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FreePress Vol. 22, Issue 38


Wells Residents! Your 250th birthday celebration edition is inside.

Friday, September 23, 2011

What a weekend! Poultney, Fair Haven, Granville hosting big events

Poultney's hosting dinners, open houses D{"Ocvvjgy"Tkeg" cpf"Dknn"Vquecpq"" Two hundred and fifty years of history calls for a lot more than a single day of celebration, and that’s Christian music what’s going to happen over the festival next several Saturday weeks as the in Poultney town celebrates See Pg.3 the anniversary of receiving its charter. The celebration has already



Enjoy a hot time in Poultney D{"Ocvvjgy"Tkeg" Granville’s neighbor Poultney might be gearing up for a big celebration of the creation of the town, but that does not mean anything will be different about the annual Poultney Chili Cook-Off. Not even a massive birthday celebration can stop what


Valerie Broughton said. Streets already swelled with celebrants will mix and mingle like beef and bean as chili cook off number 22 just happens to take place during the observation of the year Poultney came to be. The Chili Cook-Off will take place Saturday, Sept. 24, from 11


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Fair Haven CROP Walk Sunday

adorable pets inside needing a home See our special pets section inside your Healthy Living edition which is inside this week's Lakes Region FreePress.

is a fall fixture in Poultney as the annual chili cook-off, like well spiced sautéed ground beef, will be folded into the birthday celebration fun. “In honor of our 250th we’re turning up the heat at the chili cool-off,” celebration committee chair


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Lace up those walking shoes, because Fair Haven’s annual CROP Walk will be held this Sunday, Sept. 25. More than 200 people are expected to participate in this year’s walk, which raises money for local food shelves and the chairtable organization Church World Services, a faith based organization that responds to

Event has raised $119,000 over the past 11 years natural disasters, combats world hunger and offers humanitarian aid to improvised peoples around the world. For the past several weeks, groups and individuals participating in this year’s event have been asking friends, family, coworkers and in some instances

even their employers, to sponsor them and now with all the money raised, it’s time to walk. Participants will have the chance to choose from one of three walking routes: a three mile walk through town, a five mile walk out to the Fair Haven Airport and back or a leisurely stroll around the town Green for those who have difficulties walk-










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Walk Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig ing. “We try to make it easy at any level,” said co-chair Tamra Staudter. Among the participants are children from local schools and daycares, church groups, local businesses, civic organizations and individuals looking to help their neighbors. “So many young kids participated last year,” said Marsh Hudson Knapp, the man responsible for bringing the event to Fair Haven more than a decade ago. “It’s great to see them care about other people. To see all these kids opening their hearts and helping others, it’s inspiring.” Hudson Knapp held the first CROP Walk in Fair Haven in 2001 and the event has continued to grow since. Over the last 11 years the event has raised $119,000. Last year’s event attracted approximately 250 walkers and raised $13,000 and organizers

are hoping to do even better this year. “We have set a goal of $13,500 and 270 walkers,” Staudter said. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds that are raised each year remain in local communities, benefiting food shelves in Castleton and Poultney, as well as Fair Haven Concerned. This year’s event takes on even greater importance because of the increased reliance on food shelves and the ongoing recovery from Tropical Storm Irene. “One thing the hurricane has done is remind us we are all vulnerable and we all need each other,” Hudson Knapp said. Those who have not registered can still do so on Sunday beginning at 1:30 p.m. The walk is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. and typically takes between one and two hours depending on the route selected. Following the walk, participants will gather at the Green for refreshments, entertainment from DJ John Saltis and


Chili Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig a.m. to 2 p.m. along Main Street in Poultney. The event is sponsored by the Poultney Rotary Club. Actually, one thing will be different. “We’re trying something new this year on this special occasion – a silent auction,” Broughton said. This year at the same time patrons are carrying around their tasting cups and spoons, they can stop and make bids at the auction. In recognition of the 250th anniversary, all proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Poultney Historical Society. Look for the table at the corner of Depot and Main streets covered with themed baskets up for grabs to the bidder willing to dig deep and place that highest bid. “There will be lots of really nice stuff in the silent auction,” Broughton said. Items include, but are in no way limited to,

Poultney Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig gotten under way with open houses at the schools Thursday night. But the focus of the week of events will be Friday night as organizers hope to see the whole community come together to share a meal. A potluck dinner will be the special activity with special activities added into that tonight. The dinner will take place at St. Raphael’s Hall at St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, 21 East Main Street near the Stonebridge and Poultney High School. The hall will open at 6:30 p.m. to bring dishes in, and the dinner will start at 7 p.m. “This is really, really important. We want the whole com-

Rwdnke"Pqvkegu PUBLIC NOTICE Cwevkqp"dgkpi"jgnf"cv"Fwfc" Ycvgt"Urqtvu."45;"Etggm" Tqcf."J{fgxknng."XV."hqt"vjg" ucng"qh"c"3;:8"Itcf{"Yjkvg" %pvndr566c8:8"hqt"pqp/ rc{ogpv"qh"uvqtcig"cpf"tgrckt." qypgf"d{"Tkejctf"Gnngt"qh" Yknvqp."EV."ncuv"mpqyp" cfftguu0"Fcvg"qh"cwevkqp<" Oqpfc{."Qevqdgt"5."42330" Cwevkqp"dgkpi"jgnf"rwtuwcpv"vq" vjg"ncyu"qh"Xgtoqpv0

Town of Castleton INFORMATION MEETINGS Tuesday, Sept 27 AND Tuesday, Oct 11 at 7:00 PM Old Chapel on the Castleton State College Campus 71 Seminary Street (Parking Lot located on Elm Street) The Select Board will hold two (2) Information Meetings to take public comment on the options for Municipal Offices presented by the Building Committee

homemade quilts, paintings, gift certificates and the aforementioned themed baskets including a wine and cheese themed basket. Broughton said many businesses and Rotary members have made donations towards the silent auction to help make it a big success. Cookers from around the area, as many as 30, could attend to compete for cash prizes in a number of different categories. Those more interested in eating can purchase a spoon and tasting cup at the registration table for $8. With spoon and tasting cup in hand patrons can make their way down one side of Main Street and back up the other side trying a variety of chili. Many booths will be decorated and the occasional cook dons a costume when seeking the Best Theme Booth prize. Chefs are expected to cook at least five gallons of chili and patrons will be permitted to try multiple samples of each. Divisions, for example, include Vermont Chili Champion, Best Chili by Popular Vote, Student (high

school and college), Best Theme Booth, and Best Vegetarian Chili. Last year’s winners took home more than a $1,000 in prizes and this year will be no exception. Annually the event draws hundreds to Poultney’s Main Street on a fall Saturday. Chili tasting is the focus of the day, but not the only thing going on in Poultney. The event typically coincides with Green Mountain College’s Family and Friends Weekend and the Farmers Market Food and Craft Fair, which will be held at the college. The Farmers’ Market Annual Food and Craft Fair will be held on Main Street from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will feature around a few dozen vendors selling locally grown produce and handmade baked goods and crafts. A variety of activities, including sporting events, art exhibits and the Adventure Recreation Floor’s Annual Gear Sale, highlight some of the activities that will be held on Main Street.

munity to come to know that we are having this big pot luck dinner and everyone is welcome to bring a dish to share,” committee chair Valerie Broughton said. The Poultney Historical Society will make a rectangular sheet-cake, decorated to highlight Poultney’s history, but organizers said they hope that cake is not alone. “We want people to know they can bring a cake if they would like,” Broughton said. Those who would like to participate in the pot luck could do so by bringing a rectangular cake, decorated however they deem fit, so that it can be placed beside the historical society’s sheetcake, creating a “cake quilt.” Also during the event, the Poultney Historical Society will prepare a series of photographs to display as a slideshow during the Potluck Dinner, which will be included in the Time Capsule. The Poultney Bluegrass Society will provide music before, during and after dinner. Musicians from around town have been asked to bring their instruments for a performance. Activities will be provided for the kids as well. Broughton said the plan is to provide a long roll of paper for the kids to draw and write on. While providing a break for mom and dad this piece of newly created kid art will be included in the time capsule.

Alan Nyiri will be taking photographs at the dinner for inclusion into the Time Capsule. People are invited to bring their own digital photos to be added. Broughton said Bill Lyle of Lyle Welding created the time capsule and donated it for the occasion. The capsule, once full, will be buried later in the weekend and uncovered in the distant future of 2036. “We thought we’d do that for the kids so they could come back and see what they did 25 years from now,” she said. Broughton declined to provide many details about the capsule, other than to say it was something people needed to see for themselves. “The unveiling will be that night at the pot luck dinner, people should come and see it because Bill did such a great job with it,” she said. One of the town’s biggest annual events will fit neatly into the anniversary celebration when the Poultney Rotary Club will host its annual Chili Cookoff on Main Street, with the addition of a Silent Auction on Saturday, Sept. 24. The final day of the celebration will be Sunday, Sept. 25 when the time capsule, to be buried by the bell at the Poultney Town Office at 1:30 p.m. Etched in Stone of Granville, has donated the plaque for the tree and the time capsule, “Buried here is a time capsule commemorating 250 years of life in Poultney.” Broughton said the undertaking of planning a celebration for 250 years was substantial and could not have happened if it were not for the other volunteers. “If I didn’t have the help of Jaime lee, Pam Mikkelson, Mary Helm, Linda Justin, Ina Smith, Alan Nyiri and the rest of the group this never would have been as big as it has become,” Broughton said. A matinee reading of "The Loves of Horace Greeley",” written by Burnham Holmes, produced by the Poultney Summer Theatre Company, will take place at the Baptist Church in East Poultney. It starts at 2:30 p.m., and is free and open to the public.


Christian music concert Saturday The second annual Christian music festival will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, September 24 at the House of Angels on Route 31in Poultney. Five groups will be performing at the local outdoor sanctuary. Don and Ann Duncan, hosts of the event report that this year’s festival will include a free BBQ, but they are asking attendees to bring a covered dish, or dessert, etc. plus a beverage to share. The five groups come from throughout the region, from as far away as Rensselaer County, including as well as local well-

known groups. Each group will perform from 45 minutes to an hour, with a variety of contemporary and traditional gospel music. The House of Angels is an outdoor sanctuary for prayer and healing that Don created. He said it is a quiet, non-denominational place for prayer and contemplation; a place where individuals and groups can commune with God and nature. The House of Angels is located at 4738 Vermont Route 31, about two and a half miles north of Granville, NY, and

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Want to read our special Poultney 250th Birthday edition? It's easy and online at

Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"rcig"4 balloons for the children. There will also be commemorative t-shirts available. The first CROP Walk was held in Bismarck, N.D. in 1969 and the event is now held in more than 2,000 communities across the United States. The walk is meant to help participants identify with impoverished people around the world who have to walk several miles for food or water or who undergo other arduous tasks simply to feed themselves and their families. For more information, visit and click on the CROP Walk link. You can also call Staudter at 468-5453. The walk will occur rain or shine.

6"G0"Ockp"Uvtggv."Itcpxknng."P["34:54 73:/864/;252"\"Gockn<"evj|tnv{Becrkvcn0pgv

almost five miles south of Poultney.




(518) 642-3063 or 642-3036


We now do local moving and have outdoor storage! 4948"Tqwvg"53 Rqwnvpg{."XV"27986

802-287-2224 Qxgt/uk|gf"fqqtu"("dc{u"hqt"dqcvu."cwvqu."ecorgtu0

Hcnn"ku"kp"vjg"Ckt000 Enjoy the candlelit tables with crisp linen tablecloths. Choose from our daily specials or our

PGY"("KORTQXGF"RTWFGPVKCN"OGPW served Mon-Sat 5-6 ; Sun 11-4.

Qrgp"Fckn{<"33<52/;<52 7"Cfcou"Uvtggv."Fqypvqyp"Hckt"Jcxgp • :24/487/6;29"qt"Vqnn"Htgg":22/547/9296

Sept 28, 2011 to Oct 1, 2011

New England Grown



BONELESS CHUCK STEAK.......&50;;"lb.

WHOLE BEEF BRISKET..........&405;"lb. BONELESS SOUTHERN STYLE PORK RIBS........................&30;;"lb.






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SEASONED ROASTING CHICKENS 7 TO 8 LB AVG.............................;;̈"lb.

MacIntosh, Cortland & Honey Crisp lb. 5 lb. totes


WHOLE BONELESS PORK BUTTS......................&308;"lb. 7 TO 8 LB AVG.............................9;̈"lb.

Shurfine 1% MILK............&508;"gal.


TOP ROUND STEAK..............&40;;"lb. TOP ROUND OVEN ROAST......&40;;"lb.




1.25 LB PKG...........................&50;;"pkg. Pqv"tgurqpukdng"hqt"v{rqitcrjkecn"gttqtu0



;; ea.

California ROMAINE HEARTS & 406;"ea. Northeast CELERY HEARTS. &408;"ea.

Shurfine Pier 17 HADDOCK FILLETS & 60;;"pkg. Shurfine Potato Crunch TILAPIA FILLETS.............&60;;"pkg. Shurfine PROVOLONE CHEESE.........&50;;"lb.


Autumn Leaves Car Show Sunday in Granville D{"Ocvvjgy"Tkeg"


The Granville Chamber of Commerce will present the silver anniversary of their fall classic, the Autumn Leaves Car Show, Sunday Sept. 25. For one quarter of a century auto enthusiasts have been gathering on a (hopefully) sunny and warm fall day to admire everything there is to love about the combustion engine and the sheet metal wrapped around it. Cars, trucks and many other vehicles in every color of the rainbow and then some all shined up like rolling mirrors will fill up the grounds of the Granville Elementary School for fans of the unique American art form – the automobile – all day Sunday, Sept. 25. For 24 years, previously, automobile enthusiasts have gathered for the final local auto show of the season where slate plaques are awarded for winners in 25 classifications, with 14 special awards. The show has 12 major sponsor awards. Special awards include Best in Show, Longest Distance Traveled, Best Show Display or possibly the most coveted car title at the show: Most likely to get pulled over - sponsored with tongue firmly in check by the Granville Police Benevolent Association. The show will run from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Admission remains $3 per person, with chil-

dren under 15 free. Show car entries are $20 each and include two admissions to the show as well as commemorative t-shirts. The chamber has had 25th anniversary shirts made up which will be for sale for patrons at $10 each. Registration for vehicles is from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will have a bit of a wrinkle this year. Those planning to go to the show can fill out the registration form in advance by going to the Granville Chamber of Commerce website and downloading the PDF. This should save those arriving at the show time. This time around, entrants will drive to their spots and park and then come back to the table to register, ideally avoiding the traffic jams and headaches for those who have a supped-up engine that just does not want to idle. The first 200 entries will receive a dash plaque and goodie bags. Each paid admission wins the chance at a high-definition LCD television; a door prize first for the show. “Everybody has a chance - we’re going to give that TV to somebody,” Davies said. Harry Haldt returns to emcee the event again this year. Music will be provided. The Granville American Legion Post No. 323 will be selling chicken barbeque and the Scouts will be selling hot dogs and snacks during the whole show.

