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Happy Mom's Day!

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Vol. 23, Issue 18

Briefs Rcyngv"dtwpej hqt"Oqo)u"Fc{ The Pawlet Vol. Fire Dept, will be holding its annual Mother's Day brunch on Sunday, May 13, at the Pawlet Firehouse on Route 133 in the village. Serving will be from 8 to 11 a.m. The menu will include pancakes with Vt. maple syrup, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, muffins, homefries along with coffee, tea, oj and milk. Adults $8 and children under 12 $4. For more information call the firehouse at 325-3222 or email

Ejkemgp"cpf" dkuewkv"fkppgt The Poultney High School Class of 2017 will be hosting a chicken and biscuit dinner on Thursday, May 17, at the Poultney American Legion, from 5 to 7 p.m. and the cost is $6.



FreePress Lakes Region


Friday, May 11, 2012

Book discussion See Page 2

Wet to the bone

New Dockdogs group comes to Lake Bomoseen D{"Fgtgm"Nkgdki Super-canine feats of athleticism and agility will be on display next weekend as a newly formed club holds its very first event on the waters of Lake Bomoseen. The Green Mountain Dockdogs will host a “dockdiving fun jump” beginning at noon on Sunday, May 20, at the Lake House Pub and Grill in Castleton. The event will feature up to 40 dogs in six divisions

Lghh"Ngqpctf"cpf"Ejguvgt"vjg"dncem"Ncd"rgthqtogf"qp"Oc{"7"kp"Hqzdqtqwij."Ocuu0"Vjg"rckt"yknn"dg"cv" vjg"kpcwiwtcn"Fqemfqiu"lworkpi"gxgpv"cv"Ncmg"Dqoquggp"qp"Oc{"420 leaping off docks into the lake. “It’s a big air event. Basically, you throw something in the water and the dog runs off the

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Hope delivery

May brings more then flowers to the Pawlet Public Library. Beginning May 22 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., VTel will be hosting computer classes here at the library. Please call Dan Lucier at 802-885-7758 to sign up for this free offer. The other free activity planned at the Pawlet Public Library is a writers' group for the aspiring writer or journalist. Sign-up is important and the group would meet every other Thursday at 4 p.m.; please call to reserve your seat 802-3253123 (days) or 802-325-3248 (evenings). Meeting day and time open to change.

Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus is putting together a spring tour to take its concert, “Peace and Hope in 2012” on the road to local communities. The first four concerts are all at 7:30 p.m. The first performance is at the Weston Church on the Hill on Friday, May 11. Next comes Wallingford Congregational Church on Saturday, May 12. Rutland’s Christ the King Church hosts LNO on Tuesday, May 15. Castleton Federated Church is on the Tour on Thursday May 17. The final concert of the season will be a Benefit Concert for the Brandon Town Hall, where the concert will be held on Sunday, May 20 at 4 p.m.

end of the dock and you see how far they can jump,” said April Jamieson, a member of the group.


Gov. Kunin at Northshire

Ladies' chorus tours region for spring


The Green Mountain Dockdogs is affiliated with

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Former Vermont Gov. Madeline Kunin will discuss her book, “The New Feminist Agenda at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 12th at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vt. Women now comprise nearly 60 percent of college undergraduates and half of all medical and law students. They have entered the workforce in record numbers, making the twowage-earner family the norm. While women changed, however, social structures surrounding work and family remained static. Affordable, high-quality



Tinmouth singers to perform at library benefit The Spoon Mountain Singers of Tinmouth are celebrating the month of May with a benefit concert for the Rutland Free Library in the Library’s Fox Room on Monday, May 14, at 7:30 p.m. The a cappella chorus will be performing songs spanning six centuries by composers ranging from Monteverdi to Lennon and McCartney. The Spoon Mountain Singers have been performing in Rutland County for 15 years. Rehearsing in the shadow of Spoon Mountain, the ridge that divides Tinmouth and Middletown Springs, the group draws on local talent and on the rich a cappella music repertoire from the Renaissance to the 21st century. The directors are Robert and Susan Lloyd, but all 10 participants contribute their musical ideas. The Lloyds are Tinmouth

residents who have been directing choirs for more than 30 years. Bob Lloyd, organizer of the Chamber Singers of Cambridge and Boston, taught art and architecture at Phillips Academy in Andover. His wife Sue taught music and history at Phillips and led a student choir there. The couple founded the Spoon Mountain Singers in 1997 after taking early retirement. The group rehearses weekly around the dining room table at the Lloyds’ home in Tinmouth. “It’s a very democratic group,” says Sue Lloyd. “Everyone makes suggestions during rehearsals and sometimes we get in little brawls, all to a good cause. They’re just good constructive arguments about interpretation.” “We gather every week to sing around the table in Sue and Bob’s kitchen. I don’t


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know which I enjoy more -- the music, the fellowship, or Sue’s amazing homemade desserts that await us at the end of each rehearsal,” Elizabeth Gibson, one of the singers, commented recently. The Spoon Mountain Singers are Bob and Sue Lloyd, Helen Mango, Kate Kruesi (all of Tinmouth); Juanita BurchClay (Middletown Springs), Mike Willis, Jay White and Lois Johnstone (Wallingford), Elizabeth Wi l l b a n k s (Poultney), and Elizabeth Gibson (Pawlet). All are welcome; a free will offering will support the Rutland Free Library. For more information, please contact Susan and Robert Lloyd at 235-9016 or lloyds@vermontel. net.

Center hosts book talk T h e R u t l a n d Jewish Center will host a discussion on “Life in a Jar: The Irena S e n d l e r Project” at 7 p. m . , on T h u r s d a y, May 17. The book is a tale of heroism during the Holocaust, and its transformative role in the lives of three high school students in contemporary Kansas. It is based on the true but little-known story of Irena Sendler, a Polish Catholic

Route 4A road work continues Work will continue this week on the Castleton – West Rutland road project. Milling will continue on VT Route 4A from West Rutland heading west to Castleton and will begin on VT Route 30 from the intersection of Route 4A and Route 30 heading north for 1.0 miles. Work on the drainage structures in the Village of Castleton and ditch excavation on VT Route 4A east of the Village of

Castleton will resume. Railwork excavation at intersection of VT Route 4A and E. Hubbardton Road will begin. Paving of VT Route 4A will begin in West Rutland heading west to Castleton. Inquiries can be sent to, you may call Jennifer Sablich at 518-7923157, or you can read and comment on the project blog at

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re s c u e r of Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto, and of the young students in Kansas who rescued this history. Jack Mayer masterfully weaves these two separate but intimately connected stories into one saga with a unique lens into the Holocaust and its relevance in today ís world. It will inspire all who read it. There will be tea, coffee and home-baked goods. All free. The center is at 96 Grove St., Rutland.

ARC dance comes to Rutland in May ARC -- Rutland Area invites the public to its next dance, the Spring Fling. The dance is being held at The Godnick Adult Center, Sunday, May 20 from 1 to 4 p.m. There will be Dominos pizzas, grinders, sodas and ice cream. Lunch reservations are required; please call the office at 775-1370 to sign up. RSVPs are very important, please call by Wednesday, May 16. There will be a 50-50 raffle, and nonmembers are asked for a $3 donation. The Godnick Center is located at 1 Deer St., off Woodstock Avenue, in Rutland.

Fair Haven Fling just around corner The town of Fair Haven, along with the American Legion, will honors its troops on Memorial Day weekend during this year’s Spring Fling event. A Fair Haven tradition for more than two decades, this year’s Spring Fling event will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, on the Town Green. American Legion Post 49 will host Memorial Day Ceremony at the Prisoners of War monument on Saturday morning, and a Memorial Day parade will follow. There will also be a variety of vendors selling their wares in the park, and the Rotary Club will serve some of its famous chicken barbecue. A number of other civic groups will participate in the event as well and the Fair Haven Historical Society has traditionally presented a display. For more information, contact the Ver mont Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at 802-265-8600.

New hours at library The Wells Village Library has announced new hours. The library will be open from 4 to 6 p.m. on Mondays, 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesdays and 10 a.m. to noon on Thursdays.


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POULTNEY TAXI & DELIVERY SERVICE LET US BE YOUR DESIGNATED DRIVER Serving Poultney and All Surrounding Communities & Airports

802-287-4747 Remember Mom on Sunday May 13th

Show Mom how much she means to you with a nice box of our Delicious Truffles or any of our Fine Chocolates Open Tue-Fri, 11-5 • Sat 10-4 • Sun & Mon Closed


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Merck donates to food pantries to 10:30 a.m., (394-2491); and the Salem Food Pantry is located at Burton Hall behind St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on East Broadway in Salem every Saturday from 9:30 to 11:30 am or daily, by appointment (518 791.8485).

Merck Forest and Farmland Center has donated $200 to food pantries in Pawlet, Rupert, and Salem, N.Y. Kathryn Lawrence, assistant to the director, made the presentations. Lawrence said that $2 from every adult ticket sold for the maple celebration breakfast was donated to area food pantries to help neighbors in need. Lawrence distributed the checks to Pat Steuernagel, Kelli Lewis and Seth Pitts (representing Pawlet, Rupert, and Salem food pantries, respectively). “As participation in our food pantries across the region grows, it’s important for all of us to support the important work that happens there,” Lawrence said. The Pawlet Food Pantry is located on Route 30 behind the parsonage and is open the forth Friday of each month from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (325-3814); the Rupert Food Pantry is located near the corner of routes 315 and 153 and is open every Sunday from 9 a.m.


the Taconic Mountains of southwestern Vermont, the center is open to the public year round, seven days a week from dawn to dusk. There is no admission fee and the public is invited to enjoy the 30 miles of trails for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and horseback riding.

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572"Yknuqp"Cxgpwg."Rqwnvpg{."XV"̋"802-287-9904 Eqpxgpkgpvn{"Nqecvgf"pgct"Rqwnvpg{"Gngogpvct{"Uejqqn Rctmkpi"kp"vjg"Tgct

Also at Merck Merck will host “Forestry for the Birds” from 7 to 10 am. Saturday, May 12, Bring your binoculars and field guide to this early morning workshop to learn about the specific forest management techniques applied in Merck’s newest patch-cut, and how these techniques can create and sustain suitable nesting sites for migrating birds. Merck Forest and Farmland Center is an educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach and demonstrate the benefits of innovative, sustainable management of forest and farmland. Located on 3,160 acres of forest and farmland in


Love...Honor...Take Care of Mother...All the Time

- New Merchandise - Antiques, Collectibles, General Merchandise - Small Livestock, Farm Items NYS Pet Dealers Lic. #411534

On Her Day, Sunday May 8th, Mother Deserves the Best. Bring The Queen of Hearts to the Fair Haven Inn for a wonderful dinner. Now in Season! Soft Shell Crab & New England steamed dinner. She will also enjoy a nice little Greek Dessert...ON US!

Cwevkqpu"Yggmn{"cv"9<22"r0o0 Local Dealers In Attendance Weekly

Ugtxkpi"34"pqqp"vjtw"8<22"ro Etgcvkxg"Cogtkecp"Ewkukpg"ykvj"c"Ogfkvgttcpgcp"Hnckt Hqt"Tgugtxcvkqpu"ecnn<"3/:24/487/6;29"qt"3/:22/547/9296"kp"XV 5 Adams Street Downtown Fair Haven, VT

Mggr"cnn"{qwt" kvgou"kp"qpg" rnceg"hqt"vjg" dguv"rtkeg# 457 Rt. 32N, Schuylerville, NY


May 14, 2012 to May 19, 2012

Extra Large California


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CALL TODAY! 518-695-6663








Shrewsbury, West Rutland, Rutland, Poultney and other local towns. They have been attending rehearsals since Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig January in preparation for this Returning for his fourth seatour. Ladies’ Night Out origison, accompanist Jacob nated in 1987 as a Christmas McLaughlin, will support the caroling group, going out to sevgroup’s sound on piano on all eral nursing homes, and just but the two a capella sang, without a pieces. Lucy Allen piano. It was fun Tenenbaum is the conand established ductor and director of the camaraderie the group, and has that has become been since 1999. the hallmark of The program offers the group. something for every “Ladies’ Night taste, from Bach, Out doesn’t just “Sheep will Safely Nwe{"Cnngp"Vgpgpdcwo."fktgevqt"cpf"eqpfwevqt bring music to our Graze,” and Schubert: audiences, we have a song, “Faith in a really good time Spring” and a motet, Keep From Singing?” be closing doing it, and preparing for the “The Lord is My Shepherd (The the program, another piece performances at weekly 23rd Psalm),” to The Beatles, “The Tree of Peace,” by the rehearsals, which always “Hey Jude” and Pete Seeger’s same Vermont composer, include a social time,” said “If I Had a Hammer.” To con- Gwyneth Walker, will also be on Tenenbaum. “The Chorus’ tinue to follow the central focus the program. focus on making friends balof the program, a theme of Ladies’ Night Out Women’s ances with their desire to make Peace and Hope, included is, Chorus is made up of women wonderful, memorable music “No Man is An Island,” “Give from Weston, Wallingford, for friends, family, and other Me Your Tired, Your Poor,” “Old folks who enjoy music from many perspectives.” Uqwvjyguv"Htggfqo"Tkfgtu."Kpe0 “The Ladies” hope to see you Dedicated to Motorcycle at one of the concerts. They ask Education & Safety and a $5 donation at the door to help Community Involvement cover expenses and future expenses in anticipation of our Sunday May 20, 2012 • 9am SPARTAN ARENA at the Diamond Run Mall Christmas season performanc*Hqtogtn{"Tgikqpcn"Hkgnfjqwug+ es that are planned for Nov. $5 Admission, Children under 12 FREE! Cell phones 24-25 and 27 with Harpist Heidi RAFFLES Bike Show (individual classes and People’s Choice) & MORE! for soldiers $5 per class entry: ALL BIKES WELCOME! Soons for the third Annual Southwest Freedom As always, VENDOR SPACE IS FREE!! Riders, Inc. will be Advent Concert Series. Call us to reserve your spot today! Concessions by collecting phones at Xkukv"wu"qp"vjg"ygd"B"yyy0uyhtxv0eqo Thelma & Questions or other informathis event to help our Southwest Freedom Riders Inc. Louise Deli troops call home! tion, call Lucy Tenenbaum, 802SWFR Swap Meet, PO Box 735, Rutland VT 05702 342-8348 or 802-775-8004, or email:


