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Too many people are injured while working in automotive workshops or carrying out off-site service calls. Manual handling injuries are the most common type of injury occurring in automotive workshops. The injuries occur from handling heavy or awkward objects, heavy lifting, and prolonged or sustained work in awkward positions. This injury trend occurs across all types of vehicle repair, maintenance or installation work, and on all types of vehicles. Given the nature of the work there is always the risk of severe injury or fatality. Some risks are obvious, such as vehicles falling from hoists or jacks, being hit by a passing vehicle while carrying out roadside work, or tyres exploding during inflation. Other risks are less obvious such as the long-term effects of breathing asbestos fibres or fumes from solvents and automotive paints. While there may be risks associated with the type of work, these risks can be avoided. Employers have a duty to minimise the risk of injury at their workplace. This duty is set out in detail in the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985. Under this Act an employer can be held responsible for the safety of the workshop (workplace), its equipment and its contents, the safety of the systems of work used by employees and the proper training and supervision of employees to keep them safe at work. Regulations made

investigating many incidents, WorkSafe has developed this Automotive Workshop Safety Guide to help employers and their employees develop solutions to the more difficult hazards. For many hazards described in this guide, a key part of the solution is investment in mechanical aids that make the job easier and safer. The information in this document may be suited to Victoria, but it still holds value in its contents for other states. TO DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE Automotive Workshop Safety Guide scan the QR code below or visit and search Automotive Workshop Safety Guide. under the Act provide additional instruction on how particular hazards, such as asbestos, hazardous substances, manual handling and plant, are to be managed. Employees also have a duty to take reasonable care for their own health and safety at work and to avoid endangering the health and safety of any other person by anything they do, or fail to do, at the workplace. Guidance material is available from WorkSafe that may help employers fulfil their obligations. Other sources

of information include your industry association, suppliers’ and manufacturers’ advice, Australian Standards, training courses, advice from consultants, experienced practitioners, unions, insurers, rehabilitation providers, legal practitioners, researchers, inventors, auditors and others. Together these contribute to the ‘state of knowledge’ about hazards in automotive workshops and how to eliminate or control them. After consulting widely with industry, inspecting many workshops and

For additional information about keeping your workshop safe contact your state’s work place safety authority: VIC -

WA -


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DRIVING LIGHT INSTALLATION A BREEZE NEW NARVA WIRING HARNESS RELEASED Narva is making it easier than ever for workshops selling driving lights and L.E.D light bars to install their new products with the release of a new 12Volt wiring harness, part number 74401. The simple and easy-to-use wiring harness features all the necessary components to make wiring-up lights a fuss-free affair, while also representing good value.

pre-wired relay and inline waterproof fuse holder with 30A fuse. Of course harness fitting instructions are supplied with the kit to aid in installation.

Unlike some other more elaborate harnesses on the market, a key selling point is that it’s a single piece harness and much easier to fit even with limited auto electrical knowledge. A key part of this is that the wiring harness is suitable for both positively and negatively switched vehicles.

The new Narva 12Volt driving light and light bar harness is available at leading transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.

The kit also includes all the ancillary accessories needed for a fast and trouble-free install and includes a high quality Off/On Rocker Switch with red L.E.D, premium Deutsch® type waterproof connectors, a



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Tra ini ng WOR KSH OPS

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Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.

NEW SYSTEM REPAIR INITIATIVE Be System Smart – Think: I-100 & R-150

Gates has introduced its new system repair initiative, Be System Smart, an approach to automotive maintenance that focuses on making complete system repairs. Be System Smart is Gates’ call to installers and consumers to change their mindset to think holistically about their vehicle’s systems. When components wear, they put the entire system at risk. Serpentine belts should be replaced in conjunction with tensioners to ensure a complete system repair. Failure of a vehicles serpentine belt drive system can lead to expensive engine repairs. The best way to prevent this is to remember to

start inspecting the serpentine system at 100,000 km and replace critical components by 150,000 km. These new intervals will be known as I-100 and R-150. Belt drive components are wear parts, not hard parts. Gates has all the required components for a complete serpentine system replacement. Be system smart and repair the full serpentine system, and not just a single part, to avoid breakdowns and the range includes Idler and Alternator

Decoupler Pulleys, Serpentine Belts, Belt Tensioners and Torsional Vibration Dampners. It is important to remember that vehicle engine parts materials have advances in durability as well as performance and replacement intervals have lengthened. Making sure that drivers and automotive technicians understand when to perform vital preventative maintenance is key to extending the life of vehicles. Remember to think: I-100 and R-150.

