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TAKE A STAND AGAINST VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS The hottest topic in the Automotive Aftermarket today is data sharing between the 68 Car Companies that sell new vehicles in Australia and independent automotive repairers. “While the car companies continue to withhold service data like codes for clearing faults, technical service bulletins or software updates, they are effectively restricting the ability of independent automotive mechanics completing tasks as simple as logbook servicing,” said Bob Pattison, president of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA). “In effect that means the manufacturers can pick and choose which models they want to keep in the dealer workshop, leaving independents to fight over the table scraps.” The AAAA, which enjoys the support of all CarSmart members, has been fighting car manufacturers to ensure that car owners’ rights to have their vehicle serviced and maintained through the workshop of their choice. Ultimately this helps protect the future of independent automotive repairers throughout Australia. “This is not a small, industry specific issue,” Bob remarked. “There are 17 million vehicles in Australia and almost every household is affected by vehicle repair costs. “If independent repairers don’t have access to information, they will increasingly not be able to repair modern vehicles, and reduced

so there is no reason why we should not have that here.” To protect your business, the jobs of your employees and to help secure the future health of Australia’s Automotive aftermarket there are a number of things you can do to make your voice heard and to keep car manufacturers honest. Firstly to keep up to date, LIKE the AAAA Facebook Page or Follow their twitter feed for the latest information. “But there is more you can do than just follow the story, it is important to get actively involved to help save the aftermarket repair business,” Bob explained.

competition will not only see the price of car repair escalate for every motor vehicle on our roads, but it will also result in the closure of many independent workshops.” Twelve months after signing a voluntary Industry Heads of Agreement on Data Sharing, only one of 68 car companies is fully compliant with this agreement. In early February the AAAA took this message to Canberra, seeking cross-party commitment to a solution that sees all manufacturers sharing

TAKE ACTION: Fire up the computer and in a sentence or two let the Minister know the importance of having fair and prompt access to essential vehicle diagnostic and repair information:

essential vehicle diagnostic and repair information. “The car manufactures have basically ignored the agreement their peak body signed and now is the time to get tough, and make them act on their commitment to share data with independent automotive workshops,” said Bob. “It is time for us to band together and put pressure on the government to make data sharing mandatory. The United States has got mandatory sharing of information,

Just a sentence or two on where you are located, how long you have been in business and how many people you employ, together with a recent example of when you have been refused access to diagnostic information and the impact that had on your customer and your business”. This information, emailed to the right person, can have a big impact. “Don’t delay, get typing and join the fight for your right to repair,” Bob added. For contact details and links to additional information on the issue, please refer to the below.

IMPORTANT CONTACTS: Minister Kelly O’Dwyer

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Small Business

W: www.aaaa.com.au F: www.facebook.com/AusAutoAftermaketAssoc T: https://twitter.com/aaaatweets

E: kelly.odwyer.mp@aph.gov.au Send a copy of your email to: info@aaaa.com.au

Choice of Repairer W: www.choiceofrepairer.com.au

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TOWING & YOUR ENGINE OIL Your customers expect a lot from their vehicles when it comes to transporting them to and from their holiday destination, fully loaded and in many cases with a caravan, trailer or boat in tow. Towing and your engine oil

What many drivers fail to realise is that towing a large caravan or boat puts an increased level of stress on mechanical components such as the engine, transmission, differential, cooling system as well as other items such as springs, shock absorbers and brakes. “When towing, the engine in particular needs to work harder to haul the extra mass,” said Brendan Hughes, national training manager, Penrite Oils. “Working harder increases fuel consumption and engine temperature. The increase in engine temperature causes the engine oil’s viscosity to decrease which can lead to lower oil pressure. “ This increased load can also lead to less boundary lubrication which can increase the risk of frictional wear inside the engine as well as contributing to oil consumption issues.

parts inside the motor. “

Penrite’s HPR Engine oil range

HPR Engine oils are available

viscosity over normal SAE engine

technical assistance is available

Your customers expect a lot from their vehicles when it comesexclusive to transporting tosizes, and from their holiday destination, provides Penrite’s “EXTRAthemin specifications and When servicing a customer’s fully loaded and in many cases towing a caravan, trailer or boat. Many may not realise that towing a large caravan or boat 10” technology which increases viscosities to suit most workshops puts an increased level stress on mechanical components such as the engine, transmission, differential, cooling system vehicle, one of the firstofquestions the oil’s operating temperature and service centres. Penrite as well as other as springs, shock absorbers and brakes. that should be items askedsuch is if the

vehicletowing, is goingthe to be usedinforparticular needs to work harder to haul the extra mass. Working harder increases fuel When engine oil grades. 7 days per week. To discuss your towing or carrying heavytemperature. loads. consumption and engine The increase in engine temperature causes needs, the engine oil’scall viscosity please us on to decrease “This technology gives the same which can lead to lower oil pressure. It also leads to less boundary lubrication which 1300 can increase the(736 risk 748). of frictional wear PENRITE “This can make a big difference to inside the engine as well as contributing to oil consumption issues. Basically, starting viscosity grade but, by not the thinner the oil, the less film strength it the longevity of the engine and provides between the moving mechanical letting parts. The stronger theasfilm strength, better the protectionthe for “Right the engine. the oil thin out much as a thePenrite recommend drivetrain, Brendan Engine oils need to besaid. able“If toyour cope with increases temperature and stillsaid. provide adequate lubrication and film strength standardinSAE grade,” Brendan Product for the Right Application” customer tows regularly, to protect the moving parts inside the motor. “It provides an extra layer of film – To find the correct product for suggesting a higher quality oil be

strength operating temperature. vehicle, visit theused for When servicing a customer’s vehicle, one of the firstatquestions that should be asked your is if the vehicleplease is going to be used is good insurance and lowers Lube Guide for towing or carrying heavy loads. This canThis make a bigfrictional differencewear, to the longevity ofPenrite the engine and drivetrain. If it is, then demonstrates to your customers suggesting a higher quality oil be used is good insurance demonstrates customers that you are taking care of disperses heatand better and can to your http://www.datateck.com.au/ that you taking careThe of last them them and are their vehicle. thing you reduce want is oil a call from an angry customer whoLube/PenriteAus/ is stuck with their family on the side consumption.“ and of thetheir road,vehicle.” caravan in tow. When an engine is working hard