Irish Blessing” and more. Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus sings a song, their “Signature Song,” at the end of each spring concert. Women who have sung with the group in years past are invited to join the choir for this song. This year not only will “How Can I

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Teen center flea market and bake sale A flea market and bake sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 26, at the Loft 89 Teen Center on Main Street in Fair Haven. The sale will feature new and used items of all sorts and a variety of homemade baked goods available for purchase. Anybody who is interested in selling some of their unwant-

ed items can rent a space for $10. Vendors are required to bring their own table. The teen center will also accept donations of unwanted items. Proceeds will benefit the teen center. For more information, contact Desiree Boucher at 2788221, or send an email to


that can improve the lives of women and strengthen their families. Kunin was the first female governor of Vermont and the first woman in the U.S. to serve three terms as governor. She served as deputy secretary of education and ambassador to Switzerland in the Clinton administration. Kunin is the author of "The New Feminist Agenda; Pearls, Politics and Power; and Living a Political Life." She is also a Marsh professor at the University of Vermont, a commentator on Vermont Public Radio, and founder and board member of the global Institute for Sustainable Communities, a nongovernmental organization focused on climate change and civil society. She lives in Burlington, Vermont with her husband, John Hennessey. For more information on this and other events, call 802362-2200 or 1-800-437-3700, or visit the Northshire Bookstore website at www.northshire. com.

Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig childcare, paid family leave, and equal pay for equal work remain elusive for most women. The U.S. has also fallen far behind other countries on the gender-equity front with fewer women holding federal offices and leading the nation’s top private companies. It’s time, says Kunin, also a former U.S. ambassador, to change that and usher in a new social revolution. Our inability to invest in families leaves us vulnerable to being reduced to second-rate status in the global economy. Looking back over five decades of advocacy, Kunin analyzes where progress stalled, examines the successes of other countries, and charts the course for the next feminist revolution—one that mobilizes women, and men, to call for the kind of government and workplace policies


"MOUNTAIN COUNTRY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND MAINTENANCE Carpentry • Roofing • Electrical • Plumbing • Tile Specialist • Painting Lawn Care • Gardening • Snow Removal • Seasonal Caretaker


Kevin ★802-645-9024★W. Pawlet, Vt.



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BIGELOW HILL Greenhouse & Garden 755 Bigelow Hill • Fair Haven VT (Just off Route 22AN) • Annuals • Perennials • Vegetable Plants • Urns • Window Boxes • Fresh In-season Produce

Open Daily 802-683-5822

10% OFF HANGING BASKETS Happy Mother’s Day!

Specializing in Non-invasive Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation & Workman Compensation Injuries with a focus on a Return to Productivity Our patients come first and are respected & provided with One-on-one, Hands-on Physical Therapy Care Serving You in 2 Locations:

5 Madison Street Granville, NY Phone/Fax: (518) 642-9519

28 Fourth Street Fair Haven, VT Phone/Fax: (802) 265-4055


Sylvia Demgard/Jane Colvin ~ owners Dikeman Road, 1 mi. north of the Pumpkin Patch Store, Rte. 30 North, Hubbardton ~ Look for our sign Open 10 am-5 pm DAILY


Brandon Sunday jazz to feature sax player Brandon Music will present saxophonist Benny Sharoni, at 7 p.m., Sunday, May 20. The concert is a part of the year-round weekly Sunday Jazz series. Tickets are $15 in advance, and $18 at the door. Brandon Music offers an early bird dinner special, which includes a ticket for the jazz performance, for $25 per person. Enjoy the chef ’s award-winning chili and cornbread as well as dessert before listening to world-class jazz. Reservations are required for dinner. Sharoni is an Israeli-born tenor saxophonist, band leader, composer and arranger and is now a mainstay on the U.S. jazz scene. After emigrating to study at the Berklee College of Music, Sharoni studied with masters Charlie Banacos, Jerry Bergonzi and George Garzone before exploding onto the scene with his own unique brand of music.Other upcoming shows include Sharon Jones on May

Dogs Eqpvkpwgf"htqo"htqpv"rcig Dockdogs, a world-wide canine aquatics competition that includes several different events, such as Big Air, Vertical Challenge, Iron Dog and Speed Retrieval. Organizers bill the activity as “the fastest-growing sport on four legs,” and events are held throughout the country. Locally, competitions have been held in Killington. Jamieson said the Green Mountain club was formed at the beginning of the year and includes about 25 members. This will be their first official event. “People don’t know much about it. We’re trying to make it an informative session,” said Jamieson, who owns a German short haired pointer and will participate in a sanctioned event for the first time. “And we’re hoping it will be a big membership drive for the club as well.” The event is open to anyone


FULL SERVICE UNISEX SALON WITH TANNING Deborah Bethel Nationally Certified Massage Therapist







468-5586 595 Main Street, Castleton

(802) 287-4305


209 Creek Road, Hydeville, VT 05750 • 802-265-8155 OPEN MON, TUES, WED, FRI 8-5, SATURDAY 9-3, CLOSED THURSDAY & SUNDAY


Dgpp{"Ujctqpk."crrgctkpi"Oc{"42"kp"Dtcpfqp0 27, Judi Silvano on June 3, Michael-Louis Smith June 10, The Soul of a Man June 17 and Harvey Sorgen and Esa Pietila June 24. Visitors may bring their own alcohol.

Brandon Music is at located at 62 Country Club Road in Brandon. Contact Brandon Music: (802) 465-4071 / info@ or see

with a dog who is at least six months old, whether they’re experienced or not. “You don’t need to have to champion dog to be involved in the sport,” Jamieson said. “Everyone is welcome to try it out.”

And while next weekend’s event will be limited to Big Air, there will be demonstrations and explanations of other Dockdogs events. Those who aren’t prepared to enter their dog into the event are encouraged to attend as spectators. “The docks will be turned parallel to the porch so you’ll get a great view of the dogs running down the length of the dock,” said Jamieson. The Lake House Pub and Grill will be open and have refreshments and food available for purchase. Anyone who would to enter the event, can register beginning at 11 a.m. The jumps will begin at noon. The event is limited to the first 40 dogs to register. For more information, send an email to or visit their Facebook page at www. f a c e b o o k . c o m / GreenMountainDockDogs.

About Big Air The Big Air event is judged on the distance the dog travels in the air from the end of the dock. Distance is determined by measuring the distance from the end of the dock to where the tail breaks the water. The event is split into six different levels or divisions, based on the dogs’ ability. Dogs which have little experience, or cannot jump great distances, are entered into one of the lower levels, while more experienced or proficient dogs are entered at more competitive levels. Jamieson said they expect to have several experienced dogs, some of which will demonstrate the sport at a high level.

Penguin Productions Rtqhguukqpcn"Htkgpfn{"FLÓu John, Matt & Tiffany Saltis

Castleton Beauty Shop


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(802) 345-0313 Gockn<"ll0ucnvkuBjqvockn0eqo [QWT"UQWTEG"HQT


Cwvq"̋"Nkhg"̋"Jgcnvj"̋"Dwukpguu Rtgokwo"Dwfigvkpi Eqog"ugg"wu"cv

Lgppkhgt"Ocmgrgceg"qt"Xcpguuc"FwXcn" 74 Depot Street, Poultney, VT 802-287-2324


~ UPSTATE BBQ & STEAKS ~ NOW ACCEPTING MOTHERS DAY RESERVATIONS! Qrgp"hqt"Nwpej"("Fkppgt"Fckn{"33CO/:RO Enqugf"Oqpfc{u Ogpw"cxckncdng"cv"vjg"ygdukvg<" yyy0ejcornckpjctdqtoctkpc0eqo


Cremation With A Service... The importance of memorializing the life of a loved one is beyond description. Loved ones need the gathering and support of others who share their sorrow and mourn the loss. A healthy way of saying good-bye. Cremations today are frequently accompanied by a service that memorializes a person in a unique way.

Are cremation prices leaving you in the red? $1,345 including cremation fee The only area funeral home with a crematory. Cremation at our Middlebury facility.

Ducharme Funeral Home 1939 Main Street, Castleton • 468-0026

Roberts-Aubin Funeral Home 266 Allen Street, Poultney • 287-5511


GfyctfJones Ocmkpi"Ugpug"qh"Kpxguvkpi


Ujcyp"T0"Jcfygp"̋"Hkpcpekcn"Cfxkuqt 85"Ockp"Uvtggv."Hckt"Jcxgp."XV"27965 *:24+"487/6334""̋""yyy0gfyctflqpgu0eqo

Happenings FRI 5/11



Ockp"Uvtggv" Gcvgt{

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL... Just ask us! We love to be creative! OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT Stop In And See What Perry’s Addiction Is All About WINTER HOURS: Sun 6AM-2PM, Mon-Thurs 6AM-7PM, Fri & Sat 6AM-8PM


POULTNEY Rebecca and Dawn will lead a Story Time for Toddlers for children to age 5 at 11 a.m. on Fridays through May 25. Stories, songs, crafts and more will be featured. Information/registration: 802-287-5556.

Nqem"E7 *73:+"8;7/782;

Schedule info & Reservations: 695-5609/5496 Groups, Charters & Special Events

VENDORS WANTED CASTLETON VILLAGE FARMERS’ MARKET ku"nqqmkpi"hqt"xgigvcdng."hqqf"cpf"etchv"xgpfqtu"vq"rctvkekrcvg kp"qwt"nqecn"octmgv"nqecvgf"kp"vjg"jkuvqtke"xknncig"qh"Ecuvngvqp0

Market Day: Thursdays Market Hours: 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM Start Date: June 14th Market Location: Next to Citizens Bank

For more information or to sign up please contact Lori Barker at 273-2241 or 353-0498

Castleton Snack Bar TVG"6C"̋"ECUVNGVQP."XV"̋":24/68:/5296 OLDE SUMMERTIME FUN!


open daily


Spring is here! New wines, draft beers on tap. New spring lunch menu. Come enjoy a sunny afternoon in our dining room or out on the deck. Featuring nightly dinner specials and half-priced appetizer Mondays. The Blue Cat is the place to be!

Ockp"Uvtggv"̋"Ecuvngvqp"Xknncig."XV"27957 68:/49;3"̋"yyy0dnwgecvecuvngvqp0eqo Friend us on Facebook!

GRANVILLE The Sylvan Star/ Skenesborough Chapter 122, Order of the Eastern Star, will hold a Rummage Sale from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, May 11, at the Slate Valley Masonic Center, 95 North Street in Granville. Featured will be $3 and $5 bag sales and lunch will be available. Information: Jean MacLeod at 518-260-0460.

We are open for lunch Mon-Fri 11-2



MOTHER’S DAY DINNER Ugtxkpi"htqo"pqqp"vq"9ro hgcvwtkpi"eqorngvg"fkppgtu"htqo"&370;7

BENNINGTON Bennington Project Independence will hold its first annual Swing into Spring Golf Tournament to benefit its Adult Day Service on Friday, May 11, at the Mt. Anthony Country Club. Registration will begin at 11 a.m., with a noon tee time. Format is four-person scramble. Entry fee: $125; $110 club members. Information: 802-442-8136, or CHITTENDEN A Wildwood Open Mic event will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 11, at the Church of the Wildwood, 347 Holden Road in Chittenden. Musicians, poets and storytellers of all ages are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be available. Cost: Free-will donation to benefit the Pittsford Food Shelf that serves Pittsford, Chittenden and Proctor. Information: Bruce at 802-4836892, or email greyscot@hotmail. com. MANCHESTER Joseph Olshan will present his book, “Cloudland,” at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 11, at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester. And at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, former Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin will discuss her book, “For Women Trying to Do it All, a New Revolution.” C-SPAN Book TV will tape the May 12 event. Information: 802-362-2200. WHITEHALL International evangelist Pastor David Martin will conduct a Healing Service at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 11, at the Faith Chapel Assembly of God, 9823 Route 4 in Whitehall. A free-will offering will be accepted and everyone will be welcome. WEST RUTLAND The Marble Valley Players will stage Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit, “The Mousetrap,” at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, at the West Rutland Town Hall Theater. Cost: $15. Information/ tickets: 802-775-0903, or www. Tickets also will be sold at the door. RUTLAND AREA The Ladies’ Night Out Women’s Chorus will perform its “Peace and Hope in 2012” 7:30 p.m. concerts as follows: Friday, May 11, at the Weston Church; Saturday, May 12, Wallingford Congregational Church; Tuesday, May 15, Christ the King Church in Rutland; Thursday, May 17, Castleton Federated Church; and Sunday, May 20, Brandon Town Hall. Everyone will be welcome.