Rutland Humane Society planning three events ̋""""Hwnn"Ugtxkeg"Rjctoce{0 ̋""""Ogfkectg"Crrtqxgf"Hceknkv{0 ̋""""Cnn"oclqt"rtguetkrvkqp"kpuwtcpeg"rncpu"ceegrvgf0 ̋"""Htgg"nqecn"fgnkxgt{"/"rtguetkrvkqpu"d{"ockn"vq """"cnn"qvjgt"nqecvkqpu0 ̋""""Eqorngvg"ugngevkqp"qh"jqogqrcvjke"tgogfkgu. """""jgtdcnu"cpf"rjctocegwvkecn/itcfg"xkvcokpu0 ̋""""Jqog"Ogfkecn"Uwrrnkgu0 ̋""""Fwtcdng"Ogfkecn"Gswkrogpv0 ̋""""Pqy"HTGG FGNKXGT[ vq"Ecuvngvqp"("Hckt"Jcxgp

Cum"cdqwv"UoknkpÔ"UvgxgÔu";2/Fc{" Fkueqwpv"Rtguetkrvkqp"Rncp# Eqpxgpkgpv"Ftkxg/Vjtqwij"Ykpfqy



The Rutland County Humane Society is planning three major events in the next month, starting with the third annual flying dog dock-diving competition Sunday, Sept. 25, at the Lake House Pub and Grille in Bomoseen. Registration begins at 11, practice jumps begin at noon and competitive jumps begin around 1 p.m. Each dog will get a practice jump and a competitive jump. The 10 dogs with the longest jump will reach the finals for a third jump. There will be prizes for first, second and third longest jumps as well as biggest splash and most comical. Tickets are $5 for entry or viewing and can be purchased at The Lake House Pub and Grille, The Pet Cage (Rutland) and the RCHS shelter

MERCHANTS BANK (MERC); 8.1666 in; 6 in; 0; Black; 76644

(Pittsford). Tickets can also be purchased at the door. Bring your pooch, take advantage of the Lake House Best Friends menu, watch or compete and enjoy a fun afternoon. All proceeds benefit RCHS. For more information contact The Lake House at 273.3000 or the RCHS Business Office at 483.9171 or visit

blessing by Reverend Crawford. All dogs must be on leashes and cats and other pets in safe carriers. The ceremony will be held outside and all are welcome. After the ceremony the shelter will be open until 5 p.m .to visit with the adoptable animals. If you have any questions please contact RCHS at (860) 483-9171.

Golf tourney Oct. 7 Blessing of animals In honor of the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, the Rutland County Humane Society (RCHS) and Rev. Lee Crawford of Trinity Episcopal Church will host a Blessing of the Animals. It will be held at the humane society building, 765 Stevens Road in Pittsford, Sunday, Oct. 2 at 2 p.m. Bring your pet or a picture of your pet for a special

The Rutland County Humane Society will host its 11th annual golf tournament Friday, Oct. 7 at the beautiful ProctorPittsford Country Club. Captain and crew play will begin at 1 p.m. with registration starting at 11:45 AM. Pre-registration is strongly suggested. Teams are comprised of four members with a limit of 30 teams. Tournament fees of $85 ($80 for PPCC members) include a posttournament banquet. For more information, to register or to become a sponsor please contact RCHS at 802.483.9171 or visit the website at

Specializing in Non-invasive Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation & Workman Compensation Injuries with a focus on a Return to Productivity Our patients come first and are respected & provided with One-on-one, Hands-on Physical Therapy Care Serving You in 2 Locations:

5 Madison Street Granville, NY Phone/Fax: (518) 642-9519

28 Fourth Street Fair Haven, VT Phone/Fax: (802) 265-4055


Library hosting book sale The Rupert Kittay Library will be holding it’s yearly book sale on Saturday, Oct. 1 starting at 9 a.m. There are a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction,and children’s books, as well as media selections. Many thanks to all who have donated books. The library continues to accept donations of books for the sale until Friday, Sept. 30. This is one of the fundraisers that help to continue the free programs at the

Rupert Kittay Library. Come browse the many great books and make your selections for your Autumn reading. The book sale will be held again in the Rupert Firehouse which is located on Route 153 in Rupert. For questions or more information call the library at 394-2444 or visit the library website at www. rupert

Concert to be held at GMC Saturday

RAVNAH to host vaccination clinic

The Green Mountain College Choir will perform its annual Fall Foliage Concert as part of Family and Friends Weekend on Saturday, September 24 at 7:30 in Ackley Hall. Under the direction of Associate Professor of Music, James Cassarino, the choir will perform works by Handel, Purcell, Simon & Garfunkel and American Spirituals. The concert is free and open to the public.

The Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association & Hospice (RAVNAH) is hosting the following adult flu and pneumonia vaccination clinics from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, Sept. 29 at St. Mary’s Church in Fair Haven , and from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. the same day at the Benson Community Center in Benson from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. The clinics are open to all adults age 18 years and over. Individuals who have Medicare Part B or carry

Managed Medicare need only bring their card. For all others, the cost for the flu immunization is $33, the cost of the high dose flu vaccine is $55 and the cost for the pneumonia vaccine is $65. Mastercard, Visa and American Express are accepted. For more information and the complete flu clinic schedule, please call the Flu Hotline at 770-1574, RAVNAH at (802) 7750568 or visit our website at

Gathering of the Clans Oct. 1 in Poultney College representitives to

The Dorset Tag Sale will be held beginning at 9 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 15. Outside sale will start at 8:30 a.m. There are no early-birds, and the sale will continue until 1 p.m, with the bag sale starting at noon Donations of clean, serviceable winter clothing (children’s

outdoor supplies. Please do not donate furniture, large appliances, TV’s, stereo equipment, computer and computer related items. The church is located at 143 Church Street, off Route 30 in Dorset. If you have any questions, please call (802) 867 2260.

clothing is always appreciated), jewelry, purses, linens, kitchen and household items and books will be accepted at the Dorset Church on Tuesday, October 11, Wednesday, Oct. 12 and Thursday, October 13 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please remember we now have a tent for tools and

Representatives of 16 colleges and universities will be at Green Mountain College Tuesday, September 27 from 11 a.m-1:30 p.m. in the College’s Withey Hall Lobby to speak with those interested in investigating graduate degree programs in the region. That same evening, representatives from the Peace Corps will hold a discussion at 6 p.m. in the East Room, Withey Hall. Adults interested in discovering more about service in the Peace Corp are invited. Schools attending the fair include Antioch University of


Town-wide food drive Saturday in West Rutland Instead of the annual townwide yard sale, the Town of West Rutland is hosting a townwide food drive tomorrow, Sept. 24, from 9 a.m. to noon. West Rutland was fortunate to not have suffered the devastation that so many others have felt from Irene, but we did have some loss. Please help by donat-

ing any non-perishable food items to replenish our local Food Shelf. Donations will be accepted until the end of today volunteers will pick up items at yourmailbox between 9 a.m. and noon tomorrow. If you can volunteer to help pick up items, please meet at the town hall at 9am on Saturday,

September 24th. information call Office at 438-2263.

For more the Town

for Oct & Nov! T[


647 Rte 4A East, Fair Haven VT





WIN!!! $50 CASH PRIZE FOR MOST CREATIVE ITEM DONATED! THE CASTLETON LIONS CLUB 3RD ANNUAL BASKET PARTY will be held Saturday, October 15th from 11:00-3:00 at the Castleton American Legion. We need your help! We need baskets and raffle items. Baskets can contain anything from toys, craft items, gift cards to non-perishable food items - even cash. If you prefer to donate the items, we will make the basket for you.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: Lion Aleda Dutton..........................468-3110 Lion Denise Skribner.....................265-9757 Lion Kathy Mongeur......................468-5141

Your donations will contribute greatly to the success of this event and are greatly appreciated.

802-287-4066 5;"Ejwtej"Uvtggv Rqwnvpg{."XV



Saturday, October 1st • 12PM-2PM Hqt"oqtg"kphqtocvkqp."ecnn"*:24+"68:/265:

Castleton Dental Offices

1939 Main Street, Suite 2, PO Box 418, Castleton VT 05732 802-468-5626 Dr. James Wright DDS and staff are pleased to announce and welcome

Dorina Kramer DDS to the CASTLETON DENTAL OFFICES. Dr. Kramer will begin treating patients on Sept 12, 2011.

Congratulations, Dr. Kramer & Dr. Wright!




(802) 287-4305

Adult Pottery FALL LESSONS

Creator of unique lamps using repurposed glass, tin and stoneware




LAMP RESTORATION & REPAIR Dtkfigv"OeEcpp :24/487/68;5"""Egnn<":24/77:/9584" xvhwtpkvwtgicnB{cjqq0eqo

New England, Goddard College, Green Mountain College, Massachusetts School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, New England College, Pace Law School, Peace Corps, Prescott College, Ross University, SIT Graduate School, SUNY Oneonta, SUNY Plattsburgh, Union Institute and University, University of New Haven, Utica College, Vermont Law School and Wheelock College. This event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Renee Beaupre White,

stoves • fireplaces • inserts

Donations needed for Dorset Tag Sale

speak at GMC Tuesday

gas • wood • pellet • corn • coal

Street (upstairs), Poultney. Please make check payable to: Poultney Area St. David’s Society. For more information, contact Hayden Morris (802) 2875870, Helen Jones (802) 287-9729, or Janice Edwards’ at (802) 2875744 or Poultney Area St. David’s Society is a non-profit organizational member within Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, of the National Welsh-American Foundation and of the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association. The Society was founded in 1988. More information is available at the website at w w w. r o o t s w e b . a n c e s t r y. com/~vtpasds/ .

the stovery

will be projected on a screen for easy viewing thanks to the audio-visual department of Poultney High School. All are welcome. The cost is $10, to Poultney Area St. David’s Society (PASDS). It will be sincerely appreciated if you will register/ prepay before Wednesday, Sept. 28so we can give the caterer head count for the luncheon meals and seating needed for the group. Prepayments should be mailed to the Society’s address as soon as possible to PASDS, 60 Norton Ave. Poultney , VT 057641029 , or they can be hand delivered to either: Helen Jones at 268 Main Street , Poultney or to Hayden Morris at 115 Main

518-638-8950 •

The St. David’s Society’s 23rd anniversary Gathering of the Clans event is scheduled for noon, Saturday, Oct. 1 A luncheon catered by Café Dale will be held at noon at the Young At Heart Senior Center dining facility, 206 Furnace Street (Route 30), Poultney, Vermont, a handicapped accessible site with ample parking. The guest at the luncheon will be Mrs. Jean Britt of Castleton who will share historic photographs and stories of the South Poultney Welsh Presbyterian Church, of the South Poultney quarries and its residents with readings from historic documents in her family’s possession. The documents

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Lgppkhgt"Ocmgrgceg"qt"Xcpguuc"FwXcn" 74 Depot Street, Poultney, VT 802-287-2324

Porch of LLocks ocks Salon

Darcy Sheehe, Owner

Foil Hi ghli ghtin g & Lo wli ghtin g Highli ghlightin ghting Lowli wlightin ghting Per ms ~ R azor Cuts ~ W axin g Perms Razor Waxin axing Manicures ~ Pedicures







Green Mountain

Of Wells ~ Vermont

GROOMING Rtqhguukqpcn"̋"47"[gctu"Gzrgtkgpeg

Valerie Legh-Harriss








1143 North Pawlet Road • Wells, Vermont Okvej"Dcttgvv. 802-645-9025 (SHOP) Rtqrtkgvqt OR 802-645-9021


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• Local beef, pork and chicken • Complete produce case, featuring local farm products • Best selection of microbrew and import beers • Largest wine room in the area • Lots of unique products in an authentic country store!

Local Starts Here. Open 8am - 9pm Daily (802) 468-2213 •

Happenings FRI 9/23 PAWLET The Pawlet Farmers’ Market will be open from 3 to 6 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23, at the Pawlet Village green, next to the library. Fresh produce, handmade crafts and Vermont maple products will be offered every Friday, rain or shine. GLENS FALLS/QUEENSBURY The Adirondack Balloon Festival will be held Friday through Sunday, Sept. 23 to 25, at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Queensbury and Crandall Park in Glens Falls. Gates will open at 3 p.m. Friday. Saturday will feature a breakfast in the hangar from 5 to 11 a.m. and balloon launches at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., weather permitting. Hours Sunday will be 5 a.m. to noon at the airport and 2 to 5 p.m. at the park. The Jonathan Newell Band will entertain and balloon flights will be available. No dogs will be allowed. Information: WHITEHALL American Legion Post 83 at 148 Main St. in Whitehall invites everyone to its Friday Fish Fry from 4 to 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 23. This meal is served each Friday, with few exceptions. Information: 518-499-2482. GRANVILLE American Legion Post 323 on Columbus Street in Granville invites everyone to participate in its Queen of Hearts Drawing at 6 p.m. each Friday. Tickets will be available at the Post. Information: 642-1759.

Waffles, Fresh Fruit, Free-Range Eggs, Burgers or Sweet Potato Fries...