“The lastHPR thingEngine you want is a call Penrite’s oil range provides Penrite’s exclusive “EXTRA 10” technology which increases the oil’s operating such as when towing or carrying a temperature viscosity overwho normal from an angry customer is SAE engine oil grades. This technology gives the same starting viscosity grade but, by heavy load, this extra level of not letting the oilfamily thin on outthe as side much as a standard SAE grade, it provides an extra layer of film strength at operating stuck with their protection vitalbetter in lowering temperature. This lowers frictional wear, disperses is heat and can reduce oil consumption. When an engine is of the road, caravan in tow,” he engine wear and preventing working hard such as when towing or carrying a heavy load, this extra level of protection is vital in lowering engine wear remarked. mechanical failures. and preventing mechanical failures.

“Basically, the thinner the oil, the less film strength it provides between the moving mechanical parts,” Brendan explained. “The stronger the film strength, the better the protection for the engine. Engine oils need to be able to cope with increases in temperature and still provide adequate lubrication and film strength to protect the moving

When your engine is working hard, Penrite’s HPR range is providing an increased level of protection against frictional heat over standard SAE grade engine oils.

HPR Engine oils are available in sizes, specifications and viscosities to suit most workshops and service centres. Penrite technical assistance is available 7 days per week. To discuss your needs, please call us on 1300 PENRITE (736 748). Penrite recommend the “Right Product for the Right Application” – To find the correct product for your vehicle, please visit the Penrite Lube Guide - http://www.datateck.com.au/Lube/PenriteAus/


KADINA TRADE NIGHT A SUCCESS The popularity of the CarSmart industry workshops was confirmed late last year when the CarSmart team rolled into the regional South Australian town of Kadina. “The trade night in Kadina was great,” said Jake Smith, Narva and Projecta’s CarSmart representative. “More than 40 people attended including local workshops and representatives from Repco and Sprint.” PAGE 2

Those who attended were treated to delicious catering and all agreed the location was excellent. “The CarSmart industry events are a great opportunity for workshops to meet a broad cross-section of automotive aftermarket manufacturers, ask questions, pick up tech tips and of course find out about new innovations and product releases,” Jake explained.

CarSmart is committed to supporting independent automotive workshops and due to the continued popularity of these events, the CarSmart team will be rolling out a series of industry workshops throughout Australia in 2016. “Those who get the opportunity to attend get access to a wealth of technical expertise,” Jake remarked. “When you combine that with the experience of more than a dozen of the most well respected, quality

aftermarket brands, you know these nights are invaluable. “We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has attended one of these fantastic evenings, and look forward to meeting more of you in 2016” he added.

Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.

DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTERS Accurate Fault Diagnosis THE Key The number of vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) in Australia is growing fast. As a result, mechanical workshops and automotive services centres are reporting an increase in the number of customers presenting with DPF Warning lights on the dash. “It is becoming more important for automotive mechanics to arm themselves with the skills to be able to accurately diagnose DPF faults and take the appropriate action,” said Ross Lamb, Sales & Marketing General Manager, for Ryco Filters. “Making the right diagnosis the first time can save your customers the expense of replacing these costly items.”

There are a number of reasons that a DPF can fail besides blocking up over its service life. “The most common reason for the failure of a DPF is that it has become blocked enough to impact on the engines performance. Do not assume that age has caused the failure and that simply replacing the DPF will cure the issue.

the use of incorrect engine oil, a faulty ERG valve, turbo charger faults and damaged pressure lines or sensors, and driving style. “Stop, start city driving is to DPF’s what Kryptonite is to Superman,” quipped Ross. “The issue that in these driving conditions, the DPF may never reach that critical temperature of 600° C at which point regeneration occurs. As a

Ryco’s new DPF range is now available from Ryco distributors. To check out the handy diagnosis flow chart or more product information visit the DPF section at the Ryco Filters website.


“Always ensure that the root cause of the failure is thoroughly investigated and correctly identified, it may save the customer from having an expensive part needlessly replaced,” added Ross.

BULLETIN The DPF self-cleans during a process called “regeneration” whereby the ECU will add in extra fuel to generate temperatures November 2015 inside the DPF to 600° C (and higher) in order to burn particulates into ash which is then expelled through the exhaust.

“Fact finding is critical to ensure accurate DPF fault diagnosis,” said Ross. “In addition to establishing if there is a fault occurring elsewhere on the vehicle it is important to quiz the owner about their driving habits, ask them how long the DPF warning light has been on and well as confirming if the oil has been changed recently or if an additive was used. “The answers to these will allow you to make a much more accurate diagnosis and if possible avoid DPF replacement or premature failure of a replacement DPF,” Ross added.