SAT 5/12 NATIONWIDE The National Association of Letter Carriers will host the 20th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive on Saturday, May 12. Letter carriers will collect

non-perishable food items that will be delivered to local food pantries. Residents are encouraged to leave items in bags near their mail box. ORWELL An Early Bird Nature Walk will be held at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Mount Independence State Historic Site on Mount Independence Road in Orwell. Meet in front of the site’s museum. Cost: $5 adults; free age 14 and younger. Information: 802759-2412, or GRANVILLE The ladies of the South Granville Congregational Church will meet for Breakfast at 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at AJ’s Restaurant off Quaker Street in Granville (ordering will be off the menu). And, from 8 to 9 a.m. on May 12, the men of the church will meet for breakfast at the church on Route 149. The men are asked to make a reservation with Joan at 642-9510. FAIR HAVEN A Household Hazardous Waste Collection will be held from 8 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Fair Haven Transfer Station on Fair Haven Avenue. This is a free service for Benson, Chittenden, Fair Haven, Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rutland Town, Shrewsbury, Sudbury, Tinmouth and West Haven. Information: Rutland County Solid Waste District at 802770-1333, or RUTLAND The Green Mountain Club will hold a Long Trail Spring Cleanup on Saturday, May 12 (rain date May 13). Bring work gloves and lunch, and wear sturdy shoes (tools will be provided). Meet at 9 a.m. at Main Street Park, near the east end of the fire station off Center Street in Rutland City. Information: Wayne Krevetsky at 282-2237. RUTLAND The Downtown Rutland Farmers Market will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays from May 12 through Oct. 27, and 3 to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays from June through October, at Depot Park in downtown Rutland. Information: www. and on Facebook. EAST DORSET A Community Tag Sale and Free Plant Swap will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Living Green Expo in East Dorset. Bring your clearly priced, gently used merchandise for the tag sale and get paid to recycle. A donation of $10 is required to reserve a table and monies collected will benefit the Second Chance Animal Shelter of Shaftsbury. Information: 802362-3180, or GRANVILLE The Girl Scouts of northern Washington County will collect non-perishable food and cash donations to benefit the Granville and Whitehall food pantries from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Price Chopper Plaza in Granville. The goal is to stuff a school bus with donations. MANCHESTER Everyone is invited to meet at the Hildene butterfly garden in Manchester from 10 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, for a program on the “Planning and Maintenance of a Butterfly Garden.” Master Gardener Cindy Lewis will review the components of butterfly habitat and participants will learn how to plant their own butterfly garden. Free. Information:

802-367-7960, or


MANCHESTER A Cairo Shriners Super Bingo, with $20,000 in prizes, will be held on Saturday, May 12, in the handicap-accessible Riley Rink at Hunter Park in Manchester. Doors will open at 10 a.m. with games starting at noon. Admission: $25. Full concession available. Information: 1-855-2475232. WELLS St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, just off the green in Wells, invites everyone to its Spring Plant and Rummage Sale from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 12. Professionally planted and grown hanging baskets and patio pots will be offered at great prices. Knowledgeable assistance will be provided, too. Information: Joyce Rogers at 802-287-0077. RUTLAND The Chaffee Art Center at 16 S. Main Street in Rutland invites students to an Arts Exploration Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 12. Chaffee’s art teacher, Kristen Partesi, and volunteers will assist students with various art projects. Cost: Free, donations appreciated. Also, the annual Student Art Show will run through May 19 at the Chaffee. Information: 802-7750356. GRANVILLE Mother’s Day stories, crafts, a game and snacks will be offered at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Pember Library, 33 W. Main Street in Granville. Information: 518-6422525. WHITEHALL A Teacup Auction will be held on Saturday, May 12, at the Whitehall Methodist Church, 56 Greenmount Cemetery Lane. Doors will open at 11 a.m., with drawings at 1 p.m. Cost: $5, plus an item for the food pantry (light lunch included); $2 additional tickets. Garden plants also will be offered for sale, there’ll be door prizes, and everyone will be welcome. Information: 499-0851. TINMOUTH The 28th Annual Tinmouth Plant Sale will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Old Firehouse on Route 140. Offered will be locally grown and dug perennials and shrubs from Tinmouth gardens. There also will be a bake sale, carwash, hot dogs, and other foods for lunch. RUPERT The 77th NY Regimental Balladeers will perform a concert of words and music of the Civil War, “Hard Times Come Again no More,” at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the historic Congregational Church of Rupert. At 6 p.m. before the concert, there’ll be a short ceremony of remembrance at Civil War graves in the Rupert Cemetery where you’ll have an opportunity to meet the singers. Free and open to all. Information: Gene Higgins at 802394-7738.

SUN 5/13 MANCHESTER Register by Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, for the 20th Annual Komen Vermont Race for the Cure and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a handcrafted, gold, sterling and amethyst bracelet valued at $400. The drawing will be on May 14. Register at The race will be run on Saturday, July 28, at Hildene Meadows in Manchester.

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by Jim Carrigan FAIR HAVEN The Fair Haven Union High School Music Chorus will perform in concert at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16, at the high school. Everyone will be welcome.

THU 5/17

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Qnf."pgy."cpvkswgu."hwtpkvwtg."cpf"eqnngevcdngu# CHECK US OUT ON AUCTIONZIP.COM FOR LISTINGS AND PICTURES!

DORSET The Dorset Players will stage the award-winning musical, “Oliver!” at 7:30 p.m. May 17 to 19 and May 24 to 26, and 2 p.m. May 20 and 27, at the Dorset Playhouse. Cost: $25 adults; $17 members; $10 age 18 and younger. Information/tickets: 802-8675777, or


Qypgt<"Ncwtkg"Egpcvg (518) 642-2428

TINMOUTH SNACK BAR & RESTAURANT Open Daily 11:00AM ~ 9:00PM Open for Breakfast Sat & Sun @ 8:00

FRI 5/18

Cogtkecp"Ngikqp"Rquv"6;"cv"94"U0"Ockp"Uv0"kp"Hckt"Jcxgp"kpxkvgu" gxgt{qpg"vq"cp"cnn/{qw/ecp/gcv"dtgcmhcuv"dwhhgv"htqo":"vq"33"c0o0" qp"OqvjgtÔu"Fc{."Uwpfc{."Oc{"350"Equv<"&9"cfwnvu="&5072"cigu"5" vq"32="htgg"4"cpf"{qwpigt0"Kphqtocvkqp<":24/487/9;:50""" PAWLET The Pawlet Volunteer Fire Dept. invites everyone to its annual Mother’s Day Brunch from 8 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, May 13, at the firehouse on Route 133, just north of Route 30. Cost: $8 adults; $4 age 11 and younger. Information: 802-325-3222, or email FAIR HAVEN American Legion Post 49 at 72 S. Main St. in Fair Haven invites everyone to an allyou-can-eat Breakfast Buffet from 8 to 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13. Cost: $7 adults; $3.50 ages 3 to 10; free 2 and younger. This breakfast is held on the second Sunday each month, with few exceptions. Information: 802-265-7983. NORTH CLARENDON The Marble Valley Runners of Rutland will host its annual Mother’s Day Stroller 5K Race on Sunday, May 13. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. at the Clarendon Elementary School, 84 Grange Hall Road in North Clarendon, with the race at 10 a.m. Runners, walkers and stroller pushers are encouraged to join the fun. Proceeds will benefit the Rutland Area Women’s Network and Shelter. Information/registration forms: BRANDON Guitarist Gerry Beaudoin and special guest Rich Lataille will perform a Jazz Concert at 7 p.m. on Sunday, May 13, at Brandon Music, 62 Country Club Road. Concert cost: $15 in advance, $18 at the door. Concert/ chili dinner cost: $25. Information/ tickets: 802-465-4071, or email

MON 5/14 GRANVILLE The Granville Rite Aid and Ma & Pa’s Place will host the second annual fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network from 4 to 8 p.m. on Monday, May 14. Stop by Ma & Pa’s for a spaghetti with meatballs dinner or a jerk chicken barbecue. There also will be a raffle of a R2D2 cooler, an

air paddle boat, and gift certificates. You’ll find Ma & Pa’s on Quaker Street in Granville. Information: 518-642-2332, or 642-9722.

TUE 5/15 GRANVILLE The Pember Book Club will meet at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, to discuss Elizabeth Norman’s book, “We Band of Angels: the True Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese.” Information: 518-642-2525. RUTLAND The Maple Leaf Quilters Guild will meet at 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, at the Christ the King Hall off Killington Avenue in Rutland. Included will be a potluck dinner and a lecture/ demo trunk show. Guests will be welcome at $4 each. Information: Kathy Budd at 802-438-5180.

WED 5/16 GRANVILLE The Haynes House of Hope at 7187 Route 149 in Granville will hold an Open House from 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16. This nondenominational, nonprofit house provides physical care, emotional support, and spiritual comfort for the terminally ill and their families. Information: 518-642-8155, or GRANVILLE Pat Oathout will teach Quilling at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16, at the Pember Library, 33 W. Main Street in Granville. Roll, shape and glue strips of paper into decorative designs. Pre-registration is not required and materials will be provided. Information: 518-642-2525. MANCHESTER Robert M. Thorson will give a power point presentation entitled “Stone Walls and the New England Identity” at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 16 at the First Congregational Church in Manchester. Free and open to the public. Information:


22 MAIN STREET, GRANVILLE, NY 518-642-0200

We offer a full menu of burgers, fish, our famous hand-cut fries, soups, salads & sandwiches. Battenkill Creamery Ice Cream and our fresh homemade pies. Home-cooked Daily Specials!

GRANVILLE Sylvan Star/ Skenesborough Chapter 122 will hold a Rummage Sale from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, May 18, at the Slate Valley Masonic Center, 95 North Street in Granville. This sale will be held on the third Friday each month, with few exceptions. Donations of clothing, household items and toys may be brought to the Masonic Center on the day of the sale. Information: Jean MacLeod at 518-260-0460.


POULTNEY The Third Annual Lakes Region and Spartans Basketball AAU Benefit Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, May 18, at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club on Route 30 in Poultney. Four-man scramble, 1 p.m. shotgun start, $300 per team. A buffet-style, barbecued chicken and ribs meal will be included. Information/registration: Dan Jones at 802-287-5887, 802-3420216, or email dsjones101@aol. com.

MONDAYS: OCTICTKVC"OCFPGUU"&4022 Octictkvcu"\"Hkuj"Vcequ WEDNESDAYS: Htguj"Ockpg"Nqduvgt"Fkppgt"&320;;

WEST PAWLET The West Pawlet Spring Farmers’ Market will be open from 4 to 7 p.m. on Fridays at the Fish and Game Club building. WHITEHALL American Legion Post 83 at 148 Main St. in Whitehall invites everyone to its Friday Fish Fry from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on May 18. This meal is served each Friday, with few exceptions. Information: 518-499-2482. GRANVILLE Everyone is invited to Movie Night at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 18, at the Pember Library, 33 W. Main Street in Granville. Information: 518-642-2525. WHITEHALL Elks Lodge 1491 at 5 Elks Way in Whitehall will host Friday Night Bingo at 7 p.m. on May 18. Featured will be a $500 jackpot special. This bingo is held each Friday, with few exceptions. Information: 518-499-1491. MANCHESTER Author Ricki Lewis will discuss the book, “The Forever Fix,” at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 18, at the Northshire Bookstore in Manchester. And at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, Terry Tempest Williams will discuss her book, “When Women Were Birds.” Information: 802-362-2200.

