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Vol. 24, Issue 29

Poultney 2020 teams making progress Four Poultney 2020 Action Teams have been working hard and making good progress since their kick-off meeting on May 22. The teams were formed following the Community Meeting on April 24, when four projects were selected as priorities for town revitalization: an arts center, public parks, a trails and recreation system and a locavore restaurant. During the past eight weeks, there have been two public meetings with all four Action Teams coming together to share their progress. In between, groups and subgroups ranging in size from three to 15 people have been meeting to clarify their missions and visions, identify needed resources, learn from other communities and outline the action steps needed to gain momentum. “The positive energy on these teams has been great,” said Matt Mayberry, busi-

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fair Haven’s the place to be! Learn about the region’s rich heritage Sunday at Fair Haven History Day

Classic Car Show Saturday Nearly 80 years of automotive history will be on display this weekend as the Vermont Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce hosts its car show at the Fair Haven Town Green. The eighth annual Classic Auto Show will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this

Saturday, July 27. Spectators will have the opportunity to view a variety of cars, trucks and motorcycles dating back prior to World War II. Old race cars, muscle cars, coupes, Jeeps, trucks and

The region’s heritage will be celebrated this weekend during a special event in Fair Haven. The seventh annual Fair Haven History Day will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 28, at the Town Green, and will include displays detailing the area’s history, live music, old fashioned games and more. “This is a way to bring people into the town and share our love for the community and area with people who feel the same way,” said Victoria Angis, past president of the Fair Haven Historical Society. Historical Societies from Fair Haven, Benson, West Haven, West Rutland, Rutland, and Whitehall will set up informational displays. Some of the displays will be interactive. For instance, Rutland’s Historical Society will bring a number of odd and unusual items and attendees will be given an oppor-

Vermont’s largest book sale this weekend in Pawlet

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Area bibliophiles prepare to browse at one of the area’s longest-running book sales starting tomorrow. The Pawlet Public Library will hold its 46th annual book sale this Saturday and Sunday, July 27 and 28, at the Mettawee School in West Pawlet. More than 25,000 books will be available for purchase at the state’s largest sale, with most costing $1 Photo by Rod Bacon

Books or $2, and the event will feature a room filled with reasonably priced unusual, rare and collectible books. There will be many paperback books, as well as hard backs, coffee table books, fiction, nonfiction, children’s and more. There will also be DVDs, CDs, audio books, puzzles, games and toys for sale. To keep browsers full while they’re sorting through all the reading material, the Book Lover’s Café will offer breakfast food all weekend, with Mike Bellemare as grille chef. There will also be a bake sale offering goods that Dolores Luebke, who is organizing the event,



Special School District Meeting August 14, 2013

ness and economics professor at Green Mountain College. “Folks are working well together, and as the visions for these projects start to become clearer, the excitement about the future of Poultney has been building.” With four significant proj-

describes as incredible. One of Luebke’s goals was to change the sale so it was a real community event for people of all ages. . “You can come to our event, you can bring your kids—it’s amazing in our little town that we have so many people with so many talents,” she said. After five years at the forefront of the sale, this is her last time leading the event. “It has been a wonderful experience. It’s a fantastic event, and it’s been a privilege to be able to give back to my community,” she said. Beth Kashner, the Pawlet librarian, said staff are grateful for Luebke’s efforts. “We are so indebted for all that she’s done,” Kashner said.

She said the sale attracts buyers and sellers from as far away as Canada, New Hampshire and other nearby states. For bargain hunters, the Big Bad Bag Sale happens from noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Container costs are $2 per plastic bag, $3 for “green” bags from home and $5 for any size box a shopper chooses from the library supplies. All proceeds from the sale, which takes place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, will benefit the Pawlet Public Library. For more information or to volunteer call 802-325-3123 or email Mettawee School is located at 5788 Vermont Route 153.

ects in the works, it will take teamwork and the diverse talents of Poultney area residents to make the Poultney 2020 vision become a reality. “If anyone has been thinking about participating on one of the teams, this would be a great time to join in,” Mayberry said. The next meeting of all the teams will take place on Wednesday, July 31 from 6:30 to

8 p.m. in the Poultney High School library.

The legal voters of the Town School District of Middletown Springs, in the County of Rutland, State of Vermont, are hereby notified and warned to meet at the Middletown Springs Elementary School in said Town, on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. for the purpose of being provided information and to discuss the Article(s) which will be voted Wednesday, August 14, 2013. The informational meeting will be recessed until 7:00 a.m. the following day, August 14, 2013, to the Middletown Springs Fire House, at which time business of voting by Australian Ballot and voting required by law to be by ballot will be transacted upon the following articles: 1 Shall the voters of Middletown Springs Town School District authorize the board of school directors to apply for a loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Program and borrow an amount not to exceed $30,000.00 for water system improvements? 2 Transact other lawful business.

Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. August 14, 2013.

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Burnham Holmes and the Arts Center team are working to create a community arts center that will bring together people of all ages, abilities and incomes. The team is in the process of forming a new organization, named Stone Valley Arts, that according to Holmes, “will appeal to the diverse interests and needs of our regional audience, and it will be priced fairly to assure accessibility to all.” The plan is to create a diverse range of arts programming, similar to River Arts in Morrisville, which the team recently toured. Programs being explored include art exhibits, concerts, plays, festivals, and classes in painting, cooking, dance, music and writing. “We’d love to hear from anyone interested in teaching a class or creating an event for Stone Valley Arts so that we can get a feel for the range of possibilities,” said Mariko Hancock, who is leading a subgroup that is outlining possible programming for Stone Valley Arts. Mariko, Dick Weis and others on the team are also starting to plan a day-long event in the fall, similar to a “first night,” that will showcase the blossoming arts community in the Poultney region. “This will be a great way to introduce Stone Valley Arts to the community and bring together the many talented artists and performers who live in our area,” Weis said. The Public Park team, led by Larry Sullivan, is working to create a friendly outdoorspace in downtown Poultney that will serve as a community gathering place for both children and adults, and provide a backdrop for various activities such as music and theater. Since their kick-off meeting, the group has been sizing up five potential sites around town that could possibly be turned into a small, public park.The team is currently focusing on the three most promising locations—the lot on Main Street adjacent to the Poultney Auto Supply, Depot Park (adjacent to Tap’s Tavern), and a portion of the property at St. Raphael’s Church. “We’re still in the explorato-


port for the project.

ry phase with potential locations,” Sullivan said. “The design of the park is closely connected with its location.” Some of the design features that the group is considering for the park include a water feature, flowers, public art and seating areas. The team is also considering a gazebo or other structure for holding concerts, meetings or gatherings. They have decided to emphasize slate as the principal structural material in the park. For now the group has ruled out including a community garden within the park because of size limitations. In the coming weeks, the team will be reaching out to various stakeholder groups in town to gather input and sup-

Cars Harley-Davidsons are just some of the vehicles that have been on display in the past. “We’ve had everything from the 30s on up. We always have a good, wide variety,” said Kerry Fowler, president of the chamber. “Basically the show is open to anything on wheels.” More than 180 registration forms have been sent out to classic car owners, local automotive clubs and past exhibitors and previous shows have featured upward of 130 vehicles. Unlike many car shows that are split into a number of different classes, the Lakes Region

A third team, led by Lara Bitler, is focused on creating a connected network of parks and trails that promote a variety of outdoor activities and help make Poultney a destination for visitors. “We’ve got some wonderful outdoor resources in the area, including the rail trail, Poultney River, and Lake St. Catherine’s State Park,” Bitler said. “We want to tie these together into a system that brings folks to town and encourages them to walk to East Poultney to visit the historical sites, hike along the River, or go on a nice bike ride.” A Public Park could serve as the hub for the trail system and provide a starting point with a system map and guide sheets. The group currently has three subcommittees working on dif-

event is an open class show, meaning every vehicle competes for awards against every other vehicle in the show. A trophy will be presented for Best in Show and plaques will be given to the top 25 cars, including the People’s Choice. Besides stylish cars, there will also be a number of vendors serving up their wares and some food to eat. Perhaps the most popular food attraction is the Fair Haven Rotary barbecue, which benefits the organization’s charitable endeavors. The Lions Club will serve burgers and hot dogs and other treats will be available for purchase. There will also be craft vendors and possibly a few automotive vendors.

ferent aspects of the parks and trail system. One is exploring the creation of an East Poultney Park as a destination for a historical trail from downtown Poultney. A second group has been compiling maps of the area and hiking the existing trails to determine their condition. A third subcommittee, led by Green Mountain College students Joshua Jones and Russell Stone, is looking to create a skateboard park to provide youth in town with a place to gather and hone their skills. The fourth Action Team is working on enhancing the dining options in town by creating an experimental local food restaurant with significant sourcing from local area farms. Based on the April 24 Community Meeting, there appears to be significant support for creating a quality locavore restaurant

A 50/50 raffle and more than 40 door prizes, provided by chamber members, will be given away during the course of the day and Kathy Mongeur, treasurer for the chamber, has secured 100 free Stewart’s Shops ice cream certificates that will be given away to children in attendance. Any vehicle owners who are interested in bringing their car to the show can register the day of the event beginning at 9 a.m. The judging of vehicles will begin at 1 p.m., and awards will be presented at 2 p.m. Admission to the car show is free, and the street on the backside of the park will be blocked off for the automobiles on display.



