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SALES POINTS ✚ Compiled with full access to Christie’s famous archives ✚ With never-before seen materials and photography ✚ Reveals the romance, drama, intrigue – even danger – attached to some of the world’s most storied jewels

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Christie’s The Jewellery Archives Revealed


Vincent Meylan

ACC Art Books 234 col., 76 b&w. illustrations 360 pages, 9.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9781851498475

or centuries, the stories of the world's great jewelry collections have lain hidden within the archives of Christie's, the celebrated auctioneers. From the tragic European queens, Mary, Queen of Scots and Marie Antoinette - both beheaded - to Hollywood royalty such as Elizabeth Taylor, the vaults sparkle with the most famous (and occasionally notorious) names of the last 250 years. Following on from the success of his books on Boucheron: The Secret Archives, Van Cleef & Arpels: Treasures and Legends and Mellerio: Jewellers to the Queens of Europe, author Vincent Meylan explores these remarkable jewelry archives, revealing the mysteries within for the first time.


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Each sale had its intrigue, each its story to tell. The first auction of jewelry from the British royal family took place at Christie's in 1773, after the death of the Princess of Wales, mother of George III. As the archives reveal, in the subsequent centuries, Christie's has been party to the sale of jewelry by several further generations of British royals, from Lady Patricia Ramsay and the Countess of Southesk through to Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. And, in the wake of revolution and regicide further afield, the crown jewels of France, Russia, Bavaria, Serbia, Egypt, India and Spain were all sold at Christie's. Aside from Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary movie star collections of Merle Oberon and Gloria Swanson are here, as well as the most famous pearls and diamonds in the world; each explored within the context of their owners' remarkable lives.


CONTENTS: Introduction by François Curiel, Chairman of Christie's Asia-Pacific; 1. Guillotine Diamonds; 2. Murdered Queens; 3. Pomp and Circumstances; 4. Empresses in Exile; 5. The French Court; 6. From Christie's with Love; 7. Soft as a Pearl; 8. Bloody Revolutions; 9. Ladies of the Stage; 10. Gems from the East; 11. Diamonds are Christie's Best Friends; 12. Appendix: Prestigious Provenances.

Vincent Meylan is a specialist in precious stones and high jewelry, and the author of several biographies and works on the history of precious stones, including Queens' Jewels (Assouline, 2005), Boucheron: The Secret Archives ISBN 9781851496679 (ACC, 2011), and Van Cleef & Arpels: Treasures and Legends ISBN 9781851497706 (ACC, 2014).






✚ Stunning creations from the Chief Floral Designer for the White House, Laura Dowling ✚ Occasions include state dinners, private family events, afternoon tea with Prince Harry, and holidays such as Halloween and Christmas at the White House ✚ Supported by author events and national media coverage

✚ Lots of ideas for how to plant and style for indoor display ✚ Inspiration for both seasoned and novice plant lovers ✚ Guides the reader through different "green" homes in five European countries and shows how beautiful, unique, creative and even artistic living with plants can be ✚ Speaks to the trend of bringing the outside indoors

Floral Diplomacy

Urban Jungle

at the White House

Living and Styling with Plants

Laura Dowling


Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff SPECS


Stichting Kunstboek


100 color illustrations

250 color illustrations

144 pages, 8.25 x 10.25in.

176 pages, 8.5 x 11in.

Hardcover, February 2017

Hardcover, available now

ISBN: 9789058565587


Laura Dowling is an award-winning florist and designer. She is the recipient of the American Horticultural Society's “Great American Gardener Award” for achievements and contributions in floristry and is a featured speaker at leading flower shows, museums and cultural institutions across the country. In 2016, she received the “Distinguished Flower Ambassador” award from the Royal Horticultural Society of Belgium at a ceremony honoring international floral diplomacy in Ghent, Belgium. A native of Chehalis, Washington, Laura received her B.A. degree in political science and Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle. Today, she continues to share her vision of floral artistry, teaching, consulting, and conducting workshops. She lives in Alexandria, VA.

ISBN: 9783766722447

aura Dowling served as Chief Floral Designer at the White House from 2009 until 2015. In this unique position, working closely with First Lady Michelle Obama, she managed décor and flowers for thousands of White House events, using flowers as a strategic tool for communicating diplomatic, symbolic and policy messages. Renowned for a new romantic style featuring free-flowing vines and flowers with classical overtones, her work there evoked nature and the garden, balancing a strong artistic vision with a sense of wildness. While at the White House, Laura used her artistry to design seasonal arrangements, often held in hand-made organic containers of leaves, branches and berries, in a modern, refined, yet casually elegant style.


In addition to the inspirations, tips, and techniques for her floral artistry, she of course offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into both official and private White House life during the Obama administration.

rban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants is a source of inspiration, ideas and a manual for all of those who want to bring more plants into their home.


The book guides the reader through different “green” homes in five European countries and shows how beautiful, unique, creative and even artistic living with plants can be. More than that the reader finds endless ideas for styling from the bloggers of the “Urban Jungle Bloggers” community. To complete the topic of indoor plants the book offers easy help for taking care of the plants and DIY tips.


Igor Josifovic is a blogger, socialmedia expert, loves plants and commutes between Munich and Paris. He shares his affection for interior design, traveling and especially "living with plants" with his readers on his "Happy Interior Blog" and on the plant-community "Urban Jungle Bloggers". Judith de Graaff is also a blogger, works as a graphic designer and loves plants as well. She lives with her husband and her cats in a former factory building near Paris. Her own blog is her playground where style, colors, and plants meet. She is a steady companion for the plantcommunity "Urban Jungle Bloggers" and hopes to inspire others with her love for all things green.







✚ Featuring major projects in The Hamptons/Long Island, New York City, and Miami Beach, among others ✚ Includes stunning images by some of the most prominent landscape photographers at work today ✚ Full-color, richly illustrated and comprehensive outline of Janice Parker's inspiration, technique, design, construction and implementation of landscape gardening ✚ Information included about specific plant species, construction techniques, and advice on training and working in landscape architecture ✚ Includes comprehensive resources: websites, noteworthy nurseries, and tradespeople

✚ Includes recently-discovered and never-before published photos of a then-unknown Madonna, taken in 1979 ✚ Follows on from the massively successful Madonna Nudes, published by Taschen in 1990 and no longer available

Designing a Vision


Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Nudes + Martin H.M. Schreiber

Janice Parker RLA

SPECS ACC Editions 36 b&w illustrations 80 pages, 7.75 x 9.75in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781851498499

$27.99 SPECS The Images Publishing Group 300 color illustrations 276 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover, January 2017

steemed landscape architect, horticultural specialist, garden consultant, teacher, and floral designer Janice Parker has distinguished herself by rethinking accepted landscape practices and developing inventive, personal solutions to difficult problems. Designing a Vision is a captivating and inspiring close-up of her practice, with a focus on her creative process and substantial output of works spanning more than three decades.


ISBN: 9781864707021

$59.95 Since the year of its emergence in 1984, Janice Parker Landscape Architects has grown into a prominent national firm. Working from Greenwich, CT, Janice Parker has conceptualized and directed innovative landscape architecture for national, private and public clients across the United States. Her firm has established a reputation for conceiving of thoughtful landscapes, and dedicating themselves to the intricacies of landscape installation: excellent design, full documentation, and project coordination. The firm has been honored with multiple awards, including the 2012 National Palladio Award for Landscape Architecture, five Innovation in Design Awards from Cottages & Gardens magazines, the 2015 Professional Merit Award from the state chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the A List Award from At Home Magazine in 2011. Janice was involved in the formation of New York City's Million Trees Project, and designed The Cherry Tree Project for the Harlem River Esplanade for New York City's Park Department in partnership with The New York Restoration Project. Always striving to improve the cultural landscape, she has also created community gardens for the New York Restoration Project. Janice Parker is regularly in demand as a speaker and conducts workshops around the country.

Thirteen projects are presented in meticulous detail: expressive color photographs, renderings, watercolors, and plans as well as engaging texts on history, client, site, design inspiration, and implementation. Parker’s extensive hands-on experience is evident on every page, and especially in the in-depth personal essays that communicate the design philosophies she has developed over the course of her career. Realistic and inspiring in equal measure, Designing a Vision offers guidance in every facet of landscape and design, encouraging garden designers, owners, and connoisseurs to revel in the possibilities of visionary green spaces.

fter the huge success of Martin HM Schreiber's Madonna Nudes in the 1990s, the new edition Madonna Nudes + features recently discovered and never published photos of Madonna besides a selection of the best images published in the Madonna Nudes 1979 edition. Martin H. M. Schreiber rose to international prominence when his shots of a nude, pre-fame Madonna appeared in the September 1985 issue of Playboy magazine. While he is proud of the shots, Schreiber regrets not having had the chance to do a one-on-one shoot with Madonna. “I was taking pictures from behind my students, it wasn't as if I had a private session and could get her to do what I wanted her to do.” It was February 1979 when a quiet, shy young woman walked into Martin's studio to serve as a model for his photography class. The 'dancer', as she modestly described herself, was Madonna Ciccone. She arrived in New York in 1978 having bought a one-way ticket from Michigan, with only $35 in her pocket. Life modeling for art classes was a way of making a living. Little did Martin know at the time that this more or less chance encounter would lead to one of the most memorable photo shoots of all time.


Internationally acclaimed photographer Martin HM Schreiber (1946) was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and migrated to the United States in 1952. In 1960 Martin joined the US Army where he went to Photo Lab School. This was the beginning of his career and education. Taking up photography full time after the service, he went on to teach and lecture at two prestigious institutions: The School Of Visual Arts and The New School/ Parsons, both in New York City. Returning to his European roots, Schreiber presently resides outside of Paris in France. His works have been published internationally in every major magazine and newspaper and have been the subject of over eighty group and solo exhibitions. There have been fourteen books of his works published.







✚ Never-before published photos of Iggy Pop and The Stooges at the height of their fame ✚ A must-have for any dedicated fan ✚ Incredible stills from this phenomenal gig, hidden away and unseen until now

✚ Rare and unseen photos of Jimi Hendrix including 100 black-andwhite and color images, not least the greatest rock-and-roll image of all time: Hendrix burning his guitar onstage at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival ✚ Exclusive backstage shots ✚ Immortalises Hendrix's most iconic onstage performances, including Monterey, Whisky AGo-Go and Newport ✚ Contains many articles from 1960s music magazines, covering the rise of one of the greatest rockers the world has ever known ✚ Timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of one the greatest rock events of all time - The Monterey Pop Festival

Burning Desire

Iggy Pop & The Stooges

The Jimi Hendrix Experience through the Lens of Ed Caraeff

One Night at the Whisky, 1970


Ed Caraeff

Ed Caraeff

ACC Editions 200 col., 100 b&w illustrations 192 pages, 7.75 x 9.75in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9781851498543

SPECS ACC Editions


Ed Caraeff is hailed as one of the music world's greatest art directors and photographers. His archives capture the spirit of the high age of rock.

n May 1970, The Stooges were in the middle of recording their celebrated album, Fun House at Elektra Records Recording Studio in Los Angeles. That same month, they appeared at the Whisky a Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard for two incredible nights. Ed Caraeff, a new rock photographer who had burst onto the scene three years prior with his now-iconic image of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar onstage at Monterey, happened to be in that crowd, and took a plethora of wonderful pictures.


Ed Caraeff's coverage of this monumental moment is reprinted here for the first time in book form. He not only captures the energy, madness and raw power of Iggy Pop's performance, but also the preceding minutes before the band stepped onto stage and made history. Along with images and contact sheets, original interviews shed new light on that unforgettable night. Interviewed by pop-culture historian Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, names include Jac Holzman, Head of Elektra Records during the recording of Fun House; Mikael Maglieri, son of Mario Maglieri, owner of the Whisky a Go-Go when The Stooges played in 1970; Danny Fields, a DJ/publicist credited for signing MC5 and The Stooges; and Jeff Gold, music historian and noted Iggy Pop biographer. A tribute to the band that rocked the world, Iggy Pop & The Stooges: One Night at the Whisky, 1970 will revolutionise your view of music.

n 1967, a 17-year-old aspiring photographer named Ed Caraeff found himself front row at the Monterey Pop Festival, California. Caraeff had never seen Hendrix before, nor was he familiar with his music. But Caraeff had his ever-present camera and as Hendrix lit his guitar, he snapped a photo. That picture – Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey – has become one of the most iconic images of rock and roll. A photo that defined Hendrix as an artist, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine not once, but twice, and launched Caraeff's photographic career. Timed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival, Burning Desire reveals never-before published images from the magnificent, Hendrix-dedicated archive that Caraeff has compiled.


From onstage to backstage, Jimi Hendrix was as electric in front of the camera as he was when he strummed his guitar. In Burning Desire, Caraeff showcases more than 100 images, including rare shots and contact sheets, and discusses his experiences with this incredible musician.

50 col., 50 b&w illustrations 192 pages, 9.25 x 11.75in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781851498345


CONTENTS: Monterey International Pop Music Festival: June 18, 1967 Hollywood Bowl: August 18, 1967 Anaheim Convention Center: February 9, 1968 Ackerman Union Ballroom: February 13, 1968 Hollywood Bowl: September 14, 1968 Whiskey-A-Go-Go: October 1968 Newport '69: June 20-22, 1969

Ed Caraeff is a name recognized by anybody who is anybody in the music industry. A photographer, illustrator and graphic designer, he has directed art for, photographed, and designed hundreds of record album covers from 1967 to 1982 for numerous artists, including The Stooges, Elton John, Steely Dan, Carly Simon, Three Dog Night, Tom Waits and Dolly Parton. His photography has appeared on the cover of four issues of Rolling Stone and boasts a rightful place in the permanent collection at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.




SALES POINTS ✚ The first book on Fabergé in London, covering its fascinating history from its opening in 1903, to its closure in 1917 ✚ Previously unreferenced sources and a newly discovered archive ✚ Of interest to enthusiasts of European royalty, the decorative arts, and the social history of the Edwardian Golden Age SPECS ACC Art Books 191 col., 86 b&w illustrations 240 pages, 9.25 x 11.75in.



Fabergé in London The British Branch of the Imperial Russian Goldsmith Kieran McCarthy

Fabergé: The McFerrin Collection

oyalty, Aristocrats, American heiresses, exiled Russian Grand Dukes, Randlords, Maharajas, Socialites and Financiers with newly made fortunes flocked to Fabergé in London to buy gifts for each other. The Imperial Russian Goldsmith's London branch was the only one outside of Russia and its jeweled and enameled contents were as popular there as they were in St. Petersburg or Moscow.


The Opulence Continues... Dorothy McFerrin, Jennifer McFerrin-Bohner

Hardcover, December 2016

✚ Features an array of pieces that have never been published before, as well as numerous items with Imperial Russian and European provenance ✚ A continuation of images, descriptions, and essays celebrating The McFerrin Collection, one of the largest private collections of Fabergé items in the world ✚ A fold-out family tree illustrates the branches of the Imperial Russian family with indication of related items in The McFerrin Collection

SPECS ISBN: 9781851498284

The McFerrin Collecton 427 col., 16 b&w illustrations


192 pages, 9.25 x 11.75in. Hardcover, December 2016

Kieran McCarthy is a director of Wartski, the London Court Jewellers, and an expert on the work of Carl Fabergé. He is on the advisory board of the Fabergé Museum in St. Petersburg, is a freeman of the Goldsmiths' Company and a fellow of the Gemmological Association. He advises collectors and institutions on Fabergé's work and recently revealed the rediscovery of one of the lost Imperial Fabergé Easter Eggs.

s the preferred jeweler to the Russian Tsars and European royalty at the turn of the 20th century, Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920) created an array of objets d'art that exude both opulence and innovation, and tell of a period in history unlikely to ever be repeated. The McFerrin Collection has become one of the largest privately owned Fabergé collections in the world, and is on long-term loan to the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Texas.


This book celebrates The McFerrin Collection of Fabergé masterpieces and reveals items that have never been published before. Also highlighted are a selection of important Imperial Russian pieces that appeared in the first book on the collection, From a Snowflake to an Iceberg: The McFerrin Collection (2013), along with a few of the collectors' personal favorites.

SALES POINTS ✚ Explains the star motif’s role over 3000 years of jewelry making ✚ Fascinating trip through thousands of years of jewelry history SPECS

Heavenly The Sun, Moon and Stars in Jewellery Fritz Falk

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 144 color illustrations 192 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Flexibind, available now Text in English and German ISBN: 9783897904729

$50.00 Fritz Falk was the director of the Schmuckmuseum in Pforzheim, Germany from 1970 to 2003, where he presided over 150 exhibitions on historical and modern jewelry. Since 2004 he has consulted for the Russian Museum for Ethnography in Saint Petersburg. The author of numerous publications on jewelry and ethnology, he holds a doctorate in art history and is also a master goldsmith.

ewelry and the universe are bound together not just in the Ancient Greek sense of the word 'cosmos'; the sun, moon and stars invariably also found their way into representative forms of art jewelry around the world. While magical, mythological and religious references stood mainly at the forefront of ancient and non-European cultures, over the course of recent history it was on decorative grounds that jewelry pieces with cosmic motifs became so coveted. Whether Köchert in Vienna, Fabergé in St Petersburg or Lalique in Paris, the great jewelers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were all inspired by heavenly forms. Today, interest in celestial bodies remains unbroken among contemporary internationally celebrated jewelry artists.


With his new, richly illustrated book, the long-standing head of the Jewellery Museum Pforzheim presents for the first time a comprehensive review on the star motif in jewelry - from Ancient Egypt to the present day.

ISBN: 9780692762172


CONTENTS: Catherine the Great; Under a Diamond Glass: Portrait Diamonds, Fabergé, and The McFerrin Collection; Hahn; The Fabergé Legacy; Imperial Presentation; Bell Pushes; Everyday Objects; Cigarette Cases; Animals; Floral; Frames; Fans; Hardstones; Eggs; Timepieces; Small Boxes; Jewelry; Ladies' Accessories; Maid-of-Honor Badges; Tsar and Tsarina; Alix and Pollie: A Lifelong Friendship; Olga; Xenia; Maria Feodorovna; MINNI's Desk Clock: A Private Gift from a Public Person; Maria Pavlovna; Greece; Nobel; Rothschild; Tiffany Art Glass; Tiaras; Cloisonné; Tricentennial; World War I; Religious Items; The Last Chapter; Fabergé's Workmasters.

Artie and Dorothy McFerrin's interest in the art of Fabergé flourished because of their love of the pieces and also the jeweller's successful entrepreneurship. Artie is an entrepreneur himself in the chemical manufacturing industry and wrote The Executioner (2015), a comprehensive modernised update of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Artie shares his mastery of developing the right mind frame, habits, and intangible principles for success in this new classic. The McFerrins reside in Houston, Texas, and enjoy Texas A&M football and spending time with their family.





Princesses and Saints

✚ Koeke’s art comes to life in outfits designed for and worn by older women ✚ Includes seventeen of Koeke’s childhood crayon drawings reproduced on special paper

Justyna Koeke

SPECS Arnoldsche Art Publishers 84 color illustrations 152 pages, 8 x 11in. Paperback, available now Text in English and German ISBN: 9783897904804


Nils Büttner, Sonja Eismann, Änne Söll; Photographs by David Spaeth

ransforming the crayon drawings of childhood – of princesses and saints – into wearable sculptures, this Polish-born artist merges fantasy and fashion in vibrantly colorful costumes modeled here by older women in a oneof-a-kind fashion show set in the residential home where they live. Backstage photographs show make-up artists working in primary colors, the delight of the women as they turn into life-sized dolls, and the sheer neon wizardry of the costume designer from Oz. Reminiscent of Fruits, the surprise hit fashion photo book published by Phaidon in 2001, these vivid, ultra-bright full-color portraits of the models in Koeke’s confections more than delight the eye. They celebrate the impish, outrageous child in all of us – however old we may be.

Sonja Eismann is a journalist as well as founder and editor of Missy Magazine.


Waterforms Dorothy Kerper Monnelly

SPECS Verlag Kettler 70 b&w illustrations 156 pages, 9.5 x 11.75in.

ISBN: 9783862065400

$55.00 Dorothy Kerper Monnelly is an award-winning photographer. She lives near the salt marshes and sand dunes of Ipswich, MA, which have been the main muse for her photography for over thirty years. Also available: Waterforms (French language edition) ISBN 9783862066018 Non-returnable

Arne De Winde, Francis Hodgson, Daniel Peña

ceans and rivers have a unique ephermerality; this is especially true where tide and land meet. Here, the acclaimed naturalist and photographer captures this zone of incessant change – its rhythmic action and harmony – in evocative photographs of the myriad unique ways water, sand, and stones come together and wash away.


As in the best of Paul Strand’s nature photography, Monnelly’s work finds the abstract in the specific and the granular in the majestic. The images collected here are from New Hampshire, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, Hawaii, Newfoundland, and, of course, her beloved Ipswich, Massachusetts.

SALES POINTS ✚ The rediscovery of the stunning work of an American top photographer John G. Zimmerman ✚ John G. Zimmerman (19272002) is a true icon of American photography. For decades his pictures appeared on the covers of magazines like Time, Life and Sports Illustrated ✚ The photographs in this publication present an enduring image of the United States from the 1950s to the 1970s

SPECS Hannibal Publishing 100 b&w illustrations 180 pages, 11.5 x 10.75in.

true icon of American photography, John G. Zimmerman (1927-2002) gave a unique panorama of American life and culture during the second half of the 20th century. This publication presents a selection of black-and-white pictures, shot between 1950 and 1978, which show the rough and uncut visual ingenuity of Zimmerman.


Essays are contributed by internationally renowned scholars and authors: Arne De Winde (Belgium), Francis Hodgson (GB), and Daniel Peña (US). Each presents a personal perspective on Zimmerman's massive oeuvre, offering an insight in its multifaceted character and technical mastery. Together they demonstrate the profound topicality of Zimmerman's work, as it not only cultivated the American Dream, but also exposed its collateral damage, its rusty undercoating. The authors trace how Zimmerman's gaze was obsessed with capturing moments and movements, but above all other people's gaze. What captivates and attracts us? How can and do objects and people exercise an enigmatic force, be it a rat catcher, a brand new car, or President Nixon?

Prof Dr Änne Söll teaches modern art with the focus on cultural and gender studies at the RuhrUniversität Bochum.

Hardcover, available now, non-returnable

Selected Photographs of John G. Zimmerman


Prof Dr Nils Büttner teaches art history at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart.

✚ A soothing and meditative photography collection from tidal basins around the US and Canada

America in Black and White


“Zimmerman could do it all and did. In his endless search for a new visual language he was always pushing the boundaries of the photographic medium: he created whatever he needed to make the seemingly impossible.”

Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789492081766


Arne De Winde is a lecturer and researcher at PXL-MAD - School of Arts and the Department of Literary Studies at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He is a member of the editorial boards of COLLATERAL, Online Journal for Cruss-Cultural Close Reading and the cultural magazine rektoverso. Francis Hodgson is Professor in the Culture of Photography at the University of Brighton, having established himself as a critical writer on photography. His work has embraced both cultural and commercial aspects of photography and influenced the exhibiting and curation of photographs, with former roles including Financial Times photography critic and Head of Photographs at Sotheby's, London. He is a co-founder of the leading photography award, Prix Pictet. Daniel Peña is a Pushcart Prizewinning author and Assistant Professor at the University of Houston Downtown where he teaches in the Department of English. He's a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Ploughshares Blog.







✚ Discover everything you need to know about birds in this beautiful little book ✚ A condensed yet informative book that contains everything about birds you've ever wondered ✚ Wonderful illustrations make this book both factual and fun

✚ Filled with full-color photographs of gorgeous houses in a wild, natural setting ✚ For adventurers and lovers of beauty ✚ Explores homes in Algeria to Curaçao, perfect for those with a case of severe wanderlust!

The Little Book of Birds Anne Jankéliowitch

Close to Nature

hen does the peacock spread its feathers? Why does the flamingo stand on one leg? Where do ostriches come from? Do swallows really announce the beginning of Spring? What does the stork symbolize in Alsace? From what distance can an eagle see its prey? Why is the owl considered an ill omen? Do magpies actually steal shiny objects? Why does the green woodpecker knock on tree trunks?


SPECS Editions du Chêne 80 color illustrations 176 pages, 4 x 6in. Hardcover, April 2017

Inspiring Houses off the Road Frank Visser & Mirjam Bleeker SPECS Luster

ISBN: 9782812316364

200 color illustrations 256 pages, 8.75 x 11.25in.


This richly illustrated little book is a concise yet detailed pocket encyclopedia, which will tell you everything about birds that you need to know.

Anne Jankéliowitch is an environmental engineer. She has been employed in the field of nature conservation for many years, with the World Wildlife Fund in France and abroad, and for Greenpeace. She is the author of TIDES (photographs by Philip Plisson) and SAHARA (photographs by Philippe Bourseille).

Erik van Gelder “Fusion gardening embraces an exciting mix of different styles, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.” - Erik van Gelder “My ambition is to extend the living space beyond the interior. And to create outside spaces that enhance the lives of those who use them.” - Erik van Gelder

Lannoo Publishers 300 color illustrations

ISBN: 9789089897145

$75.00 Love for nature is in Erik van Gelder's DNA. His grandfather owned a plantation and designed gardens, and his father owned a gardening company. Van Gelder studied garden architecture and gained experience working for different landscapers. Now he runs a studio, designing gardens with the aims of harmonizing nature, surroundings, and the wishes of the client.


Residential Landscape Design


Text in English and Dutch

ISBN: 9789460581984


✚ Meet the 'Piet Boon of garden architecture’: Erik Van Gelder. Specializing in 'fusion gardening', this generous visual biography will act as a source of inspiration to any aspiring or professional landscaper ✚ First book by this famous garden architect

Hardcover, November 2016

hotographer Mirjam Bleeker and stylist and designer Frank Visser have known each other for more than 18 years. During this time they have travelled around the world, often without a fixed plan, seeking adventure and beautiful houses. On their travels, they visited the homes and holiday retreats of some fascinating people, built in the most beautiful and unspoiled places. Immortalized in gorgeous full-color photographs, this book is a homage to the remote way of life.




240 pages, 11.75 x 11.75in.

Hardcover, December 2016

reative spirits color outside the lines. They draw inspiration from a variety of domains that they then combine and craft into a single harmonious unit. Erik van Gelder's work is the embodiment of this. He integrates a range of styles into grand garden designs, in which everything has its own place. The book XTRRDNR Gardens gathers a carefully chosen selection of his most enchanting projects. Its richly illustrated pages lay bare the designer's soul and vision, casting light on his background and working methods. A generous visual biography that will inspire all lovers of exceptional gardens, this coffee-table book is one to treasure: an homage to good taste.


At the Ocean ISBN 9789460581236




SALES POINTS ✚ A one-of-a-kind book that examines Persian celebrations from their earliest incarnations to their present state ✚ Reaches out to Iranians worldwide, embracing and celebrating their cultural heritage ✚ Glossy full-color photographs capture the spirit of these ancient traditions in the modern day


Chagall and Music

The Art of Persian Celebration

Edited by Ambre Gauthier and Meret Meyer

Maryam Khosrowshahi, Dr Willem Floor, Parviz Tanavoli

SPECS ACC Art Books 352 color illustrations 646 pages, 8.75 x 8.75in. Hardcover, slipcase, 2 vols February 2017 ISBN: 9781851498581


Maryam Khosrowshahi is an art enthusiast who has lived, worked and studied in Iran, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Switzerland, where she now works on research and design of her personal projects. Dr Willem Floor is an independent scholar specializing in the social and economic history of Iran, and is the author of more than 250 books and articles on a wide range of subjects. Parviz Tanavoli is an internationally recognized contemporary Iranian sculptor, artist, collector and author with a profound knowledge of the history and material culture of Iran. His work is represented in important public and private collections around the world.

his exhibition catalogue for a vibrantly colorful, multidisciplinary traveling show explores the profound connection between Chagall and music. As both subject and muse, this relationship has its roots in his family history, and in the Jewish culture of his native city, Vitebsk. This lavishly illustrated catalogue explores how music functioned as a central theme and inspiration in Chagall’s composition and color, beginning with paintings and sketches in 1911 through the 1960s. Included here are his theater commissions: the foyer panels for the Jewish Art Theatre (Moscow, 1919-1920), the ceiling of the Paris Opera (1964), and the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center (1966). His designs for the ballet, including Aleko (1942), The Firebird (1945), Daphnis and Chloé (1958) and The Magic Flute (1967), reveal the underlying synergy in his work between music, set, and costume. A wide selection of paintings, photographs, preparatory sketches, drawings, and ceramics (many from private collections) convey the centrality and importance of music and color in Chagall’s career.


ofreh is the Persian word for 'spread' - referring to the colorful arrangements of flowers, condiments and objects of spiritual or cultural importance that are displayed at Persian ceremonies. As the title promises, this book is a visual feast. Flush with lavish historical illustrations and contemporary photography, it documents Persian marriage and New Year celebrations in rich detail. Sofreh pays homage to ancient traditions, discussing the symbiosis of symbolism and culture. Despite their ancestral roots, the featured ceremonies are infused with life and creativity. Modern fabrics are welcomed alongside refined antique textiles, unique floral designs and unconventional centerpieces.


