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Recent Awards and Nominations Arthur Ellis Award Winner — Best First Novel Sign of the Cross, Anne Emery 2006 Nominee — Best First Novel All Shook Up, Mike Harrison 2005 Nominee — Best First Novel Raw Deal, Rick Gadziola 2007

Applied Arts 2006 2005

Winner — Book Cover/Jacket Design Showbiz, David Gee (designer) Winner — Complete Book Design All-City, Paul 107

CBC Canada Reads 2009 Nominee Fruit, Brian Francis

Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize 2005 Finalist The Molly Fire, Michael Mitchell

Foreword Magazine “Book of the Year” 2007

Gold Medal Four More Wars!, Mike Luckovich — Humour

Governor General’s Literary Award 2008 2005

Winner — Poetry More to Keep Us Warm, Jacob Scheier Finalist — Non-Fiction The Molly Fire, Michael Mitchell

Globe & Mail “100 Best Books of the Year” 2009 The End of the River, Brian Harvey 2005 The Molly Fire, Michael Mitchell

Globe & Mail Bestseller List 2010 Final Appeal, Colin Thatcher 2009 Tug of War, Mr. Justice Harvey Brownstone 2008 Fruit, Brian Francis

Heritage Toronto Awards 2008 Nominee – Book Rifke, Rosalie Wise Sharp 2006 Heritage Toronto Award of Merit Glenn Cochrane’s Toronto: Tales of the City, Glenn Cochrane 2006 Nominee – Book Joe’s Toronto: Portraiture, Mendelson Joe

Independent Publisher Book Awards 2008 Gold Medal – Popular Fiction Shelf Monkey, Corey Redekop 2008 Silver Medal – Biography Steve Goodman, Clay Eals 2006 Finalist – Biography Randy Newman’s American Dreams, Kevin Courrier 2006 Finalist – Science Let Them Eat Flax: 70 All-New Commentaries on the Science of Everyday Food & Life, Dr. Joe Schwarcz

MAX Award (Motorcycle Award of Excellence) 2009 Winner To Dakar and Back, Lawrence Hacking

Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction 2009 Finalist Stripmalling, Jon Paul Fiorentino

Pat Lowther Memorial Award 2010 Nominee Paper Radio, Damian Rogers

Quill & Quire “Canadian Books of the Year” 2008 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, John McFetridge

ReLit Awards 2005 Winner — Short Fiction The Long Slide, James Grainger

Trillium Book Award for Poetry 2008 Nominee Songs for the Dancing Chicken, Emily Schultz

Writers Notes Book Awards 2006 Winner — Commercial Fiction All Shook Up, Mike Harrison Finalist — General Fiction To Be Continued . . . Volume One, Gordon j.h. Leenders 2005 First Runner Up — Commercial Fiction Raw Deal, Rick Gadziola

Young Adult Library Services Association Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers 2010 Nominee Jonas Brothers Forever, Susan Janic

ECW Press acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program, the Canada Council for the Arts (which last year invested $20.3 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada), the Ontario Arts Council, and the Ontario Media Development Corporation for our publishing activities.

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TELEVISION Finding Lost – Season Six The Unofficial Guide Nikki Stafford ISBN: 978-1-55022-951-6 6.75 x 9.75'', 304pp, paper 50


photos throughout

$17.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. November 2010 Television

“Nikki Stafford is a godsend to Lost enthusiasts in particular and TV lovers in general. I’ve written about TV for several years, and have always valued her opinion and insights on all things television.” — Amanda Cuda, Connecticut Post Author Nikki Stafford has established herself in the Lost fandom through her comprehensive episode analysis, which has helped thousands of viewers watch the show with a deeper understanding season after season. This final installment of the Finding Lost series will tie together all of the pieces from season 1 to the end, showing the beginnings of each plot line and tracing its development throughout the series. The season 6 book will include analyses on the war between good and

Marketing & Publicity

evil and how it’s been epitomized in the black and white themes, and will

• Extensive North American media mailing

provide possible explanations for many of the questions that will no doubt

• Digital galley available from

remain unanswered at the end of the series. The book will be filled with

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

sidebars offering summaries for many of the show’s ongoing mysteries, and chapters on the show’s literary precursors, Stephen King’s The Stand

• Author interviews available

and Milton’s Paradise Lost. Stafford will also take a close look at the

• Co-op available

alternate timeline offered in the show’s final season and compare it to the original timeline that played out in the first five seasons. Including exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of the filming of the season 6

More Tips

episodes on location in Hawaii, Finding Lost: Season 6 will be the only

• This is the final book in what is unquestionably the most popular series of books about Lost.

book Lost fans will need when the screen goes dark (or light) one final time. NIKKI STAFFORD is the author of the acclaimed Finding Lost series of books, complete analytical episode companion guides to every episode of the series. Newsday has referred to Nikki as “one of the show’s leading

The Finding Lost Series

scholars,” Entertainment Weekly called Nikki a “top-notch” Lost blogger, Finding Lost – Seasons 1 & 2

Finding Lost – Season 4

978-1-55022-743-7 6.75 x 9.75'', 383 pages, paper $19.95 CDN, $17.95 U.S.

and superfan DocArzt wrote, “The Finding Lost series is quite simply the

978-1-55022-878-6 6.75 x 9.75'', 244 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S.

best resource for fans.” She has also written companion guides to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Angel, and Xena: Warrior Princess. Nikki blogs regularly on her site, Nik at Nite ( and has

Finding Lost – Season 3 978-1-55022-799-4 6.75 x 9.75'' 224 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S.