WHITEHALL Elks Lodge 1491 at 5 Elks Way in Whitehall will host Friday Night Bingo at 7 p.m. on Sept. 23. Featured will be a $500 jackpot special. This bingo is held each Friday, with few exceptions. Information: 518-499-1491. RUTLAND Blues Traveler will perform in concert on Friday, Sept. 23, George Thorogood and The Destroyers on Saturday, Sept. 24, and Keb’ Mo’ on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at the Paramount Theatre in Rutland. A portion of the proceeds will benefit victims of Hurricane Irene. Information/tickets: 802-7750903, or

SAT 9/24 MANCHESTER Reservations are requested by Saturday, Sept. 24, for Equinox Village’s Autumn Informational Open House that will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 1. Seminars on tackling legal and financial issues in retirement, “expediting unwanted belongings,” and keeping in touch through social media will be offered. Free and open to all age 55 and older, spouses and family members. Information/reservations: 802-362-4061.

~ Savory Satisfying Soups ~ ~ Succulent Sirloin Steaks ~ ~ Selectively-Seasoned Seafood ~ ~ Scrumptious, Seductive Sweets ~ ~ Sumptuous, Supersized Salad Bar ~

Serving dinner from 5-9 pm - Seven Days a Week

Call (802) 468-5251 or 468-3212 for reservations Tqwvg"52"Pqtvj."Ncmg"Dqoquggp."XV

POULTNEY A Community Breakfast will be served from 8 to 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Episcopal Ministry Center, 84 Church Street in Poultney. Cost: $1; free age 14 and younger. Everyone will be welcome. RUTLAND The Green Mountain Club will offer a 100th Anniversary Hike at Killington via the historic Summit Hotel road on Saturday, Sept. 24. Local historian Justin Lindholm will lead this trek to the site of the old hotel and share his experiences in discovering and mapping the road. Difficult, bushwhacking, steep, seven miles. Meet at 9 a.m. at Main Street Park in Rutland, near the east end of

the fire station off Center Street. Information: Sue Thomas at 7732185. PERU The 2011 Peru Fair will be held on Saturday, Sept. 24. Opening at 9 a.m., the fair will feature hay rides, a “village green” pig roast, pony rides, a wide range of area crafts and food products, live music, and more. Free bus service will be provided from the Bromley Mountain parking lot to the town (five-minute ride). Admission: $5, free younger than 6, with proceeds benefiting the Peru Scholarship Fund. The annual parade will step off at 9:30 a.m. from the town center in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the town’s founding. Information: WEST RUTLAND The Town of West Rutland will hold a TownWide Food Drive on Saturday, Sept. 24. Non-perishable food items will be collected from you mailbox for the local food shelf between 9 a.m. and noon. Also, you may drop off food donations at the West Rutland Town Hall from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23. Information: 802-438-2263. RUTLAND The Downtown Farmers’ Market will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays, and 3 to 6 p.m. Tuesdays, through October in Depot Park, next to Walmart, in Rutland. Information: Greg Cox at 802-683-5791, or CASTLETON A Book, Lawn and Bake Sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, at 1991 Main Street, Route 4A, in Castleton (next to the Ducharme Funeral Home). Items will be discounted after 2 p.m. and all proceeds will benefit veterinary bills at the Circle of Hope K9 Rescue. Also, hot dogs, hamburgers and more will be for sale form 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. To donate items for this event, call Angela at 802-4685298. Information: GREENWICH The Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 24 and 25, at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich. Cost: $5 adults, free 13 and younger, with free parking. Information: 518692-2464, or email GRANVILLE Fireside Stories for children will be offered at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Pember Library, 33 W. Main Street in Granville. “Autumns” will be this week’s theme. Information: 518642-2525. GRANVILLE A free Music Festival and Potluck Dinner will be held from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, at the House of Angels, 4738 Route 31 in Granville. Several music groups will perform and you are asked to bring a covered dish, dessert, chips, or beverage to share, and a chair. Everyone will be welcome and reservations are requested at 802-645-0708. BENNINGTON The Fifth Annual Southern Vermont Homebrew Festival will be held from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, at 210 South Street, across from the Bennington Town Hall. The Hair of the Dog band will entertain and there’ll be food, homebrews from throughout New England, brewing demonstrations, and more. Homebrews will be judged by an expert panel and cash prizes will be awarded. Cost: $35, with proceeds benefiting the Bennington

Museum. To enter a brew, visit brew-fest-registration.html. Information: 802-447-1571, or

SUN 9/25 GRANVILLE The South Granville Congregational Church on Route 149 will begin its Kids Church at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25. There’ll be three classes by age, ranging from pre-school/kindergarten through age 6 and older. Information: Julie Meade at 6432495. GRANVILLE The 25th Autumn Leaves Car Show will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25, on the grounds at the Granville Elementary School off Quaker Street. About 200 vehicles are expected and slate plaques will be awarded to winners in 25 classifications, with 14 special awards. Admission: $3; free 14 and younger. Show car entry: $20, including two admission tickets and commemorative T-shirts. Others may purchase a T-shirt for $10. Vehicle registration will run from 8 to 11 a.m., or in advance at the Granville Chamber of Commerce website, Also, the America Legion will sell barbecued chicken and the Boy Scouts will offer hot dogs and snacks at this event. Information: 518-642-2815. GLENS FALLS A Taste of the North Country Food Festival will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25, at City Park in Glens Falls. You’ll sample foods from more than 40 North Country restaurants at this event that also will feature music and children’s activities. Information/cost: 518744-7470, or www.glensfallstaste. com. FAIR HAVEN The Fair Haven Area 2011 Crop Walk (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) will be held on Sunday, Sept. 25. Registration will begin at 1:30 p.m. at Fair Haven Park. Raise $50 or more and receive a T-shirt, $100 a hat, and $150 or more a T-shirt, hat and tote bag. This event will include refreshments, music, and balloons, too. Proceeds will benefit food pantries in Castleton, Fair Haven and Poultney. Information: Tamra Staudter at 802-468-5453. WELLS The Section Eight Ryders will host a Basket Party Fundraiser for Dora Mallory on Sunday, Sept. 25, at the Modern Woodmen of America Hall off Route 30 in Wells. Doors will open at 2 p.m. with drawings starting at 4 p.m. Cost: $5 first sheet of tickets; $2 each additional sheet. Proceeds will help Dora, a 52-yearold mother of three, who is fighting cancer. Information: Janice Paddock at 518-642-1814, or Terry Mead at 642-3605. MANCHESTER The Mark Skinner Library will present Adam Boyce with a portrayal of Charles Ross Taggart, “The Old Country Fiddler,” at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25, at the First Congregational Church, 3624 Main Street in Manchester. Adam will portray Taggart near the end of his career, circa 1936, sharing recollections interspersed with live fiddling and humorous sketches. Free and open to all. Information: 802-3622607. MIDDLETOWN SPRINGS The Middletown Springs Historical Society will hold an Annual


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by Jim Carrigan GRANVILLE Pat Oathout will teach Quilling at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29, at the Pember Library, 33 W. Main Street in Granville. Roll, shape and glue strips of paper into decorative designs. Pre-registration is not required and materials will be provided. Information: 518-642-2525. MANCHESTER The Choir of Christ Our Savior Parish will hold Rehearsals from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays in preparation for its Eighth Annual Christmas Concert on Dec. 18. Rehearsals will be at St. Paul’s Catholic Church on Bonnet Street in Manchester and all vocal parts are needed. Information: Music Director Michael Gallagher after Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday, email, or call the office, 802-362-1380.

Vjg"47vj"Cwvwop"Ngcxgu"Ect"Ujqy"yknn"dg"jgnf"htqo";"c0o0"vq"5" r0o0" qp" Uwpfc{." Ugrv0" 47." qp" vjg" itqwpfu" cv" vjg" Itcpxknng" Gngogpvct{"Uejqqn"qhh"Swcmgt"Uvtggv0"Kphqtocvkqp<"73:/864/4:370"" Meeting on Sunday, Sept. 25, at its building in Middletown Springs. Come at 6 p.m. for dessert and the meeting, and stay for a talk by Vermont gun expert Terry Tyler. Terry will speak about his adventures in gun collecting and detail the intriguing history of Vermont gun making. Free and open to all. Information: David Wright at 802235-2376.

TUE 9/27 POULTNEY Reservations are requested by Tuesday, Sept. 27, for the Poultney Area St. David’s Society’s 23rd Anniversary Gathering of the Clans Buffet Luncheon and program that will be held at noon on Saturday, Oct. 1, at the Young-at-Heart Senior Center in Poultney. Cost: $10. Information/reservations: Hayden Morris at 802-287-5870, Helen Jones at 287-9729, or Janice Edwards at 287-5744. DORSET The Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning will present Williams College Prof. Leyla Rouhi with a talk on “The Co-Existence of Three Religions in Medieval Spain” from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Discussed will be how Jews, Muslims and Christians learned from one another at that time. Cost: $15. Information/registration: Renee Bornstein at 802-362-1199, or MANCHESTER The Northshire Hockey Assn., the Northshire Figure Skating Club, and the Rusty Blades (women’s hockey) will hold a Registration Night from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Riley Rink in Manchester. Used equipment will be offered for sale and skate sharpening will cost only $5. Information: Hockey Assn., Karen Grabher at 802-3668218; Skating Club, Debbie Tegen at email; and Rusty Blades, Julie Wojtkowski at 802-362-5102.

WED 9/28 BENNINGTON Southern Vermont College will host a Graduate School Fair from noon to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at the Everett Mansion on the campus in Bennington. Representatives from more than 17 graduate and professional schools will attend and the public is invited. Information: Denise Spencer at 802-447-4631, or email

General information: RUTLAND AREA The Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice will offer Blood Pressure and Foot Care Clinics as follows: 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28, Godnick Adult Center, Rutland, and 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, Community Center, North Clarendon. Cost: $2 blood pressure; $5 foot care. Information: 802-775-0568. WHITEHALL Skene Manor in Whitehall invites everyone to its last Special Monthly Dinner of the year on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Social hour will begin at 5:30 p.m. with an appetizer table and beverage, followed by a German beef dinner at 6 p.m. Cost: $30. Information/reservations: 518-4991906, 499-2053, or 747-3735. RUTLAND The Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice will host a Bereavement Workshop from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at its office, 7 Albert Cree Drive in Rutland. Explore the unique expressions of grief in both men and women. Registration is required at 802770-1516, or email

THU 9/29 POULTNEY The Poultney Farmers’ Market will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29 and Oct. 6, on Main Street in Poultney. Offered will be local meats, vegetables, fruits, baked goods, maple syrup, crafts and more. Information: 802-468-5805. CASTLETON The Castleton Village Farmers Market next to Citizens Bank on Main Street will be open from 3:30 to 6 p.m. on Thursdays through Oct. 6. Offered will be locally grown and made products. Information: Lori Barker at 353-0498, or Robert Staudter at 468-2213. MANCHESTER The Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning will host Middlebury College Prof. Patricia Manley with a talk titled, “The Dynamic Earth,” from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29, in the Hunter Seminar Room at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester. This talk will focus on the fundamental causes of earthquakes and some secondary effects of them. Cost: $15. Information/registration: Renee Bornstein at 802-362-1199, or


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Thursdays 3:30-6:00 Downtown next to Citizens Bank

BUYING LOCAL Makes All The Difference! Call 802-353-0498 for more information

FRI 9/30 BENNINGTON Brenda Papadakis will present an “Evening of Quilts, Stories and Inspiration” at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 30, at the Bennington Museum, 75 Main Street, Route 9. Brenda is author of “Dear Jane, The Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt.” Show off your “Baby Janes,” ask questions, and see the actual Stickle Quilt. Cost: $7; $5 members. Reservations are required at 802447-1571. Information:

SAT 10/1 KILLINGTON The Killington Brewfest will be held on Saturday, Oct. 1. Enjoy New England’s finest craft beers at the base of Killington Peak with live music, food tasting, and a choice of more than 60 artisan brews on tap. Information: BENNINGTON Brenda Papadakis will lead two Quilting Workshops, the first on Saturday, Oct. 1, on difficult blocks from the famous Jane A. Stickle Quilt, and the second Sunday, Oct. 2, on foundation techniques without a sewing machine. Cost: $65 per workshop; $50 for members of the Bennington Museum at 75 Main Street, Route 9, where the workshops will be held. Information/registration: Deana Mallory at 802-447-1571, or email



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Stop In And See What Perry’s Addiction Is All About




SPACES STILL AVAILABLE! Call Marylee Harris at Stitchy Women: 802-287-4114 to reserve a space.

GET YOUR SPACE ON MAIN STREET NOW! Sponsored by the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce

A SAMPLING OF OUR MENU! Mac and Cheese Everyone can make this favorite dish, but not like us! 5 cheeses, tomatoes, garlic, spinach, fresh herbs. $13.95

Vermont Pork Tenderloin Grilled pork, wild mushroom stew, mustard cream, & chives. $16.95

Flat Iron Steak A sweet 16oz of grilled USDA choice Angus beef. Smoky House spice rub, garlic demi sauce. $19.95

Wild Mushroom Ravioli

RUTLAND/PERU The Green Mountain Club will offer a moderate, five-mile hike with climbing on Saturday, Oct. 1, at Bromley Mountain in Peru. Enjoy spectacular views from an observation tower. Meet at 9 a.m. at Main Street Park, near the east end of the fire station off Center Street in Rutland. Information: Allison Henry at 775-1627. DANBY Annette Smith of Vermonters for a Clean Environment and Monica Erhart of the Staying Connected Initiative group will lead an easy stroll along a gravel road with fall foliage and other scenic views on Saturday, Oct. 1. Meet at 9:30 a.m. at the Smokey House Center in Danby and learn how local forests form travel corridors for wildlife. Information: Monica at 802-4467030, or email monica.erhart@

West Haven spinach, red onion, mushrooms, cream, white wine, shaved parmesan. $13.95

Ockp"Uvtggv"̋"Ecuvngvqp"Xknncig."XV"27957 68:/49;3"̋"yyy0dnwgecvecuvngvqp0eqo Great food and atmosphere at a reasonable price.