The Gates brand of serpentine system replacement parts is trusted by vehicle manufacturers, recommended by quality mechanics and relied on by motorists. Be sure to use Gates parts when it’s time for replacement. To learn more on the Be System Smart initiative, visit systemsmart

GATES SERPENTINE SYSTEM RANGE Idler Pulleys Smoothly connects the belt to the system. Worn pulleys can misalign and cause system damage. Alternator Decoupler Pulley Transfers power from the belt to the alternator, keeping the battery charged. Wear is a common cause of charging problems. Serpentine Belt Powers many key components like the alternator and air conditioner compressor. Just 5% wear can negatively affect performance. Belt Tensioner Maintains consistent tension on the belt. A loss of tension can create noise and heat, leading to premature belt failure. Torsional Vibration Dampers Crankshaft pulley with a rubber damping element to absorb vibrations from the crankshaft and extend the lifespan of the crankshaft, the multi-ribbed belt and all belt-driven components.



One of the simplest innovative ideas the industry has seen in a long time comes from leading brake specialist Bendix with the release of a visual brake wear indicator. Printed on the side of the replacement Bendix brake pads, the wear indicator enables the trade to see at a glance when the brake pads are due for replacement. Importantly, it also provides strong visual evidence for the trade to show a customer that the existing pads are worn and dangerous, or that they are worn down to the

degree that they will not last until the next service. Alternatively, it shows that the pads are in good condition and replacements are not required. The imprint screened onto the edge of the pad clearly shows the wear level with the word ‘REPLACE” sitting amongst the indicator marks. Once the wear indicators are reached or below

the safe level it’s a booking for immediate replacement. Simple and effective, the idea from Bendix means the brake pads can be replaced with confidence as the company continues advancement of innovative ideas and technology for today’s vehicles.

For more information Freecall: Bendix Brake Advice Centre 1800 819 666 or from overseas +61 3 5327 0211 Email: Internet: or

It’s now easy to see when to change brake pads, and your customers will appreciate the definitive evidence that replacement is necessary.



When friction material is visible above the Bendix Wear Indicator, the pad should last through to the vehicle’s next service interval and can remain in use.


No friction material remaining above the Bendix Wear Indicator means the brake pad won’t last to the next service and should be replaced immediately.

Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.


INNOVATIVE FILTER WRENCH LAUNCH Never ones to rest on their laurels, the team at RYCO have once again proven their commitment to innovating solutions to our customer’s feedback with the launch of the all new RST200 Spin On Filter Fitment and Removal Kit. “We understood that mechanics were frustrated they couldn’t get the exact tools to help them with filter removal. Identifying that we needed to provide a filter related product that can increase their efficiencies and their satisfaction of working with Ryco Filters in the workshop” said Melissa Simpson, Ryco Marketing Communications Manager. “Over the years we have had enquiries regarding the availability of a filter “wrench” that will fit filters like our iconic Z9 that actually do the job. Our customers asked … and now we have solved the problem!” Comprising of eight cups, including four cups specifically designed to fit Ryco’s unique spin on fluted

filters like the Z9, the Ryco RST200 Spin On Filter Fitment and Removal Kit fits more than 14 million passenger applications. “The RST200 Spin On Filter Cups Kit takes away the frustration usually experienced during the removal and refitting of spin on oil filters,” Melissa explained. “We have included a 3/8” adjustable removal tool that fits spin off filter can sizes from 65 to 101 mm as well as cups that can be used with the hex wrench that comes as part of the kit, or you can use your own ½ inch drive ratchet.” Prior to launch, Ryco’s R&D Department carried out extensive testing to ensure that the Kit was not only hard wearing, but also to make sure it was easy to use as well as fitting the unique flutes on fast moving filters like the Z9. “Many people ask why we maintain the unique flutes on filters like the Z9, Z89A, Z516 and the Z416, and the answer is

simple - because they have been in the market so long they have become instantly identifiable and are now an important part of our heritage,” remarked Melissa. “Of course this meant that we had to come up with series of cup designs specifically to fit these filters.” To speed up the development process and to ensure the fit was perfect, Ryco used that latest 3D printing technology to produce tooling cup samples to accurately map the taper of the flutes.

To find out more about the all new RST200 Spin On Filter Fitment and Removal Kit visit our tool section at our website

Z632 Spin on Filter with removal tool and ratchet.

“The RST200 Spin On Filter Fitment and Removal Kit is sure to become one of the most popular tools in workshops throughout Australia,” Melissa said. “Battling with hard to remove filters in applications such like the Z418 in Toyota’s 1KD engine or the Z663 in Holden’s Captiva will now become a distant memory,” she added.

