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Baby Caillou Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 1

In the hands of babies, books become an open invitation to play.

12-04-24 17:15

Baby Books Baby Caillou

Bath Books

Caillou – Bubble Time

Caillou – Sleepy Time

Caillou likes to take a bath with lots of bubbles and of course his bath book .

Caillou isn’t ready to go to sleep yet . Good thing Daddy is there to read him a story .

ISBN 9782894508442

ISBN 9782894508435

To introduce little ones to the joy of books.

Text: Pascale Morin Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Vinyl bath book, non-toxic 6” x 6” – 6 pages US $6.95 / CAN $6.95

Interactive Book Caillou – My Baby Album This lovely album unveils tender moments from Caillou’s first year . But once parents insert their own children’s photos behind the flaps, it becomes a lift-the-flap album where children discover their own story! Caillou – My Baby Album is a wonderful story book and photo album all in one! A keepsake your child will cherish forever . ISBN 9782894507155

Text: Chouette Publishing Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Board book, padded cover 8.5” x 8.5” – 16 pages US $14.95 / CAN $17.95

Insert your baby’s picture under the flaps.


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Language Development 9 months and up

Baby Caillou – First Word Library This clever case is bursting with full-color illustrations . It contains five picture books to help develop a young child’s vocabulary . Each theme is inspired by Caillou’s world and is a favorite with toddlers:

• •

Clothes Things that go

• •

Colors Farm animals

Zoo animals

The case itself is the last book . Children will love discovering new words with Caillou and parents will like the convenient carry-case format . ISBN 9782894508961


Includes 5 board books

www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 3

The books can be kept easily organi zed in the carry-case format.

Text: Chouette Publishing Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Board books, with case 7” x 5” – 40 pages US $9.95 / CAN $9.95 3

12-04-24 17:15

Picture Books Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 4

Endearing stories and age-appropriate themes that help children grow in harmony.

12-04-24 17:16

Little Dipper Series 2 years and up

Caillou – A Day At The Farm

Caillou – A Special Guest

Caillou – It’s Mine!

Caillou – Where Is Teddy?

Caillou, Mommy, and Daddy spend the day at Uncle Felix’s farm.

The arrival of someone new makes Caillou feel a little insecure at first!

Children can learn to share if they are first assured that their right to say no will be respected.

Caillou is sad. He has lost his favorite bear. Teddy is irreplaceable. Where could he be?

ISBN 9782894507438

ISBN 9782894507421

ISBN 9782894507100

ISBN 9782894507117


The books in the Little Dipper series put into words the experiences and emotions of very young children in everyday life situations. Caillou – Bath Time

Caillou – The Doctor

Caillou has as much fun playing in the tub as he does in the mud!

Mommy has been taking good care of Caillou, but he still has a fever. It’s time to see the doctor. A very comforting book!

ISBN 9782894506752

ISBN 9782894506769


Text: Joceline Sanschagrin Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Board books, padded cover 6” x 6” – 24 pages US $5.95 / CAN $7.95

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 5

A Canadian Children’s Book Center Our Choice selection


12-04-24 17:24

Hand in Hand Series 2 years and up


Best seller

Caillou – My Big Bed

Caillou – I Love You

Caillou – Potty Time

Caillou has gotten too big for his crib . After a few nights, Caillou learns to appreciate his new big bed .

A glance at the loving bond between Caillou and his mommy .

Mommy has a surprise for Caillou: a potty for him to use . No more diapers . Caillou’s a big boy now . After several attempts, a few failures and near misses, Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it .

Text: Christine L’Heureux

Text: Christine L’Heureux

Text: Joceline Sanschagrin ISBN 9782894508558

ISBN 9782894508602

ISBN 9782894507490

Caillou – No More Diapers

Caillou – I’m not Hungry

Caillou – Baby Sister

Caillou no longer wants to wear diapers . Caillou knows now when he has to use the potty . Very soon, he hopes to use the big toilet and to no longer wear diapers at night .

Caillou does not like to be interrupted when he is playing . Especially not for meals! Eating can be a shared pleasure when it does not involve a power struggle .

Caillou is jealous of the new baby, until he realizes that being a big boy has its own advantages .