Finding Lost – Season 5

conducted a complete Lost rewatch at She

978-1-55022-891-5 6.75 x 9.75'', 304 pages, paper $17.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S.

lives in Toronto, Ontario.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 2

TELEVISION Truly, Madly, Deadly The Unofficial True Blood Companion Becca Wilcott ISBN: 978-1-55022-933-2 6.75 x 9.75'', 300 pages, paper 8-page colour photo section, 50


photos throughout

$19.95 CDN, $17.95 U.S. June 2010 Television

Truly, Madly, Deadly: The Unofficial True Blood Companion is at once an introductory guide to the first two seasons of HBO's immensely popular vampire series True Blood, and an all-in-one treasure tomb for the “truest” of fans. Created by Alan Ball, the Oscar-winning writer of American Beauty and creator of HBO's cult ensemble sensation Six Feet Under, in 2009 True Blood surpassed The Sopranos as the largest ever audience for a cable show at over 12.4 million viewers a week, relaunching the career of Oscar winner Anna Paquin, and introducing international audiences to Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, and Ryan Kwanten, to name only a few of the award-winning cast. This book offers in-depth biographies of each major cast member, along with pictures and fan quotes; guides to each episode along with a host of Marketing & Publicity

fun facts and behind-the-scenes anecdotes; sidebars providing additional

• Extensive North American media mailing

cast or character info; full chapters, which tackle some of the greater

• Digital galley available from

underlying themes of True Blood such as the paranormal and the politics of race, sexuality, and gender; an overview of literary and cinematic

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

vampires; an in-depth look at how social media has contributed to the

• Author interviews available

success of the show, including interviews with the Twitter True Blood

• Co-op available

players; tributes to the supporting cast, including an interview with Kristin Bauer (Pam Ravenscroft); and an exclusive interview with, and introduction to, Charlaine Harris, author of the bestselling Sookie

More Tips

Stackhouse novels, on which the series is loosely based.

• Becca Wilcott has tapped into the fan community online and is an established resource on the show.

B ECCA WILCOTT can be found at and She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, as

• True Blood averages 12.4 million viewers per episode on HBO, and also airs on Canada’s Space network.

a publishing professional.

• By the end of 2009, the first season DVD had sold over 1.6 million units and taken in over $57 million. It is the only TV show in the 50 Top-Selling DVDs of 2009.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 3

TELEVISION Love You to Death The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries Crissy Calhoun ISBN: 978-1-55022-978-3 6 x 9'', 200 pages, paper 8-page colour photo section, 40


photos throughout

$17.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. September 2010 Television

“The supernatural drama is a first-class production, featuring an insanely gorgeous cast, sharp scripts, and a brooding vibe that is hard for even the most levelheaded adult to resist.”

— San Diego Union-Tribune

Premiering in the thick of the current vampire craze, The Vampire Diaries at first glance seemed like just another addition to the overpopulated, undead pop-culture racket. But with veteran writer/producer Kevin Williamson at the helm (Dawson’s Creek, the Scream movies), the CW Network found it had a new hit TV show on its hands. Garnering huge ratings week after week, The Vampire Diaries’ mix of horror, romance, drama, and self-aware humour has won it a growing and devoted fan base in its very first season, along with a 2010 People’s Choice Award for Best New TV Drama. Love You to Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries

Marketing & Publicity

is the only book that takes you deep into the heart of Mystic Falls with an

• Extensive North American media mailing

episode-by-episode guide to the first season. Featuring bios of the cast, • Digital galley available from

the story behind the creation of the show, and the bestselling book series

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

by L.J. Smith that first introduced Elena and the Salvatore brothers, as

• Author interviews available

well as background details on the rich history and mythology, Love You to

• Co-op available

Death is the essential fan bible for The Vampire Diaries. CRISSY CALHOUN is the author of Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial

More Tips

Guide to Gossip Girl. When not watching the CW, she works as an editor

• The Vampire Diaries is the CW Network’s mostwatched show (4.6 million viewers per episode).

and blogs at She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

• Season two of the series will premiere in September 2010.

Also by Crissy Calhoun Spotted 978-1-55022-889-2 6 x 9'', 376 pages, paper $17.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 4

TELEVISION Don’t Stop Believin’ The Unofficial Guide to Glee Erin Balser and Suzanne Gardner ISBN: 978-1-55022-938-7 6 x 9'', 200 pages, paper 8-page colour photo section, 48


photos throughout

$17.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. October 2010 Television

The kids in McKinley High School’s glee club “New Directions” might not be the most popular in school. For every chart-topping song “New Directions” belts out at practice the glee kids are liable to get a slushie tossed in their face by a football player or harassed online by the crèmede-la-crème of the school, one of McKinley’s “Cheerio” cheerleaders. But fictional popularity aside, the television show Glee is unquestionably a runaway hit, and audiences can’t get enough of their story: from the songs to the students, and especially the wacky teachers. Since its premiere in May 2009, Glee has exploded as one of the most popular hours on TV. The pilot episode received a whopping 9.619 million U.S. viewers and the fall finale in December received 8.127 million. And in addition to its staggering on-screen success, songs from the show have been heating up the music charts, with Glee tracks having 25 hits Marketing & Publicity

on the 2009 hot 100 list, a hit-rate topped only by the Beatles when they

• Extensive North American media mailing

had 31 hits in 1964. Don't Stop Believin' is for Glee fans who demand more once the

• Digital galley available from

curtain falls. From information about the stars, the music, the trivia, and

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

the in-jokes, to analysis of each relationship and fashion choice, Don't

• Targeted promotional campaign with fansites and blogs

Stop Believin' is the go-to guide for all things Glee. The book is thorough

• Author appearances in select cities

that a casual viewer can enjoy it.

enough to satiate even the most dedicated of fans, yet accessible enough

• Author interviews available E RIN BALSER Is an entertainment writer and literary critic, whose writing

• Co-op available

has appeared in Torontoist, Green Perspectives, Quill & Quire and more. She runs the Glee blog Glee Dork (, and has managed

More Tips

several entertainment blogs, including Top Model Gossip, Nicole Richie

• The second season of the show premieres in September 2010.

Fan, Mary-Kate and Ashley Fan, and Beckham Groupie. SUZANNE

• Glee was the 2009 fall season’s number one new hour among adults 18–34, as well as ranking as the number one show overall among female teens.

online publications including Quill & Quire, Imprint, and Sweetspot. Her

GARDNER is a writer and reviewer. She has written for several print and popular Glee blog, Gleeks United (, was mentioned in the Guardian, and she was filmed as an expert on Glee for a documentary on the show that will air in the UK. Both authors live in Toronto, Ontario.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 5

TELEVISION Chasing Zebras The Unofficial Guide to House, M.D. Barbara Barnett ISBN: 978-1-55022-955-4 7 x 10'', 352 pages, paper 20


photos throughout

$19.95 CDN, $17.95 U.S. September 2010 Television

The original title for the show House was Chasing Zebras, Circling the Drain, playing off the notion that medical students are taught that when they hear hoofbeats they should think horses, not zebras – yet Dr. House’s forte in discovering the strange causes of unknown illinesses is what makes House one of the most popular and fascinating series on television. Chasing Zebras is the ultimate companion guide. Using her unique perspective and insight into the show, writer Barbara Barnett, noted as “one of the industry’s leading experts on the series,” immerses fans new and old into the heart and soul of television’s most compelling series. It will be a dog-eared resource for seasoned fans, an indispensable atlas to anyone new to the show, and a valuable guide to students of television, film, and pop culture. Chasing Zebras takes readers deep within the series’ rich layers — into the heart of its central character and his world: Marketing & Publicity • Who is this medical Sherlock Holmes? Is he simply a misanthropic jerk

• Extensive North American media mailing

with a brutal sense of humour – or a tormented romantic hero in the

• Digital galley available from

tradition of Byron? • Advance reading copies and excerpts available

• How do House’s colleagues and patients relate to and reflect him and

• Author interviews available

each other?

