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Director’s Desk: plus ça change, plus c’est la même Dr. Herman “Butch” Hill, Jr. Cutler Scholars Director

halfway through a Ohio University undergraduate degree, he/she is starting on a third body (in this and many other ways, Natalie Kruse is an exception.) Yet you remain the same people, even with all these replacement parts; some good things do stay the same, even though they’re regularly reconstituted. This bit of biology helps explain why I feel more like a 10-year old

(soon to be three!) administrative assistants. The pictures of 99 alumni grace the second-floor hallway of In the late 19th cenTrisolini, and the faces of our 24 curtury Alphonse Karr rent Scholars will soon join them. penned the epigram The first time that my father-in-law plus ça change, plus visited Vermont, he quipped that it c’est la même chose was “just like West Virginia — only —most often transmore so”. I hope that returning Cutlated as “the more ler Scholar alumni will be able to say things change, the something similar about the program more they stay the same.” It’s they experienced combeen popular with cynics ever The more the people change, the more the pared to its future comsince: appearances change, but program stays the same. I firmly believe we position. Yes, we’re underlying problems never are — and always will be — committed to now on semesters and seem to get better. we’ve undergone some the vision of Will Konneker, Jack Ellis and Karr himself was a sardonic financial restructuring wit, so he would probably apCharles Ping... — but the fundamenprove of the cynics’ adoption of than someone who is rapidly aptals (if they’ve changed at all) have his phrase. However, after reading an proaching 65, but also has a more only been strengthened. article on human cell regeneration, I serious application. The Cutler The more the people change, the believe that there is a happier interpreScholar program has a comparable more the program stays the same. I tation. Although some cell types last organic nature. Last July, Kristine firmly believe that we are — and us our entire lives (in the lenses of our Hoke took over the associate direcalways will be — committed to the eyes and our cerebral cortices), most tor position from a retiring Karen vision of Will Konneker, Jack Ellis cells are regularly replaced. Stomach Deardorff. In October, Jan Haynes and Charles Ping to cultivate genercells are our youngest parts, regentook a promotion opportunity in the ations of leaders through mentoring, erating every 5 days. Even without Dean of Students’ office—we don’t enrichment experiences, and collotransplants, we get new livers about yet know who our new administrative quia. We owe this to these founders, every year! Skeletons are remade assistant will be. Over the program’s to the rest of our donors, and espeevery 10 years, and that 10-year 15-year history, we have had two cially to future Cutler Scholars and replacement cycle is typical of most different executive directors, three the world they will inhabit. cell types: before a Cutler Scholar is different associate directors, and two

Cutler Scholars welcome new associate director Originally from Westlake, Ohio, Kristine completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology here at OHIO. She then attended graduate school at Clemson University, receiving a masters in Counselor Education with

a focus in Student Affairs. While at Clemson, Kristine was a graduate assistant for the National Scholars Program, Clemson’s premier scholarship program. Upon graduation, she returned to Ohio University as the assistant director of Career Services and worked there four years before joining the Cutler program this summer. Kris-

tine is also involved in the Athens community as a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Kristine is thrilled to be a part of such an incredible program and work with such outstanding students. Kristine looks forward to building strong relationships with the entire Cutler family – students, alumni, parents, benefactors and friends.