References to Persian poetry, literature, art and folklore stimulate the imagination, and the text is illuminated with exquisitely detailed extracts from old manuscripts, antique woven textiles and embroideries. Each volume centers around a series of highly elaborate sofreh creations. Together they comprise an extensive project, involving research into sofreh history by an eminent scholar, and the design and creation of stunning compositions. Book One is about the Persian New Year (Nowruz), which is celebrated on the first day of Spring. Book Two explores the elaborate settings for Persian marriage ceremonies (Aqd). These two lavishly illustrated volumes are devoted to showcasing sofreh compositions in all of their glory. Never before have the splendor and beauty of the sofreh been presented in such an intricate and novel fashion.


SALES POINTS ✚ Highlights the role of music as a creative engine in Chagall’s art, particularly in his use of color ✚ Includes paintings, gouaches, sketches, maquettes, costume design, stage sets, ceramics, stained glass, and archival photographs of the artist, his family, and installations ✚ Beautifully illustrated catalogue accompanying an exhibition in Paris (Philharmonie de Paris, 10/13/15-1/31/16), Montreal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1/28/16-6/11/17) and LA (LACMA, 7/30/17-1/7/18) SPECS Editions Gallimard 580 color illustrations 392 pages, 9 x 11.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9782072701184

$42.00 Ambre Gauthier is an art historian, who acted as curator for the exhibition 'Chagall et la Musique' at the Philharmonie of Paris. Meret Meyer is vice-president of the Marc Chagall Committee.

Chagall and the Triumph of Music Ambre Gauthier usic was a constant source of inspiration for Marc Chagall, both as a muse for creation and as a rhythm for composition. Intimately linked to his family world and the Jewish cultural context of his native town, Vitebsk, this intimate relationship with music would manifest itself consistently throughout his long life. In fact, music is omnipresent in his oeuvre: there is a sense of flow between his attentive listening to composers, and his scenic and architectural creations. This book underlines the vital influence of music on the artist's work from the 1960s to the 1920s.


SALES POINTS ✚ The pocket-sized companion to the traveling exhibition elaborately produced in full color with many fold-outs ✚ A small, portable, beautifully produced companion to the exhibition ✚ Comparable to Elizabeth Vigée le Brun (ISBN: 9782070177820), also by Gallimard

SPECS Editions Gallimard 40 color illustrations 64 pages, 5 x 7in. Flexibind, January 2017 ISBN: 9782072701160

$12.95 Ambre Gauthier was curator of the exhibition 'Chagall et la Musique', at the Philharmonie of Paris, October 2015 - January 2016







✚ Comprises a raw, documentarylike, and brutally honest body of work from an A-list photographer ✚ An inexhaustible topic that has attracted artists in every medium over centuries ✚ Spans three years of work in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, New Orleans, Willemstad, Prague, Cape Town and Paris ✚ Not just photographs but also stories and people: black, white, straight, gay – all young and all united in their affection for their partners

✚ A Canadian based in Vancouver, O’Mara also spends time in Tucson, Los Angeles, Paris and Tuscany ✚ Collects the finest work from O’Mara’s fifty-year career

James O’Mara Encounters James O’Mara

Young Love

James O'Mara knows the elusiveness of time and the permanence of one moment. His rhythm is comparable to that of music, performed with a deep understanding but a willingness to abandon logic and convention to instinct and emotion. Elvis Costello, Rome, 2016

Karen Rosetzsky

SPECS Halal 63 col., 74 b&w illustrations

SPECS Mandragora 262 color illustrations 280 pages, 10.25 x 13.25in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9788874613144

300 pages, 9.25 x 13.75in. Hardcover, available now $55.00 ISBN: 9789082359336


Karen Rosetzsky is a Danish fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Amsterdam. She is one of the most sought after photographers today. Her client list includes multiple mega-brands such as G-Star, Calvin Klein, Absolut Vodka, Tommy Hilfiger, Piper Heidsieck, Uber, Yves Saint Laurent, Converse, O'Neill and Schweppes as well as Vogue, Elle, Glamcult and L'Offciel.

startling debut collection of photographs, this book by the noted fashion photographer, whose clients include G-Star, Calvin Klein, Absolut, Converse and Schweppes, among others, explores anew the age-old concept of 'young love' (think Romeo & Juliet without the ending.) Reminiscent of Ryan McGinley, her raw, often brutally honest photographs capture the inexplicable and effervescent surges of desire and tenderness shared between young couples. See lovers strewn on unmade beds in the wee hours of the morning or locking lips in idyllic fields: these images preserve those moments of affection forever lost to time and that we wish to relive.


he photographic art of James O'Mara can be approached in as many ways as the poetry residing in it. Discussing his work, O'Mara says, “I try to approach every adventure in life as if it were a dance. I need that pulse, that rhythm.” In fact, in his pictures we can perceive not only the moment captured by the camera lens, but also a 'before' and an 'after'. He has the ability to grasp the dynamism of the scene, even in perfectly still subjects: the ephemeral moment, the instant in which a figure reveals his or her nature, or events show new meanings.


This large-format volume is ideal for showcasing the author's finest shots, which span about 50 years: from the rock stars of the late Sixties (Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Rod Stewart, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King to name a few), to the more recent portraits of people, famous and otherwise, as well as captured moments of everyday life from around his beloved cities of Vancouver, Tucson, Los Angeles, Paris and, naturally, in Tuscany.

James O’Mara began his creative work as a painter before moving into documentary, editorial and commercial photography working with a diverse spectrum of American and European clients in fashion, portraiture, music and travel.







✚ Green is the new black ✚ Latest in a popular new series documenting the best of Instagram – where nature and technology meet ✚ A fresh appealing contemporary design ✚ Includes quotes on gardens, greenery, the natural world, and the color green itself

✚ A tribute to hip hop imagery: from music to cinema, from the street to fashion. An homage to a towering socio-cultural phenomenon ✚ Pays respect to hip hop as a multimedia phenomenon: not merely music, fashion or dance ✚ A complete guide, covering everything from sneakers and tattoos to music, cinema, the catwalk and the street

Hip Hop Street Style and Culture

Insta Grammar: Green

Arianna Piazza

Irene Schampaert orn in the Seventies, on the multicultural streets of New York, hip hop is the result of numerous cultural influences, reworked through continuous experimentation, processes of globalization, and media and commercial exposure. Rich in photographs, graphics and illustrations, this book celebrates the multiform imagery of hip hop.


SPECS Lannoo Publishers 80 col., 20 b&w illustrations 128 pages, 6 x 8.25in.

24 ORE Cultura 110 color illustrations 176 pages, 7.5 x 9.75in.

Paperback, February 2017

Hardcover, March 2017

ISBN: 9789401440554



ISBN: 9788866483489

rom the immensely popular social media site, this is the fourth title in the new series devoted to the most interesting and creative work being posted online. Images are from inside and out – a front door, a wall of glass tiles, a tropical garden, a floral composition, a solarium. Here, if it’s green it’s better than good: green is great.



Irene Schampaert is a graphic designer and blogger. She writes about design, colors, patterns, deco, typography and photography. SALES POINTS


The Giants of Sportswear Fashion Trends Throughout the Centuries

✚ Get to know the story of the biggest sports brands (Puma, Nike, Adidas) and the key designers behind them ✚ Great timing as sportswear is the current trend

Leen Demeester SPECS Lannoo Publishers

Insta Grammar: Cats ISBN 9789401436953

120 col., 20 b&w illustrations 144 pages, 7.5 x 9.75in. Hardcover, February 2017

nter the world of sports fashion and exercise in style. Here are the giants of sports and the brands who have clothed them. Puma. Nike. Adidas. Hugo Boss. Ralph Lauren. Chanel. Prada. These and many others reveal the secrets of glamorous sportswear in a sleek and streamlined book. Power and style merge with competition and performance as sports speaks to fashion, and vice versa.

E Insta Grammar: City ISBN 9789401436915

Insta Grammar: Nordic ISBN 9789401436946

ISBN: 9789401436731








✚ Gives an in-depth tour of Navone's most thrilling and bold interiors from hotels in Miami and Phuket, Thailand, to private residences in Italy and France ✚ Paola Navone has won many prestigious design awards including the Osaka International Design Award and has created collections for major brands like Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie

✚ A celebration of Martin Margiela's stunning body of work – seldom examined – during his time at the French luxury house, Hermès ✚ Published with the cooperation of the reclusive Margiela himself, including never-before-published photography, drawings, and testimonies ✚ Continues in the tradition of great fashion titles from Lannoo, such as Dries Van Noten (ISBN: 9789401414746) ✚ Accompanies an exhibition at the Antwerp Fashion museum, from 30 March 2017 until 27 August 2017


Tham ma da

The Hermès Years

The Adventurous Interiors of Paola Navone

Rebecca Arnold, Kaat Debo, Elisa De Wyngaert, Sarah Mower, Olivier Sayard, Karen Van Godtsenhoven e.o.

Spencer Bailey

SPECS Pointed Leaf Press 200 color illustrations 396 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, available now

SPECS Lannoo Publishers

ISBN: 9781938461385


Spencer Bailey is the editor-in-chief at Surface magazine. He has interviewed dozens of leaders in design and is the moderator of the Design Dialogues series of live talks. Previously, he has contributed to the New York Times Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek, and worked at The Daily Beast, Vanity Fair, and Esquire.

ham ma da – Thai for “everyday” – is exactly Italian architect and designer Paola Navone’s approach: translating the ordinary into the surprising. Her global travels – especially in India and Africa – inform her work, whether residences in France and Italy, the Metropolitan Hotel by Como in Miami, or the Rooftop Bar in Chicago. She has also partnered with major brands such as Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Alessi, Gervasoni, Baxter, and Cappellini.


Navone’s work is widely covered in international publications, including Dwell, Interior Design Magazine, Elle Décor, Surface, and Food & Wine, among others. Her blend of colors, materials and motifs is playful yet sophisticated; fresh yet dignified and always a revelation.

n 1997, to the shock of many, the Hermès family handpicked the eccentric and brilliant Martin Margiela – known for his avant-garde ideas and cultish following – to assume the design reigns for the storied luxury house. During his four-year tenure, the iconoclastic designer, as fashion writer Suzy Menkes put it, “produced for Hermès clothes that were elegant in an edgy way, making a clear statement about a masculine aesthetic but using tactile fabrics for a feminine allure.” From renegade to regal, Margiela’s ability to apply his unique design process at a fashion house with a vastly different sensibility marks him as a great designer – one who understands traditional forms but always with an eye to the transformational.


“Anybody who's aware of what life is in a contemporary world is influenced by Margiela.” Marc Jacobs

240 color illustrations 256 pages, 9 x 11.5in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9789401440608





SALES POINTS ✚ Big and small, young and youngat-heart - this is the perfect gift for all LEGO fans! ✚ 16 awesome LEGO projects for “on-the-go” ✚ Make your favorite characters from Stars Wars and Star Trek

Little Box of Lego® Projects - Space Lego® Tips for Kids Joachim Klang


✚ Dedicated to the celebration of youth in fashion from Brigitte Bardot to Chloe Sevigny, and from English colleges to Tokyo’s high streets

Style Icon, The Myth of Youth in Fashion Giulia Pivetta



100 color illustrations

24 ORE Cultura 90 color illustrations

52 pages, 6 x 4.25in. 52 cards, boxed, non-returnable, available now ISBN: 9783958433946

reate your own cool spaceships and characters from some of today's hugely popular sci-fi movies and TV shows using a minimum number of bricks from your LEGO collection. Sixteen awesome LEGO projects for “on-the-go” are waiting for you to make! Simple, step-bystep, and easy-to-follow instructions with parts lists pave the way to your own Wall-E, AT-AT, Starfighter or Enterprise. Let yourself be inspired and build an entire universe of your own!


176 pages, 7.5 x 9.75in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9788866483472



he figure of “Lolita” embodies one of the most fascinating and ambiguous aspects of femininity. We see her as womanhood in transit: the passage from childhood to adolescence, from a non-sexual being to one who desires. Named after the eponymous novel by Vladimir Nabakov published in 1955, Lolitas have ever since shared a subtle appeal expressed by whims, sidelong glances, and delicious pouts. This transitional creature has been immortalized in fashion and cinema from Kubrick to Lana del Rey, from Jane Birkin to David Hamilton. This book draws attention to the ways this archetypal character continues to influence the look of adolescent allure and the stylists who interpret it best.


Also available: Little Box of Lego Projects ISBN 9783868529265 Lego Tips for Kids: Space ISBN 9783958433905 Big Unofficial Lego Builder's Book ISBN 9783868526585 Build Your Own Galaxy ISBN 9783868527773 Build Your Own Knight’s Realm ISBN 9783868529258 Lego Tips, Tricks and Building Techniques ISBN 9783958431348

SALES POINTS ✚ Minecraft is the 2nd most popular video game of all time ✚ LEGO meets Minecraft: start building your own fantastic Minecraft worlds using the LEGO bricks from your home collection!

Minecraft Lego® Tips for Kids; Cool Projects for Your Bricks Joachim Klang

SPECS HEEL Verlag 100 color illustrations 80 pages, 8 x 10in. Paperback, available now ISBN: 9783958434127



t's the perfect blend: young LEGO and games enthusiasts can now start to create their own world of Minecraft cubes out of the LEGO bricks from their home collection! Comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions provide stunning ideas on how to create new and individual Minecraft models.


An independent researcher in the field of the history of costume, Giulia Pivetta (Venice 1984) has curated and contributed to various publications on the social history of fashion, combining research and training as a fashion designer. She teaches at the department of Fashion and Design at NABA, Milan.




Shigeru Ban Architects


Leading Architects of the World Shigeru Ban

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 256 pages, 8.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9781864707120 $65.00

Zaha Hadid Architects

Richly illustrated, this delves into the work of one of the world’s most innovative architects, Tokyo-based Shigeru Ban. Awarded the Pritzker Prize for Architecture in 2014, Ban is noted especially for his pioneering use of unusual, often sustainable, materials: recycled cardboard tubes, structural and prefabricated wood. An array of noteworthy projects are featured, from commercial and residential designs to humanitarian works: emergency shelters for disaster victims in Rwanda, Haiti, Turkey, Japan, and more; a residential tower in Vancouver, the tallest hybrid timber structure in the world; the new Aspen Art Museum in Colorado, which features woven wooden cladding; and even a lighthearted pen that is also an architectural scale. The monograph also presents Ban’s discourse on architectural culture and how it is moving in new directions. A must-have for any serious aficionado of modern architecture and design as well as ground-breaking consideration of humanitarian and ecological issues.

Redefining Architecture & Design Zaha Hadid Architects

✚ The first book published on Zaha Hadid Architects since Hadid’s death in 2016. Beautifully packaged with rich photography and detailed drawings, it shows her works across the fields of architecture, urbanism, and design ✚ Explicates the collaborative thinking and cultural philosophies characteristic of Zaha Hadid Architects and also how this approach resulted in awardwinning, sophisticated, compelling design. ✚ Numerous building types featured (museums, auditoriums, housing towers, commercial developments) including: MAXXI: Italian National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, the London Aquatics Centre for the 2012 Olympic Games, and the Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku

Eric Owen Moss Leading Architects of the World

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 256 pages, 8.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9781864707137 $65.00

The work of Eric Owen Moss Architects is about “making it new”: the aspiration to uncover new ways to think, to feel, to see, to understand architecture. In a unique approach to design, the Los Angeles-based firm re-imagines the traditional spaces of architecture, offering alternatives that parallel contemporary changes in patterns of living and working. Included in the monograph are award-winning works from more than 40 years: buildings, master plans, exhibits, and scholarship (lectures, publications, education). Illustrated extensively with rich color photography and detailed drawings, this volume illuminates Moss’s avoidance of customary organizational strategies, standardized design solutions, and repetitive style. Instead, the book delves into the firm’s fascination with individual buildings as well as the evolving interrelationship between building and city, fertile ground for novel design tactics and techniques that reshape the discourse of international architecture.

Fuksas Leading Architects of the World Studio Fuksas

Studio Fuksas, led by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, is known for an exceptional variety in typology and scale – from a colossal trade fair and an international airport down to a small parish church – and for an equal variety in style. Says Massimiliano Fuksas, “We innovate and create our style with every new project we take up.” This volume showcases some of the more than 600 projects the firm has designed over the past 40 years across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 256 pages, 8.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864707007 $65.00

The work shown includes museums, cultural centers, spaces for music, offices, private houses, and interior design. Spectacular color photography presents such designs as the eight buildings and remarkable glass wrapping of the new Milan Trade Fair; the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, which evokes the form of a manta ray; and the soft “mushroom” roofs and crisp glass boxes of the Tbilisi Public Service Hall.


aha Hadid was a creative genius without equal. She captured the imagination of the world – design professionals and the general public alike – by challenging perceived limits in architecture, engineering, construction, and related fields. Her sudden death in 2016 shocked the design community. This extensive monograph shares with a wide audience her exceptional body of built and unbuilt work.


With signature sophistication and superb creativity, Zaha Hadid led her firm to create transformative cultural, corporate, and residential spaces. Her firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, maintains the founder’s commitment to ideals of fluidity, innovation, originality, and organic progression. The practice is driven by the development of complex interfaces between natural topographies, human-made systems, and innovative technologies. Inspired by the principles of Hadid, this exquisite book showcases and celebrates the design approach of one of the world’s most extraordinary and iconic leaders in architecture, design, and urbanism.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations 276 pages, 9.75 x 13in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864706994






SALES POINTS ✚ The Design Diary is a perfect promotional gift with full lettersize pages, which also includes photographs of excellent product design


Design Diary

Red Dot Edition


Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 Peter Zec

Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 Peter Zec

2017 Peter Zec

80 color illustrations 180 pages, 8.25 x 10.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 English, German ISBN: 9783899391831


Professor Dr. Peter Zec is the founder and CEO of Red Dot. He has been active for over 20 years as a communications and design consultant for numerous companies and lectures throughout the world in design-relevant topics. As an expert on the international design scene he is the publisher of the Red Dot Design Yearbook and the International Yearbook Communication Design.


n an age of digital appointment diaries, this classic diary with its classy black hardcover provides space for the special moments in life. Whatever you record in this appointment diary will last forever. In this diary, the 52 weeks of the year are each given a full letter-size page, while the facing pages feature the latest outstanding design achievements, including winners of the Red Dot Design Award. The Design Diary is a perfect promotional gift and has been on Red Dot Edition's best-seller list year after year.


Living 2016/2017 shows you from its very best side the design that surrounds you on a daily basis. The volume features a wealth of images with design ideas for living rooms and bedrooms, household, kitchens, tableware and cooking utensils, lighting and interior design, as well as urban design and public spaces. More than 600 impressive photographs and interesting, easy-to-read texts and jury statements bring home to you the special aspects of the designs presented. Additionally, the design team of the year, as well as designer and jury portraits will be shown.

Working 2016/2017 will keep you constantly abreast of the fastchanging world of design for work and technology. This yearbook shows you current trends in design that simply make work more pleasant. With informative texts and fascinating photographs, Working 2016/2017 is dedicated to functional design from the fields of offices, heating and air conditioning, industry and crafts, life science and medicine, as well as computers and information technology. Additionally, the design team of the year, as well as designer and jury portraits will be shown.

Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.



Red Dot Edition 600 color illustrations, 450 pages, 11.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783899391855 $25.00

Red Dot Edition 600 color illustrations, 500 pages, 11.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783899391879 $25.00

Text in English and German.



Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 Peter Zec

Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 Peter Zec

The Doing 2016/2017 yearbook covers many areas of an active lifestyle. From garden, leisure, sport and games, babies and children, fashion, lifestyle and accessories, as well as watches and jewelry, this yearbook with its wealth of images has the design products to match. Additionally, the design team of the year, as well as designer and jury portraits will be shown.

Enjoying visualizes products from areas such as bathrooms and spas, vehicles, consumer electronics and cameras, as well as communication. Additionally, the design team of the year, as well as designer and jury portraits will be shown. Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.



Red Dot Edition 450 color illustrations, 550 pages, 11.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783899391862 $25.00

Red Dot Edition 500 color illustrations, 450 pages, 11.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783899391893 $25.00





Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 Living, Doing, Working & Enjoying Peter Zec Welcome to the world of award-winning design. The Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017 comprising the four individual volumes Living, Doing, Working & Enjoying combines an impressive selection of current design products from internationally successful designers, and provides an overview of many different areas of design. Additionally, the design team of the year as well as designer and juror portraits are presented in each volume.

Doing 2014/2015 Welcome to the World of Design ISBN: 9783899391602

Working 2014/2015 Welcome to the World of Design ISBN: 9783899391619 Red Dot Design Yearbook 2014/2015 Welcome to the World of Design ISBN: 9783899391589

Text in English and German.

SPECS Red Dot Edition 2150 color illustrations, 1950 pages, 11.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover, slipcase, January 2017 ISBN: 9783899391848 $55.00

Professor Dr. Peter Zec is the founder and CEO of Red Dot. He has been active for over 20 years as a communications and design consultant for numerous companies and lectures throughout the world in designrelevant topics. As an expert on the international design scene he is the publisher of the Red Dot Design Yearbook and the International Yearbook Communication Design.

Living 2014/2015 Welcome to the World of Design ISBN: 9783899391596

International Yearbook Communication Design 2016/2017 Peter Zec The International Yearbook Communication Design is a must-have for corporate communication experts, content managers, advertising consultants, designers, art directors, photographers, design universities, design students and people with a passion for the creative world. The reference book for contemporary design presents today's best projects in communication design on more than 1,000 pages. Browse through the latest developments in the industry and behold innovative works and outstanding campaigns from the fields of advertising, marketing and more.


Living 2015/2016 Red Dot Design Yearbook 2015/2016 ISBN: 9783899391749

Working 2015/2016 Red Dot Design Yearbook 2015/2016 ISBN: 9783899391763 Red Dot Design Yearbook 2015/2016 Living, Doing and Working ISBN: 9783899391732

Doing 2015/2016 Red Dot Design Yearbook 2015/2016 ISBN: 9783899391756

Moreover, portraits of the best designers and a multimedia special DVD complete the standard work of international communication design.

Red Dot Edition 2100 color illustrations, 1200 pages, 9.5 x 11.75in. 2 Hardcovers, January 2017, free DVD ISBN: 9783899391909 $70.00

Every Product Tells a Story Untold Matters of Award-winning Design Peter Zec Good products do not appear from nowhere. In the beginning, there is always an idea, which turns into the final product after a long development process and countless prototypes. But where do these ideas come from and how do designers get their motivation? Using a total of 21 examples, all of which received a distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design, the book explains where the inspiration for the concepts derives from and which human needs are fulfilled by the products. The works are divided into three groups: iconic models, material and basic needs, and social responsibility. SPECS Red Dot Edition 84 color illustrations, 108 pages, 8.25 x 11in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9783899391718 $20.00

Text in English and Chinese.

Design Value A Strategy for Business Success ISBN: 9783899391039

International Yearbook Communication Design 14/15 ISBN: 9783899391688 Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2014/2015 ISBN: 9783899391701

International Yearbook Communication Design 15/16 ISBN: 9783899391787







✚ Published to accompany a major exhibition at The Science Museum, running from 8 February 2017 to 3 September 2017 and featuring over 100 robots, dating from the 16th century to the present day ✚ Features essays from expert contributors, covering every aspect of our relationship with robots from the ancient world and into the future

✚ Features over 350 exquisite ivories, the most notable artifacts in Sassoon's important collection ✚ Essays written by experts in their fields place the objects in their historical context, making this a book that is both accessible and enlightening ✚ Perfect for anyone interested in Asian art, the history of collecting, or the rich and varied relationship between East and West in the twentieth century

Robots The 500-year Quest to Make Machines Human Edited by Ben Russell

Chinese Ivory Carvings The Sir Victor Sassoon Collection Rose Kerr, Phillip Allen, Shih Ching-fei

SPECS Scala Arts Publishers Inc


146 color illustrations 176 pages, 9 x 10in. Hardcover, March 2017

Scala Arts Publishers Inc

fascinating exploration of the complex relationship between our minds and machines, published to accompany a major new exhibition at The Science Museum, London.


500 color illustrations 336 pages, 9.5 x 12in.

ISBN: 9781785510687

Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9781785510854


splendid catalogue for a truly remarkable collection of Far Eastern ivories ranging from religious iconography to exquisite sculptures produced for nineteenth-century collectors.


Ben Russell is Curator of Mechanical Engineering at the Science Museum, London. He is lead curator of the museum's Robots exhibition, and has researched and curated a wide range of other exhibitions and permanent galleries, books and publications.

Sir Victor Sassoon (1881-1961) lived an extraordinary and colorful life and left a remarkable legacy. He created a trust to preserve his collection of ivories for the benefit of UK citizens. Since its foundation and under the guardianship of the dedicated trustees, the collection has grown by the addition of significant specimens that originally went unrepresented. Chinese Ivory Carvings presents 350 of its most significant artefacts, each illustrated and discussed. Four introductory essays explore the acquisition of the pieces, placing the ivories in their historical and cultural context. In this scholarly celebration of Sassoon's bequest, one can appreciate some of the many facets of Chinese culture, both religious and secular. Including minutely carved 'devil's work' spheres, massive figures and exuberantly carved vases, the book is also testament to the technical skills of the craftsmen who produced these wonderful objects.

SALES POINTS ✚ Beautifully illustrated with paintings from the Mewar Ramayana prepared for Rana Jagat Singh of Mewar (reg. 1628-52) ✚ This is the first time that paintings from different locations have been put together in one volume

Ramayana Sumedha V Ojha and JP Losty

SPECS Roli Books 170 color illustrations 328 pages, 12 x 7.5in. Hardcover, February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789351941231


ritten by Valmiki, a dacoit-turned-sage who lived at the same time as Ram himself, Ramayana follows the path of Ram. From his birth, valorous deeds, winning of the hand of Seeta in marriage, exile and suffering from Ayodhya, battle with Ravan to his final triumphant return to his kingdom as the slayer of the demon of Lanka, this epic is a guide to navigating the complex pathways of life through the inspiration of paramatma taking an avatar to mingle with earthly beings and share their joys, sorrows and challenges.


$79.95 Rose Kerr is former Keeper of the Far Eastern Department at the V&A. Phillip Allen is Secretary of the Sir Victor Sassoon Chinese Ivories Trust. Shi Ching-fei is Associate Professor at National Taiwan University and former curator, National Palace Museum





The Golden Age Book

✚ The most comprehensive and complete publication of Zimmerman's work to date ✚ Shows the artist's work and process in full visual detail with 156 color plus 16 halftone illustrations ✚ Features three essays by leading scholars, an in-depth interview with the artist, an exhibition history, artist chronology, and bibliography

Dutch Painting Jeroen Giltaij

Elyn Zimmerman Sculpture Susan Forrest Castle,Tom Moran, Charles F. Stuckey, Marc Treib, and John Beardsley

Gives a complete overview of the art from one of the most remarkable periods in Dutch history.

The seventeenth century is often known as the Dutch Golden Age, not only because of the great wealth the country amassed but also because of the impressive cultural flowering. The art of painting in particular reached a high point. Throughout the century, countless highly talented artists created masterpieces that still evoke our admiration more than four centuries later. Their paintings are the jewels in the collections of museums all over the world.

SPECS The Artist Book Foundation 156 col., 16 b&w illustrations 184 pages, 11 x 12in.

lyn Zimmerman: Sculpture spans four decades of Zimmerman's career as an artist and provides an in-depth look at her public and private commissions, which can be found across three continents. Extensively illustrated, this monograph includes three essays, an interview with the artist, exhibition history, artist chronology, and bibliography.


Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780996200721


Published on the occasion of the major exhibition ‘Elyn Zimmerman: Wind, Water, Stone’ at Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ (opening on 27 August, 2016 and remaining on view until 7 January, 2018).

SPECS WBooks 371 color illustrations, 400 pages, 8 x 8in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789462581562 $34.95

Painting After Postmodernism


Belgium - USA Barbara Rose The Grande Dame of American art criticism on contemporary painting.