Z386 Spin on Filter with filter cup and hex wrench.

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AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUIDS Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATFS) can be just as complicated as engine oils due to advances in gearbox design and technology. Like engine oils, gone are the days when it was either GM Dexron® fluid or Ford Type F fluid. Today, automatic gearboxes take many different types of fluids based upon their power transfer requirements. Again, like with engine oils, the later specification fluids are lower viscosity, designed to last longer, shift smoother and provide increased protection levels for the transmission. “Transmissions were once like engines, where you could drop the oil out through a sump plug and refill through the dipstick. You could top up the auto fluid the same way,” said Brendan Hughes, National Training Manager, Penrite Oils. “Modern automatic transmissions are designed to be serviced by automotive technicians and have procedural steps in refilling that in some cases requires specialist tools and equipment.” Modern workshops and technicians have a real advantage over the “Weekender” or “ Back


Yarder” when it comes to servicing a modern automatic transmission. Most modern automatic transmissions are filled from the side, which makes it extremely difficult to do lying under a vehicle. In addition, today many automatic transmissions come in new vehicles with a “Filled for Life” specification. As good as the new transmission fluids are including the testing that goes into the transmissions and fluids, “Filled for Life” is something that should be taken in context with how the vehicle is used and operated. “It’s important to remember that transmission fluids are not impervious to shear, thermal breakdown, oxidation, antifoaming, dirt suspension, pitting protection, load carrying and frictional durability forever,” explained Brendan. “They all wear out in time depending on the

conditions in which the vehicle operates.” Sometimes a specification required for a transmission fluid is not always available aftermarket. Penrite technical assistance gets asked consistently for equivalents or fluids that will do the job where there is no particular recommendation for that transmission. “Service technicians need be aware that using a product that does not meet the manufacturer specification or differs from the OEM fluid in ways such as the colour of the fluid, can have an adverse effect on a warranty claim in the future,” Brendan said. “If a vehicle requires a fluid that Penrite cannot warranty, we will express that to our customers and advise them accordingly. If a Penrite automatic transmission fluid is suitable, like all Penrite products, it

comes with a 100% guarantee of quality and compatibility for each application.” When it comes to servicing transmissions, Penrite provide a comprehensive range of automatic transmission fluids blended here in Australia with products developed by international OEM suppliers to ensure that our products meet and exceed the highest quality standards and manufacturer specifications. To find the correct fluid for a vehicle, please use the Penrite Lube Guide from our website or download the free i-Phone or Android app. for your smart phone. The Penrite technical assistance line is also available 7 days per week. To find out more call 1300PENRIT (736 748) or visit

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GO ON TOUR WITH SKORCHED4’s AVOID A BAD SHOCK If off road touring gives your customers a rush, don’t let bad shock absorbers get in the way of their sense of adventure and freedom. KYB Skorched4’s Shock Absorbers are designed by leading Japanese engineers for Australia’s unforgiving terrain and are built to handle the toughest touring conditions. But just how will Skorched4’s have your back on every tour? Let’s get technical. Check out our SHOCK TOUR SET LIST and discover why you should recommend and fit KYB Skorched4’s when your customers are looking for the ultimate touring partner.

SKORCHED4’s SHOCK TOUR SET LIST SKORCHED4’s provide your customers with everything they need to make their next tour an adventure!

•M atched to industry leading coil and leaf springs for extra wheel travel

•A ccurately valved to minimise unnecessary vehicle movement and provide the driver with sure-footed control

• E mploys a four-step top seal, keeping oil in and dirt and foreign matter out

•M aximises oil volume in the cylinder through the use of a 35mm inner piston tube and a hard chromed 16mm piston rod, resulting in slower heat build-up to extend the life of the shock absorber.

• T he velocity-sensitive valving is a perfect combination for coil and leaf springs to further improve handling with reduced nosediving under braking, flatter cornering, added towing benefits and a more precise feel both on and off the road.

• E nhances durability through natural rubber bushes. Natural rubber is very forgiving and has the ability to substantially reduce road noise and small vibrations being transmitted into the vehicle cabin. Rubber is also very compliant and has a high tolerance to fuels and oils while also resisting cracking.

•S eamless eye rings encapsulate the bushes, to resist cracking due to fatigue from constant hammering of corrugated roads

For more information visit

The ideal touring companion, KYB Skorched4’s Shock Absorbers takes the fuss out of touring, delivering a smooth drive both on and off road.



