nicholls explains exactly how to eliminate tension throughout the body and improve habitual patterns of movement. Carolyn identifies typical behaviors that can result in unhealthy posture and explains how they can be improved. Five key exercises to improve posture, awareness, flexibility, and mobility are identified. The Posture Workbook also explains exactly how problems arise—whether through holding tension in certain parts of the body or relying on unhelpful, habitual patterns of movement.

Heads up No Limit Hold’em is arguably the most important poker game. The quick action makes it very exciting in its own right but it’s also crucial for the final stages of tournament play. This book will give players the edge. The key themes, which are expounded at length in this book, include how to: ■■

■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’em Play, Volume 1 Optimal and Exploitative Strategies Will Tipton 978-1904468-94-3 ■ November 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America ■ Paper 6 x 9 ■ 352 pp PLUS: Password protected access to exclusive online videos GAMES

navigate the many marginal spots that arise from playing almost every hand find the optimal bet-sizing in different situations choose good hands to turn into bluffs deal effectively with changing stack sizes avoid falling into predictable, exploitable patterns

To be successful at heads up, poker players must tailor their strategy to exploit the opponent. In this book, we show how to figure out the most profitable strategies, and we build intuition about these strategies to help improve performance where it counts—at the table.


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 152

4/5/12 5:06 PM

everyman chess

1…d6: Move by Move Cyrus Lakdawala 978-1-85744-683-8 ■ January 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 7 x 9 ■ 400 pp



The Nimzo-Indian: Move by Move John Emms

The Caro-Kann: Move by Move Cyrus Lakdawala

978-1-85744-666-1 November 2011 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 7 x 9 ■ 368 pp

978-1-85744-687-6 ■ March 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 7 x 9 ■ 432 pp

Chess Developments: The Modern Benoni

Chess Developments: The Sicilian Dragon

Chess Secrets: Giants of Innovation

Richard Palliser

David Vigorito

978-1-85744-681-4 January 2012 $27.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 288 pp

978-1-85744-675-3 February 2012 $27.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 320 pp

Learn from Steinitz, Lasker, Botvinnik, Korchnoi and Ivanchuk Craig Pritchett

The Greatest Ever Chess Endgames

Beating Unusual Chess Defences: 1 e4

Steve Giddins

Dealing with the Scandinavian, Pirc, Modern, Alekhine and other tricky lines Andrew Greet

978-1-85744-694-4 ■ April 2012 $26.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 240 pp

GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 153

978-1-85744-621-0 ■ December 2011 $27.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 304 pp

978-1-85744-671-5 ■ December 2011 $27.95 US/$29.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 6 x 9 ■ 288 pp

The Triangle System Noteboom, Marshall Gambit and other Semi-Slav Triangle lines Ruslan Scherbakov 978-1-85744-644-9 ■ April 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ North America Paper ■ 7 x 9 ■ 448 pp 153

4/5/12 5:06 PM


introducing . . . quality chess We are proud to announce that effective August 1, 2012, GPP will become the new North American distributor for Quality Chess. In the words of 2012 World Championship Challenger Boris Gelfand: “You can quote me on this forever—Quality Chess is the BEST chess publisher!” For a complete list of titles, please contact your sales rep or visit us at

grandmaster repertoire series

yusupov’s chess school

Our best-selling series of opening books is aimed at a high level, but is enjoyed by all chess players. Volume 1 topped the Opening books of the decade list in New in Chess (the top chess magazine); the quote being “the ultimate trend-setting opening book.” Volumes 2, 3, 8 and 9 have won the Opening Book of the Year vote on the leading forum for opening books, Chesspublishing​.com. Volume 10 was published in January 2012 and ten more are planned for 2012/13.

With his nine-volume series of chess education, twice World Championship semi-finalist Artur Yusupov has provided the best instructional series for amateurs and talented youngsters ever published. The series concludes with Chess Evolution 2—Beyond the Basics (Fall 2012) and Chess Evolution 3—Mastery (Spring 2013). The series won the first ever Boleslavsky Medal for Best chess instruction awarded by the World Chess Federation (with Garry Kasparov’s series My Great Predecessors in second place).