Text: Christine L’Heureux

Text: Nicole Nadeau, Child Psychiatrist

ISBN 9782894508404

ISBN 9782894508299

Text: Joceline Sanschagrin ISBN 9782894506424

Caillou gives a helping hand to children in navigating their way successfully through various key developmental experiences of childhood. 6

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 6

12-04-24 17:16

Hand in Hand Series 2 years and up

Caillou – Just Like Daddy

Caillou – Rosie’s Pacifier

Caillou Wakes Up at Night

Caillou wants to be just like Daddy and grow up to be a father, too .

Caillou teases Rosie about her pacifier . Is it time to let it go? Mommy takes Rosie in her arms to talk about it . Rosie wants to speak, so, little by little, she sets aside her pacifier .

Caillou wakes up frightened every night, and every night he finds comfort in his parents’ arms . But Caillou’s parents need their sleep, so they must come up with a solution .

Text: Christine L’Heureux


Text: Christine L’Heureux


Text: Nicole Nadeau, Child Psychiatrist

ISBN 9782894505878

ISBN 9782894507650

ISBN 9782894506431

Caillou – The Babysitter

Caillou Says No!

Caillou – Good Night!

Caillou’s parents go out, and Lisa comes to babysit . Caillou feels abandoned, but Lisa helps him overcome his distress .

Caillou often says no, but sometimes he really means yes . The “no stage” is the start of a child’s testing of independence and growing self-awareness .

Caillou sleeps through the night with the door closed for the first time .


Text: Nicole Nadeau, Child Psychiatrist ISBN 9782894507063


Text: Nicole Nadeau, Child Psychiatrist ISBN 9782894507070

A series developed in collaboration with child psychologists. www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 7

Text: Christine L’Heureux and Gisèle Légaré

9!BMGCN?:TOTW To ISBN 9782894505885

Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Padded cover, with plasticized pages 8” x 6.5” – 24 pages US $5.95 / CAN $7.95 7

12-04-24 17:16

Big Dipper Series 3 years and up

Caillou – The Prince Caillou wants to marry his mother . Daddy tells Caillou a story to help him understand why this is impossible . Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

Caillou – The Broken Castle

Caillou – A New Family

Rosie accidently destroys Caillou’s castle and Caillou takes his first steps toward tolerance and compromise .

Caillou is curious about Aunt Ana’s divorce and asks his cousins questions .

Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

Caillou – The Wolf Caillou thinks he sees a wolf in the dim light of the attic . Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

Caillou – The Shopping Trip Caillou goes to the store with Mommy, but decides to go off and do some shopping on his own .

9!BMGCN?:TOVRWSo 9!BMGCN?:TOVRXPo 9!BMGCN?:TOVPWUo Text: Christine L’Heureux

Text: Nicole Nadeau

ISBN 9782894507971

ISBN 9782894507643

ISBN 9782894507384

ISBN 9782894507391

ISBN 9782894507186

Caillou – A Nice Surprise

Caillou – Play With Me

Caillou – Hurry Up!

Caillou At Grandma And Grandpa’s

Caillou – Day Care

Caillou decides to surprise his mother with a new recipe .

Caillou learns that, no matter how much Daddy loves him, he doesn’t always have time to play .

Caillou spends the day with his grandparents . What fun he has!

Caillou goes to day care for the first time and learns to socialize .

Mommy and Daddy wake up late, and everyone must hurry to get ready .


Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

Text: Joceline Sanschagrin

Text: Christine L’Heureux and Gisèle Légaré

ISBN 9782894506806

ISBN 9782894506561

ISBN 9782894506578

Text: Christine L’Heureux

ISBN 9782894507193

ISBN 9782894506790

Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Softcover 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $3.95 / CAN $4.95 8

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 8

Each book uses the adventures of Caillou to help children gain confidence in who they are and in their abilities to handle life’s challenges.

A Canadian Children’s Book Center Our Choice selection

12-04-24 17:16

Fairy Tale Series 3 years and up


Caillou – Beauty And The Beast

Caillou – Hansel And Gretel

Caillou – Little Red Riding Hood

Beauty goes to live at the castle with the Beast . She eventually sees through the outward appearance of the Beast and comes to love the person inside .

Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the woods . The lost and hungry children seek haven in the mouthwatering gingerbread house .

Little Red Riding Hood is going to see her grandmother . She meets a wolf along the way that distracts her and gets her off the path .

ISBN 9782894509494

ISBN 9782894508589

ISBN 9782894507575

Caillou and his family become actors in these beautifully illustrated fairy tales. Caillou – The Three Little Pigs Three little pigs leave their home to seek their fortunes . They need to be wise and brave to survive the wolf’s repetitive attacks . ISBN 9782894507568

www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 9

A Traditional Fairy Tale Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Hardcover 8.5” x 11” – 32 pages US $9.95 / CAN $9.95 9

12-04-24 17:16

Confetti Series 2 years and up

Caillou Happy Easter!

Caillou Merry Christmas!

Caillou Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s springtime! To celebrate Easter, Caillou and his family stay with Uncle Felix at his farm . Caillou has some wonderful experiences during his visit: seeing the new baby animals, riding on the tractor, and decorating eggs with his cousins . But the event that Caillou and his cousins are anticipating most is the Easter Egg Hunt!

In this story, Caillou celebrates Christmas with his sister Rosie, his parents, and grandparents . Even Caillou’s Aunt Poppy and her cat Balthazar come from far away to stay at Caillou’s house for the holiday .

The house is bustling in anticipation of a Thanksgiving feast, and Caillou dreams of eating his favorite meal . Today, he will discover that there is more to the holiday than delicious food, it’s about being thankful for the good things and important people in his life .

Easter, like other major holidays, is a time of family celebration and a lifelong source of happy memories . ISBN 9782894509470

Finally it’s Christmas Eve! Caillou is too excited to sleep . Suddenly, he hears a strange noise . Could it be Santa?

ISBN 9782897180201

Capturing the precious memories and emotions of the holiday season, this story teaches toddlers about the deeper meaning of Thanksgiving in this vividly illustrated story . ISBN 9782897180218 (Softcover)

ISBN 9782894504565 (Hardcover)

Text: Mélanie Rudel-Tessier Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Softcover 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $4.99 / CAN $4.99

Text : Johanne Mercier Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Softcover 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $4.99 / CAN $4.99

Text: Sarah Margaret Johanson Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Softcover – Hardcover 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $4.99 / CAN $4.99 (SC) US $6.95 / CAN $7.95 (HC)

The Confetti series captures the treasured memories and emotions that special holidays create for families and friends. Join Caillou, his family, and his friends as they prepare for favorite holidays and celebrations throughout the year. 10

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 10

12-04-24 17:16

Interactive Books

Books introducing children to stimulating concepts by developing their fine motor skills.

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 11

12-04-24 17:16

Interactive Books 18 months and up

Caillou – My Little Bed Caillou keeps his most cherished possessions with him all the time . At night, he brings them to bed with him . It’s a wonder there is still room enough for him! This fun interactive book is great to play with, to read or to count and includes a lovely Caillou plush . ISBN 9782894509517

Caillou – Something Is Missing


It’s fun to count to sleep with Caillou ! Text: Anne Paradis Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Board book, with plush 5.25” x 8.75” – 10 pages US $9.99 / CAN $9.99


Children delight in pulling the tabs to discover what’s missing from the scene . ISBN 9782894506226

Pull-tab Books

Children pull the tabs to find answers to simple questions. Text: Fabien Savary and Isabelle Vadeboncoeur Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Board book, with pull-tabs 6” x 6” – 12 pages US $4.95 / CAN $6.95


Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 12

12-04-24 17:16

Puzzle Books 3 years and up

This Caillou series is as much fun as it is educational. With these books, children can:

Caillou – Parade of Shapes

Caillou – Parade of Colors

Join the boat parade! On each boat there is an object representing a particular shape . A fun way to introduce children to the world of shapes!

Join Caillou, his friends and family as they parade their colorful vehicles through the city . Each vehicle represents a different color . A fun way to introduce children to the world of colors!

Text: Sarah Margaret Johanson

• arrange the puzzle pieces in order to make a four foot long train or parade; • play with the puzzle pieces by placing them on the corresponding images; • simply enjoy the wonderful story and colorful illustrations .