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67"Swcmgt"Uv0."Itcpxknng."P[" 73:/864/4667"̋"Qrgp"9"Fc{u#

Located in the center of town on Rt. 140 West

(802) 446-3310


Located 3 miles north of Route 4 on Route 30 Lake Bomoseen, Vermont 802-273-3000 ~

FRIDAYS: HTGG"Ykpiu""5/8RO Nkxg"Owuke""8/32RO with James Mee & Mike Sullivan RTKOG"TKD"FKPPGT"HQT"&320;; SUNDAYS: Dtwpej"33CO/4RO +"RTKEG"GPVTG¡U"UVCTVKPI"CV"6RO






Rtkpeguu"Ewv"Rtkog"Tkd"̋"Tqcuv"Rqtm Ejkemgp"Eqtfqp"Dngw"̋"Dquvqp"Jcffqem Dggt/Dcvvgtgf"Jcffqem"̋"Rqv"Tqcuv Uecnnqr"Dtwuejgvvc"̋"rnwu"qwt"tgiwnct"ogpw """""""""""""""""IKXG"CP"CLÔU"IKHV"EGTVKHKECVG








For tickets or information call the Whitehall Armory:

518-832-3662/3663 62 Poultney Street Whitehall, NY



GMC hosts 175th commencement Green Mountain College’s 2012 commencement speaker has been described as a powerful advocate for environmental justice and “the Rosa Parks of the green jobs movement.” She is president of Majora Carter Group Consulting, and will address GMC graduates at the College’s 175th commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12, at 10 a.m. Carter will also receive an honorary doctor of laws degree from the College. Graduates of the College’s sustainable MBA and master’s of science in environmental studies programs will also receive degrees. Carter founded and led Sustainable South Bronx from 2001-2008. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to economic and environmental development informed by community needs under the guiding principle: “You shouldn’t have to leave your neighborhood to live in a better one.” Since 2008 The Majora Carter Group has developed climate adaptation, urban agribusiness, and leadership development strategies for business, government, foundations, universities and economically under-performing communities. Her

many honors include a MacArthur “genius” Fellowship. She also hosts the Peabody Award-winning public radio series “The Promised Land.” Also receiving an honorary degree is Cornelius “Con” Hogan of Plainfield, Vermont. Hogan has devoted his career to providing humane and innovative solutions to social problems. He served as the Vermont secretary of human services from 1991 to 1999 and as commissioner for the Department of Corrections from 1977 to 1979. He is also a member of the Green Mountain Care Board which is charged with oversight of health care policy in the state. Hogan will receive an honorary doctor of humane letters degree. The student speaker is Elizabeth Cerezo, a doublemajor in psychology and sociolo g y / a n t h r o p o l o g y. The outdoor ceremony on the Griswold Library lawn is open to the public (in the case of inclement weather, ticketing is required for the indoor venue. The ceremony will also be broadcast live via the Northeast Sports Network

Yard sale at CES May 12 Yard sale at Castleton Elementary School, Saturday, May 12, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Giant yard sale, indoors and out, many elementary school fami-

lies and teachers participating, craft vendors, bake sale. For more info: www.castletoncso.

GMC students help cleanup Itggp"Oqwpvckp"Eqnngig"Tqvqtcev"uvwfgpvu"rctvkekrcvgf"kp"vjg"Crtkn"4:"engcpwr"qh"vjg"Ycvmkpu"Jknn" Iqtig" fwor" ukvg0" Htqo" nghv." vjg{" ctg<" Ngunkg" Enctmg." Mcvgnkp" Gogtuqp." Fcpkgn" Tkng{." Yknnkco" Dtkpm." Vkvcpkc"Itggp."Gnklcj"Ykiikpu"cpf"Uctcj"Mykcvmqyumk0 "Cnuq"kpxqnxgf"dwv"pqv"kp"vjg"rkevwtg"ygtg"Rqwnvpg{"Jkij"Uejqqn"uvwfgpvu"htqo"vjgkt"Tqvct{"qticpk|c/ vkqp<"Fgncpg{"Dkvngt"Ï"Ejctvkgt."Cujng{"Ukoqpu."Lwnkc"Ukoqpu."Nwe{"FgOcvvkgu."Cncp/Ingpp"Dwtpgnn"cpf" Ucfkg"Dtqyp0"Vjg{"rkemgf"wr"kp"vjg"Xknncig"ctgc0

CES honor roll students named Castleton Elementary honor rolls for the third quarter

Thomas Spafford

Itcfg"Hqwt Jkij


Cael Christian, Elizabeth Haggerty, Malik Hendrickson, Troy Senecal, Michael Thayer, Anna Breslen, Austin Bruno, Trevor MacKay

Jqpqtu Emma LaFaso, Austin Rundell, Gregory Shaw, Irina Trombley, Noah Beis, Benjamin Boggio, Theresa Culpo, May Povey,



Stephanie Gebhardt, Jordyn Howard, Makayla Woodbury, Lydia Aust, Jakob GoetzHochberg, William Merrill Jr., Laura Lynn Springer, Todd Sumner, Yvonne Swinington

Itcfg"Hkxg Jkij Cassidy Lanfear, Ryley McClure, Parker Morse, Riley Taylor


Austin Beayon, Kerry Crossman, Patrick Finnegan, Brooke Galvin, Jacob Grenier, Alyssa Hanselman, Kaleb Harvey, Amy Howard, Kelsey Lafaso, Carson Moe, Rachele Riecker, Hayden Sheldrick, Paiton Tolmer, Jesse Tucker, Dillon Wang

Ogtkv Ashleigh Baldwin, Isiah Delancey, Tara Fenton, Andrew Ferrara, Gage Slater, Emily VanBuren.

Ectfu"Qh"Vjcpmu The family of our beloved Ed Butler expresses our sincerest heartfelt thanks to the many families, friends, and neighbors in the town of Poultney and surrounding communities for embracing us with your love, compassion and caring acts of kindness during our loss. It’s with gratitude of our hearts, we will always remember you for your thoughtfulness, comfort and support. Colleen (aka) Connie and family — son, Jim; daughters, Maureen and husband Jim Murray; Colleen and husband John Fortune; grandchildren, Lisa and Lauren Murray, and Kathryn and Stephanie Fortune.



I want to thank everyone: Friends, neighbors and family, for the prayers, gifts, flowers, phone calls and anything else you did for me at the time of my surgery. Josephine (Jo) Williams

and enjoy towards the cost of your wedding!

All you have to do is fill out the official entry form below and mail it in. One lucky person will receive $150 in gift certificates to use at any of the advertisers in Manchester Newspapers’ 2012 Bridal Book. The Bridal Book is available throughout the region right now. The Bridal Book is also available online at Plus - we will mail you a free copy of our 2012 Bridal Book to help you plan that special day. Deadline for entry is Friday, June 1, 2012. The drawing will be held on Monday, June 4, 2012.

Gpvgt" Ocpejguvgt"Pgyurcrgtu‹



Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Castleton Village School honor students

A Household Hazardous Waste Collection event will be held from 8 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at the Fair Haven transfer station on Fair Haven Avenue in Fair Haven. Residents can dispose of a number of products including creosote, herbicides and pesticides, batteries, oven cleaners and much more. Latex paint, car batteries, and tires will not be accepted at the facility in Fair Haven.

Castleton Village School honors The following students at Castleton Village School have distinguished themselves by their academic achievement for the fifth marking period.

Stoodley, Evan Swinington, Liam Tomasi, Jacob Turner & Noah Tyson Merit: Alyssa Bathalon, Caleb Casey, Joseph Nakamura, Katelynn Snow and Olivia Starer



High Honors: Josephine Barber, Nathan Bathalon, Jessica Brewster, Estelle Kearns, Cassandra Pelkey, Megan Randall and Gavin Schillinger Honors: Alex Blackwood, Hannah Bonvouloir, Halle Coloutti, Hannah Czachor, Jarred Hayes, Nicholas Jones, Ryan Mahoney, Madeline Morse, Joseph Quimet, Seth Park, Nathaniel Soulia, Devon Spaulding, Oshen Stone, Jacob

High Honors:Benjamin Howard, Reilly Howard and Sophia Rampone Honors: Kyle Ackerman, Nicole Blackwood, Emma Boggio, Noah Bonvouloir, Julia Carone, Isaiah Chamberlain, Betsy Coburn, Mollie Coltey, John Culpo, Dylan Czachor, Griffen Fowler, Jacob Godfrey, Trevor Goodwin, Jonna-Lynn Grenier, JoHanna Morse, Shiloh Peryer, Eric Ray, Regina Ruiz and Benjamin Wilson

The event is open to residents of the Solid Waste Alliance Communities (SWAC) towns only, which include: Benson, Chittenden, Fair Haven, Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rutland Town, Shrewsbury, Sudbury, Tinmouth, and West Haven. Proof of residency will be required. For more information, call John at 770-1333.

Benefit golf tournament May 18 There will be a benefit golf tournament for AAU basketball on Friday, May 18, at Lake St. Catherine Country Club. The third annual Lakes Region and Spartans Basketball AAU tournament has a shotgun start at 1 p.m. Cost is $300.00 per team, fourman scramble format. There will be a buffet style meal includ-

ed in the entry fee. To sign up, call Dan Jones at 802-287-5887 or 802-342-0216 or email: Poultney Fish and Game club is holding its regular monthly meeting at Dick Walker’s sawmill on Greenfield Lane on Thursday, May 17, at 6 p.m. It is the annual election of officers, so members are urged to attend.




Merit: Linnea Mylott and Ethan Ringquist

Itcfg": High Honors: Noah Auger, Charles Cacciatore, Abigail Ferrara, Matthew Hadeka, Charlotte Kearns, Molly Marcy, Samantha Morse and Marie Park Honors: Logan Bathalon, Alexandra Carter, Cassidy Childs, Aimee Fortier, Andrew Hooker, Nicholas Hooker, Nicole McCardle, Mollie Mortenson, Kaitlin Mylott, Ethan Randall, Sophia Ruiz, Megyn Spafford and Kasi White Merit: Cody Adams, Lucas Czarnecki, Keary Johnson, Trevor Reck and Jasmine Zammiello

Castleton Senior Humane Society to hold yard sale Menu Monday, May 14: Oven Fried Chicken, Marsala Sauce w/ Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes Mixed Vegetables, Wheat Bread, Blueberry Crisp Tuesday,May 15: Glazed Ham Loaf, Baked Beans with Maple Syrup, Winter Mixed Vegetables, Oatmeal Bread, Chocolate Brownie Cookies Wednesday, May 16: Clam Chowder, Crackers, Tuna and Egg Salad, Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes, Hamburger Roll, Melon

The Rutland County Humane Society is holding a yard sale to raise money for the homeless animals in Rutland County. The event will be held on Saturday, May 19 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Rutland County Humane Society, 765 Stevens Road in Pittsford. There will also be a bake sale to help raise funds for the animals. The shelter will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for visiting with the adoptable animals. RCHS is happy to accept donations for the event. And now is the perfect time to start cleaning out those attics, basements and closets! Please make sure all items are prepriced

(nothing less than 25 cents) and are in working order. No clothing, shoes, textbooks, magazines or computer equipment. Items can be dropped off at the brown building next to the RCHS shelter on Friday, May 18 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday, May 19 from 7:30 to 9 a.m. only. RCHS receives no financial support from any national or local humane organization. Programs are supported solely by donations, memberships and fundraising events. For more information about RCHS and/or the yard sale, please contact RCHS at 483.9171 or visit

Heritage Family Credit Union meets The Heritage Family Credit Union held its 56th Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 21, at the Holiday Inn in Rutland. Barbara Begin was honored as “Employee of the Year.” Barbara was recognized for her “unconditional dedication and commitment to the Credit Union.” Also at the meeting, Denis

Benson and Rodney Ward were elected committee members. Officers for the 2012 are chairman of the board, Larry Jensen; first vice chairman, Tom O’Brien; second vice chairman, Kevin Loso; treasurer, Barbara Houle; secretary, Rodney Ward; directors, Richard Addison and Denis Benson.


Be Here for all Life’s Memories Having your yearly mammogram is one of the key things you can do for early breast cancer detection.

Aren’t you and your family worth it? Call 802.747.1880 to schedule Your Digital Mammogram today! Offering Evening & Weekend Hours for Your Convenience.

Rutland Regional Medical Center Mammography Services

̋""""Hwnn"Ugtxkeg"Rjctoce{0 ̋""""Ogfkectg"Crrtqxgf"Hceknkv{0 ̋""""Cnn"oclqt"rtguetkrvkqp"kpuwtcpeg"rncpu"ceegrvgf0 ̋"""Htgg"nqecn"fgnkxgt{"/"rtguetkrvkqpu"d{"ockn"vq """"cnn"qvjgt"nqecvkqpu0 ̋""""Eqorngvg"ugngevkqp"qh"jqogqrcvjke"tgogfkgu. """""jgtdcnu"cpf"rjctocegwvkecn/itcfg"xkvcokpu0 ̋""""Jqog"Ogfkecn"Uwrrnkgu0 ̋""""Fwtcdng"Ogfkecn"Gswkrogpv0 ̋""""Pqy"HTGG FGNKXGT[ vq"Ecuvngvqp"("Hckt"Jcxgp

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Castleton Center programs The Castleton Community Center has scheduled computer, crafts and Tai Chi classes during the month of May. If you are looking for help to learn basic computer skills or to enhance existing skills sign up for the Castleton Community Center computer class. The course will help you find your way around Microsoft Word including, word processing, tool bar functions, saving your work, highlighting, cut and paste and spell check and an introduction to email and the internet. This five-day class (May 14-18) is from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. The fee is $12. Call 4683093 to reserve a space. If you like to learn new crafts come to the Center Friday May 25 at 1 p.m. and

learn the technique of triaxle weaving with ribbon. Participants will make colorful and attractive threedimensional designs on greeting cards. The fee is $5. Registration is required by May 23. Tai Chi has become one of our most popular classes. The Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program uses gentle routines that are safe and easy to learn. Benefits of practicing Tai Chi include reduced stress, increased balance and flexibility, relaxation, and improved overall mind, body and spirit. Level One class meets Thursdays from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., May 17-June 21. There is no fee but preregistration is required. For more information, call the center 468-3093.

