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Farm to Table Dinner The Bennington Museum and Walloomsac Farmers’ Market invite everyone to join them in a celebration of local farming at the third annual Farm to Table Dinner, slated for Saturday, August 25 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Bennington Museum. A Tuscan-inspired, elegantly casual, seven-course tasting dinner, the evening will showcase dishes prepared from the bounty of farm-fresh foods from the region that are available from the many local farmers represented at the Walloomsac Farmers’ Market. Accompanying the courses will be fine wines provided by Lincoln Peak Vineyard Winery of New Haven, VT. Lincoln Peak is the largest grape producer in the state of Vermont, and the only winery in America to win three Best of Show Awards (‘09,’10, and ’11) at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition. Introductory remarks will be given by Ellen Ecker Ogden, author of “The Complete Kitchen Garden,” source of many of the dinner’s recipes. Ms. Ogden will speak briefly on the flavors brought to the table from fresh ingredients, and how to create them from your own

kitchen and garden. Some of the dishes prepared for the dinner include glazed Vermont quail with corn, cucumber and cilantro salad; herbed zucchini pancakes; and golden tomato gazpacho with basil. Desserts will include Vermont carrot cake with

MA; Laura Rose LaCroix, executive chef of the Nutrition and Dining Departments of Southwestern Medical Center in Bennington; Susant Pratt Fox, executive director of Bennington County Meals on Wheels; and Hans Krijnen, owner and pastry chef of

Hcto"vq"vcdng"fkppgt0 maple frosting, lemon ricotta fritter with lavender honey, and melon mousse and strawberry parfait. Vegetarian options are available. Chefs for the evening will be Amy Chamberlain, chef/owner of The Perfect Wife Restaurant in Manchester; Timothy J. Manthei, executive chef at the Williams Inn in Williamstown,

Bakkerij Krijnen in Bennington. Tickets for the dinner are $75, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the Bennington County Meals on Wheels program and public programs offered by the Bennington Museum. To attend, please make your reservation by August 15, by calling the museum at 802-447-1571.

“Russian Meteors” at MMF concert Bestselling author Bohjalian at Northshire

Ejtku"Dqjlcnkcp Bestselling novelist Chris Bohjalian will read from his new novel, “The Sandcastle Girls,” at 7 p.m. on Saturday, August 4 at the Northshire Bookstore. The book is already on the New York Times bestseller list. His 15th book, “The Sandcastle Girls” takes the

reader on a journey from 1915 Aleppo, Syria to Bronxville, New York in 2012. The sweeping historical love story is steeped in the author’s Armenian heritage, making it his most personal novel to date. Bohjalian said he considers it the most important book he will ever write. Chris Bohjalian is also the author of the bestselling novels “Midwives,” “The Double Bind,” and “Skeletons at the Feast.” He lives in northern Vermont. On Friday, August 3 at 7 p.m., the bookstore presents Jay E. Leutze with his book “Stand Up That Mountain.” The book tells the story of a solitary outdoorsman from western North Carolina who teamed up with his neighbors to save a treasured mountain on the Appalachian Trail from being destroyed. Both events are free and open to the public. For more information, call the bookstore at 802362-2200 or visit

Uvghcp"Okngpmqxkej With the music of three legendary Russian composers – Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Arensky – featured, Manchester Music Festival’s “Russian Meteors” concert at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 9 promises an electric evening of classical music. The concert part of

MMF’s “Music Under the Stars” series, will be performed in the Arkell Pavilion of the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester. Featured artists performing include violinists Stefan Milenkovich and Joana Genova, violists Ariel Rudiakov and

Amadi Azikiwe, cellists Ron Feldman and Benjamin Capps, and pianists David Deveau and Julio Elizalde. The concert will open with Sergei Prokofiev’s emotional “Romeo and Juliet.” “The power and passion of the score he wrote for the ballet ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is one of his best-known and most inspired works,” said MMF Artist Director Ariel Rudiakov. “I look forward to hearing pianist Julio Elizalde perform several selections arranged for solo piano.” The program also features Arensky’s Trio No. 1 for Piano and Strings in D Minor, Op. 32, and Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence in D Minor, Op. 70. A romantic, melodic piece written in the summer of 1890, “Souvenir de Florence” will conclude the program. “The work as a whole is a tour de force, and a fitting way to end the chamber music portion of the Thursday series,” said Rudiakov. Tickets for the concert are $35 for adults and $10 for students with ID. For more information, call the box office at 802-362-1956 or visit www.


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Norman’s Attic in Arlington More than 65 vendors from all over New England and New York are expected for Norman’s Attic, Arlington’s annual Craft Fair and Town-wide Tag Sale, taking place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, August 11. Vendors will line Route 7A in Arlington with collectibles, antiques, fiber crafts, pottery, art, jewelry, linens, home-made food items and more for this event. In addition to the vendors, the tag sale includes dozens of sales throughout the Arlington, Sandgate, East Arlington and Sunderland com-

munities. Also exhibiting at the event are many local non-profit organizations, including the Girl Scouts, Neighbor-to-Neighbor, Arlington Community Club, and many more. The non-profits will be located near the Arlington Community House, next to Town Hall. Norman’s Attic has been held for 18 years in historic Arlington, Vermont, home of the beloved American artist Norman Rockwell from 1939 to 1953.

DTF New Play Reading, August 6 at 7pm Dorset Theatre Festival will present its final New Play Reading of the season, featuring renowned playwright Cusi Cram with her new play “Radiance” at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 6. The reading will be directed by Suzanne Agins with a cast of actors from New York City. “Radiance” was begun at DTF’s Theresa Rebec Writer’s Retreat this spring, and will have its New York premiere at the fame LAByrinth Theater Company this winter. Cusi Cram’s plays have been produced at theatres including Denver Theater Center, Williamstown Theater Festival, Primary Stages and Barrington Stage. She is also known for her work as a lead writer on the Showtime hit series “The Big C” starring Laura Linney. “Radiance” is a funny and engaging story set in 1955 in a dive bar around the corner from El Capital Theater in L.A. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online at www.dorsettheatrefestival. org or by calling 802-867-2223.


Dorset Church Summer Supper, August 7th Scottie Hontz, Sandra Hovercamp and Cindy Gregory of the Women’s Fellowship of the United Church of Dorset and East Rupert invite everyone to their Summer Supper from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 7 at the church located at 143 Church Street in Dorset. The menu will include baked ham and roasted turkey, complete with stuffing and summer salads. Also at the supper, the Fellowship will raffle off a quilt “American Beauty Rose” made by the Fellowship Quilters. Dinner tickets are $12 adults and $5 for children. To reserve: call 867-2260.


Lydia Johnston Art at Canfield Gallery, August 4th


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Local artist Lydia Johnston will be honored with an opening reception for her new solo exhibit “Seduced by Color” from 3 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 4 at the Canfield Gallery in Arlington’s Martha Canfield Library. The exhibit will be on display through August 30. Johnston’s paintings are full of rich, vibrant colors and a beautiful sense of light. For this exhibit, she will be showing paintings from some of her recent series including her “Sky Sonata” paintings, flower paintings from the “Garden of

Desire” series, and a number of her newest, more abstract landscapes. Lydia Johnston has lived and worked in southern Vermont for the past 32 years. Much of her inspiration comes from the gardens and meadows surrounding her home. Her work has been exhibited throughout the country and hangs in many private collections. For more information, call the library at 802-375-6153 or visit The library is located at 528 E. Arlington Road.