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July 31, 2013 to Aug 3, 2013


town. Jaime Lee, a member of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, is a co-coordinator of the locavore group. “Some of our existing restaurant owners in town are already adding more local food to their menus,” Lee said. “We need to find ways to help them expand their local offerings even further.” One of the greatest challenges to operating a locavore restaurant is coordinating purchases with local farmers. “We’ve learned from restaurant owners we’ve talked to that a key issue with local sourcing is the brokering between restaurant and farm,” Lee said. Strengthening this local farmto-restaurant link is one path the group is currently exploring. Anyone who wants to join any of the teams or sit in on a meeting can contact Mayberry at

with diverse pricing options to appeal to a broad cross section of the community. Such a concept would build on the strengths of the region’s agricultural network, including Green Mountain College’s Farm and Food Project, local farmers, and the Rutland Area Farm and Food Link (RAFFL). The group is exploring various concepts, with an eye toward creating a distinctive restaurant that would help attract visitors to town. This includes identifying possible restaurateurs in the region who might be interested in starting a new venture in Poultney. “A recent retail analysis of Poultney showed there is a significant growth opportunity for restaurants in town,” said Mayberry, who helped coordinate the study. Members of the group also point to the need to support existing restaurant owners in



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Celtic rock returns Thursday to the park in Fair Haven What has five heads, 10 legs and can wear more than one kilt at a time? The answer to this perplexing philosophical question is, of course, Vermont’s own Celtic rock band, Prydein. The band will return to Concerts in The Park in Fair Haven on Thursday, Aug. 1, at 7 p.m. Prydein has become one of the hottest bands in Vermont and has played extensively in the Northeast from Maine to Pennsylvania, Massachusetts to Michigan, at venues such as Fort Ticonderoga in New York, the Highland Games and the Detroit Highland Games in Michigan, the Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts, and the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival in Maine. Prydein is an interesting fusion of traditional Celtic and hard driving rock music. Led by guitarist Aron Garceau and bagpiper and penny whistler Ian

MacHarg, the band takes familiar Celtic tunes and transforms them with a pounding rock beat that leaves audiences wanting more. The band is basically five pieces but often invites additional pipers to play with them. Fran Ducharme, a talented piper and Fair Haven resident, stepped on stage with Prydein last summer and

Pawlet raffle

played, much to the delight of friends and family. Other band members include the versatile drummer Caleb Bronz and bass player Andy Smith. Guitarist Dan Houghton is perhaps the most versatile member of the band. Besides guitar he also plays flute, bouzouki and a variety of other instruments.

Prydein has produced two CDs, “Heads Up” (2010) and “Loud Pipes Save Lives” (2007). They can also be found on iTunes. Regardless what the music is called—Celtic rock, bagpipe rock, Scottish rock, or maybe sham-rock— Prydein delivers a high energy performance that can be enjoyed by all. Concerts in The Park will continue for three more Thursday nights, through Aug. 22. The remaining concerts feature a Fair Haven favorite, the Moonlighters Big Band, on Aug. 8, and the popular Albany based dance band, TS Ensemble, on Aug. 15. The season will close with the high energy honkytonk and country trio, the Starline Rhythm Boys, on Aug. 22. Free door prizes will be given away at each concert. A 50/50 drawing will also be held each week. Free ice-cream will be served at the Prydein and Starline Rhythm Boys concerts.

Poultney libary book sale raises $1,401 We had a great turn out for our book sale, and raised $1471.07 for the Poultney Public Library! Thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a success. As well as our many shoppers, we had a large number of volunteers helping us bring the books out of the basement, setting them up the morning of the sale, and loaning us tables so that we could fit all the books out! A special thank you to: -Our Library Board of

Trustees, whose dedication makes all things possible and who work tirelessly to make our book sale happen every year. -Doug Davenport for the use of his tent, which made a very hot book sale a bit cooler. -Bob Williams of Williams Hardware for the use of his rental banquet tables. -Stephen Mulholland for being our trusted and tireless cashier. -Flo Parker and Kathleen Guinness for running the paperback sale in the front of

the library, and telling all the folks who stopped that the majority of the books were out back this year. -Thanks to my family. Being related to the Library Director makes them automatic mandated “volunteers” for lots of jobs, including book sale. -As always, thank you to our wonderful library staff: Dawn, Racheal, and Denise for all that they do.

Little Diggers coming to Poultney on Fridays Castleton Beauty Shop FULL SERVICE UNISEX SALON Deborah Bethel Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

Gift Shop • Perennials • Annuals Vegetable & Bedding Plants Hanging Baskets • Color Bowls

Happenings at the Poultney Public Library include the Little Diggers program, a story time with Rebecca and Dawn on Fridays at 11 a.m. through Aug. 9. On Tuesday, July 23 at 7 p.m., join award-winning British storyteller Simon Brooks as he shares folk and faerie tales, myths and legends. The program is for all ages. More information is available

Difficulty moving or doing regular activities? Have you considered Physical Therapy?

Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C.

Neck & Back Care Pre & After Surgery Care Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Injuries Carpal Tunnel & Other Repetitive Overuse Injuries Work Related Injuries Difficulty Moving or Performing Regular Activities Balance/Falls Lymphatic Drainage Hand & Finger Injuries

FAIR HAVEN, VT 28 Fourth Street, Fair Haven, VT

Phone/Fax: (802) 265-4055 GRANVILLE, NY 5 Madison Street Granville, NY

Phone/Fax: (518) 642-9519

at Learn about local animals that burrow in the ground or live on the forest floor at 6 p.m. on Monday, July 29, in a program presented by the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. Live animals will be on hand for this presentation. The library’s Discussion Group is reading “The Patron Saint of Butterflies” by Cecilia Galante. Stop by the library to pick up a copy of the book. A discussion will take place at 9

a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 10. This informal group is open to all lovers of reading. The library has six state park passes that can be borrowed for two days. Each pass provides admission to a carload of up to eight people. This program is limited to residents of Poultney and East Poultney. Any questions please call the Poultney Public Library at 802-287-5556. You can view our website at Please to remember to like us on Facebook.

Atlantic Crossing to perform Tuesday Vermont’s renowned band Atlantic Crossing brings a great approach to Americana music in their debut performance in Castleton at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 30 at the college pavilion. Playing traditional music of New England that is rooted deeply in the Celtic British Isles and in French and Maritime Canada, the band’s arrangements reveal a profound love of these traditions. The members of Atlantic Crossing are among a small number of musicians currently bringing to life the locally archived field recordings of traditional ballads, made by Helen Hartness Flanders in the early-mid 20th Century. Their own compositions spring forth effortlessly, inspired and informed by immersion in the traditions. Band members are; Viveka Fox, fiddle, bodhran and djembe; Tristan Henderson, mandolins, tenor banjo, feet, and

Free dinner tonight in Poultney A free “Flavors of the Farm” community dinner will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, July 26 at Green Mountain College’s Cerridwen Farm off of Granville Street in Poultney. Guests are invited to taste the farm’s harvest and meet the students and staff during this al fresco dinner featuring



vocals; Rick Klein, guitar and vocals; and Peter Macfarlane, fiddle, low whistle and vocals. Since 2000 they have been listed on Vermont Arts Council juried register of the state’s best artists, and in 2007, their exploration of the history of the Champlain Valley through music earned them a designation of American Masterpiece

Artists in a program of the VAC and Vermont Folklife Center. The concert is free and open to the public. It will be held at the college pavilion and performs there rain or shine. Bring lawn chair and/or blanket. For more information, call 802-273-2911.

seasonal dishes prepared by GMC Summer Farm Intensive students. After dinner, guests can enjoy a farm tour and learn more about the college’s farm operation, as well as its chickens, oxen and cows. Contact Sam Dixon at for more information.



