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Vol. 23, Issue 19

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Church breakfast in Poultney A monthly community breakfast will be held Saturday, May 26, from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Poultney United Methodist Church on Main Street. Scrambled eggs, homemade biscuits, jams, juice, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Adults $1 and children 14 and under free. Handicapped accessible

Friday, May 18, 2012

If you’re too excited to wait for Saturday’s annual Town Wide Yard Sale in Granville, NY, you can rest assured that a number of hardy souls will be set up Friday. If you’re a procrastinator, there will certainly be folks with items still for sale Sunday.

Food, fun and big savings highlight annual event But for the record, the event is actually Saturday, May 19. Residents will be set up at their yards in both the town and village, and there will also be many people selling at Veterans

Park. The Haynes House of Hope will have a major plant sale at its building on Route 149 in South Granville, NY. The event is almost as much about food as it its and haggling

Wind turbine talks on docket

“The Elves and the Shoemaker.” The Traveling Storyteller presents a puppet show with original music in the Hyde Room at the Fair Haven Free Library on Thursday May 31, 2012 at 6:30 pm. Free For more information call 265-8011

and buying. The Peniel Presbyterian Church on Quaker Street is serving breakfast on sale day, followed by lunch. The breakfast includes pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon and


Fair Haven prepares for Spring Fling

Lakes Region and Spartans AAU Basketball is hosting its third annual benefit golf tournament at Lake St. Catherine Country Club on Friday, May 18. Shotgun start is at 1 p.m. Format is four-man scramble; cost is $300 per team, including a buffetstyle meal. To sign up, call Dan Jones at 802-287-5887 office or 802-342-0216 cell, or by email at, or contact Bob Coloutti at 802-683-6608 or by email at

Fair Haven library puppets

Pg. 5

Granville townwide yard sale Saturday

Golf benefit for AAU hoops

There will be three meetings coming up to discuss the proposal by Reunion Power to put wind turbines on Grandpa’s Knob. The first will be at the Castleton Select Board on May 21 at Castleton State College, Jeffords Center – 233 South St. The second will be a Pittsford Select Board Meeting on May 24 at 6:30 – Lothrop School Gymnasium – 3447 US Route 7. The third will be with the Hubbardton Select Board, May 30, 6:30 p.m., at Eastside fire Station, 4645 Monument Hill Road. Reps from Reunion Power will be present at all three meetings.

Twig remembers

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Vermont artists open their doors If it’s Memorial Day weekend in Vermont, there must be yellow signs dotting many roads. The signs will direct travelers to the workspaces of 259 artists and craftspeople who will open their studios to the public for Vermont Open Studio Weekend’s 20th year. The weekend marks an opportunity for people to meet a wide variety of artists and craftspeople in their studios, on May 26 and 27. Visitors will be able to learn how art and craft is made at the studios of glassblowers, jewelers, printmakers, potters, furniture makers, weavers, ironworkers, painters, sculptors, quilt makers and wood carv-

ers. Many galleries will also host gallery talks and feature special exhibits in conjunction with Vermont Open Studio Weekend. Studios will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The Crafts Council will honor two craft studios that have been part of Open Studio for all 20 years: Glassblowers Harry and Wendy Besett from Hardwick and furniture maker Bob Gasperetti from Mount Tabor. Also being honored by the VCC are other long-time participants including individuals, collaborative groups of artists, and


The Fair Haven Town Green will be alive with activity next weekend as the community gears up for its Spring Fling Memorial Day celebration. The event will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, on the Town Green and other locales throughout the community. Held in celebration of Memorial Day, the event has become a local tradition, held annually for more than 20 years. The event features a number of civic groups who band together for a day of remembrance and family fun. One of the highlights of the day is the Memorial Day parade, which is set to step off from the north side of the Town Green at approximately 1 p.m. “It’s one of the biggest parades in the area,” said Kerry Fowler, president of the Vermont Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce. “We get quite a crowd.”


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Post office hours to shrink in smaller centers Pawlet, West Pawlet, Rupert, West Rupert, Hydeville, Middletown Springs and Danby all affected Several smaller post offices around the region are facing substantial cuts in hours, although the latest plan to reform the U.S. Postal Service does not cut any altogether. West Pawlet, Hydeville, and West Rupert will see their retail hours halved from eight hours a day to four. Pawlet, Middletown Springs, and Danby will see their hours reduced from eight to six. Rupert will see its hours cut from six a day to four. Nearby post offices in Hampton, NY, North Granville, NY and Middle Granville, NY, will see their hour reduced as well. The reduction is expected to affect retail hours only. Access to post office boxes will not change. The Rupert post office was one of 14 offices across Vermont that was to be cut altogether, but has been saved after the Postal Service reversed course on a plan that would have closed

thousands of offices around the country. The postal service announced last summer that Rupert was one of 3,700 low-revenue rural post offices that were targeted for closure as the struggling agency attempted to address its mounting financial woes, blamed largely on the increased use of online communication and rising costs. But the agency launched a new strategy last Wednesday that will keep those offices open. “This is in response to what we have heard from rural customers who want to maintain their identity, zip code and continue to have a postal presence in their community,” said Dennis Tarney, a spokesperson for the USPS.

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Regulatory Commission, would start to go into effect after Labor Day and be complete by the fall of 2014. In a statement on his website, Sen. Bernie Sanders said, “The good news is that all 15 rural post offices slated to be shut down in Vermont will remain open. The bad news is that dozens of post offices in Vermont and around the country will see their hours cut. I will continue to fight to keep as many of these post W0U0"Ugp0"Dgtpkg"Ucpfgtu offices open for as long as possible. “While I have no will shift to a part-time structure doubt that some rural post officwith a reduction of two to six es could see hours cut, I am concerned about the impact of hours. Tarney said the offices were reduced hours on many comchosen based on location, work- munities. The truth is that reducing hours in rural post load, and costumer volume. “It came down to how many offices will not save significant hours make sense for the number amounts compared to the Postal Service’s overall budget.” of customer visits,” he said. The plan also includes early Any office that was 25 miles or further from the nearest postal retirement buyouts for 21,000 service provider would remain full-time postmasters at locaopen for at least six hours a day tions around the country. Tarney said the agency regardless of the amount of retail business it experiences, he expects the buyouts to create a number of opportunities that said. The plan, which still needs will be filled by current employapproval from the Postal ees. Most will be part-time posiThe plan would affect operations at 13,000 locations around the country, with many seeing a reduction in retail hours based on customer use. 145 locations in Vermont will experience a reduction in hours. A majority of those offices

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tions. A public comment period will be held to gauge opinion on the new plan, postal service officials said. On its website, the agency said survey research conducted by the Opinion Research Corp. in February, showed 54 percent of rural customers would prefer the new solution to maintain their local post office. The announcement comes a few weeks after the Senate approved a measure to give the postal service an $11 billion cash infusion, mostly from overpayments it made into one of its pension funds. The measure would have also placed a one-year moratorium on the closure of all rural post offices. But that plan was criticized by the postal service for not giving it enough latitude to make the decisions it needed to remain solvent, and so it was set to close thousands of post offices beginning this week. Last week’s announcement puts those plans on hold. Officials estimate the new strategy could save the agency $500 million a year. The agency posted an $8 billion deficit last year and post office visits have declined 27 percent since 2005.

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19 days to go — the excitement builds! ATTN: ALL LOCAL RESIDENTS Reunion Power, LLC a registered New Jersey company along with Nordex, a Germany company is proposing the largest industrial wind power plant in Vermont. This project will consist of 15-20, 492 feet high wind turbines across approximately 6 to 7 miles on the Grandpa’s Knob/Pittsford Ridge. There are more people who live around this site than any approved, proposed or constructed project. The impact will affect all of us.We have a short, critical time frame to inform ourselves and join together in defending our communities, properties, livelihoods, and pristine mountains. Our land is priceless so please be informed, think critically and get the facts at:


Town of Castleton Select Board meeting with Reunion Power on May 21, 2012 at 7:00 – Castleton State College, Jeffords Center – 233 South St.

Town of Pittsford Select Board Meeting with Reunion Power on May 24, 2012 at 6:30 – Lothrop School Gymnasium – 3447 US Route 7.

Town of Hubbardton Select Board meeting with Reunion Power on May 30, 2012 at 6:30 – Eastside Fire Station – 4645 Monument Hill Rd.

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Tinmouth contra dance season winds up May 25 Come to an exuberant contra dance with Hannah Otten calling and toe-tapping music by Pete Sutherland on fiddle and Brendan Taaffe on guitar at the Tinmouth Community Center on Friday May 25, from 8 to 11 p.m. It is the last contra dance in Tinmouth before the summer hiatus. A contra dance uses square dance moves, but is done in long lines to live music. All dances are taught and you do not need a partner. Beginners are always welcome, although dances become more challenging as the night progresses, so early arrival is recommended for beginning dancers. The dance takes place in the Tinmouth Community Center, Route 140 in the center of Tinmouth. Dancing takes place every fourth Friday of the month. Please bring clean, non-marring shoes. Admission is $9, $7 for teens and free for children 12 and under. Refreshments will be available. Call 235-2718 for info or directions or www. for directions.

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Mettawee hosts food drive May 21- 25 The students of Girls on the Run/Girls on Track at the Mettawee Community School are holding a food drive between Monday, May 21, and Friday, May 25, to benefit the Rupert and Pawlet Food Pantries. This community project is part of their curriculum. The public is invited to help support the students’ efforts on behalf of these two important community-service bodies, the Rupert and Pawlet food pantries, by bringing in one or more food item donations.

A donation box will be located in the Mettawee Community School (5788 VT-153, West Pawlet) and donations may be brought in all week during school hours, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is very important to check expiration dates on all food items prior to making your donation. For further information or for questions, please contact Kelli Lewis at 802-645-9009 during school hours.