EJTKUVOC U"E CTFU" CTG"PQY"KP Used & Rare Books Bought & Sold Hardcover & Paperbacks Greeting Cards Great Prices! Open Tue-Sat, 10-5 95 Main St, Poultney, VT 05764 802-287-5757,



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73:/9;4/273:"Gzv0"3 By Appointment



• Septic Tank Pumping • Portable Toilet Rentals • High Pressure Line Jetting • New Septic Systems Installed • Repairs to Old Systems


Castleton Women’s Club says thank you To The Editor; The GFWC Castleton Woman’s Club would like to thank everyone who helped to make our Colonial Day a success. Thank you to the homeowners, hostesses, town officials, volunteers, and the members of the Castleton Woman’s Club, all of whom gave their time to help make this a very special day. Many thanks also to Castleton State College,

Castleton Free Library, Castleton Fire Department, Castleton Federated Church, St. John’s Church, St. Mark’s Church, Carl Fuller at Hubbardton Battlefield, HM 53rd Regiment of Foot, and the Castleton Historical Society. Special thanks for the items donated for our raffle by Phebe Bell, Hubbardton Forge, Vermont Marble Co., and Pelletier’s Maple Products, and

to the exhibitors, vendors, and our generous sponsors. We are grateful for the community support that enables us to raise money for scholarships. For further information about our projects and membership please call (860) 273-2086 Linda Pritchard President Castleton Women’s Club

College thanks local businesses for support To The Editor;On behalf of the Quality of Life Committee and Student Life Office we would like to thank the following businesses for their contributions all first-year students received upon arrival to Green Mountain College: Thanks to Bruno’s, Central Vermont Getaways, Chamber of Commerce, Dale’s Café, Down Town Cuts, Dunkin’ Donuts, Green Mountain

College Campus Store, Hermit Hill, K & K Creations, Perry’s Main Street Eatery, Picket Fence Antiques, Priscilla’s Sweet Shoppe, Poultney House of Pizza, Rutland Area Food & Farm Link, Stewart’s, Stitchy Women, The Original Vermont Store, The Station Café, The Trolley Stop, Vermont Sweet Water Company, and Williams Hardware. Special thanks to Bob William’s for donating the

recycled bags, and to Kenneth Mulder and GMC farm crew for donating the lovely flowers that were placed in all first-year student rooms. All of these contributions made a very warm welcome to our new students and are greatly appreciated. Renée Beaupré White Meiko Lunetto Green Mountain College

Big doings with plants at the state fair To The Editor; Between hurricane Irene, follow up rains, and road closures, the Vermont State Fair thrived nonetheless. We had enthusiastic gardeners entering flowers, vegetables and tasty culinary treats. Eleven-year-old, Sophia Moore-Smith entered a beauti-

Castleton Beauty Shop FULL SERVICE UNISEX SALON WITH TANNING Deborah Bethel Nationally Certified Massage Therapist




SEPTIC PUMPING & Portable Toilets




Wednesday, Oct 12th at York Coach Works 7:00PM Potluck Supper 6:30PM Please plan on attending. Call Wendy for further information at 802-287-9897

ful aloe vera plant which received a blue ribbon for Best of Show in the floralculture exhibit. Also, Brittany Malette of Bomoseen, won a blue ribbon for her huge cactus plant. Weather this summer, made gardening more difficult, but there were lovely entries of sunflowers, hydrangea, roses, marigolds, zinnias and a wide variety of house plants. A group of Rutland County extension master gardeners were on hand to answer questions, share stories, and hand out UVM gardening information. Next year the master gardeners will give brief informational talks in the afternoon. Ron Hebert/aka “Dirtman”, will answer your compost questions. (e-mail: ) It is always a popular stop for fair goers, who photograph the beautiful waterfall rock garden and the other display gardens

planted and maintained by the dedicated group of master gardeners. There was a dahlia garden planted in memory of long time dahlia grower and fair entree, George Squire. Many people ask me how to enter flowers. Categories are specific, so you need to get a fair book at the main fair office, or better yet, go on line for all current information. Entries take place on the Friday when the fair begins, and there are daily floral entries in order to keep the displays looking fresh and to give people more of a chance to win. As the fair draws to a close, the giraffe continues to eat carrots, and the tigers are sleeping in the sun !!! Elaine Nordmeyer, Floralculture Superintendent Hubbardton

Nominations still open Sept. 30 is the deadline for sending in nominations for the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce annual Citizen of the Year Award. The award honors a Poultney resident who has made major contributions for the betterment of the community through their volunteer efforts and typifies the spirit of service and self sacrifice of a true “unsung

TOWN & COUNTRY AUCTION - New Merchandise - Antiques, Collectibles, General Merchandise - Small Livestock, Farm Items NYS Pet Dealers Lic. #411534

Cwevkqpu"Yggmn{"cv"9<22"r0o0 Local Dealers In Attendance Weekly Mggr"cnn"{qwt" kvgou"kp"qpg" rnceg"hqt"vjg" dguv"rtkeg# 457 Rt. 32N, Schuylerville, NY

hero”. Letters of nominations must be postmarked by September 30, 2011 and mailed to: The Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 15, Poultney, VT 05764. Please include the name, address and phone number of the nominee as well as a detailed description of the individual’s volunteer services. For further information, please contact the PACC office at (802) 287-2010.




CALL TODAY! 518-695-6663


595 Main Street, Castleton


Several basket parties planned Turkey dinner, postmark in Wells Oct. 5 Three unrelated basket parties, all benefit events, are scheduled over the next several weeks. On Sunday, there will be a basket party to benefit Tammy Peterson, a local dental hygienist, who has been battling an injury. The event will be held at Bayview Gardens on Route 22, just outside Whitehall. There will be more than 100 baskets. Doors open at 11:30 a.m., and the drawings start at 1:30 p.m. There will be door prizes. Donations are being sought. Please call Missy at (518) 6016079. On Oct. 8, the Fair Haven Legion will host a basket raffle, bake sale and 50/50 drawing to benefit the Community Kids Preschool, which was badly

damaged in last month’s flooding. Doors open at 11 a.m., and drawings start at 1 p.m. You must be present to win. There will be door prizes, as well as refreshments. Those who would like to donate should contact Erica Jones at (802) 2788028. The Castleton Lions will be holding a basket party starting at 11 a.m. at Oct. 15 at the Legion hall. Admission is $5 for 25 tickets. There will be door prizes and refreshments. The drawing starts at 1 p.m., and the event runs until 3 p.m. For information or to make donations, please contact Denise Skribner at (802) 2659756 or Aleda Dutton at (802) 468-3110.

Spaghetti dinner for St. Raphael’s A Spaghetti dinner to raise funds for the renovation fund for St. Raphael’s Church in Poultney will be held Monday, Sept. 26, at Bernardo’s Restaurant, 52 Church St., Granville. The menu includes: spaghetti, salad and bread. Beverages are extra. Three settings will be held, at 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m., and 7 p.m. The meal is $6, or $7 for takeout. Tickets are available for pur-

chase in Poultney at the Bentley House, 2 Bentley Avenue , the Original Vermont Store, 163 Main Street , Tot’s Diner, 84 Main Street , and St. Raphael’s Catholic Church before and after mass. Tickets may also be purchased at the door on Sept.26 at Bernardo’s Restaurant at each setting. For more information, contact: Mrs. Sheila Nichols at (802) 287-9600.

The Wells Historical Society’s last meeting of 2011, Wednesday Oct. 5 will be a day to “mark” on your calendar. It will start with a 6 p.m. turkey dinner was dressing and the works. Members are asked to bring a salad, a side dish or dessert. After dinner a short meeting will be held with a video presentation of the signing of the Wells Charter by Benning Wentworth held at the Wells Carnival in August. Even more important will be our Wells 250 “Cancellation

Celebration” Event. From 5 to 7 p.m., at the Modern Woodman of America building on Rt. 30 in We l l s, V T, acting Postmaster Sarah Pesler and her staff will stamp letters and postcards with a unique postmark documenting the historic event. Specially authorized by the U.S. Postal Service, this special postmark is a wonderful way to take home an inexpensive souvenir of the occasion. Customers can request the special postmark free-of-charge by mail for 30 days after the event by sending a self-

addressed, stamped envelope containing the letter or envelope they wish to be cancelled to: Postmaster, 10 North Street , Wells , VT 05774 -9998. “We will be happy to cancel and mail back any letters that our customers mail in,” said acting Postmaster Pesler. “Customers may also bring in their own envelopes to obtain a postmark that they can take home as a keepsake.” So be sure not to miss this special “Cancellation Celebration” postal event for all Wells residents.

So. Adirondack Fiber Festival this weekend Sure to delight both experienced and beginner fiber enthusiasts, the Third Annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival returns to the Wa s h i n g t o n County Fairgrounds in Greenwich on Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Mingle with sheep, alpacas, goats, llamas and rabbits as you tour more than 120 fiber-related vendors. A variety of free demonstrations will take place throughout the weekend,

including sheep shearing, soap felting, sheep herding, triangle loom weaving and spinning. In addition to the demonstrations, the festival will also host several workshops teaching techniques in Tunisian Crochet, Nuno felting, tapestry weaving, hand spinning and more. There is a fee for each workshop; visit to register. The Fiber Festival is kidfriendly, with loads of activities and entertainment for the younger set. There will be face painting and balloons with

Puddles the Clown, Kool-Aid dyeing demonstrations, and music by the Widgets and Kangarooster. While at the fairgrounds, don’t miss the award-winning Farm Museum and original one-room schoolhouse. Festival attendees are asked to leave their own pets at home. Admission is $5 for adults, and free for youth 13 years old and younger. Parking is free. For more information, visit or call 518692-2464.

Roast pork dinner slated in Pawlet The Pawlet Community Church’s next roast park dinner will be held Saturday, Oct. 1, beginning at 5 p.m. The Ladies and Gentlemen’s Supper Club invite all to the dinner, which will Roast Pork

baked with topping, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, hot vegetables, cabbage Salad, applesauce fruited jello, rolls and butter, hot and cold beverages and Brownie Sundays.




Guided hike scheduled in Hubbardton For one of the delights of autumn, travel to the Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site on Sunday, Oct. 2, for the annual fall guided hike up craggy Mount Zion in Hubbardton. Enjoy the stimulating combination of sweeping fall mountain views, the history of the Battle of Hubbardton, and good exercise in the fresh air. This is the fourteenth year of the hike, lead by historic site interpreter Carl Fuller. He will discuss important points of the July 7, 1777, Revolutionary War Battle of Hubbardton, the role Mount Zion played in the battle, and what you can see from the summit.

Meet at the Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site visitor center by 2 p.m. After a brief orientation everyone will then drive to the start of the hike. The fee is $2 for adults and free for children under 15, and includes visiting the museum and battlefield. The Mount Zion hike is an easy to moderate climb and will follow a trail developed by owner Kit Davidson. Mount Zion offers lovely views of the Taconics, lower Green Mountain range, and Adirondacks, and is the only vantage point on land from which the entire battlefield can easily be seen. Afterwards visit

Davidson’s Japanese garden. The Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site preserves the location of the only Revolutionary War battle in Vermont. The site is on Monument Hill Road six miles off VT Route 30 in Hubbardton or seven miles off exit 5 on US Route 4 in Castleton. Carefully follow the signs. The site is open Thursdays through Sundays, 9:30 to 5:00 p.m., as well as Monday, Oct. 10, the last day of the season. For more information, call (802) 273-2282. For more information about the Vermont State-Owned Historic Sites, visit www.

Gun expert to speak in Middletown Springs The Middletown Springs Historical Society will host its annual meeting on Sunday, Sept. 25 at the Historical Society building.

The meeting begins at 6 pm, with a variety of desserts, and follows with a presentation on renowned Vermont gun expert Terry Tyler.




Tyler, who lives in Dorset has collected Vermont-made guns for more than 50 years. With Harry Philips, he wrote the acclaimed book, Vermont’s Gunsmiths and Gunmakers to 1900 (2000). More recently, he sold his collection to the Shelburne Museum, which is now exhibiting “Lock, Stock & Barrel: the Terry Tyler Collection of Vermont Firearms,” through Oct. 30. At the Middletown Springs Historical Society annual meeting, Tyler will talk about his adventures in gun-collecting and research, as well as some of the intriguing history of Vermont gun making. The event is free and open to the public. Desserts and a business meeting begin at 6 p.m., and is followed by Tyler’s talk. For more information, call David Wright at (802) 235-2376.

Vyki"Tgogodgtu Bud Marcy How can you forget Marcy Brothers Gas Station. It was right at the crossroads where College Street meets York in Poultney. Ken manned the pumps and Donny was the fill-in and weekend guy. But if things got stressed or it was lunch time, out would come Bud with his

mechanics rag in hand. Always a good batch of chatter and excellent service at Marcy Brothers. Thanks for the good pleasant memories of the 50’s and 60’s. May God bless you, Bud Marcy. Twig Canfield

Pete Ludden Pete was one of those huge linemen who played for Poultney’s Blue Devils back in the late 1950’s. He was just following in the footsteps of his dad, Jim, who was a lineman on the Slater team that went to Rutland and whipped the unde-

feated Raiders for the State Championship in 1928. I met Pete through his cousin, Dave Camara, and we have remained friends for, wow, over 50 years. May God bless, Pete Ludden. Twig Canfield

Simone Dodge Together, she and Jim found a way to do the travel thing that others do in retirement and get paid for it. Isn’t that beautiful? Trucking coast to coast and witnessing the vastness and the many changes in the contour of this great country: rivers so wide that you could not fathom, flatlands for hundreds and hundreds of miles, and mountains so high and majestic that they make our beautiful green mountains seem like mere ant hills.

