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DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT & COMMERCE “T3-EXAMINATION, MAY- 2018� Semester: IV Subject: Supply Chain Management Branch: EFB/FAA Course Type: Core Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 80

Date of Exam:25/05/2018 Subject Code: MCH233 Session: II Course Nature: Hard Program: BBA Signatures: HOD/Associate HOD: Part-A [20]

All questions in Part A are compulsory. Each Question carries two marks


(10*2=20) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

What is third party logistics? What is meant by strategic alliances? What is supply chain integration? What are innovative products? What is an outsourcing strategy? What is meant by logistics? What is meant by e-procurement? What is meant by mass-customization? What is meant by EOQ? What is meant by Sourcing decision? Part B [30] Each Question Carries 15 Marks ( Attempt Any Two)

Q2 Q3 Q4

What are efficient supply chains, responsive supply chains and agile supply chains? How are they different from each other? (15) Explain the Strategic Alliances frame work. Discuss cross docking and hub & spoke systems. (15) What is meant by retailer-Supplier partnerships? Explain various distribution strategies. (15) Part C-[30] Each Question Carries 15 Marks ( Attempt Any Two)

Q5 Q6 Q7

What is meant by buy/make decisions? Under what conditions one out of two is preferred? What are various outsourcing strategies? (15) Discuss global logistics and risk management bringing out its salient features. (15) Explain why information flows are a necessary part of any supply chain. Discuss the four step process for diagnosing and improving information flows. (15) *******


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