3 Leaving pawprints: Scholars value community service


fraternity through which commuhile Cutler Scholars nity service is required. Criner has travel all over the world participated in Athens Beautifito serve the international community, some of their best work cation Day, work at Good Earth Farms and numerous food drives. is done right here on campus. Cutlers also participate in comCutlers are involved in a wide armunity ray of I personally feel I have been given so service service through organimuch as a Cutler Scholar, the least other zations I can do is give back to the community. types in ad- Kit John, Emrick-Cutler Scholar of prodition grams, to their such as professional groups. The academic responsibilities and Creating Active and Reflective extracurricular commitments. The Educators (C.A.R.E) group works purposes of the organizations are within the Hocking Federal school varied, but all aim to make an district to contribute to the student impact on the Athens community community. Junior Jaylnn Keyser, through their work. Alan E. and Ruby T. Ridel-Cutler For junior Kyle Criner, Leona & Scholar, volunteered at many high Lewis Hughes-Cutler Scholar, his school events with the group and involvement in the Athens comhelped conduct munity a trip with sixth has come grade students through to Conkle’s two orgaHollow. nizations: “C.A.R.E Reach Out impacts the on Campus Federal Hockand Sigma ing commuAlpha nity because we Lambda. become really Reach Out on Campus Criner with Reach Out on Campus, which in addition to involved with is a Chris- other service projects, participated in Relay for Life. the community and its activitian orgaties,” she said. “It is a very small, nization that along with outreach experiences, participates in commu- tight-knit community and it’s great to become part of their lives while nity service projects. working to become a better educa“I personally think that by contor.” ducting these and other outreach Cutlers can also incorporate activities, we let the people of OU, community service into their onand of Athens, that we love and campus work, such as coordinating appreciate everything they do for, projects through residential housrespectively, the university and the ing. city,” Criner said. Sigma Alpha Lambda is an honors See PAWPRINTS, page 6

Cutler Clubs In addition to community service and classwork,Cutlers are active in a wide array of extracurriculars,including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

ASCE Intramural sports ALD Honors fraternity Cutler Scholars Council TSMA Working as a tour guide RAing OU Exercise Physiology Club Sigma Alpha Lambda Alpha Chi Sigma Golden Key International Society Alpha Lambda Delta OU Student Association Tutoring And many, many more!

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Cutler ’Cat Facts Notable news from Cutler Scholars past and present

Abby Jones, who lives in Pomona, California, began serving as a steering committee member of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition in May and won a “Best Lightning Talk” award at Esri’s 2012 GeoDesign Summit for presenting her 606 Studio group’s graduate project. Elizabeth Biddinger started as an assistant professor of chemical engineering at the City College of New York in August.

legislative affairs manager of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. Donna Ellis became the assistant vice president of The Commercial and Savings Bank in Millersburg, Ohio in April. Brittany Van Dyke Stubbs gave birth to daughter Quinnlyn on August 13.

Medical Center. Kendra Michel became engaged to Rodrick Stewart. They plan to wed in 2014-2015. Brittni Miller began a new job at the STE Credit Union in July.

Emily Carpenter and Matthew her husband Denhart marMatt welcomed ried Andrea Olivia Jean into Blamble on July Quinnlyn Maje Stubbs their family on 7 in Athens, OH July 13, 2012. at St. Paul Catholic Church. Olivia is the pair’s second child. Matthew and Andrea Denhart They currently live in HoboJessica ken, NJ and work in New Lauren Loftus got engaged this fall Branner accepted an associate posiYork City. Fun fact: their after returning from tion at Bricker & Eckler, LLP, which dog, a lab mix named Chembery, France for will begin in September 2013. She Pennie, was named after her summer enrichment recently crossed off her seventh state an orphan that Matthew experience. in her quest to run a marathon in every met in Ghana on a Cutler state. She will run her eighth in April. enrichment trip! Annette Ratcliff started a fellowship at OSU in Kimberly Guffey-Carrasquillo Jackie Jones is set to October doing research worked in graduate this Deon cellular drug targets April with the cember, 2012 from for HIV inflection. Lorain County New York University Community with a Master of Arts Will Hardy began workCollege to ordegree in Educational ing in the Performance ganize Barack Leadership: School Jessica Branner and Program Evaluation Obama’s Building Leadership. Office in the U.S. Federal second visit Government in July. to LCCC. She Elizabeth Cockerill started a new is currently job in September with TLC Vision Ethan Cottrill received the Jeanette working in Columbus, OH. G. Grasselli Brown Annual Underwith LCCC’s graduate Research Award (2012two student Carrie Torr gave birth to her and 2013). He also spent the summer nominees for her husband Alexander’s first child, conducting chemotherapy research at the All-USA Curran Marie Torr Curran Marie Torr, on September MIT and was named an 2013 Amgen and All-Ohio 12. Scholar for Teach for America. academic teams. Christine Brose finished her residenWe want to hear your news! If you Sarah Spence was reelected to her cy in Physical Medicine and Rehabili- have a milestone or achievement secretary position for the Ohio Young tation at the Ohio State University in you’d like to share, please submit Republican federation in June. She June and began working as the inpavia update forms or send an email to was also promoted in September to the tient physiatrist at Gundersen Lutheran