Text: Sarah Margaret Johanson ISBN 9782894508398

ISBN 9782894508381

Caillou – 123 Train

Caillou – ABC Train

Toddlers can learn to count to 10 along with Caillou, the conductor of the numbers train, as he travels with family, friends, and all kinds of animals .

Caillou is the conductor of the ABC Train, a wonderful jigsaw train that chugs through the world of letters .

9!BMGCN?:TOUWRVo ISBN 9782894506837

www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 13

9!BMGCN?:TOUWS o ISBN 9782894506844

Illustrations: Eric Sevigny Board book, with puzzle pieces 8.5” x 8” – 18 pages US $12.95 / CAN $14.95 13

12-04-24 17:16

Magnet Book 3 years and up

Caillou – What Should I Wear? What should Caillou and Rosie wear outside in spring or to play in the snow in winter? Children will learn about the seasons as they dress Caillou and Rosie appropriately for each season using the different magnetic clothes . Reading this interactive book encourages children to use several skills: • cognitive skills – when relating and combining seasons with clothing • matching skills and visual recognition – when finding the correct magnets • motor skills – when placing the magnets correctly • imagination – when finding alternative clothes for Caillou and Rosie • language skills – when talking about the different seasons ISBN 9782894507674

A fun way to learn about the seasons! Text: Chouette Publishing Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Hardcover with magnets 8.5” x 11” – 10 pages US / CAN $12.95 14

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 14

12-04-24 17:16

First Word Books Giving names to everyday things.

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 15

12-04-24 17:16

My First Dictionary Series 2 years and up

Caillou – Jobs People Do

Caillou – In My House

Caillou – Outside My House

In this fully-illustrated dictionary for toddlers, Caillou learns about the people who work all around him . The world is such a busy place!

This illustrated dictionary depicts Caillou’s immediate universe: his room, his clothes and toys, etc .

This illustrated dictionary shows Caillou’s world outside his house: the park, the grocery store, the street, the beach, the zoo, etc .

ISBN 9782894508312

ISBN 9782894506271

ISBN 9782894506707

Includes more than 75 new words!

An excellent way for children to enlarge their vocabulary and further explore the world around them.

Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Board book, with padded cover 8.5” x 11” – 16 pages US $12.95 / CAN $14.95 16

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 16

12-04-24 17:17

First Words 2 years and up

Bilingual Dictionary Caillou, My First Dictionary / Caillou, Mi primer diccionario My House / Mi casa In this illustrated bilingual dictionary, the objects of Caillou’s daily life are presented in English and Spanish . Children discover Caillou’s house and enjoy the illustrations that represent scenes in familiar rooms . En este diccionario bilingüe ilustrado, los objetos de la vida cotidiana de Caillou se presentan en inglés y español . Los niños descubren la habitación de Caillou y sus juguetes y disfrutan de las ilustraciones coloridas y vibrantes que representan escenas en cuartos familiares . ISBN 9782894508411

Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Boardbook, with padded cover 8.5 x 11 – 16 pages US $12.95 / CAN $14.95

First Word Books


Caillou – My Clothes

Caillou Moves Around

Caillou – Zoo Animals

ISBN 9782894506288

ISBN 9782894506295

ISBN 9782894506103

ISBN 9782894506097

Caillou – Let’s Go To The Park ISBN 9782894506608

9!BMGCN?:TOTXPTo www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 17


Caillou – Count With Me!

Caillou – Things That Go!

ISBN 9782894505915

ISBN 9782894505922

Illustrations: Pierre Brignaud Board book, with padded cover 5.25” x 6.5” 24 pages US $7.95 / CAN $9.95 17

12-04-24 17:17

TV Tie-In Books

In these books, children will find stories based on the popular television series.

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 18

12-04-24 17:17

Novelty 3 years and up

Caillou – My Body Like all children his age, Caillou is very active . He discovers life through his daily experiences, and becomes more aware of his body . When he runs, he can feel his heart beat faster . When he eats and drinks, he has to go to bathroom . And after a busy day, he takes a bath and goes to sleep, only to repeat the whole thing again the following day . This unique Caillou-shaped book introduces children to the human body . ISBN 9782894509531


You have the same body all your life and you need to take care of it!