Grandmaster Repertoire 10: The Tarrasch Defence

Chess Evolution 2: Beyond the Basics

Jacob Aagaard and Nikolaos Ntirlis

Artur Yusupov

978-1-906552-91-6 ■ January 2012 $34.95 US/$38.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 352 pp ■ 16/CTN

978-1-906552-46-6 ■ September 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 288 pp ■ 19/CTN


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 154

4/5/12 5:06 PM

quality chess Our range of middlegame books has long-lasting relevance. The middlegame is the most complex part of chess and great books on this subject have a perennial quality. Our biggest title of 2012 will be the first of three volumes from Judit Polgar, who has been the world’s top female player since the age of 12 (she is now 35) and has reached the final of the men’s World Championship.

How I Beat Fischer’s Record

Attacking Manual Volume 1, 2nd

Attacking Manual Volume 2

Judit Polgar

Jacob Aagaard

Jacob Aagaard

978-1-907982-19-4 ■ September 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Cloth 7 x 93/4 ■ 352 pp ■ 7/CTN

978-9-197600-40-8 ■ January 2010 $34.95 US/$38.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 320 pp ■ 18/CTN

978-9-197600-41-5 ■ January 2010 $34.95 US/$38.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 464 pp ■ 12/CTN

Chess Tactics from Scratch: Understanding Chess Tactics, 2nd

Karpov’s Strategic Wins Volume 1: The Making of a Champion 1961–1985

Karpov’s Strategic Wins Volume 2: The Prime Years 1986–2010

Martin Weteschnik

Tibor Karolyi

Tibor Karolyi

978-1-907982-02-6 ■ April 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 344 pp ■ 16/CTN

978-1-906552-41-1 ■ July 2011 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 460 pp ■ 11/CTN

978-1-906552-42-8 ■ July 2011 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 572 pp ■ 9/CTN


middlegame books


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quality chess chess classics It is our mission to recreate brilliant chess classics in a format and translation worthy of the 21st century. The interest in these books has not waned and never will.

My System

Questions of Modern Chess Theory

Aron Nimzowitsch

Isaac Lipnitsky

978-9-197600-53-8 ■ March 2007 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 320 pp ■ 13/CTN

978-1-906552-03-9 ■ November 2008 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 232 pp ■ 21/CTN

My System

Soviet Middlegame Technique

Aron Nimzowitsch

Peter Romanovsky

978-1-907982-14-9 March 2012 $35.95 US/$39.95 CAN ■ Cloth 7 x 93/4 ■ 320 pp ■ 14/CTN

978-1-907982-48-4 ■ January 2013 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 63/4 x 91/2 ■ 432 pp ■ 12/CTN


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quality chess Our Grandmaster Guide series is less technical than the Grandmaster Repertoire series. The readers are presented with ideas and information in an accessible and entertaining style.

The King’s Gambit

Playing 1.d4: The Queen’s Gambit

Playing 1.d4: The Indian Defences

Lars Schandorff

Lars Schandorff

978-1-907982-15-6 June 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 6¾ x 9½ ■ 288 pp ■ 19/CTN

978-1-907982-17-0 ■ June 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 6¾ x 9½ ■ 288 pp ■ 19/CTN

Playing 1.e4: Sicilian & French

Playing 1.e4: Caro-Kann, 1…e5 & Minor Lines

Playing the French

John Shaw

John Shaw

Jacob Aagaard and Nikolaos Ntirlis

978-1-907982-24-8 ■ November 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 6¾ x 9½ ■ 288 pp ■ 19/CTN

978-1-907982-22-4 ■ November 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 6¾ x 9½ ■ 288 pp ■ 19/CTN

978-1-907982-36-1 ■ November 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 6¾ x 9½ ■ 288 pp ■ 19/CTN