SALES POINTS ✚ Empowered by the global recognition his art has received, Boaz Vaadia continues working at the cutting edge of modern art ✚ This book showcases Vaadia's ability to continuously explore new possibilities through sculpture SPECS The Artist Book Foundation

Boaz Vaadia

95 col., 20 b&w illustrations

Sculpture Wendy Steiner, Foreword by Tom Moran

280 pages, 11 x 11.5in. Hardcover, available now

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 180 col., 20 b&w illustrations, 208 pages, 10.5 x 10.5in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789401437646 $60.00

Painting after Postmodernism: Belgium - USA investigates why so many believed Marcel Duchamp when he made his infamous statement of 1918: that painting was dead. After all, as this book goes on to show, Duchamp was wrong. In the decades before and after World War II, Picasso, Matisse, Miró and the New York School continued to make monumental mural scale paintings on the level of the greatest art of the past. However, in the politically radical 1960s and 1970s it once again became fashionable to toll the death knell for painting, now perceived as the product of bourgeois culture. In its place galleries and museums defined the avant-garde as conceptual art, video, mixed media and installations, all of which denied painting its position of pre-eminence. Painting was reduced to just another form of Postmodernist endeavor. Barbara Rose investigates how contemporary artists rediscovered the art of painting, juxtaposing works from Belgian and American artists to create a cross-cultural dialogue.

ISBN: 9780996200745

War Artists in Afghanistan


Beyond the Wire Jules George

Wendy Steiner is the Richard L. Fisher Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in interrelations between visual and verbal art. She is the author of numerous books including The Real Real Thing: The Model in the Mirror of Art (2010) and Venus in Exile: The Rejection of Beauty in 20th-Century Art (2001). Tom Moran is the chief curator and artistic director at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. A sculptor in his own right, he has lectured on public art around the country and has taught at Rutgers University as well as at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

oaz Vaadia, the internationally acclaimed sculptor, has amassed a prodigious body of work over his 40-year artistic career. Alongside Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture, Vaadia will present the first retrospective exhibition of his indoor and outdoor works at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. This book forms a comprehensive presentation of the artist's journey from abstraction to figuration.


Jules George, war artist, traveled to Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2010, in the wake of its bloodiest year for British troops. War Artists in Afghanistan: Beyond the Wire reproduces the remarkable sketches, watercolors and oil paintings born of his experiences with the 2nd Yorkshires (Green Howards). His work captures the vast scale and stunning, fertile beauty of the Afghan landscape, and in its midst, the British soldier, out on patrol, boarding a Chinook or caught in a firefight.

SPECS ACC Editions 186 col., 30 b&w illustrations, 208 pages, 9 x 10.75in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9781851497881 $35.00

The book also features the work of four other war artists in Afghanistan: Douglas Farthing, a former Sergeant Major in the British paratroopers; Michael Fay, soldier-turned-combat artist for the United States Marine Corps; Arabella Dorman, internationally recognized portrait painter and war artist; and Matthew Cook, trained illustrator, former Times war artist and Territorial Army soldier. Each artist's work is accompanied by their own, first-hand account of war in Afghanistan.







✚ Published by the prestigious German publishing company, Verlag Kettler, in their first season as an ACC Publishing client ✚ Ireland and all things Irish are of perennial interest

✚ A disturbing yet brilliant imagining of the consequences of climate change, presented alongside a fictional story by Philippe Claudel ✚ A new title by Carl De Keyzer, member of the Magnum collective ✚ The sequel to his magnum opus, Moments Before the Flood

Higher Ground

The Travellers

Carl De Keyzer, Philippe Claudel

Birte Kaufmann, Chris Killip



Verlag Kettler

Lannoo Publishers

60 color illustrations

220 color illustrations

144 pages, 8 x 9.75in.

240 pages, 13 x 13in.

Hardcover, available now

Hardcover, February 2017

ISBN: 9783862065813


Birte Kaufmann lives and works as a freelance photographer in Cologne and Berlin. Her focus is on reportage, documentary and portrait photography. British-born Chris Killip has been a photographer since 1964. Today he lives in Cambridge, MA and teaches at Harvard University.

Text in English, Franch and Dutch


n Moments Before the Flood, Carl De Keyzer portrayed a Europe on the cusp of drowning, flooded due to climate change. In Higher Ground, the flood has already passed. His images show people that have fled to the high mountains, depicting a fictional world of tomorrow. A large portion of the work is irony, but it bears an uncomfortably close semblance to scientific predictions of the future.

In 2011 the photographer Birte Kaufmann was permitted to enter this insular world, even, on occasion, to travel and live with them. Her images – part reportage, part documentary – find the balance between observation and involvement, and between strangeness and the very real.

In 2006, when Keyzer first began working on Moments Before the Flood, there were a lot of doubts about the extent of global warming. Since then however, the effects of this inconvenient truth have increased by an alarming degree. Where it was once presumed that the sea level would rise 37 cm by 2050, now scientists estimate that there will be a 3-to-4-meter raise. Higher Ground explores what the world might look like if this happens, encouraging the reader to think about the impact of climate change. The images were taken in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain. French top author Philippe Claudel wrote a new fictional story especially for this book.

n Ireland, around 25,000 people still live in temporary settlements in the style of itinerant workers far removed from the amenities of civilization. Moving from place to place without electricity or running water, their livelihood depends on horse breeding and hunting. Even as they keep their own language alive, this minority tries to find its way along the fringes of the settled world.


Text in English, French, and Dutch.

ISBN: 9789401437721


Carl De Keyzer has been a member of the world-renowned photo agency Magnum since 1994. His pictures have been internationally published and exposed. The permanent threat of decay in modern society and the impact of power on everyday life are frequent themes in his work. Samples of his work can be found at Philippe Claudel is a renowned author and director. He wrote Les Âmes Grises and Le Rapport de Brodeck and directed Il y a longtemps que je t'aime and Avant l'hiver.







✚ A book for car enthusiasts of an artistic inclination ✚ Get your creative juices flowing, coloring these wonderful illustrations of classic automobiles ✚ Very little in the market on coloring books about cars ✚ Perfect gift for boys and nostalgia present for dads

✚ Will appeal to the tourism market, architecture buffs, foodies, fashionistas, urban aesthetes, art aficionados, and armchair travelers ✚ A wonderful companion to IMAGES' Secrets series titles, Paris Secrets, Rome Secrets, and the forthcoming Melbourne Secrets ✚ Showcases a variety of projects that will hold wide-ranging appeal, including designer fashion ateliers, sumptuous interiors of boutique hotels, innovative art studios, galleries, as well as unique retail outlets, cosmopolitan foodie hotspots, from trendy cafes to high-end restaurants

Colour Your Classic Car!

London Secrets

A Colouring Book for Adults Francois Roussel

Janelle McCulloch

Style, Design, Glamour, Gardens

SPECS Delius Klasing Verlag

“Richly illustrated guide, with a comprehensive look at the latest in the historic and contemporary architecture of London, including historic buildings, streetscapes, art and sculpture, gardens and public landscapes, cultural spaces and contemporary, and designer outlets”

128 color illustrations 128 pages, 10.75 x 8.75in. Paperback, available now ISBN: 9783667108357

rtistic tendencies and a love of automobiles are far from mutually exclusive. This book is the perfect gift for those of us who fall into both categories. More than 100 black and white images are just waiting to be colored. So fetch your pencils, wet your watercolors, and brandish your paintbrushes - because these illustrations will make your imagination run wild!



SPECS The Images Publishing Group 200 color illustrations

ondon Secrets unlocks the city's most fascinating secrets. Janelle McCulloch strips away bricks, mortar and tarmac to uncover parts of the capital that even born and bred Londoners may never have seen. In the shadow of the Gherkin, Cheesegrater and Walkie-Talkie skyscrapers are medieval churches, crypts and the curios of Postman's Park - proof that altruism can exist in the Square Mile. In St James's, a stone's throw from the glitz and glamor of Soho are hidden squares and shops dating from a gentler age - purveyors of fine wine, gentleman's apparel and bowler hats. The cobbled mews of Marylebone and Hampstead Village reveal unexpected treasures, rarely seen interiors and a rural idyll amid the urban hum, while the esoteric collections at the Horniman, Sir John Soane's Museum and exotica of Leighton House make you feel you are in an entirely different country altogether. The author reveals the traditions and quirks that have survived to this day, from the freedom of the City of London allowing you to herd sheep through the town, to the "market ouvert" of Bermondsey Market, original home of the London wheelerdealer.


SALES POINTS ✚ 111 Porsche stories that will give you a greater insight into the legendary car manufacturer ✚ A must for anyone with even just a passing interest in Porsche ✚ Get to know the early history, most famous models, craziest track stories and the celebrities who drove them

111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know Wilfried Müller What came first - the Porsche or the Beetle? Which Porsche racing car set every world record in the very year it was first presented in racing at Monza? And who is “Sascha”?

SPECS Emons Verlag 150 color illustrations

ISBN: 9783740800352

Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864706093



Lavishly photographed and researched, London Secrets will shed a whole new light on this most vibrant - and surprising - of cities.

Paris Secrets ISBN 9781864703085

304 pages, 8 x 10.75in. Hardcover, available now

224 pages, 8.75 x 11.25in.

mmerse yourself in the unique and visionary world of Porsche: in tales of secret prototypes, fascinating photos from the Porsche archives, magic words such as “Carrera” and inside stories that have never yet been told in this way.


$32.95 For more than three decades Wilfried Müller has been writing about cars, about people who make cars, and about the daredevils who drive them. Born in Cologne, he traveled around the world for many years as a motorsports reporter, later wrote numerous books, and discovered his passion for Porsche, a theme that occupies him to this day. Wilfried Müller lives in New Zealand with his wife and two children.

Rome Secrets ISBN 9781864705225




SALES POINTS ✚ Includes 43 different guest house design styles, showcasing an exciting range of projects from around the world, from an esteemed mix of architects, designers and artists ✚ Great guide to global escapes, includes contact details

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 300 color illustrations 252 pages, 9.75 x 11.5in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9781864707045


Escape Designing the Modern Guest House Shanshan Qi

Brazil An Extraordinary Nation In Photographs Regis St. Louis

scape: Designing the Modern Guest House showcases 43 distinctive projects from around the world. These exclusive works have visual and spatial impact, representing the essence of new guest house design. This book highlights some of the most outstanding architectural strategies of recent years, displaying variations on spatial experience through the interplay of design elements. It provides strong reference material for design professionals and students in architecture, interior design, and related fields, as well as those looking to revamp their guest house accommodation with a contemporary 21st-century focus.


celebration of the unique culture of Brazil, covering all aspects of this fascinating country’s history and its exciting future. Brazil is in the spotlight as the host of the 2016 Olympics, becoming the first South American country to stage the event.


Features guest houses in Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Chile, China, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, France, and Greece.

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 220 col., 75 b&w illustrations 312 pages, 8.75 x 10.75in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9789401439251


Travel journalist Debbie Pappyn and photographer David De Vleeschauwer continuously travel the world, looking for new trends. They publish in magazines such as Condé Nast Traveler, Monocle, Wallpaper*, Vogue Living Australia, Financial Times.

Carlton Books Ltd 350 color illustrations 320 pages, 8.25 x 9.75in.


Destination Nowhere

Debbie Pappyn & David De Vleeschauwer

n a time full of distraction and fragmentation, people need to put distance between themselves and the modern-day world in order to get back to their essence. Remote Places to Stay offers you 22 places 'away from this world', where you can 'switch off' completely. A lot of these places are hard to get to, some only by foot, others only by train, boat or bush planes. But all of them have one factor in common: they offer you space for yourself. From luxurious to basic, from the Arctic north to desert landscapes in Africa, from an elegant refuge in the Himalayas to an abandoned village in Italy; all these places are different, yet all provide the opportunity to leave your daily life behind you, at least for a while.


ISBN: 9781847960955

Remote Places to Stay ✚ A beautiful guide to the world's most remote, peaceful and luxurious hotels, from all corners of the earth; second edition ✚ Original book (ISBN 9789401409940) sold out quickly. This is an updated edition

✚ Brazil is now the world's seventh largest economy ✚ Featuring 350 painstakingly curated images encompassing the landscape, culture, design and architecture, sport and people ✚ In-depth text and extended captions accompany each themed chapter

Paperback, January 2017




Visual Adventures for Endless Inspiration Martin Kers


Regis St. Louis first visited Brazil in 2003. Since then he's been a frequent visitor, celebrating carnaval in Rio and Salvador, traveling much of the Amazon and the Pantanal, and exploring sleepy villages and booming metropolises along the entire length of the Atlantic Coast. He is the coordinating author of Lonely Planet Guides to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and South America, and his articles on Brazil have appeared in the Telegraph, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, on and elsewhere. He lives in New York City.

SALES POINTS ✚ The combination of beautiful photography and inspiring quotes make this the perfect gift book SPECS

any people have the desire to travel with no fixed destination, on a road to nowhere. Martin Kers has captured that longing by photographing desolate landscapes that show a world free from technology and human interference. On a journey narrated by 350 striking images, Kers takes us past the end of the world. In this space, beyond human interference, we find an endless void filled with nature in all its self-sufficient glory. Inspiring quotes by famous authors and thinkers are scattered throughout the book, making it a perfect gift.


Text in English and Dutch.

Lannoo Publishers 350 color illustrations 340 pages, 8.5 x 6in. Hardcover, January 2017 English/Dutch ISBN: 9789089897077


“Above all, Remote Places to Stay is all about humans and the sheer variety of lifestyles that are possible, as through its evocative photography and well-written texts, we are able to uncover small, hidden corners of the world where life flows in a different tempo altogether” (

Martin Kers is an interesting man: he takes pictures of landscapes, but prefers the term 'outdoor photographer'. A characteristic of his work is that he shows the 'normal' as extraordinary. Having traveled the world working for newspapers and magazines, he has a vast selection of experiences to help him choose the locations for his shots.







✚ An amazing selection of the best addresses in Paris for authentic, simple and heartfelt cooking

✚ 450 addresses and suggestions from the Elle Paris team to help you discover or rediscover Paris ✚ Highlights key venues around Paris, for the tourist who wants an offbeat and exciting time

SPECS Editions du Chêne

Parisian Bistros

Elle Paris

100 color illustrations

Chêne’s Guides

160 pages, 6 x 8.25in.

Thierry Richard, in collaboration with Amélie Weill Photographs: Juliette Ranck Illustrations: Aseyn

Camille Girette, Sabine Roche, Illustrated by Soledad Bravi

Paperback with flaps, April 2017 ISBN: 9782812316340

SPECS Editions du Chêne 350 color illustrations 192 pages, 6 x 8.25in. Paperback with flaps, April 2017 ISBN: 9782812316357

$19.95 $19.95 Thierry Richard is a food critic who has spent over twelve years observing the intimate lives of Parisian restaurants. He is the author of Paris for Men and Paris for Pleasure. Amélie Weill is a gastronomic journalist.

n Parisian Bistros, the reader will find 150 accounts of the very best Parisian bistros: where people meet friends for a nice lunch or a lovely dinner, and human warmth and authentic pleasure are always on the menu.


From historic to hyped, from posh venues to blue-collar working class dives,Thierry Richard will guide you through a selection of bistros that contain the very essence of Parisian gastronomic life. Discover the cheapest farmer's chicken and fries in Paris (only 6.86 euros!), the most delicious pâté en croûte, the professional winemaker's favourite spots and the young gastronomic prodigy's haunts, from restaurants specializing in cold-cuts to warm summery terraces. All aspects of this essential element of the Parisian lifestyle are represented in this book. There's more to life than three star restaurants and hamburgers - so let's follow the guide and meet at the bistro!

iscover or rediscover Paris with Elle Paris and its sumptious selection of secretive, new, or landmark addresses in the City of Lights! Categorized under different headings such as beauty, fashion, design, culture, cooking or traveling, this book is a smart and snappy pocket companion that will guide you around the French capital, as you've never seen it before. Open it up and step into Elle's Paris!


This book was written by the journalists and photographers of Elle France, along with Soledad Bravi, an illustrator whose drawings have been published in Elle France since 2013.



111 Places in Chicago That You Must Not Miss

111 Places in Cambridge That You Shouldn’t Miss

Amy Bizzarri


Rosalind Horton and Sally Simmons What do movable dolls' eyes have to do with a Catholic church? Where could you meet Plain Bob Maximus and Surprise Major? Why does just one person know where Oliver Cromwell's head is buried? And where is a dog a very large cat? The answers to all these questions lie in Cambridge, which combines the magnificence of a medieval university with the dynamism of a hightechnology hub. Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Cambridge every year to see the colleges, go punting on the river, and shop. But there is much more to Cambridge than its university and Silicon Fen.


Chicago. City of the Big Shoulders. What started off as a small fur-trading settlement is today a bustling metropolis. Once considered the “hog butcher of the world, stacker of wheat, player with railroads and the nation's freight handler”, Chicago's colorful past remains hidden in the nooks and crannies of this wonderful windy city.

Tim Rawle, edited by John Adamson

An architectural history of Cambridge telling the story of its growth from Roman times, profusely illustrated with photographs of the city, university and colleges. Cambridge is a city of contrasts. Both a small market town in the east of England and the home of an ancient university of world renown, it is at once provincial and universal in its appeal, local and international in outlook. But what made this place in a remote corner of England so attractive to those who first settled there? How did Town and Gown grow up together? How did Cambridge evolve into the bustling, university city it is today?

SPECS Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, June 2017 ISBN: 9783740801564 $19.90

Adventures await, from the glamorous to the gritty. Sip dirty martinis in an elegant, underground, 1920's bank vault. Paddle a kayak down the infamous Bubbly Creek of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. While away an afternoon in a salt cave, or smoke a classic cigar in the oldest family-run tobacco shop in the U.S. Snorkel a 32-acre, limestone sheet shoal, one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the Midwest. Dine outdoors in a 23rd floor Beaux-Arts cupola overlooking the Chicago River. Whether you're an out-of-towner or a diehard Chicago dweller who thinks you've seen it all, these 111 hidden places are waiting for you to discover them.

111 Places in Baltimore That You Must Not Miss Allison Robicelli



Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, June 2017 ISBN: 9783740801472 $19.90

John Adamson / The Oxbridge Portfolio 230 col., 8 b&w illustrations, 204 pages, 12 x 11.5in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9780957286726 $35.00

SPECS Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, July 2017 ISBN: 9783740801588 $19.90

There is possibly no city in the United States as misunderstood as Baltimore, and yet there are few that can match it in majesty. One of the oldest Great Cities of America, Baltimore is profoundly rich in history and culture. But its character is not only derived from its past: Charm City's present and future belong to the thousands of artists and innovators who call it home. Baltimore is full of adventure and surprises. You'll visit the site of one of the most notorious scenes in cinematic history, and a candy shop that birthed a legendary R&B group. You'll hear music performed by future classical music stars, grab a bite at the last old-fashioned Polish smokehouse on the East Coast, and spend a day on a street art scavenger hunt. You will find 111 hidden places in Baltimore, whether it is your first time visiting or your 20th time, and even if you have been here for a lifetime. The city is yours to discover.

111 Gardens in London That You Shouldn’t Miss

111 Places in Prague That You Shouldn’t Miss

111 Places in Bath That You Shouldn’t Miss

111 Places in Paris That You Shouldn’t Miss

Kirstin von Glasow

Matej Cerný and Marie Perinová

Justin Postlethwaite

Sybil Canac, Renée Grimaud, Katia Thomas

London's gardens and parks form the green lung of the multimillion-housing capital, but also its heart and soul.The city's 400-plus green spaces are not only testament to the English love of gardening; they are also steeped in history. Kings hunted here, airships were built in London parks, and many famous Londoners are buried in graveyards-turned-gardens.

Prague is a city of many meanings – the collection of countless art treasures from every epoch, the Velvet Revolution, and the Prague Spring. It has cultural heroes like the one-eyed Jan Zizka, and Václav Havel.Yet Prague is much more. Everybody who has been to Prague has been drawn in by its magical spell. This book shows you a different side to this wonderful city.

The magnificent historic city of Bath – home to sweeping crescents in honeyed stone, restorative thermal waters, and beautiful boutiques – is no stranger to those who seek to explore its manifold charms. Most are only intrigued by the obvious: the Roman Baths, the Pulteney Bridge, the Royal Crescent, the Circus. But for the more inquisitive there are countless hidden gems.

You think you know Paris inside out? Then let yourself be surprised by this book! Written by three true connoisseurs, it tells you the secrets of the city. Curiosities, secret gardens, unknown museums, arts centers or very special hotels - with this book you discover Paris off the beaten path, its hidden treasures, its legends, its stories.




Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, May 2017 ISBN: 9783740801434 $19.90

Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, May 2017 ISBN: 9783740801441 $19.90

Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9783740801465 $19.90

SPECS Emons Verlag 111 color illustrations, 240 pages, 5.25 x 8in. Paperback, May 2017 ISBN: 9783740801595 $19.90

Sybil Canac strolls daily through Paris and loves the secret corners of the city, known only to the true Parisian. She has written numerous travel guides of Paris. Renée Grimaud is a historian and expert on the history of Paris. She has published numerous articles on this topic. Katia Thomas is a tourist guide, loves art and history, and likes to stroll through Paris in search of surprising places.




111 Coffee Shops In 111 Places Berlin In 111 Places In Berlin 111 Places In Dublin 111 Places In 111 Places In Florence London That You On The Trail Of The That You Shouldn’t That You Must Not Edinburgh That You and North Tuscany That Must Not Miss Nazis Miss Miss Shouldn’t Miss You Must Not Miss 9783954516148 9783954513239 9783954512089 9783954516490 9783954518838 9783954516131

111 Places on The 111 Places In French Riviera That Hamburg That You You Must Not Miss Shouldn’t Miss 9783954516124 9783954512348



The Story of a City Paul Van Damme

City Guide 2017 Sophie Allegaert

Bruges is a city with a fascinating history. Bruges is a city full of people and stories. Bruges is a city like those in the fairy tales... 111 Places In 111 Places In Cape 111 Places In Hong 111 Places In Barcelona That You Town That You Must Kong That You Istanbul That You Must Not Miss Not Miss Shouldn’t Miss Must Not Miss 9783954513536 9783954516100 9783954519361 9783954514236

111 Places In LA 111 Places In New 111 Places In 111 Places In Rome That You Must Not Delhi That You Must Provence That You That You Must Not Miss Must Not Miss Not Miss Miss 9783954518845 9783954516483 9783954514229 9783954513864

Historian Paul Van Damme's book is an ode to the city, its inhabitants and its heritage. This history book reads like a pageturner: city views act as backdrops for wondrous events, homes and squares become the decors for true stories. He proves that historical accuracy and engaging storytelling can go hand in hand. This accessible, intriguing book is an ideal introduction for those who visit Bruges for the first time. But it is also a great read for those who frequent the city; even lifelong residents will find charming stories and anecdotes they may never have heard before.

This definitive little guide will lead you on an adventure through the heart of a city you thought you knew, introducing the best shops, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cafés and restaurants. It includes three atmospheric walks through the city, which showcase Bruges' range of diverse museums: from the Groeninge Museum, featuring fine art from the 15th to the 21st century, to the Hospital Museum. With a fold-out street map, this book confidently directs you to Bruges' finest sights, including monuments such as The Belfry, with its carillon that has rung every quarter hour for over 700 years; well-known locations, such as the historic city centre - a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and picturesque, hidden alleyways. It also includes tips from locals, letting you in on the secrets that only those native to Bruges would know, and features information on cultural events. Containing new updated information.

SPECS 111 Places In San 111 Places In Venice 111 Places In 111 Places In Francisco That You That You Not Must Stockholm That You Liverpool That You Must Not Miss Miss Must Not Miss Shouldn’t Miss 9783954516094 9783954514601 9783954514595 9783954517695

111 Places In London That You Shouldn’t Miss 9783954513468

111 Places In Munich That You Shouldn’t Miss 9783954512225

111 Places In 111 Places In Verona 111 Places In Vienna 111 Places In York Salzburg That You & Lake Garda That That You Shouldn’t That You Shouldn’t Shouldn’t Miss Miss You Must Not Miss Miss 9783954512300 9783954516117 9783954512065 9783954517688

111 Places In New 111 Places In New 111 Places In Orleans That You York That You Must Rajasthan That You Must Not Miss Not Miss Must Not Miss 9783954516452 9783954510528 9783954515455

111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know 9783740800352

111 Shops In LA You 111 Shops In Milan 111 Shops In Must Not Miss That You Must Not London That You Miss Shouldn’t Miss 9783954516155 9783954516377 9783954513413

111 Places In 111 Places In Miami 111 Places In Milan Mallorca That You & The Keys That You That You Must Not Must Not Miss Shouldn’t Miss Miss 9783954512812 9783954516445 9783954513314

111 Shops In New 33 Getaways From 33 Walks In London York That You Must San Francisco That That You Shouldn’t Not Miss Miss You Must Not Miss 9783954513512 9783954516469 9783954518869

Stichting Kunstboek 100 color illustrations, 144 pages, 7.75 x 9.5in. Paperback with flaps, January 2017 ISBN: 9789058565143 $35.00


SPECS Lannoo Publishers 200 color illustrations, 160 pages, 4.75 x 7.5in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401439954 $9.50




Stadtführer 2017 Sophie Allegaert

Guía de la Cuidad 2017 Sophie Allegaert

Guida della Città 2017 Sophie Allegaert

February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789401439923

February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789401439930

February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789401439947






The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam 9789460581441


The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp 9789460581106

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Havana

Nathalie Dewalhens

Magalie Raman

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona 9789460581748

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin is the perfect book for those who wish to discover the city, but avoid all the usual tourist haunts, as well as for residents who are keen to track down the city's bestkept secrets.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Havana is the perfect book for those who wish to discover the city, but avoid all the usual tourist haunts, as well as for residents who are keen to track down the city's bestkept secrets.





Luster 100 color illustrations, 256 pages, 4.75 x 7in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789460581885 $23.00

Luster 100 color illustrations, 256 pages, 4.75 x 7in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789460581892 $23.00

100 color illustrations 256 pages, 4.75 x 7in. Paperback, available now $23.00

Back in Print

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Flanders Fields and the Belgian Coast 9789460581281

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam 9789460581786

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris 9789460581373

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels 9789460580925


The 500 Hidden Secrets of Ghent 9789460581229

The 500 Hidden Secrets of London

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen

Tom Greig

Miguel JĂşdice

Austin Sailsbury







80 color illustrations, 256 pages,

80 color illustrations, 256 pages,

80 color illustrations, 256 pages,

4.75 x 7in. Paperback

4.75 x 7in. Paperback

4.75 x 7in. Paperback

ISBN: 9789460581731 $23.00

ISBN: 9789460581755 $23.00

ISBN: 9789460581762 $23.00





The Considered Guide Roads Publishing

The Considered Guide Roads Publishing

Built around a maze of canals, a legacy of the city's humble beginnings as a fishing town, Amsterdam is a city that bustles with culture, trade and tourism. Described by locals as a big village, Amsterdam certainly packs enough into its winding streets and bridges for a city twice its size. With an artistic legacy that includes Rembrandt and Van Gogh, the city is an architectural hodgepodge of old and new, with windmills and flower markets contrasting with a neon-tinged nightlife. Whether you choose to travel by foot, bike or houseboat, the tips in this book, provided by locals, help to shine a light on the hidden secrets of this vibrant city. SPECS Roads Publishing 80 color illustrations, 128 pages, 4.25 x 6.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781909399921 $15.00

he capital city of Ireland, Dublin is a swirling cultural hotspot where old and new continuously clash and combine to create a city brimming with charm. Set on the shores of Dublin bay and at the mouth of the river Liffey, the city's history lives on through its architecture: twisting narrow lanes, towering Georgian houses and Celtic Tiger showstoppers and visitors are sure to be instantly at home. Celebrate the life of literary icon James Joyce on Bloomsday, try a pint of Guinness at the James Gate Brewery, deer-watch in Phoenix Park, and bask in the atmosphere at Temple Bar. This guide will take you down dark alleyways into designer treasure caves, revealing what lays behind closed doors. With tips from local bloggers, artists, writers, and more, this book will teach you everything you need to know about an incredible city.


SALES POINTS ✚ A hip travel guide to Dublin, focusing on affordable luxury and contemporary culture, as recommended by insiders ✚ Featuring recommendations from the city's coolest chefs, writers, artists and bloggers ✚ Contains new photography

SPECS Roads Publishing 80 color illustrations 128 pages, 4.25 x 6.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781909399938


Lisbon The Considered Guide Roads Publishing Set among seven picturesque hills on the brink of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is a fairytale city steeped in history, culture and sunshine. With an eclectic blend of neighborhoods, from the traditional Baixa district to the bohemian Bairro Alto, the city of Lisbon encourages long, meandering walks through its cobblestoned and sun-kissed streets. Filled with museums, monuments and historical artifacts, the city's history is evident on every corner. Whether it's a full day shopping at Centro Commercial Colombo or an escape to the beach at Guincho, our contributors have picked out the must-see sights that will help you experience the city like a true Lisboeta.