Concert and Brunch Benefit The Pikes Falls Chamber Music Festival musicians will present a special concert to benefit the Stratton Foundation’s Hurricane Relief Fund at from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, August 4 at the Alpenrose Inn, located at 261 Winhall Hollow Road in Bondville.

Following the concert, guests will enjoy a Brunch featuring Summer Fruit Compote, Grilled Shrimp salad, Cilantro Thai Grilled Chicken, and much more. Seating is limited. Tickets are $50 per person, can be purchased by calling 802-297-2096.

Arthur Jones exhibit in Dorset Dorset artist Arthur Jones, known for his charming landscapes and still life paintings, will exhibit his work at the Dorset Library during the month of August. Mr. Jones will be feted at a coffee reception from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 4 at the library. Jones’ work is both sophisticated and folksy, and his shows

usually sell out. This exhibit will feature 15 framed paintings, all at very affordable prices, the sale of which will benefit the library. The exhibit is free and open to the public, and will run through the end of August. For more information, call the library at 867-5774 or visit www.


Out & About



Emergency Openings • Alarms & Security Systems Serving All Of The Lakes Region & Manchester,VT Areas

By Jim Carrigan

FRI 8/3 MANCHESTER The Manchester VFW at 280 Depot Street, across from the Price Chopper store, invites everyone to a Chicken Barbecue from 4 to 8 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 3. Cost: $10; $5 age 10 and younger. There also will be a cash bar and live music. Information: 802-362-9840. ARLINGTON The Arlington Soccer Club invites everyone to a Chicken Barbecue on Friday, Aug. 3, at the Grange Hall, near the covered bridge in West Arlington. Barbecue will be served from 5 to 7 p.m. and live music will be provided by local musicians from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Cost: $12, with proceeds going toward the club’s trip to England in April, 2013. Bring a lawn chair or blanket. Information: Jamie Paustian at 802-375-1072. MANCHESTER The Manchester Lions Club will host its 61st Auction on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 3 and 4, at the Dana Thompson Memorial Park Recreation Center on Route 30 in Manchester. There’ll be a preview at 5 p.m. and the auction at 6 p.m. Information: 802-3623168, or 802-366-8099. SALEM Cabaret diva Nancy Timpanaro-Hogan will perform a tribute to comedienne Totie Fields in a biographical musical, “Adorable Me,” at the Fort Salem Theater in Salem. Performances will be 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 3 and 4, 10 and 11, and 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 4 and 5, 11 and 12. Information/tickets: 518-854-9200, or

SAT 8/4 DORSET The 10th Annual Entrepreneurial Kids Day will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, at The Someday Farm Stand at the JK Adams Kitchen Store on Route 30 in Dorset. Children will set up their own tables and sell products they’ve made or grown. Children who play musical instruments are encouraged to bring them to entertain the shoppers. Free and open to all and registration is not required. SALEM The Summer Sounds of Salem concert series will present Woodchucks Revenge from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, on the green next to the train depot, Main Street/Route 22, in Salem. This Vermont-based group plays traditional and contemporary folk songs. Free and open to all. DORSET A Coffee Reception with landscape and still life painter Arthur Jones will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Dorset Library. An exhibition of Arthur’s work will run through August. Information: 867-5774, or SALEM The Cambiata Winds, a North Carolina chamber music group, will perform in concert from 2:30 to 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, at Gardenworks on Route 30, W. Broadway, in Salem. Leading this group will be Alice Woods who grew up in Salem. ARLINGTON An opening reception for an exhibition of oil paintings by local artist Lydia Johnston will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. on

Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Martha Canfield Library, 528 E. Arlington Road in Arlington. Light refreshments will be served and everyone will be welcome. Information: 802375-6153, or SALEM An artist reception, featuring a film installation by John Yost titled “White Creek,” will be held from 3 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, at Salem Art Works. While there, ask about The Clothes Project that seeks to bring new life to clothing that has been stored but not worn for years. Information: 518-8547674, or PAWLET The Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Supper Club invites everyone to a Roast Pork Dinner at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Pawlet Community Church. Takeouts may be ordered on Aug. 4 at 802-325-3022. Cost: $10 adults; $6 ages 6 to 12; free 5 and younger. Information: Doreen Mach at 325-3428, or Judy Coolidge at 325-3073. DORSET The Spring Hill Horse Rescue will host its Third Annual Fundraiser at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, at the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show in Dorset. Featured at the Grand Prix Pavilion will be light refreshments, a silent auction, raffle giveaways, and guest speaker Heidi Jo Hauri-Gill from the First Choice Riding Academy in New Hampshire. Information: Tara Williams at 802282-3387, email tarawilliams410@, or

MON 8/6 PAWLET A Haystack Pig Roast will be held at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 6, at The Barn Restaurant on Route 30 in Pawlet. There’ll be a cash bar and silent auction, with dinner served at 7 p.m. and music by John Davis. Cost: $25, including dinner, with proceeds benefiting the Friends of Haystack and the effort to preserve Haystack Mountain. Information: Marsha McLean at 802-325-6242. DORSET The Dorset Theatre Festival will continue its new play reading series with Cusi Cram’s “Radiance” at 7 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 6, at the Dorset Playhouse. Also, beginning at 6:30 p.m., music and food will be available in the Playhouse’s Gallery Café. Information: 802-867-2223, or

TUE 8/7 DORSET The Women’s Fellowship of the United Church of Dorset and East Rupert invites everyone to a Summer Supper (baked ham/ roasted turkey) and quilt raffle drawing from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 7. You’ll find the church off Route 30 at 143 Church Street in Dorset. Cost: $12 adults; $5 children; free 4 and younger. Information/reservations: 802-8672260. MANCHESTER The Tuesday Concerts on the Green will present The Buskers band from 6 to 8 p.m. on Aug. 7 at Applejack Field at the Manchester Recreation Park (rain site, Riley Rink). Free and open to all. No dogs allowed. Information: Manchester and the Mountains

Regional Chamber of Commerce at 802-362-6313.

THU 8/9 MANCHESTER Storyteller Jane Napier will share her Firefly Songs and Stories at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 9, at the Mark Skinner Library, 48 West Road in Manchester. Free and open to all; children must be accompanied by adult caregivers. Also, children are encouraged to register for the summer reading program and earn one free raffle ticket for every book they read (drawing Aug. 16). Information: 802-362-2607, or SALEM Music from Salem invites everyone to its Open Rehearsal at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 9, at the Brown Farm, 154 Priest Road in Salem. Observe the shaping of a performance, with your questions and conversation encouraged. Free. Information: MANCHESTER The Manchester Music Festival’s Under the Stars Concert Series will present “Russian Meteors,” featuring three legendary Russian composers, at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 9, at the Arkell Pavilion of the Southern Vermont Arts Center off West Road in Manchester. Cost: $35. Information/tickets: 802-362-1956, or

FRI 8/10

518-642-2673 • 518-642-4743 Email:


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MANCHESTER Kirt Sampson, Equinox Village’s vice president and executive director, will discuss “Choosing Your Retirement Community” at 3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 10, at Equinox Village in Manchester. Free and open to all; light refreshments will be served. Information/reservations: Ashley Brenon Jowett at 802-362-4061.