• Co-op available

• How do the music, settings, and even the humour enhance our understanding of the series’ narrative? • What does the series say about modern medicine? Ethics? Religion?

More Tips • House regularly captures between 10 and 19 million viewers per episode.

House, M.D. is a study in contradictions: straightforward medical procedural on the outside; intricate character drama within. Exploring the

• Distributed in a total of 66 countries with an audience of over 81.8 million worldwide, it is the most watched television show on the globe.

series’ characters, story narratives, and overarching themes, Chasing Zebras provides an intelligent and thoughtful analysis of this complex series, and contains exclusive interviews with many of the show’s cast, its executive producers, writers for the show, and even some of the production staff.

More on House, M.D. The House That Hugh Laurie Built

BARBARA BARNETT writes the regular feature “Welcome to the End of the

978-1-55022-803-8 7 x 10'', 352 pages, paper $19.95 CDN, $17.95 U.S.

Thought Process: An Introspective Look at House, M.D.” for Blogcritics magazine, where she also serves as a television and film editor. She and her husband Phillip live in the northern suburbs of Chicago.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 6

TELEVISION Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Larry David and the Making of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm Josh Levine ISBN: 978-1-55022-947-9 6 x 9'', 200 pages, paper 20


photos throughout

$18.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S. September 2010 Television

As a comedian, then producer of Seinfeld, and now the creator and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has a fanatical following. In his early stand-up days, if he walked on stage and didn’t like the crowd, he would walk off. Together with Jerry Seinfeld, he pitched NBC on a sitcom where nothing happens. A whole show could be about waiting in line at a Chinese restaurant. And somehow Seinfeld became the most successful comedy show of all time. After nine years of writing and producing Seinfeld, and after making a huge amount of money, Larry David began to create a new show for HBO. Without much separation between himself and the character he plays, Curb follows the daily routines of Larry David. Being politically correct is far from Larry’s mind, and the audience cringes as he berates, torments, and blusters his way into the hearts of TV watchers. Marketing & Publicity

Follow the early exploits of Larry’s stand-up career, his days writing for

• Extensive North American media mailing

Seinfeld, and learn how Curb was conceived and developed. Pretty,

• Digital galley available from

Pretty, Pretty Good – titled after Larry’s key catchphrase – also explores Larry’s on- and off-screen relationships with famous pals like Richard

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

Lewis, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and the cast of Seinfeld, and

• Author interviews available

contains an in-depth episode guide to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

• Co-op available

More Tips • Curb has been nominated for almost 30 Emmy Awards, and is the winner of a Golden Globe award for Best Musical/Comedy.

JOSH LEVINE wrote Jerry Seinfeld: Much Ado About Nothing, the first biography of Jerry Seinfeld. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

• The most recent “Seinfeld Reunion” season received a lot of attention, and was featured as a cover story in Entertainment Weekly. • Seinfeld is the most syndicated show on television today.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 7

MUSIC Bayou Underground Tracing the Mythical Roots of American Popular Music Dave Thompson ISBN: 978-1-55022-962-2 6 x 9'', 200 pages, paper 25


photos thoughout

$19.95 CDN, $17.95 U.S. September 2010 Music

The Bayou is a world of its own – a marshy, sometimes treacherous, ofttimes sinister land of creeping darkness and living shadows, secret legends and vivid mythology. It is that darkness and those shadows that permeate Bayou Underground, the first study of the Louisiana music scene ever to leave behind the bright lights of big city New Orleans, and plunge instead into the wilderness that not only surrounds the Big Easy, but which stretches for hundreds of miles on either side, from Houston, Texas, to Mobile, Alabama. Bayou Underground explores the music of the region from the House of the Rising Sun to gator hunting with Amos Moses (the one-armed Cajun backwoodsman created by country songwriter Jerry Reed) to artists like Bo Diddley, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, who were influenced by unsung heroes of the Bayou. In Bayou Underground, the people and the cultures that have called

Marketing & Publicity

the bayou home are unearthed through their words and lives, but most of

• Extensive North American media mailing

all through the music that has, over the last century, either arisen from the

• Digital galley available from

swamplands themselves, or been drawn from fellow visitors to the region,

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

as they seek to set down for posterity the emotions, dreams, and

• Author interviews available

enchantments that the area instilled in them. Part social history, part epic travelogue, and partly a lament for a way of

• Co-op available

life that has now all but disappeared, Bayou Underground is the gripping story of American music’s forgotten childhood, and the parentage it barely

More Tips

even knows about. By comparison, the Big Easy had it easy.

• Appeals to a diverse audience of music lovers. Jazz, folk, world music, and rock audiences will all be interested in this book.

DAVE THOMPSON is the author of over 100 books on rock, erotica, cinema, and pop culture, including bestselling biographies of Kurt Cobain

• Jerry Reed and Bo Diddley died recently – Thompson’s interviews with them both are among the last.

(Nirvana), David Bowie, and the Cure. His latest titles include the alreadycontroversial I Hate New Music (Backbeat Books) and London’s Burning: True Adventures on the Frontlines of Punk (Chicago Review Press). Thompson lives in Newark, Delaware.

Also by Dave Thompson Smoke on the Water

Hallo Spaceboy

978-1-55022-618-8 6.375 x 9.25'', 402 pages, paper $24.95 CDN, $22.95 U.S.

