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‘Open Door, Explore’ Self-Programmed Wednesdays at The Manchester Museum Living Worlds: ‘Choose Life’ Key Stage 2

(Booking Essential)

The following tasks are set up to enable your class to explore the Living Worlds gallery in an interactive, thought provoking and exciting way. Our Living Worlds gallery is on the first floor. It may help before your visit to split your class into 5 groups and bring along paper and pencils for your group to have a go at the tasks below. What does nature mean to me? Sit in front of the nature quote wall and read the quotes that are there. What do you think about nature? Think about your relationship with it? What do you like about nature? What don’t you like about nature? Why? Have a go at creating your quote about nature, what would sum up how you feel about nature? Read out your quote to the rest of your class, what have you learnt from hearing everyone else’s quotes? It’s over to you, and you and you... What can we do to help save the Earth from harm? Can you think of two things you can do in your own home or school that will help to reduce waste? What can you do to help create a healthier atmosphere? Can you design a logo for a sticker or t-shirt that will help to promote how to save the Earth? Adaptations; ‘Why I suit my habitat’ Look at the Bodies case. Looking at the skeletons can you identify what part of the body the bones are? Can you work out if the skeleton is human or animal? How do the animals or humans use that bone, what does it help them to do? Can you draw the skull of an animal of your own design? Label the features you have chosen and tell us what they allow the animal to do. Thoughts and Memories of Nature: Sit in front of the British Wildlife case. What can you remember from any trips to parks or holidays in the countryside? Can you remember any smells? What insects or animals did you see? What’s your favorite British insect or animal? Can you write your thoughts and memories on a shell that you have designed yourself? Nature: The Hunted: Sit in front of the Symbols case. Why do you think that certain animals are hunted more than others? Why do people kill animals for their fur, skin or tusks etc? In pairs write a short speech to deliver to your group explaining why you think hunting is a good or bad thing to do?

Have you remembered to book your ‘Open Door, Explore’ Self Programmed activities with our Bookings Officer on 0161 275 2630? You can also request to use our lunch room for your group. Risk Assessments are available on the website. Also, please check for any suggested materials that you may need to bring with you on the day.

Living Worlds Open Door Explore KS 2  
Living Worlds Open Door Explore KS 2  

What does nature mean to me? Sit in front of the nature quote wall and read the quotes that are there. What do you think about nature? Think...