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Scholar Branches out Through App Creation


Cutler scholars demonstrate what being successful can mean in all aspects of the word from academic achievement to volunteer work. By using their personal talents and skills as well as their drive for success, they can even create tools available on a larger level. Riedel-Cutler Scholar Shaila Meeker has created a website known as FreeAppMaven, a site used to direct users to the best free apps available on their mobile devices and computers.

Being an English major and Computer Science minor student, it was expected that Meeker’s talents and interests would lead her to the creation of such a site. “Often when I read reviews, I get supremely excited to try the shiny new app that is being described, only to find that it is far out of a college student’s budget. Add up the cost of several of these apps in a weeks time and I could pay my rent for the same amount.” Meeker began creating the website when she herself would have trouble finding free apps that were usable and accurate in their presentation of what the app could actually do. “I love technology and obsess over trying the latest apps. I also enjoy writing so it was only inevitable for me to combine the two.” After having trouble herself, she was driven to create a website that could help out other college students and frequent app users like herself. Meeker reviews apps for most devices including those powered by Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and Mac apps.

“With this in mind, I’ve decided to only review free and ad-supported apps. That way, readers can find awesome new software without spending even the cost of coffee.”

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Fresh Faces: New Cutler Scholars


Tylisha Allen

Daley Cutler Scholar Asbury Park High School Asbury Park, New Jersey

INVOLVEMENT: Allen was an active volunteer in her community and school where she helped by serving as a peer mentor and tutor at Bradley Elementary, where she also volunteered for the Leadership Development program. She also plays an active role in her school’s book club. ACADEMIC: Allen earned honor roll all four years of her high school career. She participated in National Honor Society both her junior and senior years of high school. She is Valedictorian of her graduating class and plans on studying psychology while at OHIO.


Nathan Arnett

Russ Legacy Cutler Scholar Valley High School McDermott, Ohio

INVOLVEMENT: Arnett was a Student Representative at the Ohio Model United Nations all four years of his high school career. He was captain of his football team and played all four years. He volunteered for the Scioto County Special Olympics, quiz bowl, pep club, as well as the Polar Plunge and Valley Peewee Football Camps. ACADEMIC: Arnett was President of his school’s National Honor Society and will be class Valedictorian. Arnett plans on studying chemical engineering while at OHIO.

Madison Carlson

Charlee Cobb

Bush Cutler Scholar Ann Lee Hancock Federal Hocking High School Konneker Cutler Scholar Amesville, Ohio Olean High School Allegany, New York INVOLVEMENT: An INVOLVEMENT: A active member of her frequent volunteer high school’s student for the SPCA, Carlson trustee group for four was also a four-year years, Cobb was also participant in her local involved in Spanish club hockey team. club, art club, and She also participated drama club. She was and lettered in varsity a teammate on the soccer and varsity softball team for four tennis. She volunteered years and served as a for the Salvation Army, Co-Captain for both Salamanca School, the volleyball team the St. Mary’s Church and cheerleading Festival, and at the Gus squad. Cobb was Macker Tournament. also class president

ACADEMIC: Carlson was a part of National Honor Society her junior and senior year. She earned honor roll status all four years of high school. Carlson plans on studying biological sciences while at OHIO.

three of her four years during her high school career. ACADEMIC: Cobb will graduate as Salutatorian of her graduating class. She plans on studying journalism while at OHIO.

Brandon Mahr

Dr. James H. and Nellie Rowley Jewell Cutler Scholar Meigs High School Rutland, Ohio INVOLVEMENT: President of his senior class as well as treasurer of student council, Mahr was also captain of the cross country team. He is a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Senior Patrol Leader for Boy Scouts of America and attended Boys State.

ACADEMIC: Mahr earned honor roll status all four years of his high school career. Mahr plans on studying engineering technology and management while attending OHIO.

Kayla Swann

Leona and Lewis Hughes Cutler Scholar Oak Hill High School Oak Hill, Ohio

INVOLVEMENT: Vice President of her high school’s National Honor Society, Swann was also the vice president for her school’s student council. She earned a varsity letter in basketball, softball, and volleyball. She volunteered for a number of organizations including Gus Macker Tournament and Hope Haven. ACADEMIC: She achieved honor roll status all four years of her high school career. She plans on studying political science while at OHIO.

Ryan Kline

Dr. Wilfred R. Konneker Cutler Scholar McClain High School Frankfort, Ohio INVOLVEMENT: Treasurer and student advisor of his local FFA Board, Kline has been active in showing livestock for his entire high school career. He was president of the drama club, winning best supporting actor three years in a row and best major actor his junior year.

