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DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT & COMMERCE “T3-Examination, May-2018� Semester:2nd Subject:Marketing Management Branch: FAA/EFB/HCM Course Type:Core Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 80

Date of Exam:18/05/2018 Subject Code:MCH111 Session: I Course Nature:Hard Program: BBA Signature: HOD/Associate HOD: PART-A All questions are compulsory.

Q1. Attempt the following: (a). What is Brand Equity ? (b). Classification of consumer goods? (c). Elements of product mix. (d). Ways of Product Differentiation. (e). What is Public Relation? (f). Ways to close in Personal Selling. (g). Relationship Marketing. (h). Dual distribution channels. (i). What are objectives of pricing? (j). E-Commerce V/s E-Business.


PART-B Attempt any two questions. Q2(a).What is Product life Cycle and its types? (b). What Marketing Strategies can be used at Growth and Decline stages of PLC

(7) (8)

Q3(a). What are Brands? How are they different from Commodities. Explain the steps involved in Branding Process. (b). What are different types of Brand? Discuss.

(8) (7)

Q4. How to set Price of the product? What are different pricing methods? Explain them with suitable examples. (15) PART-C Attempt any two questions (2*15=30) Q5 Q6 Q7

What is the process of designing a communication strategy? What are the steps involved? Discuss with examples How to create strong brands? Explain using the brand equity models. Services characteristics are intangibility, perishability, inseparability and variability. Explain with examples. What are the marketing implications? *******


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