John Shaw 978-1-906552-71-8 ■ July 2012 $29.95 US/$32.95 CAN ■ Paper 6¾ x 9½ ■ 352 pp ■ 15/CTN


grandmaster guide


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 157

4/5/12 5:06 PM

index: title 1…d6: Move by Move, 153 2013 Good Sam RV Travel Guide & Campground Directory, 148 A Ancient and Medieval Siege Weapons, 23 Andaman Coast, 126 An Eternity of Eagles, 35 An Insubordinate Spirit, 40 The Art of Hackamore Training, 100 Attacking Manual Volume 1, 2nd, 155 Attacking Manual Volume 2 , 155 Avoiding the Arrogance Cycle, 86 B Bangkok, 126 Bangladesh, 2nd, 131 Bariloche & Argentine Lake District, 126 Beating Unusual Chess Defences: 1 e4, 153 Beer Lover’s Colorado, 101 Beer Lover’s Oregon, 101 Belize Handbook, 123 Bitchin’ Kitchen Cookbook, 90 Blood Feud, 1 Bond On Bond, 28 Boon Island, 64 The Bride’s Guide to Freebies, 71 Broadway Tails, 5 C Cambodia, 126 The Caro-Kann: Move by Move, 153 Carter’s Way, 30 Chernobyl’s Atomic Legacy, 139 Chess Developments: The Modern Benoni, 153 Chess Developments: The Sicilian Dragon, 153 Chess Evolution 2: Beyond the Basics, 154 Chess Secrets: Giants of Innovation, 153 Chess Tactics from Scratch: Understanding Chess Tactics, 2nd, 155 Chicago, 147 Chile Highlights, 131 Choose Costa Rica for Retirement, 10th, 121 Clash of Eagles, 16 Colorado Off the Beaten Path®, 11th, 119 Commanding the Storm, 52 The Complete Book of Rod Building and Tackle Making, 96 The Complete North End Italian Cookbook, 63 Congo, 2nd, 131 Connemara Mollie, 136 Cotswold Way, 2nd, 146 The Cowboy and the Senorita, 75

Crash, 8 Crazy Sexy Diet, 93 D Dallas, 147 The Devil’s Causeway, 10 A Dog Named Leaf, 57 E Eilat and the Negev, 127 Ethiopia, 6th, 132 Ethiopia Highlights, 132 European Rail Timetable Winter 2012/13, 144 Europe by Eurail 2013, 120 Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’em Play, Volume 1, 152 F Fakirs, Feluccas and Femmes Fatales, 137 The Faraway Horses, 91 The Florida Keys Cookbook, 2nd, 62 Food Lovers’ Guide to Baltimore, 102 Food Lovers’ Guide to Charlotte, 102 Food Lovers’ Guide to Dallas, 102 Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeles, 103 Food Lovers’ Guide to Memphis, 103 Food Lovers’ Guide to Nashville, 103 Food Lovers’ Guide to Oklahoma, 103 Food Lovers’ Guide to Orlando, 104 Food Lovers’ Guide to Pittsburgh, 104 Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens, 104 Food Lovers’ Guide to Rhode Island, 104 Food Lovers’ Guide to San Diego, 105 Food Lovers’ Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Taos, 105 Food Lovers’ Guide to Tampa Bay, 105 Food Lovers’ Guide to the Hudson Valley, 102 Food Lovers’ Guide to Tucson, 105 Force of Blood, 14 The Fragrance of Grass, 43 The Fresh Energy Cookbook, 48 From the Links, 65 G The Genius in Every Child, 2 Georgia Off the Beaten Path®, 10th, 119 A Glimpse of Eternal Snows, 137 Good Sam/Trailer Life RV Road Atlas, 149 Grandmaster Repertoire 10: The Tarrasch Defence, 154 The Greatest Ever Chess Endgames, 153 Greek Island Hopping 2013, 144 Green Is Good, 38 Grenada, 2nd, 132 Griefland, 33