ACADEMIC: Kline was a National Honor Society Member and received honor roll all four years of high school. He plans on studying biochemistry while at OHIO.

Tanner Wick

Russ Legacy Cutler Scholar Louisville High School Louisville, Ohio

INVOLVEMENT: Wick has been involved with Boy Scouts for all four years of his high school career. He was the band council president, and was in marching band all four years of high school. He was president of the Science Club his senior year. He was also on the track and field team. ACADEMIC: Wick was an AP scholar and American Legion Scholar and earned Academic Excellence awards all four years of high school. Wick plans on studying mechanical engineering while at OHIO


Note from the Director DR. HERMAN “BUTCH” HILL

Words With Friends doesn’t yet allow you to play DEEPITY, but it’s only a matter of time: this word is already in some online dictionaries. Those dictionaries will tell you that deepity is a saying that looks profound at first glance, but is trivial or meaningless upon scrutiny. I learned the word serendipitously when I searched for the actual source of a quote attributed to Buddha: “the trouble is, you think you have time.” I first saw this quote (it’s not from Buddha, by the way) right after I realized I’d have to work on planning a memorial service for Rebecca Corbin. This is something that I thought I would not have to plan for any Cutler Scholar any time soon, if ever. Because I mistakenly had thought that I had much more time than I did, the saying seemed prophetic—and the shock of her death made it sound true on a deeper level. The implication is that we have less time to be alive than we think, so we mistakenly squander the time that we have to do good deeds. It’s like the parable of the grasshopper and the ants, but without the kindly ants to save the day for the grasshopper. However, this saying is a deepity; its meaning evaporates under closer examination. Our remaining time may actually be more, less, or the same as we think. And what if we all knew how exactly much time we had to do everything? In Robert Heinlein’s early short story Life-Line, the protagonist invents a machine that can reveal a person’s remaining life span. And to what deep purpose is this machine used in the story? To make very informed decisions about buying life-insurance policies! Maybe we would all make better use of such knowledge than the characters in Heinlein’s story, but I don’t think so. Our occasional colloquium guest Harold Winter has made me think otherwise. Prof. Winter has written several books. His first, called Trade-Offs, applies economic reasoning to the social sciences. Early in this book, Winter talks about economists placing a dollar value on human life. He recounts a conversation with another Ohio University professor who asserted that life was infinitely valuable. He was able to quickly show the other professor that she actually placed a less-than-infinite value on her own life by her act of driving a car that day—despite the finite risk that she might have been killed in an accident. If the sum total of our lives isn’t infinitely valuable to us, then individual hours must not be either. Last fall, many of us went zip-lining as part of the first-year retreat. That activity required jumping off of a perfectly good high tower out into space, supported only by a slender steel cable for our descent. People who placed the highest value on their lives would not have done this! Some folks had misgivings—Kalei Edenfield was one of those brave enough to admit it—about the negative impact zip-lining might have on our remaining time on earth, but we all took the plunge and came home safely.

In that same section of Trade-Offs, Howard Winter goes on to worry that he implanted a fear in the other professor of leaving her house. My worry is that we will react to Rebecca’s tragic and untimely death in unproductive ways. It should give us all pause, but not paralysis. I hope you take time to reflect on this loss—but then get back to working on your great dreams as if you knew there were time make them happen.


Alumna Gives Back Kristen Cooksey, Stocker Cutler Scholar ’07

A common goal for many during their lifetime is to give back through organizations and philanthropic events after they have established themselves in their career and family lives. Kristen Cooksey, 2007 Stocker Cutler Scholar Alumna is showing just this. After Ohio University, she went on to pursue her Master of Nonprofit Organizations from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management due to the work she has done volunteering and the people that she has met because of it. It has inspired her to pursue a career and higher level volunteer work in such fields.