Firstly, it is important to understand how a DPF works. “The DPF acts as a soot trap that collects particulates from the exhaust emissions,” explained Ross. “The exhaust gasses escape through the porous media walls, while particulate matter is trapped within the DPF.”

upstream faults will result in the replacement DPF failing prematurely.

There are also a number of reasons why a DPF may have failed prematurely. This includes

result the DPF blocks up faster bringing on the warning light earlier and at worst cast a no start situation.”

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS Visit www.rycofilters.com.au or contact the Ryco Customer Service Centre on 1800 504 541

It is important that a thorough fault diagnosis be carried out by a fully trained technician with appropriate diagnostic equipment to establish if the DPF needs to be replaced. Any unrectified

NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMERS Visit www.ryco.co.nz or contact the Ryco Customer Service Centre on 0800 838 222

OH WHAT A FEELING COMPARING DB1474 TO DB2243 FOR TOYOTA CAMRY PADS / AURION V40 COMPARING TOYOTA When theCamry Toyota CamryV40 / Aurion will fit inWhile both DB1474, If youonline up theand pads the image When the Toyota / Aurion the caliper, there is aused smallin the sits higher DB1474 will(in overhang generation introduced in 2006, in the friction material size and the edge of the and they is not V40was generation was introduced in difference Toyota Camry V30 and DB2243, below) on296mm the earsdisc, where Toyota increased the front disc size on the backing plate to ensure tothe sweep the whole width 2006, Toyota increased thefrom front positionused in the Toyota Camry / Aurion deep enough locate in caliper, the friction 275mmdisc to 296mm, stillto using contact rubbing surface of the size fromthough 275mm 296mm, correct V40, willwith fit inthe thedisc. caliper, there is aof the material sits higher ondisc. DB1474 and a similar caliper design with different though still using a similar caliper small difference in the friction will overhang the edge of the As you can see in the image below, if you mountings. While both DB1474, used the pads size on the whereon they design with V30 different mountings. line up material andears position the 296mm disc, and is not deep in the Toyota Camry and DB2243, locate in the caliper, friction material used in the Toyota Camry / Aurion V40, backing platethe to ensure correct enough to sweep the whole width contact with the disc.

DB1474 DB1474

of the rubbing surface of the disc.

DB2243 DB2243

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Leading automotive lighting and electrical company, Narva, continues to raise the benchmark in the lighting stakes following the recent release if its ‘Platinum Plus 130’ globes, which offer huge performance gains over more traditional globes. The all-new Platinum Plus 130 globes provide a remarkable 130 per cent higher light volume compared to a standard globe, additionally users also benefit from a 20 per cent whiter light output (3750°K). “The longer beam penetration provides extra forward visibility of up to 40 metres, while the whiter light output can considerably reduce driver eye fatigue and improve safety by increasing overall road visibility,” said Jake Smith, marketing services manager, Brown and Watson.

Despite the performance gains, Platinum Plus 130 globes are ADR approved and totally street legal, providing a safe upgrade to OEM lighting across a wide variety of car, truck and motorcycle brands. “Another benefits of Narva’s new globes is that there is no increase in power draw or heat displacement, meaning the globes are suitable for fitment in polycarbonate headlamps,” Jake explained.

purchased from leading automotive outlets nation-wide. The Platinum Plus 130 globes are the latest addition to the Narva performance globe range. Also available are ‘Plus 60 Longer Life’, ‘24V Plus 100’, ‘Plus 100’, ‘Plus 120’, ‘Blue Plus 110’, ‘Arctic Plus 50’ and ‘Intense Plus 30’ allowing

users to select a globe to best suit their needs. FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone the Australian Office on 1800 113 443 or visit www.narva.com.au Phone the New Zealand Office on (09) 525 4575 or visit www.narva.co.nz

Available in H4 (60/55W) and H7 (55W) types, globes can be


NEW WIPER WORKSHOP POSTER Trico Products Australia has just released their latest Workshop Wiper Poster featuring a quick reference guide for vehicle wiper application including the recently released wiper blade ranges – TRICO Colorado Blades, TRICO Force, TRICO Rear and TRICO Hybrid. “Released in 2014, TRICO Force provides advanced beam blade technology,” said Daniel Ellis, Product & Marketing Manager, Trico Products. “Utilising Force’s SWIFT® connectors means coverage for more vehicles including European models with minimal shelf space.” Force’s technological advancements provide a clear and consistent wipe up to 240 km/h, as well as providing reduced reversal noise and rattles. The treated natural rubber wiper element provides superb durability in all weather conditions, resulting in blades which are quieter and long lasting. Hybrid ExactFit® blades are a popular original equipment replacement on many Japanese and Korean vehicles including Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota models. TRICO Hybrid blade utilises the PAGE 4

latest beam blade technology and maintains your vehicle as original factory quality and look. “With 68% of new vehicles fitted with rear wipers, TRICO Rear blades provide best fit and critical rear visibility for drivers,” explained Daniel. “TRICO ExactFit® Rear Blade range has the same look and performance as original equipment. “ Featuring a unique exact fit wiper arm connection, high strength polymer shell and integral wiper element they provide the best fit to the vehicle and vital rear visibility performance when you need them most. “All wipers are tested to strict OE specifications,” added Daniel. The poster also includes a fault diagnosis of wiper blade assemblies to assist mechanics and wiper installers to clearly identify blade assemblies requiring

replacement. It reminds fitters that replacing refills in a worn wiper blade assembly will severely reduce the performance and life of the product.

Makes choosing the correct wiper blade or refill simple For further information on Trico Wiper Products call 1300 698 472 or visit www.tricoproducts.com.au

Supported by the online “Which Wiper Fits My Car” on the Trico website. www.facebook.com/TricoProductsAustralia

Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.