5 The Four Pillars: Reflections from the Outer Banks

Nicole Sova

Ann Lee Hancock KonnekerManasseh Cutler Scholar

“I want to be like the ocean. Power and fluidity/ever changing/always flowing/ constantly impacting the earth; influencing every grain of sand it encounters, and allowing every grain of sand to help form its path. Simple beauty and complex history. I want to be like the ocean.” As I sat in silence, these words and millions of others raced through my mind. A solo day of reflection, the sixth day of my Outward Bound course was spent contemplating anything and everything I could think of. I began the day by building my individual tent out of tarp, seven cords, a paddle, sand, and all of the nearby shells. I built the tent to shelter myself and my belongings in case of heavy rain, but luckily the sky was clear. With the weather cooperating, I spent the majority of the day sitting in the sand with my feet in the ocean and a journal and pen in my hand. Our instructors, Tim and Patsy had assigned each of the crew members with the task of completing two activities by the end of the day so I immediately starting thinking about how I would fulfill these assignments. First we were to

identify the “four pillars” upon which we would strive to build our lives. I filled pages in my journal with singular words; words that I felt had meaning. I started at the ink-filled pages for what felt like hours. I thought about the days I had spent in North Carolina, the countless memories I had made, and all of the adventures to come. I already knew what aspects of my life were very important to me. I had a grasp on what morals I would want to uphold. However, it was still very difficult to simply define how I want to live my life in just four little words. I somehow managed to combine thoughts and narrow it down to four basic principles. I decided on leadership education, compassion and appreciation. Prior to the trip, if I were asked to define my “four pillars” I probably would have listed off the first three immediately, but appreciation would not have even crossed my mind. On my trip I became convinced that appreciation, an important aspect of life, often gets overlooked. Accompanied by 13 interesting individuals who were initially strangers and emerged in the beauty of the Outer Banks, I realized

how often simple things are taken for granted. I, fortunately, came to this realization early on in the trip. Every smile, every triumph, every landscape, every animal, every friend, every hour, every picture; I tried my best to take nothing for granted. Because of this, I feel I maximized my experience. The second task that was assigned by our instructors was to write a letter to our future selves. I found this project very thought-provoking. I searched for words of wisdom for about an hour before even setting ink on paper. After an hour of intense contemplation, I decided that my letter would not have wisdom, for wisdom that I had already discovered would always be known to me. My letter would contain reminders of the past; nothing poetic, nothing complex, just simple reminders. I hoped that one day I would read my letter and be reminded of my time in the simplicity of my Outward Bound trip. Reminded of the limited belongings we had packed into our kayaks... For more segments of Nicole’s full report about her Outward Bound experience, please visit the “Scholar Stories” section of the Cutler Scholar website.