H Haiti, 133 Happy Trails, 75 Hell Is So Green, 66 The History of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana, 1600–2012, 2nd, 115 Home Sweet Home, 56 Hoteles Insolitos – Europa, 138 Houston Chef’s Table, 60 How I Beat Fischer’s Record, 155 How I Slept My Way to the Middle, 46 How to Start a Home-based Blogging Business, 95 How to Start a Home-based Dog Training Business, 95 How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business, 95 How to Start a Home-based Massage Therapy Business, 95 I Iconic Spirits, 59 Illumination in the Flatwoods, 92 Indonesia, 127 Insiders’ Guide® to Florida Keys & Key West, 16th, 118 Insiders’ Guide® to Houston, 2nd, 118 In the Very Thickest of the Fight, 17 IronFit® Strength Training and Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 83 It Happened in Nebraska, 108 It Happened in New Hampshire, 2nd, 108 It Happened in Rhode Island, 108 Its Head Came Off by Accident, 19 J Jackpot, 4 Jane Doe No More, 6 Journeys on the Silk Road, 22 K Karnataka, 127 Karpov’s Strategic Wins Volume 1: The Making of a Champion 1961–1985, 155 Karpov’s Strategic Wins Volume 2: The Prime Years 1986–2010, 155 Kentucky Curiosities, 3rd, 113 The Kid in the Crib, 18 The Kid’s Guide to Orlando, 117 The King’s Gambit , 157 Kuala Lumpur & Malaysian Peninsula, 127 L Laos, 128 Lessons from a Desperado Poet, 20 Letters from Berlin, 41


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 158

4/5/12 5:06 PM

index: title Lost in Tibet, 2nd, 12 Louisiana Curiosities, 113 A Love for the Beautiful, 53 M Mauritius, 8th, 133 Melbourne & Southeast Australia, 128 Michigan Curiosities, 3rd, 113 Mining Childhood, 114 Minnesota Curiosities, 3rd, 113 Montana Icons, 106 More Montana Moments, 115 More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Oklahoma Women, 107 Mountain Voices, 150 My System, 156 Myths and Mysteries of Alaska, 109 Myths and Mysteries of Florida, 109 Myths and Mysteries of Pennsylvania, 109 N Never Too Late, 24 The New Boston Globe Cookbook, 62 New Orleans Chef’s Table, 84 New York Curiosities, 2nd, 113 New Zealand North Island, 128 New Zealand South Island, 128 Nigeria, 3rd, 133 The Nimzo-Indian: Move by Move, 153 No Buddy Left Behind, 67 The Northwest Passage, 135 O Object: Matrimony, 34 The Orvis Guide to Family Friendly Fly Fishing, 97 The Outer Banks Cookbook, 2nd, 73 Outlaw Tales of Colorado, 2nd, 110 Outlaw Tales of Oregon, 2nd, 110 P Panama Handbook, 124 Patagonia, 129 Playing 1.d4: The Queen’s Gambit, 157 Playing 1.d4: The Indian Defences, 157 Playing 1.e4: Caro-Kann, 1…e5 & Minor Lines, 157 Playing 1.e4: Sicilian & French, 157 Playing the French, 157

pocket guides Bologna, 4th, 140 pocket guides Bordeaux, 3rd, 141 pocket guides Cologne, 4th, 141 pocket guides Glasgow, 4th, 141 pocket guides Liverpool, 3rd, 141 pocket guides Rome, 3rd, 141 pocket guides Zurich, 4th, 141 The Posture Workbook, 152 The President’s Speech, 39 Private Islands for Rent, 138 The Providence & Rhode Island Cookbook, 2nd, 73 Q Questions of Modern Chess Theory, 156 The Quick and Clean Diet, 78 R Rail Map of Britain & Ireland, 8th, 145 Rail Map of Europe, 19th, 145 The Rarest Blue, 50 Red Jacket, 15 Rick’s Café, 55 Ride, Cowboy, Ride!, 21 A Room with a Pew, 13 S SAS and Elite Forces Guide Preparing to Survive, 42 SAS and Elite Forces Guide Sniper, 42 SAS and Elite Forces Guide Special Forces in Action, 42 Savannah Chef’s Table, 85 Scenic Routes & Byways California’s Pacific Coast, 7th, 121 Seasons of the Steelhead, 98 Secret Paris, 2nd, 139 Secret Rome, 3rd, 139 Seychelles, 4th, 134 Shooter, 37 Sierra Leone, 2nd, 134 Sinai the Trekking Guide, 146 South American Handbook, 89th, 122 South Carolina Off the Beaten Path®, 8th, 119 Soviet Middlegame Technique, 156 Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Chicago History, 111 Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Connecticut History, 111

Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Georgia History, 111 Special Places to Stay: British Bed & Breakfast, 17th, 130 Special Places to Stay: British Hotels & Inns, 14th, 130 Stone of Kings, 74 Suburgatory, 25 Sumatra, 129 Swaziland, 134 Swimming with Dolphins, Tracking Gorillas, 135 Sydney & New South Wales, 129 Sydney to Cairns, 129 T Tango 50 Keys, 151 Thailand Handbook, 8th, 125 Toronto, 147 traveller guides Florence & Tuscany, 5th, 142 traveller guides Puglia, 4th, 143 traveller guides Scottish Highlands, 3rd, 143 traveller guides The Gambia, 4th, 143 traveller guides Warsaw, 4th, 143 The Triangle System, 153 Trusting Calvin, 70 U Unusual Hotels – Spain and Portugal, 138 U.S. Army Operations Field Manual, 87 U.S. Army Tactics Field Manual, 87 U.S. Army Zombie Training Manual, 36 U.S. Military Working Dog Training Handbook, 72 V Virginia Curiosities, 3rd, 113 W Washington, D.C. Chef’s Table, 32 Was It Something I Said?, 82 Wine Country Chef’s Table, 61 Wineocology, 58 Y You Are WHY You Eat, 80 You Saved Me, Too, 54


GPP_FL_CAT12_001-164_04r.indd 159

4/5/12 5:06 PM

index: author A Aagaard, Jacob, 154, 155, 157 Ackerly, Rick, 2 Alastair Sawday Publishing, 130 Alexander, Dari, 78 Alther, Lisa, 1 Anderson, Allen, 57 Anderson, Linda, 57 Arghiris, Richard, 124 B Bacon, Armen, 33 Baumler, Ellen, 115 Beaulieu, Linda, 73 Beckley, Lynnath, 134 Bendici, Ray, 111 Berloni, Bill, 5 Betts, Vanessa, 127 Black, Baxter, 20, 21 Bodio, Stephen J., 35 Boobbyer, Claire, 128 Borrman, Laura Smith, 61 Bouziden, Deborah, 107 Box, Ben, 122 Bradt, Hilary, 136 Brannaman, Buck, 91 Breiman, Roy, 61 Briggs, Philip, 132 Brown, Seth, 108 Buonopane, Marguerite DiMino, 63 Burcar, Colleen, 113 Burford, Tim, 131 C Carr, Kris, 93 Cavileer, Sharon, 113 Choi, Doris, 48 Clammer, Paul, 133 Clark, Carol Lea, 16 Cotner, Meg, 104 Cousins, Lucy E., 126, 129 Crask, Paul, 132 Crisp, Terri, 67 Crosland, Sarah, 102 D Denney, Pamela, 103 Department of Defense, 72 Department of the Army, 36, 87 Diebold, Lt. William, 66 Dixon, Paul, 127, 129 Donald, Darroch, 128, 129 Dos, Margarete, 41 Dougherty, Martin J., 42 Dunning, Al, 100 Durvasula, Dr. Ramani, 80 E Elias, Oscar, 138 Emms, John, 153