XR6 TURBO AUTO PERFORMANCE UPGRADE Owners of the popular BA, BF & FG XR6 Turbo are a greedy bunch, greedy for more horsepower! It’s fine to aspire to having the “sickest ute” on the street, but problems arise when drivetrain components fitted as OE are not up to the task. While the EXEDY heritage is steeped in the supply of clutches for manual transmissions to OE and aftermarket around the world, they also have a significant business for automatic transmission components including torque converters, friction discs and steels. “It’s a fact, EXEDY is becoming the largest OE supplier of friction discs and steels in the world,” said Mark Davis, EXEDY product manager. “Globally we are supplying companies like Ford, GM, Porsche, Daimler, Jatco and this OE capability is translating into a strong aftermarket business for replacement frictions and steels.” As a result, EXEDY is well placed to tackle issues such as that created by the XR6 Turbo community as they constantly try to out-do each other by tuning their rigs to within an inch of their life in the search for that extra few horses. “The autos in these highly tuned machines need up to be up to the job of transmitting torque between the engine and the wheels,” Mark explained.

“We started receiving reports that the autos in modified XR6 Turbo vehicles where torque had been increased significantly were either slipping or wearing prematurely.” One key element in the performance of the automatic transmission that is under extreme load is the friction disc and steels. As a result EXEDY set out to develop new frictions and steels capable of transmitting the increased torque generated by modified XR6 Turbo vehicles. “A combination of our own testing and customer feedback demonstrated that the capacity of the standard transmission was around 500HP at the wheels,” Mark described. With modified vehicles generating well in excess of that, and many exceeding 1,000RWHP, EXEDY developed an innovative, three-fold solution. Firstly, the surface area of the friction discs were increased helping with the dissipation of heat and reducing glazing. Secondly, the thickness of the

friction discs were reduced which enabled more discs to be fitted into the clutch pack while maintaining the same overall stack height. More discs also means greater surface area, again ensuring the dissipation of heat. The third element of the solution was the development of a heavy-duty friction material, which has greatly enhanced properties relative to the standard materials. “The friction material on an automatic transmission friction disc is paper thin, and is bonded onto the friction discs,” explained Mark. “As such we invested heavily in R&D in order to develop a material with enhanced heat dissipation characteristics to improve durability.” In addition the team at EXEDY also improved the bonding process to ensure that the paper-thin friction paper stays in place in extreme conditions “The combination of these three solutions was to increase the number of discs and plates fitted as OE in the transmission,” Mark

said. “As a result we were able to greatly increasing the surface area; as well as seriously improving the durability characteristics of the friction material itself.” This delivered an overall surface area was increased of more than 40 per cent. “Now vehicles generating more than 1,000RWHP and running the OE transmission upgraded with our SPORTS FRICTION PACK are surviving entire race seasons and running 8 second passes,” Mark explained. “That means that drivers of these vehicles who are looking for some extra horsepower can upgrade their engine confident in the fact that their transmission can be easily upgraded to cope with the extra grunt,” he added. Transmission specialists are able to easily fit this upgrade kit without any special tools and everything required is included in the kit. FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit www.exedy.com.au

Part number:EFK291HP2STL



CCA, MCA, PHCA and HCA are all ratings that measure the current of a battery to deliver power to crank an engine. To get an insight into the mysteries that surround this topic and to discover how to identify just how much cracking power your customers require we spoke with the team from Century. For many years now cold cranking amperes (CCA) has been widely used as a bench marking measurement to compare batteries. The assumption is “The higher the CCA the better it is and the longer it will last.” Consequently many manufacturers have designed batteries to provide excessively high CCA’s at the expense of other more relevant design factors. By adding more plates into a battery it is easy to generate high CCA’s, the downside of this however is the thickness and size of the plate and separator material is usually sacrificed. In cold climates, more battery plates and higher CCA’s excel but in warmer climates like Australia, corrosion, water loss, vibration and constant idling may bring this design to an early grave.

cranking capacity of the battery by approximately 20%. For example the Century Marine Pro 730 battery has a rating of 730CCA and 875MCA. With this in mind it is important to ensure you are comparing apples for apples. Temperature plays a key role in a batteries ability to deliver power In warm climates, chemical reaction rates increase and the available power from the battery increases. A battery at 18°C delivers twice the power of the same battery at -18°C.

So how much CCA do we really need to start a car? The cranking current required to start an engine varies from vehicle to vehicle and is dependent on the engine size, circuit resistance, temperature, engine oil viscosity and the accessory loads. A four cylinder engine may require as much cranking current as an eight cylinder engine because it may need to crank faster to start. All these factors are considered when an original equipment (OE) battery is specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

At Century Yuasa we have an extensive range of batteries that are designed and made in Australia specifically to handle our unique conditions and harsh environment.

So what do these ratings mean? CCA (Cold Cranking Amperes) is the most popular industry rating and is a measurement of the current a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts (12 volt battery) at a temperature of -18°C. CCA’s are important, but they are not the best measure for warmer or Australian conditions. They are the ratings used by the battery industry to define a new batteries ability to start an engine in extremely cold temperatures and such are more relevant for the North American and European markets. MCA (Marine Cranking Amperes) or CA (Cranking Amps) is a measurement of the current a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts (12 volt battery) at a temperature of 0°C. It is a more relevant method for rating batteries in warmer or marine conditions where -18°C (Freezing) temperatures are rarely encountered. Calculating at this temperature increases the PAGE 6

HCA (Hot Cranking Amperes) is a measurement of the current a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts (12 volt battery) at a temperature of 26.7°C. HCA is a rating specifically geared towards starting applications in warm conditions as the warmer the temperature the more available power from the battery. PHCA (Pulse Hot Cranking Amperes) is a measurement of the current a fully charged battery can deliver for 5 seconds and maintain a voltage of 7.2 volts (12 volt battery) at a temperature of -18°C. PHCA ratings can be seen on batteries designed for the motor racing industry. The 5 second cranking duration is more realistic and provides ample cranking to start the engine with the added benefits of the battery being smaller in size and lighter in weight.