Green Up Day Kp"jqpqt"qh"Itggp"Wr"Fc{"qp"Ucvwtfc{."Oc{"7."uvwfgpvu"V{ngt"Rkvvu."Ujcppqp"Twrg"cpf"Eqt{"Ogctu" rkemgf"wr"vtcuj"ctqwpf"Rqwnvpg{"Jkij"Uejqqn0"

Upward Bound students excel at CSC Upward Bound and the Ve r m o n t E d u c at i o n a l Opportunity Association have awarded Castleton State College Upward Bound students several scholarships and laptops. To be eligible for these awards, seniors must be in good standing with Upward Bound and their high schools, have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale, place a tuition deposit with their college and complete a course in financial literacy. In addition, students have to write an essay that addresses, “How Upward Bound has helped me reach my educational goals.” Amanda Hill of Rutland High School was awarded first place for her essay by Castleton Upward Bound and the Vermont Educational Opportunity Association, for a total of $1,000 in scholarship money. Michael Green of Fair Haven Union High School was awarded 1st Runner Up for his essay with an award of $250, and Morganne Fitzgerald of Rutland High school was awarded 2nd Runner Up for her essay with an award of $200. In addition, Hill and Fitzgerald each won a laptop with a total value of over $1,300. Upward Bound students and parents raise the funds to provide these scholarships. Upward Bound is a federally funded program at Castleton that offers challenging precollege experiences to high school students of high academic potential from Fair Haven Union High School, Mill River Union High School, Poultney High School, Rutland High School and West Rutland High School. Its goal is to generate skills and motivation necessary for success in high school and college through a sixweek summer residential program and an academic year com-

Dean’s list Garrett Bauman from Castleton was named to the dean’s list at Villanova University for the fall 2011 semester. Bauman is enrolled in the college of liberal arts and sciences. Stafford Honors Poultney High School students Christian Loomis and Joshua Stiles were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society May 10 at Stafford Technical Center in Rutland.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING for the Stockholders of Rutland-Whitehall Railroad Cp" cppwcn" oggvkpi" hqt" vjg" uvqemjqnfgtu"qh"vjg"Twvncpf/Yjkvgjcnn" Tckntqcf"Eqorcp{"yknn"dg"jgnf"cv"vjg" Rgqrngu" Wpkvgf" Dcpm." Hckt" Jcxgp." " " " " Xgtoqpv" cv" 32<22" c0o0" qp" Oc{" 38." 4234."hqt"vjg"rwtrqug"qh"gngevkpi"hkxg" fktgevqtu" cpf" eqpfwevkpi" cp{" qvjgt" rtqrgt"dwukpguu0 Xktikpkc"D0"Yqqf. Engtm

SEPTIC PUMPING & Portable Toilets




Htkfc{"cv"32"c0o0"ku"vjg"fgcfnkpg"vq"uwdokv" kvgou"hqt"vjg"htgg"ecngpfct"kp"vjg"hqnnqykpi" yggmÓu"pgyurcrgt0"Yjgpgxgt"rquukdng."kvgou" ujqwnf"dg"uwdokvvgf"c"yggm"qt"oqtg"gctnkgt" vjcp"vjcv"vq"gpuwtg"vkogn{"rwdnkecvkqp0""

Wryctf" Dqwpf" uvwfgpvu" cv" Ecuvngvqp" vjku" {gct" kpenwfgf" *htqpv." htqo" nghv+" Cocpfc" Jknn" cpf" Oqticppg" Hkv|igtcnf" qh" Twvncpf" Jkij" Uejqqn"cpf"Ectqnkpg"Yqqf"qh"Yguv"Twvncpf"Jkij"Uejqqn"cpf"*tgct." htqo" nghv+" Lguug" Dcujcy" cpf" Okejcgn" Itggp" dqvj" qh" Hckt" Jcxgp" Wpkqp"Jkij"Uejqqn0 ponent. For more information about Upward Bound, contact Jennifer Jones at 802-468-6400 or visit our website at The Vermont Educational Opportunity Association is is our state’s professional organization that is actively interested in

& 2 0 (7 9,6,

ensuring equal educational opportunity for Vermont’s college bound students. Students are first generation college bound, from low- to moderate-income families and/or are individuals with disabilities. For more information about VEOP, please visit their website at

Broughton s

BIG COUNTRY HARDWARE Oqpfc{/Htkfc{"":/7."Ucvwtfc{":/Pqqp

802-758-2477 Ewd"Ecfgv"Ucngu"Ugtxkeg"("Rctvu0" Yg"vcmg"vtcfg"kpu0 Tqwvg"44C"̋"Dtkfrqtv."XV"



• Septic Tank Pumping • Portable Toilet Rentals • High Pressure Line Jetting • New Septic Systems Installed • Repairs to Old Systems



̋"Eqorngvg"G{g"Gzcokpcvqp ̋"Vtgcvogpv"cpf"Ocpcigogpv"qh"g{g"fkugcugu ̋"Eqpvcev"ngpugu" ̋"Nctig"Ugngevkqp"qh"htcogu"("ngpugu ̋"Oquv"Kpuwtcpegu"ceegrvgf0 85"SWCMGT"UVTGGV."ITCPXKNNG."P["34:54

73:/9;4/273:"Gzv0"3 By Appointment

Make Mom’s Day Uwpfc{."Oc{"35vj

Hanging Baskets Fresh Arrangements Dish Gardens • Gifts • Cards FGNKXGT["CXCKNCDNG

Everyday Flowers 200 Main Street, Poultney, VT 802-287-4094 JQWTU<"O/H";/7"̋"Ucvwtfc{"Oc{"34<";co/5ro Qrgp"Uwpfc{"Oc{"35<";co/3ro


Happy 90th Birthday Rkevwtgf"ctg"Oknftgf"Ocujcm"qh"Jcorvqp."P[."qp"jgt";2vj"dktvjfc{"ykvj"jgt"hcokn{0"Kp"vjg"rjqvq"ctg"jgt"vjtgg"ejknftgp."Uwucp"Rgtt{."qh"Jcorvqp."jgt"ejknftgp"cpf"itcpf/ ejknftgp="Lqjp"Ocujcm"cpf"jku"ykhg"Xcngtkg"qh"Jcorvqp."cpf"jku"ejknftgp"cpf"itcpfejknftgp="cpf"Eco"Ujcy."jgt"jwudcpf"Dqd"qh"Jcorvqp."vjtgg"qh"vjgkt"hkxg"ejknftgp"cpf" vjgkt" itcpfejknftgp=" cpf" eqwukpu" Ejctnqvvg" Eqnngvvg" htqo" Hckt" Jcxgp." cpf" Tkvc" Ejctngvqp" qh" Dgpuqp0" Cnuq" kp" cvvgpfcpeg" ygtg" Pcpe{" Ocujcm" qh" Itcpxknng." P[." Ctngpg" Ujcvvwem"qh"Jcorvqp"cpf"Mgppgvj"Ujcvvwem"cpf"jku"hcokn{"htqo"Twvncpf0"

Conservation camp scholarships available The 2012 Green Mountain Conservation Camps will be held June through August at Buck Lake or Kehoe Camp. The camp is for kids ages 12 through 14 and incorporates nature exploration, hunter certification, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing, archery and orienteering. An advanced camp is offered for youth ages 12 through 16 who have graduat-

ed from a basic session and have passed a hunter education course. The tuition for the week is $200 per camper. There is a limited number of scholarships available based on income eligibility. Check out www.vtfishandwildlife. com/camps.cfm for more information and to download forms. The Wells Moder n Woodmen of American will


434"Ockp"Uvtggv."Uwkvg"4."Rqwnvpg{."XV""27986 *:24+"4:9/426;""~""xhhBuqxgt0pgv"~""yyy0xgtoqpvtgcnguvcvgjqog0eqo




Itgcv"5"dgftqqo."4+"dcvj"qp" 0;;"cetg"nqv0"Rtkxcvg"{ctf0" Dgcwvkhwn"jctfyqqf"hnqqtu0" $157,900

sponsor two campers. They will pay 50 percent of the cost and the parent will pay the other 50 percent to be sent with the application. Upon completion of the camp, the MWA will reimburse the parent for their 50 percent More information and application forms are available at the school and online at w w w. v t f i s h a n dw i l d l i f e. com/edu_camps.cfm.

NorthLand :24/4:9/;9;9

There will be homemade pie for dessert. Adults are $9, children five to 12 are $5 and those four and under are free, The Raceville Community House is on Butler Road, off Route 22A in Granville, NY. Takeouts are available and all are welcome.

GILBERT REALTY & DEVELOPMENT (802) 265-8834 • (802) 468-5308

g/ockn<"pqtvjBuqxgt0pgv 337"Ockp"Uvtggv Rqwnvpg{."XV yyy0pqtvjncpfxv0eqo


PRICE REDUCED On this charming Fair Haven 3 bedroom, 1&½ bath home. Situated on village lot. Walking distance to area schools. Nice front porch. Great family home. Price reduced to $112,000. Call today for personal showing.



SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012 • 10:00AM-12:00PM Rtkxcvg#"Xknncig"eqpxgpkgpeg0"Kp/itqwpf"rqqn0" Kp/ncy"crctvogpv0"Nctig"ygnn/ockpvckpgf" eqnqpkcn"ykvj"vyq"dctp1ictcig1yqtmujqru0" Cffkvkqpcn"cetgcig"cxckncdng0"

PRICED TO SELL $229,000!!!

Jennifer T. McDermott WATSON REALTY

The Raceville United Methodist Church will sponsor a roast pork dinner Sunday, May 20, at the Raceville Community House. The dinner will run from 4 to 6:30 p.m., and will include roast pork, mashed potatoes, vegetables, cabbage salad, apple sauce, cranberry sauce and homemade rolls.


FKTGEVKQPU<"Vcmg"Uqwvj"Uvtggv"vq" Cecfgo{"Uvtggv0"Hktuv"jqwug"qp"tkijv0" Nqqm"hqt"ukip0

Eqnfygnn"Dcpmgt"Ycvuqp"Tgcnv{ cell: 802-683-4867

Roast pork dinner set for May 20

Aleda Dutton."Dtqmgt

Cnyc{u"Xgtoqpv"Tgcn"Guvcvg 39:"Tv0"52"Pqtvj."Dqoquggp."XV"27954""̋""802-468-3110

Route 4A, Hydeville Plaza, Hydeville, VT 05750

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At Lake St. Catherine

C" 7" dgftqqo" hctojqwug" nqecvgf" kp" Ygnnu" lwuv" qwvukfg" qh" vjg" xknncig" qp" pgctn{" qpg" ngxgn" cetg0" " Vjg" dctp1 ictcig1yqtmujqr" cpf" vjg" tgpqxcvgf" qwvjqwug" cffu" vq" vjg" ejcto" qh" vjku" 3:62" tgukfgpeg0" " Dgcwvkhwn" itqwpfu" ykvj"pkeg"rgtgppkcnu0"Rtkegf"vq"ugnn"cv

,"377"hv"iqtigqwu"ncmg"htqpv ,"Qrgp"mkvejgp/fkpkpi/nkxkpi"tqqo ,"Ugeqpf"hnqqt"cnn"ocuvgt"uwkvg ,"54Ó"ncmg/hcekpi"fgem ,"Uwp"Tqqo"/"Hktgrnceg


$168,000 INC.