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572"Yknuqp"Cxgpwg."Rqwnvpg{."XV"̋"802-287-9904 Eqpxgpkgpvn{"Nqecvgf"pgct"Rqwnvpg{"Gngogpvct{"Uejqqn Rctmkpi"kp"vjg"Tgct



Serving Poultney and All Surrounding Communities & Airports


- New Merchandise - Antiques, Collectibles, General Merchandise - Small Livestock, Farm Items NYS Pet Dealers Lic. #411534

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Local Dealers In Attendance Weekly


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5 Adams Street, Downtown Fair Haven, VT

A pleasant ride from anywhere.


457 Rt. 32N, Schuylerville, NY

CALL TODAY! 518-695-6663


May 21, 2012 to May 26, 2012



CHICKEN LEGS ;;̈"lb. CHICKEN TENDERS.........&406;"lb. Shurfine MEAT FRANKS 1 LB PKG...............................&307;"ea.

41 7


Sea Best Imitation








KAISER ROLLS & 308;"pkg.


CAKES (Carrot, Cookies & Cream)






Shurfine 2% MILK............&505;"gal.

California STRAWBERRIES 2/&6022 Seedless WATERMELON..&60;;"ea.





Lunch & Dinner 11:30-10:00






Russer Wunderbar BOLOGNA & 406;"lb.


Spring Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig

Signs of summer

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The procession will march down Main Street, cut across to Washington Street and ultimately culminate where it began at the Town Green. A number of community groups, including the Fair Haven Fire Department and local dignitaries will march in the parade. Immediately preceding the parade, Fair Haven American Legion Post 49 will pay tribute in a touching ceremony to the military personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty. The ceremony will be held at the Prisoners of War monument. Throughout the day, the Town Green will abuzz with activity. “We’re approaching 50 vendors and some are still coming in so we may have more by the time the event gets here,” said Fowler. “We’ll also have a couple of amusement rides for the







468-5586 595 Main Street, Castleton

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HOURS: Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 5:00PM


Community Health Centers of the Rutland Region


smaller kids.” Vendors will offer a variety of wares, ranging from flea market items to handmade crafts.

Townwide sales There will also be other sales throughout town. “It’s kind of an unofficial townwide lawn sale,” Fowler said.

Ó000"KvÔu"mkpf"qh"cp"""""" wpqhhkekcn"vqyp/ ykfg"ncyp"ucng.Ô Mgtt{"Hqyngt."rtgukfgpv."Xv0" Ncmgu"Tgikqp"Ejcodgt Besides private sales and vendors in the park, a number of other groups will have sales. The Fair Haven Free Library will host its annual book sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the library on Main Street. The sale will feature books, audio books, and movies, and at

Sale Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig sausage and will be served from 7 to 10 a.m. when the cooks will switch over to lunch. The lunch menu includes drinks and chips for sale along with hot dogs, hamburgers or sausage, peppers and onions. The Granville Masons Lodge No. 55 will have a tent set up downtown and will be selling sausage and onions and peppers, as well as hot dogs and maple milkshakes. The Assembly of God Youth Group will be set up on the lawn

Artists Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig organizations serving as information centers. Martha Fitch, executive director of the Vermont Crafts Council says that Open Studio Weekend is “new” each year because the groups of studio and gallery sites vary annually. According to Fitch, “About 40 percent of the map changes each year as studios take a year off, and new studios join the tour. This accounts for about 80 new sites every year and allows for new geographic clusters to emerge.” The Vermont Crafts Council publishes a free map booklet with directions to participating sites. Additional information, can be found online at www. or by calling the Vermont Crafts Council at 802-223-3380.

Gallery listings There will be four open studios in Pawlet. Green Hill Studios will be open with hand-pulled prints, collage and sculpture. The Pawlet Potter will be open, as will Roz Compain Sculpture and Dick and Nancy Weis’ Otherweis Ltd., which has abstract paintings, works on paper and encaustic. Lucy Bergamini’s Vitriesse Glass Studio is in West Pawlet. Four studios will be open in Middletown Springs — Rising Meadow Pottery, with utilitarian stoneware and porcelain pottery, David Munyak, furniture maker,

3 p.m. patrons will be able to fill a bag with books for only $2. The Loft 89 Teen Center will host a flea market and bake sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 89 Main St. Proceeds will benefit the center, which serves local youth. The Fair Haven Historical Society will hold a basket party from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the park and will have displays, including a schedule of upcoming events, such as its Historical Day in July. A number of local churches plan to participate as well. And of course, there will also be lots of food. “Just about anything you can think of to eat will be there,” Fowler said. The Rotary Club will once again serve its chicken barbecue and attendees will be able to find cotton candy, fried dough and other treats. “It will be a full park,” Fowler said. “There should be a lot of stuff for people to see and do. It’s a good family event.”

of the Granville Baptist Church with chili, baked goods and coffee to help support a mission trip. Other groups are also expected to be selling food and drinks. Commercial vendors can rent space on the high school lawn right alongside of Quaker Street by contacting the Rotary Club’s Bob Jones at (518) 6421108. The Baptist Church on Quaker Street will have restrooms open to the public as will the chamber building on Main Street. Anyone with questions can contact the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce at (518) 642-2815. In case of rain, the main event will be held Sunday.

Nance Dean Jewelry and Peter Huntoon, who does watercolor paintings. In Castleton, Tom Merwin’s gallery will be open, as well as Susan Farrow, who does framed collages from found metal. In Fair Haven, Caren Helm has Pizzazz Pottery open, Katen Deets will have her stained-glass studio open, Lucinda Sayre will be welcoming visitors at Painting Nature’s Pathways and Thom Bruso’s Artistic Birdhouses will also be open. Brandon hosts one of the biggest groups of open studios, including Big Sky Handweaving, the Brandon Artists’ Guild, Smith-Hunter Studio, which does ceramics, Joan Curtus, who works in mixed media, and the Warren Kimble Gallery, which has American folk art. Also in Brandon are: Adornment , owned by Rebecca Zelis, Laura Rideout’s Art on a Whim: Stained Glass Studio, the gallery of Judith Reilly, a fabric artist, and Caleb Kenna Photography.

Points south There are a number of studios open in Dorset as well. Phyllis Lee does ceramic figures, landscape paintings, drawings, and Henry Lee makes ceramic vessels. The Terry Lindsay Gallery includes original paintings, equine, jewelry, and giclee prints. William Laberge, a cabinet member, will be open, as will Dorset Custom Furniture, Raeburn Custom Furniture and Holman Studios, which also makes custom furniture.

Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"/"Oc{"3:."4234"/"7 “IT’S NOT WHAT WE DO, IT’S HOW WE DO IT” NEW & USED PARTS • HYDRAULIC HOSES TIRES • 24 HOUR SERVICE 724 Morse Hollow Road Poultney, VT 05764

Vyki"Tgogodgtu Roger Leach Just a short blurb. Not an obit, but a reminder that an obit was coming. And that tiny piece in the paper brought tears to my eyes as I began thinking back on all the old guys I have befriended in my 30-plus years of work in hardware. Hardware stores can be tough. There’s a lot of nooks and crannies and alleyways in those multipurpose stores. Electrical and plumbing can be difficult, but you get a lot of

help and learn fast by dealing with the older craftsman. It’s all gone by so fast that Mike Welch and Greg Howard are two of the older guys (but you’ll have to tell them cause I’m not that kind of guy). Now hardware seems cut and dry, however, the old farmers will walk in with this weird mess and if you find the parts they’ll show you how they’re going to improvise. At that point you just stand back, listen and learn.

And I have learned how baling twine and duct tape work, but only as a last resort. I surely learned a lot of shortcuts from the old time farm boys like Roger Leach. What a great, smart mellow old man. He started every visit out with a wide face grin. Every time I greeted him with “Roger, Dodger, Charlie Brown.” May God be with you, Roger Leach. — Twig Canfield

Joan Hughes This goes back to my first day of work at the Hampton Manor as a waiter back in January of 1962. Grown men fighting and complaining about 15- and 25-cent tips. Surely not for me. A while later an opening came for a bartender. I was asked and I told Fred Smith, Put me on that big front bar and if you

don t like what you see, fire me. I was there for 5 ½ years and never went back to the tables. A bunch of girls would come in from the Poultney dress shop on Fridays and Saturdays, for “pizza and dancing, clams” as the sign outside claimed. One of the girls stood out. Her name was Joanie Sheldon. She pos-

(802) 287-4305


sessed a quick tongue, and quick wit and a pretty face. Boy did they give it to that new young kid. Surprise! When I gave it right back they loved it even more. What great memories, Thanks Joanie. May God be with you Joan Hughes. — Twig Canfield

Green Mountain

GROOMING Qxgt"47"[gctu"Gzrgtkgpeg

Valerie Legh Harriss

Of Wells ~ Vermont



WE BUY CARS! BROWN’S AUTO SALVAGE Bomoseen, Vermont 802-265-4548 ext 111




Poultney Poppy Day set for May 25 Volunteers from the Poultney American Legion Auxiliary will be at Citizens Bank, Stewarts and Shaw’s from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Friday, May 25, accepting donations in exchange for the red poppy in commemoration of Poppy Day. Members of Poultney American Legion Post 39 will be marching on Monday, , May 28, to place wreaths at various places to honor veterans.

Castleton Beauty Shop

Cecly White Born to the country side of life, both she and her husband Sunny had a love for animals that you couldn’t believe. They instilled that country love into their children and they instilled that same love into their kids.

Now there is a very special legacy from a very unique breed of people. God bless country folks. And May God be with you, Cecly White.

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— Twig Canfield




From humble beginnings based on affordable, trustworthy services, we have grown into a reliable resource your family can depend on. Rooted in our traditions, we stay firmly connected to the families we serve and the care we provide. We continue serving all faiths and all families in the only way we know how - by staying true to our heritage.


Are cremation prices leaving you in the red? $1,345 including cremation fee The only area funeral home with a crematory. Cremation at our Middlebury facility.


