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DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT & COMMERCE “T3-Examination, May-2018” Semester:4th Date of Exam:28/05/2018 Subject:Managing of Family Owned Businesses Subject Code:MCH239 Branch: EFB Session:II Course Type:Core Course Nature:Hard Time: 3 Hours Program: BBA Max.Marks: 80 Signature:HOD/Associate HOD

PART A : 10 Questions of 2 marks each (Write 30 words)


Q1 a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

SISI (SMALL INDUSTRIES SERVICE INSTITUTE) NABARD Role of State Financial Corporations FDP(FAMILY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME) MICRO FINANCE Regulator of Money Market Name 4 Co-operatives which have done very well. Project Financing Family Business funding. NIESBUD

PART B: 3 Questions - Attempt any 2 Questions


2) What are the roles of Support Institutions in Family Business Development? Discuss in detail the various Institutions involved in family business and small business development? 3) Discuss in detail the structure of Banking System in India? What are the different Banking Systems and different kinds of banks? 4) Discuss in detail the documentation required for advancing loan/credit for Family Business. What is the importance of Security (Collateral)l while granting loans and advances ? PART C: 3 Questions Attempt any 2 Questions


5) Explain Priority Sector Lending? What are the different Priority Sectors as per Governments Policy? What are the common guidelines for Priority Sector advances? 6) What are the essential features of Micro Finance? What is the difference between Micro Credit and Micro Finance? Who are the key players in the Micro Finance Sector? 7) What are the Long term sources of financing a Family Business Project? Discuss in detail the importance of Working Capital and various components of W.C. in Family Business.

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