Ecnn"Ncmgukfg"Tgcnv{"cv":24/867/;223 yyy0xvncmgukfg0eqo


Vgn<":24/867/;223"̋"Hcz<":24/867/2742 R0Q0"Dqz"::9.""Ygnnu."XV"27996/2::9


Rutland w Bennington w Washington County



Need to move? Look inside for new homes and apartments

Looking for a new job? Look inside for a large listing of help wanteds! Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

(2) GLASS WINDOWS 4x8 & 8x3, great for raised garden, $10. 518-229-8358

COMPUTER DESK good shape, pick up only, $25. 518-499-1621

10 ADULT LIFE JACKETS Brand new, $50. Wells 802366-0211

COUCH GOOD CONDITION $45. 518-695-9497

HP LASER JET 5000 printer with toner cartridge and network card. Like new, $75. 518-274-8215

MOTORCYCLE JACKET with armor, womens, coral/ gray. Size L excellent condition, $99. 518-642-2783

SPILLMASTER RUG PADDING new 6X13, $28. Call before 10am or after 5, 518499-0579

HP LASER JET 4mp printer network card, 2 paper trays, envelope feeder attachment, $50. 518-274-8215

MOTORCYCLE JACKET with armor, womens, mauve, brushed suede. Size 8, excellent condition, $99. 518642-2783

S T G E O R G E V I N TAG E electric guitar, $99/obo. Must sell. 518-742-9460

VINTAGE BEAUTY SHOP hydraulic chair, and dryer chair in good condition, brown color, $85. 518-3078937

10” MITER SAW with universal tool stand, $40. 802287-9451 11 ASST playstation 2 games, $25. 518-499-0169 2 ELECTRIC FOREMAN grills, brand new, $30. 518692-2368 260 GALLON POLY vertical tank, $99. 802-375-9441 36” TELEVISION works good, $30. 518-686-4560 4 FT ROUND maple table, very sturdy and very heavy. To p i s 2 i n t h i ck . A l s o 4 wooden chairs, $50. 518642-2921 A PA R T M E N T S I Z E ELECTRIC STOVE works great, white, $20. Wells 802366-0211 ARCTIC CAT SNOWMOBILE saddle bags, black, L/ XL, touring, new, $99.99. 802-375-4045

CRAFTSMAN 10” RADIAL arm saw, with stand, works good, $70. 802-293-5114 C RO QU E T S E T. Fo r s t e r professional grade, perfect condition, complete set with cart, great summer fun, $99. DAYHON FOLDING bicycle, $80. 518-753-4895 DOCK, PRESSURE T R E AT E D w o o d , n e v e r used, 3x12, $75. 802-2364512 DRILL PRESS 5 ft tall, 3/4 HP 5/8 chuck. With vise, $99. 518-854-3307 DROP SPINDLE or mother of all for a spinning wheel to spin wool, $40. 518-5973776 ELECTRIC CEMENT MIXER works fine, $40. 518-6922368 ELECTRIC FENCER PARMAK 6 volt battery (portable) 15 mile, $35. 802-325-6321

A S S T S P O RT S C A R D S football, baseball, hockey, basketball, $25. 518-4990169

ELECTRIC FENCER BU S H R A N G E R 2 5 m i l e, kills weeds touching fence, $50. 802-325-6321

AU TO M AT I C WA S H E R , Maytag super duty, top load, great condition, $82. 802362-1185

ELECTRIC FENCE INSUL ATO R S f o r f i b e r g l a s s poles, 25 of them, 45 for wood poles, $15. 802-3256321

BAND SAW 14”, 1/2 HP, 5 1/2 ft tall. Runs, needs work, $50. 518-854-3307 B E AC H C H A I R S fo l d i n g telescope. Excellent condition, 2 for $90 OBO. 518695-5696 BI-FOLD CLOSET DOORS 4’ wide, all hardware and frame, $20. Wells 802-3660211 BOAT INFLATABLE 2 MAN Sea Hawk, new, oars, $99. 802-287-9451 CABELLA LOUNGE CHAIR, multi position, great condition, $20. 518-229-8358 C E DA R F E N C E P O S T S 3T5 inch, 8 ft plus, 40 pieces, $90. 518-638-8959 CHARCOAL GRILL, Uniflame, works great, in fair condition. Perfect for cam or the extra grill for the big summer par ty, $30. 802-2879647 CHEST FREEZER not huge, not tiny, $80. 518-742-9460 CHEVY 4X4 FACTORY GM fender flares, black, fits 7387 pick up, $99.99. 802-3754045 CLOTHES DRYER, Frigidaire, LP gas, guaranteed to work perfectly, $65. 802-3621185 COLLECTION OF SPORTS caps, take all for $50. OBO. 518-854-7801

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 59” wide 4ft high 20” deep. Storage cabinet and glass doors. Oak color, $25. 518-686-4560

HP PHOTOSMART 5510 color printer. Never opened, new, $40. 518-692-7039

NEW DELL LAPTOP D610 battery, $50. 518-632-5207

INVERSION TABLE ironman RB training inversion system, 5900-5901, $50. 518-817-7926

OAK ENTERTAINMENT ctr has opening for 32” TV. One glass dr, two small drs. Quite big, $99 firm. 518-642-3102

J E R S E Y S H OW c a l f, h e a l t hy, r e g i s t e r e d , d e horned, heifer DOB 03/04/ 12, $800. w/ yearling, DOB 03/11 $1600 518-642-9374

PILATES REFORMER by Fit Solutions, includes 2 videos on exercises, excellent condition, $99. 802-375-1261

KITCHEN CABINETS white, formica, upper/ lower with small sink, great for efficiency or small apartment, $99. 518-642-1646 KITCHEN STOVE ELECTRIC white, in excellent condition, older model, $99. 518-642-1646 LOOT HARDCOVER BOOKS $20. Wells 802-3660211 LOT OF DRESS sandals, 10 days excellent cond. All size 9, foot surgery, $80 all. 518587-0871 LOVE SEAT good condition, $25. 518-695-9497 MAPLE ROCKING CHAIR made in Gardner, Mass, $99. 518-686-4560 MARUSHI ROAD ACE 4, 12 speed road bicycle. Recently tuned up, new rubber, one owner. Well taken care of, $99. 802-375-1261

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER good shape, pick up only, $25. 518-499-1621 EXECUTIVE STYLE L shaped office desk with drawers. Like new, beautiful wood grain look, $500 new, $99 moving. 518-854-9702

STEAM CLEANER wagner 905 demand power steamer. Used once, $50. 518-8177926 STEP 2 PUSH buggy, pink, excellent condition, $25. 802-265-3121 STEREO RCA cd-dvd fmam speakers, wires loop, antenna 2 years old, manual, remote, $25. 518-274-8215

P I L L OW S Q U E E N S I Z E tempur pedic, never used. Paid $99 asking $55. 518695-5696

S T E R E O V I N TAG E P I O N E E R 5 X 6 0 0 0 s p e a ke r s cables, 1970 owners manual, schematic walnut cabinet, nice, $50. 518-274-8215

PROM DRESS 2 piece, strapless, mint green, size 12. Excellent condition, $50. 518-642-2783

STORMS/SCREEN DOOR Larson 36x80”, like new, left side handle, $95/obo. 802235-1196

RING AND PINION out of 1979 F250 Dana 44 front axle, 3.53 ratio, $50. 802325-6321

THOMAS TRAINS over 75 pieces, tracks, trains, bridges, buildings, $60. 518-6773851

ROOFING NAILS 1.5 inch galvanized, 15 lbs, $15. 518638-8959

TNA DVD& ACTION figure set, AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy, $25. 518-499-0169

SKEET SHOOTER, never used, comes with three cases of clay pigeons, $30. 518229-8358.

TREK 330 road bike, $95. 802-236-4512

SMALL DROP LEAF table with two chairs, excellent condition, $25. 518-642-2936 leave message. SNOWBLOWER ATTACHMENT for Grauly walk-beh i n d t r a c t o r. A d j u s t a bl e chute, 28” wide, $30. 518677-8934

TWIN MATTRESS inflatable, $20. 802-287-9451 TY BEANIE BABIES original whole box, $99. 518-7429460 USED DELL LAPTOP D610 batter y, good cond. $20. 518-632-5207

WEBER CHARCOAL GRILL excellent condition, $25. 518-229-8358 WORX GT CORDLESS weed eater, 2 batteries and charger, cost $170, sell $50/ obo. 518-742-9460 YAMAHA SNOWMOBILE saddle bags, black w/logo, small/med, excellent condition, $99.99. 802-375-4045

Business Opportunities MAKE $2,000 DOLLARS WEEKLY selling discount health, dental, and vision plans. Get paid weekly. Residual income. Free leads. No experience needed. Call 1-877-204-6214

Daycare THE SMILEY’S DAYCARE NYS Licensed has openings in September for ages 6wks12yrs. Low affordable rates, meals incl. Hoosick Falls School District. Call Karie Maynard @ 518-686-7453

YARD MACHINE self propelled push mower, bagger, mulcher, electric start, $85 OBO. 802-287-0620

MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale

ANNOUNCEMENTS Announcements A LT H O U G H M A N C H E S T E R N E W S PA PERS tries earnestly to check all Classified Advertising submitted for legitimacy and accuracy, we cannot be responsible for ads that may be misleading.

12,000 BTU MOBILE air conditioner, plus dehumidifier. Window, evap, flex duct and remote. Used very little, $200. 518-686-7519 18’ QUICK-SET POOL. Excellent condition. Includes: ladder, pump & filter, extra new pump, cover and solar cover, $150. 802-884-8136 C R A F T S M A N P RO F E S SIONAL 30” 357cc dualstage snow thrower with EZ steer, electric start, 5yr warranty, $800. 917-328-3082.

3 Weeks / $1500

3 Weeks / $2500

For Items Priced Less Than $1,000 - Over $100

For Items Priced $1,000 or More

FOUNDATION COATING 5 gallon pail, new, $15. 518854-3653 FOUR SEAT PADDLE boat, size 4X8 water tight, works fine, $99. 518-638-8959 F U L L S I Z E T RU C K b e d mat, 8’, one year old, great quality and condition, $75. 802-375-4045 GARNETT SAND BLASTING grit 100 lbs, new, $90. 518-638-8959 GE PROFILE, LP gas stove, 30”, black, auto oven, clean, $86. 802-362-1185 GEORGE FOREMAN grill, new still in box, $25. 518499-0169 GLIDER ROCK OAK with foot stool, $30. 802-2879451 HARLEQUIN ROMANCE and Silhouette paperback books, all have covers, nice shape, 50 for $20. 802-2352301

Name: Address:

Phone #:

Deadline: Monday 3 PM

14"̋"Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Oc{"33."4234 Articles For Sale

Whaleback Vineyard A Selection of Our Own Wines

Articles For Sale


T-SHIRTS Custom Printed. $5.50 heavyweight. “Gildan”, Min. order of 36 pcs. HATS, Embroidered $6.00. Free Catalog. 1-800-242-2374. Berg Sportswear.40.

HARDWOOD FIREWOOD Green, Cut, split & delivered. Full cord/2 cord loads. Log length avail. 518-854-9113

UTILITY TRAILER 10’X8’ w/sides & headboard, tilt, mint. $650. 518-642-1293

Homebrew and Wine Making Supplies

(802) 287-0730 202 Old Lake Road Poultney, Vermont GO KART New Tecumseh 6.5HP power sport engine, new clutch, jack shaft and drive tire. Excellent! $425/ obo. 802-379-3809. KENMORE UPRIGHT FREEZER Large capacity, excellent condition, $250. 518-692-2870 KITCHEN CABINETS u p p e r, l ow e r, d a r k o a k . Counter, sink faucet, gently used, $750. 518-686-4508 MAYTAG DRYER Standard size, better for smaller loads, $350. You move. 802-2879744 NEW KENMORE UPRIGHT refrigerator/ freezer, upright, $350 new, selling for $250. 802-273-2443 NEW MAJOR MAKER Mattress sets, still in plastic! 50-70%off! F$150/Q$180/ K$320, 518-260-6653. POT BELLY STOVE 3’ high, 1 yr old. Burns wood or coal, $300. 518-642-3187 PRIDE LIFT CHAIR large, in great shape, $200. 518-2657845 Tina.


Building Supplies

Open 11-5 Fri. - Sun.

LOG LENGTH By the truck load. Hardwood $600. Softwood $400. 518-677-8921/ 518-681-0227.

A L L T H I N G S BASEMENTY! Basement waterproofing, finishing, repairs, crawl spaces, humidity & m o l d c o n t r o l . Fr e e e s t i m a t e s ! Fr o m Wa t e r proofing to Finishing! Basement Systems 877-8642115,

Education AV I AT I O N M A I N T E NANCE/AVIONICS Graduate in 15 months. FAA approved; financial aid if qualified. Job placement assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! 1-800-2923228 or

F R E E S O FA & C H A I R , needs upholstering. 8022872468

Furniture D I N I N G R O O M TA B L E glass 48”X30” on blk iron frame. With 4 chairs. good cond, $300. 518-642-3187 KING SIZE OAK Complete bed set w/box spring & mattress, 2 dressers, 1 small dresser and lamp table. $700 for all. 518-499-1191 SOFA BED green plaid, good condition, comfortable, $300. 802-287-2468 SOFA CHAIR exc cond. Very clean, plush tan suede, $175. 518-642-3187

Firewood ALL CUT SPLIT & DELIVERED Hardwood firewood. Green wood now available, any length. 802-316-6076 or 518-642-1558 ELIMINATE Your heating bills. O UTDO O R WO O D F U R N AC E f r o m C e n t ra l Boiler. Beecrofts 518-7534402. FIREWOOD Cut, split and delivered. $150 cord. 518854-9683

Garage Sales EAGLE BRIDGE RD huge sale! 05/12-05/13, 9-4, antiques- tools- furniturecamping- household itemsjewelry-DVD’s-records-diecast cars- Lot’s more! GRANVILLE Moving. Everything must go. Household goods, clothes, hunting & fishing, tools, ladders, 10x20 canopy, garden tools, 7 1/ 2HP outboard motor. Friday & Saturday May 11-12 9am4pm. 20 Irving Ave.