978-1-55022-733-8 8 x 10'', 380 pages, paper $24.95 CDN, $18.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 8

HUMOUR Herman Classics, Volume 5 Jim Unger ISBN: 978-1-55022-839-7 8.5 x 11'', 190 pages, paper 400 colour illustrations $24.95 CDN, $21.95 U.S. September 2010 Humour

Syndicated in more than 800 newspapers in North America, Herman is one of the funniest comics of the past two decades. With an economy of line and a wry, nonchalant humour, this popular strip reveals a hilarious cast of bandaged hospital staff, hapless criminals, zealous sales clerks, and frustrated cavemen. This full-colour collector’s edition contains more than 400 specially coloured panels of Herman favourites, with comments and insights from the award-winning cartoonist, covering such topics as golf, marriage, jail, and war. J IM U NGER was born in London, England. After surviving the blitz bombings of World War II, a career as a London Bobby and a driving instructor, he immigrated to Canada with his family, and became a newspaper graphic artist and editorial cartoonist. He has twice been honoured with the award for the Best Syndicated Panel by the National Cartoonists Society.

Marketing & Publicity • Extensive North American media mailing • Co-op available

More Herman Herman Classics Vol. 1

Herman Classics Vol. 4

978-1-55022-616-4 8.5 x 11'', 190 pages, paper $24.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S.

978-1-55022-735-2 8.5 x 11'', 190 pages, paper $24.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S.

Herman Classics Vol. 2

Herman: Living with Animals

978-1-55022-657-7 8.5 x 11'', 190 pages, paper $24.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S.

978-1-55022-780-2 8.5 x 11'', 184 pages, paper $24.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S.

Herman Classics Vol. 3 978-1-55022-706-2 8.5 x 11''', 190 pages, paper $22.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 9

HUMOUR /SPORTS Pro Football Halftime Activity Book Dan Cuison ISBN: 978-1-55022-907-3 8 x 10'', 48 pages, paper 48


illustrations throughout

$9.95 CDN, $9.95 U.S. September 2010 Humour/Sports

It’s time to sharpen your crayons and get ready to have fun with some of pro football’s most famous (and infamous) players, teams, coaches, and outrageous personalities. Monday-morning quarterbacks of all ages will be kept busy at halftime as they tackle these irreverent and fan-friendly activities, including trivia, drawing, colouring, secret codes, connect the dots, word searches, football libs, and word scrambles. Help Plaxico pick out his next weapon of choice. Find your way through Jim Marshall’s “Wrong-Way” maze. Design your own LA team name and logo. Help rebuild Joe Theismann’s leg, match-up the moustache to its owner, and style Troy Polamalu’s hair. And there’s much more, featuring the likes of Al Davis, Dennis Green, Coach Ditka, the Cowgirls, and even Janet Jackson’s halftime revelation. Chips and dip not included. Marketing & Publicity • Extensive North American media mailing • Digital galley available from DAN CUISON is one badass pencil-for-hire, poker player, and armchair • Co-op available

MMA analyst. Recently, he said he wanted to try long boarding. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

More Tips • The NFL season starts on the Thursday night in the first full week of September (the Thursday after Labour Day) and runs weekly to the Superbowl. • The NFL draws over 67,000 spectators per game, and the television audience averages at 17.2 million per game.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 10

SPORTS The MMA Encyclopedia Jonathan Snowden and Kendall Shields ISBN: 978-1-55022-923-3 6.75 x 9.75'', 340 pages, paper 2 colour photo sections, 200


photos throughout

$24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S. November 2010 Sports

“Did you see the big fight this weekend?” The question used to be about boxing matches, when the giants of the fight world were Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. Now fans are leaving the sweet science in droves for the combat sport of the future: mixed martial arts (MMA). MMA has drawn millions on cable and network television, as well as out-performed professional wrestling and boxing on pay-per-view. Fans are attracted to the sport, but unlike boxing (where strategy and technique are limited to using both your left and right hands), an MMA fight can be surprisingly complicated. The MMA Encyclopedia puts the fighters, the facts, and the fundamentals of the world's fastest growing sport at your fingertips as the definitive reference guide to mixed martial arts. The encyclopedia will break the MMA language barrier for those who don't know a wristlock from a wristwatch, while at the same time offering perspective and

Marketing & Publicity

analysis that will entertain the hardcore fan who already has the basics • Extensive North American media mailing

down pat. With three appendices that detail the results of every MMA fight

• Digital galley available from

in history, this the ultimate reference book for the ultimate sport.

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available JONATHAN SNOWDEN quit his job as a lawyer after September 11, 2001, to

• Author interviews available

join the United States Army. He trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu and the Army

• Bonus content to be featured on ECW website (

Combatives Program and fell in love with the UFC. He is a former radio DJ and television producer who worked for the White House

• Co-op available

Communications Agency in Washington, D.C. He currently works for the Department of Defense and is a Contributing Editor for and the

More Tips

author of Total MMA (ECW Press, 2008). KENDALL SHIELDS lives in

• MMA is the world’s fastest growing sport, and fans have an insatiable desire to learn more about it.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he teaches English at Saint Mary’s University and judo at the Dalhousie University Judo Club. This is his first book.

More MMA by Jonathan Snowden Total MMA 978-1-55022-846-5 6.75 x 9.75'', 408 pages, paper $19.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 11

SPORTS Straight from the Hart Bruce Hart ISBN: 978-1-55022-939-4 6.75 x 9.75'', 300 pages, paper 24 colour photos, 24



$22.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S. February 2011 Sports

Straight from the Hart is the no-holds-barred book about the often surreal, physically and psychologically brutal and politically cutthroat world of professional wrestling that fans everywhere — from the most casual or skeptical observer to the most rabid, hardcore aficionado of the action from the squared circle — have truly been waiting for. Bruce Hart is the son of legendary wrestler and promoter Stu Hart and a member of what may be wrestling’s true “first family” — a wrestling legacy that now spans three generations and includes icons like Bret “Hitman” Hart, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhardt, as well as current day stars like David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya Neidhardt. For the first time ever, Hart steps from out of the shadows of Calgary’s fabled “Hart dungeon” to discuss it all: growing up as one of twelve children in a house where men like Andre the Giant and Killer Kowalski might be seated at the breakfast table; the rise, fall, Marketing & Publicity

rebirth, and ultimate demise of the popular and highly influential

• Extensive North American media mailing

Stampede Wrestling promotion; what it was like to be trained by his father and fight both with and alongside his brothers; why his family’s business

• Digital galley available from

was destroyed by Vince McMahon’s WWF; how the tragic death of his

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

brother Owen rocked the Hart family; and what really happened behind

• Author interviews available

the scenes of the infamous “Montreal screwjob.”

• Bonus content to be featured on ECW website (

you behind the scenes to discuss how wrestling should be booked, the

• Co-op available

toll steroids and other drugs have taken on his friends and family, and

Along the way, Hart gets to the heart of the wrestling business, taking

what it was like to write his brother Bret’s newspaper columns while the “Hitman” was on the road. More Tips • Wrestling fans are insatiable and are always eager to read a true insider story.

