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DEPARTMENT OF LAW “T3-Examination, May 2018” Semester: 2ND Subject:Legal Methods Branch: Law Course Type: Core Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 100

Date of Exam:21/05/2018 Subject Code: LWH107 Session: 2017-18 Course Nature: Hard Program:B.A./BBA/B.COM.LL.B Signature: HOD/Associate HOD: PART A

Q.1 All are compulsory. a) Write down difference between Search and Research. b) What do you understand by protection against constitutional amendments? c) What is Mischief Rule? d) What is the rule of Ejusdem Generis? e) What are Questions of law and Questions of Fact? f) Nature of Law is dynamic, how? g) Difference between “A Law” and “The Law”. h) Difference Between Custom and Prescription. i) Difference between Legislation and Custom. j) What is Prospective Overruling? PART B Q.2 Attempt any two. a) Write down Kinds of Law? b) Write down Purpose of Law. c) Write down Difference as well as Relationship between Law and Morals.



Q.3 Attempt any two. 5x2=10 a) Write down Essentials of a Valid Custom. b) What are the reasons of Delegated Legislation? c) Write down Difference between Legislation and Precedent. Which is superior Legislation and Precedent? Explain with help of theories of various jurists. PART C Attempt any two. 15x2=30 Q4 What are the basic aims of Interpretation? Also write difference between Literal, Golden and Mischief Rule. Q5 Write down Primary and Secondary rules of Interpretation. Q6 What are the major legal systems of the world? Also write salient features of Indian Legal System. PART D Attempt any two. Q7 What are Formal and Informal Law enforcement Agencies? Write.

Q8 Q9

Write Meaning and Objectives of Research. Also write types of Research. Write down Classification of Legal Rights and Legal duties in details.



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