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Dear Family and Friends, On October 10, at around 23.00 at a family gathering, Papa suddenly collapsed unconscious. We rushed him to a clinic nearby and then to the closest hospital. ER struggled to keep his heart beating. It beat irregularly, at times it just stopped. Monitors went red and doctors rushed to resuscitate his body. This repeated so many times that they asked my mother if they should continue or call a priest. After six hours he was stable enough to move to Intensive Care. An oxygen machine is attached to him because his body can't circulate enough on its own. The doctor has not given a conclusion, but his heart might have had an attack – perhaps linked with hypertension – and stopped oxygen flow in his brain. For now he doesn't speak, occasionally opens his eyes but doesn't contact, hardly moves his body. But there’s progress over the last 24 hours: he can hear and follows simple instructions, like move his head, his reflexes work, he reacts to pain, and he now pumps 60% oxygen on his own – that’s 20% more than the first day.

We almost lost Papa

Makati, October 2009 Words: Shane Pulmano

Gourmet puree

The Log We kids take turns sitting in with him day and night. Here are some notes from our log: Jing's shift 11-10-2009 7:25 Inserting tube into heart to measure fluid circulation (1 dok, 3 nurses, 1 observer?) 8:00

cleaning of diaper (yuck)

The Nurse does the regular body and mouth rinse. Then she tells my unconscious father: "Its time to eat, sir." She hangs this little sachet of milky substance and attaches the tube into the set in his mouth. Our friend Pascal studies the nurse's every movement. (He came to visit us for a little while and now he takes shifts like all of us.) The bag soon empties but he notices a bit of milky substance remaining in the transparent tube. "All done, sir", said the nurse and takes the whole thing away. "There was still some left, " Pascal says, "I felt so bad. He must be really hungry."

head with utmost care. Out of the blue, I feel a voice saying: "Those are MY hands. This is MY care. This is the facility of MY choice for your father." I dare not speculate the direct meaning of His words. I can only trust.

Prayer points  


12:39 Another random doctor just checking Pa's heartbeat and vital signs. Good to have so many doctors around.


Pom's shift [Shane didn’t have from Pom’s notes]




Shane's shift 11-10-2009 19.00 I'm a bad shift. I've only been here 5 minutes and I already need to pee. Pascal's shift 12-10-2009 8.05 Doctor was very excited. Doctor: good pupil reflex, good response to pain, was 'awake', turned his head to speaker. He responds to the doctor. The doctor asked him if he knew who I as. I stood beside him on his right and walked around to the other side. And he followed me with his head!

Please pray for Papa's total restoration. We do long hours watching over Pa, please pray for physical rest and mental peace. Pom and I have sore throats and I have a slight fever. Nanay is meno-pausing. Please pray for wisdom for the medical staff. Please bless friends and family who go their way to support us. Please pray we will be able to pay the medical bills.

Be still and know know I am God It was 4 am and my shift. I watched helplessly as nurses came in and out. My practical mind worried. Plans to make. Things we need to get to stay longer. Its freezing in the hospital. He will recover; I have faith in that. But how will we pay his medical care? Since my parents hadn't earned yet with their livelihoods - they've been busy fixing their home and gathering tools they hadn't gone around to insure themselves. And even if they had one, it still wouldn't cover - Makati Medical Center is best hospital of the country, and the most expensive. "His condition gave us no choice but to bring him here, God. What if his recovery will take weeks, maybe months?! How will we pay this?" Just when I got to the brink of my despair, I saw the nurse dab ice cold cloth on Papa's arms and

Your words feed our hearts In the past couple of days, people from all over have called and sent text messages. They reassure my mother, gives hope to Pom, and strengthens Jing, and comforts me. Thank you for loving us so much. We love you all, Josie, Shane, Jing, Pom and Felix

We almost lost Papa  

Newsletter 1 we sent to family and friends prayer for Felix Pulmano in October 2009.

We almost lost Papa  

Newsletter 1 we sent to family and friends prayer for Felix Pulmano in October 2009.