& Portable Toilets




595 Main Street, Castleton


Ed Lewis to speak about farming Aug. 4 On Sunday, Aug. 4, at 4 p.m., Ed Lewis, a local eighth generation farmer, will speak to members of the Castleton Historical Society about changes in farming over the years. Fittingly, the program will be at the home of Marna Grove, 557 Pencil Mill Road in Castleton. Marna’s home was originally the “Murphy Farm,”

once the only building on the road that runs from North Road to Route 30. The original 1860 farmhouse has been charmingly renovated; the one remaining original barn has dated signatures from the late 1800s on the walls. Attendees are encouraged to bring a chair or blanket to sit on and refreshments will be

served. All local folks interested in history are invited to attend. The Grove home and design studio are located a half mile from the turn onto Pencil Mill Road from North Road. This program is weather-dependent; please call Holly Hitchcock at 468-5105 with questions.

Wells Historical Society hosting cemetery tour The Wells Historical Society will hold its annual meeting and cemetery tour on Wednesday, Aug. 7, at the Modern Woodmen Hall in Wells. Dinner will be the group’s annual barbeque supper beginning at 6 p.m., and attendees are asked to bring a salad or a dessert to share. Hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken will be provided. Right after dinner and weather permitting, participants will all make their way to the Wells Cemetery, where members Peggy Jenks and Valerie Legh-Harriss will point out noted historical Wells ‘residents.’ Attendees are asked to wear comfortable shoes for the stroll through a part of Wells history.

Since this is the society’s annual meeting, dues of $5 per person for 2013 will be collected. Elections will also be held evening for officers and trust-

ees. Locals are asked to come and bring a friend for a wonderful evening of local history and friendship.


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FARMERS’ MARKET Thursdays 3:30-6:00

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Located at the Fish and Game Bldg, West Pawlet Delicious Hot Food to stay and enjoy at market or to go! Smokey BBQ, Vegan Fare! Fresh Vegetables, Local Meats (Pork, Beef, Chicken), Eggs, Cheese, Homemade Pies, Pickles & Preserves, Honey, Crafts

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Learn about Revolutionary War health and medicine at Mount Independence Did you know that the largest hospital built by Americans during the Revolutionary War was at Mount Independence in Orwell? On Sunday, July 28, at 2 p.m., the Mount Independence State Historic Site cranks up the time machine to explore the story of health and medicine during the Revolution on Mount Independence with the program, “An Investigation into the Revolutionary Mind: What Were You Thinking, Dr. Jonathan Potts?” Modern day historian and site interpreter Paul Andriscin summons personages from the past to an interview, so he and the audience can learn “firsthand” about the conditions sol-

diers faced while serving on the Mount, the most common illnesses, and how they were treated. Andriscin will interview Dr. Jonathan Potts, portrayed by Steve Whalen, and one of the women on the Mount who cared for sick soldiers, portrayed by Mount Independence site interpreter Tobrina Calvin. Potts was the director general of the hospitals of the northern and middle army departments during the Revolution. Audience members are welcome to ask their questions at the end. The event is included in the regular admission fee of $5 for adults and free for children under 15. While there you can

visit the museum and walk any or all of the six miles of trails on the over 300-acre site. Call 802-948-2000 for more information. The Mount Independence State Historic Site is one of the best-preserved Revolutionary War sites in America. It is located near the end of Mount Independence Road, six miles west of the intersections of Vermont Routes 22A and 73 near Orwell village; carefully follow the signs. Regular hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily through Oct. 14. For more information about the Vermont State-Owned Historic Sites, visit:

John DeMatties graduates from Paul Smith College A Poultney native recently graduated from Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondack Park of New York state. John DeMatties graduated in May of 2013 with an associate of applied science degree in arboriculture and landscape management. He also earned an associate of applied science degree in forest technology. At Paul Smith’s College, it’s about the experience. The college, which is on the shores of Lower St. Regis Lake, is the only four-year institution of higher education in the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park of New York State. Our programs, in fields including hospitality, culinary arts, forestry, natural resources, entrepreneurship, the sciences and many others, draw on industries and resourc-

es available in our own backyard while preparing students for successful careers any-


where. On the Web:


• Septic Tank Pumping • Portable Toilet Rentals • High Pressure Line Jetting • New Septic Systems Installed • Repairs to Old Systems

History tunity to guess what the items are. Other displays will have books and documents available for purchase. The Benson Historical Society will sell copies of “Remembering Benson.” Published in 2012, the book blends together stories collected from longtime Benson residents. There will also be a Revolutionary War reenactor, old fashioned children’s games, a collection of old bicycles and a performance of the Rutland Curbstone Chorus from 1:30 to 3 p.m. The Fair Haven Cemetery Association will offer tours from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. The association has been busy making improvements to the West Street and Cedar Grove Cemeteries and guests will be able to see the results of those efforts. “The event is not just for history buffs but instead is for anybody who wants to enjoy a nice afternoon in the park,” Angis said. Admission to the event is free.

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West Pawlet Carnival, parade starts next Friday The Annual Carnival and Parade sponsored by the West Pawlet Fire Department will be held Friday, Aug. 2 and Saturday, Aug. 3 at the fire department



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grounds. The carnival starts around 6:30 p.m. each night. The two-day event will include a hoop toss, a dime plate toss, a dart booth, a dunking booth and games for all ages. On Saturday, Aug. 3 at noon, the department’s famous chicken barbecue will be served. The cost is $12 per meal. Each night, the fire depart-


Taggart Bros., Inc. General Contractor

(802) 265-8834 • (802) 468-5308

WINDY HOLLOW HOMES Display Lot: 9497 Route 22 Granville, NY (Next to Curtis Lumber)


(802) 468-5797


ment will also sell hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage and French fries, and the Lewis Maple Syrup House will be on hand. The annual parade sponsored by the department will be held on Saturday beginning at 6 p.m. The parade will come down through the town. Assembly for the parade begins at 5 p.m. at St. Frances Cabrini Church located on Route 153. Anyone who would like to be in the parade is asked to contact Morgan Hosley, chairperson for this year’s events, at 802-6450158.


Just Reduced ~ Sweet ~ 3 Bedroom Bungalow Year Round! Deeded access to Neshobe “B” Beach at Lake Bomoseen. Only a short walk to the Beach! Don’t miss this one! Only $129,000. YOUR LAKES REGION LEADER IN REAL ESTATE Route 4A, Hydeville Plaza, Hydeville, VT 05750

OPEN HOUSE ~ SUNDAY JULY 28 ~ 1-3PM Marla Willette / RealtyUSA


NEW PRICE: $119,900



CENTURY 21 BIRD REAL ESTATE wants to WELCOME Tasia Benson and Marilyn Trepanier to our office!



Includes Home, Vermont Sales Tax, Delivery & Set-Up


Both Tasia and Marilyn have been selling real estate in Rutland County for over 20 years, and have recently relocated to our office in Bomoseen. Both are excited to be with the team and looking forward to many great years with Century 21 Bird Real Estate.