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With winter just around the corner and more Australians driving diesel powered vehicles, it has become increasingly important to understand the implications of not selecting the right glow plug. Every glow plug has its own unique characteristics specific to its application, and although such key elements cannot be seen from visual inspection, usage of a generic glow plug can result in a compromise of engine performance.

conditions,” explained James Filshie, NGK Senior Product Manager. “Diesel engine performance and toxic emissions can only be improved if the glow plug matches or exceeds the engine manufacturer’s specification.”

“Glow plugs are designed to reach their saturation temperature after a specific period of time, at a given voltage application and this temperature must be maintained for a specific period of time to provide stable combustion

As ignition specialists with over 80 years of experience, NGK Spark Plugs partners with OE engine manufacturers to ensure all NGK Glow Plugs meet exacting engine specific requirements. These glow plugs can be broadly

classified into two groups: Metal and Ceramic. “The heating element of a metal glow plug is inside a protective metal tube while the conductive ceramic heating element of a ceramic glow plug is encased in a special type of ceramic sheathed in silicon nitrite, an extremely rugged ceramic material,” James said. “This combination enables higher temperatures and extremely short preheating times due to excellent thermal conductivity.

Metal Glow Plug


EXEDY is excited to announce the launch of the second edition of their extremely popular Clutch Reference Guide. Jam packed with over 130 pages, the new Reference Guide houses all you need to know about clutches including sections on good fitting practice, performance products and the popular trouble shooting and fault finding section. Building on the success of the first edition, this latest release includes new sections covering topics like workshop tools to help with clutch


fitment, Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) explained, EXEDY¹s new Devil Clutch and well as a 48 page Clutch Reference. To get free copy, just scan QR code and enter details or visit the EXEDY Tech Centre at

Ceramic glow plugs are also more compact in design, catering to the little free space in today’s engines,” he added. The differences between metal and ceramic glow plugs mean that they are not interchangeable, highlighting the importance of selecting the right glow plug for your vehicle. To find out more visit or

Ceramic Glow Plug

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With the global drive to reduce C02 emissions and to comply with government emission laws, vehicle manufacturers have developed a range of vehicles with computer controlled charging systems, stop-start functionality and advanced battery monitoring systems. When replacing batteries in these vehicles it is essential that the correct battery type and specification is installed. Using a conventional automotive battery in these vehicles will result in early battery failure and void any warranty. As a result, battery manufacturers have developed a new generation of lead acid batteries designed specifically to cater for the constant stop-start conditions, ECU controlled charging and additional power drains from onboard accessories. These Enhanced Flooded (EFB) and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries have superior design features to handle multiple starts and can provide power to start the vehicle when in a lower state of charge. In addition, an increasing number of automotive manufacturers have introduced systems that now require the vehicle to be informed that a new battery has been installed. This is referred to as battery configuration.

Failure to configure the new battery could result in a number of issues including undercharging or overcharging of the battery, loss of the Idle Stop Start (ISS) CO2 production control system functionality or the possible loss of non-critical vehicle system functions. “At present a selected range of European manufactured vehicles require battery configuration including Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Holden, Jaguar, Landrover, Mini, Opel, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Seat, Skoda, VW and Volvo,” Johnny explained. “Although not all models require configuration it is however important to check the vehicle for a battery monitoring sensor or ISS functionality.” You could also check the vehicles manual, look for symbols on the dashboard or consult your battery supplier for an ISS vehicle selection guide. “Until recently the battery configuration procedure could only be carried out by main dealer diagnostic tools that added an

additional expense to the customer,” said Johnny. “However Century Yuasa has released an aftermarket battery configuration tool that offers a cost effective, easy to use solution.”

“Once connected, a series of easy to follow built in onscreen instructions will guide you through the configuration process and override any registration codes to reset the system.”

The Century YU-FIT battery configurator allows the configuration process to be carried out on a growing number of vehicles equipped with new technology, smart charge and ISS systems. Functionality includes:

The levels and steps involved in the configuration process varies according to vehicle type, however the advanced software and easy to follow prompts, ensure fast and effortless battery configuration.

• Informing the vehicle that a new battery has been installed.

For more information on Idle Stop Start technology and Century’s YU-FIT battery configurator, contact your Century Batteries specialist on 1300 362 287 or visit

• Informing the charging system of the new battery characteristics. • Ensuring the vehicle uses the correct charging parameters for the new battery. “Using the Century YU-FIT configurator is easy,” Johnny remarked. “Simply plug the YU-FIT into the European on-board diagnostics (EOBD) socket usually located within close proximity of the steering column.