1939 Main Street, Castleton • 468-0026

Deborah Bethel Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

Roberts-Aubin Funeral Home


266 Allen Street, Poultney • 287-5511





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POTTERY Caren Helm Simple • Clean Affordable • Everyday Specializing in Non-invasive Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation & Workman Compensation Injuries with a focus on a Return to Productivity Our patients come first and are respected & provided with One-on-one, Hands-on Physical Therapy Care Serving You in 2 Locations:

5 Madison Street Granville, NY Phone/Fax: (518) 642-9519

28 Fourth Street Fair Haven, VT Phone/Fax: (802) 265-4055


OC["48"("49"\"32CO"VQ"6RO Uvqr"d{"cpf"ugg"yjcvÔu"pgy Ukip"wr"hqt"nguuqpu Caren invites you to visit the studio and see a work in progress


647 Rte 4A East, Fair Haven VT yyy0rk||c||rqvvgt{0eqo




~ UPSTATE BBQ & STEAKS ~ THURSDAY NIGHT IS RIB NIGHT... ½ Rack & 2 Sides for $11.00!!! *HTQO"6RO"VQ":RO+

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Civil War widow to visit Slate Valley Museum The Slate Valley Museum will present the final speaker of its 18-month-long exhibit “Rivals in Slate, Brothers in War: The Slate Valley Unites for the Union Cause” at 2 p.m., Sunday, May 20, when Maxine Getty returns to offer a program on the experiences of women who lost their husbands during the Civil War. Getty will portray Rebecca Cameron, a Civil War widow and will talk about the complex customs surrounding mourning during the Civil War and how the families left behind dealt with the loss of so many loved ones. The Civil War brought a time of great change and tragedy for many of the women and noncombatants left on the home front during the war. This national disaster coincided with a period of dramatic growth and an increase in the elaborate nature of mourning customs in the country. Women followed rules of decorum in publically displaying their state of mourning through clothing, jewelry, correspondence and attendance (or not attending) social functions. Getty brings this world to


life through Cameron, a newly widowed woman living during the Civil War. Through her eyes visitors will learn about the complicated role mourning had on the daily life of those living during the Civil War and how society and entrenched mourning customs gave structure to a time when many faced the deaths of loved ones on the battlefield. Getty will bring original examples of mourning clothing and accessories to illustrate how large an aspect of the Civil War’s material culture these pieces were. Enjoy this rare chance to learn how the famous battles of the Civil War affected the many men, women, and children who lost loved ones while seeing surviving examples of this dramatic period of our country’s history. This will be one of the final opportunities for visitors to see the Civil War exhibit, which explores the impact of the Civil War on the people of the Slate Valley through the jour nals, oral histories, sketches, and artifacts of Slate Valley residents. Discover the story of how the Slate Valley


"MOUNTAIN COUNTRY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE Carpentry • Roofing • Electrical • Plumbing • Tile Specialist • Painting Lawn Care • Gardening • Snow Removal • Seasonal Caretaker


Kevin ★802-645-9024★W. Pawlet, Vt.

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community reacted to the war in ways that reflected both the region they lived in and their native culture For more information, or to make a reservation, visit the museum website at or call the museum at 642-1417. For the

most up-to-date information on programs and events at the


SEPTIC PUMPING & Portable Toilets



Dr. Fadi Hawwash 129B North Main Street, Fair Haven VT

802-265-3604 Participating with several insurances, accepts most others. SENIOR DISCOUNT





Slate Valley Museum, follow on Facebook.






Dedicated to Motorcycle Education & Safety and Community Involvement

Sunday May 20, 2012 • 9am

SPARTAN ARENA at the Diamond Run Mall *Hqtogtn{"Tgikqpcn"Hkgnfjqwug+

$5 Admission, Children under 12 FREE! Bike Show (individual classes and People’s Choice) $5 per class entry: ALL BIKES WELCOME!

Concessions by Thelma & Louise Deli




Cell phones for soldiers

Southwest Freedom Riders, Inc. will be collecting phones at Xkukv"wu"qp"vjg"ygd"B"yyy0uyhtxv0eqo this event to help our Southwest Freedom Riders Inc. troops call home! SWFR Swap Meet, PO Box 735, Rutland VT 05702 As always, VENDOR SPACE IS FREE!! Call us to reserve your spot today!

and enjoy towards the cost of your wedding!

All you have to do is fill out the official entry form below and mail it in. One lucky person will receive $150 in gift certificates to use at any of the advertisers in Manchester Newspapers’ 2012 Bridal Book. The Bridal Book is available throughout the region right now. The Bridal Book is also available online at Plus - we will mail you a free copy of our 2012 Bridal Book to help you plan that special day. Deadline for entry is Friday, June 1, 2012. The drawing will be held on Monday, June 4, 2012.

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22 MAIN STREET, GRANVILLE, NY 518-642-0200

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TINMOUTH SNACK BAR & RESTAURANT Open Daily 11:00AM ~ 9:00PM Open for Breakfast Sat & Sun @ 8:00 We offer a full menu of burgers, fish, our famous hand-cut fries, soups, salads & sandwiches. Battenkill Creamery Ice Cream and our fresh homemade pies. Home-cooked Daily Specials!

DINING ROOM, PICNIC AREA, OR T AKE-OUT Located in the center of town on Rt. 140 West

(802) 446-3310 YjggnkpÔ"cpf"FgcnkpÔ





[QW"ECPÓV"OKUU"VJKU"QPG# [qw"ecp"dg"cuuwtgf"vjgtg"yknn"dg"nqvu"qh"itgcv"ogtejcpfkug#


Qnf."pgy."cpvkswgu."hwtpkvwtg."cpf"eqnngevcdngu# CHECK US OUT ON AUCTIONZIP.COM FOR LISTINGS AND PICTURES! Pq"Dw{gtu"Rtgokwo#"̋"Ecuj"qt"Iqqf"Ejgem#

Qypgt<"Ncwtkg"Egpcvg (518) 642-2428



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LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL... Just ask us! We love to be creative! OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT Stop In And See What Perry’s Addiction Is All About WINTER HOURS: Sun 6AM-2PM, Mon-Thurs 6AM-7PM, Fri & Sat 6AM-8PM


ALL YOU CAN EAT Breakfast Buffet Sunday, May 20th 8am-11am

$8 Adult, $4 kids Eggs, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Sausage & Biscuits, Hash, Home Fries, Texas Toast, French Toast, Pancakes, Fresh Fruit, Juices and Coffee. American Legion Post 50 Rte 4A Bomoseen VT 802-468-8962




For tickets or information call the Whitehall Armory:

518-832-3662/3663 62 Poultney Street Whitehall, NY

Happenings FRI 5/18 GRANVILLE Sylvan Star/ Skenesborough Chapter 122 will hold a Rummage Sale from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, May 18, at the Slate Valley Masonic Center, 95 North Street in Granville. This sale will be held on the third Friday each month, with few exceptions. Donations of clothing, household items and toys may be brought to the Masonic Center on the day of the sale. Information: Jean MacLeod at 518-260-0460. WEST PAWLET The West Pawlet Spring Farmers’ Market will be open from 4 to 7 p.m. on Fridays at the Fish and Game Club building. WHITEHALL American Legion Post 83 at 148 Main St. in Whitehall invites everyone to its Friday Fish Fry from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on May 18. This meal is served each Friday, with few exceptions. Information: 518-499-2482. GRANVILLE Everyone is invited to Movie Night at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 18, at the Pember Library, 33 W. Main Street in Granville. Information: 518-642-2525. BENNINGTON The annual Brew and Food Pairing event will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 18, at the Bennington Museum, 75 Main Street, Route 9. Dishes created by the region’s finest chefs will be paired with international and regional craft brews. Cost: $40; $35 members. Information/tickets: Visit the museum or www.benningtonmuseum. org.

SAT 5/19 BENNINGTON The American Lung Assn. will host the Fourth Annual Climb the Bennington Monument event for all athletic abilities on Saturday, May 19. Walk or race to the top via the stairway and enjoy the view of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York, all to benefit lung health and prevent lung disease. Each participant will be responsible for a $35 registration fee and a $100 fundraising minimum. Information/registration: GRANVILLE Everyone is invited to a Pancake Breakfast at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 19, at the Peniel Presbyterian Church on Quaker Street in Granville. Cost: $6 adults; $3 ages 5 to 12; free 4 and younger. Also, hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage and peppers will be available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the Granville town-wide yard sale on May 19. GRANVILLE The Granville United Methodist Church on Church Street invites everyone to its Plant and Treasure Sale at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 19, during the Granville town-wide yard sale. GRANVILLE The Granville Area Chamber of Commerce will host the annual Town-Wide Yard Sale from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20. Just put your “stuff” on your porch, driveway or yard. If you live outside the village, you can set up for free in Veterans Park on Quaker Street. Outside vendors should call Bob Jones at 518-642-1901 for space in front of the high school on Quaker Street for a small fee. Information: 518-642-2815. POULTNEY The Poultney Public Library book and movie discussion