Real Estate

(802) 468-3200


CALL: 1-800-354-4232 (4) TIRES 31X10:50 15” Trail Marker by Goodyear. Half worn, 60,000 mile tire, $99 firm. 518-638-8805


ANDERSON PICTURE WINDOW in frame, 40X50, $75. 631-241-6342

CABINET MAPLE THREE shelf, 20X28X30, $20. 802265-4277

DRESS 8 MED purple w/ or without straps, will send pic, $99. Text 518-779-8082

1/2 HP SHALLOW well water pump, needs switch, $10. 518-642-1941

ANTIQUE MASON HAMLIN organ, needs work. Beautiful wood finish, $75. 518-6773072

C A S H R E G I S T E R BATTERY or electric. Ideal for fa r m e r s m a r ke t o r fa r m stand, $65. 518-692-7673

DRESSER 9 drawers, 5’8”L, 1’18”W,10”H, great shape, $75 OBO. 518-301-1200

12Hp BRIGGS & STRATTON motor, electric star t, $75. 518-642-1941

ANTIQUE SIMPLEX LIVESTOCK watering bowl, $30. 518-638-9000

16” BRASS CYMBAL camber- Germany, $60. 802-2879462

ANTIQUE YOUNG LADYS vanity,tri-fold mirror top, 3 small drawers, foldout lace doors, $99. 518-955-2229

CHAIR HIGHBACK 1 cushion, green plaid w/ green cover, good condition, $20. 802-362-3192

19” COLOR TV w/ remote, $35. 518-686-9593

CHEST FREEZER with wire baskets. Excellent condition, $99. 518-854-9702

1940S DRESSER w/ mirror, $75. 518-692-7583

A R M C H A I R V I C TO R I A N CARVED Rose striped silk, s e a t 2 1 ” W, n e e d s g l u e / cleaning, $40. 802-293-5130

C H I N A T E A P OT S a d l e r English Rose pattern, excellent condition, $20. 518-6422224

1966 FORD THUNDERBIRD tail lights, vent windows & many other par ts, $75. 518-642-9122

A RT I F I C I A L F L OW E R TREE excellent condition, $10. 518-695-6114

C L A S S I C A L G U I TA R Yamaha w/ gig bag, like new, $85. 518-855-4044

1981-86 CHEVY TRUCK interior door panels, red/gray, $20. 802-287-5853

B&S PUSH LAWN Mower, starts first pull, all tuned, $65 OBO. 518-222-3197

COMPUTER DESK W/ right angle extension, key board pullout, $25. 802-362-1185

2 DRY IRONS in boxes, $10. 802-537-3175

BARBELLS ULTRAKTRON red coating, (4) 8.8lb, (4) 4.4lb, one 5.5’ bar, 1 1.5’ bar, grips, $30. 802-293-5130

CONTEMPORARY DESK $30 cash only. 518-692-2931

2 MAG WHEELS W/ tires, 14” ET mags 235/60 tires, $99. 518-677-3072 2 MERCEDES BENZ service manuals for engines 615 thru 617.91 & body/chassis 114/115, $65. 518-638-9000 2 TIRES like new, Uniroyal P185/75R14, $70. 518-6865209

BARELY USED DECK furniture, glass table w/ umbrella & 5 chairs. Paid $600 sell, $99. 802-265-3718 BBQ GRILLMASTER stainless, portable, clean, used once w/ fuel, $50. 518-6422756

2 VERIZON CELL phones, $5. 802-537-3175

BED 3/4 SIZE Iron headboard, footboard & rails, $99. 518-692-1285

2 WHEELED LOG CART Sturdy metal frame, folds for storage, pics, $25. 802-2935130

BICYCLE SCHWINN 26” Side Winder, 21 speed, Joy Ride, men’s, excellent condition, $99. 518-642-2677

3 HUGE BAGS boys clothes 3t, summer & winter. Coats, snowpants, shoes, good condition, $45. 518-632-5122

BIRD CAGE MAUVE suitable for two smaller birds (parakeets), excellent condition, $15. 518-854-9702

32 INCH JVC tv w/ remote & manual. Works perfect, $45. 802-645-0654

B L AC K M E TA L F U TO N beige mattress, arm pillows, great shape, you move please, $50. 518-260-8016

36 MATCHBOX CARS plus 3 carrying cases, $30. 802325-3759 or 802-558-0433 4 COOPER CS4 Tour ing Tires, 215/60R16 M&S on 5 spoke 5 lug rims, 1/2 tread, $99. 802-287-9321

BLIND NAILING CEMENT for half lap roofing, two 5 gal pails, $50. 802-362-1185 BLUETOOTH CAR SPEAKERPHONE Motorola T225, never used in original box, $20. 518-642-2224

CO UC H H IG HBACK 3 cushions, green plaid w/ green cover, good condition, $50. 802-362-3192 CRAFTSMAN LASER T R AC m e a s u r i n g t o o l , measures 2 to 50 sq & cu ft, $25. 518-587-0836 CRAFTSMAN 4-1 LASER trac level, ver tically, horizontally, 90 degree. Multiple mounts, $25. 518-587-0836 CROSLEY AIR CONDITIONER 5,000 BTU excellent condition, $50. 802-4685487 CROSLEY RADIO CR246 director, cd, recorder, new, never used, over $300 new, $99 firm. 518-642-2756 DELL MONITOR 19”, $25. 802-287-2020 D E S K TO P C O M P U T E R works good, $50. 802-2788068 DEWALT 7749 10” radial arm saw, $85. 518-692-2100 DISCOVERY X-CRAFT R/C Hovercraft, new in box, $30. 802-265-4678

BODY BY JAKE as seen on TV, many functions, $75. 518-677-3185

DISHES BROWN IN color, 4 cups, plates & 2 bowls. Will send pics, $20. Text, 518779-8082

4 W H E E L RU B B E R t i r e pony wagon, $75. 518-6388978

BOLTS NEW CARRIAGE bolts, 5/8” by 2” thru 6” (202), $99. 518-793-7398

DOG CRATE barely used, like new including divider, manual, $60. 802-867-4428

4 0 ” D I N E T T E TA B L E w / two chairs, natural top w/ green base, good shape, $25. 802-265-4472

BOOK SHELF light finish, 5 shelves, tall & narrow, $50. 518-681-1695 Donna

DOG CRATE Sky kennel for M/L dog, 21wX25hX30l, some rust on door, $15. 802293-5130

4 SIDED ROLL around display rack w/ lots of shelves, drawer in bottom, $40 OBO. 802-287-5853

45 CEMENT blocks, 16X8X8”, $40. 518-642-1941

BOTTOM LINE PORTABLE fish finder, temp, depth in box, $55. 802-948-2922

6 H P B R I G G S & S T R ATTON motor, electric star t, $40. 518-642-1941

B OX O F H A R L E QU I N & mystery paperbacks, $10. 802-537-3175

7 DOLLS (Springfield, Porcelain, Gigi) w/ clothing & accessories, $40. 802-2872363

B OX O F M A S O N & B e l l canning jars, $10. 518-6956338

8’ SLATE TOP POOL table. Buyer must move, extremely heavy, $99. 518-832-303

BRAND NEW LEVIS tickete d , 3 6 w 3 2 l , 5 0 5 . Pa i d $49.95 each. Both for $44. 772-539-1738

8CU FT chest freezer, works good, looks good. $65. 518692-7673 Leave message.