Milan The Considered Guide Roads Publishing

SPECS Roads Publishing 80 color illustrations, 128 pages, 4.25 x 6.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781909399945 $15.00

Marrakech The Considered Guide Roads Publishing This synesthetic city, alive with sights, sounds and smells, has long welcomed travelers into its vibrant, bustling embrace. Marrakech is a startling juxtaposition of new on old, the ancient fortified city surrounded by modern neighborhoods. Every wall, door, arch and building of the Medina displays a unique fragment of history. Dark, narrow alleyways stuffed with artisan shops and sprawling souks are laid out under the minaret of Koutoubia Mosque, and visitors can happily spend hours navigating this exotic maze. This guide draws back the curtain on Marrakech's hidden secrets, and our expert contributors have selected the best food, drinks, sights and shops that will keep you entranced for the duration of your stay. SPECS Roads Publishing 80 color illustrations, 128 pages, 4.25 x 6.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781909399952 $15.00

tately, sophisticated and bold, Milan deserves its reputation as the fashion capital of Italy. A lodestone for designers, artists, photographers and fashionistas, travelers come to experience the birthplace of top brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Prada. But Milan’s rich history gives depth to this stylish exterior. The city’s multi-faceted past is visible in its stunning architecture, with landmarks such as the Duomo Cathedral anchoring the surrounding streets. A hard-working city, Milan is the industrial capital of Italy, but this work ethic is complemented by an unparalleled aesthetic devotion. Soak up some opera in La Scala, admire Da Vinci’s genius, and shop till you drop with these tips from our stylish contributors.


SALES POINTS ✚ A hip travel guide to Milan focusing on affordable luxury and contemporary culture, as recommended by insiders. ✚ Featuring recommendations from the city's coolest chefs, writers, artists and bloggers ✚ Contains all new photography

SPECS Roads Publishing 80 color illustrations 128 pages, 4.25 x 6.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781909399969






Belgian CafĂŠ Culture Regula Ysewijn


SPECS Luster 200 col., 100 b&w illustrations, 224 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789460581915 $30.00

Food writer, photographer and graphic designer Regula Ysewijn runs the blog 'Miss Foodwise'. She is also the author of the book Pride and Pudding, which was highly praised by Jamie Oliver, Fiona Beckett and many others. She lives in Belgium but often works from London. She is a true Anglophile, but at the same time she also cherishes her Flemish roots. This book is an ode to Belgian popular culture. It is the result of countless visits to countless traditional Belgian cafes, where Regula talked to the regular guests and snapped many beautiful, touching photos. Throughout her book you can feel her love and passion for cultural ephemerality: things, places, and livelihoods in danger of fading. Regula wants you to know that these traditional Belgian cafes are much more than the brick and mortar that holds them together; they can be the epicenter of a community, standing strong even when their walls crumble and their decor ages, as they wait for the moment when the out-offashion becomes fashionable again.

Germany is beautiful; everyone who has ever traveled between the Baltic Sea and the Alps knows it. Pick up this book and embark on a journey through this unique and unbelievably diverse country in the heart of Europe. Magnificent photographs capture the splendor of sunny coasts and soaring mountains, majestic palaces, remote monasteries, and striking castles. This book is a testament to Germany's wealth of beauties, both natural and architectural. It will surprise you again and again with astonishing discoveries, hidden treasures, amazing panoramas and moving insights. Whether you are an aspiring traveler or a Deutschophile, it is the perfect declaration of love for a wonderful country.

Belgian Solutions Volume 2 David Helbich The Brussels-based artist David Helbich started collecting Belgian Solutions in 2006; he made photos of the peculiar and sometimes hilarious, no-nonsense solutions that he spotted in his daily surroundings. Once he started to share his photos online on Facebook in 2008 (the Belgian Solutions page has over 25,000 fans), the project gathered speed, with contributions by 'Belgian Solutions' spotters all over the world. And because Helbich keeps receiving pictures, he keeps creating content much to the joy of his fans. SPECS Luster 300 color illustrations, 304 pages, 6.75 x 4.25in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789460581991 $30.00

Also available: Belgian Solutions ISBN 9789460581571

A Walking Tour: Ahmedabad Gregory Bracken and Mathijs van Oostrum The Walking Tour City Guide series provides an engaging bridge between conventional tourist books, which contain less information on architecture, and academic books, which are often too specialized for a leisurely audience. A Walking Tour: Ahmedabad - the first to focus on an Indian city - provides hand-drawn illustrations that escort the reader from building to building, providing information on history, architectural styles, uses and purpose, and the architects themselves.

SPECS Mapin Publishing 100 color illustrations, 192 pages, 5 x 8.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9781935677741 $19.95

Focusing on the blend of medieval and modern architecture in Ahmedabad, the authors explore the magnificent old city and the historic 'Pol' houses. They also shed light on the buildings built by modern masters, such as Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. From havelis and temples to mosques, markets, and buildings that were only made possible because of the work of Mahatma Gandhi, the authors provide a lively illustrated tour through this city which has seen Mughal, Maratha and British influences in its culture, food and architecture.

Sights and Scenes of Japan

At the Heart of Europe Kunth Verlag

Marc Popelier

Japan is a country with a unique and somewhat mysterious culture. It is a land of diversity and contradictions. You will find ancient customs, cherished and unchanged for over thousands of years, as well as cutting edge technology and the latest gadgets. In Japan you'll be amazed by the charmingly courteous way in which travelers are treated and the delicacy with which Japanese food is prepared and served. It is a country where the majority of its population lives in vast cities like Tokyo and Yokohama. But it is also a country with stunning landscapes made up of thousands of islands lying on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Marc Popelier's life-long love for the country has crystallized into the pages of this book. It is a perfect introduction to Japan and will surely tempt anyone to visit this fascinating country.



Monaco Books/Kunth Verlag 54 color illustrations, 376 pages, 12 x 7.5in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9783955044121 $39.95

Stichting Kunstboek 100 color illustrations, 208 pages, 11 x 9.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789058565617 $55.00

Amazing Flavours of Amsterdam

Mexico City Museums Guide

Henk van Cauwenbergh

Claudia Itzkowich

Most of the city's hotspots combine eccentric locations with culinary delights. From cozy and cosmopolitan afterwork drinking places and casual gathering spots to delectable Michelin star-rated cuisine and all night party places, there's a venue in Amsterdam to satisfy every taste. After capturing the culinary delights of Paris and London, photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh makes his tour around Amsterdam to take in the amazing flavors of a city where there's something fantastic for everyone. Next to the most famed places, there are new venues and hidden treasures to be discovered. Featured in this book are, among others, Ciel Bleu, Okura, Nieuwe Librije, Amstel Hotel, Jimmy Woo, Lion Noir, Hoxton, Club Closure.

This is the first ever comprehensive guide to Mexico City museums. An attractive book, it contains splendid photographs that show the museums at their best, as well as practical information, which makes it an indispensable companion for explorers of Mexico's capital. Surprises await museum-goers in unexpected and exotic locations, whether at the top of a church, inside a private apartment, or in a classroom. These pages also reveal exciting new things about familiar places, promising to surprise even the seasoned visiter. A remarkable range of secret spectacles are disclosed within - all thanks to the authors' unprecedented research.

Also availabke by Henk van Cauwenbergh: Exquisite Venues of London ISBN 9789058565259 Les Brasseries de Paris ISBN 9789058565075

Reading the Mexico City Museums Guide is an opportunity to explore the cultural depths and rich history of the city's exhibition spaces, to learn more about the collections, and to appreciate the glorious extent of this megalopolis.

SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 150 color illustrations, 200 pages, 12.25 x 17.75in. Hardcover, January 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789058565532 $149.00

SPECS Ediciones el Viso 50 color illustrations, 328 pages, 6.5 x 8.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9788494603426 $25.00





Curves Sicily Number 7 Stefan Bogner Curves is the ultimate high-quality journeyman's magazine. Produced with love and aimed at all who drive, bike or cycle with passion, it encapsulates the joy of the open road. It is a magazine for those who see planning a journey as an act of celebration: people who are prepared to shake off their shackles and live their dreams. It is designed for the devotees and dreamers who experience the drive in their mind's eye before even embarking on the real-life adventure. This volume focuses on sunny Sicily, immersing the reader in the stunning Mediterranean landscape. SPECS

Text in English and German.

Delius Klasing Verlag 299 color illustrations, 258 pages, 8.25 x 11in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9783667107183 $20.00

Gerd Ludwig

Escapes - Winter Stefan Bogner and Jan Baedeker

The French, Italian, and Austrian Alps, the Pyrenees. Master photographer Stefan Bogner presents breathtaking photographs of mountain passes, taken during the winter season. Text in English and German.

Curves Scotland Number 8 Stefan Bogner

Curves is the ultimate high-quality journeyman's magazine. Produced with love and aimed at all who drive, bike or cycle with passion, it encapsulates the joy of the open road. It is a magazine for those who see planning a journey as an act of celebration: people who are prepared to shake off their shackles and live their dreams. It is designed for the devotees and dreamers who experience the drive in their mind's eye before even embarking on the real-life adventure. This volume focuses on Scotland: its meandering roads, its hilly heights, the breathtaking bleakness of its countryside. SPECS

Sleeping Cars

Also available by Stefan Bogner: Porsche Drive:15 Passes in 4 Days; Switzerland, Italy, Austria ISBN 9783667102898 Epic: The Roads of Iceland ISBN 9783768838832 Tracks Nürburgring North Loop ISBN 9783768838092

In Los Angeles County there are more than seven million registered vehicles. Everybody knows about highway traffic here. But where do all those cars go to rest? Gerd Ludwig is a night owl and doesn't need much sleep, so he sometimes goes out at night to photograph "sleeping cars". His chosen cars are loners. They command their own space. They are not crowded in with others to have a presence. After a while he recognizes their sleeping patterns. The cars in this project are photographed as he finds them. Their covers are like nightgowns, though some sleep in the nude. Some take daytime naps and a few lucky ones get to sleep together. Occasionally, proud car owners ask him if he wants them to move or uncover the car for the photograph, but Ludwig says, "I generally don't like them to disturb the cars in their sleep". Text in English and German.



Delius Klasing Verlag 250 color illustrations, 272 pages, 9.5 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783667107176 $55.00

Edition Lammerhuber 75 color illustrations, 144 pages, 11 x 14in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783901753961 $109.00

The Wooden Bicycle Around the World Kiriakos Iosifidis

Text in English and German.

Turtle 1:

Delius Klasing Verlag 250 color illustrations, 258 pages, 8.25 x 11in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9783667107190 $20.00

Building a Car in Africa Bas Vroege

Cuba Cars Classics of the Carribbean Rainer Floer and Harri Morick This book represents the “best of” Cuban tours, led by passionate photographer Rainer Floer and his cousin Harri Morick. Morick speaks fluent Spanish, and thus he ensured that the pair were seen as classic car fans rather than regular tourists. They conducted numerous interviews, and in doing so also made friends with the interviewees. Spare parts came from Germany, stories from Cuba. Cars and culture blend in this snapshot of an evolving nation. But this evolution brings with it the threat of change. Who knows how much longer we will find classic cars on Cuba's streets?

SPECS Delius Klasing Verlag 120 color illustrations, 144 pages, 10.75 x 11.5in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9783667108371 $40.00

Includes splendid photos of classic cars dating from before the revloution; American limousines, taxis, and wedding cars; the history of the first Porsche in Cuba; an interview with an artist and his VW Karmann-Ghia, and the Harley Club in Cuba; and amazing scenes of Cuban streets and landscapes. Text in English and German.

Showcasing more than 250 designers from around the world, including craftspeople (many of them renowned bicycle makers), manufacturers and associated organizations, this book dedicates hundreds of pages to beautiful bike designs, illuminating the latest modern trends in specialist bicycle craftmanship. Set out with detailed, distinctive design dialogues from each craftsperson or manufacturer, we learn how wood and bamboo are being enhanced and developed as extremely durable, aesthetically appealing materials, and which are considered sustainable, ecologically viable, user friendly and dynamic across each application. Beautifully illustrated, with historical references and texts by experts in the trade, and backed up with technical engineering knowledge, The Wooden Bicycle is a handy reference for those who have a true passion for the beauty and aesthetics of the modern bicycle in the wooden form, and a strong belief in a more sustainable way of living. SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 272 pages, 12.5 x 8.75in. Hardcover, July 2017 ISBN: 9781864707144 $60.00

Melle Smets and Joost van Onna took only twelve weeks to assemble Turtle 1, a car built entirely from recycled parts. Made in Africa, Turtle 1 is entirely suited to the local context, sufficiently sturdy to resist the climate and the road conditions, and easy to operate.This book is part of an extensive documentation of the project; this documentation spans several years and has used exhibitions, films and apps to tell the story of this great idea.

SPECS Verlag Kettler 360 col., 15 b&w illustrations, 288 pages, 9.25 x 6.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9783862065820 $44.95




Italian Wines

International Floral Art

Guía Peñín De Los Vinos De España 2017

2017 Gambero Rosso

2016/2017 Stichting Kunstboek


PI&ERRE With 304 pages of striking floral arrangements, International Floral Art 2016/2017 is another exceptional tribute to the wonders of floral art. An absolute favorite of many, the International Floral Art series has become an essential resource that reflects the diverse and ever-evolving floral art scene. Over 200 international artists, both up-and-coming and well-established designers, sent in their best designs. This splendid mix of backgrounds accounts for the extraordinary diversity and the refreshing mix of arrangements in this volume. SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 250 color illustrations, 304 pages, 9.5 x 11in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789058565419 $85.00

Packed with artful and inventive new designs and showcasing many contemporary styles and techniques, this is a must-have for anyone interested in floral art, from those with fingers itching to create, to those who just want to stand back and admire the incredible talents of others.

The Wreath Manabu Hashiguchi, photography by Kiyokazu Nakajima A beautiful collection of seasonal wreathes by master florist Manabu Hashiguchi.

Italian Wines is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso's Vini d'Italia, the world's best-selling guide to Italian wine, now in its 30th edition. It is the result of a year's work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the whole of Italy to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. About 2,400 producers are selected. Each entry brings together useful information about a winery, including a description of its most important labels and price levels in Italian wine shops. Each wine is evaluated according to the Gambero Rosso bicchieri rating, with Tre Bicchieri awarded to the top labels. This guide acts as an essential reference tool for both wine professionals and passionate amateurs around the globe: it provides the instruments for finding one's way in the complex panorama of Italy's wine world.

Now in its 27th edition, this is the definitive guide to Spanish wine. Contains information on almost 11,000 new wines. Each year our team travels to every wine-growing area of Spain to taste and review new varieties, labels and vintages. As a result, each year's edition contains fresh information about the most important up-and-coming names in the business. The 2017 guide is no different. Whatever your budget, Guía Peñín is the ultimate work of reference for those who wish to delve into the darkly seductive world of Spanish wine. Text in Spanish.



Gambero Rosso 984 pages, 4.25 x 8.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9781890142186 $35.00

Grupo Peñìn 1000 color illustrations, 1298 pages, 6 x 8.25in. Paperback, available now, non-returnable ISBN: 9788495203489 $35.00

The wreath is Japanese floral artist Manabu Hashiguchi's prefered floral shape. Its symbolism is universal. With no beginning or end, the wreath represents eternity and the endless processes in nature. Hashiguchi's designs are so graceful that they look as if there has been no artist's hand involved, and nature created the shapes by accident. Even the humblest of materials get the chance to shine and tell their story.

Peñín Guide To Spanish Wine 2017

Vineyard Belgians Producing Top European Wines Dirk De Mesmaeker, Andrew Verschetze


SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 75 color illustrations, 96 pages, 9.75 x 13in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789058565495 $55.00

Discover this intriguing collection of seasonal wreaths, which balance on the thin line between classical floristry and land art. Text in English and Japanese.

Double Face Hervé Frézal, Charline Pritscaloff

SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 150 color illustrations, 96 pages, 9.75 x 13in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789058565600 $55.00

Through this book about floral design - Double Face - Charline Pritscaloff (Orléans) and Hervé Frezal (Beaulieu-sur-Mer) wish to share their two worlds, their sensitivities but also and especially their love of the profession. Two styles, at first sight opposites, find themselves in the same volume. The reader will discover the feminine touch of Charline Pritscaloff - curvy, flexible, generous and voluptuous - facing the compositions of Hervé Frezal, characterized by their lack of superfluous elements, purity, cleanness and restrained lines. The result is an ode to flowers and an exciting confrontation of different interpretations of 'beauty'. Text in English and French.

Each year our team travels to every wine-growing area of Spain to taste and review new varieties, labels and vintages. As a result, each year's edition contains fresh information about the most important up-and-coming names in the business. The 2017 guide is no different. Whatever your budget, Guía Peñín is the ultimate work of reference for those who wish to delve into the darkly seductive world of Spanish wine. This fantastic compilation also explores wine-growing, taking into account regional environmental factors such as soil, climate and grape variety. Instructing readers on the basics of wine tasting, with advice on the best way to store and appreciate wine, this is an invaluable guide for both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. SPECS Grupo Peñìn 1000 color illustrations, 1041 pages, 6 x 8.25in. Paperback, available now ISBN: 9788495203496 $35.00

Vineyard tells the story of 15 Belgian winemakers who operate in 15 different European countries. Their journeys lead the reader to the most diverse wine domains: from the flanks of Mt Etna in Sicily to the Douro riversides in Portugal, and the fascinating landscape of the Priorat in Spain. This book details the wine-making process, while giving the reader an intimate feel for the localities where these wines are produced. Dirk De Mesmaker is a journalist, and has written many books on viniculture. Andrew Verschetse studied art and photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, going on to specialize in food and beverages photography. SPECS Lannoo Publishers 340 color illustrations, 304 pages, 11.75 x 14.5in. Hardcover, available now, non-returnable ISBN: 9789401422475 $120.00




Chicken on the Menu

The Selous in Africa

Luc Hoornaert & Kris Vlegels

A Long Way from Anywhere Robert J. Ross

Chicken is a universal dish, prepared around the world. It is versatile and affordable. Luc Hoornaert and Kris Vlegels present recipes by famous top chefs such as Bocuse and Georges Blanc, classical chicken dishes for every day, and recipes from cultures around the world. Luc Hoornaert has been active in the gastronomical world for over 25 years, supplying rare and high quality Japanese products to international chefs. Long stays abroad have sharpened his tastebuds, and he is in constant search and curiosity for wholesome and delicious food. He is the author of the successful Must Eat series. SPECS


Lannoo Publishers 100 col., 30 b&w illustrations, 176 pages, 8.75 x 10.75in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401437714 $44.95

Officina Libraria 381 col., 15 b&w illustrations, 276 pages, 13 x 10.5in. Hardcover. Reprint, available now. New retail price ISBN: 9788897737643 $75.00


The Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania is Africa's oldest and largest protected area. Proclaimed in 1896, and bigger than Switzerland, the Selous is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Selous remains one of Africa's largest and greatest undisturbed ecosystems, teeming with life including one of the two largest elephant populations remaining on the African continent, probably half of all of the wild dogs in Africa, and vast herds of buffalo, as well as more lions than any other protected area on the continent, as reported by National Geographic in August 2013. The game reserve is becoming more important by the day as the pressure on elephants and other species grows - problems that are addressed here in this book.

Delirium Tremens The Successful Story of Brewery Huyghe Erik Verdonck

Still Life Photography Li Juan

Brewery Huyghe, also known as 'The Brewery of Delirium Tremens' or 'The Brewery of the Pink Elephant', is one of the largest family brewers in Belgium. This book delves deep into the heart of this successful independent business. Discover its history, production processes, tasting profiles and food pairing notes. A must-have for Belgian beer connoisseurs, or fans of the Pink Elephant.

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 100 col., 15 b&w illustrations, 128 pages, 7.5 x 9.75in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401440578 $25.00

Erik Verdonck is a partner of The Belgian Beer Company and author of, an online platform about Belgium, gastronomy and tourism. He has written several articles and books on beer and gastronomy.

Still Life Photography reveals the aesthetic characteristics of what everyday people see, use and eat. It is a stark and relentless display of normality, embracing the unappreciated or negative. All aspects of ordinary life are re-discovered and re-illustrated via the camera lens. This book illuminates the unexpected potential of the objects surrounding us, and at the core of each photo lays an invitation to take a fresh look at life.

SPECS Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 240 pages, 8.5 x 11.25in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9789881468840 $75.00

Ciel Bleu Guestronomy A Piece of Heaven Jurriaan Geldermans, Onno Kokmeijer, Arjan Speelman, photography: Ivo Geskus

SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 150 color illustrations, 360 pages, 9.25 x 13.25in. Hardback, December 2016 ISBN: 9789058565563 $95.00

Dining at Ciel Bleu is a dreamlike, elegant experience. The entire Ciel Bleu team is determined to treat guests to a piece of heaven. The restaurant, located on the 23rd floor of the gorgeous five-star Okura Hotel, boasts a beautiful panoramic view over Amsterdam and never fails to delivers topnotch dinners. The menu always features the finest flavors of the season. Ciel Bleu has received two Michelin stars, both of which are indisputably deserved. The restaurant serves classic French cuisine with a contemporary, creative twist. Chefs Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman take pride in selecting the best of the best ingredients, and often use local products. Guestronomy lets you discover the stories behind some of these beloved artisanal products, and the symbiotic relationship between the producers and the two chefs which enables the development of special 'Ciel Bleu' products and signature flavor combinations. This book also features 60 essential seasonal recipes, a look behind the scenes, and a meet and greet with some of the familiar faces that make the difference between gastronomy and guestronomy.

Towards the Horizon Emil Gataullin, Peter-Matthias Gaede

SPECS Edition Lammerhuber 11 col., 118 b&w illustrations, 256 pages, 6.75 x 9.25in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9783903101166 $70.00

He sees what others overlook. He creates magic out of nothing. From the most banal everyday scenes he manages to form images that seduce his audience, putting them under an extraordinary spell. Russian photographer Emil Gataullin is a master of lyrical black-and-white photography. His theme is the Russian village: a life far away from big decisions and sensations. Gataullin's work is at the same time documentary and photographic poem; it dances on the thin line between deliberate sparseness, objectivity and restraint, and affectionate composition. Gataullin's pictures neither glorify nor denigrate. They are a declaration of love for a Russia beyond Moscow. They prescribe nothing for the viewer - and are all the more mysterious for that. Text in English, German, Russian.





Copacabana Palace Peter Bauza


Peter Bauza lived for eight months with the residents of Copacabana Palace, an abandoned housing project in Rio de Janeiro, creating a unique photo-documentary of their lives. This photography collection recently won the prestigious Visa d'Or Feature Award 2016 at the photo festival Visa Pour l'Image, Perpignan, France . A rare intimacy and level of trust between the photographer and the occupants of Copacabana Palace is captured in these pictures. A groundbreaking work reflecting on a global problem: the UN reports more than 1 billion people worldwide without adequate shelter, and Brazil is no exception. SPECS

Text in English, German, and Portugese.

Edition Lammerhuber 185 color illustrations, 208 pages, 9.5 x 11.75in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9783903101197 $95.00

La Bruxelloise Cici Olsson

Borders within Europe are far from absolute. They have been blurring steadily ever since the Schengen agreements of 1985. Twenty-six countries with a total border diameter of 16,500 kilometres can be traveled between freely. Photographer Valerio Vincenzo explores liminal spaces between political-cultural territories. He captures what is left over: tranquility, beauty, calm, peace and freedom. His photos all evoke one question: What are borders really? Text in English and French. SPECS

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 80 col., 20 b&w illustrations, 232 pages, 8.25 x 10.75in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9782873869854 $37.50

100 women living in Brussels were asked to write about their city. A gallerist, a doctor, a real estate agent, a metro driver, a professor, an actress; women from every walk of life... For all their diversity, they have two things in common: they love Brussels, and they want to share that love with the reader. Their portraits have been taken by Cici Olsson in an environment that they feel a special connection to. This book is an ode to Brussels through their eyes; thus, to maintain the uniqueness of their perspective, every woman writes about the city in her own native language, with translations provided at the back of the book.

Bert Danckaert and Alison NordstrĂśm

Bert Danckaert explores new horizons in this latest collection of his work. Danckaert has been a name to remember in the art photograpy world, ever since his 1990 debut. This book maintains continuity with his previous collections, with pictures focusing on the urbane urbanism of walls, street corners and footpaths. However, this time his signature hermetic minimalism makes way for humor and vivacity. This book chronicles a fresh project from a photographer on the way to the top.

Frederik Vercruysse

A beautiful coffee table book showcasing the highlights of photographer Frederik Vercruysse's portfolio, from 2000 until today. Pure compositions of architecture, interiors, landscapes and still lifes. As a photographer, Frederik Vercruysse specializes in shooting architecture and interiors. But his portfolio also includes intriguing still lifes, pure and abstract compositions, and carefully stylized landscapes. His love for straight lines always shows through, making his work at once geometrically satisfying and inhumanly linear. SPECS

Lannoo Publishers 250 col., 50 b&w illustrations, 208 pages, 9 x 11in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401440660 $55.00

Luster 200 color illustrations, 224 pages, 8 x 10.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789460581960 $50.00

A Perfect Chemistry

Living Heritage Centuries in Business Sabina Korfmann

Photographs by Hill and Adamson Anne M. Lyden

Text in English, French, and Dutch.


Index 2006–2016

The European Case Valerio Vincenzo

A beautiful volume of masterpieces from one of the most famous photographic partnerships in history: nineteenthcentury Edinburgh duo David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson. Accompanies an exhibition to be held at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh from 27 May to 1 October 2017 before touring internationally. Sumptuous, high-quality, full-color plates. This new volume features an essay from Anne M. Lyden, International Photography Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland, along with sumptuous color photographs detailing around 100 masterpieces from the Galleries' vast collection of Hill and Adamson's photography.

Features a broad variety of companies and institutions that have been active for at least 200 years. Their organizational forms are diverse: some are still family-owned while others have different managerial structures. Using heritage as a key to connect to a larger audience in the corporate world and outside it, this book authentically relates the story of each company with the use of photographs, history and personal stories - written by people who are part of the company, who share their own perceptions of what the company stands for and how it has reached where it is today. SPECS



Lannoo Publishers 120 color illustrations, 164 pages, 11.75 x 9in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401437653 $55.00

National Galleries of Scotland 120 color illustrations, 120 pages, 8 x 10in. Hardcover, July 2017 ISBN: 9781911054047 $29.95

Roli Books 100 color illustrations, 192 pages, 11 x 15in. Hardcover, February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789351941781 $125.00





Gute Aussichten 2016/2017 New German Photography Sieveking

Taj Mahal Foxtrot

Musicscapes The Multiple Emotions of Indian Music Shobha Deepak Singh

Musicscapes: The Multiple Emotions of Indian Music is a visual diary, comprised of 30 years of photo documentation through the lens of the passionate photographer Shobha Deepak Singh. An exciting glimpse into India's movement towards musical modernism, seen through the camera of a renowned cultural chronicler. Evocative black and white photography, representing some of the greatest names in Indian music.

Documents the top entries for the 'Gute Aussichten' competition, which revolutionized the treatment of novice photogrophers in the art world. Since 2004-05, the producers of the 'Gute Aussichten - New German Photography' competition have presented their winning photos at over one hundred solo shows. The competition fills a gap in the art world, which had previously left it up to chance or good luck to decide whether talented new photographers gained attention. The competition takes place every year, and the magazine Der Spiegel describes it as “Germany's most prestigious competition for new photography.” This book showcases the top entries to the competition.

The Story of Bombay's Jazz Age Naresh Fernandes

An intimate look at a period of modern Indian history that has shaped the music of the subcontinent today. Features detailed sections on several important Indian and American jazz musicians, including Chic Chocolate, 'the Louis Armstrong of India'; and Teddy Weatherford.

SPECS Sieveking 180 color illustrations, 224 pages, 6.5 x 9.5in. Paperback, December 2016 ISBN: 9783944874548 $40.00

The traveling exhibition starts on the 18th of November 2016 at the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf, Germany. It will appear at different venues worldwide throughout 2017. Text in English and German.

Yasser Booley South Africa at Liberty Africalia Editions, photography by Yasser Booley



Roli Books 200 b&w illustrations, 252 pages, 9.5 x 10.75in. Hardcover, February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789351941682 $75.00

Roli Books 100 col., 20 b&w illustrations, 192 pages, 6 x 8.75in. Hardcover, February 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789351941736 $29.99

A celebration of the work of South African photographer Yasser Booley, this is a new title in the Africalia series. Yasser 'Mierkat' Booley started producing photographs in 1993 on the eve of the 'new' South Africa. Raised within the tension of a conservative Cape Malay home in politically fraught South Africa, he soon became an observant apprentice, set on mastering the essence of the electric 'rainbow nation'.