B RUCE HART is the son of Stu Hart and a member of the legendary Hart family, which spans three generations of wrestling fame. Hart is a teacher

• This book gives an until now unrevealed take on the Hart family, especially Bret – the story that only a brother and fellow wrestler can tell, without the vindictiveness of the WWF or WWE, but also without any sugar coating.

who lives in Calgary, Alberta.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 12

SCIENCE FICTION The Bloodlight Chronicles: Reconciliation Steve Stanton

ISBN: 978-1-55022-954-7 5.5 x 8.5'', 240 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. September 2010 Science Fiction

Zakariah Davis and his wife Mia are among those infected with an alien virus that vastly prolongs life, and their blood has become a black-market staple due to its rejuvenating effects. Their teenage son Rix does not carry the Eternal virus, and Zakariah is consumed by the search for an “activated sample” with which to inoculate him. Zakariah’s brain has been surgically wired for direct connection to the global computer system where economic activity is conducted by avatars in virtual cyberspace. He gets busted and burned for trying to transport Canadian grain without a permit, and escapes as a fugitive, separated from his family and friends. He is trapped by a power-group known as the Eternal Research Institute, and travels offplanet through a commercial wormhole along with his new business partner and surgical cyber-twin, Helena Sharp, who is seeking the Source of the virus for her own purposes. In the Cromeus colonies, on the other side of time and space, Zakariah will risk everything to give his son Eternal life.

Marketing & Publicity • Extensive North American media mailing • Digital galley available from • Advance reading copies and excerpts available

STEVE STANTON’s short fiction has been published in twelve countries,

• Author appearances in select cities

including translations into Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Romanian. His writing regularly appears in Rampike, On Spec,

• Author interviews available

Neo-opsis, Tesseracts, Zymergy, Divine Realms, The Standing Stone,

• Co-op available

Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature, Poet’s Gallery, BrightRedLife,

More Tips

Writer’s Journal, Mindflights, Pandora, Gateway SF, The Sword Review,

ChristianWeek, Green’s Magazine, Adventure Magazine, Canadian Churchyard, Searching Souls, The Obligatory Sin, Christian

• This the first part of what will be a trilogy.

Communicator, Dragons, Knights and Angels, and Chaos Theory. He

• The author is a debut novelist with a solid pedigree of publications in sci-fi magazines.

currently serves as the vice-president of SF Canada, the bilingual

• The story advances the genre of postcyberpunk to delve into questions of spirituality and family.

Washago, Ontario.

organization of science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers. Stanton lives in


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 13

SCIENCE FICTION Gambling with Galaxies Paul S. Wesson ISBN: 978-1-55022-944-8 5.5 x 8.5'', 180 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. March 2011 Science Fiction

People and animals all over the Milky Way are exploding due to a mysterious disease known only as the CLAG. Brounlee, president of the mega-corporation Rang Enterprises, which has helped supply the galaxy and beyond with useful androids and vacuum drives, wants desperately to find a cure. He meets with Jale of Acheron to find it, not knowing that Jale already has it. However, Jale is in flight from any number of enemies, along with Sherlock, his android sidekick, and Pippin, the android companion that Brounlee has provided. In their faithful ship, the Rigor Mortis, they travel through the centre of the galaxy, sub-space, and warring Andromeda in their adventures to get the cure back to Brounlee before the disease destroys the human race. An astronomy professor, Wesson combines expertise and a bucket of sci-fi fun in his debut novel. PAUL S. WESSON is a retired astronomy professor from the University of

Marketing & Publicity

Waterloo, now living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. His previous

• Extensive North American media mailing

writing includes books on cosmology, dark matter, astrophysics, and five-

• Digital galley available from

dimensional relativity.

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available • Author appearances in select cities • Author interviews available • Co-op available

More Tips • Humorous sci-fi with an environmental theme – that technology must be held in balance with nature. • The author is a world-renowned astrophysicist with several books on cosmology. • Vivid swashbuckling heroes and evil villains make this a fast-moving and fun read.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 14

MYSTERY In Plain Sight Mike Knowles

ISBN: 978-1-55022-948-6 6 x 9'', 188 pages, cloth $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S. October 2010 Mystery

“You set me loose. Everything that happened was because you saw fit to use me as bait. And what was I on the hook for? You just wanted a bust you could attach your name to so you could get ahead. Don’t try to pretend that you’re Dudley Do-Right. You’re just an opportunist with a badge.” They should have known better than to look for him. Wilson had been gone for two years until his old boss forced him to come home to be a grinder again. Wilson did the job he was blackmailed into doing and settled things, his way, with everyone. He was free – for two minutes. A random car accident destroys everything and puts Wilson into the crosshairs again, but this time the gun is in the hands of a cop. Justice isn’t blind in the city; it’s as bent as the tip of a bullet. Dirty cops are using Wilson as bait and the only way for him to stay out of cuffs is to help put someone worse in them. Wilson picks a fight with the Russian mob and lures both cops and robbers into his own trap. Everyone is crooked in the city, but not everyone is a survivor.

Marketing & Publicity

In Plain Sight is the third book featuring reluctant mob-enforcer Wilson,

• Extensive North American media mailing

following Darwin’s Nightmare (2008) and Grinder (2009).

• Digital galley available from “Readers who like their mean streets really mean will be thoroughly

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available


• Bonus content to be featured on ECW website ( • Author appearances in select cities

– Publishers Weekly, starred review, on Grinder

M IKE KNOWLES studied writing at McMaster University before pursuing a

• Author interviews available

career in education. Knowles became an elementary teacher and currently

• Co-op available

teaches in Hamilton, Ontario, where he lives with his wife and dog.

More Tips • Featuring a strong anti-hero, Knowles’ books are gory and a throwback to the pulp novel.

Also by Mike Knowles Darwin’s Nightmare


978-1-55022-842-7 6 x 9", 184 pages, cloth $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S.

978-1-55022-895-3 6 x 9", 184 pages, cloth $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S..