BROKSONIC COLOR TV 14” screen, $89. 518-5286345 BULLET MOLD Nutcracker 32. 40W, $40. 802-287-9462

DOG KENNEL stakes, fence, must take down, $99 cash only. 518-692-2931 DONNY OSMOND DOLL 1976 purple pink outfit, in box, $50. 518-753-4870 DOOR STANLEY SLIDEBYS for opening 5’w by 80 1/ 8 to 81”h. NIB. Express finish, $25. 802-362-1185 DRESS 20 tall, purple w/ or w/o spaghetti straps, will send pic., $99. Text, 518779-8082 DRESS 6 med purple w/ or w/o straps, will send pic, $99. Text 518-779-8082

DRESSER W/ MIRROR $30 OBO. 802-278-8068

HEDDON COLLECTIBLE fly rod, Bass model, 6wt, old, hand signed, $75. 518-6830856 HELMET LIKE NEW women’s pink flame, black short helmet, $50 OBO. 518-8128236

DRIVING HARNESS FOR horse, used very little, $99. 518-695-6338

HOMESCHOOL RESOURCES Amazon DVD set, 7 science books, $60. 802-287-2363

DVD HOME SYSTEM uses CD-R, CD-RW audio CD’s, complete in box, $50. 518677-2569

H OT P O I N T E L E C T R I C clothes dryer, $75. 802-2653008

ELECTRIC RECLINING lift chair, light brownish, exc cond, no burns, stains, rips, $40. 802-278-8052 ELECTRIC WOK excellent condition, $13. 518-584-9240 E LV I S P R E S L E Y D O L L 1984 white gold, red outfit, in box, $50. 518-753-4870 ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Cor ner style, 5’h X 5.5’w. Adjustable shelves on sides, $99. 518-642-2921 EXTENSION LADDER 24 or 25 ft, $60 cash only. 518692-2931 EXTERIOR FULL GLASS wood door w/ jambs. Never used, primed ready to install, $45. 631-848-3288

HUFFY 6 SPEED Mens bike, very good condition, $50. 518-584-9240 IGLOO KOOLMATE TRAVEL cooler, Thermoelectric cooler & heater w/ AC converter, $40. 518-638-8810 K E L LY C H A R G E R H P T tire, M&S 245/45R17, fat one, no wear, $50. 518-6422553 KIRK DOUGLAS SIGNED book, “My Stroke of Luck” hand signed, COA incl. New cond, $45. 518-587-0836 L A M P W / S H A D E b ra s s parrot, $25. 518-681-1695 Donna LARGE BAG JUST washed baby clothes, size 12 mo to 24 mo, $15. 772-539-1738

F I R E W O O D S T O R AG E BOX reproduction of Sturbridge, $75. 518-692-1062

L E AT H E R R E C L I N E R CHAIR heat & vibrate, good condition, $99. 518-686-7592

FISHER 8FT CUTTING EDGE for snow plow w/ new bolts, $99. 518-642-9122

LIGHT GREEN pack-n-play, hardly used, $25. 802-2879225

FLEX HOSE insulated, 20ft, 4 inch, good for wood stove, $40. 518-686-7592

MATCHING OAK END tables w/ shelf under neath 20X26, 24X26, excellent condition, $50. 631-848-6329

F O U N DAT I O N F O R LARGE pool, three tier, cost $70, sell $35, Greenwich. 518-692-2964 FOUR OAK ROUND back chairs w/ newly upholstered fabric seats, great condition, $80. 631-848-6329 FOUR PIECE WHITE iron p a t i o s e t , 7 0 ” s o fa , t w o chairs, coffee table, $30. 631-848-3288 GAME TABLE (Bridge), walnut, $99. 518-692-1285 GANNON FISH DOWN rigger depth, temp, $55. 802948-2922 G A S TA N K & S E N D I N G unit for 1995 Taurus wagon. Excellent condition, $80. 802-278-8052 GE WHITE TALL tub under counter dishwasher, 2 years old. Excellent condition, $99 OBO. 518-677-0220 GIRLS BICYCLE HELMET very cool design, excellent condition, $10. 518-854-9702 G O O D R E F R I G E R ATO R large, $50 Greenwich. 518692-2964 GRASS CATCHER fits Simplicity GTH 50” mower deck, blower chute & bags, complete, $85. 518-686-9048 HAND MADE white baby cradle, $50 cash only. 518692-2931

MATTRESS BOX SPRING frame, never used, in guest room. Great condition, must sell, $90. 518-683-0856 MATTRESS SINGLE SIZE excellent condition, no bed bugs guaranteed, $40. 518692-9410 MEDIUM SIZE FRIDGE works well, Greenwich, $30. 518-692-2964 MICHAEL JACKSON DOLL 1984 American Music awards outfit, in box, $50. 518-753-4870 MOUNTAIN BIKE Cannondale F400, 7 gears, black/ yellow, $99. 518-301-1200 NEW COMMODE CHAIR $13. 518-584-9240 NEWMAN BROS ORGAN good working condition, $30 OBO. 503-890-7535 NUTONE WHITE VENTING hood, inside/outside, 2 years old. Excellent condition, $30 OBO. 518-677-0220 OAK TABLE WITH formica top & four windsor chairs, great condition, $99. 631848-3288

OVER 2000 BASKETBALL baseball, hockey, football cars, $60. 802-287-2363

S E TA T H O M A S W A L L clock 1800’s, good condition, $99. 518-686-7592

PAINT ACRYLIC LATEX Handicap-blue, unopened, never frozen, 3 gal, $30. 802362-1185

SEWING SHOP CLOSED Comp lot of patterns, Wome n ’s, M e n ’s, C h i l d r e n ’s, Crafts. $75. 518-642-1643

PAINTED PICTURE excellent condition, $5. 518-6956114

SILVER COFFEE TEA sugar, creamer tray, $45. 802265-4277

PANASONIC STEREO w/ three speakers, excellent condition, asking $90. 518642-1734

SIX HOUSE TRAILER tires on rims, nice, $60. 802-4685651

PAPER CUTTER Boston 2612, perfect condition, $15. 518-642-2224 PA R K B E N C H w o o d & wrought iron, $10. 772-5391738 PARTS BOOKS & manuals for International T-9 plus cargo winch manual, $45. 518793-7398 PICK UP ALUMINUM camper top, 99” long, 77” wide, 33” high, $50. 802-2653857

SM PRESSURE COOKER $10. 802-537-3175 S M A L L C A N E B OT TO M chair, good shape, $25. 518681-1695 Donna SOLAR PANEL 4X8FT hot water, $99. 518-642-2848 SONY CAMCORDER Good c o n d i t i o n , ex t ra b a t t e r y, Greenwich, $40. 518-6922964 SPORTER 1200-883 SET stock mufflers, like new, $99 OBO. 518-812-8236

PICKUP FIBERGLASS camper, top 77” long, 59” wide, 21-30” high, $50. 802265-3857

STAINLESS STEEL TANK open top, multi-use, with drain, wash, feed, display, $99. 518-638-9000

POOL OIL BURNER motor plus Honeywell pool aquastat, $65. 518-638-9000

STAMPS FOREIGN many WW2 album & a box, $50. 518-692-1062

POOL VACUUM w/ hose, telescopic pole & skimmer head. Excellent condition, $25. 518-695-4352

STAMPS USA SOME very old 2, Scott Minute Man albums, $60. 518-692-1062

PORTABLE AIR COOLER waterless, cools air 15-20 degrees. No vent, like new, Salem, $75. 518-854-3946 PSE PRO SERIES bow 29” draw 60lb peak, ready to shoot complete w/ case, $99. 802-265-4472 QUAD CHAIR W/ cup holder, carry bag, like new, $15. 518-642-2756 QUEEN SIZE BED can be separated into twin beds, $25. 518-695-6338 RALLY WHEELS 15x6 $30. 802-287-5853 R A L LY W H E E L S 1 5 X 7 , $30. 802-287-5853 RCA TV 18” or 20”, $40. 802-278-8068 REAL WOOD COFFEE table, 2 end tables w/ glass tops, $35. 802-948-2922 REFRIGERATOR AMANA 18 cu ft, white, 1987, manual, fair condition, works fine, $50. 518-692-7124 ROCKING CHAIR wood w/ blue & white woven seat & back, very comfortable, $75. 518-854-7296 ROLL TOP DESK w/o roll top, $35. 802-265-4277 SCREEN HOUSE WENGEL large 6 sided, 2 entries, new, $20. 518-642-2756

OAK VANITY w/ mirror attached & stool, $75. 518955-0393

SET OF MENS golf clubs & hand cart, like new. Asking $50. 802-325-3759 or 802558-0433