Text: Anne Paradis Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Boardbook 11.25” x 6.25” – 10 pages US $9.99 / CAN $9.99 www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 19


12-04-24 17:17

Clubhouse Series 3 years and up


Caillou – My Bedtime Story Box After a busy day, everyone needs to unwind . My Bedtime Story Box prepares young kids for a good night of sleep . Before going to bed, follow Caillou on these adventures .

Caillou And Gilbert

Caillou Sleeps Over

Caillou wants to play with someone but everyone is busy . Then Caillou finds Gilbert!

Caillou sleeps over at a friend’s house for the first time . It’s a good thing Teddy came along for the ride .

Caillou – Dress-up With Daddy

Caillou – The Circus Parade

Caillou finds nothing to wear in his dresser drawer but Daddy comes up with a fun solution .

Caillou is disappointed that the circus isn’t in town until tomorrow . Daddy saves the day with a special breakfast .

Caillou Goes to Work

Caillou – What’s That Funny Noise?

Caillou goes to Mommy’s office for the first time . The office is a busy place but then so is Caillou .

Caillou hears noises and can’t fall asleep . Mommy and Daddy help him figure out what they are so Caillou can get a good night’s sleep .

ISBN 9782894509005

A great value: 6 books for the price of 3 !

Illustrations: CINAR Animation and Eric Sévigny Adaptation: Nicole Nadeau, Marion Johnson, Roger Harvey, Joceline Sanschagrin, Marilyn Pleau-Murissi Books: Softcover – 8” x 8” – 24 pages Carrying case: 8.25” x 8.25” x 1” US / CAN $10.95 20

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 20

12-04-24 17:17

Clubhouse Series 3 years and up

Caillou Goes Birdwatching

Caillou Rides On A Plane

Grandma takes Caillou to the park to discover the local birdlife .

Caillou takes the plane for the first time .

Caillou Walks His Dog

Caillou Hiding Place

Caillou would love to have his own dog, but he already has a cat .

Caillou discovers a family treasure in a special hiding place .

Caillou – My Storytime Box From joy to wonder, from mishap to delight, Caillou learns about the world around him . This carry-along box with plastic handle contains six fun Caillou adventures . A box full of surprises and discoveries! ISBN 9782894507698

Caillou Rides a Bike

Caillou Dresses Up

Caillou learns the hard way about bicycle safety .

Disguised as an astronaut, Caillou goes trick-or-treating .

A great value: 6 books for the price of 3 !

Adaptation: Nicole Nadeau, Marion Johnson, Francine Allen, Roger Harvey Illustrations: CINAR Animation Books: Softcover – 8” x 8” – 24 pages Carrying case: 8.25” x 8.25” x 1” US / CAN $10.95 www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 21


12-04-24 17:17

Clubhouse Series 3 years and up



Caillou – Show And Tell

Caillou – Puts Away His Toys

Caillou – Happy Halloween

Caillou Goes Camping

ISBN 9782894509463

ISBN 9782894509388

ISBN 9782894509326

ISBN 9782894508565

Caillou Sends a Letter

Caillou And The Big Slide

Caillou And The Rain

Caillou Is Sick

ISBN 9782894508664

ISBN 9782894508671

ISBN 9782894508701

ISBN 9782894508657

These books show Caillou discovering the world around him as he moves toward a greater understanding of his environment. Adaptation : Sarah Margaret Johanson, Nicole Nadeau, Marion Johnson, Francine Allen, Roger Harvey, Marilyn Pleau-Murissi, Joceline Sanschagrin Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Softcover 8” x 8” – 24 pages US / CAN $3.95

Caillou At The Beach ISBN 9782894509425


Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 22

12-04-24 17:17

Clubhouse Series 3 years and up


Caillou – Training Wheels

Caillou – My First Play

Caillou – The Jungle Explorer

ISBN 9782894507476

ISBN 9782894507469

ISBN 9782894507230

ISBN 9782894507247

9!BMGCN?:TOSVWXo 9!BMGCN?:TOSQOWo 9!BMGCN?:TOSV Qo 9!BMGCN?:TOS TPo Caillou – My Imaginary Friend

Caillou Learns to Skate

Caillou – The Circus Parade

Caillou – The Missing Sock

ISBN 9782894504789

ISBN 9782894504208

ISBN 9782894504772

ISBN 9782894504451

9!BMGCN?:TOS UWo 9!BMGCN?:TOTQ Xo 9!BMGCN?:TOSW Wo 9!BMGCN?:TOSQPTo Caillou – The Phone Call

Caillou – What’s That Funny Noise?