The best part – meeting all those new friends along the way, most of them in those little truck stop diners. And most of them from that clean-living, hard-working sector of this country we call truckers. Simone, you must have felt like you were in heaven during those years. May God be travelling with Simone Dodge. Twig Canfield

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Ft0"Htkgfocp."FFU Ft0"Fcxqtgp."FFU Ft0"Dwnnqem."FFU Ft0"Rqnnctf."FOF

HOURS: Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 5:00PM


Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region




Farmers continue helping out Despite the recent hardships that many farms have endured, coupled with the shortened growing season, farmers are still working hard to reach out to those without access to fresh, local produce through the Rutland Area Farm and Food Link’s gleaning and food rescue program, Grow-a-Row. Farmers who sell their produce at the Saturday Rutland Farmers’ Market regularly donate their surplus. RAFFL volunteers usually collect about 200 lbs of unsold produce per week from the vendors. Last week the Grow-a-Row program was especially lucky to receive several large donations: Sbardella’s Orchard in Hampton, New York hosted a free pick-your-own apple day as long as patrons left a portion of

their harvest for charities. At the end of the day RAFFL collected close to 1000 lbs of donated apples. These apples will be processed into applesauce onWednesday, September 21 and will be frozen to be distributed to meal sites in Rutland County throughout the winter. RAFFL hosted a gleaning at Wellsmere Farm in Wells, Vt., Michelle Bates, co-owner of Wellsmere Farm, contacted RAFFL to request volunteers to come glean corn from an acre that had been lodged by wind. Volunteers for RAFFL have harvested about 850 ears of corn from that acre. Corn was donated fresh to many charitable agencies and a portion will be frozen to be distributed during the winter holiday season. Wellsmere on Route 30 in Wells has many more acres of corn

Bookworm contest through Oct. 14 Vermont Reading Partners is announcing an essay contest: “Should Being a Bookworm Make Me Squirm?” This contest is open to all students attending and/or homeschooled in southwestern Vermont in grades 6, 7, and 8. Deadline for essay submissions is Oct.14, 2011. Winners will receive

Northshire Bookstore Gift Certificates ranging from $150, $75 and $50, as well as five honorable mentions. A November reception at the Mark Skinner Library will be held to award the winners. Fliers with guidelines may be obtained from your local school, or you may contact

which will be sold in their farm stand through September. Dutchess Farm in Castleton donated about 150 pounds of tomatoes to be frozen. Dutchess has had an incredibly successful tomato crop this year and is selling tomatoes at the Rutland farmers’ market on Tuesdays and Saturdays and throughout the week at their farm stand on North St in Castleton in addition to donating generous amounts to the Grow-a-Row Project. In its third season, the Growa-Row Program has been successful in collecting and effectively distributing donated and gleaned produce. So far this year over 5500 lbs have been distributed, but RAFFL cannot do it without the help of committed volunteers. RAFFL continues to seek volunteers to help with collection at the Saturday farmers’ market in Rutland from 1:30-2:30 pm through the end of October and also with gleanings, harvests and distribution through the end of the growing season. For more information about volunteer opportunities, to sign up to volunteer at a farmers’ market or to be added to the Grow-a-Row volunteer e-mail list please contact Grow-a-Row manager Garland Mason by e-mailing masong@greenmtn. edu or by calling 802-287-2940.

“Catholicism” Series at St. Frances Cabrini Benefit for K9 “Catholicism: Jour ney Around the World and Deep into the Faith” has been acclaimed as “the best-ever film about the Catholic faith.” Filmed in 50 locations throughout 15 countries, this DVD series is an on-location, in the streets panorama of the splendor of the belief and practices of the global Catholic Church through its art, architecture, and literature with creator and host, Father Robert Barron, well-known author,

theologian and founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. The first five parts of the series will be shown this fall at St. Frances Cabrini Church, Route 153, West Pawlet, on Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m to 8 p.m. from October 5 through November 3, with the second half of the series to be shown in the spring. After the viewing, there will be a brief discussion and refreshments. For additional information, call (802) 645-0955.

Lake Champlain expert speaks to students at PHS The collaboration of Eleanor Tison of Green Mountain and Catherine M. Oliverio of Poutlney High School, brought Dr. John Crock, director of the Consulting Archaeology Program for University of Vermont to PHS earlier this month. He presented to the seventh and eighth graders with an overview of archaeology focusing on Lake Champlain. He immediately grabbed the attention of the students when he said, “It’s not just prehistoric animals in archaeology.” Dr. Crock emphasized that not much is found in Vermont since most things, i.e., as clothing, from the past do not preserve well. There is evidence of bones, pottery, clay, and archaic tools. “Archaeology helps us understand what and how they lived back then. Think about Lake Champlain—it’s a human path.” He stated that it was only 400 years ago that Europeans settled at the lake. “Eighteen thousand years ago there was an ice shield one mile high,” said Crock. “The Lawrence River was connected to Lake Champlain thirteen thousand years ago and was

called the Champlain Sea consisting of salt water and was wider than Lake Champlain.” The Winooski River and Champlain Sea were the boundaries and early sites of population of people. The Paleoindians were the first to settle in the area over 12,500 years ago covering 550 generations back then. Dr. Crock and his team are currently working on the Chimney Point area, and they have discovered the timeline of 12,900-12,500 documenting the use of archaic tools. Although a very succinct speech, the students were quite engaged and intrigued about the excavation that Dr. Crock and his lab performed around the construction of the new bridge in the area. Junior high teachers, Ron Adams, Chris Baker, Kyleen Martelle, Nick Münch, Linda Paquette, and Catherine M. Oliverio, have joined forces in team teaching about the lake. The interdisciplinary unit will study and understand the changes and the impact of the changes in the Lake Champlain community over time. They will focus on the lake’s history and ecology.

Rescue Satuday School video magazine starting Circle of Hope K9 Rescue will host a benefit Sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 1991 Main Street in Castleton. The sale will include lawn sale items, baked goods and books. Proceeds will benefit the group which currently has more than 70 dogs for adoption. Pictures of those dogs will be available at the event. For more information, call Angela Woodbury.

The Castleton State College’s Video Magazine is getting ready to start its new season. The Video Workshop II and Video Magazine Workshop students, under the guidance of Professor Robert Gershon, are working on the 32nd year of the magazine show on PEG TV 15. This 30-minute broadcast includes news of the week and video features that will tell you

what’s happening at CSC, the local community and in towns across the region. The video magazine will keep you updated on Castleton sports such as football, hockey, and men’s and woman’s soccer. You can keep up on national news, entertainment, and much more. The CSC video magazine airs on PEG TV channel 15 every Thursday at 9:00 pm.

JQOGHKPFGT)U"IWKFG Linda Justin, Broker






(802) 265-8834 • (802) 468-5308

(802) 265-8834 • (802) 468-5308

Northland :24/4:9/;9;9


Call 1-800-354-4232 to advertise.

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Route 4A, Hydeville Plaza, Hydeville, VT 05750

Route 4A, Hydeville Plaza, Hydeville, VT 05750


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MOTIVATED SELLER!! Asking a reasonable



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g/ockn<"pqtvjBuqxgt0pgv 337"Ockp"Uvtggv Rqwnvpg{."XV yyy0pqtvjncpfxv0eqo

Jennifer T. McDermott WATSON REALTY

Eqnfygnn"Dcpmgt"Ycvuqp"Tgcnv{ cell: 802-342-7278





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1 PAIR OF TWIN bed metal box spring frames. $25. 802273-2025

32” PRE-HUNG DOOR $25. 518-686-5003 6-1/2” CIRCULAR SKIL Saw 534, 9amp type 5. $15. 518-692-7519

BUREAU WITH MIRROR approx. 3 ft high. Great condition. $99. 518-747-7450 leave message

FILE CABINET 2-drawer, legal. Heavy Duty. $35. 802362-1185

100+ LP RECORD albums of a variety of artists in good condition. $20. 518-692-7519

A D J U S TA B L E BA R Fo r pick up truck bed. Almost new, $15.00, 518-854-9259.

BABY EXERSAUCER great shape. $10. Arlington 802375-6783

BURTON CHOPPER SNOW guard with binders. Exc cond. $50. 802-3947885

COLLECTION OF RACING magazines & newspapers Stockcar, Gater area auto circletrack. $75. 802-2362448

DIAPER GENIE $15. 802394-7885

1 PUSH MOWER $40. 518642-3776

BABY BOY CLOTHES 6-12 mos. over 20 pieces, Fall/ Winter, many rompers. $15. 802-273-3472

13” HONDA CIVIC 3 rims, 4 175/70/13 winter tires, 2 185/ 70/13 summer. $75. 802273-3308 2 TIRES 205/75R15. Like new. $60. 518-642-3776 2 WILDLIFE BOOKS Audubon game animals & encyclopedia of animal kingdom 1968 hardcovers. $15. 518499-5059

AMERICAN TOURISTER 26” Pullman. 4-wheel s y s t e m , d e t a c h a bl e p u l l strap. Never used. Pd $40 sell for $15. Greenwich 518692-8519 ANTIQUE BABY CRADLE pine, exc cond., great for storing kids toys/books. $99. 518-796-6288

29” CIRCULAR SAW blade w/5 inch arbor. $25. 518-6953464

ANTIQUE SINGER SEWING machine & table, VG condition, still works. Lake Bomoseen. $95. 518-7966288

305 HONDA SUPERHAWK frame. $90. 802-273-3308

ANTIQUE SKIS 7 ft with bindings. $75. 518-796-6288

BABY SWING barely used. Like new and bouncy seat. $45. 518-223-3941 BASEBALL CARDS 200+ all in good condition. Mostly 80’s, some 90’s, 2000’s. $25. 802-265-2206 BATHROOM VANITY COMPLETE cabinets, counter top, medicine cabinets, mirror, light bar, faucet $90. 518-686-5003 BED-SOLID MAPLE full side book case. $50. 802235-2502

C H A I N S AW H o m e l i g h t , model 20, 14 inch bar with oil & tool box, like new, $90.00, 802-645-0442. CHAIR large, brick twill, 3 yrs old, good condition. $500 new, now $80. 518-854-7797 CHEVROLET CENTER WHEEL cap for 2500HD 8lug, chrome, new. $40. 802236-2448 CHROME SIDE STEPS good shape. $99.99. 518681-0139

COMPUTER DESK like new. Would also make great desk for homework. $20/obo. 802-645-0984 CORNER CURIO CABINET d a r k wo o d . L i g h t e d t o p, glass front, mirrored back, 6 shelves. $50. 518-686-9797 C R A F S T M A N M E TA L TO O L B OX R e d / B l a ck , 4 drawer & top storage. Portable. As new condition. Dimensions 20” L x 9”W x 14”H, $60, 518-791-3738. CUTTING CHAIN 16” fit-up for Homelite & many other models. Brand new made in USA. $10. 518-583-9409 DELL A920 COLOR Printer in original box, $25, 518-6775095.

Please type or print.


DINETTE SET w/4 chairs. Wood top, metal legs, padded seats. $25. 518-8547797 DISHWASHER, G.E. stainless steel inter ior. White front, like new. $50. 802-3621185 ELECTRONIC CARD SHUFFLER shuffles up to 2 decks at a time. $15. Greenwich. 518-692-8519 ELJER TOILET Excellent condition. $25. 518-686-5003 END TABLE wood, cherry finish, 2-drawers, has some scratches. $15. 802-2733472 FENCE WIRE unopened roll, extra high tensile electric 12.5 gauge. $25. Call Mandy @ 802-325-3344

FINE CHINA SETTING for 12 “Harmony House” Laura pattern. Like new cond. $50. 518-793-3346 FISHER PRICE SMART Cycle w/6 games. Like new. $50. 518-677-7102 FORK THERMOMETER $6.00. 518-686-4089 GARMIN QUEST GPS pocket-sized. $30. Arlington 802-375-6783 GENTLY USED TO NEW baby clothes 0-18 mos. Winter jackets included, boys 6 bags. $75. 518-223-3941 HARD HITTING PUMP pellet rifle. Like new, scoped. $60. 518-638-8959 H E AT E D M A S S A G I N G SEAT cushion. $30. 518686-4089


&&:=>?(&>#&>$&@A&>BB(>)&"#&>==&%"C&AD&AE)&#(F%B>B()%G&)(>?H"#I &&AJ()&+,,G,,,&)(>$()%&(>?H&F((K&>@&>L%A=E@(=M&N2&O-8/P.Q Just fill out these handy coupons to place your FREE ads. Then send this form to us by mail or FAX.


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p Manchester Newspapers WILL NOT TAKE FREE ADS OVER THE PHONE. p Inquiries are prohibited. p Merchandise ads only - excludes all animals and firewood. p Limit 4 ads per name/address/phone number per month. p Limit ONE ITEM PER AD, maximum 15 words per ad. p Item price must be under $100 and clearly stated in ad. p Manchester Newspapers reserves the right to reject any advertising.

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MAIL THIS FORM TO: Manchester Newspapers PO Box 330, Granville, NY 12832 OR FAX IT TO US AT: 518- 642-1344 YOU CAN ALSO E-MAIL US YOUR AD INFORMATION: (Be sure to include your name, address & phone number with e-mail)



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!""̋"Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Ugrvgodgt"45."4233 6$+('2,+(&:2HIJJ





HOLIDAY INN RUTLAND 2-night stay certificate Heart to Heart pkg expires 10/31/ 11. $99. 802-273-3472

OLD WEDDING BAND 3 diamond chips 14K, size 6. $50. 802-265-8650

TV COLOR SUPERSCAN TV/VCR/DVD triple combo analog w/converter box 20”, remote control. Works fine 22”x21”x20”H. No antenna. $50. 802-293-5130 after 5pm

ADOPTION - BIRTHMOTHER A trusting relationship for you, unconditional love for your baby if you choose open minded couple hoping to become adoptive parents. Expenses Paid. Confidential. Legal. Please text/call Kathleen & Gene, 1-201-5772124

CUSHMAN COLONIAL HUTCH ca. 1960, 75”high, 20” deep, 54” wide. Excellent cond. $500. 518-677-2075


FRIGIDAIRE WASHER & DRYER can be stackable. Exc cond. $600 for the pair. 518-321-2931 units are local.

H O OV E R VAC U U M CLEANERS Need some repairs. Bags & most parts included. Both for $10/obo. 518-686-9342 HUNTING BOOTS Sorel, mens size 8 with inser ts, brown, worn once, $40.00, 518-854-9259.

PAIR OF TIFFANY style ceiling lights. $99. 518-6869797. If no answer leave message. PISTOLS DAISY CROSSMAN CO2, 2 work good. $30 all 4. 518-638-8959 POTTY CHAIR $5.00. 802394-7885

I-ROBOT VACUUM CLENER Used 3 times, $99.00, 518-692-3398.