OLD FRAMED TOPO map 1904 Har tford to Hebron, very nice shape, $45. 518683-0856

SET OF WOMENS golf clubs & handcart. Like new, $50. 802-325-3759 or 802558-0433

STAMPS USA NEW & old Scott American heirloom album, 1 & 2, $60. 518-6921062 STEAMER SHARK handheld, new, $20. 518-6422224 STEEL CABLE 50 feet of 7/ 8” cable w/ manufactured ends, used once, $99. 518793-7398 STEREO 5CD CHANGER w/ remote, $30. 802-2788068 S T E WA RT L A R G E A N I MAL hair clippers, $70. 518638-8978 STOVE WHIRLPOOL gold, electric slide-in range, exc cond, $95. 518-361-6851 S T U R DY TA B L E 2 4 X 4 2 , $20. 802-265-4277 S W I N G C OAT B R OW N , black tr im. Size M, knee length, nice fall coat, $45. 518-528-6345 TABLE SAW WITH stand, $20. 802-948-2922 TELEPHONES CORDLESS Uniden & ATT, works fine, $15. 518-692-7648 THOMAS KINCAID FOREVER calendar, 2 framed prints, music box, $50. 518677-2569 TIPTON GUN VISE new, durable construction. Front & handsfree support, fits any stock, $50. 518-587-0836 TIRES 215/65R16 pair Dunlop Signature, pair Purelli Scorpion S/T, $99. 518-4095502 TOASTER, COFFEE MAKE R , M I C R OWAV E a l l i n good condition, $50. 518686-7592

TORO SELF PROPELLED parts mower, $45. 802-3759313 TOSHIBA 32” TV w/ black TV stand, works perfectly, $50. 518-854-7296 T O S H I B A 5 - D I S C DV D player & remote, works perfectly, $50. 518-854-7296 TROUT FLIES NEVER used, professionally tied, great summer fall assort, 75 flies, $90. 518-683-0856

WESTERN BOOTS Laredos, black, size 10. Worn twice, mens. Great condition, $30. 518-686-7200 W I N D U P WA L L c l o c k antique 1800’s, good shape, $99 firm. 518-686-7295 ZILLA 40 GAL critter cage w/ screen cover. Used very little, $50. 802-265-4678

H A R D WO R K I N G R E L I ABLE woman looking to clean houses, do shopping and pet sitting. 518-642-3574

STRING TRIMMER Homelite gas-powered HD, 2-cycle 25cc, exceptionally quiet engine, electronic ignition. 15” cut, never-used, $45. 518753-0056

MUNCHKINS DAYCARE in Eagle Bridge has openings fo r a g e s 2 & u p. A r t s & crafts, pre-k program, playground. 8 yrs experience. 518-686-4560

UTILITY CARRY ON trailer w/ ramp, 4X7’. 2013 used twice, paid $599, first $500 takes it. 802-468-5487

TUB FILLER Barclay solid brass, cross handles, porcelain hot/cold buttons, new, $99. Dorset. 773-315-8629

WOMENS GOLF CLUBS complete w/ bag, $70. 518753-0056

TURNER VINTAGE WALL hanging. Large mirrored w/ shelves, $60 OBO. 518-6773072 TV 19” COLOR $20. 518301-1200 T WO C H E R RY C U R I O glass end tables, 24X18 Queen Ann style, new condition, $75. 631-848-6329 TWO LEATHER JACKETS great condition, size lg and 46, $99. 518-812-8236 VACUUM KENMORE CANISTER originally, $350. Runs but needs work, $35. 518854-7296 VERA BRADLEY Lizzie blue lagoon, new w/ tags & matching wristlet, $50. 802265-4678 VINTAGE 10 SPEED bike in nice condition. All working, but needs rear tire, $75 firm. 518-677-3072 VINYL SIDING unopened 12’box, Gray (driftwood), $25. 802-867-4428 VISIONEER ONE TOUCH 5800 usb scanner w/ adapter. Used once, excellent condition, $80. 518-528-6345

UTILITY TRAILER ENCLOSED all aluminum with rear ramp door & brakes. New tires & spare, $3,200 OBO. 802-375-6782



A LT H O U G H M A N C H E S T E R N E W S PA PERS tries earnestly to check all Classified Advertising submitted for legitimacy and accuracy, we cannot be responsible for ads that may be misleading.

ESSO GASOLINE SIGN vintage, “1952”. 2 sided porcelain in excellent condition. 7’W x 5’H, $950. 518-6389000

LOST KEYS 2 sets, Chevy & GMC keys with one key fob. Has a silver key ring that has a detachable connector with store key tags. 802-2875743 leave message. Possibly lost in Granville in Price Chopper parking lot near the laundromat.

HUNTING CLUB HAS OPENINGS Town of Dresden, great hunting and fishing. For info 518-668-2849

12 GAUGE PUMP shotgun for sale, $275 cash. 802-3752405 18 BUNDLES OF architectural shingles, slate grey, $475. 518-361-8643 CLOCK GRANDFATHER Westminster chimes, not antique, Ger man cabinet maker, 1970’s, $300. 518642-9824 FEATHERLITE 2 HORSE straight load bumper pull with Weekender living quarters, 7’6” high, excellent condition, new $26,330. Sale $19,995. 802-375-6782 HAYWARD POOL FILTER and motor, very good condition, used in 20x40 inground pool, $195. 518-692-2365 KORG M1 SEQUENCER keyboard. Manual, guidebook, program & sequencing cards, foot pedal included, $700. 518-369-2932

The Community Papers of New England can display this size ad to over 1 million homes. To place your advertisement, call 800-354-4232 Ask for Heather

OAK WORKS MASSAGE TABLE EC, extra cushion, wide, portable w/case, aqua color, $225. Call Donna at 518-681-1695 Hartford, NY SET OF MENS golf clubs w/ bag, $90. 518-753-0056

ANTIQUE FAIR AND FLEA MARKET Aug 3rd & 4th at the Washington County Fairgrounds, Rte. 29, Greenwich NY. $3 admission. (Sat. 8a-6p, Sun 9a-4p) Featuring over 200 dealers. GREAT FOOD. Early-Bird Friday (8/2 - 7a-6p $10). RAIN or SHINE. Call (518) 331-5004

AVIATION MAINTENANCE TRAINING Financial Aid if qualified. Job Placement Assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! FAA Approved. CLASSES STARTING SOON! 1-800292-3228 or NAA.ed

ALL CUT SPLIT & DELIVERED Hardwood firewood. Green wood now available, any length. 518-642-1558 or 802-855-3974 FIREWOOD & LOGGING Green hardwood, firewood cut, split & deliv., $175/cord. TJ Greenawalt 518-677-5227 SEASONED CUT Split and Delivered firewood $255/ cord. Log Length firewood price on delivery area. Cash paid for standing timber, wood lots wanted. 802-2732527

BAG OF WORKBASKET magazines from 60’s & 70’s. FREE. 518-695-6338 COULDRON LARGE BLACK cast iron, complete w/ stand, great for decorating or re-enactors. FREE. 518686-7200

FREE UPRIGHT PIANO handed down, looking to go forward. A great starter, you transport. 518-854-9362

ARGYLE Fri & Sat 07/26 & 07/27, 9am- 3pm, next to The Stovery, Rt 40 in South Argyle, Rain or shine. Antiques, maple bed, wood cook stove, 50’s sewing machine, early cupboard, tree stand, lots more! 2 Family Sale! CAMBRIDGE (COILA) Last chance sale. Bargains Galore! Household goods, furniture, books, linens, fabrics, appliances, tools, collectibles, fine china. July 2627, 10am - 8pm. 79 State Route 372. CAMBRIDGE 1 Avenue B, July 27-28 9am-3pm. Levi’s a l l s i ze s, 2 k aya k s, fo o t wear, housewares, books and more. EAGLE BRIDGE 14 Center White Creek Lane, off Rte 22. 07/27 & 07/28, 9am-5pm. Big selection of large & small household items including furniture & antiques. Variety of woodworking & auto tools. Lots of paper crafting supplies & more. Ever ything must go! SALEM Moving Sale. July 26, 27, 28, 8am-4pm. 22 Wa i t e s Way, ( R t 3 1 , W. Hebron). Furniture, household items, TOOLS, plus MTD lawn mower, Troybilt chipper, Craftsman powerwasher & much more! S C H U Y L E RV I L L E M u l t i Family sale, July 27 & 28, 8am - 5pm. Old Saratoga Knolls Lane. Golf, antiques & toys!