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Beam blades first appeared as standard equipment on new vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes in early 2000. The majority of new vehicles are now fitted with beam blades and this trend is continuing due to their sleek, modern styling and advanced visibility protection. Beam blades are a molded one piece styled blade where as conventional blades are characterised by multi-point brackets. One of the advantages of the curved Beam blade design is that they ‘hug’ the windscreen, providing better contact with the windshield and producing less “chatter”, and quieter operation. This is especially important for high curvature windscreens so popular on modern vehicles. The aerodynamic design of beam blades creates less wind lift and more downward force on the windscreen at speed. The even pressured design provides a superior wiper result as they have infinite contact points whereas the conventional blades make contact at points only where the brackets attach.


“Beam blades conform to the shape of the windshield more uniformly than conventional blades,” said Daniel Ellis, Product Manager & Engineer at Trico Products.

As the height and width of windshields increase, the length of a driver-side wiper blade has become longer, resulting in the need for increased structure strength that beam blades offer.

Beam Blades such as the TRICO Force Beam Blade, feature dual point couplers, reducing tension and stress in the blade resulting in a reliable, consistent wipe and longer lasting wiper blade structure due to less moving parts.

Conventional blades are popular with the budget conscious customer due to their lower price, as well as being able to fit economic refills. As Beam Blades are molded as one piece, refills cannot be fitted. Some commercial / utility vehicles have maintained conventional wiper blades. In most cases, you can upgrade to beam style blades as adaptors are compatible with majority of conventional hook type mounts.

“Typically what happens with conventional blades is that the blade pressure on the windshield is greatest at the points at which the six or eight claws are located,” explained Mr Eillis. “When the blade wears out and loses its pressure distribution ability, the motorist will start to suffer streaking wiper blades, resulting in poor visibility and increased wiper noise”.

“If you fit conventional wiper blades to a vehicle that had beam blades as original equipment, you are down grading your vehicle’s equipment. The cost of cheaper conventional blades will not

compensate for loss of performance of the original blade,” Mr Ellis said. “There is a place in the market for both types of blades, however as more and more new vehicles are fitted with beam blades, the demand for conventional blades will continue to decrease,” he added. For the full range of TRICO Beam Blades, Conventional Blades and Refills, and a copy of the new TRICO Blade and Refill Application Guide, visit or phone Trico Products on 03 9580 4898.

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ROCKER SWITCHES & LED LIGHTING Narva has released an all-new range of interior switch and lighting solutions that will make your customers vehicles the envy of all their mates. Now easy to upgrade the look and feel of vehicle interiors with laser etched 12/24V backlit L.E.D switches and a wide variety of new performance interior L.E.D globes.

A large range of popular symbols are available ‘off-the-shelf’ in blue L.E.D including: ‘Driving lights’, ‘Fog Lights’, ‘L.E.D light bar’, ‘Roof lights’, ‘Air compressor’, ‘Back-up lights’ and ‘Aux lights’.


Complimenting the switch range is a new dual USB L.E.D illuminated socket, which allows powering and charging of multiple devices simultaneously and fits within the same bank as the other switches, which will prove to be extremely popular.

“Our all new rocker switches are laser etched with both the description and symbol of the accessory, allowing either to be illuminated when the switch is off but powered, and both symbols illuminated when the switch is on,” said Jake Smith, Marketing Services Manager, Brown and Watson. The laser etched actuators combined with the intensity of the LED produce a detailed symbol, ensuring that there’s no confusion for the user especially in poor light. “As an added bonus, the switches are non-polarised making them easier to install and suitable for a wide range of applications, from off-road vehicle use to commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment,” Jake explained.

Should the user require a wider range of L.E.D colours or symbols (red or green), the L.E.D switches can be purchased separately along with a wide range of actuators resulting in 288 possible combinations, great for the retailer. The switches are also generously proportioned allowing easy engagement especially over rough terrain, which is particularly important in four-wheel-drive applications.

LED INTERIOR GLOBES If your customers are looking for a cool and cost effective way to upgrade the look of their vehicles interior, Navra’s all-new interior performance 12V L.E.D globes are the way to go.. “Available in four different colours, ‘Day White’, ‘Cool White’, ‘Warm Red’ and ‘Cobalt Blue’, our new interior LED globes provide an excellent choice for buyers looking to create their desired ambience,” Jake remarked. The new performance L.E.D globes provide a brighter light output than traditional globes and unlike most L.E.D globes boast 270 degrees of illumination, while only drawing approximately 20 per cent power of the older style incandescent globes. Ideal for fitment in most interior areas of cars, boats and recreational vehicles including luggage spaces. It has also become popular to fit L.E.D globes as park or licence plate lights (although this is not ADR approved) providing a more customised vehicle look.