Caillou – Dress-up With Daddy

Caillou – The School Bus

ISBN 9782894504468

ISBN 9782894505229

ISBN 9782894504888

ISBN 9782894504215

www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 23

A Canadian Children’s Book Center Our Choice selection


12-04-24 17:17

Activity Books 2 years and up


Caillou – My First Coloring Book Learn to color inside the lines It’s so much easier to color with a chunky, embossed outline!

3 years and up

3 years and up

Caillou – The Little Artist

Caillou – Look and Find

This innovative coloring book offers ready-to-display wall art .

This is a fun activity book to: discover various elements in an illustration play detective and find out-of-place objects learn numbers from 1 to 10 have fun with Caillou

Each simple picture has a full-color example to follow, and of course, Caillou is there to help every step of the way .

Just add color to the pre-framed illustrations and you’ll have a masterpiece! Detach, sign and date your child’s work and use the fun stickers included to showcase their talent around your home .

ISBN 9782894508992

ISBN 9782894508091

ISBN 9782894508060

Text: Anne Paradis Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Softcover, with stickers 8.5” x 11” – 48 pages US $5.99 / CAN $5.99

Text: Anne Paradis Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Softcover, with detachable pages 8.5” x 11” – 96 pages US $7.95 / CAN $8.95

Text: Anne Paradis Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Board book; padded cover 8.5” x 11” – 16 pages US $12.95 / CAN $14.95

• • •


Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 24

12-04-24 17:18

Ecology Club 3 years and up


Caillou – As Good as New

Caillou – Plants a Tree

When Caillou sees Leo’s new bicycle, he wishes his was new and looked special too . Daddy suggests they spruce up their bikes and Caillou’s all for it! Now Caillou’s bicycle is as good as new .

Daddy brings Caillou to the nursery to help choose a new tree . Caillou learns about trees and their importance to the environment, the animals and to humans .

ISBN 9782894508329

ISBN 9782894508343

The things we do every day have a huge impact on the fight against pollution, wasting of natural resources and overconsumption . Everyone can participate in this battle . It doesn’t matter how small the contribution or how young the person – every little bit counts . The Ecology Club series uses everyday situations to introduce environmentally friendly yet simple actions that are well within reach of little children, so that they too can help keep our planet healthy .

Honorable Mention

Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based ink. Caillou – The Magic of Compost

Caillou – Every Drop Counts!

Grandma impresses Caillou so much with her composter magic trick that Caillou has to try it, too . He goes home and turns scraps of leftovers, grass clippings, and apple cores into plant food! Abracadabra compost!

At day care Caillou learns about water conservation . When he gets home, he looks for ways that he can save water . A leaky tap in the bathroom gives Caillou an idea on an even grander scale!

ISBN 9782894507735

ISBN 9782894507728

www .chouette .co

Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 25

Adaptation: Sarah Margaret Johanson Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Softcover 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $5.95 / CAN $6.95 25

12-04-24 17:18

Interactive Books 3 years and up


Caillou – When I Grow Up

Caillou – My Family And Me

Caillou imagines what he would like to be when he grows up: an astronaut, a rock star, a fireman, etc .

Caillou loves spending time with his family . Discover the things that Caillou and his family do together .

ISBN 9782894507605

ISBN 9782894507612

Caillou’s imagination pops out of each page Text: Pascale Morin Illustrations: Eric Sévigny 5.5” x 7.25” – 10 pages Board book with pop-up elements US $6.95 / CAN $7.95

Touch and Feel

Caillou – The Day I Met Gilbert

Caillou – Spend The Day With Me

Caillou and his parents go to the local animal shelter to find a pet . When Caillou sees a little kitten, he knows he has found a friend for life .

Spend the day with Caillou as he eats sticky jam, plays a knight in shining armor, bathes, and goes to bed .