CRAGIN’S GUN SHOP BUY * SELL * TRADE 105 State St, Rutland, VT 802-773-9781 WORK 802-558-2300 CELL

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CLARINET/FLUTE/ VIOLIN/TRUMPET/ Trombone/ Amplifier/ Fender Guitar, $69 each. Cello/Upright Bass/ Saxophone/ French Horn/ Drums, $185 ea. Tuba/Baritone Horn/Hammond Organ, Others 4 sale. 1-516-3777907

PETS-LIVESTOCK BABY BUNNIES 20 to choose from, $5- $10 each. Small & large breeds. 518642-2928 FREE 1 1/2 YR OLD German Shepard. German blood lines, very nice dog. To good home only. 518-695-3576 GERMAN SHEP PUPPIES German/Czech lines. Parents on prem. Bred for temp/ intel. $1000. 802-345-8090

PIGLETS FOR SALE 10 weeks old, $90 each. Contact Steve at 802-293-5354 WANTED: Will take FREE goats, rabbits, sheep, laying hens, dogs. Will pick up. 518-642-3776

2 0 1 3 S M A L L S Q UA R E bales, average 50lbs, $2.50 off the wagon. Call for other pricing & avail. 802-345-5493

L AW N T R AC TO R S 2 Craftsman 12HP, $200 each. Poulan lawn tractor, $350/ Bowens diesel lawn tractor w/ large deck, $750. Agway needs steering work, runs good, $150. 518-642-3776



Classified Ad Rates: $13 • 20 Words • 3 Weeks! PRIVATE PARTIES ONLY • ADDITIONAL WORDS 25¢ EACH


Here is the item I want to sell: _______________




















Payment Information:


518-642-1234 | 800-354-4232


CNA $500 Sign On Bonus

RN SUPERVISOR RN UNIT MANAGER Full Time Position Available!


$1,000 WEEKLY OR MORE guaranteed salary mailing our financial company letters from home. No experience required. FT/PT. Genuine opportunity. Rapid Advancement. Free Information (24/ 7): 1-888-557-5539 AEOLUS ANIMAL HOSPITAL seeking veterinary technician. Strong work ethic a must! Competitive salary & benefits. Experience preferred. Send resume by fax 802-362-0252 or email



Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc. 28 Perry Lane, PO Box 160 Cambridge, New York 12816 e-mail:

IMMEDIATE OPENING PREP COOK & SALAD AREA Nights & Weekends. Apply in person @ The Burger Den, Cambridge, NY.

LOVE CATS? Asst needed, p/t, 3-5 days, 3-5 hrs. Midafter noon- early evening. M u s t h ave ex c c l e a n i n g skills. Live in apt exchange also avail. Greenwich, 518692-9848 leave msg MORNING MILKERS WANTED 518-744-1587 S E RV I C E W R I T E R mu s t have good customer service skills, billing, estimating, scheduling. Bain’s Service Center. 518-854-3000




DAIRY FARM help wanted, full time. Milking and various other responsibilities. References. 518-692-7339

Granville business seeking person with basic bookkeeping, customer service and social media skills. Position can be full or part time depending on situation.


Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc. is actively looking for qualified people to join our team. We have the following positions currently open:

CNC MACHINE OPERATORS (2nd & 3rd shift) Loads and unloads work pieces from production machinery. Utilizes power tools and hand tools to perform preparation or finishing work, utilizes gages and measuring devices to check product quality. Updates documentation for quality checks. Requirements: Qualified candidates will have experience in an industrial production environment. Experience operating CNC machining centers or lathes is desired but not required. Duties: job related quality control, including: reading shop prints and using calipers, micrometers, and various measurement gauging. Other duties: material handling and lifting of up to 50 lbs. Applicants must have a H.S. diploma or GED equivalent.


(e-mail us or see website for details):


Pleasant Valley

CVM is an equal opportunity employer. EEO-D/V/F/M All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, age, genetic disposition, religion or national origin

Need a Need


RN Supervisor Full-Time RN Supervisor Part-Time Should possess strong clinical skills, supervisory experience, long-term care experience, good written/verbal communication skills.


The classifieds bring together job seekers and potential employers every week.


Please apply in person or email your resume to: No phone calls please.

COACHES Fall 2013 Spring 2014

STAN’S APPLIANCE REPAIR. Refrigeration: Residential & Commercial Reconditioned Appliances & Parts 518-499-0019

Facility Services Inc.

• Weekly • Bi-weekly • Monthly • Occasionally


JOIN OUR SERVICES DIRECTORY TODAY! 2” Display Ad Special! Call Today! 800-354-4232



400 York Street Poultney, VT



WE CAN DO AN INEXPENSIVE JOB TO AN ELABORATE JOB. Also offering brush hogging, lawn installation and all kinds of site work. Call us about all of our services!

518-677-8921 C 518-681-0227

600 Route 7 Pittsford, VT 05763

(877) 999-2555

REAL ESTATE 4BDRM, 4 ACRES barn, on river, Buskirk. In remodeling stage, as is, in the $50k. Cambridge Schools. 518915-3080

802-287-2415 All Seasons

Excavator for Hire


Affordable and Energy Efficient Singlewide and Doublewide Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes, built to your specifications! Stop in today and be in your new home this summer!

With Rotary Brush Cutter With 22ft Reach

Mowing & Brush Cutting of Ponds, Steep Hills Embankments & Roadsides We also have multiple versatile brush-hogging & brush-cutting equipment for all your needs.



Easton NY • 518-692-9074


BOURN TREE SERVICE Over 30 Years Of Service Fully Insured * Free Est. Brush Chipping * Land Clearing. 518-642-2182

4.5 + ACRES SALEM electric & driveway in place. $16,000 owner finance w/ stipulation & down payment. 518-222-0090 CASTLETON, VT 10 acre h o m e s i t e s . A d i r o n d a ck views. $75,000 & up. Terms. Owner: 802-349-0183

SHASTA TRAVEL TRAILER (2) axel, great camp/storage, 32X12’ office trailer, $800 OBO. Whitehall, NY. 802-558-1797.

RENTALS CEDARS SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Take a Tour Weds 12:30pm! Off Bay St, Queensbury! 518-832-1701. GRANVILLE 1bdrm, nice village proper ty, $450/mth. 732-788-9985 GRANVILLE nice 1bdrm up, utilities included, security & references. 518-632-5023 GRANVILLE VILLAGE 1BR first floor, non-smoking apt. Accepting apps for 09/01 rental. 100% brand new energy efficient, smaller apt w/ many features for limited mobility. Front load WD, trash incl. Very quiet, private next t o p r o fe s s o f f i c e. A m p l e parking, small yard, $600/mo + util. Call/text 518-223-3339 or 518-642-3123 voice msg. GRANVILLE village, large, 1 bdrm, up. Off street parking. Sec & Ref, avail 09/01, $500, Appliances. 845-207-9288 GRANVILLE-Mettowee Valley Apts - 2 bdrm $578 rent; utilities average $81. No smoking. Pet? Must meet eligibility requirements. For application 518-584-4543. NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800421-1220. Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity. GREENWICH 1br, 2nd flr, suitable for 1 adult. W/D h k u p. N o s m o k i n g / p e t s . $450/mo. 1st, last, sec. 518692-9122 VICTORY MILLS newly remodeled, 1bdrm, 1st floor, $700/mth, heat included. Leave msg 518-695-5376

WHITEHALL 2bdrm upstairs. Includes heat & hot water. Off street parking, W/ D hookup, no pets/smoking. 518-499-0197

EXIT ONE SELF-STORAGE Heated Units Also Available Route 4-A Fair Haven, VT 802-265-3330

H A M P TO N 3 b d r m , 1 b a newly renovated on private 3 acre lot, 3 miles west of Fair Haven. $1,200/mo. 1st last & sec req. 802-265-3766 or 802-265-3146

CAMP FOR RENT Lake Bomoseen. sleeps 6. Available LAST 2 WEEKS IN August and early September. $725/ wk. 475-529-1083

POULTNEY 3bdrm, 2ba, lg lot, $950. First, last & deposit. Utilities extra. Avail 07/ 15/13. 518-282-9818

MIDDLETOWN SPRINGS 2bdr m in village, private, snow plowing & mowing included, no pets, no smoking, $675/mth. 802-235-2301

GRANVILLE PROFESSIONAL OFFICE space, shared reception area, heat & utilities included, $500/mo. 518-642-9490

SCENIC CAMP Lake St. Catherine. West Lake Rd. 4Bdrm, sleeps 8-10. Dock & floating dock. Cable & internet provided. Interested- call 315-717-1712 WA R M W E AT H E R I S YEAR ROUND In Ar uba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available. Sleeps 8. $ 3 5 0 0 . E m a i l : for more information.