Garage Sales MANCHESTER VT Community Tag Sale May 19th at Riley Rink, 410 Hunter Park Rd. Connections Program benefit. Admission $2 under 12 free, rain or shine, 10am3pm. SATURDAY MAY 26 9am3 p m , 8 9 M a i n S t . Fa i r Haven, across from the town green to benefit Loft 89 Teen Center. Great deals on New & used items of all sor ts. Homemade baked goods. Also excepting donations. Set up your own table/space is $10 bring your own table. For more information contact Desiree Boucher 802-2788 2 2 1 o r S T I L LWAT E R , N Y 5 / 1 2 , 8am-4pm, 2 Gurba Dr. Lots o f s ew i n g m a t e r i a l , b oy clothes birth-2T, pack-n-play, high chair, strollers, Boyd bears & miscellaneous.

Health/Medical PELVIC/TRANSVAGINAL MESH? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1800-535-5727

Lawn and Garden 16” REAR TINE, Troy-Bilt rototiller, like new, used four times, paid over $700, asking $525. 518-642-3717

Business Opportunities 1 9 5 4 FA R M A L L C U B TRACTOR Runs good, sidem o u n t m owe r, 1 b o t t o m plow, good tires, $2500. Wells 802-233-5036 LIGHTNING WOOD CHIPPER 5HP B&S 4 stroke engine. Low hours w/ towing bar & extra cutter blades & screen, $365. 518-692-7519

Wanted To Buy CASH QUICKLY For Diabetic Test Strips! Top Prices paid for unexpired up to $28. Shipping paid. Call Today 888-369-8973, U.S. & FOREIGN COINS & paper money! No amount too small! Call Richard 518-6428156 or 518-683-1954

PRIVACY HEDGE CEDAR TREE $7.50 Windbreaks, installation and other species available. Mail order. Delivery. We serve ME, NH, CT, MA NJ, NY, VT., 1-800-8898238 TO RO R I D I N G M OW E R Model 417XT w/snow blower attachment, good condition, manuals, $1200. 518-6927166 TORO SELF PROPELLED elec start, pers pace lawn mower. Exc cond, $400 new, sell for $150, 802-287-9655

Miscellaneous FUEL TANK 300 gallon on skids, $300. 518-632-5245

PETS-LIVESTOCK Dogs-Cats-Pets C H I H UA H UA T E A C U P PUPS 8 weeks old, first shots, M/F, all colors, $400+ 518-932-7543.

WII GAME SYS w/attach. Wii fit board & Fit plus game. 2 addt games and 2 ctrl $250 OBO. 518-686-4181

Musical Instruments MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CLARINET/FLUTE/ VIOLIN/TRUMPET/ Trombone/ Amplifier/ Fender Guitar, $69 each. Cello/Upright Bass/ Saxophone/ French Horn/ Drums, $185 ea. Tuba/Baritone Horn/Hammond Organ, Others 4 sale. 1-516-3777907


Turn your stuff into CA$H! Manchester Newspapers reaches over 100,000 readers weekly! Advertise with us and put our circulation to work for you! 800-354-4232

Manchester Newspapers’

SERVICES DIRECTORY Every Service For Every Purpose Cleaning

Sweep You Off Your Feet

Appliance Repair STAN’S APPLIANCE REPAIR. Refrigeration: Residential & Commercial Reconditioned Appliances & Parts 518-499-0019



Home Improvement Pros

Jeff Dumas 28 Years Experience

Cleaning Service SPRING CLEANING TIME! Camps, Windows & Outside Cleanup! w/my products & equipment

Cindy Savage, Owner




Legal Services

HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN,, MAHIC#155877; CTHIC#571557; RICRB#22078

All Seasons

Snowplowing/Removal Sanding

D I VO R C E $ 3 5 0 * C ove r s Child Support, Custody, and Visitation, Property, Debts, Name Change... Only One Signature Required! *Excludes govt. fees! 1-800522-6000 Extn. 400, BAYLOR & ASSOCIATES

248 Crampton Rd, Castleton, VT 05735

(802) 468-2642 or (802) 342-3015 Over 20 Years Experience, Fully Insured



Clean Outs

Facility Services Inc. ̋"Jqogu ̋"Qhhkegu ̋"Dwukpguu ̋"Eqpuvtwevkqp ฀ ฀


802-235-1064 Email:

Chimney Service AMS CHIMNEY SERVICE Spring Cleaning Specials. Rebuilding Repair & Relining Specialist. 10% OFF With This Ad. 518-812-1165


Brushcutting, LLC

UÊ, - / UÊ " ,  UÊ 1-/, Licensed & Insured {ääÊ9œÀŽÊ-ÌÀiiÌ *œÕÌ˜iÞ]Ê6/


Clean Outs

call to advertise here!







802-884-8136 Cell: 802-779-2928

Gravel Screened & Unscreened Topsoil, Mason Sand Arxx Systems & Foundations, Waterproofing 35 Yrs. Exp. Insured, Local Professional Contractor, Friendly Free Estimates




ROTOTILLING Small or Large Plots. Reasonable rates. 802-236-8031

฀ ฀

SPRING IS HERE! ,i«>ˆÀÃÊUʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜ Ê œâiÀÊ7œÀŽÊUÊ i>Àˆ˜}Ê -“>Êœ>`ÃÊÀ>Ûi œ>“ÊEÊ->˜`Ê iˆÛiÀÞ ÀÕŇœ}}ˆ˜} À>`ˆ˜}Ê ÀˆÛiÜ>Þà ,œ>`Ü>Þà Call us about all of our services!

FREE ESTIMATES Affordable Pricing 374 South Street Poultney, VT 05764

ENVIRONMENTAL Septic* Standard & Engineered mound systems. Perk tests.


Ralph Woods 518-677-8921 C 518-681-0227


Steve Broughton

Mowing & Brush Cutting of Ponds, Steep Hills Embankments & Roadsides We also have multiple versatile brush-hogging & brush-cutting equipment for all your needs.

Master Electrician

Call Patty for a free estimate

With Rotary Brush Cutter With 22ft Reach

JOIN OUR SERVICES DIRECTORY TODAY! 2” Display Ad Special! Call Today! 800-354-4232 X 213

Theron Durrum

฀฀ ฀฀

Excavator for Hire

Residential & Commercial Stump Removal Drainage, Land Clearing, Cleaning Leveling. Patios, Driveways & Basements Concrete Expert, Fully Insured, 18 Years Experience, Ref. Available



TOP SOIL * MANURE $15 PER YARD Back Hoe * Landscape Planting*York Raking* Brush Hog. Bob Helm * 802-265-2145

Lawn Mowing FRED’S LAWNCARE Res. & Comm. Mowing & yard ser vices. Free estimates. Please call 802-558-4686 NORTHEAST LAWN CARE SERVICES *Mowing *Pruning *Spring Clean up *Fertilizing *Seeding *Free Estimates 518-321-6804

Lawn Service /Landscaping GENERATION II Lawn Care Spring Clean Ups* Lawn Mowing* Land Scaping* Brush Hogging & Small Backhoe Work* 518-681-0656

Tree Service BOURN TREE SERVICE Over 30 Years Of Service Fully Insured * Free Est. Brush Chipping * Land Clearing. 518-642-2182


Truck Repair C H SHELDRICK & SONS Truck & Auto Repair 24 Hour Towing & Auto Service/Sales 802-265-9700/802-742-7178

Advertising your business in our Services Directory is simple! Call today for information! 1-800-354-4232



*iÀ“>˜i˜ÌÊ “«œÞ“i˜ÌÊUÊ œÊ7iiŽi˜`ÃÊUÊ i˜ivˆÌÃ

Apply to: Morcon, Inc. 879 State Route 22, Cambridge, NY

Part-time Graphic designer We re growing and jcxg"cp"koogfkcvg" qrgpkpi"for a"part-time graphic designer with energy and flair to join our graphics team. Candidate should be skilled in Photoshop as well as InDesign. If you have the creative juices for this position, then email your resume, work samples to

or mail to Manchester Newspapers, 14 East Main St., Granville, NY 12832.

TOOLMAKER Telescope Casual Furniture is seeking an experienced Toolmaker for our day shift operations. Experience in manual machining, lathes, milling machines and welding is strongly preferred. Will train the right applicant! Rate of pay will be based on skill level and experience. Please fax resume to 888-871-2873 or email to:

Sales opening The Lakes Region FreePress is looking for a part-time salesperson to join our sales team. Prior sales experience required. Great opportunity for retired individual or stay-at-home mom (or dad) looking to get back in the work force. Generous compensation plan. Send resume to Manchester Newspapers, 14 East Main St., Granville, NY 12832 or email to

Evergreen Slate is seeking an experienced roofing slate trimmer to work in our Middle Granville NY location. This person should have experience with both automatic and hand trimmers. The position is full time generally 7am-3:30pm with a competitive salary and benefits. Interested applicants can respond by email to: with their qualifications or an application can be filled out at our location 2027 Cty Rte 23, Middle Granville, NY. Please no phone calls.


LOSE WEIGHT, GET PAID Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. Doctor recommended and guaranteed. 888-2792124, WAITRESS Full time waitress wanted, experience only. Apply at Tot’s Diner, 25 Main St., Poultney.

ARSU District ̋ FOOTBALL COACHES needed to coach the ARSU 7th/8th Grade full-paid flag football program. For additional information, contact Chad Benz at 802-558-3985. Contact the Superintendent of Schools’ Office at 802- 265- 4905 for an application or email Mail completed applications along with a cover letter, resume, and three current letters of reference to: Addison-Rutland Supervisory Union 49 Main Street Fair Haven, VT 05743 Positions will remain open until filled. EOE

Full-Time Maintenance Staff positions:



We welcome all interested candidates to stop by and complete an application at:


The Poultney School District currently has two openings for full-time (40 hours per week) maintenance staff personnel. One (1) position is available immediately and the second is to begin July 1, 2012. Individuals must have the ability to perform physical tasks in order to successfully complete the duties for this position. Experience desired. For further information, contact Plant Manager Rich Holcomb (802) 287-5861. Applications are available at the Office of the Superintendent or online at Completed applications, resume, and three letters of reference should be sent to: Superintendent of Schools, RSWSU, 168 York Street, Poultney, VT 05764. Deadline for application: May 24, 2012 EOE

Roofing Slate Trimmer

We are an 88 bed Skilled Nursing Facility committed to providing quality care. We’re currently seeking a full time housekeeper, 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm shift, to clean resident rooms and common areas of the facility. Housekeeping/cleaning experience required, experience in a health care setting is a plus.

To place an ad, call



Career need a shift in gears? Find that perfect job right here in the classifieds!


Make a difference Founded in 1787, Castleton is a college community that values personal interaction with students and among colleagues. Your work will be appreciated here. You can help us make a difference in the lives of our students, and for the benefit of Vermont.

Employment Opportunities With A Strong Growing Company. COUNTER SALES: Qualified applicants must have previous sales experience with a strong knowledge of building materials and related hardware products. Solid organizational and communication skills a must. CDL/BOOM TRUCK DELIVERY DRIVER: Qualified applicants must have a valid CDL license, recent driving experience and a clean safe record, positive customer service and problem solving skills. Knowledge of building materials helpful.

10421 State Route 40 Granville, NY 12832 Attn: Gary McClure, ESM ˜`˜QsG`–T¡`¡œT–˜2˜˜`˜QsG`–T¡`œG•« Or submit your resume to

Email resume and cover letter : or complete employment application in person: MACLEOD’S Lumber & Hardware, Rte 4 Whitehall, NY 12887 518-499-0213


“Building our communities one project at a time.”

Castleton State College seeks applications for a Director of Technical Services to direct and manage technical services in the fine arts center and college activities and events. Bachelor’s degree in fine or performing arts plus five to seven years experience with state productions required. Master’s degree in performing arts or a related field desirable, or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired. Salary is within the VSC Grade 12 salary range, plus an excellent benefit package. This position is included in the VSC-UP PAT Bargaining Unit. Resumes will be accepted until the position is filled. To apply send letter of application (, resume and contact information for three references to: Office of Human Resources Castleton State College Castleton, VT 05735 Castleton State College is an Equal Opportunity Employer



Mobile/Modular Homes

Castleton, VT - Castleton Meadows

SHASTA TRAVEL TRAILER 32’x12’, (2) axel, can be used for hunting camp, office trailer or temporary housing, $1500. 802-558-1797.

Short wait lists for 1 & 2 bedroom units for qualified applicants

Senior Subsidized Housing Includes utilities, parking and laundry facilities Landlord, Credit & Criminal Checks Required Rent Based on 30% income Non-Smoking Property


Call EastPoint Properties (603) 262-3718


TDD Equipped EHO

WE PURCHASE All types of real estate! Call Bill at Gilbert Realty today! 802-265-8834



For Sale

GRANVILLE Spacious 2bdrm, upstairs, appliances included. $625/mth +utilities. No pets. 518-642-1464

GRANVILLE- Mettowee Valley Apts - 2bdrm $518 rent; utilities average $81. Includes appliances, site laundry, trash removal. No smoking. Pet? Must meet eligibility requirements. For application 518-584-4543. NYS TDD Relay Service 1-800421-1220. Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity.


