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DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION “T3, MAY 2017-18� Semester: 2 nd Subject: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Branch:BBA LLB/BA LLB/B.Com. LLB Course Type: CORE Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks:75

Date of Exam. 16/05/2018 Subject Code: CHH 137 Session: I Course Nature: HARD Program: LAW Signature: HOD/Associate HOD:

Note: This question paper consists of 3 Parts. Part A: All questions are compulsory. Each Question carries 2.5marks. Part B: Attempt any two out of three questions. Each Question carries 12.5 marks. Part C: Attempt any two out of three questions. Each Question carries 12.5 marks. PART-A All questions are compulsory. Q.1. a) List two urban problems related to energy. b) Why is Public Awareness necessary regarding Conservation of Environment? c) What is rain water harvesting? d) What is Disaster management? e) How does awareness of Women and Child welfare promote environment conservation? f) What is wasteland reclamation? g) What is Acid rain? h) What is Sustainable life choice? i) List 4 indigenous water conservation mechanisms. j) What is Disaster management? PART- B Q.2. What is Solid Waste Management? What are the control measures of managing Urban and Industrial Wastes? Q.3. What are the causes, effects and control measures of the following: a) Water Pollution b) Soil Pollution Q.4. Describe the following in brief: a) Ozone layer depletion b) Resettlement and Rehabilitation of people c) Role of Individual in promoting Sustainable Development. *******

PART- C Q.5. What do you understand by the term “Population Explosion� with important role of different family welfare program? Q.6. Describe the role played by Information Technology in promoting Environment Conservation and Preservation? Q.7. Describe the following: a) Wildlife Protection Act. b) Forest Conservation Act c) Issues involved in Enforcement of environment legislation


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