William Henry Fox Talbot Dawn of the Photograph Russell Roberts and Greg Hobson

Features 100 highquality reproductions of Talbot’s work. Through two introductory essays, the book examines how Talbot’s invention of photography in the 1830s, evolved to establish the artistic, scientific and industrial possibilities for photography. This book is a testament to Talbot’s magical and industrial visions for his invention, that range from the delicate capture of natural specimens to more staged and functional ambitions for photography as means of mass production. It will be of interest to the art enthusiast and general historian of nineteenth-century innovation, as well as to all those curious to learn more about this pioneer of photography.

The Rage of Staging Wim Vandekeybus David Byrne, Mauro Pawlowski, Peter Verhelst

SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 100 color illustrations, 144 pages, 9.25 x 9.75in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9789058565631 $35.00

This book is a celebration, an indulgent vision. Booley's South Africa shows ordinary people caught at a crossroads, entangled in a disheveled unity. He brings to light the beauty of humanity through all religious and cultural differences, through class and gender diversity. His character and style reveal an unbridled optimism, sprinkled with an accidental whiff of irony. Text in English, French, Dutch, and German.

Marie Goslich Krystyna Kaufmann, Richard Reisen First book ever on this international choreographer and his company. This extraordinary book is a visual trip through the most powerful images from his repertoire, a quest for the ideas and themes that inspire him. It also contains unpublished texts, notes and scripts from his shows and films. A number of compagnons de route, such as David Byrne, Mauro Pawlowski, and Peter Verhelst, offer a personal textual contribution.

Collects numerous ‘lost’ photos from one of the world’s first professional female photographers. Shows the breadth and depth of Goslich's social commentary through art.

Text in English, French, and Dutch.



Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 4 col., 120 b&w illustrations, 176 pages, 9 x 10.25in. Paperback. Reprint, available now ISBN: 9781785510533 $45.00

Lannoo Publishers 150 col., 50 b&w illustrations, 272 pages, 8.5 x 11in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9789401434713 $69.95

SPECS Verlag Kettler 340 pages, 3.5 x 6.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783862065288 $50.00

In 2008, a discovery was made that brought the works of Marie Goslich to light. Part of her estate, long thought to have been lost, was rediscovered in a guesthouse in Geltow at the Schwielowsee lake. Some 400 glass plate negatives exist today, survivors of the chaos of both world wars. This book makes Goslich's photos available to the public 100 years after their capture, celebrating her as a bold pioneer and a grande dame of German photojournalism and social critique. Text in English and German.




Arts and Crafts Metalwork

The Aloha Boathouse and the Iris Bathroom

From the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation David Cathers and Jonathan Clancy

SPECS Lucia Marquand 299 color illustrations, 280 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780615988696 $65.00

This catalogue showcases some of the finest examples of metalwork from the American Arts and Crafts period. A glimpse into the past of one of North America's most revered art movements, it explores the dichotomy between industrialism and aesthetics. The Arts and Crafts movement in America was marked by the spirit of reform and the belief that traditional craftsmanship could ennoble a society overcome by rampant industrialization. Simplicity in style and honesty in construction had the power to transform a utilitarian object into a beautiful one, enhancing the lives of both maker and user. Arts and Crafts Metalwork showcases the work of eleven designers and craftsmen from the period between 1900 and 1930, including Gustav Stickley, Karl Kipp, Dirk van Erp, and the Roycrofters. Color photographs detail more than two hundred metal objects, all selected from the Two Red Roses Foundation's extensive collection, while archival images of design sketches and magazine advertisements highlight the philosophy and working methods behind these artisans and their creations.

Arts and Crafts Furniture From the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation David Cathers and Susan J. Montgomery

SPECS Lucia Marquand 240 color illustrations, 328 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780692213483 $65.00

Arts and Crafts Furniture features many of the most important furniture makers from the Arts and Crafts era in America, including Charles Rohlfs, Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Workshops, Elbert Hubbard's Roycrofters, the Byrdcliffe colony, the Stickley Brothers, and Greene & Greene. These early twentieth-century makers and designers believed that traditional, high-quality craftsmanship was essential in a time of steadily growing industrialization in America. Color photographs featuring two hundred objects selected from the Two Red Roses Foundation's extensive collection, are presented alongside archival photographs and examinations of their design and fabrication. A special appendix highlights the designers and craftsmen who appear in the book, alongside the history of their firms and working practices.

Arts and Crafts Lighting From the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation David Cathers

SPECS Lucia Marquand 218 color illustrations, 240 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780982083352 $65.00

The invention of American Arts and Crafts lighting was an irresistible phenomenon for many early twentieth-century artisans and designers. As it blossomed, it became a unique expression of craft, creativity, and technology. Arts and Crafts Lighting examines the advent of electric lighting from 1895 to 1920, showcasing more than eighty objects in the Two Red Roses Foundation Collection. The artisans, architects, and firms responsible for these works are discussed, along with the nature of their designs, their working methods, their creative use of wood, metal, glass, mica, ceramic, and other natural materials, and their imaginative handling of incandescent light to create functional, radiant beauty within the domestic sphere.


Two Installations by the Grueby Faience and Tile Company Susan J. Montgomery

This book tells the engrossing story of the Aloha Boathouse and the Iris Bathroom, two extraordinary, large-scale domestic tile projects by the Grueby Faience and Tile Company. The first is a stunning boathouse floor from Newport, Rhode Island; the other, a complete bathroom from Bratenahl, Ohio. These decorative relics from the past might easily have been sold off piecemeal, but the Two Red Roses Foundation made an unprecedented commitment to conserving the thousands of tiles, so that the original vision of these spaces would be safeguarded. This book recounts the story of those rescued installations, the men and women who envisioned and financed them, and the ideas and images that inspired their creation.

Myths, Angels, and Masquerades Exploring European Art Amy Gray and Lucy Holland

Geared towards young readers and families, Myths, Angels, and Masquerades explores themes including religious art, landscapes, stilllife painting, and portraiture. It accesses these topics through fortyseven works of art, chosen from the collection of The San Diego Museum of Art. Interactive features provide opportunities for further investigation, while “Your Turn� activities invite you to try your own hand at creating art inspired by the work of past masters.



Lucia Marquand 112 color illustrations, 80 pages, 8.75 x 11.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780615815664 $35.00

Lucia Marquand 230 color illustrations, 104 pages, 9.25 x 10.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780692391013 $18.95

Arts and Crafts Tile

Sylloge of Aksumite Coins in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

From the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation Susan J. Montgomery

A study of beautiful tiles made in North America during the Arts and Crafts movement. Like other Arts and Crafts creations, these tiles counterract the soullessness of mass-production on an industrial scale. Each of the sixteen tile makers represented in the Two Red Roses Collection (including Grueby, William Morris, Newcomb, Paul Revere Pottery, and Rookwood) sought to balance the ideals of fine design and craftsmanship with the pressures of efficient production and financial viability. Profusely illustrated, Arts and Crafts Tile thoroughly documents the Two Red Roses Foundation collection. An appendix provides concise histories of each of the tile companies and the talented men and women who designed and crafted these remarkable works of art.

Wolfgang Hahn and Vincent West

This book focusses on the Ashmolean's collection of Aksumite coins, arguably the greatest collection of its kind worldwide. It has been catalogued and presented by the two most important living experts of this coinage. No other book approaches this level of academic expertise on significant Aksumite coinage. The Ashmolean museum's coins are of considerably higher quality and interest than even the similar collection at the British Museum.



Lucia Marquand 590 color illustrations, 360 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9780982083338 $65.00

Ashmolean Museum Publications 1200 color illustrations, 160 pages, 7.5 x 9.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781910807101 $60.00




Italian Maiolica and Europe

Tibetan Clothing and Jewellery

Medieval and Later Italian Pottery in the Ashmolean Museum Timothy Wilson

Nomads and Farmers of Amdo and Kham Gina Corrigan

This book is the culmination of nearly thirty years' work in caring for, studying, and developing the collections in this Museum by Timothy Wilson, long-time Keeper of Western Art. The Ashmolean collections have their origins in the collection of C.D.E. Fortnum (1820-1899), but have been developed further in the last quarter-century, so that they can claim to be one of the top such collections of Renaissance ceramics worldwide. This book, containing 289 catalogue entries, will completely encompass the Museum's collection. In addition it will include catalogue entries for some seventy selected pieces of pottery. It will also include an essay by Kelly Domoney of Cranfield University, and Elisabeth Gardner of the Ashmolean's Conservation Department, on the technical analysis and conservation history of some pieces in the collection.

An extensively illustrated and up-to-date look at Tibetan clothing, jewelry and accessories, from the historical regions of Amdo and Kham. A remarkable book, dedicated to the intricacies of Tibetan costume. This book takes a textile-centric viewpoint, but also branches out into the lives of local Tibetan people who share their stories through interviews. Tibetan Clothing and Jewellery is unique in its reflection of historical material. It combines this academic knowledge base with original observations and wide-ranging interviews with nomads and farmers, all of which center around costumes locally possessed and worn by Tibetans today.

The Marshall Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum

The Decanter

Rosalind Sword

Andy McConnell

Henry Marshall assembled the collection between the two World Wars. In the years that followed, he sought to represent as comprehensive a range of patterns as possible, with minimal duplication, so that his collection would become a true reference work in itself. Every piece was acquired for specific purpose, many of them either to further his knowledge or because they were so rare. This catalogue, like the collection itself, seeks to present early Worcester porcelain to collectors and the wider public in a systematic way. It describes, classifies, and reproduces every item in the Marshall Collection. It does not seek to present detailed new research, but to record the state of knowledge about the subject at the time of writing. SPECS



Ashmolean Museum Publications 600 col., 20 b&w illustrations, 520 pages, 9.75 x 12.5in. Hardcover, July 2017 ISBN: 9781910807163 $125.00

Hali Publications Ltd 500 color illustrations, 240 pages, 9 x 11.75in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781898113584 $50.00


Researched and written by Andy McConnell, journalist and longserving glass specialist on BBC TV's Antiques Roadshow, The Decanter is born of twenty years' extensive research. This edition is enlivened by several new chapters and the inclusion of two thousand new photographs and illustrations, most previously unpublished.


Ashmolean Museum Publications 1500 color illustrations, 696 pages, 9.75 x 12.5in. Hardcover, slipcase, January 2017 ISBN: 9781910807057 $150.00, 2 vols.

ACC Art Books 2.000 color illustrations, 448 pages, 9.25 x 11.75in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9781851498406 $125.00

The Magic of Watches A Smart Introduction to Fine Watchmaking Louis Nardin

Kadri Mälk Testament Kadri Mälk, Tamara Luuk, Tanel Veenre

Barberini Tapestries

Rugs & Art

Woven Monuments of Baroque Rome James Harper and Marlene Eidelheit

Tribal Bird Rugs & Others: A Buenos Aires Collection Abel Trybiarz

Tribal Rugs

A book recording a South American private collection of Oriental rugs, fully illustrated in color with accompanying text by the collector. This high quality collection includes several 'best of type' pieces: an interesting individual take on the psychology of collecting.This fine tribal rug collection was built over many years by a Buenos Aires collector.

Beginning with the discovery of the oldest complete rug, dated to the fourth/fifth century BC, the reader is taken on a journey through the weaving history of the nomadic peoples of Iran, the Caucasus, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, up to c.1900.

The first in-depth treatment of the tapestries of the Life of Christ, one of the grandest monuments of seventeenth century Rome commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Barberini. This book is the result of an intense conservation effort, which restored these magnificent works of art to their former glory after a fire burnt two of the tapestries and damaged four more in 2001. SPECS Officina Libraria 126 color illustrations, 176 pages, 9.75 x 12in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9788899765316 $45.00

SPECS Hali Publications Ltd 150 color illustrations, 272 pages, 9.75 x 12.5in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781898113577 $60.00

Treasures of the Black Tent Brian MacDonald

What is a beautiful watch? How do you make a good choice? The Magic of Watches explains how and why these little objects are so precious, fascinating and exciting. The book presents paradoxes: why a one-million-dollar watch might be less precise and more fragile than one that costs 15 dollars. It comes back to the origins of the measurement of time: how did we go from the water clock to the wristwatch? The book goes on to technique: how does a mechanical movement work? How does a quartz one work?; delves into details: what is a “complication” and when do we speak about “chronometer”?; showcases art: how do we enamel a dial? The Magic of Watches is unique: it focuses in detail on the basics in order to understand and love watches better.

Text in English and Estonian. SPECS

SPECS ACC Art Books 500 color illustrations, 320 pages, 9.25 x 11.75in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9781851498567 $85.00

An essential publication on the Estonian jewellery artist Kadri Mälk, who as professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn has significantly influenced the European jewellery scene. Text in English and Estonian. New pieces from Kadri Mälk's prolific creative phase of recent years. Detailed photographs from offbeat vantage points open up new perspectives on her jewelry.

SPECS Watchprint 224 pages, 5.5 x 8.25in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9782940506125 $44.99

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 365 col., 15 b&w illustrations, 328 pages, 9.5 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783897904859 $70.00





Accessories for Your Home The Complete Collection of Fabric Designs Li Aihong

Helga Zahn Drawings & Jewellery Petra Hölscher; edited by Die Neue Sammlung - The Design Museum and Stadt Schwarzenbach an der Saale

New Jewellery from IdarOberstein 6 Gemstone | Jewellery Ute Eitzenhöfer, Theo Smeets

An exceptional selection of works from the last ten years by students, graduates and teachers from the Hochschule Trier in IdarOberstein. With over 400 images this richly illustrated book is a milestone in 21st century art jewelry presentation. Many never before seen photographs including the fascinating ‘Remake’ project which ties together jewelry and fine art. Accompanies the exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier (DE), 27.11.2016-26.2.2017

Helga Zahn (1936-1985) was one of the leading jewelry artists in Britain during the 1960s and 1970s. The autodidact, who was raised in Schwarzenbach an der Saale, had a preference for silver and natural materials such as pebbles. Her oneoff jewelry is made unique by the clarity of simple geometric forms, the lightness and simplicity of the combinations, and a reduced color palette. With novel systematic thinking, in the mid 1960s she revolutionized the studio jewelry movement that was forming across the globe. With around a hundred jewelry objects, this comprehensive review invites you on a journey of rediscovery and reappraisal of this exceptional artist.

Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.

SPECS Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 280 pages, 9.25 x 11.5in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9789881876904 $60.00

Internal Staircases Design Li Aihong



Arnoldsche Art Publishers 400 color illustrations, 352 pages, 6.75 x 9.75in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9783897904736 $60.00

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 69 col., 14 b&w illustrations, 104 pages, 8.75 x 11.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783897904811 $55.00

Silver Triennial International Chus Burés

18th Worldwide Competition Christianne Weber-Stöber and Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V.

Portraits & Jewellery Germano Celant, Antoine d’Agata, Alberto García-Alix, Andres Serrano

Decorating a house? In need of inspiration? Then this book is a must-have! Cushions, curtains, wallpaper, table covers, and more; this book features many creative and stylish household fabric decorations, shown both separately and as part of complete room designs. The book is split into three segments: 'Home Decorative Fabric Accessories', 'Accessories in the Whole Interior Design', and 'Interview'. In 'Home Fabric Decorative Accessories', each textile product is presented holistically. High-res images accompany text containing information on product size, component materials and style. This gives the reader a nuanced feel for the featured items. Following this, 'Accessories in the Whole Interior Design' displays a range of interiors with various themes and styles. This section demonstrates how designers successfully employ the fabric accessories seen in the first third of the book, showing how each product can contribute to a cohesive decor. Finally, 'Interview'. Professional designers share their latest ideas, providing insightful tips on matching household interior to decorative textile accessories.

This publication reveals the human dimension of Chus Burés' jewels, along with a method of working that is visual and emotional in equal measure. Contains insights into the practices of a jewelry “maverick”, whose work is visual and emotional in equal measure. In Chus Burés, Portraits & Jewellery (2016), this is realized through a series of intense portraits by Antoine d'Agata, Alberto García-Alix, and Andres Serrano. These pictures reveal a transgressive melding of jewel and subject: man becomes metal and metal becomes man. Watch ideas take on physical form, and immerse yourself in Burés' world of wearable art.

The publication for the 18th Silver Triennial documents the results of the international competition for current trends in the silver scene announced by the Gesellschaft für Goldschmiedekunst e.V. and the Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau. Renowned silversmiths and metal designers who are active across the globe as well as up-andcoming artists present their ideas for pitchers, bowls, tumblers, cutlery, candelabras and accessories. A top-class jury – Paul Derrez, Galerie Ra, Amsterdam; Dr Wolfgang Schepers, retired director of the Museum August Kestner, Hanover; and Bruno Sievering-Tornow, master silver- and goldsmith, and specialist teacher at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau – selects the best of the best from 2016.

Text in English, French, and Spanish.

Text in English and German.

SPECS Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 288 pages, 4.5 x 9.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789881987211 $60.00

Staircases are transverse constructions that link two horizontal planes. Often forgotten or neglected in the past, we now recognize their importance to a successful interior. The stairway is not simply a passage linking upper and lower levels. It is an indivisible part of architecture and design, which holds the potential to become a piece of exquisite artwork. If you are an interior designer or an architect, this collection will make an invaluable practical and professional reference. Concentrated on indoor staircase design, this book covers numerous examples taken from public and residential spaces. Entries are organized into 6 categories: wooden staircases, steel and wood staircases, steel and glass staircases, reinforced concrete staircases, mixed materials staircases and special material staircases. Internal Staircases Design analyzes each work according to their materials, composition and creativity, combining photographs, plan drawings, cross-sections, and sophisticated and insightful descriptions.

Creative Furniture Design for Kids & Teens Li Aihong

Pretty and cute furniture dominates the market for children and teens, and for good reason. Stimulating their imagination, an exciting furniture set will not only make a house a home, but make a home a wonderland. These beautiful and practical works are constructed as a symbol of best wishes for a happy and carefree childhood.




Ediciones el Viso 73 color illustrations, 208 pages, 9.75 x 11.5in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9788494603433 $75.00

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 103 color illustrations, 200 pages, 7.25 x 9.6in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9783897904743 $50.00

Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 280 pages, 8.5 x 11.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789881876928 $65.00

The presented works straddle the line between practicality and fun. Brimming with creativity, Creative Furniture Design for Kids & Teens is a worthy read for furniture designers, guaranteed to broaden their horizons but also to introduce a fresh sparkle of inspiration.





Greenterior Plant Loving Creatives and Their Homes Bart Kiggen & Magali Elali

Geometric Textures For Fashion Vol. 2


Text in English and Dutch.

Luster 250 color illustrations, 240 pages, 9 x 11in. Hardcover. Reprint, available now ISBN: 9789460581533 $60.00

Also available: At the Ocean ISBN 9789460581236 $60.00

Vincenzo Sguera

A fashion book for stylists, designers, and art directors. Abstract Textures Vol.2 is a fashion and ideas book used by fashion companies and stylists worldwide. Made by modular bitmap designs, the title includes 137 textile patterns in abstract style and contains a DVD which can be used to access all the designs featured within the book for free.

Neo-Global Best Interior Design Li Aihong & Yu Ruixi

This book spans the globe, collecting only the best of the best. Featured designs originate from Europe, Asia, America, Oceania... Cross-continental variation is celebrated, and the differing styles and interests of the designers' localities really shine. Open this book, and prepare yourself for a visual globe-trekking expedition.

SPECS Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 400 pages, 9.25 x 11.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789881468871 $60.00

Vincenzo Sguera and Rosangela Fiorella

Abstract Textures Vol. 2

Bart Kiggen and Magali Elali visited florist Mark Colle, interior photographer Martyn Thompson and fashion designer Christian Wijnants among many others. During their visits, the duo photographed these people's homes, focusing specifically on the presence of plants. The residents discuss their passion for plants, flowers and greenery in the fascinating accompanying text. The book also contains a handy index listing all the plants featured in the photographs, including their specific characteristics.

Includes a free DVD for use with Windows and MAC, with all of the 480 designs that are featured in the book, and Vector and Bitmap Hi-res files ready for production - their use is free with no royalties. The project Geometric Textures for Fashion was born as a natural continuation of the Matrix line - Black & White Matrix 1 ISBN 9788888766577, Black & White Matrix 2 ISBN 9788888766584, and Black & White Matrix 3 ISBN 9788888766317 with an emphasis on combinations of minimalist geometric designs. It is useful in a variety of ways, from furniture to accessories - but always keeps in mind that the majority of users work in fashion.



Arkivia Books 137 color illustrations, 160 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover with free DVD, February 2017. 45% discount, non-returnable ISBN: 9788888766379 $135.00

Arkivia Books 480 color illustrations, 144 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Paperback with free DVD, May 2017. 45% discount, non-returnable ISBN: 9788888766614 $115.00

Fantastic Designs in the Store

The cream of the interior design crop has been carefully selected for your viewing enjoyment. Presented through a blend of high-res pictures, project analysis and plan drawings, this book is an outstanding ode to modern interior design. Distinguishable from Global Best Interior Design, it includes works of a more localized cultural flavour.

Typography in Graphic Design

An Overall Guideline on Corporate Identity, Visual Identity and Interior Design Xia Jiajia & Yang Ruizhu

Li Aihong

Brut Industrial Rawness Combined with the Organic and Handmade Irene Schampaert

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 180 color illustrations, 208 pages, 9 x 11in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9789401441490 $45.00

In the field of design, nothing stands still forever. Cycles come and go, reconfiguring the old to create the new. What was once hidden is now boldly displayed. The raw materials that comprise modern interiors have been given centre stage, handicraft is no longer considered 'oldfashioned', but has instead become a key instigator for design, and dark colours are back in vogue. Materials are allowed to have patina again, bearing the signs of their age and use. Industrial, rusted iron; brushed granite; untreated wood... It is all coming back! The retro revival promises to inject new energy into the design world, making pure beauty stand out. Design blogger Irene Schampaert guides you in discovering these exciting new trends.

Typography in Graphic Design displays a collection of creative typefaces, including works from leading graphic design studios and promising amateur designers. English, Chinese, Japanese... This book features outstanding typefaces from all over the world, representing each of the selected designs with high-res images and sophisticated descriptions. To facilitate reading of this book, Typography in Graphic Design organizes its featured works by their major colour hues.

Revolving around fashion, lifestyle and food stores, Fantastic Designs in the Store presents over 50 of the hottest and most exciting shop layouts from all over the world. It demonstrates how a shop's visual dimension influences customer psyche, drawing people in and inviting them to browse. Each project is presented with highres images and sophisticated description, making this book both an aesthetic journey into the heart of commercial style, and a wonderful reference for designers. No matter whether you are a designer seeking inspiration or a shop manager looking for integrated visual design, this collection will serve you well.



Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 288 pages, 8.5 x 11.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789881876959 $60.00

Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 240 pages, 8.5 x 11.25in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9789881468833 $86.00





Hands on Design 8th Design Triennial Design Vlaanderen

A Fairy Tale about Love

HKDA Global Design Awards 2016

Wedding Graphic Design Xia Jiajia & Yang Ruizhu

The Devil may be in the details, but it's the small stuff that will make your big day. Wedding invitations, RSVPs, save the date cards, posters, thank you cards and table cards... These small but essential items express the lovers' personalities, making each wedding a unique experience. This book is dedicated to the minutiae of a wedding, exploring how these seemingly-insignificant pieces are actually the backbone of the event, consolidating the wedding's theme and providing continuity throughout.

The Book 2016 Creative Belgium

Artpower International Publishing

HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 Annual Book 6500°K covers over 200 awarded works in 4 main categories - Digital, Graphics, Products (incl. Fashion), and Spatial & Environmental - with a further total of 41 related sub-categories. The book presents each prize winner alongside the story of its development from inspiration to execution, and the professional commentaries of 14 world-class judges.



Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 280 pages, 8.5 x 11.25in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9789881468888 $60.00

Artpower International Publishing 400 color illustrations, 432 pages, 7 x 9in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789881468895 $75.00

Discover Belgium's ad geniuses; Creative Belgium has been set up to honor great advertising artists. An insight into the marketing geniuses behind some of the most innovative ads around. A visual feast of adverts, made to provoke and inspire. Creative Belgium is a non-profit association seeking to promote, encourage and celebrate creative excellence for brands. Their aim is to unite and inspire creative thinkers and represent all the roles involved in the creation of communication.

Text in English and Dutch.



Lannoo Publishers 140 col., 40 b&w illustrations, 252 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401438155 $45.00

Lannoo Publishers 230 col., 40 b&w illustrations, 240 pages, 9.5 x 11.75in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401440479 $45.00

Ceci n'est pas une Copie

Designing for Modern India

Eco Packaging Now

Takeaway Food Packaging Now

Tony Ibbotson and Peng Chong

This book provides answers to practical questions about how we can make our packaging ecologically sound while enjoying a global and cosmopolitan consumer lifestyle. Provides examples of how to make a product attractive while retaining ecological sustainability. Includes informative commentaries by industry experts. Illustrates eco-packaging themes in rich photographic detail, with detailed diagrams and explanatory commentaries that illuminate a large range of case studies from around the globe.

Creative Belgium

Until recently 'craft' was synonymous with oldfashioned. However, the word has come back into vogue - 'craft' is now trending. The virtual world creates a longing for tangible objects with a known maker and a clear story. Innovative technologies such as 3D printing, and water and laser cutting make crafts profitable again for producers. They stimulate the designer's creativity and create affordable products for the consumer. Hands on Design offers an overview of these objects, arisen from cooperation between designers and companies. Technology, industry, craft and sustainability are no longer opposing concepts; rather, they are the collaborative pillars of design.

Design between Innovation and Imitation Chris Meplon

INI Design Studio

Yvett Arzate Gomez

As our lives speed up, our relationship with food changes. Choice of meal depends on convenience, quality, and presentation - this book focuses on the latter. Focuses on a rapidly growing market. Contains beautiful packaging patterns and advertising concepts, all illustrated in color. Both aesthetically pleasing for the casual reader, and useful as a reference for designers and students.

This volume presents a comprehensive showcase of modern and contemporary design executed by INI Design Studio. Details more than 60 architecture/design projects, with an emphasis on modern and contemporary design. Illustrated with 367 photographs, and 99 plans. An important addition to the critical dialogue for design awareness and sustainability in India. INI Design Studio is a leading, multidisciplinary design brand with a diverse practice. Their focus is on implementing sustainable concepts that integrate technology and urban planning by incorporating energy efficiency and sustainability into the design of all of their projects.

70 international top designers discuss the controversial topic of copying. Is it sound imitation, or pure plagiarism? Includes contributions and works from 70 renowned designers and artists such as Jasper Morrison, Richard Hutten, Philippe Starck, Konstantin Grcic, Maarten Baas, Unfold, and many more. Pays attention to cultural differences between east and west, and how opinions have changed throughout history. Provides an holistic study of copyingculture, from accepted copying (quotes, collage and homage) to more controversial and experimental forms of 're-design'. Text in English and French.




The Images Publishing Group 300 color illustrations, 248 pages, 8.5 x 10.25in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9781864707038 $39.95

The Images Publishing Group 300 color illustrations, 240 pages, 8 x 11.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781864707069 $39.95

Mapin Publishing 80 color illustrations, 504 pages, 9 x 9in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9781935677734 $80.00

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 180 col., 20 b&w illustrations, 240 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401440486 $45.00





Young Architects 17 Authenticity Architectural League of New York, foreword by Michael Meredith, introduction by Anne Rieselbach

We are Wanderful

Visual Vinyl

25 Years of Design & Fashion in Limburg Veerle Windels, Jeese Brouns, Hettie Judah and others

Despite its limited number of inhabitants and rather small surface area, the Belgian province of Limburg has a great number of designers with an international reputation. Based on the 10 principles of good design by Dieter Rams this book discovers the roots of Limburg's top design of the last 25 years. With famous names such as Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, Bram Boo, Dieter Bikkembergs and Pieter Stockmans but also unknown or almost invisible designers. Text in English and Dutch. SPECS

SCHUNK*, Heerlen

A spectacular homage to the most visually stunning and evocative album covers from the 20th Century. Features homages to numerous important designers and artists, such as Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono and Raymond Pettibon. This book is the first-ever comprehensive introduction to these resplendent album covers. They have been taken from the extensive archive of the Dutch designer Jan van Toorn, one of the most active collectors and a leading expert in the field. Full of famous names and artists deserving of greater recognition, this book is the perfect gift for any vinyl-lover.

SPECS Andrea Monfried Editions 125 col., 75 b&w illustrations, 176 pages, 6.75 x 6.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9780991026364 $24.95

The Architectural League Prize is an annual event involving a competition, a series of lectures, an exhibition, and a publication, organized by the Architectural League of New York and its Young Architects and Designers Committee. The 2015 competition theme, 'Authenticity', investigated recent advances in computation, visualization, material intelligence, and fabrication technologies, exploring how these advances have begun to alter the understanding of general design principles as well as the architect's role and practical approach toward architecture and research. Shows the breadth of contemporary practices with projects for reimagined topographies, reclaimed industrial landscapes, art installations, furniture, and small structures.