ARLINGTON Norman’s Attic, Arlington’s annual craft fair and townwide tag sale, will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 11. More than 65 vendors will be along Route 7A where you’ll find collectibles, antiques, fiber crafts, linens, pottery, art, jewelry, homemade foods, gilled foods, and more. Tag sales will be held throughout Arlington, Sandgate, East Arlington and Sunderland, too. SALEM The Summer Sounds of Salem concert series will present Bob Beaver with classic rock and familiar tunes from the 1960s and ‘70s from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 11, on the green next to the train depot, Main Street/ Route 22, in Salem. Free and open to all.





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SUN 8/12 MANCHESTER The Northshire Bookstore and the Southern Vermont Arts Center will offer a free family program for ages 4 to 9 from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 12, at the Arts Center off West Road in Manchester. Information: 802-362-2200, tollfree at 1-800-437-3700, or www.


Kids’ Summer Art in Manchester, August 14th and 15th The Art Bus from Vermont Arts Exchange will visit Northshire Bookstore on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14 and 15, to offer artists ages eight to 12 years old four exciting classes to celebrate the last days of summer. On August 14, the bus will offer a 3-D Sculpture class from 9:30 a.m. to noon. From 1:30 to 4 p.m., students can study Drawing from Nature and Townscapes.

TOWN & COUNTRY AUCTION - New Merchandise - Antiques, Collectibles, General Merchandise - Small Livestock, Farm Items NYS Pet Dealers Lic. #411534

Cwevkqpu"Yggmn{"cv"9<22"r0o0 Local Dealers In Attendance Weekly Mggr"cnn"{qwt" kvgou"kp"qpg" rnceg"hqt"vjg" dguv"rtkeg# 457 Rt. 32N, Schuylerville, NY

Wednesday’s sessions open with Creative Book Sculpture from 9:30 to noon, and conclude with Storytelling through Cartooning from 1:30 to 4 p.m. Each class costs $40 and includes all materials. Passes are now on sale at the front desk of the bookstore. To participate, reserve space no later than Friday, August 10. For more information, call the bookstore at 802-362-2200.

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The Buskers at Applejack Field, August 7th

Judd Hirsch

The Manchester and the Mountains Chamber of Commerce presents The Buskers at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, August 7 at Applejack Field at the Manchester Rec Park. The band features Kathy Sommer on acoustic and electric violin; Craig Jaster on bass and

Betsy Aidem plays Figgy, Judd Hirsh portrays Mr. Moore, and Janet Zarish plays Maggie in the world premiere of Michael Cristofer’s “The Whore and Mr. Moore” at Dorset Theatre Festival from August 3 to 11. For tickets, call 802-8672223.

accordion; Paul Hubert on guitar and Kyle Tupper on drums. They play a lively fusion of original acoustic folk and pop New Orleansinfluenced R&B. The concert, sponsored by Berkshire Bank, is free and open to the public.

CALL TODAY! 518-695-6663

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Finds under $100

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Finds under $100

10” SAW WITH pedestal f ra m e w / m i t e r a n d r i p e fence, $60. 518-747-3558

ADIRONDACK PACK BASKET 18” high, ver y good condition, $50. 802-645-9130

APARTMENT SIZE DRYER 110 works ok, $55. 802-2879519

BEAR COMPOUND BOW older model, whitetail hunter, $65. 518-222-7586

COWHIDE LEATHER suitcase 1940’s hand stitched 24X18”, $20. 518-692-9436

D O G C R A T E 42LX28WX32”H. Good for big dog, $40. 518-692-7099

13” COLOR TV great for kids room, great cond, $15. 518-854-9846

A I R H O C K E Y TA B L E works asking, $50. 518-6773943

ARENA DOG HARROW 4ft by 4ft. Needs draw bar, $99. 518-642-9276

BIG BOX OF puzzles, $15. 518-499-1421

CHILDS PIANO old schoenhut wooden case upright. 25note 2 octave, $35. 518-6778293 leave msg

CRAFTSMAN 4IN jointer on stand w/ wheels and motor, $75. 518-695-3247

D O G R A M P 6 ’ L X 1 5 ” W. Folds to 3ft $35. 518-6927099

35X35” MAPLE coffee table, excellent condition, $60. 518-854-7869

ANTIQUE BOLENS HUSKY garden tractor w/ cultivator or rubber, $99. 802-645-9752

ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE 7 ft, $15. 518-8549846

DELTA 8IN drill press with one half chuck, $50. 518695-3247

5 MAPLE CAPTAIN chairs, painted white, sturdy, $60. 518-681-1695

ANTIQUE PLANET JR garden tractor. B/S model cast iron N engine. Cultivator, runs, $99. 802-645-9752

BAKERS RACK $50. 518854-9846

D O G R A M P h o m e m a d e, 4’LX20”W. 3/4” plywood covered w/ carpet, $15. 518692-7099

8LB SLEDGE HAMMER and 2 splitting wedges, $25. 518-747-3558

ANTIQUE WOOD KITCHEN stove, green, white, $99. 802-287-9519

BASSINET BABY CLASSICS by Graco Mattress pad and sheets, very good condition, $40. 802-537-3144

BISSELL LIL GREEN steam cleaner, new, $60. 518-683-0856 B R I E F C A S E C U S TO M MADE leather, professional, like new. Holds laptop& papers, $50. 518-692-7336 BUNK BED METAL frame, bottom is full, top is twin, color is red, $75. 518-677-3943

COMPUTER DESK w/ shelf, drawer, $10. 518-642-1598 COMPUTER DESK w/ printer shelf. Hutch top, has slide out keyboard shelf, $50. 518854-9846 C O M P U T E R TA B L E L s h a p e , g l a s s t o p. L i g h t weight, great for school/ home. $50. 518-692-7336

Please type or print.


DEPRESSION GLASS Madrid Amber, 21 pcs, cups, saucers, ser ving bowl, plates, $30. 802-362-1277 D E S K RO L L TO P s t y l e. Brown finish, 43X20X48”, $30. 518-692-7099

DOG RAMP METAL black fo r o u t s i d e s t a i r s. G o o d shape, $30. 518-683-0856 DOORS 2’ LOUVERED closet, wooden doors and tracks, $50. 518-692-7748

Finds Under $100

place an ad to appear in all six of our newspapers, reaching over 100,000 readers each week at absolutely No CHaRGE! Just fill out these handy coupons to place your FREE ads. Then send this form to us by mail or FAX.

HERE’s How it woRks

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Finds Under $100

JUst a FEw simplE RUlEs:

Manchester Newspapers WILL NOT TAKE FREE ADS OVER THE PHONE. Inquiries are prohibited. Merchandise ads only - excludes all animals and firewood. Limit 4 ads per name/address/phone number per month. Limit ONE ITEM PER AD, maximum 15 words per ad. Item price must be under $100 and clearly stated in ad. Manchester Newspapers reserves the right to reject any advertising.

Limit 15 words. Please type or print.