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 15

MYSTERY Dead Politician Society A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel Robin Spano cloth ISBN: 978-1-55022-942-4 $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S. paper ISBN: 978-1-55022-983-7 $14.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. 6 x 9'', 240 pages September 2010 Mystery

The mayor falls down dead in the middle of a speech, and a university secret society promptly claims credit for the murder. Clare Vengel is given her first undercover assignment: to pose as a student and penetrate the society. She’s a mechanic in her spare time, and thinks book smarts are for people who can’t handle the real world. Instead of infiltrating the club, she alienates a popular professor, and quickly loses the respect of police superiors. Another politician is killed, and Clare is horrified that student idealism could be ramped up to the point of murder. She gets into gear, forging friendships with students, and a romantic involvement with a key suspect. When two more politicians die, Clare knows that the murderer she has to unmask is someone she has come to consider a friend. She only hopes that the friend doesn’t unmask her first. Marketing & Publicity ROBIN SPANO grew up in Toronto, went to university in New Brunswick,

• Extensive North American media mailing

and has also lived in Halifax, Montreal, Muskoka, Winnipeg, London, and

• Digital galley available from

Vancouver. She is passionate about politics, loves travelling, and unwinds

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

by being outside and active. She lives in Steveston, British Columbia, with

• Bonus content to be featured on ECW website (

her husband, Keith.

• Author appearances in select cities, including a Toronto launch • Author interviews available • Co-op available

More Tips • This is the first in what will be a three-book series. • This is a lighthearted mystery – almost bordering on chick-lit – with a female heroine. It’s similar in style to books by Janet Evanovich.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 16


NOW IN PAPER Barrington Street Blues Anne Emery ISBN: 978-1-55022-906-6 6 x 9'', 328 pages, paper $14.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. September 2010 Mystery

A rich man and a poor man are found dead of gunshot wounds outside a seedy bar on Barrington Street in Halifax. The police declare it a murdersuicide, but bluesman/lawyer Monty Collins — hired to represent the victims’ families — suspects it’s a double murder. The case gets complicated when the police link the gun to the suspicious death of a high-flying lawyer named Dice Campbell. Helped by his friend Father Brennan Burke, and hindered by his femme fatale law partner Felicia Morgan, Monty explores the dark side of Halifax society: hookers, drug addicts, boozers, gamblers, and people desperate to cover up a series of parties that got way out of hand. Monty’s investigations lead him to a ruthless businessman with street connections, a preacher who’s been seen cruising for young people, and an oddball psychotherapist who may have overstepped the boundaries of therapy with more than one person in the case. As the story unfolds, Monty finds himself returning again and again to trade barbs with Dice Marketing & Publicity

Campbell’s hard-drinking widow, Mavis, whose motives are not as clear as

• Bonus content to be featured on ECW website (

they initially seem to be. But the murder isn’t the only thing on Monty’s mind. A secret from the past and turmoil with his estranged wife Maura, have

• Author appearances in select cities

Monty singing the blues, lashing out at his closest friends, and spending

• Author interviews available

far too much time in the bars of Halifax.

• Co-op available ANNE E MERY is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University and Dalhousie Law School. She has worked as a lawyer, legal affairs reporter, and researcher. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband and daughter. Her Collins/Burke mysteries include Sign of the Cross (2006),

Also by Anne Emery

winner of the 2007 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel, Obit (2007), Sign of the Cross

Barrington Street Blues

TP: 978-1-55022-819-9 6 x 9", 344 pages $14.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S.

978-1-55022-813-7 6 x 9", 328 pages, cloth $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S.


Cecilian Vespers

TP: 978-1-55022-905-9 6 x 9'', 320 pages $14.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. HC: 978-1-55022-754-3 6 x 9'', 320 pages $28.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S.

978-1-55022-861-8 6 x 9", 312 pages, cloth $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S.

Cecilian Vespers (2009), and Children in the Morning (2010).

Children in the Morning 978-1-55022-927-1 6 x 9", 312 pages, cloth $24.95 CDN, $24.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 17

FICTION The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark Christopher Meades ISBN: 978-1-55022-972-1 5.5 x 8.5'', 240 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $14.95 U.S. September 2010 Fiction

Henrik Nordmark is a bald, middle-aged security guard with few friends and no romantic possibilities. Tired of being the weed sprouting out of the wallflower, generic in his generality, Henrik has an epiphany. He will have one moment of inimitable distinction, even if it kills him. Henrik first sets out to experience the throes of addiction, then to become virtuous, and barring this to be known as a public menace. Inevitably he resolves to find true love and fails miserably. Along his journey, Henrik inadvertently becomes the target of a team of elderly assassins – one blind, one deaf, and the other mute. Henrik’s counterpart is Roland, a young office worker who, thinking he’s won the lottery, dumps his girlfriend and casts aside his friends. He addresses an email to the company where he works: “Dear Heartless Bastards …” Soon Roland’s entire world – the fictional one he’d built up in his mind – comes crashing down to painful reality. Henrik’s and Roland’s lives intertwine with that of a young couple, the

Marketing & Publicity

aptly named Bonnie and Clyde, two formerly star-crossed lovers who have

• Extensive North American media mailing

grown to loathe each other. Bonnie and Clyde now have homicidal intent

• Digital galley available from

in their hearts, but do they have the cleverness or proficiency to pull off

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

their respective crimes? The characters’ lives all come together in a crescendo in which Henrik

• Vancouver launch

realizes his true purpose on earth.

• Author interviews available • Co-op available

CHRISTOPHER M EADES lives in Vancouver, BC. In 2009, his short story “The Walking Lady” won the Advisor’s Prize in Fiction from the Toyon print journal. Christopher also won a 2008 fiction contest staged by the

More Tips

Vancouver Province and his “Serial Thriller” winning entry appeared in the

• Like fellow Canadian writers Douglas Coupland, Miriam Toews, and Brian Francis, Meades explores his subject with wacky characters, unlikely connections, and unique punchy humour.



FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 18

FICTION Hope Burned Brent LaPorte ISBN: 978-1-55022-963-9 5.25 x 8.25'', 240 papers, paper $18.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S. October 2010 Fiction

You sit down at the weathered harvest table to write a letter to your son. You need to explain the horrific events of the night, the circumstances that stained your hands with so much blood — the horrors that led you to take the lives of your own father and grandfather. You journey back through darkness, deliberately, tentatively, to recover your own childhood. You compose your captivity, your torture, and the brutality of the men you’ve just killed. This was life on the farm: the strange and unspeakable things that went on. And still, hope burned. By the very same light you also write about escape, about security, compassion, and even love. The simple kindnesses that made you the man you are today, shielding you from danger, teaching you to live…. Until everything changed — everything but the farm. At once as bleak and moving, tense and beautiful as Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, Brent LaPorte’s Hope Burned emerges from the ashes of the simplest, nearest apocalypse, from the innocence of childhood utterly betrayed, to ask which is the more difficult: to choose to

Marketing & Publicity

live, or to die?