POWER ICE AUGER runs and cuts good. $75. 518-6810139

INFANT ACTIVITY CENTER play mat. Like new. $25. 518-223-3941

PRACTICAL WOODWORKER HOME handyman hardcover book, many easy step-by-step projects. $10. Whitehall. 518-499-5059

INFANT CAR SEAT like new, less than a year old. $25. 518-223-3941 KITCHEN COOK WOOD stove, 4-burner, 1 flat white enamel. $99. 518-677-8038 LARGE TABLE w/2 chairs and 2 leaves. Good shape. $75. Arlington 802-375-6783 LAWN MOWER TRACTOR MTD, runs good, works fine, $99.99, 518-854-7967. LAWN TRACTOR Craftsman, 14.5 hp, no deck, runs good, $99.99, 518-854-7967. LIKE NEW TOASTER oven. Never used, white. $10. Whitehall 518-499-5059 MAN’S WINTER JACKET Size M. Color brown, very good condition. $10. 518642-1636 METALBESTOS STAINLESS CHIMNEY pipe 8” by 18”. $50. 802-273-2025 MICKEY MOUSE CLUB P u s h ’ e m c a r, c 1 9 5 0 ’s , $95.00, 518-677-5095. MICROWAVE OVEN large Panasonic. Like new,used few times. $85/obo. 518-6956657

P R E S S U R E T R E AT E D POST 6”x6”x8”. Rot free. $14. 802-362-1185 PROPANE CYLINDER 100 lb with valve. $50. 802-2362448 READY HEATER R40 new 40,000 BTU kerosene or diesel. $95. 802-273-2025 ROCK & MINERAL magazines. Approx. 100 issues. $75 for all. 802-375-6782 SALAMANDER PROPANE HEATER 30-55,000 BTU. Like new. $75/obo. 518-6869342

UPHOLSTERED CHAIR By King Hickory, excellent condition, $50.00, 518-6775095. WALNUT GUN STOCK for Win35 or 351, auto, new. $50. 518-638-8959 WA S H E R / D RY E R b o t h working. Whirlpool Heavy Duty XL capacity, GE Dryer, 7 cu ft. $75. 518-584-4750 WHIRLPOOL QUIET PARTNER dishwasher. 3 cycles, pots pan cycle, plate warmer, normal, heavy. $99. 518686-9797 WOMAN’S LONG COAT London Fog w/zip-out liner, size 14. $20. 518-642-1636

A LT H O U G H M A N C H E S T E R N E W S PA PERS tries earnestly to check all Classified Advertising submitted for legitimacy and accuracy, we cannot be responsible for ads that may be misleading.

./0$1$#'23240)5' Granville Area Chamber of Commerce

25TH ANNUAL AUTUMN LAVES CAR SHOW Sept. 25th 9am-3pm Quaker St. Elementary School Registration 8am-11am 25 Classifications 14 Special Awards 12 Major Sponsor Awards Chicken BBQ Hot Dogs & Snacks For more info: 802-645-0300

WOMEN’S STEEL BY DESIGN QVC watch. Large square face, 8” bracelet. $35. 802-265-8641

S M A L L W O O D S TOV E good for garage or camp. $40. 518-642-1636

WOOD/COAL STOVE Shenandoah Mod. R-65. $89. 518-252-1043


SMALL WOODEN SEWING supply box. 12” long x 8” wide x 5-1/2” high. Has handle. $6.00. Greenwich 518692-8519

WORTHINGTON BRAND Women’s black leather jacket, petite medium, like new, $50. 802-265-3185

SOFA large, brick twill, 3 yrs old, good condition. $800 new, now $99. 518-854-7797


MOTOR, BRIGGS & STRATTON 6HP, Intek 190, horizontal 3/4” shaft. $65. 518-796-6288

STEREO SPEAKERS By Digital Dynamics, dark walnut finish, 29.5”H x 15”W x 11”D, 40hz-19,000hz Ohms. $25.00 for pair. 518-8549259.

OIL FILLED ELECTRIC RAD I ATO R Pa i d $ 9 0 n ew. Used twice. Asking $50. Must sell. Brent @802-4680006 or cell 802-282-1844

UPHOLSTERED VELOUR CHAIR light beige background, blue, burgundy, brown flowers. Dark brown piping. $30. 518-686-9797

S E N T RY F I R E P RO O F SAFE model 1200 14x12x17. $95. 802-2732025

SONIC BLADE CORDLESS power knife. $30. 518-6864089

OA K L I F T TO P P i a n o bench, good condition, $65. 518-854-3590

U. S . P O S TAG E S TA M P yearbooks, 30 in all. $90 for all. 802-375-6782

VENDORS WANTED Craft Fair, October 15. Christ The King in Greenwich, NY. No food vendors please. 518528-8717.

MODEL TRAIN MAGAZINE collection of 50 for $45. 802375-6782

NEW LATHEM TIME clock with time cards. Business used it for a short time only. $99. 518-686-5960

TV-OLD COLOR PHILCO analog w/converter box 24”, remote control. Works fine 29”x17”x19”H. No antenna. $50. 802-293-5130 after 5pm

TASCO RIFLE SCOPE 4-9 world class. $30. 518-6388959 TIRES & RIMS Jeep P225/ 70R15. Set of 4. $99/obo. 518-499-1205 TIRES (4) S10 BLAZER P235/75R15 MS studded winter radial. $99/obo. 518499-1205

OLD MILK GLASS Aladdin electric lamp. Raised Aladdin on bottom. $65. 802-2658650

TODDLER BED wood, medium brown finish, very good condition. $25. 802-2733472

OLD RECORDS 2 boxes and small box tapes. $50 for all. 518-747-3638

TOOLBOX CRAFTSMAN 10-drawer, good condition, roll-around bottom. $95. 802236-2448

ADIRONDACK HUNTING/OUTING CLUB Become a member! Great Hunting, Fishing Snowmobiling, 4 Wheeling (miles of trails)-Year Round Opportunities on 3,000 acres. Bordering Carry Fall Reservoir & State Land. Year round or Summer Memberships Available Starting at $300.

For more information about joining call 315-769-7073 or 518-483-7848. Email: stlawrence or waynerogers@wes

LAWSUIT CASH Auto Accident? Worker Compensation? Get CASH before your case settles! Fast Approval. Low Fees. (866) 709-1100 or

!+#$9,&' ANTIQUE WOOD STOVE Mfg Poultney Vt Oct 16, 1 8 4 5 , ex c . c o n d . n eve r used,$500. 518-642-1242 TIGER OAK CHINA Cabinet, late 1800’s/early 1900’s, $500. 518-642-1242

!:#$"8&'26):2478& (6) 8FT CHAIN chokers with hooks. $180. 802-293-5231

DISH NETWORK delivers more for less! Packages starting at $24.99/mo. Local channels included! FREE HD for life! Free BLOCKBUSTER movies for 3 months. 1-800-727-0305

FURNACE with 275 gallon oil tank and some fuel in tank. $150. 518-747-3812. IN-GROUND POOL Includes wall panels, mortar, filter, coping. Purchaser dismantle. $800. 802-468-5383 MATTRESS SETS Queen $100/per set, full $75, twin $50. 802-362-2450 MEMBERS WANTED Year round spor tsman’s club, 5000 Acres, 3 ponds, streams, near Long Lake. Hunt, fish, ATV, kayak, etc. 0R 518-624-2399. NEARLY NEW SERTA mattress & boxsprings, 3 mo. old, always covered. Exc cond. $450. 518-686-5251 NEW MATTRESS SETS Q $265 F $185 T $120 Bed frames starting at $35 Gooddales’s Furniture 51 Feeder St. Hudson Falls NY 518-747-0520 10% off with ad! POWER WHEEL CHAIR Model Jet 3 Ultra, 2006, new batteries, asking $800. 802325-3295 RASCAL MOBILITY scooter w/ramp & cover. Model 305. Var iable spd., Batter ies good. $450. 518-526-2805b REFRIGERATOR 14 cu ft/ Freezer-7 cu ft. Side-by-side. Magic Chef. White. Never used! $275. 802-362-1185 SUPER TRAINER EZT Plus 2002. Set of 2 electric dog collars. $300. 802-235-1068 after 5pm TUCSON DIRECT VENT g a s s t ove. 2 8 , 0 0 0 B T U, matte black, soapstone panels. $900. 802-235-1068

A NEW QUEEN Mattress set, still in shipping plastic, $150, 518-260-6653.

UTILITY CAP w/ladder rack for full size p/u. Has new lift cylinders, will fit variety of trucks. $350. 518-526-2805

ALASKA KODIAK COAL/ WO O D S TOV E 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 BTU, used one season, cost $1300, sell for $675. 518854-4910

UTILITY CAP for compact p/ u w/extended bed. Will fit a wide variety of trucks. Needs new lift cylinders. $250. 518526-2805

BENCH TOP HOBART mixer, 10 qt, includes 2 hooks, 1 whip, 1 paddle, 1 bowl. $325/ obo. 802-265-4213 COAL FOR SALE Anthracite. Rice, Pea, Nut, Stove and Smithing. 518-642-9819 or cell 518-424-5663

!,"#$)+' HAVING AN AUCTION? Advertise Here Reach 47,820 households! VT & NY Coverage! Line ad $19 Display ad $66 Call for details! 518-642-1234

;)--&:"$7822 .9,$*-&+# 2 0 1 1 LY N X 7 0 ” S N OWBLOWER Fits standard 3 pt h i t c h t ra c t o r s, l i ke n ew, $2150/OBO. 518-747-2004

.(,"7#$)+ AV I AT I O N M A I N T E NANCE/AVIONICS Graduate in 15 months. FAA approved; financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! 1-800-2923228 or

6$:&5))( AFFORDABLE FIREWOOD By Gould’s. Dry & seasoned hardwood, boiler wood also available. Heap vendor. 518499-0307/518-857-0279 ALL CUT SPLIT & DELIVERED Hardwood firewood. seasoned & green wood now available, any length. 802316-6076 or 518-642-1558

6:&& UPRIGHT PIANO FREE You haul. 518-854-9362

6,:+$#,:& 72” CAMELBACK COLONIAL COUCH Maroon & beige, great cond., or ig $1000, now $300. 518-6861746 RU S T I C OV E R S I Z E D CHAIR/TWIN BED Chair 51” W, bed 30” W. Includes mattress, mint condition, $250. Call for pictures. 802645-9326

<7:7=&2478&' GRANVILLE 47 Beecher Road 9/23 & 9/24 9am-2pm. Rain or shine! Directions: 149 West from traffic light GRANVILLE Porch Sale. 1215 County Route 24. September 23 10am-5pm, September 24 9am-3pm & September 25 10am-4pm. 4 Family Sale. H A M P TO N 2 7 H a m p t o n Heights Way off Route 21. September 25 9am-? Wood stoves, antiques, collectibles, twin headboard/frame, beer and Nascar items. N O H E B R O N 2 - Fa m i l y Household & Barn. 42 Shepard Rd., off Co. Rt. 28, Sept 24 & 25, 9am-6pm. A-Z, including the equipment, old quilts, JDeere garden tractor/ m o w e r, a n t i q u e s , w o o d stove. NO. GRANVILLE Sat Sept 24 9am-4pm. 452 Cty Rt. 12. MOVING SALE. Furniture, e l e c t r o n i c s, t o o l s, c ra f t items, clothing, etc. POULTNEY 923 & 24, 9AM3PM, 452 Blissville Rd. Antique bed, mission desk, Samovar tea maker, dishes & much more! WHITEHALL 3-Family Yard Sale. 235 Winters Rd., Sept. 24 & 25, 9am-3pm. Rain or shine. Something for everyone.


3 Weeks / $15

3 Weeks / $25

For Items Priced Less Than $1,000 - Over $100

For Items Priced $1,000 or More



RUGER 44 CARBINE with scope, $700. 802-287-4381

<))(2>0$+=' #)2.7# FALL RASPBERRIES UPICK Take East Potter Ave, Granville, NY. 802-645-0888

?,'$"78 @+'#:,-&+#' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CLARINET/FLUTE/ VIOLIN/TRUMPET/ Trombone/ Amplifier/ Fender Guitar, $69 each. Cello/Upright Bass/ Saxophone/ French Horn/ Drums, $185 ea. Tuba/Baritone Horn/Hammond Organ, Others 4 sale. 1-516-3777907

!"#$% &''($))%



Deadline: Monday 3 PM

$CASH$ for antiques and collectibles, estate clean outs. Honest Prices! Call Tom Cosey at 518-642-1643

A7+#&(2>)2B,C U.S. & FOREIGN COINS & paper money! No amount too small! Call Richard 518-6428156 or 518-683-1954

D)='E;7#'EF&#' AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES from 100% hip certified German lines. Outstanding pedigree, shots, wormed, health cert., tattoo, guarantees. Healthy pups with warm, family friendly personalities. Males, females; black/tan, black/red and sables. 603-763-2877 C H I H UA H UA Te a c u p PUPS 10wks, all colors, M/ F, 1st shots, $400+. 518642-4758. C H I H UA H UA P U P P I E S Longhaired, all colors, males, $400. Cambridge, NY. 518-677-2696. FREE KITTENS 3 really cute female 16 wks old, free to good homes. 2 are white w/a little black; 1 tabby colored mostly gray & black. 518-642-2450 to set up time to come & see them F R E E TO G O O D H O M E Male dog, Akita, named Hobo Joe or nicknamed Bo. Owner passed away. Outside dog with igloo, has all shots, friendly. Dog is lonely. 518-499-1057. K I T T E N - F R E E B l a ck / orange, very pretty female, litter trained, friendly. 518632-9614

67:-2!+$-78' FOR SALE 5 NUBIAN wether males. Not for meat. $10/ apiece. 518-854-9688

G7C232<:7$+ WA N T E D : M U L C H H AY Square bales, plastic twine. 518-281-4261.

G):'&' 9YR OLD MARE 14 hands, to good home, with accessories, $1000. 802-265-7942

!"#$ %&"# '(")) *$(& +,-./ 01$234'(4# 546'7174#' #41234' &84#9:;;<;;; #41=4#' 644>?%/ ,=84#(*'4 6*(39"' 1$=97"(9&"# 2*#2"?1(*&$ (&96&#> )&#9%&"/ @;;ABCDADEBE



5-.6(7&589*6)6:-)&;(8*6.< !"#$%&'()%&*)+%&,#$&(&-&./0$##1&23)% ,#$&(44*)5(3%+&')%"&)35#1/&(%&#$&./*#' E&@-7*(.F&GEH/IJJ I&@-7*(.F&GEK/EJJ

REAL ESTATE E+.F(+5 WE PURCHASE All types of real estate! Call Bill at Gilbert Realty today! 802-265-8834

3.+)4%#( HAVE PROPERTY TO SELL OR RENT? Include a picture! Display Ad $44! NY & VT Coverage! Reach 47,820 households! Call for details! 518-642-1234

=%&D2=.-5 ARGYLE 106 sur veyed acres at $1180 per acre. Corlew Realty 518-638-6473 WANTED Land to lease to tap Maple trees. Contact 802-779-5348.