Finds Under $100

MAIL THIS FORM TO: Manchester Newspapers PO Box 330, Granville, NY 12832 OR FAX IT TO US AT: 518- 642-1344 YOU CAN ALSO E-MAIL US YOUR AD INFORMATION: (Be sure to include your name, address & phone number with e-mail)


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Finds Under $100



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6"̋"Vjg"Pqtvjujktg"HtggRtguu"̋"Cwiwuv"5."4234 Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

Finds under $100

DOORS INTERIOR WOODEN with knobs and latches. Asking $60. 518-692-7748

HP SCANJET G3110 Scanner like new, $40. 802-2658006

PORCELAIN GROOM DOLL $25. 518-499-1421

SQUARE MAPLE TABLE and chair, $75. 518-6811695

WHITETAIL SHOULDER MOUNT 8pts good condition, $90. 802-645-9130

E X E R C I S E S Y S We i d e r crossbow adv total body/ mscl bldg & weight loss. Exc cond, $99. 802-867-5917

JC HIGGINS single shot 22 cal rifle, $75. 802-287-9519

STEREO AM/FM dual cassette five discs, cd player, $50. 518-677-3943

WHITETAIL SHOULDER MOUNT 6pts, good condition, $90. 802-645-9130

SWING SET, $50. 518-6421598

WOOD COMPUTER DESK chair 22X40, nice, $30. 518793-4395

FAMILY SONG BOOK of Faith and Joy, Readers Digest, $20. 518-677-8293 leave msg

LAWN MOWER Craftsman B/S engine, 22” side discharge pusher. Very good cond $80. 802-645-9752

PORTABLE RV HOLDING tank with tow bar, 20 gals. $50. 518-681-1695 PORTER CABLE 3in belt sander. Por table w/ dust bag, $40. 518-695-3247 PORTER CABLE HD Router model #1001 w/ bits base and case, $99. 518-695-3247

FAX MACHINE works, asking $75. 518-499-1421

LEATHER JACKET color cranberry, lined, size 12/14, washable. Worn once, $25. 802-287-2020

FRANK SINATRA memorabilia records. Pictures, collectors item books, $25. 518469-9083

LEER TRUCK CAP fiberglass for Ford Ranger pickup. Good condition, $99. 518-642-2498

FUTON MATTRESS queen size, black, very good condition, $25. 518-793-4395

M A DA M E A L E X A N D E R doll 1975 lt brown hair, 15”, $20. 518-692-9436

RIMS 14” 4 lug fits ford, $10. 802-537-3144

FUTON PALLET W/ mattress. Like new, full size, $25. 518-793-4395

MINI FRIDGE White, barely used, sm freezer, sliding shelf, 3’ tall, $65 may deliver. 518-232-9400

RUG HEAVY WOVEN wool contemporary design, 11X14 greys, browns, $65. 518-7934395

MUZZLE LOADER blk pwdr gun. Black syn stock, comp w/ 4X scope good yth size, $90. 802-325-3807

SAAB ALLOY RIMS w/ tires fits 185/65R15, set of 4, $99. 802-867-5917 evenings, 802362-1400 days.

PAIR OF CANADIAN tire chains. Fits Ford tractor, $99. 802-287-9519

SINGER SEWING MACHINE model 457 w/ cabinet asking, $50. 518-932-3001

PC GAMES stack of good used games. Including Skyrim, the Witcher, etc. $99. 518-879-5153

SIX WOOD CHISELS with wood handles 1/4 to 1 1/2”, $25. 518-747-3558

GARAGE DOOR 7X9’ w/ tracks and springs, $99. 518692-7748 GARAGE DOOR 8’ Wooden 4 panel and track, $30. 802537-3144 GARDEN CART tow behind lawn mower. Metal dump body asking $45. 518-6927748 GE WASHING MACHINE 1 yr old, good condition, $99 firm. 518-378-4810 GENERAL ELECTRIC window a/c works great, $30. 518-683-0856 HP DESKJET 6980 series printer. Great for photos, wireless, $50. 802-265-8006

PIN WHEEL RAKE nice lawn ornament, cash and carry, $99. 518-499-1267 POKEMON CARDS 100 or more, good condition, $15. 518-879-5153 PORCELAIN BRIDE DOLL, $25. 518-499-1421

RECLINER BROWN PLUSH fabric, $50. 518-6811695 REVERE WARE FRYING PAN 10” copper bottom, $5. 518-692-9436

SKIIS W/ SOLOMON bindings. Long, great condition, $20. 518-692-7336 SLATE POOL TABLE top, very good cond. Pool balls included, great restoration project, $35. 518-854-9702 SNOWSHOES TUBBS very good condition, $75. 802645-9130

TAI CHI DVD for arthritis. 12 lessons w/ Dr. Paul Lam, nearly new, one disc never played, $20. 802-287-2020 TALL KNOTTY PINE gun cabinet, $50. 518-307-9980 TETON SPORTS FOLDING c a m p i n g c o t u s e d o n c e. Great shape, cost $175 sell $65 firm. 518-683-0856

TOWN MANAGER POSITION The Town of Fair Haven, Vermont seeks an experienced leader for the position of Town Manager. Fair Haven (estimated pop. 2900) is a rural community located in west central Vermont. The manager reports to a five-member Selectboard and supervises all Town departments. The current operating budget is $2.90 million with 29 full and parttime employees. The manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town. Responsibilities include financial management and budgeting, community and intergovernmental relations and personnel administration. A full job description is available at A working knowledge of municipal practices, budgeting, finance, personnel administration, and public relations is essential. A bachelor’s degree and five years of management experience is desired. The position salary is negotiable, with an excellent benefit package. Anticipated starting date is to be determined. The Town of Fair Haven is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has the right to reject any or all applications. All applications must be received at the Town office by August 31, 2012 at 4 p.m. (No FAX accepted.) To apply, please send a confidential cover letter, resume and three references to: Town of Fair Haven Town Manager Search Attn: Bill Humphries 3 N Park Place Fair Haven, VT 05743

TRUE HEROES ultimate military playset 100pcs, like new. Complete set, $27. 518-638-5431 TWO BOAT TRAILER tires on rims. Good for spares, $20. 802-273-3054 V H S TA P E S C h a r l o t t e s Web, Fox & the Hound, The Little Mermaid, $5. 518-9323001 VHS TAPES Stuar t Little, Harriet The Spy, and the Indian in the Cupboard, $5. 518-932-3001

OIL/PROPANE TECH Haskins Gas Service, Inc. has an immediate opening for an experienced oil/ propane tech. Experience in maintenance and repair of residential and commerical oil/propane heating equipment, strong customer skills and the ability to work independently are important. Competitive wages and benefits include uniforms, company paid training, medical/dental insurance, SEPP retirement plan, vacation and paid holidays. Email your resume to or mail to Haskins Gas Service, Inc. 1791 Route 30, Dorset, Vermont 05251 attn: Peter Haskins

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized and accredited institution. Graduate degree in public policy, health administration, or related field preferred. Management level experience overseeing units and large projects that impact significantly upon an organization. Job Reference Posting #:30451. Location: Williston. Status: Full Time. Application Deadline: Open until filled. The State of Vermont offers an excellent total compensation package. To apply you must use the online job application at For questions related to your application, please contact the Department of Human Resources, Recruitment Services at (800) 640-1657 (voice) or (800) 253-0191 (TTY/Relay Service). The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MERCHANDISE ANNOUNCEMENTS Adoption A SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COUPLE looks to fulfill our dreams of building our family through adoption. We offer security and a bright future. Expenses paid as permitted. Call Susan or James toll-free. 1-877-333-1582


State of Vermont

The Vermont Veterans’ Home will be holding a Licensed Nursing Assistant Class scheduled to begin this fall. We invite you to make use of this unique training opportunity to work at our facility caring for our veterans and members. For information, contact Joyce Santacross, HR Administrator, at (802) 447-6535 or email: Applications will be accepted until August 10, 2012. We also have the following open positions in our Nursing Division: VVH Clinical Care Coordinator II – reference job posting #29985 RNs – reference job posting #29795 LPNs – reference job posting #29794 LNAs – reference job posting #29793 The State of Vermont offers an excellent total compensation package. To apply, you must use the online job application at For questions related to your application, please contact the Department of Human Resources, Recruitment Services at (800) 640-1657 (voice) or (800) 253-0191 (TTY/Relay Service). The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Whaleback Vineyard A Selection of Our Own Wines Homebrew and Wine Making Supplies Open 11-5 Fri. - Sun.

