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SHANE PULMANO Curriculum Vitae


Jofellini Shane Morilla Pulmano (f)


September 21st, 1984 in Calamba Laguna, Philippines


PH. 5, Blk. 3, Lot 12, Genesis St. Exec. Series. Mabuhay City, Mamatid, Cabuyao, Laguna 4025, Philippines


+63 9 273918110 |

VIDEO BLOG LANGUAGE INTERESTS English, Dutch, Tagalog Graphic design

EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT 2006 – 2007 Master of Arts in New Media & Digital Culture, University of Utrecht 2003 – 2006 Bachelor of Arts in Communications, University of Utrecht 1997 – 2003 Johannes Calvijn (grammerschool) SKILLS & TRAININGS SKILLS Project management and documentation Cross-media planning, production and training Customer service, public relations and communications Training and development Marketing and business development, Concept presentation Basic Video documentation & editing Basic Photo documentation & editing Basic grahic design, lay-out SOFTWARE

Photoshop, GIMP 2.0 (basic photo editing) Sony Vegas Pro (basic video editing) Audacity (basic sound editing)


Wordpress, Vimeo

INTERNSHIPS 2006– 2007 2005 – 2006

Researched educational properties of games for University of Utrecht and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (MA Internship) Publicist Jelleke Veenendaal Dutch Parliament (BA Internship)

CROSS MEDIA PRODUCTION & TARGETING SPECIFIC AUDIENCES --2011 - present Development sector: The Rice Contract Farm Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat; The Rice Contract Farm is PASALI’s initiative to help

Curriculum Vitae




Curriculum Vitae

debt-ridden small farmers in the conflict area of Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat payoff debts and learn to become agri-entrepreneurs producing rice with the climate change mitigating System of Rice Intensification; - concept development - operational management of pilot implementation - documentation: concept note, business proposal, mid- & final crop reports, agronomic and financial data gathering

June - Aug

Documentation of Relief Efforts for displaced families of armed conflict in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat; Lead team responsible for data gathering and statistics, press releases, video & photo documentation, publication on social media and website;


Documentation and Publication materials for Transnational Cooperation for Development; a platform Migrants and International Development for ‘linking and learning’ started by Stichting Mondiale Samenleving, Radboud University Nijmegen, and Italian Scalabrini for Filipino government, private sector, civil society and Dutch migrant leaders. - See Documentary of TRANSCODE: - See Photos of TRANSCODe:

Training and education: Introduction to Copywriting and Development for PASALI Philippines, Philippines in Mindanao, Philippines Developed tailored-made training for PASALI’s new recruits for writing and media skills.

2008 - 2009

Creative training & Development work Norway & South Africa Youth with a Mission's nine-month arts training with staff, instructors, and students from 20 different nations


Voice-over for Mobitainment, Media Studio, and Omar Munie's video,,

Business assistant to Dutch designer Omar Munie Media planning, marketing and business development,customer service, public relations and communications, purchasing and inventory, administrative support;

2005 – 2007

Editor for BLIK BLIK is a journal of media and popular culture of the Institute of Media & Re/presentation at the University of Utrecht

Student assistant University Utrecht Preparation course materials, assistance students & professors for the course ‘Introduction to Film History’

Script and director Faith-based public: Organised a modern rendition of the Navity story with an original script involving over 60 people ages 6 - 55






Curriculum Vitae


Krom liggen van schuld, TAMBULI, October edition An article written in Dutch for eMagazine TAMBULI about the landdebts of small farmers in Mindanao; ttp://

Als cultuurschok aarde was zou ik nu een wortel zijn, TAMBULI, April Edition An article written in Dutch for eMagazine TAMBULI on the psychological stages and effect of cultural schock;

Proposal for a community appraisal for the extension of PASALI Philippines’ Children’s Desk

Crop Report Crop 1, 2011 For PASALI Philippines’ Rice Contract Farm

Content for PASALI Philippines’ website

Blogging on PASALI


A single grain of rice Collaboration strategy paper on possible joint intervention strategies for Netherlands-based Stichting Mondiale Samenleving and PASALI

The conflict situation of Mindanao and an overview of PASALI An assessment of PASALI’s work in Palimbang and background of the conflict situation for Stichting Mondiale Samenleving

Introduction to Copy Writing Made possible by Stichting Mondiale Samenwerking for PASALI Philippines Course and course materials (reader and various articles)


Packaged Newsletters and updates for supports for Creative training & Development work Norway & South Africa


‘Through the Looking Glass: Weblogs and Identity’, BLIK, journal for media and representation, Issue 2, November 2007

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE --2011 System of Rice Intensification: agronomic research & effects of rice on climate change For PASALI Philippines 2010

Context research, collaboration strategies for Stichting Mondiale Samenleving and Pasali Philippines Researched needs and potential of areas in Mindanao, Philippines and suggested strategies for collaboration


Enumerator for Open Society Institute gathered data of habitants of Amsterdam


Qualitative analysis of the role of youth in migrant organizations Netherlands for Stichting Mondiale Samenwerking - interviewed ten founding members of youth organizations and ten leaders of migrant groups Analysis for the serious game platform of HKU/UU: How game elements can be used for education.


Curriculum Vitae sPulmano  

Curriculum Vitae Jofellini Shane M. Pulmano

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