John Yeon Architecture Building in the Pacific Northwest Randy Gragg (editor), foreword by Brian Ferriso, essayists Barry Bergdoll, J. M. Cava, and Marc Treib


Lannoo Publishers 300 col., 50 b&w illustrations, 392 pages, 8.75 x 10.5in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401440592 $65.00

Verlag Kettler 200 pages, 8.75 x 8.75in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9783862065790 $40.00


The first comprehensive monograph on Portland, Oregon's John Yeon. Although not well known today, Yeon was a widely influential architect, art collector, and conservationist, a pioneer of the Northwest Regional style of modern architecture. This book marks the rediscovery of a vital voice in midcentury debates on modernism in architecture. Published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Quest for Beauty: John Yeon's Eye for Art, Architecture, and the Oregon Landscape' at the Portland Art Museum (working title), opening May 13, 2017 Exceptionally beautiful archival photography by masters of the era, including Maynard Parker, Roger Sturtevant, and Ezra Stoller.

Andrea Monfried Editions 40 col., 180 b&w illustrations, 240 pages, 11 x 9.5in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9780991026371 $60.00

John Yeon Landscape Tribal Textiles of Southwest China


Fit for a Queen

Thread Songs from Misty Land; The Philippe Fatin Collection Catherin Bourzat; Photography Thierry Arensma and Philippe Fatin

Shoes for Stars Michael Pick, foreword by Bruce Oldfield

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's Creations by Balmain Melissa Leventon

Rayne is the name synonymous with the best in British 20th-century shoe design. Relaunched as a British-owned company in 2013, the remarkable design achievements of the company in the 20th-century are illustrated in this sumptuous book.

In 1960, Their Majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit of Thailand embarked on a historic, six-month-long state visit to 15 Western nations. This book is published in conjunction with a major exhibition mounted by the Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles in Bangkok.

Showcases one of the world's great textiles collections; studies not only the designs themselves, but shows the ceremonies the textiles were made for. Lavishly illustrated with over 320 color illustrations. Photographs of weaving methods, traditional dying methods and ceremonies. SPECS



River Books 320 color illustrations, 254 pages, 10 x 11.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9786167339719 $60.00

ACC Editions 144 col., 66 b&w illustrations, 192 pages, 9.25 x 10.5in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9781851497935 $65.00

River Books 313 col., 90 b&w illustrations, 232 pages, 9 x 11.25in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9786167339634 $59.95

Design, Conservation, Activism Randy Gragg (editor), Susan Seubert (photographer), Bowen Blair (essay), Kenneth Helphand (essay) A study of John Yeon, lifelong resident of Portland, Oregon, who designed and preserved spectacular landscapes and vistas in the Pacific Northwest. Portfolio of color and black and white images of the Shire by awardwinning photographer Susan Seubert. Behind-the-scenes insight into the creation of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area: 292,500 acres of beautiful landscape found in southern Washington and northern Oregon. Insightful analysis of land preservation and conservation, which can be applied nationally and internationally. SPECS Andrea Monfried Editions 70 col. 25 b&w illustrations, 144 pages, 9.5 x 9.5in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9780991026388 $30.00




The Design Process and the Art of the Single Family


ON-A Emotion Architecture 2005-2015 Li Aihong

Richard Bertman


How do our minds work when we design? How do we organize and assimilate information, create and evaluate options, and make decisions? These questions have fascinated and absorbed architect and sculptor Richard Bertman (FAIA) since his graduate school days. Now, after a 40year career, Bertman has used the design of a vacation house as an experiment to explore these questions. The result, documented in The Design Process and the Art of the Single Family Home, is a fascinating and revealing insight into the creative process. With detailed notes and sketches, Bertman charts each stage of the design process, questioning and examining why certain decisions are made, how problems are solved, and generally exploring the processes involved in creative thinking.

The Images Publishing Group 176 color illustrations, 176 pages, 9 x 11in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9781864704440 $59.95

Of related interest: Houses for All Regions ISBN 9781864705171 - $49.95

All designs presented in Emotion Architecture 2005-2015 are analyzed in-depth; the book boasts a resplendent 700 images, including photographs, 3D model images, sectional views, plan drawings and working drawings. To further readers' understanding of the construction process, diagrams illustrate each design period clearly and succinctly. But the focus is not merely on what ON-A have produced. ON-A Emotion Architecture takes an intimate look at the studio itself, as they share exclusive snippets from their experience in the field of architectural design.

SPECS Artpower International Publishing 700 color illustrations, 464 pages, 7.25 x 9.5in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9789881876966 $65.00

SCDA Interiors

Giuliano da Sangallo

The Interiors of Soo Chan SCDA Architects

Amedeo Belluzzi, Caroline Elam, Francesco Paolo Fiore (eds.)

Giuliano da Sangallo (1443-1516) headed a dynasty of Florentine architects who played a central role in the development of Renaissance architecture. Giuliano is especially notable for the influence he had on his contemporaries, introducing numerous innovations that were further developed by Bramante, Michelangelo and Palladio. This academic guide is sumptuously illustrated, making for a reading experience both highly educative and enjoyable. It introduces this old master in terms accessible enough for the new student to grasp, but will also be of interest to those who are already aware of Sangallo's legacy, as it contains a wealth of insights from a cross-continental team of scholars.

Highlights the sophisticated interior designs of SCDA, showcasing the relationship between architecture and design with beautiful photography and rich descriptions. SCDA Architects Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's leading multi-disciplinary practices. SCDA Interiors is an outstanding compendium of the sophisticated approach between architecture, fine interior design and sustainable materials. The projects included range in scale from furniture and interior-based product design, to luxury hotels and villas, restaurants and private residential homes in various countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, the United States and the Maldives.

SPECS Officina Libraria 126 col., 361 b&w illus., 368 pages, 7.75 x 9.75in. Paperback, January 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9788899765200 $48.00

SPECS Arnoldsche Art Publishers 100 col., 100 b&w illustrations, 200 pages, 8.75 x 11.5in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9783897904781 $70.00

Text in English and Italian.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 356 pages, 9 x 10in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781864705485 $80.00

Boris Velikovsky (1878-1937)

SCDA Landscape

Architect of the Russian Avant-Garde Elena Ovsyannikova, Nikolai Vassiliev

SCDA Architects

With his residential buildings, office blocks, schools and factories, Boris Velikovsky (1878-1937) made a definitive contribution to Russian avantgarde architecture. His early constructions, such as Gribov House in Moscow, are still very much bound to Russian Neoclassicism, yet since the Revolution of 1917, he increasingly designed Constructivist architecture. One example is his Gostorg Management Building, distinguished by glass facades, the functional division of space and use of state-of-the-art materials. Furthermore in the garden city of Druzhba for instance, Velikovsky intensively engaged with new ideas in town planning.

Showcases Singapore-based SCDA's commitment to innovation for environmental design and contemporary flair across all living spaces. SCDA Architects Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's leading multi-disciplinary practices. SCDA Landscape is a companion volume to SCDA Interiors, as an outstanding compendium of the holistic approach between architecture and landscape. The projects included range in scale from private residential homes, hotels and resorts to mixed-use developments and master plans in various countries within Asia, North America and Europe. Highlights one of SCDA's key philosophies, the strong relationship between architecture and landscape, and illustrates how it shapes all their projects with rich descriptions, strong narrative essays and high-quality photography.

With mostly hitherto unpublished technical plans as well as numerous historical and new color photographs of his most famous projects, Boris Velikovsky's contribution to Russian avant-garde architecture is appreciated for the first time in book form.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 356 pages, 9 x 10in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864706888 $80.00




Collisions - PDR


Stormwater Management for Sustainable Urban Environments


Edited by Scott Slaney PDR assesses the nature, productivity, and results of 'collisions' within the design process - whether these are conflicts of ideas, culture, or practice. A clear and comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary concepts featuring sumptuous color illustrations, this impressive book will resonate with all who are innovative thinkers and seekers of functionally responsive design. Focusing on both tangible and intangible themes, Collisions provides designers and work culture professionals alike with a rich source of inspiration.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 300 color illustrations, 252 pages, 10 x 10in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781864706925 $59.95

As a world-class consultancy and creative design firm, PDR specializes in the delivery of thoughtfully crafted workplaces that enable business performance and remain nimble in the face of rapid change. Using an integrated approach to workplace consulting, design, and architecture, PDR brings innovative solutions to problems confronting businesses and their employees at every step of the workplace journey. For nearly four decades and across 10 million square feet, PDR has empowered workers across the globe.

Analyzes methods of stormwater management, and how they can be effectively applied. As urbanization progresses, urban environments have been confronted with many challenges, such as air pollution and stormwater disaster. The latter has been especially damaging in recent years, as vulnerable places suffer from inundating onslaughts of surface run-off following hurricanes and heavy rainfall.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 256 pages, 8.5 x 10.75in. Paperback, December 2016 ISBN: 9781864707076 $49.95

Cheng Taining Architecture

Ralph Johnson

The Images Publishing Group

Complete Works Edited by Gina Tsarouhas

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 400 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781864707014 $80.00

Ralph Johnson's work spans a wide range of location and program types, with each project being distinct yet consistent in an underlying process and design intent. From a residential high-rise in Chicago, to a university in Africa, to a museum in a park in Asia, Johnson's work is environmentally responsible and uniquely suited to the particular needs of each client, climate, and site. The projects in this book, both built and unbuilt, represent Johnson's concern for humanistic values and his emphasis on process rather than preconceived product, allowing the work to respond to diverse cultures and urban conditions. Ralph Johnson is a Principal and Global Design Director at Perkins+Will, where he has worked since 1976. He was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects in 1995, and was elected to the National Academy in 2015 one of the highest honors in American art and architecture.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 500 color illustrations, 500 pages, 9.75 x 11in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781864707083 $80.00

Illustrations of Food & Drink Packaging Edited by Joe Duffy, Damian Hamilton, Cristiano Vinciprova Machado

Aidan Hart An introduction to the latest hotspot in interior design: the container. Container architecture is fresh on the market, full of artistic sense, and liked by the public. This book includes many innovative descriptions and color images of converted containers. An excellent reference for container-centric designers, and those aspiring to enter the field.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 300 color illustrations, 256 pages, 9 x 11.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781864707052 $49.95

This stunning monograph showcases 57 specially selected works from Cheng Taining's illustrious career, which spans nearly 60 years. His portfolio extends to more than 150 projects, many of which have won prizes and significant acclaim, such as the Beijing Great Hall of People and the Bridge Tower of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Richly illustrated throughout, the works are grouped under three key themes: “Boundaries”, “Artistic Conception”, and “Language”, and provide a vivid articulation of Cheng Taining's creativity and leadership. Recently Cheng Taining headed the research for 'The Present and Future of Architectural Design in Contemporary China’ and ‘Research of Policy Measures to Improve Architectural Design,' which are highly regarded as significant contributions to the development of Chinese architectural design and policy strategy. Cheng has published five collections of Cheng Taining's Architectural Works; his work has also featured in documentaries, essays, and anthologies. This book adds to that incredible canon. Cheng Taining Architecture is a magnificent addition to IMAGES' successful Master Architect Series and provides a comprehensive overview of one of China's most celebrated architects.

Relishing Marketing

Modern Container Architecture

Container architecture is one of the most sustainable building types in the modern day world. It is already widely used in many countries. Architects and artists incorporate containers' unique aesthetic value to house various functions, such as stores, exhibitions, museums, and houses. In recent years, designers in China have begun to pay close attention to this construction field, and more and more creative container houses are being built in big cities. This book contains many excellent cases, showing readers the unique charm of modern container architecture.

This book analyzes the implementation of stormwater management practices. It presents the systematic theory behind these methods, and provides multiple case studies showing how drainage development can create a sustainable urban environment.

Showcases a global representation of branding and graphic design strategies for food and drink packaging. Provides strong insight into how innovative illustration can translate to effective sales. Includes rich photographic detail, high-quality illustrations, and detailed descriptions of each product, and the designer's thinking of each motif. Covers packaging design ideas for a wide variety of food and beverage models, from small- to large-scale industries.

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 256 pages, 9 x 11.25in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864707090 $39.95

Joe Duffy is one of the world's most respected and sought after thought leaders on branding and design. In 2004 Joe Duffy received the Legacy Medal from the American Institute of Graphic Arts for a lifetime of achievement in the field of visual communications. Damian Hamilton is the brand keeper and designer at Cornershop, an award-winning brand design boutique based in Adelaide, South Australia. Cristiano Vinciprova Machado is the strategic designer at Casa Rex, an international highly awarded house of design.



SALES POINTS ✚ Features the homes of a range of leading architects from around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Europe ✚ Explores the interior design techniques, art and decorative pieces, furnishings, materials, and technology incorporated into the homes of those who know the most about them

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 200 color illustrations 224 pages, 10 x 10in. Hardcover, January 2017


Architects’ Homes Edited By Bethany Patch

his stunning book takes a rare glimpse into the intriguing and unique homes of some of the world's best-known architects. How do these architects design their own private domains? How do their furnishing styles impact on the structural integrity of the space? How do these individuals express their interior design flair in their own haven? The title starts by introducing the relationship between the architect and their professional work, by telling how that marries with their own private tastes, and how they interpret current trends and enable their own philosophies to transfer to their personal, private environments. Combining rich photography and spectacular imagery with the personal stories of these industry professionals, this book provides a rich source for those keen to delve into the design aesthetics, concepts and innovations of leaders in their very own field.


ISBN: 9781864706086


SALES POINTS ✚ Covers the fundamentals of classical architecture, such as Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite columns, and featuring the work of skilled contemporary classicists, including Julian Bicknell and Ken Tate ✚ A lavish and beautifully illustrated sourcebook of classically inspired architectural detail ✚ A valuable resource for architects, interior designers, builders and home decorators ✚ Featuring a foreword by renowned interior designer David Easton

SPECS The Images Publishing Group 200 color illustrations 256 pages, 9.25 x 9.25in.


Best Tall Buildings

The Indian Perspective. The Global Context Manit Rastogi and Sonali Rastogi

A Global Overview. of 2016 Skyscrapers Antony Wood and Steven Henry

This highly anticipated new monograph delves into an exciting selection of esteemed works by Delhi-based firm Morphogenesis, one of the most productive and creative architectural firms in India and a world-leader in zero net energy and sustainable design. This richly illustrated book combines stunning imagery with a comprehensive study outlining the firm's strong philosophical design intent across a vast range of typologies: residential; institutional; commercial; hospitality; offices; houses; interiors; public and master planning. Morphogenesis reinterprets India's architectural roots.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world's foremost authority on tall buildings. Best Tall Buildings chronicles the annual awards process, in which the CTBUH recognizes outstanding tall buildings and design innovations that advance the potential of integrated sustainability, economic productivity, and social prosperity in cities across the world. More than an awards book, this volume serves as a global overview of tall building construction and activity in a given year, providing indepth description of the buildings' design and significance, accompanied by stunning images, detailed drawings, and plans.



The Images Publishing Group 200 color illustrations, 256 pages, 9.25 x 9.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781864706628 $59.95

The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 280 pages, 8 x 9in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781864706833 $75.00

The Art of Classical Details Theory, Design & Craftsmanship Phillip Dodd

Swatt | Miers n The Art of Classical Details, Phillip James Dodd takes a close-up look at some of the finest examples of contemporary classical architecture. The book consists of two chapters: The Essays and The Projects. Starting with a foreword by renowned decorator David Easton, The Essays are written by some of today's most sought after architects, scholars and craftsmen. Accompanied by sumptuous full page photographs and renderings that illustrate a use of fine materials, intricate detailing, and superb artisanship, these insightful texts are essential reading for anyone with an interest in the theory, practice and craft of classical design. The Projects presents an illustrated look at 25 of today's finest classically-designed homes.

Centerbrook 4

30 Projects Swatt | Miers


This new monograph of the work of Bay Area based, internationally acclaimed Swatt | Miers Architects features 30 exciting new projects, including 20 new homes, covering the prolific decade between 2006 and 2016. This 10-year period has seen the work of Swatt | Miers expand into different regions of California, including the Central Valley, the Northern California wine country, and Los Angeles; different states, including Hawaii and Colorado; and other regions of the world, including Canada, India and Spain.

Edited by John Dixon, FAIA

Centerbrook was conceived in 1975 as a community of architects working together to advance American place-making and the craft of building. Recipients of the AIA Firm Award, they are entering their fifth decade of designing buildings across the country. This stunning new monograph, edited by John Dixon, FAIA, illustrates in full-color the wide range of projects completed throughout the last decade.

Hardcover, Reprint, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864702033





The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 256 pages, 10 x 10in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781864706871 $80.00

The Images Publishing Group 400 color illustrations, 396 pages, 10.5 x 11.5in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781864706949 $80.00




Classicist No. 13

Learning from Delhi

The American South Edited by David Gobel

Practising Architecture in Urban India Gert Jan Scholte, Pelle Poiesz and Sanne Vanderkaaij Gandhi

The Classicist is an annually published scholarly journal offering extensive insight into the classical tradition that continues to inform architecture and art. With an appeal to architects, artists, historians, patrons, and the everyday art lover, The Classicist provides content spanning modern topics in architecture, illustrated images of the work of contemporary practitioners, professional portfolios, and scholarly articles addressing the theme of the issue.

SPECS The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art 120 col., 36 b&w illustrations, 139 pages, 9.5 x 11.25in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9780964260160 $35.00

The Classicist No. 13, subtitled The American South, is the first issue to be organized by regional theme. A geographical location markedly inspired by the classical tradition from the colonial era to modern times, the southern American states offer voluminous architectural material to be explored. This issue is guest edited by David Gobel and features articles by Emilie Johnson, Michael Fazio, Margize Howell, Peter M. Kenney, Nathaniel Robert Walker, and Marie Frank.

This volume presents several illuminating essays on practising architecture and urban planning in a densely populated city like Delhi, while maintaining a balance between growth and conservation. After the success of Learning from Mumbai (Mapin 2013) the authors of the Learning from India series continue their journey to unravel the lessons that can be learned from the architecture of India's most bustling cities. This time, their focus is the country's capital: New Delhi.

SPECS Mapin Publishing 76 color illustrations, 228 pages, 6.5 x 9.5in. Paperback, December 2016 ISBN: 9781935677697 $35.00

The Art of Building Dreams

Lannoo Publishers 280 col., 20 b&w illustrations, 352 pages, 10.75 x 13.25in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401437738 $120.00

Text in English, French, and Dutch.

This book is supported by the creative industries fund, NL.

Practising Architecture in Urban India Gert Jan Scholte, Pelle Poiesz and Sanne Vanderkaaij Gandhi

Showcases 11 prestigious projects, each with a timeless design, authentic materials and 'savoir-faire’.


Boasting numerous essays and maps, Learning from Delhi lays the groundwork for a series of interviews with architects and planners based in the city. Fresh talent finds a place in this volume, and is showcased alongside the work of established institutions.

Learning from Mumbai

Tailor-made Homes by Vlassak Verhulst JĂśrg Brauer

Enter a world where creativity and knowledge are the key words, and traditional skills and modern techniques go hand in hand. The Cotswold cottage, the Normandy mansion, the classical English Manor House, the Long Island style and the geometrical forms of modern architecture... Vlassak Verhulst was one of the first to explore these styles. He introduced them - but more importantly, he give them a soul. Driven by his ambition to create houses that have charm, class, respect for authenticity and purity, Verhulst has become a name to look out for in the field of residential design.


Features interviews with several eminent architects living and working in Mumbai. Includes essays by a variety of local and international experts. The material is accompanied by a previously unpublished photo essay by Bas Losekoo.

SPECS Mapin Publishing 57 color illustrations, 192 pages, 6.5 x 6.5in. Paperback, December 2016 ISBN: 9781935677826 $35.00

Opening with the reflections of Indian architects Rohan Varma, Charles Correa and Rahul Mehrotra on the past, present and future of architecture and planning in Mumbai, the book maintains its expert local focus through a number of interviews, made with a wide variety of local and foreign architects and planners who work in Mumbai. The ins-andouts of practising architecture and planning in this megacity are explored through their eyes.

The Land of the Five Rivers Mapping the Architectural Landscape of Punjab Abha Narain Lambah

The Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel Selected Projects 1963-2003 Catherine Desai

2017 marks the 70th year of Partition. This book crosses one of the greatest cultural and religious divides in history, through the medium of architecture.

Hasmukh C. Patel was at the forefront of Indian architecture, having designed iconic buildings of many types: private bungalows, theaters, speculative office buildings, banks, schools, religious buildings, factories and many others. He invented a contextually relevant, modern architectural idiom suitable for India, and combined this with an intuitive ability to make beautiful spaces. His work has helped define modern architecture in India, and here, for the first time, are reproduced lavish visual aids and extensive original research to understand his work. SPECS SPECS Mapin Publishing 136 color illustrations, 394 pages, 8.75 x 10.5in. Hardcover, December 2016 ISBN: 9781935677659 $70.00

The Marg Foundation 130 color illustrations, 148 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover, May 2017, non-returnable ISBN: 9789383243167 $69.95

The division of India and Pakistan left a scar on history. This book acknowledges the countries' turbulent pasts, respectful of the cultural and religious clashes that have shaped them into their present-day forms. However, it also seeks to search beyond this rift. It finds a shared heritage in the marvellous city of Punjab, whose legacy branches out in all directions. Focusing specifically on Punjab's architecture, from its ancient pre-Islamic buildings to constructions inspired by the Mughal and Sur empires, this book treats old and new as parts of a cohesive chronology. Sikh as well as Sufi shrines are featured, and the religious and cultural traditions that birthed Punjab's resplendant temples are explored in depth.




Emiliano López Mónica Rivera Arquitectos

Gion A. Caminada Cul zuffel e l'aura dado Gion A. Caminada, Jurg Conzett, Bettina Schlorhaufer, Peter Schmid, Martin Tschanz, Peter Rieder, Walter Zschokke

Bewohnte Zwischenräume Heinz Wirz

This exciting monographic collection is complemented by four essays, written by renowned guest authors, which elucidate López and Rivera's unique style.


This new edition includes the texts and project collection of Cul zuffel e l'aura dado and is extended to include a selection of more recent projects since 2005. Text in English and German.



Esposito Javet

De aedibus Heinz Wirz

De aedibus Heinz Wirz

De aedibus Heinz Wirz

Two architects, Jeanne Della Casa and Sylvie Pfaehler, are working on a remarkable oeuvre in Lausanne. This book explores some of their greatest creations to date.

This book celebrates the impressive range of public and residential building projects taken on by four architects based in the Nyon region.

This book takes a closer look at the career highlights of Lausanne-based architect couple Alfonso Esposito and AnneCatherine Javet.

Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.

SPECS Quart Publishers 300 color illustrations, 348 pages, 10.25 x 8.25in. Paperback, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783037611418 $90.00 Also available in German ISBN: 9783037611401





Quart Publishers 300 color illustrations, 250 pages, 9 x 11.5in. Paperback, non-returnable, February 2017 ISBN: 9783037611142 $140.00

Quart Publishers 70 color illustrations, 92 pages, 8.75 x 11.5in. Pb non-returnable, March 2017 ISBN: 9783037611128 $49.50

Quart Publishers 70 color illustrations, 72 pages, 8.75 x 11.5in. Pb non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783037611432 $49.50

Quart Publishers 70 color illustrations, 72 pages, 8.75 x 11.5in. Pb non-returnable, February 2017 ISBN: 9783037611449 $49.50

Giuliani Hönger

Peter Märkli

Lehre und Praxis Heinz Wirz

Everything One Invents Is True Pamela Johnston

Lorenzo Giuliani and Christian Hönger are influential figures who have shaped German-Swiss architecture's second generation. This book approaches their work through their teaching experience.

This volume presents 17 buildings erected by Märkli, one of the most striking protagonists of German-Swiss architecture, over the past 15 years.

Walter Angonese - Kaltern

Menzi Bürgler


De aedibus International 14 Editor: Heinz Wirz

Anthologie 34 Heinz Wirz

Anthology Heinz Wirz

A monograph on the work of South Tyrolean architect Walter Angonese.

The Zurich architects Oliver Menzi and Philippe Bürgler demonstrate their ability to balance function with their signature reserved style.

Since 2003, the Lenzburg-based team led by André Meier has been working on intelligently designed housing and commercial buildings in Malters.

Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.

Text in English and German.



Quart Publishers 52 col., 30 b&w illustrations, 80 pages, 8.75 x 10.75in. Paperback, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783037611494 $38.00 Also available in German ISBN: 9783037611357, non-returnable

Quart Publishers 300 color illustrations, 240 pages, 11.5 x 11.5in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9783037611395 $140.00 Also available in German ISBN: 9783037611388




Quart Publishers 86 col., 31 b&w illustrations, 72 pages, 9 x 11.5in. Pb non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783037611210 $49.50

Quart Publishers 50 color illustrations, 64 pages, 6.5 x 8.25in. Pb non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783037611463 $30.00

Quart Publishers 42 color illustrations, 48 pages, 6.5 x 8.25in. Pb non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783037611470 $30.00





SALES POINTS ✚ The Art Deco architecture of Bombay exhibits similar scale, geometry, tropical vocabulary, and love of romance as the famous Miami Beach villas ✚ A photographic study of one of Bombay's most interesting districts ✚ A useful visual reference for any architecture student interested in Art Deco, twentieth century style shifts, or the Indian subcontinent

Bombay Art Deco Architecture A Visual Journey (1930-1953) Navin Ramani



Roli Books

An Earthly Paradise Geoffrey Munn

200 col., 50 b&w illustrations 296 pages, 9 x 9in. Hardcover, non-returnable February 2017 ISBN: 9788174364470


ombay Art Deco Architecture presents a treasury of Art Deco buildings comprising residential, commercial and civic architecture. These monuments were created during the mid '30s and '40s, a glamorous and optimistic era that predated the official end of the British Raj. The architects, a small list of first-generation Indian architects and builders, were mostly educated in English schools and trained in western architectural traditions. Impatient with the British reluctance to shed the Gothic and Indo-Saracenic architectural styles that had dominated Imperial Bombay's urban landscape, these visionaries were determined to imbue the city with a new modern style.


A history, a celebration and an ode merged into one, Geoffrey Munn's Southwold will take you on a trip through this famous seaside resort as you've never seen it before.

Preparatory Layers for Oil Paintings in North West Europe 1550-1900 Historical Recipes, Analysis and Reconstructions Maartje Stols-Witlox The influence of preparatory layers on the stability of oil paintings is a subject that has occupied the minds of many authors of artist's manuals and related historical sources.

Conservation of Featherwork from Central and South America Ellen Pearlstein The book includes a template designed to guide collection stewards through the examination and documentation of feathers, and presents six case studies in which examination methods are applied to featherwork from the collections of the Fowler Museum at UCLA.




ACC Art Books 200 color illustrations, 240 pages, 9 x 10.75in. Hardcover, April 2017 ISBN: 9781851498550 $39.95

Archetype Publications 85 col., 48 b&w illustrations, 464 pages, 8.25 x 11.75in. Paperback, June 2017, 32% professional discount ISBN: 9781909492356 $175.00

Archetype Publications 84 col., 12 b&w illustrations, 176 pages, 6 x 9.25in. Paperback, March 2017 32% professional discount, non-returnable ISBN: 9781909492394 $65.00

SALES POINTS ✚ Illustrates a selection of architectural photography, taken by architect Vittorio Simoni on his travels.

Settle In An Architectural Journey by Vittorio Simoni

SPECS Stichting Kunstboek 150 color illustrations

Marc Dubois, photography by Vittorio Simoni

128 pages, 8.25 x 10in. Paperback, available now ISBN: 9789058565501


rchitect Vittorio Simoni is an avid and passionate traveler. While the purpose is not explicitly to view architectural showpieces or the work of colleagues, these journeys are intrinsic to his practice. To Simoni, traveling represents an opportunity to hone his powers of observation and rekindle his sense of wonder about all that his eyes alight upon. Simoni moves through space with an eagle eye and an unprejudiced mind. This photo selection illustrates the power of Simoni's gaze.


Text in English and Dutch.

Compositiones Variae

Picasso, Picabia, Ernst

Degas' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen

A Late 8th Century Artists' Technical Treatise Thea Burns

New Perspectives Annette King, Joyce Townsend, Adele Wright

The earlier version that helped spark the birth of modern art Dr. Gregory Hedberg

A new examination of The 'Compositiones Variae', situating the text in its cultural and social history. Discover the relevence of this manuscript's physical form to its medieval audience.

This title illuminates a number of fresh perspectives on paintings by Picabia, Picasso and Ernst. Centered around the key works in the Tate collection.