(802) 287-0730 202 Old Lake Road Poultney, Vermont

EDIE’S PLACE has what you need to make your home complete. New, used and old. Located on Williams St, Whitehall, NY. NEW QUEEN MATTRESS Sets still in plastic $150, can deliver. 518-290-0298.

A N T I Q U E OA K WA R D ROBE 36”W X 72”H X 16”D, $250. 802-278-8060

OLD BOTTLE COLL Over 600 medicine, cures, bitters, spirits. Some local. Make reas offer. 518-747-9156

A N T I Q U E S E C R E TA RY breakfast top, ser pentine drawers, ball and claw feet. Dark wood, asking $365. 518-695-3977

RARE WHITE 4 PIECE Ornate heavy cast iron lawn set. Exc. cond. $250, 518546-7276.

Articles For Sale

REAR WINDOW PROTECTO R f i t s C h ev y o r G M C brand new. $150. Call for info, 802-468-5487

BRAND NEW GENERAC CENTRUM standby generator, 12 KW, never used, sell $3500 new, $2300 firm. 518692-9254 or 518-692-8196.

To place an ad, call

1.800.354.4232 AUTOBODY SPECIALIST Full svce bodyshop looking for a qualified, driven, indiv who is exp. from start-finish, est, frame, repair& refinish, must have own tools and refs. Call Will 518-642-3167 CAREGIVER FOR PERSON with dimentia in Wells, VT. Only serious inquires need apply. Call Nora 518642-1654 leave message.

Drivers CDL-A: Your current 10-20 have you down? Why not Get Home, NEW PAY PACKAGE! 2012 tractors/trailers to boot? 888406-9046 NOW HIRING Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500 weekly potential. Info 1-985-646-1700, Dept. ME5204.

State of Vermont

Vermont Veterans’ Home

Cook C

Licensed Nursing Assistant Class

Considerable knowledge of: the principles and practices of managed care, public administration, policy analysis, contractual services and contract management, advanced analytical and problem solving skills, and the ability to develop effective performance measurement and quality control standards.

H A R D WO R K I N G R E L I ABLE woman looking to clean houses, do shopping and pet sitting. 518-642-3574

Articles for Sale

COAL FOR SALE Anthracite. Rice, Pea, Nut, Stove and Smithing. Call for Summer Special Pricing! 518424-5663 or cell 518-6429819

WEIDER WEIGHT BENCH complete with all weights, $40. 802-265-8006

Vermont Veterans’ Home

Contribute to the mission of the Department of Vermont Health Access by planning and overseeing system wide managed care compliance programs and policies. The Department of Vermont Health Access is seeking a full time Managed Care Compliance Director to establish, define, implement and oversee compliance with federal and state managed care requirements and regulations. Additionally, this position will oversee three large units within the Division of Health services and Managed Care. You should have significant project management and supervisory experience, as well as a high level of problem solving skills and ability to work autonomously.

Work Wanted

TRIVIAL PURSUIT YOUNG players edition, the 80’s edition, and 20th Anniversary Edition, $10. 518-932-3001

or email (subject: Town Manager Search)

Department of Vermont Health Access

YAMAHA KEYBOARD w/ instructional music sheets plus other music books, $60. 802-287-2020

A LT H O U G H M A N C H E S T E R N E W S PA PERS tries earnestly to check all Classified Advertising submitted for legitimacy and accuracy, we cannot be responsible for ads that may be misleading.

THE DR TM trimmer mower, weed whacker, electric start, $99. 518-642-3776


WOODEN WORK BENCH with vise and belt driven grinder, $45. 518-747-3558


We are seeking a qualified and motivated professional to join our Dietary Team. Responsibilities will include working as our lead cook in our Home for Veterans. You must have strong qualifications in volume cooking and hands-on experience in direct supervision, along with effective organizational and communication skills in a large setting. Computer experience preferred. Reference job posting 30630. Bennington – Full-Time; open until filled. The State of Vermont offers an excellent total compensation package. To apply, you must use the online job application at For questions related to your application, please contact the Department of Human Resources, Recruitment Services at (800) 640-1657 (voice) or (800) 253-0191 (TTY/Relay Service). The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Career need a shift in gears? Find that perfect job right here in the classifieds!

Vjg"Pqtvjujktg"HtggRtguu"̋"Cwiwuv"5."4234"̋"7 Articles For Sale


Flea Markets



SLATE VALLEY LIQUIDATORS Brand New Designer Clothing, Handbags, Costume Jewelry, Electronics at fraction of the price! Now Open 7 Days A Week 10am6pm Route 4A Next to Big Bob’s Food Shack, Hydeville, VT 802-345-6342

C R A F T S M A N L AW N TRACTOR electric start, 42” deck, automatic, $325 will negotiate. 518-642-3776

ANTIQUE FAIR AND FLEA MARKET August 4th & 5th at the Washington County Fairgrounds, Rte. 29, Greenwich NY. $3 admission. (Sat. 8a-6p, Sun 9a-4p) Featuring over 200 dealers. GREAT FOOD. Early-Bird Friday (8/3 6a-6p - $10). RAIN or SHINE. Call (518) 331-5004

SOFA GOLD great deal, 7ft, living room quality, pecan wood, $135. Call Sue 518742-6944 or 518-429-6887

MEET SINGLES RIGHT NOW! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages, and connect live. Try it free. Call now. 1-877819-1010

T WO P E R S O N H OT t u b with back massage, $1650. 518-499-0347 WOOD PELLETS 60 bags, $200. 518-642-2092

Bridal B R A N D N E W M AG G I E SOTTERO wedding gown. Allison Marie, diamond white, size 12 with tags on it. Never worn, $500. 518-2602392


GENERATOR 9HP Electric start, 4000 watts. $550 w/ cart and wiring. 95 E Potter, Granville. 518-642-2095 TROY BUILT ROTOTILLER 8 HP. New mflr, rebuilt carb, needs reverse disc,$375. 518-649-7416

Firewood ALL CUT SPLIT & DELIVERED Hardwood firewood. Seasoned& Green wood now available, any length. 802316-6076 or 518-642-1558 DON’T PAY HIGH Heating bills. eliminate them with an Outdoor Wood Furnace from Central Boiler. Beecrofts. 518-753-4402

AVIATION MAINTENANCE TRAINING Financial Aid if qualified. Job Placement Assistance. Call National Aviation Academy Today! FAA Approved. CLASSES STARTING SOON! 1-800292-3228 or NAA.ed

HARDWOOD FIREWOOD Cut, split & delivered $170/ cord, 2 cord minimum. Log length avail.7 cord, $700 per load 518-854-9113


WOOD HEATING Gasification boilers and heat storage. Automatic pellet boilers. Call Northland Energy 518-854-7825 4061 Rt 22,Salem, NY

100+ IRRIGATION pipes 4”X40’ each w/ sprinkler risers. Includes fittings, $6,500. 518-638-9000

LOG LENGTH By the truck load. Hardwood $600. 518677-8921/518-681-0227.