“For easy fitment, the new globes are non-polarised, meaning that they can be connected in any direction in the globe holder without the risk of shorting out. And for added peace of mind, all globes are covered by a three year L.E.D warranty,” Jake added. Narva’s new L.E.D interior performance globes and laser etched rocker switches are available from leading automotive and four wheel drive outlets nation-wide. For more information visit at or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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Dual Clutch Transmissions are becoming more and more popular with automotive manufactures, especially those manufacturing high performance models as they deliver lighting fast gear changes. As such, it is becoming increasingly more important to understand more about the unique challenges workshop’s face when replacing clutches in these hi-tech units. To find out more we spoke with EXEDY Product Manager Mark Davis. “These is no doubt that in the last decade, transmission technology has advanced at a significant rate,” said Mark. “And of course one of the biggest leaps forward has

been the introduction of duel clutch technology.” In fact there are two different styles of Dual Clutches, wet and dry. “Dry double clutch type transmissions are normally used for smaller engine / lower torque applications like VW Polos and Golfs up to 200Nm” Mark explained. “While wet multi-plate type dual clutch transmissions are more commonly used in larger

engines with higher torque applications, like the Nissan R35 GT-R.” When it comes to replacing Dry Double Clutches, EXEDY kits include all parts required to complete the job. “Due to the technical nature of these transmissions, some require special installation tools to successfully completes the job,” said Mark. “The good new for

mechanics is that Special Dry Double Clutch installation tool kits can be bought or loaned from EXEDY with kit purchases.” Of course some conditions apply for loaner kits. To help workshop’s avoid issues when replacing transmissions with Dual Clutches they have developed a handy Check List. To find out visit



Remove the black vent caps and ensure you seal the transmissions fluid ports using the clear plugs / caps supplied with the clutch or DSG TOOL BOX.

A full set of shim spacers are supplied with the clutch kits. To ensure the correct shim have been used, the slip gauge (supplied in the DCT Tool Box) must slide in easily and without force.

• In case of fluid transmission leaks, drain completely and re-fill using the correct volume and fluid recommended by the car manufacturer. • In case of leaks from the mechatronics unit, the complete mechatronics unit must be replaced.

• Each setting is etched onto the outside of the clutch cover housing (K1 = Clutch # 1, K2 = Clutch # 2). • Failure to apply these settings will result in either unsatisfactory operation or clutch life.

• Use only a single shim for each clutch releaser.



Never use excessive force when installing a double dry clutch.

The transmission MUST be reset using a suitable scan tool after the clutch and transmission have been re-installed.

No.6: No.2:

Use new screws/parts supplied in the kits and fasten to the manufacturers specifications.

After removal of the old double clutch and related hardware, the inside of the bell housing must be cleaned.

• Check the gearbox seals for leaks and replace if necessary. • Only lubricate the splines of the input shafts. PAGE 12

• Maximum deviation allowed is 0.3mm (eg. Low = 0.42mm clearance with max high of 0.72mm clearance).

• If force is required to insert the slip gauge, use a different thickness shim to achieve the correct setting.

• The requirement for excessive force usually indicates that something is not right and parts may break if you proceed.

• DON’T use solvents as this may damage gearbox seals.

• Each driven disc must have a clearance between 0.3-1.0mm.


No.4: Each double dry clutch has it’s own specific settings which need to be added to or subtracted from the selected shim spacers.

Clearances for the clutch # 1 & 2 driven discs must be checked using the tools contained within the DCT TOOL BOX. • 3 x Clearance checks need to be done (at 120 degree / equal spaces).

• This reset adjusts the clutch actuator mechanism to suit the new clutch. • Failure to reset the transmission may result in unsatisfactory clutch operation or premature clutch failure.

Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.