HAMPTON, NY HOUSE for sale,5 bdr m, 2 bath on 8 acres. Includes 40X40 garage, inground pool, horse barn and pond, $275,000. View pictures at search Hampton, NY or call 518-361-7958 HAVE PROPERTY TO SELL OR RENT? Include a picture! Display Ad $44! NY & VT Coverage! Reach 47,820 households! Call for details! 518-642-1234

Mobile/Modular Homes 14x80 MOBILE HOME 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath, 91 Fairmont, must be moved, $16,500. 502-255-0453/502-794-1967

Vacation Property M Y RT L E B E AC H T I M E SHARE 1BR/1BA, 1 week p/ year, value season, FREE! 518-642-2851.

Apartments CEDARS SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Take a Tour Weds 12:30pm! Off Bay St, Queensbury! 518-832-1701.

G R A N V I L L E C O U N T RY 1bdrm, W/D hookup, first/ last/security, $575/mth +util. No pets. 518-642-3454. GRANVILLE 1BD, upstairs, newly renovated, W/D/elect incl., first/last/sec, $650/mth no pets/smoking. 1 rm office space, $250 with barn $550, electric/furniture incl. 518642-0510 GRANVILLE 2bdrm, 2 story, nice neighbor hood, W / D hook-up, $525/mth. 518-9358674

FORT ANN (2) Neat 1bdrm, second floor, $550/mth each. No smoking/pets, utilities, 1 mths sec. 518-854-3134

POULTNEY 1 BR. Includes h e a t , h w, s n ow & t ra s h . $595-$700. 802-773-9107. SALEM 1bdr m, 3rd floor, $350/mth +security. 802867-0375 WHITEHALL 2BD, $650. incl. heat & hot water, W/D hook up. No pets. 1st + sec., & Ref. 206-222-5925

Apartments WHITEHALL large 3bdrm, $650/mth. W/D hook up, refrigerator & stove incl. first/ last/security, references req. No pets. 518-744-2006

Friday, June 15 @ 11AM

WHITEHALL 1 & 2bdrm from $450. References & security required. No pets. Call Ray at 802-683-9177.

Register from 10AM

1851 Route 30, Pawlet, VT OPEN HOUSE: Friday, May 18, 2-4PM

WHITEHALL 1bdrm, $450/ mth. 3bdrm $525/mth. Stove, refrigerator, W/D, trash removal, off street parking, first & last mth. 518-499-2560 after 4pm or leave message. WHITEHALL, NY Small 1 BR w/off st. parking, incl. heat, $575. Nice 2 BR trailer, for rent w/option to buy, $595 +utilities in quiet park. 518-601-6079/812-3331 or 796-3442.

Call for Info and Terms or visit THOMAS HIRCHAK COMPANY




GRANVILLE, 2-3 BDRM raised ranch, country setting. 1 mile from village. Newly refurbushed, no smoking/pets. Stove& refrig includ. $900/ mo plus util. 1st, security and references. Avail. 06/01 518642-1458

EXIT ONE SELF-STORAGE Heated Units Also Available Route 4-A Fair Haven, VT 802-265-3330

HOUSE FOR RENT 1 1/2 Bdrm, private lot, 3 miles W of Fair Haven, VT. 1st, last & sec. req., $800 p/mo, 802265-3766, 518-265-3146.

Vacation/ Recreational MOUNTAINS OF NORTH CAROLINA Foscoe Rentals- Beat the heat! A weekend stay or month long getaway- Pets are welcome. Cabins, condos, vacation homes - 1.800.723.7341/

Vacation/ Recreational WA R M W E AT H E R I S YEAR ROUND In Ar uba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available: Sept. 23, Sept. 30, Oct. 7, & Oct. 14, 2011. Sleeps 8. $2500. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 or email:

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Turn your stuff into CA$H!

Contact Shawn Byrne for pricing and appointment. To learn more about Waxoyl Corrosion Prevention...

Route 7 South, North Clarendon, VT 05759 (Across from Mike’s Country Store)



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Auto Wanted


Farm Equipment

Four-Wheel Drive

1952/53 M38A1 Jeep & trailer, complete restoration, 1000 mi on rebuilt engine, many spare parts, $13,000. 802-287-5743

2001 BLACK DODGE Dakota, 100,000 miles, good condition, $3500/obo. 518854-3841 or 518-791-8788

2008 AUDI Q4 previous purchased maintenance package transferred with car. 43K, still under warranty, fully loaded, sunroof, $23,500/ obo. 802-235-2765

DONATE YOUR CAR & Receive FREE $3,000 Grocery Savings Coupons. IRS Tax Deductible. FREE Tow. All Cars. Any Condition. 1-855CURE-KIDS (1-855-2873543). Visit www.

2011 27’ KEYSTONE TRAILER Never used, electric jacks, tongue, awning, slide out, queen bed, many extras, $23,000. 518499-2168

B RU S H H O G P U L L B E HIND 5’ cut, $600 price negotiable. 518-753-4895

2004 DODGE DAKOTA 4x4 extended cab, auto, runs & looks good, 125K, $4200. 518-695-6180

1976 CORVETTE STINGRAY 350, 4spd. Black lift off tops orig mi. 78K. $10,900/ obo. 518-753-2376

2001 MERCURY COUGAR 118K, 5-speed, 4 cyl. Runs good. $2500. 518-854-3625

1991 FIREBIRD 6 cyl, 118K, $2200. Call 518-796-8265.

2002 BUICK RENDEZVO U S M a r o o n , AW D, 3 seats, new tires, 95K. Many extras. $5500. 518-879-5287

1995 GST MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE Turbo, 4cyl, 27 MPG, minor repairs needed, $1500/obo. 518-282-9972

2 0 0 3 C H RY S L E R S E BRING LXi, V6 auto. All power, 144K, $2500. 518547-8335 leave message.

1996 FORD AEROSTAR Van, 4WD, extended 3 row seats, 4 liter engine, auto, air, excellent condition, asking $3700. 518-499-2051

2004 CADILLAC DHS, 78K, navy/tan leather. Fully loaded. sunroof, A/C seats, backup sensors. 802-558-3402

1999 VOLKSWAGON PASSAT Red, no rust, good interior, new stereo system, 195K, asking $2800. 518879-5287 2000 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1-owner, in excellent condition. $4400. 518-588-4585

2004 TOYOTA SCION XB 4 door, 110,000 miles, good condition, $7000/obo. 518642-3230 2006 SUBARU FORESTER 2 . 5 X , AW D, AC, p o w e r, cruise, AM/FM/CD, trailer hitch, new timing belt and struts, very clean, well-maintained 107,000 miles, $9,695. 802-645-9724.

Henry & Edsel’s

2006 FORD F350 XL REG CAB 4X4 CAB CHASSIS 6.8L V-10, Auto, A/C, Tow Command, Plow Pkg, 13,000# GVWR, 141” Wheelbase. Finished in red.

NICE CONDITION! 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, A/T, V-6, 120K, Clean! $4900/OBO 518-499-1538 SAAB CONVERTIBLE 9005 1991, good condition, asking $2000. Fair Haven 802-2654492

SELL YOUR CAR, TRUCK O R S U V TO DAY ! A l l 5 0 states, fast pick-up and payment. Any condition, make or model. Call now 1-877-8188 8 4 8 , w w w. M y C a r f o r

Auto Wanted


CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not, Sell your Car or Truck TODAY. Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-800-871-0654

1988 GRUMMAN 12’ fishing boat, 4HP Mariner motor and trailer, $900. 802-537-3256

DONATE YOUR VEHICLE LOVE IN THE NAME OF C H R I S T. Fr e e Tow i n g & Non-Runners Accepted. 800549-2791 Help Us Transform Lives In The Name Of Christ.

2001 MONACO DIPLOMAT 38PBD 51.9K mi. Exc cond. Many extras. 518-584-2097


2 0 0 3 1 6 X 9 C A R G O P RO motorcycle trailer. Aluminum, holds 2 bikes. Single axle. $5,750. 518-753-6048

Commercial Equipment 1998 GMC BUCKET truck, Mobark 12” chipper, $26,000 or will trade for mini excavator. 518-361-4049

Classic & Antiques 1977 CORVETTE STINGR AY L o o k s a n d s o u n d s great. T-tops, 4speed, engine chrome, 350 motor, new Cooper tires, 94K, asking $15,500. 518-677-3448

JOHN DEERE 2440 Diesel, with loader, 2WD, looks & runs the best, $9500. 518695-6180 JOHN DEERE 2155 Diesel, 2WD, 47 HP, with rops & reverser, runs & looks good, $6300. 518-695-6180

Four-Wheel Drive 1 9 9 5 J E E P C H E RO K E E SPORT looks good, runs good, manual transmission. $1850. 802-265-3129 1998 FORD EXPLORER Eddie Bauer Edition, 5.0L, V8, fully loaded, 4WD, no rust, runs great. 110K miles. $4,500. 518-677-5544

1 9 8 8 B U I C K R E AT TA Looks & r uns great, new tires, brakes, & tuneup, never run in the winter, asking $2490/obo. 802-273-2647

2001 CHEVY S10 Auto, V6, all new tires, high miles. Runs great, no rust. $3500. 518-854-9131

1990 MERCURY GRAND PRIX Southern car, flawless, 85,447 miles, $1995. 802325-3081

2004 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 4WD, 4.8L, 65K miles, great shape, good tires, asking $8600. 802-2658645 ext 23.

2005 CHEVROLET COLORADO 4x4, 5 cyl, auto, power steer ing, brakes, windows, crew cab, 68K, excellent condition, asking $13,000. 518-695-3367 2006 EDDIE BAUER Ford Explorer, 4WD, 3rd row seat, tow pkg, loaded, 94K, new tires last season. $12,900/ obo. 518-692-9875 95 FORD F-250 Diesel 7.3, 4x4, 170K, utility box/ladder rack, needs oil pump, truck only $1250/obo, truck w/box, rack $2250/obo. 802-6834163 or 802-273-2786

Motorcycles 1969 CUSTOM HARLEY DAVIDSON, 1200 cc Hardtail, custom built engine, very fast. Not for the novice rider. $5500/obo. Call Scott 518632-5232 or cell 518-2323600. 1990 HD FXRS 1300cc, new tires, $7000. 802-325-3127

18"̋"Vjg"Ncmgu"Tgikqp"HtggRtguu"̋"Oc{"33."4234 Motorcycles


1 9 9 9 YA M A H A Y Z F 6 0 0 14,000 miles, cover, helmet, Joe Rocket jacket, $2500. 802-287-2285

2 0 0 3 S U Z U K I S AVAG E 650cc, less than 3700 miles, perfect condition, under book value, $1900. 802-265-4526

2 0 0 3 H O N DA S H A D OW ACE 750CC, 10,100 miles, great condition. Must sell. $3200/obo. Call or text 518361-9056

2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON “Street Bob”, low mileage, $9100. Call Joyce after 3pm 518-677-2845 Cambridge. 2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON Ultra Classic, $12,000. 802770-2292

ATV’s /Snowmobiles

ATV's /Snowmobiles

Pickups, Trucks, Vans

2 P O L A R I S S N OW M O BILES 1998 & 1999. Nice sleds! $3,000/obo. 518-7919741

2010 FRONTRUNNER 800,S side-by-side U.T.V., w/top, windshield & winch. $7,600. 802-645-1925

2000 DODGE RAM Spor t 1500. Loaded. New tires. In excellent condition. $10,500/ obo. 518-686-5953

2005 YAMAHA VENTURE snowmobile, low miles, 600cc, 2 up. $4500. 802-2351068 after 5 pm

SUZUKI 700 QUAD better than new. Upgrades, power accessories, low miles/ hours. $5400. 802-265-7921

2006 ARTIC CAT 570 594 miles, like new, $4000/obo. 802-325-6237

2002 DODGE DAKOTA SLT extended cab, 4x4, 58K, V6, long bed, alum. diamond plate tool box, good rubber/ cond. $8500. 802-645-9752

Pickups, Trucks, Vans 1987 DODGE RAM 1 ton Rack truck, great condition, standard 4spd floor shift, big V8 engine w/63,000 original miles. Just need room. $5000. 518-638-9000 1990 E350 UHAUL customized box truck. 7.3 diesel auto, new tires and inspection, $2500 802-273-2837 1 9 9 0 F O R D F 3 5 0 VA N 86,000 orig. miles. $1750. 518-692-9906 1992 FORD RANGER Mechanic special, r uns, inspected, roll bar with lights, $2000/obo. 802-235-1391

2002 FORD F250 super duty, V-8, 4WD, Auto, 98k miles, $10,500. 802-2875242 after 5pm. 87 F350 DUMP TRUCK 90,000 miles, too many new parts to list, very little rust, box great condition, $2500. 802-683-4163 CHEVY TRUCK BOX fits 1990-1998 short bed, some body work star ted, $750. 518-854-9386


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