Free 8 THERMAL PANE glass panels from gliding patio doors. No cracks, Free. 802287-9258 F R E E A B OV E G RO U N D pool 24X4’. 802-362-3713

Furniture COLONIAL HUTCH solid rock maple, 75H X72L X19”W. Pristine condition, valued at $3800, selling for $500. 802-645-9314 E A R LY 1 9 0 0 ’ S C L AW F O OT c o u c h , r e - u p h o l stered. Exc cond. Extra slipcover and matching cushion, $250/obo. 802-287-2588 FUTON double bed, maple frame, great deal, $135 call Sue, 518-742-6944 or 518429-6887 SOFA BED 80” in exc cond, from a non-smoking home. Furniture Barn at Camelot Village, $175. 802-445-3043

Garage Sales GRANVILLE 92 East Main, 08/04&08/05, Sat& Sun 9-3. Estate sale, collectibles, furniture, dishes, women’s plus size clothing, household items, something for everyone. GREENWICH Multi-family yard sale. 156 Fiddlers Elbow Road. August 3-4 8am4pm. Something for everyone. WHITEHALL 1361 Holcombville Rd, Sat 08/04, 8am-? Something for everyone!

Health/Medical SKOOTER 3 wheel electric, heavy duty. Like new, $595 802-824-6430 or 603-3877582. In Peru, VT

Lawn and Garden CRAFTSMAN 19.5 HP 42” m u l c h i n g m o w e r, g r e a t shape, $375. 518-642-1527 leave message.

The Community Papers of New England can display this size ad to over 1 million homes.

Musical Instruments MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CLARINET/FLUTE/ VIOLIN/TRUMPET/ Trombone/ Amplifier/ Fender Guitar, $69 each. Cello/Upright Bass/ Saxophone/ French Horn/ Drums, $185 ea. Tuba/Baritone Horn/Hammond Organ, Others 4 sale. 1-516-3777907

To place your advertisement, REAL ESTATE SERVICES call 800-354-4232 Ask for Heather

Tools 10” COMPOUND MITER saw and table, $200. 95 E Potter, Granville. 518-6422095

Wanted To Buy U.S. & FOREIGN COINS & paper money! No amount too small! Call Richard 518-6428156 or 518-683-1954

call to advertise here!

PETS-LIVESTOCK Dogs-Cats-Pets C H I H UA H UA T E A C U P PUPS 8 weeks old, f ir st shots, M/F, all colors, $400+ 518-932-7543.


FREE KITTENS different colors to chose from. Call Roger 518-642-2118 please leave a message.

Manchester Newspapers’

SERVICES DIRECTORY Every Service For Every Purpose Appliance Repair


STAN’S APPLIANCE REPAIR. Refrigeration: Residential & Commercial Reconditioned Appliances & Parts 518-499-0019

JOIN OUR SERVICES DIRECTORY TODAY! 2” Display Ad Special! Call Today! 800-354-4232

Excavating Cleaning Services


Snowplowing/Removal Sanding

Facility Services Inc.

ENVIRONMENTAL Septic* Standard & Engineered mound systems. Perk tests.

All Seasons

Excavator for Hire

฀ ฀

฀฀ ฀฀

Call Patty for a free estimate

802-235-1064 Email:

Construction HAS YOUR BUILDING SHIFTED? Contact Woodford Bros., Inc. for straightening, leveling, foundation and wood frame repairs at 1-800-OLD-BARN,, MAHIC#155877; CTHIC#571557; RICRB#22078

Gravel Screened & Unscreened Topsoil, Mason Sand


Mowing & Brush Cutting of Ponds, Steep Hills Embankments & Roadsides


We also have multiple versatile brush-hogging & brush-cutting equipment for all your needs.


Brushcutting, LLC ฀

฀ ฀

Arxx Systems & Foundations, Waterproofing

Lawn Mowing

35 Yrs. Exp. Insured, Local Professional Contractor, Friendly Free Estimates

JUST MOWIN’ Trimmin’ & Edgin’ Lawn & Field Reasonable Rates 802-236-8031


FALL IS COMING! PREPARE YOUR DRIVEWAY NOW! ,i«>ˆÀÃÊUʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜ Ê œâiÀÊ7œÀŽÊUÊ i>Àˆ˜}Ê -“>Êœ>`ÃÊÀ>Ûi œ>“ÊEÊ->˜`Ê iˆÛiÀÞ ÀÕŇœ}}ˆ˜} À>`ˆ˜}Ê ÀˆÛiÜ>Þà ,œ>`Ü>Þà Call us about all of our services!

Ralph Woods 518-677-8921 C 518-681-0227


With Rotary Brush Cutter With 22ft Reach

FULLY INSURED ̋"Jqogu ̋"Qhhkegu ̋"Dwukpguu ̋"Eqpuvtwevkqp



Since 1965 we’ve built “The Vermont Way” “We respect your time and will call you back!”

Herb Stratton, President UÊ 7Ê",Ê, *,Ê" Ê 7/Ê , ]Ê " Ê ",Ê-/" UÊ  9UÊ, * UÊ " , / Ê7", "ÊÊ/9* -

CALL 802-375-6321 FAX 802-375-9778 E-MAIL: Stratton_Construction@

Legal Services D I VO R C E $ 3 5 0 * C ove r s Child Support, Custody, and Visitation, Property, Debts, Name Change... Only One Signature Required! *Excludes govt. fees! 1-800522-6000 Extn. 400, BAYLOR & ASSOCIATES

Property Management HANSEN’S FOREST & LAND IMPROVEMENTS Property Management 518-642-1020

Roofing SLATEROOF.COM Service all your roofing needs. 518-307-3371

Tree Service BOURN TREE SERVICE Over 30 Years Of Service Fully Insured * Free Est. Brush Chipping * Land Clearing. 518-642-2182

call to advertise here!

Vinyl Siding



Ykpfqyu"̋"Fqqtu ̋"Tgrcktu"(" Rtguuwtg"Ycujkpi ̋"Rckpvkpi Kpuwtgf Pq"Lqd"Vqq"Uocnn

802-265-3766 qt"73:/487/5368 Woodworking P U R E & S I M P L E WO O D WORKER Antique restoration, furniture repair, general woodworking and cabinet work, free estimates, 518-695-4636

find who and what you need here!


Advertising your business in our Services Directory is simple! Call today for information! 1-800-354-4232





518-793-1266 MODULAR & MANUFACTURED HOMES SALES Route 9 South Glens Falls

s Homes starting at $250. mo... LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED! s Land & Home Packages...

REAL ESTATE Commercial Property GREENWICH 50 Main St, fully equipped repair shop. In operation until 03/12. Call for details. 518-692-2945 or 518-222-6327

Mobile/Modular Homes QUIET 55+ GATED COMMUNITY Homes starting at $1.00 & up! Call for information. 863-683-1502



Exit 17N, 3 miles north on Rt 9, 1 mile past Hess Station & the intersection of Rt 197 & Rt 9


s Gourmet Kitchens, To-Die-For Master Baths...WE HAVE IT ALL!