Enss, Chris, 34, 75 Erickson, Stephen, 64 F Falcoff, Laura, 151 Farr, Michael K., 86 Ferguson-Kosinski, LaVerne, 120 Feucht, Andrea, 105 Fink, Don, 83 Fink, Melanie, 83 Finn, Janet L., 114 Fowler, Damon Lee, 85 Fox, William Price, 119 Friedman, Lex, 18 G Garance, Jacques, 139 Gaudin, Lorin, 84 Giddins, Steve, 153 Gildart, Bert, 106 Godfrey, Will, 98 Gongaware, Julia, 104 Gray, Juliet, 118 Green, Stewart M., 121 Greet, Andrew, 153 Guitron, Benny, 100 H Hanrahan, Jim, 5 Harris, Patricia, 104 Hayne, Tricia and Bob, 146 Helferich, Gerard, 74 Herrick, Holly, 85 Heywood, Joseph, 14, 15 Hofler, Ben, 146 Howells, John, 121 Hughes, Kara, 109 Hurn, Cynthia, 67 Hutto, Joe, 92 J Jaques, Susan, 53 Johnstonbaugh, Katie, 103 Jones, Cherry Lyon, 109 Jonglez Publishing, 138, 139 Julian, Sheryl, 62 Justus, Jennifer, 103 K Kanter, Beth, 32 Karolyi, Tibor, 155 Kazanjian, Howard, 75 Keane, Brian F., 38 Keenan, Linda Erin, 25 Knight, James, 134 Kriger, Kathy, 55 L Laing, E. T., 137 Lakdawala, Cyrus, 153

Leung, Mikey, 131 Lieff, Kerstin, 41 Lindberg, Eric, 119 Lipnitsky, Isaac, 156 Lyon, David, 104 Ly, Ricky, 104 M Mair, Lyn, 134 Manson, Katrina, 134 Mayer, Doug, 150 McCann, Jess, 82 McDonald, Janice, 119 McFadden, Amanda, 104 McGeschick, Joe, 115 McKay, John, 111 McNab, Chris, 42 Mead-Ferro, Muffy, 19 Meggit, Belinda, 131 Meyer, Arthur, 60 Miller, David, 115 Miller, Nancy, 33 Montana, Maria Desiderata, 105 Moore, Roger, 28 Morgan, Joyce, 22 Murcutt, Miriam, 12, 13 Murphy, Jan Elizabeth, 110 N Nadia G, 90 Nathan-Garner, Laura, 118 Naylor, Sharon, 71 Nicholls, Carolyn, 152 Nimzowitsch, Aron, 156 Nossov, Konstantin, 23 Ntirlis, Nikolaos, 154, 157 O Ogintz, Eileen, 117 Oosterhouse, Carter, 30 Oreskes, Rebecca, 150 P Palliser, Richard, 153 Palomba, Donna M., 6 Partsch, Tammy, 108 Patterson, Kathy Wielech, 102 Patterson, Neal, 102 Pearsall, Stacy, 37 Perman, Cindy, 113 Peterson, Chris, 30 Peters, Sharon, 70 Pfeiffer, C. Boyd, 96 Phelps, M. William, 6 Philbrick, Shirley L., 95 Poffley, Frewin, 144 Polgar, Judit, 155 Pollak, Kevin, 46 Price, Darren, 120 Pritchett, Craig, 153


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index: author R Ratton, Maud, 139 Raymond, Steve, 17 Remick, Denise, 113 Resnick, Susan Kushner, 54 Revelles, David, 138 Reynolds, William, 91 Richards, Alex, 133 Ringsak, Russ, 113 Robinson, Alex, 123 Rogers, Stillman, 108 Romanovsky, Peter, 156 Rorison, Sean, 131 Rose, Natalia, 48 Rosenbauer, Tom, 97 Rowan, Roy, 24 Roy-Bornstein, Carolyn, 8 Ryan, Jason, 4 S Schandorff, Lars, 157 Scherbakov, Ruslan, 153 Schlater, Felix Jason, 18 Selzer, Adam, 111 Shanley, Jim, 115 Shaw, John, 157 Shearer, Victoria, 62 Shields, Caleb, 115

