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‘Open Door, Explore’ Self-Programmed Wednesdays at The Manchester Museum Living Worlds – KS4 (Booking Essential)

This activity allows your students to explore the themes and ideas presented in the Living Worlds gallery, while allowing them to relate it to their own experiences and knowledge. The atmospheric Living Worlds gallery showcases our stunning collection in original cases which are organised into themes. The beautiful displays will inspire your students to examine their place in the natural world. The worksheet attached should be printed off and provided to the students in pairs. Below is a guide for how the worksheet should be used in a 30 minute activity. 1. Allow your students to explore the gallery independently to get their bearings and get an idea of the themes for 5 minutes. 2. Hand out the attached worksheet in pairs with a clipboard and pencil 3. Challenge your students to complete the worksheet in 15 minutes. Prompt them to use the gallery for generate ideas, but also think about things they come across at school or on the news, magazines. 4. Sit students down at benches at end of gallery and let them feed back their thoughts Materials required for activity (not provided): Worksheets (attached and print out enough for your students) Clipboards Pencil/pen

Have you remembered to book your ‘Open Door, Explore’ Self Programmed activities with our Bookings Officer on 0161 275 2630? You can also request to use our lunch room for your group. Risk Assessments are available on the website. Also, please check for any suggested materials that you may need to bring with you on the day.

Livings Worlds The Living Worlds gallery in The Manchester Museum aims to highlight the many ways that humans interact with the natural world. Using the gallery as inspiration, answer the following questions: Name one way that humans use the natural world that is...... a) Advantageous to Nature

b) Advantageous to humans

c) Destructive to humans

d) Destructive to Nature

Choose one object in the gallery that: Inspires you and why?

Shows that nature is a resource and is useful to us

You think is beautiful

You think is scary

Living Worlds Exploration (Science)