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Dick Walker Sawmill

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Partial showing of original customer plans.

Build a house like Lisa's The best way to tell the story of Dick Walker Sawmill, is, well, to tell a story. This one is about “Lisa’s House.” I’ve worked with some Spartan plans before, some just hen-scratchings on a beer-stained napkin, but the circumstances of Lisa’s house were unusual to say the least. I got a call from Rob, from southern Vermont, who said that he wanted a price on a house just like his, but that Lisa would want a few changes, Would it be all right if she came up tomorrow with a deposit and plans? We can do that. The next day she wheeled right in with a deposit, the plans – “I want it just like this” – and a delivery date. We can do that. In less than five minutes, she was gone. Looking at the plans, we’ve got our hands full. This would be the third house that these folks have ordered from Dick Walker Sawmill. I looked up my plans for their other houses — she had added a walk-out basement with stepped-up concrete on the gable ends, two dormers upstairs (no sizes given), a 5-by-8-foot mud room/porch with stairs. We can do that!? Their other house was 24 feet by 36 feet with 2x10 floor joists on the main floor, 6x8 timber floor joists upstairs and two-inch tongue and groove flooring throughout. Channel rustic pine is the siding with trim boards of 1x4, 6, 8 and 10. Delivery date is approaching, and we gather up and bundle all of this lumber. John Perry arrives with his log truck and pup trailer. We’ve got directions and

a phone number from Lisa and assurance that there is plenty of room to turn around once unloaded (very important.) Good luck John! He is headed to a destination threeand-a-half to four hours north with close to 30 tons of lumber on board. I give him a call in the afternoon. “No problem, I am almost home.” I meet Lisa in Rutland that evening. She has a check for payment in full. I’ve never seen or heard from her again. Lisa’s House from Dick Walker Sawmill turns out to be part of a divorce settlement. Unbeknown to me, a friend sees this house being built — “that’s a Wobbly Walker house!” He talks to the carpenters; they say the lumber came from somewhere near Fair Haven. He gives them a few pointers to clarify some things for them – my drawings are not architect quality. I usually show a builder a building similar to the one that’s being built. “Take pictures and build from them.” About a year later, I get a call from Calais. “I am impressed. I want to build a house just like Lisa’s house!” We can do that! This year we’ve done very little print advertising. We’ve got repeat customers and people who have seen something that they liked. I’ve been in business a long time, and there are lots of Lisa’s houses out there. To contact Dick Walker Sawmill, call 802-273-2077 or stop by for a visit, Evergreen Road, Fair Haven. www. dickwalkersawmill.com

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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics in Granville

Innovative products for many uses Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics At Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics in Granville, research and development are ongoing while the firm continues to turn out foam tapes and other products that have been manufactured in the community for more than 30 years. The Foams Group of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics comprises the former Norton Performance Plastics Corp. and Norwood Coated Products Co. The resulting organization has a rich history and extensive expertise in elastomeric foam polymer technology and adhesive systems. Product development began more than 30 years ago and since that time a wide range of high-performing foam products have been commercialized. Products such as thin-gauge highperforming, adhesive-coated bonding tapes, foams for a wide range of gasketing needs, specialty foam formulations for use in sealing log homes, and structural glazing spacer tapes for high-rise glass-clad buildings are just a few of the resulting innovations. These products provide superior performance, increased production efficiencies and cost-effective solutions to the automotive, electronic, transportation, industrial, construction and renewable energy markets. Products include Normount ® bonding tapes; Thermalbond ® structural glazing spacer tapes; Norseal ® Log Home Foam – specialty foam tape for log

home construction; Dynafoam ® – foamin-place gasket material; Korel ® – microcellular foam for gasketing and cushioning; Lo-Skid TM Micro-cellular High Traction Urethane Foam for cushioning and footpads. The Green Glue Co. began with a home theater builder who went to great lengths to soundproof his room. His finished home theater used room-within-aroom stud walls, double drywall, exotic soundproof doors … the works. Ultimately, however, he was disappointed in the results, particularly at low frequencies. A research and development firm specializing in specialty coatings and viscoelastic materials was consulted to create a soundproofing material that would outperform current products especially at low frequencies. The result of this simple inquiry into the possible application of viscoelastic technology to improve sound isolation was named Green Glue. Today, Green Glue has become the best-selling product of its kind worldwide, with millions of square feet used to soundproof walls, floors, and ceilings. In 2008, Green Glue became a part of the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foam division and relocated to the Granville facility. For more information visit them at www.nortonfoam.com

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