CASTLETON 2BR duplex apt., $625/mth + util. No pets, no smoking. 1st, last & sec dep. Appl & ref req’d. 802-468-5691 CEDARS SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Take a Tour Weds 12:30pm! Off Bay St, Queensbury! 518-832-1701. GRANVILLE First floor, 2 BDRM apt. Heat & hot water included. Security & references. 518-642-1468

Quiet neighborhood, large kitchen/dining, 3 bedrooms, office, 1 full bath & 2-½ baths, laundr y/mudroom, living room, back porch overlooking Flower Brook. 2-car garage w/attached workshop. Garden shed. $1800/mo, first, last, security. 802-325-3118 evenings, 802-375-4943 cell.



G R A N V I L L E V I L L AG E 2bdrm incl heat, hot water, appliances and trash removal. $575/mth, sec. & ref. 518642-2820

NORTH GRANVILLE 1bdrm upstairs, $475 plus utilities, no pets. 1 mo sec. 518-6421464 or 518-361-8693

GRANVILLE Upstrs village effic. Cable/internet/heat/furn incl. 1 person, no pets/smoking. $500+sec. 518-642-0510 HUBBARDTON 2 room upstairs, studio apt, quiet, electric, trash & snow removal. Pets possible, nonsmoker. $425/mth. 1st & security. 802-273-2499

SALEM Large 1bdrm, 2nd floor, $450. 802-867-0375 SALEM Very large 3bdrm, 2 bath, W/D hook-up, trash, $650/mth +security. 802867-0375. SALEM/HEBRON 2Bdrm, up, $650/mo. +util. Private upper deck, garage, yard privileges. 516-946-5767



WHITEHALL small 1 bdrm cabin on Lake Champlain. Suitable for 1 or 2 people. Dock space avail, $500. 518796-3442 or 518-812-3331 or 518-601-6079

EXIT ONE SELF-STORAGE Heated Units Also Available Route 4-A Fair Haven, VT 802-265-3330

WHITEHALL ver y nice 2 bdrm, on quiet street next to t h e M e t t owe e R i ve r. O f f street parking, $595. 518812-3331 or 518-796-3442 or 518-601-6079. WHITEHALL 2 small 1 bdrm apts, 1 includes heat, $575 other $450. 518-812-3331 or 518-796-3442 or 518-6016079

Homes EAST GREENWICH 2bdrm, 1« bath, 3 levels, W/D hookup, car port, sun room, garden, ref, 1mths sec, first/last, $750/mth, utilities not incl. Avail 09/01/12 518-854-7148 LK BOMOSEEN lake front, 2 lrg bdrms, new bath, fully furn. $750. Half util, SeptJune yearly. 631-241-6342

Vacation/ Recreational C O S S AY U N A L A K E F R O N T C O T TA G E S 2 3bdrm, $445-$495 per week. Pool, boats, screened porches. 518-692-7978 WA R M W E AT H E R I S YEAR ROUND In Ar uba. The water is safe, and the dining is fantastic. Walk out to the beach. 3-Bedroom weeks available: Sept. 23, Sept. 30, Oct. 7, & Oct. 14, 2011. Sleeps 8. $2500. Call Carol at 978-371-2442 or email:

call to advertise here!

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Auto Wanted


1952/53 M38A1 Jeep & trailer, complete restoration, 1000 mi on rebuilt engine, many spare parts, $13,000. 802-287-5743

2004 CADILLAC DHS, 78K, navy/tan leather. Fully loaded. sunroof, A/C seats, backup sensors. 802-558-3402

SELL YOUR CAR, TRUCK O R S U V TO DAY ! A l l 5 0 states, fast pick-up and payment. Any condition, make or model. Call now 1-877-8188 8 4 8 , w w w. M y C a r f o r

2 0 0 3 1 6 X 9 C A R G O P RO motorcycle trailer. Aluminum, holds 2 bikes. Single axle. $5,750. 518-753-6048


1998 GMC BUCKET truck, Mobark 12” chipper, $26,000 or will trade for mini excavator. 518-361-4049

1991 FIREBIRD 6 cyl, 118K, $2200. Call 518-796-8265. 1997 FORD ESCORT LX 4 door, loaded, 30 MPG, great shape, $2500/obo. 518-2829972 1999 VOLKSWAGON PASSAT Red, no rust, good interior, new stereo system, 195K, asking $2800. 518879-5287 2000 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1-owner, in excellent condition. $4400. 518-588-4585 2001 BLACK DODGE Dakota, 100,000 miles, good condition, $3500/obo. 518854-3841 or 518-791-8788 2001 MERCURY COUGAR 118K, 5-speed, 4 cyl. Runs good. $2500. 518-854-3625

2004 TOYOTA SCION XB 4 door, 110,000 miles, good condition, $7000/obo. 518642-3230 2008 AUDI Q4 previous purchased maintenance package transferred with car. 43K, still under warranty, fully loaded, sunroof, $23,500/ obo. 802-235-2765 NICE CONDITION! 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, A/T, V-6, 120K, Clean! $4900/OBO 518-499-1538

Auto Wanted CASH FOR CARS: Any Make, Model or Year. We Pay MORE! Running or Not, Sell your Car or Truck TODAY. Free Towing! Instant Offer: 1-800-871-0654

1990 GRUMMAN 12’ aluminum boat w/ oars and life cushions. Good shape, 1955 Evinrude 3 HP outboard motor lightwin. 3 coils replaces, runs perfect. $450. 802-6459992 BOAT MOTOR TRAILER 40HP, runs good, $1200. 802-293-5210 CHRYSLER LONE STAR “Little Fisherman” 12’ 5 passenger row boat w/oars, like new, $500. 518-642-1032 GRUMMAN 15’ split seat, w/ shorelander trailer, 8HP Nissan, $1800. 802-273-2053

2 0 0 1 T OYO TA C A M R Y 206,000 miles, runs great, $2300. 802-683-4057


Commercial Equipment

Classic & Antiques 1950 FORD F- 1 Pick up truck. In primer, good body and good running. $10,500. 518-638-9000 1977 CORVETTE STINGR AY L o o k s a n d s o u n d s great. T-tops, 4speed, engine chrome, 350 motor, new Cooper tires, 94K, asking $15,500. 518-677-3448 1 9 8 8 B U I C K R E AT TA Looks & r uns great, new tires, brakes, & tuneup, never run in the winter, asking $2490/obo. 802-273-2647

Classic & Antiques 1990 MERCURY GRAND PRIX Southern car, flawless, 85,447 miles, $1995. 802325-3081

Farm Equipment 53 FORD JUBILEE tractor for parts or to fix. Many new parts, $1,500. 518-499-2782

Four-Wheel Drive 1998 FORD EXPLORER Eddie Bauer Edition, 5.0L, V8, fully loaded, 4WD, no rust, runs great. 110K miles. $4,500. 518-677-5544 2001 BLAZER 103K, good shape, new par ts, $2500. 518-638-6674 2004 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 4WD, 4.8L, 65K miles, great shape, good tires, asking $8600. 802-2658645 ext 23. 2006 EDDIE BAUER Ford Explorer, 4WD, 3rd row seat, tow pkg, loaded, 94K, new tires last season. $12,900/ obo. 518-692-9875

Four-Wheel Drive


95 FORD F-250 Diesel 7.3, 4x4, 170K, utility box/ladder rack, needs oil pump, truck only $1250/obo, truck w/box, rack $2250/obo. 802-6834163 or 802-273-2786

1969 CUSTOM HARLEY DAVIDSON, 1200 cc Hardtail, custom built engine, very fast. Not for the novice rider. $5500/obo. Call Scott 518632-5232 or cell 518-2323600.