Considering that installing a battery with a higher CCA than the OE fitment can have a detrimental effect on the vehicles starter motor and overall life. Understanding what the vehicle is used for and the operating conditions (including temperature) is key to selecting the most appropriate battery. Don’t be fooled by large CCA numbers. Selecting a battery based on the design features and internal components more suited to the vehicles specifications and operating conditions is key to choosing the correct battery.

If CCA is not the number one factor in choosing a battery, what is? With such a wide range of similar looking black batteries available in the market place claiming to offer the highest CCA ratings, it is difficult to identify the most suitable battery for the vehicle or application.

To find out more information on Century’s extensive range of automotive, commercial and marine batteries, contact your Century Batteries specialist on 1300 362 287 or visit www.centurybatteries.com.au



Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.


The Bendix disc pad DB2088 (Figure 1) was released in 2012 for the Hyundai Sonata rear, and on several Hyundai and Kia vehicles. It was found some of the new applications used a slightly different pad, that was the same size and shape, which has an extra semi-pierce (lug) on the Inner Backing Plate designed to prevent the caliper piston rotating when the park brake is applied.

To help easily distinguish between these two similar pads we have introduced carton labels for both parts with the image of the pad and the list of vehicle applications. With a comment added to show the difference, please see the example labels to the right.

The Bendix part number DB2076 (Figure2) has been introduced to cater for the applications that require the extra lug.

The initial shipment of DB2076 General CT have been branded incorrectly on the pad as DB2088, and they do have the centre semi-pierce (lug). These pads have


already been fitted with their wear sensors we have attached a label to the outside of the shrinkwrapped set as shown. They will be boxed in the normal General CT cartons with the correct DB2076 label.


Freecall the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 (8am-5pm Monday to Friday EST) or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas.

Email or visit our website: The Hyundai Sonatadisc changed fromDB2088 (Figure 1) The Bendix pad brakeadvicecentre@bendix.com.au using the DB2088 to the DB2076 in was released in 2012 forwww.bendix.com.au the Hyundaior June 2010, and the Kia Optima www.bendix.co.nz could use either pad depending Sonata rear, and ononseveral Hyundai and what type of park brake system is Kia vehicles. fitted.

It was found some of the new applications used a slightly different pad, that was the same size and shape , which has an extra semi-pierce (lug) on the Inner Backing Plate designed to prevent the caliper piston rotating when the park-brake is applied.

Figure 1 - DB2088

Figure 2 - DB2076

The Bendix part number DB2076 (Figure 2) has been introduced to cater for the applications that require the extra lug.

To help e two simi labels fo pad and With a co please s

The initia CT have pad as D centre se already b we have the shrin will be b normal G CT carto the corre DB2076


The Hyundai Sonata changed from using the DB2088 to the DB2076 in June NE PAR TS INTLERS LIG ERPR· COUN ETE CILS Don MAKEHT BA RS ’t mis s an SURE R LE issu e CLIC Since YOUR GWO AL K HER RK their E for bu CUAUTO SHOP lau

t the





a FRE ELE S · SER STOM re has nch, L.E E SUB CTR SCR ICIANVICE ER always .D Light IPTION CENT S AR S · MIN bar been E W INGRE· S · RESEL a gre s have bec ITHIPARTS LER y are a aro ome a N THINTER S · CO WINTER 201 hugel und E LAPRETEUNCILS 5 the IT’S legalit y popu W RS lar mo PROT y of Don runnin’t misdif s an icaissu ECTI tio for 4W ON WORK g them on enCLIC ANAUD SH the K HERDEent road. for hu OP TOPE a FRE siasts ELE ACS · SER


02 Model














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Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai

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PAGE 1.4, 1.67MPI

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Already a popular slimline inspection light for use in confined spaces and hard to reach areas, Narva’s ‘Probe’ now has a replacement, the ‘Probe II’, which builds on the many benefits of its predecessor. Offering twice the light output, along with five hours of continuous illumination, the inspection light can now be charged via micro USB cable.

Probe, the latest version makes use of handy top-mounted L.E.D’s to provide end tip illumination in small, confined spaces.

“While these improvements alone will have users clambering for it in the workshop, the benefits don’t stop there,” said Jake Smith, marketing services manager, Narva. “Other upgrades include a larger rubber overmolded grip that is specifically designed to provide non-slip comfort when handling, and a more robust construction, making the Probe II suitable for use also as a general inspection light.”

Further strengthening its credentials for demanding applications, the lamp features a durable construction incorporating a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and is fully sealed to IP66.

Using the latest high intensity SMD L.E.D technology, the Probe II provides a smooth, broad and even light output. As with the previous

“Now equipped with Lithium-ion batteries, the Probe II benefits from a dramatically-improved run time and provides a longer shelf life with no memory effect, meaning the lamp can be recharged at any time and does not require a full charge to continue operating,’ Jake explained. “To monitor battery status, an L.E.D indicator flashes

red when recharging is needed and blue when charged.” To charge the lamp, the Probe II couples to a convenient docking station that can charge directly with the supplied 240V USB charger (includes micro USB lead allowing charging from vehicles and computers) or via the optional 12V USB adaptor.