A recently discovered plaster of Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen is critically challenging our understanding of Edgar Degas' most famous work.

SPECS Archetype Publications 20 col., 6 b&w illustrations, 224 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, February 2017 32% discount non-returnable ISBN: 9781909492486 $75.00



Archetype Publications 80 col., 30 b&w illustrations, 228 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, non-returnable, July 2017 32% professional discount ISBN: 9781909492493 $75.00

Arnoldsche Art Publishers 381 color illustrations, 320 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, free CD, non-returnable, available now ISBN: 9783897903920 $135.00



SPECS Arnoldsche Art Publishers 181 color illustrations, 240 pages, 8.25 x 10.75in. Hardcover ISBN: 9783897904767 $70.00


Private Confessions

Liu Dan

Drawing & Jewellery Ellen Maurer Zilioli (ed.), Beat Wyss

New Landscapes and Old Masters Shelagh Vainker

The multifarious relationships between drawing and jewelry constitute a largely unknown aspect of contemporary art jewelry. Private Confessions, the first publication on this topic, therefore focuses on graphic work by wellknown and aspiring artists, opening up new perspectives through its juxtaposition with jewelry objects. In addition, it also deals with drawing as an artistic action and as autonomous expression, transgressing disciplinary boundaries through experimental expansion and the pursuit to broaden familiar terrain. It accompanies aesthetic reflection and exemplifies the creative back-and-forth that enables intimate dialogue with artistic impulses. A groundbreaking work, which showcases the fusion of applied and fine arts before your very eyes!

Liu Dan is one of twenty-first-century China's leading artists. Born in 1953 in one of China's ancient capitals, Nanjing, he received his school education from the then recently-established People's Republic of China. His academic training was based on Western methods, while at home his grandfather taught him the traditional art of calligraphy. In the early 1980s he moved to America, returning to Beijing in 2005. As a result, he has lived his whole life passing between the discordant worlds of East and West. His familiarity with both sides of the Pacific filter into his art, although they are not necessarily emphasized. For example, the exhibition featured in this book focuses on Dan's response to the Italian Renaissance. It is particularly fitting that Dan should choose the Ashmolean to host his works. The Ashmolean houses one of the world's finest collections of Old Master drawings, and a selection of Italian metalpoint drawings from the collection is included in his exhibition.

Text in English and German.

SPECS Ashmolean Museum Publications 79 color illustrations, 68 pages, 8.75 x 11in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781910807118 $30.00

Wolfgang Gäfgen

Degas to Picasso

Zeichnungen / Dessins Nils Büttner, Clemens Ottnad

SPECS Arnoldsche Art Publishers 200 color illustrations, 240 pages, 9.75 x 11in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783897904774 $70.00

SPECS Arnoldsche Art Publishers 150 color illustrations, 200 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783897904798 $50.00


The graphic work by Wolfgang Gäfgen (born 1936 in Hamburg) encompasses more than fifty years. From the very beginning it combined the meticulous observation skills of his contemporaries with a virtuosity in drawing, something exemplary in contemporary art and still rarely seen today. His interest in superficies transforms quite unremarkable everyday things into exquisite precious items, which have set aside their original functional purpose to develop a defiantly ironic life of their own. Here, Gäfgen's drawings, along with his printed graphics and photography, which form the core of his artistic oeuvre, will be extensively acknowledged for the very first time. After studying in Hamburg and Stuttgart (1956-1961) Wolfgang Gäfgen moved to Paris. In 1977 he participated with a block of drawings in documenta 6. From 1983 to 2002 he held a professorship at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. Text in German and French.

Creating Modernism in France Colin Harrison Published to coincide with an exhibition of the same name, this book investigates the evolution of modernism in French art between c.1800 and 1940. Previously unpublished material, with many of the works being shown for the first time in the UK.

SPECS Ashmolean Museum Publications 160 color illustrations, 200 pages, 8.75 x 11in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9781910807125 $40.00

Although the traditional view of French art as a steady progression from the representational to the abstract, has long since been rejected, the meanings of modernism have never been examined in all their complexity. This book - and the exhibition it accompanies - will address this void. Exhibition from February to May 2017.

Voll Stoff!


40 Jahre Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen. 200 Jahre Spinnerei Katrin Burtschell, Helene Schwab, Winfried Stürzl (eds) for the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen

The Drawing Catherine Whistler

Founded in 1976, the Freie Kunstakademie Nürtingen (FKN) is a unique institution in the liberal educational landscape of Germany. The vision of humanizing the individual and society through art may be viewed in the context of educational-political debates of the time, in which Joseph Beuys also founded his Free International University (FIU). Since then the FKN has continuously been refining itself. The courses currently on offer include painting, drawing and sculpture as well as ceramics, performance art, new media, textile media and art research. The publication to mark forty years of the institution presents current developments as well as milestones and turning points in the academy's history in richly illustrated essays, portraits and interviews. A further section deals with the location, the MelchiorAreal. Here, two hundred years ago, the first cotton-spinning mill in Württemberg was founded. The building's conversion is a supreme example of the repurposing of industrial property.


Exhibition catalogue of stunning Raphael drawings show which is in cooperation with the Albertina in Vienna. This book will accompany a 'once in a generation' show, the like of which has not been seen for over thirty years. The Ashmolean Museum and the Albertina are collaborating on a two-part exhibition project that will examine anew the role and the significance of drawing in Raphael's career. The Ashmolean holds the greatest collection of Raphael drawings in the world, and the Albertina is the custodian of a major collection including some of the most beautiful and important of the artist's sketches. Taken together, the two collections provide extraordinary resources that, amplified by carefully-selected international loans, will allow us to transform our understanding of the art of Raphael.

Ashmolean Museum Publications 200 col., 10 b&w illustrations, 224 pages, 8.75 x 11in. Paperback, July 2017 ISBN: 9781910807156 $50.00

This book preludes a major exhibition, which will run from June to October 2017, with a range of events happening throughout this time.

Text in German.





The Art of Law

100 Treasures from Brussels Museums

Three Centuries of Justice Depicted Vanessa Paumen and others

Brussels Museum Council

More than 100 art works from the 15th, 16th and 17th century are brought together here, depicting how justice was envisioned throughout history.

The works in this book have been selected because of their historical value, uniqueness, character and state of preservation. The result is 100 treasures that reflect the diversity of Brussels' museums, and the permanent collections that reside within them. For each of the 100 artworks the authors give a description, a context and an anecdote. Themes range widely, from modern and contemporary art, ancient art, history and archeology, to science, nature, and architecture. This book is a multifaceted aesthetic and scientific experience, and contains something everyone will enjoy.

Featuring 20 top pieces from the collection of the Groeninge Museum in Bruges, combined with more than 80 exquisite works from collections around the world, this book sheds new light on the depiction of justice from the 15th to the 17th century. This book provides an historical approach that will appeal to both the expert and the art lover. The inclusion of famous pieces, such as The Judgment of Cambyses by Gerard David and The Last Judgment by Pieter Pourbus and Jan Provoost, make this book an homage to art as well as to the practices of law in society.

Lannoo Publishers 120 color illustrations, 208 pages, 8.25 x 10.25in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401440417 $37.50


Toward a New 19th-Century Art

Congo Art Works

Selections from the Radichel collection Dr. Gabriel Weisberg, Dr. Janet Whitmore, edited by Mary Byers

Popular Painting Bambi Ceuppens, Sammy Baloji, Bogumil Jewsiewicki and Dirk Huylenbroek

Naturalist and symbolist painting of late nineteenth century France and Belgium, from the private collection of Brad Radichel.

Showcases paintings - most of them never published before - by Congolese artists from Lubumbashi, Kinshasa, Bunia, Mbandaka, Kikwit and Kisangani.

A fresh analysis of familiar painters as well as an introduction to painters who are largely unknown to English-language audiences. New scholarship on little-studied landscape artists who were based in Belgium during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Painting was one of the defining factors in the formation of Congolese national culture during the seventies and eighties. Looking back on works from this era, we gain a clear impression of the country's collective memory. The exhibition of paintings featured in this book explores the development of Congolese society from 1968-2012. Portraits, landscapes and allegorical paintings alternate with urban scenes, historical figures and critical reflections on religion, politics and social problems. Humor is never far away. Historical objects, photos, drawings and archive footage provide a broader perspective, and similarities to older art forms and other genres from Congo are clearly visible. The importance of popular paintings is not fundamentally different from that of more traditionally respected art; both are crucial reflections on their contexts, and informed the development of Congolese society.


Books & Projects 75 col., 5 b&w illustrations, 128 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780997876307 $39.95

Lannoo Publishers 180 color illustrations, 200 pages, 10.25 x 10.75in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9782873869915 $25.00

Editions Gallimard 300 color illustrations, 432 pages, 6.5 x 9in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9782072697296 $55.00

The Brussels Museum Council promotes the Brussels Museums and organizes events such as Museum Night Fever.

Lannoo Publishers 100 color illustrations, 232 pages, 6 x 7in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9782390250012 $25.00





Art in Europe 1945-1968

Georges Didi-Huberman

Facing the Future Peter Weibel, Eckhart Gillen

This art book sheds light on political agitations, rebellions, riots and collective emotions, which have inspired artists in various media: writers’ manuscripts, paintings and drawings, engraving, photographs and films. Uprisings is based on a cross-disciplinary exhibition on the theme of collective emotions and political events involving crowds of people in revolt: social disorder, political agitation, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, and riots - disturbances of all kinds. The book investigates the notion of the representation of the people in both the aesthetic and the political senses of the word 'representation'. The notion of uprising is dealt with through various media: writers' manuscripts, paintings, drawings, engravings, photographs, and films. Particular attention is paid to films because, from Griffith and Eisenstein through to the moviemakers of today, the representation of people in revolt has been one of the great subjects of cinema.

The Second World War shattered the art world. Art in Europe 19451968: Facing the Future shows how artists such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Ossip Zadkine, Henry Moore, Renato Guttuso, Fernand LĂŠger, Yves Klein, Gerhard Richter and Lucian Freud worked through the trauma of 1940-1945 and the Cold War, and started to explore new directions in art. This reference work includes some 400 works by 150 artists, bringing together for the first time post-war art from both Western and Eastern Europe. Experts reveal the various evolutions and movements within this period, from the mourning of the first post-war years to British Pop Art, and political art leading up to the revolutions of the late 1960s.

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 350 col., 75 b&w illustrations, 496 pages, 10.25 x 11.5in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789401437080 $65.00





Elizabeth Blackadder Philip Long and John Leighton

Adorant Johan Tahon, with contributions by Jan Koenot, Philippe Van Cauteren and Arie Hartog

Hans Op de Beeck Hans Op de Beeck and others

Hans Op de Beeck has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Tate Modern, The Smithsonian, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Buenos Aires, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Espace Louis Vuitton in Munchen, and many other high profile venues. Ever since he won the Young Belgian Art Prize for Painting in 2001, he has been praised by the international art scene. This book collects his oeuvre, rendering his multidisciplinary works in two dimensions for your reading pleasure.

Johan Tahon is an experienced artist; he has exhibited his work worldwide since 1994. In 1996 he was discovered by art curator and museum director Jan Hoet. At the internationally renowned exhibition 'De Rode Poort' he was given the chance to interact with other world famous artists, and since then he has only improved: creating solo exhibitions as well as collaborative exhibitons with artists such as Ilya Kabakov, Günther Förg, Tony Cragg and Stephan Balkenhol. His sculptures remind the onlooker of human figures - however, there is a disturbing disconnect: their form is not natural. With his long silhouettes, Tahon connects the artist with the beholder of his works through negative space.



Lannoo Publishers 300 col., 140 b&w illus., 448 pages, 9 x 11in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9789401437141 $99.95

Lannoo Publishers 240 color illustrations, 292 pages, 7.5 x 10.75in. Hardcover, available now ISBN: 9789401437240 $65.00

This extensively illustrated book is devoted to the art of Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, one of Scotland's best loved painters. Blackadder's art explores a diverse range of subjects through many mediums. The artist draws on experiences of foreign travel, as well as plant forms and animals closer to home, to produce highly original works that appear to breathe with their own life. Her deeply analytical eye allows her to see the underlying structure, design and color harmony in both the exotic and the everyday. This book tells the fascinating story of her career, from her early days as a student in Edinburgh, and her friendships with Scottish painters William Gillies, William MacTaggart and Anne Redpath, to her very recent work. SPECS National Galleries of Scotland 100 color illustrations, 112 pages, 9.75 x 10.5in. Paperback, available now ISBN: 9781906270391 $19.95

Daubigny and Impressionism Frances Fowle Known today for his atmospheric views of the river Oise, Charles François Daubigny was a pioneer of modern landscape painting and an important precursor of French Impressionism. Although commercially highly successful he was often criticized for his broad, sketch-like handling and unembellished view of nature, and was dubbed the leader of 'the school of the impression'. As a result he drew the attention of the next generation of artists, among them Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh, who were inspired by Daubigny's frank naturalism, bold compositions and technical innovations. Theirs was an artistic dialogue which spanned thirty years, from the early 1860s to the end of Van Gogh's short life.

The Power of the AvantGarde Now and Then Ulrich Bischoff, Jurgen Müller and others

Contemporary top artists discuss the avantgarde movement and how the Great War influenced art. In The Power of the Avant-Garde, contemporary artists from different art disciplines enter into dialogue with their colleagues from the historical avant-garde movement. Luc Tuymans talks about 'Le Grand Cheval' of Raymond Duchamp-Villon; Marlène Dumas describes her passion for Edvard Munch; John Baldessari discusses the genius Marcel Broodthaers... This book makes surprising links, shedding new light on the power and influence of art before, during, and after World War I.

Another World


Patrick Allegaert, Arnout De Cleene, Yoon Hee Lamot, Bart Marius and Eline Van de Voorde

National Galleries of Scotland 22 color illustrations, 36 pages, 9 x 8in. Paperback, available now ISBN: 9781911054009 $10.95

True To Life British Realist Painting in the 1920s and 1930s Patrick Elliott

With drawings by J.J. Grandville, photos by psychiatrist Baron Albert von Schrenck-Notzing, instruments from experimental psychologist Gererd Heymans and works by artist Gustav Mesmer, Another World shows the extraordinary passion for the often ungraspable twilight zones of the human mind. Text in English, French, and Dutch.

Text in English, French, and Dutch. SPECS



Lannoo Publishers 150 col., 50 b&w illus., 272 pages, 9.5 x 11in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401437660 $60.00

Lannoo Publishers 150 col., 80 b&w illus., 176 pages, 8.25 x 10.25in. Flexibind, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401438728 $45.00

National Galleries of Scotland 100 color illustrations, 136 pages, 9.75 x 10.5in. Paperback, August 2017 ISBN: 9781911054054 $29.95

British realist art of the 1920s and 1930s is visually stunning - strong, seductive and demonstrating extraordinary technical skill. Despite this, it is often overshadowed by abstract art. This book presents the very first overview of British realist painting of the period, showcasing outstanding works from private and public collections across the UK. Of the forty artists featured in the show, many were major figures in the 1920s and 1930s but later passed out of fashion as abstraction and Pop Art became the dominant trends in the post-war years. In the last decade their work has re-emerged and interest in them has grown. Interwar realist art embraces a number of different styles, but is characterized by fine drawing, meticulous craftsmanship, a tendency towards classicism and an aversion to impressionism and visible brushwork. Featuring many Scottish and women artists, this book promises a fascinating insight into this captivating period of British art. Exhibition to be held at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh from 1 July to 29 October 2017.





The Stained Glass Museum Highlights from the Collection Jasmine Allen

Venice and its Jews

Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi

500 Years Since the Founding of the Ghetto Donatella Calabi; translated by Lenore Rosenberg

The urban and social history of the first ghetto, born in Venice 500 years ago to enclose its Jewish population in a single location. The book marks the 500th anniversary of the creation of the Venice Ghetto. Accompanies a large exhibition currently taking place in Venice. Relevant for social and urban historians, as well as all those who are interested in the history of Venice, and Jewish history.

Located in the magnificent south triforium of Ely Cathedral, The Stained Glass Museum is the only museum in the UK solely dedicated to the ancient art and craft of stained glass, which has been practised in Britain for almost 1,500 years. Once almost solely confined to church buildings and manor houses whose patrons could afford luxurious colored glass windows, from the 19th century stained glass also became popular in secular buildings. In recent times it has been used to enliven and form part of the main structure of corporate buildings, hotels, community and shopping centres.

Between Paris and London Cristina Terzaghi

A fundamental study on two central representatives of the Caravaggesque style, which flourished in Italian art of the 17th century. The book focuses on the European career (based in Paris and London) of Orazio Gentileschi and his daughter Artemisia, two of the main artists of 17th-century Italy. Sheds new light on Orazio's sojourn to Paris, a subject on which little has been written. Contains new additions to the catalogue of works painted by Artemisia Gentileschi while in London, and analysis of previously unpublished documents and correspondence.



Officina Libraria 24 col., 8 b&w illus., 208 pages, 4.75 x 7.5in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9788899765293 $16.95

Officina Libraria 48 color illustrations, 144 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9788899765323 $24.00

Constable in Brighton

French Moderns

Something Out of Nothing Edited by Shân Lancaster

Monet to Matisse 1850-1950 Richard Aste, Lisa Small, Cora Michael

SPECS Scala Arts Publishers Inc 100 color illustrations, 72 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510595 $6.95

The Stained Glass Museum has given new life to hundreds of windows removed from redundant buildings across the British Isles, since its foundation in 1972. This guide describes and illustrates highlights from the Museum's growing collection of over 1,000 stained glass panels and windows, from the 13th century through to the present day, as well as associated designs, sketches, cartoons and tools.

Stained Glass at York Minster Sarah Brown The 128 windows of York Minster are the eighth wonder of the world; they illustrate the art and craft of glass painting, extending over nine centuries. York is also an international centre for the study and conservation of stained glass, ensuring its survival into the third millennium.

SPECS Scala Arts Publishers Inc 100 color illustrations, 104 pages, 7.75 x 10.75in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510731 $19.95

Sarah Brown introduces the magnificent stained glass at York Minster. She provides an holistic overview, starting with evidence for the glazing of the pre-Conquest Minster and the earliest surviving glazing from the twelfthcentury church. She then embarks on an extended tour of the Minster’s windows, including the Five Sisters in the north transept, the Rose Window in the south transept, the famous Bell-Founder's Window in the north nave aisle, the Great West Window, often called the Heart of Yorkshire, and the magnificent Great East Window. A ground plan of the Minster enables every window to be located. This book will situate you inside the Minster itself, and is a must-have for any stained glass enthusiast.

500 Years The first comprehensive guide to Constable's lesser-known but significant works inspired by the bustling Regency resort of Brighton. Features the most comprehensive selection of Constable's Brighton studies ever assembled, including works from private collections never published before. Contains an exquisite bonus selection of Turner's marine studies of Brighton from the same period, alongside authoritative texts on both artists. A beautifully illustrated book written to accompany a major exhibition, Constable and Brighton, at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery in 2017.

Treasures from the Library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford Peter Kidd

This splendid volume featuring 59 works from the Brooklyn Museum's renowned European collection, celebrates France as the artistic center of international modernism from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. Ranging widely in scale, subject matter, and style, these paintings and sculptures were produced by the era's leading artists, both French-born and others who studied and worked in France. The 47 artists represented include Bonnard, Caillebotte, Cézanne, Chagall, Degas, Matisse, Monet, Redon, Renoir, and Rodin.




Scala Arts Publishers Inc 150 color illustrations, 144 pages, 9.5 x 11in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510694 $39.95

Scala Arts Publishers Inc 100 color illustrations, 144 pages, 9.5 x 11in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781785510724 $55.00

Scala Arts Publishers Inc 50 color illustrations, 64 pages, 6 x 9in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9781785510878 $24.95

Corpus Christi College, Oxford, was founded 500 years ago, in 1517. To mark its fifth centennial anniversary, this catalogue provides a varied selection of some of the greatest treasures in the College Library. Unlike Oxford's older colleges, Corpus Christi was founded with Renaissance ideals: it would promote the ‘New Learning’ current in Europe, and would equip its students to read Hebrew and Greek - the original languages of the Bible - as well as Latin. To this end the College's Founder and its first President began to fill the Library with an astonishing collection of illuminated manuscripts and early printed books in these three languages. Most of the books included date from the 12th to the 16th centuries, of which a significant proportion represent the Bible in a variety of different translations and versions. Others are later, including unique works that represent scientific discoveries made by astronomers including Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton.




Alte and Neue Pinakothek Munich Director's Choice Dr Bernhard Maaz

The Neoclassical design of the Alte Pinakothek by Leo von Klenze (1836) had a seminal influence on museum architecture in Europe. It provides a wonderful setting for the works of the Old Masters housed within. After the second museum building (completed in 1853) was destroyed during the Second World War, the architect Alexander von Branca created today's Neue Pinakothek (1981). Its formal expression, in the idiom of a medieval fortress, and impressive exhibition galleries have made it a classic of Postmodernism.

Chester Beatty Library

Oishii! Essen in Japan

Director's Choice Fionnuala Croke

Inés de Castro, Toko Shimomura, Uta Werlich (eds)

The Chester Beatty Library is rated among the top 10 places to visit in Dublin. Once the private library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875-1968), it is today a museum and one of Ireland's national cultural institutions. The collections comprise manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. The Library's focus on global artistic heritage is unique in Ireland. Fionnuala Croke, director of this exquisite collection, has selected over 30 works that will give the reader a sense of the quality and variety of Beatty's acquisitions, while featuring her own personal favorites. SPECS

Scala Arts Publishers 40 color illustrations, 80 pages, 6.5 x 7.5in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510892 $14.95

Scala Arts Publishers 40 color illustrations, 80 pages, 6.5 x 7.5in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510960 $19.95

Luk Van Soom

Pedro Friedeberg

Into View Luk Van Soom et al.

James Oles & Jeffrey Collins

Friedeberg has displayed his art at over 100 solo exhibitions and close to 120 collective expos, in the top museums and galleries around the world. Known for his surrealist work, his most recognizable piece is the Hand-Chair: a sculpture/chair designed for people to sit on the palm, using the fingers as back and arm rests. If Friedeberg's most infamous statement is true, and art is dead because nothing new is being produced, then his startling work must be a resurrection.

Cave of the Immortals The Poetry and Prose of Bamboo Painter Wen Tong (1019-1079) Jonathan Chaves

Wen Tong (1019-1079) is considered the supreme master of bamboo painting in the history of Chinese art. This book is the first in any Western language to present translations of selected poems by Wen, over 300 of them, as well as examples of his prose writings. A particular revelation is Wen's unusual degree of interest in what might be called the Folk Religion of China, for example, ceremonies of supplication to various gods, especially Dragon deities, to send rain in time of drought.

Text in German. SPECS


This first retrospective on Van Soom’s life and career includes a series of discussions and interviews with the artist, shedding light on the influences, philosophy, thinking and themes that have been vital for his artistic development. Van Soom has created more than 50 monumental works for the public space in Belgium and the Netherlands, among which some very well know sights, such as Walhalla (1993, Antwerp), The Man from Atlantis (2003, Brussels), The Wharfinger (2005, Zwolle), and Walking to Magdalena (2012, Ostend).

'Oishii!' - 'Delicious!' is the most common word in Japan to describe food. Expressing culinary taste goes hand in hand with the social and cultural identity of those eating it. Food is much more than nutrition, it is tied to all areas of human life and illustrates the various aspects of a society and its culture. Hitherto partly undisclosed treasures from the Linden-Museum Stuttgart and valuable examples from home and abroad draw attention to the rich material culture of food and drink in Japan.


Arnoldsche Art Publishers 288 color illustrations, 224 pages, 8.25 x 10.75in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9783897904682 $60.00

SPECS Floating World Editions 256 pages, 6 x 9in. Paperback, April 2017 ISBN: 9781891640902 $24.95

Ebrahim Alkazi Directing Art

Mapping with Figures

The Making of a Modern Indian Art World Edited by Dr Parul Dave-Mukherjee. Contributions by Yashodhara Dalmia, Amal Allana, Partha Mitter, Shukla Sawant, Devika Singh, Akansha Rastogi

The Evolving Art of K.S Radhakrishnan R Sivakumar

An account of the life and work of Ebrahim Alkazi, specifically, his contribution to the evolution of art and theatre in India.

Text in English and Spanish.

KS Radhakrishnan is a leading contemporary sculptor of international acclaim whose sculptures are exclusively executed in the medium of bronze. His works have been displayed in “Triennalle India" (1990), “Hippodrome d'Longchamp," Paris (1996), "Espace Michel SimonNoisy Le Grand," France (1996), and "Beijing Biennale" (2012).

Text in English and Dutch. SPECS



Stichting Kunstboek 200 color illustrations, 320 pages, 11 x 12.75in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9789058565396 $90.00

Trilce 407 col., 182 b&w illustrations, 448 pages, 9 x 13in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9786077663171 $65.00

Mapin Publishing 408 color illustrations, 364 pages, 9.75 x 12in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781935677680 $85.00

SPECS Mapin Publishing in association with Akar Prakar Gallery, Kolkata and the National Gallery of Modern Art Bangalore 74 col., 26 b&w illustrations, 112 pages, 8 x 10in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781935677710 $39.50






The Sun Temple of Konark

25 Years of a Life Samar Khan, Sonali Kokra

Anil Dey

Reverie with Raza On the Occasion of Nirantar: The Aesthetic Continuum Uma Nair

Living Heritage of Mewar This book unravels the workings of Raza's oeuvre and life at the age of 94 through conversations with him about contemporary art. Living now in Delhi, Raza is going through a revolution in which he is bringing back his past in his works he is ploughing the depths of past trends in his use of color fields, in contextualizing genres in his journey of the 'Bindu' and explaining intuitive strategies that reflect his journeys. Looking at Raza's art is an intimate act of prolonged engagement. The Bindu too has transformed through decades; it signifies a different tenor in a world torn by terrorism and death. SPECS

Architecture of the City Palace, Udaipur Shikha Jain and Vanicka Arora, with Foreword by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar and Deborah Marrow The City Palace at Udaipur is part of a living cultural heritage that has survived in an unbroken line of custodianship from medieval kingship to modern democracy. This volume traces the cultural lineage of the palace through its art and architecture, arriving at a conservation model designed to preserve this magnificent structure for the future.


Mapin Publishing in association with Akar Prakar Gallery, Kolkata and the National Gallery of Modern Art Bangalore 106 color illustrations, 136 pages, 6.75 x 9in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9781935677727 $37.50

Mapin Publishing 162 color illustrations, 192 pages, 11 x 10in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781935677758 $65.00

A Magic World

Monuments Matter

New Visions of Indian Painting In Tribute to Ananda Coomaraswamy's Rajput Painting Molly Emma Aitken

India's Archaeological Heritage since Independence Nayanjot Lahiri

In the 100 years since Ananda Coomaraswamy wrote his seminal two-volume, Rajput Painting, the field of Indian painting studies has gone through a period of explosive discovery. From the scholarly establishment of a framework of schools and periods, to the expansion of knowledge about individual artists and workshops, the movement has been documented in ever-increasing depth. This centenary offers a chance to rethink the very nature of the categories, methods, and indeed the passions that guided past scholars, whose dedication has brought Indian painting to the fore of art today.

India's success in conserving its archaeological heritage will be assessed, in a book that does not shy from the question of what has been lost in the past. It begins with looking at the impact of Partition on monuments, museum collections and the nature of archeological research itself. It will provide an overview and an analysis of archeological investigations, as well as methods and ideas used in collecting and processing data. Along with work done by government institutions, attention will be drawn to community practices that have helped preserve objects of antiquarian interest.



The Marg Foundation 130 color illustrations, 160 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover, non-returnable, February 2017 ISBN: 9789383243150 $69.95

The Marg Foundation 130 color illustrations, 148 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover, non-returnable, July 2017 ISBN: 9789383243174 $69.95

Shah Rukh through the eyes of the directors who transformed him into each of his unforgettable roles. It shows the creation of a living legend, tracing Khan from his early days to his current position at the pinnicle of the Bollywood casting lists. As well as offering an insight into Khan's life that will entrance any dedicated fan, this book is designed to please the eye; its many illustrations are inspired by Bollywood's hand-painted film posters, reminiscent of the iconic portraits that first revealed SRK's characters. Containing essays from some of Khan's closest coworkers, this is an intimate and honest picture of SRK the actor and Shah Rukh the man.

In The Sun Temple of Konark, the author analyzes the myriad myths and mysteries surrounding this spectacular building, and utilizes scientific tools and methodologies to separate chaff from grain. The Sun Temple has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the seven wonders of India.



