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Overview of project costs for Peterloo 2019 programme: 2017 – 2019

Development The National Heritage Lottery Fund £69,200 Greater Manchester Combined Authority £15,000 Historic England £5,000 Manchester Histories £2,000 ToTAL: £91,200 INCOME:

Development Staff costs £45,545 Project Activity £13,000 Artists/freelancers £2,000 Marketing & Communication £8,500 Design/Website £17,000 Overheads & Administration £5,155 ToTAL: £91,200 EXPENDITURE:

Delivery The National Heritage Lottery Fund £181,920 Greater Manchester Combined Authority £25,000 Historic England £5,000 Age of Revolution £3,000 University of Manchester (Additional) £5,000 Manchester Histories £2,000 Shoosmiths £250 Conlon £500 Other (including ticket sales) £11,845 ToTAL: £234,515 INCOME:

Delivery Staff costs £113,375 Project Activity £60,820 Artists/freelance £4,750 Marketing & Communication £20,000 Overheads & Administration £7,918 Design/website £24,902 Other £2,750 ToTAL: £234,515 EXPENDITURE:

From the Crowd

Manchester City Council £130,000 Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants £80,000 Other £20,000 ToTAL: £230,000 INCOME:

Artistic/Creative/Project Management £88,000 Making work accessible £10,500 Marketing & Audiences £9,200 Overheads & Administration £28,550 Production £93,250 Other £500 ToTAL: £230,00 EXPENDITURE:

In kind contributions from Manchester City Council, Manchester Central Library, Manchester Central, Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Royal Northern College of Music, The Guardian, University of Central Lancashire, People’s History Museum for use of space, staff time, advertising, facilities and volunteer time valued at £97,900. The above income & expenditure only includes project costs for the development and delivery of the Peterloo 2019 programme and From the Crowd, not the ongoing support of core costs from the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Manchester City Council through the Cultural Programme Agreement and or the wider Peterloo programme. A full set of Manchester Histories accounts is available on-line from Companies House. Our accounts run from August to August.


Thanks to all the cultural partners, community groups, historians, artists, volunteers and passionate residents of Greater Manchester and beyond who have come together to mark the 200th Anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre in a moving and inspiring tribute to the courage of those that fought for democracy in 1819.

Thanks to the continued support of the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester City Council, GMCA, Historic England, National Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, People’s History Museum.

A special thanks to the Peterloo steering group and network groups for their continued support over the four years of the project.

Thanks to The Peterloo Memorial Campaign Group for their moral support and passion.

Thanks to historian Professor Robert Poole, University of Central Lancashire for his in-depth knowledge of Peterloo, his support and factual information.

Thanks to Laura Sullivan & Claire Short, Fido PR, and David Caunce, Imagine Graphic Design Studio, for their support with PR, press releases, design and raising awareness of Peterloo 2019 through press & media across the globe.

Thanks to the team at Manchester Central Library, Neil MacInnes OBE, Philip Cooke, Ian Hopkinson, Larysa Bolton, Dorothee Devouge, Darren Rawcliffe, Jackie Pugh and David Dennehy.

Thanks to Manchester City Council, Sarah Elderkin, Zoe Williams, Elaine Morrison, Jane Lemon, Sarah Teague, Tony Howard, Margaret Longworth, Dave Carty, Manchester City Council Peterloo Steering Group, Dave Moutrey and Councillor Luthfur Rahman.

Thanks to M-Four Design Studio and Ilyas Inayat.

Thanks to Manchester Central, Shaun Hinds, Sarah Bickerton, Louise Day and Nick Smith.

Thanks to People’s History Museum, Katy Aston, Jenny Mabbott, Michael Powell, Shirin Hirsch, Daisy Nicholson, John Donegan and Jonathan Haynes.

Thanks to The Politics Project and Harriet Andrews.

Thanks to RECLAIM and Katie Cosgrave.

Thanks to UK Parliament, Stephen Wilson and Matt Instone.

Thanks to Historic England, Lois Gyves and Daisy Horsley.

Thanks to Royal Northern College of Music, Richard Collins, Matt Whitham, Katie Chatburn, Rachael Howarth and Debbie Sullivan.

Thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Nathan Lee, Dan Head and Louise Southerland. Thanks to The Guardian, Katherine Viner, Michael John Harris, Anna Chesters, Francesca Lockwood-Taylor and Helen Pidd.

Thanks to Evie Manning and Robin Richards.

Thanks to Common Wealth Theatre.

Thanks to Brighter Sound, Debra King, Tim Chatterton, Kate Lowes, Rebecca Horn, Lucy Scott and Disrupt performers.

Thanks to Walk the Plank, Liz Pugh, Sammi Gabb, Fiona Hilton, Candida Boyes and Edward Salt.

Thanks to Young Identity, Shirley May, Nicole May, Reece Williams, Roma Havers and Jardel Rodregues.

Thanks to HOME, Dave Moutrey, Marisa Draper, Rosie Stuart, Kevin Jamieson, Chloe Beale, John Grey and Judith Chan.