Phone the New Zealand Office on (09) 525 4575 or visit www.narva.co.nz

“Despite the many enhancements it boasts over the previous generation lamp, the new Probe II has not increased in price,” Jake added. It can be purchased from leading automotive outlets nation-wide. FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone the Australian Office on 1800 113 443 or visit www.narva.com.au


STOCK UP FOR THE WINTER RAIN Over 95% of decisions made whilst driving is based on vision. Many drivers wait to replace their wipers until they need them the most. Worn wiper blades are dangerous. Top performing wipers and washer fluid provide the clearest vision for drivers making the roads safer for everyone. Every minute of the day, 1 billion tonnes of rain falls on the earth. A small fluffy cumulous cloud alone can hold from 100 to 1,000 tonnes of liquid water. Wiper blades deteriorate due to many environmental factors including: UV; oil; car waxes and exhaust; sand, dust and mud; and acid rain and salt water. Windscreen wipers should be inspected regularly as damage to the wiper element can occur at any time. Many mechanics neglect to check the wipers and washer additive at every service. This often means that the customer will have to do it themselves before the next service, losing a sale for the workshop and leaving customers dissatisfied with the service. PAGE 8

A wiper blade will not function effectively if the blade or the wiper arm is in poor condition. Due to wear and tear generated by friction pressure over the wiper sweeping action, the blade assembly over time becomes loose at the refill mounting points; arm to blade connection and also at the wiper blade tension points that provide downward force onto the glass surface. Wear at these integral points of the wiper system adversely affect overall performance, vision and noise. As a guide, wiper refills should be replaced every 6 months, beam blades and conventional blades every 12 months. For best wiper-blade performance, don’t forget to keep windshields clean by adding Trico Vision Wiper

Additive to the reservoir. Trico Vision Wiper additive provides much more than a clean screen. The special Ammonia free formula will not damage rubber wipers or hoses, plastic or paintwork, lubricates wiper components and is formulated to fight algae build up in the reservoir. Ensure you have the correct wiper blade or refill for your customer’s vehicle. Trico Products’ website provides a quick and easy way to find the correct wiper blade or refill for your customer’s vehicle. Trico is the wiper brand that offers superior wiper products to trade and retail customers and can be depended on for OE quality and unsurpassed driving visibility.

Trico has an extensive range of beam blades, conventional blades and refills for both front and rear wipers, providing approximately 99% vehicle coverage on Australian roads. Efficient wiper blades are as critical to vehicle safety as tyres and oil. Stock up for winter so that you can provide the best service for your customers. For more call 1300 698 742 or visit www.tricoproducts.com.au

Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.


ASKED BY MECHANICS, ANSWERED BY KYB The innovation and technological advances of vehicles in the 21st century has changed the way we drive, putting even more importance on the continual improvement of shock absorber performance. With 81 years in the suspension industry KYB has stood the test of time, developing high quality OE and aftermarket suspension products that are vehicle specific and purpose built to meet the unique needs of every make and model. The evolution of the KYB range and high quality product is testament to the expertise of our global engineers and relationships with national mechanic customers, which has given us insight from the workshop level on how to make the job more efficient and easier. To share our insights, we have answered five questions commonly asked by mechanics: QUESTION No.1 How does a Shock Absorber work? When a vehicle is being driven, its shock absorbers are constantly hard at work. Maintaining the handling and stability of the vehicle, the shock absorber overcomes road surface irregularities by compressing and extending as the tyre comes into contact with the road. The motion of compression and extension forces fluid through a series of speed sensitive valves, (the piston rod speed determines the appropriate valve) which in turn restricts the oil flow and controls the vehicular movement. Heat is then generated in the oil as a result of the friction. As it passes

Spring Only

Vibration of Vehicle

through the valves and into the outer body of the shock absorber, it is cooled with air passing over it while the vehicle is being driven. The nitrogen gas in the shock absorber also puts pressure on the hydraulic oil making the shock absorber more reactive to movement. This delays the onset of fading and foaming and makes it a higher performing product. QUESTION No.2 Do worn Shock Absorbers affect driving stability? How important are Shock Absorbers when braking and accelerating? Yes, worn shock absorbers have a significant effect on a vehicle’s ability to accelerate and brake. This is because the purpose of a shock absorber is to control vehicle movement, keeping the wheels planted on the ground. As with any wear and tear, the performance of a shock absorber is compromised when worn out. This is evident in a number of ways: 1. The ability to keep the vehicle stable is diminished, reducing driver control. 2. A greater braking distance is required before coming to a complete stop.

Bouncing Bouncing On straight On straight roads roads

3. The vehicle may nose dive and/ or the rear may lift, reducing stability and tyre to road contact. 4. During hard acceleration the rear of the vehicle may dip while the front rises, then impacting the steering control. 5. In extreme conditions worn shock absorbers can cause tyres to lose traction as the vehicle weights and unweights the tyres through excessive body movement and lack of dampening control. This loss of traction then has the potential to cause an accident. QUESTION No.3 When replacing the struts in my vehicle should l also replace the bump stops? Replacing struts in a vehicle can be very time intensive as it requires the entire strut to be removed and disassembled. For this reason it’s always best to replace bump stops at the same time as struts, at the very least inspect them to avoid pulling it all apart again a few months down the track. QUESTION No.4 What is the purpose of an ‘Internal Top-Out Bump-Stop’ commonly found in the front struts of late model Ford Falcon and Territory vehicles?