?.G$#(2?.D,#%+)) ;./(5 SALEM NY White Birch Estates, 1992, 3BR, 1.5 BA, newly remodeled, incl. appl., VG shape, $25,000. 518223-2394

RENTALS !"%+-/(&-5 C A M B R I D G E VA L L E Y RANCH For rent. 2 BDRMS, 1.5 baths, garage & huge yard. Nice location, $100/ mo. 518-677-2463. CEDARS SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Take a Tour Weds 12:30pm! Off Bay St, Queensbury! 518-832-1701. CLEMONS 2bdr m downstairs, quiet wooded setting, W/D hook-up, very economical to heat, references/security, $500/mth +utilities. 518-499-0298 FORT ANN Neat 1bdr m, $550/mth. No smoking/pets, utilities, sec. 518-854-3134 G R A N V I L L E V I L L AG E 2bdr m, pr ivate entrance, large yard, will consider pets, $625/mth heat incl. First, security, ref. 518-642-3454 GRANVILLE CR 24, Beautiful, spacious 2bdrm, $675/ mth. For information call 518642-2295, leave message. G R A N V I L L E V I L L AG E Large 1st floor, 3+bdrm, W/D hook-up, porches, $750/mth +util. No pets. First, security, references. 518-642-3454.

635*20/+&2%)*)%)/+7&4($8)39&(30&*(230$:&,(5)*)%)/+ ;(30*#$07&<$/0)%&=&<$)1)3(*&<"/58+&>/?2)$/0 &>/3%&@(+/0&#3&ABC&)35#1/

Call EastPoint Properties (603) 262-3718 =(.25>(?6.<&@7($-7,A 1BB&CD86$$-) !"%+-/(&-5


G R A N V I L L E V I L L AG E 2bdrm, 2nd floor, $625/mth incl. heat, W/D, garbage/ snow r mvl. First/sec dep reqd. No pets.518-642-9490

NORTH GRANVILLE Spacious 2bdrm upstairs, $525/ mth +util., 1 mth security, includes snow plowing/rubbish removal. 518-642-1464

GRANVILLE, NY 1 & 2BR. Starting at $545/mth. Offering 1 mth free rent. Storage, onsite parking, laundry. No pets. 888-424-4204

POULTNEY Lg renovated upstrs 1BR, no smoking/ pets, snow & trash removal, off street parking. Sec & ref req. $600/mo. 802-287-9004

GREENWICH Large 1 or 2bdrm, 2nd floor, private entrance, $575/mth +utilities. 518-281-4261.

SHUSHAN Lovely spacious 2 bdrm, 2nd floor apt. Steps from the Georgi Museum. $675 mo. 917-842-1192

GREENWICH Main St. 2nd Fl, 2 BR apt $650 + util/sec. ref., no pets. 518-692-8700

WEST PAWLET 3BR, 1-1/ 2BA. Plowing & rubbish removal included. Pets OK. $750/mth. 802-645-9233

NEED TO RENT YOUR APARTMENT? Advertise here! 4 Lines $19/WK, 2 States! 518-642-1234 800-354-4232 Direct Mail Works!

WHITEHALL 1bdrm, $450/ mth. 2bdrm, $675/mth, includes heat & electric. No pets. 1st mth rent +security. & Ref. 206-222-5925 WHITEHALL nice 1BR, heat incl. $575/mth. Efficiency apt. + util. $365/mth.+ Sec & ref. both apts. 518-932-4654

!"%+-/(&-5 WHITEHALL 2bdrm upstairs, $600/mth +util. W/D hook-up, no pets/smoking, security deposit/references required. 518-499-0197

?.G$#(2?.D,#%+ ;./(5

J%'%-$.&2) *('+(%-$.&%#

GRANVILLE 3bdr m dbl wide, gorgeous, central air, Hartford schools, $885/mth +sec. 518-642-9125

FOR RENT: One week at the largest timeshare in the world. Orange Lake is right next to Disney and has many amenities including golf, tennis, and a water park. Weeks available are in March and April 2012. $850 inclusive. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 o r e m a i l :

WHITEHALL 1bdrm, stove, fridge, heat, electric included. Parking for 1 vehicle. No pets/smoking. $550/mth. 518-499-0682

WHITEHALL NY 10771 Rte 4- $795, Ranch, 3 bdrm on 2 acres. Call Ed Tyler Real Estate, 518-499-2720.

WHITEHALL 3bdrm, 2 full baths, W/D hookup, $575/ mth +security. 518-832-1421


WHITEHALL 24 Williams St., 2bdr m, $600/mth includes heat/hot water. 732319-8672 WHITEHALL 4BR at 83 Saunders St. Pets welcome. $ 6 5 0 + s e c u r i t y. O P E N HOUSE on Sat. 9/24 from 11am-3pm. 518-832-1421

;./(5 HUBBARDTON 3BR, 2BA on Lake Bomoseen, nor th end, 3-car garage, lg family room, deck, dock.$1175/mth for 1-yr lease. 802-273-2647 WELLS VT 2 BR 2BA W/D hook up on 10 acres, $800 +utilities, sec & dep req. Avail Nov 1, 518-677-8126. WHITEHALL 2 Bdrm Small house, $595 +utilities, (1) Bdrm apt. $595 incl. heat, both available 10/1. (518)601-6079796-3442

?.G$#(2?.D,#%+)) ;./(5 (4) TRAILERS IN WHITEHALL Area, 1-2 BDRMS, Possible option to buy. $550$595. 518-601-6079/7963442

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Ideal for professional office or small service provider (massage, attorney, acupuncture, hairdresser, etc.) Two rooms within a professional building ~ 370 square feet, utilities included. Option for shared waiting room or for separate entrance. Handicap accessible and great off-street parking.

Leave message 518-642-3123 for further info.

WA R M W E AT H E R I S YEAR ROUND In Ar uba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available: Sept. 23, Sept. 30, Oct. 7, & Oct. 14, 2011. Sleeps 8. $2500. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 or email:

!"#$%&'(&)* +&,'-"-&)'

!"#$% "&'#'"% ()*++,-,./+ ./'(*012)*%13&4* $133&)$/"5*-)1-&)(0*1)* 6/#7*(%&*-&)6&$(*)&"5* &'("(&*/#8&'(3&#(9

:"55*(17"0*(1 "78&)(/'&;*



!"#$%&"!'(%#"&)*#+ /0&)1*2&)03$&*45)*/0&)1*67)-5'& !""#$%&'()*("%$+ STANS TV & APPLIANCE Service & Refridgeration. Residential & Commercial All Major Appliance Parts 518-499-0019

!,-./.-$0()) *("%$+

BILL MORRISEY ASE Certified Master Tech 30+ YEARS


FREE ESTIMATES !"#$%&!'(')*+",*-.'/,/"+/0+* Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM 262 Rocky Lane, E. Dorset, VT

802-362-4195 L",M9(NOA"%((PQ(>

1%+"(-23#..+ 4(+0$'(5 MASTER CLEAN CARPET & Upholstery Cleaning Co. Just like the Taz destroys everything in his path we destroy the dirt in ours! Truck mounted unit. 4 Rms/$99.95*Maid* Housekeeping* Janitorial 518-642-1532

1%+"(&-+6 CARPENTRY WITH HEART Additions* Int/Ext Painting Decking* Free Estimates. 802-884-8136 or 779-2928

DETAIL DEB’S CLEANING Exp. Ref. Free Est. Granville + 20 mile radius. 518-538-4799


17$/&(6)4(+0$'( !"#$%&&$'"(#$)""*+,-$ .$/+0+,-$12203

1#(%&$&8 4(+0$'(5

;%((0694'#$4(9 ;23350<+92%(=

A-1 CLEANING SERVICE Affordable, Professional Cleaning. Residential* Commercial. Exp. Ref. Insured & Free Estimates. Call Patty 802-235-1064.



JOIN OUR SERVICES DIRECTORY TODAY! 2” Display Ad Special! Call Today! 800-354-4232 X 213

Over 20 Years Experience

IJK&<$(14%#3&>#(0 <(+%*/%#37&LM&BDNAD (802) 468-2642 or (802) 342-3015 OP;;E&6Q!P>RS

!"#$%&#$'"()*+,#-.& !."/'"(

!"#$%&'(!$)*+),+(-(.*/%*"","+(012*+( 343$"035(6",7($"3$35

!"##$%&$ "'()*%+,)$ -)*).

YOU NEED REPAIRS! ,i«>ˆÀÃÊUʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜ Ê œâiÀÊ7œÀŽÊUÊ i>Àˆ˜}Ê -“>Êœ>`ÃÊÀ>Ûi œ>“ÊEÊ->˜`Ê iˆÛiÀÞ ÀÕŇœ}}ˆ˜} Call us about all of our services!

8,)9":(!&,""*"+(-(;*3&,""*"+( <1#31%:=(>)31*(!)*+(

DE(F,35(.@#5(G*32,"+ (H1&):(6,1C"33%1*):(I1*$,)&$1, A,%"*+:4(A,""(.3$%0)$"3


!"#$%&'(()* &518-677-8921 C 518-681-0227



!"#$%&##%'()**%+#,%&-.%/01% 2345%6)**%&-.%70&&*.%23489

73:.%;)<:0='%>% ?)<*.&@%AB

̋"Jcwnkpi"wr"vq"36.222"ndu ̋"Ukvg"Rtgr"̋"Fkvejkpi ̋"Ftckpcig ̋"Rtgr"Yqtm"hqt"Rqqnu ̋"Itcxgn"cpf"Vqruqkn" cxckncdng ̋"Hwnn{"Kpuwtgf ̋"Htgg"Guvkocvgu ,Qhhkeg/":24/547/58:9" ,Egnn/"73:/583/8852


45 Years Staining & Wood Restoration

Give your house a fresh new look. Contemporary, Colonial, Ranch; Also Log Homes. Our demolding process will restore your exterior again. 40 years of Demolding, Stripping, Chinking, & Log Replacement

Steel, Stainless & Aluminum

Staining Tune-Ups & Maintenance

JOSH BROWN Wells, VT 802-342-6798


All Two Steps Process Stains



JUST MOWIN’ Trimmin’ & Edgin’ Lawn & Field Reasonable Rates 802-236-8031


+#-".6.<&5-7S6Q<)30:&!(G(9/ H'3/$


?,@@(!43$"03(-(A12*+)$%1*3 B)$",#,11C%*/




YB-LTD CHIMNEYS Certified Chimney Prof. Cleaned/Lined/Repaired Wood Stove Installations Video Safety Inspections References- Insured William Little Jr. 802-645-0059 Cell 518-307-3079

Sweep You Off Your Feet


@+."(+-6)) ?%&%8(/(&HANSEN’S FOREST & LAND IMPROVEMENTS Property Management 518-642-1020

!"##$%&'"($ )&* "'+,*%-.-/0$ -/)&*1"%-&/$

R87&*$-Q6"#,AP View our work at -D&E/($&F2($(3%//

JOHNATHAN 802-775-6086

A."5.$#2B+%0(# HAULING NICE BANKRUN Gravel* Screened Gravel* Blue Shoulder Stone Screened Cow Sand Black Screened Top Soil Fair Price * Henry Clark 518-677-3237*518-260-6555

A+(()4(+0$'( BOURN TREE SERVICE Over 30 Years Of Service Fully Insured * Free Est. Brush Chipping * Land Clearing. 518-642-2182

,)30 '"# (30 '"(% :#2 3//0 "/$/T

!""̋"Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Ugrvgodgt"45."4233 !"#$%






1980 CADILLAC ELDORADO Drive or restore. Orig. low mi. No rust, many new parts. $1350. 518-686-4306 or 518-590-4434

1995 FORD ESCORT GT 53K, very good condition. New tires, exhaust, brakes. $1850. 518-937-7521

1998 DODGE NEON runs great. New tires, new parts, exc gas. $1,150/obo. 518695-6657

2001 SPORTS CAR Hyundai Tiburon, many extras, 4 speed, 71,000 miles. $3,000. 518-281-5971

2004 CADILLAC DHS, 78K, navy/tan leather. Fully loaded. sunroof, A/C seats, backup sensors. 802-558-3402

1980 FORD MUSTANG 5.0 5-speed. $1200. 518-6929906

1995 GST MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE Turbo, 4cyl, 27 MPG, minor repairs needed, $3000/obo. 518-282-9972

1996 BUICK RIVIERA 134,000 mi., power windows/ locks/seats, cruise, heated seats, air. $2300. 518-6956001

1 9 9 9 F O R D C O N TO U R Clean, no rust, 93,151 miles. Cheap to run. 802-394-7763

2002 BUICK RENDEZVO U S M a r o o n , AW D, 3 seats, new tires, 88K. Many extras. $7000. 518-692-7536

2004 TOYOTA SCION XB 4 door, 110,000 miles, good condition, $7000/obo. 518642-3230

2002 HYUNDAI ELANTRA GLS 4cyl, auto, air, cruise, inspected, $5500. Bev 518695-9240

2005 MERCURY MONTEREY Premier mini van. 103K, exc cond, loaded. $8,895/obo. 518-499-0219

2003 BMW 525i Loaded, leather, 5-speed, 121,000 miles, EC. Must see. Asking $9,800. 518-499-1561

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY Exc. cond. A/T, 4dr,loaded! Good gas mileage. Asking $11,500/obo. 802-446-3036

1996 RUSTY CHEVY astro van. Good engine, trans., cruise, AM/FM, tow pkg, airbags, 166K mi. $750. 518663-5143

2000 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1-owner, in excellent condition. $4400. 518-588-4585 2000 SUBARU FORESTER 217,000 well maintained mi. Clean & solid, no issues. $2500. 802-273-2837


DONATE YOUR CAR to the Outreach Center “Car for Kids” Program

Pick-up & Tow Any Model or Condition IRS Tax-Deductible


AAAA DONATION Donate your Car, Boat or Real Estate, IRS Tax Deductible. Free Pick-up/ Tow Any Model/ Condition. Help Under Privileged Children Outreach Center, 1-800-883-6399. CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not, Sell you Car or Truck TODAY. Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-800-871-0654 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE LOVE IN THE NAME OF C H R I S T. Fr e e Tow i n g & Non-Runners Accepted. 800549-2791 Help Us Transform Lives In The Name Of Christ.