group will meet at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 19, at the library, 205 Main Street. For discussion will be “War Horse” and copies of the book are available at the library. Refreshments will be served. Information: 802-287-5556. MANCHESTER The Garden Club of Manchester will hold its annual Plant Sale from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, at the Northshire Day School on Route 7A in Manchester Center (rain or shine). Hardy perennials and organic herbs will be offered and there’ll be a half-price sale at noon. PITTSFORD The Rutland County Humane Society at 765 Stevens Road in Pittsford will hold a Yard Sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, to raise money for the homeless animals. Donations of pre-priced items in working order will be appreciated for this sale (no clothing, shoes, textbooks, magazines or computer equipment). Drop them off from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, May 18, or 7:30 to 9 a.m. May 19. Information: 802-483-9171, or GRANVILLE The Haynes House of Hope at 7187 Route 149 in Granville will hold a Yard, Plant and Bake Sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. . For information, call Alice Didier at 518-642-9193. HEBRON The East Hebron United Presbyterian Church on Route 22 in Hebron will hold a Basement Sale from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. Featured will be a half-price sale on everything, including furniture, housewares, linens, toys, crafts and books, and a $1 bag sale on clothing. Information: 518-854-7716. RUTLAND BROC-Community Action in Southwestern Vermont invites everyone to its Fourth Annual Flea Market and Craft Fair from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, in the President’s Building at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland. This event will continue from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 9 and 10, July 4 through 7, and July 21 and 22. Inside and outside vendor space, to donate items for the sale: Donna Stearns at 802-773-9480, or 802353-5204. WEST RUTLAND A Homebuyer Education Workshop will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, 110 Marble Street in West Rutland. Affordability, the loan process, shopping for a home, home inspection, insurance and more will be covered. Cost: $60. Registration is required at 438-2303, Ext. 210. WHITEHALL Our Lady of Hope Parish invites everyone to its Eighth Annual Theme Basket Party on Saturday, May 19, at the Whitehall Athletic Club in the historic Whitehall Armory on Route 4. Doors will open at 11 a.m. with drawings at 1 p.m. Admission: $8, including a light lunch and door prizes; $2 additional tickets. WHITEHALL The 10th Annual Fun and Fitness Fair will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, at Skenesborough Park in Whitehall. Featured will be a drawing at 12:50 p.m. for nine bicycles donated by Walmart (child must be present to win); one free hot dog and drink for each child; prizes for the completion of activities such as a safety demonstration, hula hoop contest, fast and slow-speed

races, and more (ribbons to be presented to top three finishers in each age group at 12:45 p.m.). There’ll be free face painting, too, by Whitehall Central School Honor Society members. BENNINGTON An opening reception for a digital photo exhibition by Joanna Gabler titled, “Transcapes: Vermont and the Berkshires,” will be held from 3 to 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, in the Regional Artists Gallery at the Bennington Museum, 75 Main Street. Meet Joanna and learn about her work. Information: 802-447-1571, or CASTLETON The Castleton Federated Church on Main Street in Castleton Village invites everyone to an all-you-can-eat Roast Pork Supper from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. Cost: $9 adults; $6 age 12 and younger. Information: Norm or Cindy Williams at 2658686, or Holly Hitchcock at 4685105. FAIR HAVEN The Fair Haven United Methodist Church invites everyone to a Roast Pork Supper from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. Takeouts will be available after 5 p.m. Cost: $10 adults; $4 children; free age 4 and younger.

SUN 5/20 RUTLAND The Green Mountain Club will offer a Hike in Mendon on Sunday, May 20. Hike from Brewers Corners south and east up Eddy Brook to Mendon Peak. Some bushwhacking, difficult seven miles. Meet at 9 a.m. at Main Street Park, near the east end of the fire station off Center Street in Rutland City. Information: Larry Water at 775-3855. BENNINGTON The Second Annual Shires of Vermont Marathon, a classic point-to-point, 26.2-mile road race connecting Bennington and Manchester, will be run on Sunday, May 20. This race will start at 9 a.m. from the Bennington Center for the Arts that is located just off of Route 9. Information/registration: www. Skeet Shooting VICTORY The Fish Creek Rod and Gun Club on Route 32 south of Victory Village will continue its Skeet Shooting Competition at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 20. Bring your own shotgun and ammunition. Everyone will be welcome. Information: Chris at 695-3917. CASTLETON The Green Mountain Dockdogs will host a Fun Jump event on Sunday, May 20, at the Lake House Pub & Grill on Route 30 in Castleton. Dogs age six months and older will be welcome. Registration will begin at 11 a.m., with jumps starting at noon. Everyone is invited. DORSET Carol Berry will make a PowerPoint presentation on Vincent Van Gogh’s transition from preacher to painter at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 20, at the United Church of Dorset and East Rupert in Dorset. Everyone will be welcome. Information: 867-2260, or email GRANVILLE Maxine Getty will present a program titled, “Rebecca Cameron: Civil War Widow,” at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 20, at the Slate Valley Museum, 17 Water Street in Granville. Learn about the complex mourning customs during the Civil War, who mourned, and

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Visit for a more extensive calendar listing.

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by Jim Carrigan prizes, and a teacup auction. Information/registration: 802-3942444, or 394-2467 (leave your name, phone number), email, or visit www. TINMOUTH A Contra Dance will be held from 8 to 11 p.m. on Friday, May 25, at the Tinmouth Community Center on Route 140. Cost: $9; $7 teens; free age 12 and younger. Wear clean, non-marring shoes. Refreshments will be available and everyone will be welcome (you don’t need to bring a partner). Information: 235-2718, or www.

Castleton Snack Bar TVG"6C"̋"ECUVNGVQP."XV"̋":24/68:/5296 OLDE SUMMERTIME FUN!


open daily

SAT 5/26 Cu"rctv"qh"ItcpxknngÔu"Vqypykfg"[ctf"Ucng."Jc{pgu"Jqwug"qh"Jqrg" yknn"dg"jcxkpi"kvu"cppwcn"rncpv"cpf"vci"ucng"htqo";"c0o0"vq"5"r0o0." Ucvwtfc{."Oc{"3;."cv"vjg"jqurkeg"kp"Uqwvj"Itcpxknng0"Vjg"{ctf"ucng" kvugnh"yknn"dg"twppkpi"vjtqwijqwv"vjg"vqyp"cpf"xknncig0 the etiquette involved. See examples of mourning items and hear one woman’s experiences after her husband’s death. Information: 518-642-1417, or GRANVILLE Nationally known Christian singer Wade Hammond will perform in concert at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 20, at the handicapaccessible Granville Baptist Church on Quaker Street. A freewill offering will be accepted. Information: Rev. Jim Peterson at 518-642-2245. GRANVILLE The Raceville United Methodist Church invites everyone to a Roast Pork Dinner from 4 to 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 20, at the Raceville Community House on Butler Road, off Route 22A, in Granville. Takeouts will be available. Cost: $9 adults; $5 ages 5 to 12; free 4 and younger. BRANDON Benny Sharoni will perform a “masterful sax from Israel” Jazz Concert at 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 20, at Brandon Music, 62 Country Club Road. Concert cost: $15 in advance, $18 at the door. Concert/chili dinner cost: $25. Information/tickets: 802465-4071, or email

MON 5/21 CASTLETON A Music Concert will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 21, at the Castleton Village School. Everyone is invited.

TUE 5/22 PAWLET VTel will offer free Computer Classes from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, May 22, at the Pawlet Public Library. Information/registration: Dan Lucier at 802-885-7758. Also, a Writers’ Group for aspiring writers and journalists is being formed that tentatively will meet every other Thursday at 4 p.m. at the library. Information/registration: 802-325-3123 days, or 802-3253248 evenings. FAIR HAVEN Senior Honor Awards Night will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22, at Fair Haven Union High School. Everyone is invited. CASTLETON Registration is requested by Wednesday, May 23, for a Weaving Workshop that will be offered at 1 p.m. on Friday, May 25, at the Castleton Community

Center on Route 4A. Learn the technique of tri-axle weaving with ribbon and make a colorful, threedimensional design on a greeting card. Cost: $5. Information: 802468-3093.

WED 5/23 RUTLAND The American Cancer Society’s Man-to-Man Prostate Cancer Support Group will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23, in Meeting Room D of the CVPS Leahy Conference Center at Rutland Regional Medical Center. Wives and partners will be welcome, too. Information: Bob Harnish at 802-483-6220, or email, or Jim Russell at 802-362-2244, email WHITEHALL The nonprofit Skene Manor at 8 Potter’s Terrace in Whitehall invites everyone to its first Special Dinner of 2012 on Wednesday, May 23. Social hour will begin at 5:30 p.m. with an appetizer table, followed by a chicken francese dinner and dessert at 6 p.m. Cost: $30. Reservations are suggested at 499-1906, 499-2053, or 747-3735. FAIR HAVEN Fair Haven Grade School students from grades 5 through 8, along with students from Benson and Orwell, will present a Music Concert at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 23, at the Fair Haven Grade School. Everyone will be welcome.

RUPERT The Rupert Kittay Library Plant Sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, at the library, 2827 Route 153 in Rupert. Annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables will be offered, along with hanging baskets. And, master gardener John Margravite will be on hand to answer your questions. Also, donations of perennials for this sale will be appreciated (if you need pots, call Ellie Wetterauw at 394-2404). Information: 802-394-2444, or visit

FAIR HAVEN The Fair Haven Historical Society invites everyone to a Basket Party from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, in Fair Haven Park.

THU 5/24 DORSET A Green Drinks at The Dorset Inn event will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 24. Enjoy drinks and conversation with environmental enthusiasts on topics such as sustainable agriculture, climate change, local consumption, and more. You’ll find the Dorset Inn at 8 Church Street. Information:

Nqem"E7 *73:+"8;7/782;

Schedule info & Reservations: 695-5609/5496 Groups, Charters & Special Events

FAIR HAVEN A Flea Market and Bake Sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, at the Loft 89 Teen Center, 89 Main Street in Fair Haven. New and used items will be offered along with home-baked goods. Also, space is available at $10 each; bring your own table. Donations of items for the sale will be appreciated and proceeds will benefit the Teen Center. Information: Desiree Boucher at 802-278-8221, or email EAST DORSET The East Dorset Congregational Church will hold a Springing into Summer Bazaar/ Benefit and Silent Auction from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 26 (rain or shine). Quality crafts and antiques will be offered on the church lawn, just off Route 7, across from the Jiffy Mart (no tag sale items). Information/vendor space ($15 each): 802-362-2682, or 802-293-5793.


Spring is here! New wines, draft beers on tap. New spring lunch menu. Come enjoy a sunny afternoon in our dining room or out on the deck. Featuring nightly dinner specials and half-priced appetizer Mondays. The Blue Cat is the place to be!

Ockp"Uvtggv"̋"Ecuvngvqp"Xknncig."XV"27957 68:/49;3"̋"yyy0dnwgecvecuvngvqp0eqo Friend us on Facebook!