In the recent past, we have been informed of a number of cases in which warranty claims have been rejected on the grounds that the vehicles cooling system was not cleaned regularly. As such it is now more important than ever to ensure your customers’ cooling systems are free of debris and corrosion. To assist, the team at Gates have developed a few helpful tips to help ensure workshops can avoid such issues. COOLANT SYSTEM MAINTENANCE GUIDE Flushing The Cooing System Over time, coolant in the cooling system can break down resulting in the need to service the system. The protectants in many of todays coolants become depleted and weak, leading to corrosion, rust and scale. When this depletion takes place, heat and chemical reactions can eat away at the inside of the system creating small particulates. These particulates, as small as 50 microns (see Figure 1.), can get trapped in the water pump seal causing damage. The damage leaves small areas for coolant to leak out through the weep hole. Excessive damage can lead to fluid backing up into the bearings (see Figure 2.) resulting in bearing failure. FIGURE No.1


A properly flushed system will remove these contaminants. Make sure the flush is complete with the old pump still in place. Flushing after the new pump is installed can lead to premature failure due to particulates getting caught in the seals during the flush. Gates recommend a complete flush of the system utilising the Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool (See Break Out Box for more detail). To find out more visit

CRITICAL FLUSHING TIP! Inadequate flushing can ruin a newly installed water pump and result in warranty problems. Make sure you perform a complete cooling system flush by using the Gates Power Clean™ Flush Tool (Part No. 91002) with patented pulsing technology. Using clean water and compressed air, the Power Clean™ Flush Tool “water hammers” accumulated sludge and scale deposits without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents. It cleans radiators, heat exchangers, hoses and engine blocks more effectively than conventional flushes, maintains system integrity and ensures warranty coverage on replacement parts, including water pumps.


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Strangely, brake upgrades are often overlooked when it comes to 4WD’s. They’re simple, cost-effective and work extremely well to improve performance and safety, but regardless they’re often shuffled down to the bottom of the modification list of many budding 4WD enthusiasts. The team at DBA take great pride in not only manufacturing quality products, but also showing how and why their quality products work.

distances in metres to stopping time, brake application, vehicle speed and much more where the disc pad meets the rotor,” explained Marty.

“We’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is and we recently put one of our most straightforward brake disc upgrades to the test, on the much beloved 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser,” said Marty Peart, Director of Sales DBA. “Nothing overtly complicated, just a standardised emergency braking test from 100km/h to standstill, with both an OEM brake setup, and then DBA’s disc upgrade, without changing the physical size (diameter) of the discs themselves, or the calipers.”

Not wanting to miss any details, the 200-Series Landcruiser was first taken across the weighbridge to uncover the specific amount of unladen weight we were dealing with, approximately 3 tonnes, as it turned out.

For the sake of not only parity, but also accuracy, the tests were carried out to the standard of the German AMS test, where 10 full ABS brake stops are conducted from 100km/h to 0km/h in quick succession, to measure the effectiveness of temperature over stopping power.

Then came the first test with the standard OEM brake discs and pads. The Landcruiser was subjected to 10 brake stops from 100km/h to standstill, in quick succession. Not surprisingly, the big Toyota suffered some serious brake fade, progressively growing the distance to stop and utterly cooking the brakes in the process. Braking performance was quite severely compromised.

A V-Box data collection system was fitted, with thermocouples attached at the rotors for collection of disc temperature.

“By the time the Landcruiser arrived back at the workshop to have the upgrade fitted, the OEM brakes had revealed that they were a white-hot mess, while the brake pad material had decayed significantly into a crumbling pile of fried charcoal,” Marty said. “They were no longer serviceable by any means.”

“The V-Box was chosen as the data it produces is all-encompassing, logging everything from stopping

The DBA upgrade was then fitted to the Landcruiser, consisting of 4x4 Survival Series T3 4000

slotted discs, DS Performance brake pads and Ferodo Performance DOT5.1 brake fluid. “The DBA 4000 T3 slotted discs are made for tackling more advanced braking situations particularly when hauling around heavy weight and 4WDing, and they feature DBA’s patented Kangaroo Paw vane ventilation system, which alone outperforms straight vane rotors by up to 20% via increased heat dissipation,” said Marty. Once again the 200 Series ‘Cruiser completed 10 brake stops from 100km/h to standstill, in quick succession. It became immediately evident that not only was the Landcruiser pulling up consistently better, but it was performing increasingly well the hotter the brakes got. No brake fade was evident by the 10th and final stop. “After the test, the team went straight for the V-Box data to solidify the seat-of-pants improvement and discovered that the DBA upgrade was able to consistently decelerate the Landcruiser at an additional 1.52 metres per second, for a total 100km/h to standstill time of 4.3 seconds on average,” Marty explained. “The DBA upgrade also shortened the stopping distance by 6.5 metres on average, and at

the time that the DBA setup was at standstill, the OEM setup was still travelling at 37km/h in the unladen Landcruiser, which is where the real difference is found.” An unladen 3 tonne vehicle hitting a stationary object at 37km/h is not only a hefty hit, but add in extra weight like additional passengers, a boat trailer, caravan, camping gear or a hauled load, and it becomes evident why a brake upgrade is worth its weight in gold. “It’s a safety improvement we’re proud of, and it cements why DBA upgrades are used on 4WD’s, heavy armoured fleets, police vehicles and military applications across the globe,” added Marty. Click below to see the online video of the DBA test.