,$(#% 1 2 ’ A L U M I N U M S TA R CRAFT fishing boat w/trailer/ new tires; 15HP Johnson outboard, Minnkota trolling motor, fish finder, new battery. Exc cond. $1750/obo. Call Clarke @ 518-642-1063, 802-287-4137, 518-791-7579 cell 12’ MONTGOMERY WARD A l u m i nu m r ow b o a t w i t h oars, $200. 802-265-4476 1976 PENNYANN 24ft tunnel drive boat with newer Vantage trailer. A classic fun family boat! $3500, 802-5374938. 1987 4 WINDS fiberglass boat 16’ gas inboard, 4cyl motor. Current VT regis. boat & trailer. $3,000. 802-2872274 1990 WAVERUNNER with trailer. $800/obo. Contact Anthony 518-260-2659 BOAT-BAYLINER CAPRI 1986 Mercury motor 35HP, trailer. Very good condition. $4,000. 518-642-8126

-(./*0%120(34*0% 2001 MONACO DIPLOMAT 38PBD 51.9K mi. Exc cond. Many extras. 518-584-2097 2002 FOUR WINDS 31’ Class C motor home. 26,900 miles, clean unit. $36,900. 802-438-5209 2 0 0 3 1 6 X 9 C A R G O P RO motorcycle trailer. Aluminum, holds 2 bikes. Single axle. $5,750. 518-753-6048 2008 FLAGSTAFF/SHAMROCK FLT19 Ends pop out, fully loadd, brand new conditon, used 2x, $13,900. 802855-1616 or 802-417-1984 2011 27’ KEYSTONE TRAILER Never used, electric jacks, tongue, awning, slide out, queen bed, many extras, $25,000. 518499-2168

-$..*053(4 67"3/.*)# 1970 GMC 5 YARD Dump truck, 5spd trans., 2spd rear, new master cylinder, clutch, b r a ke l i n e s , e m e r g e n c y brake shoes and ignition switch. $2495. 802-265-8068 1981 1854 INTERNATIONAL dump, diesel under CDL 6+ yds on road. $4000/obo. 518-282-9972 1983 GMC 7000 366 V8, 5 speed, 2 speed rear, cab & chassis, very good condition, $3500. Will dicker. 802-4422646 1994 4900 INTERNATIONAL DUMP TRUCK Best offer. Call 802-342-0754 TRI-AXLE DUMP TRUCK 1984 GMC 400 CAT 13sp., new tires. Runs great. $9000. 802-558-0189

-4(%%35 8&!)#37"*% 1977 CORVETTE STINGR AY L o o k s a n d s o u n d s great. T-tops, 4speed, engine chrome, 350 motor, new Cooper tires, 94K, asking $15,500. 518-677-3448 1987 VW GTI convertible 5 yr old project 1992 Volvo 940 GL w/150K. Florida car, need nose. 802-273-2837 1 9 8 8 B U I C K R E AT TA Looks and runs great, new tires, brakes, and tuneup, never run in the winter, asking $2490. 802-273-2647 1990 MERCURY GRAND PRIX Southern car, flawless, 85,447 miles, $1995. 802325-3081

9(0.&67"3/.*)# JOHN DEERE 2030 DIESEL Starts and runs good, good paint, wide front, 3pt power steer ing/brakes, $6200. 518-695-6180

9$"0:';**4&<03=* 1997 FORD F150 New engine, rear end, tire rod ends, brake lines, $3000/obo. 518681-2074 1997 GMC 4X4 K1500 new clutch, tires, brakes, exhaust. $3000/obo. 518-4881120 leave message 1998 4x4 FORD EXPEDITION 5.4 liter, needs cosmetic work, runs excellent, inspected, $1500. 518-6423574 1 9 9 9 TOYOTA TAC O M A Extended cab, 69K, AC, bed liner, CD/stereo, $10,500. 518-677-5846 2001 CHEV S10 Auto, V6, all new tires, high miles. Runs great, no rust. $3500. 518-854-9131 2002 FORD RANGER Edge, Extended cab, auto, 4DR, 6 disc CD. Ver y good cond. $5,000. 518-257-6978 2002 SILVERADO 2500HD crew cab, high mileage, state truck. $7,500/obo. 518-2226604 2004 DODGE DAKOTA 4x4 extended cab, auto, runs & looks good, 125K, $4200. 518-695-6180 2005 CHEV EQUINOX Auto, 4WD, 6cyl, 111K, P/W, P/S, A/C, hitch, clean. $8,000. 802-558-0700 2005 DODGE DURANGO SLT, tan, 100K miles. Exc cond. Well maintained. $8495. 802-468-3042 2008 FORD RANGER 4cyl, auto, air, 4WD, like new. $8,900. Bev 518-695-9240 95 FORD F-250 Diesel 7.3, 4x4, 170K, utility box/ladder rack, needs oil pump, truck only $1250/obo, truck w/box, rack $2250/obo. 802-6834163 or 802-273-2786



WWW.CARMODYFORD.COM !"#$%&$'#()"*)+*,)-#$&*./*0*123*4%$$"5('6

Open Saturday 8:30am-5pm, Monday-Thursday 8:30am-7pm, Friday 8:30am-6pm

SALES TEAM: JC Carmody, Craig Kyer, Nick Vooris, Chris Weir, Mark Robillard & Todd Distasio

1 9 6 9 T R I U M P H T- 1 0 0 R Daytona. Original paint. Best offer over $5,500. 518-8547513 1982 HONDA CB400 17,000 orig. miles. $800. 518-6929906 1990 HD FXRS 1300cc, new tires, $7000. 802-325-3127

Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Ugrvgodgt"45."4233"̋"!" :)5)06;6./% 1 9 9 9 YA M A H A Y Z F 6 0 0 14,000 miles, cover, helmet, Joe Rocket jacket, $2500. 802-287-2285 2001 HD ROAD KING, Electronic ignition, pipes & back rest/rack, 8000 miles, $11,500. 802-325-3127 2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON Ultra Classic, $12,000. 802770-2292

!"#$% &'()*+),-./% 1999 ARCTIC CAT ZL 600 Liquid, studded track, 4113 miles, $900/obo. Call 802342-0754. 1999 YAMAHA SX 600 VMAX G/C helmet, jacket, cover, $1700/obo. 518-6428103 2 P O L A R I S S N OW M O BILES 1998 & 1999. Nice sleds! $3,000/obo. 518-7919741 2004 POLARIS 500 XC SP M10 suspension. 2000 Yamaha SXR 700, both in good condition. $5000. 518281-5971

!"#<% &'()*+),-./%

3-6789%12"0867%12 #4(%

2 0 0 5 H O N DA AT V T R X 250TE 250CC Recon Yellow. $2,000. 518-692-7916 or 518-692-9698

1990 FORD F350 86,000 orig. miles. $1750. 518-6929906

2005 YAMAHA VENTURE s n ow m o b i l e, l ow m i l e s, 600cc, 2 up. $4500. 802-2351068 after 5 pm

1992 FORD F-150 4x4, 5 spd, 81,000 miles. Runs great. $2,000/obo. 802-2871222

2010 FRONTRUNNER 800,S side-by-side U.T.V., w/top, windshield & winch. $7,600. 802-645-1925

1993 FORD 150 Truck, stand a r d , d e p e n d a bl e, r u n s great, new shocks. $1,500 518-664-9894 w 518-6648710

SUZUKI 700 QUAD better than new. Upgrades, power a c c e s s o r i e s, l ow m i l e s / hours. $5400. 802-265-7921

1998 DODGE RAM 1500 V8, Auto/4WD, long bed & cap, extras, 98K miles, runs good. $3295. 802-265-4755

"-0/%123405%1 !66/%%)0-/%

1998 GMC BUCKET truck w/chipper dump box, 55’ Boom & Mobark 12” chipper. $30,000/obo. 518-361-4049

SHORT BOX Off 2005 red Chevrolet truck, includes LEER tonneau cover, bed liner, tailgate and bumper. $1500. 518-692-9414

3-6789%12"0867%1 #4(% 1985 FORD F-600 dump t r u ck . R u n s g o o d , 5 s p d trans, 2spd rear. Body good. $2,500. 518-686-9136

1999 DODGE 2500 4X4 pickup. Runs/looks great. New tires/brakes. Needs tranny. $1500/obo. 802-2874430 2000 DODGE RAM Spor t 1500. Loaded. New tires. In excellent condition. $10,500/ obo. 518-686-5953 2000 FORD RANGER XLT, Super Cab, 4dr, auto, 4WD, EC in and out. Must see. $10,000. 518-859-8517 2002 FORD E-350 Lg ext cargo. 2 or 5 pass. 85K, 1 o w n e r, l o a d e d ! P r i va c y glass, always garaged. Runs & looks exc! $5950/obo. 518639-8900

518-854-7930 !"#$%&'()*$%&+,-!'.-! /%01)$%&+234!'5-! 67"89$+/1#$%&


2 0 0 6 D O D G E DA KOTA 2WD, 50K,4DR, Auto, Air, Disk player. NEW custom cap. Remote start. $13,000. 518-664-4202 8 7 F 3 5 0 D U M P T RU C K 90,000 miles, too many new parts to list, very little rust, box great condition, $2500. 802-683-4163

,-$%".-()/ !"#$%&'(#&)#&*+#'&%%#

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



DELI/CASHIER POSITIONS Y9#8"#<+J9);"#0 /=*B08+9#$+Q+G-!<+R99I9#$8S="7*$%&8+%+;180T+ NUA9)*9#C9$<+B)*9#$7&+%#$+="#980+A9"A79 A79%89+%AA7&+R*0=+)981;9V


MEAT CUTTER -%)0+:*;9<+!"#$%&+0=)"1>=+ ?9$#98$%&<+.4!+'+@-!


SEEKING PROFESSIONAL DRIVER! Opportunity for Seasonal or Part Time Heating Fuel Delivery Person at our Post Street, Rutland office. Experienced driver with CDL & Haz Mat endorsement required. For more information Contact:

Dan Poalino at 786-1280 or by e-mail to:




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Auto,Air, Leather, Moonroof, 4X4, Hemi, Navigation, 38k miles

Stk# U2841 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 46k miles

Stk# U2880 Ext Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 52k miles

Stk# U2888 4WD, Auto, Air, 31k miles





2009 DODGE RAM 1500

2004 DODGE RAM 1500 SLT

LARAMIE Stk# U2899 Crew Cab, 4WD, Leather, Sunroof, Navigation, Loaded, 24k miles

$33,995 2010 JEEP PATRIOT SPORT Stk# U2967 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, MP3, 20k miles

$18,995 2007 SATURN ION

Stk# U2907 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, 58k miles

$16,995 2005 DODGE DAKOTA SLT

2007 DODGE NITRO SLT Stk# U2920 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 44k miles

Stk# U2943 Auto, Air, CD, DVD, 85k miles



2011 RAM 3500

Stk# U2992 Crew Cab, Auto, Air, 76k miles

Stk# U3009 4WD, Auto, Cab & Chassis, 45k miles



2007 FORD F-150 XLT


2009 DODGE RAM 2500 SLT

2010 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 LS Stk# U3035 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, 21k miles

$27,995 2005 DODGE DAKOTA SLT

Stk# U3039 5 Speed, Air, CD, 57k miles

Stk# U3054 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, CD, 57k miles

Stk# U3056 Hemi, Auto, Air, Reg. Cab, 18k miles

Stk# U3076 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, 73k miles






2010 DODGE RAM 3500 SLT

Stk# U3080 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 83k miles



Stk# U3110 4WD, Auto, Air, Leather, Sunroof, Navigation, Loaded, 63k miles



Stk# U3116 Reg Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, MP3, 44k miles

2008 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO Stk# U3131 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 60k miles

$16,995 2008 FORD F-350 SUPER DUTY DUALLY KING RANCH Stk# U3149 Crew cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, 54k miles

$35,995 2008 DODGE CALIBER SRT4 Stk# U3175 6-Speed, Manual, Leather, Sunroof, Air, Turbo, 26k miles

$20,995 2009 CHEVY COBALT SS Stk# U3193 5 Spd Manual, Air, CD, MP3, 37k miles



2009 JEEP WRANGLER SAHARA Stk# U3125 4x4, Convertible, Auto, 9k miles

$27,995 2009 HONDA ACCORD



Stk# U3137 5 Speed Manual, AWD, CD, 47k miles

Stk# U3141 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, MP3, 19k miles

Stk# U3143 4 Dr, AUto, Air, PW/ PL, CD, 34k miles






Stk# U3159 Auto, Air, CD, MP3, 25k miles

Stk# U3165 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 51k miles

Stk# U3173 5 Speed Manual, 4WD, Convertible, 60k miles





2006 FORD SUPERDUTY F-350 LARIAT Stk# U3182 Crew Cab, Auto, Air, CD, 43k miles

$33,995 2008 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER PREMIER Stk# U3198 AWD, Auto, Air, Leather, CD, MP3, Sunroof, 50k miles


2010 JEEP COMPASS SPORT Stk# U3185 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 19k miles


TOURING Stk# U3189 Auto, Air, CD, 6k miles


2006 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2009 FORD F-350 SUPERDUTY SXT Stk# U3211 Stk# U3208 Auto, Air, CD, 67k miles

Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, 28k miles



2007 DODGE RAM 2500

Stk# U3215 4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 50k miles

Stk# U3219 4WD, Auto, Air, Leather, Sunroof, 92k miles

Stk# U3221 Crew Cab, 4WD, Auto, CD, Plow, 49k miles






2007 DODGE RAM 3500

2007 DODGE RAM 1500 LARAMIE Stk# U3226 Mega Cab, 4WD, Auto, Air, Leather, CD, MP3, 47k miles

$26,995 2008 DODGE RAM 1500 SXT

Stk# U3228 Bunkhouse and Two-Horse Trailer

4WD, Auto, Air, CD, 59k miles

Stk# U3236 Crew Cab, 4WD, 6-Speed Manual, CD, 44k miles

Stk# U3267 Reg Cab, 6-Speed Manual, Air, CD, 32k miles






0% INTEREST ‘TIL 2013!!!


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