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New to the Centre? Then start here. No need to book. No experience necessary. Come as many times as you want!

A Taste of Meditation

You’ll learn the basics of meditation and see whether it’s for you. Taster classes include meditation posture, body awareness and either the Mindfulness of Breathing or Loving-Kindness meditations. Monday-Friday lunchtimes 1.00-2.00pm £3/£2* Tuesday & Thursday early evenings** 5.45-6.45pm £3/£2*

Tools for Living your Life

A gentle introduction to the Buddha’s teachings and how to apply them to our lives. Classes include basic meditation instruction. Saturdays 11.00 -1.00pm £5/£3* *High/Low Rates. You choose which rate fits your current financial circumstances. **Check our website for additional early evening meditation sessions later in the year.

Courses in Buddhism and Meditation Want to learn about Buddhism and meditation in more depth, take things further or find out more about how we do things in the Triratna Buddhist Community? Then here’s your next step.

Buddhism Level 1, Six Week Courses

on Tuesday evenings, 7.00-9.30pm £70/£50/£35* Start dates: 10 Jan; 7 Mar; 2 May; 27 Jun; 5 Sep; 31 Oct

Introduction to Buddhism, One Day Courses on Saturdays, 10.30-4.30pm £45/£35/£20* Dates: 11 Mar; 16 Sep

Introduction to Meditation, Six Week Courses

on Wednesday evenings, 7.00-9.30pm £70/£50/£35* Start dates: 11 Jan; 8 Mar; 3 May; 28 Jun; 6 Sep; 1 Nov

Introduction to Meditation, One Day Courses on Saturdays, 10.30-4.30pm £45/£35/£20* Dates: 7 Jan; 11 Feb; 20 May; 15 July; 14 Oct; 9 Dec

Booking required. No experience necessary. *High/Medium/Low Rates You choose which rate fits your current financial circumstances

Next Steps... Once you’ve got yourself started, here are ways to help deepen your understanding and practice.

Buddhism Level 2, Six Week Courses

A rolling programme of five themes on Tuesday evenings, 7.00-9.30pm £70/£50/£35* Start dates: 10 Jan; 7 Mar; 2 May; 27 Jun; 5 Sep; 31 Oct

Meditation Club

A monthly session for Triratna meditators with six months experience or more.

Young Buddhists

A monthly session for anyone aged 18-35, exploring live issues for young people today. After doing Buddhism Level 2 why not try...

Triratna Night

A weekly mix of talks, meditation and ritual.


Cleaning, doing reception, supporting classes - great ways to get to know others in our community and help care for our Centre.

Study Groups

A good way to deepen your understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, and build friendships with others on the path.

Becoming a Mitra

After coming to the centre for a while, some people decide to take part in a Mitra ceremony that witnesses their ethical and meditation practice within the Triratna Buddhist Community. Mitra is a Sanskrit word for friend. Some Mitras may go on to decide they want to join our Buddhist Order, embarking on a period of further training within our community. *High/Medum/Low Rates. You choose which rate fits your current financial circumstances. Check our website for dates of all sessions and for more details.

Retreats Retreats are an opportunity to practice together without the responsibilities and distractions of everyday life. They are also a good way to deepen our friendships with each other. These retreats are suitable for anyone who has completed a Buddhism Level 2 course, unless otherwise stated.

Retreat for Order Members and Mitras training for Ordination

Open to men and women Friday 17th - Sunday 19th March Venue: Dukes Barn, Derbyshire Led by Arthapriya, Dayanandi and Ratnaguna

Sangha Retreat

Open to men and women Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th May Venue: Adhisthana, Herefordshire Led by Arthavadin, Taravandana and Vidyamala

Buddhafield North Meditation Camping Retreat Open to men and women Friday 16th - Friday 23rd June Venue: Ilkley, West Yorkshire Led by Arthaketu, Padmadarshini, Satyamuni, Tejapushpa and Uddyotani

Men’s Sangha Retreat

Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th September Venue: Dukes Barn, Derbyshire

Women’s Sangha Retreat

Friday 27th - Sunday 29th October Venue: Dukes Barn, Derbyshire

Festivals Our festival days offer an opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate different aspects of the Buddha’s life and teachings, along with ritual and devotional practice. Festivals are suitable for anyone who has completed a Buddhism Level 2 course.

Parinirvana Day, Sunday 19th February

Marking the death of the Buddha and honouring our friends and family who have passed away in the past year.

Buddha Day Festival on our Sangha Retreat at Adhisthana, Saturday 13th May

A celebration of the Buddha’s enlightenment, the shining example he has shown us, and what that means for us today. There will also be a smaller celebration at Triratna Night on Monday 15th May for those unable to attend the Sangha retreat.

Dharma Day, Sunday 9th July

A celebration of the Buddha’s teachings and practices he handed down to us.

Padmasambhava Day, Sunday 10th September

A celebration of Padmasambhava, a historical and mythological figure who established Buddhism in Tibet, and what he means for us in the Triratna Community.

Dr Ambedkar Day, Sunday 15th October

A celebration of Dr Ambedkar, the famous Indian social reformer, who converted to Buddhism in the 1950s, setting in motion the revival of Buddhism in its native land.

Sangha Day, Sunday 12th November

A celebration of friendship and community on the Buddhist path.

Manchester Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community The Triratna Buddhist Community is a worldwide movement, founded by our teacher, Sangharakshita in 1967. Triratna is a Sanskrit word meaning Three Jewels. Traditionally Buddhism has three jewels – the Buddha as our example, the Dharma or his teachings, and the Sangha or spiritual community - that we put at the heart of our lives. Manchester Buddhist Centre opened in 1977, and moved to its present home in the Northern Quarter in 1996. The Centre was once a derelict cotton warehouse, transformed into a place of simplicity and beauty.

Manchester Buddhist Centre’s Vision Our vision is to communicate the teachings of the Buddha to the people of Manchester, and to provide a community for those practising the Buddha’s teachings. Our deepest inspiration is the Buddha himself and his transformation into a deeply wise and compassionate being. We believe that we all have that same potential. Our practice is based on the teachings of Sangharakshita, Triratna’s founder, and we have a clear path of training to help people deepen their understanding and application of Buddhism. Sangharakshita emphasised important aspects of the path, including friendship, community, study, devotion and the imagination in helping us to live a Dharma life.

What else goes on here Bookshop

On our ground floor, a wide range of Buddhist books, ritual items, meditation gear and ethical gifts. All profits go to the running of the Centre.

Bodywise Natural Health

On our second floor, Bodywise provide a range of yoga classes and natural therapies. 0161 833 2528

Earth Cafe

The award winning vegan cafe is located in the basement of the Buddhist Centre. 0161 834 1996


With offices based here, Breathworks provide mindfulness courses for people living with pain, stress and illness. 0161 834 1110

Where to find us Manchester Buddhist Centre 16-20 Turner Street Northern Quarter M4 1DZ Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 10am-7pm; Fri 10am-5:30pm; Sat 10am-5pm Facebook: Manchester Buddhist Centre Twitter: Manbuddcentre

0161 834 9232 Designed by Sanghadhara & Vishangka

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