We are open for lunch Mon-Fri 11-2


Located 3 miles north of Route 4 on Route 30 Lake Bomoseen, Vermont 802-273-3000 ~

MONDAYS: OCTICTKVC"OCFPGUU"&4022 Octictkvcu"\"Hkuj"Vcequ WEDNESDAYS: Htguj"Ockpg"Nqduvgt"Fkppgt"&320;; FRIDAYS: HTGG"Ykpiu""5/8RO Nkxg"Owuke""8/32RO with James Mee & Mike Sullivan RTKOG"TKD"FKPPGT"HQT"&320;; SUNDAYS: Dtwpej"33CO/4RO +"RTKEG"GPVTG¡U"UVCTVKPI"CV"6RO


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FRI 5/25 RUPERT Registration is requested by Friday, May 25, for the Rupert Kittay Library’s Seventh Annual Golf Tournament that will begin with a shotgun start at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 9, at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club on Route 30 in Poultney. Cost: $70 per person, including 18 holes of golf, cart, and chicken barbecue. There’ll be hole-in-one prizes, too, including one for $15,000, other

Enjoy dining in a cozy, country atmosphere with lakeside views. [ GCTNU F DKT O 7/8"R


Mettawee School hosts author/illustrator McCully shares her secrets with young readers D{"Dknn"Vquecpq Award-winning author and illustrator Emily Arnold McCully, who first discovered she wanted to write in first grade, had a direct message for the Mettawee School first-graders she was working with Wednesday afternoon. “I loved telling stories, but I did not want to please other people. I wanted to please myself,” she said. “You should remember that when you write. Please yourself.” McCully, whose “Mirette on the High Wire” won the Caldecott award for distinguished children’s picture books, is in her 70s and does not do many school visits these days. But when Mettawee librarian Kelly Ahlfeld, who tries to arrange an author visit every year, reached out and offered the bonus of an overnight visit to Vermont, the Albany-area author gladly agreed. “Who can turn down a visit to Vermont,” she said, laughing. Ahlfeld said she chose to contact McCully because her book “Wonder Horse” was a 2011 Vermont Red Clover Award nominee for Best Picture Book. “It’s a picture book, so I thought about having her come for the younger students, then I discovered she had all the books the older kids would like, so I wanted to bring her in for two days and speak with all the classes. McCully focused on writing with the older students and on illustration with the younger ones. Her technique for teaching about illustration was to start with a blank drawing space and quickly sketch in a pirate, then cajole the students into telling her what else she needed to add to complete the story. After filling the board with all the details, she took the students through the writing process, starting from her storytelling ideas when she was a young girl and showing them drawings and paintings and a mock up


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from “The Bobbin Girl, about the Lowell textile mills to “The Secret Cave: Discovering Lascaux,” to her personal favorite, “The Beautiful Warrior: The Legend of the Nun’s Kung Fu.” Her illustrations are often in lush watercolors. Ahlfeld said the funding for McCully’s visit came from the proceeds of a book fair and through a donation from the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.


Htkfc{"cv"32"c0o0"ku"vjg"fgcfnkpg"vq"uwdokv" kvgou"hqt"vjg"htgg"ecngpfct"kp"vjg"hqnnqykpi" yggmÓu"pgyurcrgt0"Yjgpgxgt"rquukdng."kvgou" ujqwnf"dg"uwdokvvgf"c"yggm"qt"oqtg"gctnkgt" vjcp"vjcv"vq"gpuwtg"vkogn{"rwdnkecvkqp0""

73:/9;4/273:"Gzv0"3 By Appointment



• Septic Tank Pumping • Portable Toilet Rentals • High Pressure Line Jetting • New Septic Systems Installed • Repairs to Old Systems

Humane Society to hold yard sale The Rutland County Humane Society is holding a yard sale to raise money for the homeless animals in Rutland County. The event will be held on Saturday, May 19, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Rutland County Humane Society, 765 Stevens Road in Pittsford. There will also be a bake sale to help raise funds for the animals. The shelter will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for visiting with the adoptable animals. For more information about RCHS and/or the yard sale, please contact RCHS at 483.9171 or visit

Castleton Center announces weekly menu Monday,May 21 Cheese ravioli with meat sauce, vegetable blend, Italian bread, grapes Tuesday, May 22 Chicken corn chowder, crackers, ham salad with cabbage, biscuit and orange Wednesday, May 23 Roast pork, mashed red potatoes, peas and mushrooms, dinner roll, white walnut cookie.



Poultney students ace Vt. history day At the Vermont History Day competition March 31 in Barre, 13 Poultney students qualified to represent the state of Vermont at National History Day this June 10-14 in College Park, Md. The students are Riley Williams, Robbie Brill, Justin Davenport, Koal Oddo, Justine Mulholland, Tommy Beayon, Dakotah Heuckeroth, Ryan Wood, Christopher Cook, Hannah McLellan, and Brianna Brayton from Poultney Elementary School, and Calvin Brooks from Poultney High School. National History Day is a nationally acclaimed academic enrichment program that promotes the study of history in our schools. Each year students create exhibits, documentaries, perfor mances, websites and papers about a topic related to the NHD theme. This year’s theme is “Revolution, Reaction, Reform.” Out of only 50 Vermont students qualifying for National History Day, an amazing 13 were from Poultney. The students’ participation in the national contest depends on whether they can raise $2,500 in sponsorships. Many groups and businesses have been very generous in supporting this trip in the past and organizers are

Photo by Catherine M. Oliverio From left, Calvin Brooks, Kaitlyn LaRose, Eleanor Dailey and Hayley Mead were the high school contingent. hoping they will help again. We strongly believe that attending the NHD contest will contribute to the education of these students in a way few experiences can. The national contest is an exceptional opportunity for the students to visit Washington, D.C., while meeting and competing against other students from around the country. Anyone interested in making a sponsor donation to support the Poultney team’s trip to National History Day can


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NorthLand :24/4:9/;9;9

RJU"xkgy Poultney High students Brooks, Eleanor Dailey, Hayley Mead, and Kaitlyn LaRose traveled with their advisors and PHS teachers Liz LeBrun and Linda Paquette to Spaulding High School in Barre for the

It’s that time of year again! The Southwest Freedom Riders will be holding their annual Rutland spring swap meet at the Spartan Arena from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 20. Southwest Freedom Riders is an organization dedicated to motorcycle safety and education and community involvement, for over a decade. Products typically range from motorcycle parts and accessories, leather products and T-shirts, to homemade candy, jams, cookies and jewelry. For more information on the swap meet or to receive a vendor registration/contract, please call Rosie Van Lew at 802265-3596 or 1-888-299SWFR.

Poultney 50/50 winners named The Poultney High School senior class parents held a 50/50 raffle on Saturday, May 12, to raise money for Project Graduation. The following entries won: first, Lola Farkus, second, Bergit Horn and third, Tim Loomis. The parents and students wish to thank everyone that purchased tickets to support Project Graduation activities.


g/ockn<"pqtvjBuqxgt0pgv 337"Ockp"Uvtggv Rqwnvpg{."XV yyy0pqtvjncpfxv0eqo

HOUSE, BARN, POND AND 15± ACRES Nqecvgf" cetquu" htqo" Ncmg" Uv0" Ecvjgtkpg" cpf" qpn{" okpwvgu" htqo" vjg" xknncig" qh" Ygnnu." vjku" geqpqokecn" 4/5" dgftqqo" tgukfgpeg" ku" qp" 37-1/" cetgu" ykvj" c" tgcn" rtgvv{" ugvvkpi0" " Ycnmkpi" vtcknu." rqpf." jwig" uvqtcig" ujgf" cpf" ku" nqcfgf" ykvj"rtkxce{0""$145,000


send a check payable to “Poultney History Day” to Poultney History Day, Poultney Elementary School, c/o Keith Harrington, 96 School Circle, Poultney, VT 05764. If you have any questions, they can be directed to the History Day advisor, Keith Harrington at 802-287-5512. For more information on National History Day visit

Vermont competition. Both advisors said the students put long, dedicated hours into their projects, and their hard work paid off. They also wanted to extend a special thanks to Melissa Kristiansen, who was a tremendous help in assisting with technology challenges. Brooks received the required score to go to Nationals in Washington, D.C., for the second time, the first when he was in sixth grade. Last year while in seventh grade, he won first place in Vermont but did not score high enough to go. This year he presented in the junior division individual documentary on Vermont and Burgoyne’s Campaign of the Revolutionary War, titled “Special Report: Vermont Reacts to Burgoyne.” Brooks used green screen computer technology to edit it and made it look like a newscast. He portrays the field reporter, is the director, producer, screenplay writer, cinematographer, and did all the special effects. Dailey did a website on the Scopes Monkey Trial, the famous 1925 trial and debate of evolution versus creationism. Mead and LaRose created a website based on The Beatles. To view the site visit http://35787552.nhd.weebly. com The Nationals begin June 10 and end with the awards ceremony on June 14.

Freedom Riders hold swap meet

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Quality & Affordability Under One Roof. Manufactured & Modular Homes Quality Custom Built Ranches, Capes & Two Stories

Display Lot Rte 22A, Granville, NY

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CASTLETON - Just move right in & enjoy this beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home situated on 10 acres. Open floor plan. 1-car garage. Full walk-out basement. Call Chris for details. YOUR LAKES REGION LEADER IN REAL ESTATE Route 4A, Hydeville Plaza, Hydeville, VT 05750

Wells church to pray for farms


43"cetgu"ykvj"c"rqpf"cpf"vjku"yqpfgthwn"qnfgt"jqog" pggfkpi" uqog" tgpqxcvkqpu0" Ukvwcvgf" qp" c" dgcwvkhwn" yqqfgf" nqv" kp" c" twtcn" ugvvkpi0" C" ujqtv" ftkxg" vq" Rqwnvpg{"qt"Itcpxknng."P[0""Pq"pgkijdqtu"ykvjkp"ukijv0" Dtkpi" {qwt" kocikpcvkqp" cpf" etgcvg" c" ujqy" rkgeg0"Yqtmujqr" kp" dcugogpv0" Iqnh." umkkpi." ujqrrkpi." jkmkpi." umkkpi" cpf" uykookpi"ujqtv"fkuvcpeg"cyc{0



World Book Night held on April 23 at the Wells Village Library was a success! Sharon Undal, Pat Steurnagle, Judi Dreher and Erin Thompson are holding copies of their free book, “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger.