1990 HD FXRS 1300cc, new tires, $7000. 802-325-3127

08 SUZUKI C50 Boulevard, 805cc, 5300 miles, Black/ gray, windshield, saddle bags, very good condition, $4500. Manchester. 802366-8188

1997 HARLEY DAVIDSON SOFTTAIL CLASSIC all extras, special color, 15,000 miles, $8500. 518-499-1210






751 Washington Street, Behind McDonalds, Fair Haven, VT


Henry & Edsel say...



Motorcycles 2 0 0 3 H O N DA S H A D OW ACE 750CC, 10,100 miles, great condition. Must sell. $3200/obo. Call or text 518361-9056 2003 MOTOGUZZI CALIFORNIA EV 1100 with Voyager trike conversion kit, many extras, $11,000/obo. 802-265-3403

ATV’s /Snowmobiles

Pickups, Trucks, Vans

2 P O L A R I S S N OW M O BILES 1998 & 1999. Nice sleds! $3,000/obo. 518-7919741

1 9 9 0 F O R D F 3 5 0 VA N 86,000 orig. miles. $1750. 518-692-9906

2005 YAMAHA VENTURE snowmobile, low miles, 600cc, 2 up. $4500. 802-2351068 after 5 pm

1992 FORD RANGER Mechanic special, r uns, inspected, roll bar with lights, $2000/obo. 802-235-1391

2010 FRONTRUNNER 800 S side-by-side U.T.V., w/top, windshield & winch. $7,300. 802-645-1925

1998 FORD 150 CUSTOM VAN w/wheel chair lift, 66K, many new par ts, can be seen at 6 Pine Lane, Cambridge, NY. 518-677-3084

2006 HARLEY DAVIDSON Ultra Classic, $12,000. 802770-2292

CONDOR-250CC 5 speed, yellow. Almost new- Demo. 3 0 m i l e s, n o t a s c ra t c h , $1850. 802-438-2910

2000 DODGE RAM Spor t 1500. Loaded. New tires. In excellent condition. $10,500/ obo. 518-686-5953

NEW ELECT MOPED Extreme , $995. Everst& Jennings elec wheelchair, runs good $225. 518-753-4732

Pickups, Trucks, Vans

2002 FORD F250 super duty, V-8, 4WD, Auto, 98k miles, $10,500. 802-2875242 after 5pm.

2 0 0 3 S U Z U K I S AVAG E 650cc, less than 3700 miles, perfect condition, under book value, $1900. 802-265-4526

Recreational SHORELINE BOAT TRAILER tandem whls, hyd brakes, easy loader w/ 4 new tires w/ spare for 21’ boat. $1200. 802-468-5136

1987 DODGE RAM 1 ton truck, great condition, standard 4spd floor shift, big V8 engine w/63,000 original miles. Just need room. $5000. OBO 518-638-9000

87 F350 DUMP TRUCK 90,000 miles, too many new parts to list, very little rust, box great condition, $2500. 802-683-4163

1990 E350 UHAUL customized box truck. 7.3 diesel auto, new tires and inspection, $2500 802-273-2837



CASH ON THE SPOT! ,--ÊUÊ "** ,ÊUÊ1 1ÊUÊ // , -ÊUÊ-/ 

ON SITE SCRAP METAL DISMANTLING & REMOVAL 334"Fgmcnd"Tqcf."Itcpxknng."P["34:54"̋"Oqpfc{/Htkfc{":/7."Ucvwtfc{":/34

(518) 642-3063 or 642-3036

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3 Weeks / $1500

3 Weeks / $2500

For Items Priced Less Than $1,000 - Over $100

For Items Priced $1,000 or More

Name: Address:

Phone #:

Deadline: Monday 3 PM




MSRP $30,930 Invoice $29,745

MSRP $20,670 *


#N1657 #N1604

MSRP $23,025


MSRP $25,970

* *


MSRP $28,330 #N1770

MSRP $31,400 Invoice $29,404 HB $912 Incentive $6500 *


*Military Consumer Cash, Northeast Balloon Bonus Cash, Returning Lease Loyalty Cash, Northeast Retail Consumer Cash. Payments based on 0 down, plus tax and DMV fees, 75 month term at 15% Balloon Final Payment, College Grad, Conquest Lease to retail, FFA Future Farmers of America, Trade Allowance Bonus Cash. Advertised Stock# at sale price only. **Includes in stock, in transit & in system. Tax, title & DMV fees not included.

STEPHENS PRE-OWNED 2011 DODGE RAM 3500 SERVICE BODY Stk# U3009 4x4, Diesel, PW, PDL, Air, Engine Brake, 45k miles CALL FOR



2011 DODGE RAM 3500 DUMP 2008 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE GT Stk# U3102 ST, Diesel, 4x4, Auto, PW, PDL, Air, 49k miles

Stk# U3414 Crew Cab, 4x4, V6, PW, PDL, 21k miles





2006 CHEVY 2500 HD LT



Stk# U3417 Hemi, Heated Leather Seats, PW, PDL, 61k miles

Stk# U3469 Crew Cab, 4x4, Diesel, Heated Leather, 64k miles

Stk# U3504 Auto, PW, PDL, P Seat, CD Player, 72k miles







2006 DODGE 1500 QUAD CAB


Stk# U3385 V-6, Leather, Moonroof, 5-Speed, 55k miles




2007 DODGE RAM 3500 SLT Stk# U3517 Cab & Chassis, Diesel, 4x4, PW, PDL, 60CA, 34k miles



Stk# U3523 4x4, SLT, PW, PDL, P Seat, Hemi, 58k miles

Stk# U3527 AWD, Rear DVD, P Seat, PW, PDL, 27k miles

Stk# U3597 4x4, XLT, 5.4 V8, PW, PDL, P Seat, 67k miles

Stk# U3611 Touring, Stow N Go Seating, PW, PDL, 61k miles







2010 DODGE AVENGER RT Stk# U3640 Leather, Auto, P Seat, PW, PDL 37k miles



2010 CHEVY 3500 HD LT

2008 LEXUS IS 250




Stk# U3650 AWD, Moonroof, Leather, Auto, 47k miles

Stk# U3718 AWD, V6, PW, PDL, P Seat, 37k miles

Stk# U3720 Auto, Air, PS, PW, PDL, V-6, 43k miles







2009 DODGE RAM 2500

2007 CHEVY 2500 HD LT

Stk# U3729 Crew Cab, 4x4, 8 Ft Bed, PW, PDL, 34k miles

Stk# U3739 SXT, 4x4, Plow, Hemi, PW, PDL, 9k miles

Stk# U3741 4x4, Auto, Ladder Rack, PW, PDL, 37k miles








2006 PONTIAC SOLSTICE CONVERTIBLE Stk# U3744 5 Speed, Leather, PW, PDL, 30k miles CALL FOR