Shifrin, Joshua, 65 Shink, Heidi, 58 Smith, Dennis, 115 Snyder, Brett, 95 Soper, Tony, 135 Spivak, Mark, 59 Spooner, Andrew, 125, 126 Stansbury, Caitlin, 58 Starks, Richard, 12, 13 Staten, Vince, 113 Stephens, 1st Lt. John Richard, 52 Sterman, Baruch, 50 Sterman, Judy Taubes, 50 Stilwell, Alexander, 42 Stott, David, 127 Stuart, Bonnye, 113 Sturtz, Todd, 105 Sudar, Sarah, 104 Swager, Peggy O., 95

V Valdène, Guy de la, 43 Vietze, Andrew, 64 Vigorito, David, 153 Vilade, C. Edwin, 39 Votto, Mary Paganelli, 105

T Thomas Cook Publishing, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145 Tipton, Will, 152 Tomczak, Sarah, 56

Y Yuskavitch, Jim, 110 Ysupov, Artur, 154

W Walters, Conrad, 22 Westfall, Matthew, 10 Weteschnik, Martin, 155 Wiegand, Elizabeth, 73 Williams, Lee, 101 Williams, Lizzie, 133 Wilson-Howarth, Jane, 137 Wolf, Angela, 95 Wolfe, Missy, 40 Wood, Ian, 135 Wright, E. Lynne, 109

Z Zorch, Laura, 104

U Unwin, Mike, 134


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sales representatives Director, Field & Special Sales James M. Naccarato Ph: 203-458-4653 Fax: 203-458-4601 Anjie Dawkins Coordinator, Field Sales & Specialty Markets Ph: 203-458-4548 Fax: 203-458-4610 NEW ENGLAND Mark Carbray 126 Hempstead Street New London, CT 06320 Ph: 860-608-7790 Fax: 860-437-3064 MID-ATLANTIC Chesapeake & Hudson, Inc. (DE, MD, NY, NJ, PA, DC, WV) 115 W. Potomac Street Brunswick, M.D. 21716 Ph: 800-231-4469 Fax: 800-307-5163 Reps: Bill Hoar (NYC, Long Island) Ted Wedel (DC, MD, DE, RI, NH, Eastern MA) Michael Gourley (NYC, NJ, Hudson Valley, Westchester County, ME) Steve Straw (Southern NJ, Eastern PA, Staten Island, CT) Office: Robin Bell, Jennifer Hawkinberry Janine Jensen, Sally Lindsay Angie Nicewarner SOUTHEAST Southeastern Book Travelers, LLC 1920 Valleydale Road, Suite 220 Birmingham, AL 35244 Ph: 205-682-8570 Fax: 770-804-2013

Reps: Jim Barkley (FL, GA, Eastern TN) 1153 Bordeau Court Dunwoody, GA 30338 Ph: 770-827-0488 Fax: 770-234-5715 Stewart Koontz (VA, WV, NC, SC) 6012 Shadow Moss Circle Raleigh, NC 27603 Ph: 256-483-7969 Fax: 770-804-2013 Chip Mercers (Select Accts: AL, MS, TN) 1920 Valleydale Road Suite 220 Birmingham, AL 35244 Ph: 205-682-8570 Fax: 770-804-2013 Rich Thompson (AL, MS, Western TN, FL Panhandle) 576 Bentmoor Drive Helena, AL 35080 Ph: 205-910-2687 Fax: 770-804-2013 MIDWEST Fujii Associates Inc. 10621 Tower Drive Orland Park, IL 60467 Ph: 708-978-7826 Fax: 708-949-8846 Kathy Bogs Office Manager, Customer Service Reps: Barbara Aronson (MN, ND, Eastern SD, Northwest WI) 803 Oak Ridge Drive Osceola, WI 54020 Ph: 888-265-8946 Fax: 715-294-4079