“Through my professional career, I serve on the planning committee for the L’Amour du Vin fundraising event for the Arthritis Foundation, I am the captain of the Kingston of Vermilion Relay for Life team (as well as a member of the event planning committee) for the American Cancer Society, I serve as the leader of the Kingston of Vermilion Heartwalk team for the American Heart Association, and I have gotten to participate in events such as: Bowl for Kids’ Sake for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bike to the Bay for the National MS Society, Race for the Cure for Susan G. Komen, and I even taught in a kindergarten class for Junior Achievement.” Not only does Cooksey’s professional career fulfill this ultimate goal in giving back, but her outside activities show how dedicated she is to this philanthropic work as well. “I currently serve as the Vice President of the nonprofit organization Mane Stride, which provides hippo therapy for disabled children. Another organization that I volunteer for in my private time is Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am a Big Sister mentor to Alizsa and we have been matched together for over three years now. We have done everything together from trickor-treating, Easter Egg hunts, movies, the aquarium, seeing the Nutcracker at Christmas. We have had a lot of good times together.” Cooksey says the values instilled during her college experience has caused her to continue her volunteer work. Cooksey demonstrates the ideal model of a Cutler Scholar Alumna; to be giving and active in their community while succeeding in their professional career. “You learn as much about yourself volunteering as you do about those you are there to help. It helps you grow as a person and face different aspects of life and the world that you might not otherwise come in contact with or give enough thought to.”


ALUMNI NEWS & UPDATES Visit our website to submit your updates!

Jamie Smith, Emrick Scholar ‘11, is now a tenth-grade Honors English teacher at Boston Collegiate Charter School.

Abigail Blanks, Grasselli-Brown Scholar ‘03, will graduate from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law this May.

Matt Denhart, McClure/Fuller Scholar ‘10, is now Executive Director of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation in Vermont.

Cassie Costilow, Hughes Scholar ’10, will recieve a Doctorate of Audiology from Ohio University this May. She works as an audiologist with Asheville Head, Neck and Ear Surgeons, PA in Ashville, North Carolina.

Ethan Cottrill, Cutler Scholar ‘13, will spend the summer working with the Harvard Program in Neonatology Summer Student Research Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Ana Gicova, Gusterov ‘10, is now assistant vice president, Sr. Operational Risk Analyst at the Bank of the West. Ana also married Jon Newman in March.

Colin McCrone, Emrick Scholar ‘08, is now a Computational Design Evangelist with Autodesk in San Francisco.

Christine Brose Channell, Bush Scholar ‘04, had a baby boy named Liam in December of 2013. Brianne Porter, Riedel Scholar ’10, will graduate from Ohio State University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in May. After graduation, she will work with The Drugstore in Athens through her Community Care Residency with the Ohio State College of Pharmacy.

Cutler Alumni Reunion Andrea Lehman Snoble, Adler Scholar ‘05, had a baby boy named Griffin Samuel Snoble in March.


Homecoming 2014

Parade and Luncheon Saturday, October 11, 2014

In Memory... Rebecca Corbin

Dr. Wilfred A. Konneker Cutler Scholar


Cutler Scholar Alumna Rebecca Ann Corbin, age 32, passed away suddenly due to diabetic complications on December 29, 2013. Corbin was a Konneker Cutler Scholar and graduated Ohio University in 2003 and went on to graduate from Chapman University in California in 2009 where she received her Master’s degree. She taught mathematics in California and Ohio. She is survived by her daughter Roseanna Dingeldein, father Larry Corbin and wife Lisa, and mother Susan McNeil and husband Randy. “I remember Rebecca always taking the opportunity at least once each colloquia to express her thoughts and opinions on the current subject matter. That takes a lot of strength and confidence and she definitely had it.” - Kevin J. Fritz, Beth K. Stocker Scholar ’00 “She was a vibrant and intelligent young lady. It was an honor to be in the Cutler Scholars program with her and she will be thought of often from friends, family and those who knew her as leaving us too soon. God Bless her and her family.” - Amie Cotter Schilling, Corrado Scholar ’01 “Rebecca was a shining spirit - a woman of faith. She was blessed to be called daughter, teacher, wife, and mother. Her time on this planet was too short, but we are all lucky to have known her, even if it was just in passing on the college green. Endless prayers to her family, as they learn to live so they may honor her memory.” - Meghan McGuire Denlinger, Cruse W. Moss Scholar ’06 “I remember her soft spoken, gentle approach, the care she took with her words that made them particularly impactful. I remember thinking that she was going to make an excellent teacher, and how jealous I was that she seemed to be able to figure out what she was “meant to be” and turn that into a college major and a career, while I was still trying to figure that out.” - Kacie Baon, Lizabeth and Charles R. Emrick Jr. Scholar ’05 “I remember her warm, friendly smile. And although their time together was far too short, I think it’s wonderful that her daughter will always have the legacy of a strong, successful female role model.” – Emily Miller, Paul F. and Gwyneth G. Hoff Scholar ’01

Corbin and college roommate Patty Bell Scarborough

“We were roommates for most of our sophomore and junior years and we had a lot of fun together. She was a hard-working student but also fun-loving and passionate.” - Patty Bell Scarborough, Jeanette Grasselli Brown Scholar ’03