• Extensive North American media mailing B RENT LAPORTE lives in Courtice, Ontario. This is his first book.

• Digital galley available from • Advance reading copies and excerpts available • Toronto launch • Author interviews available • Co-op available

More Tips • Nothing is more heartbreaking, and compelling, in the news cycle than family tragedy. LaPorte fictionalizes an all-too common real-life event. • LaPorte’s story is a reflection of the solitary landscape – details of the tragedy are beautifully wrought out on each page.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 19

FICTION The Bourgeois Empire Evie Christie ISBN: 978-1-55022-935-6 5.5 x 8.5'', 144 pages, paper $18.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S. September 2010 Fiction

Everything should stay as it is, or you will lose everything, and that’s how it is for everyone. Today was a day for getting along, liver-healing, a cocktail party and a faster wireless connection that tolerates renovated turn-of-the-century walls and allows Candy Cane (or Coconut?) to become a part of your afternoon en suite bathroom caucus. Life is not good, but it feels good, on occasion, baby, is what you might type. – from The Bourgeois Empire Paranoia, pills, and torrent after torrent of glorious porn. A marriage devoid of both sex and emotion. A broken hand, a perpetually surreal home reno, a dying dog. For Jules, a successful professional with a wife and kids, all of this would be manageable – if it wasn’t for Charlie. Because fifteen-year-old girls, dear reader, are something different entirely. Jules is obsessed with a teenager – he’s falling head over heels and attempting to arrest the march of time. He's a man, dammit – a man’s

Marketing & Publicity

man, a guy’s guy – and that’s all that matters.

• Extensive North American media mailing

The Bourgeois Empire, Evie Christie's first novel, is a Nabokovian fever

• Digital galley available from

dream, an encyclopedic guide to mortal sin, and a thoroughly

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

contemporary reimagining of Billy Wilder’s classic film The Lost Weekend. And yes, of course, it’s a love story too.

• Toronto launch • Author interviews available • Co-op available

EVIE CHRISTIE is currently working on an adaptation of Racine's Andromache for Graham McLaren and Necessary Angel Theatre

More Tips

Company which has been commissioned by Luminato (2011). Her work

• Christie is a wordsmith – this book is beautifully and poetically composed.

Joyland, Taddle Creek, Filling Station, and the anthologies Jailbreaks: 99

can (very rarely) be found in journals such as Matrix, Quill & Quire, Canadian Sonnets (Biblioasis, 2008), Approaches to Poetry: The PrePoem Moment (Poems and Essays) and IV Lounge Nights (Tightrope, 2008). She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Also by Evie Christie Gutted 978-1-55022-710-9 5.5 x 8.5'', 71 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 20

POETRY The Semiconducting Dictionary (Our Strindberg) Natalee Caple ISBN: 978-1-55022-982-0 5.5 x 8.5'', 120 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S. September 2010 Poetry

The Semiconducting Dictionary: Our Strindberg is a playful original revisioning of the life of notorious misogynist and modern drama master August Strindberg, mixing prose and poetry of various forms from different historical periods including straightforward lyric, found poetry, haibun, list poems, magic spells, and alchemical recipes to construct a portrait and to tell a story. August Strindberg is a hotly debated figure, a master of the Modern theatre and a contemporary of Ibsen; the influence of Strindberg’s work continues to this day. However, in contemporary times his often outrageous misanthropy and misogyny (he claimed that women were demons) have been variously apologized for as poetic licence, self-portrait, critical posture, or simply mistaken (how could he be a misogynist when there were so many women in his life?). Caple contributes to the apologist literature surrounding him by pretending that he was actually a woman playwright living as a man and his supposed hatred either part of the disguise or else self-loathing. By embracing Strindberg, Caple is able to Marketing & Publicity

highlight the excessive beauty of human complications and to represent a

• Extensive North American media mailing

world at the end of the enlightenment, as the magic of the church gave

• Digital galley available from

way to the magic of the sciences.

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

NATALEE CAPLE is the author of four books of fiction and two books of

• Calgary launch

poetry, including the novel The Plight of Happy People in an Ordinary

• Author interviews available

World (Anansi), the short story collection The Heart is its Own Reason (Insomniac), which was positively reviewed by the New York Times and

• Co-op available

has been optioned for film, the poetry collection A More Tender Ocean (Coach House), which was nominated for a Gerald Lampert Award, and More Tips

the novel Mackerel Sky (Thomas Allen/St. Martin’s). Caple is pursuing a

• This is both poetry and reimagined biography with a feminist bent.

Ph.D. in English at the University of Calgary. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.

• Caple is an established poet and novelist.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 21

POETRY Glimpse Selected Aphorisms George Murray ISBN: 978-1-55022-981-3 5.5 x 8.5'', 96 pages, paper $16.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S. September 2010 Poetry


There is no way to forget any moment, except in its sequence.


As with the knife, the longer the conversation, the less frequently


Do not discount the stupid bravery of the first to arrive.


The butterfly’s wings are nothing to the overwhelming force of

it comes to a point.

the common. 5.

Knowledge is what happens when you rob suspicion of doubt. – from Glimpse

Glimpse is a book of 409 aphorisms, a form that straddles the line between poetry and philosophy, yet is likely more accessible to the general public than either. Each tiny, crafted piece is, in its entirety, not simply a distilled poem or a pre-poem or a poem explained, but rather a crystallized poetic essence — an attempt at getting closer to, and preserving, the poetic moment or epiphany by capturing the first thoughts Marketing & Publicity

generated during the impulse to write rather than the thought long held

• Extensive North American media mailing

and worked and shaped.