Niyogi Books 37 col., 36 b&w illustrations, 184 pages, 11 x 15in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9789385285257 $99.00

Niyogi Books 415 color illustrations, 468 pages, 7.5 x 10.25in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9789385285431 $40.00

Maps of Delhi

The Heritage City


Pilan Maria Guerrieri

Walking through the History of Lucknow Vipul B Varshney

A Lucknawi Tradition Paola Manfredi

This publication presents an exquisite study of the maps of Delhi, from the onset of the 19th century all the way into the nearfuture: the master-plan of 2021, towards which Indian officials are aiming today. It is the first organized collection of the maps of the city, a breathtakingly illustrated cartographic history of the capital.

Featuring over 200 color photographs and minute architectural drawings, this book recreates the splendor of Lucknow's historic monuments.

Chikankari is one of India's finest traditional embroideries, evoking Lucknawi culture and the elegant courts of the nawabs of Awadh. Chikankari appeared in Lucknow in the late 18th century and its exquisite aesthetic and craftsmanship has sustained the tradition to this day, through changing patronage and market trends.




Niyogi Books 440 pages, 11.5 x 11.5in. Hardcover, non-returnable, April 2017 ISBN: 9789385285509 $85.00

Niyogi Books 200 color illustrations, 280 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, non-returnable, April 2017 ISBN: 9789385285523 $75.00

Niyogi Books 200 color illustrations, 260 pages, 9 x 12in. Hardcover, non-returnable, May 2017 ISBN: 9789385285530 $85.00




Cosmic Dance in Stone Ramu Katakam

There was a time when man respected the landscape, seeing it as a reflection of his devotion to the creator of this universe. These primordial men also practised a lifestyle that did not adversely affect the sustaining powers of the earth. Cosmic Dance in Stone is a collection of photographs and illustrations that show how their creations, wonderful landscapes of stone, have been devised to transcend space and time. It is an attempt to discover how the designers of the past envisaged structures that could link us to the stars and help us realize the nature of our existence.

SPECS Niyogi Books 177 color illustrations, 228 pages, 11.5 x 11.5in. Hardcover, non-returnable, April 2017 ISBN: 9789385285547 $125.00

Ratha Yatra


U Thong City of Gold

Chariot Festival of Jagannatha in Puri Subas Pani

Chinese Porcelain for Siam; Discover Thai Art Dawn F Rooney

The Ancient History Anna Bennett

Ratha Yatra, the ancient annual festival of the chariot and Jagannatha, the presiding deity of the great temple Srimandira at Puri, is one of the grandest spectacles on earth. Jagannatha (along with siblings Balabhadra and Subhadra) ride three colourful chariots in their annual sojourn to their garden house and birthplace, Gundicha Temple, where they stay for seven days before returning back.

Bencharong, a unique class of Chinese export ware, was made exclusively for Thai royalty and the ruling elite in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Enamelled porcelain containers and dishes for the table and boudoir are resplendent in kaleidoscopic colors inspired by verdant, tropical vegetation. Although Bencharong belongs both in place and time to the broader tradition of Chinese export art for the European and American markets, it is distinctively Thai in style and aesthetics. A wealth of lavish illustrations, many never before published, are visual revelations of Bencharong's splendor.

U Thong, north of Bangkok, has been an important site for over 2,000 years, as witnessed by the discovery of a 3rd-century Roman coin. The moated city was connected to the Chin river, thereby gaining access to international trade routes. This publication brings a new perspective to the study of ancient gold from U Thong. The author is a trained research metallurgy scientist, and these skills have been brought to bear on the highly significant corpus of early gold artifacts found in and around the city, the largest accumulation of such artifacts from any of the ancient muang of Thailand.




Niyogi Books 221 pages, 9 x 11in. Hardcover, non-returnable, June 2017 ISBN: 9789385285561 $65.00

River Books 200 color illustrations, 219 pages, 6.75 x 8.75in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9786167339689 $25.00

River Books 400 color illustrations, 168 pages, 8.25 x 10.75in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9786167339818 $40.00

Androgyny & Female Impersonation in India

Katya & The Prince of Siam

Nari Bhav Tutun Mukherjee and Niladri R Chatterjee

Narisa Chakrabongse

A cross-cultural exploration of one of the most fascinating subjects to be questioned and criticized in the 21st century: the gender binary. This volume discusses concepts of androgyny that permeate the Indian cultural ethos, which are expressed through female impersonators not only in religion, theatre and dance but also in contemporary performative mediums like films, television, and the internet. Also contains interviews with performers of female impersonation.


This is the story of a daring love affair and marriage between a beautiful young Russian girl from Kiev and a Siamese prince, Prince Chakrabongse, one of King Chulalongkorn's favorite sons. Making use of much hitherto unpublished archive material such as letters, diaries and photographs, the book gives a fascinating insight into life in both pre-revolutionary Russia and the Siamese court.


Knockings At My Heart

Life, Love and Death on Tanzania's Hanang Plains Charles Lane

Unpublished Poems of Rabindranath Tagore Rabindranath Tagore/Edited by Nilanjan Banerjee

In the 1980s, Charles Lane had the privilege of living among the Barabaig, nomadic cattle herders in north central Tanzania. Despite being known as killers by their enemies, he found them to be generous and caring companions. This beautifully illustrated book shows the Barabaig's artistry in many facets of their lives, and provides a fascinating anthropological record. This rich and hitherto sustainable culture is now under threat, ensuring that this book will become an invaluable record of a fast disappearing way of life.

The first ever collection of Rabindranath Tagore's unpublished short poems. Known as 'The Bard of Bengal', Tagore was central to the modernization of Indian poetry. Celebrated for his advocation of Indian independence, his founding of the Visva-Bharati University, and his astoundingly broad oeuvre, which included art, poetry, music and prose, Tagore won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. His work resonates with audiences to this day, both eastern and western alike.





Niyogi Books 356 pages, 6 x 9in. Hardcover, non-returnable, January 2017 ISBN: 9789385285578 $20.00

River Books 186 b&w illustrations, 252 pages, 7 x 9.75in. Paperback. Reprint, March 2017 ISBN: 9786167339337 $15.95

River Books 150 color illustrations, 246 pages, 9.5 x 11in. Hardcover, March 2017 ISBN: 9786167339856 $55.00

Roli Books 30 b&w illustrations, 112 pages, 4.75 x 7in. Paperback, February 2017 ISBN: 9789351941064 $12.99




King Alfred's Coins

America and the First World War

Passchendaele 1917

Rosslyn Chapel

The Watlington Viking Hoard John Naylor and Gareth Williams

The Combat Experience Bruno Cabanes

Landscape of War Lee Ingelbreght

The Earl and Countess of Rosslyn

A short book about the historic discovery of a Viking Hoard in Oxfordshire.

Published for the centennial of the U.S. entry into World War I, this spectacular book, illustrated with over 150 photographs of the Great War, offers a moving description of the American combat experience.

A hundred years after one of the most terrible battles of the First World War, this book commemorates those who were lost and those who survived.

A fascinating personal account of the glorious fifteenth-century Rosslyn Chapel, written by its current custodians.

Three Centuries of English Freemasonry


Chester Cathedral Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd

Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Ltd. An introduction to 'Three Centuries of English Freemasonry', an exhibition gallery opened at Freemasons Hall in London to mark the 300th Anniversary of the first Grand Lodge in the world.

Stunning souvenir guide to one of England’s most interesting and undervalued cathedrals, richly illustrated with specially commissioned full-color photography.







Ashmolean Museum Publications 50 color illustrations, 32 pages, 8.25 x 8.25in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9781910807132 $10.00

Editions Gallimard 150 color illustrations, 160 pages, 9.75 x 10in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9782072706400 $34.95

Lannoo Publishers 100 col., 100 b&w illustrations, 256 pages, 9 x 10.75in. Hardcover, May 2017 ISBN: 9789401442039 $37.50

Scala Arts Publishers 140 color illustrations, 128 pages, 9.5 x 11in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9781785510489 $39.95

Scala Arts Publishers 78 color illustrations, 32 pages, 6.5 x 7.5in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9781785510779 $9.50

Scala Arts Publishers 90 color illustrations, 64 pages, 8.25 x 9.75in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510793 $14.95

Indian Troops in Europe


Ancient Coins of India

Blarney Castle & Gardens

1914-1918 Santanu Das

Sacred Foods of God Acharya Ramana Dikshitulu and Kota Neelima

The Lance Dane Bequest Various

Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd

This book is a photographic account of the many Indian soldiers who fought at the frontlines in Europe during WW1.

At the Tirumala Temple, ritual food offerings or Naivedyam have been made to Lord Venkateshwara – a manifestation of Lord Vishnu – since time immemorial. With rare photos and detailed step-by-step recipes.

An exploration of one of the greatest collections of ancient Indian coins in the world, revealing secrets lost in history.

Illlustrated guide to one of Ireland's bestknown castles, home of the famous Blarney Stone.

The National Museum, Sultanate of Oman: Highlights Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd A sumptuously illustrated book showcasing the Sultanate's flagship cultural institution.

Durham Cathedral The Shrine of St Cuthbert Michael Sadgrove A comprehensive and beautiful souvenir guide to Durham Cathedral, arguably the greatest Romanesque church in Europe.







Mapin Publishing 120 color illustrations, 160 pages, 9.5 x 10in. Hardcover, January 2017 ISBN: 9781935677505 $39.00

Roli Books 125 color illustrations, 176 pages, 7 x 9.25in. Hardcover, non-returnable February 2017 ISBN: 9789351941095 $24.99

Roli Books 150 col., 50 b&w illustrations, 96 pages, 8.75 x 6in. Hardcover, non-returnable February 2017 ISBN: 9789351941514 $49.99

Scala Arts Publishers 80 color illustrations, 48 pages, 8.75 x 8.25in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510823 $6.95

Scala Arts Publishers 100 color illustrations, 400 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover, June 2017 ISBN: 9781785510847 $106.00

Scala Arts Publishers 80 color illustrations, 48 pages, 8.25 x 9.75in. Paperback, March 2017 ISBN: 9781785510861 $6.95






Animation Maths

Multimedia Maths

Training in Languages of Lesser Diffusion Katalin Balogh, Heidi Salaets, Dominique Van Schoor

Bieke Masselis and Ivo De Pauw

Bieke Masselis and Ivo De Pauw

The number of foreign language speakers involved in criminal procedures has quadrupled over the last 30 years. In many cases, the native language is an LLD (Language of Lesser Diffusion): i.e. one that has relatively few speakers in one specific location or geographical area. The need for legal interpreters and translators of LLDs is great, and still rising. The TraiLLD consortium has analyzed existing strategies in organizing training in order to test their efficiency, to improve them, and to develop alternative approaches. The result is an evidence-based set of practical recommendations, brought together in one volume. SPECS Lannoo Campus 224 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401433273 $45.00

Japan & Belgium

An accessible and practical guide to animation programming. In effective animation programming, one must be able to rely on theoretical knowledge as well as research-based insights. This updated version of Animation Maths contains an overview of both. In addition to exploring collision detection, it also puts forward a discussion of programmable kinematics. These physics of motion, designed to complement programming, offer an invaluable tool in adding realism to games and animations.

This basic maths textbook will guide the reader through several standard topics, such as vectors and parameters. In addition to exploring the golden section, Multimedia Maths offers surprising and realitybased insights into Bezier curves and Bsplines. Screen effects and image handling are taken to a higher level via a detailed outline of all the basic transformations. The book is accompanied by a companion website. Visit for online support and useful downloads.

An Itinerary of Mutual Inspiration Wille Vande Walle and others Fifty years ago, Belgium and Japan signed their first treaty. They have been important economic partners for each other ever since. As a result, the reciprocal exchange of artistic influence between these countries flourished: Belgian artists were inspired by 'Japanisme', while Japanese writers read the works of Maurice Maeterlinck and Emiile Verhaeren. After the devastating violence of World War II, these two countries' cooperation finally resulted in a solid alliance. This book invites its readers to focus on the cross-cultural exchanges that make the Belgian-Japanese relationship a fertile space for diplomacy, trade, and creativity.



Lannoo Campus 20 col., 30 b&w illustrations, 336 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401432047 $40.00

Lannoo Publishers 20 b&w illustrations, 230 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Paperback, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401438216 $45.00

SPECS Lannoo Publishers 250 col., 100 b&w illustrations, 400 pages, 9.5 x 12.25in. Hardcover, February 2017 ISBN: 9789401438421 $65.00

Sleep Without Back Pain Choose the Right Bed and Maximise Your Comfort and Sleep Pascal Mannekens A good night's rest and a correct sleeping posture can prevent the onset of a number of common back problems. After reading this book you will be as informed as your physiotherapist or general practitioner (or even more so) about the benefits of a healthy spine.

Disruptive Selling

A Dangerous Recipe

The Stairway Guide's Daughter

A New Approach to Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Patrick Maes

G. Svasti

John Burgess

Disruptive Selling helps companies to transform to the new age of selling.

A deliciously dark tale about one chef's search for ingredients.

An historical novel set in the golden age of Cambodia's Angkor civilization. Also available by John Burgess ISBN: 9786167339542 Temple in the Clouds ISBN: 9786167339252 Woman of Angkor ISBN: 9786167339016 Stories in Stone





Lannoo Publishers 40 col., 10 b&w illustrations, 192 pages, 6 x 9.5in. Paperback with flaps, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401439374 $27.95 Also available in German ISBN: 9789401439381

Lannoo Publishers 224 pages, 6.75 x 9.5in. Flexibind, January 2017 ISBN: 9789401435178 $39.95

River Books 312 pages, 5 x 7.75in. Paperback, April 2017 ISBN: 9786167339825 $12.00

River Books 400 pages, 5 x 7.75in. Paperback, April 2017 ISBN: 9786167339870 $15.00






High Tide: A Surf Odyssey

New York:

The Vintage Tea Party Book

The Belgian Beer Book

The Little Box of Lego® Projects

A Complete Guide to Hosting your Perfect Party ACC Art Books 306 pages, 7.75 x 9.75in. Hardcover, non-returnable ISBN: 9781851496877 $29.95

Lannoo Publishers 704 pages, 8.75 x 11.25in. Hardcover ISBN: 9789401435529 $59.95

HEEL Verlag 52 pages, 4.5 x 6.5in. 52 cards, boxed, non-returnable ISBN: 9783868529265 $16.99

The Big Unofficial Lego Builder's Book

The Iconic Images Of Ted Williams ACC Editions 352 pages, 9.25 x 11.75in. Hardcover ISBN: 9781851498277 $75

ACC Editions 400 pages, 12 x 15.75in. Hardcover, boxed, w/print, 20% nonreturnable. Trade sales only ISBN: 9781851498031 $1,500.00

Photography By Chris Burkhard Lannoo Publishers/Terra 352 pages, 10.25x 12.5in. Hardcover ISBN: 9789089896544 $59.95

Photographs 1967-2014 KMW Studio 104 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780990790846 $50.00

Los Angeles:

The Wristwatch Handbook

Tom Blackwell

Victoria Beckham



Charles Bargue

Dries Van Noten

Photographs: 1967-2014 KMW Studio 104 pages, 9.5 x 12in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780990790853 $50.00

A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches ACC Art Books 352 pages, 9.75 x 11.5in. Hardcover ISBN: 9781851498291 $85.00

The Complete Paintings, 1970-2014 The Artist Book Foundation 240 pages, 11 x 12in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780988855779 $95.00

Style Power Art of Publishing Limited 100 pages, 8.75 x 10.75in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780993240751 $20.95

Roads Publishing 192 pages, 10 x 13in. Hardcover ISBN: 9781909399105 $70.00

The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino Officina Libraria 240 pages, 9.75 x 11.25in. Hardcover ISBN: 9788897737766 $60.00

Drawing Course ACR Edition 336 pages, 9.75 x 10.75in. Paperback, professional discount, non-returnable ISBN: 9782867702037 $85.00

Lannoo Publishers 320 pages, 9.75 x 11.75in. Hardcover ISBN: 9789401414746 $90.00

Ladurée Macarons

Ladurée: Entertaining

Ladurée: The Sweet Recipes

Ladurée: The Savory Recipes

Piet Boon Studio

Forever Green

Must Eat NYC


Editions du Chêne 320 pages, 7 x 7.25in. Hardcover, boxed, full trade nonreturnable ISBN: 9782812310737 $39.95

Recipes, Ideas & Inspiration Editions du Chêne 320 pages, 7 x 7.25in. Hardcover, full trade discount, nonreturnable ISBN: 9782812306235 $39.95

Editions du Chêne 392 pages, 6.5 x 6in. Hardcover, non-returnable ISBN: 9782812304439 $39.95

Editions du Chêne 392 pages, 6.5 x 6in. Hardcover, non-returnable ISBN: 9782812304583 $39.95

Lannoo Publishers/Terra 288 pages, 11 x 13.75in. Hardcover ISBN: 9789089896629 $99.00

A Landscape Architect's Innovative Gardens Offer Environments to Love & Delight Pointed Leaf Press 233 pages, 11 x 11.75in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780983388999 $75.00

An Eclectic Selection of Culinary Locations Lannoo Publishers 272 pages, 7 x 10in. Hardcover ISBN: 9789401419147 $24.95

A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation Ridgewood Publishing 340 pages, 12.5 x 10in. Hardcover ISBN: 9780988581715 $75.00

Build Your Own City HEEL Verlag 400 pages, 8.25 x 10.25in. Paperback ISBN: 9783868526585 $29.99




Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 9781909399853 $10.99

The Good Soldier 9781909399266 $8.99


The Devil’s Dictionary 9781909399600 $10.99

Great Expectations 9781909399518 $10.99

Journey to The The Jungle Book Centre of The Earth 9781909399822 9781909399273 $10.99 $8.99

The Picture of Dorian Gray 9781909399006 $8.99

Venus in Furs 9781909399556 $8.99

The Prince 9781909399303 $8.99

Walden 9781909399532 $10.99

Dracula 9781909399341 $10.99

Gulliver’s Travels 9781909399563 $10.99

The King in Yellow 9781909399501 $10.99

The Scarlet Letter 9781909399020 $8.99

What is Art? 9781909399259 $10.99

Emma 9781909399495 $10.99

Fathers and Sons 9781909399549 $8.99

The Happy Prince Heart of Darkness and Other Stories 9781909399013 9781909399815 $8.99 $10.99

Lady Chatterley’s Lover 9781909399280 $10.99

The Secret Garden 9781909399808 $10.99

What Maisie Knew 9781909399525 $10.99

Madame Bovary 9781909399082 $10.99

The Thirty-Nine Steps 9781909399242 $8.99

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 9781909399594 $8.99

Five Children and It Frankenstein; or,The 9781909399860 Modern Prometheus 9781909399068 $10.99 $8.99

The Hound of The Baskervilles 9781909399051 $8.99

Nostromo 9781909399570 $10.99

Treasure Island 9781909399846 $10.99

Wuthering Heights 9781909399075 $10.99

Jane Eyre 9781909399334 $10.99

Notes From Underground 9781909399099 $8.99

The Trial 9781909399297 $8.99

100 Treasures from Brussels Museums 89 111 Places That You Shouldn’t Miss Series 42-44 111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know 36 500 Hidden Secrets Series, The 46-47 500 Years - Treasures from the Library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford 93 Abstract Textures 69 Accessories for Your Home 67 Adorant 90 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 106 Aloha Boathouse and the Iris Bathroom, The 63 Alte and Neue Pinakothek Munich 94 am-architektur 83 Amazing Flavours of Amsterdam 51 America and the First World War 100 America in Black and White 11 Amsterdam 48 Ancient Coins of India 100 Androgyny & Female Impersonation in India 98 Animation Maths 103 Another World 90 Architects’ Homes 78 Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel, The 80 Art in Europe 1945-1968 89 Art of Building Dreams, The 80 Art of Classical Details, The 78 Art of Law, The 88 Arts and Crafts Furniture 62 Arts and Crafts Lighting 62 Arts and Crafts Metalwork 62 Arts and Crafts Tile 63 Barabaig 99 Barberini Tapestries 64 Belgian Beer Book, The 105 Belgian Café Culture 50 Belgian Solutions 50 Bencharong 99 Best Tall Buildings 79 Big Unofficial Lego Builder’s Book, The 105 Blarney Castle & Gardens 101 Boaz Vaadia Sculpture 32 Bombay Art Deco Architecture 84 Borderline 59 Boris Velikovsky (1878-1937) 74 Brazil 39 Bruges City Guide 45 Bruges: The Story of a City 45 Brut 68 Build Your Own City 105

bunq 83 Burning Desire: The Jimi Hendrix Experience through the Lens of Ed Caraeff 7 Cambridge 42 Cave of the Immortals 95 Ceci n’est pas une Copie 71 Centerbrook 4 79 Chagall and Music 15 Chagall and the Triumph of Music 15 Charles Bargue 105 Cheng Taining Architecture 77 Chester Beatty Library 94 Chester Cathedral 101 Chicken on the Menu 56 Chikankari 97 Chinese Ivory Carvings 31 Christie’s 1 Chus Burés 66 Ciel Bleu Guestronomy 56 Classicist No. 13 80 Close to Nature 13 Collisions - PDR 76 Colour Your Classic Car! 36 Compositiones Variae 85 Congo Art Works 89 Conservation of Featherwork from Central and South America 85 Considered Guides, The 48-49 Constable in Brighton 92 Copacabana Palace 58 Cosmic Dance in Stone 98 Creative Belgium 71 Creative Furniture Design for Kids & Teens 67 Cuba Cars 52 Curves Scotland 52 Curves Sicily 52 Dangerous Recipe, A 103 Daubigny and Impressionism 91 Decanter, The 65 Degas to Picasso 87 Degas’ Little Dancer Aged Fourteen 85 Delirium Tremens 56 Design Diary 2017 26 Design Process and the Art of the Single Family, The 74 Design Value 29 Designing a Vision 4 Designing for Modern India 71 Destination Nowhere 39 Devil’s Dictionary, The 106 Disruptive Selling 103 DoingYearbook 27, 28, 29 Double Face 54 Dracula 106 Dries Van Noten 105 Dublin 49 Durham Cathedral 101

Ebrahim Alkazi Directing Art 95 Eco Packaging Now 70 Elizabeth Blackadder 91 Elle Paris 41 Elyn Zimmerman Sculpture 32 Emiliano López Mónica Rivera Arquitectos 82 Emma 106 EnjoyingYearbook 27, 28, 29 Eric Owen Moss 24 Escape 38 Escapes - Winter 53 Esposito Javet 83 Every Product Tells a Story 28 Fabergé in London 8 Fabergé: The McFerrin Collection 9 Fairy Tale about Love, A 70 Fantastic Designs in the Store 69 Fathers and Sons 106 Fit for a Queen 72 Five Children and It 106 Floral Diplomacy at the White House 2 Forever Green 105 Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus 106 French Moderns 92 Fuksas 24 Geometric Textures For Fashion 69 Germany 51 Giants of Sportswear, The 19 Gion A. Caminada 82 Giuliani Hönger 82 Giuliano da Sangallo 74 Good Soldier, The 106 Great Expectations 106 Greenterior 68 Guía Peñín De Los Vinos De España 55 Gulliver’s Travels 106 Gute Aussichten 61 Hands on Design 71 Hans Op de Beeck 90 Happy Prince and Other Stories, The 106 Heart of Darkness 106 Heavenly:The Sun, Moon and Stars in Jewellery 8 Helga Zahn 66 Heritage City, The 97 High Tide: A Surf Odyssey 104 Higher Ground 35 Hip Hop 19 HKDA Global Design Awards 70 Horizon 58 Hound of The Baskervilles, The 106 Iconic 105 Iggy Pop & The Stooges 6


Index 2006–2016 59 Indian Troops in Europe 100 Insta Grammar: Green 18 Internal Staircases Design 67 International Floral Art 54 International Yearbook Communication Design 28, 29 Italian Maiolica and Europe 64 Italian Wines 55 James O’Mara: Encounters 17 Jane Eyre 106 Japan & Belgium 102 Jazz 104 John Yeon Architecture 73 John Yeon Landscape 73 Journey to The Centre of The Earth 106 Jungle Book, The 106 Kadri Mälk 65 Katya & The Prince of Siam 98 King Alfred’s Coins 100 King in Yellow, The 106 Knockings At My Heart 99 L-Architectes 83 La Bruxelloise 58 Ladurée Macarons 104 Ladurée: Entertaining 104 Ladurée: The Savory Recipes 104 Ladurée: The Sweet Recipes 104 Lady Chatterley’s Lover 106 Land of the Five Rivers, The 81 Leading Architects of the World Series 24 Learning from Delhi 81 Learning from Mumbai 81 Libraries 105 Lisbon 48 Little Book of Birds, The 12 Little Box of Lego® Projects, The 105 Little Box of Lego® Projects Space 22 Liu Dan 87 Living Heritage 59 Living Heritage of Mewar 96 Living Yearbook 27, 28, 29 Lolita 23 London Secrets 37 Los Angeles: Photographs: 19672014 104 Luk Van Soom 94 Madame Bovary 106 Madonna Nudes + 5 Magic of Watches, The 65 Magic World, A 96 Mapping with Figures 95 Maps of Delhi 97 Margiela: The Hermès Years 21 Marie Goslich 61 Marrakech 48



Representatives and Agents Marshall Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum, The 65 Menzi Bürgler 83 Mexico City Museums Guide 51 Milan 49 Minecraft 22 Modern Container Architecture 76 Monuments Matter 96 Morphogenesis 79 Multimedia Maths 103 Musicscapes 60 Must Eat NYC 105 Myths, Angels, and Masquerades 63 National Museum, Sultanate of Oman: Highlights, The 101 Neo-Global Best Interior Design 68 New Jewellery from IdarOberstein 66 New York: Photographs 19672014 104 Nostromo 106 Notes From Underground 106 Oishii! Essen in Japan 95 ON-A Emotion Architecture 2005-2015 75 Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi 92 Painting After Postmodernism 33 Parisian Bistros 40 Passchendaele 1917 100 Pedro Friedeberg 94 Peñín Guide To Spanish Wine 55 Perfect Chemistry, A 59 Peter Märkli 82 Picasso, Picabia, Ernst 85 Picture of Dorian Gray, The 106

Piet Boon Studio 105 Power of the Avant-Garde, The 90 Preparatory Layers for Oil Paintings in North West Europe 1550-1900 85 Prince, The 106 Princesses and Saints: Justyna Koeke 10 Private Confessions 86 Rage of Staging, The 60 Ralph Johnson 76 Ramayana 30 Raphael 87 Ratha Yatra 98 Rayne 72 Red Dot Design Concept 29 Red Dot Design Yearbooks 26-29 Relishing Marketing 77 Remote Places to Stay 38 Reverie with Raza 96 Robots 30 Roomscapes 105 Rosslyn Chapel 101 Rugs & Art 64 Scarlet Letter, The 106 SCDA Interiors 75 SCDA Landscape 75 Secret Garden, The 106 Selous in Africa, The 57 Settle In 84 Shigeru Ban Architects 24 Sights and Scenes of Japan 51 Silver Triennial International 66 Sinatra Sleep Without Back Pain 102 Sleeping Cars 53 Sofreh 14 Southwold 85 SRK 97

Stained Glass at York Minster 93 Stained Glass Museum, The 93 Stairway Guide’s Daughter, The 103 Still Life Photography 57 Stormwater Management for Sustainable Urban Environments 77 Sun Temple of Konark, The 97 Swatt | Miers 79 Sylloge of Aksumite Coins in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 63 Taj Mahal Foxtrot 60 Takeaway Food Packaging Now 70 Tham ma da 20 Thirty-Nine Steps, The 106 Three Centuries of English Freemasonry 101 Tibetan Clothing and Jewellery 64 Tirumala 100 Tom Blackwell 104 Toward a New 19th-Century Art 88 Towards the Horizon 57 TraiLLD 102 Travellers, The 34 Treasure Island 106 Trial, The 106 Tribal Rugs 64 Tribal Textiles of Southwest China 72 True To Life 91 Turtle 1: Building a Car in Africa 53 Typography in Graphic Design 69 U Thong City of Gold 99 Uprisings 88 Urban Jungle 3

Venice and its Jews 92 Venus in Furs 106 Victoria Beckham 104 Vineyard 55 Vintage Tea Party Book, The 105 Visual Vinyl 72 Voll Stoff! 86 Walden 106 Walking Tour: Ahmedabad, A 50 Walter Angonese - Kaltern 83 War Artists in Afghanistan 33 Waterforms 10 We are Wanderful 72 What is Art? 106 What Maisie Knew 106 William Henry Fox Talbot 60 Wolfgang Gäfgen 86 Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The 106 Wooden Bicycle, The 53 Working Yearbook 27, 28, 29 Wreath, The 54 Wristwatch Handbook, The 104 Wuthering Heights 106 XTRRDNR Gardens 12 Yasser Booley 61 Young Architects 73 Young Love 16

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