9!BMGCN?:TOVQVWo ISBN 9782894507278


Catalog_Fall_2012_VF.indd 26

9!BMGCN?:TOVQWTo ISBN 9782894507285

Kids will love to touch Caillou’s world!

Text: Christine L’Heureux Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Board pages, with textured elements 7.75” x 8.5” – 12 pages US $9.95 / CAN $12.95

A Canadian Children’s Book Center Our Choice selection

12-04-24 17:18

Playtime Series 3 years and up

Caillou – Where’s Gilbert?

Caillou – My Day Care Friends

Caillou Watches Rosie

Caillou – New Shoes

Caillou and Mommy look for clues throughout the house to find Gilbert’s hiding spot .

Caillou is going to day care for the first time and will soon make new friends .

Mommy needs to rest, so Caillou must look after his little sister .

Caillou is growing, and now his shoes are too small .

Inside: A Good Habits Calendar

Inside: A full-color height chart

Inside: A game of chutes and ladders

Inside: A supersized scrapbooking layout

ISBN 9782894507520

ISBN 9782894507537

ISBN 9782894506356

ISBN 9782894506349

Caillou In The Garden

Caillou At The Zoo

Caillou helps Grandpa plant some carrot seeds in the garden and watches over them as they grow .

At the zoo, Caillou learns that animals have families, too!


Inside: A fun family tree to fill in!


Inside: A super vegetable chart

Poster from Caillou – Where’s Gilbert?

With interactive poster!

ISBN 9782894503836

ISBN 9782894503843

Adaptation: Marion Johnson and Sarah Margaret Johanson Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Softcover, with interactive poster! 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $4.95 / CAN $6.95 www .chouette .co

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Special Edition Albums 3 years and up

Caillou – My Book Of Great Adventures

• • • • • •

Six great stories from the Scooter series! The Birthday Party – Claire St-Onge Favorite T-Shirt – Jeanne Verhoy-Millet The Picnic – Michel Belair At The Market – Marion Johnson At The Beach – Marion Johnson At The Amusement Park – Marion Johnson

9!BMGCN?:TOVPRPo ISBN 9782894507131

Caillou And Gilbert


Caillou plays with his cat, Gilbert . ISBN 9782894505960

Match the sticker with the word !

Caillou – Happy Holidays! Join Caillou’s family and friends as they prepare for Christmas! Caillou’s daddy gives him a special calendar to help count the days left until the big day . Every night Caillou opens a window and discovers how children around the world celebrate the holidays .

9!BMGCN?:TOUS Wo ISBN 9782894506448

Adapted from the bestselling Caillou’s Holiday Movie!

Illustrations: Eric Sevigny Padded cover 8.5” x 8.5” – 148 pages US $10.95 / CAN $14.95

Adaptation: Joceline Sanschagrin Illustrations: Les Studios de la Souris Mécanique Softcover, with stickers 8” x 8” – 24 pages US $4.95 / CAN $6.95

Text: Marilyn Pleau-Murissi Illustrations: Eric Sévigny Padded cover with glitter 8.5” x 11” – 80 pages US $14.95 / CAN $17.95


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United States


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Our little hero travels easily from country to country, charming parents and kids everywhere . Caillou books are sold in more than 15 countries: Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China France Germany Hungary Ireland

Norway Poland Portugal South Korea Spain Switzerland Turkey United States Vietnam

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Play with Caillou www .caillou .com

Please note: Dates, prices, titles, and printing details of all books listed are subject to change without notice. The listing of a price for any title in this catalog is not intended to control the resale price.

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The Caillou books are adapted to each age group from birth to age six. With the input of child-psychologists and using everyday situations, these books help children cope with various developmental stages of their lives by better understanding what they are experiencing and to find the words to express their feelings.


ISBN 978-289718-029-4

© 2012 Chouette Publishing (1987) inc. The PBS KIDS logo is a registered mark of PBS and is used with permission.

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of CBF and SODEC for our publishing activities.

Printed in Canada . Illustrations : Pierre Brignaud, Éric Sévigny and Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc .

Caillou, a young child’s best friend

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Chouette Fall 2012 Catalog  

Chouette Fall 2012 Catalog

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