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Twitter Parade FAQ – Building a Bigger Following (Continued from previous page)

A. Yes, you can definitely build a Twitter Follower list much faster with the right software. The mistake I made right off was limiting my collection of applications to only the expensive apps when “free” apps do a decent job and mid-priced ones do just as well as the overpriced ones. Do NOT pay more than $75 for a Twitter List Builder! All of the ones around $50 and less do just as good of a job (and often better!) than the expensive ones. Seriously! Q. How much should I expect to spend to build my list of followers? A. Very little! Beware of software or websites who would have you pay to “join”. If you invest in a top-rated program that promises to grow your list, such as “Twitter Decoded” (one of my personal faves) you should be able to expect to continue using the software without recurring billing. Buy two or three good, highly-rated programs and download a few freebies to round out your collection. Honestly, if you are trying to build using more than 5 or 6 apps, you aren't going to have time for anything else. Buy a few good ones, learn them inside-out and use them to the best of your ability. Q. Is there an absolute “best” app for building a follower list? A. In a word: No. I do have my personal favorites and I have personally paid for at least the top ten apps out there, but as I have said, that was foolish and if I had been struggling to make ends meet, I might well have doomed my family. On there are at least a half-dozen very good (low cost) apps that have already been reviewed. Do NOT do all gung-ho and spend $500 on apps thinking that you might score a magic bullet. You would do best to buy one or two reasonable apps and learn them well before putting them to use. There you go: The best application for building Twitter Followers is a reasonably-priced app that doesn't break you and you take the time to learn it before using it. That's the best one :)


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Twitter Parade FAQ - Building a Bigger Following  

Twitter Parade Frequently Asked Questions on building a massive list of followers. What are the best apps for me?

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