SENIORS Lauren Loftus

Riedel-Cutler Scholar

What was one exciting/funny memory you will always remember from being a part of CSP?: I have so many funny and exciting memories from being a part of the Cutler Scholar Program that it is difficult to choose just one! My enrichment experiences were full of many exciting and funny experiences, from going paragliding, to having to navigate the Dutch train system, to helping at-risk kids in my hometown build a slip’n’slide with shampoo and dish soap! @LaurenLoftus I know that I am who I am today because of my experiences with the Cutler Scholars program, and I know that these experiences will continue to shape who I become in the future.

Brandon Shiflett

Konneker-Cutler Scholar

How has the CSP prepared you to meet your academic, personal, and professional goals?: The CSP has prepared me for my goals by always being there and pushing me toward success. Dr. Hill has always been there to answer questions and give advice and the whole staff in general take interest in me as a person and are involved hands on with how I am doing. Also, the summer experiences forced me to grow up and really question my perspective on basically everything. @BrandonShiflett My experience with the CSP has been a roller coaster of emotions. I know we are leaving soon and I wish I could be at OU as a Cutler forever. The CSP is and always will be family.

Lynzee Tucker

Jewell-Cutler Scholar


What will you miss most about OHIO and the CSP Program?: I will definitely miss the people here. I mean we all live here and have access to our friends and colleagues all the time. Usually it’s just an email or a phone call away, and we can set up lunch with someone we feel we lost contact with (because it’s been more than a week since we’ve seen them). Being around people who have had the same experiences with… they just understand the gratitude we feel toward the program and our benefactors without us having to verbalize it. Having that connection with people is priceless and I believe it will be rarely found after OU. @LynzeeTucker CSP is nothing short of amazing! I’ve met lifelong friends, and consider the CSP an extension of my family. We’ve shared some of the greatest experiences of my life together and I will never forget it!

CLASS OF 2014 Jalynn Keyser

Riedel-Cutler Scholar

What do you think you will miss most about OHIO and the CSP Program?: I will definitely miss the strong sense of community on campus and in Athens. OU is a very special place where everyone wants to help you and wants you to succeed. There are so many resources that I did not know about during my freshman and sophomore year that I could have taken great advantage of. There are so many good-hearted people that want help in any way that they can. @JalynnKeyser I am so incredibly proud to call myself a Bobcat and a Cutler Scholar, and I will carry everything I have learned with me forever.

Jackson Lavelle

McClure/Fuller-Cutler Scholar

What surprised you themost during your time spent with CSP andOHIO? : One of the greatest lessons I have taken away from my time at OU is that time is a valuable investment. I have learned to concentrate my time and efforts to the people, organizations, and causes that mean the most to me. I give my best when I pour all of myself into something and I plan to continue to do so after graduation. @JacksonLavelle I’ve seen the world, challenged my intuition, grown in my determination, and gained the skills necessary to be an agent for positive change.

Kyle Criner

Hughes-Cutler Scholar

Biggest Lesson Learned while at OHIO: Spend as much time as you possibly can with the friends you make while in college, for the day will come when you all have to go your separate ways. Time management is a difficult task to address on a day-by-day basis, but it is by no means impossible; make the most out of every day you are given, in terms of productivity in your studies. Lastly, take some time for yourself once in a while; relaxation is often the best cure for a stressed mind. Engage in an activity that genuinely interests you, and look to try new activities/develop new skills as well. @KyleCriner I wish my fellow current Scholars, as well as all future Cutler Scholars, the very best in all of your future endeavors. I will greatly miss all of you.

Renee Hagerty

Stocker-Cutler Scholar

Biggest Lesson Learned while at OHIO: I have learned to embrace the moment. So much of HS was about planning for the future that I and many of my peers did not fully enjoy the journey. College has proven to me how vital it is to our sense of well-being to seize the moment, whether that means going to hear a guest lecturer or taking a weekend trip to learn how to snorkel, there is so much to do/see/learn! @ReneeHagerty Cutler Scholars Program turns motivated students into passionate global citizens!



Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program 201 Trisolini House Athens, OH 45701


Dr. Herman “Butch� Hill, Director Kristine Hoke, Associate Director

Jourdan Matos, Communication Assistant Sharon Romina, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Charles Ping , Director Emeritus

Cutler Scholars Newsletter - Spring 2014  
Cutler Scholars Newsletter - Spring 2014