Cutlers on the Web

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In the deep end: Hagerty immerses herself in ed policy


olumbus, Ohio may be “As someone who entered the ed- tutions that want to be accredited. familiar to most in-state ucation reform world with enthusi- Working with an OHIO alumna, students, but when junior asm and unbridled optimism, I was Hagerty’s work included filling out Renee Hagerty, Beth K. Stockergiven quite a reality check from the assessments that would deal with Cutler Scholar, lived in the area for experience,” Hagerty wrote in her P-20 initiatives, making sure the two seasons, she was thrown into a experience report. policies were aligned from kinderwhole new world. As part of her internship, Hager- garten up. Hagerty’s professional experiences ty researched the best practices in “It allowed me to know that took place over the 2011 winter principal I needed to quarter as well as the summer. She preparation be interactchose her internships due to her in- programs Friend the Ohio University Students ing with more terest in education, being one of the and listened for Education Reform on Facebook, people rather pioneering members of the OHIO in on some and read more about why Renee than sitting chapter of Students for Education meetings behind a desk and other OHIO students SFER Reform. for the 2011 for 40 hours a During her winter internship, she Cohort of week,” Hagerserved as a research assistant in the Principals. After this, she proposed ty said. Office for Education Reform, which an idea for the development of a In addition to this, Hagerty she described as being clarifying of pre-service Teacher Leadership gained valuable experience which the true nature of the department’s Academy at OHIO. The program is she would not only be able to bring work. set to be pito her future career, but to her The Office Did you know Ohio ranks 39th loted this fall organizations at OHIO. Hagerty, of Education semester. the advocacy coordinator for SFER, nationally in the percent of This sum- now understands how exactly to Reform is residents over age 25 with mer, Hagerty navigate the Ohio education policy responsible for handling system. a four-year college degree? spent her the diagnossummer in “I have personal connections with tic reports of Columbus a lot of the relevant people,” Hagerschools that have not met Annual working for the University Board of ty said. “I gained knowledge of the Yearly Progress markers (AYP) and Regents, which oversees the Uniculture around education policy works with those schools until they versity Systems of Ohio, including in the state which will help as we make adequate progress. public institutions and private insti- move forward as a group.”

Want to know more?

PAWPRINTS Resident assistants are required, as part of residential housing guidelines, to do multiple community service projects a quarter, said sophomore Kit John, RA and Emrick-Cutler Scholar. Projects are proposed in numerous ways. Sometimes RAs launch community service to introduce residents to organizations they’re passionate about. Community service organizations also will

propose projects to RAs in order to get students involved. “When I was in Alaska for Habitat for Humanity [her Cutler summer experience for 2012], we got to see how grateful the families we built for were,” John said. “Coming back to Athens, I began to notice that families here were in just as much need. I also know that continually helping in the Athens area will have a bigger effect.” She added that community service helps students put everyday strug-

gles into perspective. “Just the fact that students are getting a good education makes them better off than most people,” she said. “I personally feel like I have been given so much as a Cutler Scholar, the least I can do is give back to the community. I know I wouldn’t be here without a generous donation, and even though I can’t do nearly as much for others right now, I can do what I can.”


In case you missed it... Cutler Scholars went on a retreat early this fall. There, they explored nature and also did team-building exercises (top and middle) The Cutler Scholar homecoming tailgate was a huge success! Alumni, family and current scholars came together before the game to mingle and eat together (bottom).

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Cutler Alum Fun Fact

Cutler Scholar almuna Katie Hinman was part of a documentary team that won two Emmy awards. The team, who works for ABC News /Nightline, won awards for “Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast” and “ Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast” for their pieces “Gadhafi Speaks” and “Crisis in Libya”, respectively. The awards were part of five won by the ABC News Investigative Unit.

Below: Cutler Scholars travel widely for their summer experiences. Check out the all the countries where Cutlers have been!

Contact Us Manasseh Cutler Scholars Program 201 Trisolini House Athens OH 45701 740.593.4266 Dr. Herman “Butch� W. Hill, director Kristine Hoke, associate director For information on giving to the Cutler Scholars program, please contact Ellen Fultz, Executive Director of Development at 740.597.2145 or

Cutler Scholars newsletter: Fall semester 2012  

Check out the latest news from Cutler Scholars past and present!

Cutler Scholars newsletter: Fall semester 2012  

Check out the latest news from Cutler Scholars past and present!