The purpose of an ‘Internal Top-Out Bump Stop’ is to prevent full extension of the piston rod while driving. Limiting the travel prevents metal-to-metal contact. More importantly it helps to control the vehicle, reduce body roll and keep the vehicle flatter during cornering. It also reduces vehicle pitching under hard acceleration and braking instances. QUESTION No.5 What is the function of a Steering Damper? As the name suggests, a steering damper acts to dampen and control the vehicle when the tyre makes contact with a hole or rut on the road. It also helps the vehicle to drive and steer in a straight line, preventing it from following channels and curves in the road surface. While a new steering damper reduces driver fatigue and makes driving safer, a faulty one can force the steering wheel from the driver’s hands when contact is made with a bump in the road. To learn more about KYB Shock Absorbers go to www.kybelearning.com.au (For Australian customers)

Rolling Rolling On bending On bending roads roads With worn shock absorbers 39.1m (3.0 meters longer)

With new shock absorbers

Spring + Shock Absorber Vibration of Vehicle

NoseNose Diving Diving When When Braking Braking

Squatting Squatting When When Accelerating Accelerating

Over Steer Under Steer

36.1m CONDITIONS: Vehicle Speed – 80km/s, non-equipped ABS vehicle

With worn shock absorbers With new shock absorbers

CORRECTION Please note that the DRIVING AUSSIES WORKHORSES: KYB – OE ON NEW HILUX article published in the January 2016 edition of the CarSmart Newsletter has an error in the second last paragraph. The words “and 4x4” were mistakenly used when they should not have been. Instead, the paragraph should read ““With the release of the ‘all new’ market-leading Toyota Hilux, we’re excited to announce that all shock absorbers fitted to the 2x4 model range will be manufactured and supplied by KYB Japan”. Jason added.” We apologise for this error and any inconvenience. If you require any further clarification, please contact KYB Australia on 1300 55 40 59.


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DC/DC CHARGING TECHNOLOGY, A CUT ABOVE THE REST The Intelli-Charge IDC25 from Projecta is the toughest and most advanced dual battery management system available on the market today. Your customers now have a safer option to charge their 12V second/ auxiliary deep cycle battery on the go. The IDC25 is shock, vibration and dust proof as well as water resistant, making it suitable for both in-vehicle but more importantly, under-bonnet installation. Many modern vehicles are fitted with smart alternators and these don’t work with standard dual battery systems,” said Jake Smith, marketing services manager, Brown and Watson. The technologically advanced Projecta IDC25 however has been specifically designed to work with both smart alternators and conventional alternators. “This is ideal for the workshop fitter as it means they no longer need to carry two different stock items to suit

vehicles with different alternator types, the IDC25 suits both applications,” Jake explained. This new generation ‘Smart Charger’ also boasts ‘Dual Input Operation’ allowing it to simultaneously and automatically charge from both solar and smart/ conventional alternators (9-32v). “Many similar products on the market aren’t as sophisticated as the IDC25,” Jake explained. “It’s ability to charge from both solar and smart/ conventional alternators is a real technical advantage. “We know that there are some competing units out that do a similar job, but they require additional parts that need to be purchased separately to operate via either.” The IDC25’s smart electronics can detect when there is sufficient sunlight and the unit will prioritise solar charging which takes the extra strain off the vehicles charging/ electrical system. Of course it

automatically switches back to alternator charging when the light becomes too low, and it does so in the blink of an eye with no detectable interruption. In addition to its built in smarts, the Projecta IDC25 is fully sealed to IP67 making it one of only a very small number of chargers which is perfectly suited to under-bonnet installation. What’s more it is capable of efficiently operating in temperatures in excess of 80°C, which well exceeds many competing DC/DC chargers on the market.

“When you combine these features with the IDC25’s unique push button multi-chemistry selection, the IDC25 sets a new benchmark for DC-DC battery management,” added Jake. FOR MORE INFORMATION Phone the Australian Office on 1800 113 443 or visit www.projecta.com.au Phone the New Zealand Office on (09) 525 4575 or visit www.projecta.co.nz

“Many completing brands highlight ‘in-vehicle’ fitment as they are not as well sealed or capable of handling the heat generated in the engine bay, which can get well above 60°C as found in northern parts of Australia” said Jake.


THE PERFECT IGNTION COIL FOR NGK SPARK PLUGS Workshops around the world have demanded NGK Spark Plugs for over 80 years, renowned for three key pillars: high quality, superior performance and reliability. While the Spark Plug is an important part of a vehicle’s ignition it does not work alone.

1. D  esigned to perfectly match the highest functioning Spark Plug on the market

“As ignition experts, we saw an opportunity to develop an Ignition Coil that perfectly complements the NGK Spark Plug to deliver ultimate ignition performance,” said Larry Coulthard, Product Marketing Manager, NGK Spark Plugs. “Working with some of the best engineers in Japan, the NGK Ignition Coil has been designed and manufactured to meet technical demands and to deliver across the same three pillars.”

2. P  recise engineering for correct seating

Technical features that set the NGK Ignition Coil apart from the pack include:


3. Excellent pulse strength durability 4. E xceptional short-circuit and moisture resistance 5. S uperior thermal loads and vibration resilience 6. O  ptimal dimensioning of cooling surfaces for the heat dissipation and temperature stability To achieve this commitment, all NGK Ignition Coils adhere to the high quality standards of NGK Japan, where every Ignition Coil is produced in strict compliance with OE specifications and processes.