1976 MONTE CARLO LANDAU Runs & looks great. Stored inside, mileage 64,514, $4,500. 518-6388788

2005 PTCruiser Touring, sunroof, 5spd, many upgrades, minor rust, daily drive r, p a s s e d i n s p e c t i o n , $2990. 802-345-7312

1999 FORD TAURUS Station Wagon, 116K, silver, some rust. Current Vt inspection. $1,800 OBO. 802-265-3649

2008 AUDI Q4 previous purchased maintenance package transferred with car. 43K, still under warranty, fully loaded, sunroof, $16,500/ obo. 802-235-2765

2000 HONDA CRV many new par ts, runs good inspected, 280K, $2,300. 802293-5210 2000 SAAB 9-3 Convertible, Good cond, new engine, new turbo, new ball joints, $4000. 518-955-8878 2001 BLACK DODGE Dakota, 100,000 miles, good condition, $3500/obo. 518854-3841 or 518-791-8788 2001 PONTIAC AZTEK solid car, runs good. 104k, V-6, a u t o m a t i c, s o m e q u i r k s, $2,200. 802-342-0992 2 0 0 1 T OYO TA C A M R Y 206,000 miles, runs great, $2300. 802-683-4057

NICE CONDITION! 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, A/T, V-6, 120K, Clean! $4900/OBO 518-499-1538

CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not, Sell your Car or Truck TODAY. Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-800-871-0654

14’ ALUMINUM 20HP 2 stroke w/ trailer, lots of new par ts. Excellent shape, $1800 OBO. 518-632-5306

17’ MICHI CRAFT aluminum canoe. Good condition, with paddles. $265. 518-677-2601 BOAT MOTOR TRAILER 40HP, runs good, $1200. 802-293-5210 PRINCECRAFT 12FT ROW BOAT comes with a Z trailer, 5HP Johnson motor & fuel tank, $750. 802-537-2332

06 MONTANA 5TH WHEEL 29’, 2 slide outs, non-smoking, excellent condition. 802442-4505 or eve 802-4424717 POP UP CAMPER sleep approx 6 people, Skamper. Fair condition, $250 OBO. 802235-2301

1940 JOHN DEERE Model B Tractor, restored. Parade ready, $3,000. 802-287-2397

1985 RAM CHARGER 4X4 little surface rust, orig engine, brand new tires & rims, Runs great. $5500. 518-7474565 1 9 8 8 B U I C K R E AT TA Looks & r uns great, new tires, brakes, & tuneup, never run in the winter, asking $2490/obo. 802-273-2647 US ARMY 1/4 TON trailer, completely road ready, $995. 802-287-5743

1 4 6 6 I N T E R N AT I O N A L Good condition, fresh engine, new 20.8 X 38 rubber, $12,500/obo. 802-345-5617 209 CLASS BAILER 360 va r i a n t w / p r o c e s s o r. $28,000 OBO. 802-345-5617 KIOTI CK20 TRACTOR diesel, 21HP, loader/back hoe, l i ke n ew, u s e d 4 2 0 h r s, $15,500. 802-770-2292

07 TOYOTA TUNDRA 4.7 SR5, 75k. Double cab, always oil undercoated, solid, $15,500. 802-468-5805 1997 FORD F150 4X4 Lariat, bedliner, tonneau cover, ext cab. 140K miles. Nice cond, maroon, $3995. 802-3252615 2001 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500HD, tow package, Minute-mount plow, V8, 6.0L, blue, 123K, $5800. 518-812-4103 2 0 0 1 C H E V Y T R AC K E R 4 d r, 5 s p d , 4 c y l , 1 2 7 K , 28MPG, tow alloys, inspected, $2495. 518-686-7076 2004 GMC SIERRA HD V8, ext cab, 4WD, 158K, white. Sharp & clean, well maintained. NADA appr. over $9,000, will take $7,995. 802-948-2051 after 6pm or 802-236-4576

05 HARLEY SPORTSTER 883 low, 15,900, mint, new tires, battery, heated grips, extras, $5500. 802-265-3175

1990 HD FXRS 1300cc, new tires, $6000. 802-325-3127 1998 HARLEY DAVIDSON HERITAGE softail classic. Quick release saddle bags, plenty of chrome. $12,500 OBO. 336-200-2459 2005 KAWASAKI Z750S blue sport bike, cruiser, 7500 miles, like new, $3500 OBO. 518-282-9972 2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON Ultra Classic, $12,000. 802770-2292 HD 97 1200 DYNO air cleaner, big boar, piper & mufflers, sissy bar, paint, etc. 6,400 miles, $6,500. 802-265-8822

ATV-250CC 5 speed, low miles, $1275 or willing to trade for a brush or grass hog. 802-438-2910

1987 DODGE RAM 1 ton truck, great condition, standard 4spd floor shift, big V8 engine w/63,000 original miles. Just need room. $5000. OBO 518-638-9000 2010 FORD 250 CARGO VA N w h i t e , 1 4 k , p o w e r locks, windows, mirrors, A/ C, running boards, steel cargo divider, $18,700. 518-8543602

SHORELINE BOAT TRAILER tandem whls, hyd brakes, easy loader w/ 4 new tires w/ spare for 21’ boat. $1200. 802-468-5136 T E R RY Q UA N T U M 5 T H WHEEL 40’, 4 slide outs, fireplace, roomy kitchen, king size bed, much more, $38,000. 518-638-6862

NEW SUMMER HOURS Wed - Fri 10AM-8PM Sat - 8AM-3PM Closed Sun, Mon, Tues


MSRP $35,820

MSRP $35,765





$ $

$ $


*10k lease, $3995 cash down or trade equity, tax, title, tags extra, security deposit waived for tier 1 & 2 customers, leasee responsible for excess wear & tear, residual $22174.30, $0.25 cents per mile extra.



$ $ STK#13207

MSRP $20,610



*10k lease, 36 mo, $3495 cash down or trade equity, tax, title, tags extra, security deposit waived for tier 1 & 2 customers, residual $18626.40, $0.25 cents per mile extra, admin fee extra.


Heated Seats, Remote Start

MSRP $44,420



*10k lease, $3495 cash down or trade equity, tax, title, tags extra, security deposit waived for tier 1 & 2 customers, lesee responsible for excess wear & tear, residual $14014.80, $0.25 cents per mile extra.

Z Discount .........................$5,421 Chrysler Finance Rebate....$1,000 Northeast Truck Bonus.......$2,000

MSRP $25,185



#3Z0169: 36,929 miles, Full 4-door, Very Clean, Power Windows & Locks, THE RIGHT TRUCK!

#3Z0210: Very Well Maintained, 62,735 miles, Alloy Wheels, True Blue, Very Clean!

#3Z0236: 5 Speed, Alloy Wheels, Only 64,737 miles, Cherry Red!



#3Z0259: V6, Navigation, Heated Seats, Sunroof, One Owner, Meticulously Maintained & Garage Kept. The Pre-owned Honda You Are Looking For!

#3Z0214: Bucket Seats, 21,136 miles, Very Clean, 20” Chrome Wheels, Tonneau Cover.

#3Z0271: 47,816 miles, Navigation, Sunroof, DVD, Deep Cherry Red, 22” Wheels, Very Clean & Good Looking!





#3Z0266: SR5, TRD, Power Windows & Locks, Only 22,035 miles, One Owner!

#3Z0257: Power Hard Top, Leather, Bright Red, Automatic, Very Clean, THE RIGHT ONE TO BUY!



#3Z0262: 21,732 miles, Navigation, Leather, Sunroof, Heated Seats, BLACK BEAUTY!

#3Z0275: 53,456 miles, Loaded, w/Leather, Sunroof, Detonator Yellow, Owned By Our Mechanic! 20” Chrome Wheels.



Route 22, Granville, NY (518) 642-3030

AutoMart Weekly

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