Learn more about the DBA range:


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ALL NEW LED WORKSHOP FLOOD LIGHT A new addition to the Narva lighting range is the versatile L.E.D Workshop Flood Light, but don’t be misled by its name, because it’s just as useful in the home or even around the campsite. This portable, cord-free flood light uses powerful 20W ‘COB’ L.E.D cluster technology to produce an ultra-broad and crisp white light of 1800 Lumen output, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. “Built with performance and durability in mind, the rechargeable L.E.D light is constructed from a tough aluminium body and protective rubber frame, making it water tight (IP65) and resistant to dust, oil, chemicals and sudden impact,” explained Jake Smith, Marketing Services Manager, Brown and Watson. “Yet despite its robust construction, it only tips the scales at 1.4 kilograms.” The light also features a clever heavy-duty, adjustable nylon handle that can also act as a stand and offers a 180 degree range of movement.

“These features make it well suited to workshop environments, construction sites and for outdoor leisure pursuits,” added Jake. Also helping the light’s versatility is dual light output capability – the user can select from two hours of continuous operating time at the full 1800 Lumens, or alternatively a lower output setting (400 Lumens) that provides an impressive eight hours of continuous run-time before a recharge is needed. As an added bonus, the light can be operated while charging is in progress for continued use at the higher output. And for longer shelf life, the light features a Lithium battery with no memory effect. Included in the package is a 240V charger with 1.5m of cable. For users wanting to use the L.E.D Flood Light at a taller height,

an optional adjustable telescopic stand is also available at an additional cost – the stand allows the light to be set-up at a height of up to 1.8 metres. Narva’s versatile new L.E.D Workshop Flood Light can be purchased at leading transport and automotive outlets nationwide. For more information visit at or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.





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NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED We’re excited to announce the launch of the all new CarSmart Workshop website. Overflowing with valuable information relevant to automotive workshops through out Australia and New Zealand it features a huge ‘How To’ section, as well as all the latest news from the Automotive Aftermarket. To check it out visit


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SERVICE REGULARLY, STAY SAFE Over 30 per cent of all vehicles in Australia are fitted with rear blades, meaning that millions of drivers need them serviced regularly. Trico, the world’s leading wiper company, has been dedicated to providing clear vision to drivers for over 90 years. With the TRICO Exact Fit Rear blade program, TRICO offers drivers 360 degrees of driving visibility with both front and rear wiper blades. “Rear-window wipers are typically found on hatchbacks, SUV’s, minivans and other vehicles with more vertically-oriented rear windows that tend to accumulate dust and road debris,” said Daniel Ellis, Product Manager & Engineer at Trico Products. “Unlike sedans, the rear windows on these vehicles are out of the high speed airflow that would normally remove dust and road debris.” Trico ExactFit® Rear Blade range has the same look and performance as OE fitted blades, providing the best fit to the vehicle and critical rear visibility. The

TRICO ExactFit® Rear Blade range covers over 96 per cent of vehicles in Australia with only 16 part numbers. With the same look and performance as OE fitted blades, they provide best fit to the vehicle and critical rear visibility. Mr Ellis explained in more detail, “Rear blades are generally neglected, even though we use our rear vision mirror constantly while driving. Rear wipers typically wear as quick as or sooner than front windscreen wipers. This is because rear windows are regularly exposed to mud and dirt splash up, which causes additional strain on the

rubber and blade joints on operation. “Adding to the increased wear rate of rear blades is the fact that drivers tend to park the front of their car in shade, the rear window and blades are exposed to increased sun damage.” “We recommend that rear blades be replaced regularly and be checked at every service,” he added

products serve vehicle manufacturers, technicians and drivers globally. From conception to production and delivery, TRICO provides superior visibility solutions – making tomorrow safer for everyone on the road. For further information on Trico Wiper Products contact the representative in your state or visit the Trico website at: or Call 1300 698 742.

Trico design and engineer all their products with Original Equipment rigor and quality. Trico wiper


CarSmart Workshop Pty Ltd Newsletter is a quarterly publication. The opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the individual brands and not necessarily those of CarSmart Workshop Pty Ltd. For inquiries please contact CarSmart Workshop Pty Ltd, 29 Taras Avenue, Altona North Victoria 3020 or visit