As they have done for the past few years, the people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Wells, will gather on the village green in front of the Church on Sunday, May 27, at 9 a.m. to offer prayers for the farms and farm families of the Wells area, for the farmers of Vermont and of this country, and for all in the world who work the land. This observance marks a Christian practice that began in the fifth century. On this day prayers for a

good harvest and the welfare of farmers and their families are offered. Following this brief service of prayer, the congregation will move to the church for the Holy Eucharist, followed by a coffee hour. The members of St. Paul’s invite one and all to join them in this observance and, if they wish, for the service in the church which follows. The church is located on the village green at East Wells Road.

Rutland w Bennington w Washington County



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Finds under $100

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HP SCANNER HP printer, very good cond, both $50. 518-638-9000

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Lawn and Garden


WHITE JEANS machine zigzag, sewing machine, $30. 518-638-8531

Whaleback Vineyard

WOODEN DESK 6ft wide, 5 drawers, ver y nice great cond, $99 OBO. 518-2233488

A Selection of Our Own Wines

Notice is hereby given that; U LOCK IT SELF STORAGE PO BOX 155 205 ROUTE 4 WEST BOMOSEEN, VERMONT 05732

Homebrew and Wine Making Supplies

Will conduct sale of the contents located within the following storage spaces:

WOODEN TABLE w/ 2 leafs with 4 rounded back chairs, asking $60, exc cond. 518639-5588

Open 11-5 Fri. - Sun.

(802) 287-0730 202 Old Lake Road Poultney, Vermont CRAFTSMAN 42” RIDING Lawnmower, 19 hp, ver y good condition, $350. Hitachi coil nailer w/ some nails $150. 802-375-2405 FUEL TANK 300 gallon on skids, $300. 518-632-5245

ANNOUNCEMENTS Announcements A LT H O U G H M A N C H E S T E R N E W S PA PERS tries earnestly to check all Classified Advertising submitted for legitimacy and accuracy, we cannot be responsible for ads that may be misleading.

Daycare REGISTERED DAYCARE IN WELLS has openings for ages 6 wks to 5 yrs. 18 yrs ex p. S u b s i d y a c c e p t e d . Meals incl. 802-325-6132 THE SMILEY’S DAYCARE NYS Licensed has openings in September for ages 6wks12yrs. Low affordable rates, meals incl. Hoosick Falls School District. Call Karie Maynard @ 518-686-7453

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Caitlin Bennette - Storage Unit #4-4 Samantha Flanders - Storage Unit #3-39 Angela Lawrence - Storage Unit # T-4 Amber Pellerin - Storage Unit #3-9 Robert Popailo - Storage Unit #2-9

PRIVACY HEDGE CEDAR TREE $7.50 Windbreaks, installation and other species available. Mail order. Delivery. We serve ME, NH, CT, MA NJ, NY, VT., 1-800-8898238

Said sales will take place on 6-2-12 beginning at 10:00 AM at U LOCK IT SELF STORAGE 205 ROUTE 4 WEST BOMOSEEN, VERMONT 05732

TO RO R I D I N G M OW E R Model 417XT w/snow blower attachment, good condition, manuals, $1200. 518-6927166

Sale shall be by auction to the highest bidder. The contents of an entire storage unit will be sold as one lot. The winning bid must remove all the contents from the facility at no cost to U LOCK IT SELF STORAGE on the day of auction. U LOCK IT SELF STORAGE reserves the right to reject any bid that the amount owed by the occupant or any bid that is not commercially reasonable as defined by statue.

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POSITION AVAILABLE. Please call for details and apply in person. The Aspen at Manchester 5669 Main Street 802-362-2450

Telescope Casual Furniture, Inc.

HIRING PRODUCTION WORKERS 1ST & 2ND SHIFTS Part-Time Seasonal Positions Only Apply at Telescope Casual Furniture, Inc. Main Office, 85 Church Street, Granville, NY




Make a difference

1st Shift / Full time Production Operators Starting Wage: $11/hour (raise in 90 days) Candidates must be detail & quality oriented, have a minimum of 1 year manufacturing experience & must demonstrate stable work history. Individuals with mfg management experience and interest are especially encouraged to apply. First Light Technologies is a leading manufacturer of specialty germicidal ultraviolet lamps used worldwide in a variety of air and water purification applications. First Light offers excellent employment opportunities for self-motivated, hard & smart working individuals at competitive pay. Employees are offered a comprehensive benefits package including Health/ Dental/Vision/Life insurance, Employer Matched 401K & Leave Pay. APPLY IN PERSON Weekdays - 9:00am - 11:00am Please call 802 287 4195 x17 if you are unable to come during these times.

First Light Technologies 212 Ideal Way Poultney, VT 05764

Founded in 1787, Castleton is a college community that values personal interaction with students and among colleagues. Your work will be appreciated here. You can help us make a difference in the lives of our students, and for the benefit of Vermont.

Castleton State College seeks a Senior Mechanical Systems Technician to perform all functions of one of the following skilled trades at a senior level – plumbing, electrical; HVAC; safety systems. Ensure safe operation of basic campus systems on a continual basis, coordinating with other areas of the Facilities Department as necessary. To oversee and train other technicians assigned to tasks and projects and to assist in other areas of mechanical systems as needed. High school diploma, plus five to ten years of relevant experience and training in a specific area or a combination of education and experience which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired. Applicant must have highest certification in specific area (i.e. Master Electrician; Master Plumber). Flexibility required due to shift schedule changes as necessary. Some evening and weekend work. Salary for this VSC Grade 12 position is $30,214.00 annually, plus an excellent benefit package. This position is included in the VSCSF Bargaining Unit. Applications will be accepted until position is filled. To apply send a completed Castleton State College application (found on to:

Office of Human Resources Castleton State College Castleton, VT 05735 Castleton State College is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Ocj{"3:."4234"̋"15 Wanted To Buy

clip and shop

turn your stuff into Ca$H!

U.S. & FOREIGN COINS & paper money! No amount too small! Call Richard 518-6428156 or 518-683-1954


Tag Sale Finder Your One Handy Source For Tag Sales In The Region E. POULTNEY VT Eagle Tavern, 3 on the green, 5/26 9am-4pm, Early attic, late cellar, cluttered garage & workshop & over flowing library. Some vintage toys & antiques. No ear ly birds, please. G R A N V I L L E 4 Te m p l e Place. May 19-20 9am-4pm. Collectibles, books, CD’s, other treasures refound in our attic.

Dogs-Cats-Pets C H I H UA H UA T E A C U P PUPS 8 weeks old, first shots, M/F, all colors, $400+ 518-932-7543. CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES 12 weeks old, tri-color, 3 males left, $425 each. 518-2751247 PEKE-A-POO PUPPIES Parents under 7 lbs. Ready now. $200/each. 518-7473494 TEN ACA GERMAN shepard pups, 6m, 4f. Taking dep, ready 05/26/12. Shots and worming. $600 518-812-5482

Horses FREE TO GOOD home, 11yr 3/4 standard breed and 1/4 app gelding needs experienced rider. Great personality. Call Susan, 518-6860717 STRAIN FAMILY HORSE FARM 50 horses, we take trade-ins, 3-week exchange guarantee. Supplying horses to the East Coast. www.strainfamilyhorsefarm. com, 860-653-3275. Check us out on Facebook.

M GRANVILLE NY 9962 Rt 22, 8am-4pm, Fri & Sat. Fill a Price Chopper bag for $3! And much more!

GREENWICH multi family garage sale, May 19&20, 93. 13 Sloan Dr.

SATURDAY MAY 26 9am3 p m , 8 9 M a i n S t . Fa i r Haven, across from the town green to benefit Loft 89 Teen Center. Great deals on New & used items of all sor ts. Homemade baked goods. Also excepting donations. Set up your own table/space is $10 bring your own table. For more information contact Desiree Boucher 802-2788 2 2 1 o r

GREENWICH 66 Salem Street. May 19-20. Furniture, electronics, canoe, antiques, h o u s ewa r e s, k i d s b i ke s, baby/kids gear, toys and clothes.

S C H U Y L E RV I L L E 4 1 5 Route 32 South. May 18-19 9am-2pm. Lots of stuff. Stroller, high chair/swing, rocking horse, books, puzzles and other household items.

GRANVILLE 371 County Route 21. May 18-20 9am5pm. House items, toys, clothes and more. Look for signs.

manchester Newspapers reaches over 100,000 readers weekly! advertise with us and put our circulation to work for you! 800-354-4232

HOOSICK FALLS 4 Rensselaer Street. May 19 & 20 and May 26 & 27. 9am-2pm. Estate Sale.

TAIL GATE AUCTION Sat. 5/19, 10am. Across from 2296 Cty Rt 12, Whitehall, NY (vacant field near Beckett Rd. You never know what you c o u l d f i n d ! F u r n i t u r e, antiques, tools, electronics & more! Also looking for consigners. For further directions call 518-4990632. Bring Chairs. Auctioneer Bill Forrest.

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Place your 20 word tag sale in our Tag Sale Finder and we will publish it in 6 newspapers reaching 100,000 readers for just $19.

