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42 - Manchester Newspapers Lakes Region "Our Town 2013" n Week of July 29, 2013

Dick Walker Sawmill

Castleton Motors

Dick Walker Sawmill barn designed by a customer and Dick Walker

Stop by for a visit Repeat customers, word-of-mouth, and people who have just “seen something that they liked” are three reasons that explain the success enjoyed by Dick Walker Sawmill this year, the owner reports. Walker added that he has done little advertising, since there are many of his company’s houses “out there,” and this, in part, has fueled the steady flow of business. “I’ve been in business a long time” is another reason for the Sawmill’s profitable year of operation. Walker cites customer enthusiasm and project creativity as the finest part of his business, counting even more than even profit. “My customers have been the best part of my business,” Walker explained. “They have built a lot of real nice projects with our lumber.” The Sawmill owner broke down into steps a typical Dick Walker Sawmill project: A customer “came to me and said he wanted to build a six-stall horse barn, with hay storage, tack room, and



shelter for equipment. We sat down and talked about the size of the stalls and tack room, the width of the alley, and where the doors would be. That determined the size and layout of the barn. My advice was to add a lean-to on the side for equipment. “We determined that twelve-foot side walls and a ceiling at nine feet (for the horses) would still give him plenty of room for hay storage. The result was a beautiful owner-built barn that fit his exact needs, and a happy wife --- her horses,” Walker said, adding that another successful project was construction of a “nice sugar house. If you can dream it, we can do it.” The owner-operator ended by saying that to contact Dick Walker Sawmill, persons should call 802-273-2077 or “stop by for a visit” to the business, located on Evergreen Road, Fair Haven. Or one can visit the website at www.dickwalkersawmill.com



Sandon is The current Sandon is Introduced founded in Granville acquired Thermalbond Granville, site is by the Product NY constructed Norton Co.


Belgium Factory opened

Jerri Adams, office manager, Cy Loomis, sales, Pat Loughan, Jr., owner, Pat Loughan Sr., GM, and Justin Carruth, service manager (l-r)

A one-stop shop and more Providing all of your automotive needs, sales or service, Castleton Motors in Castleton, Vermont is a one-stop shop and much more. Open Monday to Friday, each day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Castleton Motors also offers Saturday hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A one-stop shop, Castleton Motors “takes pride in providing for all of your pre-owned automotive needs,” said owner Pat Loughan Jr. Castleton Motors started business in 2005. It now sports seven full-time employees. In addition to being the place for preowned automobile sales and service, Castleton Motors has a new and used



tire center providing the rubber needed to meet the road. Castleton Motors is also a U-haul rental facility. Vehicle sales are the focus of Castleton Motors, Loughan said, “We are most proud of the sales and service portion of the business.” All vehicles come with a six-month unlimited mileage nationwide warranty and qualify for up to 48 months. After the vehicle sales, Loughan urged area residents to continue to stop in to Castleton Motors for their service, which is the service of a small, familyoriented business. To contact Castleton Motors call (802) 468-2897.


The Norton Norwood Green Glue Co. is Integration Acquisition acquired by Saint-Gobain


Granville Site Focus • Focus our precious resources on the right priorities • Insist that sound project planning and execution techniques are utilized • Ensure that we as a site are committed to maximizing our competitiveness by:

• Providing a workplace which is safe, energyefficient, and environmentally responsible. • Eliminating waste in every form • Maximizing the value add • Servicing all customers internally and externally with professionalism and passion • Creating an environment within which all have an opportunity to contribute and succeed

Hoosick Falls, New York, USA

Chaineux, Belgium

Corby, Great Britain

Minhang, China

Suwa, Japan

Sihwa, Korea

Granville Operation We Develop and Manufacture • Polyurethane and PVC Foam Products ➤ Used as Gaskets, Seals, Vibrations & Sound Dampening, and Attachment & Bonding Media ➤ Serve Construction, Specialty Energy, Automotive, Industrial and Medical Markets

We are home to the Green Glue Business

• Specializing in specialty coatings and viscoelastic materials developed and manufactured to provide soundproofing solutions for construction applications.

protecting and reshaping your future



Minhang China Factory opened

• LAND: 24 Acres • STRUCTURE: Manufacturing 111,000 sq.ft. Office 10,800 sq.ft. Laboratory 10,750 sq.ft. • EMPLOYEES: 158


Taipei, Taiwan

Bangalore, India

Venhedo, Brazil


Rayong, Thailand

Profile for Andrew Jones

2013 lakes region our town pdf web  

2013 lakes region our town pdf web