• Digital galley available from

G EORGE M URRAY’s four books of poetry include The Rush to Here

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

(Nightwood, 2007) and The Hunter (McClelland & Stewart, 2003). He

• St. John’s launch, and author tour to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, and Chicago.

has been widely anthologized and has published poems and fiction in

• Author interviews available

popular literary website

journals and magazines in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Europe. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and is the editor of the

• Co-op available

More Tips • Thought-provoking, easy to read, and even fun. • Murray runs Canada’s number one literary blog


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 22

MEMOIR Two Wheels Through Terror Diary of a South American Motorcycle Odyssey Glen Heggstad ISBN: 978-1-55022-922-6 6 x 9'', 240 pages, paper 8-page colour photo section $18.95 CDN, $16.95 U.S. September 2010 Memoir

Glen Heggstad is an adventure motorcyclist who seeks out and rides the most rugged places on the planet. He has been a Hells Angel and a martial arts competitor, but no amount of training or experience was able to prepare him for what he became while riding to the southern tip of South America: a prisoner. This book is the shocking travelogue of Heggstad's journey through Central and South America, including his capture by Colombia's rebel ELN army, and the eventual realization of his dream to complete his journey. Follow along on his exciting, round-trip to the tip of the world, made all the more amazing by its interruption at the hands of terrorists. Heggstad was ripped from his motorcycle, robbed of everything, and forced to march through strange jungles with assault rifles at his back. He was fed only small amounts of rice and water and forced to carry heavy equipment, heavy packs, and heavy doubts about his future. Even with all

Marketing & Publicity

the hand-to-hand and sophisticated combat training Heggstad possessed,

• Extensive North American media mailing

it was his shrewd thinking, precise planning, and a “do-or-die” last act of • Digital galley available from

desperation that eventually secured his freedom.

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available • Author interviews available

After growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, G LEN H EGGSTAD went

• Co-op available

from being the youngest Hells Angel ever voted in, to International Martial Arts champion. He’s spent the last two decades traveling the world solo from hitchhiking through Ireland to motorcycling in the Third World. Made

More Tips

famous after his harrowing capture by Colombian terrorists, he’s been

• Heggstad has 15,000-plus loyal website readers internationally and this book sold over 15,000 copies in hardcover.

featured on CBS News’ 48 Hours, National Public Radio, MSNBC,

• The incidents related in this book were made into an episode of the National Geographic series Locked Up Abroad.

with readers by posting travelogues on his widely viewed website

Montel Williams, Larry King Live and is the subject of a National Geographic Channel docu-drama. While out on the road, he stays in touch He is also the author of One More Day Everywhere (ECW Press, 2009).

Also by Glen Heggstad One More Day Everywhere 978-1-55022-882-3 6 x 9'', 448 pages, paper $21.95 CDN, $18.95 U.S.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 23

MEMOIR Therafields The Rise and Fall of Lea Hindley-Smith’s Psychoanalytic Commune Grant Goodbrand ISBN: 978-1-55022-976-9 6 x 9'', 300 pages, cloth $32.95 CDN, $32.95 U.S. October 2010 Memoir

At one point in the 1970s, 900 people were engaged with a therapeutic community in Toronto. Living together, and sharing emotional problems, the participants helped to create an institution owning houses, farms, and buildings. Therafields, the largest urban commune in Canada, was created by Lea Hindley-Smith, a woman from England with no formal training in therapy. But she exuded an astounding charisma, and developed ardent followers. Initially, students and faculty from St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, were drawn to her, and gradually the word spread that this woman had enormous power to listen, and to heal. Carpenters, poets, teachers, lost souls — they all found a home in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. And according to one of her followers at the time, Lea “was a gifted healer, a real estate entrepreneur – and, as it turned out, a woman stalked by madness.” Marketing & Publicity

When the real estate market turned sour in the late 1970s, the financial structure began to crumble. At the same time, Hindley-Smith’s health

• Extensive North American media mailing

started to fail, and by the early 1980s the movement had collapsed.

• Digital galley available from

Here, Grant Goodbrand reveals the behind-the-scenes story of • Advance reading copies and excerpts available


• Toronto launch • Author interviews available

G RANT GOODBRAND was part of Hindley-Smith’s inner circle and a key

• Co-op available

therapist in the movement. He continues to help people sort through their issues. He lives in Mississauga, Ontario.

More Tips • Well-known Canadian writers and business people, such as bpNichol and Philip Marchand, were part of Therafields. This book reveals their early history. • Many of the people involved with Therafields are practising psychotherapists in Toronto today.


FallCatalogue_2010_FINAL_ECW_Fall09 4/8/10 4:07 PM Page 24

HEALTH Take As Directed Your Prescription for Safe Health Care in Canada Rhonda Church, M.D. and Neil MacKinnon, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-1-55022-952-3 6 x 9", 320 pages, paper $19.95 CDN, $19.95 U.S. September 2010 Health

Take As Directed gives Canadians a much-needed guidebook to safely navigate our encounters with health-care providers and optimize the management of our own health. In recent years, evidence indicating that our health-care system can be made safer has emerged. Here, a family physician and a pharmacy professor discuss the role each of us can play in achieving the best and safest possible health outcome for ourselves and our families. In clear and engaging language, Take As Directed walks the reader through the call to the family doctor’s receptionist, the examination room encounter, the pharmacy counter, a visit to the emergency department, and a stay on the hospital ward, and outlines common pitfalls in these encounters. Health-care consumers will learn how to provide critical information to their caregivers and know what information they must obtain from them. Since many adverse health outcomes are related to the use of medications, readers will learn how to safely and effectively use their prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. Marketing & Publicity Take As Directed is the first and definitive source book to:

• Extensive North American media mailing

• offer down-to-earth advice on how Canadians can obtain good health

• Digital galley available from

care, even in a “sick” system.

• Advance reading copies and excerpts available

• outline communication styles of health-care providers and offer tried-

• Author appearances in select Canadian cities

and-true tips and tricks on dealing with various “bedside manners.”

• Author interviews available

• offer guidance on optimizing the use of medications at home and reducing the chances of experiencing an adverse drug event, one of the

• Co-op available

commonest reasons for visits to Canadian emergency departments. • identify trustworthy sources of health and medication information on the More Tips


• Every Canadian is a stakeholder in Canada’s healthcare system; people are affected by the issues in this book every day.

All health-care consumers will benefit from the sage voices of the

• Take As Directed poses the right questions for patients to ask their doctors, and proposes how the questions should be answered in an accessible manner.

R HONDA CHURCH, M.D., has almost two decades of experience as a cradle-

authors, two of Canada’s most respected health-care professionals.

to-grave family physician. She currently practises in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, where she is on staff at the South Shore Regional Hospital. NEIL MACKINNON, Ph.D., FCSHP, is Associate Director of Research, College of Pharmacy, and Associate Professor, School of Health Services Administration and Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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ECW Press Fall 2010  

2008 Winner — Poetry More to Keep Us Warm, Jacob Scheier 2005 Finalist — Non-Fiction The Molly Fire, Michael Mitchell 2005 Finalist The Moll...

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