Thomas Bowen (TX, AR, OK, LA) 4151 Cobblers Lane Dallas, TX 75287 Ph: 972-381-1828 Fax: 972-381-1829 Beth Chang (Western IA, NE, Southern SD) 2745 Bradfield Drive Lincoln, NE 68502 Ph: 800-449-0138 Fax: 800-947-5694 Mark Fleeman (Chicago & Central/Northern IL, IN, KY, LA, Central WI) 161 Moorland Drive Valparaiso, IN 46385 Ph: 219-476-0346 Fax: 219-476-4366 Eric Heidemann (Central AR, West Central & Southern IL, Eastern IA, Eastern MO) 75 Sunny Hill Drive Troy, MO 63379 Ph: 636-528-2546 Fax: 636-600-5153 Ted Heinecken (Chicago, IL, Western & North Shore MI) 1733 North Mohawk Street Chicago, IL 60614 Ph: 312-649-9181 Fax: 312-649-1963 Andrew Holcomb (Chicago, IL, Eastern MI, OH) 3319 Alton Court Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Ph: 734-913-4310 Fax: 734-661-0513 Don Sturtz (Select Chicago Accounts) 7 Pine Shadow Court Savannah, GA 31411 Office: 630-908-8990 Cell: 708-955-9008 Fax: 708-354-6534


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sales representatives WEST COAST Karel/Dutton Group 3145 Geary Blvd. #619 San Francisco, CA 94118 Ph: 415-668-0829 Fax: 415-668-2463

INSIDE SALES Ph: 800-521-9175 Fax: 800-336-8334

Reps: Dory Dutton (Southern CA, Southern NV)

Jessica Serra

Howard Karel (Northern CA, HI, Northern NV) Lise Solomon (Northern CA) Bob Harrison (WA, OR, AK) OUTDOOR MARKETS Max Phelps Director of Marketing & Sales, Outdoor Industry Ph: 203-458-4551 Fax: 203-458-4603 ROCKIES AND SOUTHWEST Bob Irwin (MT, Northern WY, ID, Eastern WA, AK) 1110 Byron Street Missoula, MT 59802 Ph/Fax: 406-728-1473 Joe Novosad (CO, Southern WY, NM) 4305 Martin Drive Boulder, CO 80305 Ph/Fax: 303-499-7402 Larry Seidl (UT, Southern ID, AZ, Eastern NV) 622 Darren Way Grand Junction, CO 81504 Ph/Fax: 970-241-5967

Deb Bishel

SPECIAL SALES Amy Alexander Account Manager Ph: 203-458-4541 Fax: 203-458-4610 Lesley Marcus National Account Manager Ph: 203-458-4553 Fax: 203-458-4610 GIFT MARKET Stephen Young (AZ, CA, HI, NV) Ph: 213-748-8814 Fax: 213-748-5895 Kelley & Crew (IL, MO, OH, IN, MI, KY, NE, KS, IA) Ph: 773-774-3495 Ph: 800-373-1712 Main Street Reps (RI, MA, NH, VT, ME, Upstate NY) Ph: 978-259-1307 EXPORT SALES Suzanne Asensio Manager, Export Sales Ph: 203-458-4546 Fax: 203-458-4603

Canada Canadian Manda Group 165 Dufferin Street Toronto, ON Canada M6K 3H6 Ph: 416-516-0911 Fax: 416-516-0917 ELECTRONIC & SUBSIDIARY RIGHTS Gail Blackhall Subsidiary Rights Director Ph: 203-458-4540 Fax: 203-458-4603 PERMISSIONS Permissions requests will be considered via email only. Library Resources Cynthia Robbins Library Specialist Ph: 973-239-0231 Fax: 973-239-4316 Omuni Barnes Senior National Accounts Coordinator Ph: 203-458-4593 Fax: 203-458-4601 DISTRIBUTION CENTER Customer Service Representative 128 Pinnacle Drive Springfield, TN 37172 Ph: 800-955-3983 or 615-382-3983 Fax: 800-820-2329 Distribution Services Andrea Jacobs Manager, Distribution Services Ph: 203-458-4552 Fax: 203-458-4603


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Globe Pequot Fall 2012 Catalog  

Globe Pequot Fall 2012 Catalog