To ensure that all NGK Ignition Coils deliver across these pillars, there are a number of measures in place throughout the manufacturing process. All NGK Ignition Coils are: 1. Measured mechanically and electrically using laser guidance 2. Subjected to on vehicle installation testing 3. Undergo a thermal shock and thermal cycle test that ranges from; -65 to 175 °C. 4. Tested for mechanical vibration durability, EMC and RFI compatibility

5. Endure a vacuum moulding process to ensure a blister-free encapsulation, preventing any potential electrical short-circuits “NGK Ignition Coils are the perfect connection for NGK Spark Plugs, giving Australian vehicles a premium and complete ignition package that just makes sense,” Larry added. To find out more visit www.ngk.com.au or www.ngkspark.co.nz NGK Spark Plugs Australia

Helping to ensure the continued success of the independent vehicle repair and service industry in Australia and New Zealand through the provision of training, technical and product information from the industry’s most trusted brands.


Gates Australia introduces its innovative new Belt Wear Gauge tool for serpentine belt inspection. Designed with input from professional technicians, the small, lightweight tool provides a simple and reliable way to determine belt wear by gauging material loss between belt grooves and providing instant pass/fail results. “The new and improved tool makes it easy for professional technicians to diagnose the proper preventive maintenance for customers,” said Priscilla Robb, marketing services manager, Gates. “It can be used on any open, straight surface on the belt and can also be used one-handed, on or off the vehicle, and in places that are hard to see.”

Simple to use, technicians press the tool into the belt grooves with light pressure and then attempt to rock the gauge in a lateral motion. If the gauge remains tightly seated, the belt has sufficient service life remaining and does not need to be replaced. If the gauge allows lateral rocking movement, it indicates that the

belt ribs are worn enough to allow belt slip and that the belt should be replaced. “Gates recognise that today’s serpentine belts don’t always show signs of visual wear, making it difficult to determine if a belt should be replaced,” explained Priscilla. “This tool makes it easy for professional technicians to

identify a worn belt so that they can service their customers’ vehicles with confidence,” she added. For a free belt wear gauge visit www.gatesaustralia.com.au/ beltwear


With the engine off, press the gauge ribs into the belt grooves using gentle pressure to hold the gauge against the belt and seat the ribs.

Attempt to rock the gauge in a lateral motion.



When the gauge remains tightly seated and resists movement, the belt has sufficient service life left.

When the gauge allows lateral rocking motion, the belt is in need of replacement.

The gauge ribs will contact the sides of the belt material and the body may rest slightly above the belt surface.

The gauge ribs will not contact the belt material and the gauge body will rest flat on the belt, allowing movement in the tool.

Check belts for inconsistent wear within grooves indicating pulley misalignment or a malfunction of other components of the drive system.



INCREASE PERFORMANCE & SAVE MONEY Replacing discs can be a time consuming and costly exercise, in-particularly when it comes to those Euro’s fitted with big OEM brakes as standard. Not only is sourcing an issue, but they can hit your customers pretty hard in the hip pocket as well. “Of all car consumables, disc brakes, pads and clutches are some of the most expensive items to replace on European performance cars,” said Marty Peart, Marketing and Sales Manager DBA®. The good news for drivers and automotive mechanics is that DBATM offers a full range of premium quality replacement products locally to suit these vehicles. “Our En-Shield® range caters for many European vehicles,” Marty said. “The key feature of these brake discs is the exclusive En-Shield® coating for superior corrosion protection.” En-Shield® is a chromium free, non-toxic water-based, envirocompliant coating designed to protect the entire disc rotor surface from rust and corrosion while also being specifically formulated to prevent brake pad

contamination during bedding in process. “Our En-Shield® coating brings a rotor finish that has traditionally only been seen on genuine OE product, to the premium Australian aftermarket,” Marty explained. OEM applications include some of the most prevalent European models such as the VW range including Golf & Amarok, Lexus, Audi, BMW, Range Rover and Subaru. The new range of DBA® En-Shield® rotors come packaged in a fresh brightly coloured En-Shield® box. Rotors that feature the new En-Shield® coating can be identified by the use of an “E” following the traditional part number e.g. DBA504 will become DBA504E, this allows for easy identification when using electronic catalogues or online ordering systems.

Furthermore as the En-Shield® coating covers the entire rotor surface, it adds an extra corrosion protection to the vehicle’s axle and hub face surface in which the brake rotor is in contact with. This will help prevent the rotor freezing to the hub through corrosive build up, allowing the rotor to be easily removed when it is due for replacement. “For the performance enthusiast there is also an extensive range of premium DBA® 5000 Series two-piece flat disc replacements and upgrades to suit your European braking application,” said Marty. The likes of Aston Martin, Audi, VW Golf R, Ford Focus RS, BMW, Mitsubishi EVO, Cooper S JCW, Lotus, Mercedes, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 and even Ferrari GT2 and GT3 applications are all catered for with DBA®’s performance 5000 series discs.

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“Our trademarked XG150® High Carbon Alloyed Iron minimises cracking, prolonging the service life of these rotors,while the Kangaroo Paw® vane ventilation system, 144 diamond and tear drop pillars – increases surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation to minimise brake fade and increases braking effectiveness,” Marty explained. “The special material formulation allows an increase in thermal capacity so that the rotor may handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time,” he added. For the most comprehensive range of disc rotors to suit the modern car parc, please go online or call 1800 730 039 for your free 2016 DBA minimum thickness wall chart and catalogue. Learn more about the DBA range at: http://www.dba.com.au/

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CarSmart Newsletter Issue5 Autumn 16  

CarSmart Newsletter Issue5 Autumn 16  

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