Thanks to Manchester Art Gallery, Meg Parnell, Emma Carroll, Clare Gannaway and Hannah Williamson.

Thanks to Mike Leigh, Danny Boyle, Billy Bragg, Dave Haslam, Neil Bell, Red Saunders, Thin Man Films and Entertainment One.

Thanks to British Council, Kathy McCardle, Fariha Tahanin and Anna O’Flynn.

Thanks to Michael Wood, David Olusoga and Marlene L. Daut.

Thanks to BBC Radio Manchester, Matt Foster and Linda Walker.

Thanks to Dinosaur and Frank Fenton.

Thanks to Marketing Manchester, Simon Donohue, Nick Hulme and One Smart Cookie.

Thanks to North West Film Archive, Marion Hewitt, Will McTaggart and Geoff Senior.

Thanks to The National Archives and Meg Venter.

Thanks to Great Place GMCA and Julie McCarthy.

Thanks to Radical Read, Donna Shepherds and Daniel Edmonds.

Thanks to the National Trust, Kelda Savage, Jessica Webb, Suzanne Kellett, Cathy Newbery, Ben Wilcock and artists Grace Surman, Gary Winters and their children Hope & Merrick.

Thanks to Elizabeth Sibbering and Steve Roman for their informative walks and support.

Manchester Histories Peterloo Team: Karen Shannon - CEO Overall Programme Lead Janine Hague – Project Manager NHLF Charlie Booth – Community Engagement Manager Michael Powell – Learning Co-ordinator Naomi Whitman – Creative Producer & Radical Read Laura Stevens – Digital Content Manager John Leatherbarrow – Administrator Maxim Shannon – AV Library Events (Freelancer) Kevin Bolton – Archivist (Freelance) Richard Fowler – Evaluation Consultant (Freelance) Liz Scribbles – Documentation (Freelance) Sally Fort – Evaluation Consultant (Freelance) Jonathan Keenan – Photography (Freelance) Barney Francis – Development phase Daniel Kenyon – Film maker (Freelance) Students from University of Manchester & Manchester Metropolitan University Family & friends of the core team for their support, love, encouragement and patience Thanks to Claire Turner, pervious CEO of Manchester Histories

Access Team, From the Crowd: Dennis Queen, Oscar Keenan, Oscar Cooksey-Nash, Georgia Keavey, Minna Keenan and Mark Todd. Manchester Histories volunteers: Minna Keenan, Madison Ryan, Joel McTaggart, Peter Bloor and Emily Ingram.

Manchester Histories Board: Hannah Barker (Chair), Kostas Arvanitis, Rob Higginson, Andrew Pattinson, Melanie Tebbutt, John Williams, Martin Gaw, Sam Edwards and Shirin Hirsch.

Enormous thanks to Peterloo Ambassadors: Adam Kilkenny, Alan Godson, Adele Taylor, Alexander Davidson, Alice Hebdon, Alix Stiles, Andy Mercer, Anna Mayall, Anne Cooper, Bernard McGrath, Charlotte Derbyshire, Charlotte Peters Rock, Christina Wallman, Claire Robinson, Gary Fildes, Gina James, Helen Eden, Helen Drummond, Jo Neri, John Carpenter, John Sanders, John Shaw, Laurence Connell, Maria Allen, Mark Simmons, Mary McGuigan, Mick McHugh, Mike Broomhead, Rachael Gilbert, Sheila Gaughan, Simon Hughes and Tracy Drysdale.

Thanks to the Peterloo Descendants: Sheila Lemoine Abrams, Sue Sennett, Keith Stafford, Tricia Entwistle, Dan Guy, Robert Cornish, Michael Gorman, Justin Doyle and Su Bindless.


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13. From the Crowd & the Anniversary programme https://peterloo1819.co.uk/projects/from-the-crowd/

14. Rise Like Lions - The Guardian Film

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBnZ5I4kGz c&feature=emb_title

15. MIF19: The Anvil - ANU


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17. Images from the day of the 200th Anniversary From the Crowd: https://bit.ly/336J1k0 and Rebel Karaoke: https://bit.ly/335wMUU

18. Manchester Art Gallery Get Together and Get things Done: http://manchesterartgallery.org/exhibitions-andevents/exhibition/gettogether/

19. The Hidden Project - Peterloo Massacre Tableaux http://hiddenpeterloomassacre.com/gallery/

20. Manchester Histories website www.manchesterhistories.co.uk

21. ManchesterHistories/BFI/HoME/FREESTYLE FILM https://manchesterhistories.co.uk/projects/page. aspx?ID=271 Flickr album documenting the film-making course: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmzpZJMm Flickr album documenting the film preview: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmx6xvxZ

22. RISE! film with Emma Martin


23. Manchester Histories/Peterloo 2019 programme short film https://youtu.be/EweiEO_nC6o

Peterloo 2019 Impact Report 2020

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