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Manchester Newspapers’

SERVICES DIRECTORY Every Service For Every Purpose Appliance Repair STAN’S APPLIANCE REPAIR. Refrigeration: Residential & Commercial Reconditioned Appliances & Parts 518-499-0019

Clean Outs

Sweep You Off Your Feet

Home Improvement P I H Pros

Jeff Dumas

Cleaning Service

28 Years Experience



Camps, Windows & Outside Cleanup! w/my products & equipment

Cindy Savage, Owner 248 Crampton Rd, Castleton, VT 05735

(802) 468-2642 or (802) 342-3015

(Interior & Exterior) QUALITY WORK AT REASONABLE RATES! Fully Insured


Over 20 Years Experience, Fully Insured


Electrician JOIN OUR SERVICES DIRECTORY TODAY! 2” Display Ad Special! Call Today! 800-354-4232 X 213

BULLDOG Cleaning Services

CONSTRUCTION All Phases. Start to Finish.

518-499-2146 Facility Services Inc.

UÊ, - / UÊ " ,  UÊ 1-/, Licensed & Insured {ääÊ9œÀŽÊ-ÌÀiiÌ *œÕÌ˜iÞ]Ê6/


̋"Jqogu ̋"Qhhkegu ̋"Dwukpguu ̋"Eqpuvtwevkqp ฀฀ ฀฀

Theron Durrum Master Electrician

Call for Free Estimates References Available

฀ ฀


374 South Street Poultney, VT 05764

802-235-1064 Email:

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All Seasons

Snowplowing/Removal Sanding

CROSSMAN’S ROOFING, SIDING & WINDOWS Roof Repair-Vinyl Siding Replacement Windows Insured-FREE Estimates 802-325-3279/518-361-8647

Excavator for Hire

With Rotary Brush Cutter With 22ft Reach

Mowing & Brush Cutting of Ponds, Steep Hills Embankments & Roadsides We also have multiple versatile brush-hogging & brush-cutting equipment for all your needs.




802-884-8136 Cell: 802-779-2928

ENVIRONMENTAL Septic* Standard & Engineered mound systems. Perk tests. Gravel Screened & Unscreened Topsoil, Mason Sand Arxx Systems & Foundations, Waterproofing 35 Yrs. Exp. Insured, Local Professional Contractor, Friendly Free Estimates


SEAMLESS GUTTERS Roof Masters Ft. Edward, NY 518-747-6981/800-868-8307

฀ ฀

FREE ESTIMATES Affordable Pricing Residential & Commercial Stump Removal Drainage, Land Clearing, Cleaning Leveling. Patios, Driveways & Basements Concrete Expert, Fully Insured, 18 Years Experience, Ref. Available



,i«>ˆÀÃÊUʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜ Ê œâiÀÊ7œÀŽÊUÊ i>Àˆ˜}Ê -“>Êœ>`ÃÊÀ>Ûi œ>“ÊEÊ->˜`Ê iˆÛiÀÞ ÀÕŇœ}}ˆ˜} À>`ˆ˜}Ê ÀˆÛiÜ>Þà ,œ>`Ü>Þà Call us about all of our services!

Ralph Woods 518-677-8921 C 518-681-0227


Repair Specialist Gutters

Truck Repair C H SHELDRICK & SONS Truck & Auto Repair 24 Hour Towing & Auto Service/Sales 802-265-9700/802-742-7178



Brushcutting, LLC


Call Patty for a free estimate





Steve Broughton


Lawn Mowing FRED’S LAWNCARE Res. & Comm. Mowing & yard ser vices. Free estimates. Please call 802-558-4686 TOP SOIL * MANURE $15 PER YARD Back Hoe * Landscape Planting*York Raking* Brush Hog. Bob Helm * 802-265-2145 NORTHEAST LAWN CARE SERVICES *Mowing *Pruning *Spring Clean up *Fertilizing *Seeding *Free Estimates 518-321-6804



Eugene H. Burt, Sr. 518-747-6981 1-800-869-8307 518-796-6049 cell Tree Service BOURN TREE SERVICE Over 30 Years Of Service Fully Insured * Free Est. Brush Chipping * Land Clearing. 518-642-2182

Tent Rentals


Legal Services D I VO R C E $ 3 5 0 * C ove r s Child Support, Custody, and Visitation, Property, Debts, Name Change... Only One Signature Required! *Excludes govt. fees! 1-800522-6000 Extn. 400, BAYLOR & ASSOCIATES

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Castleton, VT - Castleton Meadows

Senior Subsidized Housing Short wait lists for 1 & 2 bedroom units for qualified applicants Includes utilities, parking and laundry facilities Landlord, Credit & Criminal Checks Required Rent Based on 30% income Non-Smoking Property

Friday, June 15 @ 11AM Register from 10AM

1851 Route 30, Pawlet, VT OPEN HOUSE: Friday, May 18, 2-4PM

Call EastPoint Properties (603) 262-3718 TDD Equipped EHO

Call for Info and Terms or visit THOMAS HIRCHAK COMPANY

฀฀ Brokers


WE PURCHASE All types of real estate! Call Bill at Gilbert Realty today! 802-265-8834

For Sale HAMPTON, NY HOUSE for sale,5 bdr m, 2 bath on 8 acres. Includes 40X40 garage, inground pool, horse barn and pond, $275,000. View pictures at search Hampton, NY or call 518-361-7958 HAVE PROPERTY TO SELL OR RENT? Include a picture! Display Ad $44! NY & VT Coverage! Reach 47,820 households! Call for details! 518-642-1234

CEDARS SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Take a Tour Weds 12:30pm! Off Bay St, Queensbury! 518-832-1701. FORT ANN (2) Neat 1bdrm, second floor, $550/mth each. No smoking/pets, utilities, 1 mths sec. 518-854-3134 GRANVILLE Spacious 2bdrm, upstairs, appliances included. $625/mth +utilities. No pets. 518-642-1464 G R A N V I L L E C O U N T RY 1bdrm, W/D hookup, first/ last/security, $575/mth +util. No pets. 518-642-3454.

Miscellaneous GREENWICH ROOM FOR rent, living rm and kitchen privileges. All util incl, $350/ mo. Washer & dryer for $25 more/ mo. 518-222-6439

Mobile/Modular Homes SHASTA TRAVEL TRAILER 32’x12’, (2) axel, can be used for hunting camp, office trailer or temporary housing, $1500. 802-558-1797. SO GRANVILLE 14x80 Spacious 3bdrm, 1.5 bath, 91 Fair mont, all appliances, must be moved, $16,500. 502-794-1967

GRANVILLE 1BD, upstairs, newly renovated, W/D/elect incl., first/last/sec, $650/mth no pets/smoking. 1 rm office space, $250 with barn $550, electric/furniture incl. 518642-0510 GRANVILLE- Mettowee Valley Apts - 2bdrm $518 rent; utilities average $81. Includes appliances, site laundry, trash removal. No smoking. Pet? Must meet eligibility requirements. For application 518-584-4543. NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800421-1220. Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity. G R E E N W I C H V I L L AG E 2bdrm w/view and access to the Battenkill, $695/mth +utilities. 518-692-2066.



POULTNEY 122 College St, 1 br, Rent $595-700. Includ heat,hw,snow,&trash. 802773-9107

HAMPTON Room, cable TV, refrig. Everything incl except meals. College kids welcome. $400/mth.No deposit Avail April 1st. 802-265-4437

SALEM 1bdr m, 3rd floor, $350/mth +security. 802867-0375 SALEM ctry setting, 2bdrm Util incl. 1 pet, smoking ok. 1st &last, sec. Avail June 1st.$850. 518-727-6331 WHITEHALL large 3bdrm, $650/mth. W/D hook up, refrigerator & stove incl. first/ last/security, references req. No pets. 518-744-2006 WHITEHALL 1 & 2bdrm from $450. References & security required. No pets. Call Ray at 802-683-9177. WHITEHALL 2bdrm upstairs, $600 +util.Includes hot water,stove,refrigerator, W/D hook-up, No pets, sec. dep./ref req. 518-499-0197 WHITEHALL, NY Small 1 BR w/off st. parking, incl. heat, $575. Nice 2 BR trailer, for rent w/option to buy, $595 +utilities in quiet park. 518-601-6079/812-3331 or 796-3442.

Homes GRANVILLE, 2-3 BDRM raised ranch, country setting. 1 mile from village. Newly refurbushed, no smoking/pets. Stove& refrig includ. $900/ mo plus util. 1st, security and references. Avail. 06/01 518642-1458 HOUSE FOR RENT 1 1/2 Bdrm, private lot, 3 miles W of Fair Haven, VT. 1st, last & sec. req., $800 p/mo, 802265-3766, 518-265-3146.

Storage EXIT ONE SELF-STORAGE Heated Units Also Available Route 4-A Fair Haven, VT 802-265-3330

Vacation/ Recreational C O S S AY U N A L A K E F R O N T C O T TA G E S 2 3bdrm, $445-$495 per week. Pool, boats, screened porches. 518-692-7978 MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA Foscoe Rentals- Beat the heat! A weekend stay or month long getaway- Pets are welcome. Cabins, condos, vacation homes - 1.800.723.7341/ WA R M W E AT H E R I S YEAR ROUND In Ar uba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available: Sept. 23, Sept. 30, Oct. 7, & Oct. 14, 2011. Sleeps 8. $2500. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 or email:

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AutoMart Weekly right here every week in the classifieds.

3 Weeks / $1500

3 Weeks / $2500

For Items Priced Less Than $1,000 - Over $100

For Items Priced $1,000 or More

Name: Address:

Phone #:

Deadline: Monday 3 PM

Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Ocj{"3:."4234"̋"17 Autos



Auto Wanted

1952/53 M38A1 Jeep & trailer, complete restoration, 1000 mi on rebuilt engine, many spare parts, $13,000. 802-287-5743

2001 MERCURY COUGAR 118K, 5-speed, 4 cyl. Runs good. $2500. 518-854-3625

NICE CONDITION! 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, A/T, V-6, 120K, Clean! $4900/OBO 518-499-1538

SELL YOUR CAR, TRUCK O R S U V TO DAY ! A l l 5 0 states, fast pick-up and payment. Any condition, make or model. Call now 1-877-8188 8 4 8 , w w w. M y C a r f o r

1976 CORVETTE STINGRAY 350, 4spd. Black lift off tops orig mi. 78K. $10,900/ obo. 518-753-2376

2002 BUICK RENDEZVO U S M a r o o n , AW D, 3 seats, new tires, 95K. Many extras. $5500. 518-879-5287

1991 FIREBIRD 6 cyl, 118K, $2200. Call 518-796-8265.

2 0 0 3 C H RY S L E R S E BRING LXi, V6 auto. All power, 144K, $2500. 518547-8335 leave message.

1995 GST MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE Turbo, 4cyl, 27 MPG, minor repairs needed, $1500/obo. 518-282-9972

2004 CADILLAC DHS, 78K, navy/tan leather. Fully loaded. sunroof, A/C seats, backup sensors. 802-558-3402

1996 FORD AEROSTAR Van, 4WD, extended 3 row seats, 4 liter engine, auto, air, excellent condition, asking $3700. 518-499-2051

2004 TOYOTA SCION XB 4 door, 110,000 miles, good condition, $7000/obo. 518642-3230

1999 VOLKSWAGON PASSAT Red, no rust, good interior, new stereo system, 195K, asking $2800. 518879-5287

2006 SUBARU FORESTER 2 . 5 X , AW D, AC, p o w e r, cruise, AM/FM/CD, trailer hitch, new timing belt and struts, very clean, well-maintained 107,000 miles, $8,495. 802-645-9724.

2000 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1-owner, in excellent condition. $4400. 518-588-4585 2001 BLACK DODGE Dakota, 100,000 miles, good condition, $3500/obo. 518854-3841 or 518-791-8788

2008 AUDI Q4 previous purchased maintenance package transferred with car. 43K, still under warranty, fully loaded, sunroof, $23,500/ obo. 802-235-2765

SAAB CONVERTIBLE 9005 1991, good condition, asking $2000. Fair Haven 802-2654492

Auto Wanted CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not, Sell your Car or Truck TODAY. Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-800-871-0654 DONATE YOUR VEHICLE LOVE IN THE NAME OF C H R I S T. Fr e e Tow i n g & Non-Runners Accepted. 800549-2791 Help Us Transform Lives In The Name Of Christ. DONATE YOUR CAR & Receive FREE $3,000 Grocery Savings Coupons. IRS Tax Deductible. FREE Tow. All Cars. Any Condition. 1-855CURE-KIDS (1-855-2873543). Visit www.

Boats 1988 GRUMMAN 12’ fishing boat, 4HP Mariner motor and trailer, $900. 802-537-3256 1989 BAYLINER CAPRI rebuilt motor, less than 100 hrs, new prop, escort trailer, $750 OBO. 518-369-2868

Campers/Trailers 2 0 0 3 1 6 X 9 C A R G O P RO motorcycle trailer. Aluminum, holds 2 bikes. Single axle. $5,750. 518-753-6048 2011 27’ KEYSTONE TRAILER Never used, electric jacks, tongue, awning, slide out, queen bed, many extras, $23,000. 518499-2168

Commercial Equipment 1998 GMC BUCKET truck, Mobark 12” chipper, $26,000 or will trade for mini excavator. 518-361-4049

Classic & Antiques 1977 CORVETTE STINGR AY L o o k s a n d s o u n d s great. T-tops, 4speed, engine chrome, 350 motor, new Cooper tires, 94K, asking $15,500. 518-677-3448

Farm Equipment

Four-Wheel Drive

NEW HOLLAND RAKE, Model 56, new tires and teeth, field ready, rolling front hitch, $1800. 518-695-6180

1998 FORD EXPLORER Eddie Bauer Edition, 5.0L, V8, fully loaded, 4WD, no rust, runs great. 110K miles. $4,500. 518-677-5544

ROUND BALER Claas Model 620, works good, makes bales from 4x6, $5500. 518695-6180

Four-Wheel Drive 1 9 9 5 J E E P C H E RO K E E SPORT looks good, runs good, manual transmission. $1850. 802-265-3129

2001 CHEVY S10 Auto, V6, all new tires, high miles. Runs great, no rust. $3500. 518-854-9131 2004 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 4WD, 4.8L, 65K miles, great shape, good tires, asking $8600. 802-2658645 ext 23.

1 9 8 8 B U I C K R E AT TA Looks & r uns great, new tires, brakes, & tuneup, never run in the winter, asking $2490/obo. 802-273-2647 1990 MERCURY GRAND PRIX Southern car, flawless, 85,447 miles, $1995. 802325-3081

Farm Equipment B RU S H H O G P U L L B E HIND 5’ cut, $600 price negotiable. 518-753-4895 HESSTON ROUND BALER, Model 5530, makes 4x5 bale, good condition, $4500. 518-695-6180



18"̋"Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Ocj{"3:."4234 Four Wheel Drive 2004 DODGE DAKOTA 4x4 extended cab, auto, runs & looks good, 125K, $4200. 518-695-6180 2006 EDDIE BAUER Ford Explorer, 4WD, 3rd row seat, tow pkg, loaded, 94K, new tires last season. $12,900/ obo. 518-692-9875 95 FORD F-250 Diesel 7.3, 4x4, 170K, utility box/ladder rack, needs oil pump, truck only $1250/obo, truck w/box, rack $2250/obo. 802-6834163 or 802-273-2786

Motorcycles 1969 CUSTOM HARLEY DAVIDSON, 1200 cc Hardtail, custom built engine, very fast. Not for the novice rider. $5500/obo. Call Scott 518632-5232 or cell 518-2323600. 1990 HD FXRS 1300cc, new tires, $7000. 802-325-3127 1 9 9 9 YA M A H A Y Z F 6 0 0 14,000 miles, cover, helmet, Joe Rocket jacket, $2500. 802-287-2285 2 0 0 3 H O N DA S H A D OW ACE 750CC, 10,100 miles, great condition. Must sell. $3200/obo. Call or text 518361-9056

ATV's /Snowmobiles

Pickups,Trucks Vans

Pickups,Trucks Vans

Pickups,Trucks Vans

2005 YAMAHA VENTURE snowmobile, low miles, 600cc, 2 up. $4500. 802-2351068 after 5 pm

1990 E350 UHAUL customized box truck. 7.3 diesel auto, new tires and inspection, $2500 802-273-2837

2000 DODGE RAM Spor t 1500. Loaded. New tires. In excellent condition. $10,500/ obo. 518-686-5953

Advertise In The

2006 ARTIC CAT 570 594 miles, like new, $4000/obo. 802-325-6237

1 9 9 0 F O R D F 3 5 0 VA N 86,000 orig. miles. $1750. 518-692-9906 1992 FORD RANGER Mechanic special, r uns, inspected, roll bar with lights, $2000/obo. 802-235-1391

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You’ll Be Glad You Did!

2010 FRONTRUNNER 800,S side-by-side U.T.V., w/top, windshield & winch. $7,600. 802-645-1925

2002 DODGE DAKOTA SLT extended cab, 4x4, 58K, V6, long bed, alum. diamond plate tool box, good rubber/ cond. $8500. 802-645-9752

87 F350 DUMP TRUCK 90,000 miles, too many new parts to list, very little rust, box great condition, $2500. 802-683-4163

CONDOR-250CC 5 speed, yellow. Almost new- Demo. 3 0 m i l e s, n o t a s c ra t c h , $1850 802-438-2910

2002 FORD F250 super duty, V-8, 4WD, Auto, 98k miles, $10,500. 802-2875242 after 5pm.

SUZUKI 700 QUAD better than new. Upgrades, power accessories, low miles/ hours. $5400. 802-265-7921

Pickups, Trucks, Vans 1987 DODGE RAM 1 ton Rack truck, great condition, standard 4spd floor shift, big V8 engine w/63,000 original miles. Just need room. $5000. 518-638-9000

1 ÊUÊ"ÊUÊ/ , Regularly $23.95



751 Washington Street, Behind McDonalds, Fair Haven, VT


2 0 0 3 S U Z U K I S AVAG E 650cc, less than 3700 miles, perfect condition, under book value, $1900. 802-265-4526 2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON “Street Bob”, low mileage, $9100. Call Joyce after 3pm 518-677-2845 Cambridge. 2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON Ultra Classic, $12,000. 802770-2292

ATV’s /Snowmobiles 2 P O L A R I S S N OW M O BILES 1998 & 1999. Nice sleds! $3,000/obo. 518-7919741



CASH ON THE SPOT! ,--ÊUÊ "** ,ÊUÊ1 1ÊUÊ // , -ÊUÊ-/ 

ON SITE SCRAP METAL DISMANTLING & REMOVAL 334"Fgmcnd"Tqcf."Itcpxknng."P["34:54"̋"Oqpfc{/Htkfc{":/7."Ucvwtfc{":/34

(518) 642-3063 or 642-3036

Classifieds -








You Save Thousands!

MSRP....................$41,510 Consumer Rebate.......$2,500 Truck Trade-in...........$1,000 Lease Conquest.........$1,000 Balloon Bonus...........$1,000 Military.....................$500 College Grad..............$500 TDM.......................$1,000 Realtor.....................$500 Z Discount...............$4,800

MSRP..................$26,535 Consumer Rebate. . ..$3,000 Lease Conquest......$1,000 Military..................$500 Balloon Bonus........$2,500 TDM....................$1,000 College Grad............$500 Z Discount.............$2,645




MSRP..................$21,925 Z Discount.............$2,600 Consumer Rebate. . ..$1,500 Lease Conquest......$1,000 Military..................$500 College Grad............$500 TDM....................$1,000

MSRP..................$33,125 Consumer Rebate. . ..$1,000 Minivan Trade Asst. .$1,000 Balloon Bonus........$1,000 Military..................$500 Realtor...................$500 TDM....................$1,000 Z Discount.............$3,800




Vermont artists open their doors Good Eats! Church breakfast in Poultney Fair Haven library puppets Golf benefit for AAU hoops Wind turbine...